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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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1 A. DIED C .

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.'e h1 11 p " d "

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t a6 aTora ids o Hesentmin csi aP :
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tt.t &*w ed offiers of the wclad aSO s 'a hat*e.aed a e w wo d *
ERN AtLn D ED.R" .C.H.ha..hila .l l -H
.. l l d .d y : :, r
"' d I '

i Sn S e t:: Se E
Y'* a*Portaua-Pri e, sgA B E "" 9 1 *6! ' " ......

e;-e + ,.s fd, .. .. S o n ou t o tI r- cs- e sa
W1 .."-..1" 'l*....s$ g l U a e St at A i.8c rade o F rg .1 c.... h t r rl l'." C* 417 'il
r.... 'pbisk wee T said

^^^ .1 ^ bn ttr A whenthey charpotersed the P o. g tarionofficikal. iu*t s t*
Slll...: l l llop -ping S-pre OFn t H
^^^^^i-.^^^^^'^offlft ^SASuts *1?%'s l? sf 1: 'l '" :'l

l tr#.a *iai teo a nhe (Americano World A itohe teemin ob i's bor neo
t avaa: C -.ae "pi es e .sg a on- Cl an efoft .. t oe mo r A .C ... wh" 1
"l M 4f tO P tbt 54 ll% wtk MC li" P RldBi lndflew hoe eald o f- Sawey- j" I ht oFenose ofl
-.ar r 4 .Wteie o'. Ai.r fois ed e of. Bf Pqer- (Contin ue4w agid bl js- ....i nwo.l it ly .e. 1 ,
S""1' l .o have' "he "ufn -e ----'s .' tne r. a. a -..of.Bow
o pleastAu fr.anoiase qth n tbeaworl to aRice, roenjoy a-' nx h- a-nill tinkering #ith urz&l
*r '" to iace ant h. stwhe tY capping rt. ere.d e a. oe s e.'I R.r of,:-
W*Io? Y01ct ,NgW W pgtq~~ pThe .fCViJiper4 kajin 8 a'IJL ue fsn Ya l 1 ,Z = e*
wa ... : -.. ..._ 4 gcc, .tp iea dy a 1 ,s* v . Non_ rnCo le'i ai I. A,

-.. .. .4 "45n ,t e 12), s ...soN. -Co"i.. 11 we

nak dw: "a *''4 WT.
*ib~i ~rpo sta-. I .o

tee on,6e M pe g n noi cjty i n w orl 1 Iartihei, rv co cecl Cai fwuiU JaIes r. IM IMqS rtgcu
a m oreeS o .. e..1inraona.esr cCih- A.igs :Tpa rds,,: .i h ,. ."C labrrieaIa
ie ty' lro, .inI Tbe. .'.. atn,,T ce cx 4 R ancho. with unlo ading cg1city ar f.r.liese. Texas .... .. e cciou age o ,.
b4o m n on ot her Iheadal n i-A4
.. i rave 7 Ip ii tj l g i*i .l . I*i9 ju "" Ii fe al e II It b ra ,binrtesl k
le *. .. ing. ..xrte el zappy ... ..
rv Id s e. m " .W_..*. '...
arrival'. the of taxis .. p g,,iq a ,.

, t. *,.. -
4 departure of a fine old gentleman and one of Ame-
cis most noted writers. M r. Brickell is pictured widh
W'. Camille Lhdrisson, Mr. James Cassedy, a n d Mr.
irmes Echols of the Haitian American Institute as he
Vtwes to continue his Latin American tour.

Visit f0 TAO InTormation
Service Director

Mr. Richard O~Fiz, Direc-
tor of the Latin-Atmerican In-
formation Service of the
Food and Agricultural Or-
ganization of the United Na-
tions'(FAO) spent three busy
days in Haiti 'this week. Mr.
Ortiz conferred with mem-
'bers of -his organization who
are -working in this country
and gave a press confer-
ence. During his press con-
ference he underlined that'
it -was necessary to'rfoirm
'the public from' timt to time
of. the purpose and nimpor-
tant.task of the FAO.'Main-
.ly to offer Technical assist-
ance to-the member cOun-
tiers of the UN with the
aim of solving theit agricul-
tural ;problems, creating a
farqer food supply and'giv-
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j I

Bmaian's J 9r2 invention ... it worked but. it was .
too expensive to build. (See Personality). .

Page 2 i ., UHAITI SUN" SUNDAY, NOV. I1t2

61 Wives Fly Here For A cards in the taxi cabs'will price a dollar when he
SDay's Shopping Spree help the drivers as well as turned in' the af
G3ON AY'Iy Ai D(ConAinued from Page 1) the passengers, kave hours of aWe don't' want to be
W(CoEtiued fro' Page)WAY useless haggling and benefit for tourists like they do i'
Were wives of airforce the tourist effort. There other Jparts Of the world
me, r wives of airfore was but one other little com- ;said the veteran airm
Fimen stationed at samey plaint forthcoming. An air- Haiti is comparatively ui.
.Field, Puerto Rico, said a man said he purchased an spoilt and that's why we li
delightful little brunetter article at Madame" Wooley'si it ... we'll be back for moti
from Wisconsin, i athe trip man aid ,he rc an silt t w1
here was spsored by the factor in the morningand if you continue, to treat us
SNon-commissionoed Officers ~he attendant had jumped the fairly."
Non-commissioned Officers'
wives, our husbands have of-
a ,odto, allteen made calls here and they .
.keep telling us the place is ( ARIMOUR) Is Proud To Present Their Pure Lad
a bargain hunters dream. a
X.1 We're allt satisfied, we took In The New Gieen And White Three Pound TinE-
el hour and 40 minutes to fly .
over, had breakfast on the
plane, we ivill have coffee
WALTIE BRACo d stributor- on the return trip. Unfor-
tunately we only had time
for shopping, we had meant
to igo sightseeing, but you
know women when they
./ start shopping. I would
love to come back again and
., ,spend my time sightseeing ,,
concluded the wife wife of a me-
chanic stationed' 'ii Puerto
Rico. -
-Coo!, what a job ;follow-
ing a b-unch of' women 'a-
round while they try to mi
up each other's-mind.l. on
"what to buy,, om'niplained,a
l' r r. big airforce NCO' .weighed
t:i'down by a ton of,,purchases.
This. was the only complaint
registered- apongst the shop-
pers -. ; -
S Member .6. .aOaeratioo.
Mahogany" praised ,he. ...
:. luncheons served, them at
CI"pt 'Ace ,, HoteL.-Riviera, .."
SavQy Restaurant.; and,,a. -,-- 4 ST ALITY O THE-.,% ,
S sCafe,. they found the .. :AV.AILABE ALLGROCERY STO1 S .
p' ices, reasonable a id food J0S H NADAL d CO., Ag..

3 s But your$ reporter found.1 >
.... :-several- complaints .aong '
n little ap-r. toches -'of ffIendlineass a the -membe-rs of the crew ofl
._.ko,'t haGiye.ad 'PAA f e "firet dice he C82, ratiersiactlinp .om ,
L airline with travelers. th wekVie..' ,, -a..r h o..
S.ou1fy was in -.chargp of:,the
Plant aid th tgxi cabs had
S'. treatedgef~ .ij:b'.adly.. Your-re-. e
!p...mibpbrseb :" prter immediate!ybeg1.i-to
e ..sIym6thizwL knowing. ~
"s n :'-" '":-- ..... .. ... ..-sV e
pe Be ed, .15 .. r well the.,old-habiof sme'
taxi drivers when' the Mia-
nf O e.I \i k ---li%, ..
l'.. jor.;gave voi; e to .hiscom
,sa.Qa'-plaint .They charge" us T icy. c'
ds'cun 10 -dollarsa day (7 hou~is)
S", and- wh ~.ti d.saw' thehe mnl ruwh.-saw-thse.h 'an
i4eO''t" 'n, i '
. tidtu:"of iwoinen- arrive ..aise,
kay 1b1 p j Ithe.pgiilCC~' tdo-allars a day. P easir when you'ae oo-

when we paid 3.901and 3.75 editions. Formulas ar the prousduot latestg adeobai'
S" Tdollars for -5' hours, and gas ai
,s"gone -up only a penny .. .
Fa'taStic as it'sounds thea rjmo w a 'peurp..
OrW'sS jor, left 'feeling be had been and, trnih~ris for 6,al srapirio
M anW l t eyPloited i by the taxi cabs...
IIN several c hew menbersh o ., -
-r adui'ted that '. most, people
Shapaid 1 dollars for thes .. andas
Aiabi (which carried.3 to 4
....e]rsons" and a loadof mea- '
hoguia'j) said it was too high I' **
,h ,'has -e gaone-up on, a pnny

