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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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We present for the bene- ,"
fit of our readers, the pro- .
gram .for the solemn ceremo
ny of the formal indpction
into office of President elect .
Pagul E. -Magloire, and the
many ceremonies that sur-
round this occasion.
Tuesday, December 5th ,at
. 10 a. m. the special delaga-
tions, representing the Na-
inons to be represented at
the ceremonies will present
.their letters of credence', to
the Minister of Foreign Af-
faiis, Colonel Antoine Levelt,
At Three thirty the same
day,. these missions will b *
presented to the Junta of the
Government, General Franck y
Lavaud, Colonel Antoine Le
S..elt, and Colone'" Paul. :
SMagloire. at the National
Palace. 4
Wednesday the .6tlh of De
comber, a Twenty-one ..gun
salute and the .raising of the I
,Flag at eight inlthe'marjning
will announce tie day of the
inauguration of President
Paul E. Magloire. At nine
President Paul E. Magloire
accompanied by the Chief
of' Protocol, Maurice Lau-
dun, and the Army Chielf.
will go to the National. Pa-
lace to take the oath of of-
fice. before the National As-
The President wil'. -be .re-
ceived at the Natiorel. Pala-
ce. by a delegation of ,Sena- t
tors and Deputi s'. After for
mally -being inducted into Pres I
office,a twenty-one gur sas-.
lute will be fired, aod seve- ,.
ral speeches will be give0i.
.At.ten a ,Te Deumn will. Government, General Franck
be ung' at the' Cathedral, Lavaud and Colonel Antoi-
whetre places will be. reser- ne Levelt. After the formal
f o, .,t h e., e'le ` transfer ofIpower of govern
g &-i'tti '-0..s and, 'inirited meht,,'speeches will be ma-
gueits of frit-dly Nations de and Military honors bes-
at eadmi : t:h .e cere- -towed on General Lavaud
moa iFo^ Following the chu- and Colonel Levelt at the ter
rclK svie, Pfresident Paul mination of their services as
Ml'gibite, accompanied by the Junta of the Govern-
the Chii -df ;. Protocol and ment. .
the ChIef6, thie Army will
return to the National Pala- The third twenty-one gun
ce to receive the Transmiss- salute will be fired.
ion 'of power from the Pre-'
sident of the Junto of the After luncheon, at one




SNo. 12


The Reds were routing.
out civilian, from -the '.vla- .
Ses they occupied and fr ..
.cing them to trudge~. v id
of the soldiers "a human
shields against Allied.fire.".:
CoImmaunist fliers .botm-u .',"
Chinese divisions passedd -or
what,-looked 'ike1an, all-out.' '
assault to .destroy or drive '
out the Allied : army.', from.
northwest. -Korea.. .. .' .. .:
American Marimes.a r M i
fan.{'lbtlmg..in a lifdse en'
circlement at the Chosin re- '
servoir in northeast: Korea ;.
(cracked but 'diad&o' break
Sthe nemy r4 hevthe-

S" heir svay .si es. su
Swa rd,' while: go voys M from x ; 'z
A A..a* sB 2'Y 1the outside bk- ki.. htou.
... ti~ lo H aga eu at .ti rso.t t :i
ti't tip of the-Chosin l-ake.
I The 1st Mq D~jIse IInso
andtwo t regis.e nt r
SP P nit, b t mned States 7th'Infan.ry
4V From Tweviilve' gledl to. fight .
9'yr'.-w,, 4 -ir ias near .a full sca..-
le ruat a tot the south as ae.. M
W, attaisin from al( sides by 50.
000 Chinese would .-peri it. N4
American, British, South
Korea and Turki sh-' r6ps
were tightening their? nea~ '. ;r
defense line 40 nil.s gorth.
.to 25. miles northeast sP- .
ongyang, and bracitg TAga-
nother stand a against" 4 t
*al cGen Douglas Mac thug

E ect 'Paul "InMag orPe ei
nister Clement R. Attlee .
,le tu E will appeal to President Tru
o'clock, President Paul Ma- I -Friday,*December the 8th man in a conference staring
gtoire, will speak to the at nin-echirty in the morning in Washington Monday, o
people' of Haiti. His speech the Minister of Foreign Af- avoid formal war with Comi
will be broadcast over all ra fairs will receive at his&offi munist China at almost. any .
dio stations'- ce the Heads of the special cost, well informed souies
missions,. From Twelve to said Friday.
Thursday December 7th two Shat. afternoon the Mi-
at nine in the morning, Pre- sister of foreign affairs and -- -
sident Magloire will receive Madame Levelt will offer a LISTEN !
the various personages, in- reception in the beautiful
vited to the inauguration cec gardens at Damien. fa mfP
remonies. President and Ma- A reception will be- offe- and, (JMmaica's Upt
dame Magloire will offer a red Friday evening by the .o~ o. .- V t 4.. ,
reception from five to seven President and Madamp Ma- "over sa ton M. B. 1 *
Thursday afternoon in the gloire at the National Pala- day from 12 n.ods U
Palace gardens. ce. ..
1 ,. -






