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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
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.: 4 . ..%;
.T E

PL' UE "-Prt-au-Prince Hi 7 S

Its Mystery ofte l Public An Businessmen PEWo
.. .. .

nber of Instruction that Grieg was at the airport
Civil Tribunal~of' and prepared to flee- The
/ There. have Fbeen reports work ot soliciting while in'
rt-a re complame to .the Police at '...

of twice Port-au-Prince and crculatg tely that may the counry.
Swas arrested. Hter of the loal'. businessmen IA seeBs that ismen P sN
Mr. Marcel nae ing been author have had o very unfor from various parts of ........
Editor Tbalti Joufnal- n presented as boI fle. be Theretu.nat e k.ee nr. vari -world have engaged local .n
^ t antor M- R ous encunters witd visitors people. indifferept' sprts of'

actiornavig feen, CONTRACT quired from 'an eqlbassy or. complete .inforapi; 9n.
issairee t-au-Price consul a proectsroposed by t gov

Hernr Poantua iint 2, June 95 hobtai this visa, certain (ora- enmeit on ocr.fd
for d mlies ch include a t ass
tMyhace efaib fownta c ar between the sail chrcte cheli and business Ith see ns ta e- Fo the. a

iacl Sal named irs b aPblomaa, Mr l verific aidon haverto be co- from abroupt, ofos theed y to
e Pr the .eas salaries a. va e- -wirh en aIgonedor e

pdnaitor aiti JE u and the Captain C anadi gill re n- ts weo. tThese e tor peoarpe is-0 idert s o

|usti .o^, waynof. divide .as foRoen Dreyf ass frmarotard. gidapoothermtiots ane e ^itheme
etifi.to idlypb- 4 dollars ent supposed to do asny seot of m breaThtahio.yvn atow rn
'. 1. .fa t ...,. -.' ",...oute ier ..,a -res
SMr. Edt my 400 dollars rto ans h u' eightoclub icuoe' lve" oo

1 skguished co nshiderat 4, Hbe1er CNR TaiqirA Spfoman'ss est in the information t
i n *-T fthe 'm sar 800 doll eares to himself. Poare t nearing co p letion top Ame
D. .i Max Gedefr n. 2d ) Mr. ,e2eJDreyfuss ob- .lBouis hcellier. Thinlds combaatioyg r h i b m e.l
S-'h .e.PALOMA C owligates himself to pay the No Bag Limts -. Licenses thei up to ones of the icon M

SFo s yea (Continued Page "3) l J "bed discovered oere f it forue loG ph lti

...h"y's .reg bought at La .br. R e.Defushy T m ard.prtsm.en is some of c otioe "not a meim,
., :- ,a ..-h sge th c t P'e srMespreepee even his spare tune .s been Pu

ei'-ltfor -the sum ofptw e uCo e slo s a This e' no exaggeration. "......... e'T '"" :" :e' hob
-thousand,. dollars pa e, Dring Tropical DOwnpour Guiana fowl, quail, ducks, restaurant night-club to be taii t posp
within a delay; of three doves, wild boar (and a few a ... imainafloaing over Max sn first wnt
months, by means of abi of tobe- w.i d long-horned cattle, ce and beautif cty the U.S. i Febuary 5'

The saidrn. neg took posses the height of the tropical African buffalo), are smooth riding lass airsh granted bth by the
sion of the vessel,dmandted downpour which flooded the abundant in Haiti. invehumale do.-r nter-AmericanGo "
s German crew andordered streets of the Capital, was The g sinea fowl, intro- is well built intelligently hilosoh. the si
da 9 i s"die.s wi a "s1ta' a y nor. "" ,.Ti.W".-t.-

Sto set sail for Port-au-Prince, the small bsut interested duced long ago from Africa, dehs.isned reality of 'tne pf tute of In aKir& M-
Splace of payment. Not only group of local Arabs who occur in large flocks. It is a (Continued on Page 3) -i -isec ,- restaurant '

did Grieg move aboard the braced the storm and re- splendid game bird, wary hed inyre r 1e44 Dr. Caos
44a Paloma to live but h mao ed under the shelter of eai fleet-footed and delici- .... L s ad the .latter b'
undertook the responsibility the protection booth to see .Port-au-Prince "crease Coee the American Delegate P'

of aying the sailors' salariethe Oriental film being restaurants list themon their ouc fesso Cornelius ruse on

-and .Pof provisioning the shown under the sponsor- menus-roasted, broiled, or Under a five-year plan to behalfpof the State Depat-.
crew. He performedin sev mpressaro Magid ld orange sauce into effect next year coffee ent an Wslya Un
nchor in Port--Prnceng shown Ha for the aes, itwas, announcd.re- loal Law

erwein (seller) and the sixth time. This is the first While guinea fowl, qua cently by Jules Domond, Se schools Wilson had receid -
members of the crew waited tume that a film has been and doves are found through retary of Agriculture. 'Nine- i 1942 his -in athis cn. for that which shown to the bitter end at out Haiti, ducks arde concen- y d. tsaend acres aye alread-, le.res (division of tejs

Sdue them. h Theatre de Vedure un- traed in a,.. wild lake region unde cultition- : ai humanities) and ab
a One.fine dcey, they learned der such adverse conditions. (Continued on Page 12) (Con"ned on Page 12) ph (Contiued ot Page 2)s'
... Pal.... *,rbm, -.nEberbi u1tHa c t i es .s. areti meloss ee
tosn dolas dollars ate D n r icael o"r .."
Gue. iana fowl,.quai ducks, rturantnig b, ii .tphiot&
.-within ady of 'i w.Bo .er. Tinae flosingtoer M W o f wen q
on. of th vessel, dtmapded do r wieeh-Dreywuss ob undan i .uledc for Ter4pi'b..icad.
eN hag, on or a.PA'e. Weneda.ngh a which some c e wh at 30 ft in a d be -n 'a fes h'.
&'TesiGr" tookFFpOsse- th higshtmef to pay the No Bag !Lims b arenses adds up toor ne.gfsahp' gra.ne both by th:'i
German" c.,REw US.' sus of1,00 dollars (dot- The g ea tro is iel t ouistie Phialoap.' ,.aac-,!.0._ s...iac
to set sail for port-au-Princ, the sl butl blrom A ria signed ri of pa-t finaal 'nW../
of go tp ou inage dflo ks.e he sr a (ctine d o P " n '..D.
r-.0ieg .." move aboar the brave the. storm and, re- theithefrT" ha tsre.
Is Pa-oma t.o live,-buth& manedunders uiheshelter. of spledid gsmen bisrd, wroy
band fl-ote uan deuci- Lb-a t
-undertook the r .niblt tp i b. ,Pa.P- ie Inreasea Ofhuionsn Cof toie, ... .ical regat- ro...
of~i' waying taelors'saariete Oiental fai.lm .. bi resaur ist ton heir Pa ros deatiunco es Corneiusn Krus on
n y ea cof fee me nt 'H Wto esle
onthe, pe rmedns fn w ld l orned cae, otr effe t t nb 5
we a ta flp-or le m thn- d rw ara here will be sity, M.dptwn Coette 4
docekd te ytwas be-t lar ach: noincras by0 at eias t5,000 A foe. er,
ri.,,,r~La Pa.oap. doe rin ste dt the
Germean (sellere andothee sixthtime.s Thisis the fpirws While: guinea fowl, quajl-eiswel byJules DomondSecli schools Wilsonow' ha r tce, idu
'.tsembersa fo thorewa-ite thiie thatl, a fl ht berentad doves are fgou throush reTapy o Agrilture. Nine- T 9 ..:.,,his
tWitTihe aace oday; 'o te unlyrado in wild boearegion d' (d a f
in thisa fora thaiebut which" swne t rthe biter n a I orlHati,-hoded arecnen- ancrtande ace areealrcity the US(iviioan oelegat 1945, .a
q due tm thumanitiec) and at br o ,
of ftingthe esel, ty'salarned' doernsu aers fel odeion (Ctaurantsin onistP 12)o (Coninuedion fPg 12 Cornelius onPae 2 n ]"

