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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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Por-a-Prie 'Haiti gUNpDAY TOBER. i4th 1951 No.4

I PD 4: u I:on t steacni of Minerals PERSNALY
S.ur sc J y of this year Copipapy 'the provisional li- Of fE W
2 ....., ..: .. Bt.s' Mr. oms'uDejoie, Elginger cenie of exploitation No. 2
.: .1 .3P.f wee]- Bime4f : b .iest-stio Agricultuist and::~Snaor'of 'rith; the noce, by vitue of '
i' ss., .is .m .... .t vewr me, 'Republic, presldeht .of e Law on Mines, publish-
'4 "'6 ".i w i-hes rmi ,j .u A'LawoMine ie. ,

iJ.thie,dowstoww shops, dteziu L.gu$erre I4 sw p t .e nyous e in ,Le Moniteurs an4 '
sity da ts are uss .y y ars 1 riy du. ,- ;a.lissmedisAgricoles 'et; itier new..iers of the ;
i .. pid wWit.a'. .lef- 4 ~. .ladustri ,& .Louis iejoiee Capital '.
tet Ag fri ic. -- has'dected the search for- .'W have -ad Epgineer
y perid.,t a, iiais d idibaive Dejoie his ppiridn on the
10 its zeih, ad products. -Mr. Dejdoe made .nine Morne-4-qike 'at Gros
T at t, L. .wo trips rt New York and Morne in ie Atibo'ite De-
**sh~kofta iurbetu d with the ; test pantzn a 4 Hiis answer is
o,,..a .i.um irctn .devices as follti.s, ..
tru o f Special aurnC I whi have been used over (" p .in. on -P O
was a cti be ro lete4 I 1s 'the entireRepublic iii seardi ch
.,o:l~ice, l aiqwks of the 42nuc sought after
tri.s -,o I .. n 9 leC- brai .. At .theheginning .. oe-Veni
of pf, Etald i iehiA a l is a ari ,dark-hairex
cd4Dat gf coleus. I d
This citizen- et _'etWA
e a Pierrs I. nbis opizatil 'tfalclass 4ctin laim U nn gazmn- *e d sherr ley a rezparkaily'
Sthesh other minerals and a oll-like appearao.
No entered N1. '3 Stoe ofI TBlirgest : is corn- an Sepbser 2?8 the office tu ina tatn sollimehow approp
iea;Belle Creole depast- poed o approsinately 0l of the Seirettjry of State off. en., exhibit the first.'of hA se should spend hik
i(tst5Ee and after select- employees' of the Banque.Ja Public Works granted that ts kind ever to take plae 'days fashioning an arraxo
Sven :pairs of di"ngares ionIe, de. la Republique f lIr. It was Mri -- miniature i hanpeqns
edsea the cashier. and d'laiti; who ,are being' sent ew Social es- ho was directly respond ustre tw of her gre
MLacta quiet pace in the under th-e nthusiasaic spon- Scilars-yhip Awldts sible for the exhibit and the odvs ., Folklore And
S'of 'the market. An soship of. Mr. Christian ea behind r .. Morisseau Theat. Te arisiene
t. ,,e attendant caught hui., President of the Bak, E a~ ... Augt this idea home with had plenty of oportni
se 6 what 'had taken arid M4r. Arihur Herres, Vice' .This fall, for he firstt iwhe he recently return make first-hand.observatu
ace .and. immediately ga.e Psideht, as part of the long tie, United N tiqns social .ed from his .first European i .both .fields. Asr a cni
e word to plainclothes d- ranges plans of the Bank to' were sPcholarsips; have trip. His many friends greet- e accompanied her father,

ped dose at hand and rd fill positions of. increasing dentof on country to pur- movement'and among the
r much awake. Detective responsibility, in which a sue advanced academic tu- (Contiued on Page a) (Continued an Page 3)
uerre who'knew 'Piere- working knowledge of Enp- dies in the colleges and un *, .
& eouis from numerous meet- lish is becoming. essential. iversi-ies of other countries. W 'DPESDAY 145TH ANNIVERSAIRY .

ie hief's objective--t lose (Continued on Page 7) (Continued on Page 7) ,
"- ,- Dessalines is the nnst- re- n nrwalliin,. ;. m th, ;. o

... the engagement party oJ larie lidurasse and Alix Fombrun. (See Pago

. '*^ '. -. ... ,1

presentative product ,of the
colonial' regime. He seems.
to have been the person upon
whonr the stigma of slavery
made the deepest impression,
t!:he one to whom it caused
the greatest suffering. IHis
actions, were only a violent
reaction against cruel and
arbitrary masters. If we ex-
amine his life without first
delving into the horrors of
the colonial regime add fail
to place him in the environ-
ment in which he developed,
only a'grate injustice will
be the result In order to
,penetrate into the depths of
,the colossal evils it is neces-
i ary to set aside 6ne's own
civilized and Christian con-
9) cepts and it is also essential

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kLt waiwY C I nS LAA IoJ4 e -or .
slavery to understand "Des '
salines, his behaviour, and
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The exploitation of pe-
troleum and mines in Haiti
up to the present has caus-
ed only ruin to those who
engage in mining. It seems
that the products, of the un-
der soil as well as those of
,the soil, exist only as sam-
ples when it is a question of
their export upon economical
basis, excepting nevertheless
colonial agricultural pro-
ducts which form the basis
of our economical system.
A mine is a risk, similar
to a casino, but a risk where
work and intelligence inter-
vene at the side of luck.
My establishments accept.
to take the risk and wish to
effect the' work without de.

lay. The business w
costly, it may be either
or bad. I have faith
Charles as well as in S
chael, and .always tr
constant and intel

nDo you see, my dea
ceau, perseverance wit
is a state of the soul:
not waiting for birds t
from the sky, I hunt
and roast them myself,
times alone, without
or salt, so they are the 1
You have, as witness, r
forts at St. Michel de
We wish_good luck t
-Etablissements- D ej

Eagerness t :please,
n wl uded in o r :et

ream.Am *
About the g r 'D"
that brings she
ta traveler baick-
Pan Amerioan
Eter uti..
r .


Pan American will gladly help
plan a trip to almost anywic
to ny of 83 countries and mcoi
on al six continent .

Daily. non-stop service from San Juai by deluxe Com.
stellation-type Clippers'. Reduced 15-Day, Round.
Trip Excursion fares now in effect...also new, lo] ,
Tourist rates.'

-_ Miami
Frequent flights by swift Convair-type Clip pps eta
ingston, Montego Bay, Camaguey. Also regular non-
S Stop service. Connecting airlines serve all U.S. cities.

SCiodad Truiiilo-San Juan
-' Runlar Co(nvair flights onveriano' A.rt, l~ ,.,,


which have given is the
proof, as our friend Dejoie
says, in Cayes and in St. Mi-
till be chel, of his courage of work-
good ing with drder, peace and
in St. discipline, and we congratu-
it. Mi- late the' Government of Pre-
ust in sident Magloire for having
ligent granted to this anonymous
society which has been the
-first to request a prospection
r Mar licence in the region of Gros-
th me Morne:
I am
thoa tober 1 and 2nd.
best... New Assistant Director
ny ef. Of National Office
I'Ata- Of Tourism Installed
At ten Wednesday morn-
to the ing at the National Office
S of Tourism, a quiet little
ceremony marked the instal-
lation and promotion of a
deserving young employee,
Guy Lataque, who was ini-
staled by Tourism .Director
Jean Brierre, as the new As-
sistant Director of this im-
portant office. Guy Laraque"
takes the post recently'made
vacant by the departure of
S fornier Assistant Director of
the Nation Office of Tour-,
.,ism Mr. Roger Savairn who
Left to further his education
S at Fisk .University in Ten-
Sessee in the U.S. Guy Lara-
'que has acted with distinc-
tion in. the capacity of. Chef
du Service. de la Cprrespon-
dance Gen&rale for the past
Year aid/a together has been
with the Tourism Office
since it was established back
in 1947.

'Conference On Trade.
And Payments ,Stalstics
- To Be Held In Panama
A Technical Conference on
External Trade and Balance
of Payments Statistics spon-
sored by the Government of
Panama is being organized
'by the United Nations Sta-
\ tistica'l Office, the Technical
i' Assistance Administration,
and the International Mone-
itary und, with the co-ope-
ration of the Inter-American
Statistical Institute. It is plan
ned to hold the conference
in Panama Citv frnm I to 1

----- --- u -parure imes. A A, E
peo .A regular -.rvice to principal Caribbean citi," e

S 'Thrift-Season" fares offer substantial savnag as. youl
ri gp. Regular services from New York to LrZndon.
ari and om,
For reservations, see your Travel Agent or *
SwotLo'S pos

. riRrra IA
'S WLE LffAiwAEf on.
fflanh Jrgr ,t-ior
fue D I buasnf iesfuche -, Port-u.rlne P
STelephones: 3451 nd 22 SOli

., o
Lm "e "

member 1951.
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bhristopher 'Columbus's
rue is getting the No. 1
ition on the Exposition.
e Public Works Depart-,
nt is undertaking an un-
atl, task of getting rid of
arge square chunk of sea
either side of the Exposi-
i Dock. Dry or rather
np out the sea and lay, a
d foundation for Christo-
,r the Discoveier.'

