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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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-UME 1- . ' Port-au-Prince Haiti SJNDAY, JULY 1st No. 4:

rh Mystery of the "La Paloma" Historical Documents, and Memoirs i ERSONALIT

ttlta 'r ', -;of Tutor to the Royal Courtof King
to te length lanc implications and unforeseen ,
al.o-pme yet to come, it s' our aim to bring s p ae rm a
t y it aimto bges Christohe a arrived fro Canada

story 'a an.'arid'his family-who escape frm he -following historical vivier; member of the So-
i:cRussian.' Z .e of Geruianya.to find a niew and -nor- ,dqcumbnts and .personal ciet6 .Haitienne d'Histoir.e -et
.L frife in Sohith.Ametica. ;a.d.i.nds. adventure, hard- memoirs; a-ud' letters of Mr- de Geographie and ormerr
intrigue.. ,Wiliam Wilson tutor to Haitian delegate to'the fifth
1 '. i. Pince Victor Henry -son of general assembly of the I. B,.1R
ORILOKSS VERSION. ed for the Canary Islands. King- HnryChristophe were G. H. Pa American .Insti-, :
S'. From Las Panmas Caary Is- recently::receiYed; from Mr. tute of -Geography and His-
&bar Eberwein ,.native lands', they made a 17-day 'H. "Mlle ( of Ottawa, Can- tory)yin Santiago, Cuba ...-
....oc. .ei.rn .s.. e. e A..t ana by Professor Ulrick Du- A Bible that belnh .
Ebentock,; ..eny, .passage of the 4tlantic and . the ...'A..Rby't... Victor
'the .dtn.Zoie aL. in. Ma^tique. .' 'bbt Shot' ".. then' ,P' Helr C. ;. -.
many wi . ie, .', On h. 4:th' of. S, ptember c' '"' h i .-,t fr. i. r t ,
s i gt i i.. . ., . . . ... .-. .,P -. ;:,. t mt .i. d i g ti '.T.u, : i a- ..- 4 lh epM,.p- f W- .
--:'. .. .'.., ".^'.'-.., "., "'..." "' .. .'i '"" """ '-.,

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ts,.." n=,rO 1 1... "yps....t v, -.' ',(o a7 .lf-"'t"-,

.t.ies -ena le mdmet. T .e -' te rowing a ,number of. A- Frrenc and CIrle' tech e r
I tate dpdn," old fp-ind various jobs sho. rotks in the yagd to find out cabuary. Pinted'n.mz,* n t n
_..-fornie ,ey Fox_,'. Eberwi im.ud his living (ot e' on page 2) in Ki.o ".. .. Chris-..-..
.built dm 1.93 for. an at that, period by taking .. stav tp' .iWasp,, .
a.f Tlis was August cruises. On 'the 15th of Jan- .Under-Waler Tarzan sig ature,. ..,
'andethd ship 'was then ay Sr. Vllegas calling him- International Contest A history sof the land DE-SI
.,Gerttude., They self secretary t:,G the richest D. V -a ll f STe oiinal let.',. i
tely set tb .woik 'to oil tan in Venezuela; ap- saDalla Valla, fam- The orgnal letterswrit-, ..
4i$ ie .hip for a voyage- reached Erhard with Ae ous .Tyolian- spearfisherman ten by Mr. William Wilson a e*LB% "
P....ised Land, an0d ."of buyingg th s bp o makes his home nm a- H at e tim.he was in Hayt H e4:,..
io4 dngedte-ship's fr %oeoo. Het toldti during the winter months, A 60 page essay, on Ha jea n
r. dcLaPalomad Tei Erlar d at, the vde t off too e States"Tuesday itte by M s Hai der-
;"sailed aboardj-rh taken to Montevideo and as"to join his wife and enjoy a "- (Con.nued on page 4) rartner," Jimnie:* U^j.Jq^:RI.
aonaa. line 4th 1950 food "nd repair orki- i vacation above water in the e ,vei l.r
|Ma Nerii where after ad- Guaria at -Venezuelan., inf la.US* and whats nore um- S av Mssio of the reti

onalt fitting out they sail (Contiue on 0pag 2) portant to participate in the Chief's Extensive Theater senries.-T i',o
-- I 1st International Spearfish- Inspeetion To:r of U.S. ws a local-.df eb. '
atl i Air* ine championship ever tobe Ship-And Shipyards the"wodne k i
u^: l t ArheldintheU.S.'The.Contest, mer, Alpolinse C4,'S[:tO ,
.. : (Continued page 4) For the purpose -of as had played in B
K o hl_ """."' .' o eg "p

Mia Sleiner Cub. an Scienlists sistin ad advising the Gov- other Negro, g ps.
t.or. of Black.Daw' "week Shidy Visit ermnent o.f the .epl of The a.ni cip f
hoA-ro a 4n tB-eHaiti in the acquisition of a exoticism was realize~ .and
"w. s thre lA distinguished gr0p of buoy and lighthouse tende a great .deal of. chbpi- .
was three o'clock in the Cuban scientists spent a rgently required for the sides. Mr. D0stin6, .a- piso, l
Ifternoon and slowly people eek in Haiti recently on a operation and maintenance able young man with .an-
e beginning to fill the iood-will and research tour of Haiti's aids to navigationt, 'lde.voice and mariners wh o.n-
o.f. the Hotel de la 'of the Greater Antilles. The dt aid to .S. Naval dtio is .prd naiiner, n
tqrone to 'meet, their ."' group, members of the Na- Mission left Haiti May 30, formally. He "pdkeS* ."'
shds, to.chat, to dritik andt tional Board of Archeoloq,' 1951 for a tWo and a half fection-of the..tis. t .'i
business. Ethnology and History also weeks inspection tour of culture of i h
d. s wasAubelong to the Grupo Gua- varius ships and shipyards sang to the shak
?^ogh the streets of Le man,1 which is comprised of in the United States. Thirty- gourd rattle, and i
"were already waking up top Cuban Archeologists and nine vessels were inspected le songs invited tMt
tflheir stupor of a tropi- Ethnologists who have a during the trip Cities vis- ence to come in on a '
4 a6on, the kitchen of the splendid private Museum in jed included the following: 'cYea.
Swas still steaming THIS IS ......... Havan The scientist n vis- ( Cn pae 12) T e
fie pe3). (Answer on Page 3) (Continued on page 2) ( o 1
., .. r '- .. "
o:in- Ee t'. r H -." ""e"t" m' he "as"in "ait","' .. ...
durt,. .. -he w - .t. .. .. .
w M n od t e-.'s.. ip:. 's! "for .' ...".'.".: ?, ,000'., ... '.H.e .. e ":.n- .t:o.l.d
. '' O- ",r b .. "0 ?, t .-' ; ' 'i '..'' ,, . .. "- 'x .".d. ,
.- .' . ... . ..' -* ., .. ," ... . g '-.-..-- .=. - ',', '- "x " '. ;2:,: -.- ', -" .. .. ." " ...= :..: .,, .-.t .: ... '. a ": '' :- ,u. % | _": I.:, 41,- .= .,- .. - . .'. -:,... ..: : O l..... .
...:...,...... ....... ... .. .. .. ; ...s....jf. .... ... ..h.......t..........'T....... ... - ....... ... by, .M t........ s---am ani


