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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
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S.. " 1 " B " "

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'e S' c. . "" . .. .

this people. T e tacul y rom th diretio as the police cordon would

A .b gai .. op. u.he ,hiin.
.g t dily the mosteheadquarters les
MO I o "I
k.-' ." . dqsd,

f .o...M.ssli o. Scisp I olde the seanao k from .the G r a s tha 200 -yardfrom.the fir
H Scipa.. ,fo iew ns te .,, the Rae PaAvee a w is k e o th
e .I ..
,, o, a ,- tr -I ..... .,..a..e np.. ../ ,
lot, .' -..a. .. .. 4

I,, ,segv' Year Sevc hr sm g? ztde ofut -of th citn in.R moFTHE

e pein' dousr.l a r hiuseEsp -h' poa tchm.iax,
t persons- ornge ,annon.
l J. .h s. f --e- d i' ci o o n a.. t.he.r ... li e ofr c
i, ,.n the" 2 th -.l . "o st " ? u P v Fri day mor ds '" wattc"h o fo'te'

taor dcajvr Ofy into the vhuFid a pllw o e
... k. h. ..11 0.ner fire s to .

..idC. pe "erd e ""o " ., . -

enf&t thu hobe e
S1a 00 yards from tey fr e efo rs .. '
S dScf r a. ftm Sl F n o the Gae f ',
wt be ub an fgbre was ee i en' k e -- Tena e io H
eicn Monl A r- acmludpaniey ha ee d 37y %his r,.*, S tVht %i i i ti e o f speed Jand,

thht .pdeipet o* Veee f er b tareeMedson oawrakxrival b he news of the .tragic'w"t < a fie lane e fille
V t| o".t he i ntees", ando'5 deh of t er houses l .a d p it n k h. .
exOwrades i reproducthati :a Stahf. Tpe Dn theO Ca a yd r t turning arca is- rs u t p id ae th
r;ti t i the s rig offici b fr.e ex 'be i .

o. o Slnes r el A nti inen P s a endt d d
.. ,,.+,.: Linda,. ..' . .oSTibDey s eeet d kaa w t, where *95 .y g thfi
,' .-t.-. ..,.. ...,, ... a.,. Fo..., '.. '.,,.n fre ig .Se e m Ffre ther S 6as a G ar Iag ebel Pft ris arrived insis

.~h cohee fio theeJe lohu h d le e b ut
WIe ndin ts Mme Pau l Magloire.-.. t .r.e...a Atht le ag l l hn .

..e .:,, t. S. S e . Ager s'in, he Paair y es Amei uit. a.., Drn. t h b a. A nd aat- han p ent 1ak ed 3on k 'tl
.... i' ia" Mont. l u e ri- c to L H n 'aw i"ad K. C" H n M ....." 'h .'o, Crsonlor werhs d ooo per U o"hod s t e h
S" d To s bassador Thraves eto h ais n, atGess p .. Eercs th afie asraee orhe acen Thnt ; "i. 'tl

aclc a pFe s b hCtsh h e (Conthasbben Zofl P G' wt he.a" tde nt..,s
dosgForethe interest ofh news of--he others wresPkd writes ke ou
eor.Eder ninens diwnrtpres an'r deathE of A Dmae ofhse yde.two a nsor., t es canisther .jfust instr so Wohey.
.me. of S c o t seeg e' a rtirqnole. .a v e. S"o a"adfm"" f-' h"s . o.

toe to en inth- RB obby Povli, afire s- ttr 'e sY d
; stio n' ( ofthe U.S Depag 0 W morning ofcnat be reokingfentlemn ex-' did Gso s, o
k T 1, a vm fo ing a shr ly ds the use pf'histur aSe ousd kirme Irtisth arndd

Weo"s d" "on. "n teineePaul.M ag2..... .l...... to r... IX A t'e aghe h W2
,United States A bass-h. -o'et b eie, ,khom ine Rutee

Clipper frm....nA' St.tFrlncoi d S Por strnt- he for a. t te as f l -
,s#a.dee Travers who a-rneTusy I Count Ahno a 'oppi ng T e ..n
;Cacceiin p ierdtea. by his w ife r do..e n,, tiru re teartenigeaip s- a' kd "ji
was gree on a l -oniTew. !9,bh wt r .-P' Gando Po uc
membrs-ohtahetUenitedohildre..spr e a, qhou. and Ci p Go l, ari
St Ebs tfT toh h r om Rm ia s
mentt waaSrvc masiffn. t ngy ta we!- w u y r,
4 r- '. i"
Of wa- h -tvhe'". ..

P,7" r .aaes erprdcee t i .:mp.ao ,,' ied t by h.'"ivsa w ad nor a sr us X vdd e it, W..)

-. .'.



p 4-. *1 -" I

Personality Of The Week of the growing art move- t
(Continued) meant in Haiti. Opportuni;W
( i knocked when Robel woo d
under such expert tutalage, actly the principle of camou-, fellowship \to the famoqog 'S
Miss Paris found that she flage. After two years1 f artists an& writer colony at 1
strengthened the structure helping to hide v-gets from Yaddo whbe Qt'Mlarcelin a
of her wdrk even though she enemy eyes, Miss faris went brothers.were also spending
no longer paints in that man .into another phase of war the summer. Dewitt Peters
ner "Cubism", she explains, work ... to discover hidden arrived for a vipit, was im-
Sis like architecture in pain- secrets of the e&emy. She pressed by Rolel's work, and t
iting. [It provides a sound took a course in counter-es. asked her to join the staff of
foundation for later things. pionage training in the cen- the Centre D'Art..
-It 1936, Robel had her' sorship department and be. Miss Paris brought a va-
first one-man show in New came a specialist in .discov- ried background of art study
York's Montross Gallery. ering secret.ink messages- and' work that. has coiitri2
Then bhe packed up her en- She refuses to say whether od buted much to increasing the
sel and hliled herself across the not she found any ... mill- .scope of activities at the Cen-
Atlantic for the French art tary secret. Nevertheless the tre. Because of her graphic
Edens, of Paris and St. 1Tro- war department thought en- art lovers -in Port-au-Prince
Spez. In '39 and '40 she pain- ough of her efforts to award have a brand new medium
4tec*ven months in Mexico a Certificate of: Merit.. 'to delve into ... serigraph
then'in 1941 she accepted a But once she landed back printing. Miss Paris is hop-
position to teach art in Hono in New York to face the ,iqg.people here will see the
'Tlu. It turned out to be a post-war housing shortage, infinite possibilities of seri-
fatefLil decision as she lear- she couldn't even find awaal, graph work .and try it. She-
ned tbl day the Japs attacked of her own to tack it on. says that under supervision"
Pearl Harbor. -She escaped sleeping on a-even an amateur can make
But war or no war Robel park bench through the kind very satisfactory colourful
Siturned dqwn the chance to "ness of friends who were prints that any one would be
-lea"'aHawaii- with the other" blessed with an extra large proud. .to ang in their sa-
Ant, i an women and chil- Park Avenue apartment. Af- lon. Robel interids to have
Sdreg Istead she went to ter months of enjoying such a show at the Exposition lat-
fori the camoflage de- plush surroundings she locatr this year explamning step
partineal of the U.S. En- ed-a cold w4ter flat in ,ep the process of this
Sgineers. They took one lok Greenwich Village and mov- r1c art medium. .
ait her abstract painting and, 'led to "the. other side of -the. She put he skil tq use
said, "You're the girl for' -'racks.n, And' there, trying h'I JavPte M d 1 0
us-n An abstract artist learns he'r best ,re keep warm, she last nqo y ..m .ig n OQ
'to stress equivocal spade ... taught art for five.years. posite.s for 'te UJN
) ^*th, is to break -up space so During that time she pyct... ,o
4 thi iat is on two planes and dreamed of returning to the ple .sip 4tl~ros oip
S n effe& of -aNow yop tropics. and listened with how to .irtiov thei, hr .hl
e i, 'ow vou don'tt. Ex- great interest to -the stoales .way of 4jfe. Then sher
trained a UNESCO wprker
":' . to continue ,making the silk
S' screen .placards that play
such an important role in
WIIF CII W Ce.' adult education cam-
i :. '... '^...(/(. paig.i.
., \ Miss Paris enthusiastical-,
ly praised' the Marbial Prol
"ject which 'she found to be
. *'. vroducingconrete result$ in
,.le war against illiteracyand
ienorance. And she. was
' roud ro have a small part
i'. .. n the fight.
0. .

