Haiti sun ( March 18, 1951 )

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: March 18, 1951


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00027

Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00015023/00001

Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: March 18, 1951


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00027

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IE AG Al w"

By Roy ifM E2 crWds, of c"tizs
-TeCapitalis enir p- "16g'or
tin".move Out to ne tion iPrsda
the ro to: Damiens- yeste rea vd a ey4i~knpot4 :0 roi, hic QUT.EILI~ Sat aY
Cco ratedwih 'usM Mach t43 .
pam archs of triumfphi ThO CAPlCpia
bgs anners and phoo the orthssay
ga sf qthe rsdn thcq) ted1W C61~th cold pial
welc somed hoie a wen4 gh w as_ the
co leio of~p ghe And Was' ofIftQntg
ay, tour pf the North jput < 1 ombaencd IatSa est event hr
Y'r Oe of c r sa

q ep Pr e c t a lo r ieli fi ho p Jrpai 4 g I ;g w r
Trn hvp po ir~ve? t r

MO -It 1-th #


to ded oneW d t *c
d gip> n e o 2m
those ~ 2 Soey4tpcl
pr n t; d St o

p o pia veetttr den Ialor Ae egL' -1r th.Ui,'abw

h&'re dL'ar 2A

t 0e d Arte opd o, s
-hisd, y MPgx anc 15 aswil
cole ao h nx
se remissagal.eo -;e weeFaoa'dncr aehanFlko.

Ion-on Ariil a oc un' iyHlwe
D "0; ensg ,fetonCrbea nei ors
SAL c/( ktp, fTuim "om itemtt'ics
tps watiiiter Qoos draw ea Biee. r hoin Fakoi f
it ad"olsbythe 0p Lv. Tefmu acn sa otk ls*i a
ase wh J6phe sh.wohswnhnus.i~ tJ vit"tiit.4epo
g- lay -h 15 d'Ar b o ,SuhA eiaad0r hw etda h o
las 6Monh.ntd ttswl dsusfrec cl EbuieS
c ontiue d or .06 w72iudo ag 1 cniue npg 1

Page 2

* .oa.


'~ STO P
^'-e TO

. qardiasy, comforoblte

: Mondays, Thursdays,
nd Saturdays.


.v M'onquays,. nursays,' a
.6.r 't1"..,.-c" .necg w
PAR pi*.e iyeF t. ..iele
a, o Sao Paulo; stoppi
S I. tqudad Trujillo and Curao
_x ,.P. Synddys, Tuesdays, We
*. ndydy-, and Fridays.

S ''.' i. .",.. .
i PAA'offers free
S" ,.;- i ticket delivery

,- 'ir comfort, deoendabilitv a


, .*




;r '. .-. D ,. "E
0 / -.,

.. ,1 q : ,


.Ed f

:., .. ",7 ,

(contiu.ed from page 1) ded into the northern Capital'
sen to Jead the 'destiny, of t.o..see and cheer the mano pf
.aii4 and' ws nop ?yina i a ,the hour. Shouts of applau
special tribe py 6 officialy se~ fom .c013i i. n ecs y.
Sv citing .jie pa.rteient of m; nid Js.rn of at9od
Fhe Nortli dithe'craddle of I thea I iuc of several
'Is 'nodeejad an&ice. bands playing their rousing
S esiIept.;Mg1o'e is a military airs and popular
North.ioer.er nd 'a soldier, catchy tunes such as uCan-
.s observai ha a defi- con Fern and -Me Diable la'
-f, -tJ.ieaiT s lg pctl,, Blessed with fair weather
iI$ r er ih h. e' p ro c:'e s:io ..
iA 'fit g from City. gat es .a

,AliT t d:."Is She route t'f 'die ,P.jrfs.n.ens ,
L; Oj !lCottegeb was J
+4 1+. Ti g~ejAleft a sa with thousands' of ciitsr.S
..-d h:raditipn. for whom this show was
r ...;.-, everr new and entertaining
'.":At B.f B)T- The- Processioh was broken
TEILLE '-th' nost ind4rPi at 5 p: m. in front of thc his
Sble eacoisiastic deons-0 toricgl Cathedral of Cap-Hii
trition o* of i .ti: esteem.cas tian. President Magloire st p
P convyedt, Hgi,'s strong ,ped out of .his car and was
ith nan, .a ,care. ,ftider who .,rer'ed bv..Mpnseigneur Jai
!nm, has rise tp rt e'rak of od- who meiiver a fine sermon
ing [onel, followingg the.* radi- '- de ovonna.5 Benedidrion.
o0 ..'iet' Dath st forth by his' ,Tang.athe Cathedral the
ied bl 'c'"-1rs. People Chief of Stae acknowled-
from all walks of life crow continuedd on .pas. 3)
3t' a u a

]nd -

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ej.jerienced airline.
.11l,yj'ur .travel agint fori

^. :-'. ..
- .** .;.r. . :.-:

,-k-tepolpkin.elondiAe-Cap greAts President pagloire and
'I ". -.,a p.-.





ms"" s 'EVR

A4TILRY. ,,,...- -

bgex y

* j ed

Be safe with a :

~ -LU--Li

,. -. .; ete
,e J, !'.- ,.*
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L.) o rt.CC.

, "..I... .,;:,.,:...; .,:- ** ii-*. -;j,4:, 2..y.<.:-



::_.:" :" ..i..

" ; .