The Mexican Govern- Venezuelan Ambassador 1 CHANG INtJ
..-, ment has appointed as Chief' Lopez Centeho return of K UNSAN RES.'f
,n-- - of Special Mission to assist Port-au-Prince Thursday, aTI, .
to the ceremonies of trans- er attending the funeral in T
mission of power Brigadier Caracas of the President of *0 ON HAMHMU _
General Jose Luis Amsecua the Junta Government Del- HON JU TOKCHON/ HUNGNAM
as Ambassador Ectraordina gado Chalbaud, who was as- ANJU 'o GHUNG
N. ry and Plenipotentiary. per sassinated November 8 th.NGCON sAPANI
-NON-STOP sonal representative of His -. _==-A-E
TO "Excellency the President of SPECIAL DELEGATION
S. TO the Mexican Republic Dr. of the United States COUNTERATTACK A savage communist coun-
:: Miguel Aleman. The Mis- at the ceremony of oath terarrack (shaded arrow) smashed UN forces back from
I5sion ,comprises also H. E. Taking of President 8 tO 12 miles .jusr northof Tokchon (1) Gen. Mac-
E EU I'! Jose T. Tortes Talavera, I Paul E. Magloire Arthu. reportedly ordered Mayines on the %west bank
permanent Ambassador inm The,overnment of the'U- of the Chosin Reservoir (2)to strike west (broken ar-
'ab .oar.....d -o. Haiti, Sres. Renato Irigoyen united States has chosen the r6w). Marines are trying 'to establish an east-west line
'' aboard ext-omfort iand Carlos Villamil as Se- following persons to form across Korea to prevent theenemy from linking with
cretary and. Attache of the part .of a Special Delegatioq guerrillas in the mountains near Songchon (3). In nor-
'. i ssion, respectively. representing it at the oathi thw-est, Yanks slowed down to protect their flanks after
--------- taking ceremony of Presi- advancing beyond Chongju (4), while UN forces on the
S. service-Sundays"uesdys, .CHAMBER OF den-Paul E. Magloire : east coast met little opposition in their drive north of
.anc jidays. DEPUTIES His Excellency William E Chongjin.
'" At its session on wednes- De Courcy, Special Ambas-
"I- hay the Chamber of Depu.-sador and President of ,the ----
S" tie .Staff was elected as fol- Delegation.
I* r Mr rtr Batin Mr James Barnes, former THE SOUVENIR SHOP
(!i"." -.- ii4 Mr. Arthur Bastien. Secre Mr. James Barnes, former A I N
tary General, and Mr Louis Member of Congress. Repre PAQUIN GAETJENS
S. ... Bazin, Chief of Bureau re&sentative of Illinois and for RUE .DU QUAl
..ON. WAY commended by Deputies Dor mer Assistant Administrator U*
.- sainville and Kernizan. of the.President of the U. S.- .
"I3 2 U-S aiMr.F. Baillergeau who was' Mr. Frederich Hasler, Pre- M
a a candidatetio the office of sident of the Haytian Amer- WELCO S THE MEAIB
S. Chief of Bureau was highly ican Sugar Company, Presi- DELEGATIONS -w H HAOVE THE HONOR OF
OUND TRIP, recommended by 'Deputies dent of the Haitian Amer- REPRESENTING FR. COUNTRIES AT THE
SDaniel Fignol and Rossii can Society, former' Pres- INAUUR ON REMONIES
S.Pierrei-is dent of thePan, American OF OUR PR'SIDENT HIS .EXCELLENCY
| .M.e.,eAn. Society of- New-Yor M .. -.
S-"". "'a.rg e'--umb.e
i...'ailb ..a le to M.oi, are. toine Alexis and MILe Alber- Hasler hasa large number,
8 ', other services viq Kingston; te. Nicolas were reelected se- of friends in Haitian business. *aU E. M AI LUI
"t ;...f "-' oa Y., and iin-y- cretaries. circles. r U L
Lt. general William H. Mor- -ooOoo-
ACATO NATIONALIZED ris Jr. Chief Caribbean Com
rne o P' $ 64.00' Srinagar,' Kashmir e Col. Conrad Follansbee,
,. ", found d Trip $-I5.20 The state government pro-Senior Military Attache. *
-".2. "A poses to nationalie all Mr. John H. Burns, Firt ____ ____
Snd ? large orchards in- Indian- Secretary of U. S. Embassy.
CARACAS held Kashmir, whichh inclu-- Col. Edgar E. Glenn, Air1 OFFERS YOU THE FINEST EXHIBIT- OF HAITIAN
O .".W .t.o des the fertile valley of Attache U. S. Embassy. HANDICRAFT A WIDE VARIETY. OF IMPORTEL
;:.. WOe ay 8 'Kashmir. Officials say a. Commander Paul B. Ryan GIFTS AND THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF PER
et oit rlt re c s $147. commffttee will be appoin- naval Attache U. S. Embas- FUUME IN' CARRIBEAN
,. .- -- i."" ..-.* ),u x ted to fix the rate of com- y
m.. a -spef seiwrvke Mai pensation to be paid orchard ,
dy:"s, Tw doys, and Sao6*- owners. '
/doys. Via Citpper* CY-240 -- ----"-- HI -MIL
. a wvice stopping t Ctudod LOAN TO IRAN NEAR ...-------*--' E
S.... -tiao on Sundays, Tuesdoys r p Washington The Ex- r'-'-.""g coARABLU .M
,:ednesdqys,. and ..... ortImport Bank was repor- ALTE
W-' ted Saturday to be. putting! QUA...U/ WEATHER
A offers fm the final touches on a 25-!
dAoffers f r'
Or I,___devey million-dollar loan to I an.
S m nd MEETING OF C'est poJrqr -
I .experienced travelers TWENTY OFFICERS i r i ps forts
e PAA-the wayswiee AT THE NATI6NAL dn!e .f.
PALACE ireS s4t Slir
S.et .or V Twenty officers of the Ar u n 1ortes pneus
go o my of Haiti met on Novem- [idS o10urds Goodyear que sur
-::b _.' ber 30 th at the National Pa -. .

Solace to 'receive special ins-
./ A[f ,LurarcsvH ( tructions relative" to .- the
i grand festivals to be orga-
IEC/I Snized on the occasion of the'
oath taking of President E-
l ect Paul E. Magloire. rt is
Believed these officers will
be aide-de-camps attached to,
t ...am ia* ilV*-CAWaei. various Foreign Delega-
I.% dtion representing friendly
..J__II P nations at the ceremonies of
December 6th.

* s_ rendements observes depuis
-L des annaes prouvent que les
pneus poids lourds Goodyear.-ont
d'une quality incomparable pour
I'endurance et le rendement
kilomhtrique d'une remarquable
dconomie. Pour un maximum
d'avantages achetez des pneus
poids lourds Goodyear


oodyear of re
d'ausres pneus
poids lourds extra-robustes-.Hard Rock
10g-Road Lug- Studded Sure-Grip
S-M-Mler Xtra Tred AU Service.

3-49- P

'V S
."i. ~ 4
r~"'*~ ~ ~Ye %~.t-.;Jj... C~,L. "~ ~a~a.4<:- A. . .. *. -. -'.'r-. K