IS ............
7o1l w0 h be amazed, hol fasj
Vh91et g.ts there- how much
t's what countless businessmen are
. ""... i. ". "w " s
a: er your business, it will -pay, you to investigal
,. ,es which "CuLpEn".CAGO o6ffeis. Not,' oh
: ii arrive faster, but you also save substantially
.. furance; storage and.inventory-on'puuierous dtel
g spent more than 20 yearsin developing thi
i ,'' of air transport, Pan' Am can gday'delivers
s'bf cargo on swift, dependable -schedules 'bet
Salt's the BETTER way' t ship almost any

S. As near as your Tef
.'ne ph6ne ll to yr neare
win ;.. o quickly 'Aing u'"an ex
Stransport-of all types o; cargo

r.:. .

ArmruvisMoa feyC

t (Continued from' Page 1)
Ste President and Mme. Ma-
you save. gloire followed by high Gov
saying ernmdent dignitaries ,an d
friendcs'drove to.the airport
le th Mat aa and awaited the plane to
Aly 'do, 'our.
on, packing make ready to 'fly to Cap-
ier expenses;. Haitien for the burial of
is iortant : Madame Piqdpin. '
milIF0ds o. '-
wveeri all six A military guard of hon-
thing.. our presented arms and the
il. itary-hand played a fun-
ephone eral inarch as army officers
st PAA Offl ., carried the silver casket to
ett in the air e waiting Army Air.Force
plafie. His .Excellency the
President, .dressed in a' dark
Srary. suit and 'wearing a
-WO .- black'homb6urger iat-hold-
O. ST'N*"- 'ing the :arm of Mme Ma-
. gloire' dressed in black, walk
ffffed. behind the coffin. Beau-
: t tiful -reaths accompanied"
'the nmouriters to Cap-Hai-
* ..... tien. At. 4.00 that same af-

P L .' .? ,' .;. ." .. # : : . '.A.'. ' !

ernoon burial services took
lace at Cap-Haitien Cathe-
raSj ufd. at dusk the grave
Wde sev, fes. were held. Mme
icquion was 30 years. of
ige, the .wife of Antoine Pi-
duibion, Inspector des Zones
rofitalieres, and mother of
Claude, Yanik, Gary,- Ah-
thony, France, Eve and Jean
(their ages range from 11

years to 10 months).
We beg her sorrowing-
husband, children, His Ex-
cellency the President and
'Mme Magloire, and all the
relatives and friends afflict-
ed by this 'sad and tragic
loss, to find here the expres-
sion of our most sincere sym-

(,ARMOUR,) Is Proud To Present Their Pure Lard
In Ths New Green And White Three Pound Tin -

... r m. I, A .T
S JOSP*I, INIAL ad ., Agents -
--- ------ ----- ----.

covering ability, ad high-gra .u'' I
t I

-Quick rd .' '. O.A :i "
Qu kand tok

Central paints to brush qn' Their pii 4Iitthpmp i.
Covering ability, and high'-grado-$ 4 qta .u. t ..
clear color even under severe'wpttb...and .ane.W -of-"
ditions. Formulas are the product' of latest qcleptf...
research.. '

and varniahea l6t all puarlpoaeaj .


E & G ...'..,. ..,.. ...

* r? -

"Page 2


r I-C~LCI~I-~l



S(otied from e ) unt Zorli And Goliardo
1 , d Pol, Casino Owners
I The police were rein-, by Lieutenants Arty and e!re For Month Study
I forced to control the over Jacques Laroche set up an
| curious onlookers to a fire on the spot investigation. (Continued from Page-1)
that at any moment could Using the privacy of Jac-
possibly blow them sky high. ques Faubert's store C-4ptain national when. they stepped
SMinister Arsene Magloire, Etienne interrogated 'those down from the plane at
Sand Captain Lataillade. were connected directly with the ,Bowen Field. These two im-
among the first on the scene. fyre. Cleveland Wilson, iden portant Italian Industrialists
6. Traffic officers competently, tification specialist,.saw to own 100 per cent of the
Diverted zhe. traffic. Stores the' photographing of theiri shares of the Casino Interna-
,within the near vicinity 0of Esso gasoline carrier's fuel ional.- They are here 'to!
the 'fire slammed their doors supply line and other objects agped a month, studying pos
Sand joined the spectators. contiected with. the fire. sibilifies aqd improvements
Fire 'Chief Elie was in ad d the fire over, the noon n the tourist field jith an
c or. t e--smpkr -titczrwgn hour traffic was allowed- to eye to further investments-
-' operation in his-old-experk- proceed -as usual along the
tenedmodern way. A spec- Rue Pavee. Count Zorli is the un-
I""' P .i 1 ro all accounts th"e .f.re., crowned lins of the Textile
utre he i ^ .m ue-th re siu-tnNorthern Italy.
ta theth ei] a pick up truckRo+lie .4as a group of, factories
irte, ,ust .tdkes thef while a pick up truit 0xZe

o nger ,extinish 'some Esso Company wiasnlueling tCaIt .ce .
tha othe.ts.' Aftet what the ShAia lin pumAp IT., t da v4 T oo, of
bo. r ''d ab a fo 5 -l Lomardi At the foot of
seed ours wasf. ut a rom, ts 0- on Europe's .a.ighest mountain
fe% iniuts, thcity water. a one an Mount Blanc in, the Aosta
s | dpda : o t ubber the, e ow e. Not ne seem- Valley w the. Alps di-
istrenu d u of ute ed y spe l ta ide4ttly from France, is St.
'r P X ieo giid o Vincent, famous for itswiii-"

,r ., . casino's, Jt t has a capacity,
da caen del envelop ed Garage at d'taf t morp than 1,000 gamnileis.

|infafes Within, a'few mm the i. an excitable ad t plain the-ne vme
utes the .f~re on the great .. ed 'coidiatio said lsa yig- thn n r Ime, ,
Sthe caUifO ti p ed as Fr;o- so ohe. liht a.. Ol Goliardo, de Pol, brother
.ter.ite.. ice N',, -, uo '.,. '. ofBrutio de Pol, Presideit of
travels bekeen rott t ca-us; the Societe here, and the nap
"''inguisld, "and a sitorN stp tt d U ,to.eea' who h as

S while after the black Chev- a hch rubber hope that ;.t rogr e
i rolet belonging to'Dr. R.t was' "elhg the gasoline hi C.sino, is also finesan

SAugustin whose .office is pu e the pompers certle price, and Pre-
i.next .to the Shasa. Garage, .aoiYed on the scene few sdent of the Socete of the
Submerged, in water fro m. .... after the 'aoline St. Vinocent Casino. The'

..igh-powesed fire hoses, was had taken hold'the hose as Count Zorli and Goliardo de
"xti.iguisled e on fe a they med ate- Pol are s g. the Ibo
: idil ly severed it in two places, Lele in Petionville -

K 41e co lete fire was one close to the valve ,and
i. .. l. .'n a black the other nea the south of me.

f f t Shasa the gasolie pum6 tank.

ragee and several pillars of Flakning gasoline escaped Wee Sajous and Leslie Bo- I
the neighbouritg' establish- down the street and sht fire. Some of the car's keys
eiuts e - to the face of the Shas gar- couldn't e, found in the -
ca .,. ." ,- ,.,Q, 1,d the ,am.:. Gohanrdon de Pol, brother

ts. ,., % a ad t cam panic and excitement so
The usual excitement fol- Sedan. parked at the curb a a .f t ars .,d e

46w edim the wake of -the little below the garage en- pushed out and clear of des-
-ire-....nuideru' wouldbe tra .ce. Whe irt a started .