7 .de Rivibe du Nord They Air. Christophe.
attend a Te Deu and then Friday Mar'ch the 16th. DrSO.
a reception given by- D~pu the Presidential tour is dC i -if#&n o g ,).
ry uc Jean. The corcege re- wing to a close, everyone is After three months of so0
4urns to the Cap at 4 p. na. feeling more tired than sad. jIng up this local color, -Mr
SThey are right on time tE9 at The Chief -f Siate ba ia, VYug says he is-welLsds-
:;end an. inforiial reception b44jh e. peso 1w th at he has 4dd.
offered by the Prpsiden,.'s, I ...sag.in ... on
stmessage r's hre ....
sisters at tueir residence reiin. i vu attended the
S- courses which are -taught at
the Ge.tre A'Ari.'"
,Bf ore going- w. 6 :
anid -studyinig -ari Mr. '
td&eied liis B. S. sC. :'
L ,dLt.Te .I"r4,,
'a~eduinveniwir me f..
iin 'Lbs- Angelesi, w
h'e f iniifMoufo.yea' & st&
d .i ..tlhB e -, .tep. g '.- '..:
ridtt, o01. e a v-.
On his. -arrival tat itlie 'union Clufi Ball, Preside. Ma osAh0 ,lie a.e.
gidire receives the military salite. n [ a'hadt" z2.
.Young toDf U1:A- ..
(Continued form pIage 2) tial Icsuiten gt bezzP tn6
ed the applause of the cee remonial uniforms. The Pre ny.paintesas-beiin WtIb .-
ring throng and went imme sident led the way to thei' a third dime i "n a cn k .,.
4'ii, ...+ throng, and we n' . .to6dm l .,, cl- g.: ...:
diately to attend a dintiLr ,Unio'n, Clubs to open the vs whidh,- only 6% .fWaii'
,arty in his .honor ai the o grand formal ball -that was di+en'ions. h Mr. 4" '
me of Mr ahd MrsFelix'Ar considered the ziost outstan thieves. that many oiAtktRlf :i.W
gelucci. By that time the ding event of the visit. Dan . ,.,,.o ,f,.,, . ..... .d th. r t
mem rsof the suit .resi cing continued until 8:30 a. Thousands-of workerss of he d fPlantation Dauphin appLuii, n4aters haver been ifll .1
denied ,e more than m.- President Magloire's arrival ... create this illusion omI6'-ht .-
ready for tde ne an -. Tedy is Mondy 9 a. M. . .. .. ..... ve gone so far as to create
refresh hmen awaiting them he.President and his tort- ";-'a fourth ditfiilsii 4nf i..v
The sumptuousness of."the rege, leave f6r Ouanramin- .. ment. Atpites '. 1.,
dinnW nrd- its gargalitda (tihtfe After Ouanaminthe its is:for dAoi.
Sprbop&tions are worth meh.il he turn of many other' is to say,- two d.efdI
.,tonm s ",owns and llageg td rece painting otjl hi is-" i ..
., At '0-:30 the Preside I theirr Cli f of State. Eve.; be 'sh.o. .. As "i p .. .I .. '
paid a viit to the.locil ere itis witr the same of:"ptiAtti*iV ,iiit'&n" "idR
Sai. lor. a91d the Dokfl utlant a."d edlrant d- dongs ai& he"#orlk"bftuiE '
"Syndida' The he w. "nstratioun tl the pieopie pp.eoile asre-d p' P
S'to th phos -ditrit4 h-the Nort wLelcome the i v.egei.of Pais "ate t
a- La Fo.s where a sit of this itman in wh6,e th" thi.d diii ." I
crowd dei 'od hands they 1ave put tLO. tingwilldt'e' .dAl ~.
cheered hisn. e.dSM Iefait1~te of a~i he Wall 2
The day was broughtt to a cp fuI4",'Vonay evening tf v.e i '
..,fm t-/ p'-i_ 1*s0 %l6*..f...J:. ."1..F.o' E: v
se at t',, 'V.- Pow
ked, fogh ri 4Wa--%cat g1eta. euJx e "h ce-n ttP&.,-tiitb 'ihdia'r,' "',"$
ma ai I 1 11-i :tl 9l p -* 1' .ft.'-' 7
ked for this great occasion tion offered .atthe Planta
,,today Yti P asnd t t D .fhi a l
raime letw&eqtp g iti II ir .Lv # 'a. i e-d"--. h i 'Ab. At -. .-
dueed'O of WBesdy the Presi s ee-t h :. e add. s to tif itn-il s .
hker dd oc the b in ib nti iir ih o o lfe
k aw rcauiueu." onace' more back in Risse .b:. E
mie.i 1.5 t Mria i,1.e iVisIml they MoEfin--ter e t i
ale areiwelco that in anh at'i the gan.]t h g' tb f o
m faaM' la L. isf lp I xtle. p l 'l': hi e'
deed 4a h. t a '*e t c.tyK.10..: me .. o "u'f wospcW ... -.. .:,
their .. o h 10 P.y. a dih Ye the illusion of three i-
~r ai no urc-e bYc the efisteW M."i'be o -C
te edin ~anding Officer of th ti th~sieltltht i tisrofllzcin4 h snw
'North.At"11ea tensions on at-o dihnees-.
-... -"r'n ,h N rt.+..AtI a. ,g~pfr d f>' k 4F'' .. tir' try .to iSt ..+/. ...*
re to .rs honore.iit.. recepn4. a~;. ia'i ,.fifth. 'hniisiok
re eN byjtea c--
"4 Iwoe, deP.'tiipah r eg
rec.ptio .. .,,- a*, a
ye i infonnal receptin offered drhs a.is
!7m: si'yio MrAon phiosoPhY by

ft: o arc ulam S m y te saemnoFromn there at 1-.1.59 A.4 M.[ IcnTorjh g p.h a1. rl h theom Rus sian'M aiitdtin.'use t~ith." :"
yar~auic Guilaume

%.'.. .h'efr .arewelAco me at the .i-. recepcio'n -. at.'.the iio-mtbmti.
CIA.. h ,i ...I. y". ,

k m ofMr.,. and Mrs. Ray-,,.t'el Woi IHeirni Chuiit~oihc is pe. ,,. exlain .... bl__rzS,.,, "'
.4: ". 1m-. .- 4

re he Lat.'he a -a *4e.,, is ex .,. ,twordsofpheosply, -.' .
"u hopes tat he-. Vill

nag&, od ...{ .f .. c ao. 1 . a delight- to..,. to. tx lir. Wi .t .
e. gt~ "6NZ~ ist tor7 o 5x .a t w!l...x..,.,

froth 6 to U 7 another CO -', ful rece pfo'at ioiin"" Mo tone dO fl
FA. .here.t 1ofth N M. ,vie . ,:or. .'.
. Th.. eve... .... t st. h b. mont hs a i no w ad; as kt

..... ,.aDejIartm- i fe red, ailA .3) a tc Peien alieesse hr n he. rbn."k [" lb. 'a i .... deg a" '~ i -' '" 'i n:
....... e C as a e pt i- t i&!un ha. b~s bey., .... ,

P residen duh t adn Ih d neS . ... ....... .......e, ,,.
ri C figop.
,g t o .. ..
I6' .. 7 th6 hk aiiing... d t'ssteW lSr'bA e to t,

Lnhure yoe an -c ords
Luzu' rt 1 6fied6stb' hb -jr .-. r- &gem
Wito, 4 1asgpiTusa rh1 h
;,coand.?lg Offmcer thio 'E...-.a:..p., ..O
"months. -.an u. ., -.-- .
D.rtmet of the' Nort. Kill I.. . ......-

:.,.::' ... c,, .- ] .... .. 730a.- -m.- -- - -.* the .re.en ag-r as seen-hero" aitth .6 '-l M ," o .. n des. andt -,.* l'.-:. ....
M tiC Presiden Ma.,ir is see teei
._. _President dAs.ie o C~ t Gran IR1 and 4 oh
,. ~j ;reS en as ott'..: .hisljtngih'if ib4

i: ;.~~TO "I BT ..I. ...r ,,0 ,'.

