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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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.4 *1-.. -. .w. .4. .-~4d~py~~ ~







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VOL4juMEii j. n -. - .11- ,


Haiti .

rTThTfr A ATT/Tr--rrn i ."1

i The Mystery of the Paloma" Arrives Birthd rated

D:;AD, Y go -o .re A. e riphda 'p raed'":
..TPART SI .-.r... Unesco tCo. tfor IRun., Dil day H.-IIantvac 7-l.TME.
damental -Eduacaion 'in -H- 4tioningtis p month
The rapid succession of lodging a foreigner. Conradi ti arrived fi i,. m Frahcjmaica,. repot th Presi-, a.r hp mh-
peculiar a nd mysteribus wasorded back to.thehip ; Thursday, afternoon Mr, .. ,o ay sit
eventswhich have taken on Saturdayand immiediate- Ja.e whdois to .supervise was'also celebrated; at the evets of recent
p.ce during the past. two ly took .over and tried to run he J Marbial Vallev, project poplar Clbny C 1 u.b' in who haa been
*eeks indicate that undue in- he vessel s if it Were .o the i te next t-wet4 noiths Kingston-. Eric Deans 'and tomillions
.t ald curiously grave ;high seas wherethe Captain Pe 2) m"e,&s o Pag irs the pr

connected with the h'
PLaa oatu.a rdy, July ro ,m.. ,- .M...ily O.Mxic M usic ..i.... -f y
l. ... y isas Proe ru .s 4Weprldn Forty-threes ia ope l y
e -t. Ia^roche on or- Wmi isiu Haiti-* Agro-o ; Ciris- Milford l onieevbq qtt a ns
f, iustice Mai Gedon Noted U prosecutor, phote G d thaa .few a On o vin
..for hs*trat.es. an h P4e4M AAA
q JudgdIpdSydy iid .t.., sic ,_,
!.connected with'the-. I

"-o t." .dr,.i. .

i fts D y...... *one- hera 3).J deCct.u.,,he. S .irc hi. etes 'to

sc o- ha 'e*n 0thgrH. iemo'v
'eased@iemoneyen.bn e..e.. ot,.,:pe :":.f i !..... ...

by hiVurney, Tho- Lelflr TO' Radiian ks $I
...as Ve ieu. There. was a- AITIA '
.eat deaf, o'. lenga manoed. Katherifae Dunh. hiXdebr .' if TITeTE
e .in liyDreyfus, counsel- her departure; it S ivt ou Eicid, Neff is C pmlet
,-- V_ -h..be..y.... .o , se ao.
lors to have Jydge Gedeon an' eighteen .month grand ,ssig nt e
sd fromt e ie, case .. t erx of EuropeniiDn qh', R believed Tnth
the adnm argument being letter t, the press of this t .
Jthifet vwas nc a. cas for the in' which sho l expressed her t announced hS
reyfuss t be uswa soannono e ress d
p- ,:dtu0tion. in spite ,o f this appreciation of the kindness week hat Director of the
.toye, -the .status of the case which was shown her during -Haitian American Institute,
temailed wnchanged, Addi- her entire stay in this coun- Eic Neff who is completing
pnairo f of. this breach r. The following is thtmen
io .rust 'i the fetter D received tex of Katherine Du nham's is tid e id
^'leas t frm -of'Nobbe and letter: n e e re (Continued on rge 7)
Bond froi Geig dated' Messieurs, (Coninued on Page 7)
June--,3 from Caracao in The hour will soon be CENTRE DIT HAS
which he fiated that tho e here for our departup re f ni
Money left no the custody of your beautiful country, and NEW NEW YORTK
'uhro ... tfs R',, mERicRESEAd T-AiV wayE
a breyfuss wa Mto be used to I wish to express my deep lRoeeSE iTIlV
-pay -off in- addition to the regrets at this separation. ewitt Peters, Dirctor of
salaries and rice of the boat, During my stay here, we the Centre D'Art, has return-
the bill which Grig bad out- hav ot only enjoyed the ed to Haiti after more than
standing at the Beer Garden. beauties of nature, but this two months spent in the nmi-
Shortly after Dreyfuss' re- 'visit has once more o confirm. red States.
lease "from jail, Captain ed me in the personal belief The purpose of Mr. Pe-
.Conradi was apprehended by that Haiti through the cen-' rer's visit was to makq ar-
-the authorities for several turies has remained faithful rangements with one of the
.reasons. The first, being to the principles which have (Continued on Page 7)
.that h had (for his own been the starting point of its ETR D--T
still undeclared reasons re- great struggle for indepefn-
..:znoved the Log and some of dence. We are leaving you A A.A Nhtu A.u.e
.-:,6the ship's documents from with sentiments ofadntra- Cabane Chouncoune
'4the vessel. Secondly he was tion and friendship for your At Cabane Choucoune last
ivi aore (without- a country, and during our tra- Friday evening, local Pan
permits de seiour or consent) vels throughout the world, American World Airways
-.at the home of Mr. Wie- we will never cease to think employees, officials and
el Conradi was held in of Haiti, a country to which agents Southerland and Cha
Slain, for two das. iesel. we are deeply attached by uvet, Customs, Immigration
Sy. r h and Police officers gathered
lwasfined .slightly over one e T prp o
Lkundred dollars for illegally t(Continued on Page 7) (Continued on Page 6)

'" "." ,. U; -" "'* ' fI.5g S:
DAY xioe 'ndthat.,o his trcp
.to UP ,"AT THE' po, aiti. At ep .

as busImess c cig vA T e w oi Pah e
maj T..ree eLane,ithe'.patrop.. -.. M.\Fi. "loMcpe N.mi-,

(Cpntinued on Page 2): .;(ContauiBM flPagB 2), $ ( -
were suddenly. joft d, to a depositing'e' rp C'.".I '

S . ./ .h ,-. -t ,


Afr. and* Ms,.coliji-wo. ..a


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. -


--.., :, "-,:

- t.'- Z;

' I "** *'
r'" t'