In Honour Of
Professor North
Professor Philippe North,
member of the French Cul-
tural Mission in Haiti, will
lea",e the country this com-
ing week for Bogota (Col-
ombia) where he is to teach
Philosophy. Mr. North for
the past four yeags has
taught here in various bran-


ches. His former pupils of,
the Ecole Normale Superi-1
eure recently offered a recep-.
tion in manifestation of their)
gratitude towards the Profes.!
sor. It was a fesrival- of'
Franco Haitian friendship.';
French Professor Roland Desi
vauges, the successor of Pro-'
fessor North, was among the
many who attended the cele-

,ARMOUR>-Is Proud To Present Their Pure Lard
In The Newt Green And White Three Pound Tin

JOSEPH NADAL and CO., Agents :
----- -- .. --- -------------.. -.....

Quick and Easy to B

Painting is a lot easier when you have s
Central paints to brush on. Their fine olly g
covering abIl.y, and high-grade pigments
clear color even under severe-weather in
ditions. Formulas are the product of Il
A- Ti her are anlal C neral nainta



' .1.
'4, ',1';r:r~;I.

2- I'





rush On

Elivthem great. "
I assure reeshk
id serviot con-
atest scientific

. enamel




'S. A.







CTOBER 1th ". ..Pa
.SpNDAY, QCTOBER 14th *..: "" ",. , .___""--S+.. | ;..> ,.j ".;,,

-Personality Of. The Week, .'. i P ruis ho
ioi ton, 1 -I Slealing Dungarees.
(Conifd ,frofA -Page, 1) TO EVERa -
n, on his maniy vbages'Princeo they ce hind him and this ..was a, .
ahibrd. $-ler travelling dr. sawp cPtnch and Judy's sinpie cait of hasoe the
,cit included 'Ity,- Ge. who deligh the small fry at. robbete i
many. Switzerland, Belgim tending te theat Guignol; On- the. eastern corner of I .
a.id England.' But sightsee'. on he Champs Elyse in P*a mudrket lace. Lagiarre "
rng:was' ona. wedged inal be. ri, .ped Pierre-Louis ..and in .
itnw. long' hou s at th I addition, h i, a- qi et voice a i ty -
and. at e the.. er.iebar. barisi enne.provides es C adco m,
,,of a bafle studio. She .as .. .. .. . .. t an yo .a yo.. .
a....g .po .nst. at h .for the Socie+te D rm t an . give. 'i '
+rc~ g. :agefdr;f and for .such tgod ,stge per bac if Tyou easee. The six' ." ".
When ie's ford sonalities as' Destine, Jani 4e ta, hdas -weight tt is
i.. ,'" n i ". .lRamon., .Wend& Weien.ldn' i, pla .se -.re d by
tar.tr engane, ad Jane Mural. Somehow grains a.2 b. re. k bat .
.a ean- o. s.. Wi` oasynylng w~.ew ihei ay. -

|S h mann;f ~qren los-d anztsaA stvf i&i ad hdoes ... '. iat t ., -d
" iiedW' ineotra'. ':" "* ....ok". .. "hr'w-

iSjtslb*iU *ia-ek is^plq tiS g SI s. the .'i* ** his"
aref'as. .Later, dt ut h Ag dec. Tiserti ;voIe it, it0 re- ,
Wl se V e tv dfVi b thei of

sln!t noin.P4aris withf eze lei Lf b es Aa tTo'. ^< .
..' e... .h,. .E. ., +s ;. ,- k h ow. ... .-;' ,.p..e,.,., l,,

Mwsl aka- b a ra k WSTINGlHOUT.SE Er

'A!n s' AneI D O MATICER o .':eA7J
eq4 ad i nsi a ov 2 n, AU O vn .A l *N' : -'
o.:. .o. ... .. ., ." .. -

E o :.-+ i years ooI_., oe ''o ,a B Uc4D i B ICa... F. ,"i m .'
.... e ,-e... .. .- ,- e .. .I ", '- ,, .:. -:.-
cati ar' the Fr enh 6w".th- d wI-ii -V a Pierrq-Ix j. ...
ifi ,0P *W-:.`0 -i e., ;i .:0.; :l ^

if ,o s were fashioned to he .. ., o, . . ..e.you-:a at .c. .tro. p .oblem? If so, please ..cS --,. .-.-
Pa lecture Wither as .mucte with MASSo.d & WYiNE, a cures
to give. the French Oi. a s article their ow president Box 694, Port-au-Prie. They wi
andq artistry Mada e Ife of the :i "appa. r p t g t G "" "' *.. ." :

c dressed her figur- ed the t emiit saf egar m y

.m-.;= "the-,iic costumesinewspaper : r." :anny and "only through. .. '. ".-
-, -.f.e .. n. .The .i~ struggle wi he people e Gi. e Chance To Fur he, Educati on :

k~annequns wer~ ~ There is a special great- liquish this sacred trus , .
ceful tht h. made a ness our recent elecons honour. .

few set toltherate her next aside fr om the victories of. MI e Andre Morsset of Davis, wife of the.President.
te imn celebrated a the i- elected This new. traditionof free Port-au-Prince, an employee o

tdihe French Teatre rang- mons m'ay differ on these voting is for this newspaper of the Department of Edu- managed to secure thie
om lieret Jave. men wo willtae office a great thrill. In this world catio, was recently award- scholship This is not the

cure, given last Feb ne month, but there can be whee fascism hasdarkenedd a grant t study at West- first student assistedd
got rave noticesin no disagreed on the fac the ky we see Haiti as a VirgiState College. Mile obtaining a fellowship by
rie is now ht at one magnicent' day of lighting the way to freedom ae psible throh years he has been responsible
r- 'ae. o t u' ". ,- ,:.. .. - 'i *.,.' ,:' .,i*. ,- ., -"

sprearin. a. third col free and total voting, has for'all, people efforts of a man who unsel- .for the assisting of five sta -
arti.... Frn ... .

f p etit e figures ... opened a bright new era for e who ae outsides in fishly takes evy possible dents continue their e

edr forthcog ing ile cture tIhe people of Haiti. For the ti s country, are taking the opportgunityof Belping tos, e ioron abroad A large c1od
Le T heat re Lyrique first time in the history of liberty o if b in new who seek t further thr of friends, relatives

|Her aiure plans also in- our complex little island the democ atic glory that is education abroad. He is Jim- low employees were on hand '
...ie .aing a pu de t show men of Haiti have by their Haiti. 'e m ie Plinon, and with the Thursday tos bid adie :
B . 2 6f t rVhto -- t- ,g......ee-khsCan T h u -:. --

... .. ... ... ,-Lea.urely Luxur.uJ . :, ,
.% o .
d t e ms n o.- re. cn e t o ,
tu.e o ne te d ...a. r th ia. Opi T i .. t raditi o f Po,'. :

got rae.notices,.in n disagree".ent.....on.the fac. th. k w 2e H i as .a- Virgini .'State College e obt g a o

.e.4 5i, ..Q -' r , Pot- --' 'e. e.',-g'as
r ftorg co 'tr eg lcTuren th eim ago-'thiFor' thle are ta kh lp t e i n a. A..... ...,--.le
P'er"e pl ns a so in-, our co mpe ,ir.oe)island the d h2.emocrati o r, y -that is education.abroad. He is'J m Ion' employeesen. w on han.
"a t ''e chidre of P-a u- -- own desi- 're.' and t_ elected c....o o r n fMs hnAno se
,4 "t; ..- tt y'a' ...i f
' s h r .. . .. .,1 .. -,I '.

For..Iuf.or.a+ioSeeAg ntR B T E.. ... O..._iu Stand 1"- 7 . S. Bo .."& I .-"-''
I. "- .. ." = '"" ..e'' ". -=.t.o.s. .

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ,,.tf..' thi ::... ". .a, . i .:., ,'.t h is.i' '., .: ..

ek.'tromk-heee t o au .Menamoill b!fagettrl.I h ~l ain a rcnlaad co~hp,'Ti sn~l- .:
.... .~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~- ,.,rrevo~:qvnls eb "'ng mnh uttee a"b .hr qsimha drkndedagan osuda Ws-frs tdet.ola )sitdJa
A)* o ,r /otcs nI dsleitto h ac h CeeH it.a oiriii.'tt olge ieotann "a flowlip[y