"~~ ~ = " ' '" ":-: ... 40,'" ''

i.: U~gi':Oiliily,-. ++: .... (:. :: .., i .': '-'--,-----------.... -.- .-.,.-*.**..--"-,...,, .- ..... ,I--,''-. .,
:: i ,,i - '* .....""'" ,, : ;:" : .. a :A- c .A .. .s~ rt.4.~. 4 .L .i; -,flsi, *AI 7-* . -,. ...:;; ,


t at Cayes will open its ses-

S1951 xox .

A great stride, has been
taken by the SIPP (Service
of Information Press and
Propaganda) they delivered
u zast ^even- 1g- a






/Joseph repo

t o ur office last evemng a
In an attacking mood this that, Mr. Plinton had taken monthly bulletin 'giin a
"week Perceval Thoby wrote .the day previous a taxi to complete resume ofv what
in the journal VL'Action Gbnaive by no means a re-. the Govt. has been doing
undpr the title aLe Vaudous gular tourist habit owingi The bulletin is published
condemnations 'of folkloric to the robbery Mr .Plintoh. in French English and Spa-
dances and jigging about. cannot meet it is sai4, his ho .nish.. "
as belonging to Voodoo. He tel and balance of hii taxi xxx
attacks ihe scientists of eth- bill. .' .By decree of the Presi-
nology, called .them Voo- xxx dent of the Republic the a-
doojst. He attacked the Mar Tuesday was the birth-" anonymous society Textile
celin brothers and dieir d &y anniversary of little Jac Iniport Inc.,, with a capital
books Canape Vert- and qudline Marc-Aurel ',Lafon- of' Gds. 60.00.has been fur-
yPeacil of God-, as a dis- rant. Many more years andi med betwe& 'Mr. Nassim
credit ko the country. best wishes. Dayan and Mr. Larry Bcyda
xxx xxx xxx
The new Casino boys ha- If you've noticed a troup This week we had a few-
Ve rubbed out the old attra of assorted' people, popping words with the new Admi.
-ctive design .on the Casino, up in odd places around nistrative Officer of the A-
and have commenced to put town with various cameras merican Embassy Mr. Post.
up their own more attract tripods, and an air of kno- Mr Post entered the Foreign
ve design.. wing what they are about, Service in Mexico City whe
xxxx you have seen Colmah Pro- re he had previously been
Thomas Nicolas, a truck ductions of New-York city dImployed by .Sharp and
driver employed by Ehe Jo in action. 'this movie gang Dchme of jPhiladelphia.
sep he decided to end it all is visiting Haiti for the -ex- After two and a half years
Wednesday morning at 9 : press purpose of .iakihg a in Mexicp City as second
a t m. He placed a Euro- travellouge, entitled fligit.I Secretary .of the Embassy
pean type gun this left ear to Haiti,. The group is hea- during that time he was
in -an attempt to blow his ded by the chief of Colman mostly concerned with eco-
brains out.. The Doctors re Productions Harry Colman nomic reports and political
port. from the General Hos himself and isbeingdie porting. From Mexico be
pital that he was unsuccess- teby Joh.npOs, assicigdba- went to Washington for a
Ad, and that he.shows signs, re acei a inaM. n 'fur-month orientation court
of complete recovery. The and MisOsa.'Mr.. Os'hoe, on problem of the Fo-
police found at the scene of1 already 'dirted thldy .ierig service abroad, and
eattemplted suicide a nite succEsfuL:,ve'loub ,i general world administmati
that :tated- that his honour ght to fHaaw!k 'and Fiht ve problems. After leave,
was in danger because of a to Bermuda t sts s tfat hp which he spent.at this home
minwho ras tryingg to ger wishes to :iakp is film so- in Wayne. Penn. and psatly
:him.into trouble over a wo- methiig .itbovthe. mill of at his wifes home in San
man. -Mr. .Elie Joseph visi- the runs travel pictures Juan, Porto-Rico Mr. Post
ted the itpcovering patient which feature only bath- and family then set sail
Thursday morning. The po- 'ing beauiets and luxury li- for Port au Prince
Iict.Are investigating the dr ners. Mr. Osa's idea is to sa Mrs. Post were married in
cunstances surrounding the sisfy not only pleasure lo- 1938 in San Juan have two
cae. 1 vers, but also ,people truly children, a bd* 8 and a girl
xxx interested in Haiti its back- 7. Their prese.it spare tmwa
A,body of .an unknown wo ground, and culture,... this is mahi :was found floating at group deserves a vpte of for a suitable unfurnshed
Mariani Thursday morning., thanks, for- the great service house.
xx ', its.doihg fHaiti. xxx
Leslie Bogart, was leading xxx TELEGRAM RECEIVED
a quiet week, after the Doc- Price of. gasoline fell Mon FROM THE -CAP)'
tor had operated and remo: day, It is now sold in eve-. 15TH MARCH
ved a lump near the eye. ry station at or 0.38 a gal- Manifest'ations .in favor
xxx ]on. of President Magloire from
Charles, Plinton (No rela xxx 10 a. m. to 1 p. m. at Quar
tion to Jimmy of Dry Clea- At the Bureau of Police tier Morin without prece-
ning fame) had a tale to re- of Port-au-Prince 4 Sub- dent in History. Cordial
late at police headquarters Lieutenants of the Army of and sincere hurrahs of the
Friday morning. Arriving Haiti:. have been promoted populations of all towns of
here a few days ago from as First Lieutenants. Lt Flor the North whose citizens a-
Miami Mr. Plinton returned ville of the Circulation Ser re assembled to give entha
thiss Hotel room (Park vce; Lt St Albin, 6f he sastc welcome. Crowd esti
'Hotel Champ de Mars) 4th Company ,Pay Servi- maed at more than 20.000
Thursday after spending the e): Lts Daniel Beauvoir manifests attachment to Son
day- touring, to find his oi md Boucicaut. of the North. Impossible to
tel room" ransacked that xxx I find words expressing scene.
is all his clothes except two The General Headauar-find words essg scene.
pair of -pants, two shirts tet of the District' of Port-
$ 220 were scattered a- au-Prince is henceforth di- "S9in
bot,-Ahe place. -. ,-Pnton vided into two Companies
theft and in- The 30th with Lt. D. Beau- HOTO ENGRAVING
wioteky the police ent voir as Chief and the 4th. !
work. But on arriving t Dugas D6sir as Chief. OFFSET PRINTING e COLOR WORK
hhotel it seemed nobody g xxx _-
Sheard dthie event, To those whoq it. may) RUE AMERICAINE 1348
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Score ten points for each correct answer in. the first six problems.
1, Bible readers will know that Ruth's mother-in-law was: "
-Deborah* -Naomi i,--Orpah -Martha
2. Which of the following is not a woman's hat?
-Cloche -Sailor -Tam -Fedora
3. The new Congress is the:
-80th -81st -82nd -83rd
4. Which of the followIing dirigibles made the first commercial cnu-
ing'o..the Atla.ntic?, .
-GiafZeppelin --Shenandobah. -Hindenburg
-Los.Angeles ,..
5. Under the President's new. mobilization sent-up, civilian defense
will be headedl.'by.
-C. E.Wilson -W. Harrison Valentine .
-M. Caldweil .. -: .. :.
k An "en 11ui' ia: -
\ -Dee-Hk'e animal -Eye disease --Weariness .
S7. In, the following matching test, four signs of the zodiac have been
listed below. Their English names have been listed at right and
their Latin names at left Match them, scoring ten points for each.
correct answer.
(A) Aries -The Pishes
(B) Libra -The Ram -
(C) Pises -The .er..r
(DY Sagittarius hM.. Ealanre
Total yeur points. A score cf C-23 is poar; 30-60, avera&Ks 1 0-
superior; 90-100, very superior.