udectives" t out in .he chances of the capital l tructon.

search of clues to solve the ing one.- of its city blocks t. Erederick Arty drove
cause of the fire. The police' were great. Twelve automo- th Esso'truck from the fire. I
:had them j aned the spectak biles were threatened with Tfilnks.to the strict. enforce.
-ors. Pressmen endeavoured destruction in the gaoagl met of fire regulations by

Sget a correct story. Insur- .. Serge Bogat was first Captain Georges Elie and
.nce company representatives to dash through the entrance the fire prevention measures
Bleach with a osok of coister- ... a sheet of flame .and which both Shasa and the

pntion arrived. dense smoke and start driv- .Esso strictly conform to this
next ing the cars to safety. He fire was not the Socatastrophe

su Captain Etienne of the Re- was followed by Eddie Nau, it could quite easily' have
ches Criminelles assisted Marcl Gentil, Sonson Abib, been. nd

6.t.heg.h C~riminelles" assisted Marcel GentiI, Souson Ab'ib, been. ,, ,"



U. T

T .o "Dtsm
W istut ...tii. ,

SDEFORE OCTOBiR 28h t'19 1

For Ful' Details" ;. .' . See BOUCARD & CO.... MMZDATELY.

I *, ..*. % ,

-. ,/ , -, .. ':.^^ '

SFIN- R,, Ai

Have you a'rat-.control brpleash j
tunicatee -A SS, ,. ,! E

lad to farmislj.all detais, about this.mose ctie i
raticide.. . . ....
7 .**- .,....-I
[.'. .. "F .." -", ".+,,.

movies with B
groufids inspired
coiffure by Guill
hairdresser. It fea
studded black vel
covers the ears a
toreaead, leaving
trail down in two 1

TczaelflDireet lb fliani bY
,. .s
A. qtp=

For Information See AgentROBERT E. BOY, Exposition Stand lo. 7 P.O. Be

1 .

'^' v Stop BODY aiI "7^

:both at once!
" -b Current *or Yor mn beor eta ,s1
iblical back-' -,m B
this unusual -- -. .' .
tame,- Parisian .. +". .
tures a jewel- Exclusive DistrikU 1..a.
vat band that -'
nd top of the ams. ,,..,.-..;.
-the hair to EMILi DO ND .
oo sechignos. (55 Rue Capoi1) '

*- . -T.:.t _.f .'#

nes""er'4t.o 4

x 22. Tel. 2167 '

".' 'J t..



counsel Of Government
In well informed circles it
is announced tNat the Coun-
sel of Government will be
formed as follows. Already
on'a published list the names
of the following personali-
ities figure: IMM. Bignon
Pierre-Louis, Frederique. Ma-
gny, Mr. Elie Villard, Dr.
Rene Salomon, Dr. Catts
Pressoir, Jean Brierre, Ro-
bert Lassegue,' Victor Cau-
-vin, Leopold Pinchinat.
The Presidential Decree
-will officially confirm the

A fire which broke out at
Carrefotr this week was dis-
covered to be a case of arson,
as a child 'was bribed to light
a match in the home of the
victims. The delinquent has
eeni arrested and sent to jail
for trial.

Excelsior Football Club
Shis week elected a new
committee, Fritz Boucard,
S.President; Pierre- Thevenin,
; ieietary;' -Adi le Laro, Trea-
.'-,irer: Gerard Raidol Rou-
'1i. r, Delegate Claudle Camil-
,. 3I, Em. Cazeau, Anidre Cham
':" -piagne,: Advisers.

laili Represented Al
*- ASTA Conference
Ist Sunday morning Pi-
'erre Chauvet, left for Paris,
Svia New York. Along with
M. Franck Magloire and
Wbert Silyera,%- hee;.-will '-re-
p es~ii4l'Haiti at the Confer-
...enc .of the- cAmepicafi So-
'fie of Travel Ageqcies, to
,.e.1Weld, in Paris from Octo.
? 27th. .
ifhe miuportance of


the Delegation from all parts
of the world at the time
that tourism is a prepon-
derant factor in the economy
of every country, there is no
doubt that the Delegates
will defend the view points
and touristic interest of
145th Anniversary Of ,
Death Of Jean-
Jacques Dessalines
In keeping with tradition
the anniversary of the death
of Jean-Jacques Dessalines
was grandly commemorated
this year. His Excellency the
President of the Republic ac-
companied' by his cabinet
and the High Staff of the

Army attended Wednesday
morning a requiem mass at
the Cathedral of Port-au-
Prince. After the religious
ceremony the Chief of State
accompanied by members of
the Government, placed a
wreath on the monument of
Pont Rouge and at the Mau-
soleum of the Place des He-
ros del 'Independance. Dur-
ing the entire day flags were
hoisted over all public build
At last the Riviera Hotel's
Cabana Club will open its
newly completed swimming
pool to its members and
guests. As we understand
it there are a few member-
ships still open to the pub-
lic .:. It opens this week.
Back to the Sugar Plan-
tation went cane cutter Phi-
logene Charmant this week-
end. He will cut cane in
Cienfuegos, Cuba.


Britain's Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Clement
R. Attlee recently spent a holiday in Norway, during
the Summer recess of Parliament. On .their, return to
Britain this delightful portrait of them was taken in
London. It is the most recent photograph of the British
Prime Minister and his wife.

Sav ane

roads asd tro-

* 25,000 cars have been exported since their presenta-
tion in October at the Salon-de L'Automobile in Paris
* Height of Chassis: 3 inches more than the current
* Wheels: 750x16 ... Truck type
* Motors: 4 cylinders
* Five speeds
* Carry a load of: 800 Kg; with a trailer up to 1,000
Kg: Seven to ten persons according to fittings.
* Top tropicalized for constant coolness
* Suspension gregoire: 8 coil springs reinforced blocks
of leaf springs
* Gas consumpption: 20 miles to the gallon on rough


SDistributor for Haiti




menace-t-le votr

main on?


HING OLD-This ancient tortoIse seems to take a dim view OE

" week-Old baby donkey, as Peggy Mann Introduces them at the London Zoo. "Asot loo i
O falvanmto p. probably wondering if he's up against a General Patton tanuL.

,- En toutes Pharmacies
I O.P.i2 ,
Fabrilluie par les Imperial Chemical (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd.
Reprisentis par TRANS-WORLD TRADING CO., S.A.

. Page 4

" '":N

RENAULT has created specially for rough
pical climates the COLORALE series



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newspaper, and f jo
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So. bones .-...........
Chopped t
6k:, K (ahT .........-p

'. "teao ......
'Pot; ro. ast... .....UTCn ]


p e' d m Ute .....T
i .r .3.o, A vE ........ .

ron gd .( each.....
pi. St. e beef ......

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I.'t .B rain. as t .........


/ I

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n -). Brain






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',.Rue du Quai Tel: 3145 .
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I -


'1 -

I Our ne'w deptartcint which has just opened on the
fist, floor., has a wide 'varietyof gifts -"- come in and
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ChopsC............ 0.45 in the same building as the
Roast ............ 0-50 Pharmacy Castera, opposite
ne Sieak .......... 0.50 hbe Telegraph and Tele-
................... 0.28 phone Building. .afti 2131.
t .................. 0.25
ue (each) ...... 0.60 ----- --- ---------- -----
ey.(each) ........ 0.12
s (each) ......... 0.40 _

0.28 Head Cheese .........
0.28 Ha .....................
0.60 Salami .......... i...... I
0.12 Pork sausage ........ i
0.40' Smoked- pig's knuckle I
Other variety meats





-. .. ,--,, ,-

LOOKS LIKE .A TIGHT SQIUEEZf-test thing tia dgi
sized autos is this new.German car, .he Llyd. being ii ectedI
a prospective ~uer in ParitThe:trif wto-hInsepowerCv-acle ha
S6axmu 80 o mph anam6dtfbr that cn be replaced for $

7 ,..




I rA .I *T STORE -



I '
L_] m. am

QUBICrlrf '":

OW .'