.. .. "';.44


t' ?age 7e --

(Continued from Page 1)
done', some of our firms
have not taken the time to
1% properly check on the cre-
/ dentials or the truth of some
of the preposterous offers
made. The end result is al-
ii. ways the same ... A ,Big
r One of these affairs is the
ti subject of a current feature
of this journal and there are
.' several others. yet unpub-
lished incidents, which have
been almost disastrous for
all concerned in this coun-
try,. .
The pattern followed is
generally the same with the
exception that the characters
tnd fie incidents have differ-
S it aomedclatures. The maji
S ,br persons) arrive with an
eathat will. be just thb
,:: to put Haiti eon the

.7 V9, If he V rJ

Smore Al tiat PAA,
i mueh experience in si

pi non-stop sericeI
ation-type Clippers
'.Excursion Fares n
nTo mst rat6s. Coiietim
go. e new. and save. AsIc a
nvcations at leading K
O'uding sightseeing and i
F. 1
Da flight by swi
Kligston, Montegd Bay
stop service. Connedtip
'odd Tru
]Daily Convair flights
Qlao regular services
'For reservations,

. *
/74r oe,
-te.k. e.,

which completely ties up the
kRD local businessman in a cdeal't
Map., These p,-LIe are al- from which he cannot dxl'ii-,
ways so enchanted and thrill- cate himself without either
ed by the country that they incurring a considerable ex-
feel they must d6 something oense o.a gretd deal of en-i Ji
for us. They always sieeiM barrs.sment.
to have behind them certain The world ov r these meid .
things which they point ouit are know as ,iCon Men.- ,
are definitely lacking here... Note:. 1j piitdicallyv every
These usually consist of id- country there is usually a re-
vanced technical know-how, soonsibile aeenrv or orzanisia-
organisation, influence (of tion which will Plqdlv sun-
one sort or another) and the olv unon request (at no cost) i
all-important Foreign Capi- information about business
tal. They feel this idea is organisati;qn and the charac
unique and that this is the ter of their representatives
time to do it' and conse- Flemenatrv rqili;on would
quently anooint themselves seem to d;iertA thd taking of
as scsalvationn or ccrusad- n-r-essarv orechdtinns to ver-
inae committees to do it. if,, the status and claims of
First, they win confidence. ;n;.rviduals coming here to
then they are introduced all do business because (aL'habit
1a tfFild tI sdeial and business ne fais qa! le .moine,) or as
circles, then they fly the coop ou noted Creole savant
WIfh d considerable amount wruld 'savi aDi ge .contr6
bf localil money or a contact menti cabal '
o? j uonlIE fth47 Week*
.' More VW IOa

Q ied I thre. French Giv-
2.- .,_.4..j,,,,<.- e 6e+f lIn 1946 lie ieceiv-
vxr ltc"tfvr h H.A 6 k. h tliodours and
tot"(L# aisiincdibn' in Philoso- ,
y y fon eyatUniver-
S, 1%ktt theattegded Va%;
.. ti &sty, 1*e aiin, Con.
Snecticutid Grd alatioh Ahool
.* .a %ar aft the ridd of
iib nle he Aitained his
SP ..A. Phgosbi'. In the
S .194g8 ,,helwasg ia
sitda8At ici aik at flTe In-
ti-natidial Semitiar held at
Woodstbcki Vrimont, spon-
sored 1- the Amierican
..zids z ervice Committee.
During his soioure n Ver-
mont. he taught at the Sum-
met high school itle, devils
as he refeis to 'im n the
S' Oth., 10th, and lit"vgrades.
und -ro dlIn the wrid hai it was a most exciting reK-
eirhig ilitbrriatlorial iravelews. lation the says.
R K^Upcn the. tecp0imendatibn
U' V'r Kf the Univetity of Haiti, a,
fibi Sn Jtdan dluxe Con- ockef6ller FOindation fel-
*. ReducedL 1-Day ..Bouqd-
29w in eff... also new, low lowship was awarded Wil-
t Eonnue rom New Yor sOn in August ,of '48, for gra-
t secial law-cost New York duate studies in Philosophy
o'tt Ot ..3.8 to 14 days, in.-
ntertainment as low as $18.50. at the University of Pennsyl-
Svania, where he had already
i been granted a University
Wa fellowship for work towards
,,C mae..lso reg his Ph.D. degree for 1948-
Salines sere allU.S. cltie 50. From June to Septem-
iu=-- Sa-l I ber of 1950 Wilson did re-
jIIo .N SWh 4JU4 search work in Mexican. phil-
-convenient departure times, osophy at the Universidad
to principal Caribbean aSlim, Nacional Autonoma de Mex-
asee your Travel Agent ". ico on a grant from the ,De-
partement of Hunfnities' of
WORLD'S. the Rockefeller Foundation
.' MOST EXPERIENCEb', On his return to the U.S.
;A AIRLIN$ he wrote a 'study-report in
English entitled ,Contem-
Si r /sia ) poray, Philosophy in Mex-
SL SEjl icon At present :he is work-
WZ0 ~tkru .n ing on a French and Spliaiih
-r> ^translation and hopes to have
.t.enmsi the paper published ibthb
"' continuednue' on Page 4)

. ".. : L --"-+ ::,'-%'.: -' :.-':. ":" r .'.- ;2. i" :, ,# '., ; -S:+T+.< r,

, N ...
*.::' ,,.-'... ., ...., -.: -t 'z .
.., _.:.+.q :.,'..+:,'.. ";.+ : .., .,'. -. ... t,., ,.... ."... .. .. ". :.L ,, ^ .* .* *





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1 & G MARTIN S. A.



SUNDAY,-AUGUST19.h' D-S'.4'.t

The Mystery of the 'La Paloma'

Part Sevenon.



t Bir- r fidNilb y
^\> ^f,-/,\1/ k ?""'



For Information See AgentROBERT E. ROY, Exposition Stand No. 7 P.O. Box 228..Tel. 2167 .