Page 4

ti Joseph report


4VOUT, been appointed member ol
SI'll voot "im an the Communal Council o
vout 'im till they're all Abricots.
roonie. Then I'll reenie Tragical Crap Shooling
and roonie 'im till the voot hoo
really outs all reenie...!!! Last Sunday, at Bas des
Whats dat you say ... ea- Orangers in Jacmel, Gerarc
ders this is the new language Lafleur quarelled with hi
of hep musicians in the U.S. partner Roussel while shoot
its a sequel to Bebop that ing craps, and injured hin
-took the place of boogie gravely with a dagger in the
woogie that replaced jazz, belly region. The victim wa
ragtime etc.. WelL not so transported to the hospital.
Jong ago uVoutN was intro-
priest Gaillard-fq your in- Minister Domond has giv.
drnafion the tocat' repre- en instructions that a por-
sentatives of the cVoutu club tion of the last shipment of
are Jimmy tlinton VC. and newsprint be reserved for
Ti Pouce Elie VC. newspapers.
"You will hear from aVout .
las it gains universal reco- Accident On The
ignition Grand Rue
Drowning .
A woman was drowned Wednesday evening, Oc-,
S -Friday night last in the bay tober 10th at 8.30 Jeanne
4'aof Caracol. She could not be Joinvil. and Chain Gaston
identified, and after veifi- were gr;ely injured while
c'ation by the proper authori- standing under- the gallery
-,ies the bodr was buried. of house No. 113 Grand Rue
-:: residence of Mr, Georges Jn-
.Mondayr, at Margot, Pi- Giles. They, haye been trans
late, Anestor-- ine was P efd t. the Hospital Gep
'- found drowned min a river. e Accident was 'ue to
I' After'the Judicial formal. a bad maneuver of chauf-
-. i ties the body was given to feur Dieudonne Blaise driv-
Srents. ing camionnette No. 2180
Sof the Water Supply Ser-
SThunder vice.
At Cerca-la-Soucre this
.. -week thunder struck a hut -.0:-
-and caused the death of a 10 Flbet's In Port
S-ear old girl Micheline Pro-
:e~ : .phte Saturday morning the 6th
: B of October at precisely 8.00
SBoxg .' the U.S.S. Wright, a light
A team of foreign boxing aircraft carrier, saluted Fort
Ha ,;champions are in. Pprt-au- National' with cannon fire
'- "Prince. Champions of Spain, and so announced the arrival
z.. i onicn Republic, Chili, of U.S. ships of war from
S exico. A series of fights war games in the .aribbean
w: :w fake place at the Thea- to a courtesy call to this
d:":' e Verdtre.-- '.port. '
.-. A24i :,, " 'i" "" ., ,
i o P rk The aircraft carrier.Wright
,w an. ar as followed by the attack
dt'o.-' i:, dr'htnage and re ir
I'. .,id aken at Ruele transport Sanborn, which ar-
Sil".'as ertak spended. rived on the 8th and left on
1-' .hoped that the public e 1 Thenthere were
S m t wire- the two old LST who immn -
"Work? Department will .re-
e POtetin w in diately after'arrived, on the
S" ii:. region which is under 9th found the nearest berth-
-aPer wheineer it rains. ing place to the Grand Ruel
: er wheat the beginning of the dock.
., Iew Haiighs These two LST USS 391 and
The Justice Department USS LST 540 (anding ship
e.: ..a ed the' 'Haitian. tanks) were manned by a
d tioSVt of Messrs. Andre hunch sof the. sa4tiestr nar-
1 .-latnia, 'Fong Sang and, ners in theU. S. Nayy. They
(i tranz Bondel' had' a good time bhere by all
-"." reports and left on the 12th.
SBudget T'he artc4' ca go 4hip USS
'' 'The new Budget, mtic in. Verqill.on arrived here on
: d," demand these days is on sale -he 12th and will leave.Mon
,at the Imprimerie de 1'Etat. day, The last ship of the
-0- courtesy visit will be the
Y r:. Mr. Justin Toussaint has USS vel,, an attack trans-

:,. i.' .". : -, .',
a !:.,,:, : .?.2 : : :..?., .,.... ., ,',.: .
&:2li. y 9aag ., `aiij, .1de. ta4L .`.S ...,




port. She will arrive on the '
15th and sail on the 18th.
Foo:0:d .
SFo.d... av a n e.

On Wednesday the 10th
two members of the Food
Agricultural Organization of
the United Nations contact-
ed the Chief of Division of
Public Hygiene and Preven-
tive Medicine, Dr. Charles
Dambreville, with the object
s of developing 'in Haiti the :
s methods of nutrition and ali.
s mentation in both educa-
Stional and public health mat
hers... M. Marcel Antret and
Me11 Alice Shaffer will be
e Shaer RENAULT has created spe ally for rough roads asd.tr
assisted by Drs- Lefort and pca climates theg CrOLORALE seri d
B e r n a dotre, respectively, pica climates theCOL ORALE series
Chief of the Propaganda and .
Sanitary Education; and Ad- 25,000 cars have bee exported since their presen-
strator o the oo tion in October the Salon de L'Automobile in Paris..
Hy "e e -'on Th e wiRlle IaB ne COMFarABE '
Sygiene sec hey wl Height of Chassis 3 inches more '`an, the current'
visit hospital centers and .models
schools of the Republic, Pe- ,, Wheels: 750x16 .. Truck type
4.ti Wheels:.75x16.Truckty -pe
tit Goave, the Artibonite and Motors: 4- cylinder a
North Departments. .Five speeds :
enin Of School arry'a load of: 800 Kg: with a trailer up to 1,000 ,i
Opening Of Shool Kg:' Seven to ten persons according to 'fittings.
Year At Law School Top trodicalized for constant coolness I
SSuspension gregoire: 8 coil springs reinfotded blocks.
The school year started of leaf! springs
Monday at 5.00 p.m. at the Gas consumption: 20 milesto the gallon on, rough
Law Faculty- The Dean road
Pierre Liautaud continue a
donner ie meilleur delud- l. THE : Tr CAl FOR THE ROVINICES
meme. The students have A1iT TH I w t IVIn SA,
three new. professors, M. FAST ELIABLE --- C FORTALE
Lelino Vilr cA ar La-

i'y and Joseph Chatelaidi. L'ABEII E S.
Me. Vilgriai will ccupyw si ibutor for
the chair of Civil Law; 2nd ,.
;year; in lace of Me. Emile' ; '
Legros who now ocupies tl~e1 :'C


a' >

chair of Civil Procedure.

Mr. Lamy will teachbauw L'VOMBARE la'
History to students ofhe :
first -year. His predecessor,- men.ai M a
Me. Felix Soray, will teach ..Me... .tr.
Penal Law. Dr. Chatelain,
one of the youngest teachers ma n?
of the Faulty, will teach
Economics in the first year,,
and Dr. Boyei will occupy
the same chair in the second
year.- .
-:0:- a \ a


Friday the good, ord .as
received from Army Head-
quarters of the promotion of
Detective Sauvagere Louis
to t4e rank of Corporal.,
Citizens of .. Bel-Air hail
heartily the promotion of
(the man they have forallV
watched pound his beat
through their wincing high-
ways and by-ways maintain-
ing law and order for the
*past' fifteen years. In those
years so attached did they,
become to the man who
changed people's. minds; a-
boat breaking the law that.
they christened him Detec-
rive Ti Bobo-Bel-Air.

.' '



-* En toutes Pharmacies ''
a o.Ph.w
FabrIqu e par les Imperial Chemical Pfliarmaceutcals) Ltd.
Reprsenths par TRANS-WORLD.TTRADING. C.,-SA,
Apaoiment ./
A** oiuimeut '

. .. '. .... 'a .." t.L. . ':. 'm.. s^






s OP S

The shops in this. se
:-nve been checked by
I newspaper, and' to-
I .6est of Our know
i t6eit merchandise ist
good qua ty ard

.I. ... .

For All Occasions.
SWeings .,

r.New fa
Gifts of Beautil
S.' FTashionable Ch
SFigurines and
Seautif i. Parkl
Sins Fiitnts -

. :. **: Yor


: .



le' File, et Mignon lb. $0.(
Sirlon ,steak ......... 0.
Porterhouse steak .. 0.(
Sirloin roast .........0.
'"' Rolled rib roast ...... 0.0
Standing rib roast ... 0.
1 Round steak ........0.
Chuck steak' ........ .0.
Pot, rdast ............... 0.
t1 Rump-roast 0.......... .
Short ribs ':...........
Stew 'beef -......... d
Briske : .'':. 0.
*.Soup bones ........... O.
S"Chopped meat ....... Q2
L. 'tiver -.................. 0.2
Tongue (each) ........ f.6
r;. Kidney (each) ......... 0.1
Brains (ea)h) .......... 0.4
Pork chops ........... 0.5



Sr. roy 'Qua r ero

$1.75" gay colour.
SReii 2.75
1.20 *

quisite variety
ful Silver. '
ina Ornaments
Toby Jugs"
er d5.1, a wholly ne.w writing
ihe Parker '"51 starts instantly-









Boned Roast .........
Boneless pork roast

Veal Cutlet ...)........
Veal Chops............
Veal Roast ............
T-Bone Sleak .........
Liver .................
Breast ..................
Tongue (each) ......
*idney (each) .........
Brains (each) .........

Head Cheese .........
H am ....................
Salam i ........... ....
Pork sausage ..........
Smoked pig's knuckle
Other variety meats







* I

S -


. i
* i.

~aiz cs tSZ2.


'OuAf~r SO< .I UL t, OCLAI




Art and Curio Shop
-Rue du Quai Tel: 3145

S.T j


Our new department which
i first floor, has .4.wide varie
See for your self--.

114 Rue Dant
Phone 3394

Castera's Maternity


Dr. Georges Castera's con'
fortable and completely mo-
dern 12 room Maternity cli-
nic is at your service. This
up-to-date clinic is located
in the same building as the
Pharmacy Castera, opposite
the Telegraph and Tele-
phone Building. Lall 2131.

