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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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LUME 1. Port-au-Prince

iqKe Myslery of the 'la Paloma"
." ". PART.tl -. .I



S.theEditor of the. Haiti do not intend to plead in
.ur.al . y .your newspaper. My lawyer
His Offices- capable 4o defending me
ear Editor: ..efore Justic., he has already
In a 16tter by Mr. Rene 'gityei; the prbof of that and Las
ireyfuss, published in your besides I w.tuld not engage I.ublis
Wspaper: Haiti Journal up n iof an..exchange of polemic local"
r the number 7506, I too .wfrMr...etie, Dteyfuss whb the al
.v.e been taken to task byjr h'.ty' t by. justice, far from preset
E.' Re-^-Dreyfuss. P' resenting himself fork'his Jace
Mr. Rene: Dreyfuss treats own defense hs referred to ..re
Ss. ai uVendor of Tan- 'ake ,ht. -I '
sy. : Bt.fen Mr.. Rene Drey, 4 eXt
He declares also i.*But t fuss:and s myself there exists nator
-ems tha. tie' ttes of the no contract for, the purchase '.:.
eado .cover somethingig of my. old yacht cLa Palo-. pie'.

t. tf.e. .Ca. .. -r. Grieg.
., :: -. .- .' : ...- ... .. , .".N. .I.-

.Ii. rpubkic will receivee treatment
Monday its i fi real c6n- sonal and
anercdl .Modern Laundry is nothinl
iservike whed' the Haititan izationi.
American Modern Laundry The s
S..S or the' Blanchisserie l ,?
.Jimmy opens its doors to the n -e
'public. This new plant has ow .h
be' planned ad desige Q h'
to incide tie latestand most ipper..
Scientific miethids of corn- .The
,,-iercial laundering. hb evolved

Pan American World Air- Comm
-ways was unjustly accused, ;ost as m
in a recent Port-au-Prince a half do
Newspapers artide, of ghar3- of-the foi
ing excessive rates rates largest C
higher than those of a com- 000 dollar
ipeting airline, entire C
Not only were the facts 'PAA firs
untrue, but the writer of the Port-au-P
.-article missed, the main point
that Clipper fares are ac- Not or
tually lower than they were can held
before World War II. stantly in
In perhaps np other field ary press
has this occurred. Food pric- tually red
: r_ i U -- I-J LI

'4s, for example, nave auu-
li.ed in the past ten years,
iatd PAA's operating expen-
ses taxes, construction
'costs, supplies, fuel and sala-
t es bavr soared.
1 i Jis

LJtUonL priL c
gers and c
that, the
gets far m
in the for



Unjust Criticis of

n igration Service

t Sunday,. this Journal
shed an-#rticle warning
business men to be on
ert for people who -re-
lted themselves as-legi-
buasintess men and who
ali4y bused, the privi-
* ''. '"f ' *L.

. . f........

: reiderqd to per-,,61 $ f -: '4, "
Shousehod, laundry nTi ried i;s'qdeimes
g short of a reital inaccurate ifite ft, tdbafs
S '. 'We have hea. o .t cle
S. ... pr teus fmai ann-
ecialized, machinery g.'aRp a :i of
. ... ..c t ai :,ice o
ashington D.I id ji -- rc
2 21the ot o stiit ast


VI.p1' ***

* %7..

ed that there, exists a con-.
flict on the one hand be-
tween the Off.ice .oi Tourism
which attracts 'or .lures the
tourist.ihere for an Mdefihite-.
stay vhile on'.the om-er-nana'
the .a. atp block this


Aohal -**]


-7 P
[ m' ) ..... !A.lps ,f
iion. u
gnayuvi skcso ,_
financially nsble. and.
tlv q ,T. .

re by PAA tago in 'nff icen-n Cont._nedon Page w"
Process s in the 4epartmeht which ."d on*-4..
ew process was no. andl n. to .discourage, sincere. .4
it ut great de and honest peo le fm mak- iqi rre, direqo :
,'ueo in0 home or. business here. ;. CAJB^Bfil r i:,- ......"". *' ";^
Recently. the. Immigration AND E t014 ra d -. .
minS Service underwent a drastic HOBBIES -T PrGPMolun
SEchange of. administration. .(Or oging Correspondet) LR S .' ;
Mr. Deny Bellande was ay- op6k:listei aaia
ercial aircraft today pointed ibhe new head of the You asked me to wre .muc. talking .t.peopk, '.'i
uch as a million and Service aqd brought with About our cruise of the Car- opkiin t. gh ro1t titoa-
ollars, and just one h thf will .to do han effi- ibean md in makin~i an at.- ary, and being jst pla ,
ir engines on PAA's cen job' and .to give the tempt to o soA have been lazy.
clipper is worth 50;- benefit Qf lis excellent ad- sitting here.motionleisly mu- AMBITION to sell "
its more than an ninistrative ability and in- sit about the ports we vis- mystery novel that's just
liper cost when vestigative talent gained dur t, delitl voyage been finished.
t bean flyin to g past government service., ad at the. Pe- tpme gloat- This is the history in a nut ..
rice 22 years ao. Thats a as been su ing about the fact that e he of one of the moht tpo- '
cessful toward this goal withare so happy to be back home oular artists in .our midst.
nly has Pan Ameri- in this very brief period of in' Haiti. (Dropped out of 'out iuidst
the line against con- tue since he took over, is th the exception of e .st week, and is now vaci-
tcreasing inflation- demonstrated by the numer- night and- day trip between 1;ving in the U.S.) And oie
ure, but it has ac- ous report on and, from the Jamaica and Haiti the voy- of the things that' has made
uced its transporta- people whohave arrived and ae between, other ports in- %er that popular is the fact
es for both passen- departed from this country volves two or three nights that he loved, HaIii, and
cargd- On top of all' A nurnal i- # h4 cvtv this and days at sea so one must therefore Hailove# her.
passengers tc-lay past wcek cri icised the ef- .be a good sailor. Fortunate-..- i.Mfia Steiner cA to te
nore for his money forts of this government in ly, my husband and- I are a TTn;ted Srates in *93 R td
rm of faster, more attempting to attract tourists pair of saliy old tars so we settled with her family "
nued on Page 6) to this country. Italso stat- (Continued 'on Page 4) ... (Continued on Page 12).

-n. .. 4) :.






. =i4-J7 'U


. ,:.
*s< 4

.-Py* *

," "- ' i
: -_". -

O-. .....a,.
:_., .:
-. M .A.. . ..

-; .. ,
." '' : .- .. . :.- ':. l~~

I P ER'S-Il .' ', ; ""

THE l : .
.~u .' ^ ; .-^ ,- ..-...,
..--- : .* f - i ,* _; ,
E. n,,:.". .^4*fp ''
"' ru *" TU E'A. ur i' l#; ', ".":,;,**
r "i .n i ry i .,.;.; -, ..

-; -- ^^ .. ..^ t [

**,: '


,' .

7 '- .


Among t h e submarines marine was fi
-"* built during the Navy's pre- to the surface
war expansion programme 13, sixteen wee
was the U.S.S. Squalus. In ing. She was
the early summer of 1939 dock, and her
she was'considered the latest commenced.
'word in the underseas craft. The electric
One day during diving prac- equipment was
twice off Portsmouth, N. H;, the General
S he suddenly and inexplicab- pany, Schenect
ly sank in 240 feet of water .haul. In spite
The Navy" rushed its special been -under wi
underwater rescue chamber four months it
to the scene. Despite the be in relatively
great depth of water the res- tioti. After d.
cuenr succeeded in saving the motors ran sath
S lives of 33 of her crew of 59 for additional
in the first operation of its unit was take
nd in history. roughly cleaned
S Then bepani the long, te- and reassemble
S. oul iob of salvaging the hauled equipn
-. hiip. herself. .In this, too, returned to th
-, the depil of water was a se- at Portsmouth
rious problem. After r6oe6 t in the recondit
,ed~ efforts, however, the sub- few months, 1
^."o' .w e .: .. .

Sr[Hr Service

':,.-..Ais a Tradi

E Iery detail of your trip "via PAA"
Si reflects nearly, a quarter century
I of experience in pleasing tie most
i: '. : icacting travelers the world over.

I K. ..