ident Magloire's ston, Mr. Bunny Evans. they ported Mis. 'Christina Mar- ;
Siraulmy Celebrated mentioned that Mr. Evans tinez alias uNigritan, native
Say Celebrated rolled out a royal carpet of of Puerto Plata, Domipican
(oati Janmaica welcome and provided the Republic, whose prof"sift16i FP W PPW
estConinued from Page 1) boys with the keys, to the is frowned upon, in a d
hib orchestra who had played city. The members of the dash aR-cked plga Baez of '
,. this past season at Caban party are still finding it dif- Cuid4d Trua.lp, with an '
Choncoune gave out with ficult to find the pro r open S4,t r c)i barber's 72Aq-a Ton A S
his best interpretation of a words with which to' ae. straight razor. With this vi- OW Adq s mo pu i
number of the most popular quately express their appre- cious weapon, it was only a 3'58- \ Sgds suPopI 8
Haitian tunes. The hit song ciation for the all-out nian- matter 4 secp.ds4 before the $I ill3VS Ofid )llVdS
of the evening was -Colonel ner in which Mr. Evans en- Enraged Butcheress of Puer- w vXpd ViXI BXWEMSll
S Magloire tout le people est tertained them. to Plata made short work of
.. avec vous.. her rival. The final score S P UoIV
*^ Among those celebrating ........... -............. was: for Olga, four cuts in MT N ONIVWV
Sat the Colony Club were SUNDAY NIGHT the bead, one in the arm and -
Gerard Bonnard, Fritz Gre- U u T one in the leg- Nigrita is in 3 V 1 W -
ger, Claude Gentil, Victor CUT AT the cooler awaiting trial for N 0
Gr, Abner Bouchereau, PAU 3 attempt murder. The mo-
uive s Dis- my... f" O 1
ae. sBrgoiun, miles De- (Coqtinued fro Page .1) tiveis nomystery .. lgaar-
i' jea., aind Fannie Borno. ugly crime which was corn- rived at the Bar in company 1 a s
h. : -returning celebrants mitted on the front steps of with, Christina's beau. S
A so report of the. wonderful 'the establishment by a jeal- "E'ON 1OW 1
ospitality and generosity of ously enraged woman. At ,,; 0 0 Q" I, li1l d n
t ]he" He ian Consul is King- exactly eight p.m., it is re( ew UNESCO
._._ _",.. ....l. '_ ..:_ _ _ Cpas~ltoani Arrives il
(Continued from Page 1) T.QU
I: will make his headquarters
m.a *-L E here .in. Port-au-Prince.
w or nioylCuI The Marbial project is
now under the direction of -
i t's how thousmwoi Of Emmanuel Gabriel J ean a
a."xperleaced trawlIers, Francois, previously this po-
.. dse riseh lae ti ts sitioti was entrusted to for-
exgners appointed by Unesco.
At the recently held '6th
session of the General Con-
S'feiretice of Unesco in Paris, -
France, 17,500 dollars was
.a.,- ..l.loted fo the..year 195 fer
'i:: o. the continuance of the Mar- .. '
..' bial project. Furthermore.
aiti signed last March a u s'
Te. chnica assistance agree-
1;, meant whereby Untel .Na- ,' I

eq4pppt and mAterials tk
will be assigned ie i. t
!..' ':, .:.' &. Wyour fi'. iM, HoOi o tiae f S" .U SS.
f' uif' ry of experleS thc' hxl *s ,q q of e q e"n"r a
f.-a ru-.r ie world over. a', ti lso recently received a "*- .
......t .:. ... ."grant. of 25,00 dol, A -,r-,- ... .
; rNEW YORK 'gli the _ A- .47'.a A
,I* ": fME. Y- 0" t.IBl.M sistiince Programme fo It
S, Dy .non-stao svwe from'San Juan by deaue Con, scholarships and- fellorshi
i t , atM-t Clippers*. Reduced, 15 Day R und- for tile year 1951-52.
SQ, EY T ad o& ,.

M. (Conti~ qed from Page .1)
p was more than surprised-
I .. e ... research..hen a

: ..- .../ e if, y, .-our Tr .e ,A ,..., tax report and the rest of us .'
ANI- sBNRH telr suddenly ste-

SS Mpbetd his fullyin county ofn tIle
S picture was perfect, but for
: Coa I a t d ck she had handed him for han

dne l sum s o m money itCities
Al...:.o. #u, r csl. bbei.' Sties. ,deposit and exclaimed aCa 09 t $zzth 0'
m pas bop du tout!- Lo and be-
Shold it was a exureal counter- AGNT DISTRIBUTORS
.ok by do..,.uble-decked fe.ic. Mrs. Nemoytin has P' !. 4 t r W 4 hT Spoo-.tA
-4". b "opsellahaon services
: 'to Iaa. C .i.-d, aroun-d the wor:. the consoling' fact that she Cu PO-t.Sc, to Cr145 Qh4. T& pMATIJ tW W i.t t
.1<:C. otany will be able to deduct ten ,7*yt and ..-g3 pg t .a .. .f&60
be .,ewotries and -dollars from her income cyq. e -de
9-JIi"& U... A, when she makes out the next
,~~- pr *,ae your Travel Agent or tax report and the rest of us r
have one less bogus bill to Thee are q .,al Cqktral paints, enamel
WORLD'S worry about ... thanks to.the
MOST EXPERIENCED efficient deduction of our I
AIRLINE BNRH teller. (Ed hote- r
tf s-arsrrnrrp "[This bill was a fine specimen
beautifully printed and the
f 441ti..I./IIV.picturie was perfect, but for;

'. . .... -
AY., AUGUST 12thdi -HAITI SUN. '. P.age.
T L(ContinueO NhLr L j-. .....
,-- P T I ..;... e Psi .n .. -.
.s normal lord and master. To further demonstrate hi .--
:The crew resented it and benevolence toward these Port-au-Prince, Port-au-Prince, Wife Visi H
,ldged a complaint with the fellows and to show that, 21 Juin, 1951 .- 21 June 1951. ..
iori ies"and their cqunfsel he wanted to do the arighb Contiact betee t -h (C tied :froPge
h uaio was. inm.e- thing by Eberw.ei, Dreyfuss Contrat entire li& marines de ors oft a Palomai, iMr f,'a '
versed.. .. made an offer (again through, La Paloma, Mr. Eberwein et. or o ad R r
another storagee incident' emmissaries) to give tber- Mr. Rene Dreyfuss. Ebprwein and Mr. Rene Drey ing in Port-a-Prine, gd
bich ciplace jusk .before wein the sum. of'one thou- ; ,... and escorted, by Mr. an
.raseboRene Dreyfuss,' sand dollars for his troubles 1 Mr Rene Drefuss se Kay. Hnning.;of pj ", art b
as t ka.kptit COnradi in and to cancel the contract. conpomesr ae reys.s ) M. Rene Dreyfuss ob- Dauphin Wh6 also artiivg
.th tC is Conradi in and to cancel payer au capi-'ligates hii toesW o pay ; to'the home on theS :L,-
mpa : hisn iterpre. (He, could ,:1eep his ship): tane Conradi fas me e Captain Cotoi home on the s sam:.e
t, hWieseIl. was seen Duig the .time,of' these of- dex mille dollars ame cai n two thousand to lars (Arme .',
lving the :offices of the fers, Drefluss made it know a titre de salaire. et e catwo ousanddlars (Amend whch. Dre s
tmmiis le Guverne- .that he too, was swindled by caipitaine Conradi repartira rie Capti~iCspal d ad which Durinas 'St hesri
4eqt Alp-honse Rcin. A frietid Grieg and that t ainsi r apt pnad ll Assstant S
j roig mur circulated ti chek wvas no6 good-because '- divide as fo.lows: ,New to. .Sa. .ida
.:. 4 ain had aliaa .bnn signed by Fran- $400 emut 'aSchu e s'i 4i J.r .. erl' .Kt,. "'
..i.lepurK .Mr..
made a ~sworA statement to ci, Grieg, (She.. ad .over- .400 a Hans Hoeker -(."' 'to .emut: A ..
,the.- ic \thht the ship's .lo6 < d the d tailofn tifying $80 a..lu mei - ... ..--. :, i
do i'b nits e'falifiedk of her ange 'ofa f .i 4.0 do&lanrs t o a, .the m1I ost
..o es .'- . iid ) It as bee severee .. . ., st i.
t, Pevii ioKus iitimcarcera tl hif ti he wa preaching ) Mr: Ren' iDrer 8 d'"hi'' 1. . c, 6
tion, Mr. Re. Dreyf.uss,.had ,hit l of woe ,d Bnevl cop~o&miet' apayer l some 2) ,r Rene Drebfss 6 .e

tempted the almost dsti' mdte r a at u blt
"ait o^ th i.'iesho gca- ,othercas assets of BNsa dI oma, a d1sast 'aei ._.. A r. ra- .- ar 1.:

twne; tuseerom not attempt to tak noydi M. yia athe a
OvEberwej400if a ofH e dnssin no
ih .-.-c'med M ei Is.6esff d a .on^oa y ,.^ :.,fi. propnerre ,' vant name of.. Messrs Aya.. a. n d T 'it .rfiit

ercteoffidee ehgis PoinceletD wifl b-o4ne o0p
as u fgtree eBureau de'Enreois- the rea on rloWm-
e... th y i h -e. -'' .l3o- .e ,,
Pe ..... ........ . .. . 0...)'.,. l hr a e , -

.. .-- ... .. 'e -- e ot doe s not y.