----------- ------------- I TI ---------- --

esaw mFa.ur sucv


chs ejustoucheseon he
y f' gifts S IC

f th e thriving stunts performed by' Florida's championship wate
Doubles They're Kathy Darlyn and Bobby Hers

tured warming up at Cypress Gardens, Fla., before competing to
the North American Water Ski'Championships at the Canading
National Exhibition Jn Toronto. j
.*. .. ...
1 A t

,. ,w ,, ,.

turned warming up at Cypress Gardens, Fla., before i
National Exhibition 4n To:onto. "

' . i 4.' -

; ~--,I-----_ ~-



-. NW.
. , -. r

is to fesueia


Tel. 22, 4.,

- . "-a


* Tel. 2242. ":
', i 4 'fl t
"ave Tiusne and e mi
Boy Direct :from Fadl':
\"-' :, '.' *f':,

- --- --


-- -- ----~-- --s~---1 II ~--




Pane 6


Visitors to the Citadel,
Cap Haisien, can almost see
the draMatic m'amedts in the
history .6f Wie 'lfcredible
mount ning. fortress
built fq fChistophe to
protect hi Carbt~a do-

According to one legend,
the 19th century Haitian ty-
rant wanted to impress a
visiting general. He. barked
a.command at a platoon of
soldiers parading along the
parapet of the Citadel.,
The soldiers wheeled to-
ward the "clff's sheer drop.
And then, before the horri-
fied eyes of ihe general, they
marched in perfect formation
to death on the rocks below
the fort.
SChristophe selected the
site of the Citadel for mili-
tary reasons, little knowing.

that 100 years later tourists
would be viewing from its
parapets Haiti's rolling hills
and fertile valleys covered
with Gauguin-like vegeta-
The fort's massive 100-
foot high walls tell the story
of the tremendous toil of
thousands of slaves who per-
ished building this monu-
ment to Henri Christophe's
fear a fear of attack which
never materialized.
' The vast galleries and
dank, pitch-black .dungeons
add to the visitor's feeling
that he is witnessing a cen-
tury-old performance of
O'Neill's "Emperor Jonesr
- the play based on Chris-
tophe's life.
For tourists the'trip into
19th century drama -s quick.
Pan American World Air-
ways flies from Miami to

.. 8 LARGEST LITTLE. VALLEY---Tb awrll~ IoI.
i" a workman of average height putting thesfltdU~ g touch
m .largest activated concept of a valley ever matrauetd, a
, 1.i' 1-fioot model of California's Central Va. ,R cllto I
Push button-controled .water fows throu il W alld
A d the Lilliputian countryside built atTrEac, Calif., lb at,
nature trees, crops and herds of cattle and sheep.
Po r motewiTmy ti
li, -i I....


Port-au-Prince, in a bout
three hours. Or, by leaving
New York at midnight by
PAA, the traveler will be in
Port-au-Prince in the early
forenoon. Here there is' a
choice of travel agencies' to
manage a tour to the Citadel.
On an organized basis, a.
three-day tour costs' 65 dol-
lars per person. This in-
cludes the 40-minute air trip
,to Cap Haitien and return;
two days. with meals at a
good hotel there; automobile
transportation to Milot; and
a docile pony for a 2 hour
climb up the mountains.
The six-inile auto drive is
past lush ahd fragrant grape
fruit, banana, and coffee
plantations. At Milot are
descendants of the men who
built the Citadel' They live
near the ruins of San Souci,
Christophe's splendid palace.
Astride the easy going
pony, a visitor follows a
mountain path luxuriant'
with bamboo, citrus,. banana
and mango trees. .
And not the least welcome
sight is the native boy who
pops out of the undergrowth
with' a sack of cool. bottled

Along the, way the enor-
mity of the task of building'
and& provisioning -a.strong-
hold big- enough to garrison
ten. thousand men wiih six.
month stores of food, water
and ammunitions became
At 3,000 feet is the Cit-
del, 130 feet abqve the sup.
mit of Bonnet a l'Eveque (BI.
"shop's 'at). Here' the visit
feels.the impact of raw .na
ruthless history.
Evry citizen and fdreiftk
resident. should pause in lis
Daily life for at least one
visit to. this wonder. You
must see it to aoDreciate it.


..... .. . ,

S' i delicious flavors in t

. carry the.CanadaDry .'
CANA"Nam your fayorite-
C.d,, Qla' Dry makesIt, and puts
falowit Wl the quality, purity
'. iid .iarikle that have made !
.,,. CaimabaDry the fiast namein C,.',
.- I:,; w aid: Enjoy 'bottle today.

Near Par Lecote Tl. 2079
s. Glace N al, S. A CURACAO TRADING O., S
,,.,:"d ... --.' .


"t nV delicious avors in he

F Fir Pc "'

'-.:s A GlBelNaioal, S, A ti E. CURACAO TVRAING CO. .SA

ha!.' . ,
'. .W ,... " .. . .


r '4



Edward "Duken Ellington.(right), noted United States
Negro, composer and orchestra, leader,. presets to U. S;i'
President Harry S. Truman the original score of his con-"
tributio% to the new vPortrait,ofNew York Suites which
wil .be recorded shortly by-Arturo Toscaini and the ;
National Broadcasting Company Symphony Orchestra.
The Presdntation'took police dt the White House in W bash
fngton, D.C. Mr. Elligtron's cofr'ositiOn s based onthe I

-. .' .-
'folk music ,of the 4ercanNegro. .


d 0


S *R I



,* ,, ; .. .

rn m '' '.



... , .i l ," .,' ,t.''v,.


T Iif
a, .. .'..
*1' AY," ": -. I : .... e' ,'
.. '.k .. m'. '.. L. ;|

'. t. '* ' A ' '

---: I ;^ .BOO..... "tO" ...

1 'S 5 'W H, Depil. Of Labour', Cont ate Pymes'-tiatics.,
.la ... Ated Insillut. g
f l / 2 DIS H, .. ,,.,*$flW We fHsd ? ...m e ..,,,.,

El noA ea The htobject of, the meeting balancee of yents stati
.... (Cdnuetw d "frn Page' 1) is to provide technical div- tics wilfbe ciqcerned with
i '"- W essit thay they ,arb paying cussion of certain problems the Abbreviited Sci '.
; : L' alri iion ai clas fs forI in external trade and bal- -commede Aby the nte .
:i *the grop.' ace of paymentss 'statistics (ioni l Monetary F
ILLAE Another group is that be. whch are ommon to the the reporting of l
"a .'. peo ...e ws '' 'ing ent to the .Institute by American Republips. The '-pyments. .:In tle .
NeTh gzroes of Trinidad e whose 0 de epartmwnt of L abor, Latin American Republics eatrnalj' trde,
Sbeehgn ion to Amen.- oth rahe and' fami- nder the auspices of its for are being i vited to send to Nations Standard n
'ynp l rdugh their b iie anthropologist ward-looking Tinister Mr. the Conference the govern; nal Trade C gs. ibok wii be paicul r' interest- Cment Jpmelle This ar met officials responsible for .commode will b discus-
i'sed n intesve field d. 4 the,-nov cnepts ofthe second. successive earf statistics in question and sed.and h stidy will i ae .'
amr among the toco village ul'tral focus and retention that' employees theY it hopedd that the exchange of the i .thods ,used :i
thel. 1h itrihope .hde yI.- e ", ,.: .: :.
ers he leading authorities th te tha the ath ,foymulte parent of Labor have ibee of ;views will lead to an in- tin 'iA'neran gov e... 4
eiegdo&ul '1n' Africa and to e*pT the clanging cul sent to the Instituteto 1ear crease i the usefulness of forass' a 'al $th r
e:ic peseits the. 6 first: ture of tha Tocb tisi and, by glL. -k f national .statistics and in the godds end eaxtei trade
.nt o6. logical stud, "implcat'oti, of peoples every additi to the bank degree to' hvyich the .statis- adeli nstc ay'
i-i' be ade 'of aeo- whe. ; vnent groups, ,ge d rics of differ 'ent ,t ie i d nde-
t l rgto tture ind-the -' HE AUTHORS -K- I.istitte will alo provide of d i e xreraf xtreqd 'llde fie e
ngl pkidk C bbean. Mervil- erskovits nglhe language, training arative alym t lr
., 6ts, 'professor of snPcr935oPfessor of Afi for 20 employees of Essd The- mai 4iscuson of '
t. Northwes theology at .No thw stern'.. Stand 0l Co The local *. ...
t and ht w l'iir 'as, d in. official bf heso are also con- : ,
:' ave c oraten. the eefontaie, hio, n of ogthed inhreasing n .; "
wudv .1e ._ ',n Ne.o ,...' .. t i er, ha .,e .:...s t
a9o -th and l ''-.'', -h ,e for their employee. to .WD-tdS .
ci ftr ~Ar g:jffl~t4 knoiio English- in order . .,. ^-H 'A T1 0 R -' ;.. ,. . .."', .4S x f.. N. ,

w 1tve eld sihseAnd so to.y te-o t'*'* r -
oinkdie a-takig care of tbe n- oi* tn4 hdl le 'After tduv ufl-i i v

S'.ks, .'teNe. enumbe0 s d of idividua'l serench enterso I.want whsre he- a s y i
i; .:'.p..t. "i' '-. .... A Dtct i students .who. :bae .en re- with-' "e o nly tho se who ar the. ye ,
SbaLthorsad to o.a GuiNnae Pafi and rhe U ed gistering e sine September know the -plce of a lib erty essalis i h hi's
.edhge:. of. tue;^Jegro Sti e.'t'has<,_ fn .th:o~e th'- .vaiou disses L et ae wholl eat .to be rn- tbion on. agifa. vi .
oh respective. yoles fc% research ip all tide Engish, French, and cul- enslaved follqw than des- for the elPn of slh
egioand on, r and. a ac,,as welle asin.Terii.dd tural subjects at the Insti- tiny and ueave. .. let- thse forced the fna l s .rrendea,.
iWord ses. of Negro a rai. .L. .tute who, on the contrary, wish te French, and- e i i :.
he,.dramatic texture f rn.indRussia in 1897, stu rctor of the Institute, ex- Tde me' prepare to .es et waved '.