g .:. .. ---------"--------- -------,,. .. ,_, ^^:----..-"".
..THE MYSTERY OF TIE ALA PALOMA, on the next day a Panamani-
.an ship supplied tmem with
(Continued from page 1) increase the amount he water. On the 19th of etVb-p
tion prices ,was impossible would pay for the ship to ruary at 6 pm. they arrived .
they must.take the ship to. $11.000. Villegas typed a lect a a i e a ihe
P-au-P to prepare for the ter in the ship's. saloon to S. W. ast. Gieg and sa- .
l .ong voyage .to Montevideo. the port Captain of La man Hans .Hoecker rode by
At this point he made pro-- Guaira advising him that horse to a spall ,town near
,. ses, to the. owner to- send the La Paloma was leaving Jeremie and returned with a.
his wife and son by plane at in search of' new fishing generator. Their efforts
the company's expense to grounds. He had come ca- o start 'the engine still fail- d .S
S Urhguay and give good jobs board at 11 a.m. with the ed and on the 22nd Gribg C
and contracts to the crew at bill of exchange signed by went to Jerermie where he
his boss's factories and pro- J. L. Poincelet. This he ex- took a plane to Port-au-
. perties in Montevideo. There plained was the signature. of Prince. The crew managed sA '
w,. .;-ere numei-ous conferences his rich boss. At sea on,the to repair-the engine and ar-. .
a',and 4' the 28th o6f January V rived in Port-au-Prince on
6th of February Villegas a
1951, 'e, Villegas, handed b o ruary.s a- the 25th. Grseg was nol
"'- o e $1,509 to Call -,vised the crew that iii future
the owaer analo to .ca aii -. "- aware of the fact that the
. ..' c .hey must call im Jeean
the 'an sailors" ac La Paloma had .arrived in
.;.. . Grieg and -under no circum-- '.
to ...iprevions jpbs aoar' ort prince and took a
o "stances .must they call- him Port au.Prne to a
,'he.m o.in mad buyood. iles .Grieg motde crew Coast Guard Cutter Monday-.'
Vi-lFgPssecified tat e member Hais Hoecker tha Ithe 26th to where. he had ',
.l. ole .e.-te. ..- "he had just managed to es- left the ship. .
iancr, lie said.he ddn pe Venezuela 8 hours a- 'Grieg. said Sehior Ay~ia
a their nationalities. head of the author ties, ex- and 'friends, who had been.
won.he promise o-.f plhinin, thathh .was mixed awaiting his arrivall in, Port- .
i 'i..the south, ac- u6 in central Ainea's laj- aPrince left .as he arrived al' 'a ~
oteurn., on the ship. est industry without smke r. J.omeremie. This upset the,, V ,_ .
.f F.yI Vilegas 'stacks ( Politics). From that kettle. ,. S; ft 0 N. E R
0moth Ha-eriod ,e eeav e '.Ihis was. the.start of a
M-'0 Bolivars 4,, ,.up v hr'e crew by long -SeJo-r ot, conining -UPTO -
logf#l',Me ten s eadidg ,i6-o t stories ehts. "Mr. Griet, each day MO. -.J
,000 .OBolivars an'dit"Viws. After for and .'h new stody- for each E NQ
-..0)'. cash before ..~ii'd.4-oitvf Lailudira, mber.of .th& crewv and SKID ANGLES

nee Vis. ar wasuseless and for ten as1 e ,poIi al ha- been .E *E Gt
.. bill Han o AMAlf G NEWh
-Sais -6fossible .. draw '6 6* ,ri-ajiy hailed ahd .o radMdrid. Cables, ,let-P, .I -. ii ,"-

e it a Suinday i t&evedf";'supplies rfom o "a e-.,eson oneo' .LM I ..".
thai e-ould &Sriti tesaifx& Kent and w thalic te' 4 -SARKI-PLUG SAT S BATERI
m kt -n-Ontanding spark Lst. /age
d, adotr t -q arm- h. nto

.0 Perssahi~y 'ohhe -Week cctjt Power.
T a'sue l A, '. b n, v ., G- 1

.. . . .. .c h i ; . : d-> ii -" '. .. ,'a, o- .r.,
,l!_ claB~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~e ,.-0..o .... d-. .,.e.. .. .. I e.S. "- a .,ap t o ,.
,,+. ...J,...,...11,,,..,., .EXT[:m .c .. > ,, ,,. .. ,,: ,, .. i .. l G . .
,, t `'ud : ',,,,,; ,,. ; dl[ '-i s 0 m-one-d PREME' .- EX.RA .; . .
..- rd, .:'... S nd- ..g.ei.ii,.rii,, .sidl,..- ,ltl .. ,, . ., .:; .. , ... .. . .< ":.. .
C qj6. -; ol Sb'riks dKiitnd row .i~~.:a-: i;[:,-A LO\lIE ;."
.. .. .. .. . ... . .. ,;l .O ~i La i ii~ p ".'. ". "" '
V1 "14 .. -In 'L .=, .i '. O i .. "... .. 'v ".,": +": .. i
llll ~~1 I I i "t I Ii r i : I ii i I I Ik II h I I H I I ~ l i /

:i.:*V '.,. ". I t...11 .- T
e.. was. a little fel- f.ruit9 cabdlary" 'that -his who ,is--& patron at Police
#A- Z,..dear old Granny Brother Sergeant i-staiuctors Heada ter' .' "* ':
S,~lt .i9o f:wood- at idomn andthroughbut"the, WIt thei stamp 'of a real
wani..my seventht Globe -wereiaki"g use soldier :about him, Adjutant
,?rb ...,i y terribly ha- of. ' -. Mars in his faul tesi rss
-.",'. them' .".. drilling 'As Se.geant Instructor and inner continues his
P u p and drilling them ar "the Military. Academy duties "in the 4thl. Company:
qv-& .then one day I Mars had the' honour, of in- as a soldier'any Army would
'. structing such t famous per- be proud to have in its ranks.
:y.-.soulhow I cried 'soialites as PresAent of .-
X..... Ple 'I came home to the Rep blic, Col. ,Pail E. NLDE ROBBER
$fe hat ,night I told, Magloire; Brig. General Le-DE CTIVE
l~.ljk ig. 'and late, my.dear velt, Col. Woolley,' and Cbl. BY DETECTrom page
y--. God bless 'er, Bayard.'A -crackerjack rie e 1)
I4- i.was.wliite.as snoW and pistol shot, Mars was whether any, dogs or people
-' ps.-toj me Litti* noted for his excellent in- were in the vicinity entered
er -upfl she. says, structions: on-the rifle range. the, house. Two. houseboys
k'f' Godiis good andyou'll After nearly thirty years who had been aroused by
f."d youth little wooden sol- of service, First' Sergeant the rock-th.rw .g enteredd
..dis agaim 'Antid oh, goqd Meriter Mars was promoted the house ifter .the riob6e
SGod, she was right,. I have, on June 15 last to the rank and seized him. They were
S Y' 'Yt -i woodet' st iffs ith of Adjutant. enable to h61d him and he
g"he. p: i -'sucked' off your Born February the 7tA escaped;. to be recaptured byi
f, f'm. , t ,. 1902 in Jacmel Meriter Mars a detective who had come
e made a thorough attended' the Callege of Jac- running at the sound of the'
a: p p bible search of Ser- mel and in 1918 commenced commotion. Houseboy Adri-
i eabi.Kobw Adjutant) Meri- work at the Post Office, his en Nasilus who was out of
j f13lackgrouad, arid first and only civilian job. the fight nursing a bleeding
ly* iough. found him In 1920 he joined la Gen- left wrist that the nude rob-
S: -h Sergeant in possession damerie d'Haiti and so be- ber had taken a bite out of,)
SWwoft voice and quiet gan a long and distinguished witnessed the -thief wriggle
S" S t manner. This is Army career. fre e,' administer several
1" kll.it unusual as Adjutant In October 1939 Mars blows at the detective, and
S. rs was for many years in married a second -time, ,the -flee bnly or be shot dead by
,...,;-:*,$. ition to use fully the bride was Farillia Charles, the pursuing detective.
wi- '"" ..t-,
E ..". .. t. a "Q . .

I-s n


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to Bru/ ... :-: On

Painting is a. lot easier. when you have smooth-lowing
Central paints to'brush on. Their fine,dils give them great
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- r

. E &-G MAR TIJN-S.&A.


mo -

S.NDY,..ULY..s..--TA .r..NT r'Pge 3


(Continued from page 1) must believe that some day it
S-w?.nrm. But the beat seemed I'll be 'rich and powerful. Mv
QXto have little effect on the Maybe a big business man. of
handsome dark waiter who Maybe a general.,, -pu
-Wias deftly preparing drinks The girI giggled and wa
of rum and lime for the splashed him with a handful sm
;thirscy customers. of lukewarm water, "Maybe ot
I : His teeth, white and even even a king?,, she teased. u}
2,'-like cubes of sugar, showed "And why noy?n he said, u
i'n a' big happy smile as he his dark eyes shining. Why .aa
caught the eye of his sweet- should I not be a king or le
.efiart who was busily- wash- an emperor one day? No- ti
'.iig stacks of dirty glasses. thing is impossible., He th
, Maiew. s s picked up a lime and squeez- K
"Marie was sfim-waisted ed it. viciously between his za
d softly curved, her skin strong long fingers. (Listen M
,as smooth, her eyes a se- or me, Marie,, he continued, n
,e velyety-brown; and' .l'fwill build you, a castle H
iho gh she washardly more 'some day. The most beauti- AM
a. cl she had many ful, the strongest, the most C2
rers. among the clients fam6ou castle ever built", fe
Itg.the 'hotel. e stared into the dis-
l aiM a r i e, darling," the 'ance forgetting the girl, en la
you9ig .man called to her chanted by his dream- ec
.t7ro across the kitchen, cEverything in the castle 0i
4xwhen are you going lo mar- willH 'be made of gold' and Se
m ine?" jewels and silk and satin.. b,
I hThe girl threw, back her The walls will be covered fi
iehad in laughter. 'iAnd why with tapestries and marvel-
jsiould I marry you, you ,lous paintings, the library
a~rve-nothitig,: -she ".teased. will be filled with precious
p flon't you'chink I am pret- books, the stables will have.'
;ty.-. enough to get .a better Ehe best horses to be found
.n.an.than yoi. Youre a no- anywhere. And around us
p g aid a robody;-nhd if .will be our court. Dukes and
ou .don't, hurry up- Iwiti barons, generals and lords.
jetose diC 'my "father will And. you dear, will' be the
'eiveYbu. a. ood scolding be- most, beautiful'fqieen, with a
s. different'gowh for every day
-.e og, w.ier smiled in the year, and diamonds as
re roa.Ily 'than b g ws wild hrriesj-.And I
snd his 'eyes danced Jwith will: be admired and respect-
'amusement. ,I might be a ed by al .the world..
piobhody now,- he said, abut ,, For a moment Ma r i e
ni'm .'a l with a future. stared at the young man,
~ -imambifieus." Who knows caught by the spell h had
wat I might be some day, woven, sharing his ysion.
d then you'll be sorry you. Then the '.hot kitchen was
turned me down, my little filled with her kiddly'mock-
iabbagen ing laughter.
,He left the drinks and cYou know the poverb,,
Iwalked. across the rough she said, "Too big a name
~loor to the girl, his 'tall often kills a little dog.-
,tragight body towering over The waiter smiled, placed
r And' as he came, the the drihks 'on'a large tray,
girtiles~died on both ,their and threw her a kiss'as he
.. a.es and they.became seri- left the kitchen.,
as. only very yong peo- Mairieshook her.head and
I .Sle very much in love, can went back to her work.
e serious. The room out- .That certainly knows
de was filled with noise how to build castles in the
~ ,people, but in 'the hot air,, she mumbled;
ty kitchen their long .tWho are you talking
ss was. uninterrupted, about?, asked a waitress
-.You do love ne, don't who was just coming in
oun? the boy asked anxious- with a pile of dirty glasses.
4 V., aOh, jiusi my boyfriend,i,
f course I do, darling. Marie answered, brushing a
c rThen you must have stray hair from her face.,
-That dreamer Henri
in men, he said, going That dreamer -
c to his work. -((You opher."
(Photo of king Christophe)

