Haiti sun ( December 2, 1951 )

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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: December 2, 1951
Publication Date: December 2, 1951


Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: December 2, 1951
Publication Date: December 2, 1951


Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00063

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e .' . ..
4'. '_ 4 '
,. A .


*I -


II -.


-, ," 3' ".
.'. ..OL ME II' 'I ', Port-aii-Prince

' Cap-Haitien, A Touristic,

i 4 .: -. .

h ia b ....
4Ahik-4dtAcw nJ*'

. t.. .'

;a ,i~k.v from the air of fhe waterfront

of the Cdpn-

,' ;

%T310 TO lAITI MfSfli 6th

. 'Christopher Columbus, an
plorer, is scheduled to
ke a triumphant return,
1'Haiti next Thursday.
M`-A nine feet high bronze
&atue of the Italian who,
jivcovered Haiti. on Decem-
6tht, 1492, the first-ma-
t- Statu' of Columbus in
republic, will be un-
ieiled .at 5 p.m. in front of
t& City \Hall (Hotel de
M),) and just a few feet
4mh the ocean,that gave

him' fame.but little fortune. \
A dedication address will
be made by Italian Minister
Agostino Guerrini Maralfli
on behalf of his country, the
dcnors of the statue, His Ex-
cellency the Presidebt of the
Republic ind Madame Paul
E. Magloire will attend the
dedication ceremonies.
The unveiling marks the
end of a story that had' its
starr in Genoa some :two
(Contidued on Page 3)

e4 a
ttw ass wUlbe cel61fa d
. ^TIe ys 'o the catee- L
r wilp resent to the
Presidei t who in rn wiU f
;kbsht th{in to the o rclt 7
lisliop of Po-au-Prince, a,
vfon signor LP Gouaze. There 6

W it *. O ""
tfMr'%iresp~ottdent in nihe-

The customary monotdliy
and serene living in the
small' village, Derac, on La
Plantation Dauphill waS
most" inconstant November
16, 195J,- when at 7.30 a.m.
a tall white youth/ a strt- -
ger, garbed -only in .bathing
trunks limped into the Ame-
rican compound of the plan-"
ration led by-a Haitian fish-
erman named Francois.
Incoherent, with exhaus--
ton and with badly cutand,
Bruised feet he was taken in
by one of the American fami-
lies, given" a bath, fed a .
hearty breakfast -and put tp
bed whence he fell into a
deep sleep. Meanwhile the
proper .Haiden authorities
frboii Forte Libertie.' were
summoned.and brought to
Derac to question.the lad.
These erudite gentlemen
were. M; Noel Smith, Judge;
M- Abial godrique,:secretary
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t i fi ier i fifit.'r t-.,.-,. .t .. -....r .

deon and style se uider fiLial i h'e
ie 'Patrn*te of tie "Frst, ,sieMnt I ,ie T .
iay r'the "RepilbC H Jrdndd'y moni~g ait .o ia. ,
'Thl &AItim'en size of the It is the fisr' of .a sbi *es" .
iv r. idti-anit fightt clib such schools "to 'l stablci ,-
afe, it' impossible to issbe cel here, it Cap 1Haitidn, Portf
iP&f 4hai- a liditke number degPac ind Cayes. The jiut-
jf invit tions to its official .pfls, 20 in -manUier, W..
f'eniinglfrbim 11 to 1 p.m. chosen bon-the 'basis of tdnu..'
'bm 10 d611ar fee accompany tdy-wide cOinjbptition.. tTey .,
Conife*d wio 'Pet/e 3) (C~~otinued 'on Pge, 2) r";

. . for Palace -Guard Dom -."V. art in his spare tihe;
(See Personality of the We ek.) '"



, ."

a -.4 ;, ,

S' 1- p -" .
i i I ' ... . . It ' !''' ' *

.Ha_ S:AY ECE ltu1R 2 195h .
J6 Decembre 19514 premier :anni ersgbe *le
I'teslifiure I la fremieis Magistrature de la Be-.
p fi leSon Exce" ""nc -'"
e -.. L e .

gPreident gde t. .. i di e fl-. .^..
At M Chti, a Ch of s 'i -e
dt -Ealler, -e aWorks, r. seats, a. ..

Sfi.aft St g e' .. ' t' J i -p l'`- .T.,
E L LAN GUAGE. s Wr'SPi"A 'Pge 3. *aaas *?s
ST'N',. IAo, bCEyM .Et2nTP195!,. ",! "oa -b. c. :!

ZV:A&Sfbr_ o^i^ ; o *rfiYife'A~ f^ A# d ......
pihf.Lue do'e 'S..rher O- .yl t I -*WL
ie&. CORinlcueL4t- L U ILW ". __he w 1D
. f A .nau ..ra .o Ci; o --tt. '. l-art ate.

,-... ,iS a mai.. ,o 1 ,.4 4 .i....or ....o . ..., 4. ',r0 '

jhe. w. .-o oe r njr- ,l -f' Don. 4

th.i-s Mofl"- iofofsJe'si e- f ". ro., -
'"v $ t ".. r. "t..... 3 '',I

npn~sacrnzsn.c Qie _t ,,, p ,. .ui.
,'.. adi,:'o.. teit4A'.Tuda v} Abe, 'hb ,,. I a. .

, _, .f


Pfare 2,.


President Opens New
School; Makes Public
Works Inspection
(Continued from Page 1) ,


prolific painter who loves

sions upfrom the farm each
week to keep him while he
was undergoing his appren-
ticeship. But one day the food
didn't arrive on the usual
raminn Wili~nn'~ s father