E s . *, .:. A. *, S

'Finfe d

is to be u s

du 1e3.le
T\ ..
' ..,J-- '- '.." a

,-i &e 6' ,

Artist Competition
It was grecently-.announced
That the "Perito UiAn Gov-
t..ernmentc asiae plans to
o sponsor an 'Azqtegr Paint,
g- ers' Co etititn next spring
in San Jui.
Amon *ihse. invited to
act. as judges of the compe-
tition we Mrs. Loucheim,
art critic of the New York
!`'Times, Felix Frankfurter,
.editor of Art News, Jose Go-
mez Sicre, .Ar specialist ;f
-Pan American Union and
Dewitt Peters, director of
the Centre d'Art.J
.-;', ---. -. ,---------
S" ominations
if By commsMion of His Ex-
-cellency tte President Wof the
republic ftlowiig, appoiqt-
11: -ments havb been made:-
Presidency Department
Mile Teanne Etienne, Ste-
-,no-dar-vlographe Mnme
R.Iene Arnoux, Steho-dactylo-
1.4 .' U ;". : ,. i
"- .' r ... i ||||HB |


Britishers Travel T6
Cuba Without Visa -

It was recently made pub-
lic by he Cuban Legation in1
Port-au-Prince that by Pre- -
sidential Decree British sub-
jects may enter Cuba with-
out first requesting a visa.
British subjects, native di
naturalized, who are in pos-
session, of a valid passport
issued by their respective
Government, may enter Cuba
as a transit visitor or a
tourist or temporary visitor
and stay for thirty 4ays and
s i x months respectively.
They, must' obey the, laws
and by-laws of the'Immigra--
tion and Labour Depart-
ment. Tourists or temporary
visitors may extend their six
months stay .an additional six
months on request to the au-
thorities. .
4 1''i

., '- .f ,l p .

7:,,or, I^ear 'Wit
Finest Flavor,.,
askfor '-

/ AT THE LEFT: Madame AOVE:'Madame.ap i igloorr
Paul Magloire is seen help-. is ',photographed as; she dis-. '
Mng a little .school .girltr butes clothing, so ..'
with'her new dress after hai/ books .a,. d stationery to
ing pesented 'the class iith .veed choo children on one"
various articles, they aick. df her numerous visits to the '
(Clihe SIPP) -v'ariSoes schools of'the C
Stal.- ( liche 9PP).


e .,.L."'0

I- .. ,";+i% D,+:

pth ';".: = + ".i, ... .. !j.'.. .. 1, i ,::


+i"h.' t Ma mm. a"
F" .? fir

U .- Near. P rc o te i
. ". "" / 9' :.,,,
L I,
.| ..

,. +'..,tX. .. .-c .: ... '- ..:; ".. . .... ; I j k *


SUNDAY,- ,COB.. -21st



^B21st O.* *AITI SUN- Page .

Aca -Mist
'." '. .." , -. .. ." Andre:Di-"airdh le-s s rapidly .away from:,' "
"- ., b.rn in Jere. ne'9 .."he d e. . .'
r :. R"" : "' k ea I:,-- .-I n - .

.B ,es j \ od want to knw btany can ever haeagai in any te fishing elementary Simbi were shown .
Sof theauthors re wh er. ayhoo in 1919, he worked the Miltary Club. .

Snquiry, you hae only to ths k.hd. are. en .. .s. M. T .. partnient. of Labo The- i

^ te .dust and, smoke and They t lea eit-^,.ke ^drawgs oadv L. D ejoiethe'seco0 to a

oppuresi.erencisol are landmarkse and guides m Haitjan Dfchn Eve etMa l SDiqentch, e
1F Awant' t noj.ht an4dry **hr i o no stoneAab
P r, an ds' ,, e an for "remesbra.ce n ey are p rn fisrg e...m etar Iny. f
::- -1oar t0" of thae a w lie. "ay wishint- .scho n 1 19, eMaurice p ald- A

eo e 'nnothing in oer DcommoenA

a4Itlk e stel inquiry ysou lha se d b trhisp us at l r heol dnginer a. d e after r a nection rreIents
.f ,n,., o anteiatl. ?el tglodmarkst .at-a Fo goddess e te ho

o '1a books. 4 entertainment adis alsogethe y ter) iovder haluw out lises, at dif- Drt a whe him to T6 haor e
'her i roor thirty, neo I sit down to itras I wfre anotsca.tnen e o 'era t v rtivss.. Djier hands are toW t
oh ". "t ,. ,should to e , .o ui- .suh aren hs bed-a .- h':.the,

S. a .d over n ,; and ttrn and pickou bit ee odd ,olume of thosee re s
ese eones that and there and a .satho twvo I s. ho. .,c "

48no what ohing the copn l, ode ntty e ed ai p tos er everywle ;
to itao .sl t arte Iad ksa dgotudhaes i t a uber vee 'A Sflrdr. h
o,'yh ¬a t our .,..n.. y ,i. lif.. ... !en 92 6 D esythn e recib- ..,. hi... ~
." *, i ,;.. owhen toko hi 'at wno4 fo er e amebr a e Theany crptntr ata technicif -1, -- I ih oy S wr hwi

a iat'Ft b seve at owea by :gie hep e tf aOrt waspar his 'dcularw ing thb-t W o ee o
., ., ',. , e: .., . .*: ,eto ,t ed n he d f, r. .ointion f an .. -
w' h e c, h es t e o n. orn e teachere. ir. e Latortue oud hii the-head. ..,
T kSa 'tb I..;whe at twated b ss Iawhen we to exr pe bsoulpsoeThlu lAder 'the ,"proletatr "'
.o 'e'beral ing anti'ias. ..hen tht. .i, e t g t bip ( h....A bet .l i a a npr g a dcelss .p ae

',:ded', ato.two el"ss. ia St wi es be thrown .how of thl e vo Id thr.. r gh a neer 'ans ter. S aredststfot bulnets ,ro thi.d b "
e" siy ., friends or one's w.nsaiw t palatee auhtse the glass of fiction, gang ky rooked le were 9, 4, -and three .,

,fo. e, fs we a. .... wit. most, Insihid or at mankind, s. --e 0 wild, t g e o hlpt m to m, berty Equality, -r .
.,- l e,o.hil well, .est.trsh t..."tl IWi.lt. -eq .sts .i._. a. menagerie, ge aew life. Since I was ter.t ".ear the inscription .
th es, e w "ei ,r e dis : i n ew. .s .d to. d k t roug. h d he bars of their n otcd. .' nou wd. H han. r e. . .ibu! ,
eo S..think too il. to re- "n ld, '.te" 'a- .va-ed cag es, or at ( tiosities i .nh ad o e h m t Popul.... .. ;..- ,

i e nuch enuine.pleasuvre e fr du i t e fac, compare a dsem, uhat e m e ee must not t y n e e ed t. ...
| re ai ..t oeralo4 dge n.tes. .and .c t at'he r hoe touh t f. s e to e dt aretwo.ieon i g

"O :, nd"dar e for litera ry d ... w-th '."ch For m myself, .not only are ng t do, my rtt e n .. .. .. ,, ... ,
a.. hs pe'.p. dW n es that a guests dearer, alas, the. old ideas of th.e contents .a called to.a nut toee and r o i Wh n. :
S.ntiteshfine il r s.i. o hork n a tt e n e my first re- Andre D na

ly! fandolike a'nS ofgenius, wth our mst inoininte ac. my canmd in all their vividpleaoe'IAida.i rg of his fibdre '
|'butIUiforhatelyasa food uaintance.. In reading a ness, but the old associations The second piece of sculp- ''d soon a Ic A -I
p. isfae, which:ppls a deln- book which "s a c o old favour- of the faces and persons of rure created by Dima. che ,o, ...o.i ,.
pires s with .e highest,. re- vel I ever r.ad) I not only were their lifetime the Vldou goddess of the wa- e eraps..I w l .be '. to
et r .. onal tal-.. have the pleasure of imagine p lace where I sat to read the terms. She holds the strong spend tme creating

aK h..,ihd-charadNer,s. o&e win and ofa-arifwal> relish volume sthe pday when I,go.e t m of her husband, o- sc l pture from the .godn
not quite c e up to our ex- f e workout the pleasure t, the-feeling of the air, the gu T ango. A winged wood w ch ca fi