3 lorlOU 1 01 0f if|C




NATIONAL TELEPHHONE OFFICE rived this week. Suscribers CHANGES nant Raymond Montreuil.
MUSEUM The following persons ha- to the telephone system will IN DEPARTMENT OF 'and isnot expected to return
ue to the initiative of ve been appointed to the ser welcome this news as the PUBLIC HEALTH for another month. *
Senator Charles Fombrun vice of Telegraph Telepho- present condition of this im
and the chiefs of bureau of ne and Radio Communipa- portant public service warr- It has been announced ---__. ----
the Chamber of Deputies tion. ants immediate attention. 'that on December 1st the fol-. PRESIDENT I
aMd Senate the National Maurice Pierre Antoine -e'lowing, members of the Pu- OF CHAMBER
Museum has just received Engineer., M-a x Tiphai- MEDICAL CONFERENCE blic Health Service Staff re- OF DEPUTIES
the two imperial chairs on ne Engineer Assistant to the AT THE SCHOOL sighed; Doctors. Lon Moise,' ELECTED
which Emperor Faustin I Director. Lelien Rivette OF MEDECINE I Inspector G'ener4 of H&spi [
sat when in accordance with chief Clerk. Odette Bouzi Last Wednes4ay at 6 : 00 tals, Martial Bourand, Louis! In accordance with -the .-
the Constitution he sat each .Subscription Office. Mrs p. m. -Dr. R. Charmant deli- Hyppolite, Consulting Doc- Decree of-the Junta Govern-
year at the opening of the Raymond Vaval typist. Ju- vered a lecture on condi- tors, and Mr. H1riss6 Guer-Iment the Chamber of Depu-
Igislative Corps from 1850 lien Lafontant cashier. Jus- tions in French Equatorial rier, Secretary General. ties met Tuesday morning at I-
to 1859. tin Lamy cashier account re Africa at the School of M e- P a. Dm' at thePalais
COMMUNIQUE ceivable. Pierre Biamby ac-decine. e- PRESIDENT ELECT 'Haiti, now Legislative Pa
ARGENTtNE countant. Arsene Coicob ac-' D WILL E lace. The session was 'presi.
EMBASSY .countant. Jean Jacques Mi- Dr Charmant presented OF OFFICE ded over by the-oldest mem-,
chel chief of supply store also during the,. evening a s ber Jean Marie Moise with
The Argetine Govern- film taken in French Equat- It is reported that the cere- Meresse Woelly and Franck 7'.E
ment has appointed Amb ANNIVERSARY orial Africa. monies of the oath taking o oix assisting as firstt nd
sador Extraordinary and Pie OF DEATH OF j -- --- office of Presi4ent Elect Paul second secretaries. 37 mnem- .
nipqtentiary Sr. Raul Au- EDMOND ROSTAND SENATE SESSION E. Magloire will take place were present. After pre io
gusto Marueirat, Chief of Saturday wis the 32nd an, The Senate held a meeting on December 6th. in the 1s.ing their credentials /
Special Wission to ssist to nversary of the death of Tuesday November 28 th .Grande Sall&e des Bustesn athe proceeded to the elec-,'
ceremonles of transmission the death of Edmond Ros- underthe presidency of the the National Palace. tiono f the President and ,3
of power. He is the personal tand, one of the first victims oldest member Lorrain De- U-L GLO1RE -ecretaries- of the' Chambr.
representative of His Excel- of the Spanish grippe which houx with Fernand Prosper J. IN NEW YORK .. Deputy Adelphin Telson.
lency the President of the prevailed m Europe and A- and Charles Jonassaint as The son of President Elect was elected President and
Argentine Government. Ge- menca after the Armistice first and second Secretaries. The More is n of President Elet waies electc Jesident an .
neral Juan Peron. The mis- of 1918. In homage to the AH the Senators were pre- Pau akto undergo a Franck Lanoix, first a'nd se.
ion comprises also repren- grand poet who had so ma- sent. After the ceremonies in New- oration He second Secretaries fespectiv,-.
taives of the Armed Forces, ny admirers in Haiti the Na- of validity of powers and delicate eye operation. HLieute- ilys co. Secretaie.
Col. Apolinario Antonio Lo- tonal Society of Dra.matic oath taking the bureau was' accompanied by 2nd L, ie e- .
pez, the Capt. of the Navy, Ar presented a first rate formed as follows : --.
Guillermo Brown and Air performance of cLa Samari- Senator Charles Fombrun .- ''
Commander Gesar Aurelio taine at the Theatre de Ver elected President of this ,. .
Guasco. The three Represen dure "Massillon Coicou I High Corps with a strong
tatives of. the Armed Forces LECTURE ON majority. Senators Fernand.
have the rank of Envoys Ex: -LIBERIAs i Prosper and mile Tous-
traordinary and Ministersi Sunday morning Novem- 'sfnt eleted rbSpectively '
'Plenipotentiary, Counsellor ber 26th Professor Charles first and second Secretaries. ,. ,
Dr. Antonio Ricardo Pelu- E. Stephen, ex-Consul of The Parliament will convene
ffo Charge Affairs Embassy Haiti in San Pedro de Maco I on Wednesdgy December -
Juan Adolfo Mlollo, Secreta- ris and La Romana. delive- 6th with the-object of rece- .
ry of Embassy Benito Olivo red a lecture eiVing the oath of the elec- 0' .
Gallo. This Mission ar- on Liberia at the Building ted President of" the Repu- A. , 0
rived in Port-au-Prince this of the Red Cross of Haiti in blic who will take office im *":
morning. the presence of a large ga- mediately, there after.
LE GOUAZE BE KEPT AT Wednesday evening at se- TENSION C.
His Excellency Joseph Le NATIONAL MUSEUM ven, Miss CGarty'Bailey of-
Gouaze Archbishop of Port- As proposed by Constitu- fered a second radio concert I
au-Prince returned on Tues- ent Georges Bretoux the seal over Station MBC. The series H. 0 _
day evening at 5:00 p. m. by of the Consoituent as well as'of radio recitals by the mu- ,. I
plane from Europe where the pen and inkstand that sic Teacher singer, and gui- '
he was assisted at the Holy were used for the signing of tar,player, were offered un-
year ceremonies. this important document. der the auspices of the U. S. I'
The Archbishop, in com- will be forwarded to the De Information and Cultural l
pany of various priests, as- apartment of Interior "for sa- Service '
sisted i, Rome to the Beati- fekeeping' in the National Miss Bailey's recital in- .
fiction of Sister Javouhey, Museum. cluded the following folk -
founder of the Congregation songs : Cotton Picking Song.
of St. Joseph de Cluny Sis- HOPITAL Sandy Land and Motherless
ters. JUSTINIEN Child. The talented artist is
CAP-HAH.N.. ..a
ARRIVALS --e-H A N i .n spending a nice long vaca- r- 6 Ft.
IN PORT THIS WEEK The Hopiral Justinie 61 ,
IN PORT THIS WEEK .has just beenprovided wit on here in Haiti.yn Cvered
TankerF C.Randall, Cub has ust beenprovided with --O- --- @ 1-.
Tanker F.C.Randall, Cubanan electric bistoury which I MAJOR DUDLEY APPLIANCE COR
flag .reached. Prt- au- is at-th same time a blood i RETURNS TO
Prince Nov. 20th. SS. uAS- Ioagulator. PORT-AU-PRINCE
kildo Norwegian flag. Dutch, c. I major Edwin Dudley, 2.69 Value
Line, November 29 th. SS TELEPHONES Chief of the American Sa-
aCastor, Dutch Royal Line TO WORK nitary Mission to Haiti re-
November 30th. SS ine, fromotos A release from the Depart, urned on Wednesday 29th
Dutch Royal 3 Lap- ao ment of Public Works an- from the United States whe- Portable
New-York and Cap-Haitian ounces that a large stock re he took part in the yearly TROUBLE
Nov. 30 th. ._---- or telephone equipment ne meeting of Chiefs of Sanita- iTB
APPOINTMENT TO cessary for the improvement ry Missions of the Institute NIGMT 3 i *
S TELEGRAPH AND of the Telephone Service ar- of Interamerican Affairs.

