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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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geS U. s. ciatingly the land of black PERSO.A

S Investments m delegates to OFTHEW

SS la the conference that if Haiti I
.g p Attrac t wD i" ,eu sus own "otorios in the Cn -wtry s tlis e a -.

black reubicewr ed ".ti ves o rl th r ld i bcotlpd
, gela ts nee GSil ter e ai- y w l a share the s en ed PeI
Washigt otftL f lve wr a ne dfe leg A t if t omei n the new It- is' *-rbin 'A
vestments by foreign capital lur e.. ess i ing old 1936 Buick tAhrIN l '-t

sn t-m a o o in trjeoag
ves tm e n tshb f orei aitia lr galu ree.ie.a driv ein ns c i
gnte defor o te Higrce Haiti fr o m by thech ofd Ar $ng, a e
tren Natibna Off ice for the poerenof e tat cEh Hiti ofa droems.e,- m aet
Touic siefdre. h sixthh mp6 which brought rUto N world ye'lso colors and
Co erqg oi -the.... Negro strong Knfddledass to., po-i :-Aa -o.1W
e t. deuek wet d a i continued indpe er ak.S'e f.i h e vern e pr h4 .
o~Bm t e trnve sfattder Pr.esiqsta csa -Paul E.dM 'a sthita, m aali S ns i .ofonr'"
aw mn by ea Ack repbicfe wg e 'te.
iekfoohstvy rey gro d w-id i s ,ande e t aw i

p ca Vtenf te fr t ad o. itsta l red.tit ou with'be a share dte mov ale new tho t d.v
yea I di o in- thatS asew social force hassee int in hs las
s m uac ne aen t s w t .r s ces. engag i ed jk ng i o .i.e
w efd asusteids u fertilizer insec- p to balance pblid ical pho rdgra ubmo es o b era bo pcl tein r
riciddes aidother p roducts. e- 'Pri 'hato Est e ar ofc i nl h bv- ta e s o mura n ppuar tud e

i!. ., genealc dire to r epo te al Haiti ofro the fpmous a-r y tore;
lon ing agricultural equip, e (continued on esg an n IFER JON-tS; sc of rhtif cofii uSong of Be a7 l asper uimnaters yor
.edo. eONES bstta.. '- H', vcite, a dnreo macter,--.my e i.
r'an. dette hates publicity and hhyig her picture taken-Seen., eh n veerr e inasel, t
iThe second law reed luces in -i ) at s in "
,1here returning frem spearfishing she is-'oblivious to the b t e.le iti
o ta es at er i Wif fact that our stat cameraman disguised as... soeh- French, tEgi"skc, oSpai b or:.
ire .u" i ,by 5ed per-i' s Actr ess s -ingnin tehe sea wpei -rCreole for h 'that matotei. Qes-
ce for the first year and 20 c hats pubion ty "Meets y ifm his
percent for the next four havna Tod pitr tayen.. -. birt to date/
yekrs tI addtbion h so"e r, d wrostnhig wi-P li Gustav. Dressed hi "r ted its ow nerie'e -th o dt di v '
l urane in ... Mr 'Selznick may short bluepoo shorts, and mour affectation etc t ng that in that short lapsof
i t e -we have h picture- with a white tp that had a contrary sh i as natural as ien gaged thinAse
orts h for a period of. f oive re, but not of my wife she single shoulder strap: fresh c-in Je, some what self Cons in some new ll. absorbinagn -
ye o reovero ii t be ph oeand ratheyyoung Cooking Wit ciestce and scared of public, endeavor : '-studying a new

factue o, ..or r st r te Hol a the cr w hen sh s palli a sd be
fuand Moneover, tJucHitian painte
re the msetting up tooes in- thatsa w social torce -*Kcn i ,ackedm ting te last"
-t nd gtor the lgrcal rge, au-t of d T opr essioa that ourns he d e hia
idiee whi c fetilize Cnse-.ad not pberd, forai portrait -
amdnding shpagringthe epat- could d m onamef thee ing andvie nm t]edacco-o N,.
rm wa th-al Co r her ce " tt hae cari whe n she St open. j" to g her t vi
Britere sco tlned Harti'ces strhsly senia in the fl business. the Pwais- e f to etch utbiear. h
mri ghy t e hhieg hl t ofthis as-
ggme for indpentherleets arid Se adus n tural hatrem pu spiciity anin ue d obl ii e 3) yo.ng ifefr his"- ".:
fnd oen stubsequenecnicls p tress havinher picture ta kene .n..pected"
taxed on. et byh H heo eb tor aterrrise.
blen s sorthe ast yle d i0 11--J caq'r even thae aos ionaprofue B 1 91. _n.. .
wt for etaih sone aor mysel, he said. Pring ce, th ,ite -- stho di the- -~a
yers io theo m ey au- o fwmites lat the
Li hew r- had th eo-nau. o hid M ig th is lras..y, %''
ries Iadinspelled the iweCid he c pte was enjoying a he sent nos engaged for a prai;
fiortaloe that ther Hfaian mid-mornngt of Jenifer se sa dmlene amun.asthore ofi( A.
Jers. Moot audit one l ea trsdm r and joit and elner bedfu istudynm a n'
ther Netngr os in the netDacid hbd mostiofthtime hut atouh' oSELZN PeIChp' it '"L
industhr oe ut ohav to Lp t heb fonalizen tatrrang heel b es invisitle capira as theyin

fri.re o uenotable amtitnes for .had in the laud Ghenqstv 1o, the i plaingt 4 thsd as.


, )Page 2

r: ....~

The D ting. "' PAN AMECAN DAY
Oy',n Me g. Yesterday' :Pan Americ
S Message. Of Mr, .E, Sealy Day was observed through
SOn the evening before his 'feelings of gratitude for the out the 21 American R41(
return to Jamaica the Co-edi hospitality I enjoyed and I blics. What is Pan Am" i
Store of the DAily Gleaner Mr am waiting for the next op- nay ? What is the Or
'Theodore Sealy was guest of portunity which will perm tion of ?American States'
'. hour ata dinner'offefed by mzi to pay you i.bl ofer ti Th rgaation of a
'.h e spr ess of. *Port-au-Prince sude. T:' 'rica g a "es'i. a associ
'Vat .the Aux Codaque. Mr. I wish to tit in rk- o th '21 A ilesrican i
'k this opportunity cular, 'the OSeftettdre t blics. ied aIge'therY
,4 'iaever a farewell message a la Prdsidenqbr .M-, Lto. F sue.ope end stice
... A i" 1' * - -. .. .. i' "' i i 'B \ *, ' ** ]'" JL t- i' Ii *< *.j



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I" ~

~Lt ~1*~
~ .'
, ~. -


e text of .which is reprin- chi, for his personal tten- 1 hemisphere, 'i6 defend Pesir ,
dibelow..... ,l fion to my welfare durPng independence and territory i. .
Chers, Confreres ". my stay.. integrity, and to work, toge-
The short dura)iotn of my And I will not Leave the other for the well-being ,of
onderfult-isit to your count Haitian soil withoutexpress their pebples. Their associa-
V deprive rwe of4he great ing my feelings af ad.niration pion .was thf natural result
easPqto rrIgifg ,o feac an d of, sympathy fa the Se- pf, geogr-phical noarness,, a,
molI iagues 6fthe Hat "creailre: d-'Etat de ~ ntd ieoao.biirn h right of free. "
W Press, a message of sym Publiqte, D. Camill4 Lhdris om' an independence, sil~-
thad. of thanks, son, and also to his devoted ,larity- of -republican institu- *
After having 'expressed collaborators : Dr. .Miot, tions' aid 'democratic ideals,
feelings of attchement Batholy, Soeur Marie, Ju- a conmrJ aspiration for the "
kiti, can ell now lien,. Miss Celestin, who' du welfare pf their people', and
S.icarry withh me a true ring m short illness at. the a steadfastwiill for peace on
agreeable mr .pression and General .Iospital ave. g- thepartofall. ..
keep the opinion that each en e themeasure, fiheir Astearly as.'1826 rfpresen
Stn. iss proud of his his- cienceand deotion. .' tatives of'Aseveral American
ry'ad prepare a new eco l fy ou I say ~again republics answered the .cidl P TO 55 %
sfory fhe future. 'Thank,' and. .mea; ith -of the great Liberator, Si- STRON GE R
.an .ssure you that my all my heart. Be rsi ed mon Bolivar, tp meet in Pa S R I
e badly expresses my dear colleagues, tha I.'hav'.nama arid. discuss coopera- l P' I IiB
found your country .i full tion for mutual defense. On ; UP T'. 60/ T Ji
S1 rogrss, and1,to e'ho1I a. April 14, 1890, at the #First MORE NON-
4f ^l ll InoU a very dear friend.. Interntifiinal Conference of SKID ANGLES
I do hobe to meet you soon Amefican 'States in Wishing
I say Goodbye ton',. C., theAmedricanRe *O UP TO 32%
S" .Cordially. .' publi .stablished a perma- 3'