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Factory : 4ve. du. Tra :
No." 3
'. i '.* '

Tel :.5283



Save Time and

Expense t ;
Buy Direct foi
Fato i

_.1 ....,. .. . ..... .

rsary of the city's L.ons Club. A ladder was needed to r.. MoualS IuflAflT le u ed u Pep.
:e which contained 400 pounds of sugar, 5 gallons, of Rue du Peupie h
.zen eggs and 5 pounds,of salt among other ingredlem7- I iEWUWTEL: 2242 i

S .. .. ". '.a , '.





.?'.".,1: ","

.. . -" ,'

_.l I


P.a, p 6e6 .HAITI SUN, -


Did your parents name In olden iipdapsn .JLts grace i
you ca wild boarn ? They had only one -nakf, -y -- a wi y place
did if your name is Wilbu!. William y. ater, r i i God
I f they named names had to be added to Neil champion
you Rachel, your na- tell the Toms.- -Dicks, and Paul small, gentle
me means a sheep or ewe. H arry apart. Richard, si kii
It's fun to study the mea- Then, f6r a long time pe. Robert briit in counsel
sing of names. The results ople had only fi-st add last Roger -spear of fame
ar. often surprising. For ex names. Sample, do you know these had no middle-name. Nei- Stanley glory of the cam
name meanings : Peter a their did. Abihan Liuanoln, Willia in- defender, pro
i'tone; Thomas a twin ; Thomas Jefferson-. or, lie4r tector .
,' Deborah a bee; Jill famous Amercans yQ could,
S air-haired; Bruce happy name... GI.ls5 Nqres
ggero IeKathleen Ilt aw44q.sa;. eer-- A, r-r.ge,
tie darling, and Douglas -- yqne has at least three Pa- Ann, .ne - grcious
dark, swarthy?, zes.One pr'oud iBIh. Z}, li. gni
SMst of the modem A me and give his auglhte 26' "BeMaf -M asah bear ...
rican first names can be tra- different first names. .renda a sord
S&l back to .ancient langua- ch name began with a dif Doro gift of God
Sges suh as Greek, Latin,Cel frent letter of ,it. oith of God
tic, Teutonic, and Hebrew.. Modern Ame&L t r %a
hese ancient names had de reen name their if "Thehot
finite m an ng, d were u- iiout giving M." tou",h eFance ,;, ." "[ T hot i*i- afbt*.S
S. t new-born he ,oginal. i e insurance ager
children r& a definite rca- their names have become foam .
ri ere tagg, Witlf' -:. "Ge d. -..aien :
,. meaning '. .. "' '" ... 'H F
Sp- S tnes, i- name point Below is a list of a few dawn
th I names with 'their o na .Hildg, .-jldegard battle .
"'i"' ,for eam. meanings. If ile ... iden. "
l ,youc .r6[ "brtnensO' :t 4! gardener
S"(i obl 1Csh) I isn't on the lis .you nfertens gardener
sad ei4lt y.)% O.ents 'bably find it in sonlti bn- ifer ite wave
.so .teirclI*'n d ger list. Man dicti-fio i dyce "ious
4- honeL os 1l 4t-y. t have lists of b6th girls' tand pise -- jictress of the '
.ow e. boys' names. e
Sneduh et pearl
(ar isi o" t o So-' Boys' Names --;a om.L 4 p l .
phia (wi j lah Boys Alan a hunting d May i seds I r
r *,de nie&icola.4 oo AXrthfur -stwong -N f #r*
g? qui.$t e )p.. &fc- Bernard -,bold as a.be1 v "' g"en|'
(a stout defe r), or Na Calvin bald Poy btr ,
(1i .(lionof the.T5 t). Charles of great strgn ncca : rope with .a ". E
SThe New England ances- .David -beseloved a
...... s believed in >. namig Donald p'o'ie S Sarah'- princ-ess'
.'heir children, esecialy Edgar go& spknia i Viiaa -A the small water
gIrs, f r desirable, persona- Emmet in A it (itidustri Mtfe -x od ttki iApos-
4, traits. This accounts for- ous) sible for us to answer qucs-
S[the large umber of girls na Floyd brown, gray tions about in idQial. p .
ea Fai u.rde e; ,'Hope, -Jarold leader of the ar mes. Please coIlt B
S.Charity an Coistaince. my a Ibrary BRASSERIE .


when you -ca

1o o., ,30 jouno d a pourV d nC. n
cause pbar lemsCAWit.S=



dianwfl awhbI ,t MdW an
n ag 1. .y business!".

FU:t-' %'' ""

5E. I.!"



n ALWAYS get it

AT r

r. " *-1 ^




77 77

; + i"

'- , .. ., "C
. .. , ** .,. ";: : ,:, ,",a +- : :-. j .: ..


