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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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* 4

" ... ..'.

Ei .. -. ' E M ... .-.... .W V


THREE by H. B. CaribbeaIsles. .

reviously s ed, o i to lh-adgth and im- T o d n hi Wife delf.. f r O'ye
^ns andmoreseei de velopets yet t me,.-t is had the-privilege,-last'Satur.i aid sp: iiotingl r t .e hird
o .to inpgthis story..to yo A'S unfolds. day nght, of itnessing. the, phc sIudies ated t ri- sa i tJent. to.
greatest. -theatrical. perform:- .stuis. thePerslt-Q
Since thepubbliccation of ,Part Two ,in the series of ance ever to be staged ni mordi ^rtes@\hed tace, she reason-athoughaW lMg:
&-s concerning the yacht aLa'..Paloma we have re- Haiti, 'when -the Theatre de Jis not st ^ merel with sting c6nydrsationals
I the genius of Kathere Dun-. ceeded. recratingh m .. : ; ,
, .. .I h,.m and her troupe... . aBol.inrsa t

l itorM ,1 P la Ort-au-Prince .a edi-ti Sereas somUthing new. DAY, JL 5, 191 '.
ie I thrus stated oieg to. the obe. Ta eorld rand hi Wife. Her poino d-p "rtu "e t'dyGa athes.
-^',.. . .elo;; .' . greatest : theatrical.. perform.-.. ... ph ...,, ._ .. the ,Persona lty- ...

S"Since .the publication of ,PartTwo, in the Series of a eerto e sag i' t -
.-e~ numerous inquiries through~the mail.. For then .' failed to cp and v ion> o. S em, qa.e1.'" .1'o he,.
st o ur leaders we .have selected qrie and reprinted c '.by a trdent admirers o d ii.,o. ... -. l l &h' .
e gemsl. I aupq. .,ie pt "bmself..
6f laed 6f, liu.ur eaae, jt "neb. "compan y.'er oup '" a. Born in KaMnsas.Ci.y. -. '',

.. of ., to. La,,w theV are certainly seated to the wOrld by T ga o- of-j. ' j A""'ed
hen ..sV tha. thCpas'Why didVille. .want an in.oired-by n fects rathe..rhan..upon. . 1
t es.. on,. .he' aPa all a e a. . red. dan. es. ...,... ... h teographic ..icl ness..to .,i, .-
h; .. iave -_ .,e.xthrmey ... ..t. .', tliem'..th co.m .-... h .... .
af a- ,os s e..,to at:...,n.t. o m r d .-'.. -
.- ,,.lip t A. o < . ,.. . ,.W. . . . ....a.-. . .t .;. ... ...,, a ,,.., o,,,, .... :: .,

L7s. A-FtUg. -ts.na try.. Ge'a= ...-. ot *-x-
,i S.et i to-'it cis ti.ens: the.,i
.Parts ne' and vilegesto 'hi'h hey are e .
ow the -bulding of ttled a ey e no repre
.lw.thebries'ab ,the" native abroad to -Ve
theories abo. .. ,th .em their rights and -help
esof the mai charac-' bak them ': p
l'Vilegas, alias Grieg,- a iliegas must h been
ace et aand the devil exceioay .c
ho, hi ...."o' s an exceptionally .+eofi--kti-ng
s. who,' while .h /( Continued on page 3)
-facts are insufficient to. ..
any clear understanding R E.
,any of those several .."B'-..
W ies whli brought the 'LOAN WITH LIFE
ated ship. and crew to our. The police report states
i,; .after a. long and te- that on July the '8th 1951, a
i', oyage.- typical. Sunday morning, Mi-
%se.tory i,.well.tidtled be- chel St. Bapitste, office boy
s.t Is -really a strange at the Veterinary Office of
.'W.hile the facts and Damien, 'sat quietly nursing
is df the ship and of .the a long, wrapped parcel, in
bins cohnt eted.with it re- front, of the North Gate to
':. __ the Damien Property.
mlaikes -, At'. approximately 7-3C
S Imes a.m. the Supt. of the main
..l Homeless Agriculture,.. Department
. old trash fire, stared 'Buildings,. Albert Gouin
l.a -careless neighbour, passed throughh that gate or
ibd: y a strong morning (Continuedt 'on page 3)

*udL spread to EnC C
i'nif together shan t i e s,
'Masures" in the Vincent
.,area Tuesday and caus-
i fire which completely
S..estyed approximately 400
:m-es; and made 2,000 peo-.
R,,hotneless. The fire which
ti around nine in the
.g,.was at first foughbc
M -' neghbourhood in the
-f..t;hat they could put it
7ut the people soon be-
a .iwed on 'page 10)

Allen And Baussan
2nd Anniversary
As Shipping Agents
Thursday evening the firm
of Allen and Baussan offer-
ed a. 6 to 8 cocktail 'party,
at their offices in the Expo-
sition, to mwk their second
anniversary.as S h i p p i n g
Agents, The party was at-
tended by more than 160
(Continued ao page 11)

t0. of eal't, i.- ,
*sultt o etyears b stui'f Tij r e e h f b e Ec d timbebet^i
aione e,, pdoplk s .',.*.e. ~ -at his ma-a--, ,
,.- -.--.,- ._-... ,erime M ,ndher^ corn- and practtmg iLaw;,th, ftk t a
Highway Paviing Make .pany at4he'Whfatre de Ver- he intends'to take a course i. .
Steady Propess' ".'. dure, la Saiird'ay night lecdnomincs.at-.the ,Am.ricaaip ..
The,. "i. ,- Were given to the Charity Universityu ... Gavin foIgf
.provemen., pyQjetr v..h -Fund of )hich.Mme. Paul-his way to he top the h
provementae projetvolrmgk '
the expenditure of 3,000,000 E. Magloire is the organeser. wav,.he worked eVery
d6ilars .is well under way During *the intermission, ,e nf his way through sdiod
thisI weekend, stretches of Mi ss Dunham graciously f-.r. his last two years hi
paved road have already ap. spent 'the time normally al- hih chool.,-
,peared at Carrefour, ,the road Iotted to rest and refresh- A member ofCe; Bar .a
Port-au-Prince to Aux Cayes, mnts, autographing photo- Kansas Sdpreme Court, .e.
and 1 at Croix des Missions, graphs of herself which she now practices I Law i b6th
the road: connecting Port-au- offered t all those who were .Kansas' and 'Washigton, -
Prince with Cap Haitien. pleased to openly contribute. 'His newspgae* career co ,-
Correspondents in Aux Cayes to the Fund. menced with a luckyl start
and jCap Haitien report the (COntinued on page 4) (Continued on page ). )
same steady,. progress of the -
road. surfGcng' work to- ,.
wards the capital."" .
(Continued on page 11) '.

, uCock-a-Too II,
S'From Miami With',"
One Man Crewi
peard~a Carefor, heroadottedto r Id,.

Thirty-two days out of
'Miami, Florida, the yacht
-Cock-a-too II,. dropped an-
chog in Port-au-Prince har-
bour Sunday evening at six,
looking very trim and suf-
ferinig only slightly from a
rough 'trip through the
uWindward Passage" and
mountainous seas .and rain
squalls off Mole St. Nicko-
las. Aboard were Captain W.
(Continued on paje 11)

Our .Personality of the we ek, is seen in the centre, sur-
rounded by friends when he and hi s wife arrived from-
,Washington last week to 'vacation 'here. .. \

* .,... I-,.