..,.iro-' .d1 o, du r !- S" AT.Mil tt bte^NG office' known-.'today 'a--" ,he 1'r i? D?$ "Oft
p .rfait qul ont f it de OUL= TEXb' J ic Pan Ameblics. AtUnion the sam e

Pan American Il premier : CO yea rsent my other agencies rR. SUMEI EXTRA POW "ER.
chih" p6tini les gens qui l were 'ormed and other niea lSPARK. PLUG. -ATTERIE$
r.vyagent hubituellIemnt I The" President, 'released r promote q tstand/ng spai as. ,.
the fIo 1' fttfnin at'ement a 0*plug fr gas r economy ILasc 'longer,
Sthe following statement at peaceful cooperation among and. mAfbr perform- hae e
eryis aiensjonallerq par 1:00 A. M. April .1, 1951, the Member Stat. e.sta.llase.ttody. I "" KB Bl
:ingston,,'Mohteg6 Bay, Cama-) Ar 1951, 1 M b States. anc.I- tll- i owe -- buy'g
ey..ain i qua service direct pouur Washington Time (EST) In 1948 at Bogota, at the I'
.a. J (With deep regretI ha- close of the Ninth Interna-
-1NEW YORK ve concluded that General tional Conference of Amer-
t te San J an i esPo ur of- the Army Douglas Mac- ican States, the representative
el, r-e1 villes des Etatsj Arthur is unable to give his yes of the American .~epu-'' .
a* mAl Sas wholehearted support to the signed a Charter bring ..
blicsigned a Charter bri_
i 01W iface.e IFie policies of the United States ing together the various agen
,dl6ld au lieu du Champ Oth
sfa.ie d&e La Guardia. Government and CiudtI.d Truillo 'ted Nations in matters per- American States. The Char-
an Juan .tainirg to his, official duties ter sets-forth the principles.
rice regulier par apldes In view of the specific res- of international living deve .
a- pe Clp* *BA possibility imposed upOl loped- by the American Sta- .
e*-er',. i pr KUB ., me by the Constitution of tes in their long history of .
;ejv!ie. fournalier par Kingston,
ibntego. Bay'-aiasi que service the United States and the ad cooperation and fair dealing
lrect ded responsibility which ,based on law and mutual
UROPE l has been ?entrusted to me by .'respect. In the' Charter'.the
ibclippeegepour arison-lit the United Nations, I have American States repeat their
ores.- Vouis pouvez 6galement decided, that I must make a belief that international law
oip sr.v :de ain Amenica pour a *
re.utm voyage en Ambrique du change of command in the is the standard of conduct
1le'seidqub Afrique, lAus- Far East. I have, therefore, between nations- 'and that oe 'i S rprised how
tour du monde. t relieved. General MacArthur good faith' governs their rp- i r ,
Connue' depuis plus doe of his command and have nationss They condemn all C tral Pain ill
wingt-deux annes come designated Lt. General Mat wars of aggression nd de-enta ill g
[a premiere ligne interna- I-h e M
tionale a6rienne. threw B. Ridgeway as his suc clare that all disputes or di- ,,There's a big difference in paints. We'
our tows rdnseignement, sadresser cessor. i agreements between two believe you bave seldom used a paint that
-\a atre.Agence deoVoyages.oud .Full and vigorodsdeba-. or \mpre. Americapdg Stats covers so much surface, and goes on as
ce on matters of national po shall be settled by peaceful easily!as this Central Paint.And, it stays,
licy is.a vital element in th? means. on-lasts amazingly,/' ,
ipe pus Constitutional System of The. Organization accom- m.f.. .u. pr.i in .,.M ..
dt, utmelines our great democracy. It is plishes its purposes through ..s. :-... o,, -
"rlnne fundamental, however, that : (a) The Inter-Ameri'an
i military commanders must .Coiference .6) Te Mee-
r be governed,by the policies &ing. of tonsuiititio of Mi-' AL'
I .i oeee.... and directives issued to them nisters of Foreigin Affairs; .-"
3" -61Soil in the manner provided by (c) .The Council; (d) The
1 1 .. i 1 .1 our laws and Constitution. Pan' American Union; (e)
Si -n time of .cris, thissitde The Specialized Or E & G MARTIJN S. A.
Continued on i ge 11 tions. t' AGENT DI-STRIBUTOR-.

.. ," a IN
' i ,--< p .
'.* ": : ." ..... " ,' - ', ..
i' -', ,V^ .-.v - -- '.

J, . .
-. ". ", 2., .. r. :: * **'
- *;..v-*-*'fe A~y,:,^:'^.^~atJ



----- i -- II.' -

t., '



E' Cf I iu...te project which is a mi.
Sniature Tennessee Valley Au.
e ie had. held the mid- ri
d16-class Haitian at'the low- Highlight of the program', .
est. ring eon the economic was reached when the Affi-
dliated Business AssociAtes 4f h
ragpm t given workersWs o
through the privilege *of or- Brierre a citto for, his ef-
a nforts to strengthen and im
prove the commercial eco-
which the government has noy of the republic.
enibarked, gives them a-.sta Mri, Brierre brought gree-
,tqs 'heretofore nonexistent, Itings from President Magloi
Brierre said. re who wanted him, to say
AlrIe aly fifteen model .ci 'that ((he,- is proud aifda that
ties for workers have' beensa
J::. satdudi eidnM- each time one of -you '-per7 CONFERRING WITH IKE--Top -offcers of the North, Atlantic. Pact forces were in-high spirits ds
f orms a deed which bef ore they arrived recently to confer with Supreme Allied CommandririErp wh ieh
gloire, the tourism director Shown in Eisenhower's Paris headquarters, from left to right, are: Lt.-Gen. .Wilhiefr Von ~Tanget~
disclosed. His projected' pro, science .and history bepar wit Nansteen, Commander of Allied Army Forces, Norway; Lt.-Gen', Ebbe Gortz, Commander of'Allied
I ness' to the equality of hii- Army Forces, Denmark; Eisenthower; Admiral Sir Patrick Brind, Commander ini-Chief, Nortlierri
manm cals orheopeun Europe, and Maj.-Gen.. Robert Taylor, Commander of Allied Air forces, Northern: Europe.
of eighteen new ur-a :4 a rcs
r-ural schools, the recommetti. At the conclusion of the
dation to Congress on:im conference, Mr Brierre 'ac- ----
portant-contracts or industr-
ia eelopet h creation re wen to'n Newr York whe-

da de t&e tth
bf a farm credit bank-, dand re he will open a. branch tou
the construction of a fifty- risem 6ffic with appropriate
room hospital in the capital public programs. He wo re
city, of Port-au-Prince main in the United States ua
These projects edaided by iApril 21when e will go 4e V
theisvtluntr contributions I towMexico and Havana beio
of business men, and large re returning -home........
Haitian firms,, is -raipidly The Conference on the 1e
being caee out,d Mr Bri- g in Businesss a a
irrp disclosed e-16 also sta- venture: sponsored y the
ted that negotiations are un ICoinmerae Deparmeytu-
der wy fot NE TRANSPORTi-Ady brica's first turbo- n FAYE'S ROStTTE L ch
o B t ine gri caster Racial Re convair-Turboliner, flew over California mountains in C New York tar s

port a pil oan toI -as Marti Thyar-SivrsMath olersepd
shakedown test Rlight. The plane is a modified 40-passegr twi n-,-. soni, who h'as been 166
contrib o <1ourt nations Advisen to the Se- engine ship used widely Py domestic and foreign airlhiners fashion parade in Se6
db sria y Je Irtibot-cretary of tCohe rci Shet tehe ai boo a oenhe da
the :ides' of her smoolfl
.1. ,, -1hairdo. .Ribbons on a chigri
sa s sh y ngisted that they stay give 0dde glamoreca
rgb li 0,odic e tele ewh eack the next A'ay.coutry

