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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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cte that prevailed, s91 gfs' previous. Vhe A cS
wea~~t& than .aniytbing.. crng~rUmon. began in 1947 Hai1 iw n sed wa i
e ': olutioa of the and finished in 1948,oa RauMil ty,; an exotic -.w.. -t '
'"'SI:B ^Chjipx. lo.kunching the in the C bb i f Hr d
ity td coqme te.part patio ; (e Christia b first visits i seis
in.t oflict, the-Wssel ip his home. town :today,. two eal:te,. I ] house.
l. w 'nnuCZ iToulouse, France). said. be. At the timpe tha t ..ceng st. Cd.,..
Bi. L. wh.y do the, Foreign had no idea how much the visit, talk everywhere w from the. ma who--i
Wi Mpsist M ters meet? .Because it vessel had cost to build: of th e. 1950 Eaksitio4 ducd such, filmsca
was decided at the Confer- Its.dimensions are 45 feet which their Was still intdie with the Wi d '
S.. Foreign Minister ence for, the. Maintenace.pfI in length, 24 ,rons, .41/2 feec p,!Laning stage. A"loi,.-the Sun-, con i... the.
.Jacques Leger Peace, held, is. Buenos Aires draft 'an over-all. 17 ft. beam, accustomed to mas'..produc- sible change ithis -W
cr" ; p of vit in 1 1936 .on the initiative of, the two boat's beams are tion, I found it practically have on his fbut
cre .e production of vitally Prqident Roosegelt, that the. 41 feet. It has three sails, a impossible to, envision the hesitate. to cept gi4d r
mportait a w .materials American Reblics. would jib,and Chinese type of fore-, gigantic fir ground With' looked back the ise
..ee4ed, for the rearmament consultt with. each other to sail and -mainsail. Two rud- 'the imposing buildings counsel this man had, en
prpgramme, and min return., find atid .adopt,formulas for ders (which are actually til- Vhich wer to set the stage given him dquing their slao
t U unitedd States' will grant cooperation in he event of lers) It is -an all .steel welded. for the' celebration of the acquain ce And after
the' loans and lohg term cqpn- arthreat to,,the. existing peace ship powered by two 20' (CoWntiued on Page 12) completion of his comzj 's-
tracts to hel(i certain do- or an actual war between C. P Awoud, then be pois-.
mespic development. pr. tcwo or more of their num- --tC VOYA. D( .C P'A-, i wod, then be pos-
S h br u tadtlu ot- d..,.,oU, itbtt do o d'ae',&eCOPuLA / sibl for. him to go on .tPo
grammes. ber, or the outbreak of an va an.t < a, ., PA" w1 hae L
r e Der, o O r r JA, stAu,@ncwn.tetypt Paris where he woul4 be
Thbe Economic Cotmmittee international conflict out- 1L% aar alge to accept. the French
-of the Conference adopted a s;de the Americas jeopardiz- . .e Govetrnments ih.itation to
"resolution.opposing.Govern- ing the peace, of, the conti- w aw attend te amlEcole Metiers
Ve& R... .P-. attend the 'u9-ole Metiersi. '
.meat interference w i t h ent. t a- as an observer for two years.
-press freedom, through con- Nevertheless, the d e l.e- RolamdiLDorcely was born
trol4 on newsprnt. gates who attedide .that his- in P. P aw-I.rince on the
1 7he. delegate from Argen- toric conference did ',.n.9t 20th Octobe 1930 the first
tinai where the closing of realize, when they accepted child in an extremely r
the Independent newspaper these provisions,' that.,they tfa i ten chi e
La Prensa had led to criti- were so close to the. qporten- at! r.. fathers 5nrcely's
cismof the Argentine Gov. tous events that' were to 4c anted him to study.m -'
emnment made no comment shake the earth just three (clAs a bo e a. . .
-when the resolution was years later.. Their interest . As a boy at St. I-tVb .
-adopted. (Continued on Page 3) (Conmi ped 0onm, .

, -*. -, -- __ ___, __- -, _

. *


>< "';. '*
I;. +, .

v hool newas ticiztng his rst worxs.e
serilusly few days later he was intro
at or- duced to Peters along wit
atg o"
jetob ood Archi- one. of his water-colour
-o ray Peers had with bihi a youn
t was n s to tr ay.
.lZ n o s ernan Artist Paul En
errt nvisat
VLSI,:t', -&"who taught for som
had at-
.tihad time at the center. Both de
... "".... ...bition
bitio;dd that Dorcely had un
r : ',,. .

thirsty for knowledge he
Oh. spent that year' studying
Philosophy, Enthnology, So-
ciology, ArchitecrAre, Ma-
-thematics aqd Ceramics. .
ge ,At the end -of that'year he
e- came to consider painting as
- a science 'rather than a mere
fantasy'- he started to ana-
. lyse paintings study colours,
composition etc. And he says UP TO 55%
he is stiilat a stage ofimnaly- STRONIGER
sis and.- he believe it will
ta ke:him '15 years or more of *0 f ,
study and work before he *UPTO 0%
may become, an .accomplish- MORE- NON-
Sed oainter. Feels-his ideas of SKID ANGLES
-studyinv painting displeases S A
Sneop!e here. Has sold fifty U P TO 32
paint'fgs to..people in Amer- .
ica: :but because he .-believes LONGER
. in -his: ,owh technique he of- M L A G
ten destrqys'his work. Also
wheneirerhe 'encounters any AMAZING NEW
painting he sets it aside, in. L EVTRA nPOINER
,S. U F' " Wa lEJ'Wl

order :to: in 1d. osol nation -
S^he. remarkedcht a sorltfn -SPARK PLU
,. "t 'peol o Outtan'ding a
ten:.t ok this r fo., laz yness or gas e
His method of solving -such and- -motbr!pei
ance, Install aset t
.'-t + r problems:i s to read and
write, until the solution
turns 'up.
f, *Dorcely is also a recogniz-
ed poet, some of hisi poetry
.i'read at i .Poetry Evening last
.'" conhn ntal flightsn "Stb month at the HaitianeAmeri-
-I r Clippert"S have a- separate can Institute won all-round
-. nwnstairs Lounge. applause.
Wb' whether ybur Clipper trip takes A number of Dorcely's
Only an hour-or fies you around murals may. be seen around
r the world-you'll appreciate the
S atmosphere of relaxed enjoyment town and Petionville La
which has'ecome a hallmark of Belle Creole Hotel, El Ran-
lying PAA, There's a friendli- r cho, Ibo Lele, Thorland, and a
mess ind graciousness about the
service-an eagerness to please- the Agricultural Pavilibn.
t t brings the truly experienced Asked whether he liked his
S aveler back' to Pan American
again and again for travel own murals Dorcely answer- -
ost anywhere. ,ed, "No when you make
S a mural the people are al-
On the ground, your Travel ways in a hurry never mor
Agent or P./A representati"~ havelay patience!
will gladly help you plan. p atiite!
lipper trip to any), of 8% O Of the' ms't interest-
countries and colonies on all i advetifur es he relates,
a eqntidents. he relay
th"air t.ined" in his yoan -" if t the Use a paint that last
.. in. his yd th wear and doesn't hayv
In the air," trained fPht atAsn- - ge-of --4 -t whil leading so. And there are Cen
in pleas.: -nszkj-s Poetes vuetaR iquesR pounded of finest mat
ing discriminating travelers. -he became-romanrtjp- and afford to pay.
as a. deaitesy-eds -i e res. Centrafa
S WORLD'S bonded t nim-.4ov the. quick and easy
tes&f EXPERIENCED 4r In t & isrant
S AIRLINE -,nc w4 cewedon
fl /I/IIH'AJ She spfft agi ut ne
R U DANTES DE IIT-AU-PRINCE TELEPHONES "451 -2822 is dre an ~y were opped AQEN
PIG. AA 1N opened by shortage of funds. E & G
.4 '4