I.pectations i prit All these of mfnory added to. it. It fields, uthe-ky .ert n, and .urte that represents a good eas .y n native province .
~ntradictioiri asjd petty de-, recallothe same feelings and all my. eaaly impressions spirit is perched on the head Aown (Je moie).
tails e ',i gcalin cur- a0ssoe.aibdns which I had i wth tem e of the godde.s. Aya hasg b th s y L
state,, down ,bltoetIawN t _....,N' trace j It -Toh a ne.

er e oud. ef e .' I' I"it ,in d I e s b ne h l anf. -o s art hela-. the r B' c er H
-01,o 'ir. .e eai teica"n rtea tb 'he -t W ~ s n Sa by.the bancAl BOO .ST. te e ,a
e oy ene rita-.'andt dIere, an ams ie. d first gt t r'or... re."- ta hurhn betg, a bird ca. a pears.. o.r .. ,..'rr

tsde,. to tadt ins a learned to hade- a "ma- P, al.!.z e D
a oerofeithe ar- s.nc-e astha time 1 'li'-n -4 .o ..r -949, i a -

4s 6y tdkea a f isnth ritiate 'ac my . ,dna e v i ao, ia i, gof "his'f A
carere.p;.ae' ..r:i wit m kne c b: .. 'm p J time oe..
is FPt'P. perhaps'.. 1's4 wil.. .. th r

p i s''i...t'."mvivesihet' "

....df uti e n.. I. irs readin. d c 1 pt h ath elp r'.

c h tInI- .,I

Lai W6ebiMA G fiAe ca toant tn1e BOO STO"ES!

"~t got -" """wpe. .,,,-,/ *
I. , -. sh -e-a-s s n a me ag e ie, Sin e I w as kirb N .'~ ar 'th e -in cri t4

I 'The telephone number of the ;RIl

?* Has beet changed lt U .

S7886 MLT SA

Please call-to reserve tables for our I, E,, c JA
'i- Tuesday and Friday Dinner Dances oRT
/ On THURSDAYS and SUNDAYS beginning BC A I
ooo , September 16th, from 6 to 8 BACOI AI. GGS
PLACES TO EAT with Ernest Lamy at- the Piano

"--5,000 F --- ' i

RESTAURANT Almost A Mile. Above Sea-Level
YeL Only 35 Leisurely Minutes froih Town

.1: SAT'tRDAY NIGHT The Distinctive Place To Dine and Lodge
A A' Remember Casino

:. ... .Oo . 3.. u .
OIR~ltl .1 RU N AMIE.*27

1, ,, nn nCON"ORMEMEN.T AU San M ichee'
Lr9tARS942 U CA Eo iT NE n o
ScoolPeio eoffe

2000 B O LLE Ts de20 COUPONS sphere, comf

i "es.2Q -lelillet...G e. 1e coupon T I r
6 Li billet es payable au porteur et-valablepour 6mois. moderate prices, ial f
S ' votable ternIms ny ar
a ged for person i id

-i .1. ,

oH OULDErIte ANP 3 .HAPZ wr W;n HUm M .'-V l
Co5kEoE.s WE I-L ,1ET1HEB.
H.AND 5OLT' or-
'.*4W "l.*
....M.............. ....



, ..ctodt .

*"' ; .. .,
* 2

after enjoying two weeks Turgeau, Thursday evening.
here with friends and rela- -:0:-



Tobac man Robert Roy
observed the anniversary of

Meh. i;I 17 2th id

". Tomorrbto, Monday, Oc- v .--::
||^. -.'^^^ *S ^,^^^^ ^^^Jtober 22nd, is the birthday Coloned Follansbee closes
of Miss Helga Tippenhauer. his three years assignment
S-:0:- here 'Monday as he flies to
Barbara Pilgrim, whose Miami via Kingston with'
ancestors number amongst Mrs. Follansbee and son Da-
the first batch to hit the vid.
S. U.S.,, is at 1the Riviera Hotel
Robert Brutus, the son of Chief, Major Dudley, a fare-, d'Haiti for an indefinite stay. -:0:-
W' )'ark' Brutus, Administrator well cocktail party at the Ibo The strikingly attractive red Mrs. Edouard Khnol, Mrs,
Sf Brands Textile Factory Lele tomorrow, evening, head'Barbara is a chanteuse Francine. Victor and Miss'
Siticosa) married Denise y profession. She has just Josephine Leroy leave this
._-Destouches, daughter of own -:0:-4-. completed successful engage- week-end to spend their an-
r "'r of, the Caraibes Hotel, at Saturday afternoon at 3.15 nments at the very exclusive, nual vacation in Cuba's fast
'theSacr~Coeur Church, Tur His Excellency the.President, Chez Paree night dub in and furious capital.
S'geau 6.30 last evening. The Army officers, Government Chicago, Ill., Colony Club in
;.i newlyy weds a-r e honey- officials and their wives met Kingston,' Cuba, and is' -:0:-
%I .ooning at La Boule. Madame Paul Magloire on awaiting confirmation of Two executives of the
her return from the Cape. Ciro's in Hollywood. It is Ford Motor Company,, Mr.
S' "I --0-- , -:0:- very possible to prevail upon Richards and @Mr. Foley, vis-
tf. Micheline,Audain, daugh- On October 31st. at 6.30 Miss Pilgrim to appear here ited the Capital this week.
tesr of Rene'Audain went to p.m. Mr. Emmanuel Tanio in Port-au-Prince. Gents They lodged at the El Ran- .
Pa+ris last Sunday. The eve Faustin will wed Mile' Ghys- ,she is sensational.n cho.
1 her'1 departure, the gang. line Jolicoeur at the Sacre '-:0:-, .-:0:- '
S.got-together at Marie Vul- Coeur Church. ., Tuesday will be a great Thursday saw the arrival
: ain's home in Ave '0 and ,. day in the life of Hubert of three unusual tourists.I
'ithad a .fine- send offor party L -:0:-o Etheart ... he will celebrate They are Mr. Richard .Dick-'
... 'it all ended .before day- Lawyer Lelio Joseph re-'his fete,... a quarter of a ertk an-artist whose hobby is
-break at the Casino. turned from his second century on this good earth, collecting land shells, am-
S' -iO:- health trip to New York -:0:- phibians, and reptilesA 1Mr.
,Big stling.. Harry ,Tip- this week, Herard RIo y returned Al". Pflueger and brdher; .
,e'Anhauer ieturnea& from his -:0:-, home 'Thursday from New joy are narpralists at',e'rt..
4 ensive voyaging through. The card party at the Brig-' York for several days before TIhese gentlemen are' het' in
I; E' upe Wednesday. 'Harry nac's home Tuesday was to proceeding to the UNO meet search oftree frpgs (the lar-
'-vNisited prac-ically every coun raise funds -for the new ing in Paris. gest in the world was found
Story outside the- iron curtain' Union School. The highlight -:0:- here some years ago) '. and
S..on his combined business' of the evening was the .sell- Miss Montego Bay of land shells. Saturday morn-
and plasure.trip. ing of cakes, made by vari- 1951, Mrs. Ed'ris Meyers, "ing they. were in search of.
SJ':' -" .__ ous members of the commi-' Jamiaican' hotel owner, grac- cah driveY. to .take .hem to
: '. .I:'- : ohe, cake raffled by--ed our shares for a few.days odd j"rts' of" the interimt
United Nations Da, e rs. Cox brought 15 dollars at the Vil a Creole this week. where such 'things are sup-
' 24t, is _o Nice into the. bidding fund ... it, Mrs, Meyers ris noted -fof her posed to, exist. The party
ranches' birthday. .seemed that the highest bid-. fine taste in clothes, 'especi- hopes to leave Wednesday
: .- der' bought the 'privilege of ally shoes .' ... they will .inform us of
S. The M gqe Cla w throwing it ih Major Cox's their findings.
S The Mangones Clan were face ... the Major is.- still -:0- 0--- 0":
She Mo r.t rsd y d waiting and Colonel Smith Mr. and Mrs. Salomon Ba- Mr. Clarence' Moody left
S othe (Mrs. Edmond) holds' the privilege. The boun returned'from their for Miami Saturday.
to NeYork-and race. evening ended it 250 dol. visit to the U. S. Thursday. -.-0:-
n New York Mrs. Edmond lars to add'towards the erec- Relatives, Deputy Dezulme --Cuban Charles Machiavel-
mene her wg l'Mrs. tion of a new Union School. and a number of other l.o ended his-school vacation
Rene Blanche who will-:0- fens were at Bowen Field here this, week-end and flew
S. her to Frane. Riguad celebra to dlcme them home. -to Mexico to resume his stu-
i f P-:0:--. Jean Riguad celeb ated -., -:0:- dies.