will undergo their three his work but a talented one ... He hadto find ano.....
years of home economics as well. was sick. He had'to find ano-
training in the quarters for- other source of food supply
merely occupied by the Nor- The public will have the and the army was the ans-
Smal School. opportunity o see the pic- And it is probably the on-
The courses will include tures turned out by the 23- And it is probably the on-
home management, cooking, year-old .Palace Guard when ly army in the world where
sewing, child and invalid Wilinino's One Man Show high officers take tch per-
care. Students will also be is opened this Wednesday seal interest p entialities of
given training in nmanage- from five to seven p.m. und- .
ment, of ,,4afes, hotels and der. the patronage of his mill a er ilm made a
similar establishments. The tary commander, Colonel ucky choice.
idea for such ja practical Stephane Woolley. In his spare time from
course was first suggested mI duty s e paints and
by Madame Prophete, in- His warm, stylized, and military duty Jhe paints and
spectress of urban education, intense treatment of folk- supervises the young begin-
She was present Monday kloric scenes make it almost ners of the Centre, in his
bhen the President opened impossible to believes that own initiative and without
the school as part of the (fiye Wilmino picked up h i s compensation. His reward
Tear proeramme for enlark- first paint brush just two comes in knowing his pain-
..ag Haiti's educational and earss ago when he. paid his will be displaynd sexco
'ocational facilities. first visit to the Centre with in Guenala auspices of the
Others taking part in the his cousin Castera Bazilq, no Haitianrough Legations. And in
5remonv were Madame Mp- `ed .Haitian 'prin.itive who New York next Spring Wil-
gloire; M. Clovis Chariot, di- did three murals in the Epis- s moving and colorful
.actor of Professional Edu- copaian Cathedral. Caste- scene s moving beloved Haiti
caon, who made a speech (ia's brother Alberoi is also Will be hung on the walls of
stressing points of the edu- e the road to becoming a .he Hugo Gallery along
National programme of the f-ll fledged artist.., a sign with the work of other Hai.
administration of President that a talent streak might tia arss. .
Rfaglpiree M.M. Georges run through' the blood of tie artists.
-M'are,;' rector gefferal of the entire family. As early as last year he-'
'National' 'Education; Colo- recognized as at outs-
els Prosoer and ,Wopley; 'Wilmino himself spent his was recognized as ainter, recei-
-Minister Fouchb, and Educa- school days in- Jacmel, the standing local painter, rece-
he ving a special citation to
dtion Minister Felix Diam- birthplace of some of Haiti's iat effect during the Expo-
o is,. Director and Assistant finest _. painters. His family sition. Asked if he intended
Director of SIPP-: Mr. Joli- had a plot of land at -Co- to r a rimitiye. Wilmin
bois and Roland Montas. chon Gras", close to the Mar replied, "Well I like the col-
:' .The Chief of State,,dress- bial Valley, where Papa Do- our in iy work, but would
e!d in dark gray, arid his mond had coffee and banana olikn m o-y wor e realistiou
ife, who wears mourning, trees as well as a few animals painter when it comes to.
inspectedd the domestic sci But there wasn t enough on design and representation of
,ence classroom under the dhe land to keen all 4 boys desn and representation of
Sgidance pf Mile Pean, di- in the household at home. -
SJ iectok of the new school, af- So it was decided that He added with a shy.sme
erthe presentation of diplo- slim. ouiet spoken Wilmino That his parents have yet to
S n-mas. Then the Presidential should. io to Port-au-Prijce .-ee his painting. -But he
-. prtr moved on to La Saline to work in a garage. 'and dreams of someday going
- where, they inspected the- learn the mechanic trade. back to his qpietvalley and
e. I ioi otiesecond wo rk- je lived with his aunt painting to his'heart's con-
'. es ot ..ildten's Of- and his. family sent provi- tent. ....
St'jn ea. 64. finder the ,. '
:.n '.-. :,.o' .'ad ae-. M a-' .. . ,. . .
nd the ecetlv .e~-
'shed .timnirsdjool. .
: rid4n deplored a r
Y^ \^ d.condition.,and
..-.'. ,h s anxious to build l lll
institution without
S1dyonpe capable of receiv- '._.
;.i 500' children.TA-surprise -
i'p.on visit to the St. '
arti Workers'City'ended .
e residential Tour. HAI VS. JAMAICA AND playing of the doubles till
," fishing touches are now. PUSATO RICO IN ,e Jollowing evening.
put on the project, for T-NNIS TOURNAMENT Both matches were umn-
'lihe inauguration next Thurs- .., Fd pired, by M. Armand Klang.
nn i y.f n ia .' y evening ~r 00. Yesterday afternoon the
S, tennis fans packed Parc Le- matches .to be played at the
coe ears Club n d Turgea'u tennis -lub were
-:: watched .Nunes of Jameica' as follows:
.... beat 'W. Ludecke of Hait,i .
S Red Rose purchased, re- 6 ---4 -3, and Jse .uis ale Hirsch ad.Edou-
~,y. through impOey ,Lief Passarel of Puerto Rico-beatar Baker of Haiti vs Jose
., Btoep the Retiublics ;first Schoofield. of Haiti 6--4 Lus and Charles Passar o
.. ut making machine 3-_. 6._- Puerto Rico. 6 I
...' the pbDltc anxiously '
awaits the production of one The humidity slowed up. Charles Passarel, t he
f. at America's first inventions the timpo of. the game and Champ of- Puerto Rico .is
. the doughnut. early, rain postponed the known as the .tennis bomb."
if' .' . *

,ARMOUR, Is Proud To Present Their Pure
In The New Green And While Three Pound.

-' .
JOSEPH NADAL and CO., Agents ;


DECENDER 16th.. .- hristopher Colu
co. tnued from Page 1) Returns Decembi
(Continued from
LV.8.3P9 a.m. ... The. Presi-' presentative of the Saline
In ,will' inaugurate, the quarter' Visit to -the con-
?'orkeis'.City at:Saint Mar- istruction site of the Boile- years ago. Af 1
4n. The Archbishop of vardofthe Croix 'des Bos- the Chamber of
rt-au-Prince will bless the. sales. Visit'to the 'new sea of that city, said
housing project. Short ad- wall. birthplace of-Colun
ltesses will be made-by the Visit to the Hydraulic-la- the word to 9ctilp
secretary of Interior, Arsene boratory at the Exposition. Taddeinni,to go to
tlagloire, Secretary of Labor Visit' to the site of the a statue of old <
iement Jumelle, the presi- Port au Prince Cayes pay- that would capture
lent of the Conmmuinal-Com- ig project. termination that se
mission of Port-au-Prince 4.15 p.m.... Inauguration on one expedition
m.d 'future resident of the of the Painting Exhibit ,The other in search of
ikorker's City. An inspection' Haitian at Works at the .to the Indies.
8ur of the bomes will fol- Ats Pavilion at the Exposi- A year later, '
w .ion. completed, arrived
`10-a.'&i. ....Inauration 5 p.m. ...Inauguration of au-Prince where it
.th" 'St. Martin'- Canteen !fflie'(statue of Christopher under safeguard u
i of the "Canteen byi Cdlunbus on the Exposition of land to serve
i-hArchbishdppr Speeches. by in front of the city hall.- was placed in .t
S crbtaries' 'of .Public The President, accompan- front o(' the City ]
sand National Educa- ie by meiibers of his 'Cab- Much excitemer
A4d.dress -by' presen- inet 'will receive' the salute culation was cause
)f-,BelAlir.Inspecion, of a battalion of the Army Pbli' Works I
A road-paving pioect of Haiti. Speeches will be October -undertool
Prt-au-.Prince' to Cap iimade by the Italian Miiister, 'cult task of build.
I route. Inspection the -ecretrjy of 'Stateijfor foundation for th
-.Worke City how. Foreign AFfairs, Mr. Jacques erer, in the ocean
construction at ta Sa- Leger, and the' Pesident of the small expositic
kthe Communal -Adiniistra- The engineers'
30 ... I daguration of tonof Port-iu-Prinice, Dr. the project, thou
La SAline Orphanage. Neleton 'Camille. Ietees in ing on a limited I
-sig of the Orphanage honor of the Presidentw ill ished' the job ,in
| the archbishop. Speeches be heldfit Meiger arid Ctoix andd provided maa
S:the. Secretariesof ..State des Missioiis.' local aSidewalk
'Public Works aqridPub- 8.p.m'. ... Fete'and Con- dantsn' .wYth a kne
*ielalth-' Spech by a re- cert at the Workers' Citr. engineering ... at
S..- .' -- displace a. sectic
.tioh",: :rchoir SOpeoi t. ocean with a cem<
., .. ton
-G,,ed.fw. ,.Pge 1) .z. . r " "
ed fm Page provides' both good food and -We all know I
ig the invitation covers a romantic atmosphere. The 'topher .Columbus.
AIand luncheon, the' drink-' same qualities 'are .also much Haiti ... Fot thosl
igof champagne toasts to appreciated anong "the elite nor too sure, a qu
ie success of-the new ,,ta'- of Port-au-Prince., ... The' kfirst-yes
fissement and watching Their 16ve of formal din- book tells you ...
(m of, the m'6st lovely ner parties can be- indulged "C'est Christoph
ladies of 'P9rt-au- in aa; appiporiate. setting. qui fit la ;dect
r.nnce- model creations of We are told- that the cLe l'ile d'Haiti,, le .6
Ing Haitian dress-mak- Perchoirn will cqter on cer- 1492.3, To make
The proceeds wilFgp to tain nights of the week to little clearer, a n
ch arities of. Madame parties and reservations with name of Columbt
ul E. Magloire. a Uplease dress note added. ed Haiti on this
P41Le Perchoirt will remain' But there will be a soda morning in 149
Sunday af'"'oon and -fountain aadditionn where days after he s
ening and-. Dir-,.or Elias you cn-.n stop in "just as you cross America wvl
istas'hopes you will'fi'nd .are, to enjoy a cool .drink ing for a.. short
ofr: way up Bqptiuiers to and watch the lights of Port- East. He ws 'co
l, a peek at "'his newly au-Prince string a necklace to Spain 'when,
fis ed eyrie and its un- of brilliance around the bay prow of -the San.t
passedd view.' three thousand- feet below. spotted the jag;
|Tle small but-select night One of Winchell's famous west arm of ]
.t is certain to provide an- orchids to businessman Elias stunningly picture
4er tempting lure to aug- Noustas for dreaming up rama emerging fi
int the flow of tourists to this glamorous night spot. lantic suggested t
titi, Th'e well-travelled 4nd another posfy to archi-' bus had found
2.histicate. loves nothing tect Max Ewald for trans- -that might work
re than to.-adiscover" an forming the bold dream into a tourist spot fc
b|time dining place that reality. Century Euorpe