*L" L ,

p ~'

luge Njvel Wirrrs Coorful

en66 i .' "i6 Ii story

- The Mill on the Po I author, a well-known and
b bRic.-rardo Bacchell erudite, story-teller in his na
$ 4(de. ,) tive landhas lai the histo-

"of tributaries a the Po. survived the retreat.
ifer outside' ear bo. .From a dfil' Officer he
id8 towards .e-. inherited a stolen chuTch
le$t dis ij' treasure, t.'r0 .redeemed
S, from its hiding place in Fer-

an foundation of future wealth
'.t s 9". !aknd prosperit,-- for Lazzaro
Spro- bought one of the floating
fess tofistor a Rome mi,-e"1 the Pd' an- began.
w talking t o Mh -gi, to earn an. honest living as
,yving watet, of aM kt..ver *a miflt.- : '
t l.., d, its' bed. His anchorage, however,
,td'tt.ta family was on the border line bet-
whose nanie is inextricably. ween the' Papal States and
hatttd to- Ferrara the Austrian ]Empire, a -feet
the times th ht him, into a
etr of e and bandi-
iatar a d pains
hes, t I later
-evolutio k est li-


if . .

^ 4.t

entire dA t es
81.st Exlibkit

(Contin ed fror r..f ,1
may's work has ("6oug he has been I
i"iisi approach to 34# prc

a amairic approach to
-coddiary scenes of Hai
life. Ris patingI. r i
nous, essential i. desigp
.sombre in.-Color. His si


Jv Page 7

and'd Eug&ne Chavi, Ar- .P
thur S and. Ray. nd i a
' Youp 0J..:. Aid..David..
son. 'sandC odt antd seem to
have a mqrF 9atare ,p so
'ach. Snl ^e" "' '_ b.aiP
in an ex frifmental stage.l
, and Young, who studied in te
Paris before ng..riving here.I .
has a greater flair for illus t
rationn .thran, for- fine ;ats.'
However his vibrantly ali- (

.On our way lI impleted his. .
;Sthday. visit he pe t nve r ed by a guilt '.. r
...-he fertile lnds to be..i
he provinces, talked his goodsol ersnal pofit. ri F

q. iepital'so god in es ane n isd sometimes i

fr.^n;g atiwS in lL4e' tfed-,$1 as eath dtri '
Ld I f Xh.-past century te- sp eciln, his wife eis~te r s a
c ent unive.git name a growth it ve -beable w
le.Risorgma '. the and ojihab of and mspier a pri sym19at Make 20 pcial richnessof c nor.Ha
years. 'Ar'9havey t2o

Sof te Papl Sttts, the st r flo f cen res "
Son.. t. hold out against ue hc aks the dikes'e. Gin-cln --.-. '---e^---
Sdre"lu.ti.on of the liberals, Op. e'ds in madness- n ,,' -' ,

Searched against Bolog- ut study Cecilia with her NC J havi

Wnaand in al tEee-day .bloo- hany children will survive
Sdy prugifle, q sptiigatced the pe-' tilence, hunger and deriWJpud.di i- F h!
fighters for freedom. 'ety for she has saved one .f h yR I pt a" .:v
In the sof.. aft.e on light the water mills and startsI rse e Bnl pr
Snit had taken ton a dife aThe o ill on the Poa ise a
'rent oeaing.out laces on e ca.to narrative of the stmnugy ...i' e to ta

rotheI 'adeerd the Austri-t te of little people, agaihstten "ith' irpr ai, t hiob o .hs of th
Lings of a.dede ago ,tte T e sigi eged b e corn. hr, a e r e

vidly t o my magaindst t which breaks the siege of Gi-olo- '-""''.'"
Srelution of A a voi e plague, and thein midnores of I -- .I 4. .
na a.id in taee-day..bloo-V many children will 's'unive1

i' d u ,histMdric-uganovel the pestilence, hunger and .p -
S"m the yf eedr. rtm for she haes saved one .
n the so fi rn'on lighti de w. ater mil ad star The newly inse rai of th
; loved i t e . t of lbour at t oof dSn
.. rent weaxt, fot me.: 'sk narrative of the steug-
-a thert "i' ed. I. d'eAus ttt.-:le bf little peonld -taihst1
t., ,an as- .r -ri e drdb b'ackgtdutid pif
*. Ring of @ ailt agt ctae, with higtliglit qf tlescrip-

'~i,, daYs cm ': keadie ng* ,t voz-; no ni849,-die floods ando
-.Y ,i o.. ...... the plague, and the dijores of
istofial noe the pepie'- lived, didi ing
ha d, the decac.s before the uni-" '- ""'"
la..'A 2, the blka icuson Of Italy. ".The newly inu.uratecL A-.lo.
.V.. V.xP..nitof Lab.ur- at e p" ..ool" bf",Aphgd Scie ce

-' -W". -A& " ,. . .
- .A "~ts i' $' :. x.... '. .',.; .Il *f~ -~ ,, .' : . I. ,..).,,/

Personnel o"f jaeT hln d
-Art and: a'b"a tloX itlf,-i
eAd at- leenet op 0 h1
it -iild gix -"the bal ots .. ...
, .e ce c. i ,

s.i:Cl, a'(la itioid-f the;U-
e. Et.. ..basy.- ,- lie a
. L, ,

e ' c ; i s .: '
r for th.er .mental ity.u- ic
pon wHalirt passes fOir c6al r-':
..sat16n,-Alm0ost ..il ''n d)n ::.. : : *.,^!
I conversation ,wen ot'bet- '
'ween' 'overs or :book-loviefs,
is a silly incerruptioP of the.
secret ecstasy of lie. .That is i
where certain wisese etsa.' -'.
tobn-lovers like Word 's :-
th and Miss Doothy .-ich- .;.'
ardc-n can be of. suc W ueh .,
,W ---bur cl4rure iA -..ke ,
Sust. l,-t.e gbastl. t. .
oftinie'that we. nd! ,,. "i
,w en 'we give ourselves up ., ^
to frivolous badinage ,, '. ...
Let us have done 'ii."
T o 'c . i. .

w II,-~1'; -^
'.: .: *: : -.... ,"

me . -
: .,.". ...:.-^& i




-. b



ItW bW

ha pr

..; *' ..