4-4 ~ w hi wieJt'ii z d~r p i2
helte4 hthefe So they spent he enigt
finger.- pointed, ,i idhe. ,direc- ni~s.;,:' California, and t61d I the Excelsior and returned
194 ( ca hh'can er' : to come 'rig t over .. ior tI . Tuesday.
.als :a photographer that he had found a place 'Wednxesday tjiey spentt
thr' ttcameraman 'irily situtled on a -shelf shopping downtown,. ih
was uigthe\,flash'camqp half way _t6 heaven. dinra ixCsaquefar
as, a cus .hion and slee pqg- Acting the perfect host.ati nteafeno zit
roundly) We assured _h' and hostess the popular ow- coof Kescoff. Thursd
that lher holiday would not ner and manager of El Ran was spent on the bay spar
be spoil ysc foolishness cho Mr. Albert Silvera and. fishing with Gustav. The
David O'Selznick came to his charming wife'persona sited the La Belle Cri6old
SHaiti 16 days ago on a 3 day 11y squired the David O'Selz and Maison Orientale .at
vacation, on the re'commen-. nicks around during their that afternoon,. and a vai
dation of friend Ervin Ber- 'stay here. Last Saturday -ea the ccMercuy r the
lin (who svirears that Haiti night they dropped in at Ca window ledge of Maison 0-
andthe El Rancho are the banie Choucoune, the Q'Sel- rientale for a good halff
f inest place in the world to nicks danced thrice' and hour. Friday they set off
,spend a vacation), shook. hands with His Excel with Gustav to La Gonaeve
The f ilmn Producer and his ,lency the President of the Saturday the Silveras took
soil Jeff spent the f irst 6 Republic. Sunday they enjo )them up the! mountains .
days towpther enjoying the yed a quiet day swimming Furcy, Kenscoff... and this
place one d.Albert Silve- and sunning at the'Hotel. mrngtey are to e
ra piloting :his own plane Monday Albert Silvera pi well as they are scheduled to R eT N O ITA-tl'
flew themn over the Citadelle voting his ownple flew fly to Miami. Hats off to the G Wro the fillm sweetheart of hlin
'hey took a pile of film and .them -to Jacnmel, They arri- Silveras and the El Rancho Colie stpped inside this new- R ipta Hyotrcnl'tp
Vlr ed their flight, Then ved at noon and after a short' for introducing Hait to a ty i olrwiesetn n2% years. The,, red-hair
'last Friday Jeff emnhad to re- trip around the city of the a who can do a tr~emen- Shhe chce h gaue of th lmor girl greeed th Pr
turn to Yale University. Left West motored to Caref out dous amount of -good for the boiler, which had ,good reason oPic l hni h
alone and determined to con,. Ramon, Jacmel seemed to' yon orism industry If thene ren ough t aegood ooac fol
kinue enj oying a true vaca- agree with Jennif er Jones Jhis country.,


I.' t,~.,. . -

i ,N '"

Pa e. 4-

,*., ,. -_
HEAT WAVE fair price). Three of the 8 Ci CASINO'S -,
-.' Tropical heat wave...this troens that were received re NEW LOOK
week pedestrians dug out cently .are unsold up-to-date European atmosphere has
their sun-shades, umbrellas Other business houses of descended on the old Casino
and larger hats. The fruity the city report that. they are National now the new Casi-
bar= vendors 'did a thriv- in the European Car trade no International. Run by I-
ing business as the tempera and will receive cars short- ialan Nationals who have
t.Ituire in the heart of down- y.-. somebody has even go- a background of- twenty
S own soared to great heights ne so far as to say they are gsibling experience
Sfixing to import JapanesesThe. establishment looks for
.-. TNEW BANK cars that will just fly over ward td a fhionable futu-
.' ~-,The, hew National Bank these bills... re. a aewdance floor u .a
tnuilding will !be inaugura- yacht club ... an exclusive
R; V .ted May 19th and the doorI1 $1000 CABLES gambling room, where one
will. be opened of business It is known that Film pro must. be a member to peep
Monday May 21. ducer David O'Selznick across and see how much
S.7 r spent $450 on cables one even Ti Joe, Blow is winningor
I ..EUROPEAN CARS i ,ing last week, and it is .ex- osing.., a salt water swim-
^ Spring is here and iti pecte d that hi ming pool... first class Ita-
2 blossoming with lovely cable bill :will be lan restaurant... etc.
". Eurofreai'cars of all .sizes well over $1000 by the time r-r NO
shapess ai names:... Scott he leaves today... L
a;-'. and-.Hackenbruch' have ad- : m 3 9 ,,,
S"Monday at 1:30 ,m the
!ed-a couple of -a Borg THE FIG BANANA Monda. at 1:30 PA"mbs
'.:..irds to the auto.sidte 'of- The Department of Agri- o t Ambassador
.*ei'c"businessJ. They receiv- culturee advises Interested of B.he Domycan Republic
;,some other. brand trucks parties that starting April E. Sr- b v.ted fo
t oth,.ill" are of Ger- 8th the net price to be paid ; h ab.oard he ortght
an, ;im e. More', and big- .he peasant for, banana .ppr cruise s.ip Nuevo Dom.-
r Renaults were received 6tandard:bunch is fixed at G .cano a group of members
s.w c. To be'-exact, the 3.80 per bundh of 8 stems., of Parlament Journalist
enault people received 6 G. 2.85. per bunh, ..of 'and friends Attendants we-
argg. 4 cylinder overdrive stems;, G. 1.90 per :-M.fl .. Adelphn Telson,
ttio^6-X s "uiiltat ?es e- of 7 stems., G. 0 o"c .9 I r esient of the Chamber of
daUy 6 e coloiesIt does uch 6 stems. .Deputies members of Parli
miles to the gallon,and met Baltazar Bright and
y.-s et 9.' it -costs. $2,400 SPEECH Cheion Me. Emmanuel Le-
a(tirtn-;.. you' hidM bet- Mr..Adelson Boucard will conte, Feltx Angemlcci, Di-
erfind tout), A.lso 7 auto- deliver on Tuesday April rectors of the Democraties
1.ises, and 12 small 'midgits 17th at 6.00 p. m. a conferen the Port-au-Priice Timesn,
1-li"penhader received the ce'tentitled : Education of add the 'Haiti Sunn. The
f -oasts were fd :'the .prospe
#iel-lltown French car 'the the Masses and its fortunate
.-ugeot... one convertible consequences for the. .na- rity of both Haitian and Do
Sm.nec station-wagon... nd tion. minan people and the tri
..small handy looking truo. IRE umph of the world wide po-
ilsan s awaiting the .arr I' At noontime Thursday a licy of continental peace and
ialt of .the famous Bri$, laapge column of smoke an- solidarity of both Presidents
.-A-stin. tShasa is sop to/ bounced another 'fire in of the island, Their Excel-
e the Opeltht ma old shanty town or squai encies Rafael Pnidas Tru-
ghnerav l motorsi r :teer corner, actually ,CroI jillo and -Paul E. Magloire.

( a fair size car itis replo-t des-Bos alcs, open air mar Weare availing ourselves
that it will, sell' for a ket. A regular fire trap this of the opportunity in con-
...1- .. p' i gratulating Diplomat Ay-
Iii R.oom bar of his constant -endea-
S NEW B- amnboche Room ,our to bring the neighbour
Sat 'Republics together i a.
at firm bond of friendship.
Roosevelt Hotel

Who is the

Dear Interested,
I perceive that the aBeach
comber, is a person who by
observing and noting and
ennI. rinor <;IlfA .l a 1-i


SPRING FEVER-Baccha, the Indian tiger at the .Iondozi Zoo,
recently had a severe attack of that same disease that strike? most
of us this time of year-Spring Fever. The kittenish antics of the
big fellow who seemed to be longing for a back-scratcher, delighted
.-, ,the zoo visitors. t

-*Da geroyt1 dters



Let Her
Lug It! .
This lightweight
'aluminum boat,
displayed at the
recent National
Boat Show in
Chicago, was
lifted into
prominence by
lovely Rita
,Lynch, queen of
[ the show.
Weighing only 48
pounds, the craft
.is ideal for
hunting, fishing,
racing and thope
family camping.
"I trips. that find
hubby too tired
to make a
portage but the
little woman
fresh as a daisy.

,.. day.. managers to lay iny
JASS most varied and opulent ,
l -DRINKS ARE THE IBEST O stock of misinformation pos
Editor. '

&-,w.. : ,., i -



area is at present on the
Government's a g e n d a
for improvement, etc. The
Fire-brigade and Police swif
tly cooperated in bringing
) the fire under control. No-
body was hurt, little dama-
ge was done.

ti Joseph report
, : *. _.- .