NPga3 J

7vreil Direct,

Th SUE Religeaui

The SUPER Refrigerator
Another Servant, ForYour He
S ItE~liT'7~t'~.''*U




See it at 0UCARD & CO.,, Rue duFor

Columbus, since he was in anniversary. By the tnee
the employ of Quee'n Isabel-, lumbis returned' abtu t
la, of Spain,. decided on the. year later, the colist had
spot to christen his discovery been wiped out. The fortiess.
La' Isla Espanola. 1h laboit itself was in ,.uinis. Ti "
a week, he and the bdys de- Spanish then arrived 'i
barked 'at Moustique Bay force;"' they stayed. It was'
and perhaps spent a day or long, however, before- t
two acquiring a suntan'in ,French and English.go- M ,.
the searing Haitian sun. The 'cited about the island. and '
f discovery of' Haiti was as as befitted major powers in.
simple' as that, a sort of tbrested' in the .same goad
windfall fpr an explorer who they went to war. Theo p. ".
had 'already 'immortalized shot was the Treaty of
himself by discovering Anie, wick of t696," an acco
rica. which gave the French th ,
Saowestern third of the isam ",
XMAS 1492 ....then along came Toussait
S December 25, 1492 was Louverture, Dessalines '
not a merry day for Colum-' Christophe. '
bus. One story has it that Z
,he' ws asleep'.aboard. the
'Santa Maria when a sloppy AUIX e BE ES CHO .-
helmsman let the flagship ... ai the talk oftse'toa .
'crash into the treacherous It's a chic little shboisteote
coral reefs in the vicinity of with interesting items'
Acul Bay. Columbus w-as especially for the- Xmas'gif'
awakened. Accompanied 'by 'hunter. All first quality '
Shis crew, he splashed ashore, 'Ndmeh merchandise front '
r swapped greetings with the the States.
: Arayak Indians, and, just to 'Cocktail and evening bags,.
. be on the safe side, threw up evening styles, lovely' sc'r4
Sa fortress with the material ves, jewelry, charming gifts
L salvaged from 'the. wrecked shower curtains, garment
k. hull. About a month later, bags,' aHot dishes" for baby
e Columbus. left for Spain ;a- and- many useful items fo
e board either the Pinta or the home.- All reasonably
- th.e N e,. but he left behind priced." '.
e about forty mene in the gen-
- eral area now known as Cap- ('AUX BELLES CHOSESI'
- Haitien. Thit' handful of
R e Pavee (next to Kn.eer'r
- tourists represented the firstRae e
1 Europeain settlement in the ..- arage) .
s New World, a colony thac Hours: 9 I p.m. 3 663
coral rees i the ici..m.
h unfortunately was not a- p..-
Sat: 9 a.m. to 6-30 p.m.

rounIIU tLU

to iamiby b "
C I 0 D.,,o

f Lf <^ ttv r)^;-N'

5.|L3; 4LC" IL. AiL.L- ,

inds Very t oos.


For Information see Age nt ROBERT E. ROY, Expo sition Sland No. 7 P.O. B ox 228. Tel. 2167
\1 ,

)AY, DE B .2nd



Page 4 .aHAITI SUN ,

u oseph report

A Haiti's Modern
Ex-Soldier Runs Amok Chicken Farm

Last week the followi
item appeared -in one of t
city's daily newspapers: .

ng Perhaps the most wel-
he come news to local house-
..,wives since 'rationing was
ll iT_- W-1-: ldT.f Y^

an evening the lights are
left on so that the Chics can
eat right on without stop-
ping. Whin a customer se-
lects a choice bird ... he is
advised to let the farmer
kill it for they have a nifty
little instrument that does
the job properly and when
the cook takes over you will
eventually have the finest
tasting chicken in the'world
... providing you have a
good cook. And it's no le-
gend that, (the way to a
man's heart is through his




Tragical Circumstance, .jiL rl, owiug wotzu wa r
II, is the news of a modern w
'! -arday evening 'ov- chicken raising farm up in rlitish Sailar s pe
mber 7 t 600 Andre Perionville. When.chicken, a %Ppgil, F ya
asseus, a mason by profes- fvourite topic of conversa- (Continued from Page 1) fis
s.ion, ,tut a mad man as- ton with any serious, mind- M w
"'."ted many. p l i- tte ed Gastonist, went up for to the' Judge; M. Evzena o
". aulted-many people 2i the :.we up
-metey zone. 4 Gard un- discussion this week ... peo- uieenne Commissioner; Lt.,Te
aare of the fact hat he e talked of the modern Fauchet Goimberi of the
was mad tried to a l ,i way a young couple were Guard D'Haiti; and M. Ro-
.bu" ,ip i^., emad map raising chickens at their jeo Barel la, interpreter. Thq up
,th ; r h1me in.P6tionville as a sie yovg man's story was as, th
h, iht se u e ofhis .pistol 'line. Your reporter decided follows.:
i t would a change to see .a' No
.p self-defense. -The 'mand h Ic w b Ose the preceding day, No i
qani e e ,ot.i t yei aed x er i DaM, Tppler a
"" y-'. ',s ". ni g
.... e watching the. ..nner ~~4t on the S.S. Nrti.ja, q o
T his's week your reporter in which some cbicken ride .1de. .ml.we f.Q l i
o iec the ."few available ,o town f the couptrv 7 bati dimdre
-fae concerning the tragic (l tide dow" 'faith in a m( the k int
.- cick.n .4.4 g.t at Puerto taertadr, Dom-
.. . .t mci Fn-it. Staitio.slq mihL-
' uite easiy e. restore. .ic ^Republic.we re a .'i-, f
S--ndke 6,cassus, -an .x-so .Ab ~ stnfi.^^ a- t.'d emit.h dat in s icat ai
S .r ,df'., the 25th Cbmpany haneq Coucpn e eii n en thbea p pded et tt mof af
man'by" tride had im r is --cated Thi pride-p heade o edat,
S" t st. Stuffed from se-. a oy of t" e4 tti-ich; fogand, the MR, F
ea en depressiosandken farmer in the -Americas I of,th' tromeqa deck to en .
A e. g of;SatudayMrs. Jean J. Derqui ... oy a. lst cigarette before re- f
r 2.7thwhile walk- rodiesty spt, .rn Sol n n up- of0
home in one of these equipped with.t -rost "deck. .viofg. fnished
esions, something snap-, . r his "parete, flung it an
Sheashed comieno de t:apparatuses nwn t sc rboard but It jde t
Iand commence th o i Y. Y ts sa spi. e .. straight for Dai.d F le's
person wildly inwhthedi- 5 tnpetaarea t9 1Fe .". face.*Tq t'.d: t David i
'rt, th e n b -, ck e -, lost p is eL% ance and
.Wter -ounding a 'nisband 'Jean had to-fly fel. bv eobar. To avoid the,
a hd woman n.rus- 't'o Miami and' purchase ra'f- ropl let', o e ,000 ton
i to ldelyadytand after Pan AmPrican Aitways alp. fa hs ad Fyffe
lni0er twicekon the-teoa .~efused to continue caying St-a.jsp -bne. of Liwver-
aoiOfk. ,o1ext .he took t- Haiti one day old chicks. p!,-. England, young. Ful-
$Tit losl i r o on d Rthue c le Mr. Desqiron accpmpaie le swnm away. ad .found
S ialteeM uller and Ruble byher. collaborators two himself unable tp cope with
I a d'kp up a con- itle daughters and 'son'Jean. be wake of the ip and .th
"'t-nt1r. .rire 6 rocks ,, at ichpel, explained that-they currentt of t!.mniouth of .tbe
s fl. He scored an un- t i the. eggs;h,hch y a sacr i Rver wbich emjp-
of hts ten out -in an incua s the BaeManz o
-F .e:, in the vicinity. m -they-go thoughh abut o h e was carried out to sea.
-. ore: oepf the -v.ctm fiWe. stages before they end Cries for help could not be ,
Kvcalled ia 'oliceman Noel up ,the big de' p feeoe hard above the turbulent
ge esc "ei a od trbs.f the s s enanes.
,-' =..' rer-.o and' .half popunds Spotting a bpf ire .ashore
ie mdened 'exsoldier .'.th never' get. od omp David ptruggledc with the
cowptrted hifir oJ other re .andpibk p sea for about three hours
gehearm e who fI4'1 gegms ad',bsequtt. disea- before he fell -exbiausted at ,
S- revolver i- n es... their 'a are snt his goal' where the- aitian
4t:i.en the ini nan'in. i. 5fori steel ,con- fisheriani, Franois; nighthy -
,.. sho _rof .. ,a -iaid acd by .puts QU hA! nebr o A.e &
Sin.thet hmore^ b.ou. 'l, V n yosurvey Laboup, .Haiti. Thei thp
S.. t in the .al u... th'nedreds' and hiundeds exhapsted strange, CJ,.
-ftally wounded, the.. of bobbintg q'4hrown chlcketp unitl Asybreak when Ft -k
n-iiaa wma-who died before in vario4sitag.s of .rtl. CoS led him over a trek or
' *wcSing hospital. Andre ...some l6k to-be in fine 9 kilometers to get to De-
fCa..sseusa man of exceptional hAbtne for. the Christmas rac,
!. *ysical strength was buried *tap'... ,vu don't feel sdrrv Having completed the in-
*'Iuesday -afternoon. A' cp- 'for them ... they receive terview and .transcribed the
S.miission.liass been set up to food valore, the belt and details in accordance with
investigatee the cirFumstances mst expensive chockAfull of the law the .authorities al-.
uwsoun'ring th& affair., vitamin B 12 etc..and many lowed Davidc Fuller to re-
,* .
, .
4;. :.,. .. ',4