'-ie Pharmacie du Centre home i
z. varied last night at 5.30 it
-the Sacre Coeur, Miss Ray- Mrs.
R. monde Dambreville of the turned
R'Royal Bank of Canada. holiday
K -7

The employees of M.S.A. Satu
SMission Sanitaire Am&ri- R6bert
: ,aine) are offering their late Ab
Miss 0
at the B

A return


,i ". c

Iuay L Lu sUay yXI. U*.^
n Petionville..

Louis Moravia re-
from her European
y on the 16th.
rday 27th at 7.00 p.m.
L6ger, sort of the
bel Lger, is to marry
lga Sadao, daughter of
Sada. The nuptial
ctiori will tale place
Basilique Notre Dame
mnome Pierre Sylvaifi
d to his work in San
Costa Rica, Monday

Mr. Raymond Moron, son
of 'Mr. Franck Moron, wed-,
ded Mile Ghyslaine Raoul
last evening at 6.30 p.m. The
ceremony look place as the
Basilique Notre Dame.
Off on a business trip to
Miami todajr goes Indonie,
Architect Pierre Baussan,
son of. Architect Georges
Baussan (Architecture is a
-favourite profession in the
Baussan family) is to marry
Miss- Jacqueline Achemd at
the Sacre Coeur Church,

Tatmous since 'I62 ,
^ .IR|


Miss Madeline Cassagnol
'returned to tork at the Hai-
tian Tourist Office in New
York City yesterday after a"
short vacation in the Capi-
'tal.- '
iAntoinette Najac went to
New York Saturday.
Anne-Marie Mevs leave
to attend' school, in. New
Joseph, Deeb spent several
days in Port this *eek.

Oscar Teichner returned
to New York this week-6nd.
Marilyn M'atlin, has re-
turned once agaib from New
York City. The lovely Mari-
lyn, blonde with. beautiful

* '

PR% O St,.
* 1* P .-+.

blue eyes has become
turned with ou clitiate, tile .
Riviera Hotel nd its ne
Pool. .

Lieutenant ,littz LIon aid
Mrs. Fritz Leon scQped the -.,
baby column this week --
St was twins yep, a boy
and a gir,. Compliments to
the couple who will no doubt',
be income tax free for thed ',
rest of their lives.

Mr. 'Alfred Gauier an&
wife, the former Mariee..ilar j
vois. welcomed 4`ughter
Marie-Ninon into, the wrld ,
,this week. ..

-:0:- -
Mt and Mrs. Be'jamia
Nazaire ha ve' -cbrstened ,
their new daughtet, bora
October 4th. Mare Fran- .
voise. .
Monday a boy was born
ro Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Co-
hen. Mrs. Cohen, the form-
er Simone Douvon and Les.
lie Jr. are both doing fine.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lara'
opf have.-named their new
baby girl Marie-Philippe. ,




4 4





Last week MM, Jean Cra- m
din and Charlesoqi5y ot #f .'.U
Exterior Service6: ofh
eign Affairs Departmen.i',
rived at Port-au-Prince. ,_'...
Jean Coradin is Chjage d'A-.
faiires of the laitsan LegaA .
tion in Guhtemala. Charles. :
Noisy occupies the jppst of
First Secretaty ]nbassy of .':
Haiti in Caracas.,
-:0:- .... "
Mrs. Franqois Oliver, ac-
companied by he so in '
Adolph went to Havaa Fri.,
day on vacation. .. .
Mr. .Franqois Latortue. .-
Chief .6f.the Service' of
cial. l.Isurance, and his"'
lIft-last week for the'p44
States-' Mr. iLatpc1 u
been privileged 'w .i' .4..
scholarship.. fift frgor '
Amtnerica i" in' ment
studv-y.'% aV -insurance '
practiced .in the
Stats; .
,-:o0:- '.
Tliu'sdiay morning .at. .-,
Senator" harles p$ run,
Presi4eit.of the Seniatei .ft '>
for Paris" aboard :a i:
planee" Me 'is a 'menbr o:.,,
the, HaitiAn De1egatto. M ,to, ',.
th.-. 6th" general M-eeti&E. ., i'
the iNO 'to be held in P


Pacre 10

(Continued from Page 1) "

sand square miles on 6,400,-
000 acres, -only two and a-
-half million more or less
- able acres have the impos-
sible- task of supplying food
and work. for three and a
half million people. 'Bui
even A i' awesome statistic
represents less of a problem
than the 'lack of water. The
-.scant rains -that fall on the
arid eaxt. vanishh quickly in-
ird tle unldelyipg limestone,
quehnclMg'no thirst for man;
beast, or searching roots.
Erosion is a-imajor problem.

their catastrophicc geogra-
phy.' With little money and
only a few modern tools, but
with the insouciance of those
wholhave nowhere to go but
up, the teams of Haitian and
U.S. technical experts are
making astonishing progress
against one of the toughest
and most complex sets of
socio-economic problems on

Under.' terms of agree-
ment with the Haitian Gov-
ernment the Institute, 'has.

Laying the water "pipe line that twill
water shortage in the Capit al.

cent of the bill for the pro-
jects carried out. The more
numerous Haitian personnel
attached to 'the missions are
on the payroll of the Haitian
Government, which a I s o
pays. the- remaining 60 per
cent 'of the cost of the pro-

In 1944, when the comn
bination. teams went to worn
in Haiti, all -the needs o
health and hygiene, nutri
tion and basic education
were so acute and s6 inter
locked.thit more than one
investigator returned and re-
ported in great distress tha'.
Haiti was hopeless. How-
ever, 411 the problems even-
tually came back to one
fundamental water. With
out watei for irrigation,
there could be no increase of

o I("W..o;e r .-iain.ri;COMPLETE
-- amazingg low cost!

4.. e" tfor -the Least? 'Then 'here's your answer-
"tin 'a.British built complete motorcycle; with,
loree aind riding q ialities which,make it a'real
It"s sturdy dependable b ndsomine.
.,,,^ '-.*...Co.i,. ct. , : , t
I. ', ..*. 4 '- ,, .at ., . . ,
:, ,dJIue opposite Haiti Motors
'. /' , .I
6 -v ',t ". ""

Putting finishing touches to
at Leogane. '

food to build. healthy bodies
and 'produce income.