I -: :. .. .-
". ,. .. .r .,. .'. ..,,.. -"""AA :,,V o .l ,.k.".'"+ .' ""




,. >.:.
-. :.ii

:' i
.. 'N
' "1 ,





Pesoa-if oft gWe higher stan ~d of life. Mr..,,
Garvin, a man who has de-
1937he ccetedvoted his life to helping hig
inse frm pae 1 tostay in193 he ccetedless fortunate br-others, quick
197 hnthe own- the Advertising Manager's ly and quietly found a way
editor, of tie'aWyan- position in Afro Amer'ican t ep i sitnecm
dtecho- pased, away he Newspapet nc., Washing-.i uebu ots
env he poiion'; of ton Dept and at the same .H fnie n organiz-
rswil mansa tmebuit u a. rd the (Eriends of the Re-
o .,r : .hI, Law practice, In. 1944 Gk-r public of,Hlait1itysociety, in
1till heirs are vi -aappointed gnc j bi k hd0
btotak, y Wya- mner,,of the wisgingtoi~ ady s~hit r hipmetits
y, tn a;,i ra qW o h fb m r- o wo he ansd children
14 ashp a espapers, Inc.. two shoes and clotliing to Haiti.AM
f& 6e AOgin' - #al milic dol! A batch at this moment, is in
A is ners i ca. Washixigton. awaiting, ship-
.sioher' Id 936 oy Grvinmarment' and the'-slhiptnent that
were iied Miss ddie Porter across wl olwii.cmiie
4! e Ie it river in Kansas Ciy.i fatoiadaasnte~
dtaken at satiri. On hi first tri tdo shl te n h nu
to guratn 0 President M-

e oe! e. ecanmy ide heednaina
.ft mes e asmanage to lir
1 vqi whn b oa wereP & 6

'16* hemasc ggr -if e ~ it ', GL
4iqdvip or an acithe
eartl wf s anaew to
s-' dl r,; ei te r hion s
,)e of. dept
raic: gi oEtii foti

tor; he basmfrth d ie po S l R R
of hiscoi' -4'i hid 'Ato U 4 P,
i4 Obtlv; oid g s c t o a r os i sjp .t t n

wa edevo ythe U.h
going to I inoMiei h
gifts .u ,i,_Gt Red ohofn

op olianityIs to irigeof-
rleT fie Pret ssst atd elv
ateove ath 601t wl h

Hj S .0vie h ess ecm
menc met -a o.- asng '

ne conDuipie by g Ro- e tSaitinW, SKIra D.nt toNGrESh n'' nbl heta r
und th a asistantdirecor ofn xte theoeigaiky n ihgaepi m naas nfe
tonal OJic '0Ttraivd la oo vn np eeewahrad tec

gin;!n M, fh wehai& ,nrsa
retimin tu. er oara hreaeaescnerans nms
thei vUcaion
7 NCSDfifeanyteCptl..vst
in h oSe7 o ipte
d u 'g o e t e s o s

ftry. M florel t-oseeiustg what



(Continued from Page 1) and Bondel were the only tiste, he ha
-.--. PART THREE --- ones who were paid for their shiny razor
(Continued from page 1) services. What services? from the pa
-talker if he made the creW ed the connection with the 'What gave Mr. Eberwein lightning-li
leave Venezuela where they people, Senior Ayala and. so much confidence in these slashed at G
" had security and work, sail friends he was. supposed to people with whom he was victim def
%off again on a ship they had meet., Did they meet? Has dealing? Why did he start with the ar
r'ecentlyv skipped insecure .anyone checked, on Ayala s out on the trip. with so little fled.
.Europe in, flouting the laws departure date? cash and security in ad- St. Baptis
of the country in which they ow, wflat .s the firm 0t vance? I, verng as
1 found asylum and. three Nobbe Aidd.bondel's connec- lverng as
mnealsaday. Snppoing the menoned At the last moment before neck. The
crew left La Guaira' with the Par Twox that they sup-'thedeparture of Grieg, a ad wasi
f that the ves.-reall plied the sip from the date epartue Grieg, a and was
uftgIlef t h i e hIo-theo d ate new personality Rene Drey- istered t1o -
ied to findhew hig oarrivl tlfodd, fueliss'enters the picture. Mr. Baptiste tu
rebounds, the Captagin. who is and credit. ere they. agents reyfuss trudgedtow
N Oter of rth. ship c d havee of.the ship? Wre ey aoming very trusting soul to place -ation to
ed back. to, the port.of ithis.our of ,ympath o the so much confidence in the By chance,
arure, a f te rt learn.g' German crew. Or was itif teei thousand dollar check at his fallen
Villegpis.haththe-ir sedes-..Someoit .recompe' w iveh by Mrs. Grieg (thfe served a stil
...k-yil -eg s. -a.t'e de--'. ". e' so" Z.o. 'rec-,..
.ifi6n wasHait., which they &ere dwditig.,on former Franct Lee.) It is my thbody -
The..reasora given forthe he final settlement "pof-'that personal wish tlat Mr. Drey- ret"irui imm
chip's voyage to Port au- six hundred t sand, dollar ss is not left holding the miiste t
... .. h-.. ,.i. r. .. ved n t. r.c. i.g. .t holding the minister tb,
M .ce was,-;to have it out- draft involve d. ntIhearicl'bag. -". St"ilitent
[tted or ite 'long 'trip' t you quoted i -Vene- : hs crime
lMontevideo. Villegas cited zuelan newspapWg (El Urii- w. -" 3 ,, '- .. ,* h c...i.e -
li high costt of work i.n versal)., .y we tis .. "eb, i 4_ B a t m"
o.od, MV enezuela- It is con- '. e. hr o' i hoe as a memerothis an who.
l. k. ...g tha -close Grieg married iss Fran- communitythat. you will .receivgi.h
nokig6wledge hat close t .11 d
Sces Lee here onMay 16th in eventually, be able to answer
:y ..nez .... the route tspte of tht r ouisaround all these twest;ons, and so Tis pre
Ri'ontexido rereiX.n.uP t. around, ... "', SC.. butchery w
eou" 'i"sld h h of r4-i- ine' town that 'Grieg has a' expose this unsvory inci- b ery w
us -..d h., .'. r ." .. wife And 'chila in'.-efie dent .'in t4"h timediate fu- the decease
est and inexensi'veypes .. .
'f- serves re re to outfit s there any way of.verifying ture to.Q nelp discourage simi- .
!oi services requred to outcct .cs .
.o-,ahrious. h ls thieg l itof information .lar occurncqs bf this nature. ..-
S s.oa.oya es.' -So'what ,f thhe beneft iof your r0ead- Inclosing I wish to com -
qrer -rpo- s lect-. r , end ,you fo.y0ur .courage-
oc rt-P Another e temn whimhc ous effort t expose this mys-
rae?^ '.' 'intrigues me ,is',the,confi- tery of the .La Palbma.' fE a
.t--' fobio.u:,4.ieace thecrew, members had S.gn.d A

erit. ses that none, wa *,u .y Editrs peeN In:vewof
She as. litic litics pBon o sGeg to e tsaetty d e general interest