park "
Ixony Last longer .
form. have more.
today. power- .
Extra owe
S -

Is and lasts-that gives years of
e to be repainted every season or
tral paints for all purposes..Corn-
erials and sold at prices you can

a real "painters' paint Goes on
. covers solid, a delight to brush oan


- 1


SON IRY OF T WEEC .; usual talenjmong his artZ:
(Confiad 'from Page 1) teachers Dor.cely today sin-
aaie (attended for 9 years) there since ft *"h opened in gles out Maurice Borno. a "
.a very versatile. e t by ,.e Atrican De- h friend and teacher whaom
oljed a.half dozev ifnstt- wit Petrs, he asked a friend he learnt the most from.f
ets in St. Louis's fans. E r Faiois if it ,4 After a period of time 1'
band very fond of classical Ijossible for n to. said he filt thate students
.. ,at the- tnf r wetsa. a arut ,
music, his greatest ambition the Centre and pant. Fa- at the .pi. w.e-a r.-t
., i suoter" .,om fack Of en-
t that time was to become qois answered by asking iteng.om .lack of en- .
a aconductor. This of officers in charge ,who husias~14ept drawing on
course was an' impossibili turn accepted oircey a ~ie s..a ,e bi t. e ..a
as his family had not .the primitive. Artists Price -s.oconattees H iwomand d'
means to send him across the Maurice flrio discovered on a bounque. He decided%
are% e -tO.hen and there to quit this
Ux let alone abroad to Dorcely's t6st -pAinting that there to q th
7.a ,. ,,. envircanmeny and ,stud u
su"dy music. Next he turned he was t.%. inary primi, al. -Fo an u
Kajrchitecture, and tive, an A ..,were assured. .Fo mo.. re the a y a
assistance of.a.little he was not hen he intert-'% elied nearer thie life of an
.A*. w hellectual han a painter-:--
d- designi he vened .whote they were' cr -+ ... uo
-g k A perpetuall curious an


SUNDAY, MAY, 27TH, -HA ffl. .. g

Ame l Republics eutrality, were. -verru in been made,': with a keedn' $# rrm a. M.'
i a few hours. Then cameQ.the sense of wor$. reality, to re- system .when y..
then was divided between war iv it h EnglAnd a nd d tragedy of Fance..- :Dn- ciprocal lefei.ce. th OAS Charter at theB ;
the progress .of the Spanish France. The American For.- ki", 'the 'f41f Pans., But LaterI- oe Drecember'7, got* Coiferdace. It is a per.-
-Civil War and the young eign Ministers 'wan t e d, across the Channtel the voice 19:1, ga' on mic n ,io e ianent 'organC, Iu 6 1t pne t.
British King's abdication to above* all, to maintain and. Americans werd waiting for suiff.rd es 1 9-iii r ~ ,,0."S only.
n .marry the woman he loved.- strengthen America's ned- finally rang out. st was the cember ', *til~ .I *-t' at 't. tthe -.
In October of that same year trality. In those days there undying voice of resistance, of the Pacific,fleet were still quest of one or more States. '
the Rome-Berlin, Axis had was a, feeling of repugnance t:re same that sounded in smoking at Pearl- Harbouri and with the approving voete
-come into: being. Japti had towards everything that- was France in' the First World Chile called f or convocation 6of a majority of the m epbers
joined the new alliance jtst happening i nr the Old War. When the Foreign of the -Third Meeting of of the O4S Council, te coma- '
-a few weeks before the del,e- World. Ministers met in Havana in 'Consultation. The Foreign side problems. of ani *uq c...
gates met. The boots of The sudden, change of 'o- July 1940, official concern, MinisterA n4t on January 15 'nature and of criipion.mtir:
K -fresh recruits marching in sition in the game of inter- still, clung to the issue of in' Iioi de Janeiro. Nine' est to the. America S ta...'
intensive in'" soioe d.t.l,.'
.tensive 'training sounded national politics that came Hemisphere security, but the codutitrie had already. 'de- or when it must act as tie
in- camps all. over Germany- with the signing of the Rus- emphasis was no longer on cleared wr on'the Axis; threb. Organ of Consultation tpo..
tt the Americas wanted sian-Nazi pact and the sub- neutrality. This concept had others had revered diploma- apply the Rio Treaty. FOr
onifly peace. The consultation sequent.division of Poland been torn- .to shreds in the tic relations with, Germahy, that treaty, which pM d
proceduree was intended to h*d deeply 'affected t h e preceding months. No. coun- Italy and Japan. The Meet- for, thecpqlleciive defenceE b
preserve it. American democracies. The try could -be safe simply by ing decided that this diplo- die Ameiecan Sates' i.ttig
The first me.eing-. of, Cpa peoples of youthful America Bein'g neutral. And the inatic break wks the most df armed attack af akSib1
sultationi.tok place in Pan- could not [understand what American continent, though advisable procedure and &gaifSt any ode Fo
ama City,, opening Septpem-' had been.happening ino:Eu- itmwas"thousands of miles went o. to:-study the bases operate. fthrodgh (I
S er 23, 1939. Hitler had in- rope sinde the days.of Mun- from .the- battlefields, fore- of another series of agree. of Consultatiindh tl''&M rr
-wvlded Pola'hd and was at ich. This time the war saw the possibility that in- ments f6r comtiinon .defence.. edted it 'he i r '.
S. :' ' against .Germany did iot vaders ,might appear in the By. the 'end of the c6hflict, .6e 'ppi iei Mt.t',i ?
S'- 7 .. .'arot. the warm enthusiasm European colonies-Dutch, at the Ametican.n republicss f fre ty itdt1i tle t 4t
IRU.T H..T UULA .... 'ev.oked-by Mthe. First.-World .Frdichr, ,amid ,EdglishL-rjght were at-war w itlh'the A" is, eng .f r t1
:' (E. 4 nue"d rom Page ) War, ,The.. uropean demo-. it ha Caribbean. The inost count" 'And thl '' o- eig ff i s
T"'f.CGopula's'mkideni 'vo-' craces, 'tied and vicillating, iiportaht .decisiohb reached operi-tion in *' ai fields fkii 'S s tt ate h*adg? di
:\ e.as tb Casablanca iii the seemed destined for disaster. 'at this Meetifg referred to 'ep nomic, which ws of tre- Pttb Di. thi- 'dr .
.Stkm- of '48. The'follhiw- America wanted, .to isolate the procedure for establish- mendotioso help..to .-tl con- .Coisltatpfi*"." o- $'
Ag:. 4 Suiner she sailed from its13 lf from the conflict ,, and ing a provisional: +adminis- flier's fvoidahle outorie, if"i pi.e.
pl 'Pe"l ;:ort -of-: registration, th-b mea' Aes adoptd.. at .tratiox of. Europeap co16nies Ws- "uied" by the decision tyPe. ;ot'Meis
ii si ,aroimund the Medi et- Ptnama'ough tonly .the'besr. aid- sessions 'in America. *4t 'the Third' Meeting .of at W.' 'll' vh e
. ...... .ean : .'. means of doing this. Like..a in case the Nazis tried to Consultatin,,, or by the me- .bers .'.ne Il he An.t.'s
.ith.zhe silver fi .h on prote.Cti Qloak,L' a Securlity take over those belonging.to chanism 't set up for .effec- i.M Stes .. ..I
a' biu. .. ....LNeJL.W.rl ast5eL the 'dearest- vadl. '-.rehFou Meeting ". t. 'c ,lci+lca .
lag flyng h sed round the the cq-ntries, they 'had, in- ivdtfdt ,I-ra n. 't al o av .
..- ead the mention of the symbol of t Ameria- Bu t another resolution Consultation was requested.. ,h $ h '.
.... .erican n am'e 4 aGar. o .ic p eocp patio at a prove, there, one by e it.ed States, at- -,f. L. lj..
; ood. brings the etire at te.. to eep. eved that did not attract uch at- critical moment, wbthe.n e ^p o .ft
c.ew tor -aafers equipped ? iaions toa tpef on hen b hat years -i t
.wa with pencl and paper to ex- ths rS.s,, ,_ ntoa wa later. came to be considered ousy imper. edthe 'isibh To T..t -e .a
h plei byi design how wrong. wh m" ,erft .did. as the point of departure for *of t Un.NatioNis orce ute case
`7 that American was in de- n sem to s d the the, Hemisphere defence sys sefit o tiel corn- .
.. v 'is .c-a.. It's ", the A ...c '.. g-. . .. -This Res.-. .. .s. .n. threat to the peace 6of.+ ,E
S same principle as their -. tr al b. XV, on recipiroal assistance Only, ca.eh tel whe- Hemisphere bfugi t