*<":.. ."-""/ : : ,1

veteran bravebe
... . ,Ame!icaM tim asit
'an American will gladly help you
m. ";a.a:Clipprlir* ;ip td almost
W'" .. '",. rt ywhere-to:iy of 83 countries
r; 4, d cbois o. all'si, ci"tinents.
S':r. Throughout your
)A lig11 luncheon on a shorter, flight wi noiide those
s as carefully planned and pre- o wic e
Spared as the magnificent full touches which me.
course dinner you will enjoy on By continually stu
voyage between continents, the smallest details
tribute to more e
'travel...by frecti
.ing program towai
1 not merely satisfy
S gers...Pan Ameri
established service a
of which every mi
staff is justly proud

SFor, reservation
Trav lrAge
SPan Amrican Wo


!l "...." ': ; < " lhi.,, h apr < p i" -los


S Squalus was put back in com
mission as the Sailfish.
nally brought-- Under her new name she
on September joined the Pacific Fleet and
,ks after sink- played an effective part in
put in dry the grim battle against the
reconditioning Japanese. In that struggle
fate gave her a rare oppor7
s sent back to unity to erase the memory
Elsent back to of her early, disastrous sink-
Electric Com-ing
tady for over- ing.
Sof its having In the midst of a typhoon,
iter for nearly tremendous seas, and a diiv-
was found to ing rain she encountered a
y good condi- fleet of Jap ships. The com-
fying out, the mander on the bridge could
isfactorily, but see nothing but blackness
Safety 'each and water everywhere, but
n apart, thor- radar* told him of the pre-
d, reinsulated, sence of the enemy vessels.
ed. Th'iover- Waiting patiently to attack
sent was then the largest target shown on
ae Navy Yard the radar screen, the sub-
and installed marine dodged and submer-
tioned hull. A ged as the smaller ships pass-
later the old ed by. Finally the big target
S* -came within range.-. It was
a 22,500-toni aircraft carrier
of the Kasuga' class. The sub
fired her torpedoes and
heard the impact of two hits.
At -in Within seconds 'he was
If bTEU being attacked with depth
charges, but none d'd any
S After about half- aA hour
'tme Sailfish .. surfaced again
to look for the crippled car-
rier. She foutid her circling
slowly. As the visibility. im-
proved somewhat, te Sail-
fish fired two. .more torpe-
does. The carrier replied
with a rain of shellfire, but.
apparently did not know the
I 1 whereabouts of the Sailfish
as the.shooting was ainied in
all- directions..

flightb you
little eqs
an so much.
dying even
s which coa-
njoyable air
ng its train-
rds pleasing .I
ing, passen-
can has es-
s a tradition
ember of Its 1

s, see your
entor O
orid Aiays:


riN/ Arqlg, Lsf
Ruet Dantes Destouches Port-aiu-Prince'
Telephone: 3451 and 2822

.The visibility continued to
improve. The Japs. located
the. Sailfish and the random.
firing was replaced by accu--
rate aiming. But the sub-,
marine could really see her
quarry now.- Moving cau-
tiously but steadily shf crept
to within less than a minile of
the wounded carrier. Then,
taking Fareful aim, she re-
leased all her torpedoes. Hits
were heard, followed by ex-
ceptionally loud explosions;
.aboard the big ship. The car-
rier began. to break,.up and
9 minutes later -disappeared
beneath the waves. For this
exploit the Sailfish received
the Presidential Unit Cita-
Ouietly a-d without pub-
licity the Navy's submarines
and the -uxi'iary and cargo
ships did a magnificent job.
Few of thes- shins ever fi-
'-.,-ed in newspnver had-
' lives, but their work was vi-
tal to the successful opera-
tion of the Navy.
7194i General Electric
drooed ll commercial ra-
dio development work to
concentrate on manufacture
of Radar and other impor.
tant new war equipment.




L p-

!.. .I L

*UP TO 55%

.u TO .60% i l

U PTo 32%


J .iMA7Z!rNtG NW ---
VTirestonfeI-_ V .e -,
Outstanding ,spark'.
plug' or gas economy ast longer,
apnd motor perform- -lvaee more'
ance.Install a settoday. Power -- by
Extra Power.

Quick and Easy4to Brush On
Painting is a lot easier when you have smooth-flowing
Central paints to brush on. Their fine oils give them great
covering ability, and high-grade pigments assure fresh,
clear color even under severe weather and service con-
ditions. Formulas are ;,the product of latest scientific
There are special Central paints, enamel
and varnishes for all purposes



.. I G M






to the
S short
ted St
..tion re

ly res]
ly vial
f rced
after a
Does' t
S because
the co
: one w
~~.' ho 's
i'' l ral-sta

sible c
e", ha

S -ae, t

t resi.

; '.#stha
i re' .
cious o

ticle '
ever th
Swh6 can
; caring
work h

the for
plied w
so that
Says of
ous imn


S For

~~' '--page 3 .
IST CBmxI O 0 wNMIGBATIls which undoubtedly exists
ICE BY DAILYT NEW SPAP here, while the Immigration .
Service has in the past forced stamped for identification, given most considerate ha'
these visitors to comply with then it is put into the Wash- ig. The wrinkle-I4d
t'inued from Page 1) 9 Financial responsibility antiquated regulations that er. Here it receives ten dif. shrinkage which are trade J
would seem to be the main often forced them to leave ferent washings-at five con' mmarks of laundered trousers
ially valuable additions issue of contention. Just Haiti much before they real- trolled temperatures. Ther e re eliminated by tie ofb
e Haitian community what is meant by financial ly 'wished to. Unquote are six chemicals .compound- steam operated ashaper.-
forced to leave this responsibility? The capacity ed at the plant to insure that The ; very finely adjusted
ry after a relatively to produce ,more capital Out of the increasing num the proper amount of alkali springsprevent the roused.
stay -becapse, due to in- with one's own funds? The ber of tourists who visit is employed- After five rin- from being streiched- beyond
c information from amount of moneyed capital Haiti, how many can los- ses, the extractor removes the tensile strength the I
an Consuls in the Uni- one is-capable of showing in sibly be dissatisfied with the major portion of the wa- material
ates, they had not filly the banks abroad or transfer- their thirty day tourist card ter by use of- centrifugal The handling of all sort
ied with the immigra- ring into this country; or which may be extended an force, then the pressing be- of household add personal
regulations in force. Un- the ability of one with a few additional thirty days on re- gins. There are three Plan- items is also provided for. :
dollars to manage to live quest? (and compliance with tex units to h.andle. ibhis ope- For the critics who may
here for a long time at the the regulation which pro. ration. The, first, handles polt out that th s new in-,
se visitors, .financial- low prevailing rates and vides the extension ... four the collar arid cuffs, the sec- dustry will take .away the
onsible and essential- costs..of living, or better still,,. photos ... two dollars ... ond the bosom-and back and eagree living .f the tradi.
possible andiios o the the gambler or the gangster visit to police to check good the third shapes, the sleeves. tiodal household laundresslt
uable. its or the grafter who is on the conduct records ... return to Finally the shirt is folded there need be eo conce
country run.and wlio must transfer Immigration and receive per- very carefully and gently on This will hot only raise th
to leave thecoutryhis money o a new haven to mission and 'their wishes for the special folding unit.- standards bfdress, but itwil4
Relatively short stay. evade the. heavy taxation a pleasant prolongation). If During the course of the also employ as many person
heir moneymaketheis which would lie imposed on ~he tourist, decides he is tests run here and in Miami as it -displaces. Minister':
ally valuable? If ao, hin if he allows the funds to so sold by' the publicity of on the water it was discov- Commerce, Mr. Jules D
e they hate fiawsan resting hip own p active coun- the Tourist Office and likes, "red t h ; the:" local water mond,.made 'an, "*1fia0 l i,,
g shouity- bethe launtws.aws are designed the proof. be sees, after sixty poul teouire particular treat specto tour of the plant
untry-lbepc laum nte generally to cover the needs days he may return. to a con- ment to counteract-the har ednesday-and voiced h
ould expect a mechant of te ny and as such can- sulate br embassy abroad and teria hreent. Consenuenr, hearty approval -ofthis n
golden the colour odingly not pi-oniscously altered apply for re-entr under-a rhe water is oredn ;tan: enterprise which- will ce'r
goldahd accordingly eethe needsof so-called visa-or residence'and under-' and iq nur;f;Od. bdfor.;. tainly be ofreat service
s the pe orhs responsible and essential peo o the proper p preliminary' reaches the boiler. The s.a Tis
ndards? And f sai tes onsible investigation whichis requir- ,min1bd . 0t0, small industry- isa shini
ies finacr imply that person- reognies the ds d or all persons declaring T. ,a and- e e ample of what an.be
Sit not imply tohat c benef to th while ir.itent to reside or do arcn o i in fr.mt henaforeign Capitaand
4d ugh else comm6i-.of such legisla- b usiiess here. What coun- .,dsaun tn lenh- s tn ca 'E tetorse.are combin'
o thorough ion.W a t. government- try in the wold' does not 'tha~,-, arten .he life -of "AI o.ti f .ie ac...i
agency can provide an effi- :have.a, similar and quite of- . -" .' ".t-, s te 'tn,, Q"ur
Sl0 cient.and thorough checkon .,ten more. stringent ,set of ashir nths a.tien.ein'
g e oncertng aperso withoutincurring regulations covering imani- rTheshrtsa riot the only sacrifice, 89 or
le or"'inovest.'e If .also, some s'ort qf delay? 'If th'is' crantes?' ,.t.-, .eonl ,cri.ce...'.etA,',.
e ihed s6me a rt of delayo2 t .If thi ran -,,, Pered items 'f- this new .ur." V ... ..

^g'ti *: a- .' fiSbs-e f l esso a t iah '" r esf ds. .a* e hi a t ,' ' '
h el 214i'w Wher<. person- ''.nnot afford phass on: e finaciai respon.

than the plee fare, Immigqti on Service (ore gaJe a the cou-
r at least' enqui se? or even day he ha&tpyspebd try y ou antiquated lawsn
botteir inque tvesome no to o for onrta
in how .