'a ,

-' ;..... .. .'-, ..' ,. -." .. ... .. . .. a



ROTARY '>tion machine intobtthe fast- He added that sbuth Ame-. litary Junta of the Govern- work, has been completed
. FELLOWSHIPS ness of the Andes mountains rica is!'entitled to have the ment up until the time in connection with interna-
AWARDED LATIN and upper Amazon basin to outstanding service as council when he took over the di- tional bank and export-im-
AMERICAN -STUDENTS.futher the church's missiona-. President of Dr. Herman region of the Foreign ff sort bank loans. This basic
S .Washingon .- Six ry' work. 'Santa Cruz. ce in the temporary absence works, the reports States.
outstanding graduate stud-' le' is Msgr. Carlos Maria CUBA :of Dr. Gomez Ruiz. He was "Might now bear fruit.,
ents from Latin Xmerica ha- Jurgens, Bishop, of'Huanca- HAVANA Adolfo Lu- appointed Ambassador to Th reort decl h
ye been awarded, felliows- velich, Pert. A native of Li- que, one-rime star pitcher ,Peru in the month of June Th b asis for prosperity inat
'hips for. advanced.study ab- ma, Peru' Msgr. Jurgens was I in the National League, will, this year and resigned this Latin merica wol ty b
road for the current Acade- named a bishop in 1949. a manage the Class B Havana post to assume the high of- considerable broader rd i f
;n. c -vear by Ro0ary 'Interna- few months before his forty- Cubans' baseball club next fice in the new Junta. ,
ic .Cubans.-," ,b cu nx . ,ua' creased production of: strate-
tional according to an ann- fifth birthday. year. LtUque, Who, played for The new .Minister of Pru- e ate
Souncement by the world-wi-1 CHILE the Reds, the Dodgers and blic Health Dr. Raul Soules materials were accompa
"" ,de organization. The first session of a ma the Giants replaces Oscar Baldo is. also an eminent au- .ed by an adequate expan-
: .;- e Students "- five young jor United Nations organ to IRodriguez,.who. led the team thority in his own field or sion of the trans rtati
_=:^.?.;.,-', .:i o, .i T-- .'., t ..... .. r- . >networK, rPower plants, and i
n. wen and a young woman be held in laun Amerija,tco five .straight ennants in respiratory medicine. Dr .e haPror f ailates,.
-r, from Argent--a, Chile, will take place early next the eightclub Florida Inter- I Pedro. Jose Lara Pena is r
lnador, Mexico, and Uru-, year in Santiago, chile, national League. well known in the world of t h r th
.Wiuay. When the U., N'. Economic MEXICO CITY The coffee, He was one of the arns
Four- stuent fro uii,,a:d sbil' .c there is danger that aThe ad
S.Four students from Uni- and. social council convenes Government, today amended founders of the Cofee Assoca ea
-Four students. from " "tre.. for sn sson c'". additional higher export ear-
,. States who received felt there for i spring session. a cotton export decree to per tion and of the Agricultura 'w lreh cf of
s owships. have chose "mto stu-', The Coundil.,approved, by mit Mexicali cotton to lea- Chamber in' Venezuela. nings will raise e cost o
.. dy in Latin A .erica, rotaty a vote 11 to 7, 'to .accept ve,. the country without per- LATIN AMERICAN living and promoteinflatio
f'offiials said- in Argenti: ChileP s invitation to. meet mits. The permit require- REPORT nary profits, on the one hand
M,: 'Chile. CoVlobia, an a here in Febuary 1951. ment was established sev- The report cites the folio- altering.
Mexico. ,..' Voting in favor of accep- eral weeks ago to insure wing favorable factors that The distribution of real
? :( .Fellowships have been ting the Chilean Govern-7 Mexico an adequate domes- will help Latin American ta- income to a degree that will
awarded for a year's study meit'is' invitation' were :[tic-industry. The amende- ke full advantage of future create social unrest and po-
totstudelts frofm-24 coun nies gBegiun, Brazil, Chile,-Chi ment- establishes Mexicali opportunities : litical instability, and on the.
Lis, year. Theistudents 'hae Oa, r France, India, .Iran, as a free port for cotton, -- uDeyelopment Pro- other dissipating the addition
.'chnme:ro .Educational 'insfturi 1Mexo., Pakistan, .Peru and which means- Mexicali Val- grams have been shaken 41al foreign exchange ear-
4 iopns iC 23" 'counries fobr i 'the d .States. ley cotton may be exported down to more manageable nings in wasteful imports 'of
'tet .courses Speaking in support of the without permits. The amend proportions,. luxury consumers goods.
'Rotary stayed ti' "fello'meeting in while ; U. ,S. dele- meant says Mexicali cotton 2 -Many of the pro- ,If the benefits of higher
'wsbp.sh s tografn '; in' 17' .gate Walter Kots ad always has been sold in the blems artising out of shbrta export earnings are to con-
xp ppraSta. 4.gaeWlte Kots.el.g'a e.xprt, ea g ahae to.co-
o .t .of~, d .. ata riafo eing United States., and never has ges of technical skills have tribute to economic develop-
bution. r the domestic mar- been recognized and attac- ment in these countries,
Sund r sthn6g s- enfr ion a aj k. vked. thier governments must ta-.
amongthe eples 'of brgan in Latin America. .-NEW VENEZUELAN 3 uThere has been a ke measures to conserve ford-
orld.. Auaa, Canada, Czec GOVERNMENT .healthy tendency to.-empha- ing exchange earnings for
,RUCUY hoslovaka, Denark, Po-' TAKES OFFICE .size the need for improve2 that purpose and gee to it
URUGUAY -: land, the Soviet Union and President .Suarez ments in the agricultural, that a portion of: increased
.4 g M!.reiV deo,i UpgaY the Unitd Kingdom voted .Flaimerich Takes oath field." a domestic income is saved,
'A tnerican.and B ,iair of a st Satigo a a mee- WITH NEW Cabinet' The -report notes that (A and invested, "The report
.'cials were- rep.e'd Satur- ting pl.i.. The new Junta of the Go- considerable amount of basic concludes.
'a"? ay profiting frQms research Objectipns to acceptance vernment was formally an-'
'.work done in Argnrtin_'rby of the, hilean- invitation' nounced to the nation and ,-
a large group of former Ger were Based Largely on con- to the world Monday at noon *' '
w.mean- Air. .F. .t.echni.ans.--sid"o'
.'.man-Air'.,FoSce. technicians., sideradons of expense, on in the 'diplomatic reception
.. The UTnited States and Bri difficulties the move to San salon of 'the Miraflores Pa-
,taig also'vere. said -to be tiago night impose upon lace. There. in the presence
Sgetti"og reports .of atomic th'elEcosdc' secretariat,- and of the entire diplomatic corps
S-r' y studies .ar ied out by upon-.the reluctance of. se- the high ranking officers, of
.Gtrian scientists in Argenit v'eral Nations to support the Army,. Navy and Air
Sd hadditional,cmeeotings of Forae, knportant Govern-
* An informant close to he Ecosoc aw'k, from UN ment functionaries, the new ,
G..Germian refugees-'. said the HeIdqdiarters. President, Dr. German Sua-
.:xpert aerial technicians'in- Chilean Senato" Eduardo rez Flameric was formally .
clude Dr. Kurt Tank, a top Ere speaking in support of inducted into office. Wit
combat plane' designer, and hi country's invitation, him at the time were Lt Col.
Gen.i Dolf Galland. tot1 com- ...,
SGen. Dolf Galland to corm'pdiihted out that. objections Marcos Prez Jimenez who ,
bat -tactician for the former to the expenses involved in retains his post and Lt Col. l
S German" Luftwaffe, the. Santiago meeting are L. F. Llovera Paez, Minister ou'll be surprised how far
The, Argentines are pa- mitigated bv the' fact that of the Interior, both of
-',, ying the piper" this infor- lChilean- Government has whom will continue to occu Central Paint will go!
i.mant saidbit 'the 'Aneri-effere t bearone third of py their previous pivotal Thera's a big difference in paints. We, 3
cans and Britons are callingthe cost of the council's posts in the Government. believe you have seldom used a paint that
the tune," .. .t meeting...: 'President Suarez Flame- covers so much surface and goes on as
He explained that the Ger Supporting the meeting rich is a caraqueno born' n easily as this Central Paint. And, it satays
'2* mans were sending their re- in Chile, R. R. Saksena of April loth 1907. He is marr- on-lasts amazingly./"
Sports to American .and Bri- India. noted that the conucil ied to Dona Rosario Perez th..r.ok efC L
'' tish air officials abroad due Should meet in many places Carreno and has had a dis- i,
S to the Argentine Air Force's of world to Give the peoples tinguished career as Juriston
Inability to put into practi- in those areas a visual de- suit and diplomatist. He has
ce many of the investigation monstration of the vork of been professor of Civil Law
S results. . one of the united nations' at the Central University, .I .. ---.
', ". ress most important organs. This, Dean qf the' Law Faculty I
+ ': PERU I he added, ismore +valuable thefe, ..and President of the
Rome Peruns youngest than many words to acquaint Municipile Council. A ENT DISTRIBUTOR
Bishop is going to take the people with- the united na-' Since 1948 he has been E T
first r-tion picture projec-tions. the legal advisor of the Mi E. G. MARTIJN S. A.
'' ""' (.) '," ...r . .. . '"" "< ; ... "'" "i
.- ,, + .,":,. ., ' ,, ,c: ,.. : ....


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have been checked by this
newspaper, and to the
best of our knowledge
their merchandise is of-
good quality and good
value. _

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Factory: Ave du Travil No .3 TEL: 5283. .





GRAND RUE TEL : 2 6 8 4


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TEL : 2795

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Designed to give you that
mart and trim appearance.
Made of Cotton floral. Expe
rtly styled uwth built-in
knited supporters, button
ed pocket, elastic and cord-
adjustable waist.
2.80 each

* Wine
* Royal Blue
* Tan
* White
Sizes : 30 to 44


*. "





Hours are from 8 a..m. till t.
5 p.m some shops close be-
tween the hours of 12 ad f'
-2 p.m.
Sat. is noon closing, h s
a number of shops especial-
ly Souvenir shops stay opeM
ha h 7.

I frou

I an

*gZ the ay. ..
nks open at 9 a. m. e.n .
at I p.- m. Sat. closing ; .

)st Office opens at 8.,
td close at 5:30 p.m.
OF .'