:-:ne w pa i .. w ell.;:_. u ," ,. ,i t.'.saffair? hown y .w e^ Public in this
I ven, uer and one ha 'i esaid te hat feworkeold them
Se ut coR f Vingn .. -d. s -r- f ,
tis.a t ntart personal ef- his or deemed ia i the pub-
Afhiy i-tdci Anofa, s WoI. pdeab. od infu Next weekiri

Sa ctio o any .siWho. Did s.h see the u l close
aeo iwast '.Phvolcsng rhe was Bontents o the bag? m o- rerty and pents. st
'". : . t"affair. 'sbown'by dthe Public in thik..

iAter, four the. d on halt Yots said that Gonzaloed aar ap ranco

eaer Ke doesn't it Avala Tr. arrived here on the t a e t
..a. o" LGuaira.Y. ith reg Mn the se office rst aicleort ys- '
Vieh tV zuela -.ad abatkery. of the La Paloma,,, /iher

.'ort the 'ay after receiving session for paymen thePart Fourof a w ,Ail WITH LIEsclos'
St east .hving receiv-.conteits Of the dbag? ".further eelom n .e .
SMr. r ieg who had taken What was the nature of so ou s p nd shouted,
I- steamer, .cerat, .. doesn't it Avala .Tr. arrived here on the-i ._nteretto-.Pp.is.'hi"

an e from thJeremie ,to m h of May wiindebtedness orty such dont pay up, ,we
Po-au-Prince when pute next thusandll bat wdol it dollars h such a ar wo st en.Gouin'
,i"1 ", Ce 1-bereceiis-- e ssDiondfoopanyonenteePofrs

d.wsof having miss er You say-on th ousand? his wa yto hurch. St. Bap-'
ian:7.: registry?. Were. the' debts satisfied? tiste stood 'erect and blocked
.Mr. rieg who had taken What was the nature of so
x_.,0Japlane from' Jere-ie tb much indebtedness on such ,e f you don't pay up,. we.
Port-auPrince when be next ,mall boars with such a
.]t4 e d i d date ci v o ."n g rnm. lenfeo rt nm n n id .6f ally th a t Lh e w o u ld
b"' tsad-ne'rofs toaving-missf. ;ter? .. Your e sa' that Nobbe shoon swas' cutshort,. b a sift.. / prp
1 .,,Ian; registry?. . .. .V 1 ., :.-'" .. .. .
'. '''. : .. .. . -.. -" "...-W e t a i f d "' ," st'od "erect a'd-b.... ..
":!'...~~W er , ... .._.. ... the. in. .p.th,'_n ho e ,

from St. Bap-
ad unsheathed a turn the su' of nine thio-
r-sharp machette sand gourdes which h.eha
parcel. With one borrowed -from his assailant.: .
e stroke e, he back in May of 1950.- St
'ouin"s neck. The Baptiste had received this in
rayed the blow the form of' an inheritarin i
m and turned arid from an aunt, .and had been: .
induced by- Gottit to loan it :
Sto him.. Periodically, St,.
ste followed, de- Bapitste had .begged a L&
he ran, swift pleaded with .Gouiin for t'i .
back of Gouin's return of his idoney but t_
victini;collapsed nrbavail.' . ..
mediately' admin- :
more blows. St. Unfortunately the is no.i
rted and wearily Written prodfotf diehloan. Az (ii
yard the 'police doctor who haid inisteredL7I
report the crime. to his.sick. auntt i'uhg linga-
he lanced back ilas .illness, bri.u sht"'4-
ni viSim.-'aid pb-, against St., Bapi ite-r3 ie
ht moveniengt of umin-of fiv huidred go urs.
which miiade. him Settleme e it "wladQwild
ediately and ad- 'e, doctor 6dly after a g
e coup de grace. deal of wrapglngt piea
upon reporting Ing on .de paft 'F St.' Ba

t -rural police- arted wit ....
honoured him by gourdess .
is confession. ,' ,--. .
,.. .St Baptislste- Ws -OW
meditatecj bit. of. fined and -is awaiting. tt
as rittigated by. at .ie next'Ctiinial' Sessi l
d's refusal to re-: ii Port-ai-P.
' ,.. .'- *" ': ..;r .. *..^ *'. ^ **"-." i. '.. -'ia g i



-- :" .

L ;-.0.I
s' O T RA



En 'toutes Pharmacies
les Imperial Clhimical (Piarmaceuticals), L'

E.C; TO -'if.MI 'Y
~i~jitTo MIMI:



M W a -, ,w -.."...".".,.3- ", .-,;
MME.. UR ,....

ut Lagae Prible '- ,;
EX.posI uot stand No. 7 P.O. Box 8 67.

7 .-,, A . ..,. fl ,.t. .. ...:.' : t 5 '. ,. '. .I ..", :.3: J"


i. .. "



.: ,


4 Madame Magloire's Charity Fund '~-~
(Continued fr-om page 1) teur, de journal aLe Matin"
99 idots.; M. HIubert Carr6, dots.; Ml. H6rard C. L, o
The following are dh o-Drceriu journal- el~a 50 dols.; M. Val~rio Cae
tributions to those who took- Democratie.,, 50 dots.; M. 25 dots.; M. Roger Boucr
advantage of this opportun- Adelphin Telson, Prdsident' 25 dots.; M. Salomon a
*`''ty, following the example of de la Chambre des D'Aputks bouo 99.25 dots.; 1M.J'
the President of t.he Repub- 50 dots., M. le dboute 'M. W. Neptune 99.90dl
Ambassador to France Gen pany as president and also lic. Wcolley 25 dots; M. ledI nr Narcisse, Directu
1. 0 Franck Lavaud pre became a member of the -11. -u Joarrel Lucas 30dots.; de. la Troupe Falkloriu
redhicrdetias o re b'ar oarctrs f heRh ,S. E. M. Pauls Maglotre, M. Edm&.Ansprand, -Directeur Nationale '10 dollar4,.,M
atAuio nth uul ioCopration of America. Prsdn fteRpbcG 6a uSriedsCon- Charles de Catalogne I1o.
fonal ceremony at, the _Pa- The Genieral- .was at~tace 0 dl. -E .Asn rbtos2 olr;M Franck W Wilson 50 dos.
: de1'Elseethiswee. thoughut his rmycare Magioire', Sec.'d'Et. de I'Int. Charles F. Pressolt, fous-Di- M. Ad6Vlae7
,~~~0 AasdEIeti ek o the Signal Corps. t ye50 dots.; S. E. M. Luc Fou- recteur des ContribA *tinit 25 M. Robert Deschamps2
on the, 11th, Alix From- ::_cSe.dE.e lPest- dos; .Enitli -0. Natidc, ddils.: M. Raymond Ry
a bere heanie.O_.'the evening of July the dence 50 dots., S. E. M., Jules Directeur'de la Loterie Na- souscrit. cliaque mois 5 dt.
Athis' :brth. ',Fellow 17th at 6.3 0, at the Sacre Dmornd S.d'tduomtone 0 dol. Ur.-Lio .OsadBnd,
wokers at' Brandt's Filature Con 50rTreu M.21-os d~ogiuts; e S. E.ecoxt M-etbt deg du.ci hqu os2
Elhfo Im nelick Dou on, manager of dos. --- s ... RgeduTibac.25 dots.; M. Franck Martin, Consuld
the m The feting the Haitian American Dry 7Jacqiues LgerS.dEtdeTalAsai5 os; .vnzua D.P
dlyened~ L-BuleatClenesWill marry Miss R ED b ec Joseph Nadal 50 dots..; M. CharO, d'Affaires Arg
o reasonable hour' Jisette Chemaly. of Port-au, >'c Dahie He0rtelou.3 S.s* E. doM~ Mme A.nl St.yRome
~~Piince The couple .ayIEu.Ne5 os;S .M m.A-i t oe90, d'Affaires de Colombi,`30
t o s I coe oo esoffrA.Andr6 Sam, te la, Sant& 6 os;Me aiie M-o. r aaa