.ai,". :anstid ait.sounds.the oat tourists.a,
SA .i,;-- tihs goes eto show that rate. .
i- .. -. .. .
..&.,,, tro s n .l -d f rea -: /, ..>


ESOALITY F THE -from Paris to Madrid and. The SUMr r~uir '.
WEEK P 'aris to Bordeaux. Asked .. ;. -
S (Contin ed) .. whether he won, he replied, Another' gau ur Hoe
.." ~.I Ahih no, but that didn't mar..-
he time he reached the ad- Nevertheless he recalls'his 'er, It was fun anyway. .. -;. .
gea cf Ihe wad al H It wash f uch -fanyw -
.vanp~ d, age of 16?,he was: al- embryo air babies with great e dida't say how much fun
t"osxsing "heAlpsn a-"
4edy'a working pnginee* ... enceress .... and brought it ws 4 cossing the Alps/in a .:
;employed at the Astor Auto,, out treasured' photos of f al4 car powered, my a belt.
.plantin Paris ... anda bud- weird looking flying ma- idvryenoke engine.that had .' L .' '
ding inventOr. Before he chiAes, to show this report, to be stoked eye few miles
was able to shave he perfect -er. This plane below pic-' least it was adv .. ,.
iad a special -wheeJ for gun tured on this page he conf tur ,
carriers of the French Artl- siructed 'in 1907 ... forged ": '.".,- :'
'tery, enabling temto run- together with gas pipesP a' -Brias expt hi
!die over trough terrai before bit of fabric and a 16. horse- 'th nickname of The g- i'. :
breaking .Youg ;.A ttilio power engie. '' he pilot's .:. and it. was under .
really. turned ou' a foteirn- compartment consisted -of ,a s gamorous. title that h. !
ner to the modern shock ab- haminimoc sluhg between the h swecomed an Cuba wheq
Ssokber-'y inalkingligi weel stricture. When, asked whe- edn te Catibbean'
witipumlil, spes *ba other "the contra tion- flew a ,fer doffig his military.. .
o,,t, O,~4 air, Mr Br" an o -it upiornm.- The Cuban pa- .
cos.a irsateom.~ i e re- f ae .. 6ch ump-aver i g u ch of this col- .-
ce~f ..w, housan franc ig three to four meters, orful ung t man with'the . y i-
ot. .......' d ar mustache arnd ,d .^ .;, .- ." .;.,
6.o la imE ion. nom the "He said he built it for.exieri ....pd.ebar, mustache a d
ic~. i~iactory-" la's. mental purposes to. calicuate mae even More of his 'home i
dy after h waspus ion of the wingS.., By. l; y gr tht he constructed ,
ee ni- i~e W60- pio09 oft w ar- .Aiog a Lt engiie. BriIani eI siI n I i'
o .fbo-oplao, that ed:the .rioneer firtlitrv ia'*orrked for two years. (r the W :,. & ,.'
the Fre ilerpt usd il ot's li ense, qu e ofhe Cuban telephone. company .' -
."I ra~fe i ,-, r -- t' rstuw s:' ae ",p- ., .. aj R.'' ' 'p --n',
l gs r hi He vt-ds ... hted' the. qr. a.Ore air shops m . I- .C. P & CO..or ,,.
a nd -. -c nsng HeaorSteeg Syte ....hpart o-S gWrlt e.m..a re .'l s .ji e lt to ..! ..
the Rd sell the o- big ep in the advacemeni t h is isse built provide 'Adminisration Cof
lnop1ane that .aI.a Pari on ( aviation.. It was display- i. a so .:M- eth power for a home made To Be Held Ri o :f
its ~s .. : .theBr a ilian ed in Paris long with an- n caeer, Bria fou. d weldipg plant. Brlinicailed .:
gpilo.Stos, mi iont, dar- .other B3riani brainchild .... a ,n p a pretty Spanih this model a failure because Undpr the spopsip
ng: Ie Eff o- ,iai plane g veby 4 d ettled d n f the 2,000ollar piece o he 0 Jd.O and.
-- esof ii .v YEu fiily life in
:a. v .-e . .e... maaih he y was too expensive Governmen ," awas a.Sei.
:Havana. Next he qqYed ',, to make add too .coprlicat-: c'iss. ruk- M fiW
S antiago to oatrct a brew -- :
f.i .. eda r' o. commercialu k io ,.- .
r ,'I. .. in
pap.y, and C was herp.that he ..-. ui.i Is.
.,was dijvered byl a.n infant Asked, -aboqfl s u:. h ,i of.- isnemi e -.
&rnmefnts of fls he p
f ying.pga nization known. as plans, the energetic septua- wJi T IJL fL LI.
P. American .... a discovery penaran said he might take ;i i sA a:is...atid in
1,ta turned out- to be a time. off *from his. workshop 'take pat 'n the dis i
m i-hty goqd thing for all to,.maake a' trip: to Italy, lext c&ifses iJi lasto "
covered. .Briano :operied year ... -but he is gonng to r. Mr Antoi;e .Moise'.' .
She PAA airportt at Cama-. make sdre .that 1it is during charge, of the Setion of ,
S.ue.y, helpd ,extend the huge -the ItlMian heat wave,.... he tra affair at the Ofic
'air newqrk o of pa ra in Brazl does' want to risk a Euho- e eretar of tate Of S tat
.he Secretary of State of
E.q.u rthen eventually came to pean winter: wih hs tropics. ei Affairs, has bh i ti
Port-au-Prince where his in- thinned blood. rr hais .
veAtive genius put o en to represent Ha. Mt.
te s as t t a Moise lefy bt plane'.Thu
Srea test in forging a sea Since his wife died eight day for the Brazilian, cap-
B- r s 1..07ient2 on .. it did' fy but pigne base on the Jfaitian months ago, Briani has been Ital ,
t d t waterfront. Among other Jiving alone in his small
S, Jumped igh. ings he built a special house listening to the fami-
f. In : h~;first. decade of wind turbines. It was real- widmill to suck-the salt wa- liar roar of the planes over- -- .--_ -. :.
"-20t. century. any flight ly the granddaddy of the tprarway from the gas stor- head -and keeping a careful ,
s a.. ,hazardous undertak- jet propelled fighters of to- age banks on the sea shore. eye on his two cuban papaya
.... -asthe young inventor. day, but Briani found' are 'company he has a lie feels that suh a ie is not
oin fod ou. 'Seing as many ,bugsr in heconstruc one of Bciani's favorite gad- brown dog "beantyv who a deserving reward for o -,
s -ownte-c strutted for his ion and wrote itoff as gets. He fored a company seems, to indersrahd Briani of the founders ',of moferm
con hmsef bet failure. just before tth war to con- Aanguage which, is -a thor- aviation. But .on second-
u himself eating The army trapped the busy struct windmills of his own dug mixture of Italiaa, hbught. one feels a nir i'
Sgrou d much faster than engineer for a three-year design but two of his Ame- Portuguese, French, CrIole, Briani's caliber would ne er
.ual one day in 1907, And stint in the anxious days pre- rican partners were killed in English and Spalish. e happy :.itsitcring- bai:
h n h 'pied his way ceding World War 1. Dur- the conflict and his plans contemplating royalties froni
he wreckage hecon. ing his time in uniform he ever thateriaJized. Altoge- Each day he is up with the his inventions.
himself lucky to get managed tp stick close to his other he has invented.15 dif- sun ..: zwauy -fr boas of The pridFLJLW .PY sz4.
f with a broken arm and in beloved engines by driving h rent q'pes of windmills careful labor over- his enof- a man inde ac-.. oygre osu
ed leg. a Fiat ip the famous car races including the one pictured in gines. Automa ally oe his hands. g

n W -.. ,.'
Taqef Direct to' iani by e

Le"aurlto LuxuroLotAty
For Informahon see Agent RBDERT L 1ROT, Expoulioma Stand No. 7 P.O. leox 22. Tel. 2167'

llK '