uuban acieumists week atudy Visit ,..
Continued from page 1) Saturday, they flew to thi
to Hlati was arranged by here during his short stay. Cap accompanied by tie
r. Kurt Fisher, a member Thursday the President of .Rector of the University o
the aGrupo Guama., The the group, Dr. Morales Pa- Haiti, Luc Grimard, Conse I-
irpose of their trip here imo, gave a conference at vateur of ithe National .'..-
as to srudy the relation- ..ne French Institute on the seum, Luc Dorsinville an.;
ip between the population pre-Colombian influence in Mr. Dieudonns.. Secrtaire..
mue pre-Colombian period. me Greater Antilles. Dr. G6ndral de l'Institut d'ijtlh
during their visit they stu-' 'aLino spoke in English and nologie. .
ca, LOOK photographs and showed several scientific .. ,.'._"
ita of the various local col- iilms. Dr. Royo informed
actions. Among the collec- .he audience that the Na- COFFE EXPORTED
ons the group studied were tional Board of Archeology, TO HOLLAND ,
.e private museum of Mr. Ethnology and 'History" of i
urt Fisher, St. Louis de-Gon Cuba had elected Dr. Price- For the period from Jaiau-
ague, Petit S&minaire St. Mars and Mr. Kurt Fisher ary to April of this year Hol- ."
artial, the Bureau of Eth-. as foreign members to their land purchased 12435'bags
ology, Musde du Peuple society. Numerous fetes o'f coffee of 60 kilos. More
ainen, the collection of -were offered inl their laon- than half this, Uifiity.
lme. de Catalogne in the our during.their week's stay.'.: comes from Africa,'i. ap. l
ape and the Citadelle La- Kurt Fisher / offered a de'- proximately 50,000 bags. 't
rriere.. lightful reception from 6 to is to be believed that it ii.l
The group were particu- 7 at his home in Turgeau the coffee of the' cheapest ",,
rly interested in the arche- Tuesday evening. There was ,ate" that's being purIchased.
>logic and 'historical sect a.party at the Amicale Club, .Nevertheless Costa. Rica -hd
on of the Fisher,Museum. and -Friday night the sdien-'.Colombia have placee jjai
enor Silva, a specialist in ;tist offered a reception on on the 'market a
ats, had the good luck in board the- visiting Cubin .bags .. Haiti has qu eer"!
ending a new species of bat warship. . self for onl 65

Top: Left to right Dr. Morales P
Patino; Dr. Silva (he found a -new s
Middle: Left to right Dr. Ceberre
Bottom: Left to right Professor O
m~w 11111 bta asa




khoui a Luggage Problem
: .

'atino, President of the group; Senora Morales ,
peciis 'of bat in Haiti)., ' '
Torreas; Senori Royo and 'Dr. Royo., ''
)nd Dr. Casos, Photographer Carlos. : '

S. N 0evo DoiI
Information see Ag ...u 4
Robert E. Boy
Exposition stand No. 7 P.O. Box 228 TeL '; S
.; .:'

'. . 4 A .M . :
" . :, "t ;:-."




. --------.


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iIL-C s -L_: !_ .. -* *


'Chief of '
lai tien, Capt
lers, has been
Hinc.e. Cap
.replaces him
post. Lieut

i ,'. Ot i e t

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"-N J. AR I :

- .... 1-- of.

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W-at 123
tn M

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'-4. '." .-


(Continued from page 1)

Dr. William Wilson, td observations made on the ucig attached to tne gar
-e or O a..nam y Loant
whom the "documents be- conditions of the 'agricltut- or n Lato
P. .. vowar ..auaAa knuw Quebec
'' longed, was born in London, al labourer in England were I . ,. n u.
England.on March 2nd 1798, contained in an essay entitled a..a surgeon. -
__ sana died in Ottawa, Canada, -The Amelioration o .the .
"on January 6th 1872. He condition of the Agricultural La Le ycar-a ie spen,
\*ui*u"- ,, a sgme ass.5
was the son ot Christopher Poor in England.- He was sm as
Waison, of the paripd ot Ea- the winner of a prize, .a gold A, rrtncn ranstak.
other employees in connec- ton Socon, in the county of medal, now in the possession' "" Lc ia 'giC1.at A5e ss1em.
Police of Ca- tion with the payroll. The beatord, Englana. ot his grand-daughter Mrs. ly nm iUcUC etcy, ana resi.
tain Max Duth- case is in the hands of the ne Irrst nine years of \iliram Downie, of Toron- LC ,uug ,L;J bessioa:I
i tansrr to court and a complete inves- Wnnam Wilson's ute were to. This essay brought him " rcUL. Lranalator nls
transfer Flambert 'igation has been ordered. spenc in the small village of to the notice- of William .a L ..L guag.e spec a t
athis f rt -:0:- cnneworth., in Lincoln- .'wilnerforce, M.P., and Mr. eLjUhL4 UC" "LUArA i t4c pust
at his fdrmet SUGAR CANE H A R-. :,re, years he described as Clarksori, the abolitionists, AL' P*APa.9 literary
enant Henriot VEST ENDS.- The 'suga v .me nappiest of his life. The and eventually led, to his laLloa. was that or Mne wt la4
r Scott as Ad- cane harvest on plantations next live 'years he spent at beipg chosen to go to Haiti, dIons de Jesuit. '
i Military De n Leogane'and Plaine Cutl school at Sr. Neqcs, not far as tutor.
SMh North. de Sac are. nearing the last fro4n nis father's home. After the insurrection in When, m 1867, under.
estohes Nonih stalk.. It's believed that Firom, 1813- 1 he travelled Haiti, he returned to Eng-. tCohteeration, Ottawa ne-
SDuthiers in Hasco will cease operations extensively in England and land, landing at Hastings on came cue capint oa Caada:
on July 12. bcotland; d His education at. July 17th 1821 having spent ue move as residence to.
S --- -. --:0:- this tije Was under the sup- approximOaely two years in ottawa, and became transla-;
S mTBUFD rTOMMISSION ervision ,of a family friend, Haiti as tutorkto Prince Vic- 'c or t1e -oouse 0o Com.
i nTE TDep ieS members 4e onte de Kerhue, and ;tor Henry at thie Palace of ,mons, a post hne' ld until
laind in the of the Budeptes -Commissio luded Italinan, Spanish,m Sans"Soui. is eah on. Jauary,6
uilding of thie at mien ,, Rssia, as well as He nowstudied medicine, 1872. ,
ithograplhiquet ep- i.. t n th 'And Greek. A keen and practiced for few years r W ilson had six daugh-
iter closet f epus to coidu ose ver "and extremely fond in England. Op July 23rd, .ers and one son. Only
krhipulous peo-rn 'endo aste ssin o' walkig, much of his tra- 1825 he married Elizabeth s6n and tro daughters mar-
Sthisarea com- e ed o si o veiling was done on foot. In- Bayley of Great Parmdon,. ried andr hd cildren.
althy. As this directly this led him to Haiti. Essex. yougest-.daughter Marhi.
bought to the -0:R TE -E For,-while walking from the In 1833, Dr. Wilson and was Mrs.. Milir's pateraL
eSanitary De- northern counties to London, his family came to ,Canada, .grandmotdert ',
te Sa i-tar .On- Wdesday morning n. c..n- - -- -
ltake he.n Senator Herard',presented a -. ,
inemprandu in i -favour of NOTICE-. dic. It was in aid of the neW. _.:. .
S Terre-Neuve, a comm e .of The green Chevvy, 1229, buildings of the Petit Semin- Uadetft ..
nirDR-,,? Gonaives, drawing attention. owned-by Radio Alex gives are. ..
MUto, to is ,bad situation as r7-1 notice to the Public that its NEW DAIRY VISIT 4. W 14
Bonaventure, ported y the Cnseio ,.Com- ..qBuf,, cow horn is to be- Net-idek our roving ret .
the Asp t munal. .. ; acowledged ny e and porter will make a visit, isto take place July te 29t
Service, died .-:.' 0:' a "'.m,. on." equipped with,a Icamera, to as laguna ean, Calit a-
ao- CO.The . :.r ;," 1 the new Red Rose dairyat g part uithismnusui con-,
people .say .t. The Department. of Agi. ., h Y o,,. e I test w 'i be A-e.ica. s,- Asia-
hat he: threw culture -advises interested Recita '. Rex theatre 0:' me ri pe is
e Artiiite. jartiesthlast.a~ing Jqne 24, On July 6th the Choir of A; the ctst ae'fr
p.m.; his gar- 1951, the n t pirie to be paid St. 1Martial :wilf offer an-' Presidenit Magloire visit- japanese a nd Phijine.
mhd by 2 police to the peasant for batana other grapd concept of edthe exhibition of the work pearl divers ,
50 k.m. Other per punch is fixed at;G. 3.50 hymns and '-olklore songs at of Washington artist Rich. :, '. ,
ey saw Bona-: for buncli of 9 stenis;' G. 2.65 the Rex Theatre. Th6econ- arid Demrpevy at the',Centre, Gustav expects t6 return'i
Ly 15th at 7.00 per-bunch of 8 stems;t G. 1-75 cert they give at the Rex.on d'Ar .Thursday at 1 p.m. A. Septe, ber to commece 'his
reported that a per- bunch of 7 stem; and the 29th was wider the high critic pf '.Artist Dempsey's season .showi.ri. tbe. bot2|
6k place be- G. 0.90 per bunch of 6 patronagee of His Excelency work will 'appear in next om of e b.ay to tourists, ...
asenture and stems. he President of the Repub- weeks issue. demonsrating. &pearfishing-
.., '.', and enjoying a'sspot, of seri-I
.' e*Is :'-spearfishitig., -"it4 .",i.s'
enthusiasticc friendsA(Yo.r e-..
porteq 1pui to Gustav the.t
_7IR .. .. 4,- -, question:.. How -was this
L.5 .p----- 5. 1 ast, seaohn. Here is. the-.
-"" CREER"UiJ-EFA4ILL "e tall blonde tarzini s"te --
.p... Same... Saipe .Jen-
.d s Te ones ther biggest ex- '