51 ..
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* Page 6



Flushing Meadow
Drawing on his awn
country's experience, a Hai-
tian Sporkesman has spelled
out for the benifit of the So-
viet bloc the truly Interna-
-tional character of the Uni
ted -Nations technical assis-
tance program.
During General Assem-
'bly debate this week, Ernest
Chauvet, member of the
SHaitian U. N. Delegation,
-:refuted Soviet Bloc charges
of ,American Imperialism,,
'in connection with the tech-
n ckal assistance program.
This is what he said :
; In the course of these
discussions a regrettable al-
lusion has been made to tech
:-nical assistance supplies by
Sthe United d Nations
'to underdeveloped
^:countries on the Tequest of
.- the respective governments.
~ here has been an attempt
'to establish a pretent here
'-" h" .l ... .. I- l 11


died our economic situation list in Rice plantations, and
and published a report. Ne- it was a Chinese, Mr. Lin.
ver, never, have we had the who was sent. We asked foi
slightest impression that this a specialist in fiscal Matters
Mission's intention was ot- and a Frenchman,Mr. Block
her than'to help us on a tech was appointed by the Secre.
nical and economic plane. tary General. We asked for
The President of that Mis- a specialist in statistics II
sion was a Swede, Mr. Ro- was a Frenchman, Mr. Duon
semborg of the economic De- who was sent.
apartment of the United Na-
tions. Out of the 12 of that ceThe World Health Or-
Mission, only two were ci- ganization sent us a Brazi-
tizens of the United States lian, Dr. Ademar Paoliello.
and they belong to specia- <,The only American spe-
lized Agencies. As a result 'cialist whom the secretary
of the recommendations of General sent us-and he sta-
this Mission, my country as-yed for only a few weeks -
ked the United Nations to a Mr. Fratck Eaton, a soil
send a permanent represen- chemist who analyzed our
tative of, the technical assis- soil.
tance board, an English spe- *
Axk -I 1 l'


,g.n -Arur to att LLaacK "- ciaList, Mr. wakefielc, was,1 -Let us admit that it
ged imperialism and,.Capita- appointed to deal with the would really be difficult, for
L-lism of the United States. It tropical areas. the Haitian people to belie-
is a pity that we should try ve that these non-American
cast doubts on the rare de- We asked for a specia- specialists were merely
?g, ons unanimously taken ist to reform the moneta- fronts for American Impe-
gy all Delegations. *ry and banking system.. The rialism.


( Conidnued from Last of sending young children 4-.rket the only way of gett-
Sunday) away to be brought. up in ing help needed on the farm
DIFFERING NOTIONS boarding schools by strangers if one's present wife is ill or
,:. -OF CRUELTY as the utniost, cruelty. They is. nursing a child, is by
would be profoundly shoc- marrying an additional one.
Y ked by our custom of del.
Values in primitive society ked b our custom of IT-i
differ fromi our own because erately destroying stocks The main difficulty in
of different, historical and of good food because it can. this problem of primitive
5'eultural circumstances. The- not be sold at a profit for vi-lues is the question of
a 'no. other reason.. Poly- someone. one's approach to the matter
a and customs like can- Looking at the matter in The only way to understaiid
win and head hunting, this light, it is less difficult any alien culture is through
rhieh a small proportion of to perceive the rationlity of the eyes of its own members.
mitiVe peoples follow and primitive ways. We can see This means that whether the
e highly, are repellent that. experiences, religious people are civilised or pri-
us. Obviously they have and otherwise. are just as mitive, one has to get to
o e derstood not as isola real for'them as for us. Thus know them, first, as human
e practi-'Put within the both cannibalism and head- beings. It is also a very
"ull conteCI. t 's"easier to hunting ma y in v o I sound principle to admit
e, appr 'of- i ask v e i d e a s a n d the possible invalidity of
,. ourislve sjne of. the rites as significant and. as everything that one has pre-
. customs takAt fdo granted meaningful to them as the viously held as most sacred
in civilisd.6seaiety w:.wU' ap.- celebration of Holy Com-mu and cherished. And you are,
'pear to primitive people. union to a Christian commu- at least, making a start on
..Many of them would be qui- nity.. Polygamy may be the the road if you, realise that
Ie baffled by our idea of ,mbst logical way of meeting with all our jargon we know
c-work be"ng a thing good in pratical- problems of food as yet, very little about the
SiCtself. Most primitive people. production. For when there basic facts of human nature
iowuld consider our practice is no such thing asa labour even in our own society.

iGriand ue. Next T6
__ Pharmacie T616maque

S. A.






'An up-" to-date cleaning
Plant that, offers' fast -
and reliable work is



..- - .- |



YTIP "Or.&n uvF.

Page 6

,qMy delegation can speak secretary General appointed
of Technical Assistance be- a Lithuanian Mr. Koest-
cause we know what we are ner and a Swiss, Cr. Bezzo-
talking about. A mission of la.
experts of the United Na-
tions went to Haiti. It stu- %We Asked for a specia-