.age 4
tirosen ftt re t j -Death Of Superior
,tl o ff General Des Freres

S- The following cablegram
-) sent November 6th to the
Directeur Principal des Fre-
~res in Haiti: uReverend Bro-
ther deceased today in Mon-
*, Voodoq Southern Trip treals, announced the sud-
S- His Excellency President den death of Reverend Bro-
On All Saints Days, and Magloire it is reported will other Gustave-Marie, Super-
Journ des Morts, November make an inspection tour of ior General of the Brothers
Jour des Mortsa Novembear the Southern' and Western of ChrStian ,Instruction.
he st and 2nd of eah year portion of the Republic next September last while on a
distinct and near and the month. tour of inspection through
distinct and near and the the Americas Reverend Bro-
Police are on the alert to Minisr Jumelle Visits other Gustave-Marie spent
press alVooo c The South several days here in Haiti
anies. Secretary of State of La- confering.with his brothers
Today Benoit Bens rests in bour-and Public Health left and visiting schools. In 1947
Prison awaiting trail and Thursday on an inspection'Brother Gustave-Marie visit-
IA nd r e ,Milfort Richelieu tout of the South as far as ed all the Brothers' establish-
Chamant and Edma Andre Petit Trou de Nilppes. ments in the Republic.
are in hospital recovering _I : Friday, Novmber 9th at
,, tom severe )arns and a fmni The Counsel of Govern- -.30 a 'rquiem mass was of-
ber of other persons have ment after many sittings,has fered up in the Cathedral of
Small burns about their bo- written its by-laws. Ithe Institution St. Louis de
d'ies to remind- them of a -:0:-: Gonzague. .
:. "oodoo ceremony held last '' Minister Magloire is in -:0:-
SINovembler 2nd that went the Artibonite inspecting the Dr. 1W. Theard Decorated
"wrong. road construction between with iOrder of St Sylvestre
.- The story goes that in Be- Eanery and Gonaives, and is Dr. William Theard who
1hlt 'Bens' home in Ave St. making plans for the work occupied the important port-
SMiartin,/a group of worship- ro be completed oti the Re- folios of NationaL Education
Spers were holding a cere- public'& '150th Anniversary. and Public Health under the
';:. mQny-for Gd6 (Voodoo die- ,..- -:0:- Government Junta has been
) and when it came time to ARMISTICE DAY decorated by' .His Holiness
-,, .IAjhheir bodies from a tub' 1918 November 10th Ar-' he Pope with the Order of
'iontaining alcoho&arid some mistice in" World War signed St. Sylvestre.
itknown ingredients," Be- in Marshal Foch's railway -0- '
aqoit Ben told Ahidre Milfort coach, n ear Coinpiegne, Due to die iiclementy of
l ; blighta match the wbr- .France. November 11th bu-. ?thee -eatherbo: Wednesday
Snpp ers ,were gathed^ over gles s6jnded' cease firifh,, tigWt-.'the -rti- h Gilianese
; te.. ,+.tub, coimuencing to. at 11 a.'m. German'fleet sur- singer had to postpone hii
themselvess when the rendered to the British.- Here concert to this'evending. One
match was lit .., the scere in Haiti special services will should.not -miss this mu.ic
.. igedto a flaming devil be held:nn the morning to treat. John .Tull will give .
ace.' 1 honour those who lost their forth with his golden tone
lives.; ketior voice in a programme
.. of your favourite songs. The
concert will be held at 'the' .
S. F l Theatre de Verdure at 8.30, ,
-:0:- .
|.. .. Colonel William Sanson,
.' Territorial Commander" of
S' ':'- the Salvation Army. left this
eIal eek-end' after vy fting ,his
S Jamaica v. Haiti Basket Ball organization' here. Mrs. Pat
'ltnhe Haitian Federtion of .Weidtertan owner of, Hotel
'1ootbal received an' invita- ,,Aux Orchidees entertaini
,on -this w'eek-. from,,the Ja- the Colonel.ad his ssoci -
-:^ ,maa j Fobtball Ass6ciation, Tuesday evening saw a' ates to 'dinner Tuesday even-
#--t-i theni to' participate spectacular opening of the ing.
n atourniament tb be held in 195-152 basketball' season. .
%jigst at. e end- of ne t Players-of the 7 participating
S-. teams entered Stadium Vin- i rj fl
%I{da.i- tbdll cent' amid thunderous ap-
s which .will to-' pause from the enthusiastic
i.fnty personss --. 17 fans. General AntoineLevelt
layers a d 3 -officials is t6 Major ,Romain,, and the Di-' Mr. and Mrs. Pierte Blait
eaveeceiner 22d arid re- rectorbf the Spoirts, Mr,. Fe- were blessed with the birth
'tn ot. ihth li -Baker, were. in the offi- of ason tis week. Mrs. Blain
.'i Pou'miatdhes are schedul- dal bo&x. After th .presenta- the former Marie Therese
i three between the 9a.. tion of the teams General Le Elie announces .that.th'eiy ha-
.. itiOnal, teams- a hd one be- velt was -invited to. throw he ve named 'their child-Pierre.
SW th.e.f psHialiast team and' baI l mark the opening of i '
at 'of the Jimacan Col-' i season. The first giame ... .. .
l '. Seed beat Flehe, 'and ter Gerald Haig, centre for
.. Antoine Champagne, second game the senastional Violette, was hurt as. result
-ell known .member of the game of the evening etweeft of rough play during a-game
'oit Wsel of the f[IHA ha t Pitates and Casernes ended last week and was operated
(ii : n entrusted with the job in Ifavur. bf Pirates Next on1 Thursday .morning. Hid
SSelec ting and training the Tuesday 'at 7-30 Eagles will. was serious hurt in the.i.
'. who will defend our play Pirates .and dthe iosft, icinty. f.th base of .he
$F1tofs in Jamaica. Giuard4 wil play Speed. spine.

. -. .. -
,:,, si:i, .- 2Y ,, .*..-.-.:, :.. ,*.:* .. ,, ;'- t -, ... *'


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.I -_ .

S BEEF Boned Roast ....
STil, ,ilet Mignon lb. $0.64 Boneless pork r
Sirloin .steak ......... 0.60
" Porterhouse steak ... 0.60AL
Sitloin roast .... 0.45 Veal Cutlet .......
SRolled rib roast ...... 0.35 Veal ChopM .......
, Standing rib roast ... 0.35 Veal Roast .......
I "Round steak ......... 0.50 T-Bone Sleak ....
SChuck steak ........ 0-30 Liver ............
S-Pot, roast ............ 0.30 -Breast ...........
SRump roast............ 0.30 Tongue (each)
'Short ribs ............ 0.30 Kidney (each) ....
S'Stew bef ...........0.28 Brains (each) ....
-Brisket .......... 0.28
SSoup boaes ............. 0.06 DELICATESe
Chopped meat 0.28 Head Cheese ....
Chopped meat I,....
iver ,................ 0.28 Ham ........-.......
liv.. S.................
\." 'Tongue (each) .......0.60 Sal .......
0.P Pork sausage ......
'Kidney (each) ....... 0.12 Smoked pig's knu
rains (each) ......... 0.40 thvariety
ork ch PORKps ............ .5 ALSO FRESH
Pork chops ............ .56 ALSO FRESH







Phon 3394


Caslera's Naternily


Dr. Georges Castera's corn
fortable and completely mc-
dern 12 room Maternity cli-
nic is at your service. This
up-to-date clinic is located
in the sanm building as the
Pharmacy Castera, opposite
the Telegraph and Tele-
phone Building. Call 2131.

t2A .


Cinema -
Af Montparnasse

For weeks, moviegoers in
Washington, D.C., and Los
Angeles have been crowding
so see La Ronde, a French
film that took prizes in thiee
European fil m festivals.,
Like" moviegoers in London,
where the picture is flourish-
ing in its sixth month, they
seem to like what they see:
an audacious, worldly-wise
comedy of sex. In both U.S.
cities, the film drew cheers
from the-critics and not
a murmur of protest 'from
any guardian of the public.
morals. But last week wick-
4d old New York, which al-
most always gets first crack
at a foreign movie, had still
not seen La Ronde, and
could not, by bureaucratic
decree. The state censors,
who 'burned their fingers



NC H %ce. v 'IC -ALY T. r fL niEr rl*c 'SL

W .I__ '
S. . A ... -'." ,1 : .l
-i ". "



lL -AB




this year on Roberto Rossel-.
lini's The Miracle, refused
Ito pass La Ronde on the
ground that it would tend to
corrupt the morals of its au-

Whether or not it cin co p.
rupt anyone's morals, La.
Ronde (Commercial Pic-
ures) is clearly -suitable for
grownups and almost as cer-
'tain to delight them. Based
on Arthur Schnitzler's )ei-
gen, it takes an intimate, cy-
nical view of the mating'in-
stinct at play in a Vienna
that was turning the cen-
tury without a bre~Ic in its
giddy stride. Director Max
(Letter to an Unknown
Woman) Ophuls has loving-
ly put together this wry ode
to love, and brightened it
with a galaxy of Continental
stars: Anthon Walbrook4
Danielle Darrieux, Fernand
(Continued on Page 8), 1

'-4 ;.
*'"o p^..



4 I






"" UlM *I ' I'

Nait i's .. ,.t

..- "' ,' "...

- isle .e fu. -f .l

Y.. T i . "ni

,ac.;.. i
. '* *.