LorERIE L"ET AT NAITINSasea nz e ;

.CNFORMENIENT AU caught a 22 pound red isnap-
DECRET PRE51DENTfL per. Alberti, the manager of
i, .19MAR i 194-. CA N TINE the Splendid Hotel, he goes.
DU I9aRe .I oqt every Sunday, and dur-
25.000 BILLES e 20COUPONS ingth past season caught .
Odes.00 Ble b de GdeC1 UPONSe xhe biggest fish, a25 -pound -
lGdeS.20 0-1e bille .-Gae.lo-le coupons barracuta. Bob W agner
S ,' p t teur 6 C )touched the biggest Tarpoli
Le billet stayable aupatteur et valablepour mois. fish,... 6 foot lbng and-
-- -.. 0 caught the host biggest scale.

GJBRe$ LOT: o0URDES 100,000 ,^KT S.
a A A S mI of the season ..honestly
CTDuuu with a little more luck Bob
AR -OT Go qi, pij. watch ithe .biggest fi4W
in-the bay. '

2&' . "; 2-.'
i.' '" '" n . : '. ." "" .i "
.,.-.. ... .. : .,-.....- .. .. ..... . *4 . :
b ', ,t .' :. :.. -- ,. ",





,'.-i The shops in this section
-have been checked by. this
'-ewspaper, amnd to the
,.Jbest' of our knowledge
I.hei'tr merchandise is of
y, good quality -,:d good
, ,..-r ~." ,'


Haiti's leading department store
^^ ^- W^^ ^ ^, ^ ^,m ^


~: ~;.
".. i'~.


Why, I Get The
At First- Birthday Sale of


You Too Must Make The
Most Of Our Values in -

36"'' Flotal Spuns ," 42" Crepe Romaine
.- .In different designs and Beautiful Quality;, 9
colours. Now $1.40 diff. colours.
Dress Lce ... Now $1.40 1.90
Dress' Lace, Silk Slips :
Lovely colours Lace trimmed. White.
SNow $2.75, 2.95, 4.95 Pink. Now $2.60, 3.40
JSatin Housecoats- Floral Sport Shits
S Padded Collars-and, Short Sleeves. Tropical
Pockets Now $6.95 Designs. Now $2.95
E^isqo beautiful Chenille House coats, Chenille Bedspread,
Setc. ..
AtYour Favburite .
,ol .


Art and Curio Shop
Rue du Quai Tel: 3145






I .

.ur new department which
firA floor, has a wide variety
See for your self-- :.

114 Rue Danths
Phone 3394

has just opened on the
of kifts come in 'and



is e .l e . *'
*' e .t.C ..



u ... R ,epd e
TeL.24,-1 .,2 5
(Save Time' a.nxpeuns
Buy Direc romry


. . .. ,-.l'. ... 't .
23 Rue erou,,..j:
S'K.L."M Phone :.21
Res: 5137.

Ladies. Als.' '
Skirts exqw teJly .
broiderad sith i-
local designs *All ha
tortoise Shell *
SLadies 'Accessoiesw
Mahogany Sou e,4jsj qf
.:Utility, ,Sisal.Ha'A
Shoes, fancy wor W -
I. ,D .*s* "a tdH a *.*it.'* ",t
,o~a ++ .,,, +.h:, +C !

Ey ,lI

. the 2200 trombone -players meet-
4'-. for their 12th annual Con
g:.ss at Bayreuth, Germany,
: donned his horn like a cap when
rain put a damper on the giant
"slushpump" session.

'.:+ "........ ... '.; --" ^ *' '; .." 'j

. -". < :". ..' .. "_

IF you fear current fashion .will outgrow the long-haiied
Look before you can coax your spoit, shorn locks to)
grow out, then your best solution is probably a matching
J These are available this season in a variety of styles---
and, surprisingly-.a' new material. Id addition to the
Braids and switches of imported hair with .which most!
women are familiar, there.are this year. pin-on.tresses ofj:
silk.'- .

"These hair accessories are spun into long, fine sti~inds
which are, almost indistiffguishable fromn.real hair..:


SAdvantages include low cost and manageability. These. .
tresses are already dressed in, permimnent form when
purchased, so'you need not fear your unskilled hands
will have difficulty coiling. them into the arrangement
of your choice., .
" Another point in favor of these man-made rather than '
woman-grown tresses is the uniform length of the..silk. -
" Because there are no varying lengths, the problem of]
combing untidy strays is eliminated, according to makers;.
Disarranged strands ,can usually be worked back into
place beneath the protective net with your fingers, they) 'Deo the brevity oi he owner a lk, tis ogii
claim.. a fdoable long-haired look with the a of pin-mon

NOW ...

' N






. .- ,


. ,- .. ... ". i .,+-- .. .. .- .. .
S+ + + . .. . ,*/ *. + . ...^ .. ,- A : ^ B S ^ .o.. ? ^ ^ ^l i I i i ^


* Page 6

I '



SMutual Congratulations


rs By George

'it i.



r, .

a:fo ,.

, /.,'


'I /

. 4



"Hey, youl. Stop ihaking ayes at my girl"

V/ -.

~ 9

- ' '." ' : ",. . "' ' . f, "a. , a

Sj 0dij 175th birthday is certainly an occasipn,for handshaking. And .what; obould -
e. more appropriate ,than a-'handshake 'by statesman. Thomas Jefferson,i author bf
the Declaration of Independence, and 'bewhiskered Uncle Sam. It .was,With Jefferson's -
document, 'an 'eIquerit -statement, of those "certain inalienable rights" of mden, .that'
ncle Samin'severed his allegiangerto/ Greit' Britain in 1776, After exchahgjig tmutua ,
congratulations, the two gents cut their Fourth of July birthday cake, no' di6ubt with[ :
1i sh thiat'America may'enjoy another 175 years of securing "life, libeip y and.th h .
._ ' -. ..;..-. ,pursuit oif. hap !ness" jor its citizens.' .
. . . . . .. . . . . . . .'. . .. ... "."-..-.