abut the voyage of theship opinino- in The Amntreas&was fOene.. the nations.'of. the three othet occasiois: when the. ordinary Meetifnig.
J'LXthey hope (and, should have jolted by series fasto'uind- A^., -ca, t. declared .that the] ForelgnMinisters 'con- Consultation, i' Ike te.
l little siouble in doing) to ,:irig evenits-. In" A'jis 1940, aa.,gmpt. on the part f a suited will alsox mxkqr a one in. Washington -'|
sell to a .yachting magazine with' .trfyi, preisioa, nw! i a ian, State against charge ci6.be .cose o:,the M.arch .26, canat 4y ge0.
*i .oaJifrrival in the I.S. The .th' Nzis.-invaded Denmark the integrity or injiolabifity A world's .estiny. lInvolved in 1'ergency 2sititations, no'
a~e little c ew and.historic and Nor~tiay3, 'both neutral 9ofthe' territory, the sbv- the evits of the' present, we necessarily -,ipnested wit4it
,' hlink .essel sets sail next countries. In May Holland ereignty. or the political in- cannot see the-'frest for ,the events of war. .'Its resoif..-
!' 4 vek forf Miami.' a' id Belgium,, which had dependence of an American trees'. But -clparly,'whether dons "id 'the" Mheasures.t9
'. "~': -.*.... .... :... i ,i -=^-1 -* State ,would be considered the .edi a teoltds tas are no C,60trolled
S:- r' ., ?iafrhnn ftar Rats an act of aggressiod.,fagainst peactc r', '.natb6is .und the sterns of the Rio Treaty'
. l IUI .I tall the others. It further pro- rogethel by, pacts requiring Whatever the results
: .' vided'that, in + a'4cts of ag- joint han unil 'a action, .fis .cpAsultani se
i -.. .Warfarin prepared bait, catHled FN-RAt,. ii ziow ob- giession were 'committed ox 'could 'ridt thdolit a bett M"ess. and" rimielixiess c' .a
taiable, locally, from Haiti Seed Store, corner of Grand' .appeared imminent, th e time' for consulting ab ot' be.' denied. But it shou
Rue and Macajoux, 'and from hardware and Drug Stores American republics wouldd, the .. fundamental is. of also be observed thg 'j -
, -, .It:is a proved Jformula contajingf the proper- concbntra- consult with eachdbothber to policy.. ,to be .. 4 i .. in ,1951, thiani..to the cotstan4
ion of Penitk Warfarin, and is strikingly effective, agree on the measures to be either cast.,.;, stred.ening of their mi.t
Perihaps you have a, rat control problem- of consider- taken. This was the seed of The M.eting* ,f Co'sulta- ral ties, thfe Americat
able proportions. If so, please write to S. B. Penick & the Act of Chapultepec and. tion is ni longer an experi- States are in a better positi6rP,
Co.'k local repres-ntative for Watfarip, V. A. Wynne, the Rio de Janieiro Treaty of mental ., procedure. Tested than ever, political and S
S. P,O. Boi 694, Pot-au- Pridce, who will be glad to furn- Reciprocil Assistanc, From pnd foitid pra al,,t w.. juridically, tspresei. solid:
ish all details. n .' the' defence of A'iericap raised b .i M e dan iont . "' '.: -i
'. "."." '-,' *___"w-__j. :.. : '- * ::*-": I' " y -- ": : ."". : ...... "::-"

pensixe -YOUlt.14AtAtON -OWN
. EX. SAIA Jt NE 't ' i

Luurinoisly AEXT OemR phere
,,' L, e lfo ,,. d, f t
..-,-u:' .'LI .'t.-.... .-.. .--.-.- ., -." *. .M. a . -' "'*Wu r" C'l ':'..' *-<:
-- a- Ar A,,c v veratiortn, ,

"WInou t a Luggage problem :- ,'- .-._-,-_ o s wdNo. 7 P.O. Bl2 T2* '4
.. sh. .' : *', . .t. th' .ot... l

-----------.-.f.'d, s -->'-- An -'. ........ ........ ......,i'I-


Masses offered on the Palace
Ssepeh pre PRINTED
fl,.p r .t .. '- At the conclusion of the A
$r 1, morning's -processions a pon- i A[
7\ -C' tifical Mass was sung by the
*, "Externat and the Notre M ATI TT
_ _ __.'." ,_ 4,I,,cft Dame Seminaire Choits, at LE 11A 1 I
the Cathedral Notre Dame.