.Rue du Peupls -.,?
,T!?L 242, .;^

(Save Ttme and Expenso .
Bauy Dtecl from Factoijj y)
.. 'i .- s
.. *, ': ,.11 .
'- '





Professor Of'Bordeaux
.University in Poit-au-Prince

by T. J. Grant by Tamahine drink the world in a glass of
Rhum, in two glasses of Mr. Jean Colon
SOf course, still young, he Rhum, in three, four, five... ior at the Faculty
SSomewhere on the otbthern I received a fan letter. was haunted by those big glasses 6f Rhum ... and cele- University of Bor
koast of Haiti, between Just like Clark Gable does ideas, those dreamy desires, brate the most Neronihn fgte. arrive here today
.Aquin and Cotes-de-Fer lies The writer wanted more very inmate parof a yung There was a man you citation of the In
a lake of asphalt, almost as free verse. I donnt like to persons life-onceyou may know, among those defeat- Uais. During his s)
large as the one in Trinidad. write the stuff, feeling that patch this: want to be isrs, who kept his childish Ithe capital he
.Unfortunately this lake is it reflects on my professional president,, or that *I want desires and ambitions very a second lecture
lost. No one kows its exact integrity. The Editor, how- o be God and ... apa late in his' life in spite of ,Baudelaier etj
location. Yet, records of its ever says that we must givewould smile with love... all his alcolibli lbations.
existence are in the British our readers what they ask But there i a dayo come Once his' dreams flew'
Bazeumt, there is a dafor.ome So here gs Tbis ode
Museum in London. for. So here goes. This one after tomorrow, and, no- away like a second, all the
'is in the' manner of T. SQ. body knows if it will be bet- ,things created by the child
This is the tale that was llot He is a pesimis er or'wrse .. days'follow' n -the's hoe camebak P ENG
.Iold to 'me by Mr. Wood- PE each dter .:. and ... never wjh" passion1 pnd pircision, A
mg, at e bahe Geology PASTORALE resemble ech .other ... Then because -the' insane believe OFF .NNG
S n when he sat at Thereeis something about me .th mpo will be : fight. nore Strtgly than children.
of Haitia when' he' satyed at something aboutme*i eoo ideas sidgn, "w ill " JP-I-NTNG--
.my hbme in A in, in 1917, Which atracts attention it al)I, those ideas and ''He. will- be .a te j... A ,.CAI
: whie: making Ahis aine 1y 1- Whrever I go. ,dirams when we were young and all..tlhe lon7ae feat TaELEP HNE
* that region. i iif. eight every thing to be able .breaking .' speech-s -on the' ii ,,,
Sometimes faint, 'e.: A I I
S. Sometimes faint, ingome. i sftapd, apnd,ight to be less equality of rights, -on the
fhe'.pirates and thu an- Sometines sr6ngpr, moe hot wbn it is hot and less ra.sij. the sfatdard of life, U
a he .-,pirate. 'an,,.. . .. .......le..
iNt o Ihad their .Th d- eve : cold when it is cold. 6n he art of governing, and.. ,San cli ~
uart6s on th le aVaches, T resent. hei iis only one thing'to above all his somptucus bio- In col Petioi
near LeA Cayes, used to ca- i .. ti be rd,of : to be hungry. grapy (cum laude)'on yoid a delightful home
,,eoz h s, e ,Partularly s thcs tr .' 9 .:. ..gr y ......la.de
Stee their' lia oi.the coast P ari'tI.e- ,h t.h .Herp you are then! gamb- father who' was a friend, phere, comfort
em ... h n Aoth con 1 eon. ,
'near this lake, aad .cover n d tbate .ling in life and for life '- have no other con9upsin French, Haitn,
eirhulls with ahaltthere r egt or ten day? Jos in, sing 'every thing than, this, sad and humorous can- Ciisine at #
from. Among d!se aBreth-. ven your mind ... like a ,.i.'s ,oady.: ae pices. .,
B. "..athinmg, at my age, I *in" -"' "
t he C oat wsH ry so e Wa will: benext: Al. $m c nquaj e coi so rou!. able terms marh,
:- 3r., whoi ,.prt-s ..ensev I'dr.lie dnk every word, ~t .' pf o r 4fl.-.
Sthe governor atca, aihes drihk ery look, driqk ~); ,.as permanent g
*~.~ai ai~ Jaac,'' itr washes" awajr .every nTl .7r175,
mentiono e ti' A one's n.agnIetis. lve y le nkeverything .. 7
When Morgan was-sent tO I wonder. .. .' ,.

accompanied i and e.en- ,. ,
S'tually und thi ay to the a mo, when from bed
..seum' arsed.
,, . . . -' c a e,.
l. G;.. .i r at lostUp to eaven I Iift mine -
S.. for a rey.. ..ght heip eyes
1 odqd ng. hbe ieved cme home nat er Ishad
weni4, ^. ..-Hz;^ ^ '.'t
nd covered the lake eover deyear :, i mn ho was

Sea-th. u /I've been robeq h i 1 9 wsnyKtbe aain tav*ylift
., -,- .. A.... O-h a ,- ?. w i he'd. I
fo r avo t. i t' :
'" "b-". ,, came n - ky-.ask"foe' '- J' '.;'" a
-h i ,.. ~ ,.d,,*.. I a . ..J .-,-
t . . .> a t ..,.


th eirA(f -e -
'. .. .,- ..4, .C

p r iyoidiwhtvoks \ /;
d. co. the r&.ak.,.d.en.ff.. A. ' r "S "

.. .. !i 4eJ
IA ". "-' : : "- .. '. ".....=::.". ....: ::..
"0'4' 6 4 "1... ..,, .
"' .,. ,.., ,.:. -C -
..... !' the

":,; s.a/ e~ B. n. de .- ..
'i". . ', -. "" w -,S ".

D.:',L .p "e 2

V.' 4., ..'fo4i v ls. 1J '
-,.' i .- \v - .
!*afr leea

! '

aes, Profes-
y of letters.
deaux, will
, o anan i-,
sti t Fran-
hort stay in.
will deliver-
re entitled

22 -'

: .. .
Mle .',

I' G,, nI ,s
:~ .

Page 6'

* .. ... ..

S- .

p i ." Art.is!:anon tued 'art; an art '
S . which- .,e f".ds ,ete and i fli. th
.-". .. ... ... . . .. .,wh h n.unsul, ."of v
I. ". -
..-.' . .C. ... .. . Primitive .Ar? is the expression of the first o e
4 . '-..'. .... ' .. .' ii. contact with Nature,. rom the vety begin'ing-u p f..,-
.. .. ."d- ce., .f Auun.iof . oday, Art is a process of evoluaiidn..,'
qmorm an essy by Janoe; something -'.,r.. : f. u ---s .Scien ce is the basic support f ev.lti a.id
$.. I sell-Lowel); in the matron ,... a. qd mel _.ow. .if uess. .,.,,,.s..
at's t mitinve .A being cut off from this sh pport can be d&-
s. : owell 1 h-s. s ppr head clear of fog lined as the ungfin tific way to express .a hiouhr .
1c.. 1 m c p Au ih po. o. in p m y see tings. "Primitive Artp is the unskilled iransortatiolh44t
t...9,18.),n sd he artit. .- .
81c-1891), A n s icasp ose Auinnmu a h poe't of tOhe 'an 'maes you- see things as fbnm which hs. impiessed the artist.
ddiplomat, f- famil.- He gets ,ou up a they afe; I thac him for it... ,h ict hes imrss. the

oems- S but it is no.hing.more than a the cheerfulnes of. snow in tha. o tse who pu
.:~f~ *~i~";~T~~ FW~~:3rerrtrr a' en, Ash ... B I- Y:indi paifot aitsIect in an taro t ipnehensible way. ey .

Si.is t te ancestial avenueshe has temper, sai the wide chari-. Primitive Atl is the art whic dea ls, tes .'
"W W te as a pet made "are timber of, and iy of his synpathies, made it pernatural which is xpress~d. by for and color. De :-
Sof ir begging a tct a of hprfl n to! find god pire the latk of technical ieabs, it is'4asietr cqrtifate
,4 ." ,Comr. ne -. n,: g .ed spi',::rs fp .n r m. ,,- e,,tllr....s o rr sm f., ,,,
b ituetn a sitavisngtos leh he .in -inte. e h i 'Pr 'imive.. Art' is ther divi d idail -"sio. of i
;L ,a,.. ., ,. -. :_ t. ; .,.." .people's c,t.rr. It.s developiaet t .riels parallel "i; "-,.
kgOt, u.e n morihg and noon of a win- this culture.' It. follows rioipese but is wstitar.,
mf r- '. pkyo But W.sniei .ape delightful, so Primitiveol Ahrta is determined $ Tim nte and is.co
*Ii b e a d catde seibil tie, too, on long as he contrives to let .ditioned by the eoohical social and religious ev ,
hoh himself be fPhy in thegra- ,tionof a society. aPrimitive Art' is then ithe'-sybtbe
.'e er sha! 'he s not make he .~ ress of Wthe landscape.- of those differentwas of ig in
Ii dieiy tbni s yt Yor. muscles grow springy kiven dnrt
4e fae.'.He is a.better sert and, your jngs d ilate with . i .H. es,
Ltlyj r *than AntagL, I aia s you walk Id*ivright't$iij 9 .- >'i'

:ner '1 a^.;d'but' ing -h him at the grotesque o *l. 4 1
e her teindoldl along with him. You, lugh al .