I 3 *~Wa

.'V~ye. H. Ite#ihghasn
S*'" ' .'.,; Genei

AMo S. J..N.. E 162

" SccOrs "R 'du- .. "
ral Agents. '

CiIQING RFIHT AT YOU!-x a odd optical illusion makes ,these iacijS autos 1Pok as If thry were
d s Istraight ~or the camera. They're making a turn during a race at State Fair Park track iti
S, ilwaukee, Wis. --- -



3c J b.st 4, .


-' .. .. .. .

'Apts un examen hebdomadm e de centaines e personnel~ ne Fumint quie dle C
peda 30 joan, de grands spidalstes pour J gorge ont didaf na' a roae

Scause pair Is mC A ELS


(Exclusive Agents in I;,;t;

.' 4
, .. .

.' ,, .
B^^^te ;^r :"',., ^- .." ':- ..... 4 ": "' ^- "
) .f s;'r~...;-i'Yr$,i!.)J 1: V,..-zz~tat''j"-.'t :.. .*"

- y'*I4.:rp.jL. '~j

I 1

4' ~

V -





S. / ,54

_-. *": i -d -

-. .9;

ql I i ,

t .

%,-, ..
Zm .

', .



n-- Page?
ll^'-'8""'------------------------------------------ N-----Z----A___Pg


JOURNEY TO NEIITRALIA (. Continued from page 1) '
In Haiti the), hat,e three.
Scot-KngseMdertIkHatishehan d te. eea vas Haitian was the move-. tri to- renew his danci
Scott-King's odern Europe guese Trotskyites. He wins drums, he sala, the Mama, ment the rollin should- days, temporaryy straight.
: -By.Fvelyn Vaugh Lit- up eventually at a Jewish apa, and tMab drum, buL menrt e roling t with oy, anda
te, Brown 2). Illict Immigrants' camp in wnen travellingthe),y sens.b- the native pulse one with limpgp off, age heavy upon
Palestine, where one.of his y left me baoy at home. th thms of ihe drum -- him aggin '(uReminiscences
'this short novel from former students recognizes Unaly enough, te/big drum nd the bright costumes of the Ciarai);e study,.
-'eldyn Waugh.published in him and establishes his iden- was the Mnama, ana. when n d e r cos es o .ietnoe
.Britain in 1947, teadsl like a tity. ate asked why he lahghing- madef native textiles, of animal Spa t
., a udicious parody of his good THE TIRED MASTER. y replied: Oh,. because se Controlled Elegance et(Spd foriie" Sl
kne. .: It. is: the story of a Even in the distressed state s tat and lazy and doesn't do The movement was beau- Dance); the dued.sof coqei
ddle-aed teacher of the and anythg-hagoes phil- any work, tiful in-itsef. It nad the
w o happensi b- and anything-that goes phil- any work .. al rest'h:.
o.hapen b- osophy of U.S. book 'pub- . .D . controlidd elegance or bbael- .ve en done, 4 .i
.nsomini e <-blood- fishing, Scott-King's Modern amy' Of Dr.w iet, i.h ndcnusua cy ..an mOV. y
r ieih ", ir dimness") EuropI (which also appeared e e .in the hands, aqd' hythitc a ef..e.
e- nest living authority n Cosmopolitan) hits a. lo,- s s ws e v n the u is Evei ia.
ahot y aterma. t i rdh Mastout an dgaudily-, painted rip1ing tih seemed rofr Ee-, i.prooedt
al-Euoppn poet nam-. ha a short say,. ded that took most er, more serene., .thia, e,..
elli the Bellor- ,enough for bodk form. bets gand ru Mr. movements of Aficanor- ek tnh.se, otohe
c Ir:e.{rc'entlist9,:Scptt-King eis" just euge a'oo. imae- t-mber s solo,.' anDrum Con- gin, anid in". voodoo rituals daite, + .o..n..
Nao llh e studied' antilimaxes t"-ed" bc t li 'the. eds. ."i"
,nlia, fbt the eelebra-' the funny scenes gove it aof t-esmalkr; E. plainer ,P- 1ppa Dancee4 'the compbosire '6of. f t. ." d
on f 7.- r y so ne s "-givte b d.rum. in no uncertain terms. the partners was disquietigg' these da
;g:aINiynHon.o. suggests anyred tmaer who n imbea-s, now f "rce- Was Mo Destis'o.i n at eerfom-
T'sugge. -ej sto b- dyie e. r .h p, now -ner, wi nuan- the practices of the" ,easan- -O.... ,.
," Tos -- p.,s\--- 'sr:e bes to trying to sebw '.o ces' in ro..a. '- and fcial t .. .n.er--. ,-I- .returnpfiiitat"., the'
C:sif tch', W, uagh aut .far he can' go in' r ealgng., e' ,. t.ro.gh .a ..p .r-clas. tonani
,.... . . e112.. . ...' xp ., epr s a lorgn tte.

.g ittate) lias offered, and.a pro aitable-aniie&e Ct 'eei .n acI No,; itwas late disclosed i
W -tynast? warsforeign of it however, :Sct-l w ayfi d ag..eal as.a boyhe h.d up away, oo n'r
ain,' .dsutd. sccee 'emerges as one of a s .a d e. .the .hUlsl tolearn the, folk. eca )gt
4,revot i c:, lonies,, .rarer .cbar rs ... .' Pla f 'foo,: ard .rather w ays and -anices.,,aing,-, '-ant-aii
-- 'p ili;th,.ipov.r eThe..,conse .e ,'hs, se waste firsi little ly respected thenim. The ,Hai- The imusicca '
..^ '.s.'.. a. .e h- .'. Journey does:oot e -e.least. .daocp due. "..Fantaisie' D'- .ian .dance, i nY ,. i'r .fter ..tore, -ii
I. -.lot-irne)n: "tle astoY softer "
easjel r' 'ost *detact from the diu essxon Aniour.4lvbough base-o and more fluent ihai' that of ,oi love l and' play
^^ ^ al, mr5ta 2ronun- -rt- thefsaSds gioeo te s t ir Giui rm
tos, .liberation o. he is er1 e as typci ofany pa'n o _it u- -. conmamesins e`lkiePat ,
coupss 'd:t, dio- bodin ofo n. tEpg nii dof .coshleancces.e o.s.awtr a n it
Si-shit s,.aassssiatrions, ag. 'ish virtues: '-ertoic without t'There w as 'no pih garticu- hOse of ,the,. isitctivel- n,-
San ireformps,' popular elec-'kpowingtrhat he is,'e4oquent Jadly Haitian' about the HaiJan: certoen s, ti-tbtu.-Y rel tioh td
is foreign intervention, ly, monosyllabic, ih Sp els' youth a' nihztageme ii o'f a -d with Frenth colonial( 14 i s .fSpider
|f|a'keudiation of i loaos, infca- srupulous, sane, reservecd olen kiss: on nthmaidens flueicesP. t :a dagce t- hii inc
s. of currency, trade decent. 'He deserves more cheek and his.capring, with the p easpt, coa ng out oft'..T-h i.
t i4n's;.' massacres; a r son, room than' he gets.li 1 -. glee at thbs .uccess. What. the. eaih an.'i ddrumbeats, :werid' :L
4.srett -socetiesg It - ou it. of the .hee a.nows ,el& 'ad
umeg.a.: totahtariare- "-:throug him as e danc i
...... ..lichos w e dictator .ispo'.. hgooa nexpree i ''n. ..'e7.d
tp becrtftse he kepat it out g The .s.iallypr 1ite. frowit spiirste.. Va'et a c
1I. e The hld t cgti ng: -^ A,.',iaN
F.. R l.g d'dCIwitnr'idii.

? T. e 'Bellorius. Celebration Okf the people.; They- d n i7 selfa. "s a l.-, l as
Atak lac' simultaneously bly daalf, 'and onl, w ways, feet. wrappe dbmfor'
w a. religious)tpili.age, they cdme b..the social danc---, a around the drum
i eip g dist coec- in ae. 'he peasant rw, hands wdM rag r.
eIi" aa coL.gress of 500,c o ".dancin. For him,-- o hands iortled pag pon t
athletes Scott-King's dn.e is as natural,.. o he was., .the .
ipanons include a bat-' b e the, and his breathing i"s ry. evr 'c
n new .' naturally reguit.ed while ""-
-p~ofesso substituting cncing. There'isno pant-" A-
'for someone else, a Sws ingin the Haitian danc&
scholar who wanders into '",iAs a .dancer, Mr. Dettin6 '
hills andis murdered by combines the finesse of the
.airWfeans... Since the British arist &

eni ne ,i ias t official ah a l o..ef -ainnt ..