It ie o not possess the necessary ir or cash in r ie ursuit r
attthe epslixaon ad o 0 .t c oftr 'hei"r extremely aind fre-
ce permits 6. uOs r .. s. d .
show their sdl To qote once more theo ep n v '
their intentionnot to week in one of the city's be-
ere, could be very daily newspapers: ,It seems First 0i .
ial to the nation as a to us as if Haiti has oa r om rcia1 oiquern
The applications and been pursuing a contra- I.a
m sdictory path in it y tour-
midities to be co- ism efforts. On one hand (Continued fro o Page 1) P .on n ,.. .|
ith for these residence we have the Office of Na- of foresight, eipense, long '
shod be simplified itonal Tourism making every hours of tedious labour and "
annoying hours and effort to attract tourists and involved experimentation on 'Director James Plinton Jn. of (8 isserie Jinm ',
boredom at the vani- other visitors to our country the part of the management. demonstrates to Minister of' db .4'' es Pu- "
migration offices now for an indefinite stay by Just to demonstrate this.the mond the working of o .of a en lndry .
Sin making such ap- sneaking of the wonderful following is the treatment mChs. From left to ss of Was "
s will be done away climate, the natural beauty your shirt will receive. First ton, D.C., George Elie td, James
Unquote. and the pleasant way of life it is received and properly Pnton, and Clifton Hrd ,D.C .

r .aeltDireeto

Information See Age

to fliami by

I.\ ^ '

nIROBERT E. ROY, Expositi

L01ourel. LL uXuriLou.Ly

S : .


on Stand No. 7 P.O. Box 22&. Tel.2117

A ,', ,

. i

..UATt t r9 n

sAhWm Atdtjt ath

ti~dosepi report

Freight trafi nm L. in the executive seat
the establishment looks for-
Passenger service arrived

.ALONG THE Lionel Bermingham's mo-
.2WATERRONT their, a remarkable bisiness-
____.- woman of her day. She liv-
ed to see 93 years. With Hen-
\ Fr"eight traffic normal ry L. in the executive seat
':'" Passenger service arrived the establishment looks for-
departefl ... dredging ward to a future in keeping
S ration deeping channel with its highly esteemed past,
Sdicd filling in the BMay slowly only a little more stream-
h it steadily ... in the yacht lined.
SBasin... wMytle Ruth* under R:0:
S.gohig a complete face-lift; WRONG WAY
aGlass Bottom Boat- suffer- HIT AND RUN
i d from a broken pane and On the 20th of August,
now on her side; Miss ex-boxer, soldier, Mirabeau
t*ij.now on her side; Miss .et:" mme
V Haiti" suffers her perpetual Petit Homme in what ap-
Iotor difficulties; the old pears to have been a villian-
tibrnacle ridden mPilgrim II= ous mood, drove auto N6.
tk slowly but surely moving 3075 down the wrong wa
e iposibn dock mordg of a one-way street Rue Pe-
le Br Italia, and towards tit Four aTi Fou., On being
AIe Biidt and registers
ilge fuollof salt water ... shown the error of his way
Elybut not leas the g by a polite Gendarme he im-
imediately reversed his posi.
aLa Palomas a home for oi and was head of
e .meserablesh now boastS until a few -minutes later
two additional unhappy c- when he piled the auto up
| asof the Fatherland' on an electric light pole on
-0-:0:- Rue St-Cyr, anid 'it s aM,
T he faded into thin air, arid to
SSN TAKES OVER date has not been found.
k. This past week well- Haiti will -be represetited
n. businessman Lionel at the Organization of Ame-
:.'rningham dropped into rican States cultural conifer-
n=i-Lretirement and active ence in Mexico City, Septem-
S' ig son Henry Lionel took ber 10th, hy Minister of Na-
-the family import-ex- tional Education M. Felix
t business. The-Berming- Diambois. The conference is
Import-Export firm on another additional strength-
S.Rue du Quai is among ening of those bonds of co-
Soldest in the city. Ir operation between the na-
,s founded in 1892 by Mr. 'tions of this hemisphere.
Ia '-'' ---*- .- .- __ -_ _



SThe family picture above peed not in the future part with
their beloved aRenaultn as they get off for holidays
abroad. For the additional success of this compact light-
weight car (it weighs 1,000 lbs) is that it may be trans-
t ported anywhere conveniently, and inexpensively by
either air or sea.

4, ., ..:.a':, :: ; .., '-= : .: .-.,

A Lt R W THEE the morning and. spent the
Aday sailing alog the coast
a ui v ac'Iw ~ drinking in the beauty of the
A4 MON coastliue apd mountains, we
(Continued from Page 1) were nor alone, in our en-
enjoyed the briny deep come thusiasym and anxiety to dis-
sun or storm and we had embark. What could be love
both. Aboard ship we lol- 'lier than a ship-side ap-
lingly relaxed on the pro- proach to Port-au-Prince so
menade deck. Movies, Bin- enticingly outlined against
go, cone-Armed bandits" the magnificent cyclorama
and dancing every night pro- which Petionville and Kens-
vided adequate entertain- coff supply? It is true, be-
ment. Peasant chit chat lieve it or not, that many pas
with interesting co-passen- sengers scheduled to com-
gers was never lacking. Food plere the cruise to Miami
was served in abundance literally abandoned ship in
with the usual ship-board in- order to have more than a
between snacks and we shall day and one half in Haiti.
never forget the solicitude of Somehow the enchantment
William, the ,garcon, who of this aSwitzerland of the
served us so attentively. The Caribbean, engulfs oneteven
ship offers tours for a price before setting a foot ashore.
in every port but being stub- One item that was notice-
bo6rn about conducted tours ably lacking aboard ship
we preferred to satisfy our were pamphletss about-Haiti
curiosity in our own fashion, and its points of interest. To
Ini Nassau we hired.horse, our knowledge there was but
carriage and driver to take one pamphlet as agairgt sev-
us on a leisurely jaunt- just eral for each of the other
to take a'agood look., We West Indies islands. A tra-
were impressed with the veler is-always keen on cir-
cleanliness of the streets and culars. 'With Haiti being
gardens. An interesting fact the -Glamour Islands, ai it
is thatreducatioh is coimpul- were, cannot some advertis-
dory through the eighth in. be done to encourage
grade. The tiny' island is tourist trade?
very British, of course, and Andnow, Mr. Editor comes
bicycles-and carriages are a te now' rEditor comes
far more common sight th te letdown! Is there sine
' automobiles Much to source that can control the
% ....... -1- _...ort rates-of taxi-diiverWi FThHiii?
Sa- an m,' a.d- uch We were witnesses to tour-
tRo oT-deign t any a ian sts being a ied for the
. iin ct ..- most ouirandish cab fares
will tel" l b t t mangoes -li d.. .a
from ti BE ST! and because some hiid hotel
a t reservations in Petionville or
Jamaica, is luish in vegeta- Keriscoff and because some
tion. In Kingstdn we were had no" comanitid of the
met with the flower market French or thie Creole they
... Shasta Daisies, African
Daisies ahd Gladiolas wereE e
displayed i lavish supplies. L90 B E
If one is an amateur or pro-
fessional horticulturist one menace -e
cannot happily miss a visit m
to Hope Gardens. Growing Mai ?
majestically is every tree,
shrub, plant or flower native .
to the West Indies' along
with imports from other tro-
pical countries. Before a
tour of the night clubs,
which provide interesting en
tertainment and food, we vis
cited a public recreation cen-
ter sponsored by the Gov- I
ernment. This center could
'well be an eye-opener to any
country with teen-age pro-
blems. Here was an im-
mense swimming pool avail-
able for native Jamaicans at LA
a very nominal sum. Here
was a huge dance pavilion, 6
an excellent orchestra all in
public service for a small fee
and under perfect control
against' rowdyism. A must
in Kingston is the savory VOUS PRI
Smorgasbord at the Myrtle
Banik Hotel which complies
with one's purse most favor- En routes
When we spotted this ma- Fabriquee par irs In.perial |C
git island of Haiti early in Representes par TfANS-W

US AL a amAL


S" ").Ph.x.'
hemical (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd.

.... -. .,,..... ..-... .'Z....* : .

were at the mercy of these
bandits. It is a disgrace. In
otheridads he tourist can
take trips 'which include
lujicr and swimming for hal
the fare demanded here in
Haiti! Cannot something. be
done about, this situation?
Au revoir ... somehow I
seem to have made myself an
unofficial, unappointed but
serious booster for thl Hal-
tian Chamber of Commerce.

La Plantation Dauphin,
S-A., Cap-Haitien, Haiti).


In Panama City Tuesday
the ,Second Extraordinary
Session of the Inter-Anieri-
can Econdmic and Social
Council began. The purpose
of this meeting is to discuss
plans for the strenghtening
of the bonds between the na-
tions of this hemisphere.
The agenda of the Coun-
cil has-six points: 1) Price
and monetary reserves, 2),
Raw materials and products
of first necessity, 3) Trans-
portation, 4) Techliic6a, 5)
Social Cooperation, 6) Ex-
amination of Labor Pro-
gramme of the Council for
the years 1951-1952.
Haiti is represented by a
delegation which includes
the following: M. PiEp i
Hudicourt, ihinister of Haiti
\in Panamiia; Alain Turier,
Coiinmercia Attache at the
Haitian Embassy iii Wash-
ingtoh, and Mr. George Sera-
phin, Secretary of the Hal-
tiahn egation in Panama.