d ~ ~ c ensft for doi hus :0-.nts. (SM ine) .99 ivdolar Me. DominvoDr.Covants
Agents Missionar KI _,jo A'..a os;Cl m.MrioFde 9dls4R etua3 o
t haeir habnea asgne Iacis bon.er Chef de r M.Oto aden9dols.;W.Rn Ce: M. Ofatins. d 6stired
Sea :0:Frdei Kuingto to'atn r. I -Chie 50dds a ,Tol Frdei Wenr9 dl. %d e.Fa 50l.;
Oso, wo hs son.He lewviGenAA. ralo d'H.'90 Sun.;Cl Dhe.Tad, Chef)u.ro Snateur mile St. n-
the~~0 Ltt 9eu9e'oPei9il9wll.mssSs dollar'; M. CooOl ollyoy
-niu lefetl fotr Pais Maus- Mesajbnt n uo or. Dept. %Milt.; Cl.Na
Adeve nPilspy h entisto Missionaryes 1 tina 50.Matn dols; 99 dotsr Jo a tba' dt.
m la 111 .e nlon wh at s e d terday onM .to ..sp ~ ~ m 0d l a o
or Jiei fiit arcacis Etenirser, Chef deM.-Ot
eI I 4aop thas glloteysnMlP'si t dl.
expec isb therdsen : tharivi e. Wa -ins Sertar de~k Am.sr d
Y,-Abssdrinc Loniedoon.tRo,;]obr Pgol. P0 ol.;P, 50dos- Cl
eKniesryo e lingsto tio 'attendota;M~is- J aAnpad eu p -onr~ei
dence.'~~ Weine t9e Absence M.bny 1set de. Fesance 25. dotsin -0\a. ..M
teM, ne Heasidr f 16.A vlpq doiadA.A Fail1o s Dabii, du
eartiary~d Che dhe legoio qiatu Emil St.kLot, 0,~drlif os. .EM
aax,: who Mhs GoesRyeundCar6dAf.deU...9
StatFredy ashot lblidy i C MajorIaie3 d'.5 olst .;_E. M.
over,~ ~ ~ %x..qu 25ol 50k S.l M. M.ro q~. f
OR~~~~~~eiJsi Sam 30 oewl* Cstr aeal
th else n the *( Fe Pierre Ft o sn, i d
years'ofast y' r 9l9 :lt d ots M .-ls.; R o.5
D'I Georess tea' com toa hrid'f.d hl
President~~~~~ ofteR( .frale n oipeey '0dollas; 'C Fel.A Woolley
ica n e eC 4 etic nvis l6 wt o r s ri e Tis 30 ols. .o M rani
.. todatI clni s loe Geoines Sect dPal. des
ss k e inther syamet anidn Lasz thDnnept0 ol.;boe e

o erighutLain Ph cn pon uiosph Cal 13. onal, 5e 0 dots Majo dols
n delle on what, G neeal vi lo
se~ wasm sho0 the. Mit
Hdor 'Gusait tor- -tra.o aain
tasiset and in 0: vnn E11 E..HDY FraniAWs.V VEten hef4 Ma
waWel Inetie hop thae all the 'PiOUSI.t 30E dots.;RFGYL
R ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~-o Mil copn m arA4.ws AS H AATRIF A UU

Chart rrr PAL ,

of ~ ~ ~ ~ c iserstn ere g
OFran et,,iqelqn from
the y an te th fe r laI Qwar,-,~ us A j~saeu p o

K. : .1 C *.'.. ~ ~

NDAY, 15th JULY 1951


Sage .
- Page 5 .
..* : ':.'..:
I '." .', 3

,The shops in this section
we been checked by this
vwspaper, and to the


^ProfloW^ I%


est of our knowledge S I. .
Wir merchandise is of -
ood quality ad good Haitisleading department store

p -. .' _______I I_________________

. A

,-The greatest sale in a decade come to y.ou from Art and Curio Shop DES AN
aDADIANI'Sn We offer values worth rushing.for in I d a .T:1
Birthday Sale. Make the most of this pportuity to HAITIAN H ARED M OGANY .
,t your cost of living. It may never come your, way FACT.. ..
n! In spite of rising costs ,of merchandises our en- .,
tire stock of merchandise have been drastically reduced. Ru g-- -e-_- -- -_ r du Pn Pud
ave.as much as 50 per centon ome lines. ..
S1 Tel. 2242" .
dies Departmen Household Depart.ent I m Tim aSfb;
Gets DePartmenr Dress. Goods DepaA *' 5
SGifts Department Jewelry Departmnent D f Fcq
Buy Direct from factor)
i.. At Your FavouriteNf_ P '

!D Our new department which has just opened on the"
S Sae aet first floor, has a wide variety is of gifts come in and BUTCHER ELICATES .
ySee for your self- SEN .

1BAR c 34, Avenue John Brown .
ai In spite o g114 Rue Dantos Destouches Port-au-Princ '..
Phone 3394
Dear Public .
We have long felt the nei Q
of having a meat provisions.
rso.komeca sehaebedrsayreue.,,_ s tore' that will supply qui '"
i assuc es h ae ert noC mompe linsT a b ity fresh meat cut inket
Fr hens Suned Complexiaccording to the rules
strictest hygiene.
SNow, at long last, you n
rose-gaden p ariety of American Beauty is not the obtain the kind of meat th:
Vinly kind thate tends to wilt in the summer sun. Most -you have -been waiting for..
-find their loveliness skidding downward during the
S of heat and humidity, a e r ct A
way of retaining that fresh-as-a-daisy look during Ir The a Savory B ctosgAA
months sdtilate your face with anice treat-r Store is ready to I sqp ,l
."fore applying your make-up. r"you with the 'best meat p' .
from your refrigerator is an excellent beauty aid, a visions at reasonablepric",,
id you remember never to rub the ice directly upon" WE4
Mthuprotected skin. A thin wrapper of absorbent cotton Wk 5 in any quantity.you may
ts too-quick melting of ice and picks up lingering .as. mand. r
.-'of dirt in addition to safeguarding delicate tissues Lewe Leetushel
'excessive cold. moodlone Let us help you to'better
quick, firm strokeswhisk the wrapped cube over eiaed and safer eating. We .pQ
entire surface of your face and neck-until your com- e forward to making_.yo
on assumes a rosy glow. Complete this treatment by quaihtantce in theo very .
.1 g on a bit of your favorite astringent. i future.,
Ifw good idea to schedule enough beauty time to allow .wf"
te lapse between this routine andthe application Sincerely y
r_.sk"up.r -." :. ,
S3 I eu JhASSAD,nProp.








P ie6 -
f o



Old Masters in Needlepoint

gst eablwt s gven 4*e mome or zamo. wsuwuus. raswsn ma
S'ee-ipel~oIt. "t le Byw homebytte painMuns by Sir Tfliome Guad
S. ibi, -d 'TftM from tOe p i On r Sir Thomaa law-
renCe p p wef m or.wall am above table.