-.i.. v alt.soo,. .n t .... .-t
-,.the t . .e.. _r.... .,. o- hn*esse s d .a h t a e
I- e . te na d. p p, s.e.. ... . . s srs .. .. D ,.,,;. ;. s...
S. o a .. s t ..
| tiig- "tw ei) a rt- au P Ie e H ..P..,'te -d w '.e --d t'id
.f. .Do._y en/i ir, aon h 'ue...a i,,.. .t ..uw V 0--Pr d c d 2o ls de o ", -.
of. .h' ... rn. "'.. .. ....=. ..'u .ed Ma A-! t"

t.f f o- ry S;friec4 otej chiMb
''I t .. .. .. i .. .ars t w as-. H -V -.-..L.: t
S -J "1i-e, r; 4t 't "" "'J"'-,A

hiseeDfeyfusdsa H n Co'4)dThe crjgin. s and ,n MllymPo
E..Ebaverei r. .y h,".l ras.
t..i".J'-"" yet ,- r r -.w a......i.-it

. - V u:. ou leg isa i ,H a .. . .E ,.-v. ...* b... ) ple it
Ite ey titu6't q M t. eeyT 4!nssd thntw*ctL
Thaip-e t x b ovee w eedsnotihftepaihaf the s 9

oAierewe lownt asthey stWo wivrbe ystessdsappseMesoys Cg th9A:it
.bo d.6'-e d iio"'..es o this com pri e einret paie# Wn n am es .-, mes e ss rs. ',ereb
S I. .'.- -""d..]". g:"Tran n ..Swoa" uld-': 'r

.. 1.n E.- Keno. ". 1"1ti ( e ta'--ttX

e r *i s c o n" g ... a. nom d ,B-r. .r a,. W asacdpn 4 -
Bur-ed-sefrs m t theIe sh. o.. ., ....tac ati a h. ......
: --"' "4 = .- ', -, "', a s sh w ni;r....r,

qS e e f '...2. ,
had.' pld 5)i .*"P :''vi i-:+. '%;".."-..
.. .. 'k M baJ r c o ...+ i :,:.b f~ oi: .
+, 'W ; gatr. Ieoe Rn~l a hy Set o A 0'no9 as esusapos. ..Msr Deyu,
.07 W"e"O Ayala -,.event g

". "a i t t t ,- fm d i.=, .ssei -
[ 1_1 diler ft sei . "1 51 .Ke o. 9 1,v, o:,, ..... e .. . .. ..
,.~~n .T .s ..eo: ,' i :r ::".. .. ..
'+I::': Enre~~~~~~~~~~~gistre e 22uj-nor a u e- r eg..d[h.2- ., e ,r lat I <+ +
-- ~li .4. "'U "' :"''"" "' "'' "
...e~ k u s u .lpg g No .,.. .. ..a.... ..be". .. .
: ?' .... '% J' ..v .
.:..[A Y "..7., . :' ''1,,. '".::'
P.! ;: :." . ; "" ." "" """ P "L : "t ":".' .! e::.J
i ],.~~~~~Rift 'ri W ..:. ..."-- : ':" show Uric-; 2 : .:f, J*.'..
---... ..' .. . .. .. .,. -., "..o- ., ," , c'- +'+ ':-paun,,. .. ,t. s+ e; -f,'eJ-"t -e .....e. .. ,

.... .. -- d

After a quet unofficial the list of cars they mhake, are' played through t the y
visitst to our capital the Do=o- the Land Rovers. Hillman (8. A.m. to 4 p.m.) at their
inican Republic's Chief of. Minx' Humber, Talbot, Sun- offices nReEgn
Protocol, Senor Pedro Pu- beam, and the Comnier jolly, next to the Cdv
Celle Pena Battle returned truck) in' the Caribbe&an, Madelaie
thsekto Cuidad Tru- their head quar-ters .ae in
jillo. Kingston, Jamaica. I164a few" *
*** -:0:- ~~~Words 'with'yu reporter AkA erSoeT
Back home from three Mr. Grimshaw disclosed the,
teSaimVincent is a years of intense study. in following ,facts- Hs Com-
EDCMMISIN Weight, iti (dumbell) Paris, with his- reward tuck- pany at the present time sells
ARTmionhip.. ed under his arm (Reward ..more ,Land Roversh as well
.............................. a doctor's degree in economi- as the other cars: -.t produces .
Aia Piicina- -el FOOTBALL OFF Cal and financial science) M. than they can su ply in those
ofte TO GONAIVES Massillon Coicou is encourage countries from. Guatemlat *OARtJEDTQ
unes eVye:&s, in learning locally with -his Rio adteDmlia e
,-rt, latiqusn rc ntyre The: folks 'of Gonaives t'ales of University life in p blic.
ed omisio te- 'have appointed D~u osPrs
soie opeid vr oh Venezuela is up to the pre-. bothtie.an
tim t th A4. in. mittee Whose maiA aim is to V0D00 CLIB sent their largest and best I *-*W ..O.... 6..*"
"cev at hrt:, give cafootballn an encourag- .. ,. Juum e. eaose
e ngbosti their Fraice cit. o. Weeterhd .our whole tative Scott and Hacken. Exclusive Disitdibuto
sFn~c fitpnene 9ere ~ atltost bruch will introduce, the 10..'i Haitfi:
A% khlrsi to ..........-*****- *** ........... that dynai fage fteCal pulctot the , 1'Sud LIGHT ING, i9 VOOO CLUB, Mr. Luc ern this Wednesday at which 0(5: Rue Cao)
astic -aq.Vincent for his constant ef- I time a number: will be. dis-
Lightning struck t pl&fr to pes n ev i
tree at -Poste Marchand Wed- cins nkeigwt i
e.nesday evening ..te r roiieM.Vich ra-
.sving pAlm salad in that' ized last. Saturday. evening
eftiaton ljce di area this Sunday- te first drawing of the *
........... ......... .. ...SI L I
th Dmii-, ~puli t Club's -weekly Lottery. The -19 -P
i' h f th -lis of 06xi an stab thre prizes, areas f

X nfinued)
SKaren and ieslie:Nemo- is re hrs
tin'tilltalk of the selJ iat8 1 o
bat t- hitd t omDd a s gs

on pi oieaa o-mptr ny, oil "oth ~
toom y De& M.9k aV -.16 hoph 999
,RoadYO ill' it~dy e atten kinud
St. M reMi 8 b i g t t e 'i une cfth p

arrn ares! no An IS ,I nenlb

Fahe ani wr Ms
Fee. of D ier Lus of
S a nt an -iu.I P tu )a a utx e wone 2ft e B i o ot o ycip rn
qup of the arterniaser tsiaLe oteyetesopsr e ono liev t cn
d~s h p ikA Sywd
espcill gloeyi thiasuetaitynedevro eua ev n ci
is Pacig e6ous final -ti wot16 uttepsslt
s irr ~beautftil wite PResa,ofoteeiigsaepts uop

theHaiianA4b. Ten w 66hohd Clitl time thatko a s Pws ey

s -:p:- ab will minte o h furda
stiay "er checking dn Fou-P
P,0. Tued yeenBi i ng, Mr n l h cig .n sitng to",XERENI
wnt-gtfredsa ad n igh se tatiesr 7'it an 'akn
itne r part at heI o Le e r u l d p
Bata Maagf Frnck ro geteanAr eog d
tav, rtured ome las m nd Gt tune s oeh t CHe Danes eetefe oriePrme
week~~~ee frmhsb sns kp clS interepresett iv o. -es.. I-s I. ;
I L T (s ..1 d the D e dv+ bye ne- the AmePAi lo ng