-.. -. -

Deair Edi-ltor

. t I "



The shops in this section
haev ben checked by this
ane4 pe, and to the
best of our knowledge
their merchandise' is of
good quality and good


.T $ Are from 8 a. m. till 5 p. m. some shops
- close between the hours 9f 12 and 2. p. m.
Sat, is noon closing, but a number of
shops especially Souvenir slqps stay open
till five in the evening.
Banks open at 8 a. m. and .close at 1 p.
m. Saturday crossing noon.
Post Office opens at 8 a. m. and close at
5:30 p. m.

SO.UAC. --T-, '--M ,,

......IN LOCAL HANDICRAFT WOP.K Haiti's losing depatinest s4a a
O UV i *z

Cosmetics;" by Dr Payot of Paris.
(Located on the .corner of Rues du Magasin de l'Etat
and Fronts Forts.) Tel. 2724

Theo p e N, letter
I Prodiwts *i

- -






MACHINERY FOR RED VARMlA -A Rdsilan machine for platnt-
ing tomato and tobacco plans s'*9. onghegriculture nachinerY
from 15 European nations iexhibited athe 23rd annual iari
achilery. exposition a erat le Gate in Paris. The planter.
f -,.1----._--7_-__ ponejatd eW t pa&Oh. ____--- .


Ar, A and Curig Shop

rsillAUar WEEKat Yflhf

At prices every value-wis.e woman wilj welcome,
NOW is the time to see. and buy several of these love-
ly bags. There's fine styling in every detail of these
(,beauties,, which come in fashion favoured Uoder-
arms, Shoulderstraps and Short-Handlestrap types ...
In easy-to-keep-clean Patent- or Dull Plastic. Don't de-
lay, visit the Maison Orientale Shop of your choice to-
Whether You Do Need a Bag or Not, It Will
Pay You to Invest in Many of these Bags Now.
at Your Favourite

Maison Orientale

I' .' .
i^s : .- ..:. *-'," .. ..... ^ ^ ...,-^ ^ ^^ ..,.,. . .... "., ..r.., ,



W. '



. I






By lan Gileadi

(New York RePrdsentata- ranks of resort hotel man- from New York direct to San
tj we, Puerto Rico Visitors Bu- agements offering special Juan route. It will offer
c reau, and Chairman, ASTA inducements to summer va- from both airports a non-
Allied West Atlantic and cationers. We hope to see stop New-Type Constella-
Caribbean Resorts Corn- the list grow. tion flight for first-class pas
E: mittee) CURACAO, sengers, and a Douglas four
TRAVEL news from the NETHERLANDS enginend Skymaster flight
Caribbban continues defin- WEST INDIES with coach fares. \
S itely on the bright side. Ho Recently a seawater aqua Conjunctive operation of
tels in the main report ex- rium has been added to the the two complementary rou-
cellent business in island af- interesting exhibits in the rates to San Juan will link this
ter, island, with a tourist Curaqao Museum. It con- important island with more
turn-out larger than antici- tains dozens of species of co- than 90 principal cities and
4 pated. : lorful tropical fishes, sea a- production centers served
To date, this winter's ex- nemones sea ferns and li- by the Eastern Air Lines aer-
SceUerit Caribbean traffic has ving shells, all caught near work that ,covers the area
'exceeded estimates made ear the coast of the island. It is between New England and
Tier by- travel experts. They expected that gradually' mo- 'the Gulf and from the At-
I see now in these figures re aquariums will be instal- lantic seaboard as far west
Strong .signs of a healthy led so that soon the comple- as St-Louis.
; tourist outlook far into 1951 te submarine fauna and flo- The airline is offering a
doubly 'go as Caribbean tra- ra from that part of the Car reach fare of&$64:00 between
Svel li.nitations .-seen now- I ibbean, except for the largest New York and San Juan,
here in sight". :. -., animals,. will be on display. ivhich.is a reduction of mo-
S Cruispeshjplayed an im Lovers of antiques will re than '$10.00 from the air
V portant r6 "0 last. month find, too in the Curacao Mu tourist,fares in effect on Lhis
Sthroughutsbthe.Carihbean- seum exquisite furnishings route. The airline is also pre-
L-9 in the number of ports visi- from the eighteenth and ear- paring a lower coach fare
ted,'the number of passen.- ly nineteenth century. Its on the Miami-San Juan rou-
gers' tar'ied; and the substan picture gallery is mostly u-,te where the present normal
-tial dollar revenue produced sed for. temporary exhibi- fare is $64.00 one way.
I for the islands' shops. bars, tons and i technical section Recently, all in one day,
'and restaurants. Special ar- deals with the industrial de San Juan welcomed Al Sim-
trangements to welcome and, yelopment of Curacao.. mons, President of ASTA
loa 'edit cruise passengers The Curacao Museum and 'Simmons Tours. Rer-
'were made by oiurist authot building itself, constructed bert Weekes, Cruise Direc-
:ities througlion 'the Carib- .over one hundred years. : -*r bof the Home Line; Mal-
bean with yery gratifying go was originally used as a colm La Prade, vice-Presi-
V-results. '. military hospital. A few dent of Thomas -Cook &
S'he. growing trend of re- years ago the Government Son; ,C. J. Mohn, vice-presi-
:' t :.er rates,.is a wel planned tearing it down. Its dent of' the Norwegian A-
es M sign in -summer Carib value, however, as a beau- merican Line; Mario Gemin-
im'lbean tourist promotion. Ef- tiful example of old Dutch iana, assistant passenger tra-
2..fective April'1, 'the Hotel architecture was recognized ffic manager of the French
'Flamboyant, St. Thomas, and it was restored comple- Line;, Jerry Powers,.. cruise
Virgin'island, the Galleon tely. .: director of .the Oslofjord;,n
1;Beach Lodge, Grand -Cay- PUERTO RICO Jacques 'Grevin, cruise direc
man, Bahamas, and the Iri- On March 26, Eastern tor of the fDe Grassen; and
r;'ternational Club in Pbrt-au Air Lines will inaugurate a of course, the cSS De Gras-
Prince, Haiti will join the two-flights-a-day service sen and the ,SS Oslofjordi




Apr uno eianen hebdomadaire de centaines de personnel ne Fumant que deo Camel
pendant 30 jours, de grands spdcialistes pour la gorge oat dclar6 navolr cro, v
cause par les CAMELS 1



O l:;:- .:
,,.,.,f ,, .,-.,.." -i:- ti ,,...
"... .. .. .. .. ...-._.....'. ... .. t _,., -.........,. J...t.,,i4:.; &... i. iL...:. .., ... &;.. .: .

with 800 passengers.
To commemorate the
100th new industry to beco-
mei established in Puerto-Ri-
co, under the 'Administra-
tions Industrial Develop-
ment Program, a number of
leading journalists, writers,
and editors were flown re-
cently to the Island. Such
concentration of interest,
and the ensuing publicity,
is bound to favo}* not only
Puerto Rico but the entire
Caribbean region.
March 10kh brought the
Cuban Carnival pageants
and parades to a close after
an usually successful sea-
son. These Saturday and Sun-
day features are always a
big tourist attraction, filling
Havana with both foreign
and Cuban tourists each
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"Better Products


Happier Living"
Agents : ,
Trading Co.
Across from the Nationa
Tel : 3134


S. A





when you can ALWAYS get it




' .'.


al -

...YIAR T H IwS4

. S






it through that many times. not uncommon for a man
Being an exceedingly im. to have total understand
Spoverished college student of a few great books but it
Sat the time, I was never able dearly was uncommon for a
to gather enough money to man to be able to writer
'purchase a copy of the book such a lengthy series about
.xxx whole shelf of great books
and to catch; in every essay
:TODAY I own a copy and the essence of each book
during the past two weeks3 under study.
?: I have been dipping intoit,...Cpnsider :
..i with delight. Mr. Bennett has written
I sent away for it and af- here one of the best estima-
ter a month I received it in tes of Keats's "The Eve of
First class condition. St. Agnes" that I have ever
; xxx read and, later in-the book,
James O'Donnell Bennett. a brillant estimate of, Tho-
as you may recall, was a reau's (Walden.,
member of the staff of the Cheek by jowl are a wit-
- Chicago Iribune. These es- ty and wise essay on Lord
K, says first-appeared in the Tri Chesterfield's Letters to
: bune and they were the re- His Son" and Thucydides's
suit of an ,assignment to "History of the Peloponnes-
S" ian-JWarn."
Fe is as good on Whit-
-man's "Leaves of Grass, as
he is on- Lamb's uEssays of
Elia,, o rMontaigne's cEss-
says,, or' Macaulay's ,En-

THE. riches to be found
Iin ,Much Lovdd Books",are
practically inexhaustible. Six
N__ I .