Pontiac No. 1069 "me With a range of at least ALL TOWARDS A AU
thinks belongs to Zo .Bernen V2mile and excellent visibil- Don't mtiss the Haitian- The Direction of the ous, constant efforts, and by,
(chap who likes dancing) ity two-autos met in a colis-i American Institute's half- "Loterie de l'Etat Haitienn your authority.
has an ugly dent in the front sion May ?1st by the inter- hour programme, which is has, in order to bring to the In your respective locali-
right side. section zn- e a'r Toussaint presented every Wednesday attention of the greatest ties, fight together with us.
Louverture Place (in view of afternoon at ,1 P.M. on Sta- number of people the bene- in favour of an intensive, in-
S. the Palace and Polie head- tion 4VRW. The current fits of this organization, telligent, persuasive propa-
x SLOOP LUANA quarters). The black Chevvy series, -On the American whose principal aim is to al- ganda. These are your own.
taxi-cab driven by Exces Scene,, portrays various as- leviate human misery, em- interests which command,
Last week-end th- ,small Douyon refused to give pects of modern American barked on a grand publicity you. It is your brothers,
L 27 f woot 1soop Luanan ar right-of-way to the black life. Featured are -short ex- crusade through which it homeless children, abandon-
S2'd in port .from Cocoa, Chrysler belonging to Clif- pos6s in French by Mr. Don-' hopes to increase its clien- ed and without hope for a.
da weeks of ford Brandt and driven by aid Soergel, Professor of tele, thereby increase its re- bright future, who ask your-
dda f George Stephenson, the re- English at the Institute, as venue. charitable aid.
port-calling, an fishing. suit a 2nd degree accident. well as musical treats.in the They have decided, that
, With beautiful lines the lit- Incidentally accidents occur form of current hit per- those for whom they are nable to directly allevi-
tie.ship looks the size of a in that particular spot at 2- sonalities in the American responsible are its surest ate thever, send to thes, you can-
diingy alongside the three month intervals, entertainment world. This collaborators i n bringing however send toth, m .lies
otheyachts at anchor in the MOTHERS' DAY Wednesday Mr. Soergel wil, a desirable conclusion to insfortunates bread thmeicnes
bay, uana idetally Today,`the last Sunday in speak on "University Life in this vast humanitarian cam thin they need the other
;, is- a: Hawaiian 'name that May. is sMothers. Day". the United States., Time: I paign. Because,-they are ings th need b answer
neans living in content- Those whose mothers are P.M. Station: IVRW The those most interested in the Ing with fervour the call of
Seht iandidleness. alive will wear a red flower, Haitian-American Institute continuation of this institu- the Lotee de Etat Ha
The little sloop had a' those whqse mothers are. not Presents. tion from which they bene- tie, and by intensifying ,
d ew of threee on arrival alive, will war 'a white; fit and upon which they des favour.
g0.Bob Harpier the third mem- flower. There are special ----- ,pend to develop their useful the name of the unfor-
e ttt spend toedevelop theyho w e
:' i of the crew returned to rates for Mothers Day, work tunates who wvll receive theT
.imi.riday with his wife relegrams. h NEW RECTOR All of you beneficiary help of the Lottery, because
came ovet "via avion PAIN- IN THE' NECK f you are members of telot our. great aid, we say
.4*petch him,. The two others Forleus Cicot got it in.the Monsul in ou are members of the Thank you.
re Rollan Wright and Dick neck early Tuda moning New York Luc Grimard was terys moral work of social -
SRummiel. Jr., b o t h rais6 xen a Police guard ath installed as Rector of the assistance which you must Ehe O NAJAC
Oranges bck home and-.fig- residence of the secretary of University of Haiti. vigorously fortify by your Director Administrator a.i.-
red this war, a good way to endynamism, by your courage- Loterie de I'Etat Hatien.
;eq ..wa gpo ay toti e Venezuelan Embassy in ". r ,- ---- ., .. ...
^spend a vaiat on. \Wh e n Turgeau, found' him-tres- r Elliot of T'me Maga- "
Sl c-' ~ e g venugh passing. zine left Tuesday, after fi nd 'LIPPER CARGO' net
ilf to at--they givethe The Police gsard caught spending a week in the Cap- W d CLIPPER CAR 0 not10
ptra back to the sea and Cicot in a concealed position it4l covering a story with T .
kceep'right on' fishing for close to the house a fight pictures of the Trini only aster Ut aIly cheaper
the sport. Next week they .nsued a shot and edral. Mr. Elliot who was T ..
-,tend :to weigh anchor and Cicot is now 'at the General staying at the Thorland In- I Talt hat more and more pepe- /
-& now at te in all types of business-are saying'
:i.-rturn the way they came. Hospital with a slug in the international Club offered a about this modern way of shipping "
.... --:0:-- eck. dinner party at the Hotel almost anything-anywhere.
S.. Cliouconne the 'eve before ..
.. *. .- his departure. "Timen is
goingin g to print the article ac- .
-V'I companies by "coloured' pic-
..... tures in its art section next- I a


BAMBOCHE RODM Thursday-. the Catholic -- .
world celebrated -F ete .
IT FEATURES Dieu, (Corpus Christi) by As near as your Telephone - -.
its traditional processions. One phone call to your nearest PAA office will quickly
i ta t n prce bring an expert in'the air transport of all lypes of cargo.
This year "F&te Dieu*
was celebrated with a spe- When, you consider how it can not investigate its many advan-
Sial brilliance as solemn cut down your inventories . tages now? A pioneer in this
S b ance as solemn how much you save on packing, phase of air trapsportPan Amer-
Masses were offered on the insurance, storage and other ican today delivers millions of
"- National Palace steps and costs ... you'll appreciate why pounds of cargo on swift, de- 1
S-'-Ri at Catholic Churches /"CUPPE QAACO" is the cheaper pendable schedule to all si .
throughout the Republic. way to shiahpost anything. Why continents.
throughout the Republic.7. -
Three beautiful aRepo-
..- soirs, (Altars) were blessed;
one erected on the Grand'- .
Rue by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Maglio; another erected on
the Natioo'at Piiladee"ps by
'[L'. : A NIGHTLY ORCHESTRA the First Lady of the'Repub-

S. :... _NIThe choir of Seminaire _____________ ,..
F .,-.. .......- College St. Martial sang the . ."' ,..

'" :I



The shops in this section
have been checked by this
.newspaper, and to the
best of our knowledge
their merchandise is of
good quality and good
. alue.


* S .
. .-* : "

. .. *r,.,'
* .. .
*,. .:,q,;^
\ "- :,

Are from 8 a. m: till.4 p. m. some shops
ciose be!twee z the hours of 12 and 2. p. m.
Open all day.Saturday.
Banks open at 8 a. m. and close at'lp. m.
Saturday -closing noon.
Post Office opens at 8 a. m. and close at
:30 p.. m.

0 I



"".Cosmetics," by Dr Payot of Paris.
(Located on the corner of 'Rues du .Maagasin de
anpd Fronts, Forts,) Tel.. 2724


-I- - - - - -


Haiti's leading de apartment store


Art 'and Curio Shop
Rue du Quai -Tel: 3145
. 'N

.. -


Plaiq or. st d with
diamonds, you'" can have
y.vour choice from. the sea-.
son s most glamorous rings.
This new selection offers.
1/ wide range of prices -so
S .vervbody can be wearing
-he finest rings you. can buy.
A Also Jewellery from the
East that make your
dreams come true. See
S\hem at your Favourite
) Shop Maison Orientale
S. where Service and Qual-
ity make'.ou all satisfied.



S W .. ... '" -L .:.

4;e dir Peupie
STEL: '224 ":

;-Direct iroin.
New York



I S.RT ,..

Our new department which has just opened on the
.first floor, has a wide variety of ,gifts come in and
See' for your self-


114 Rue Dantas Destouches
Phone 3394

r.% ,

tlmnu. --



'There are Nol Better

Products in
S' Mahogany


-Than those sold
AT .

GRAND RU ITEL :2 6 8 4

C^.:-, ,. -

i ;". .

h ... **; ...
:rS .^ .
, .- ::"
d.'* "', .

/ .. : .

e, ;.-'.
4v-" -

-" I.

^^wsmsaasaaaKi" *,. Mwa&o-fwj-s .-WSSESf-^.".-t- ^ -.i-H- .. -i -


? ,~ ~ ." ,.:!
A4.. I


S " a e 6 "".. "-


. , .. "- ..: -,.;i



F- .'v

H E cBritain splendbuir mixed
.*iJb, "affdctionamte disrespect.
-efore the ryal. procession i
,. w ea.. a-ong preceded y the
S .; S. ,' ... \.