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Pot roast ............ 0.30 Pork chops ......... 0.5(
Rump roast ......... 0.30 Boned Roast ......... 0.5(
Short ribs ...........' 0.30' Boneless pork roast 0.6(
:--Stew beef".............. 0.28 VEAL
: Brisk t' ............... 0.28 Vepl Cutlet lb. ...... 0,5
", 'Soup meat ........... 0.28 Veal Chops .......... 0.41
I Veal Roast .......... 0.50


i Veal Pot Roast ....... 0.50
8 T-Bone Steak......... 0.50
8 Veal Ragout .......... 0-30
6 Liver ................ 0.28
0 Breast .................. 0.25
2 Foot (each) .......... 0.20
0 Tongue (each) ....... 0.60
0 Kidney (each) ........ 0.12
l Brains (each) ........ 0.40
0 i Head cheese lb...... 0.50
0 Ham ................. 1.00
Salami .............. 0.40
Pork sausage ........ 0-60
0 Smoked pigs knuckle 0-50
0 Other variety meats

II- k"

.. -. I .* '. It -
SWEETAND LOW-Only 37 inches sbh, "Le Sabte an eei
mental car developed by General Motors,. purred 'prtly 6rs.4
two ladies- daipg a- test r i at .Milord, M.ch. ticted otf
magnesium .and, a.aminuni .l.oY' the ustoIn-buD : o "eater
embodys the latest mecha' i Wcalk *sing ideas ana'is sdiA'.te
for a series of exhJbiftJ'otsdwIbs in tie iear futr..

S- . "--4 7

- ;. - ...

.. *. '.......
..A ~ ;4-. 4~.kk~t --~~IW. $.* A.~A&&1~Si5catiIat~,JI~jt--- ~.. ~9t-~-';* ... ~:vt~--~:; .r

6 1


. .3,~ ____ 'S..,

Page 6

b hrate the local branch
of second place in,
"i bbean Sales contest.
: evening was reported
." e'a been one of com-
enjoyment for all who
SThe winners of
4 .A. slogan contest,
S^ $'sanne Stevenson, LV-
igaud, Dany Mal-
S br William MacIn-
Sad Paul Archer, were
". --pesetf-with 'id&idual

Cargo. :ales supenen ent
1Wanil o cahife' ver
peciay for the .ason
The prizes were -overnight
., traveling bags) containiing
a complete& ,travel kit. The
captain of the local team that
won second place in the
Caribbean contest, Christian
,. Germ waj dtsq named the
S'. best'.sa ia, fgr the win-
lung fngi- these tWo contests
he nEc&yea' Ath tvo first

M 1
.' '. . ,

t .: .1 T
Y' .


/ I.

prizes ... two portable ra-
dios. The most important
feature of the evening was
the travel prize which was
won in a lottery draw by
P.A.A. city potter Henry
Jean-Bart, who will soon
leave town on his prize, an
all expense trip around the
West Indies. Tdo the music
of that No. 1 dance band
aLamy and his orchestra" the
entire gathering participated
in a dance contest which
was won b* Mr. and Mrs.
Elda Philip. Mr. Philip is a
custom officer at Bowen



Vve. H. Bermingham Sccrs. Rue du Quai
General Agents.

A P.A.A. Night Al
Cabane Choucoune
(Continued from Page 1)

*". !,

*'.' ; .' *



"Th~t. 2:.;'~;kz-~. ., ,4 i~g.7'~flflp d~;4 47-,. r7r,'- .trt,,StSCIiI,~~:

S PEI$CNALITY OF THE WEEK produced late next fall.
(Continued from Page 1) Last week-end they, jour-
tion of Haiti, Charles Col- Casablanca, Cairo and Pots- need to Henri-Christophe's
lingwood, noted CBS White dam are remembered today. mountain fortress at tle Cap-
House Correspondent, cut Later, he became White (the Citadelle) and re-
short the agent's sales talk House Correspondent' f o r tkirned to town Monday-
by purchasing two tickets. Colombia Broadcasting and in time to leave for.-Ciu-
The Collingwoods arrived although there were times dad Trujillo, San J ua n,
in Port-au-Prince last Sunday when reporting the Presi- and.back to Washington for
evening aboard the ss Nuevo dent's activities became a bit the resumption of Mr. Col-
Dominicano and decided to dull and routine, there were lingwood's regular broadcast
spend the greater part of also moments of consider- this Sunday.
their vacation in Haiti. able activity and excitement. Throughout the interview
A Royal welcome was giv- From a seemingly routine they madq several statements
en them by the local hosts and ordinary assignment of about the allure and charm
and hostesses. Charge d'af- accompanying President Tru of Haiti. Not doubting, but
fires of the American Em- man to Arlington Cemetery testing the strength of these-
bassy here, John Burns, was for a wreath 1yig" cre statements, your reporter
a particularly fine host in money, came ode 'of (te Itb fintrs crossed) made
the manner in which he "scoops. ..of the year. As the statement that there was
scquired them around the Mr. Collingwood related, he not too much: really attrac-
city and introduced them to was js" Ieaving thWe Whi. ...ve ut. country. Sa...
life in our Capital Among House to go tor'iair House reporter was very lucky to!
the numerous localities who (where the President and his. escape with his life.
played boqt to them were the famwl are living while the
Douglas Kingleys, Mr. and Presidential Mansion is being. 'Aiemn is
r.. d,- '41 .
Mrs. Polly- and Robert repaired) to jo0i the party, Universily fw acs
and Mme. Baussan, and he w an eyewitness to the 8 Week s.alerence
last but not least the "host. attwpa td assassination of -
of the celebrities", Andre the President. Listetiers the (Contiued from page 1)
Roosev elt. i world over were able with- .,
S "- in a few moments to obtain sponsor .,by.Point Four, and.
Mr Collingwood, is well- an excellent first hand repo the University of New Mex-
known for his on-the-spot frothm Mr. Collingwood of ico arid all tdie arrangement
coverage of most of the great this tragic affair. -" -* being handled, by the D -
est events of the past decade. No 'lesser a rs Exten.aon Ed
While in England in 1939 than he, is Miining them
on a Rhodes Scholarship wood She is theArorezgn Agr i
studying law at Oxford Uni- and charming c a All expenses in.
versity, .hostilities .broke out and television o cluSLow u avel to and f*ro1
an4 die immediately went to Albrittbn, In spite.bfo,ohis th-. .S.*A. will be p aid
work as a United Pr ss War efforts to makq a .sing. t agency.. The p pse
Correspond. ,He covered rton Hostess., of his eshie C-. fMence I, to gve:
the war on the continent un- i is still very active 't g in advance extension
til the invasion of the low theatrical ield. Wh le t iques. The three candi:-
countries'adu then returned the se.= se -played many dates nave been arefull
to England. -With the lai&--, On,;-n lecte. he.-basis of tbe*v
ing forces, he made the. n e his rveen . ..l e, n, -
vasions of North Africa ar 'herT atand. p.,s,.,,
Noirandy. At the cessation talee r; 1-do
of hostilities, hewas one of 4geeateraty' of T a
the 15 accredited correspqn- d was prta
dents pieintted to witness e f-r.. { t by tbre ,. g ro -;....
the surrender of the Gr-., and.e' yne af 1ef"of 9ai~.id g "i --er l c'";,.
..;,-ak.-ace and on 'd er-
mans at Rheims. After' the at the Pasadena Plyhouse:in . a.t, 'on en.i'
.... ,- .. (.. ; -'[: *'A':" r,:ij". :.:' Turn ati'. expected to m .tter.-
I /war he served as Chief J Ca"6 arn. - -
count of the conerence atLdualli.sinVCeeese'.heconrIw-.._.
Bureau in Paris, and in Ber- At present" she.is consider- i e e
s -- p n se 'ision to .e success c
lin, for Colombia. His ac- ing a role in a new-play.by _o s;
counts of the conferences at Louis Verneur which wil be SCIPA programme.