* ,;


.. '.


K it

*.i :.I



, .". .'.



-U PA Y?7 xT-2, ,6 .,h.-- ..

$ OP S
The shops in this section
bave -been checked by this
newspaper, and to the
best of our knowledge
their merchandise is of
good quality and good
value. J

. ..- .. ... ..* '


BEFORE! .. .

'SAVE Again Today

per Stock Taking Sale

.. brngs you the, most spectacular Bargaiis Eve
Fe pnin e fiaiti was hqre in vast numberslast Siat
makee the greatest :savings of a lifetime? 'Beautif
went for a song! ... so come AGAIN, today 'fPr t'
thousands more marvellous Barans awaiting t
-shopper. A~salie + jis can only : ".9
; ...-- ,.a7ayantage of every mprnue of it.- Comen
Come earl. ...

ii ._ -f fr '.. p .


Filet, ?ilet Mignon lb.
Sirloil steal .............
Porter ous steak ...
Sirloi rat ...........
Rollec rib roast ......
Standing ribroast.,....
Round steak .......
Chuck steak ..........
- Pot roast ..............
Rump roast ......'......
Short ribs ............
Stew beef..............
Brisket .........
. -Soup meat .............
.'.. e


34, Ayenue John Br

Soup bones ...........
$0.60 Chopped meat ........
0.60 Liver ....................
0.60 Shank .................
0,45 Tongue (each) ........
0.35 Kidney (each) .........
0.35 Brains (each) ..........
0.50 Feet (each)- ..........
0.30 PORK
0.30 Pork chops ............
0.30 Boned Rqast ...........
0.30 Boneless pork roast
0.28 VEAL
0.28 Veal Cutlet lb. ......
0.28 Veal Chops ...........
Veal Roast ............

a B 'v "SOUTH END, Id.
.0 DL- ..ut OU V,..'i
L .. The Studebaker Corporadtio
y ~ Gwill occupy a major r ole In.-
a large-scale programme tI
0Oa ba' *AT SC."-. 'S. produce all, weather Gene -
7___ __ _____________---___- l Electric turbojet engines
for the world's fastest kn
S.. ... "bomber, the Boeing B4I4
stratojet. ; ,
according to an announce,
S ' D"D'ITVr ment made recently by Har--
FRENCH PiIRER UM Si old S. Vance, chairman ani .
'" president, Studebaker's par-
Sicipation in the project wii .
involve the use of a portiiorv
of the company's South.Be.
plants, its xrew plant in "e
Brunswick, N. J., and
plant which the government
has made available uin C-.
SRcago.. Vance said Studebad
er. expects to hai the ',
gine in production early neML
The output .. f Stdebk
.:passenger cars and comme
HER ......~ -cial trucks hvil l be cohtu
F 1 .. .at the higlhest rate possible i'.;
S... keeping with govert eng t
Art and Curio Shop strictio ns on the us0 ofi;
Rue du Quai -- fel: 3145 -iaterial*, e e 'c died.
,* t I. I. ,'- "...... ... ..,a A
urd y to tru the U.S. nt
Qrd -D-.
. t d. ..' ,, dnance Deare .
here ar- I The u et engine,
e w i .. I A,
e e signated as e J~7--23 ...
...... Nra0.. I e ai
Basea..NO-W-.... ,. -4 . ic Comp.y
.also Ds scheduh c Bli g
'rune .p M o sat
5 Pi n Lynn.: aei Everes
as well as,,ri Lockla ..
the 236:--is'ratedi.-h
S-, than 5 800pouid

See.for youroself-- - .tu e models f6t si s

S. OU e e. BA RREY:e on se d !
g ines has? a Low"r rate offue
114 Rue DantsDestouche co etely
FaPhone 3394
P(Cokinnued o Page
---------------.. a m p g


'own WARE

0.06 Veal Pot Roast.......0.50 is 0o lfounq
S.2 -Bone Steak...........0.50
.28 eal Ragout.......... 30G
0.16 Liver ................. 0.28
0.60 breast .................. 0.25 GE.______
0.12 Foot (each) ............ 0.20
0-40 Tongue (each)......... 0.60 IL AN ES ".:
Q.20 Kidney (each)..........0.12
Brains each) .......... 0.40
0.50 Head cheese lb........0.50 ue d Pe.ple
0.60 Ham ...............1.00 Tel 224
0.50 Pork sausage ........ 0-0 (Save Time aaoi + ;qap

0.50 tbher variety meats .. 0.50 ,as ".

- -- -------------------------

A -AUGOT 26th



6" .aHAITI SUN,,

S(Continued from Page 1)' riers.
I comfortable, more frequent Today, the New York-
, flights. San Juan route is among the
Three years ago Pan Ame- busiest on PAA's world-
rican was the first scheduled wide system, with its 146
i' airline to inaugurate tourist. weekly flights between the
type service first-class tra- -island capital and the main-
l vel without the frills at a 25 land. Eighty-seven of these
per cent reduction below flights are by tourist-type
I normal fares. Clippers. In the first six
It was a demonstration of months of this year more
PAAs long-standing belief than 73,000 passengers flew
I that air transportation can- by Clipper between San Juan
'not fulfill its destiny 'unless and New York.
,, it is brought within pocket- Tourist service is only pos-
book range of the average sible over heavily-traveled
man. routes. While PAA hopes
That first tourist service, eventually to provide this
: between New York and San low-cost transportation to all
. 'Juan, was made available its points, Port-au-Prince is
^ more than two years before already benefiting. Haitians
PAA had any competition on can fly to San Juan and take
fithe route. Since then it has advantage of the lowest tour-
e been extended all the way ist fares to New York. i.
I to Buenos, Aires and from Incidentally, the tourist
f: fiami to Panama and down fare between San Juan and
khe west coast to South Ame- New York is 64 dollars one
.iica. It also has been copied way, or 128 dollars round-
by many of the largest Uni- trip, on both Pan American
7..ed. Statesdomestic air car- .and its competitor, Eastern


I Ii



Henry L. Bermingham

Rue du Quai


SS. A.

Air Lines, which has only
two round-trip flights a day.
Likewise, the fare by PAA
and EAL between Miami and
San Juan is the same.
Port-au-Prince is one of
the few cities served by PAA
that has an all-year excur-
sion fare to New York. This
is 198 dollars for a circle
trip, good for 90 days, from
Port-au-Prince to San Juan
to New York to Miami and
back to Port-au-Prince or
vice versa. First class travel
is provided all the way.
The normal first class
Clipper fare, one way, from
Port-au-Prince to New York
is 136' dollars. However,
Haitian -travelers can fly to
San Juan and go on from San
Juan to New York bt tourist
type Clipper for a total of
only 107 dollars one way or
205.40 dollars round-trip.-
Theselprices are less the
Haitian tax, which is far low-
er than the' 15 per cent trans-
portation tax applied in the
United States.
In 1939.- a typical pre-
war year a 'Clipper ticket
from Port-au-Prince to Mi-
ami cost 85 dollars 10 dol-
lars more than today. And
a trip from Port-au-Prince to
New York via Miami the
only way available was
156.75 dollars, compared to
the 107 dollars fare -possible
Haiti can .rest assured that,
whenever possible,-Pan Ame
rican Airways will lower its
fares, whether it has compe-
tition. or not, for lower fares
means more air travel, which
in turn spells more revenue.

New Vice President
Institute 01 Inter-
American Affairs
Appointment of Chauncey
0. Rowe, as Vice President
of the Institute of Inter-Ame-












can Affairs, was announc- other American Republics.
d August 16, by Kenneth Its basic economy work cur-
. Iverson, President of the rently includes Health and
institute of Inter-American Sanitation programmes in 17
affairs a U. S. Government. countries, Education pro-
gency. grammes in 9 countries' and
Mr. Rowe brings to his Food Supply programmes in
ew post a broad adminis- 7 countries.
native experience in govern-
lent and private'enterprise
nd a background of interest I Know Something Good
nd knowledge in inter-Ame- About You
ican Affairs.. He started his
areer in the U. S. Govern-
nent in 1935 in the General
Accounting Office. In 1942 Wouldn't this old world be
e was appointed Assistant better ,
directorr of the Motion Pic- If the folks we meet would
tire Division, Office of In- say: .i ,
er- American Affairs: In I know something good
945 he became European about yous just that.
representative for the Radio- And then treat us just that
Ceith-Orpheum Film Corn- way
)any. He returned to gov- uldn't it be fine and dan-
rnment service in 1948 toe and dan-
ssume the duties of Execu- dy i
ive Officer for the Office of If each d-clasp warm and
foreign Service of the De- true, .,-
artment of State. From Carried with it this assur-
artment of State. Fromnce
949 to May, 1951, he was dance
)eputy Director of the Of- know something good
ce of Personnel in the De- abut you! I
artment of State. Recently wouldn't things here be
e completed a nine months here be
more pleasant
executive recruitment pro- If the good that's in us all,
ramme throughout the.coug W the oily things about
ry for the Department of Were
tate. More recently he has Thu lks bothered to re-
raveled in South America onThatos bothered to re-
pecial assignments as the re- call!
resentative of the Under ;.
eresentativy of Stathe Under Would'nt life be lots more
secretary of State...happy. ... .. ,,,

Mr. Rowe was born in Salt If we'd praise the good we .
ake City, Utah, in 1910. He see- '.
olds a Bachelor of Science For there's such a lot of good
degree from the University ness .' :'
F Utah, a Master of Arts de- In the worst of you and me.
ree from George Washing- Wouldn't it be
>n University and a Doctor Wouldn't it be nice to prac-
f Philosophy degree from twice
xmerican University. This fine way of thinking
:' - too; :'t
The Institute of Inter- You know:7something good 45:
merican Affaires -has been about me, 4
berating for 9 years in the I know something good P1
eld of Point 4 cooperative about-you!
-chnical assistance in the -Anon.