r (Continued from Page 11 fore he would pay thethree himself by an act passed be- tinue thp Instruction and 1
Thousand dollars salaries to fore a notary. At that mo- went to extremes to find out
hard Eberwein for the pur- the crew and one thousand ment I called in Notaire what was false and what
chase of the yacht aLa Pal- dollars damages to Eber- "Charles who came to take the constituted these falsities in
/ omap, acting thusly in the wein to cancel the contract desposition of the parties. the title because if there is,
name of Messrs Ayala and Eberwein refused this propo- Eberwein undertook to de- an. established organisation
Poincelet who will become sition. Rene .Dreyfuss then posit with tie Notary his in the 'government to inves-:
the real proprietors follow- turned to the sailors, sum- titles and Dreyfuss the price tigate such falsities, it is cer-
;* ag an official sale register- moned them to collect, and of the La Paloma. tainly the Chamber of In-
ed at the Bureau of Regis-, when they presented them- struction. '
try. selves, he proposed to them Everybody retired. One By a summons, I called
S' a (dedit)... In turn, the sail- would have believed the in- Dreyfuss for information
S3) Eberwein obligates him drs refused, cident closed; the affaire of about his last objection. Far
r self to pay from this money the La Palodia settled. By no frodh appearing, he signified
the sum of 1,000 dollars to And when Eberwein and means! Because Dreyfuss toward me an act of acapi-
the members of the crew of the sailors had ,learned that returned to tell me thathe tal hostility.
I-aa Paloman, that is 250 dol- at the very moMent when accepts to go to the Notary Juridically, a demand' of
mo, .' but that the act of the sale
Slarseach. Dreyfuss was offering them hat e a e impugnment taken by some-
S.4) The crew of aLa Palo- these propositions, he had i. one, of release, does n6t stop
|.man and Mr. Ebeirwein ac- already received the money name. I objected, making so fact ... ubli action,
knowledge in this contract in hand,' they complained 'because otherwise .delipqu-
,, as having already received about it to the Justice. th a wou n a f, ents would ave a wonderful
2' 'the sum of 170 dollars which of the La Paloma to hm; time and the first criminal
i 11 be deducted. Taking hold of the situa- t Justice cannot end it- before,the. curt 'ovbld'h aVe
-. seltt osuch'surrend.ers-of '-"-
5 ) In the event that the tion, I called Rene Dreyfuss self to such surrenders of ly to say to the Judge: I
ss yla. ad Poicelet Who declared to e: e-e principle; that Grieg having mpunyou, to e eionertat-
.:.s. yala. a. d Po..cekt who declared to 'me: 'Eber- ugt, hin pI, the aic d f " : 'i.;'
Should ndt.be present at the wein is German; Grieg is b h. e ed of all that would fblIow.
,r tune of-mthe Transaction, aLa Venezuelan; himself a Hai- h name .. ..
:'Paloma* would be registered tian. By virtue ,of Interna- e Fleft p rm min the elementary
S- .msing to straighten out > "-- a ... "
in the'e"ame pfo Mr. Repe tidal Law, the state of war p,.. t str g rcplee',1 Inssed a n'
everything .as agree?]. the .,rii-e "I "e '
Dreyfuss who oblgates him- existing on one hand be- e le arna t at D_ subpoena gaitst Dreyfuss
seTf,tp,.provisiot the .crew at tween Germany and Venezu- xt ^ same ar- and the Ph form me
si eiense;until -payment. .ela, on the other hand, be- s r I international Law that he is in flight a
S:e; baynent ofthe ala- tween Haitf atd a Germafy, B o.l f D^ s^ y acpttu'g,, anar
~,irea' dk P0ce at Police the contract of 'the sale of eowre eteitn betweenn tGee Bmpaosscbi nt, of aDain as
S"H tpqurters nd. the pay-' thle Li Paloma was null and of d n Vet Geu thex-t boutthe.s-taoie t wat
S-mn _ie iA .&st 5*" aswChet.cbiiact he e'"', e'7' ,- b--.
one month maximum delay., had signed "at the Policeh* to e p4 a eo '' .tori-d au ut.t, it
..Done.at Port-au-Prince i Headquarters. o tp e. b as ne ard a e or.'sn sest-
.uiginals, the ina g 'erebyiand wheo~the to rejtuss Wy-the sailors,.Gthe titles fthea heqwt lt pffyc5o sou-
f .two originals and in good I pointed o eta to Dreyyuss ,i,. .ws med ,p "thi '.ea war.at .efso,"
If"haith. that even, if (demited) wh at lectedethie
MY,] -" ,-.. 0, :. .-a Palom a w ere falsified. -le ed, th,1,, t.b. ops 'l...r,-s-,.
( .Signed) Rene Dre fuss, he said cbe wnthel s f otf sasries or..theaccount.of'
i Es Cbneradoi E.-Eb(rwein. of the boadi setetl bv1 t I o re emaied but. ones the sajloQsr o .the La eldma
; Witnessed : For he certi- What virtue,- andrby which do a rest Dreyfuss. n rid has', not aiven them to
ticcie ofthhi.r tou n a M.t D f
.; ..-rn of. rs qf text .of Inxernational Law Who took f textofptioaIt to me on t de Au.gus hut o
SMessrs. .Dreyfuss4 nr'ad, were men made to work; the basis that I-had said to to~lars. t tone
lEberwe;, the she Iaiereby and when. the time for pay- the named Gaetjens that he 'tiwsutfice to hssue1A~hs
Affixed. ce, meintn of their money arrived Dreytuss was mxed up in hm a warrant .of cotmmittal
: : ,Port-au-Prince, 2-1 June, could' their tree thousand a dirty"affair "and that he 4deoot)..
fs 1..951. .- dollars .-cbe withheld from ardiert a ffais t at he Den, h
S wE. HKehol (Notary). them under the pretext that e m p eoteng wan tao However, I declare myself
Registered the 22 June they were Germans;ne- doarsand to evade justice not in thfe st enemy .
t theBureau of Registry, Mries. R I would in that wa y have thMr cDruse to lse. ton,
S- -lded t this case, I were 'to listep to
the' eeapoMr. Dreyfqss 0ed iven my Opinion as Judge m e,
S On the agreed date, rieg this point of ev and ich would havethe dtctateso of my-heart,1
i imade out a transfer to Drey- declared to me that he only i a case, which would have wul find many noe good
m dhh aes in t yielded me to impugment -rea o potec Dreyfuss
Sfuss for seventeen thousand had two thousand dollars on But Gaeens, under oath, thanto fight him And this
' dollars." Meanwhile- .after his person and asked the Cap testified that I had said no- than to fghthim.And .s
-aving collected, Rene Drey tain who was present if he n f th s because of his brother, Ro-
fuss proposed a compromise would accept it. He (the Rivere ho was present at ger Dreyfuss, whon.was my
to Eberwein. He dedlaredwat captain) in the fear of losing thtime Gaetiens was talk- colleague at the Democra-
this time that he was certain all, in my presence accepted e u t e;becauseo hisbrother-,'
Sthat Grieg would not send the two thousand dollars. D e. y -.- in-law, A. Snr.aM.who married'
the money and that having Mr. Rene Dreyfuss then Te . the cousin t e Gedeon;
.-been engaged as bond, he had told me a very just thing: he mind d chaned and above all because of a
mortgaged his home against expressed to me that heanreacdt mutual loss to our familyof
which h could not raise but wished to finish with this arnment t man for whom ve
Four thousand dollars. There I affair and wanted to protect I was then able to con- still grieve.

The Police will certainly 4 .
locate Mr. Dreyfuss again
and I will continue the In- .";
struction in this case not low-
ing to the accused, the impres -
sion that he has held Haitian 4
Justice in check, and when
the Court of Appeal ..will
have rendered its dec;,ion, I.
will withdraw and then. only ,
(but voluntarily) -from the
cbgnizance of this case.j ..-
'Mr. Editor, I am. well
aware of your:patriotic spl- .:;.
rit. You will agree that..t
was necessary for the. honor. .'
of 'the. Justice of your cO'to ,(
try that all -' this is said o-
erase the -bad .,impression t
which. -Haiti' Journal. h,.is ,"
given to flhis case. ,. ._..,
-" *.
You. will agree, with. mr
thns my. dist4pguished
co swideratlons:." . ): )'' :+. ',
Max Goeon A
... udge,of. I struck

SPort-au-Prince, ,:,' .
T'17 August, 1951 .'
Toi the Editor of Haift Su-
Port -Prince;'. ,,. ,,,..S : .
,.,( .-,

4Iiavte read th a' le k s
published i .yo+..t3.. l .. ,
conte i th case- o'f. t. :,
a, Pa --taritj6ls which& .
S"codSsiSd .'nfuivourablye, .:
my 'puta i .-
--I would .ike to have y "?
.tghnslate., -ai.d" publish, b ""
way- of. rectification the
closed letter.
Receive, Mr.. Editor,' "
distinguished greetings. L .
* (Signed' Rene Dreyft'i ..

Port-au-Prince,. .
August 17, 1951 .
To the Editor of the Sun
In his office..,
Mr. Editor, T, -
In a defense of four col-
umn* in Haiti. Journal, the I.'
Judge of Instruction,' Mr- '
Max Gedeon, violates the ..
secrets of the Instruction,
makbs a startling confession,
wilfully set aside, three im-
(Continued on Page 10) '


,,.., .o. ".-.,.+, ". L .."h. ;,? t41.,

S.-' .. o '

L,... ,


.V .

;7 V4Pge 4

I."- :
Pi; oe rrnyr&

TEXTILE MILL CLOSES that Mr. Brierre resigned for
r-iandt's Textile Mill clos- personal reasons as-yet ua-
S ed-Saturday afternoon for a disclosed. -
five -wek off-season shut-
d6wn, ,. Delegation To Japanese
Peace ,Treaty Conference ,
T' IHB.RETURN OF The delegation that will
I DR. LAUBACH represent Haiti amorig the 5
r .. ,Ihefts Phalange announc- countries participating in the
I,. edthnIriveek sthat'the- Dr. Japanese P e ae ,onfer-
a:it ath famed finguist who ence to be held ati'. San
I"", bid4h~d'l-here a system:of .,Francisco, Sepitebpze' 4th
'*? if g6feore 'several yedrs. wi incp4ude. Foreign Minis-
i ; .i' retirrn shbrtly- to ter Jacques Leger, Ambassa-
W*9tt P.,rIle Doctor has been dor to. Wexico Rene jeanty
,, ng research wbrk hisAsi and director of thde Le Matin,
yer in Africa aha is'expect -Ezai4 agloire..
S ed to arrive here at the end ,...
. it'S-morath: DI)ECTO F .
-* d' :"* :or-O:-- RE. -AG J IE RETURNS
DUDILEY RECEIVES : .r.. J yieux, reccqr
..I' .SB" General of Agricultre, and
. toe o te ,.e. Int Am en- the country's No. 1 Agrono-
i of te Inter Ame- ..t..eurned this week
' qnittffaiTs Missip to Haiti, from a 'hree month's study
||-, Major EwiV'i"DUdley will et rf 4. Aricui-u
,,,ond..fi foqot..#rs of im1 Jnstilutes and exheumen-
: teame workV'drpitek Ltd ,. .': ..
S.. .%ie 'h e ve nat.'
S*ndo 'tI0AWrh- 'his new ICKS
o' JEVene engineer a
D: -"" .' i "' '." =""ne w 'a m l "a I- '
$sCE, co-A -
rB; 'jo4tg itian yai.a woder h
.en.h ~'~6she uc. h .sident a hnas Taeoit-"

nthat tatfTbioR'ery. w told tat tMs press
-conderencestarAe people of,
D. Tou i Rk4,gn;. .Hajti.- are wondqrnij why

J r ted States Ambassador for
S -lerrie resignedsW 'post the last ei.ht months.'
i Ms' wee-k. it 's .: rted 1.he President; said be

S .. .