ain under.the protection of .Murder At isal Mi4
e Americans. Clothing was .. 4
ovided for him to the Thfe police were notifieQ
lies; detail and be was car- at 10.30'Saturday eve
for -sympa~totica4y and November 27th of the i4
nevolaetly 'At the led's .covery of a man's 'body.
ques; the British Consul in the bottom of a large wat
)rt-gauPrince wis duly no. ,contained at the. Sisal Mil
fed of his whereabouts as belonging to Gerard Iati
ell as his moher,,Mri. Har- bert in Bizoton. The bod.
Fuller, inner,. Middlesex was discovered by the nigh
aunty, Englaqd. Word was watchman who had becofti
?o relayed.to Captain Fred- suspicious a ft er findi
ick Inch of the S.S. Mar- clothes belonging to thf
na. other night watchman em
Ironically enough a Daiu-, played at the Sisal Mill,'clos.
hin executive with a group 'to the water container. OI
friends set out that night, hearing no sound of bathwii
while' David Fuller- was 'in the five feet high wa*t
acefully sleeping, on the, contained he peered in to 6i
cht Bonnie Joe I. for a covered the ;bod v.of Vatli
thing expeditions. .There AlexandreL Iviing t tihe ho
ere no fish but two miles oin of .the tank. ., ,-
,t'.qt sea the wSkippern spot "
d a life. preserver, hauled The Police carried eu-i pi
aboard and ,securely tied liminary investigations ant
it was.-a .sailor's sack nd -. Monday 'five'employees 0
pon inspection disclosed the'. Sisat- Mill were arrested
e passport, ;seaman's pa- on' suspicion aofm rder. 'IN'
rs,. fo6d ration and cloth- facts concerning this. ase ai
1g of.ihis English tar, Da- available at'thls writing'
d.fuller, .'i, "::, .
Posthaste 'the executive
mtacted the Forte Liberl Wa arfarin 'is tie nms
tborities via roundabout useful tciiti tt ,
dio message the following1 t
ornif g, flew icttavni ere if, re
e Company'3 Cesn i,- i- 4
rtned these gentleinei .: '
s.dis oDvry arid'in due tine u4. i r.h'u;l
ter qzcistioninj to the mice? lI10da'a"
Dint in- sort "ordt r wid ..age p WfWfui
miller admitted that fe hal at-1HAIti.SEED;

v Diavid wass'h 'the 'Anns an i'
the Mhailhen, iNtihrItes. ... '.
d.4 e was prompd p t/y 4 .-... ,
......,. ......._. .....

owl, -, ,.I ,-.. 4

. ... .. : '. .
,:' r,,

. '.,

4 ,. .
/. ':": .L '-" .';,, ,- .-- ,
,'. : ,L g -.'i"


S-'': .'

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S. btainable fro. m all chetnifst

Tanufactured by Imperial Chemical (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd.
Ditribtors In Haiti-TRANS- 6RL. TRADING CO., S..
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t have been checked by this
"'wetabspaper, and to the
best of our knowled ge
their merchandise is of
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db~4i ~

Our new department which has just opened on the
first floor, has a wide variety of gifts come in and
See for your self*-

114 Rue Danths Destouches
Phone 3394



is to be found



Rue du Peuple ,
Tel. 2242,
Time and Expes e
Direct from factory.;






ALj\ vs-n: ,S, \)1..G. ASd A


Castera's Maternity


Dr. Georges Castera's con.
fortabli and completely me-
dern 12 room Maternity cli-
nic is at your service. This
up-to-date clinic is located
in the same building as the
Pharniacy Castera, opposite
the Telegraph and Tele-
phone Building. Call 2131.

7. 5

The most


original and useful .,


are to be found at


Opposite the National Bank

57 Rue des Miracles.

NOTE: This is a Treasure Shop for those seeking .

beautiful hand embroidery work.


Q 6AQT 'fTaeeo&

O'UY OW. Q l F ICE --.j 'AL&J.'3 MTL I-MI PM.cL

IN 'a" ~

/ r..J

-,... .-_

-HT gN

gjap- -no 4.- --Dodos




From Peru comes the par-
tial answer to one of the
most important problems
facing the world today -
Xhe problem of assuring an
adequate fo6d supply for an
ever- increasing population.
Thie story of the rediscov-
ery by Peruvian fishermen
of the secret of an age old
treasury of food the Hum
boldt current was told
recently in a broadcast by
ithe UN Educational, Scien-
tific and Cultural Organisa-
fine of Seafood
More than 1,000 "years
ago, the broadcast said, the
Indians of the Inca empire
discovered that a certain
area of water off the coast
of South America was a ve-'
!ritable mine of seafood,
They found that this area
stretching for 3,000 miles
from central Chile to north
of Peru was perpetually
stocked with billions of fish-
of all kinds and sizes, rang-,
ing from tiy anchovies to
*00-pound' swordfish.
The secret of this treasure
lay in a process which had
been going on since before
. !h9 history of man.
From the towering Andes
shountains, which jut down
kto the Pacific coastline, doz-
ens of rivers annually bring
huge loads of nitrates and
phosphates into the sea. In-
stead of settling and being
lost there, these minerals are
.constantly stirred to the sur-
face by the Humboldt Cur-
rent a swift stream of icy
-waters Dwhich sweeps up

from the Antartic along the
coast of Chile and Peru.
From the action of sun-
light on these-surfaced che-
micals are bred tiny, invisi-
ble vegetation, which in turn-
feed the microscopic animal
life which abound in these
These tiny animals are
the secret of the water's sea-
food richness. For they pro-
vide the food for billions of
sardines and anchovies,
which, in turn, arie prey td
the larger fish.,
Conquerors Ignore Sea
For more than 500 years,
the Incas used these waters
to provide their people
with an abundance of sea-
food. Every .year they dried
and salted tons of fish, and
then hauled them up the An-
des to their inland cities.
The supply was apparently
But with the arrival of the
'conquerors from the Old
World in the sixteenth cen-
tury, the Humboldt Current
was forgotten. Obsessed by
the lure of gold and silver,
the conquerors ignored the
sea. They herded the In-
dians into the mines and for
four hundred years. the fish
terasure of the Pacific re-
mained a secret.
Rediscovered Five Years
It was not until five years
ago )that khese fertile wat-
ers were rediscovered. Dur-
ing the war; Peru and Chile
were cut off from Europe,
and war conditions made
the Argentinian meat sup-

Por nrnexsr uaOry.-.
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world carry the Canada Dry
fabeL Name your favorite,-.
Canada Dry makes it, and path,
los it all the quality, purity
and spare that have ad
Canada Dry the fist name in
beve ages. Enjoy a bottle today.