Non-professional and expe-.
rimenral theatre Groups are
,"Making Great Strides in '"DEATH OF A SALESMAN"
the United States-, accor-' ''A" A AL MA
ding to Emilio Carballido .' -
SUN LIBRARY 'Mexican Playwright now' hen Arthur Miller, 34- to the deeper meanings of ,
UIvisiting U. S. Cities. yeatold Amer4can playwr- the play. But the salesman,.
The author of the comedy ight and novelist, wrote a because his work of
FIELD GUIDE will be heard than actually "Rosadba y los Llaverosn Pa1' about a man who finds volves none of the Prnis- '
OF BIRDS seen. Has visited experimental the structure of his life and ses of creation or us -f
OF TH WEST INDIESa popular se theatres in Chicago, New- his ego crumbling, because things he sells,is
e s Bo. tahis book is interesting and York, Ptsburgh, Dallas all his life had been buoyed protagonist. Willy Lon -'
Whether you are an orn- easily intelligible to the ca- and other Cities since he by false standards he called says in the play : A-man
ithologist planning a field sual West Indies visitor arrived in the United States Death of a Salesnnn. who cannot handle ms
trip to the West Ianning aies or ld sual West Indies visornithologist in Mid-September He is IThe play opened on Broad- not a mann, ..-
globe trotter anticipating a this guide, prepared as ii is one of 2 young S artists way, theatrical center in Theatre Arts magaz
pleasure trip to- these beauti- by a recognized world au- from Latin merican and ew-York City, in ebru- called upon. Dr. Danel E .'
ful islands, you will wantthority on the subject is in otheet countries chosen to ary 1949 and is still playing Schnieder, a neuropsychi.
to tuck this little book into valuable. Of special concern take part in the 1950. Inter to enthusiastic audiences It atrist and author, to analy-.
your luggage for quick refe- to these professional scien- national arts program has astablised for Mr. Mil- ethe play. Dr. Schneider'
rence. Written b) Dr. Bond, tists will be-Dr. Bond's ex- sponsored' by the Rocke- ler a reputation as an outs- sid ": Death of a Sales-
well known ornithologist cellent, firsr-hand informa- feller Foundation of New- standing dramatist. man" will be performed o-
and associate Curator of tion Aon the best birding-sea- York City and the institute In the broadest sense of ver for many years becau0se0 ,s: ..
Birds at the Academy of Na- sons, planning a field trip in- of International Education. of its author's masterful .e.,'
tural Sciences of Philadel- to the .interior or mountains, station of the unconsciolesa-
phia, its primary purpose is and suggestions for dealing The artists selected .tivaions in our lives. t
wn to inhabit the Bahamas with the natives. from the field of Archirec- one i of the most conaitt.
Th hinted expi-estau on of aggre-.-
the Greater Antilles-inclu- The original edition of Dr ture, Painting, Cinma. Lite ted expressions of aggr
ding the Cayman and Swan Bond's book, published by rature, Music ,and Theatre, ion and pity ever to be put
Islands--and the Lesser An- the Academy of Natural will spend three months on the' stages
titles. Sciences of Philadelphia as. a travelling, watching perfor- I In all his books and plays .
Dr. Bond describes eachresult of a tenyear survey mances and exhibits, de- ... Mr. Miller has-been concer-
bird; giving. its' common, was very soon :exhausted monstrating their own ned with the morality -.
scientific andlocal name, This present edition hs work and consulting with man's behavior d he
length, appearance of nest been completely rewritten ieaing U. S. artists. generative effects of,- imgn-
and .,eggs, characteristics and in a popular style, and con- Commenting on IU. S. ral.deisions.A critic has said '
range. In .cases where ,the tains isateroi u resulting from theatre Carrallido said in ta that heb has,'a o ympthetc, -
particular bird is best iden- the author's- recent research an interview here: philosophic, h ainilar is$ -
ified by its song, he has bringing the book up to r am excited about the Pe ness, that. comes fr6m un-.'
give a description of this date. 211 special line dra- experiietal theatres throu- i derstan4(ing knowledge of -
song or call notes-a va- wings illustrate ethe text g it te United States. Io p e W himself and the people he '.
luable addition, since among find that in the uni=tecj i ooses to write about. .
the luxuriant vegetation of: Obtainable at A 'LA CA. stares, as in Mexico, Alth-- th ile_ EARTH IS OYERv E
the tropics many more birdsRAVELLE Price $ 3.75' ough there are many god ArthurMiller ART BILLIONS YEARS
________________________________________________ commercial plays. the com-w 3BILLON YEARS
-he population of Sw- merc theaome- heae word. ippioimately 8. OF AGE. N
Legend : A lie that has erland 4.300000. had. ever, Q.00 so s i The earth is most proba- '
Atind. the i gnity of n age.s t etdam; Towith the experimenifttal ted States can be classified t he ert s" o p '
attained the d ignite of age. eatre roups making such by occupation as salesmen. bly aboh t 3.350.000000
ni sai the fb of ga it srdes .in the United Because the central figure years old. This is the eIstIa
A deposit of rain the as andy way is to the feet of great sI would say that the of the tragedy is a salesman te of Dr. Arthur Holmes,
recently discovered in Wa.- the aged, so is a wife fullate has very, very artis- interest in Mr. Miller's play professor, of geology at the
les of wordstoaquiet man coun has been widespread. For- Universiy of Ediburgh
i I ne, a -magazine devoted to and one of the. worlds ore-
The Mexican playwright business and industrial ma- most authorities in the flu-4
said the experimental groups nagdment, asked for a criti- dy of the Earth's age, asfu.
PO TE (flriLD 'he had seen will be a sourceique of the play from. A. Ho- blished in-the annual repgVt
A iJ CO1EtJ .L of inspiration when he ward Fuller, president of of the Smithsonian Institli-
attempts to organize new the Fuller Brush Company tion.
(autor known)experimental player groups a concern that employs, sa- The period since the bi
No Regrets : in Mexico. lesman for work throughout inning of terrestrial time
I'm done with the days I'have already lived- the country. has been variously estima-
The Good Days, and the bad ones, too. HAITIAN AMERICAN aboutWilly Lom r an, the sa- 'five billion years. All estfira
INSTITUTER ab-ut W lybte s A- fie durin this ge seation
For what can it profit a mortal t9 live 'ACTIVITES p loithi -awb wse sdS disap- tes during this generation
On the things with which he is through point hhn an whose *ife of- have been based on the de-
'fers him 'little support or cay of the radio-active 'ele
not-a wh-it for te years that are go'ne, I MT. Eric Neff Director of comfort. Mr. Fuller said : ment uranium into lead.
Nort i for theyes that aregonthe Institute delivered a lec- .Nearly everyone who sees The Iroblem is, at best,
Nor thejoy or pain thut they brought, ture to a large audience at ,Death of Salesmann can extremely complicated. Th, ..
the French Institute Tues- t'\hvee sam I only admit i'm a far ric uhday evening. The Subject of played by Willy and his uraiu eai of whi '
By lessons experience taught Mr. Neff's discourse was the sons that exists in himself cays eventually into a2,M6,#
S e n h "New Englhnd Triumvirate, and in his friends and rela- rent isbtope of lead..
And never an hour is spent in regret, Hawthorne, Melville, Hen- tives. It is this close iden- De olmes arrive
For water flowed over Rfe's dad, ry James. e
ry Jaes. n between the audience the estiiaa* bich he co
And' botn if its carren y'tlh's. loftiest dreams ; Today the Jamaican a' r thucharersn that sides the most probable.
I'd rather remain as I am-Ten will play on "Vanrie- the tragedy." Ohr chief waft in '
l e n a s n my tes Populaires" part one of The fact that Willy Lo- somebody /who hall make
Contentedly earning ani sharing my bread, this program is dedicated to man's life has been spent us do what we are capable
And always believing the best is ah 1. statute. d al






PAGE 8 -





_____________________________________ U


,'I WAE. C .


ad. his drims
S. a


l ,: ,. "-' nI3
.L E 'S--"" *
f\,l.. .
.I.-..3 1Ls ,
*.-'. .../ 1

FROM 7: 30 to 11 p. m.




} = .-:-


S..... m
f_ \ .



is our specialty
".k u1



Kalmar's Cafe

(Exposition Groundr)

Cold Drink
and Sandwich

(American Style Grocery)
Rue Pevee 2 blocks
'jrom the Grand' Rue




A. ., ,,* ,..^..:, ... ,. '." .:^ : "."is

^pS^ i '
!(?'* '
JC& **
^:r ^


.. : "