-'", '. "-I h'" ... . '


T,. he family picture above i.eedftot in the future part with
-their beloved "Reault- as they set off for holidays'
abroad- Fbr the additional success of this compact light>
weight car (it weighs 1,000 lbs) is that it may be trans-
o r tted anywhere conveniently and inexpensively by
either air or sea.

FA' '.


chose a new envoy Wed-
nesday, but has not yet sub
mitted it to the Senate.
Asked for his name, Mr.
Truman said he was sorry
but he could not remember.

Officials said later the ap-
pointee is a carter man .--
Howard K. Travers of Cen-
tral Valley, N. Y.

The above -article appear-
ed. in The "Miami. Heraldn,
Friday, August 17th.

Ed. Note: What has hap-
peded.to the aspiring Ambas
.sidri* from Washinjgton,e"te
chwmr who gave opi only
interviews .regarding t h i
wealth of knowledge she had
gained about Haiti during
Jwr, "two month> vacation
piere? .

Perspnaiy of the Vpdek
F'. (Continued)
S(Conm ed ftaY P'age 2)
here d id'inthe U.S .'
-S Wr. moio" liha travelled
coniiderab'ly in the- U.S.A.
and Latidi .America here lie
concerns' himself with the
ds.eri 6 ',ter- ian
friehdship-t. t ad clder a&-

he hopes to

" tlaese co u ..eii- ..

His future plans he says,
include visits to the main ni V
versjtips of Europe and Suth, 4
America, ,where he hopes AI i
more Haitian 'students wi.ll.
be sent, since he feels Haiti ti
-still lacks the facilities of a -'
University. ..

He..mention too that he
ha.d returned to Haiti tiela- "
borate on his Ph..i. disserta- -
tion with his studies at the,
aEcole Normale Superieuren ,
before defending his ap-'
-proach for his return next
year to the University of
Pennsylvinia, Philadelphia-
The tentative title of his
thesis is cThe Logical Foun- r1,hat
nation of Pragmatism., Also advan
during his stay here he in- .ani
tends to help introduce car- Havi
rent philosophy; ideas which phas
are debated now abroad, conti
especially in America, ideas
which have an important
role dto lay in the cultural
development of this country.
i'n creatine an atmosphere oF
ccetndes qo"erieres' on the
came level as other neigh-
bourine countries.

Max Wilson was born 's
January 1924 in Port-au- I
Prince son of William Wil.
son and the former Miss Fer-

.- ,.4 o
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- ... H.

rp rr'a

F i h Matina.... The caille next to
it was burning merrily away
... Eventually, enough fire.
men, spectators and fire
.-hoses arrived to douse the
Foud in the itor's fire within the next hour ...
.- rThe residents; belongings
S writer.. were piled high on the street
while I was sitting there blocking the entrance to the
S Adding my own business at Print Shop... Some officious
a but twelve p.m, (Mid- looking character finally got
nife) last nite (Wednesday)the padres to move over
S I heard wJhat sounded like and away from the entrance
g ,fire... I locked the door so that he could send the boys.
j' d dashed outside ... look- ?ut into, the street for blow
S e rar. of the .Sn, by blow descriptions of the
'of a isaw a roariSgj i proceedings ... Much scream
I fL liquiredof a police- ing was emenating from
m. i' *is catiie dashing n... within the inferno ... No one
1 iQu'uti-e-qi~'il y a? He told paid much attention.to it ...
S e nothing. Just a ca Really funny when all three
bdiig'up... I went ovie to available hoses, were being
lb vti~fte as to whether we played on the blaze ... More
fo: OUd' hate a plant to print water was sprayed on the
: this scandal seet on ihisspectators and firemen than'
wee nd ... and what do Is on the fire ... Rue Ameri-
..- I caine returns to normal...
fi&. fr? ...the 'one and only a "
S hose at the scene is being as usual with two or ihree
:' played on the roof of the i-e, (or I don't know, maybe just
. A; : . -


qpe family) famiilies pn the
street for the night ... This
- building was obviously a
fire trap.
Your Nocturnal Snoop.

Estime Granted

Stay Extension
In the ,Daily Gleaner",
recently the following article
appeared: ',
Government has granted
M. Dumasois Estime, ex-
Haitian President and his
family an extension of sih
months on his permit to re-
main in the island, begin-
ning as from July 28.
/ When the ex-President, his
wife and two children arriv-
ed in Jamaica, from France
at the beginning of this year
seeking a hliveni they were
granted permission to re-
S ". .

Sindij, AiMist f% W$ S

main for one month,-. This of the incomparable Stanley t|
was later extended to six Grayson dubbed as the. Ato- :
monthsand last week, when mic Bomliof radio and tele- ..
his extension expired, the vision to direct thd pubhlicityQ
Executive Council approved radio programme of/.his ptM
of an extension for a further don. '4
period of six months. Mr. Grayson is stoppi' ^
__ at the exclusive El Ranchb.
Hotel during his onte.|
$100 OCs plaited stay bf two or thred'
S A months 'in .Hait. He 1as(
Given AWay Just completed two sehsk-t
Stonal triumphs with 'his..
25 $100 Neon Electric dynamic streamlined, up toS
Clocks 20 inches in dia- date radio programmes it
meter are being given away Porto Rico and the Domini-.
absolutely free by Radio Sta- can Republic. -,
tion MB C (Magloire Broad- Mr. Grayson intends als.q J
casting Circuit). to procure a moving pict ,ie7
film -from the Haitian Gov-.'.
Business establistnmes erdMent wfiifl& -will havef-
stand to greatly beiiefit.from televised oer the various.'..
a special radio publicity pro- .teleip sttons .in the-.
gramme now being conduct- .United States. : ^
ed over Station MBC. It is expected that many ,I
other accomplishments ," 0
Franck Magloire, manag- M r- Grayson will come to
ing director of, MBC-went all light during s.stay in '
our in securing 'he services Repuc of aiti. "<'

Abov'b photo shows Mr. Franik C. g e, Directkr C..C4. asMr. Stat.i
son, the... 4 .mic Bomb of Radio- ad Teltiso, signing te .Contract. toa whc
latter -bin4s himself for.the dkrecticm andpreparation of special ad! interest ng
ra"nmes for the M.B.C.. .
....... ', ".. ..'. ".."..'.. . . . . . . . .--- - -


se loat .1i


Apr&i un examen hebdomadaira de cencaines de permohon oe fhmmt qua d
pendant 30 joau, de brands ip&ialistespour [ gorge out diclira ost ifU
caus8 par lee CAMELS, .