Hayes, long recognized as one-
of the top actresses of the Amer-
lean stage, is shown here in
Hollywood shortly after she
agreed to her first movie in
16 years. Miss Hayes, who is
49, revealed that one of the
reasons she accepted the part
was that she could get to play
a woman of 50, which would
allow her to act without w6rry-
. "tng about camera angles.

I .' :.. ,'" .: ;,.' .

I ty bOOKS do nuot, uo LUUsc,
cover the range of great
'books but they do take you
perhaps "a fourth of the
Putting down this volu-
me the other evening 1i
hou.ht what a happy fate it
would be to be ,sentenced,,
to reading his essays one at
a time and then turning to
read the book he has discus-
sed before going on to the
next essay.
How I would relish such
a "sentence".
If you would like a copy
contact the ((Sun, and we
will order it for you.
B. B. B.

P2"- f


. ,


By Walter Terry

From a Bookman's Notebook

LBOUT 10 years ago I write a series of pieces that
ie upon a book in the would emphasize the news
.lington Public Library value of great books of an-
t I have never forgotten cient and modern times.
was called "Much Loved Perhaps not even Mr. Ben
oks. It was written by nett's editors cnew at the out
ies ODonnell Bennett set that his assignment
I it was made up of 60 would result in anything as
iys about those books, nearly perfect as it turned
ys and poems which had out to be.
. a part of his life. Liver Certainly they could not
t had published the volu have hoped that what he
in 1927. was to write would be not
only 'pl'iece,s for the paper"
Ay memory 'is not at all but "literature" in the finest
rue on the point. I know meaning of that word.
t I checked the book ou xxx '
the library four times in Mr. Bennett must have
years and that I read been an amazing man. It is

their folk dance phths. This Troupe Folklorique were;
is pleasant enough but not Ti-roro and Ti-marcel, dru-
very stirring, and where he miners, and Lumane Casimir-
does attempt theatricaliza- singer. The two visiting
,tion on a ballet-like scale, drummers, together, with
such as in 'Apparition of Mr.Cimnber, made fine music
the Thunder God," his dan- throughout the' evening and
ce structure is loose and oc- Miss Casimir came .forth
casionally -loaded with mo- from time to time to enter-
vement 'repetitions. tain us with Haitian .Ame- -
But if the supporting dan ringue,, songs. Th musical
cers were not, ,as a unit, score for the orchestra, which
strong and if the choreogra- accompanied the majority of
phy arranged for them was the numbers, was composed
generally weak theatrically, by Antalcidas Murat and',
it must be admitted that the narrative text waspre.;:
both had charm and unpre- pared by Frey Ringel-and de-'
tentriousness. Pleasure they livered by Roy Poole. A a,-t
gave, if' not excitement. Mr. pacity audience (hundreds
Destine, however, counter- were turned away) intended i
balanced these not too dis- this performance whicr'as
Icouraging flaws with his under the patronage 6f-PVin
own fine dancing and with cent Impellitteri, Mayor of
the tiahi and effective rhn- ,New, YV, .-';:.... A._' -_

Dance Festival

A Haitian festival of dan-
ce and music, held in cele-
bration of Haiti Week (A-
pril 7 to April 14), was pre-
sented Sunday evening at the
Ziegfeld Theater under the
sponsorship of the Govern-
ment of the Republic of Hai
ti. Jean Leon Destine and
his company, featuring Jean
ne Ramon and Alphonse
Cimber,- headed a program
which also called upon the
talents of guest artists from
the Troupe Folklorique Na
tionale de Port-au-Prince.
Mr. Destined, who is Well
known to American audien-
ces, is a superb cancer. He
is handsome in appearance
and elegant of action. Yet
he hap fire top and primitive
strength and these qualities
disciplined by a deceptively
broad technique (everything
seems easy as he does it), gi-
ve his dancing an nunsual
flavor. Perhaps the threads
of French culture in Haiti's
heritage account for his easy
elegance, just as his flexibi-
lity (both. rhythmic and mus
cular) mirrors the bequest
of an.African past, but wha
ever the reason, the result
is a gracious and virile dan-
ce style.
At all times, the star was
effective, particularly in'his
solo passages or in duet se-
quences with the lovely Miss
Ramon. The dance of the
"Witch Doctor," with Mr.
Destine as the doctor and
iMiss" Ramon as the patient,
was a high mark in the pro-
gram. Here, patterns of dan-
ce were sharp and imagina-
tive, physical prowess was
called into play and the who
le was charged with tension
- cumulative, inescapable,
magical. The duet in "Creo-
1e- Fantaisie, as simple and
charming and Mr. Destine's
solo in the "Market Scene
in Port-au-Prince, was
bright and humorous.
Mr.. Destine's company,
aside from Miss Ramon and
his matchless drummer. Al-
phonse Cimber, is new and
not yet consistently effective
':heatrically The same.( 1
fear, must be said for Mr.
Destine's choreography for
large group. While he has
itheatricalized, and beaut7fu.
Ilv, Haitian folk material in
his solo and duo composi-
'ions, he tends to let his lar-
ger works amble along

.1 ..l

S.. --o --- A1.4_ U 4- uu- i Ljcw z T ro t-iry, and Gustia-
Sreography for himself and ve Laraque, Ambassador mf
Miss Ramon. Haiti to the United States.'
SAmong the artists from the (New York Herald Tri)une)'

SProgram of Native Songs, P dances and Music
SLaunches Celebration Here ..of Haiti Wek '


The Republic of Haiti pre not' to mention their pronoun
sented a Haitian Festival at need personal charm.
the Ziegfeld Theater last 'The dances ranged from
night to open the'local Hai- folk material of obvious A-
3 ti Week celebration. frican derivation to a aMar
Jean Leon Destin6 was its tinique" End a square da-
director and principal dan- ce patently of European in-
cer, and he was assisted 'by fluence. The witch Doctor
Jeanne Ramon, who is his number, the ,Spider Dance,
dancing partner; the well- and the voodoo ritual ha-
known drummer, Alphonse ving to do rw'ith the Thun-
Cimber, and members of the der God, lent drama and vi-
Troupe Folklorique Nation'- gor to a program that was 1
nale de Port-au-Prince.Chief predominantly lyrical and
among the latter were Lu- relaxed. The group moves
mane Casimir, who sings beautifully, vith that mar-i'';
"Meringues," a particular ty velous control of the torso :i.'-
pe of popular Haitian song, and pelvis that makes this
and three drummers. Ti-Ro- kind of dancing so exciting
ro, Ti-Marcel, and Quy Du- when it is well done. *
rosier. Cimber and the pther mru
I It was a characteristically mmers managed to stop the
I tropical evening in tempo, show. as drummers have a
beginning late and proceed- habit of doing. If Mile Casi
ing with unabashed leisure, mir fares better in 4her nat-
bur it was undeniably attrac ive land with her songs, it
tive. The people are all gra is undoubtedly because the-
cious and ornamental and re her language is familiar.
perform with winning war- On the negative side i of ..
mth and ease. the evening was a pit -band 4-4:
That M. Destiny and Mile complete with saxophoniei, '.
Ramon atre excellent dan- and a running commentary ,
.cers is no news for they have on the. loud speaker, which'
been seen hereabout on nu-. tended to create the 'ito ,
merous occasions. All the so sphere of a movie travelo-'
lo roles fell to them, and we-. gue. .
re performed with their cha -- '
racteristic taste and skill. ( -New York TimesJ )

j .9

:~' ~.





. ...
'. :..
., :'I


- ..a






IltVanTIED tor insomniacs
aiatres ~that has a built-in

r oI o.make.It vibrate. A ni|
!one might leave many a mn

Sin, Hartford, Con
,?E!Fafao hard during a scre
that she ruptured an a
onmlat muscle and had to
to a hospital. Wonder hi
g thie movie will keep her

oDe tit tizen was charge
b ing drunk -after j8dli
Sbd;hm asleep at the reins of

1hO .asj wagon m6andering o
61dntrol. Just can't trust the
on-day horsess to talCt i ma
S ', * *
r Harem' Globetrotters, p
bggi _rds, are diwloupt
an liest tiam.' Wgnd
| WBif- ifst their -vfilt

Sd, thieves $olte Ai

,...- , , SC t

VY nAN%.. 0
S' .-:



* .



a .