tfb: ialifo leads' to ogres- ed anthropology.at Colum- dressed his gratification that tber dy rew lag (which he had ee.
v aviou nd a'ear i a iUivers .ity, and the N hthe Idnstitut ihitiano -'e Ame- Thee famous words we're .e- oy eain the wu pS

yfor self-xprsin toacieve School for Social Reseaich. ,ricain is ableto fill the Eng- shouted by Jean-Jacques Des fsrtp from the FrenoflrsIae V
ifelogical ity.n Se e contributed to 'h lish train g needs of these salines in Marh, 1802, as o*nal I. em) ver ,"

.ites of the Baptist Shout- Arts wMagazine, News dRepraub- organizations, and he hopes he'was assembling the garri- ""dependent H sd. r' -
tiwect theV discover y he- e i cPoetryTheat.re Arts and itat the net gain to alt con- son for a fresh attackon Le-" '4. .., .'"
innings of' .. Ts he ransmta ale evieweo, -and is coafi- ce rned will be as much on cleric, the French commander 1 0Ins Spte -.be n o 4, -:
ii6 ,oF Acan re ligous thor with er iubarid ,tf the ide of bth er internatio- sent by Napolepon to crush saines was proclaimed t A

tvoish.ip into Profestanism. .Outline of Dahomean CReli- nalunderstanding and a mu-, the influence of Toussa1nt 11Pg- His iviolent dhatd e. -j
eiown lariguae the ious Belief (1933), Rebel tu al exchange of 'cultural Loutrerture, "and .reestablish 1806, suited ,inthb,
ocoans, eylain .thefr need Destin Amoni the BuishNe- vaTues-as on the side of mere slavery ih Haiti. fishing of the first egte wi.h",
.or a .religiOP f affirmatio gr of Dutch Guiana (1934) ec iomic advantage.' Unlike his beloved chief, public: inthe W .estern m
f ritual that' o fills the e .ar-d .Suriname tFolklore The Institut Haitiano i- Toussaint Louvertune, who phere a few years liter.o w
body with joy and not one (1936). ,, Americain also welcomed learned to/ ead and write 1.obei- 17, a National Holiday.
ifae emphasizes sin. ., Prie 4.75 dollars obtain- two new members to its when he was 40 years old, : Haiti. marks the 145.t. ,,
Iri Triiad Village the able at A Cravelle book saff. Mrs. May Echols and Jean-Jac es Dessalines, the annvers ry of the death o
reader will find portrayed' a skop. r d t Mr. h len-Perigord who wir founder of Haiien Indepen- al e or o
of the institute. They will aMe. His rebelious nature, mostducator, Historin, and "'

lweW Spetial Welfore Scholarship Awairds rNelace, *Mr., Jacques Lere- even'as a child, resulted in patrior: aOeei cannot be a ,.
A &h t d Erat teed licr. who Pleft Port-au- mson flogr i ngs and. until eal Haitian, uness one i
Sn s flC4e tanimed from Pal e 1) Pr since Selptem ber 27, 1951 t he- day ofl h death hedbore I esslician and whateved
,' ,?,'A ,fica .l.o 'h oto accept a 4-year scholar rhe soars left on his flesh. In the 'eans w he employed m.to
ids of p blic *at& miristra- covered 10 scholarships.. to hip in the United States, af- contrast'to iLoiverture's sense accomplish. his ends, 'Desvs s
dri and economic, develop- students. ( from seven coun- er 4 years of faithful ser- of justice, and great sympa- lises will rema in thei :"
cea t, 'tries. Of the seven, one was vice as Librarian of tehe Insti- 'thy for hui anity, Dessa- minds of the Haitian p r" 1 t'-i
'oIt is .expited that about Haiti and the scholarship 1 9 r3 4 'ar-.' Un-oiliier;his to live li iowerfnl enirjt. and among
aded .durt: .the balance rard Auigustin, inspector, 'Echls. director of Courses form of an intense hagred r the bl"'"k race, the .reat
:f 95ritu*al c 10th dur- Ministry of Labour. Mr. Au- the Institute wil open a which resulted in unprece- est since Loussaint. Louver. 4
i 2e- ph t first awards gus'tin will study b child wel- new English class for chil- dented. ci elty in 'his mas- ture. m t 4i
fnounced during August, rare io France on hps grant M dren. sacre of the FrenDch. eBy In ndt Allwor
Spbial wv,, asre -,; -. a w,.a-dos hrirs. whojefts Pt-au- Ins ronei '

-e'p rofm the Haitianrent upI
s .- d that Haiti and tesolRarshi "' iin.priMair' 'abieltop toelve- ..owe.f

"6 "1 dur" tob du- M f Lo M.A-a th e ni .eil oe wc s diLu n J -
$nj g oS-2 the firanst awards g nwll steu.ey, child we"o- .ei-ed wEngliscl'.ass foruch-n dlenthed .retynchis nom as-d e.1....,..

cnoanse during Augu, -aed in Fance A on hBsh gan. den s ohe' sacren' hi Feith. I .h eheir

What A.sP 7t .m the A M. :

'i .-k. -
iai., me,... prepare,..... aive., D saie '. .. ..

P* 0044,OW-10ij




-I F' 4. '^- -

.. C.
S Jcques Trou6 popular aMoyn Hogarth after
professor. at the French In- veral false starts hea
'stitute is back at his fa- north this week for a moi
ourite Pension, the San Mi- of sightseeing etc in Man
chele, after .a "summer's 'tan and its suburbs.
jaunt to Europe. He visited -:0:--
; his family in France and Maggie Decatrel daugl
Then niade a tour. of North- of Banker Leon Decatrel
Iern Portugal before tak. g yesterday for Jamaica.'M
Sa brief look it ithe Festival 'is to attend school at
S0'Britain.' "Immaculate ConceptionN
S. -:0:-, 'Kingston.
S. -: 0 :- -..
It's anniversary 'week for Rene Fadiiert took
S-thei COutaca Trading Comn- Thursday ,by plane to mi
pany' ofa Amsterdam, Ho- a personal check on the st
land.'- They, have been' i' ies they tell about New Y-
.t he'.Tradiig businesss for the -:0:-
,:ast sixt-oe Vears Mrs,Danny Mallebran
. will observe the annivers
Last Saturday night, Oc- of her birth tomorrow.
4 tob 6, Mr9at"aMrs. Peter. ; '-:0:-
-S. Jdies gave a receptipoi at Ernest Chauvet afte
theirr ihonie at Place ,Boyer, short stay here set off Thi
".Petionyille in honour of Mr. day to attend the United
S-ind' Mrs. Arland R. Smqith iton. Session in -Paris.
,.'-and family. Mr. Smith'is the, -0:-
-new:Assistant Business Maa- L'ilian Fabius is, celdbrat
'ager a the Institut of Inte, :her birthday at home in
A American' Afairs (SCISP) in biole today. .
p prt-au-Prince. Over 75 .- ::--
guests were ent*ttained at Last,eveniig the Sacre Co
'the, party. .. Chur4 p1yrgeau was
S .:0:- .scene of-the wedding ofO
S' Laroche daughter-of Colo
Colonel and Mrs. Conrad R. Laroche Haiti's Amba
-ollansbee were at the pier dor to. Veiuezela and J
S-side "Tuesday afternoon to Claude Borno son. of'Ha
S-welcome to Haiti Colonel e merchant Lence
7 and -Mrs. aPete,, Smith and.
Si;their daughter, when they
: arrived- aboard the fortnight In Petionville at St P.
S4y tourist ship S.S. Nuevo are's Church last night J
'. Domnpicano. Col. Smith is Buteau son of Maurice I
: replacing' Col. Fallonsbee as teau of Aux Cosaqu
SUnited States -"Military At- married Maryse Occen
S'iache. .This coming week The bride looked very beai
2 the Smiths commence house i in a gorgeous organ
- hunting in earnest. wedding gown.
.wedding gown.
.. 0:'--- .lr : ,- .'

. Ambassador and Madame
"ludovic Chancel are leaving
f.or Rio on the 18th to attend
Sa meeting of 'all the French
":.Ambassadors in the Latin
:American Countries. \


n-L ti LoPnsul in ijin
rori Bunny Evans spent f
days id the capital this we
on Consular business. He
turned to Jamaica Thursc
House guests at the ho
of Mr and Mrs Bunny Ev
in Kingston are Marie Th
ese Dominique and Johb
The word is out ind ab
that a Briesurn witt
Citroen car is extremely
%.4 -