Nowhere was the short-
age more serious "than in
Port-au-Prince, a city, of
125,000 that many years be-
fore had outgrown its anti-
quated water system. With
estimated ininimrum needs of
twelier million gallons per
day, the capital was getting
only three million. Some
,eirihbourboods got water
only two hours per day.

relieve the

g &9 A

As this was primarily a limestone ridges heuning:.
As this was primarily a the city. In the litre 1930's,
health problem, it was tak- the J. G. White Engineerigg'
en, over by Major Edwin L. Company had driven .two
Dudley, the North Carolina tunnels a short way in
tunnels a short way intoe
sanitary engineer who was' sides on opposite sides of
chief of the SCISP field par- the city, tappingte sundes of
ty.' New sources had to be ground water thai flowe
found* a Dud- ,* Tground water that flowed?
found and developed. Dud- along faults in the lime-
ley spent weeks scrambling stone. Dudley studied the'
up and down the hills be- rock strataclosely and be-
- hind Port-au-Price, check- came convinced that exten-
k ing the few springs that sion of the tunnels would
)f round their way to the sur- pay off' ilh a much greater
-' face. 'ar up a steeo-sided flow of water. It was a
n vallte behind P6tiooville he gable involving m6ntis ,
fdupd 'one that looked pro- time, much. of the Healtr
ne psin. if its flow could be Mission's equipment, and a
.piptd down to the capital big bite out of the slender 1
There'was no road to the budget. But he set up hi,
air compressor and sent hiq.
spring, which 'spilled down air Lmeor and sent ian
a gorge with nearly perpen, so-d me n and Pick-and-
dicplar sides. Eight inch tunnshovel. gg i up t irqe
pipe is heavy stuff, and tunnel. Shoringg u. th& a
comes in sections too long as they weit, ech day t
as they went, each day they
,- bored a few feet deeper iq.
ST he hill. One' dajy 'a. bl~
freed a clear stream that
spouted. from the side of the
wall into the tunnel. As they i
dug. deeper, several more ut.-
derground streams were in-
.jercepted. Still moore w re..
.from faults abooe e. tun-e
nelp dripped 4own from the' i
ceiling. -

Hw.That water as pure as
you'll find anywhere in tm
world, Dudley. said in a soft
southern voice. uNo telUn
how many. m iles it's filterd .
through. limestone to get
the Malarij Control Drain To. keep it 'he
brought it from the tunnel
in a big cast-irn pipe th.t
to navigate the tortuous carried xire than 'two,m ,
twists of the gorge, even if lion gallons per day to' th.'
Dudley could 'invent some city. Extending the secot. ':
gully-straddJling device to runnel on the opositesi4.~X
pull the pipe up to the of the city produce some
sp-'nf. However, a burro what less water than the
trail left the Petionville road first. The supply for Port-
come miles below and cat- au-Prince had' been moi
footed along the knife-like than doubled, from three ij
ridge high 'above the gorge. seven million gallons a day."
..,',ev,,' bulldozed the trail Dndley is nowt explore
?o truck width. 'He hauled other popsibilities for bri41
the pipe up, and then, snub- ing the'supply up to th
bing its cables around a big needed twelve-million-gau
tree, slid 'the long sections (Contiued on Page 1-ry


..*.~ *.~... I'
''S ''

.' ." ie ". : '

S.- .....j_



down the cliff to the spring.-,
SA ragged scar a hundred or-
more feet 'long still 'marks-
the passage of the pipe..
He built afconcrete em-
placement around the spring,
sealing it- off from -contam-
ination, and 'v;ith months of-
work snaked the pipeline A
down the mountain to the .
) city. For the people and ani-
mals who had previously
used and polluted the open
1 spring, he installed a faucet
some distance below.

-: The new flow helped, bur
l tpuppligd only a faction of
Sthb additional water neededL
by the city. N.et QpA y
acute turned his attention t. he-
shape And formation of the

fl, -
,- ; **

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21st ----- HATlA SUN Page 11,

MAJOR DUDLEY TRANSFERRl TO VENEZUELA he bonanza of a flat ily ..
AFTER SEVEN TEARS SERVICE E w age, au ed",and ,.-
A E. S N Y E- ,i more than they worked"Ks
; (Continued from i age 10) planned. aWd elecitd-attack; iemploy.es, they also requir-
Sr,.l if the situation .i,is hopeless, ed mior&.supervision, which -
S The rural ( ter spiuation e i is'mely so in relation to fiuithertincreased the cost of
was. treal operate.- T he methods used and the rprodiuatioin. After a 'fe w
thatched 'hut otthe humble, effo ended. .frustrated montlis.the SCI
hill peasant i. ght be ,five ~om surveys made of the 4 chiefs agreed' to switch .
Miles or more frrm the near- Artibbnite Valley, DI. Wal- to their' traditional shie-
lest trickle of a spring. Ear ke arid his successor, Alan cropping systiem.. Rice pro-
each, morning his wife or Lalin,' also of the Institute; duction leaped 30 .per- cent
one -f his daughters, balanc- decided that Haiti's chief on the next crop.
ing fiye-gallonasolleltin clihce for agricultural sal- An acre of irrigai .ri
Son her eard,... sta ,the va.tion. lay in the one hun-./1g,.r.roduces"oabut'a thou-
-weay Journey down the dre thousand acres of de- sand pounds of polledd rice
rocky trail towards Water. -sert spreading both- ways apt .tach crop. There are two'
rShe returns in the afternoon, from the country's oldiy big crops a year. The farmer's
toiling up. the hog-back ridg- rier, the Aihib6nite. They hare is 65 per cent, which .... '
' spilling a little.- wate .ulldozed t1i' scrub. growth rks -at.,to about eighty .
" here and there,. aold losing a ...,.. .., The waeer mneasurer at ..Source Frmre s. .. ** -
'lifte. mofe to evAporation in ...
i' he furious' sunlight.., Water four million-dollar Joan (to and crop, s people
come by in.: uch fashion is e idded to the two 'initihdil' he' e- t1 t.& .
prec k5z stuff, 'to be usbd. do,11ars of Haitin, fdindts) fori, a.d ~ir 4 tains,
f l 'bb G :.< s.,.. amobyee dgineers e to brny: t.h
only for drinking and Icook- dMi' of th sxtyto potatoes, ;, beans t
ing. 'None is left for such seven thousafid. acres said c .'.k p 6
'frivolities as bathing. .Ge- by eneersto r ri n. ct
Serally.'he only clean mei- abl .
ber of the clan isithe family- 'There.- ca.n harrdlyb .ea p he
Slaundress, who carries a bun- more. vivid example &4 ol b. *
dle.of clothes ..o he head water mean ro a co u e .
,every.; rmnirpng ,to the nea than 'the SOIPA pror.ct. a' t Pfis
est stream, where she sits all Foids Parisien, nr..e is
day in the water, p uiddigt Dominicao border, 'O.indQ- : s
and rubbing the dirt from parisien was a ghost v W6lage of' 6n 'eie
ethe s:'waty glothig. The,, only source' of wat .der ndn-i. .. d-rl
S.: "e i ': .. '. "f a i le d y e a r s a g o a n d no fd '
'en a village well driest fe. .ya r 'fago, an p sf'/i"
le, e crops had.a grown there ie all ad us 'water. Wew
fup d te :viJtg, aies. te nearly fotty e, ..
ficds are. desnte,.. turning Major D4dld a obie m by former U-S.S Ambassad6or '.sring ome mile away /wa- an"" djted & hi.rsti''.,
brk-hard in the dry heat; "De Courecy and two ambo qf the Saniary..Mission ter, as piped to the village. pe if .f r hards-"
the' thin topi6il blowing, inspec (.a .,new waer su)'ffly lne ,to Port-fu-Prncp. -: .Wen the fis r w at er SEPA nt m. e
away. The population scfo a- .. -"" in te lwai' irr- ..
ter in dusty pilgrimage to from five 'hundred acres dollars per year per acre,'far nation canal, excite& *. 'it lea '"t
other places. Thir only-move- ex.iwu'v'-... .lea
ohe. 1..4 is s bf. w.,hy.th..ycalled .the B6is 'ore money than most Hai- lagers rushed from their .d .dlargedt
re 'h .69:I-qpPk to w.v; rsan an. -iall. farmers ever huts and stood in the 'ditch, as imh als'
dust-dev s among tqe e era~e ri Brirarried betore. laughrig' exultantly' 's the This m.cas -
abandoned huts. water four miles froi the- muddy water swirlei around' that n.w h'
Rural water supply and jr-' riverr t ogh i.rrigatiob Five. thousand. acres, of their feet. a utamo of"
Srigation of new lands lie m in "hbroughly so Vprosperons f tarm land are That was nearly four years '-tion. Such
the bailiwick of the SCIPAs ed -two hundred acres, which qw..watqred -y an nmprqs- ago. Ends Parisien today is. 4-complete s.tib v
,.food-production program, wm then Wainted to rice sive system of more than six- a prosperous village ilmost Jeast they make 'ie-
originally under the direc- an mnportaat food crop and teen nmiles.of irrigtion.can-.. buried'in the green *f tre0 ate situation less desper %t.' '
ti o f the Institute of Inter- an expeas ,iv,,tenm in 'Haiti's as. Impbtat as the pro- -
SAmerican Affairs' Dr. Ma-. anuual imip t, budget ductin of. -the. region ,has' .
rion Walker, who had a . ... eome, the project's great-
ringing answer to the pro- To' ultiyate thei paddie est .value was proof :that the
phets of hopelessness: -That, thpy fi'st 4ieed, labor at the Artibonite Vdley "could be
.t0e P-roblem is difficult is ber sta wrd tnyo gourdes- (forty, srapimel. On the basis of ;".
Side the point .... (a difficult cents) per day. The relaxed SCIPA's sucGcess, the Export-. :'
problem) requires .a better field hands, unaccustomrd- to Import. Bank approved a .