,- . ,
S; *.. ,:,
.-.., *... :
-j at I


*-~4 A..-




-* *****




4.. .4 --
.4 4S
* 4 4 *4


'-I 7 ar:W,



-------- ,.K


5.000 FEET... AMO. S A MIE BOVE S.Jl ..EL
ONLY 33 EISUREL u- ifQtsvwr



is por speciaik



% i.NE OGIRMIAN .. .
,,., ,.. F ,R.A ,. n n i jf I ' _

E AN FU t, .R


I *I *


?&posimon Grounis)

KNOWS HIS APPLES-In the way of low-cut necklines, this ii
something no man ought to try on the little woman. Cabaret per-
former Georg-Gladios, age 46, can get-aw. y with it becau' 's
an expert swordsman and his female patlfoer bas grejt .6nidenc
n him. There are.mnany women who figt'losetleied.f.i
tid to slice an apple on their throat But Geor' kdos is
apples from his other apples. He'll prove this to A4micans w i
S--- .. --.-finaPbhesrna tour6f 'PGap j.

a t

-N-'., *.~'

-- *.. .~j
- .. *. -

, I

". decoration from the Belgium I Director Aime6 who showed
i Government. The decora- him the new office premises
tion is the Order of the Friday he flew to the ,Capv
NC. Crown of Belgium, the gra on business and returned yes
de of Chevalier. Capt. Ra- terday to spend the week-end
meau was aide to the Belgi- in town before continuing
um Delegation that atten- his business trip. His corn
.. -j ded the inauguration ceremo pany's agent in Port-au-Prin "
nies of H. E. President Ma- ce is Pharmacie Valm6 ...
Sloire. I young Gus is reported to ha-
xxx yve done a good jol of epter
,' Jacquot Sassine enjoyed training the visitor.
Last evening at 6:30 at Tim Kane gave a party her birthday Tuesday, some, xxx
the Sacre Coeur Church in at the Petionville Club one mentioned she had won Arthur Angus of Neon Sign
Turgeau charniing Miss Gil Thursday evening at 6:30. the lottery prize of $3,000. fame (who has an everlast-
da Elie was wed to Lieute- xxx 00 the same morning. ing store of godd jokes on ,
a.. nant Willy Laraque. The Mr. Allen of the firm Allen xxx hand) devoted last week- !
1 happy bride and groom are and Bqussan flew over to Frangoise -Franchous Du end to the celebration of
- .enjoying cobl Kenscoff on San Juan and Ponce (home vivier is inviting friends to his birth..
-&i their honey-moon. of the Ponce cement) Mon- an afternoon party tomor- xxx
xx day. On returning Wednesi row to assist in her birthday Agronome Cito Bonnefili
N "ana Siegel flew back to Mr. Allen announced that celebration. Her father's celebrated his birthday on
-school in Kingston Jamaica this week end his firm birthday falls on the same Tuesday..
'Thursday., will receive 40.000 bags of day xxx
xx cement and before the end xxxx Mr. Roger Cajust, well
Also aboard the Kingston of the month they expect to known hardware merchant
bound plane Thursday we- receive an additional 60,000 The SS Nuevo Dominica- and soft drink manufacturer
: re the twins and Mr Gladys bags. Allen and, Baussan a- no (Cruises From Miami is leaving i today accompa-
Jackson the Former Gladys re now agents for the well Nassau. Miami Kingston nied by his wife on a combi
I' Leger sister of' Jacques L&- known English shipping li- Ciudad Trujillo Port-au ned business and health trip
ger 'Minister of Foreign Af ne, ,Sun Shipping Compa- Prince Miami every two
fairs. nyv of old Broad Street, weeks) entered Port Sunday xxx
xxx [London. Their ships will Evening at 7 and sailed for If you have any social
Friends gave Eric Timmer sail regularly once a month Miami Monday night news, notes etc drop them
and Raymond Laleau a din London, Puerto Rico, Haiti xxx, in the post... mark the en-
:ner, F rida y night. Cuba. Miss 'Marie Riboul and velope poHaiti Sunn.
Henry Danois ..were married
Eric. Timmer is the for xxx marr
> mei Charge d'Affaires at the That distinguished looking Thirsday at 6:30 p. m. at
Haitian Ethbassy in Buenos gentleman, the ex-Consul of Sacre Coeur Church Tur-
,Aires, he 'arrived -.in town Holland, Mr. Robert Stark geau. The couple are at prel
last Thursday and after a celebrated his 78th. birthday sent honey-mooning at Se- f e
f' bhort.vacation i0 to fly to his Friday. Mr. Stark (not so nator Roy's home atLaBou I eire
new post i%1,Je Havre lIran old as.p .inmk.. younger le. That grand bamboche at 0
:e :Rayimon. Laleau work persons shrink at his ex&l., 'the Roys hope.,on Avenue Z.. To
,'-for UNESCO. in Paris and lent capacity for those rum N that commenced Sunday e s Z. S. J
Ss here on a two week holi punches,) offered a cock, at 11:00 a. m. and continued -; '
-.av...' Tail party at his home in A- kill 6:00 p. m. was .a sho-
xxx venue Christophe' to acknow wer party for Miss Marie Ri .
There was a successful ,ledge the Anniversary Fri- boul. Chairmati of the joke- .
T ea. Partyit Wednesday af- day evening. session .at the shower was
In rnoon at the Gerard Fils- xxx well-known joker G6rard
.Aim6 home in Petionville. Jaques Lerebours, Libe- Bazile, his assistants were earxlnr
Among the friends Gerard rian at the Haitian Ame-. Qlaude'Gentil and Jean Cau
r Fils-Aim6 who recently mar icah Institute, enjoyed his vin.
ried charming Miss Marcel- birthday Saturday night
i l' e Laporte entertained were with his buddies at Vert Ga
Bob Roy. Gerard Rousier, lant and Voodoo. Jacques is
'and Joseph Thevenin. reported among the missing
I'. xxx this morning..-
The Party at 'the Villard xxx
home in Turgeau and later Jean Brierre, Director 'Ge
-at Choucoune last Friday neral of Tourism, at pre- This week the Ralph Pe-
night was to commemorate sent in New York doing a' ters thought better of the
the anniversary of kiki's good Job of making1 name William that they had
^ birth. "Haiti Week," a grand .bestowed on their new 10-
xxxx success, was entertai-- pound son last Tuesday, and I
i: iThe Peruvian Minister to 'ned this. week by members decided from here on Wil-
Haiti and Mrs. Correa. offe of the New York Press. liam will be known as Gil
4 .ed a farewell dinner 'to the xxx bert.
i .2 ecrerary of the Amer- The Management of the xx '
"ican Embassy and Mrs. Ko- Lottery i's offering a 5 to'7 Mr and Mrs Raoul Lhe-
ren Saturday evening at the cocktail, party tomorrow e- risson have announced that . .
Peruvian Embassy residence evening, to commemorate the ;hey have named their new '
in Pacot. '. 20th anniversary since the daughter Corine. .
-l .Mr and Mrs. Koren,daugh- founding of -the Lottery.The xxx I
ter Ann and son Tony will fete is under the patronage "Luis Del Castillo Jardines
sail aboard the SS :Nuevo of H. E. the President of the of the Drug, Pharmaceuti- .aS/r Aurmff a... ka
f' Dominicano on the 24th oj- Republic and the guest of cal Products firm of Davis 8t! fak wauhs m sa0 IMs.
: this month for Miami.From honor is the Minister of Fi- and Lawrence, on a business
Miami they intend to motor nance. tour of the Caribbean arri-
,.to their home in Princeton, xx ved here Monday morning
N. J., spend a short vacation Captain Roger Rameau at from Ciudad Truillo. Stay- BRASSERIE DE
: and then proceed to their present Commander of the ing at the Splepdid he visi-
I new post'in Berne, Switzer- Military District of Petit- red Tuesday the new Natio '
Island. Goave is to soon receive a nal Bank building and met

it' .
4:, ..


Catholic '
Hospital Chapel 'I
sunday Mass at 8:30 a. m.
sermon in English.
Sacr6-Coeur. Sunday. .
Masses at 4-6-8 a. m. ..,
Cathedral Sunday Masses '.t
at 4-5:30 80:00 a. m. .-I
St Gerard (near Oloffsoc)*-
Sunday Masses 5:30-7-8:30
3t Jean Bosco Sunday
Mass at 9 a. m: ,
Chapel on the Expositionh
grounds, Mass at 9: -a. m.


* *4'~~


Episcopal -,
Holy Trinity Cathedral
4:00 a. m. Mass French
6:00 a. m. Mass French
-7:00 a. m. Mass English
8:00 a. m. Mass Frencl
9:30 a. m. Mas -English
Ephany Chapel
Sunday Mass at 6 a. m.
8 a. m. in French
Rue de la R6volution .,- .,
Service : at. 7 a. m. '
In English '',
-' 2.

fl B*., ,U' Nv.
y% i'- | ir uT- *"-''

I io:.M



mu coc&coi& cwaV 5?