Le TouruiteI

le plus renomm

Sd'A m riquI

.- - -. -

-' ,. ''' -s -' -




Coffee, the principal sin-
jgle export from the Republic
represented 53.40 per cent of
-the total exports, by value,
.-during the Fiscal Year end-
ed September 30, 1950. The
i' Haitian American Associa-
i tion, Inc. News Item No. 5
.:-of February, 1951, quoted a
: revised estimate of the 1950-
i1951 coffee crop as between
275,000' and' 290,000 bags,
of 80 kilos each. It now ap-
pears- that this estimate may
Shave been conservative. Ac-
mtual -exports for the first
eight months of the 1950-
1951 season have been as

1st Quarter Three months
'. ending December 31, .1950
92,684 bags.
January, 1951 ..54,470 bags
-February ...... 44,987 bags
.March. .......... 46,655 bags
/2nd Quarter Three
m months ending March 31,
1951 146,112 bags
Ssl Semester Six months
ending March 31, 1951
i 238,796 bags
April, 1951 .18,472 bags
I May .......... 23,808 bags
42,280 bags.
Sight months ending May
31, 1951 281,076 bags
The most reliable estim-
ates now indicate the proba-
bility of a substantial in.-
crease in the export of this
important commodity next
year- These estimate cur-
rently place. the 1951-1952
c r o p somewhere between
' 320,000 and 350,000 bags,
-of 80 kilos each.

Sisal, the second in impor-
tance, represented 24.20 per
cent of the total exports, by
value, during the Fiscal Year
ended September 30, 1950.
Foreign Commerce Weekly,
published by the U. S. De-
partment of Commerce,, re-
cently carried a report from
the U.S. Embassy at Port-au-
Prince to the effect that the
Government of the Republic
is making serious efforts to
increase sisal production by
the encouragement of small
producers, particularly in
southern Haiti. The report
goes on so say that there is
a continuing brisk demand
for sisal of all grades, parti-
cularly from the United
States Cordage 'manufactur-
ers. From other sources, it
is learned that a special Com-
mittee of the Haitian Senate
was delegated to examine
and report upon a project for
the extension of sisal cul-
ture which had been present-
ed by two senators from the
South. The report recently
sum'ited. to. the 'Senate by
this Committee is said to fa-
vor an extensive cultivation
'throughout the co ntry
where the soil will permit
the cultivation of sisal, but
i' unsuitable for other crops.
It is now reported thatithis.
project will be incorporated
in the.Government's -Quin-
quennial Plan,, ,which will
require a total of approxim-
ately one million gourdes,
equivalent to $200,000.
Report of -Haiian Ameri-
can Association Inc.n..

*..:o i .

. ^y
'I ..o

4 * !-

An Introduction To the purpose of this publica-.
,HAITI, tion in which the reader will
Hai. be introduced to the histaiy,
Selections and Commentaries geography, problems and
by MERCER COOK w- achievements of Haiti by
Professor of Romance Lan- Folk Music,, by W. A. Jae- some of her most outstand-
guages, Howard University. gerhuber ing writers. Their interpre.-
Four Haitian Songs from station of their native land,
Printed by Department of Harold Courlander's collec- and -particularly 'f the fact
Cultural Affairs tion. pertaining to religion, edh'
Pan American Union EDUCATION caion, art, literature, pea-
Washington, D.C. 1951 cA Grept Educator: Elie sant life and folkways will
Dubois", by Edner Brutus permit the reader to see the
Appearing in this well il- aEducational Problems,, country through the eyes of
lustrated publication on Hki- by Maurice Dartique those est qualified to to.
ti are the selected works of ART RENAISSANCE sentit These selections will
some of the foremost Haitian *By Philippe Thoby-Marce- therefore achieve the doubl"
writers. The contents is as lin .purpose of portraying the .
follows: LITERATURE country and introducing ..-
From Toussaint Louver- group of its leading ci
THE COUNTRY ture to Jacques Roumain, by ang thinkers. .
Jacques G. Antoine It is a pleasure to ac
Haiti, Queen of the An- THESE WERE GREAT ledge my indebtedness s .
rilles, bv Antenor Firmin -Toussaint Louverture, the persons who solgeneton .'
The Good Earth, by Jac-, by Joseph D. Charles y contributed suggesting ,
ques Roumain Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and assistance: to Ca nid
La Dessalinienne, by J us- by Louis Mercier Romero James, who co-ne.v- i
tin Lherisson Henri Christophen, by ed the idea of this volume 'i
AGAINSTALL ODDS' Vergniaud Laconte and edited it while still o J
'A i's Afrcan Ances- Petion,. Pigpeer of Pan the staff of the-Pan Am .
tors,', by Jean Price-Mars eics, by Dates can Uioni; t6oacques-C. An-.
Oge and ,Chavan esn, by eeg e tine and Philipp 'lT -.. .
Rene Piquion and ove Le- FOREWORD MPrceinwho helped oi .i
lger. t.e o6rk;:tp the staff of the
"(Black' ResistanceD (andn)" "To know'Haiti ris.to love Haitian'Em'&bssy in Wuashh
,,The Star of fhe Road- by her,,, These words of a great t6n; to m y fried, t
,Darites Bellegarde Haitian, Oannt-s Bellegarde, Brown; anhd to, nmany auh
will no doubt express th.e 4.iamd -publishes yo have a6.
LIFE IN-HAITI feelings of ,many visitor, to -wediis.~tod. "
,,u.r Peagants, by Fleury the Exposition commemorat- publicati ..
F6quire ing the bicentennial of the .. ..
aWe Must Create Vil- founding of Port-au-Prince., Washbngtojnpl -'.-
lages,, by Pierre Sylvain To hasten that knowledge is 1950'.', .-'
aWhites inBlack Haiti, "
by Dantes Bellegarde
-Vodun Past and Pre- ft s
sent,, by Georges Slyvain
"The Vodun Dance, by
1eon Audain
,aCatholicism and Vodun; Magnetic Tape
by Jean Pric'e-Mars RECORDER-RADIO
",A Peasant's Funeralb, by ''COMBINATION t
Jacques Roumain
,.Christian Haiti", by Dan-
tes Bellegarde
(i qA ^


1 4.



IRAY MAKES RING RETURN AS REF--StiU feeling the effects
f, t n Turpin fight in which he lost his title, ex-middleweight .t
a Robinson cancelled an exhibition fight against Tiberio
-l-iti Jn Italy but agreed to referee in Milan. Above, he trys to
fm beeb pa .Wg partner, "Bomber" Womber. from the clutches oj
. .. Italy's Th .ier:,iO. -.


(Haitian Folklore", by
Dr. Jean Price-Mars
(,The Gold Piece and. the
- Baby", by J. B. Cineas and
G. E. Simpson
"Proverbs,, by Pierre Mar
* celin, Philipps Thoby-Man-
celin aid Jacques Rouniain
,Bouqui and His Fiancee"
by Pierre and Philipp Thoby-
cBouqui's W a k e", by
Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain
,Zombies and their Ori-
ginn. Jy Rulx Leon
aThe Origin of Haitian



A -fine Tape Recorder plua'a brilliane'
radio combined in one unit. Play in .
dividuallyor together.Makeyoarowa
recordings of family voices, parties,;.
Instantdyrecord programs direct front ,
bnilt.inaioobymereturn of a.switc
Easy, economical to use. Come inm to^ ..
dayfor FREEdemonstration! ._- :
Exclusive Distributor -

tnd the corner from aRhum Barba;court).
49 Rue Magasin de L'ETAT .. .
T. .. .l. 22..50:
TA ')L eft i'j

Al. *. :,. '
.... .; ^ ...^ L^.... ,..:..^ .^ -~el ^^ **f ^ 1.^ a .-^i ^ & -.: ^ ^. .... ? la .:



e A. i J ".

................................. r . . .. ..---- -------- --

8 ------ I -.----------------:.....------------------ -- ------------------ ---- ------------- -




I --


* .* .&

SSupperb Diinug'id Dancing
.- Only a limited 'number 'r', 'emberships
.Mvuilable to the aRiviera Country Clubt
E' Featkiug."Swimning, Tennis, Golf
Sand Cab als FWOR-REN W
____ .1 -. -- - -

S- .' : .' '
* *.' 0 o '- ;,
. .,.,'. rv

" '."
: .;"

'II'I-N ~ : ,; -'**. "

1117, 1a-

,' ,

-'-,D Y ' '

_ P .ORT-
.. ., - .
?:: .