All flavors-
'Popular Prces

//~r f


But its full possibilities
"have not yet been determin-
ed. An international marine
biological laboratory is now
being built on the Peruvian
coast, to make long-term
studies of this amazing area

Peruvian Fishermen.

Rediscover Long Lost Food



ply -difficult to get. The
people, searching for new
sources of protein, turned
once more to the sea and
the Humboldt Current was
found again.
Today, this area has not
only become one of the great
new fishing grounds of the
world, it is bringing an en-
tirely new and higher stand-
ard of living to the peoples
of Chile and Peru.
Diet Changes
Ten years ago, few Peru-
vian, families could afford
an adequate protein-rich
diet, for Peru is a country
which must import three-
quarters of its meat at high
prices. Fish was seldom
Today, all this has chang-
ed. For example, in 1940,
hardly one t.on of fish was
eaten per day in greater
Lima, the capital of Peru.
Today's consumption is for-
ty tons daily. Families who
could rarely afford meat of
any kind now can buy tasty
bonito considered t he
choice delicacy of the sea -
at' one-fourth the price of
In Chile, where four-
fifths of tdie population live
within a' short distance of
kthe sea, the people have be-
nefited even more from a
dietary standpoint.
Provides Employment
By providing employment
for 30,000 .fishermen, can-
nesy workers and boat build-
ers and for thousands more
dock labourers, truck driv-
ers and fish vendors, it is
estimated that the new in-
dustry 'supports at least. 60,-
000 people.
The Haimboldt Current
and its riches is also proving
of great benefit to the ex-
tort trade of both Chile and

Unique Accident
A startling and somewhat
humorous sight Saturday
morning was the grey chev-
vv perched up on the-side
of the circular fountain at
Le Rond Point' on thejExpo-
sition ground.
At 11" a.m. Saturday, the
'grey Chevvy belonging to
Ihe American Embassy and
driven ly J. B. Smith was en-
tering the Exposition by way
of the Rie Caserne and pass-
ing by the circular fountain
that has a big wooden arch
over it when a Studebaker
taxi driven by ,Kid Chlottew
well known ex-boxer hit it.
The driver of the Chevvy
swerved ... the violent tap
of the taxi cab ... gave it
wings and it came to rest on
the side of the fountain ...
the left front side dangled
in space ... and good citi-
zens gathered to figure out
who was in the wrong. *

I -





Near Parc Leconte Tel: 2079
Usine A Glace National, S. A.


and of the uses to which .
may be put.
It may yet give new and
even more startling answers'
to man's eternal quest for an
adequate and constant sup.4
ply of food.


P* I11


. F Caxrzer

I .



The talkative peddler
,caused all the trouble when
he sold Salom, the Chinese
-youth just coming to man-
hood about Tibet's ,Valley
-of the Dreaming Phoenix.-
SWho. lies there? Only no-
imads, my. son. And peace.
And happiness,,

Young Salom's questions
-about the valley were tem-
-pered with a hard-earned
skepticism.- He knew Tibet;
his father had been killed
there. But the persistent
peddler's picture of the fgbu-
lous valley, "a place where
you can belong,,, made him
'decide to set out.

- Four hard .months later,
'Salom crossed the Final range
and got his first .glimpse of
ithe Valley of the Dreaming
"Phoenix. Picturesquely, it
was all that the old peddler
had said it would be. an
awesome "spreading bowl
,of light and color., But
peace and happiness were
not so evident and before
the brief summer was out
'Salom had learned from the

Valley's dozen herdsmen fa-
milies a universal truth:
jealousy, betrayal and moral
corruption haunt even the
most isolated. of men.
Explains Australian Au-
thor George Johnston, who
wrote High Valley in col-
'laboration with his wife: aI
was the journalist who sup-
plied the substance. She was
the artist who supplied the
burnish., Journalist John-
istop's substance is the old
story of the penniless youth
who falls in love with the
headman's daughter ("She
has the eyes of a gazelle he
thought)), only to find that
his. suit is hopeless because
she has been betrothed since
childhood. To 'make matters
worse, a tithe-collecting la-
ma* visits the valley and de-
mands a night with go-elle-
vtyd iVeshti. Her father, the
b-eadnan, is willing to go
along with this old Iunau-
thorized, valley custom, but
Salom is not. When the cev-
ecs escape together, they
find themselves bedded
down forever in a blizzard.
The burnish that Co;Au-

thor Charmian Clift brings
to her husband's moral tale
was good enough, despite
a tendency to purple prose,
to help win High Valley the
2,000 Pounds first prize in
an Australian novel contest
in 1948. The book will
-also generally please readers
who like Oriental stories to
h a v"e Oriental endings.
Those who prefer Southern
California endings should
be warned that High Valley
is not James Hilton's Shan-

Y.W.C.A. Official Here
On Business

Miss Agnes Roy, assistant
director of the Young Wo-
men's Christian Association,
has come to Haiti from her
post in Canada in hopes of
'establishing a branch of the
world wide .organization
here in Port-au-Prince.
The immediate objective
of a Haitian Y.W.C.A.
would be to provide a home
where young women cou'd

'At the Military Hospital two patients are seen in the above picture, enjoying a real
treat ... Madame Paul E. Magloire, shown above with friends, brought them ice-
.cream. ClicheSIPP.

come from all over the
public while they studi
trained themselves -in a
fession. The Y.W.C.A
provided suitable living
cilities and worthwhi
creation for single gi
hundreds of cities an
built ath international
station for 'its service
A meeting is being
today at 10 a.m. in
French Institute for f
discussion of this worth

e Re-
ed,. or
L. has
Ig fa-
le re-
rls in
d has
ce to

a the
Ly pro

U.S. Ambassador's First
Official Visit To Haitian-
American Institute
Mr. Howard K. Travers
the new American Ambassa-
dor, made his first official
visit to the Haitian Aneri-
can Institute Thursday.
Ambassador Travers ac-
companied by Mr. Homer
Gayne, Public Affair Officer
of the American Embassy,
was greeted by Mr. James
Cassedy, Director of the In-
stitute, and shown around
the Institute, meeting vari-
ous members of the staff.
Mr. James Echols, Direc-
tor of Courses explained their
course offerings of the Insti-
tute, including the new
course in English for chil-
dren and the special English
discussion groups for advan-
ced classes. Mr. .Travers
was also shown the book re-
vision of the basic pEr1lish
book being rtne by Mrs.
Cassedy and the new English
'tea^chitg books recently re-
ceived .from the U. S.
The Librarians, Mrs. James-
Echols and Mr. Jean Perri-
.pore, showed the Ambassa-
dor around the Library
where they explained some
of the latest book additions.
in French and English.
Miss Denis Rouzier andr
Mr. Paul Najac of the Insti-
tute staff presented Ambas-
ssdor Travers with several
of the Institute publications
and announcements.



The Amateur Artists As-
sociation of America, Itc.,
recently organized in New
New York City, has announ-
ced its first annual Amateur
Oil Painting Competition. 'It
is open to all amateurs of
North, South and Central
America. Juries will select
outstanding works for a-
wards and later exhibition.
Each amateur taking, part in
the competition will .re-
ceive a personal criticism
from a jury, member. Ra-
ther than cash awards, pihze.
winning paintings will re-
c e i v e "Certificates of

British Expert Here. To I
Work With Unesco. ,,

M.r Donald Burns'of the
English. University of Leeds,
arrived in Haiti this week
'to join the team of educa-
ors fighting the battle ia-
gainst illiteracy. The 41-year
old expert is here under
UNESCO's technical assist-
ance programme. His essen-
(tial task will be to collabor-
ate with Haitian scholars in
preparing manuels to te-ai
adults how to read and
write Creole. Mr .Blrns is
accompanied by his wife and

Wise and Otherwise
by T. J.'Grant

I regret to
Have to announce
To my readers
That this week
The Censor refused
To approve of what
'I had written for
Your edification
On the grounds
That it might
Set the Linotype
On Fire.
Chastened, I bow
To his decision,
And will be
Back next week
With a column
Which is refined
And purified.