5.000 FEET... ALMOST A M Lj,B -E sIa LE-Vj

___ ___ __.--" *; :,.




..,PN~z:s : . ,L

i. e.l-











8AN AUSTRALIAN scientist we-
a Gently claimed that ants can
be Uaed to control, termites in
trame houses. But who is going to
keep the ten-ants under control?
SIt hum been announced that the
rAndy Walker-Joe Louis bout, Feb.
23, will not be. held in the Civic
Auditorium but in the Cow Pal-
ace to accommodate a larger
crowd. And make more moo-la,
we presume.
'A man in London. Ont.. was
aentenced to 30.days for emptying.

isourspeeg l



I. -


~r'~qA, ,,.,.' -- .4 .
...q -


-a., D iN

x. ,,-. .- --- "" I

[ ,.. DJNE ,

S .- AT



". '. ., .. ", ,


The Management of Hotel Ibo L6i'" informs its local
customers that owing to the Holy Week the Dancing
Dinners of Tuesday 20th and Friday 23rd of March are
cancelled. The Tuesday. and Friday evenings twill be ro
sumed starting Tuesday M4rch 27th. *

Zip-up Dress keeps Hair Dressed Up
NOT since the invention of the bobbypin has milady's hair ever
had it so good.
Home perm anents, chiglons, improved shampoos and home dry-
ers have all come to the rescue of the'woman uttering that classic
complaint, "I'just can't seem to do a thing with my hair."
.Yet while beauty experts .have seemingly given their all to the
business of glorifying the .tresses of the fair sax, one problem has
received virtually no attention, the impossibility of getting dressed
without ruining a cardfully groomed coiffure.
At lonf last, a solution has been found-a zip-up, step-in dress.
While the step-in, dress is by no means a revolutionary idea, it
may well be the forerunner of a fashidh trend. The creation not
only permits the inissus.to get dressed without getting so much as
a wisp of hair out of place, but also eliminates the exasperating
struggle to, find sleeves while- the dress is pulled up over the hear.
At right, .model Joan Skelly, her hair inperfect order, demon-
strates how easy it is to step into the dress with the zipper pulled
'open to just below the waist.
Seconds later (at left), she stands fully dressed, her coiffure Im-
machdlate-truly a quickk and painless change.
The cotton chambray step-in creation should have no trouble in
Winning applause from those women who have had their hair
Smussed up during a desperate effort to dress quickly, or from the
many others who have groomed their hair Ofter dressing, only to
find telltale strands of loose hair marring an otherwise neat ap-


; :*>.. ". ," ..i "- l.- " ""'o:* .. .. ... .... ....

Page 8


. . a ,s . "


a bottle of ketchup on a bus driv-
er's headl. Even so, the driver is
probably .still.seeing red.
"Cleveland officials recently an-
= Binced a surgical insurance plan
Ckthai. e. le adapted to the needs
of any family. In other words you
can suture self.
Burglars recently stole a large
supply of meat, including a side
ofT-aon..- from' the ice box of a
delicatessen. Guess the police are
noi w6 ing topic up the scent of
..io~ad yaz" *


L-J N. \~L~J\1p.o

*Where You may
Lunch, Dine,
enjoy a Swim '
F in Peace 0i Quiet


I Ty



V'" '..'+

I .k

,- .


Its wedding bells" April Gosseline, commune of Jac- looking guide to show
14th for Jean Sassine and mel, gave birth to triplets: rhem 'around they couldn't 'o '
S Geralde.Rosemon who are to two girls and one boy. It is get him to say a word ..lat -
be married in the Sacre- the first recorded at the Ma Napoleon voiced a wonder
Coeur Church Turgeau. i ternity Isaie Jeanty of Chan why!
xxx .*ty of Chancerelles, Port-eu-
They say, the "6 to 8-, Prince.
1' _,. % d held at Plantation Dauphin I xxx
Sin honour of President and Miss Mitta Naude who
"Madame Magloire was tru- suffered a hemorage after,
J7." "" ly wonderful. Host Mr. De-. having two 'teeth extracted a .
coppet, after delivering a this week is reported to be 9 -'"s-'
find speech presented The doing fine. Best of health ,
Lucky Lucianoes, whose, "Rivercombers, in Paris.... First Lady of the Republic, Miss Naude I. Catholic
name appeared in last week's thank you. with a gorgeous Corsage of- xxx Hospital Chapel ;
issue, has been erroneously ; x'.t orchids. Dr. Jean spoke on Polo, played with sticks .day Mass at 8:30 a. .,
tALei.for Lucky Luciano. Chief of. the Criminal.of behalf of the employees,the on Gee Gees is eh&e-irreit, ser-non in Englis .
S hiilfd also not be'&onfuscd fice of investigation, -Cap best wine and, delicacieswe- pass-time of .the 'horsey Macr6-oes. "sutay a
S wi:Luckie LucJea and Lu ain Jacques, Etienne and re served e. .' d 'ra, style. set of Port-au-Prince. Evryl Masses t 4.6-8 a'. n.
dovici Luigia:io, aid especial wife were welcomed on ar- xxx Satutday these enthusiasm Cathedral Sunday Was .
-me hi '.. at4-5:30u- 8000a. m.
ily Ludovsy luudianovitch. rival at Bowen Field, after Every inch of him is so- play a game out near D at 4-5:3, 80 a. m.
x .- -. ,a three month vacation jn cial news on world scale, miens. St Gertd (near Oloffson) ,
American Vice-consul A- Mexico and a few days in he is known in Caife socie-, xxx S. sunday Masses 530-7-8:30
I, dri..A was' ,s at Havana, by 'fellow police tyLas a ,pliaboy, a hus- Tod is the date ISt ean Bosco Sundy -
6, ".,.,-8":-'. atvana, h omiTy- band of fan-.-i women de- Mass at 9 a. m. "
g6 e 8. at his hie ming ur officers friends and relations band of famous women, partureo the S eta. M C ,on hExpositi
. geaii Tue y. evening. Monda afternoon, and a nice chap from a good I p te pel on Tl .xposito : ,.... A
SModa y a xxfte odoon D in family, n State of Finances Mr. Fran- grounds, Mass at 9: a. m.
mo"ve-men did not e Doir. R., ai. lay, a gmois Georges for Washing- Ejisco pa -
!r 'e. a umov'e-menwddo ,,- ....C- me.d..Poino Rubirosa., ,. Trinity 'Cathed :
needN to coach npearfisher- N,, a bout-the I nor Rubi ws n t on a msson. Holy Trinity 'Cathe ral
Man -Gusta. ve aE avalla at dr an i.g rae r arist last Moily;y be stopped off ,x. Sunday Mass at 4 a. m. 6.
wokk ihi "briny deep. fa aboard foNnightly tourist a few hour on bit way Prince. Napoleon and his .i. m. and 8 a. m. in French'
nhining insdlf with a coral ship Nuevo Doanecanto France, to et.an off Princess drove forth on a 9 : 30 a. m. in English ,
fan and: tapping rock mea and left. by planefor friend, Ambassadr to i tour of the North last week Daily Mass 6 a. m. French
ges to ie fish, for bak i dad Trujillq Mondy. Aybar. Senor Ru- from the Ibo Le616. On his re Ephany Chaael
Itam he acre held te st birosa was at onie time hus- turn the "beachcomber,. Sunday Mass at 6 a. m, ,
Srole an exciting mla"da- ous Fombrun graduate e band of Doris, Duke (100 was not amazed tofind the 8 a. m. in French
ma. the .Ecole des Beaux lion) tobacco heiress, he Duke wearing ,a perplexed METHODIST R :k uo
Thee !f nt 'l l' ho rer dt- in"arred towne of Tru- look. It seemin that on'their Rue de a Rviol n J
Tih is not ,a bchel r turhndato ai. h* 's daughters, and a rip up to the. Citadellc Srvice : at 7 a. ,. ,
Sleft. -C r w bea mintinbed that le hopes to Frech movie across. after persuading a frightened In E iglih
e jI.e B. . a6t1r oo .. e x -h . ... .
.......... All i-. 'e m. Ble ,Su-