Sseedt maF stand P o- ThJi favorable :craeicqn ., .
r. ow ,i., ~ think Win- a ven helfs that s ves oa urer fe the works of a young local Wednesday morning, ac:
do,' a y k /,el..t,., oi,, iim14r i i Poet, Pa. i.. Nk.ac recent- ..his ,r
'a pretty widE-iwy olp d sotiaon;e, rh6e 'will hiaveling o" tdoor e iiraong Poet, Paul E; NAjac,.recent-, companies by his distin- '
,; an his bluff sincerity none of you.-: 'Hedsotsi, the esyverses of this Jye appeared in "Books guished wife, Mrs. Howat& .
S heacr ways are mor .touch t li hose ,melancho.. sp hyypocndriac, Abroad!t an inetrmational K. Trayers and his Secie.
geni to my moo, and chords on wbic Atrumn is For my' owi part, pr- literary quarterly. tary, Mrs. Koleda;, His Ex-
:e holesome fqr pie, as grea t iastr i s Heine' fr' a inter walk.that takes Paul E. Najac, Amours, cellency the new Ambassa.
a, n,:g;.harms pf ,I h l, Scsaere eno sush tohin Jn fhe nightfall and the Ip d olies t orgues. Port-au- dor of tnhe united States .,of
ri-valTs-'e pable. Spring as thrumming on them' and se -.lence that ere. gf- Price HaiTi' Sr. nare. d- America, visited, the Centr.
.a ficie mistresss' wo maunder.ig p til ws it.' Th evepn'i g l ompsf vetise. 1950, 38 pages. dArt. .,.
Sier does' nr' know her thiyget out of tuoe, and you IoQk yellwer by contrast Although dte title weighs '
mind,or is so long in wisy some n ad it the snow and give the a bit heavily on its twedrty The distngushed vior
ing it up, whether you wold cpasb through them windQws tlat hearty look of eight poegis, this slender went about dje vanious:halls .-
all have her or,not have and leave them dangling which our secretive fifes ha- first publication -of a very of 'the Exposition accbtin: .'
that one gets tired at brokenly forever? ve almost robbe them. young an earsthe stamp pnied by the merican Cli
of her pretty miffs and of a real poetic tale'd. He tura' Attach,, Mr. Ho;nie:'

frter she has become Mrs. bim, and he turns out to be the triumphant season of the .othes Leonte de Lisle, ters, and Mr. James Ech :.
er she grows a little a thoroughly honest fellow moon, moon devoid of sen Baulelaire, Verlaine, Ruben of the Haitian-American In-
e, stai in her demeanor; with no nonsensein him, and timen if you choose, but Dario,Santos Chocano,'Nico stitute, presenting their .F.
..d her' abundant table, tolerating none in you, with the refreshment of -a las Guillen, and e has.assi- pliments to the:artists who
yere n are sure to *get which is a great comfort in purer intellectual light-the milated the folklore of his appeared. to be extreinely
:a.z riies a. Je I tAJ er-. 1 -,.. .

,earliest fruits and vege-' the long-' run, He is not cooler orb.of middle life. native Haiti, responded emo- gleaed with this high nac'h
les of thie season, is a good what they call a genial critic, Who ever saw anything to tibnally and sympathetically of attention- On leading th''k
Indation for steady friepd- but.bring a real man along niatch that gleam, rather di- to the fundarmenrital simpli- Centre d'Art, His Excellency.
4: but she has lost that with you, agd yop .wiil find vined than seen, which runs cities of his nilieu;, and 'ex- 'and lis suite went to tl' .
cious aroma of maiden- that there is a crabbed gene- .before. her gver the snow, a pressed some of its essences Episcopal Church to admigrr
,and what was delica. rosicy about 'the. old cynic breah of light, as she riseson in poems that ingeras plea- ,thebeautifl murals made
wounded race' in rhliegirl that you would not exchange the infine silence of winter sanc and excitin recollec- the Institution's artists.
ous more than hints qf for all the creamy concessions night?e tons. e n r. -

S'1 tt T .
'wi i

1 Time" & LifOe '

..'- MAGA ZNES --e . .. .-e A
,? ."


| ,

to ,


Petionville Phonp: 7876

". -- -.

CuisiPe Parfaite Refreshing Pool
.. .. i7 e tropical garden -
-M. i

. se-
SDier .. Banquets
... Swimming Brunch Partie, s
S. POR T- AU- RNC.S hi

'1. t- PU RINCE'S "

7 I*


T 1
NT "


AT . -

Se iennese mood, and accom-
S' ': DE- panyig a refrain sung and
Spoken by ..arrator Wal- -
.~ is;ed P froPge ) -brook:, The narrator spins
G zt,Sim 0 Smone Simon, Ge- symbolic merry go round
;' ar dPhilij~e Simone Sign'- and'manages the characters
t .'iaibjiranda, Jean-touiA like a master puppeteer,
iBitault, Odette Joyeux. pops up in each episode as
S he around of' the title a waiter, doorman or passer-
, a rioundely of love in ten by' and oice, prophetically,
iiod es; after each' amorous with shears in one hand and \
tge, one of the lovers film in-the other, as the-cen-
.,-... es, in the next episode, sor.
o the arms of a new p~art- The film's characters run
', ho flits in turn to an- the social gamut from the
iBrlover until the ironic count to th e streetwalker, j
.ftoe asqmes full circle, but stick to the same single s
: JMoughithe y~erus a e- track. The episodes vary in S
Si tfud ,'Oscar Stirau waltz, length, mood and quality. '
ag each consumma- The 16igest and best strung t
: ,eping to set la gauzily together midway in the film, t
I'' t:Ocr+ u wlz egh od' adqaiy


The telephone number of the

Has been changed to

7886 ,

Please call to reserve tables for our
Tuesday and Friday Dinner Dances
On THURSDAYS and SUNDAYS beginning
September 16ir, from 6 to 8


with Ernest Lamy at the Piano


---.5,000 Feel --

Almost A Mile Abcdve Sea-Level
Yet.Only 35 Leisurely Minutes from Town


The Distinctive Place To Iine and Lodge

f '- '
+ .J-.:ar^ ~-. ,- 'y ~ a~iil~af,>.; .

ine with a brilliance that
e rest of the movie cannot:
aich. These'catc the.es-
nce of three 'classic'sitna-.

tiOns: the willing maid (Si-.
mone Simon) and the ner-'
vously eager master (Daniel'
Gelin); the master and the.'.
other man's wife (Danielle
Darierux) who wants to "be
coaxed into infidelity, the
Faithless wife inciting and
lulling the suspicion. of 'her.
sanctimonious husband (Fer-'
nand 'Gravet).
But La Ronde is all of a
piece, as any round .should
be, setting up a mocking
harmony of desire and disil-
1esion, vanity, pleasure and.
deceit It is never prurient,
smirking or pornographic;
For iall the .intimacy,of its
nuances, the filmss approach
is dryly detached : and com-
pletely charming; it spoofs
sex rather than exploitss it,
much. as Britain's 'satiric
Kind Hearts and Coroidetr
makes sport of murder .

TIME, October 22, 1951.
.----- ''
The local public may en-
oy, this film -too. It will be
showing at the Montpanasse
Sunday, Monday, T:ueday,-,
rednesday and' Thursday of
his eek .. starting to.:


S at


Coie enjo 'the music of a first class 6 piece orchesti
u, Y ' ', "
'from ; : -.,
"7.,t eah .-., .2000 ; ,
7 ._ .1 e -:a 4.
7 to 11 each

Thursday evening.

,.No Charge!!

And on SUNDAYS'bring

your Bathing Suits swim

- dance and select your

music from a fabulous-

recb rd
r 1. '

library t


-,- -

- ... ... - .. i*- .- ., .. . "

-I ~-



CPaoap 8

I .