.. cel J.th e

L.'. k 't a small Meditek- .ahid' p61ite little :tcetci " 4
: p rit among vaoius "similar ,go -the intepretide"
i.-;s, ana".chists, Piaain- dances .once popular in h,
terrorists, ex-Gestapo .. -.United tae.
men, Italian airmen Turik- AL 'FRESCO ART--A London .!dewalk and a brick whil become 0153EaPN
.'.'. prisru tes, Hungarian Ian art gallery during the H ed Festivall Open Air rt Show. I Values- -Cage '
ad 'Portia Barbara Dpggan, onp od the manzy yo~ga-tists w hibitjng, har gs The old :fellow getting a R i A1
;dancers ard Po*tu her twor on chiclewrk e rk nhs hewi.rkc n he .A
-rc 'd hdic-k
is- .... . . ; '....:`


7:30 Toll P.M.




,,San Michele,,

In cool. Petionville, offers
a delightful homelike, at-
miosphere, comfortable
rooms French, Haitian, and
American Cuisine at very
moderate prices. Special-fa-
vorable terms may be arran-
ged for person wishing to
stay as permenant guests.
Tel : 7175


is our speciality

.1 .1

i!91^4t9u. *" RESTAURANT.

* o i qw/, "l *

,. ..I





^Ss s

17 -. -O"

-f -^-AA^^^






It never rains but it pours home from New York by President Paul Magloire '
... if you note any of the Grandma, Madame El Saieh. will attend at 7 this morning :
Roy fa ily around town -:0:- at Carrefour, a tewemony
carrying an armful of pre- At 7.00 last evening Serge that will be the siait.of the4aV
S!sents, sympathize for ... Fri- Roy was wed to,, Miss The- asphalting of the road
day it was Mr. Emile Roy's ,'se Roumer, at St. Pierre% au-Prince to Cayes. .
.birthday, today it is Mrs. Church, Petionville., --0:--- .-.
'. Emile Roy's birthday and to- -: 0:- Brigadier Geneid:' Ed,
: d morrow it's Uncle Georges This is a -coincidenice ... Clark arrived from C. "
: 'Roy's birthday. We extend we hope- riot a mistake, 'but Tuesday accompanie. t
our best wishes for a happy photographer dancer Chaton fellow officers o.ut 'f it
birthday to the Roy family. Roy was married last even- Pentagon Building, -Was-j
S acques Auguste, son of At6.30 ast evening at the -:0:- ina at the Sacre Coeur to ingtbn D.C.' The-brass at'
2 R -e#6 $Max Auguste,. (Lib- ..Sacred Heart Church, Tur- The Chief of Protocole Miss Andr&e Roumer. staved in town 't Ibo Lel-'
a af riti e .Nouvelle) arrived igeaua Miss Loraine Poirier Daniel Theard flew to Mi- -:0:- three days broke v e at
;o erpme .RinieleerPoy-,o Quebec,' atada, married arni Tuesday on a week's our InternationalCano.
rth.cal Institut. "i T,, "be.well known artist Robert business trip.h Las ht .Lieutenantd -.:0:.- '
ew York,. Tuesdaytoco- R. Wilson. -:0:- Guillaume P had a gi- rcidentally' th- Cpio
ence,.a, months vacain. ,. -:0:- Lieutenant \Gaston Man- uimate excuse fori celebrating B e ..erena to
-.-:0:- rs Ginnette. Paret art gones of the Coast Guard is ... it was the anniversary" that.u 4froi.vacatioing .in rived Friday rom ,Monte celebrating his birthday au- his birth. England to cut, hiso. r
lty Ofthe U.S.. Li- Christi, Dominican epub- jourd'hui. h . :0:- -- iici p .ii
aae vierr, .Marianne l. -:0:- e t sy anx usly.;.
ad Inos. -Duvivier ---:0- A grand fete will be eld awaiting the.July 7th Char- F to old s
arhat a month in 'Nw Director qf the Mexican after mass this morning at ity perforinance fKrtlier -e ,.
S 4s aqil td a day in any Tqourist Office, Luisa M the home of Mr.' and Mrs. e. Dunbam andher :dri .t .:
'f the .wod'. Alvarez, arrived in Port F.r- Emile Rotuzier in P6tion- famous s 0doie. The p Mfr.'i
ed home early day on a qn-day.stay. Ac- vie ance to'e givenat the $d- ."
a rning companies ..by Ambassador -:0:- tre de Vtrdue isfor the chr- .
"ayr "f i IinHai St. Jose -'rs Ren6 Fl'ville lwo.ities of Madame Padtti .. Ma-s'
m:-d 4 lexo in Haiti Sr. Jose Mrs. Fpil f .i;;, 7-
r.' .ous goIW .od .movie, r Tal e, ,s he paid a .o New York .Wednesday to le- .. .. Reme
|r intent Ptice 'aid'his `~6lt the tourist office and o F husband Lieu0teant :0:- ,. .... h .'i.
iyed y' riday sooke with Jein Brierre, the Ren6 -fi&rville a& present The popular iight p "
Scebi director o e onaOf- studying in the U.S. ., ert Galant cerat Le
V _d va-. fi'ce of -Woud'ism. Assistant - o- i ts 1st birthday ".-anniv.tSary f.,'.-- ,
.WK 46i:,d.. y .veajr -... i no'o Na-...t bi. oir I -.
SItM-t .b -Hek Director of Tourism Roger Mr. ,ad Mrs. mil Sen- tomorrow even g. a L r
r4e Muketeers .. v aain sqiired the char g dral returned; to the Capital coktal .arty.b--e.mn tatoz o
st .. o aroundthe city mdur- oFridar from fur. month have .eady een sht, i.. ,
-.-;- ng short tay.Paris. -;. ,' *-George "I"Sen, .
,i-.eyiby tis 'tie ..' "- ..-: --- -, dg dxaetbured players ons. i- Benrve-'ia Armar cayul 'a er-I jo their usjta r ,
4 4e t tb 4'ot p ':Armod ar1h wthee D. artme.summer, acton. j
,hours-Tiue'sday evening look WtwAey for e e_ _. am

e-to-eat a .lur.,',,. ,fI.he_ de h.hpn at hv home in Pa- T

-". --'cre :-e t e -0- .rerthred ,frdm ibs'. month ".1 um,
eps of the.eek, usess trip to Puerto Rico' .
..,..uri.: tB.. 'D.Aolai and the States. .He arrived. I '..
-0cr"pPS"i enjoyet in Bi time T
:wenopi- i'JL4f j n time Saturday morning to I. '- .. .
Swy thecp- have coffee \iththe bqys at r M
tq We sday. .the Soda Fountam., --
,,-,saved ase n d -d eam- '
long ... the aib- Bob Kettle is busy finding. ,.A s. -i.ght: .dy
w 'at't all lik4he' a position in the firms of : Aftera slight delay this
.*f ,ray. it. is ". DPreetiamanin Aggerholm .for eek, Grieg 'i of the "a P I
'" ... ... . r"et u "" p- ... ... . P aiomhH
T ,e'or the t -""e 't' s Rkper" Bruce 'Kettle who the former Francs Lee flew -'
:-r ee ::ep- i., ,r, b to K-ttl to 'u en R .c .,
wa o t ,a es. d gheK .o Amsterdamt. en route 1
.. a ', ." .he.- -.., c a i daughters. " i .-.

..:-0:. ., fortune Ist week 4 in .gas- Londbn..' .
,coM- mecs epre- ow.'cotland. Mother anid .. ..
ti' ..+.ai:Maris. Barbar..Gpt 'son are reported in bonny gB. ieve .. w as K. Vil- .
B 'this week n her e.thJ ,b(ards birthday Frday.
__ *. ..eLk n f.. ./' .. .. ...i ... --: 0 ' .,-
1x u .ruhtuC'd 'e. w edne sda ws Jack Mac-
a,' -'."Tere was excitement a- Guffie's birthday anniver-
le-'"pty in he: aFlorville 6d .Gry -
"tienne families' household.. -:0:-'
Friday an 8-pound oy was H ome again on vacation
,I h"orn to Mr. .and Mrs. Roger frontt school in the States 're
Florville' at their-home in St. .t h e cha-ming daughters,
Louis, Roi de -France. Mrs. Gloria and Therese, of Mr.
-- iFlorville is the former Made- and Mrs. Elias Noustas. The .
SWine Etienne. girls wv e r" e accompanied

Aft rnaswd'om lie same taIQ o
M pstots since BoIASSERIE DN L 0E
' .... ' w. ,ek, lSg o "" D- AURO-I
y . . C ...'. .'
Lca.-;.' .,. .



. .... "4.' K i
,., "4 ..2. i. .