-------------------------------------------..... .... .... .--- -- - - - - - -- -- -- - -- - --

._I.I --, ... .; ... .- . ,..... .

---t- -- T SUN Pa.ge.7

r id sedy. Mr. Cassedy is very An e
fortunate in that he will reap CENTRE DABT
t he fruits of thiee very. pro- S ., NEW NEW YOBUK. ..
Seductive years of his predeces- (Continue from Page 1), REPBSENT A-E
:THE. WISDOM OF SOLOMON sor. "Mr. Caisedy hails fiom- materials,.a beautiful sound- WoCn,, edPfg1) '
D Providence, Rhode Island zng violin and'organ. A jdck- best known art gallei
kBy Lida T. Allen and will arrive in company of-all-trades,'Esope's occupa- New York to, ake oire
with his wife in Mid-August. ion at present is that of a presentation .of the Cgnzte
The new director's acade- cabinet-maker,. mechanic and d'Arc in Haiti and lse le'
In the beginniof Solo- hast not asked, both riches mic background includes an "Fonde de Pouvoir (court- previous outlet, the Hafiani
mon's reign as King of Israel,. and hbnor, so that there A B from Middlebury Col- try lawyer). An Center' of New Yrk.
G- od appeared to him in a shall not be any among the lege and an M A from Brown The violin is made of ma. Mr. Seldon Rodm an,
S dream saying AK WHAT kings like unto thee all thy University. During the war hogany and a white wood, rector of .the latnek..
I SHALL GIVE THEE. days." he served in the United the bow is of sisal and all .don, no longr hbs a'. f
And Solomon said Give Thus instead of avenging Sthtes Army where he at- who have heard the instru- nWon. w" t",.e...
understanding himself, in losing sight of gained the rank of First Lieu- meant marvel at its resonant d'Art ih tn "Unfted State'S
hy servant an dersd all worldly goods and all eaant. After the war he be- qualities. The organ is not ... .Peters is ett
hart. merely selfish ends, and de- came a personnel assistant in yet complete,. and Esope -has .over the ew eresei tive,
And the speech pleased siring above all things an the Veterans Administration devoted his mght-:as well as In the first.hicethe eHu gb
the tord, that Solomon had understands-g h art' Sol& fi iwod years and also was days to find the right 'notes. Galery of NewYork isno
asked'this thing. Ald God mon received aJtffe ricies placement assistant ia North It's m~.e out of mahogany deiendenton the reyen 6-f
said unto him Because of the earth,, and tat, dear west Uniersity. Mr. Cas- and leather. Haitian aiting orits up-
os thd untrthim rnc that, dey.n dn Hat kis. oritoup;,
thou hast asked this. thing, readers, if s "Solomon sIcy -ppaks French f-luently 'l keep. This- ill ork o
Sand hast not, asked for thy- gained his, reputation as "th and his special interests in- SEXHITION favourably for th ai a.
1' self long life; neither hast W:ISE, OLD K ING OdF cipct.riting, draOmatics and AT CENTRE D ART artists as this establisheliDdg
hoaske riches for tmy.s mUisic. The Centre d'Art announ- lI will 'pay at" 2x.ses..in
- asked riches for.tyself, nor ISRAEL. .. .sic, i te. .ery ..ydeensesm.^
hast skd& the life pf thinreIn for ..ced this week theopening of olved incuindngn fanhing,
enemies bt -has -asked fpr sight ..assedy wife, Mrs. a special summer sowing, in of nounceen
-.'-y.'.:.fi : erstsd A -" i di- Ba brb Snow 'Cass-v i can featuring the works of 'Artist 'catal,, ,s ,dh,, s z .'hp d* 'J
thyse W.,-erstan'.g..t dis- May I not stand in someone's a ^. o iet Mese 7 a ite s .
have, 6) -/"ordig t- thy err, t on n the center, to replace hibition includes witer col- "evioiuMl, taken .tmuch .io.W .
-- Xh. words: -h'.r-, -,M. Dnal oerel who re- ours and a number of works ,Th Hugo Ga let ill'
"a .wise and O runderstdng. Oh, sn e en, y.. f te e l '

e Middleburyg FClegen and pa t ink ,e4 ofir re.o.;,P Gal te"

...... ,' ,e?.. ..caise a L'Et. Ag_ r U v ersity ties. .. . .fo ... i ach -i (,elve 1 '. t .
.,.t eP r a .,. of Bvrdenau. Shoe has had In pt e troubled days otfHYr smaller ....hiN iov
hefour years of business sx- which ai is now go- wbeigceary
. ", . -, .. experience in .addition to .hav- ing -thre u h oo-unne .must-dot e W..d ,.as,"Di
.,-..ohe..f ,iKt ish for the past year -at the .ems, af.for r reason, I -isc d. ,h ,.;
. .. .. Mary C. Wheeler School in recoga.he dentalntl .'
...... '':,, .... - . ,, .,-. Providence, Rhode Island. Impo we..of. I iti ealonor k t at
Ma- g. .net. ,,... ,ic Tape NEW DIRECTOR OF gin,' andi f.el i at it is i 4t-," e..lts .-
AECOO ER-RADI@ COURSES portant foi the whole world' Septenber 15 0 isd
.. . '.OMBINATION despite of prejudices .if races contact with the Centiem f
'jMr. James'"R. Echols o( and coloiur itobknow and ap- is already extremely enthus.
BOrangeburg, New York, will preciatele Haitian pami p ^t
be the new rector of Cour- and to do their besttoake ing
Sses at the Center. He ha this nation better known, Mr. Peters and .m r. Iola
B'A. Degree from 'the Uni- for it has always been the plan to ship i btis of
... versity of Richmond, and an vanguard of the, jgle for Haitian paintings thiroagh.
I' : ihotM.A. degree from the Unit- democratic freedom tout the denied States. ',hp
;:.* ..' ... t Mversity of ,. Virgini a and As: feel that.1,coutry :first large groups.,show'wil-':.
ne Tape Iaorrpl^ .completed course work for can exist withetit an intellec- take place ne xht Eai b oilxi!h4n
erity June i the field of and the couragetae ha just beenshiped to the
:;. dividuhyorogeth er.Makeyouroiw- Sociology. *. modern problems s ina thoei Mussum of Art ied Curacae
Suin eence e t He served in the U. S. 'true aight, I consider it-aspe r rogh the cooperation l
-:1m -^Navy duringa the war- In cial privilege t. 'express, K.L.M. which.- as shl.'
&? .fdr*No iE.du lI, .',i 1948 he directed. work camps most sincerely,, my gratitude the painigs at no char. [
i- P ,i England. France, Switzer- the Haitiai press and my Dewitt sPeters' brought -
larnd and 'Holland and was admiration form its courage back from New Yo4rk ar'.
director Uitarian Service and its disinter.estedness.'; material 'upon which aftit
S. .' .Committee Works camps ES I speak not only fer wyr may pt which caps tliear
SExclusive Distributor the United States for three sel, .but also in the ame
". "'summers. He taught one m ir hu "baibd Jina Pratt a is a d r .ju""
A. J. e tem in. Charlottesville, Vir- pmy pene company i t bay throw
.. "M b t ne ror-adginia schoolss. kaen jpyed t p.tom a 'initc to:
(Around the corner frm eRh Barbancourt) Mr. Echols wHill ie accp- Ip oft the oo
!.. N.
complete course o it int i" &_ d a :
*: ., P.. -