.E-'h APE ';FIM M :'

By Melita- Spraggs
From the st'es... of St.
Paul's' Cathedral. King
George VI opened the Festi-
val of Britain and placed
the whole" British realm. on
show to the world.
S In London, in Edinburgh,
in Belfast, in Cardiff, and a
thousand towns and 'villages.j
throughout tdie.land the big-
'gest and most unusual' festi-
y in British history thus

,-- 4,esuval we look
wit prie and for-i
-- esoition,, the
.eatiedn s speech
^^iumiSt, PatJ's
S 'Aiicrowds wqho watched
S.:,the stiets,o of the city of
M'#1n ,,Joisd.r, who
if 0M'o al
S;ly' o wifh sudden
:. ..l- s is tHe fes-
t-i i and' crafts
industry anll heritage of
-Bat 'ihfflto ig a festival
S..year; that .will test as.few
St. y,(ave done the
cct're te *i h peo-
..&..- a ... d.::, ,* _

f.'- at ko.of' peoplet.do
4i'i'. ,e .aze? : "asked
into Chufthill in> f am-
oIs-. wartime -p h r ase.
( hrdugh b.the -festiial the
sS ' :V .t l.S-"' ... "*i ,1'1 "'. _-: .t f, I:

Aprts un examen hebdomadaire de cencaines de personnel ne fuman' que des Camal
pendanc 30 jours, de grands sp6cialistes pouo la gorge ont declare n'avoir troTv4
S"- cause par les CAMELS ,
..::-' .







flashing Scarlet and gold- of with a sense of. proportion St. Pai's' Backdrop, I and gratitqud4 (or 2 cen:
the household cavalry, stu- and of patience-and a grand Londoti. tries.
dents of Kings College in power of laughing at them- St. Paul's Cathedral, sym- BelQw 0vdh. dias was a.
the Strand guyed the 'British selves." b o of BritiAh liberties plaque on the flagged court-
pageantry with, a mock mihll- The message and chal-' through the centuries form- yard marking the spot where
.tary parade. ylenge of the festival, the ed the backdrop as King Queei Victoria -stood to
last night one young man archbishop said, as no George VI officially opened thank GQod o a 6a.year
al ymbol over. the Souoth Tnis we have wrought,, Britain's greatest diply reign as Queen. And below
Ban exhibit tion and tied a bu Thi God haswrought the 1951 Feival of Britain tha wa the staue of Quee
collegee scarf r.e. as ,vi in us; praise be to God., King Geoyge; Queen Eli- Anne, who 46Stede the Ca'
college scarf ter as evi- r zabeth, Qtieen Mary, Prin- thedral seven, times, ..to.
'dence he hid done so. ,Christopher Wren s 17th cess El~iabeth, th l ikeof pledge in'a service similar
Under the newly gilded century cathedral was the' Edinburgh, Princess Mar-to t hat we ha i t-
arches and the painted gal- setting of splendour for the !aret, and othero/members of nessed' a people cddiscati a
'leriesof St. Paul's Cathedral' great gatheridg which filled the Royal Family eft the to a new achjee2nt,
however, the solemnity and its aisles. Britain's. Royali ched4al in p .rocqessiop -
spiritual significance of -the Family was led by the King As soon as the bl of St. I o tt. istorif steps
occasion was stressed by Dr. in admiral's uniform,. Queen pul's Cathedral ha, boo'm-i le r nat oe d I "d
Geoffrey Fishir, Archb,shop 'Nary-in her famous blue ed out the noon hour, trum- ope ing rofnant tonesv tyear
of Canterbury, "ia service toque, and Queen Elizabeth, peters of the household cav- eng of a festive y
of dedication preceding, the a wonderful vision in del- airy sounded a rousing fan designed to sliw:h achieve.
official opening by the phinium blue. Members of fare and" the 'King took h mnts of the British peopl
King the Cabinet and opposition place under the fringed can- art a ndusry i th
'A Way of Life' 1 including '. Prime Minister opy at the rtol of the ste capacity' t make merry de
'.The greatest creation of Clement R. Attlee, Mr. outside the cathedral. :spte trials 'ad iifficilties.,
our nations, Dr. Fisher said, Churchill, aind Herbert Mor- I see thl. f.stiv4' 1as a
-has been a way of life,, a rison, were there. And be- People's' Dedication symbol of Bi-itaini's hiding,.
tradition of how mpn, wo- medaled 'a n d uniformed Behind His Majesty were courage "and,. vitality,. 'the
men, fid children may'liv6 members of the .British ser- the smoke-begrimed Corin- King said.'
together iin the freedom of vices and diplomatic corps thian-columns of the cathe- Britain'had not proved ano
mutual aspect and trist, of the world were represent- dral, parish church of an worthy ofs past, ahd .t' i
free to themselves, free ed, empire and assembly point would do betein i ears
0to be' Senerous to others- -- .... of a people in trial, rtiumph, ahead.,. '. '
... .

S~ P IS,


'. ...--ET
putp,1 $ " 'Y

, : "" ~" "- -- -- '----------------------. : --- -' - - ___~ f ". i!",-?.