--:."Page 9

mann of Halgin Studios in Cuban Rhumba divinely, oh .
New--York (H A L being Ia Ia !
his initials Gin being short The new Constitution has .tO'
for Virginia) completed a been promulgated and ever- I Ardl
twelve day stay on Monday, I yone seems satisfied. Even -
".during which time they took I the ,Ligue Femiinine" think
M1 I'^360 color slides of Haiti Iit's a fair deal. .
l IA QMr. D. Vilfrov of the Ham-I Ca ol
... ailcon Wright syndicate was Several weddings will be 'Hospital Chapel
S" responsible for an unexpec" celebrated on Saturaay De- spaal Chapel ,.
C.I ted performance at the Ho- member the 16th. John Laro- Su y Mass at 8:50 a.m.
Th Ln f C b tel by the Troupe Folklori-Iche to marry Miss Concerta serman n English. unday
The Laflin family will bid Cdaneel bay, resort club on que on Saturday last which Cianculli at the Cathedral Sacr-Coeur. Sunday '
farewell. to friends and, Hai- the island of St. John. Virgin be photographed from a hun of Cap-Haitien. Gerard Ke- asses at 4-6-8:30 .a. m.as !
ti from the steamer's rail Islands. She reports that dred different angles for pu nol to marry Miss Marie'Jo- Catedral Sunday Masses .
thip coming Tuesday as they' "Caqpel bayn- already sold blication in American maga se Laforest at the Cathedral ,t -:30-8:30 a. m, .
sail-back to the States. Mr. out for the ,grande saison" zines. It was a very pleasant of Port-au-Prince.. St erard (Massesr Oloffsn):30-7-8:30
Laflin is returning to Was- is rushing 12 new rooms to surprise to guests and others 'The wedding of Mr. FritzSunday asses 5:30-7-8:30
hington after heading the completion to take. care of who happened to be there. Eugene, well known mer St Jean Bosco Sunday
Interamerican Cooperative the overflow. Wednesd last was a chat of Portau-Prince, toMass at 9 a. m. :" .
Service of Agricultural Pro- At the well attendednite. Mr. Abe Issa, owner ofthe charming Miss Lucienne ape on theExposition.
duction (SCIPA) for the last 'bingo' Wednesday night at Tower Isle and yrtle Bank Boigris took place at the Sa-grounds, Mass aB 9:a. .
two years. Before his appo- Thorland Club prizes were Hoels in Kingston, Jamaicacred Heart on Saturday at 6
intent here Mr. Lafln held won by Mrs. Deemings, Mrs and Mr. Jim Green manager P E o Siscoal :
it hane rr. e .m Ereen maniser o. ,a. l -
various posts in Latin Amer- Carroll, Jim Carroll and Ma A offi- It has beenr a isco
ica, his last one before co- jor Villedrouin. cI K pp t ed .th atr h Holy Trin y Cathedral
ming .o.Ha..wa I. a C u. i N ce came for an .overnight ro essor Plenton is giving Sunday Mass at 4 a.-Ji:. I
mming to Haiti was in Lma,1 Haitian Consul in New- fl ld u-n a ass at "a r ,:'
-e The Lafs wl be Yr, M.. L _ad, fr. stay. A large dinner parry up ying to t eac ancing. Fre
teru. The Laflins will b York, Mr. Luc GLamarda, newas given .in their honor He has a new method for 3nc0Elish -
missed by all, especially .mer editor of .La Phalange and a god time was had teaching the mambo. It's 9 a Fgn.
the lovely daughters, arrived in the city wednes- called En Place,. i, .re .,
Its ashamed to see such day. by all. called Enaily Mass 6 a. m French
.charming people leave town. Mr. 'Murray Knobel retur Jead Bolte arrived front Epiphany Chapel ,: : ai
Mr. Harry Robinson left n6d to town Tuesday from a New-York -City Jast Sundayj '' Sunday Massei at 6 a.m in. AL'
Wednesday.. Harry told the business trip to New-York via P. A. A. Jean spent four 8 a. m. in French
'-Beaclicomber that he was'nt city. years in Montreal Canada
feeling too well. had lost 30 The new Charg6 d'Affai- where he attended McGill' Other religious -bodie. -
-pounds, he misses the cold so' tes of the Italian Legation, University and graduated in wish ing to publish N.
-he is off to the U. S. to con-'Mr. Carlo Angelini,and wife 1949 with the degree of :Ba- Continued on Page 12 kindces .contaf service .the -
valesce. arrived in the cit this week chelor of Commerce. After -d on Page 12 kind.contact the
There was a grand fiesta and are at present, staying a 'year work in N&wv-York -- ______ Haiti Sun, P. O.:Box 1-8
at the Bellevue Club .last at Hotel Majestic in Peton re he acquired experien-'
'Sunday..Jamaican Jozz pro- ville. ' n.jhe importt and export "
-vided by the c.HotlTen ma- ,h e -. '..ie. d -he;is returning home i. tex-lrels .* ..- .
-de it'a Whoooof party. 1,, Cne 'pperfamil ..s, tp tit ,his knowledge at the ,^U ,,L. * UU I ,.--.,i
Mr. Denis Fenelon. Con- leave Potau-Pie soqn '_service of dhis country. N- .
Mr DeisFeneon.Con- Ar present Mr., and IMrs i rr...r1
sul General of Liberia, has AO present Nirb and Mis Jac eline Re.her : T Ther H ou
.ppn .w e rp , nrder, :son Nicholas- 'ad Miss Jacqueline Reiherji :. \ ,^ e \
beenn awarded the order of P a \ 7 .........
commander of the Star of daughter Annabelle are sta- left for New:York last Fri-'.
a of te S oying at the Mon Rave -Hotel ',, at hp4irport the Beach I J. .
Africa. I awaiting -the 'siiling date com!be- potice a group of
Baplsed.a ihter of Mwas. of the'vessel that will carry Portau-nPritce's prertie t
S phane daughter of Mr. Iihem to Europe. After a va- young girls who bid a -fond
A s. a cation iff Switzerland and farewell to .Jacqueline.
Alice deMr espinasse. Godhe formerat- England 'they ill return to! To arrive i the course of
er of the child is Jean Vital the island 'of Mauritius. this week is Colonel Roche
and. God mother is Colette i ohn Burns. Charge d'Af- B. Laroche -Ambassador to
de Lepinass. C e fares of the American Em- Haiti in Venezuela and Dr.
Sbass%. honored Ambassador Rn' Jeanty Minister of Hail
Back from a "gngrand.tour" 4
of Europe is Clifford Brandt and Mrs. William De Cour- ti in Mexico. These two pro
The -Brandis '. spent four c% with a six to eight coc- eminent diplomats will be in
months on their thorough ktail party at Ibo L61 ast the capital to attend the ce-
tour of Europe. Mrs. Bra weekend. The Ifashionable remonies of oath taking of
.- gathering included mem- President elected Colonel
will arrive'in the city today,
she stopped' off to visit fri- bers of the Diplomatic and Paul E. Magloire.
'ends i Mmi. Consular Corps, Govern- The Government of- Canada
Ol f i ment officials, members of will send a special delegate
Old frendsof Hai. ti. Ad- the foreign Colony and Port to represent Canada at the
miral and Mrs. William u i et '
au-Prince society. ceremonies of Presideint Paul
Brerton, who are at present Magloire's oath takin.
takingng at the Thorland In- THIS WEEK" AT
The new daugther of Mr.
ternational Club drove to EL RANCHO n Mrs Ad. Ged:
Jacmel Monday (where they Mr. R. U Bercovici, exe-
eventually hope to build' a cutive of the M. T.T. C. has been christianed. Yanic.
home) and owing to the con-'shipping line whose ship Its is reported that Yanic is
edition of the road they we- the cBahian has been in port n good health and is a bong
re unable to return by jeep for a couple of. weeks, left ny baby, with excellent lungs
so They few back just in ri- El Rancho on .Sunday after Grand daddy Gandene is so
me to attend .the cocktail par a twelve day stay. proud of her
*'v even bh Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Robert Ruark, the well- The Beachcomberts eyes
Polle in honor of Ambassa known writer whose co- were attracted by that beau '
dor and Mrs. De Courcy. lunns figure in 150 diffe- tiful brunette dancing at Ca- M' a N N tism ..
Also staying., at Thorlind rent Ainerican daily papers, bane Choucoune on Satur- .--om m_ .mggloeamlwga. _0m__r
Club this week is Mrs. Lin- left last Friday. He came for day night. A friend sitting BRASSERIE DE LA COURONNu A
da Weber who is here corn- two or three days, stayed at the table said she was ,ULJ.
nleninr purchases for the re- eight.' from Cuba. Whether that's .
furnishing job on the plush' Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Leh- true or not, she dances the *

l .
,.. : ','.

,, ....



|> '.". .


11 ."







:. 3RD '