"ace S"t'rt h ata rs'n y
land and.'Ho.. and- .. .. wa admi.ratio'- for .is- g bac f ..o New
di'cof .. and ', "'" : up n hc .-2 >4,.
it-r:., Ser ic it .s., ", ,. -.." ..4s.:
: ,,',tte Wok cap + qgi.., p:tt
": spe, ,:',"":'* = -.: "V "- "": "' "" 'n o C IA b . ..

.... ........... ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------- ------- --- --- -
.. ..- 9

S Pa18
-- --.9 -- -- -- -- -- - ---- -


k . .
I. Jl st a

Superb Dini
Osly a limited numb
available to the aRivie
F&eatfiring: Stimmm
and Cabani

.. .*-



^ !.,, :;
7,,, :. ,
** ,* ;iiiiiiii.ii

ng and Dancing
le of 1 memberships are
ra Country Club.
jg, Tesis,Golf.' '.

a beautiful woman have to ,boast abo




Dinner Dances on Tuesdays and Fridays,
3.00 dollars

Buffet Supper on Sundays, 7.30' P.M. 2.00

iu nhere

8 P.M.

dollars -

... 5,000 Fee -

Almost A Mile Above Sea-Level
Yet Only 35 Leisurely Minutes from Town
The Distinctive Place To Dine and Lodge

^ 0** ,'-





,San Michele,

In cool Petionville, offers
a delightful homelike at-
mosphere, comfortable
rooms. French: Haitian, and
American Cuisine at very
moderate prices. Special fa-
vorable terms may be arran-
ged for person wishing to
stay as permenant guests.
Tel : 7175

IraOILfflOTHEPWT h'W -Ar.. .1
- WrxT Dooe.i

,~ ~





is our special




D D .4

lity i


SAVOY' ::"

|9a^i~ u ~RESTAURANT
I N- me o ct ra





-..A' -Ke--




Tel.: 2676


N-.cM = ?- ^NOaeff

/.% A

- r_ 1

0. v 9 .*
: SUNDAY*r : '*

left this week for New York have now. settled down to Peter Katta
and reassignment. married life. in the Capitcq.. Palestine. Tohe.i
S--:0:- --:0:- b
Frantz Brandt, the young- Director of the Haitian and the bridegromic~
est son of 0. J., who has Tourist Bureau in New,)York on w t Mhr."d
been studying for the past Gerard de Catalogne arrived nephew of
three years at the New Bed- here last Friday on a month's urra. .i7.
S. ford, Mass., Texti.ie Institute, vacation and immediately. ..""
is back in Haiti vacationing set to work; Mr. de Cala- "
,-: .at La Boule. The first Sun- logne is spending this week
day after arrival Mr. Brandt at his home in the aCap. .i
had his first son, who was -:0:' ..... ...; .......
For the first time in five News has been received born in New Bedford, June Marie Therese Stevenson
years Mrs. Claudine Naude this past week of the mar- 30th, baptized. The rest of arrived froin New York the Mr. and .Mrs.M t
returned'to the South West riages of localites abroad. the family are expected home. Thursday before the last. telwere ble&dw
C:of France to spend a vaga- The first, on. 11th July was this week. '. 0:- ek l.'
.tion with hr family. Mrs. the union of Mile Odette -:0:- Jean Bolte egtuned.honle s the r Mr s
Naude writes that France is Fontaine and Marcel Senat Next Wednesday evening Wednesday from a ihimonh in .' i .
Returning to its normal self Fleury, which took plate in at 6.30 at the Sacre-Coeur New York City. The nature- Mr. and Mrs.aifl.
and Paris is rapidly regain- New York at the Church of Church, Turgeau, Mile Lu- of the trip was.,to visit wife anch'\er ha f
ing its famed gayety. St. Vincent de Paul. In a cienne Rigal will twed M. .Lilian who-is working with ed-last i eel
-:0:- quiet ceremony -in. Paris at Carl Nicholas. the United Nations up.there, their a hter Mar
"Well remembered here- the Church of -St. Augustin -:0:- and to get acquainted w me. Mrs. Ho
. bouts for his violent taste in last july 26, Jacqueline Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Ma- his five month old son an f
tropical cchemises, -Senor Heyne and Theodore Graff. thelier proudly announce t. cy who according to a t- '.. .
"Raines dropped into town were wed. Miss Heyne is birth of their first chilk this ment dropped"bs Jean 1s *i 'tjf'r.'"
.last weekend-from his Puer- the daughter of Mr..and Mrs. weekend. A bouncing boy ready, showifgr proW of. Jeai anio'ii t
w io Rican headquarters to Frederic Hyne and 'Mr. on whom they have bestow shaping itq a. 'first i thii week:'h' l
. ist local firestone manager Graff is thd son of Mr.,Theo- ed the. name Yve. Mrs. Ma- athlete. born hias,
ic ampson. Senor Raines dore Graft. .thelier, the former.Alberte ... b hs tn
Motamer Wtls.,11 i4
s the Cari$bean District .. -:o0:- Laraque, and .son are both ,Dr. and Mrs. Ca'ille lrtan&" '"
SManager fo6r the Firestone Mary Johnson -kept her doing well. Lherissonad. ,son pote in
company. -, word and returned to Port- -:0:- returned Suniday by P.A A." -iow t lifi
: 0.. .. -- ," au-Prince eTout de.suite' ... from attnding the UAo '::' "' .
aiti's Consul. in g- back to her'favorite home This wek Mme Leconte, oferece in 'ais.
S+ton Bunny yva arrgied San Michel and promises it mother of Mme Paul E. Ma- IL 'erisson' headed the H.i'i.n'stork
Sn town this week'to cQm- wjil be & long time before goire-accompamnied by Mmne Delegation at ,thea~ Jr ofM a
:. plete'his Haitian summer, va- she goes flying agi. Luc Foiuch.e Mile Caud ence ..-'.is A. delif
".atiod. Mr., and Mrs. .Eyans ,, '- _.0:, Fpucheeand Aurele"Leconte .. sited.-..b.

Z.. .. ..... ... -*eied a a
aMondai a weeto' s"a .fn t "Hisd 'Ande n hast pr r rJmeer-,a" "day
iextmaminFlorida. fi to as tp s t s .. .