.- Ltit'ERS. OF 'MARCEL ,ters display a remarkab
I. R ,Tsr -' Tranilated aid transformation in' cbhatacte
S, e. y na .Cutiss fromh an effete youth to
: ao /se (e^ dllaar). 1 sharp observer of the tra,

F'-i.- WtJ L W lAttut Jg WI uJIU
SSyF-US- ECHOES. At be delighted to make a slip
,d ie letters seem with you. -" His passion for
oi -ifhe posturings of a dil- the Creole never went be-
jgb. 'i t but th;s impression yond an "amour de t4te.
S weas off. Proust's let- .. But even the life of a
'i.,"" j,

I r 11December 22 to January-
.. 19: Mercury. Be moderate
Bring New Beauty to Home htnbyourhabtsdrive slow.
** *. and spare youil nervous ener-'
geies in every way; The even-
Figures Embroidered .y Experts, gies in every agreeable. The even-
ing 'agreeable. -,

But You Can Work Out Background January 20 to February
IS: Venus. kBe generous'
ART isn't necessarily something that's to 'be viewed only on are with the folks but not within
visits to museums.. It become more meaningful if it's something those whd may be simply
that's lived with, that has a part in the familiar pattern of life. imposing On your good na-
Few people can afford original paintings by great masters, but ture and gullibiliies. Guard
that's no reason for shutting yourseltfoff frop'these-classics. -Repro- ........i g- .. too .
ductions are the answer: .agnst los too.
One weUllknown firm, recognizing the' desirei o-m iink people tQ: .F,. Feba ry L.. tMarch 20:
hang copies of the world's best paintings in their home kas reci \ fMars- !(epp ".jood hu-
introduced an. 'old masters" series.in needlepoint. mour if ypur. home com-d!
'.' *opanions seems cranky andt':
THERE'S appeal in this series not only to the artistic leanings of .nir .. n se s crank, and .i
homemakers, but also to theli creative instincts. Although the bellerent. Through gift
central .figures of such paintings as "Pinkie," "Blue Boy," "Age of or tnterftanme.nt, you can re-..
Innocence" .and "'Boy With Rabbit" gave already been worked ,on store harmony. i"
canvas by skilled Madeira craftswomen, the background is left 'to be March" 21 to April 18: .|
finished by purchasers. N. 'Neptune. Relax,. let nature'i
"Old Masters" kits are available In two sizes--ull -length and minia. i take its course If you give"
turd. The larger kits include antique gold 6r-..mahogany picU .M n doubts or migiving,e
*gares. The smaller ones-include, in addition to the frames, iat, can ony goad yu i ..nto
.glass panes, and enough yarn to -complete the backgrounds.
The large pictures are.planned to be used in pairs; the tm ill -advisedconclusions.
it's suggested,.are attractive when hung In group ,oG tur. Apr 20to May 20:ua-.
... "______ '--__ _'---_ nus. Ward off demands ott.'
wealthy, pampered dandy .realing. words he told a,, y purse by relegating al7
could not go undisturbed, friend: CTo Mother 1 wap al social ativ cities to 'the evaen-
Proust's father, a successful ways. four years old., Proust hours. Don't dependotf
physician, was 'a Catholic; began to write with, the. e- Ifp ds to help -efther
his mother, whom he, adored ,dication of a man possessed. May 21 to June 21: .Sa
and whose image dominated Rarely did he leave his dark,. : Pa- y heed 'to all1 the
his life, was' Jewish. When stuffy room, and when he rules, and regulations and
Marcel was 23; the'Dreyfus did it was to.riike midnight v oi d 'arguments, repri-
affair split Ffante, and the forays into hotels and parties 'mands. People in authority
young' mn aI iinstinctively to watch for.;, the quirks. of may npt be in the friendliestr
rushed to the defense of .the behavidur and-appearance of of 'moods. .
Jewish captain., In .,one of the people with- whom he .
'the few political acts of his loaded his long novel. June 22" to July 21: Jupi .
life, iPrpust circulated'peti- In 1911, Proust submitted ter," Self-pity or shutting
tions for Dreyfus' release. the first part of' Remem- yourself.up into a shell may
The echoes of the affair rang' brance of Things Past to, a only aggravate things fur-'
in his novel year. later; after' firm of which Andre Gide their Rise above your pride,.
the bigoted behaviour of his Was a member. Gide:turned hake th,-first'advances.'
,aristocratic'2 Parisan friends, it:down. Later, after Proust ,July 23 to August. 23;
Proust could never write long had ipblislied it. at his own Pluto. If you-, are in com-'..
about.u ,terness. . that ;,the rejectioit ",0f this ,to. do with i. money .or your h
.. book, will remaie... .ine of pivtie affairs, Don't '.pry.
BEHAVIOUR ,; QUIRS. 'the ioiognantily,;rembrse .eidie, as yd,ay alsoinvite-
From childhood, when he i regents' oi my life .;. axrebuff; .. '
discovered .that by feigninxg Wihinfinite gra~,"Proust August4 to Septem r
illness, he could, avoid par- replied: "Had there'been no 25: Venus. Observe all regu,.-|
cntal discipline, Proust 'had.' reection ... I should .never lations in public, and adopt "j
suffered from asthma. ,The have had, your letter.. the most conciliatory' atti-
iliess was, he knew, at least. In his last, years Proust tude if you are called to or-
partly ,a nervous habits, .found fame, but by then .it der. The p.m. good socially. .
and though it struck him hardly mattered. He could September 24 'to OctOber
severely through most of his l/ve only by alternately. dos- 23: .Mercury. Rest as late as
adult life, he refused ,to sub- ing',hinwelf with stimulants you wish if your mood is- "
mit .to thoroughgoing treat- and sedatives. The obtuse troubled and vitality low. .
meni. Instead, he isolated charge that he was a sdob The.later the hour the morel.
himself in his ',cork-lined. roused him to heat in his last fiopeful the outlook any- ,
.room. Stung by the Dretfus letters. He was as friendly, how.-
affairand aroused to literary. he insisted, with valets' and- -October 24 to November '
ambitions, ,he found .himself chauffeurs as with princes. 22: Sun. Keep your plea-' .
"weary of .insincerity and And was it not the ,world of. 'sures on the modest and -n-
friendship, which are almost, fashion, he asked another ventional side; watch your
the same thing." After. his correspondent, "w hi c-h 'is belongings.'.. The p.m.. faiv-
mother's death in '1905, the siandered...is always wrong, o u r s devotional services, {
shaken, 34-year-old Proust Iralks nonsense 1in my writ- group meetings. .
Withdrew from society more ing)?- November 23 to Decem-
and -more. .. In mid-November, 1922, ber 21: Moon. Domestic con-
Proust called his maid at 3 'troversies and personal dif- ".
"She takes my life with o'clock one morning 1to dic- ferences could. get out- ,of.
her." he wrote of his mother tate notes for his book hand if- both sides fail to6,j
in the most passionate letters.o n how it felt to die. Later exert full self-control. Use
included in this book. In re- the same day be was dead. \ only reason.
I ' I :