S. A.

(Exclusivki Agents in Hai;I)

-, %s AL.A. .. .
flt~t'. tfi4~~lf~ SL- 1 ~ .~ '. ~ r-- .I..-

t. Page 6

*~O -

,?:- -

i : i ':.
.^ ,


SiNAY 'A S'J 14E

work- What began as a
part-time job turned into a
.full-time job with over-
Thai thhi would inevitab-
4 'I Bdly occur was foreseen' even .
n3 befe te fl od F On beforeA the fall of France. On .
the daVr of the German break THE ~ JTYLL AND- MR. ttIYDE, ROW ,
Through at Sedan, a meeting
EMPIR aetolWas in progress at Erie to ri, .s be ee
TOTAL Ed M E discuss the company's sales y f d Allen, -f 'between the da r ft,
TOTAL EMPIRE motivated Marx to formu- programme. At the head of dtyter e Of 'e.enge and. th"
By Rev. Edmund A Walsh, late his theory up to the pre- the table sat IC he ster s Lirentce h- ro of bI a iddeig
newly ot man. vier in DHamlet the other our ha'd6ofte `1Sn 'l
S.). sent moment. of crisis, _Dr. Lang, newlyiappointed man-
ager of apparatus sales. Sud- evening at the Rex Thed e stew throukbout rhe greattK
*Father Edmund A. Walsh, Walsh thus sh6ws how the apparatus sales. Sud- the; "e p rt of shu acts. At Jonh
S.J., noted geopolitical ex- Russians have moved and denly he telephone rang. I- -therecet part of four c t

contact with the Reds behind conquest, if necessary. distaCe sad n ssI ycom
the Iron Curtain to a show ?In connection with thisalCeaweredlesp .. c m en "p," p
how the communists bend discussion, recurring ques.- .When: ial iilets moter breat, 3r olnta 'nf ^
every facet of life to their tons such as: What is the ng to breakloose We'vegot aresClaudius hbfti s .
god, fore; and to their go, difference .eten alism to he some means of coor.t bro their) only to ton s ast.l h a oi ecisim ..a
complete world domination and communism? .Why. do a dg tt and facii after his faih death, Has gs fatin, i.o
-In this unique iterpreta- wealthy caitalit anieL j t het the ov.ern- let feels ,there s somath, tm de'iIe .play s
-" and Hol -ei jfest 'hbre slty hi."otU
tion.of world communism lywood celebrities jn the mn Al we in seeding rotten in Denmarkt,'s
and' it-c nti.ity,Dlr.Walsh Paty? What is the basis ,Of uti n t p sspicions are confirmed o ai e 'u
goes back to tihe roots of the t e communists' fanatical. .C. poin g e evening when. his father' ',e ,d
Russi anRevoluoqa toans- zeal,, are all answered- s re aears. telling ... -' .
wy' fejas e eaou're the eair "a in Sp.tre ap.pears,.teI n nj d1.s h is We t.& -
er .t. often aske q Father Walsh also reveals th cairm al e- 'that lie wMavi poisoned hm m efgcl re C," '

'i ois' th' e "s ensfe Coordiating ommit- v bee ."

ti D 9i 's 'iti possie ptevioasle upbishd bai- Ts ris' baoleshnps th Des- Claudus, alwd''"iandinhqu;s 'ri '-t
e's o p-.ul' ounts s Prtres'dent Roose- s t- H.hHamlet v ane oe he of n.' .
wa .. % .ens Coerdin a t vengesnce- for this'
, s A_. y or'.tdoes the. Rion. v ... '. '- tee, k nown ents' Pearl Har- r, terrible cm' S- fi ke s "-,-
1 - .. t. .. . .s-- ..boo as the- .-War Projects .
.. .,.. p, e, ..omplete bgiity .1.. e that's alwaystee,' 4i'' 1qus- gh,. itn asteOb-- i-, .Wl
s D Ic Y. ti e. Io Sar co..a. y .. 'S"A.'ord et. .. :"

Sn g t iRuss a rs commui in', as wy as e '. war. tivity. In makes up his mind to avenge ee of the chi ce bits' ofy

dIe- m a* ,a mystery in.ir- mthe: u}t-ns o& ma e ob velrin edve id pth aeof he s f s. d. m Uder, he be.~ t e i into. Polo .
S tsicde ret nii-aDr. Walsh ta tel P. -sid o rm d ofiar meme tntis full of decision. Ibitb( i;s flu:
...Dre s uthesT the O- bis n ttl pes de Halet was f''ndamentalycl-6", tae w S A
g a ctias of tr e b pa ee imts leears -i esan tassspet a kind pe-""b,, and "h 9 soi'

San sobdle system ti an. It is intdipnetable for ba mh asestnt tohi t vc chb ce to 'dd"w wt e iisd r
w& o i is detr- grasping the full impact of president in charge of manu- pnce' Glaudius. '.THUS lenderr be,

,to 'ary movement bea t on en- he committee's. tsk can be COWARDS OF US ALV,n'# and fned t
i slaig wi.r I measured by the fact that, in Shakespeare i us. And. dl. ,
,. nr a a Bet-l Th cotc .gh o of ":ii.e
s taor single p liti, Ed: T'his .ook ma" be ob c produ.cbout 4 billion .
cal isto .y-i.nd -thre tanned on' liah gfrom 'the dollars of war equipment,
i f'idte Ron'a E ite, raii Sun.a Ge ranging from the giant. tur- e,
Soutlies te ob- n bines for battleships to deli- '
e es the v Union cate theinstruments afor air-res '

tshoriasoryi showink- that P sa son Mitchine cers for the atomic bomb
.ithe inorA faon. idea gn y ni proiect. Magnetic Tape
its i riniles and con- Because of its c1harActer RM
du i benign, to and scope Word War IION

i.ere" t is a complete an'a- electrical problems tian db.y

Splakation of dialectical ma ing the war years would ..

angle. of this subject from the war effort. Excebr Or rmdio Rcom dernao m brk.lan i
the olScifaT fictorb ihat. the armnat gutr&rd at rhr gate d cvided orto ieane UnetPoiro7 .
.ard the idenfwfcation badge "a ammder., ..
torn by the employees, every soa. ti e .od pro dierevnm,
.... b .r'i diobt me.tmhnoasw u l,
it thing aakpearec normal, AW if"one
p= ~~~~~~~ ~dgni V olfis lnos nClg-O.01

t uiilty these offices were the'
nerve, centre of one of the
._J'y world's biggest and mot T'O SHOW SHOW-ME STATE
Q complex war machines. I-Kansas City .University art
P,.NCS .-.Lt _A Ni a- t students may be -expected to do
.c Wbin t he Nptional De- asthe Romans- do 6in, the ear
feise Programme was first i uture for rian painter Misa-
.. .. "j v, ni riateitthao..a'deeffd"a in-
announced, the comoanv vol- vitn hotetieta pin-
..',ntr to -do. iq snr.e. ,/d i t atpa the Mii m.
TI *I,,. ./ n 'Thc, 2-year-al' at i
1 mTho "fe by little 'O.hW4 an4 e.o e mutton
tak m moife a0a mbiir ht corf a% in his Rome s.tiit -,
%adriwas ra~t&I r "- Wir

arft qr donr m oon ..

Exclusive Distributor --

' J. uh' .'-"

(Around the ..romr .fro*m Rhum Baibaecoul I
49' Kie Makasinde L'ETA,
Te 30' -

* -*:.


... .. .. .... ....:.:.;
.- :' .~ &' .' :. 'b-1.'

J '. .
K., = .. :, . : -'' '."C : " ." .

f.UNo *Page 7 -

---- J JLa i

S. .
Stu M.l. *.

...... .. ....... .... ..... .. ............ ... .ST......



Does a beaalild woma u




Dinner Dances on Tuesdays and Fridays,

8 P.M.

3.00 dollars

Buffet Supper on Sundays, 7.30 P.M. 2.00 dollars


-W 1

Si Superb D g fud Dancing
Oly a~ limited number of (memberships
ai.4abfeeo the -Riviera Country ClubR
Flaafurfig. Swimming, Tennis, Golf
and Cabanas FOR RENT

T. ,: .
? *.. .4 .

- *. .' .
1* ,( '


R *

le ... ... -


If. :-,\ .UxuR ious'.


A "a '
",', ..,
U.a q


~. C7-~'~ -______

--- 5,000 Feel -

[ Almost A Mile Above Sea-Level
Yet Only 35 Leisurely Minutes frAm Town
The Distinctive Place To Dine and Lodge

__ ___ ^\ /^fT/yt'f-'iT

- -. -




aSan Michele,

In cool Petionville,. offers
a delightful homelike at-
mosphere, comfortable
rooms'French, Haitian, and
American Cuisine at vert
moderate prices. Special fa-
vorable terms may be.arran-
ged for person wishing to
stay as permenant guests.