-:0:- C- M ich q PaCitye within eight- Roa M il August
iBeachcober stubs his toe eenao otis. o -usye gu.estsoftheEl.."s
a at Ithe ome of Mt n of t the Coq d'r. er reports of the arrival '
.. nd rs. w Bre.a soeekt while Dg soot which shows pro- those sands former m'
SMiamg in dmmemoratio. n mise of e.ina.:fa orite.ith rterifenPi' '..
er tday.the local smart set. Mrs. Alen. Skip t hsouer-~sde .

uble. apologieslte Ms. o: eral weeks ago. Abord the
Brett- achco berhe latst n ews from the said ship were, Capt. Cash,
It Also erroneously reported Moris:sea Leroys in Paris his to charming da ers

-wTrank Wilson rat the horane of Mr. noug ofi that Morisseau'sOrn eyer reports of the arrivaonly re orted .gE .
Su vacaion. Aho- operation was a success ad case of sea-sickess n the
day rance is not a s bad wi .he add Madame are va- voyage was sailor Alnd'6l'en.
goide, thommemorationugh. ; ationingin aly. -0
.her. bi -:0: t 0:- Anre Domique 'To to)

SIt was happy birthday last local smartS arrived last week from his
ivvy.qpieafhIoPar 'The his Margont. hGsund cover gfes.of d kns Q "' ;

SThursday tq Francois Thearr Miss Sidney Hurlston cee- Haitian Embassy post in Mex'
eThursday with a large ga- week toMrs.said post with his

.thering of friends at her wife Anna (ti mama) and
Smother's home in Bordon, their four children.
The caket w s a beaut, white said -:0:were- Ca t. ALas
Also oand pink, ot. fiance Pau hiMr. and Gustave rs
S' ar carrieGundy was close aPort byh and to Borno, Mrs. B o is the for
r a"k ilsn 'r "i. a foturally. Piatul who is with ed last week from their e
A Sutler D vacation. A~AR I operation o was a success and case of sea-sicknesg th
"day"-' An-. c& ,is not a; 'bad -that he add Madame are va-- voyage was sailor Allen.
ide, w thepough. -i Pt o Si
:. :0:- *at.of,.g.-n -Ital.. .
JTra lso -6 c f^ th :0- ta os '. -,esAndre b t Dominique (Toto)e
Itwas.'h'ppy"birth..ylast-...,arrived last week from his
'oThusday tq Francois Theabal Miss Sidney urlstone Haitian Embassy post in Mex
e Censs office. brated her birthday last, ico City and returned this
Thursday with a large ga- week-to'said post witk. his
hearing of friends at her wife Anna (ti mama) and
-mother's home in Bourdon. their four children.
The cake was a beaut, white -:0:-
w' and pink, and fiance Paul Mr." and Mrs. Gustave
Gundj was close at hand to Borno, Mrs. Bqrno is the for-
assist her in the cutting, na- mer Therese"Laroche, return
rurally. Paul who is with ed last% week from their

I -. '' *

S : .' .; *,, -


ews of r id n

'*H ~w W o 1T




it .

'="" "1 .. .--,:




If you're lookj Ag sure thing
.., ..to plunk t_ ri_ on, then*
ChristopTetWRanch, just outside
."' o Oiami, Fla., a the place to go..-,
lere breed ire prduing
:t 'i Ob tw. t, 6f- t rrow.
: h'.i. ... .. .. onl iteh:is.thkt, e.tools
YFOR RIOT.S-A west..e..s o.liceman ancd.a.GI of the must pass throiuh the atcklin'
Sh'.fntry Regimeniit co.npptes during'a combined riot Wnd iea tig 'stages before. he.
r-1o rseMrl In the Amerca'n--shectti of Betln. A rini~d' with ae r a q,~-rqay t bwo.~-yr-olds.
baynetsi ;ad xpert.in tb6 use of tear gas.and: fire Yop may not eoy the waiting
: 1lb.ue,*h 9 b5. are,6n.Qdient th t they caPUppe it plenty tough es a
;.i.t.: ,.. : r ~ .... . tr-- n. ,.--- .- .........'... re. at r h an beo. ~
....,? ~ ~ i r 2 r "-;. rs.. ,-:" -" ":" -::' '
1"** r *...... ...

rr I
T ,$.c2 .......
A,, ,: ..',. .
_------_, ... a Pi;t.t,_= ._

% o,

;, *.. "' -" "

..; .. *!
..- ,.:

if ..: :"
'.* ....'-;% -^
i. >-", ... *"
., ,*.

.- .""* ,, ".. ,1
,i L "' ," ." "rAd" '

rc A ... ...' .

'A ma

-'f .
C. 7 7. ,
' .,'-.

,- ... 7
7m.) '" p

2 I

.- ' *' *.* ''* :- ' *- ," :'.. .. .... ,; .* *'; "v ". ': '*. '* ". .]. 1'S
* ' ' . ' ;: "* : . .. i : . . 7 '
^*''i'~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~ '* .. ; ;.* *^ ^ '; *. -'.'''A i ,* ," ,"' .... '''^* .,.* ,. ::l,:,;^i
I . .. . :: ,
1 '' : l:
., ,, "-. i ,' ', ,":' - .'... -I ,

:: .'.. .I 4 .. : . . .. , .

competitor. n Sweden' irue
.%.bike rade: rom the sortho pa
of the coumitry -to the southern
coast I 66-year-old Gustaf Ha-
"anson of Gantofta. A former
truckdrver Hakanasn ia mak

NO0. NATIONALIZATION HERE-shelves we-saked wtheead
Amic dSewing gum, candies and other British and Americam a the marath.
p Aduc' Indicate that Iran's oil ntlonaItzatln atz ot s oye*t
eaeUS th Abada businessman above.e did I a s '
ef t efla igleB took ov'r the sneartby l
-- - ~-' -. :. " ,_. -e

: . A .
: '.. : G.. , :: -\ ;':' ' '' ' k..'- 'P

- -- ..-...


Plantation Dauphin Gels
Andrew Mendelsohn lefc
...Haiti this weekend and hur-
red home to his family with
the knowledge that he had
- completed the supervision of
a iob well done. Mr. Men-


Fire Detection System
..delsohn an expert of the
Whiter Kidde Co. Incorp. ot
Bellville, New Jersey, a comic
pafly that has installed mo-
dern fire detection and fire
fighting apparatus in most

m t:

a- a' ..

.o e .. a ne. t e e... ... e a e .. .. ti.s

s .tart ofL te Ka~esong licace confereimces, the G I's are'e pre=pared to

.u',e push tliat mig ~t follow i+.trc radw.
.... .. .. mw ..

*. . .. ..

. ,, ..- .
-~~~ ;1K. -.. .
ON~h LIN-Memers f~a 55 s~f-popeled gn crw

KrA rela nea Iii pe9~i~tqp ftp~z~aagll

AD .rIE 'OW;OCLLC.. ",-


of the major newspaper .... -
plants in the U.S. and also ..
in ships 9f all nationalities .
p including the Queen Mary, 1) First calculate the amount of your winnmings begfO".' :
Queen Elizabeth, the Amer- ing to the Lottery offices.
ica, and the latestU'.S. ship 2> Present your winning ticket to.the-cashier.
the Constitution, and 95 per 3) Wait until the cashier has made his calculations .aind
cent of all commercial and 'then let him tell you how much. you have wo.- ,
military air-crafts ... 'in 4) At this time announce your agreementt or disagre- a
other words : they are fire- meant with his figures. -. L
fighting engineers of some 5) In the case of disagreement. ta. your tic*et-and dis-
standing ...even to protec- cus -the question directly w.ih-thi.Technical Avi
tion of army tanks. Now un- or or in his absence to the Directeur-Ad*injistrat u.
der the wing of this guardian Port-au-Prince; 27 July, 1951 .' ,
angel of the victims of fire Moncey Gourge u t YT. 9omi
bugs is the Plantation Dau- Technical. Advisor. Di'recqptr-% VmAa ter .
phin which has had installed .- .
under Mr. Mendelsohn's su- '
pervislo'n a modern fire de-. 1!4
tectionsystem at its sisal L'OMBRE e la MIAN
storage sheds at Phaeton and
Derac. This system will imr- nmenace-t- e Votr
mediately locate and report" .
a fire the minute it starts, to a -
a central switch board. I -I
comxpapy ith a member. of .
Kidde's Haitian Representa-
tiv s the Powell Industrial
Works, Mr. Mendelsohn was
-shown life in the Capital be-
fore is deprture t eek- .
end"' It isp W1le tha' our
Sfair city wifTl Hav e pepd of
such service in the near fu- r ..
tme if .the city continues to .