"Time & "Life"

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In cool Petionville, offers
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Y Fiench, Haitian, land Ameri-
F-can Cuisine at very moder-
at prices. Special favor-
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8.30 p.m.
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- .


the 27th ... a largp group of At 6:30 lasted evening the ,Mfl. Pierre Chauvet re-
.... ., itle de o.se.esi helped S sacred
'little emiseeshelped Sare Ceurhurch Turgea trn from Frahce, Tuesday,
her eat her birthday cake, was the scene 6f the miarria- lidsbiand Pierre whb was de-
S.: .0:- e of' Fraickic'Cenet to Miss- a on au d9 y
Mrs. Ulrick Duvivier tele- -a.mopde? MgIbranche. The rday. Pietr C aV '
brates her birthday annive- ciiZ marriage was heltd an 4; with F1aock W i#9
Ssary tomorrow. our earlier at the ho p ad t Sylvera t;e
0Fn 0:- 'the bride's parents. Mr. and tbe 4ST% coqferpqce
SFlying back from school Mrs. Maurice Malebrnce. h i Paris.. .
: in Kingston, Jamaica,. next The bride looked very. st- ..- ..
Week i4 Miss Nana Siegel. ni-g in a beattiful white . '
'tulleawedding gowp and t e Raphael Dqespaigides dr
,Back to tl q' tUi y .a f o s i.n Miai Mrs. The superb looking new bridegroom veyfy distisgish.. pe over to Cub. this iwe '

rs.' Mrs. Ehlers is'here-c. Gary and young Dick. After other auto on the road this a delightful afternoon 4

y or the second rime in greetings with husband week. Honest recognition -:- prtyfor the newly ar
years on a hree-'veek v- Wil(, hurried home to put of lovely lines. Clarence Moody is back Mrs.. 'Tames e.l, aldwe .

sad old friends. During her, 'thd .ew. one and a 'half -0:- three weeks in Miami. The oofScpa and Scisp Wedn
S in the States Ms. month old addition to bed. Today M. Henry deide man who is responsible for, d at er hom ne
1Ehlers has been associated a -:0:- well known director of the giving Cap HitieF its new FIle n .o
-w th e Ted pates Co. (Ad- having a gay time and en- college of Port-a-Prince, frontyard spe part of 'is -

ertising Co.) 5th Avenue, oy4nga aopd dinner at El celebrates his birthday. trip Stateide' .clearing bo
'epw York Ciety Raiicho Wednesday av'ening -:0:- ,treneckse holding Mip'the ship-. Our San a r cisp.ei.
Se Emile Hakime, Doctor Mr and Mrs. E.mil Sen- meant of' material needed for- com ep -hati

l the Echs newhome d cousin to Ab- visit ..to Jamaica Thursdaye. -:0:- ., !..ss. t1h :
on, all. Pasmerment, ( Aew.York for'an a moyth .. Should be plenty of act- Pleasure Tour a, is dte of dun s

isn Robbie. -Echols had af -1Singy va look o his busi- tym around thewSn LifAs- ihicago'i tis-nd caringg ar i s
ebrathe chs, fete. .The hog r'. muwasda, yy ... J l a y D P.A W "ir"'ecto Guy Pe i Cltc frn, e "

Sulofifiendl ovte iohdaeli err Ti RoRo ente- Agednces, Mr. nRoy Grato d : Haiti thisaweek to be in the a
Th:i h:""M the "E"iln WU' a .bL .a ht ..'.' R erintendent ofs w Kescof Gn, fa e 'ortt Cle.. '""

e wrth four blue can" tained on the drum. accompanied by Mr. Ralph know when .his customers 'Lot 'Sutierland--.- of -.
'.. .. -:0: Whitrod, the company's point their finger to the map Southerland Tour-s '. ex-.
h esid es. ,e-s e w. he One of the county's fore- Branch iManager tin Puerto oand require about a holiday pactede baci from' tisuoX. .', "1
Slides recei ig a brad it drummers Albert ta- Rico, are to arrive on an in- n ati, business-tip t
oncone eceed a to join Katherine Dunham -:0:- Mr. and Mrs. J. Sch- Ber d K the w
tand ibs week, The band a. hr troupe in Paris. woeffermann seemed by all York Times wb6 pblo-ged -
ot the,(anribe Hiltona n I.n the h e or a wccoun to have qjpyed his four day, itav here' in to
,San Juan, P D arrrived F- .e delightful sur- h l 'heir three vacatio er a for" ght .. flew home to
(day, and opened ,its' heson ,pSdincgs and atmosphere t the Hotel Rie ra aiti. his bi.cib r Thu i-say ~prn-
dlast evening. T of Hiee a'u pOrchidees Tri- .. Mr. l hwo femann is o' .a Gser e c -' 'cou-
-.: ,, :0:-tel day eveflg. aitore than a. raisd pee from Ch- -l ff trave-, .' rilren n hisis a 7'
S b* sLampson, ciarestone hundredd .person guests of -Mr. anid irs. Jean-"aude d gi i President of t" nhe ran "' 't, s ".
a'g h are, packed ho s Lawrence S tin and George n Toulouten Leger weMicoti- c National Bank in ofhi '.'"'n .
grip yesterday '*and flewn Raud gathered to honour E .d their first child ino the ao Heithts. Thevihave n '.-. -:0:-.

Lj. ^WJhio fpr the Chrispt- *j s Chaiole Ujjint of the iyo rd Tuesday evening. rrve of a' cool 96 million Home from visjtij., rela-
l 'lbdays. Vic. ,will stop .Americ- iT Embsy sa.f who Mrs. Leger, the former i- .ollars. fives in New York are Mrs.
'o.ewt oriani and New York is leaving Hairi shqrtlv. the role Armand, and her little Maxs Mongones and Mis.
'.... to quote a rumour .. narty wi a si to eight aid aughter are' both reported -:0:- Albert Mangones. They e

l'ln may even quit 'bachelor- included a, sumptuous buffet in rood health ... Papa Mai- The Elliots of Hasco Hill turned -via KLM Thursday.
I ... and eturn in two sprad equal to the fines ... tre has not agreed on the had the new American Am- -:0:--
K utday was a busy day in -:0:-. Another addition to the- day evening- r. r accompanied by, his sonfr
thGerard Fequiere house- The Director of the Insti- Talamas Clan ... word was -. 0f return to his post this week.

it.ppd ... it was the day of .uc Haitiano-Americain and received early this week of A little behind scheAule
a ghter Genevive's christ- Mrs. James H. Cassedy are the birth in Boston Sunday owing to strong. winds ..-. :
After the ceremony to hold a 5 to 7 cocktail par night o 8 pound baby boy Mr GergePope and party Decemerthe 6th ...a big

was over, there was a regu- tiv at their residence in Pacot to Mr. and Mrs. Andre Tala- arrived here Tuesday in their day throughout the Republic '
far family get-togeher. next Saturday evening. mas. From all, recent re- tw engine Beach-craft Marie-Clade
-:0:- I -:0:- ports both mother and child on an island bopping cruise. Dannel's birthday;

ujll of smileshan4 hapy Qff to France to sTpeet her are doing fine ... they will The par1y included Mr. and -.0 .
Skbe back of ter' four a a Aunt, and then back to return to Haiti after thelj\ew Mrs. Geffey Motgomery Thursday Mrs. Plesance
school in Canada, flew Miss Year and move into their of Burlingame, Calif.. and Telemange celebrated her
S' Miieille Brandt Friday morn brand new home up the hill. GeorgePope' s son of Mateo, birthda. anniversary.
... i '. ms Kri.LM- -:0:_ California. After five days .'..
-here at the El RKncho the
0; Mr. and Mrs. Frantz Ga After oneand a half years
Little Miss Francoise Bris. briel. now have a trio ... P o ff ed b a ll up in the country (Bor~)
son, daughter -of Mr. and their thjrd child a ,girl (the nff arencd visit thCi with Standard Fruit, famous
g '. .u Ihe d Mrs. 'Henry lrisson celebra- other two are boys) was bG ore to e otenughr hop Joker. George Perry has
H ted her second birthday on born Monday. P. g decided to join the1 morq-
-:0:- ing coffee boys'. in Port, 4-
O/ linBack from a short holiday close friend of bigGerger
S wn Q nh nniin Cuba and Miami ... and disclosed that he i s tofgo into `
r iAII'IIIb icf U tLUI ttU' soon to be married Miss the Insurance business ia
g Wbll Marie Garcin. Mviss Garcia Sott add Hackenbug h.
w y as accompanied- by Mrs. S -:0:-
S REG.TRADE MARK . te mouts since l G2 Gerard Weiner oF the Hotel A great foker aend "Br-
d Majestic, Petionville. (Contaed on Page 11)