SHOW PAINTINGS HAP- Ray Bethers, author f

Rain on the wind: A Story of Irish Fisher Folk ew sN ain
S e A w ko I h o ton & Co., Inc. $4.50).. worked out a. rather pleas
RAIN ON THE WIND,by the sea. And what knowl- them too'so that they were ant arrangement, providia.g, .:
Walter Macken. (N ew edge of it did they lack? like wind-shields nearly over Many a courageous au- with each illqstratibnt of a i
York: Macmillan. 312 pp. Gran could predict the wea- his eyes., Peter, the idealist, thor hal embarked upon a painting, a photogra OE
3 their, he directed the hand- TJcle James, who ..would project in which he tells the same subject. T
ling of their precious fishing take off his cap and show how'a painting or sculpture thod does help to start 4M
By Margaret Williamsson boat; no one dreamed of athe white streak on his is made, explores the modti- layman upon the a4nAi
ereis an Irish novel disputing him until that un- head that the sn never vaon of the artist, .and of exploring search
which. is most felicitously, happy day when Graq real- touche.l .. Coimin, Maeve's 4brings.te subject to the lay- c Pmiprehepding a work
different from the average. sized he was beyond his us' young husband, who could nn witin the lmits of.his art. In the end, however
For it does not concern itself fulness ain the both ad ain not accept the warning of experience and understand- he must bring a ipotoif l
with the dark and degraded few, but ipovye wqrdi be- at phantoa bost. They, '1 t. his.own wc the search h, s9
side of life, norg with either queal*d it tor his is. ad and many mhre, are 1as red l ceptibility to he'pto moo
b*.- libn. the culatryside gratnsone A dtt ae asi 'wB as one oyn friends; thsy be of the "
S der 'the "troubl.qs. It is no longer with them at sea, are of 'th elusive quality i lng thatoprecipsitsit1"i
." designed, i either, in the things were vastly more dif- called human nature. Mr. t.c. te et m usiP.t a:.
fiodL of.fascination and fey, ficult. Macken's is a master hand at liulates 'the inquiring sp
though occasionally a lin- 'In few stories does one aracerization. welcome.
S-gering .strain of superstition cbme more, intimately into Jt is a delight to be able Mr. Bethbrs presents. o
j may be detected in it. It is the company of the elements to record that this is a clean, .basic pretiises: Art is nbta X
written against a badc' -waves,, winds, ferocious book. with the slight excep- .. copy of nkturitrc.nv i
tud of t fisherfolk of storms w h i c seemingly tion of some profanity which' emoion r"..ae 'iiifofl 'i
S.',6f the-West Coast; 'of Conne- could materialize straight too commonly attaches h it- L etioaiig i a tedium '.
-mara, in especial of thar fish- out f smooth sea and bril- self to the speech of' fisher- of- exp i t
uigicolony just across the liant skies. Mr. Macken in- folk. And it is not difficult' igL ant cannot be trns u
river from the towe of 0.-l derstands -thte sea and pre- to read,' because the lilt 'of Jated itb eiis; f
kn9 h Cl adagh sent. it magnificently two the Irish spelh is achieved is 'mad .pple..p
(whih means pier cutting or three o his ms leave witou ude refuse to through -its limiati of
sout iqu :the sia ) --. the reader all Dbi breathless. 'dialcr.. t is more a m tal space and time.. ith S oI
: dda at the point its There is iin particular one attribute which one catches AI RAISaR WAC Pf. useful, elementary p sagrams *'
Shistory wen' thdie old.white adventure encountered. by withoiteffqrt., Constance K -Hassel looks .as Bethers explaws.ag
w. i xedEtges'i wit .the ofisbermei' oath ve seen or r ta 'hs As a' .' 'asi n ripes -i Wt. ee"iei-
'thatched roo s we-~.eg the phantom. boat, but have writer of pys, a.ctoand .' to ter an atic of a. pict action, ,
.,: ito' be pulled aown tq taken no warning from it,of a anagerY Ohe wonders hs o in- rlationre;,- p6b
,r,;akqway to mor tnbderfl danger to .cohe. Sometimes whether this dramatic sense PtoIp iergy demonstration ems orf s ace, moment,"#
ad s if c uglier, in this booi.sthe essence of affects the -expertness oi -his N .ew or. pattern, and clour.- :
o-storied houses the, atmbsphter is sp.vividly touch s novelist. The,Liter- .. -.
...T.he authfo was born i'iperieniced by. the reader a- Guild has chosen el
always twn, so -it is his that hbe feelss im en- for this month of May, in-" "'.
I own country of which he d in it along with.the o ndi t his boo F 1771 '
I.. ,W"t.: .... .... d readers wilb'forget the quit 'o 1 WEeptY COSWs; V-ff iL^^ ^
iand conviction hbe describes Perhaps it- is primarily a triumph of Mico, the inept, -
,it and is people, with em- book about men. Of course, e hesitant, over the glib- ere's .A r\ .i.
phasis on one family. which there are women in it-a and clever Tommy. -Every- Heads OWMR
iiyncludes two youngsb ns, few-but they are secondary one will rejoice that Mio o -
S Toa nd Mco, ;,sons of to the men. Above all, there held to his course, on and as HOmR14OTAI 3 Dmiffcult
thai enormous, mao ciled is. Mae, with whom Mice well as on the sea, and that R 1,7 Pictu w 4 Nickel is l r
Mgil : M6r,& grandson s, of. fell in love when he left the Maeve came to recognize- secretary Sdn "
Gra fishermen all om- Claddagh temporarily to go him at last- Yea- 1S or SBcold
nmy was the darlidng if is to CoQtnemara to stay wito 5 Warde& Colafs
mother, Delia,'who favour- his UnclA James. She was 5 ager I 9 Ireland -
ed him in all things; he was claimed by.another and Mico _______ en space 1Ce0 e eat/ % untere xesinu i
good-lookin-arid lever in waited long before se, hav-. cooking 12 Doze '. sProffer gratia (ab ".'
S cool, while Mico was slow.. ing lost her husband, final- PRIT I Nutensils 1 MiAn city P ou'r E 4
and unambitious, forever ly Pgot free 2( the ssnare of no_ v. 22 Parlm .y 25 Color 37 Shaving tool 48Blacken;
Selittling himself because of Tommy, and turned back to i l a"und 2 Co. ., 4pie '3 L"am 27. \onflic
'h ahis physical appearancee, Mico. But the women ,scarce PIT N 24S'atte 28 Girl's name 43 Caresses 55 One (Scot '
:,Mico 'had a birthmark 'on ly matter. .-.I ji. 8 Hearsay i a w
:' the left side of his face and, Then, too, how superbly, RUE. AMERICAINE 1348 i .'
though ohi fatifly and with only a few'strokes, does -TELEPHONE 2278 33 More ,ged --,
Friends -might be accustomed Mr. Macken portray his 128Not scale - .
''. to it, Mico himself never for- characters. Gran, who would .-- Natrium .
got. The presence of the'. raise -his face. to the breeze o ) l)'
thing made him shy and ill-on the quay'side arid say: eoO4j SjParqil -- -
at-ease; never did he-pre- "We better not go out tp- 49awu" antmt l sRnevise *A.'
sume to put himself. above day, mi .there's rain on -the I o0 Therefore'- 3 s -,.
STommy and he had d no wind; and, sure enough, co51 set of boSes
.....a -'s 1;" Rer oy a, -
a fisherman like jis GranT schoolmaster, of whom hall atf lest ',a '- -rae -'sBo-t m
of the family; it was he wdho eyes were the glints in them, "e f t Wrel.gous s ear a I' T
S taught Micil Mor and Mico because his. eyebrows were order rivers
S everything they knew about very thick and he combed M : A gricave
hIe i n lost her usha#d, fina.- *.od* .' . ,'. . .-,
an'de^ .& unambido ^s'..forever b: *, o re* h '*^^ ** snaeO 2Cir? ^vngol4mak .i.''

c 8

would cosi about 41,000,000
at Ounce o Jhan4e teed or Atron'
'pio goid, nlat's .8 lot of change.

'ediion of's psfychofinalyft'sa
ni"ortune teller who reads pa"t
Anytime now 'Dad WMl str
"js" p A OR FUN


ocsand frayed
te A Ws our : specioli
ads 6s F.EL
asked for higher'wages. (Put.-
'their beg in one p-sk-jl). ;'T
A ii.a tightroise .'walker
ila high wire for -it P66 .
a new worareo.

4--~ 1- -30 lo 1, .M.SAVOY








Ppsio A
a delightfuti homelkearc

Americ an sine tT E FNEToI H S SE V DT
DIeNeEies pca a MAT n C REA P TES- ETU A T.
voabe ers ay earnASD ONANWT L ID
genfr ersfonalsigt d -FDIISATRAO T9P C.,

... A .MA.7..T ... a 8

city's tallest building Thurs-
day. Philippe son of Mr. and
Mrs. Roger Armand (Mrs.
the former Anne Marie
Frombrun) blew out the
three 'candles on his cake in
one mighty puff. ,
Wednesday evening the
"boys, got together a n d
gave Fito -Braun a regular
"enterrement de la vie de

Miss Annie Joseph and
b.-. snoudesky Farvil were
. married last Saturdayy even-
ing at bt. Pierre's Church in
%- ionville.