Tel : 7175

B -'.5

S.e we cearole

B3CO'H o A. AoM a.oD E.GGS
5A IDiCr-iE5

&d^ ^3?W^&


is our speciality


k ItESiATtJtL~Nkf

1 *

. I

- : :

* 'I

I international
. Port-au-Prince

STl.: 2676

-Ji nii_ li "

.,.,. ,


a I -

. r . -


--:0:- .his leave, Rog
Wednesday evening Mr. tUMsSiguiW.C
and lMrs. Dan Allen offered active duty. A
S- a farewell party to Mr. and ty offered him
Mis. Mitc'hell Kenherly who in ~i honoui
,1 e idedthei riniduf 'visit to cocktail pirty:
SHaiti Thursday iand regret- 'ing givenby (
+- 1 fiifljy ieu~rned -homie. L -ktaillade.
'.The ennerlys remarked -:
"' that the Aliens, jolly kopod Here is one
S, -hosts that they are, made the Max Fouchard
last. night of this year's vaca- itirthday" Aug
Father Peter Kattan, a dis- ness suddenly left him when don easy to bear ... 'you see, -B:
tinguished member of the he received the reply: CCest they swear to be in love with Back from
Oriental clergy who had le caille Dreyfuss'. Haiti. To prove their love. hoidays in
bee visiting friends and rela '-:0:- : they return each year and Great Neck,
fives iin Haiti fo the. past, C Robert Duvivier celebrat- spend their two month holi- Denise Rouiz
several weeks left our shores ed hais birthday, last Thurs- days trampgig, riding, paint- Ward to the
and continued on to Caiacas day. Bonne Fete. \ng, writing, occasional rum woik at the ]
by way of Ciudad Trujillo ::-:. so.as, Tassot dinners and ca : Tnstiute
and:San Juan, last Tuesday. That party at the Ibo Lele visiting their miny friends. -..'-
: -0- ; givenin honour of Sid and This. is their Island. Maria ra
Gigi, the Flashy 'Citroe,- Florence Yemoytilo flew -:0:- owner of the
Shad a little'mishal midday off.to iNew YQork TJrsday, "Giovanni Siegel home-sick celebrated fier
the 'other.day. This distin- was reported to -iave been oi "zSa -Juan.after six weeks q.esdhyahtern
guishedA little auto which no mild ffair... noting f holidays -- he. attended .udnz ?m
's tad e1 .,--. 'the- dd '' here a-..ked i. ,ibr
l ..aims.nost of thesocial see was too.good For.thedepart- ous.. Gerda's weddi here Itarei rs,.ri
Spaassngfe,rs, -was.etngaged .irien4s .... among 1,t -- f .l o ta, rs d e
i -a- minor fracas .,with an .ais fac ellint .the NO- tfis W esday.. say ng ',P-
Sugly old camion last week. moynns wereeoggie and er- '" '-O- ,o.e
,ter .propep.repairs (and a ith .Vincent, 'ini, Heln -, --- *" '
new rear end) G : is Brady, Douglas and Jane an sM Mr. ofAn M
plying sesame ld routes. Eddyi Wrs M e .t. f..
-. ,.. 2-O. .; ... ..--: idhodcoian.accompanied' -by s.am
..-.. -- ober d s6n fB. Br aus
ert mus the Visiting gaiti is past .an rs5illltefiAy
Wli andfII of eek been Tex is Latin .rlaf ffh tpotf .Don L
tales of ,Matihalt. a-ni ved nercan; Divisro chief xTritendr efe and Robert Don lIn
S_' e last a .niayr b. .ffenry. Hambu -ry .. 'en&iw rsighn hi Jay- ,is weeld
:. "," :"" :.- " .','-:".. :. :0:- is. '.'.' .'' a pi, al -. v sit.isfathe
o -.:.. . .' O. . .' and Chery H p are ties . !. ,
S.Jean. Pierr,.e. Aselme6or oM; t:r" Th. A tourists
Sleft last Sunday for a va- r' eo tb e Gerard (Gert)-y. inke ar- smile anda
.. ." ap;' onirf.,".. rive back, in tow' on a.fort-

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or.Standing s o t Syl eir Thufdy On a _
... d1 t vesseli, ;Vi'Da ..ChairMnig Mi s Win- c briueas tr eop Purto tico. ".-
re A returned from Jeiemi. (Aid 'a iel -'-celebtated Mt. tEvans- observed her I' ,,.
pte -end via, the iny hr tiFdbithy ast es- ithday y ay and will. -
S- as Cana' **'. ..t etrn to tKoingon with bus- .
du.Su or otherwise known ': :0:--"' b nd Btitin.y this coming 'g
S"-Cana4 de la G nave CrlMartwin ho is at pre-.,wee. -
S'. --:0:- stenoy first in- r
S. nual vacation, wentnilth Alex Frombrun left for '
b ..rassig momentt ... Wednesday to exapi 'the Port-de-Paix Saturday,. by
S.. as the vBeachcomber, wear- pCa. nd its surrounding plane 3 days holi ays;
ily-t udgedmup the mou taxns attractions. C .
frodi- .e.scoff to Eurcy last .' .; -:0o-:- Manager. of 'the Texaco ,
Wrednesday.he got lost. Upon S.'. Strictly a. 'ionr, an- Company, here, and-Mrs. Ed-
Ssight.ng7 a typical Furcy bour bounced .Herb Short of Col- wrd C. Mitchell aid.chil-
go. g&s caile, he inquired of g-te'Foreign manufacturing 'dren leave shortly for holi-.
*a liftlestranger who sudden- vision. as he arrived here days in Ohio a&bd NewrYork.
a. thpeared from the bush Wedesday t 6 spend two' -;)-- ,
s ,'te, ,,proprretor of said eks of-ease :the St. ,
cae. All signs of weari. s Hotel. It was proven Roger Archer, a local boy .
.. this week-end that it's not as whose studies in New York
-easy as all that, Herb admit- were interru1ed by a per-
ted' t was a fact that be had sonal calf"from the President
Made inquiries about soa (drafted) to fill in the ranks .
:'making in aiti, and the of the U.S. Army, arrived i
.totgjarity of Colgate pro- Port las week on 15 days
ducs.. leave. At the termination 6f
A. 2111 i86f toFii la 'f -th Tea W
rcy AnageI

er will return
Long the par-
this nA'w'ek
4r was a gay
Tuesday even-,
Capt. and Mrs.

we missed ...
I celebrated his
nst 3rd.

A-. gunbert from 'a.1
film2T4iaa enjoyed i
vacation (ten days) at the;
Villa Creole (LaBelle Cre-i
ole) anc promise o ret
, next year for akonger stay,


six weeks of IMr. and M D
PNew York and Exantus welcome
Long Island, first born into the
ier looks for- Thurstday Lafrn t
coming year's somp ti 'Mr *
Hditian' Ameri- the former "-iss
th lee. -Alexis, -s.annrme
; : ,. their .son-anthpitr
tel,. popular b-t"zed Jean-Mar;
Splenid Hiotel -
r thday Wed!. ugust 15th was
oon at Laboule., ohe- ]
the many. cars ,as,
or the mcun- '.. ""
e fel s in .Danae ..- .
Swas abg ,
_ -' : +

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world ou'

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s a dayv4j
-- -,t+

*k' ". '' "l-.' .. At,' ., ,.; 4 .
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with 1.vevh .., C o' u fluid

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"- #& -&.ra
,-0. i- -,m+ .='Famous ince 4862 "' "
acG.ThAD9 MARK .TuosS C 16 S I- -dM "nh Ah
-.-,"- ".
- 0. .v ... .,-.
'"'/ .' .. 1 "
.'"t -
.....................,. .'........................................ ........ ...'.... ,",.
".".", .:- .A".J'1. ..' ".t'. 'tA,'.a: .. e *. . " : ,. .,... ",, ; : :. <' ,.