S-- .* ,- ^..: .'-, .;.^ ^.. .;-. , /, .. .- .: : ^ ^ ^ : .-.: -... .. . .. .. -.- . ... ,, ,



S Many American schools, sponsored by Lafayette Col- study
a. re sponsoring combined lege in Pennsylvania, will They
S-study and travel programmes include stops *at Honolulu, the c
in other countries during the Hawaii; Tokyo, Japan; Hong many
summer months. These pro- Kong, C h i n a; Bangkok, and
grammes offer courses rang- Thailand; Calcutta, Delhi, Londi
and i
S". her
.x 4yiew

aS t brand
S 'the c

Si- .tandi
.5": social
cou nt
S rs, -
Wate ons at q -ers of
ater sports at Chanaoqua, IpsWtution on the wooded enroll
shores of Lake Charfauqua in New York State. sion
first ni
ing from languages a. d the and 'Karachi, In an; Tehe- Franc

"_L'.,;: I *" m akF ,
arts to the sinedy of .human ran, Iran; .Bag. dl, Iraq; hrou
relations. Cairo, Egypt; Tel Arvm i v, n t

OK.. Capao, i the omatrtes pisit; Te l' verne
gu Israel; and Rome, f.taly. The
A group of teachers and

tourof 6he Pacific Ocean C e school.
!tounltries. T o u r members history, politics, of gr
Sailing on the liner, S.S. Pr- Ecnburc, and sociology ersea
'lident Cleveland, will'i bed b!tpaboax th people

lenits will make educational London and Stratford. will will ti
t uburs in corgnection with be attended by students of country
.-:. regular summer session cour- the drkma department :of study,
ses in the h aite and so- Syracuse University of New tron
.1ida .sciences conducted, a- York. Thby will also attend
.board ship, which is called theatre festivals in Salzburg, An
for- this cruise a ((floating Austria; venice, Italy; and lations
.:university., Edinburgh, Scotland. feared
Anothergroup c students Other students from Syra- o ity, i
"snakingastudy-tou ~ f Sthe cuse University and from summ
,.ajfi'ic' and the Far- East by Ohio Wesleyan University Londo
.Ilaiane. hiep. world 'vfighc,e in Ohio are making fine art sity of

I ' .,A

* -~ 1~

.(Exclusive Ageits in Hi

HAITI SUN .Page -,'_ ".


tours this summer. -
:will visit the banks of
astled Rhine in Ger-
, and visit art museums
famous buildings in
on; in Ghent, Belgium;
in Amsterdam, The Ne-
ands. In the Rijks Mu-
in The Hague they will
- masterpieces of the
ch portrait artist, Rem-
dt; in Milan, Italy, Leo-
o da VinQ's Last Sup-
and in Florence, Italy
anvases of Botticelli,
i, and other great Re-
Lnce artists. .

a means of promoting A
er international under- S
ng, the New School for ...-
1 ,Research in New
City is -sponsoring ;a
tour of economic and
cal conditions in other"
ries'. -'Students, teach,-
Lisiness men, and lead-.
civic groups will be '
ed in-the six-week ses- R
which will be centered
iear Copenhagen, Den-
and then in Paris,
e, with short excursions
ghb, Scandinavia an d'
any. '" '-'1

tudy of the Europeani -
. systeifimis.. theobject .
group of students, teach- -
'd Qhe. prCofessional '
who wvil participate .-
en-week field. trip of- ,
by- Wayne 'Unjversity
troit, Michiganq. They -
ravel through twelve
ries as a part of their
on comparative educa-

institute on Human Re
Sin-World Affairs, of- J%
by the School of.Edu- |-
u AiT-_- 1k1- TT-,up- *

ui iN w I ULor
s also being h,
er at the Unive
n and i at the
f Heidelberg.

V oducn ... T


'I ''*~~*'~ -
IiW*'~.. -


." .' '. '



. '-
*' ' i~

eld thsity-of FAMOUS S INCE,162

Vve. H. ermingham Sccrs. Rue du. Quai, "
General Aients. '..: ,

S' 1


4 -.

EA :.5,

.. : .. -. : '.w ,"
.. . ....7 ... . . . . . .

Aprl uno ezames hebdomdaltre de ceonaines de personnel me fummi qua
V A pendit-30 joue, dorgrands plrecaliies pour Is gaeiae ont ddu6 a r aav hnoi
cause. par les CAMELS

:'*S--l^Si-*=^:fe~ fea31Bi'*"^*S'e~iiae**"^"""l"""""""" "*'-*" km

**^ m. ;,? ",%" ,. .

a inv%7pr-

m --

S Page 8




r IV7




Application now accepted for ..Minbership of the
SRiviral 'Country. Club.
Featuring: ,Swiimming, Tennis, Golf .
a L ..
..- ,
" .'" "'r1 "t . '
S .9..."' i
t~,. ,.' ". ., ..

. .:''.
I., INE .


. -





T41.: 2676

7:30 To 11 P.M.



- I



,,San Michele",,

In cool Petionville, offers
a delightful homelike at-
mosphere, comfortable
rooms French, Haitian, and
American Cuisine at very
moderate prices. Special fa-
vorable terms may be arran-
ged for person wishing to
stay as permenant guests.

'[ ',-Tel : 7175


is oir speciaity-

. .,








EA. se *- -




I '