' '(Continued from Page 1)
steel pier which may be qja-
dy for operation next Spring.
Then cargo liners and cruise
ships will be able to dock
right on' the ocean front,
with modern berthing facili-
ties. This improvement has
i.accordinrg to stories from
the Cap) caused outraged
howls of protest from the
people who own the big flat
bottomed lighters, that go
out to deep water where the
ocean ships anchor and trans-
ri r cargo and passengers to

new city distribution system
oi be stored for future use
'in the million-gallon tank
now being finished at Bel

a tidal wave as it does in
some cities.
Curbs and gutters are be-
ing added to all streets as
other, sanitation measures.
And in addition there is a
new sewage network ... all
in all the project is provid-
ing employment to around

This insures the Cap ho- one thousand Haitien work-
rels against emergency cut- ers under the direction of
offs in the water supply that' the Public Works Depart-
are so disastrous to the tour- ment.
ist trade.
The Compania de Indus- When the Cap does come
trias Maritimas S. A. is into its own as a tourist ha-
also ridding the Cap of ven, its beautiful beaches
another major water prob-Vwill be one of the greatest
lem ... the mountain tor- lures for fun-loving vaca-
fents that p o u r down tionists. Well-travelled ob-
through the city during The 'servers whohave seen them
in their natural splendor,
_say they, are the best in the
Caribbean area. About two
a d jaJ.5 h t IIf Mi AI f J..L hU

-, '

" "' "


A ffin new. bridge Unks rainy season, flooding streets
1! onbe section of the boulevard and buildings. Erecting a'
w..hiqc, by, the way runs a- .modern 'drainage system in a
long outside&,. the old colo- community as old as the Cap
g*nial wall that ..once enclosed 'is no push.-'ovep And the
.city. s. engineers 'of the company
wns witi so many rem- and Public Works Depart-
of apst eraare ment have haM their share ,
tuirp attrationsfor tourists; of both headaches and heart
Sbut the. vizor generally breaks.* But .y the cornbi-
tiked aqpici k around and nation of inspiration, and
then head the nearest adaptation thev have man-
'*modern res if the pc- aged to underline the nar-
turesque atmosphere is ot row streets with large aque-
accompanied by the appur- ducts, paved ver with an
tenance of 20th century civi- F veo cement surface 11 feet
lization. Namely, a depend wide. Since the do -town
alle water -system, as well area is only shoi htv aboveLt
: .as eff.--e drainage aid d sea level: thhe was so the
Sage disposal. neat problem of 'indidj a
ap Haitlen' .is nobw t wv to kceba. 'the sea water
ceiving these necessary item fm o floatiing up the canals
for building a higher stand- at high tde.
& adof health and hygeine. .
Two 'wlls have been sunk Big iron mahholes allow
ba ut three and a- half miles constant supervision of the .
roi the 'city with- diesel insides. of the canals and at
pumping stations to ptivida -the corner of. each street
np. o. 2,000 gallons of wa- there is a catch basin to al-
I tera niiute. The water, pro low t water from tropical .
Sperly purified. through chio- downpours-to escape. ime- f
Surination, .-will go into the diately rather than 'build up

n a auL mJIes rom tL LLL.
Cap lies Ducroy Beach ... a
ilometer of sunbaked sand.
A mile further on -lies Cor-
miers, and six miles further
s Labadie, the main ,plagen
requented during the'sum-
ner months by week-ending
Zap,residents. You can find
is many as 600 persons ca-
'orting on a hot Sunday
long its three kilometers of
ength. The waters that lap
ts fine sand are not sickly
Warm as-, salt water- often is
n the tropics .,.. but ex-
remely refreshing and plea-
ant. A new 9-kilometers
oad now helps service the
three ocean' playgrounds,..
.nd rumor has. it that.the
oad -will soon be paved to.
make the going even .easier.
The best heath" the
Northern coast is undoubted

. .. workmen seen above -making. new
ters, which are to adorn all the streets

,curbs and gut-
of that Northern
i : L

ly Bayeaux ... which is call- Shada, in 1942-whena lego
ed by many the most beauti- grass project was started
fill spot in Haiti. At least nearby. But the project w
Haiti's first tourists,' the buc- abandoned a few years lat
caneers, thought so. and'the houses left empty.
I They could- wellbecon
It was their favorite stor- the nucleus 'of a beach r&
ing place for the gold and -ort oil.iy. Shada woe
.treasures they captured from are .how c0ntntratin "
,the, Spanish "Conquistado- the larger r eibber v itf
res.', The ruins Of..a litt' in- the beach area;, ,4t )pi
fortress, ,biilf uider ,Be.r- on that 'no boats
trand.D'Ogeroh, .' colonial than 4,006:trees.' The ro
administrator of Saint-Dom- built by Shada from Port
ingue, still stand at the wa- Magot to Bpybaux- is in. go
tears edge on'a sandy k6int' condition. -All that is need
that bisects two half-moon ,ed is a good road ito Po-rt
bays. The 'eight-kilometer Magot from thq Cap 'i
beach is-both safe anddclean,. Sneaking of. roads, a' m
covered with tempting white,. or hoon rth the tourisettrad&
sand. In thehills behind it ,; the oavin ...of the ieiut
is a, cluster f modern -hour. Irom the CaD to Milot,. th
ses -and bungalows built by (Co*inued next Page) I

.. to ,end mouitainqprrfnts ',bat' pour down through yH during r 'y seasons,
flooding streets and building. .v ... the ftarro .t qeis'-f.t Cer' -have been '-sder
ned with large covered carals, such as, the one in thel oVe pict'rae. '" '

ete t I

Cap-Haitien, A Touristic

Gold Mine


------- = -- -i.

Page 10-




- 1 j

.ipke of San Souci and the most important, Fort i Pico-
-s1pot where mounts are hired let, was planned by Vauban,
for the'ride to the Citadelle. 'war minister of. Louis XIV. se
Y The Magloire administra- The. Cap itself, with its n<
.mion is carrying on a repara- quaint French-Spanish archi- T
'ti" programme to preserve lecture, is a. joy to visitors a
-iese, two-great monuments who love to take a peek at LI
the birth of the Haitian earlier centuries. Outwar4ly is
t.ephb.c. The top 'of the.Ci- Cap Mairien retains the pic- jo
adlelle' ramparts are, leing turesque charm it had two \.
-art sealed and much other hundred years ago. But
naintenaice work is under- its, available accommoda-
'way. Recently 'workmen' tions for tourists are very
Ifoand an old drainage sys- up to date. There is the first- Vi
,imA i. the massive walls, the class hotel aRoi Christophen Ai
sMetns.by which King Chris- which lacks nothing in luxu- to
- C t
;* * -, '*"* C c


'Continued from Page 1)

urn Russell Dalzell, engi-
eer with Texaco in Cuidad
rujillo, flew in Sunday on
two-week business trip.
ook him up at the Ibo Lele
you want to bear a good


This week Colonel Roger
lledrouin of the Haitian
rmy flew to Washington
.take up the post of Aili-
ry Attache. He replaces
Dlonel Haspil.

.0-- ::

'The Don Mohrs are back"
in town after the State-side
visit. Mrs. Mohr who arriv-
ed earlier this week. was ac-
companied by her grand-
. daughter Sigrid Borjesson.