--- ' I '

4' -

S. The 21-gun salute Satur- Father Bettembourg, pro-
f'4 .day. morning. welcomed vis- fessor of Philosophy at Pe-
'it ing Rear-Admiral M.. E kit SCminaire Coll6ge St Mar
.^.j ,--Murphy, USn, Commanding itial, was decorated along
... P Officer qf the United States with Mr.. Tllich Duvivier
SNaval Operating Base in Fridlay afternoon.by Minister
SGuantainam,; Cuba. Admir- Diambois at the S6minaire.
'. ;. al Murphy. accompanied Jby Father Bofetmbourg arrived
his' wife and son'atrive4 here here to teach 25 y. ears ago
'" ' aboard the, submarine Ten- fro France. .
S" der ,Orion.n Last evening
SIthey were entertained by -:0:-
S"ovember 6th, marked Yesterday afternoon Mr.' Ambassador and Mrs. TA- One of Marconi's bright
'the eighth wedding anniver- and Mrs. Joseph Nadal re- vers at a 6 to 8 cocktail par- sdns, Ale- Van Lignan, ob-
:sary'of Mr. and Mrs., Andr6 turned 'froni- six: months y 'at their residence in Bour- serves his birthday today,
De; Coppet which th'y cele- abroad During those six don. The Commanding-Of- yet after the celebrating 'last
t by giving ea cocktail months they visited the icek and his party will re- night he may not wish to re-
plarty in their attractive horie. States, Canada, and most of turn"' to Guantanamo Bay member.... The party com-
aI Plantation' Dauphi. -Europe. Moiday morning. meqced at Marie 'Therese'
lB guet list is much too -:0- 0 C6lestin's home in- Sacr6',
:.enhr y for" publiction but Miss Gladys Bogtt .who : Coeur,' an4 ended up with a
i l. attendance procaimed graduated with--honours- this .Last right there was a par grgind tourney des- grands
i:'he evt t not- only worthy year from Barnard Girls ty at. the '1Malebranche home. ducs.
: bnt successful a~-ll. ...' It College' in -New York -h in ,Rue: S.yr... The occa-. l -:0:- .
K;so'-'hppened :that Mrs. Gra- been.appointed to the Maiiai sio was Marie Therese Mal- Mr. D.(E. McKellar of the
ShainiHoward.and Mrs. Jack. Consulate. Thus coummepc- ;lebrahche's bithday. Miss Head Office of the. Firestone
: ste., both of Dauphin, ing her career i the Foeign. Marie Ther6se is to wed Jean Co.,, is expected- to arrive
,claimeed'November 6 as their Service of. ier country : Miss -Claude de Vendegies in Ja- at .the first of the.'week on a
birt -days so-this gay. occa- Adeine .Maximilien,' of.. 'tk nuary. : ,, two day business visit.
siWdnas triplly toasted-by all Miami C~nsdlte ,Was been '.- : 0: ,. .
ce rants '. ,, /transferred : to the London '" Roland iner .bid fond .-:0:-.
S--0:- L on. fawell. 'to his guests and. Mr, Heni Lousteau of
SDan and Linda Allenre- lose friendl and flew to L'Abelle, Riult car agent.
f ti xd Halloween's Day -:0:- 'Miami" on a 3' weeks busi- and Direcor of the Mont-
.^fro'a week's vacation a- t There wqs mach celebra ness sijour:'Friay. Business -parnasse Cinema, is off to
rhe JaraTgua to learn of the ting at-the home of Dr. and is pleasure toRoland, he ma- France Tuesday. Mr. Lous-
'death of Dan's fathe, Dain Mime.: Paui Tlmaque in na'dges the VillaCrele Hotel 'teau will make arrangements
Allef Sr. in hiso l~oie in Phi- Bois Verrna Monday' eve- in cool peisonville. i Paris to have the best
A e n r. in h is troke r n g. T h e 'a i n w a '..
aelphiarom a stroke suf nng. Theoccasio waa 7 :- F rench, filtns sent here as
,-Tdelphia, from a stroke suj-. -" ""possible aftte they
-fered more than-a year and- o 9 chic'cocktailpar in Jhn of Bra soonaspossie aft they
:a h"alf ago, shortly after his honqur ofthe engagement Moiroe, irivesment bankers eprduced.-
lastgsit to PAP I of petty Miss Josette Tele- of 'Milwautkee, spent'this T:0:-
S :0::-- aque to Fouad Mourra this week at the Chatelet des Those New'York auditors
'Last night Director of e --:0:- Fleurs. irestH burning the mid-
tian.American InstitGe Friday morning Captain -:0:- might oil at the National
id .Mrs. .James Cassedy of- aIad Mme 'enne 'few to 'Robert St. Cr is leavg Bank checking over the
e.re buffet supper at their wMeiico Cit The .Etiennes to stidy, in Cada tlis .af- books. -
ome ii Pacot for the. Insti- wllvst in Mexico City ternroon. Ui, -0- .
o2: Pacot for the Festi- Cs
e staff .. it 'was family. wt~their old friends Am ba-., ., 'icef Yaws speciahst,
ute i. r' ssadorsad MSr e Rene Jkn. .-:0:- Dr'. Sacha Levitan, is leaving
; ..- ty- Mr.Cliude Najac who is on a trip to Havana today.
.The road across fr' fi ':0:- emoyed with the, National -:0:-
e rod aos Mr. and Mrs, Claude Fabius Office of Tourism, took her Yesterday it ,Was Emile
ad Trujillo is not.-so bad', birthday. Emire is
d T rl soteso ad :gave a apendre la cremaille- vacation last week and flew Rotzier's birthday. Emile is
cport Mr Gils .Ti, ren party at their home in to spend it in Guatemala the Henry J. man in Haiti.
S Officer a thRuelle Beres Tuesday even- City with her ister Mrs. -:0:-
.can Bmbassy.. in the Domi-
can Embassy, in the Dom- g. Mr. and Mrs. Fabius Jean.Coradin, wife bf the Dr. Lin Tehves for Miami
n Repubhlic, when e ar- were married October 22nd Minister to Guatemala. -" today to attend the Gulf and
vede. this week with and Monday last they return- -:0:-. Caribbean" Fishery Confef-
w daTugh er ad mo- 'ed from their Laboule honey Mr.' Graham Howard, eqce to be held there from
o er-in-Taw. The Trip s are
here til 'Mona ae moon. Dauphin's chief engineer, is 'the, 12th to the 16th of this
ere -:0:- backk from Florida. after a month. Dr. Liq will present
SMajestic Hotel in Petion- Ti Maurice Laroche has complete physical check-up his report on fish culture
S' news for you ... ask him. and' he states tha- lie is as activities in Haiti, before the
0 : -:0:- fit as a fiddle.,,Being a Base assembled.fish experts.
Dentist Frerot Rouzier re. The word is out and about ball addict .Mr. Howard'is ~ -:0:-
ed to. Port Thursday the Government and Bank thrilled, with -the fact that Mr. Reynold St. Cyr, re-
Sa trip ti Gove employees are not permitted while in Florida he had gently appointed to the post
Sto gamble at the Casino In. lunch with BBobo- New-. of Consul General in King

Q--- --

i the P
F the Br:
S.A.',- i
D inour

-- r

-:0:- .'.
Russ McKay,'V. P. of
lerto Rican branch of
asserie de la Couronne,
s spending a few days
fair city.

some, ex-Big League pitcher
and George Rippey, ex-small
.league player. Your report.
er is convinced that this plea
sant antidote is what put
Graham back in his health-
ful stride.

' famous since 4862
j. .

ston,. Jamaica, -replacing Mr.
Evans, left to take up his du-
kies Monday. He was accom-
panied by his wife and son.
I-:0:- ,
Firestone's manager Vicl
Lampson 'is staving home
nights ... busy figuring out
the Atlas geography of Cen
tral American statistics of
what percentage of good-
looking rubber trees exist
down there ... because on
Ithe 17th he's off for two
weeks in San Salvador. On
his return he will have time
to repack and set off again,

Mrs. Rosalie McCahill re-
turned here Thursday foi
Ihe winter' Rosalie spent
part of'her summer' painting
the American landscape.

Miss Maria Garcia cele-
brated her birthday Tpesday
at the Hotel Majestic with-
a small circle of- friends,
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Wei-',
ner, Minister Fouchd, Raoul
Berne, Ti Jo and Mrs. De&
landes and Ti Roney Chene&.
The party wound. up at the
Vert Galant.



this time home:for Xmas and
his annual holidays in, Ohio... ,-

Mr. _Kenn':t: Scott, ,As-..
sistapt $ecretijir Sta.t for $
Latin 'AmercaA4Mffare
dropped into p.ot last eebk-
endMr. .s Storf'ccom nied
bylisspecial Mr.
Charles G. 'Hrilzej Was
met at, .the arpo fay the'
American A ad&r Mr. -
Travers, and First Secretry
Mr.' John Buris..., .

Mrs; Andr6 Saiehi'-':.::
daughter Audry returned 'W"..
B rmipgi', . ,': -as~ ~fje. I.',
froin yisit~ng the famyfil '.
Georgia T-iesday Mr.' S eh,
.is. the ~ife of local- factory
and 'shop' owned Antri C '6-
Saieh. "
Best wish bfor. a. swtifte-, i
cover to old timer "Litaet'
Berminghamxi whlo has B'eeo.':"
in bed' for: last.' 'tw wee:
yith eye trouble.