S. .-'
' ," +" ... A l...:1
t 4', ." . ",,
t' .C .
-A -".4iT='% ..-.' '~


Coined from page 1) LETS FACE rr HEN OLD BO.. ...WEL,THE ALWAYS Y .WEE 611 PEA URPRI
%' collections, developing very EXPECT 10 STAY UPALL NI6HT HEI, EAN SHE ...Eg...ARE
eirly a noticeable ability for VorKcINONATRIAL BRIEF CMA ,MR.WILSoN T
S drawing. During, his high AND NOT FE rr Nr TDAY!...
school years at St-Louis de o
S Gbnzague, he became a Poo
well known figure amongst a a
I students and professors, not p
I. only for his 'topnotch school
work but also for his devas
sitting and irreverent car-
trbns,. lampooning teachers A o
ad pupils alike. He gradu j ce'mn -t
ated from highschool with .. -___
the highest honours of his '
S class and soon after, in 1926 ment with three other dare teach life drawing to the o- apparently done so casually, and background, which ga-
h e I e f r t h e coun-i devils, cooking fantastic ex- other members, and to write quickly with only light, breel e Haitian popular mus
t-r y, f o r B e l gi u m oic dinners and throwing articles for the local papers zy sketches on scraps- of pa and dances their first big op-
agriculture at the Gembloux wild parties' where Haitian as well.as- for the Centre's- 'i for studies Two porrunity to show to the
'University near. Namur. A drums, songs, dances and Bllertin ,Studio No. 3,,- months ahead of schedule outside world what they re
year in Europe was enough rum (of course) made up the Articles of significance on the work was completed, thei ally could do.
/.oh convince him that art best of the entertainment, painting and sculpture. only section of the fair to be And today ? Today, back
Was h is main line, so in Graduation ceremony was Came the turbulent period completely ready for Inaugur from a short stay in San Juan.,
1927 hie shifted to the study hardly over in Cornell when of the Lescot's Government I action Day. This time even where Architect aHenry
o' fine arts and architecture he was already in N. Y. Ci- last days, and, as to be expec oacside recognition came a- Klumb, of world fame, had
at, the 'aRs oyale ,cademi the working for the famous ted of such a temperament,ou long with the local praises: called on him to take hand
dis Beaux-Arts of Bruxel- John B.' Pierce Foundation he was amongst the young Time Magazine mentioned in the design of San Juan's
lesn. on some exciting Housing men who took such specca-I favorably the work, Life pu new Public Work Center,
Research and Design. July cular and passionate part in blished pictures of the fol- today you can still see him
During those aformav jy 1943 finds him in Mexico .the political events of the ti- klore Section giving him in that same-old Buick of
years he lived fullythe fewith his cousin the writer me. It was ten that he credit for the only truly ori- his, and still busy of course
verish life of the European Jacques Roumain then Hai- went through a short but ginal work of the Fair, The He just finished the hand-
studnts df those tumultu- tian Mintister to Mexico. quite memorable newspaper British Magazine ,Archiec- some home of D a n i e IL
ous day ': hard study, hard There he worked during 6 career, winding up in seve- rural Reviewn gave him 2 Heurtelou's in Petionville.
: funt, endless arguments over months for well known ral -Polmiques, which' full pages on the Cockfight, Still busy, but worried, very
'. Z everything, and anything, Arch. l Enrique de la Moran gained him a firm reputa- a Californian Magazine worried. For he tame out of
politics l sports or girls' *on the plans of Mexico Ci- :ion as a disinterested Radi printed pictures of some hou this splendid job of the The
,iAd.Travel Travel by foot, ty's huge New Hospital for cal and a 'ery sharp se he designed. It Vas dur- atre de Verdure flat broke !
i" t ph' h n k e a f ud o1200 beds, pen! In October 1946 an, ing the same period that he Which gos to show, as hfi,
i tr c s n i3rd class he opportunity to work for the' transformed Thorland Inter likes to say, that artist s
of course through Germany Back in Hit in 1944 he UnitedNations with his old national Club of today, iv should never have to. dea
Austrian Tyrol., Frazge, Bel ,joined his- architect friend' friend Dr- Alfred 6traux ing there,. again a. -displ y with e money they haI.'
S gium,Ho1and, filling up. bis 'Robert Baussan to whom he eppted. his imagination of competent and imagine. dhe ability to make.,,
eyes with all the wonders likes to give full credit for This time he left the country uive design. 'What bajpens is otiat, the
1e: o' .world could offer tof his first contacts with the des with his wife. and his baby poet in him got the best of
htfy. eyes like his. ign construction problems son (He was married in And then camd the cli him during those. fevers |
Wismm er of 1939 found' of this country. Then while 1945) At the UN he wor max of that period : the O. days. The sudden closifig of
', i back home on vacation in c h a r g e of the Ci- kel for two years first with pen Air Theater Eighteen. .he Fair after the last. Go-
ottbreack of World t y o f Port- au- Prin- the Department of Social Af days before Inauguration vernment downfall feft 'but
V' a2 forced him to change ce's Municipal Engineering fairs and finally as one of the Day, Jean Fouchard Commis friend with.several thousaidd
pljdise went to the USA. Service, he filled in the.posi Architectural Designers on slr for the Fair, asked him dollars of debts for build-
Lere ie was admitted to cr tion of General Secretary of the TUN Secretariat Building t pull out of nowhere an o- ing materials signed up for .
r ai .aW U:.iversity to finish his the Bureau of Ethnology. designed by a panel of pen air Theater for 4.000 by himself, for the job he
a" itnal *studies. This new field fascinated world famous architects people, in 2 weeks flat. had to get through in record
-With the blessed assurance time.Of course he claims for :';
Th.ie student years in the him. And for the next two (Mangones was the only Hai With the blessed assurance time.Of couse he claims for '
were, in his own acyears, with Lorimer Denis, tian Architect). of an artist he accepted the refund to the Govt. But the
perhaps the most.si- Michel Aubourg, Kurt Fis- seemingly impossible assign usual long procedureonsucbr
St ones of his aforma.; her and Remy Bastien' they Back home. in 1948, "he was and with the irrepla- matter-s is begin rig to tell -
*: p earts. Since, aside made up a brilliant team of soon ,discovered, by old cable help of this other en- on him. However one can-
from hb i academic works he, ethnological research., which man Schmidigen, who gave t usiast 'Pierre Durocher not say that he is lharticular-
I to- work part time as a' gained him the friendship him his first important pro-. he umped into the most in ly depressed 'in spite of all
Si-hd, an assembly-line and close cooperation of fessional opportunity in this credible construction fight that. Just ask him. 2Ob
Sr workerr and an arch world famous ethnologist country. And as can be rea-. ever done here. Mud, mud-ell! I guess I'll pll through
d- lt craftsmann too !!! Dewitt Peters. Peters was daily seen by the resulting die, screams, sleepless nights som e how. And then with
i 1942 he wound up a the Smithsonian Institution. work, Schmidigen's choice and work, work, work,... his characteristic tend
:,"nt student;. career It was during these days I was good. In .1-2 days (and 12 nights) to poke fun at himself
A%. .th e win ing of two of great activity that he In less than 4 months he emerged, handing over to will add with his favorite
,. l.'ipsn and several corn met the then little known with the zealous coopera- this city the best gift a music sarcastic smile: aIn .e
pait:it rizesind obtained! Dewit Peters. Peters was tion of hs friend Enginee clan could have given anytime I have become a
for' t graduation thesis' then telling to anyone will.- o oPierre Durochers he made 'Le Theatre de Verdure !" monger, I sell fish, shrimp,
(6- o native village in' ing to let him' speak, his i an unexpected Tropical Pa- It was incredible, impossi- lobser... Imagine that !
Sthe first -Sand M1e- deas about what has since be raise out of the former slum ble but there it was,. But you see, my kids, the 2
e highest honour of come the world' fanmousn area of aNan Palmistes,, As big as day, with of them they have a strange
elfs College of Archi- Centre d'Artw. Mangofies im with a brilliant and "pleas. 1;ight, sound system,. everytf notion that they should eat
ctre, an award that had tM'ediatefy caught up with ing disregard for straight'li- hing in working condition! every day.
.been granted only twice in ,h& id6a, andt entlmsiastical- nes,, said Time Magazine Add today it is possible to
,.,,years ! 9" stated db#ortnf what-ver Who does'nt admnire-the dar say that without extraordi- _---_
Tq the,.reader ..thia. s. tieh hha4p lefj to the reali ing lines of the Gagubre,the nary realization, the internal The first shipment of Ka-
portrait an over serious and zation of Peter's dream; the sensitive treatment of the lional success enjoyed: nowv raku shiieep bleeding stock
*seurpus, Mangones To birth of a Haitian Plastic, Arv handsome landscape of Sim by the Haitian Folkloric was received in the United
ii contrary for those who movement. As the Cenuire's bi Club, or the charm of Dances and Music would ha States in 1908' from Russia.
were with him then recall a Secretary General he was aVert Galant, and the dozen ve been impossible. For it
rather popular hell-raiser one of Dewitt's best helpers of: other small folkloric pa was' the ",Theatre de Verdu- There are two thousand
'who liyed-th a crazy appart- and advisers, finding 'time to visions ? And' all that *as re, with its unique design barber shops in Chicago.