Mrs. Stephan Wooley ac- lift in "dry-dock". It is ex- garqon, pre-marriage ritual
companies by h e r sister pected ih Port next Sunday. ... which will continue till
MadelaineCassagnol left for -:0:- the eve of his wedding
New York Friday. Mrs. H. E. President Magloire (June 2nd.)
Wooley. expects to be away accompanied by Mr. and -:0:-
'three months.' Miss Cassag- Mrs. Lando, Mr. and Mrs. Senator Louis Dejoie flew '
nol works at 'the Hiitian Franck Magloire, Col. Ste- to the U.S. on business Wed-
Tourist Office' in the Rocke- phen Wooley and Joseph nesday
feller Building New York. Jerome dropped in at the -:0:-
-:0:- / 1 Vert Galant around 11:30 Franz Siegel celebrated <
Report from the Frisch Wednesday evening. the anniversary of his birth,
family, is t h a t daughter -:0:- Wednesday night. The party
Cookien has five teeth up- Mr. an d Mrs. Charles commenced at his home in
to-dat Pgio accompanied by their Pacot and e n'd e d early 1
-:0:-t Cadillac at present vacation- Thursday at the Vert Galant.
Sin. in the U.S. are to sail on. --:0:-
The Vroonians flew to ,'he 29th aboard the S.S. The engagement of Jean
Jamaica Wednesday morn- aLiberty" for Le Havre and Claude Born;, son of Leonce
ing to, attend, the Travel 6 months touring Europe. Borno, city hardware mer-
Convention in Kingston. :-0:- chant, to Miss Olga-Laroche, J
They are expected o reurn Brigadier General Lavaud' daughter of Colonel Lar- 1
^ today. (Ambassador to.France) Ma- che, Ambassador to Vene-
S, 0:-' dame and Gerard, Marie zuela "was announced 'this
." Mia .Steiner (, Dawn,)) is hard at work coil- Villard, and Miss, Elsie Le- -;0:-
ing a. juicy murder mystery velt flew to New York Ambassador of Haiti to
around Haiti and the. tro- Thursday. where' they will Venezuela and Mrs. Laroche
pics: She has fiot yet dis-- board the S.S. ,,LibertyW for will return to Caracas next
d-closed the title-to-be of her .France.. week.
t hdimdinger Detective novel. -:0:-- -:0:-
-:0:-- *Yanne 'Voigt, Gislaine The -Briseuses- are at
angoes are reportedA- ro. nzi r.A- .Du.iv4 pr.e -ghtingbthts.'
be dropping in profusion all *e aboard *a New to be able to speak and dance
o ierthe country. ork ound clipper Friday with strangers ---without
.' -0:- aernoon and arrive in that repercussion! As the ,Bri-
I. .s. osalie.cCahillr t -. p.',.2-es 0 seuri, have always been able
SThriEd,- for a short stayat . u start S ro d6 this and (they do so at
t'a, . r'ei r, arlnual -vacation. h f b
Sthe "Jamaica' nn in Jamai- a l v t the first opportunity).
-..ca ' iisiness Oswald .
. -:0:- B'andtft for thee U.S. this.
The Casino' International week. It is said at hd will.
r is putting the finishing ourchs ','materials for ,the
L touches t6 its dance floor inall~ in of a plastic.ftc- '
-'-the largest in Haiti. Next on heTuesday Mr. and Mrs.
i: their agenda is -the Restaur- h.e :0:- Emile B. Ca'ntave .were
K. ant. Souvenir Shoa, Salt- Marie Therese Malbranche blessed with a daughter.
- water swimming. pool, and is now the proud owner -of Mrs. -Cantave, the former
yicb. t dub (which includes a two shade of green, Chev- Miss Clarisse Coicou an-
i pier, club. rooms, etc.) vy "Power Glide." ounces, that the y have
.'- .0:- ', .-.:0:-- named their little giif Marie-.
. T:', heS S Nuevo lDoi.irii- Next week Capt. Brierre Carline.
cano the regular fortnightly and Lt. Florville of the city -:0:-
ruise ,ship.of this etnd of the Traffic Department w i11l 'Mr. anid Mrs.' Marcel Dii-:
..:Caibbeatii, is been irregu- leave for three months qf ob- cas~s, welcomed the birth of
-lar ey. Why?- Because it .serving traffic procedure in their first .born Thursday.
has been undergoing a face- the g.S. Mrs. Ducasse is the' former
S '" -:0:- Bertha Fouchard. Their son-,
. .: It is said that Mr. Boubou in-heir is to be called Alix.
is once .more in al ,delica' -:0:- -
/casn, -. Today the aSouvenir ClubI.
S.. -:0:- 'will celebrate Morthers
Philippe 'Armand invited D4y" with a meeting at hbe
friends young and -old to' S help him celebrate his birth- a.m.
Son 'he 3rd flor of the

Friday M. Ricardo Peluffo,
Large d'Aftaires ot the Ar-
gcnune Embassy offered a
reception at the Embassy
residence from 11 ajn. till
one, to commemorate Argen-
tue s Independence.
Henry Birmingham was
married last night to Miss
Josette Roy, .at the home of
Slim Elie Joseph- in Petion-
ville, After the wedding ser,
vice there was a gay recep-
tion for the newly married
couple'at the Hotel Riviera
(formerly the Hotel Roose-
velt). There was a gigantic
beautifully iced cake which
the newly weds. -sliced --
amid .cheers and clinking
of tine glasses of the more
than a hundred guests. Mr.
and Mrs. Birmingham will
honeymoon in Cuiidad Tru-
jillo if Henry's father re-
tursns as scheduled this week
end. Mr. Lionel Birming-
ham accompanied by dautghf-
ter Dilia, has been away in
France on a health trip; the
past three months.
I '

Catholic ,
Hospital Chapel
Sunday Mass at 8:39 -a.m.
Sermon in English.
Sacr6-Coeur. Sunday .
Masess at 4-6-8 a.m. '
Cathedral Sunday Mass
at 4-5:30 8:00 a.m.-
St. Gerard (near Oloffso
Sunday Masses 5:30-7-8: 3;
St. Jean Bosco Sunday ...
Mass at 9 a.m. ''
Chapel ow the Expositi'ob.i
grounds, Mass at 9 4i" 'A "
Episcopal .* .' .'.
. Holy Trinity ,'Ca"
4:00 a.m. Mass F 4
6:00 a.m. Mass Emenlch .
7:00 a.m. Mas Engli* 4:I
8:00 ain. Mass French.
9:30 a.m,. Mass English
Ephny Chapet :;- '
Sunday Mass at 6 a.m. .
8 a.m. in French '

.Rue de la.ffvlutloa* '. ..
Serce: at'. 7 am. :.
*", 't,^ "''to",.'. &'" ,.


fF F

C.. ..
jwu us u,..M '' .,. ..

, .e .a ;.e saw, MI,,.'.
.. ... :,<, .+:.4

;^ii ^'*:#. '. ...t It.' K ;, l t -;, ';$ ':t
REG.TRADEMARK Tamous since 4862 A 'o
L .... ,,* __ ,__ __ ,. J ,k *-( .' .V?'++.-.+--a..-" .'-"**';,".-.
. ". -. *. S'o

; ,. "' .. +. : ',.. ."j: .:. ..

i-o X M. . i + ,*.

Pa .