S. .

a AITI SUN .. P *
S 4 W.- .
tereSted in ascertain agreme. Colonel Louis Maximilien, On the 16th Mr. and M
lle ,..his gasoline consump-. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Maximi- Max Dorsinvill Mr. ,Ne-
tion s gradually going up. lien, Mile Adeline Maximi- ours Pierre-Lois and Mr
S.-:0:_- .iet, Mr. ainf Mrs. Georges Hubert Carr6 will board t;li
Famed baseballplayer Joe Naud, 'Miles Naud6, Mr. ,Paris bound clipper, i, time.,:.
Beicker and his wife'spent a Raymond Etienne, .Lieuten- to arrive before, the UNO
night here at the El Rancho ant Jacques Laroche, MesSrs. session in Paridji ommenes. '
this week. enroute to accept Max .and Louis Fombrun, -
Sthe management of one of -Mlle Simone Rigaud, .Mile. Pan American airwayss
Caracas's leading teams. The Gislhaine .Carri, Mle DC. best local customers a gen-
one time player for the .pise Camille, and Mr. Jo teman by the nampeief Ludo-.aS
Giants, Dogers, Yankee, and ,Lacombe. See. picture front 'ic Nassar who.: rasimtesm i
se- the Clevperland Indians enjo .page. between Cuba, and.-Haiti re-
ded yed immensley the Barban- -:0:- gularly..Mr. Naspar aC 4
nth court r4ua and as the eve. Dr. Ulric Lafontant and Hairien merchant, .'
ha- ning wore on became more Dr. Sylvio'Celestiri are leav- ,
determined t. go into the .ing on the 17th for.a period Victor Boucard, Cief En-
Castle raising business in of study in Paris, France. gineer aof aEtablissemeiits.
iter Petionville. -:0:- Dejoien, left Tuesday, ae- '1
lIft :0:- Mr.. and Mrs. Sydney cqmpanied by Leo SL ,Pierre: .
ag- Eric Deans and his orches- Marks arrived in town this. on a' business ti.tod i-
the tra, they played, at Cabine week-end to spend. a few ago, Chili "i'.
in Choucdune last season, have days visiting old friends and -:0,- .-;:'s
.bdome musical ambassa- relatives. Mrs. Maiks is the Last week-end Mr. aidu:
dors of Haiti. Every evening. former Fahimie Goldenberg. Mrs. Eddy Larco .ietunedtI
off1 at Iingston's swank Colony _'0 frort their San Juan va
ake Club they give out with Back from studying at the tion.
r- good old Htian music... Chrysler Corration-works
brk the favorite..'.Col. Magloire. in Detroit, for the past four A nr' Party Tue3ay
evenlngg it Kuit Fsher. resi-.
-:0:- months, is Georges Stephen- evening t Kurt Fishers rems-
che .GioverC. Kendall Jr T/S son. dnce iTurgeau honoured
,,ar GT. the new flight engineer ., President -of. t he Se n
attached to the USAP flight: Charles Fombrun... w
tacd to te UA Mrs. Julia B. Laroche, bis birthday.
mission to Haiti is reported Mr. f Julia LHa' his birthday. r
r a to... know the town back-"wife ,of Hair s Ambasso. -:m .
us-ward already .. to Venezuela: arrived' here The Reverend Father .F :
Na- -: Friday to be~ pres;n' at nest. Bl is s leavingg fo i
Mr and Mrs Salomon Ba- Olga's ding that took Washington, D.C., tomtor-
oun return today.from an place lastveng. row. -Father Bais is one of
ing extensive tour of" the States. ; -:: the Fathers.you seldom hear
Ba- Mr and'.iMrs Baboun, accom- Madame Emmeline Le- about unless you aeidental
Spanned son Ruddlph to Stan- mae, Directress of the bump into their work
.- erd UnI erty;. CiporniSa SBaIi e.spipe ,- b n6r ar Aux Cayes. Th Ohblaq,
left for a tour of' Cuba and "ate--- .. .
euar anddauglter LoletalNadiato e fora tor uba and Fatehrs.have built a 'model
the .school at, the cAssumption Mex "uesday. co-operative -commui, y.. .a .
)lga Convent in.Miami. .:G l Al1 Di're;tor .truly -fine and unselfish 'a
)nel. -:0=- -. en'L fort, in the country, ,a few "a
ssa- Frequent visitor to Haiti the. Jobiral du Commerce, iiles fiom Cayes.
ean Evely -Eisenand .Captain Petrus Van Den
ea y Evelyp -Eisen. -daughter.of. :0- -
ard- ,local. Milk .distributor Nat Brg de a' sort rip touty ean Marie Mo~a
r- Feld -bought o Puerto Iico this week. eputy Jeani.arie o
or- Feld-brugbt.along a couple is heading.for Hkvana to
of charming. friends' on her ':
of caring. frendsy on her Mrsi Ninorte Antoine, morrot via P.A-A. -
latest vit. They are -0-.
latest visL. Tbye Julie wife of the Haitian Consul Carl Decatel, so of the
ier-' and Leoiia Sagasta 'of 79th Carl Decatrel, son of the
ean Street, New York City.- CamaueyConsul General in New York
Cuba Tuesday.
Bu- -:0:- k .a.. leaves on a business trip .to
es, Off on a grand tou of Mr. Don ohr went the U.S. tomorrow. After vis
t o Mr. Don Mohr went to
iad. Europe today go Director of New York yesterday. ting his parents :in New
uti- Agency Citadelle and Mrs. -- York he intends to.'journey
2an Pierre Chauvet. They will to Daytona, Ohio, to 'check
send the longest part of with the National Cash Re-
their holiday in Paris. gister Company whom he i
gs- -:0:- represents here in Haiti,
our The engagement party of -:0:-
eek Alex Fombrun to Marie ... a well educated, Personal Physiciagrvof His
re- Therese Maurasse was held baby girl arrived in the Excellency the President, Dr.
lay 'last Saturday night at Daniel Willy Fisch family Tuesday Joseph Jerome, is living 4
Heurrelou's new home in up- morning at '10-30. aWell on a mission to Ndw York
)me per Petionville.. Among the 'educated" said Papa Willy, Tuesday. Also-off'oia' mis- '.
ans' many friends and relatives because till now she has not sion to New York is Colonel :
her- .who gathered to toast the interfered with his. sleep., Germain Duchein'e"ADH.
ana engaeed couple were: Mr. Mrs. Fisch, the former paul- The man- who-is reputed
Charles Fombrun, Mr. and ette Deschamp announces to never sleep, Geotges Sera-
Mrs. Carl Behrmann, Mr. from Bourand maternity cli- phin, left this weelk-nd for
out and Mrs. Kurt Fisher, Mr. nic that their second daugh- khe city whete sleep is im-
h a and Mrs. 'Lionel Fombrun. ker will be christened Nancy possible anyway. Mr. Sera-
in- Mr. and Mrs. Roger Armand, Carol. Dhin will return froft New I
:0:- York within the month. '
"" / It was a big day in the life -::.- /'.
.' of three week old Guy Dou- Yva Latortue reti~tet :i
yon Jr. last. Saturday after- her vost, Secretary to the
noon. He ias christened at Haitian Embassy 'iii utd a |
'the Sacre Coeur Church and Truiillo. this week-end afte
* j,6 received as godparents Dr. vacationing here with h i
inLeUC .. Robert Denis and' Madame family and friends. '-
"i Robert Fatton. "' -:0:- '"

. ,*
"t.: "
:. .,:. : :: .., ; . . .,.". . '.. I...