-.).;-,,;,.:.+-. : =......... " -:: :-=..,::: : ;_" L._'= : .,... ,.:-.. ,:.!: + .43_'

". age 10



NeWS of te World in iore

W SP 'Rr-These little 'displaced persons who arrived recenUly, i
f theU .S.4)phowed themselves to be "Spirit of '76'" Azmericans in
h;'pstra tn. they put on after their ship docked. Pietr, Chwas-, TRAINS RUN THROUGH H
toklQWof Poland waves the flag while Joseph Rosz from Germany Burke, Ida., has a hotel with one
-.:'.I a, jAdle'fhr drumming. HailynaSpanwyck, six, sports just because it got in the way of
for the show, and handles a make-believe fife in a valley through which the
S: like an. old-timer. bored.through the

: 0:-:. Petionville came alive last
iaLeibtirs, ibra igt a~d f commenced cele-.
ttit~A itnbraing t St Pierre. The-
ite'aves Wdnesday entire district bamboched the
S.to take .up' his studies at the night through.--the market '
" University of'West Virginia. place resembled, a regular
.. .-:0:" .- 'fair -.ground', among the
0Leiing also this week is many stalls were various
sbtiise Rousier of the games of chance. This morn-
-IAmerican' Institute ing all' celebrating FRte St. l
11will ',vacation fog a Pierre will go to Mass and
aln-New York.' after mid-day the celebrating
'::,-)::0:-. will be in honour of St.
S rThde Heart Church. Paul. The Palace Band will
-weddingbeils.- will ring out play in Place Vincent for
.6atiday t "6.00 p.n~. for the merry makers this even-
is4 'Myreille Mdnos .and ing Cabane Choucoune will
SEuqr Bonnard-. have ?a special programme ,
.. -::--. .- of entertainment, a beautiful
and French singer. and a' ,first-'
i icis.sA Hall and
ug r, Maryse returned rate comedian.
th sday' from a 3 months H, -:0:-
tion in New York. Had is Excellency ( Mr. Gus- MOSCOW. PLEASE NOTE: -
'wo'edrfui time but it's a (tave Laiaque, Ambassador GE's newest jet engine,. being te
. D. e m -s i of Ha.iti i the United. States The new turbojet is more power
,&Btfilh-mae' must be of Haiti in the United States, ..
, e-- --s- st be .a ,.- -47 engines ihi present battle-t
io tfto buy. even a'ifw' left Thursday evening by air incorporates refinements' that in
N beautifull thiI 'that for his post in Washington. mo
,atcl.the .e. Amjassador Laraque arrived t io n extended by Presi-
I .: here 15 days ago so as to dent Magloire, left at noon
clarify down to the smallest last Friday for the Unit-
B.Moty. asphalting of the detail the particulars of the ed States. During. her
4f g-t... 'roads S:Port-au-Prince agreement concluded be- short stay Mme. Dudley had
Ic, d Port-au-Prince to tween the Haitiah. Govt. and the opportunity of visiting
'^:Ain'Cayes will commence. 'the Import-Export Bank for Ieveral inst/.utions attending
'y M rtdists,- hats off to thp the 14.million dollar loan to t'o the co-operative move-
u' ." sident :and his' Adminis- be used for the development ment, the Ecole Normale d'-
nitii, the crystal reveals a ok agriculture in khe Arti-. Institutrices, t e Depart-
S ture of unlimited travel bonite. ments of Agriculture,'Labour
.- bi ew auto. -:0:- and National Education, the
-P iiza0 iRiviere and Con- Madame Madeleine Gary High Schools of Law and
I '."" Laaarre will wed Au- Dudley, specialist in ,Co- Medicine, the Cafeteria Co-
i': t 19thi at the Cathe- operatives and social' work operatives of Students, the
,i!0. 'iL whose visit here was made Associations Cooperatives de
S:0:- possible by a special invita- Credit-Union, Citadelle Hen-
,t* ,.

i :. .~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ 0. : ... : . ....:,. ..",.. ,
W OW -,, , o , .. -.

idluiA .. : : : ..........A;, ....

OTEL-The little mining town of
e of the busiest lobbies in the world
a fast freight. The town is wedged
railroad must, go, so a tunnel was'
e center of the hotel ".

"WHEN DO I DIEr'-Ater.
being wounded and captured by
U. S. Marines 'on the east-cs- i
trial front in Korea, this ChJ:ese j
Communist soldier as a Leath-
Serneck interrogator when he
will be executed. He Was much
Sreleved when he learned that
She would be hospitalized for .

Here's the .first picture released of '
sted at the Lockland' Ohio, plant luscious, green two door
ld (though no bigger) than current 'Oldsmobile this week.
ested jets. The new engine also'
crease its efficiency over present repTio e
denls. Thursday members, of the
ri Christophe's Syndicates, Petionville Clpb received
the Haitian Red C oss. I and the First Lady of the Repub-
the work of Madame la Pr6- tic, Madame jPaul E. ,Ma-
r sideit. Before taking leave gloire, and famous dance
Madame Dudley was receiv- star Katherine Dunham. The
ed by His Excellency the Pri- reception offered by Club
'sident of the Republic. She" members was to pay tribute
declared :that she was whol- and, add their support to the
ly satisfied aril carries with work of Madame Magloire
her the most agreeable mem- a n d Katherine Dunham
ories of her stay in Haiti. who are doing everything in
Their power, to make the
-:0:- forthcoming Charity Show i
It was refreshing' to know a 100 per cent success -.
that Williams family spent (few tickets are left Re-
only a day in removing cus- member Theater de Verdure j
toms ties from their new July 7th).

.0-. mama-

* - ^-1---- Lf


SUNDAY, Y is A ST I- n S
'. I *~~- ---------- ---------------- --------- --------- ; -----------. ---------_ tqgo~

to represent Port-au-Prince
4S. ETBAL r at the bi-millenial festivals
..of the' Cif Lumi&re. The
Mayor was decorated before
his departure with the tide'
WCommander de l'Ordre Na-
O l- "- tional ",Honneur et M6ritem
F^%,:U. Sta- .*in appreciation of his good
BASKET BALL .. Ern e s..t'Oriol Advisers: work in the Communal Ad-
SThe director Generalof Georges Cauvin, .Claude An-" ministration.
"'.eSports' has recently 'brganiz- gelueci,,. Joseph-Coby; Cap- "he Minister of Interior,
'i Basket-Bal. .Champ- tain: iHenri Josepth. Mr. Ars&ne. Magloire; Mr-.
Inshp. This gam which is -:0:- Daniel'Th6ard, Chief of Pro-
one- of the top sppgrtsin .the. VINCENT .CUP- tcoleh Mr. Ferdinand Pat-
A UXnited 'States 'acd .aloist in .In front of the Tribunes son othe Inder of Malta;
:all the South Americas cotn mdu. Cham,de Mars,"Sunday Erefeqt Justin.Sam, the memr-
tri~is s very mtich in vogue last, in i the presence 'of .a hers of the Communal Ad-

, lv lubs will partcipate in Petionville' beat Tioli. 3 Mi'hel and JLean Riguad, Me.-
.t;h e championships.' T he goals to, 2. Savin &ired for Clis Dsinor, Chief of Di-
.tajce place.-a-t-Sta-"Tiroli; Peionville' goalvis at r e' interior De-
.d Q "x Vincent i i tuesdays 'were sced by Jean-Jaques, were at the ai
9tnid Thursdays of each week. Wbel, ,and Ltherisson,-, The p t0.ee, the Mayor off.
:: . port -to. ee the Mayor off.
fl- rpf Pep_:v Ma thn'' FrrT dv




to iPort from -the week end* ,..': .
-:0:- .
Today the Papal Nuncio Along -with: '%
is to offer a cocktail party scholarships grap
front 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. French Governme.tn
. --:0:-- was the topic in -Le.I
Jean Baker observed his of Wednesday,' a
birthday .anniversary la s t scholarship Jhasbeen. j
Sunday. o tMiss jan"e.Bjiui :'



.--AtAthee hd Aof a session at. at A.he Champ de Mars, .x- -
e sidence of Mr. MaIcel -celsior vefris..ro^i de .Bou-. Agrand eeting was or-
gst- 1i6 eaifil Aast 'V ~ ganizedou Wednesdajr even-
seau"fils last Snday the quets. n.' *( .4 a 6 t the Bordd .e :
:, F.ootbalI tUD' i l -t~imile H.a- ... 0 A.- ing.at.0O..at-the. ord. _de. ,
.. .. .MerAbythe inhabitants of La
;. ienie, renewed its Comnmit-. ,.Thefinl. of rCpoup' Vin-, l; -
wan te owing menii cent ill pl o yrou Cochbn, in honour of.
7::reskdett. ,: a e .et- we onu 'le dn4 H -E ie ,y President
e;gecretar.: Eritz' Ro- ew mnerft.lmat Ex- : Paul-. Mag oire.
,ier: Delegate to .the FHFA: celsior-Cr dix. ds Bouquets. . .: -
Jseph.. T'eve;na; Treaster Drr 'Metuu Professor of
.. --- Sa taton:athe School of'
BE ..- C n uel. Medicidn)andChief Assistant
-M . .. fof.ilidcthefl .:e ce,of an.tat on
.a. 'iri t.C-1.d.u.. .l.L..:+, ' ,.
,.go teA 16 qui'let,.. except' 'whe : bt at eth department o Public.
! jeanwml .^k -a to na see e
-^ sl er: if. .: . ,n,.. v ruc.c.s a o ta 4e .. N.- ".a e... i'.. jra.tec--a '
:.:- a t e,. . -:, -,, o
A e'od r" ..s -",. -S. venezu