. In


iTS ** a 'O I IC P

S -AIUND TURKlEY-Go nws 'for the .housewife has
but, of Laheaster, Calif., where Mrs. Phyllis Higgs $as de-
S'i ed anightpounri. turkey. B irs. Higgs, shown above with one
' dtId.ier ibior gobblers, has been trying for 17 years -to raise a turkey
... '; at can ftmost budgets arid vens.-
S.* --- .-

H M-i'e h d'o ae This London lass solved he
GOING HOME-FS Panther: jet fighi ihng hcomewaird'v the view problem without-the aid of
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S watch the visiting royalty.

t'.-1 MONISTS' CADiLLA,?--The' captioni accompanying the
:..' ii'et-released picture'above fails to tag 'a price, or .the.im auto- ,
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q- ' :,"' ^B5.Cadae, the's1eld Russian car is prebhbly b td the inieangi
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, prtaimlO Mitkey's visit td the- Kirby farm at Madtm I .'g atrves
to illustrate the latest mier .iidisi.1Fg ,tethod' bribing -ashio

Shaps hoping .to make r "com-
ou party a private affair,
th i tide. llow, above, found
.itliet' wa tht- cebt9r, attria- -
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The Secondary "and Prim-
ary, School athletics that
were postponed on May the.
18th on account of the wea-
ther, were held on the
Champ de Mars Thursday
the feast of "Corpus Chris-
ti,,. Over 10 thousand per-
sons surrounded the park, in
perfect weather, to' watch
school 'boys and girls in the
realt" competitive spirit,
give an excellent display of
* At the close of the day S..
Louis had scored the- most
points -and 'cracked" 'heih
records. The .records brdk-
en were: 100 meters flat --
won by Sansaricq time:
10 secs.6/10. Pole Vault -
won by. Jean Theard 3
meters 23. High Jump.-

wnh by Gerald iaig
meter 75.
Director of Sports M
F'lix Baker is to be con
amended for. the .organizin
cf this interesting "Field






Pap 11

: -r_ Georges Castejr's
fortable, aqd complete
S'dernAlZ rbom Mateni
nic is at your service.
r. up'-todate clinic is l.k
n- ir: the same buildxiri
.g Pharmacy Castet"k, pj
the Tqlegraph.aind'da4
ne'Buiding Call 213


% # 4n y ou" sh iou lod h a ve on e i% I.

. 'W- .. GENEfRA ELECTRIC AGT. -stera
";" '" .. . '*. ea' .. Dr. MUtl..: .
SOPPOSITE TORD...TEl: 318 ' veterinarian. "Jinu
a ough and tumble,.-' wa 4n-
"V, other lion at Trenton, J. nd,, .j
12 his tail bitten 6#i0 by that
. a elss. villain.- "Ji"my. andc
,.!-... .; g,'.tub are doing .fi.e.'
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dan. i od' i nt r, de lu. fo sAIPr

gsnaOttraportessssr villain. neusJimm
lourdsGodyar qtub are doinue fise.ur

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}iy :E. RO .. I l'MX UUU"q LUU. II.I lIllU
-. rendements observes depuis
' 'L..-depa.mees..-ppoivent quest, ;.
A. en.ds poidb lords Goodvear sont
e quality incomparable pour 'I
,. laurance *et l6-'4 r6n`ab lt -.

dhtages -achbetez des pue
- poio.llourds Goodyear!
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L. AUSLJ ,ne. y4ft

'Cnada .4O ftal"-.
Beverag s. E#Joy # botl y, "' .
.op.* is. ' I '
A -- ;, A .M.j 4 -i1
Popsi pFrilqes

I-.d-,, ra R ,, . BO .LT ED BYQ 1

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.. *.'

_HAII S. .,S F


Classified .4vertisements
are accepted. fbl things want-
SIoCisnwa !te articles for.
AiSperson! service; mis-
ores i4 s, such as
V. wanted; houses for
00 orm travelling
. ." for sale,
SIM # advertise
.. .u.' r won, ma.i-
.. ., 19, words.

p. personn wishing a pen
frie.d. New Zealand, Aus-
l,", t ,i S iiti pfrase con-
e ." itp of' the
; C4. ., J"

their chairs) and a bedroom
set (double bed, dresser,
mirror and art' tables), also 2
porch chairs. Anyone inter-
ested in the above purchase
may see the furniture start-
ing. Monday between. 10:00
A.M. and 12 noon at Rue
Cheriez, maison Carl Rigaud
(No. 16). in Thrgeau near
the Chapel' St. Louis. The
above furniture wasbeauti-
fully made soine years ago in
Ciudad Truj4i6o Only cash
purchase will'be c ideed
by owner.


(g) Land for sale in Petion-
yille (60' x 100')
(h) Land for sale at Bois
Verna (f7':x 40') '
Price: $850,00 to $3,000.00.
Concerning the above see
Real Estate Agenoy Rodor
Trading Corporation, Build-
ing of- Robert Bonhomme,
150 Grand Rue, Phone 2780.
Ofi enquiring about any of
the (Real Estaten bargains at
the ,Rodor Trading Corpor-
ation Office askto see their
fine modern handy sewingg
machines-n they sell them at
an astoundingly low price.



AND SAVE up to, 40 oo10





S'7 K



mtw-e, . .r_" ee-I- .?'' -.-= .. B
evide ce in
...# ... ...Pe As.iaw,. dab. w
- t.at suhd. 2the. esuIt o a ear .th
achievement of such a ta
gible goat must, of nece
*sity, be accompanied by"
Ajoss of some of the inta
,gibles that hadi entean.
M l",Haiti to me.

SMy second. 'viji. rpau~rd:
'me, Iowever, in two ways.
First, I learned that, the
ial set by'the Haitian offi-
rals agl ",people had not
been wishful thinking. I saw
for- myself I4ow. 'by virtue of
concerted, activity, the much
talked-of plans had become'
ta reality, Andw vhile the.ma-
iority .of. Hatians can tdke
Sthe creat o.n of tje II.posi-.
tion site as a matter of fact,
because they watched- its
progress 'day by day, it is-.
only the., ranger from out-
side who can truly apprecbi.
ate the mlag jtude of the task
and the fortitude of those
who achieved it.
It is the stranger who saw
the desolation two years ago
it a v-re r',.graea .to be. remembered-temorial 6, 1951--grave like the onss in who can admire the beauty
Alis U. 5. cemetery near hIchon, Koreg-graves of men who died so. froq4om might live. of the city within a city be-
--_.___- ....--- " ". --' -- } side the sea.

i....- .. .. 'A. .. ,C ... .: .
* ./ ..' ":.r ., $ ." .A ,.- . '. .


FO QNp 4'12 DAYS A


- : ', .

Haitian people. and 'their
basic goodndess-,haI'-Ir 6 i
maintained. Too frequently,
mass production demands a
mass loss of integrity, decen-
cy and kin ss to has
prove -timne anda again
that tihe seari! for material
wealth is generally followed
by a. moral, dqcadjace. This,
second visit to Haiti leads
me to believe that sudh will
not be the case on this island
republic. In spite '.of the
great changes that.have- taik ,
en place, I have found every-
whefe the same kinx~ess,
hospitality and' generosity, i7
whicli made me feel, at home

As with most swall: prin-
cipalities, these, is much tO
be done here. The develop-
ment of the Exposition and
the good will which has ac-
companied it indicates- posi-
tively that with Port-au-
Prince to lead,-the.way, Haiti
can become, a still more sig-
nificant. country,- without
losing'any. of her basic qual-
ities so deserving of emlda-

I. *.-I.*~
...~..o i.y. ~ ~~~9~r-4h .r~/4t.

Classified Advertisements F
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