Ktage E4;, ."., ,u 1-:
ed' her,,gripad set ffto-

S -.:0:.-' ,
SKehsf fSaturday -Atbil-
erton Mac LIe lbft ttIad'for '..
Puerto Rico and will return
here via New York.' ..

Off to'Rio.to sJudy public ;
administration flew Antodne "'
Moise Thprsday.
I C' ---:0:-.
Thursday Mile ,Mireillel
Poinbrun flew to Aux Cayes-
and then proceeded to Camnp- '
Perrin, toeenter:the Convent'
and the. Order.of the Sis-
terS of Oblats.

Aurele, Leconte,'' commer- '
cial Attach6 New .York Con-. ,i
sulate, left Saturday after a
short business visit to. the" .
capital,. '
Mr.'Elias Noustas deeply
concerned over the harm in-
flicred on the importers by
the recent. New York' dock
strike arrived Wednesday
from Manhattan. '

-0:- .
Business ,magnate E ri c
Tippenliauer, observed his
birthday Tuesda. Son'Erico
celebrated his fete Sunday;

l i ". *"

S.'- Page 10 CHAITI SUN,

Key West Marker Comme morales .
. Pan American's First Flight '. f. ,,,








SThe 24th anniversary df
'the Untied.Scates' firAt regu-.
TarlV scheduled international
-- I - -

around South America, and
across the Atlantic and Paci-


, ,
,_ i "o

airline flight- was comme- "The first Clipper was
nmorated Sunday (October28). a wooden-winged Fokker F 7 .
Sait Key Wiest, Florida, with capable of carryitkg 10 pas-
" the upreiling: of'a marker sengers,, I 85 m ile per
erected.,, by the His'torjcal hour. On the maiden flight,
Association 'Of Southern Flo- it cariited a crew of two and
fida. (See photo). a fqtwt bags of mail to the CO
The marker was placed at ban capital in an hour and
' te entrance to Meacham ten ninlttes. Passengers were
field the spot from which carried 'beginning Jan. 16.
. Pan erican' World Air- 1928. Historical Association
tys made i s maiden fligbJ of Soz4herp Florida-- 1951. :I"!
to inav ax Qctror ?8,1927. Wolin, in thankij'g t'rhe'. Y.
h, e ne:arper, a cast aluipi- Historical Associton' nfori
',., i plagued approximiaely the recognition ivyen P an
..fopr f-et.squar', was ,unvei- Am6icaFi, pointed to the va-
led by 4dam G. Adams, pre- lue of internadti al airline T
,l dt of the Iistorical Asso- servicee .in developing unity-
I aq .and S Roger Wolin and better undeistandig 7;
. 'blic relations manager of among the free peoplesof the,.
PA'_s Laitin American Dlvi- world.
Ssion.. .. :We believe that'out air-
TLie jet back e Ipmel pla- .ine has served as a great,
qp "'9rhie.s t o i-n' 'I ns cohesive. force to help offse ::
.cipig'.".ie"gg l'ef "'letre- the disrpptive influence at L i
S'*" pork lin te-'world toial,,
.'':n .. . eclare '. :"
14MEACHAM' PELD- Ti.npe and cost, he pointed* ... '" r
The first reglary schedu- out, .alw.ays ..have been the 1.', . . ,.".i'e,
.v gr eit'o, aeo c.,- muq u.r.t.' r.
'nterIMac eight by a two gre~tst barriers 'to trk : 'YPan A' s "' .. i" aut o%..
e Staes 'arlinve ~ vel. . dt,' Jun ,~ 4e Ich.:.. ke5e i.ook of ..at prF k ..,4. 5,
e,, 7i Aer~eq 4o a aTjze a ipl.4e vir .all~.y',reaI of wor 'ai .r. e".. ""4n. less rp r. ..
28, ;1927thTkisina4ggur# lis eliminated @t"s Time jiar vel m to 2 ir 'fs an Aneri4ps ne
.. '. I M .~". .' .'
>e .Pai.sA, Ah v War.d AW r n.. i terdi Itric.,Wprld ,.tyeia" e.,9., ..fi... tor.- "
Ss reAd steadily eJes Th e'e..we- jno.

-.. ,-I s, -.a. o "r, l n t r
up'sr pm, ,, ,., -r
A". :1m qSt rp-tedy pe wesT. .s .j s: zeda!spiJ:ln. t ;d

.o to fs 41aftot
W.... e- .. ...' '.e' b'~iL .a;eope sith es

tyoe 4 bjpt q aptg
aal sd;,,' si ..t n' ,-re"

A:m- inisratioR, pf-:fida~ls
.de a .ec it mni ven k y, r.,

DiretrGit~ber h -4t
Damies D.r b.,ti tn A O

iagve'5-podnd 2 tca .
Iff the poiidsd tftie;oo )

S, s.h.... s. . .sp ec alis V4,o t r onD .

'arf-oadnd i.fonrit gi ei 3 rr I
toft"um the ponds'g~t4 expIS

S4 . ., . . :. ... .. *..,, ..,* .,.i>,., .i 5ttat.;aI ;a ,L l a.
'"'.a.nd" -' ' s """'' a
.4. ,*,. ." .., .
".,A"ihe visiors,.." .

A* , ,+ ,.."'' ,.
'" +' ,. : I ;, ,a ,..-.." .', .': -,.." ?.;:".'-.j,

7 UNDAY ith -
S ,NOV. ilth
I I .

S. '. . The American Ambassa-
Sdo's resi dence in Bondon
yesterday.afternoon was the
,scene of :the marriage of
Marine Sergeaht-Bridges and
S'State Departmentt employees
I IM-iss Cerrud -,Rick. The
e f H t when they ; were both. sta-
/ ''on.ed at the UIS. Embassy:
"ll: -here. '
The marriage of Mr. Louis,
A Bring son of Mr. and Mrs.
'" Pascal A. Brun, to Mle Jo-
ld !a.-.at 16600 AM. .iound the, beginning of jdahte VMr.
e +o. i H,.'-aiitS JomaL 1952 the Police- Dbari ent .ai i s.Joseph Valme, will

~aious cn'ieS. wh'"ai .Mrsy. il m issedy, -i ie-d by .h.is wife after

fte obseirbe the ^ if of ahe cnect ofth tendingg hePolice Conf4-
data ls a, ...itinArtcan iu ce irn Miami- last week-end st
m nos Aae s- ^ J was pid'p a surprise visit by ad is nisw on his way to E-
., .i.1 : their MaJ s ope. ..Ty, are '.expected .to
Tii M~Z~~fs Port 0 Sn6owhe Major grt after Chrishis.x
iitis ,;we~k-nV ..t th .tationed, .Rat e.my rl d. .-.':, a -'
Oin aSuitvinei Tender P. R'.i0was herx on the mk- :-
as a g 6i g hogay uhi it lasted TJosh Premice, talenw-
.roppid .hod t'Y four ho is. oca si ger, .has been
-memorbs. .aye.- / : gcon 'erts these' past
37'.membertherpro .,. ,. ,.., '- o nthsin Bae'nos'Aires.
ISe e"" n ard. ", : Mr tRbberC. Ael, Gen- '
t:ra wife" Man ager .:of:,the -Sun'of Mr aid rs. Frank Mar-
SFiend oihe.Mi thels of Colony, a' beautifully illus-; 4 i returned' fr o i heir
e.'texaco Comptany were ratedd .oiist Magazine fhat i and tor of Europe 'aiid
at. Bo en Field Wednesday services Florida nd thee the U.Slast Sundag.
:afternoon to 'greet them on West .Indies, visited. Haiti
ret oiun twd month.this psA week. Abe ..The English Club meet-
z 6teid ,w m, whoon his, Cy to Eu-

'oni. the States. who s .al resdeit and wingss held t the Haitian-
'-.. b. d owner of Suncolo Publica- American Institute are gain- "o
S"i..: Coq's Boutique. the tons, I nc., of Fort Lauder- ing w-ide' popularity with
%-cBlack Cat. opposite the dale, Florida, stayed with adults besides young English
Sace Coeur tburch in Tur- his frie ds the Sylveras at u'dets. Last, Tursday's I

: geu ii offering ilijinted El Ranhoand made arrange meeting drfe an exception-

fa 1i4m 1 .. i&tagz ineW. Mr.. uy Bar reye flew to

veryette Erb, a fonder of spverai pages 'pubfidzhi Miami Wednesday on a.bus;
She P-au-P .K'imes and' a Haii as a tourist resort. ss orip. -,
-lch rter member o. f . -._ .. _-.. .. . ; ..-. .