(Continued from Page 3), to the named Gaetjens that
: ortant documents from the he Dreyfuss was mixed up in
S rmits a flagrant lie to dirty affair and that he was
. file, permits a flagrant lie to
be shown and contradicts employing manoeuvers to
himsbe shown and. keep seventeen thousand dol
himself twice lars and to evade Justice. I
Should in that way have giv-
en my opinion as Judge in
IMPRESSIVE CONFES- the case, which would have
SION: I quote Mr. Gedeon's yielded me to impugnment.
text:. But Gaetjens, under oath,
Testified that I had said no-
aHowever, I declare my- thing of the sort as did Judge
self not in the least an enemy Riviere who' was present at
S.Mr. Dreyfuss. and that if, the time Gaetjens was talk-
'-11n this case, I were to listen ing to me about Dreyfuss.
o' .the dictates of my heart,
Q. @".uld find many more THEN DREYFUSS CHANl.-
"g 1 reasons to protect Drey ,GED HIS MIND AND RE-
sfs than to figft him. And -TRACTED- THE IMPUGN-
This because of his brother, MENT
-' oger Dreyfuss, who was ,
piy" colleague at the iDemo- Now, Mr. Gerard Gaet-
et,; because of his bro-, Jens appeared before Judge
z ter-inlaw, A. Soray, who Gedeon on Wednesday, Au-
marrid ,the cousin '6f Mme gust 8 at eleven twenty in
is.-edeon and above all be- the morning. At that hour,
caue of a mutual loss to our as per the. declaration of
f$ 'family of a great mnan for Judge Gedeon himself,.I was
Avhom we' still ,grieve.- already in flight, hunted by
S the police. How then, could
How, after sucl4 a c.qnfes- 1. present myself at the. of-
S4, not to :congratulate f ice of the clerk to the, Civil
: e Max GCedeon fortJhe Court.to perform the retrac-
.:1 ce he had to subject tion of my charge of im-
Simself ,to in order to decide pugnment against Max Ge-
i~inst me in the case,of a deon? '
Paloma? It.is undohubte!ly, ..
his unalterable friendship The uth in this unhappy
for my brothers, Roger Drey The tuth n ths PPy
pss and Andre Liautaud case is that the Captain. of
',ich mpved 'him to g to thp La Paloma, Mr, Hans
th eir hoies with the aim 'of Conradi, in a, letter which
S advising them. to use their he ,gave personally to the
I' influence on. me to pav to Commissaire du Gouverne-
Eberwein the twelve thou- ment, Me Alphonse. Racine,
Sand dollars without first peren3ptorily .that he was
i .n exa'miethe titles of ready to make a statement
ot.'. Mr .Gedeon want- under oath that he had been
at.any 'cost to t me misled by his lawyer, Me
Sof ths dirty afa Ernst Sabalat and that with
eelv think him. BUt, in his log book, -ie could prove
,-- t" i ut 11 that Mr. Eberwein had cri-
0j't .u~ has e ... iuridically, at
M..st coasr .tms I thmi a nminally altered 'the titles of
p ermtt sn ... .t ietno ownership of the La Paloma.
e.. .k st" uch when h wa to After such',a sensational .rey
6.. o" whutifi "e was lation and especially in view
e ;'t hld as us a of the consignment to es-
e a;n.....st me. before crow of the twelve thousand
V*'fnn&re'A before hbm a'nd dolIlrs at the,.BNRH.' You,
o, 'eliedto.his interrogation. Mr. Max Gedeon, I callhydu
S.- before the tribunal of public
S' . opinion, you dared to state
FLAGRANT LIE: could, to the Commissaire du Gou-
S' vernement that you would'
cU'rn.. before, poinf out many accept to release me under
;. fallacies. in .the, defense of one conditog: that I retract
S tlje too6 olistinate Judge of my imougnment.against you.
I, traction; Mr. M ax Ge- Me Alphonse Racine trans-
n. But as the philoso- mitted your demand to Me
'.phers said ... there must be Thomas Verdieu. (Ed. Note:
.S 4eed for a habit, ... I shall .nreyfus. attorney). Y ou
e content to point 6ut one then promised before wit-
S1si1igle lie which, is based on nesses to voluntarily declare
.,acts which can be easily "'ourself incompetent to
'checked, shall' have the bene- ; .,op in this case. But,- and
fit to not be qualified as *his is oge of the terrible
.gossip even by my most ar- lessons I have learned in this
dent adversaries. I auote unfortunate case ther\are
once again Me Max Gedeon: neotnle who have all the au-
"There remained but "one dacites- and -for whom the
thing to do: arrest Dreyfuss -ord of honour is only a
who took exception to me vain word, devoid of any
on the basis. that I had said meaning:

:" ... ...-" '... "-i i ;; '-:^ ^4" ,; ; ** *: ,. ;.-v'. -......,


a) The letter from Juan
Grieg, dated July 10, 1951,
deposited with the Chamber
of Instruction and'in which
he formally asks me not'to
buy the La Paloma without
having previously examined
the tides of ownership of the
La Paloma so as to, as he
says "prevent any future
b) The minutes of the in-
terrogation of July 25 .in
which is written my declara-
iton to deposit the twelve
thousand dollars at the
Chamber of Instruction 'to
the order of. whomsoever
Justice will order:
c) Thd document of con-
signing to escrow the twelve
thousand dollars at the Bank
- documAnts served to the
Judge of Inistructron and re-
ceived by his clerk on July
30th at ten o'clock in the
morning and \which proves
in adi irrefutable way the im-
possibility of any breach of

Articid five of the contract,
published, by the Judge him-
self, reads: l.In the event
that the 'Messrs-Ayala and
Poincelet. would not be pre-
sent ,at the time of the trans-1
action, La Paloma would be
registered ijjhe name of
Ar: Rene lrreyfuss whp ob-
ligates himsplf .to provision
the crew at his expense until
navment., In other words,
Mr. Rene Drevfuss is obli-
Rated. as per the contract to
'buy the shio in his name.
Why does the Judge of In-
struction want to deprive
him of th/s right? Who au-
thorises'bim to doso?.There
;s probably -in PenaI7Proce-
dure a law, known'- only.ts
Mr. Gedeon which in the in-
'terests of Truth, obligates
-the Tudge of Instruction to
forbid a principal from hav-
infP confidence in his proxy.
We read.,in effect. in the
defense of Mr. Gedeon:
"Because- Dreyfuss return-
ed to tell me that he accepts
to go .to the Notary but that
the act of the sale of the
boat be made in his name. I
objected, making Dreyfuss
understand that that would
be making a gift of the La
Paloma fl) him; that Justice
cannot lend itself to such
surrenders of principle, that
Grieg having bought, having
naid. the act of sale would
he done in his name. Drey-
fuss left promising to straight
ten out everything as agreed.

TION: Articles one and two
of the contract states:

1) Mr. Rene Dreyfuss ob-
ligats himself to pay to the
Captain Conradi the rum of
two thousand dollars (Ame-
rican) as salaries and which
the Captain Conradi will re-
divide as follows:

400 dollars to Hemnt
400 dollars to Hans

800 dollars to himself.

fice to issue ,against him a.
warrant of Committal.*

On considering these, tw&
texts, an implacable .enemy
of Judge Gedeon would pro-
bably be tempted to para-
phrase the author of the fa-
bles of the Heron.by saying:
,,The. twelve thousand dbl-
lars being gone, he would
content himself with one
thousand., But I, for whom
the freindship, he avows for
my brothers is too precious a
wealth. I will content my-
self by saying: Incompe-.

2) Mr. Rene Dreyfuss ob-
ligates himself to. pay the There, I cannot but emo-
sum of 12,000 dollars (dol- tionally think of mv y oor
lars American) to Mr. Era- brother, Andre Liautaud, a
hard' Elirwein. for the pur- cardiac and high-strung per-
chase of thie. yacht "La'Pal- son to whom the inexacti-
oma", acting .thusly in the tudesand distortions bf .the
name of, Messrs. Ayala and truth have created the crisis
Poincelet who will become from which he did not re-
th real proptietors follow cover. A coffin onr the heart
ing an official sale register- and, conscience of a young
ed at .the Bureau of Regis- Tudire of Instruction. start-
try. in in 'is career to whom so
manv illsI trious predecessors
3) Ebclrwein obligates him offererl themselves to guide
self to pay.from this moneyy him who never placed ihMde-
the sum of 1,000 dollars to shin at thle 'rvice of their
the members of'the crew of erimities.
aLa Paloma", -that. is: .250
dollars each. -I tbld the Truth, "I remit
my case to the .Court of Cas-
Nothitg is more clear. station. ; .
That one thousand dollars '" L
.ust he. aid by.Mr. Eber- (Signed$) Rene Dreyfms).
wein and n.ot by Mr. Drey-
fuss. Even better, tlhe pay-
ment of this- bonus is condi- DELUXE MOUNTAIN
tioned by the sale,4f the La RESTAURANT HAS
Paloma .for twelve thousand UEQUALLED VIEW
dollars. Where did M. Ge- IN AMERICAS -
deon find that Mr. Dreyfuss (Connuedfrom Page 1)
had to pay three thousand from Page
dollars of salaries? Really, in the y
this affair of the dreethhou-ecountrys most progres-
this affair of-the tree thou- sive businessmen, Elias Nou-
sadd dollars, one tan only e busnessmenEias No
laud Judge Gedeon for his One d rld
great compassion towards yeller wason heard to remark
the criminal and delinquent recently at the a ie .o re m
like myself. ,Listen to Judge: tec .or.
uthe cocktail lounge of this
"Mfr. Dreyfuss fielded to this ounge o this
point of evidence.'and de- new exclusive mountain club
cleared to me that he only had far surpasses anythjdg you
dared to me that hed only had might se from Sugarloaf
two thousand dollars on hks Mountain in Rio.
person and asked the Captain
who was present, if he would The restaurant night club
accent it... He (the Captain) is to be strictly formal and
in the fear of losing all, in will cater to parties and're-
my nresence accepted the servations. Close by though,
two thousand dollars.,, will be a Soda Fountain, rest
rooms and a place to take