Hasco has finished ... Ar- ston, Jamaica.- Nedy Kovler. is do "a 1i
mand Lissara, and John Gol- Sensible folk ... Mr. and citing sister Pat at theifoe4 "
ler left Hasco for holidays in Mrs. Kay Henning are off on Riviera.
She States yesterday. a cruise of the Caribbean a- -:0:-
-:0:- board the s.s. Nuevo Domin- Marcelle Goldmai,' '
SMrs. Mazurka went to icano, Tuesday July 17th. sene Laurent and Defuau
New York yesterday. -:0:- Georges left for Vene~
__ -:0:- Mrs. P a u. Corvington, Saturday. Also Mrs. "
': This week staving at the wife of Major Covihgton re- Haspil went along to. e
": 1 .,, '4Hotel Riviera (or Roosevelt) turned from a month's stay her husband who is w*ad
.. from Dublin, Pennsylvania, in New York Tuesday. ing in Caracas.
". were Mr. and. Mrs. Marvin -:0' "
..'Mary Diamond down takes for her residence pa- B. Levitties. Mr. Levitties Today it's Vic Lampson,
-rom. Chicago for a month's pers to go through recently married, has a firm manager of Firestone Store, o h .":
.stay at the Riviera mad Joseph Aides is going to which is the largest manu- down the road piece, birth- Americanto onsti ue aa ..'ms. '
.about Haiti and may, stay Miami today. facturers of women's cotton day anniversary.,. American Institute., Ms..
veral months the great- -:0:- dresses. Marvin's firm corn- -:0:- Neff flew to Tr dad,.:. B .
st .thing that ever hit Haiti The Smith family (except pleted special order before Rene Roy's birthday p dart y to start hopping around
a Bikini bathing suit Pa) of Plantation Dauphin, setting off on this Caribbean was a terrific affair. Held at as many their vacation as
promises to fill, the new Ri- Mother, Richard, Kathleen cruise they made a' dress.his mountain retreat, the them. vacation will ow
iera Hotel's swkmin. g pool and Michael set off for holi- a fit the afat, women. in President and high govern-
sith champagne when, it is days in Milwaukee, Wiscon- Ringling Bros. Circus. This. meant officials were aio6ng -:-.. "
inaugurated the first of. iext sin, today. 'fatn lady ohly weighs 878 the numerous friends who. .asteet 6,.0 th .'
ionth. -:0:- pounds filling an order attended.' e .r Tu r
Sacre Coeur Church, Turiii
S -0:- House guests of Mr. and like this little wonder they i -:0:-- geau, was' ihe scei. .of,
-Wednesday. evening Mi- Mrs. Jean Clude Leger this could afford such a honey- New York. bound yester- beautiful 'weadeing: .r
bse Dejean celebrated her week is Aux Cayes. business- moon. day was Rose Handall." mo y, the marr.a .
1rhday with a party at her. man Roger Duret. He re- : --:0:- . .popular y
.1me on Ave. O. Included 'ports that all is O.K. in the Beauregard Martin, wifeof proiiine local
a .beautiful cake nicely South, road paving coming' and son John are off to New The bride Colett d
decorated --and whai was along nicely, and son George Orleans Monday. Nb more . ,. piiiasse'i the dauite'
More pink icing. is bigger than ever. sugar for months to come Monday it wasb M r. ad s. Pie i
-- 0:.. a Mrs.Martin is withEuHasco.
S, :- . :0Martin s with Hasco. Mr. nd rs. ean Dauphin de' Lespinsse-
'amaica to- -receive its.t It's not fair ... the ccOrien- .. :0:- ... they cannot decide: on a Gilbert Brandt. i
Iquota of vacationing Brie- tale) from New England has a nMr. and Mrs. Carl Mad- name! t.. Lesli-
rs this'Summer: Leaving had his hair cut. and the en, son Michael, daughter, :0: :-lowing th' religiQus cere- .
ay to raise cain, in Jam- Casino bosses have not as minor and Laur Lemke are Last week in Jacmel r. Mn y..., .large. "and fa.hion-
is -Sourite .Bonnard, yet put the crapc table leaving .tomorrow for holi- and MrsNo ,Cad reble pin wasi i
laude Gentil 'and Fritz back. .' days in theStates. blessed with a g.odlboking the hqme~of tbbrid a-
raeger. -:0 *: ... daughter. ets. They. make -bea' 0 ut '
S-.0:- ;. Betty Greenwoid missed Antonia.Chatel is heading. :- u p.- cou ..... e the ow s.
SB"y P .AA. yesterday Jean her ship, and is staying ove f er a .Kis aaon ol:to-. A bonny Tlittle lass was leare fbie t" .S.
Ticoli flew to New York. another week at the Thor- morrow. born to Mr. and Mrs. Jean their hf ood. -
land International Club. -:0:-- Fabius last Saturday night. .- --:0:'.--.. ';-..'
people who left for -:0:- It's no vacation but-strict-
asco peopleF who left for Miss Eva Jane Eddy arriv- ly business for.arl Gaetjens ---i
d arroso adVct ed Monday to take over the who leaves today for San R e.resh A
-0 "..duties of Miss Francis Lee at Juan, P. R. -
Sea the American Embassy Cul- -:0:- e T ,O 'v
U.. e:0: tural and Information Offi- In Laboule Thursday even u :
-i=Married last evening at a I f a .o .
tthe Basilique Notre- ce in the.American Pavilibn ing at six, the PresidentOf ..
)aewere Max Leplanche on the Exposition: This is the Republic and Madame
were Max Leplanche
d .' Gille Miss Eddy's first foreign Magloire gave a dinner par-
Georgi-- s post. A native of New Jersey ty for Katherine Dunham
Gabrie S. Rome-- ea. "Miss Eddy is at present stay- and her troupe. It was the
21Gab t tae.i o t in g at .the Hotel Sans Souci; most sumptuous feast imag-
#,y to meet his father. ,.n
an Gai'h. e 'she soon hopes to find a unable dancing to the
Ch rg. e ',.fai- the.i. sIlace to live and settle down music of the palace orchestra
'.GCharge d.Affra'ires: at the p a.. the'-
..tian Embassy in Madrid.- ixo her two year assignment the troupe enjoyed them-
-here. selves immensely a deserve
:Ae ieu going reward after all they
sA~,.i.ft Hough Curtis of the Plan- have done to assist Madame
month vacation in the station Dauphin is already at Paul Magloire in her char-
ttday -the airport awaiting today's ity work.'
S.. Uni e. Pe sf r plane for Miami. He will va- Edouard Desir left for
':Ex Uni ed Press staffwrt- cation Orlando, Florida. Mexico City Friday to
ary Johnson has booked -:0:-- learn more about census,
sage onis nso Gilberte and Elvire Di)u- taking.
to Miami. Miss Johnson
i ds to .reun as fastas perval a l so impatiently a- -:0:--
s...qe i. as as wait today's plane to take Anocles Fils-Aime, Eu-
bte .e. as long as it them north, to New York gene Legros and Luce Tel-
and summer holidays. sbn chose that riotous Hava-
-:0:- na for their vacation. They
It's easy to see that the old flew off Friday happy as
smoke stack yonder has stop- larks. .
ped smoking and all hands -:0:-
and the sugar taster are off 'Vacation Time, ... Jean-
for the summer vacation. In ne Morel left yesterday to
other words the- season at start vacationing in- King-

a1V.....V" anc... h p ..........

d-GRADE MARK ..t ous, since 182BAfSSERIE DE LA COUROGMIE t '
a.,-. 5, '.A".
--"'I.":". .,,. .. : :i" .. ', ,] ..' ,':; .: :r. .. .., .. ,,, ,,:, i :,. :: .', : ... ;' .; ., .


4-" 1



SUNDAY, 15th JULY 1951

Norld in rio'
,. 4- .' _. _ NC; AU:


S THE JOINT-Mrchandlsq'iszplay has opped -rtght out of store windows into these
*. w dfisplay booths along Berlin's fashionable Kurfurstendamm in the British sector. Th'e new cases
S. *4 a' s.id:.to attract more window shoppers" than the shop windows do.


-I _f0"n:Cau -- Tose nghostl1-- '
r et 'in the backr-
rt 'f re a couple of the fil-
'a contest, 'a l lisades
i" ilthe ,.96Ver-up?
b- tr at beautiful
A. p.G e .- e' HERtBE IQHT-Shaft' of light perking the high win-
Vt the alist Vi
.ow ase ev e downs ot'eter's:Basilica in Italy's Vatican City illuminated the
g:..at's t- Pontifical MUss ereony for the beatification of the latq Pope
4e0 a.Pius X. BelowCain beseen part of thegreat crowd on hind for
ti5 U% n ogtbru. of N "e .the church's' i .ost olemin ceremony since. the Holy Year.
S. "' ; *5 t t: n u -- u* i I ,

-* ^ ;.> t T Fire Makes 2,000 Homeless
(Continued from'page .1) o
S. tion Manager; Lester Hall -
came aware that it was out Chief Mechanic; Robert El
of hanandand someone inform- well Asst. Mechanic; Ear
-ed the Fire Brigade. Kelsick Electrician; Hen
-a1' _I

"T"";'" -: '* * b
!- '. ;.:
1. : .. ''
;>*:, . .

I...." :

'9 :

"" ."- 1

. ."'. .. : -. ..