nra. Bisho Vohg, ma Tr

wMrd nferl e detigbtl d 4rin"erb rt hdan if e
r t aeorie&d'b i tra Bd Sunday Of.rnon. *pA.. .. ..

reception at their home in IIsurance, western division
fLale. The couple are at re agencies will arrive in Por ,.-
'sen -ny o. % at the au-Prince after Easter oen Tuesday Capt. ad Mrs" .

Thorland International an inspection trip Mr Black Jacques Eger f the Sa i La
Club. has a good size task ahead, tion Army apnounced the

Shelby W. Merril, a stream line the agency name erre
Pan American Airways offei foce of this world-wide C xxx
rcpcial -a tpend a two-dai va nadian. Life Insurance Ins- This week Mr and Mrs.
cation at El Ranho this titution. His present "p Andre Forestal announce
week. Mr. .Meril is(Supzhv- will take him through all the birth of a bonny boy
isor .of the L.atin Ameri.an of theC aribbean South whom the. have named L

sales division-o he PAA. America. of net.e .
r Mr and Mrs Andre Stein

holub. e It ip rumored that win- anxiously await 'the stork!
Scialh at the Ao .noain er vbca.oner Bill ivver x ..
E, Sesl' y h s e is nreagociating foet an very cx..

'nend Vqea clay tmporan't piece of "real es The "storks i. on 24 hour-14
i Mrs. nc r at c t he. Haiti. call. The Ralph Peters -
mil t nd pre m ooing t1odar the I-tori ns Friday Tstarted i and Mrs
cmpv at ha ,agoisdst i bljl e hig thinking, and A bory was bonrn tQ Ior
Poa .r oy ofi oh en t heis iscove and Mrs Joseph v oby. Sun-n
sale d t- da andn tie Grandrue 'ad day morning at 7 a. i s. The.
I ee 7r. r i I t ip t raok pl thaouih an u the br o a bon boy .

W the "lau.dgar;,eQunted an pand oth round mother hthe former, *o.
4t ialate fial t er, Lissa Elie daughter of Cap-
law o a ted' Is 'thdeg iidin a to we! tam George Elie the city's ,
pl.e way coie the P c. Fire Chief, has, annoice
hioneymoo nigi i Kenscoff' '"'nt o eav that their son will bear24-hou.
,.- Ad 4 ioE u k J.. Sdaebo BRASSEIer. cll Th
f.' "rEte M-h'aim andy MauAndlaeSterin.,

Sa good 'trip hin lie 4 mopths studying of Roseide Seans, btlong
.ad uus technique. n
V.. n heelO to e ts.ee Mtors J o" 24'"hour
.. .a 7:1.......- her e.. 1 r

a, . -. ..- ,- , ,

Page 10

SMarch 9, 191:

ghg eWi Ai.ierican I
: L a Plantation Dauphinoh
Dauphin every family has
reached a scuiJling black
in comprelending the xuea:
ringo bf -9Briseurn in referee
~' c to an advertisemennt.hich
you harch 9 r. e nn951 r fo
the east i ree weks. ., .
Th' D t we you, :.ver-
vi aied for at'' PBreltzerat
(B- Dauphin eveR) cleanmily sha
eachen d stumhiingu stick .
ilities. The' second week you
Advertised forced the me.a
.Jites iffa Briseur n. referen-
S-E- -R)i The third week's
ad, as thrown-.us into a:.iz-
y s to anadvertisement, hicn
:t you haveten roqunteg) [r10
-I-re . .. apply
Hals three address. all,.
app catios. weeStpng emale
SilBes. eure se..can see tyoat
our per".A 'f your public I
tioad is thrown us int a: tz-
I'/ _,.".the advertfement,.con
on,.. Bris..o,(..Yu.qre nt see t
gl Tr-pace \ryul"

1go to



I J'i

. ....-- - --_ - -_ ,i -- .* --pl1'."I

' ALL R6O3mT N

-OI4,TIAT.Oi POE' /.s B 45 SOR
.~ IA Y

Fr p


. ,. . .- .

A- ED TRIUMIPH-A-SAY kD--7hji photograph, ire W ie from
an official S t'iet s6drce, purpbrts-to sh 'v, accqrding;to the caption -
supplied by: the CoMimupists, the. capqce .of Americqn soldiers.
The tto ig ls, at o ift, are being: taken' itby -the Chinese sl'dier,'
'at. right, a6cording'to the R ds' !the *mezn ieih ot idended by:
ame. r'-,unit. .. -
S10 ,

Pension r
San iMichele" oets corner
.- -J. d3Z Zl. ff .

a .^lelightfui,. honimeHke at-
e, : Cfrtable
rooms Frenc, a tiD, and
American- Cuisine fit vert
i ." ee.v,)pr icj-.b pial f a-
vorable terms may be arrat-'
ged for .pi ":iu wishing to
staya. $n.l guests.
t ash .
rt'YiN .. .

i Dr George
'iforztable. anc

Iis .'

get ei s bt"" "'

(Bf. i o being. listed) j;2,., 7'T9S ,c"m--
and' adding such s .yno .. .
y s ed, k blo# wiiid .t ,'s W u ,i ,
im* esSlndthis M tle pft
is 4 .... -...I
man e toei' i 's"i i Prince ..i "
.u de ,- ? .
con' & i b iii "l"y.
ref cen% 64 ledset 1 Pv ln e ,i tijthh
n (i: ... ": ; 07r "'

A WIFE, ..A i
UCmfie;, c4nide said' Tatns '
father, cat ydti tin f&if. i
TheFes rino-lobger- excue
for thus playing the rake -
It is, time you should think. -
boy1,' of taking & :ife.n-
W so it is, f ather, -
wvlfose wife shall I take ,'
T:hqmvi Moore -.