rBeachcomber Society of H,- -. rs, Hry, anois, .te
t', recently purchases a' big ':Also / staying at the El former" Ma'ie (Ti tMas) $-
o 'er yacht i, Miami. Erb Ranich, this week was Mr. boul, celebhtted 'herbirth-
etColarado several days Kirts Osborne J., President day Frid -. -
o wth the intention of of the IModier. Finance Comn- :0:-

-siting Miami,. his.new boat pany of Columbus; Ohio, a Mr. 'Edwin Pudley return-
.iand then Port-au-Prince. 60 million dollar concert ed 'from Washington Thurs-
;-:0:- M~r Osbomre waa entertain- day. He will leave with the
F- Friday efef Sajous irturn- ed during his stay. here by' family this coming wek toa

'f-" '',- \ .e rl nn in I n i nnrAi nn6atr'
in 's corsi a Ms feras a ep

Les entrepreneurs de camionna
d'autobus savent que les pni
Goodyear, font preuve' d'ui
longevitA et d'un, maximum


C'et pourquol U-Hib ID IIUIIU 011110 I[

\ de plus forts tonnages sont transports

sur pneus poids lourds Goodyear que sur

pneus de touted autre marque

age et de services iklom&triue tout en assurant le meillenr
eus poids lourds service cu'on puisse attendre de poeus poidp
m maximum de lords. Poumr un maximd d'avantage--
n de rendement achetez, des pneus poids lourds Goodyearl

HI-MILER oau.. ye o.ffredaum s pnms
RIB jacibuns exra -rabuss:,
rd Rck Lug Road
Lug-Sadded Sure.
Xtr Trod.


Great-riding COMPLET .
NOTORBIKE amazing low costly.
Want the best for the Least? Then here's your answer-
B.S.A. Bantam a British built complete motorcycle, with
features galore and riding qualities which make-it real
stand out. It's sturdy --.dependable handsome, *'




S' Grand Rue opposite Haiti Motors ,'.

..'_. "P ir /
S''. "/ *. ?
Pale 1


PANTS hours cos ..... ..... .
SPORTS JACKETS-in 4 hours cost...............'. $L00
SUITS in 24 hours cost....................$1.00
SHIRTS'- i 2 hours cost '. $z.. ......'......... '$f

.Or. select from the urge stock oft the ftiestcvashctc4^ r
ready-made:- .
-- ' -...* '. -'- -. : !-
h s .t. . : '.


TS 2 houANDRE SAIEH STOR .............
', .7 -- i ., -

S'Two shops from La telle 'Ceole -. '

. .. . -

S -:o- .S.. CA.g.essmet.l' i
It is reported that For- To Vis orau-Prce
tun Bogat's birthday, Tues '
day was celebrated at. his (Continsd from age '
new residence in Bourdonin in-.\ 1
the most s .tylish manner .. '
Even a parade of. bathing C ies oi
S P : / Davis and Albert W-esthain., :

Ren6 Talamas is- back sn The purpose of the viMit:*;
town after a short business -. is to aquaiat the embers'
um -4 pleasure trip'to Jama- of the lower house f Con-
ica. gress with their, God.
-:0:- Neighbours.- A -ttal 'of '30 '
Raymond MAyse observed Congressmen are visiting va-'.
the anniversary of his birth. rious parts of 'Latii Amer-'
Tuesday i' ca.
., . ,, .. ..:

"A- ra '_



MORE OF A PARADISE THAN MALLORCA will alivayi be a warm place
b- tbirsWMi Brickle in ouk Iarts for a land of
.. lovelinies inhabited by peo-
breeze rustling the paper on relatrg to lyric poetry. Na- pie who have the so-called
,which this is bing written turalj,.8Symtbolism, which is virtues of civilization to a
looking at the distadiemouiL a-kind Of extension of meta- degree not ofei found in
kains covered, with a Blue phoi, c&ihe at once into the other more prosperous and
haze, feeling that I should picture, and is to.be found cadvahced- naitons.
like to spend the rest of my today in he work of Wil- For us, it is certainly, -au
days in Haiit, reading, medi- liam Faulkner, Eudora Wel- revoir, Haiti.,
stating, talking to people, ty, Jean Stafford, Carson
and writing poetry. It would McCullers, and many others
be a. good life. .in a mad among our best short story EDITOR'S NOTE Mr.
world. writers- Herschel Brickell, n o t e d
There are now many more American writer and scholar,
One thing I had wanted good, short story writers was due to slop off here on
very much to discuss in my among us than there are no- -his Latin American tour and
lecture was the extraordin- velists. I do not know why lecture November 1st at the
ary use of symbolism in the this is, but it is a fact. Our Haitian Ameircan Institute,
contemporary short story in novelists of this, day, are not o. ,Contemporary Ameican
e. UWted: Sfatis.' Syibbl- ,hfihIfl so gai66 as hie gtoup iTitrature.- A severee cold
ism should be specially inter- that came up after Wobtlc. inade travel impossible for
:. testing to people of French War One. the sixty four y e a r old
,gcltural background. The To come back to Haiti, writer. B u t w he n\ he
i;. .0J)ist .movbaint :began iMde fitdi i~ greit Hatital did arrive still suffering
V- in the United States with beauty, we have been con- from the after affects of the
the poetry of. Edgar Allan standy impressed with the cold he attended several ad-
Poe, whose influence in essential gentleness and kind Tranced English classes at the
SFrance was so gtrft that one ness of'fhe people..We have Institute and in his charm-
c ritic said that. without Poe known as good Wriends a ing unaffected way talked to
There would have-beln no number of 'educated Haitians the'students about ucoritem-
aidelaire. ,,.- ., .' who are as chartning as they porarv American literature.
,:. 6S Ba4delaire, Paul Val- are intelligent, but the plea- Mr. Brickell continued. on
.; 4 Vlery, .Ve i and Mallarnie wsant faces ,one sees here are his lecture tour Wedensday,
b. came thefounde isof the' comforting in a world so' Mrs. Brickell remained here
SSypilitt .school :ii France torn with dissention and several days longer and will
: a this school was continu- hatreds. join her husband this week-
in 'the United ,tatest .by In other words,, we set end in Ciudad'Trujillo.'
'. ie .grcii calligf themseires, onrselv'es down as two peo- ., . .
-.' .r love o and appreci-
: :.Then the influence of Sym i f~e HaitL. aid who take up -IBilhicb .
bblisnm '.essented -soMew* t 6tr tfkvels again with the
ifor ia time. but when it had 'fill kn oiliedge that if we 'M Iaa, ,en t ri th
Sr.-eac.hed a low ebb, the short can ei*b cebne ba we rt j Sa T ies
: jil*arwhih' Poe h.ind -fieled tati hd not jnst Fo a.few ,I, t..f. i-
er, ", q 'to become! davs. ei..er:. customers t c s-
_7 ...atier, t daar.eer. tisfy m re '&di two hun-
.oi: bLe and more subjective And if it fahl out tha we ,- ~ /
.ze: ,4 and ,orea cosIly ea onbt, -ot hEIn; r deitr~e iitsn; tb Pa
,'.l .. ,- ... av i-

n srl rr-iif2 iL ." 3.2. . -._

. "

4. '**" ** *. .,

. -1. '

-1: Fss 'sItandard Oil Co. (Caribbean) S. A.
ake pleasure in .annoulting Ai tajor
IM Et i.cREDUCTION ,i in.s 4 .p9itr
nd.Al. s of the .Serveb-Essgas ifrigera-

refrigerators. '
hs s-A"" . visit:'t our. Ntowk b io .Vi-l. -.o.' M' 04

4. tE Sladf r Oil Co. (Caribhan) S.A.
a^-.r. ..i. efr ge^ t. s. -* : + . ,

.-, .t .sl.af ln d

Corner Rue Fero asd Roe -d Centre
.... .... OZ


9&."- "

any misunderstandi% it rk-
quests it cditmbhi Min futque
! uese $tacet BgRrend
oh S da" f"


A wellf finishedd house is
Tprpean wibh .iH the desired
conform for rent: -Contact:
Mme. Andre Liautaud, l e
4, Former home of Th&rise.


Almot new Westiighouise
7 cubic Refrigerator. It isi
guaranteed for 4e'next four
. years. .Contact Haiti Sun.
Stand 29 Extposition: Avenue
Marie Jeanne .

Stbe^ or
by L. It I ,. "


-- ^"iBii

., .

ealurn-em esM ....
.-.lrja ~ c~; bb~ii B

I- lr Jr. q
.3 9
ra'.z I

-- 3

1, WA: u i Iehhs i .. *, v1 ;

,Ai W4 '-'0 ;.,
.. , .., S. .



..T.A..DARD HYDRAULICKgs .-6Pe. Pi, ,. ;
*r ;P ri e Tel : "
' :. -i '".

4 3~**~

_ _

_L_ ______ I_ ~_ __

I '' ~_


t .' .'
- . ' ..