SC'est pourquoi- dans le, s mode entlel,
Iv dV\ d plus forts t10onnes sent transports
ae 0 1 sur pneus poids louirds Goodyear que sur
p^^pneu- die toute autre marque .

i BACK SNACKER-When allied newsmen in Seoul stag
i for hundreds of Korean children, the youngster aboye
upon big sister for tidbits-and a free ride hon

: .- _,I"



", .i


a ;a


* 1 F,


H ) " i ir
- mbh Of- American - .'*' P '
.Legion VAisis Hal' .Classified Advertisements abels '
Miayi bWasid 0 Help Wanted --,For Rent -For Sale' Lost and Found
gently. by 2,700,000 me-I. .I UNITED MIS
bers f the American Legion ""
S ...the sqige is.now over and Classified advertisements .FOR RENT
the 53rd annual convention are-acceptefor things want-" "
Sof tie world's largest vet- ed ro. unwanted; articles for Furnished house at Tur-
ran s' organization has saie; .personal senice;roids- geau for rent 3 bedrooms;
S drawnn a ose ...legion- cellaneous item), suc s reasonable rental. Contact "
a :waies 4.ggqg their way ... jobs wanted; houses for cHaiti .Sun*
a,. ":, .:some home, others taking rent; tutoring; travelling -,
iue out for a, vacation ... companions; ideas for sale; ---- .
S ore. tan hundred had de- Io o ccepied, adverse. TEACHER AVAILABLE ,
S ided to take the, island ments of a political nature. English and French. Begin ': S
cruise and visit. Haiti f6r sev- Rat 25c per insertion, maxi- ne rs., Intermediate, and sUP'S
a, ral days, but last week's hut mum of 10 words. 'French, ;literature transla- -
S ricane 'must have changed tions. Tel. 5386 for appoint
S'..the minds of some, fora -, meat.' '
.. 'cable received, -Saturday y HUDSON ' '
th"'. cruisee ship Neuvo Dom- FOR SALE.
_i t i.cano' adgeint, Robert. Roy A beautifully. kept 1946 1949, Ford edan l od
a.. gon this Hudsn isup for sale this operating condition. Will be a .
., se ,.. week.-The owner is willing. sold ,to highest' bidde-r 'e
---- to sacrifice.it for 900 dollars. d Bids ere "
ener Level. to Vis "' ------- --- ----------- openedlOctober 19ti, 95' '
Wh'omi ca tbl DR TRADING co. Contact PAA at Airport..
w, :. .,Ton we havei ohOned: that re- .. ,. ,. ,
S..ndingto an invitation .f FOR RENT.
he. Dpminican Government'r .. . ."
,.Bri gadier GeneLAntine Abrand new house 'I Pe- I 'R"bICTS UNIT MiLLs cORPORfAtIO
If "ev:x Ci e t tf Aff Army .'-uonville. fdllyt futnished ':' -. ' ' "
ii; ntd1nn paaer nowonA.. b
".. .i -l e o Sti tdoAI. ..., .. .. .,... ., . I ...

0.da ifte1 OIl TDRAII CO* Haiti Sun tak 1e.oss*
: ilr ic. Ai s ond ". "- avail.ble.ouCoitat thaiHaio'

.. ," ^'^om' .-i .an','- o. ri. If you wish .o s-lt your i F.- ens wilt me, geat or mabesell rg TelaEpoa 6 ,- .., ,. ,
B t G l Le e rthefastestand best o f Il En 7 6pish
W' i..&'air.B, A d s: a e o o .da
1:,. W, : .. ''_"_ . _ _: _. _" ,." "_ .'.'_,i
de the So o the Pharlea

ng'A a Iui utd. :- r announcing ta.dt i
.t.a u Intt .R eal tate ,1. ., I,. ILpectori Na ari If- you' wish cto a subscription aon fthe
f.litry Demartment, -o it _ist, Reial q see Ma-gCi dolla aAf.. .
-d' ii'"his honMe~t., some' of :'o furniture ;-, fished by, tlh. pa erand A i ,eme ..-
eftilwi, Coma iidb~r wienb thefl,.test anied best .U .nio6 in El ,th, '" i. 6:
ric ti i H US TO RENT S O ce Avet ie . :\. f.. .'-'" ',-, '. ,

-"fia Acadam o e with.,"-thre ..bedrooAs ].i.ion.. Themagazi 1
4iH.aid havi resuls, contact in Pi6ville Ap- d be deliver W.o 'hthlyL Oweslpo e ol-.
osa c y'to George Peters,,6.. -h M CAEr I,*e *AJNEISSAW' o oerth
"lr ,- :- .a Rk.,ad o pon e24 ,r -e--n.,
gdober 24t will rbeI 3D0 78ANC i al piedor Saleluta- r -
:throughout the woid -:0- a .ainef sunii .f

..e. : anniversaryy *of theCAR.'R E .b C R i ,.. .ss forsale. Own-.
V;o"eI 'j[nited o. Address odgein excellent ,.' .es .c s ill.L
ad ;ce" oniesrandft t 1.500the as. For .informa. clientel the21t monthly .I e
o n .; N.take. pl-' -in *tion cod.tact the Curaca, tar averages .- 300, doas, FICE:, .TTC B DG. EXPOSI ":
4 aiowiis, iy Codtnct the Hiti Sun for Pora-Prince Telg Re Estate: 27 ,
-men ,. Capi- ... .. : . .f partict il..< s ,- ." '"''' .
| ; '... : -.. .. .. 1:. . ,. " ,. -

A" apt .w.M....ia -the english paish . .. an. *

.nptr arnir S.-u fc ,. .. R EN T ._ jcej Xo rte' oMar.I -
-n t $1wzg MMerev.lo&-, ae'A o .I .'. ,-,traspcirtable 'Jeann Stand N so. 29a. ...
I. with( threvl bUdrooz.ts .ition. Th m in 'Ifl. "' "
;.1a i .- Ca.fa rent in Pr6nv..-.. ,.Ap- 'be dely-ere4 'moIithb y to 'a.
Lfs .m]O'./ober 24th -will'be"ob- ,. wDpalSee' For f "

.<:ahroughout.thew k k .O, 0. ' ,-A eaue., rn . ..,-' wl ,.., ... .-
,',. ,.the anndiversary of thp CAR.FOR.SALE",,"..,_ ,i.,.

reIn"-, o the day -will cond its.u.e forsa t Ishealth- T4e. business has ..*I.BAGS OF 42 1 PORTLAND C% tJNT
till .'. t. duel@ For P."A-'bdeiee monthly re-

place in' coac t urc rx avrae .300. dollars O.FICE'TTCBLD. EPOSTXO
,..' Tw." ; i"i' nd Tradi" ompany' C c the Sn for Port-au-Prince Tel.: 2387 ,s"

: t I Ia' a

6 er o.Obsye.:pp.
fins -d"-.ak plcein" in; ottac te Girc omm.avrags 00 ollar, ,,O ICE lrT( BDG 'XOSI [N -W"

V? *'-;~---- *;-*-.A-' ~