' WEDNESDAY 145TH ANNIVERSARY dashed from one end of the South, Ptign for the West, mniliating guardianship, from
Qi" .D.T II r IOF JArnCP~! DESALIN!E country to the other, braving Capois-la-Mort for.the North any .degrading caste system-
S OF Coinued rI Page 1) dangers, rekindling the cour 'west, and Christophe for the Thus.he i#ged all persons
e. B i we otinued from ge 1 . i age of his soldiers, electi- North proves that he dtesfie with African blood in'their
the blesn w e owe to him.. -knowledge, as in his abi flying them, organizing new to administer the country 'veins to be proud to call
the, ke espierre, discern the resource mihtary units, creating a efficiently and start it along .themselves Blacks ... Finally-
ahe;emerges -Before our eyes ose who surround him, national flag, fighting his the road to progress. he chased the arrogantmas-
iuntarsifhed, "a fanatic who and in utilizing them, e 'powerful enemies, making ter from the blood-stained
-expp.oyd&no half-way mea- nation's interest .'. Dessa- them retreat step by step, When he realized that he. soil1of Saint-Domingue and
sires, te avenger of a 'rae Ulines was placed at the head conquering cities and pro- had made a mistake in the defied the entire world by
both fortunate and glori- of the magnificent army of vinces. We remember him selection of some of his col-, giving us a Fatherland. For
ous. -.ie hated with all the Saintomgue. With his on the watch night. and day, laboratory and that colonial all these aspirations, for all
strength e his c igorous be- aid Toussaint was able to eating 'little, hardly ever hatred was still smoldering, tese sacrifices, -death was.
ing the nial spirit and repulse th Spairds and sleeping, routing the Fench e sacrificed himself to cor- s reward.
S ihe colonialsystem. He was expel the English. He under- legions, making them retreat rect such an error and took B hs sVcrifice was. not
ca pabi of killing and tor- took the long and bloody int Verrtires and- pushing the wisest measures to re. i vain and ide ~ av .
tt.' ing ie white man who .southern campaign. When them into the sea, then sol- establish a public order dis- persised hrnd gb ot o ..u
b-lie itiiasel.f superior, or Bonaparte's legions arrived, 'emnly proclaiming the index. turbed by unpatriotic citi- prsy national vpssitud s.
., Ahe'bla&akia who admitted be holdly and courageously pendence of Haiti on Jand- zens. His death was the re- Th st, u of De inp
-I -hif ibSr ty ."He could be in- organized the resistance at ary 1, 104. suit of the hatred aroused grws larer 0d arger wi
S.finitely noble and infinitely la'COrte-a-Pierot, after hay- by urgent, intelligent re- ~h years, and he l~I m
b. uihn at-th'n same time, ing strewn fire and death on Dessalines has been accus- forms; and his determination a magnificent national syn-
their passageA formidable ed of unprecedented ty, to ean. up the adminis- bol. Heincarnates our ideaL
Prom childhood, Dessa- leader, Dessalines was wel- as it had been ssible to.. tration.of lands and finan- of an iLdepeadet and free
lines was unwilling to live corned like conqueror in rpay in any other coin.the ces which led'to the imprison Negro tiop. WQe ca t C
the life of a'slave. He was Saint Marc, although he cruelty of his adversaries meant of scoundrels ad. be a re H an unless -ae
i. -.an obstinate rebel, an intrac- was defeated. His daring Native soldiers- were bruial- smugglers ... He had threqt- p es,
:ible .savage, a runaway. won the admiration of the ly mutilated at Acul. The cned' to break the Jones of aes p single cu the .
i- slave, knowing no fear of epch soldiers and officers next day, all around the city those who doubted our in- gust. tr repre by- 1
:' orpor punishment o r the bravest in t" e world. of Cap-Haitien, the bodies of depeienie&e, and he paid for Toussaint. IueYrture, who'
S.death, no servility, o love After the fll of Toussaint, Fr6ncl soldiers' hung f.rom sqth defiance with his life. .ve liberty Dess'l es,
f. b.e white man. is stub- he tipk up the sword of his numerous gibbets. fthis was He promised to punish those uh '. tp s i.-
S mWnill refused to bend be- belved chief to lead the re. Dessalines' logical esponie. who robbed she nation in the.. to safeg d
4 -fore any other will. Perhaps o naties to final vic- t was necessary to frighten aime manner in which~ heQr, I,: ./
bjsamters werekind to him. story gad indieiidence. Un- Such inhuman enemies '... appli penal ieh to pe tty probid' is. ul .
B -dtl~awi as incapable of obe- l-ofrmed people tfve often Even thymassacre ofth thhiieves. He.I swore that, 'v.' .1w ei :h.
ir dience. hs, he was often referred to. cbe choice of whites can easily be explain January ,1897, there would qw we o s .-
Sptisd and eien fle De lines: as leader of the \ed when one considers the not be a single thief letS inRtIr atd dv wp e w
'e eid wnhe .in Octob 1803. action. The Frenh priso- the Emp Peath, was his okr4thj abt thlIert ...
I; ,W6e she scars tde fae t left Iey do ntkiwkacw that there s could escape a istsent reward, .He belieyvd that's 'i4fki besu.m oa
I il a h.'har fartonimnak- w.no.chaiC$eC CaZ *a .tps- baitk .home,, might zerip the 4trnctipons between tj %' ^L'dl Des4 ji
d--t ;dobcie, pn-. salinps was the only Geral with a werfil inyapingl ai the new freedom lam t9
#ea operated hi in .de Diyision, 4f g mIrver- A y.ei C was dnly onri should po Aloige exist; and .at ofer
Pa ac. 'reasea 'the hatred ture's depat.re that is' to national, s tio ';. p i .b.eat, the l^ckt l, liberat- 17,, 1941t. li appear "w-: '
4- would ope day e~- ay, te ranki n officer in and.Desasi"Mes resotli&k wi, o 'idepe-. pmrage A;.'es M r,
, service A steq disi- Whe" one siit. c. oo AA ho any rights as am. f ri AIe pu ish-
S. linari an anda Sriategit4e Idit l who we ..fre ee beforee; .K19 y Seil .
I: .essa:nnes became .tbe ways shoe ise r- e i:safegur 'ii eoni,' ... psaes pwan:. th 'B4js' e t Lra ie,
i:ght as n of the foment Thy of his high rank.' mtst use t i'e.s P e :.ei.'. leto e''frean, .m ',:ad g-f
r. -,Brda slave, Toussaint lou- It does aot seem necessary WSar mustb.ewagt X ithae proud and hee labored 4 rAk ir 0e m Pan ASmenn-
i :ertre.-#"e need- nt 'acept ..relate tae events of that weapons of war, orIt, tihold' free them fullg from any hfu- ca ..ok .Ha .' ..", '
[ e' historians' claim that period, but we- must .pause not be waged at l. essa a' "eI'
i d flsal.es saeded- Louver- to remember 'his magzifisent 'Lines wa$ the one man.who '. 2 .
i..-,ture in military capacity. conduct in the dangerous po- could fight kochambeau and.
'I.The An tnesi of ai leader, 1sition .in which he found his powerful t rm,. Withoud
S,: e e all, does not codsist so" himself, the Homeric epic him. there would have'been
iich in tirhe posse sion of.all that he wrote with his -saber ino idenden6r ..
i. .":ia',. ble qualities and .., A future eperor, he o-..' '"- '
-g.. It has been- alleged h.th at,
ed. cure's .''' -. Dessalines wts i nt a- good.
_-_:" 'ddmittistpator, .forgev-tng
,... tharthe was the right a A' ,,of..
a.- ~ .~an : dmilishtaive., "ger"-s, .
S :Toussainct Z,6uertute. :i:9t
uonly .dmilitary ,manoefv es
t:* e ,,.. were Sdntrosted to him.i, the.
a .ilustridus Negro. Ho~ ws
...- and h also given heavy isppois 6
S' bilii.es 'essental to tie.'peace,
such as the organization ofA
..'. ... .,, - .ewly,, . 5nq ....
'" .., .. r'.iii.d'he development 6f;'
', austr r and agriculture, 34&e.,
-" h seat.ridin aCOMdPLEF over, Dbssalhsuiown l-r'ges

K BDK--. ..M, SE amazng low cost! .g.,r pills '.whic e man.,
a . w co ged efociele .
..ant the bAt for the Least? :Then here's your ansower--- .Aft ithe' cdns :ini-tio
-iL4. Ba r am.. a British built complete motorcycle, with 'of Haio'an indepenaeh"gid.
..u,_ s galore and riding qualities which mahce it a real 1804, Dessalines desired to
t .out. It's .st idy -' dependable handsome. perfect his 'adminiistration
SARRAn GE TO BUY ONE TODAY o'. and chose those he. believed BIDIE-to be the ... ..
-..." u tO h SEE.THEBIRDIE"--Tat mI to be the blea-enar-

best -Asdifie toe the -GlI .I anu Drdgs. La., turns the t on 9ibs erapa
anVd qiified, to'"ea ,
ad "A.E 'different .'departments. The, ', .'ltL at w Yor'Iew AMrpott to a pld..ane
Gand Rue opposite Haiti'Motors selection of Geffrard for the *pl'* rnc q@C-..: s s, ',a.
I.i.' m i
"'s. '." u, -N egro. *..,
". .', .' .. :4 .. ' 'g "
: : .* ,.. '. :-,.r "' " "" .. " " i. k .', M % .
.' . .'. ,,. ,,...;O ." ... .... .,-, ,s.., ..:,.it ..o,,t ... e e. : "
.vel,. ..- v -,.- ., ... .0.. .... "L~. '.*.... .~ ... "::'.. t, .; ,. :' .. ." : ., ."
suchJd.', ,a. ...6 or a i ato of' "{;',,' ''. :,' ..,"'":o,. 0 "


* Page.1t. '4

.:0: -
Ti Rony Chenet 'flew to
*Jacmel this week. to sell
some insucince to those cof-

: :0:-

. Columbia's ...es famosa...
a iitde. princess, Rosa Rosarip
iVatya Lopez continued ..her
.,tombine business and please
- trip through: the Garib-
~a ean and Central America

Wednesday after a month
in the Capital. A Wall-flo..
wer at the airport reported
,that before plane time Wed-
nesday the princess made it
Known that she had enjoyed
her stay here, in fact she said
every day was like Xmas in.

Mrs. Dana returned on the
7th with her one month old
little daughter Eileen.


' Famous local drummer and
character Ti RoRo left last
week, to join the Katherine
Dunham group' in New York
and set off with them on
their European tour at $75
a week... but on arrival in
Miami it was found that he
was nor in possession of all
the necessary paper to pass
"on through the U.S. The au-
thority asked Ti RoRo who
he was, Ti RoRo who was
frankly amazed at such
;question' replied ....(Tout
Sblanc konain ti RoRon and
was even more amazed
when they shook their offi-
cial heads... his follow, up
was a classical Ti RoRo de-
monstration of drumming.
Ti RoRo returned home Sa-
turday not sure that he cared
about world travel.

-. . .
'- l ... --\

- .A \C'est p\ounquoin ns Ie.m o no entier,
Wew'7^ ..tX d nIiip forte tf0narres co0t tranennrtde

MYAW SITTER-Though boasting no previous experience
lcfral-training, trie Great Dane above prov& big eiough.fo tt
b of taking care of a dog-tired spectator at a San Mateo, Cai
SClub show. Tbe. thoroughbred baby sitter Was one- of 150., :-i
E aultm -L7.... 'dogs competing, for jblpe ribbons.f