Isle of- taet.] ii e nd N eiat ft o b /' fiLashf ae1'ee nd.at f I iin
MV an it^, if ,,ber -- .._ a r Mdy. d M'- ,.. ,e, .L-. ile d t e -
'iser. e. . o heleft : t his:f .-, :n lare pi ed f tropt ,
N ter tiont.lie .- --- :. cal- s C o-di e- *. .
week1 ror... tnr ses -' A-j-
p- ...... "s. ca.eer -,.-" " -....-
-anrq-of A ..ee Wi'.r. l4.,. he..,. .< l ,f i, 4 D le-gi ation to .-Last.- end Clia Uice
eJ rc'6onom S ession .Moody .a.dsre edxsiled te .t
'U, .. -- --., -...- '- --in M ra held.., fe.h 1'in b g.. Li'lifl thro gh nea '
:, ., .' .-- . :. . a p a s "

... s- *
s -:, .z- t t i etu I 'e.Cap-..es to bereu.
-" ode a e'roard -On." w "a "' "
pvxe. -o..l u Go Coook Jer-man- -
j4 :iTehers ',-`4 leaving for -.ast. Friday- morning -r. p a o 'book the first in hi"
We-Isle 'ofe M ta .attend 'Nelaton`.4Camiile leeft.-b -I' c'6r ,".W '
': .j'an -,-,i nI C o n kr es. d f" L"-z _.r-.-r u Y .. "" fish in g 'ca re er -- "bi9 1n .
io.n tr- dnAfo-Mresosdya nd .,Miss Li-'
ob"tis week... P. .m n o taayor of.Pa 'are -,expectd to tu
.. .., v ... .. - e A A

A. ....... ,-r y a -. A. '. '
T d .rser' 'e"uis

A : '' "" : '" " .. .' " ," 11 S r" '" (


-:0:- ter of.M
M iss Loraine Nemours Secretary
d Thomas -Roche have set cions. Mi
eir wedding date.'-- St. in the.
erre Church, Eetionville, Mulhousc
ly. 4th. .nursqg.

MBRE e la a

nenace-t-ee votr.



fr. T. C. Buti
of Foreign
ssBruitus wi.
Grand lospit
e'fix a^
' '+!? :

"... .. . ".;.. .... '

..' ." En t"tes Phar macies .
-, . ,f l If. ", %

Fabriqu ee par 'les iniperial: Chemic a r: eu '

N 6r restede uPY-Y.,
.i -yor-

he st deliio Aavors in the
wild carry thi anada Dry .
labeL Name your favorite--
Canada Dry makes it, and puts
into ,all the quiy, purity '
aad sparkle that have inade
Canada Dry thde first name in
beverage Enjoy a bottle .

Popular Pre .

i fCi0


S l0 ,I "EBY

. .- A2 A .
l,^ ., .:-'=_, .. :.- ,^., :.. ,*..



. *"

- ,-
I. -



..,,... -' .'

" :*..,


' -' 1)

rage I'.

Buy rlass .
y j classified Adverti
SMIelp Wanted For Rent -For Sa

Classified advertisements House (basement) i
- are accepted for things want- uville 50 dollars.
ed or unwanted; articles forHouse (basement) i
s-ak; personal 'service; mis- ville 50 dollars.
* .cellaneous items, such as FOR SALE
Jobi wanted; houses f or New house at Bo
tent; t..toring; travelling 6,000 dollars .
'comUpanions; ideas for sale, Wall house in city 4
0 o I t accepted, advertise. lars.
setss of political nature. 2 Properties at
a Rate 25c per insertion, maxi- 45' x 45, and 50'
-wiumof 10 ivords. 600 dollars and
*: '" -lars.
S A -Concerning the a
a 4 a i 4Real Estate Agenc


Trading Corporatio
ing of Robert po
150 Grand'Rue, Phi
On enquiring aboi
the uReal Estate' ba

7t i~the "Rodor Trading
"- action Office ask to
R RENT fine modern handy
MrFurnis hpuse with base- machines, they sell
ihent 0'lOdoliars. an astoundingly lo'
S'ne story .licse, furnislied, _
'r I" (bAeiiiafunery), 3 bed- Caslera's Male
urnlis in Petion-
,vife, 4 b~d rooms. 225 dol- Dr Georges Cast
as' ."" fortable, and comp
hhfurnishec hpose, 4 bed- dern 12 room Mat
i' city 90. dollars ., nic is,'at your serve
'4,ujses at. St. -,Atiine 35 to up-to-date clinic .is
' _.30dM-t h ,. in thsatme'buildi`
. i., house, rent. ,for :Phrmacy :Castera,
vac1aion- in Petionville the Telegraph and
t 60,dbl4 rs. ne Buiding. Call 2

,J.:,. : : 1':!: . '
:8' Wy8 .t ,o.i -
1? t -"' *
." -...' ".

-IN PAGS OF 42 /2 Kgs N

rThe Be.t QiPityn CEV
1the Lowest possible



.-,, .,' Port-au-Prince Tel









| -i_ / :4

isements Sell
le Lost and Found

S Folding Boat with sails in
n Petion- perfect state. Price $225. See
Curacao Trading Co. imme.
diately. 3
aois.Verna --.
f,500 do- FOR RENT i. I
,500 do- A beautifully f u r n-
ished home in Petion-ville
Turgeau for rent. 3 bedrooms, 2 "bath
50ol- rooms.; all. conveniences.
Tel. 7133. Tremendous' Assortment of Face TOWELS, Balth-
above see FOR RENT o
y Rodor A 3 bedroom comfortable lOWELS, all sizes and combination of Colours
n, Build- house isfor rent in Petion-
nhomme,' .ville from July 15 to Sept. At Bargain Prices i ,
ode 2780. 15th. Tel. 7368 : 2631.
it any of- at
bargains at
g Corpor- FOR SALE I
see their Lute in first class condi- '
sewing tion.. ,Phone 7119 Mrs '
I them at Wuiff, Hotel Choucoune.
w price.
.rnity CITIZENS.
The officers of the .Em- .
era's com bassy of the United States of -
plety mio- America will be at home tp THE STORE TOR
ernity cli all American citizens on the
rice. -This .occasion of, the '175th Anzii- .W .
located.: versary. of independence e on THE T RIFT
i "s the July 4 at the Embassy Resi- E T
Opposite dence in :Bo1urdon. 4
TelephbW' Hours are from 7 to 9 ,.
1131. p.m.' Nso,-

B(Continued from. page 1) ..

Guo itanamo Bay, Cuba; Iel to the Codst Guard of .
Miami, Florida; West Palm Haiti would be approximate-
Beach, Florida; Jacksonville, ly 10 per cent of the origin-
I Florida; Green Cove Springs al construction cost paid by `1
Florida; Tampa, Florida; the U.S. Navy. While- in
Mobile, 'Alabama; Algiers, Washington, D. C., CDR '-
Louisiana; New Orleans, Lo- Leigh Winters, Chief of 1
Sffer their uisiana; Charleston, South Mission, paid a visit of cour-
0fert eir Carolina; Norfolk, Virginia; tesy to Ambassador, Gustave
LAND CEMENT Patuxent, Maqrland; Balti- Laraque, Monday 11 June
ET6 PLY more, Maryland; Washing- and later 'accompanied the :
ton, D.C. .. Military. Attache, Colonel
Pierre' Haspil, to luncheon
'I N T at A report has been made' at Washington's famed Max-
to the Government of Haiti im's, on Dupont Circle.
COSt." I by the 'Chief of Mission con- The Chief of Mission re-
cerning the possibility of ob- turned to Port-au-Prince via
TS / .raining a surplus vessel from the USS Midway, Saturday ^
I, the U. S. Navy under the In, June 1951. 1
JSSA Aterms of the Mutual De- Mrs. Leigh Winters and
JSSAN fense.Act of 1949. 1 If nego- her daughter Sandra Leigh, ,
tiations between the Govern- who had been visiting Mrs.
SITION ments of. the Republic. of Winter's sick mother in the
2387 Haiti and the United States United -States, returned to
Scan bring about the release Port-au-Prince via Pan Am- A
of a surplus U. S. Naval ves- erican AirWays, Tuesday 19
sel to Haiti through the June and were met by -
MDA the cost for such a ves- CDR Winters."



-. ..:" : -.,
." .*...- ... .. ::,. ..:.-. .. . 0 .,. ,.,,,,,,