A "




T61.: 2676




.,.. a.
WY. -


Does .a beautiful woman have to boast about her




Dances, on Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 P.M.

.3.00 dollars

DufleD Supper on Sundays, 7.30 P.M. 2.00 dollars

Almost A Mile
Yet Only .35 Leisurely
The Distinctive Place

.' .'.

*** "" ." ..i.-i :

. .



* In cool Petionville, offers
a delightful homeilke at-
mosphere,' comfortable
rooms French, I-aitian, and
Ainerican Cuisine at ve r
moderate prices. Special. L-
vorable, terms may SK arrau-
ged for person -wishing to:
stay, as permentnt guests.

Tel : 7175

vnEAt PERMIoN 10T O 0

-. T~~.:.~t~j.:4 'vi.... .'..

l7our )s.f/u pse in oc /oa /3ca

E CO/QOR O H-,AA .. ,oEGG5

k64Uwg I

'-j. a'0 *

Feet- I-

Above Sea-Level G 1O flO
Minutes from *Town GWO FO0
To Dine and Lodge Is our pciIt
is our speciality

h e P |

.. .I a -

(Contipued from Page 5) through the engine on the,,
aqti-iced, has a special igni- ground has been'made re- -.
tion stemWhich makes pos tractable The screen, which.. '
sible high altitude starts and coul- ser as the found a- .
may be equ4ipped with water tion for an aice damn, is re-
infectionh for thrust augment tracted soon after the, pla'me
station. is airborne.
General .Eleciric engineers While the name Studebak-
overcame the "icings pro- er is not actually associated
iotem ..oich makespsraa wi Th se wil."
fa g epr ioe?. dot awitf w aterti an o ineda, is r
i-erio om sct 4 p
ti turbo etM l."is air '
bd to hil tlow pr is otie uy ao c i
/. C" ;PY. .."1,,"t-r
k... ,"k "t "** ' .. '& ":.'- ". ?- ".. -'. ''* '.
nose, where the res'lant 4k f '. I W^ndrWide I a- "
te;nperatires are hjg e%-mon- aetomo pile tac-
o1gh to helt any rming t oitm iear 'n" -
Ii crystals. In addition, Flyiig Fprtresei
*the air ilfet screen de- edition to ..pp.i." r l i? '- -
signed primarily to keep 000 milital. 'rucaS some '
fAreign objecs from going 15,000 W ses. -.


a A

:.#t: S'~ prP$.., ~


r-f. vf




' Don Lungwitz is Stateside Charming M is s Gladys
.I for a week or so to visit his Froen will marry Londoner s
Smother in Iowa, who is re- Mr. Alfred J, Whiller Spit-'
Sported yvry ill, and at the lett here at the Methodist
-same time hurriedly working Church Saturday evening at i
-in some business deals. seven, September 8th. ,

Aboard yesterday's plane Early this morning Roland
-bound f o r Canada a a d Weiner, Capt. Peter Van Der
France were Mr. Harry Tip- Brag and Mr. G. Roberts
-penhaner, sons -Robert and gased tip their 1950 Mercury,
Carl, derakd Riviere, arid checked the spare tyre and '
'Roger .Fabius. -Harry aid set off in the directiph of o
-soin Carl are headed for Cuidad Trujillo. The ifnture
g France where Carl has to set of thrir vo~raging across the
'-:his mind to studies. Son, Io Island is' business as well as 1
E bert will study in Ca nada pleasure.
Along with Gtrard and ,o- -:0:-
Sfr. Many letters and postcard f
-:0,:- \ incidate that Dauphin's pre- c
SToday Marcos Talasias .sident, Andre de Coppet and s
1' leaves for Kingstbn to in- gracious wife are enjoying an t
yestigate.'the dam ige done extended, and pleasurable a
t o the bafhks and invst- tour of Eqrope.
mieitts) by the recent disas- :0:-
torous hurricane. Felix St. Victor 'left for t
i -:0:- Newi York Friday add was ]
Jan Woel asympathique .met on arrival by brother Lu- j
*' n- es cdftrisalesnah of cirei Wh'io~i'kegs.fis home ia. s
ies ne c0lebtaed h l %4 Long rstsa. The brtthpyc
Sdaiy this past Tuesdhy, rie in thd dthiVringnmdhOgaaw
S -:0:- -" bisines. '
Mr. and Mrs. Dan tlen -:0-
e9tertained friends M dWy Thursday evdnigft y,o.na
.evening at a dinner party at mo.i.taiMs' resoutided, w1i4
their Chatelet on the hill. the merry-mfiijt'o t group
ie Jiber edi -on&WWS the o efgo5:

noimic critics D. and D., a; Labo
pronounced highly success- Gaera -,'st 3S e
ful. 'Gera is' youngest 1loe
-:0:- Maghate Tippenhiauer.
2: Raymond Flambert left -:0:-
f. ann uan vesterdav on Tormnrrrnw the Director

- business.. ,
Lieutenants Jean Claude
Conte and Guy Clerie of the
Armee d'Haiti, head for ex-
-tensive training in the U.S.
today. The base of training
wilt be U-S. Arny Proving
Grounds. at Aberdeen, Mary-
land. '

of the Office of Contribu-
tions Mr. Edme Angrane and
son, Gerard will set off for
Miami where it has been an
annual practice for them to
spend their vacations.

cBriseur-o- 1
lefi for New Yo
where he wil
lengthy vacation
turning to his -

.__ :0:-
Sailor Garden
/ U.S.N. missed h
N. last weekend.
At exactly 3
Minister of For


Li. L" .t:z" ..* *,- '- -


Jacques Leger stepija- .a-
board the U.S. bound clip.
per, enroute to the Japanese
peace conference to. be held
at the beginning of Saptem-
ber in San Francisco.
Last week-end Mrs. Moe
Sag.ar celebrated the annivei-
sary of her birth, .and this
week the entire family left
the farm and moved down
to the capital. They-are now
located in a charming mai-
son in Babiole.
Activity in road' building
in the North cannot escape
anyone's notice! Them Nor-
therners refuse tb be aLost
Babes in the Sisal, Sugar
Cane and what have you.,
Franck Wilson. left on a
two-week business trip to
the U.S Wednesday.
-,0:- "
A church bazaar is being
held today at'Kenscoff.
Nagib and Handel Touf-
it flew to Jamaica Friday to
confer with their children at
tciool in Kingston on'the ex-
tent anid harm o' that
'. .-:0:-
*Mrs. -Raynmond, Voibes re-
zined to.' Ctdad" Tijillo.
Friday, 0. ..orbes .is sec-
retary of the Hatia.n Embas-
sy at C. T.. '
,," -;q:- .

seemed tp r s. notVr a
pAwne fag Qffpv^. to ,atsfy
tpl m inty .~4d. haste c
. -Isins.t,,Ja ca C coGsul,
ny Evan and- w, h.4

severe losses.
-:0:- i
Richard Elie flies to Mi-
ami today.
Edouard Knobel, vacatibn.j
'ing here during the pastf
week, returns to Miami .to-f
day.. -
-: 0:-. I

Firestone's Max Duvivier
Louis Gallo also'had a fete this week. He
rk this week celebrated last Thursday.
1 spend a -:0:-
before re- Tomorrow Mrs. Paulette
fatherlandd. Brandt leaves for the States
- en route to Europe.
P. Richard -:0--
his ship her Frederick Kebreau left
Thursday on a grand tour of
-. Europe. His. voyaging will
p.m. Friday, be entirely iti the nature of
'eign 'Affairs study.

---- 7----I'

mous since 4862
____________ J.P.B

4 iS)
&?. .~w

. '" "
Hiidegppde Luschopr 'd W II'S WCU*
eods to-leavte shortly to.f a S&uanne r i :t '
tiue her studies in Jamai e f sC a
-E:0:- .te Am teto t f
SThis week-end is e bamn- ,the storm. e il7.t "e
bqchen week-end in Jerei. 0-
The city will turn ot.i full *
to celebrate.the feast day of Last Sunday night was
its patron Saint (St. Louis).' Uopen-house. it tHe of
-:0:- the American Cui' At.
Emile-(Wilo).Prezean, well tache a-rid NMrIs.
known business man, of Pe-. Gayne. t
tionville, is leaving shortly --:0:-.
on a -voyage d'affaire" to Xrge ti. e C'hr A :,
Gotham via Porto Rico. fire honouied Mr. '
S-:0:-.a r of
Ahem! ...Xff to Havana to R .brt Wag of -- .
e.... f "" v rican Embassy, with a e
receive medical attention last p_ o
Friday went Poctor Michel. part o .. '
, -- :0:--" .. ,. --.; ,,
Edith Wing reported as The Salomon Babounf am- .
she emplane4 for Monlego ily leave this afternoon for
Bay last Friday that her hol.. Miami. Daughter Yvonne
day at the Rivie'ra bherewas wil resume. her 4tues in .'
splendid.' . Florida, gi 6d"'Rudolphe, i
S,. -0:- crossing the Cptoi't to at-
Friday evening there 'was tend school in i(&Oifb the "
quip. a. party at t&e Najai rest 'of the family will enjoy
home .to celebrate charming a change of sene a the
Jacquefhne's' fete.- .' States . ,
:0:- .. .. .'
At 0lamI. 1last.Siturday
ad&niig Armbassadri to ti.,,lk ..T 11 .
InifiTain Republic The. -
61Ble Richard arrived from
Cuijad' Truildlo b r' car.
S-:0:- p to t, io
Sa ihv Perbef of Boil er nes has mren'e fom
fa.e tfturAed: to Pbrt this fairana of th
'w 1 ':. .br."" o f:- *. A "..:

Mr. andt a iMrs WFordi P'i
Fir (Fwiskiesrt and Cu- .
tIflth~vi'rrsurited Even,.t1r '(Cail

S' "' ..'"