N I, su pneus -poids lords Goodyear qu sur; E FIRE
pneus do toute altre marque

SShoe Store! owner Sylvio -fire system. and comn~c
Les erepreueurs de camionnage et de service kilomtricrue tout en assurant 14 meilleur Vitiello left his premises 'o control the' blazing n-
d'auGobud savent que les pneus poids. lourds service qu'on puisse attendre de pneus poids Tuesday evening at 8:15 and ferno. '
Goodyear font preuve d'un maximum. de lourds. Pour un maximum d'avantagesm--a
o et d'un nmaximuni de rendement achetez dea pnods poids lourdsoodyearl made a recorddash to the
S Fir' Station to report that Eye wi issWsaid. i'Ja -
kR-Eyear-,er a, fire had taken hold of thl it a bling infern
-.---ALL WAHER RAE r k lo ug- large three -store~r building no mewas an eagge.t :
adjoining his dn Rue Bonne :Thefire had started.ai, the
S' Foi. foot ,of the old'\3-store y
... -wooden Staircase .nd tlu
The iaPompier answering draft 'up tie stairs g 's.
A., b .he call immediately arrived flame thrower effect. On.the
;n f-rce. 'five fire engines,' third floor' the Aepl"
;.and within the'shortest possi. 6f Mr Richard Widmaie fr-s
.. ble time set up.their efficient radio station VRW were
...'- --~,- a time imperiled by hai_ ,'
Turn UnfinishedAttic Into Fne rlayroom for Youngsters their escape cu off,
SU. .. .they soon discorved a means
;IEDI~'M s -.. of escape way of roof
. -'.small- com:-' and descended tq the street '
a seis i; declare trhrougkl Siano's clothing
hm i991L, e e ar s'cre.-Within' 45 minutes."
amia H.idrencan be rh Fire Brigade had the fire
o maor can, t 'b extinguished. D a i' atg e' 'i
a rainatrm "r a snowfall
o..tebigs are etast "erent... wrought'bvy the slaircise fiei"
uft tday' aiihitects preoc- a mou nt
ih a picture windows and aon T o.e.r 5,0 strong -.
beating, eem. td.rorget to :urdes. Thee'Ia trong
S-Mcea,. see oop-up i~snicion of arson and .the

Ss 1arimar where Police are. making a. thor-
.. a s at.a p. um; aps ough' investigation.. They
e ilnd your answer otv-thee
: 4 aproswblem i have disclosed no finding as
in'dmisld attic Convert it yet.
*Ii playroom,: where your -
can be kept warm and T
without disrupting the entire belonging t
SNicolas Cardasco,. is occu-
eed "a,.be a. prohibitively Died by Leliv" Bailly and sub-
venture if you use an in- "ented on the second fload
S: u mi e .insulating board) for econd floor
",, Anroifte Rogal, Chales
vl-.. wa and rafters. 'This r rof Rgal, Chrales
i heewhihnarrowis available in Laforestrie, and. Peters. The
: aiety of tile shapes, *not only L .-o, J.Lr'., n takela o A
l nbare areas. and'provides its .Mr. Card id e
'decorative.effect, but it also : '-*'on 4V R7 a
heat insulation and helps on 4
Ap. ,qiet sound, makers claim. ... . .
T o convert your attic into .a 0:
playTroom, begin by placing knee- Bad weather is no bugaboo to these children whose playroom, constructed for them in a lm anfibie i
waillsu tnder the slOping roof at a attic, provides plenty of Interesting thin's to do. on rainy or story days Madame. Fra
-W "Hioii 'midich will- allow a five-foot Madame S FranFos M
S li' from floor, to rafters. Under not only for toys and play equip- include a swing qerewed into an This room can be converted -r and dailhrer, Eliabae
these walls, build in a set of con- ment, but also for blankets, out- overhead collar beam, built-in later into a bedroom 'Zor yoht
tinuops three-tier drawers run"- of-season clothing and other fam- blackboards flanking. a window, children when they reach the agm left on a Cuban iacati "
inug the length of the room. These -ily. items. and an elevated platform for elec- that a playroom is no Ige Tuesday.
.ouldeprovide.anple storage area, Extras for playroom fun-time tric trains. usefuL
-, ..
..,..:,. sto ag ar.-,. xt'afohJ

." -HAITI SUN*j '


12 -
- ---- ----- ..-.------- .---

he waat, Movment
S- -. (Contisved from Page 1)
many personalities of arts
'sad Jeitltt sponsoring it ae:
MM. Pi'1-Mars, Luciep Hib
bert, Lao Laleau, Catts Pres
v';- Jea Brierre, Rayziond
"' t, Louis Mars, .Pradel
Pmnpilus, Mlix Wilson, Pe-
Witt Peters and Lucien

........ ........ -......... ..... ....................

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Furnished house at Tur-
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reasonable rental. Contact
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companiou"s; i4eai for qle;
. q.- h Culture group.? o ceped adver#se- TEACHER AVAILABLE
After a sJort chat with Dfi-
S After 4 Seort chat with D- gmeats of a political dWare. ,English and French. Begio
r,, ector 4rI.eau-Leoy, .g Re P pgr insprtlion, npuxi- ner s, Intermediate and
gains t~ apres s t Snam of 10 sords. French literature transla-
,i. si i .Mu ,41 tip os. Tel. 5386 for appoint
neijier .-. .mpoms ars .. ... men.
iroy ar gn art &4ttery, -T ....--..
I. -:bat n enterprise whoi FOR SALE. '-i
S is the creaiton of P ,cu4tu A a tf4i y kept 46 1949 Ford Sedan in good
center where the aelitev, the Hudan is sip- i saDe ;his operating condition. Will be

l' elders may gather and en- to sacrifice if for 900 dollars. 700 dollars. Bids'will be
-;. joy fully works of great opened October 19th, 1951.
wi painters, writers and otherContact P at Airport.
aiii An effort on one -TRADING O. Coc P --A. Airpo
ba, d od allow all classes to, / FOR RENT .
I t: ; acq~mlq t themselves with .
/ the progress of arts and ideas A brand new house in.Pe." b hi ia mn mtir i
S in the contemporary world, bim ttonville fully furnished
Ih and on the other hand allow with all conveniences is now al.OiIN ilbr4triulSp L iB lPi:it
t,, he local, as well as visiting available. Contact the, Hai--. '
:'artists and intellectuals1 to ti Sun, qr Telephone 3469,

-.: tent the wgrks of members. .
. -',.. Sf theii profession. Opening ..,, rn ANNOUNCEMENT nr
"; j i t'/at ;Beu Arts. .Ga- BO O CO.. ,.
s:'. I-: on. tche. Exoition i Haiti Sun takes pleasure
S. nds .r the Palmist If y wih to sell youqL announcing that it is now
pRF, ; :ei" drew a large crwc d home, re&e it, or zaybe sell $aking stbscription for the i
w was,-comprised most- son-e 'of your furniture tagazine.AMERICAS Bi i Cmly e
-dc'iyat rs,;- .painters, then for, the fastest and best ed by e Pan metric
%: -.i .,.andf-llowers of the- estat imedi in glish, Spanish '' ib Lowest pussi
.' 4t.n aad intellectual world... and Portuguese. .
:; general, public p hve .yet-' RODO TRADING CO. The AME CAS,g a'bew.A & BAUSSAN
.-. b i troduced,to the ei. s .' tifully printed and ii 4ls..
hibiion. 6reat interest was Addless: Grand Rue, next ed magazine of some t '
i_. -owl. no* only in the exhi- .to dte' Pharmacie Telema- ddyl pgtes 'contains featie .
: bititself but most were con- qu -. ', articles the 21 Latin Ampe- .
iot caned -a*p ithe new born -In. repd to' eal Estate /r.canations, aicluding Hati-
ovemtt lduihedby. Mor. in Hpti- always contact'
i.-sseau-U and is collea- Haiti's first .Real Estate Subscription tes of AME

Sdes .e goup itduc- Agehcy1 RICAS, 3 dtl.ars a year for "
S" 'theworks, "of cnjelmp il.r-. the English, Spanish nid .,7
.- :ecpa'intpr Artimff, IiPl GO. 0* Portuguese .editi9ps. Fro' .
n .. li l-of ith' i- Mondnav on Sbrscritions
inU; One.ar i~i-13 Man-~~'J--

r fg. ip lif the famo us 1th. s --- will be accepted
r ,tFr eith painter j-en- Sun Office, Ave
." 'Th.Aw.e-Lautrec and J.covertre, who died ii Jeaane Stand N(
; .it. rare boo~ Bordauxan' many French isitioi. The ma
l.-' ~ iit' which' belong .to bookQ and 'magzines on Hai be delivered n
.- ^vate collection of the tigni li'teragire. your (doo.
g~;dzer s ning these rare ...
S.boKts"t hicb are incidental- .The exhibition' will re- JEEP FO
r"' n-dFo ole. art io rW Histoy sain epen to0 the general Jeep in gooS
: of le blatk Republic- print noblit:" at the Beaux Arts selling at a reason
e.. .l-ostosn n i1805. and'd' Gallery op dte Exposition For full particul
I':" bx;i dlpiinted by the Ha;rian rounds behind, the Theatrer the "Haiti Sun.,"
a r imgrfltion' Service ih.-Bos. cl r erluir' :until the 27th of
:'. ion .'-861 titled, A Guide Qcrobhr. Today the .Gaery BUY STA
i ..to Hatiw, the liook of poems will b open from A a.m. till Persons interee
S'"'esttitd. l'Haitiade n .bv 8p.m. ing stamps' con
::. aac, the sort of Toussaint' ./ Sn Sun,.
|,1 < .r ., .^ ^^^ .-.. ., ..?^l



'. ". .
.i... *... -' "'
I -'. "" ",. '" .,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ri v( ,"' "' ''
,, .,; L 'd ' :L., ', : f '. ' + j" "

at the Haiti
npun Marie-
2. 29 Expo-
gazine will
monthly .to
i ;

d condition
Dp;ible price.
1ars contact

.MPS 4<
sted in buy-
tact aHaiti

'*-r c -


'at ; .

e. cost

: offer t

;. . *
; ,.
I .. . 1- ,
"'. .' f ";''' I '" '

gl .. .." .*

'' .' .- ,'
Si . 4 "- ,'

: .k. s... t .. ,

: 1 '.- . ...y. 1 v i

.''Pdrt-au-Prine c : . 2 387". ,l : ."





I -

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