X eTY a. Siege rs.
bir thdlM.r4 e4xc t for
all the 'ceeb,;rating .-eeuted .LA
by the ga4
eoa d q oh.birthday
', ..s.. ..- "

leli46br t
t wil l =" a"... "righros YOU S p" "" ,
e" "xj s 1 r s ,-, .-. .. . ,

."" ..... .'. " -' ;' .-,' .Rep'sentis'-pat-ii'T ;'.A'-^ .. -.



-f.... l.

w, it '. -a. ,.. f.! ta, .. '. ,

;.' ,.- p .; paw s. '2 -




L| :' 3mal
g". ~ ~ ~ aw H31WI *^ ^ -

U v 3

snaud ns
spol snio

-- -

...... ..- ..

;izoapoo Snmo fSpoid
mnapd sap zaiaqau -.ai.s rnABp
anqibi um .om ., j.,m.o.jp
olq~nbjmminj eim~p a .~i~nomo[
, uaNopuap .1 3[ OO U.JpuaI
Snod olq udmoan! aiainb aunp
IH'9 .p.. , pW. wn g
faf yflBtiGApJIO 909mWr sap nrr f
Bmnd~p 6gnbs(d snuunibpoatrsai' -

s p uoesp al apS50iJ8S

world carry theCasada Dry
Jibd. Name your jorit-\
i . *.
- r r -u *ta PSUCd.m 5-.m a ua s-" .

Anb Jeampoo spjner spd .,a .1tfay,S.=
-#and sparkle that haove made
sedOdsuwO ws aesuI ;Canada Dry the first name I*
spo S gEnjoy a bottl .Aj.
d op 'jagiuaopuou al.suep -e, ..
S,- qlnb.jnod, s,, .- Polar Pr".a i,.'4 .8

a UL 6 Sparking Water -Gi ger Ala -4 ,Oy .e
Bottle By U
UsiueA Glace atflW.A *' '$
. ... .- .-... ..Crew"*
Par l eco e."T. ir ..T.
Cram...'"" ":"



]age 12 c'HAITI SUN*

SBuy Classified Advertisements Sell
i Hlp Wanted For Rent For Sale Lost and Found

Classified advertisements 1 Property at Haut de NOTICE
are accepted for things want- Turgeau measuring 80 feet (Le Refuge closed)
*. ed or wanted; articles for by 110 feet. Price 2,400.dol- Visitors, clients, and friends
k, sale; personal service; mis- lars. you are hereby notified that
Sellaneous items, such as 1 House of 7 rooms at Bas -Le Refugen is closed for the
jbbs wanted; houses for Peu de Chose. Price 3,500 present time'(this mountain
v r'e n t; tutoring i, travelling dollars- Hotel is undergoing exten-
companions; ideas -for sale, 1 House of 4 rooms of Bas sive reconditioning work).
1 o t ( accepted, 'advertise- Peu de Chose. Price 3,000 Rest assured the manage-
I: m.ents of a political nature, dollars. ment will advise you in due
Rate 25c per insertion, maxi- 1 Property of 1/2 carreau time of the re-opening date,
i.mum of 10 words. of land at Delma. Price ..............................
1,000 dollars.
S5 carreaux of land at Mar-
tissant. a or r suir
Co cerning the above see
Real Estate Agency Rodor
STrading Corporation, Build- --=, i.
ing of Robert Bonhomme, ;.. ...
% 150 Grand'Rue. Phone 278Q. SINAHM TO
SOn enquiring about any of w sas
f.'. *L j Al m SALEI w ser6
FOR SALE the (Real Estate" bargains at ALLE a AUSANt-L I &_,1S4
I 1 House at Bas Peu de the aRodor Trading Corpor-
S Choose with 3 bedrooms, 1 ation Office ask to see their ..............................
'ball 1, dining room, 1 office, fine modern handy sewing UN NOUVEAU SYSTEME
|I 1 bathroom, I basement machines" they sell them at DE FABRICATION' DE
Price 6,Q00 dollars an astoundirp.ly'low price. LA CHAUX
-. -- ,- .. ....................................-- -.- ..---.----- Un nouveau syst6mle de fabri
cation de, la chaux vient d'6tre
d6couvert par I'industriel bier
C' ON DISPLAY oonnu M. Luc Adolphe, II s'agil
P-. d'un Four M6canique function
HERE nant A l'aide de gasolU et qu
product de la chqux en 24 heu
S' ,r The First Time Aug. 15 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) res Ce rsvstime est tr9s 4cono
Ftor The First Thus Aug. 15 (8 aim r6duit d4- 90 pour
cent les frals et autres ddpenses
pour le traitement de la chaux.
GOauyhIere...DO an n WANTED
The versatility of their Land-Rover is really' ana .
four-wheel drive tractor, a delivery wagon, a mobile power House to rent. At least 4
plant and a fast, economical vehicle on the road the bedrooms, furnished. Some.
Land-Rover is all iese things rolled ito one. It is the ideal thing big and something
maid-of-all-work for farms or factories, and is supplied with thing big and l something
S right or left-hand drive as required. good. Will sign lease for year
S,- at a time. Diplomatic fam-
SD ily. Call at Haiti Sun Office.

SPerson wishes to buy a
.... 'good condition second-hand
S,.. '.-tricycle for child. Please con
.tact Haiti Sun.

Persons wanting to rent a
house in Petionville during
'". these sweltering months --
see ,Haiti Sun,, Exposition
SStand No. 29.

SCastera's Maternity

Britain's most versatile


Made by
TI. Rover Company Ltd., Soluhall, Birmingham, England



Dr. Georges Castera's corn
fortable and completely mo-
dern 12 room Maternity cli:
nic is at your service. This
up-to-date clinic is located
in the same building as the
Pharmacy Castera, opposite
the Telegraph and Tele-
phone Building. Call 2131.




Sport Shirts

Arrow Shirts, White and Colourei

Long or Short Sleeves

Sport Jackets, Shorts and Slack

Denims, Basque Shirts






ALLEN & BAUSSAN: offer their
S .' 1
IN BAGS OF 42 1/2 Kgs NET 6 PLY

((The Best Quality Cement at
the Lowest possible cost.



Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387

- -r wr w r Wwr







Am"Afj@Dow" SSINI -INA


.- :' .. '" .. "-*..- i



!" 7

A 'i



, t

... .. ... .

V 29th



: '. 4
^. :..

;;*^i' ",|~

'. I..;.

"' ; .

HByWHMflllMBm fU^KM 1

1 71 I J 7 7 7

W- W.- - -