S,, NEWS ,
t Meh seldom -make passes .
SAt girls why.w ear glasses.
z. _.,

SIRE' .MUD IN .OQUR.EYE-"-uNsdQlci's serving wit the
Sr. !t.,brigade in. South. ,Korea ar, 4 3b. ta time ot f .r "
spo6t o td&. 'iri' r-ei'tn. r6"dt'tthgir fea.glvt ,i'dea oth,: ..
Kor .n niud hbith $ severylyanmperibg Allied operations. (.(L 3.
SArmy.,hoto By ,.NE-Ac -Tel teph6Wo:' ':

"" MW I. .,L, E
" .U {U..... L :"?. Ml..i.ii"

unwi- ... .
:.1 UALIT. ..--

S C'est pouPquoi -

dans le mondg entier de pids forts.
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Minister Bjierie is offered Puerto Rican
'during a reception at the .r.cent conference.


1.cretary of the Caribbean In The 'Folkloric Festival
terim Tourism Committce" which is to include sd
IKMr. Louis Law, Mayoress' of .hi Caribbean countries qx
7San Juan Miss Felisa -Rn- cept Cuba, was. first sug
ion de,.QG ejr, :Mr. Jeap1. tested to ihe Coqmpittw
Brierri Director of the Na- when. ,t had its first mee-
tiohal Tourism Office, and 4ting..in San Juan last No
;Mrs., Catherine Randdlph. 'vemiber by .Minister .Jeda
i' Me j&ofthe Buerto i- Brierre.,
* capj Visitors' Bureau.

r continuedd front page 5) (conthinjedroq" pe 1
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five days here.' the possibili Saturday March the i7t.
ty of bringing! her Troup. :to The President departs' and
Haiti for a series of peifor- passes along the main rou
Smances,*. te to the Capital. This arti
ry between the Ptwmain
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a fractured jaw in a ok
'game with Princeton, Bro*a
University's 'right wing, Ft
DiBimse seemed dooined.. in
vwaraaing the bench for the me.
-o '*tthe stick season. Bat,-'teeak
physician Dr. Edward C anp
'.scorpd with a specially desgped
..prectimask that w'~ -
4 .. d" DiBiase's now mending
*wm during future ice ac
(continued from page 1)
Severing estatic raptures as
one silent boy or one resert
ved' ,irl draws in one aftei
roon'from the pages, or frot -
er.,eeen the pages of Rous,;.
seau's ,Confessions,2, or.
Prc-ist's aLe Temps ct ,i.
v6-", or Thomas Mann's
.... ...... .... -I Wi-g Mountain,,, or. t
gler's aDecline of the~cs
Fithe fic Nthwest of the Unrted wl--n a pefsof declares ha & -
S in a ev w sal ,mon. For' fishermen a-rs no time to read, it is
s uh a ese ,wLu tan Church in Seattle 1a- if he said ,l have no time :
n th e of hin n i hld a Fishermen's :64-,. eat, or I .. o eU
val in rd eeac ear at which the fishermen x..* s' .wa q., or I. ve no
. ,thetod tjs for a safe voyage and a good catch ,.a to y my p

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(contfiMied frm V ge.3

believes that it-wll still ta .' S.-
ke a year for him to ,,ut at Parc LeconeIon'towinthe.Champi
this in color. '. .Snday at Parc Leconte -on o wi the. Champion
the return series,of te caammi hip of PortAU-Prince. .-t ,
His works "are nw to be pfaship for:the Pradel, I.,know betterS$dg ,
Hsen at We o Centre d'Aib's cup..will take place between -' rr Lecotte. Kick off g:
current sEW escan c or and Bacardi. SEx- / p,.m
-- 'r, .:,.:,' : ;' "celsiorlis in a very g6od no.'i ,
veterans of the last War ,ho cels.or in a very good osi -
are now studying und a
scholars ,gpve to & te-,
rins by the US i gV gcmuiant.

.,Born .ipALos Angeles Cal
fornia -in w.'8is 'Y
is a fou d&igen 7-?
fqrnian *hose forefi s
where Moiaeons -#o case
to California 'o t t -in the '
U. S. Meticahe war. Ray.I '.
Smond D. ,ounk srved indi
SU. S:.ar fdrn .1940 f"x;
- '1945 hid",saqrsefWk& int Iu
rope, after the wa16he remr-
e ned 'home and studied at :
UCLA aid:dMexic6 Tity Col
Slege. During ,his sejour'-1 -
n Europe dtrt graduation
from UMLA, he visited'it,
Swit;zeatld, Austria 'Be.'-
gium, fHolland, -. German"
Spaim etc.... A great( ovetr
7s of outdoor s he' was
once a. fiofessional Ice Ska-,
ter but his 4li@d-to give thisL ".
. up because of a war injury
d Although his work is still Jackie Robinson, one of
. rugh, V b.ays a-America's best-known a-h:
to ,pp e e-sletes. has played, professio-
ci .%stics. s j .. ": baseball,withi the 'B;oO-
9w. eat t a klyn e.ine 019
ml(_[. o.entla,_ I l t

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s-p, Em 146A. 0'4',:,,

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'-ii -o" At "'r Is Y $ {1 _15-h.,..e .... Jla:.a-Week -rngAay
5iJ )5445 f'Jr ,, RT U:"e ,. xork ' '- '. ~e a d .deicta" .' iy
.,k,- 4 -I V -

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.rk; / m- om s -at. --t. ., .
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A E T. ... 2MRP. ,11-.
.,- X ,(. ,r. r d . .. '
B oU~ e, ,_m :'' : : ... ::
. : .. -'-.#- 7.':" ... R "
S T ; o";- e .: ', ..,
.. ...... .... ''TO..N ,..: -"
0'1':"' : '1 '
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4 z.,.-, : .. .' '; ; .
.Lt-: ,4-. ;, ., ,, .,,.
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A_ L:- ...]
,,:, : . .,N z; -.-y;:. : . ..,.,.
& . .- .-:.
:.lt---I IINK:' : :. -

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Y) I at :..l ,:ig .- e k
eel .....
,~~~; '-, ," .."1 :.
.,~~~O York ,city. %.,..
_7;. V..- ,.! .
mv~~ V ^ ,Ail

V M-:tF U E I I- .'. .. ; ,'
-',' l-. '( "I: R '' ': i.T.;.' '
U .... .." L
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