.? +. #'-',"
^' 1 ; .1..,..*



(continued from page 6)I tion Management at this pla- I
If dapicuva, I 1 h o_ a '1. JAMA IC& ,.
;-thous d 4wo ds, fri'ldad. Jan aia, having set ,up a
S.sholIhave a lot top say- in kewltecord of 7489 'arri- "
the np'r ,future. Phospgra- als, during 1950, 'is, 'Po' .
pher icitz Hurle is o1 C et-l ~ ingits 'greatest win.ter'ea-
ing *t ayortment of 'coldr son, Mwieh' heavy boOitn s
'and blck and wbite. shots reported for all hd dls and
of tdie -main island -Lnd.f her guest houses :until mdiA, pril.
smaller neighbor, Tohao, Aiinies serving thi Oftisd 4
-which should be Disefur- i liave:been obliged Ro put on
-" '-pub kiing local tourist. at extra'flights.every.e .k"Pai
tractios.. 'ckage tours, 'to OJfinaica,
O MINICAN which wer high bplair
tJB I4 bigt year bli&6m0ted
y5bt .i -ito'oi bosi for Mgo0 ,
botwl, Boca hinca, U.. a .umiler,- adJfall,.dof 151.
Chica, 27 miles front the ca Two new beachfront ho-
pitol city of Ciudad' iI:r jetds wer. opened early in
l lo,' Dbican RelP~i %Ui B his yeuai, the CJaimaica In
I-, Afl "l. Reasrqotel,'
scheduled to open 'ayel. arid t4h- ter Seh s "'otel
with a gala a"temotly h toteh dguetred b.eenr Ocho .
participated in by rdeips-i -' Riosl aic, ToW.er Isle. Hotel o s o
tatives of rthe" travel u- f.C'no until neat; ontego d A.
ta yes of'th travel fratei- Casa Blia,. at1 Montego FALLEN IDOL-Formrr British heavyweight champion Tommy
y in the caribbean ir'I Bay, openlged. new ilding Farr fell flat on his face as he was knocked out for the first time in
and officials of the Dmii- near emai he Robert his caerin'a'cet bout at Porth, South Wales. The popular
-son s of th 37-year-ol Whelshmah was K. O.'d in the second round of his bout
pan- Gqvenrnent." Highli 'R.MzI ,; kkz I#'O- J .M with newcomer Franzk Beq.
6f the hotel which.dxtends hio h e. ator;~ ~1iiil.-
.. over the water ot c Chi t dia g. a'n i6e.l at ,Montei 'iOOM & BOARD
Ca, a white siaid. Es each1 is a go Bay, tfiitr i, ex geted to '. A
.,' argue, dinning roosh, also opened 17 new'si t e rooms REASONABLE i i
dinmiig terrace' o.j' olokihg Jamaic4,s --p e .S', R ES *t "
.o.na...e mer pl: ..rt ,i"San Micheh"
-thii. Caiibbear-.46, Pusur o aritt0f m a sum AT'
I' gambling .casingi. e Stires il ja- 'tMme SAVAIN In cool Petionvile,. offers
I .gambing .. 'n- 1,r o .':I -coo e'onLl-a
S decor. The e ctut o.r long T.e. RHs e ,c .',. ON ..'
ect.e hotel is t sim ioar.i' a is. cooled by6stant.N- .. a delightful homelike at-
e li to s o by constant trade Maii Turgean Road',
of the famous Hoi'te winds,.d he ii t to Turgean Tennis' rmoomsph reach, comfortable, and
gua in Ciudad i. 000 to 000 er Club" American Cuisine at ve
order to reAch the BocaC'; has resulting 39 of h .Amrcn .cunaery

S oad, w.."as. built, shortc. pg airline' fresh, will be loe" plac, in History as oe of ay as perme guests.
the old rot to fm now untl nearly .the our 'greatest commanders is
Tca by 10 Dmines.o. yAr.. u' ully established. The na- Tel : 7175
-The Dominuie s p, sport -has tion owes him a db\p 'of gra
also, announced o n be'ng, beed, with. more itude for the distinguished
Sfor the spring and summner frequdnt',moderate fare -de andexceptionalservicewhich
seasons, of the Hotel Monta luxti", 'bu rutes serving g he. s rendered his country
Sna near 'Jarabica .in the th 0..isl .s five:.-different in positions 1" great iespon
mountains, 90 .miles from resort areas'. c al airplane, sibility. For thit reason I
Ciudad Trujiro, on March service is provided between repeat my regret at the ne-
S17. Special Easter activities Kingston and Montego Bay cessity for the a`ion I feel
have been scheduled by e in.. addaitibn to the railway compelled to take i9 his ca-
American Hotels Corpoza- add bus services. se.

:". -

Cest pouruoi \ .arry the Canada Dry
rlabl.a Name your faVoritem -
-- -mi~~l ra--4'... ,..

-" tns le Monde enter, A plus f Canada Dr'y makes it, and pu
into it all the quality, purity
tonnages snt ttanspois sur pnes and sparkle dtheic have made
poids lords Goodyar quo or oCanada Dry the first name in
des pneus do toute autre marqu. Na favorte-
s rendements observs depuis foua mr,
d des annees rouvent que les
neus poids lords Good ear sopt r s
'ne qualities inconparaile pour : T
I'qpdurance et le rendemen
kilomdtrique d'une remarquaue oodyear ofreR
conomi e. Pour..n maximum err'trarous: Har GINGER ALE C
idMiord Goodyer pn-.S", . i. ,.,. FRUIT KOLA' -CRE
.' 'I-' .L BOTTL

...fON Atg. jA-I '
edNTE -F

Ir++' -v . 1

f *

Cruising on ip Bat ail .
the... "

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(Photo taken at' l5'.
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Phone 2682 67, rue du. ...
Quai. ',
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from the Customs 'Building.'
-La Douane) -
Also See AND .'-
SAIEH -- 91',Rue -du."t. '1
sin de l'Etat . . ..
I. .r e . V j

~.S f4~.I .4 /


i. .


I. |

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"i "'

,:.* s

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ire a ccted for things wan
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Ui jo]' wanted; houses for-
ient; t tutoring ; traveling
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n Uccepted, adverrisments
of political nature. Rate :
25 c per insedti6n, maxi-
mum of 10 words.:

hall, saloon, dinning room,
pantry, Bath-room comZ-
7-' House at Ruel'e Alix
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hall, salo6n, dining room,
pastry, bath room, servants
rooms, etc




A fine 'stone ,house with
all the comforts, in Pacot
selling for '1.6O00OO .Contact
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at .Ruelle' Cameau.
?3 k- Masonery house 5 FOR RENT
brooms at Ruelle Alerte. A completely -furnished
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ty in P6tionville-on Land of rator and stove etc
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9 ...
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.. . .* :. +,. .. ; .'-- ,+ ...... ... ... . .. ^,.'.
"" '' '*-" '* i '. .." ,." '
i -* M* l *
..... .. .., ." ' " ... .. | ". "* .- ,." ', -.. '
/ "* | '.*' ". "

^^^^^^^^^^- ----------

A Tea parry offered by tie Committee of aAmis d'H
aiti. and the InterculpiralCommittee of the "National
Council of Negro Women'.. From left to right ean
Brierte; Mrs. Ira'Gibson, wife of Sociology Prof. Ho-
ward University;- Ambassa-dor Gustave Laraque; Mrs.
Jean Brierre, Mr. Pierre, Ila-pil, wife of Military Atta-
che Haitian Embassy in Wa hington; Mrs. Gustave La-
raque and Mrs. Venice T. Spraags, President of the
Committee of "Amis d'Hai ti" and Directress of the Bu
reau in Washington of the grand Negro American
. newspaper aThe Chicago D -fendern.

S -
- .19



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