The Fire Brigade, arrived
on the scene immediately to
,find the flames high and con
centrated close to the. wat-
er's' edge.. The pumping ap-
paratus could not be used in
the'sea as it was far too shal-
'ow; the nearest fire hydrant
Syas over a mile away. n the
Grand Rue, so af. indmnediate
lcry for .aterticl went out
m o.i to6 Pan A .ei&an World Air-
p.g j & .. Servi d'Hygiene
amm" and Me TiLrva Pftllc. The
e PanaWiBamican aruick manned
-~--- by William.Marquis Sta.

TREE LITTLE KITTENS-Bird residents of Broo1ynCentern,'
Min n., wouldn't land in a tree ownd by Mri. W. O'Keeter on a
,bet. The reason, appears to be a -bewhiskered., white trio. of ats
making thilr home in a ten-foot-high Libandorned biri'i pest. .Whe -
a photographer asked the wo-month-old -ittens, 'to "watch the.
birdie," the mama eat in the background smiled c ryptical.

Amnerican relations ... mIanyiscious>.. The three firemen
were heard tO say during the ar reported back on duty.
fire, ,blancs travail toncou this weekend after having.
nous. filly 'recoveyetd .at the Mili
Star hospital. -
The- Servicq d'Hygiene '
,seibt one water truck and the' At noorbgtite Thuti ay the;
Travaux Public sent -,two. ,President of the Republic
fhe fire was close to being visited.the stricken area, and
controlled when at .2' oloc6k distributed moaneyto thi
the wind ch'ahged suddenly' homeless families and saw td
and sent the fire, with re- the relief plans _tifderway tu
need vigour 'towards the assist these people.
hn ises -built lb former Preq?-: '

dent Vincent. Two lines of
hoses about 4,300' feet were.
immediately stretched al6nhg'
the mile route from th hy-'
dranv on the Grand Rue to

combat the-now enraged fire.
'the flaes caught' one.of '
the Cite Vincent Touses and
in no time reduced it to
- 'ashes. As luck would have
- it this house, one out of the
I Jong row was the Lottery's
- free canteen; they distributed

ry jyssauienne -, Mechaniac. there each mornings 'ree
was on the scene a few min.- food to. the poor underpri-
utes after the call. vileged. At seven in *ie
A word of praise for these eyeing the fire was under
men along with all those fuill.-control but not out. It
wlo fought this. disastrous, ."'as'.concentrated to a large
fire. They bent their backs, 'dnmp area which no amount
and in constant suffocating of water could put out. A
smoke, leaping flames, amid ..re ditch was built around
hot charred debri under foot, 'tbe area to prevent it spread
voluntarily, without refresh- i"g., and dirt .was laid on
ments the whole day fought top of the fire to stop sparks
on till late Tuesday evening flying. ,
when the fire was subdued. Firemen Duthel Jn. Bap-
This display, in a. section of. tisre. Lafottune Bertrand,
the Haiqan community has and Nathan Bouciquan were
certainly cemented Haitian carried from the fire uncon-


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IibeL Name your favorite-
Canada Dry makes it, and puts,
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Canada Dry the first name in'
beveragea. Enjoya abots Adajy.
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S" ----- ighway Paving Makes -
Steady Progress
(Continued from page 1.)
Government sources have
provided an initial budget NEW
S: of nearly 400,000 dollars to
S-: ., launch the work, and an ad-
.. th. ditional equal svma willbe
Assigned as the surfacing and RACING CLUB FETE that national sports.
Iaspalting progresses. PRESIDENT MAGLOIRE vio Cator, erstwhlataitj
.-- -" Neatly two hundred mile's . of the', Racing,.: coprises.i
. of roads, nany of them link- 'The popular football team' Prefect Justini Sam., Lietiei-
SWherevr ing the Capital. with rural .,Racing. Clubn .proposes to ant Colonl' Bernardii Ai. Ai-
si:,i s 5^-" during'tes traversed by tourists cejebrate- the birthday anrii- gustin,.; Me&sri Augustin toS
SJ" ';' lteiSy, during the year, will becorn- versaryof His .ixcellency the Viau; Henri Reihr. -. Louis. .'
;l .etely renewed. The, Xrip to President of the Republic on Romain Herman
Cap aic'.iJ, which now on-july 1'th1 witha grand to Pae a Ie.iTLavanet. .
umes frsemven ho irs m.toiidconvir fliht ways -e theChihistormc- etadelle Rak.i '1ct

: tohbrif ;asla 4 trip soc San Soucrtandb otle1 BauSl an There twro oubCdqtudeunh
bewilld.be ratluced o a m tions. Sim ilarli a cMars.Te. er d the'dentto
. an. -stopse fareu.Snl an gO S.ona ',--g ,ga '' s

.S:' Trip Excurion Fares to ip,, w. effect.. entis e, low J;' San.h Soucih'. :and e'o t. -ie- nh .e'r .. e [ e a -i
S, rt rates. Convient cou ecions frp New York t hab r f i s aipre i on or .their .' ,
n Io.tonoe-leadn urope c- 'iTh . a
,.. .- Cock--o rough -teto e ssth
p:,-;,,, .... .. I W;alms. ,. .. .... Thai!

.,.Da'a. lI by, wift, onv Clippers", :. t c tls-l t s. o.:'.. .. ,5.
,.. Kitg ston p Montervicego Ba, C amagu n regular non h a s oe. *" -t' M uf aci.' i to f
S" rt' rate Convieent coteetions from' New York' h Cha n -eof- o Deputes.f s lr eiiitin -o te a' A- t r
,, ....... .C cki,. -sghle-.-s,. ,--.oo timeL ,,, ,r, h. ,, l.-^Jp -roughout'tbe to,,ae of' 'mrers. *A. ts. _i
>, ^ . .. Mm i" . . ,, .i W ,; I----;. C ap..o ei si.on p- ie"-lv" ".." ." f- ,' -.
dail -SI'' swit, C e d ie rs - Paula. b I a 't he

Stop ' connecrfromngrnd toasladdloner OMN.nCElia saCe
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to. had) thete fl' 'vjIai on t o s.
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e- rntinenT s. You literal y .; y W yPAA -. otie p-to *-"p -, p . ,.... ..
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steg_______ br__ebe oarter_ via thezCube 'itves af~oi e
S t o e-. rom,, Ne ork., doA sti prd lirle crafp like sel is one of tih e e tiis litt ,I .pl.ied n beIh#'oftb
Clipper' s. BeirER1BENe rAhe eCrck-a-Tout the 2nd, A ,oafts the, UCai'ital eal'seen. in I

.... . .. '. ,- .. *.. IE n nyou nhavn e your reward 10. i hC iaarbour.h gnintsdeat,"ss.ec -
o ,. n .. the watestthrills i..fe.." '., A -.. k."-:. TfU.
.... . First around the world, Pan Anerican ..apart 'frc bi s amil....,- _s thiat., .."- -., ~- -"" .k'oeroA
now -.by.-. pro idesreg ularCier ppe *dwvice' ,naetnt
o:.-,.' countries Und-oo m son 1s'i x t,,, rp to Ha .t.sa- ,7:'1 ao r Bi b

M nt16 s You lit-erafii l y AuIrfly Pb otalCash viUited ten of the I A.L eas4 '.: ''L-- **ol
. .. -- hands of the A tiles, and en-

O.RD'n&- .s.-n9 litl cf' like^ se...sjqy a spot of a tltelti sbehuntinheu:g, fish- apt
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" .


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