S- .e ..... J

- a-me o . .-. .g

.. :..- . ".-.,. ,.,. ". . :.. "" /. ": ... . ... "I '
:... ..,. *..,1 .:.1 ... .-.:. ,. ;,. '= -7.:. _. ..': _:. .." ':.... . .i ..... "::.

*' ;". ,' "
.~. -.. * :-,:..- <,;...'^at





- -; -



rage L-

(Continued from' Page 1)
ed from me besides the bill Rene Dreyfuss would obli-
of sale, all documents which gate himself to pay us for
he asked for. him.
He "paid by a letter of ex- That contract was carried
change payable in Port-au- to police department. Mr.
Prince. Reine Dreyfuss reiterated to
He hired a crew to take the police .the obligation
the vessel from Caracas to which he had taken to pay
Port-au-Prince. The crew's for Mr. Grieg leaving with
salaries to be paid in Port- the police the duplicate of
au-Prince. To convince, the the contract,with the follow-
crew to accept his terms, he ing signatures: Mr. Rene
offered them employment in Dreyfuss, the Captain, my-
Port-au-Prince on a large pro self and witnessed by the No
ject which he was going. to tary Kenol.
start there. (P.au:P.) Then Mr. Rene Dreyfuss
Mr. Grie this became pro had to wait for Mrs. Greg's
FLEt TSALUTES FLEET- prietor of the La Paloma, as transfer to become effective
Lt.-Gen. James A. Van. Fleet, proprietor made all the ne- at the BNRH to enable him
mmander of the Eight o gh th essary provision with his to collect the amount of the
Quarterdeck of the USS El Do- captain, and La Paloma, un- cheque and then to pay the
radio lying, r off the shore of der these conditions,; we left letter of exchange.
Ingolf N. Kiland, commander of Caracas for Port-au-Prince
,theU..,S. Pacific Fleet's Amlphib- ith, on board its owner Mr. Two days later Mr. Rene
i: .Force. in Korean water ;Grieg nd myself who came Drevfuss arrived to inform
"-"^" "to Port,au-Prince to collect us that theservice of immi-
o1 Prt -Prince to colleygration had informed him
"-.' r the'amount of the letter of ration had informed him
.exchange, the price of my that we must leave immtdi-
yacht. atelv
Having arrived' at Port- 'Therefore we had to en-
au-Prince Mr. Grieg fulfilled gaee a lawyer.
all the'same formalities for, Our attorney took the ne-
alls the said in-is letter, his necessary actions for us. -
was hen said in hislteris
yacht La Paloma of which he The Haitian authorities
was the owner. imbued, with the trickery re-
In "h Poit_-UPrince, 'Mr. .scer dcted .the order and then
Gridg invited numerous-Hai- authorized us to remain in
Sians to take excursions on. Haiti jntil the settlement of
b6ard- isyacht, etc. the case. -
.`-gut the letterwof exchange The 20th.of July our law-
: oWas no ,paid and; M,.:Grieg yer was niale an offer by Mr.
lwaifo fid. l reagonato ex- Rene Dreyfuss through Mr.
cuse himself and to explain Gerard Gaetiqns. Mir. Rene
e- t'-g.t Dreyfuss whom we had met
in our lawyer's office told us
1VIORSE, NOT REMORSE--' Thenobee-fine day. I learn- that he. like ourselves had
,in old skill has given 90-year- ed,.that Mr. Grieg was .lear-
rl r m wRead of Pueblo 'e w having as

lper, bec- amne an expert Quickly
,reader. Recently her .sigt plaint to the police.
aj to fail. Undaunted, Ms. .. Mr. Grieg was leaving in
ad taught Morse,' code to heo Grieg A
ughter. and now bas an eled 'fact. He- was arrested. 'And
contact with,:the world.. at Police.. Headquarters he
was asked to leave' with his
yacht, his crew and.myself.
\ Then'he declared he.was
-% 'not running away; ..that he
A Your StoreFor -was leaving for S-few days
k Atour St only. If the .ew wanted t
S. leave ind myself they would About to keep a date with a th
i r-- b'e paid by Mr. Rene Drey-

'Stop BODY and
S : I EAH odors
-. oth at once!
i- ..'" or yaw- r ba

S*, Exclusive.Dis
S. in Hait
(55 Rue Cap

M ..:
. .. ',..

become a victim of Mr. and to pay us the amount
Grieg. No transfer had been of the, bill of exchange.
made and according to his in- La Paloma h a s b ei
formation none would be brought by Mr. Grieg at Ca
made. He proposed a settle- cas. Mr. Grieg already h.A
ment of three thousand dol- his bill of sale and the neQ
lars which represented the cessary papers. .
crew's salaries. He had ob- What papers would I haj'2
stained the three thousand refused to transmit to Mir1
dollars from a mortgage Rene Dreyfuss and whit
against his home. We let him would I have been oblige
know that his offer was in- to transmit to him?
acceptable. Then Mr. Ge- I am not pleading in yoi,
rard Gaetjens promised to journal. So I will stop her
loan Mr. Dreyfuss'one thou- reserving pyAlf the priviil
sand dollars and thus he ege of my proof before th6
would have given us four Justice, of thae falsity of' thf
thousand dollars. allegation of- Mr. Rene Dre1i
-e --e fuss.
We made a rendezvous for N.B. To counterbalance
t e toiow in da to gie,

mthe following day to give a
counter proposition.
During the afternoon, our
lawyer learned, by an offi-
cial document, that the trans
fer had been made 'since the
14th of July. and that since
,the 14th of Tulv. Mr. Rene
-Drevfuss had been able to
pay us.
Therefore Mr. Rene Drey-
fuss had received the money
with which to nay -us, to pay
the amount of the letter of
exchange and was using all
sorts of rmaoeu ers to brine
about a different settlement
After compliance with the
regular procedure the case is
in'r rourr. i.
Mr. Rene Dreyfuss is there
.fore not the buyer of thetLa
Paloma. Nor has he receiv-
ed an order to purchase on
behalf of anyone else.
He has but .one 'mandate:
that is to receive the monev

the course of justice, tMr
Rene Dreyfuss thought: 1-
To impune the judge; 2-
To retract his impugnemenj
48 hours later; 3-To i
pune the judge once again;
for a second time; 4- Ti
take him to task; 5-To at
tack him in the Haiti Jour
nal. .
Notice that previously, .i
order, to blast an enqcijk
made by the police, he tuun
ed in a complaint against
the -officer in charge. :
Please accept Mr. Edito;
niy distinguished greetings.;
(Sgd 'Erhard Eberwein-


I ---- :-- ----'I

Boos Wool Growetrs$170,00,O00


IO ,Having solicited and ob-
tained 'the uthorisation of
the police to go to look for
ELY Mr. Rene, Dreyfuss, he left
p' the police, department with
us. He accompanied us to -
j the home of Mr. Rene Drey- '
r-- fuss: He begged us to wait ,
- -, a few more days and we ..
_. u would be paid by Mr. Rene ",
Dreyfuss. Mrs..Grieg, final
tributor 1v sent over to. Mr. Rene
i: Drevfuss a cheque for fifteen Met pallts run about 11 lba., Which brings $9.25. Thin English Marsh Remes wol weigd s 36 e lo .
(OND thousand dollars to. pay us it's Autia down In Chile and time for one of the world's largest sheep round-ups. Boasting
ois) off in full. 4,800,000 sheep that are the bread and but er of rr ore 'han 10,000 people, Chile will sell three quarters
pois) of her iUre .wool crop-about 15,000 ar..-tric ton -to defense-minded Uncle Sam and l gland. .The
Then he proposed a con-I a*bMo..um were taken at Punta Aren;:, :ite of lajg_'. sheep breeding Opration I to O arL
tract to us by which Mr. --- - -

- '* "' .' .
- - - - - -.:'.. ':. .-', ,-,. ', .... .,., .. ..... .. .-. .