, .But later very for- your ease and enjoy the *iew
tunately for the prestige of dress as you like. Later will
Haitian Justice he chang- cohe the shops and little
ed his mind and preemtorily touristic attractions.
declares: "By accepting a- BuiLder 'Architect Max i
eainst all impossibility all of Ewald works- in close co..
Dreyfuss' theory about the< operation with Elias Noiista -
state of war existing between whose personal supervision
Germany and Venezuela to and direction .follows the
be true, it still remains an in placing of each. stone and
contestable fact that Drey- building timber. .
fuss collected three thousand The tfanital is happy and
dollars of salariess for the ac- proud to have someone with
count of the sailors of the foresight and courage to go
La Paloma and has not giv- ahead and build a frame for
ien them to this date,.August this view atop Boutellier
10, but two thousand dol- that any citv in the -horld.
lars. This alone would suf- would be pleased to possess.
i .'.


u":+'" "n .10 in





'* 4 1'^




Sported on their return 'sy after a fortnight's vaca- --:0:-- .
.- V. from the -Caps last week- tion and now co-worker Paul' Mi~ LuaciediRigal (,law:
end that the Citadelle andi Lizaire is off on-his vacation.' yer daughter of Lawyer An-
Christophe have their corn- -:0:- toine Rigal was wed to CarL
plete admiration, also men- A small family gathering Nicolas of *Jeremie at the ,
toned that friend aJacko, a celebrated the birthday anni- Sacre Coeur Church, Tiurn-
favourite horse in the time ot versary of Mrs. Rene Ar-' gean, Thursday.
the Royal Court of King mand Friday evening at he. --:0:-- I
SHenri is still plying the trip home in Petionville. cAd Absent since 1946, Mrs.. '
to thdie fortress in a priceless multqs anos.- Mrchand. accompanied y
manner. -:0- husband Loulou and two:
-- '--, ,.'- -'- .., The Livitts Mill leave with Mrs..Red Copeland is fly- grandchildren returned from.;
ngo the States this coming Ne* Y6rk hist week.
Fast becoming a master Col. Hick,' accompanied by the most favorable opinions wek to visit son Patrick at --.
sleuth Lieutenant Jacques sons Roger III a and of Haiti andher people (Mr. school in Florida. Husband_,_ .. ..i' "
Laroche of the Criminal In- .left to spend a two" month and Livit will i8 Red Cp nd was recently . -"
vestigation Bureau took time vacation in Atlania, Geor- an Mrs. app ited business manager "
anextra week), and heap of the newly established US. -
out atTuesday to celebrate gia thanks aplenty on those Food Mission at Santiago,'i
.:the anniversary of his birth. --:0:--t -two firm believers ill the Chili. ..
It w a day of ease for the Something new has been gooc- neighbor policy, i .-:0:-
i anted. and of hbam ochk addld .... ist week the "US. Noitis ad- lisa El Si4eb. Senatoi Jadues ,Magloir'e
for Lt. Laroche and his Navial mission here ryeived :0- was give a roail send off'
I n aew addition to its staff .in ,he ay e Duier's l Mondy wh :: le off -*ou'
the form of -Chief.-OY'oeman hoe. in #", D. .riS ,. tot Np. YOai The, is to.
uc.Toar.Chief..PO.he d 'te u d
u Imour has it iat Miss Gri'eplacent is said to '~ y wihoutr '
is-that.Miss also'arivda.*,be.1 c.fsd. --;i. -.= .W-R 9
Gerdes will be engaged short have also arrived . s r- e j a
ly to that tries sympthiqudn :0:- wme t seems t at s e e a
Frenchman. And Tal returned .i6 .- w$ lu d- d
-' !0: :_,mooti Boston -. n e "s vacitioa Thursday.-
Paul Gundy of Texaco' eft; ." -:0:--. o- ,r e Mrs e g t; m iio- ..i l'
forNew York Thurscldan A ggfe'ih rtur niwt2 asMrtione. r e on aMS i Lin
L":andMr.;ad s ,~ to. Zizia tn-.era, e TI rieUity on it4"te ru
returned to Port Sunday .PR. dynd s niplee a
Son action ... maybe it's are motorin to 'Cuidad Tr'u- ii't Jazz and Gr4 b Den ti'e .et
: -t 0 -- : V& YS. d To&orist fieAu.
C l. .and Mrs. Thomas di- Titb ediaier's birthday 'O l th i fo 6 W TO TT
Wvehr' ;!V. 1 .e. bUZ.ai
rect ~ he Petiagoia l Wedsday Friends help 9 Neve.s en ter nment. .
o J .... 'j 9,i ..oon fVllot.0d

frondss a Col ardde Q.n. sn ,2 e 9 *tc sket to ,ashier-
friedto eAir Mission. An interesting cduplwhpo dr4inetc..6l those whoI ) ^stsexut s a
SActing ie "perfect host Cot. Sa Been vac ng her surprised e life ut of then
SmnAb bas been so.ing off thepast tyo weeks a M-. -0an We "' a, m A t announ df p en / or
CL ng Henri'wt epi-s Cjxf,.tadee a .. '

pointsofierdsode4new- Brot T.S.A Sidney, a ji^r, Ij^ TS efauei 5S Adrere y rd-,
is a calst n L ur ane Cau ad Louisitdr 6 ie t. e
Ldis iLuis. it is and wife Lillian holds StepL n, Fdsy Ldhai Jean Port-ku-Prince, 27 Juy 9 ^51.
,etc. ,.." -

dolph Valentinp like Ar .ioi.eAt ind Trade Cor- party e' t ..m.tndous sue-; s .. . ,
tinan television star i portion located in New cess froe. rtlife a l o. I l e-
Sllows. He leaves F y. York ity The Levitts en- -:0:-
a :0:- edstayg at the Bea aveBrisBack at his
rs..Roger, Hicks, wi of Stf hoten in Bourdon andv desk at the A--e.can Embas-
Kpoints-of -in es i eto e"e- .d B e harU .S.A.' Sidney,-H'a P .. Aeb -, ...-f J v.

C'est piourqui- u most delicious flavors i e j p
d -'- -, wo. Avocatkofrry-fdlheh-Caa-facdaein DSyad

ongea secialisinnt transportLs sbo pnurus m atde Puai ut"r ii.;.-

poids lords Goodyear quo sw .a pkleZ first name m d,
de pnus d toute autr arque. beveraes.njoyabote da..-

pnu0 poie lour GoodyAV e r .
do.ne: p'aid, incomparable pour I I I.,:,
t endurancee et .l render r- ofent Goodyear ;fre

om;ert aeP ig."em'r" d- rid rdetra-robuaes. Hard Ro a padding Water Gin ger Ale Chewry So

-.1_C .--d _.'iiT-
week. ofithat .. -.o,..-...

---HA----T------SU---- SU----A--,-JU--Y----9- -*-

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tissant. ILe Refugen is closed for the
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S. cessarv to charter a lanch Haiti is m some respects a In addition,
reach Tortuga Island, only .frontier- country. No hunt- be made to incr
Spiative sai.n. craft ooerate ing license is required of resi- to 600 pounds
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N"tat island. Also, food and no bag limit, game is so acres of' mou
':',all. eat3,bient m u s t be abundant. However, this This two-poin
-ouce. .may be changed it? the fu- will cost the Gi
While sortsmen's camnts tulre. I estimated 100,0
not ve exist n ati's Already, plans are under- Mr.Domond
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ice., Only cash
pp!y. See cHai-

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100 dollars.
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Best Quality Cement at
the Lowest possible costly

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ALLEN & BAUSSAN: offer their

IN BAGS OF 42 1/2 Kgs NET 6 PLY ,

Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387

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JULY 29th --



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