Word from the wintery
U. S. ... Leslie Canez, son of
local General Electric distri-
butor, is hard at work in
Fort Wayne on a G. E. test

Is programme.. At.thepresen
time on an Air Idondieoni
. Assignment, Leslie .has r
cently undergone three oth<
. the new Cape-Haifien sea-wall will keep the ocean tests, one in Schenectedy c
.front dry, clean, free from erosion and border the new Jiirge motors and generator
"boulevard another in Pittifield on Po
ir .' ..- wer Transformers and i
i ph i. y n Erie, Pa, .a test on .Refr
.tphe ra.iq-proofed h i ry. Aid" the'Peion St'.Mar- L erator Unit Developmen
mountain stronghold tin for more-modest desires. He sends Merry Xmas to a
-Int t i Its eight rooms have baths his friends.. .
SIn addition to the Eighth on. a shlvring' basis. But .. .
wonder'. of the worlds the guests rave about the won- Mr. and Mrs. Eic Neff ar
ocrth provides many other ,deifill food and hospitality, at present in Washingto
fijtkcions for history-mind-. A third; modern hotel is now making ready to fly to their
4opt..rists. Everywhere in under "construction a few new post in Germany. Th
befCap vicinity lie rein- i~iles frdm town. Mr Vera La Phalange this week ir
.an1s of the colonial era ... -Becki expects .tohave six ported that the former direct
i*4s :of sugar and rum fac,- roomss it'- his Inn ready for tor of the Haitian America'
tries, monumental foun- occupancy'by February. The Institute here. had been ap
tais that once brightened uMansuitn as the hotel will pointed head of the. U.S
e-garden of-a great planta- be called will have the don- Cultural work in Havana
on. and' along the sea, a ble advantage of hill top Cuba.
.of fortifications. 'The breezes .and a gorgeous view. -:0:--

S.. C'est pourquoi-daS e 100e onde n11er,

\ d plus trs tonnages sont transporfes
A \ sur pneus poids iourds' Goodyear que. sur

L n r-- dpneus de toute autre, marque

.. esentrepreur de camionnage et de sei vices kilomtrlque tout en assurant le meilleur
d'autobus savent quie lea pneus poids lords service qi'on puisse attendre de pneus poids
,, Goodyear font preuve d'un maximum de 16urds. Pour un maximum d'avantages-
longevit. et d'un maximum de rendement achetez des pneus poids lourds Goodyear!

"HI-MItER 1 HI-MItER Goodyear offre auares pneu
L EATH-ER ,RIB :L paidhlourds xmise rubus.
"...4 HE Hanrd Rock Lug Roa
-.Lug Studwi Sun
..:.4% *- Grip .T .







PANTS in 3 hours cost.......,..............".... $6.00
SPORTS JACKETS-.in 4 hours' cst .............. $7.00
SUITS in 24 hours cost....................... $15.00 up
SHIRTS in 2 hours cost.......................... $2.00
.'* :

Or select from the large stock of the finest variety '.
ready-made:- .;



RuetMp.agasin de l'Etat -
Two shops from La'Belle Creole ..,. -

.- ) """ ,":. .: ',"* -'-'-. ..- ,,


= .

S t ..,

Permanently waterproof c0ysters case
..:..:.. ,z. .t-t0 :-. 2
Silent, -self-winding rpela mo ..

Official Swiss Rafing Fertificate
r r* al u ""* ; ". ". " ," .1 ,' : .



Phone: 3294

70 -',

S 25 Rue Roax, opposite La Ciravelle.


Great-riding, COMPLETE
MOTORBIKE ani azing low cst! I
Want the best for the Least? Then here's your answer-
B.S.A. Bantam a British built complete motorcycle, with
features galore and riding qualities which make it a real
stand out. It's sturdy dependable handsome.



Grand Rue opposite Haiti Motors ; ~,


,, --~-~. -I.


- :- V
I -
*~.1, Page-it.

*A1- --'~

i )
/. I


Pane 12


New Port-au-Princre
Prefect Marc Naloet ,
ExpresMe Peocy

The uHaiti Sun' would
also like to offer obhgradi-
lations to the new Prefect of
Port-au-Prince, Marc Na-
houm, a man who expresses
a political philosophy with
which we heartily agree.

Minister Domond's.. 10 Dollars Reward
To anyone return
The latest word is that owner small black
Minister of Commerce, Eco- grel female dog with
notrie National and Agri- ears and white fron
culture Jules Domond will Please call Aux Orch
not 'be returning to Haiti cHaiti Sun.n For se
before the 15th of Decem- tal reasons the own
ber. He is head of the Hai- pay as much as $1C
tian delegation to the-Rome person returning the
Conference of the UN's it answers to the nan

At his swearing-in cere- 'Food and Agricultural Or- by dolln
2t(m Novermber 23rd, the ganization planning n e w
tAWr IPrefect said: ways to boost production of
*Public office, a gift to food.
the state, exists only for the ........................................ TO 1RENT OR FOR SALE
Wcid df the State and in no
way for the benefit of the At French hisitufe A two-storey brick house
pWvvidual. If it is the in- High -fantionaires of -he at Deprez-Bellevue with 4
", dividual who enjoys the Elepartment of Education as bedrooms; 2 bathrooet, spa-
'tide, the office belongs to well as representatives of cious living room, galleries,
the citizens and the office tifligious Orders were on hot water, all -modern con-
holder is under obligation to. hand Tuesday evening when veniences, lovely 'garden,
; serve usefully and f EhWul- th :Sd o6l Exhibit opened swimming pool..and a beag-
Sly and learn dverv day the ft :Te Fretch qtistitute. Nu. tiful view. Please .phoned
nature of his duties to the merous other visitors were Charles Picoulet 5654. '
Spople. present to examine the teicts
issued by the presses of the -af----
S lThe political activity of House of Frendh Boo6ks! Thit-
the public official is dictat- er Miss Jacqueline Digeon HOUSE FOR RENT
-ed to hinm by his 16yalty to -presented a beautiful film on -
he head of the- nation and ;IUiti. Large beautiful home in
Sby the needs of the S&fe. Pet&. tvffle l'ully i nis ihei,
SlHonesty is an indispensable HUSE WANTED met up-t te ve
' t- tOtHOUSE WANTEDecnvttieh.
of that activity, for it ces. contact ,Haiti Sun. '
S Isr t .a ,o. the U- N. man recently arrive.
: ~the foundation of the efft-
Sent an on ,e -mh Port wishes to rent a .
vient and harmonious opefa- : .. .
oa hr"u furnished house in Petidn-
Ston of a good government., l O )
..." .... *.. .OSE FOR ALE

S-'. 'M y tr -NTb FOR SALE R '1MSE -A oioern home located '
Well established cafe and at Desprez with two bath-
gon' A.rog expaadid ac- codktail btr, "iay equipped rot, four bedrooms, one c
| countant, studied in the Unm- deep freezer, electrical grill, cl jorch, a large gallery
ked States is. seeking ,part- gas stoves etc. Excellent lo- iving and dining room,
ine work. Would consider cation and thriving business. garage and wine cellar, de
S'also a well paid full time Owner has other interesting tachi servants' quarters, up AL
Sjob. Is capable of cor- Haiti and cannot devote the 'to ahte kitchen and paatry,
kt responidence in French and necessary time to the Cafe selling at 14,000 dollars. .A
SEnglish. Please write br en-, business. XInteesed parades fair price for a fine home
quire Offices of uHaiti Sun, call "Haiti Sun. bueh asir it is.


'., > ",Le Perchoir"

0. r" 0 "' MuC1

t..... .OFFICE: N

Don Miss Opening Da .

.THE-:,," W ,.ORLD

-W gIe.1 b ~ mo adeeigL ECHI soe ot~ ulc'' SADR

nf C

Besd bQualiy Cement at

So Lowest posAile cost





Tel : 2387



..mf"lm;a,". mmS". "'.... B


Sn-' j-. i ' 3 "*.

.. I, .
.;._,. .. ., .. ....
: 'L /: : ,! ..-B
,.- .t.

.- , *' :"i





- -b-

ning to
k mon-
h long
t paws.
idees or j
er will
0 to the
ne aBa-




,.. *

; : . ,.; .

I -
1... '' .l *-'

,. .i'
;' "

=- J i i$ .I,!

. 4"
\. :l;