. . . . ,
. . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . -...; ,. sO-. ;--.:-''. uk .- .^ d





iI- -p 1 n

14. - ,






day evening in honour of turn to interesting debates.. ,,. ;
-departing Argentine diplo- The Neff family will be_ i. .ek A".. Phil
-mat Louis Gallo. missed. ', liaK f his car e
SUNION SCHOOL --:0:- .d. '233'. in front of hl
Registration of the Union Word has been received home on the amp de Mart
9School pupils will take place from New York of the mar- Thwoturs. latepolice locga
p Monday at the school from 9 riage of a charming Haitian ed I.he lo Vbiture on l
a.m. till 11 a.m. couple Mr.' Gerard C. Abra- A.e. John Br The k.i
-:0:- hams, son of Mr. and. M.s. she4.Jdote o4 hay.
Clifford Abrahams, to the. been. ia a ssh- i '
WOODY '- a favourite gracious Ginette Bonte. :The -:0; -
,Marine citizen here for these ceremony took place in the
'past two years bid fond fare- Church of St. Anthony 6f .
well yesterday as he board- Padua in the Bronx, Saturday
-ed the plane to return to the 2Wrd of' June. .
SthTT e'S We know he'll e

THE DOOR AGAIN... those guineas or I'll know back some, day. Mr. an
stickin ~the reason why!*) Franco
Wearing sticking plaster -:0:- -:0:- Francois
on his nose, a bruise .on his An important personnage Mr. and Mrs. Mai rth ofE
chin and a slightly blacken- viewing the almost finished MKr and Mrs- MuHoitrce Edelvned
ed eye Tony of aBar Italian Hotel Riviera's swimming Kcelebrause (Luciearrival of lite) on dafine.
S had little difficulty this week pool this week threw a ra- celbrated the aral of son fnel
in explaining.' his shinning their belated suggestion, at'obert o the 3 of July.
appearance its simple he the Hotels management. 0-w .
explained ... I justwalked .Said he, Why did yo not
into a door ... (Excuses the build this pool at the'front The Mayor of Miami ac-
world over arethe same of the Hotel ... where if companies by members' bf
when translated : could be seen "by all wht. ithe Miami Chamber of Corn-
-:0:- p. .h. .u.lic.m..d
C-a, M p'. : .passed etc. The public mind inerce spent a short time
Carl Martin' pleased pte: .ed management.sighed, Yes here on.' the 18th intrahsit.
James J. Pliniton Jr of cJim-" we wanted to 'but, alas we .hon~e after having attended 0
my's,, Blanchisserie di'. in dare not for we didn't relish the -.Dominican Republic's
thb'cg.ursie'f theoYubding of e Republic's
the cerserof th.fut ding of the prospect of being blamed 88th ~iniversary of its 'suc-
S the new super shirt laundry .for he increase of the acci cessid. m- Spain.
V. service sacr ice every avaBit e. aong. yon high- ;-,.:, ':- .-
I' able shirt, even his dickies,... passes a yu h t .
Arrows at three .ninety five .. . : .'
S' .. '-. '.. '' Director o the -Haitian ',
S". ..' enDec -tare'IM. _ack at American .Institute. anc Mrs '.
Curtts, Houg h Dauliin 's "his s -,at P i. aq'-.-.Eri 'Neff o offered ,a delight
Saccouant, returned from a ters here aft 0t weoes,'of al't 7, .to ,cocktail party at :
iiiM. .'fsit to his home in "iotous livisngin Manhitta n.' their'ome i"' Depas Friday
Texas, accompah ect by his For. the first tnie in. his .life :e1 ending to honour -thiewn
arniziing ;,wife" aqd hand- he was,. a tourist. All pr director of' bheInstitite'" nd1'
sone son, 2 year Carey, vious' trip'abroad. .were Mrs. Jaies Cassedy did the
- both well known to jthif" 'ithn e Tor .stddy or.busindss., new-director of,,Courses and' '.-
many friends in:haiti.. Yet to He was impressed by: the Mrs.. James ~hols. During
. e intro0, ced is brand new- Big Cit. ,:it feels that it. their ,ihree -years, here.. !if '
.daughter, Frances .een is ;t the' lace for 'im to .Neff. have among ,other
but. she is here and yod willv"i or, 'work. He reports tflngs gda'ed for themselves
meet other' soon. (We. dare that brother. Louis,: Haiti a ieputatiofri for giving en-,
not mention this in the same.'r nsufenej~a1; and, his famn-io .hle parties Th? cover
h'-breath, despite the fact :th -iLy"are.'n rth best of hial th s.aon'taostad parties -are ,un .
Curtis is all smiles aboutit, '.. -- :- like.conversations at .most
but 'he also reurfied,,wh ah. Domi iica Ambassador, :parties, they Ar -indeed al-
brand, new hunting dog, Dr.' Jose Albar offered a ways stimulating and on. an
S who *.s -goin' to retrieve, farewell -s ag, party Tues- intellectual plane, some even


A" AL'

,| .....--------
' .. M

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--.. .:.* "--- --.-..~ -


odyear of4r
utres pneus
ds lourds ertra-robustes. Hard Rom
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rli-Miler Xra TreT --AU Service

0 U--" I
.d M rs. Andre G ;. ,. .'.
are celebrating the
a daughter named '
Nhis-week. -Mother .
hter are both doini' For good er ni1e

Open 'Season-on 'i '


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: 2079 :-

' *

Ii 4:-
*' i H ..,.if.fr




.- --i.-__ .---- --------

: Buy Classified, Advertisements Sell
Help Wanted For Rent For Sale Lost and Found
.2 .

S. lassified advertisements 100 cayreaux of land in NOTICE
Q f accepted for things want- o ,- oxr unwanted; rrticles for Prince suitable for the cuiti, Visitors, clients, and friends
', ; personal service; mis- varion of sisal (pite) 80 dol- you are hereby notified that
wcellaneous items, such 5s lars per carreau. aLe Refuge" is closed for the
.> jobs wanted; houses for w present time (this mountain
gre t;e tutoring travelling ,Hotel is undergoing exten-
companions; ideas for sale, Concerning the above see sive reconditioning work).
: o6. (accepted, 'advertise. Real Estate Agency Rodor Rest assureonditionihe manage-
Iments of a political nature. Trading Corporation, Build- met will advise you in due
Wae 25c per insertion, maxi- ing. of Robert Bonhomme, time of the re-opening date.
im of 10 words. 150 Grand'Rue. Phone 2789.
.. ,. On enquiring about any of 'JEEP WANTED
the "Real Estatew bargains at W Ed a g D
Wanted a good condi-
the "Rodor Trading Corpor- n
action Office ask to see their tioed second hand Jeep
=i fine modern handy sewing person will pay cash. Con-
U machines" they sell them at tact Haiti Sun" Offce
an astoundirgly'low price. Stand 'No. 39 Exposition.

SHOUSES AND PROPER- Furnished house wanted in House to rent. At least
A TIES FOK- SALE, Petionville, or the coot sec- bedrooms, furnished. Some-
4 ., House at Bois Verna with tion of the city. Two-bed- thing big and something
igpare court 8,000 dollars. roms. Phone: 5599. Be- good. Will sign lease for year
'House at Bas de Turgeau tween 8 a.m. and 12 noon. at a time. Diplomatic fam- .
-i' 5,000 dollars., fly. Call at Haiti Sun Office.
ouseat H iut de Lalue ..................... .
%QO~ ~tars. , C,,r" "astera's Maternity
S it:o"iose at Bois Verna 7,000 wr r," .a Clina
: oilers,
Property at Bussy 80x120 Dr. Georges Castera's corn
:00 dollars. ; .... -. / ... portablee and completely mo-
i. 0 Bo rdod ol0xa. Af.T dern 12 room Maternity cli-
,or3000 Eudoile. slmt nV nic is at your service. This
AUM08 0 4 liar aupdto-date clinic is oc-ated-
9,i5050,00 dtlers. in s...ame idild di.g.s te
S t:operty atBizotn-1/4 Pharmacy Castpta, opposite
c P-.. ..As. P. A rt- phone Suilding. GCall;.131.
I... p ..... .......................... .

S F 1 WEE. she saY, likelove. It must and vital charm that imme-
." '(Cium ) be given tt,the rcit qf the diatie impresses her public.
world to become unselfish -
WriT~ag agd pa'ntting come
and useful. a. -
Sand useful. ; to her easily and hatrally,
After people her main in- t
Ndw York where' she re- without strife and' worry,
terest lies in colour and com-
Nceivrd m of her education. agd .if there is 't s yet too
-eecl m t.. position. She thinks that much dp r w
g other nshe stu- much dpth t er rk this
I: Ztt. eriorg. s.. everyone should paint, not i m g b
dieinterior d ecoration, pho b s a fahng which'might be
.everyone is necessar- bla ed on her comparative
tography, textile designing, -ily talented, but because it ame o er comparative
nd fashi llustra opens ones eyes to the sudden
America is my home, Mia iad unimaginable beauties Life these days has its diffi-
(. says, and always will be. that escape if one isn't train- culties, Mia Steiner says, but
1 jppnly thing I regret is ed to see them. it's a lot more wonderful
f tat I .wasn't. lucky enough She has written arti tha difficult. And as far as
t be born there. I'm concernedI haven't even
: ti bor theand short stories for various started yet.
.,,te 'ner claims that
a ine ae clams thatd local papers but actually
.i a wr.ter and journalism doesn't attract
f10 like a painter. Her her too much. I'd just as A
4 aryoncern is with peo. hty th CAR BARGAIN A]
The people whoare the words as eighty, sh says. A 1947 convertible Stude-
%dlfeoets of her work, andbhe baker in A-1 condition sell.
p i .ple. whp -are her public." The outstanding charac- ing at honest price. Contact ST
She is not an artist who can teristic of her work is pro- "Haiti S u n", Exposition
create for the sake of creating bably her audacity which Stand 29 immediately.
"aloe. She needs the continue. gives it a certain spontaneous -:0:-



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