Here is the fifth of the series of six talks in which and between the open squa- wild trees in the old primi- would be released for farm-
COLIN WILLS is describing a journey through the res and public gardens the tive way, but the British agri work.
British Colonies of West Africa. This week he flies into streets ramble uphill and cultural experts are gradua- The Government is carry-
Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone, or, to translate the down in a pleasant, infor- lly educating the Africans to ing out big schemes of mass
nam given it by the Portuguese five centuries ago, aT, mal way. The houses, pain- go in more and more for cut education to conquer illite-
he Mountains of the Lion,. Today there are many ted in white or in pastel co- tivated plantations of palms. racy. It is an heroic job. It
schemes unfolding in the colony. aSierra Leone is wor- lours, are not African hon- By constant experiment and is easy to talk of the spread
king on an ambitious general plan of economic develop- ses, nor European : they are cross-breeding they have evol of education it looks all
ment. devised last year. The main factor, naturally, is a- an exotic, tropical growth, ved types of palms that give right on paper. But it was
agricultural development, and the first step towards that rather fantastic in design, a much heavier yield. not until I went up country
is imp *oeg communications. I found road travel bad with oodd-shaped roofs and I went to see the great that I realized something of
enough but there are many parts of the country that eaves ad ornamental woo- agricultural station at Nja- what these people are up
you can reach only on foot and you can imagine how den balconies that often hang Ia, deep in the bush. On'e of against these British ad-
ifficult that makes both ecconomie and social progress.. slightly awry, and this gives the problems of oil-palm ministrators, schoolmasters ,
I the town an air of casual-' culture they have tackled agri+.ulturilsts, and mission-
-ess. there is the very low ger- aries. The country is yild
Flying into Freetown, we cir were sent out to make a co- But the interior decoration mination rate. In a 'wild and vast, and a lot of it is
cled over the coast and I saw lony on the coasts of the con- is not casual. Every well-to- palm forest a hundred nuts almost inaccessible. The peo-
the dark mountains rising in tirient from which their an- do house has lace and vel- will fall and only there or pie are responsive now
land .,wrapped in thunder .cestors had been ravished vet curtains at every win-. four will ever produce new because they begin to see,
clouds., Thunderstorms are away. Later, others were ad- dow, gathered into a stiff trees. But at Njala. I saw how much is being done for
always rolling up there. ded, from the Negroes who symmetrical shape in the long rows of seed-beds them. But they are still in
You can hear their roaring had fought with Britain in centre, like a sort of sporr- of sand raised on tables many cases very primitive,
far out at sea. That is why the War of American Inde- an. And I caught glimpses a few feet above the ground and there is a great depth
the Portuguese, five centu- pendence. And when early of fancy lampshades and or- and under the tables were of ignorance and supersti-
( ties ago. gave this in the nineteenth century nate wall paper and heard stoves, so that the sand in tion to overcome.
coast th e n a Britain declared war on sla- the tinkle of many pianos. the trays was burning hot
me of Sierra Leone the very by all nations, the peo- A PLACE to toifch. With the combined AN AIR OF
Mountains of the Lion. pie rescued from slaveships OF EUROPEAN heat of stoves and sun CONTENTMENT
The airfield lies out on'which Bridsh i men-of-war IDEAS .1an insufferable heat to And yet the Government
a horn of the inlet they call captured were brought to Freetown, in fact, despite work in, incidentally men picked men and
ghy Sierra *Leone river, the swell this population of a certain element of seaport they have brought the ger- the missionaries experien
fifiest natural harbour in freed men. raffishness, is mainly a pla- mination rate up to fifty per ced and devoted people
West Africa. So we set out ice of European ideas, of res- cent. are gradually doing it. They
West Africa. So we set out Many of these colonists pectability religion and \ live very lonely lives -
for.the town on a launch.As bad interbred with whites, education. The missionaries Thatis going'toadd enor- small groups of men and
I looked out over that pea-'and so they called themsel- have founded many schools moly to the wealth of women living in remote pla
ceful roadstead at the green ves Creoles. Many have En- there and the citizens are he country. Agricuulural ces in difficult conditions-
shores broken by little coves glish names, often high- 'avid education for their oductio generally is and yet they contrive live
and beaches. I thought of t sounding 'double- barrelled children being raised at the rate of in a most civilised fashion,
the darkames. But the great thing I -went inland to see so- nearly twenty per cent a and they have an air. of con-
its traces there, in o stone about the was--and is thin f PotectorateI year, and the Administra- tentment. I suppose it comes
ruins among the tropic green that hp w g suffered so thing ook the PoBo-raeo tion hopes that by 1953 -it from the interest of the job
and inm the unwritten history mch at the hands of the o th r 0.- will be, double that of 1948.! and the sa g action of gett-
which is the'- memory str-y m t heher of those everlastingfNot
which is the memory of t white they took not reven dusty, bumpy roads of Not many coDntries can ing is done.
bes. m ge but compensation : they laterie rock. We climbed laim a record or attempt At Njala I stayed with an
This memory is still haunt- insisted on European educa- ,ver low hills and drove on target like that. agricultural officer, and he
ed by the 'wars of the tribes tion, European culture. and or hours through unbroken Sierra Leone is invited a few guests for din
themselves, undertheir pet- determination they su forest country. Silvery silk erra Leone king ner another officer and
ty kings, and by the tribal vived and prospered. cotton trees and massive A- on an ambitious general his wife and a nursing sister
slayetaids that went on un- That was the basis of frican teak trees rose here p an ofeeconomic develop-yI from the hospital. The bush
til reent times. And t Sierra Leone Colony. But rrean o evoaomic develop-'from the hospital. The bush
til recent times. And those Sierra Leone Colony. But and there among the main e evsed asyear Te spread out round us, a great
coats.still bear traces of the he Colony proper was and mass of oil palms. Those main factor, naturly, is a-'river rolled through the
Portuguese, who set up their still is, a very small area palms, rather beautiful es agricultural development, night below the hillside gar
depots there in the fifteenth stretching not very far in 'pth clusters of orange-co-s and the first step towards den. Crickets and frogs kept
century for the export of ivo- from the coast. behind it in loured nuts clinging to the at s improving communi- up a weird background
qy and slaves. After thosq those early days lay a barba- stems, are not only the main canons. I found road travel 4oise to our conversation-
pioneers came the slavers of tic hinterland whose inhabi- scenery of Sierra Leone enough but ther areshrill, bizarre, and disur-
many. nations, the English tants opposed the colonists they are its life. Palm-oil and many prts of the ach onltry bing.
Hawkins among them. Pira- and the British until at last palm-kernels make up some- foatou A an reach only on took me to a villayge so-my
tes haunted this coast and after making war against thing like eight) per cent of howot. And youiffi cault mage host took me to a vill age so-
dithe English, French, and Britain, they were overw- the country's exports. ow diffth eonomicult that makes pro e distance away where the
Dutch fought there in a helmed and made into the The next most important both econ c and social pro paramount chief f the dis-
small, bloody parody of their Sierra Leone Protectorate. vegetable product is ginger; gress. trict had arranged a special
wars in -Europe. But slavery The Creoles of the Colony do is a lot of kola and so- ceremony in p our honour.
is the deepest memory. not feel that the relatively me cocoa grown. And in ENDLESS COLvillage was NS ceremonyinollection
therme cocoa grown. And in OF CARRIERS The village was a collection
Backward masses of the Pro theswamps they gather CARRIERS of mud houses with high
THE FOUNDING tectorate should share too piassava, a reedy growth that For one thing, everything1 Peaked roofs of thatch.I was.
OF FREETOWN uch But the developing self- has important commercial has to be transported by head rather beautiful. And in the
And yet Freetown was government. But the lea- value. It is made into. the load everything and big. thatched council house
founded as an act of huma-ding Africans inthe rotec- stiff bristles of streetswee- t h a t m e a n s t h at the villagers were singing
nity. It was set up in 1787 torate feel.that thd.,too, ha- pers' brooms. I shall never thousands of people are and dancing to the music of
by British philanthropists as ve their rights. And Britishpm anernuic
y British philanthropsts as ve administrationghts. have to copeagain see men sweeping up engaged mere ly as carriers, a native band. In- their
a homeland for freed slaves nstraton have to copthe slush of a London win I saw them in. endless co- bright coloured cottons and
that is why they call" it wh s problem. ter without thinking of thO- lunins on the bush paths, gleaming b i t s
*tFreetown. At that time When I landed in Freetown se steaming swamps of Sie- carrying goods to and from of g o 1 d a nd silver
there were in England thou-sI from the launch. uhe fresh rra Leone. market. They reminded me jewellery they swayed and
:sands of runaway slaves from sea breeze seemed to stop PLANNING of ants caring food home'circled in rhythm.
-the Americas who had at the shore, and the town CULTIVATION rto the nest. But with road The chief, a dignified per-
stowed Aaway or worked was wrapped in a still, ;and rail transport extended son in long sweeping robes
Abeir passages and some of' moist heat.. It is a town Most of the palm-nuts throughout the country al
them. a few hundreds- built on undulating land are still gathered from the great many of those people (Continued on Page 11)

. .... e .-' -


' 4

PAGE 10 ,



'. :. ..; .. ,.:" ".

i :.' .
,. *'



OF THE I-FK "(Continued Page '10) ,s n -
'aof purplish cloth. wi' -hvers-- to Sc n -
of prplth, an were working on the bet-
Sunday December 3rd. ornamental headdress, took tom when I was there. Up'
5:3 p m. oto a lomg b e r p aon shore, a big arkshirp'
FOOTBALL NEWS. the order of reception. 2nd Part: A cow-boy film sat there and drank beer man of nearlysty but ro-.
Last Sunday's game pro- The contestant who sub- at 6:00 and 8:15 p. m and ate cakes and watched bust and fit, stripped to
ved to be a hard and fast mits the" first correct list ode of the est the dancing. And then the shorts,and a sun helmet and
one, the thousands of fans,,will recieve a prize of five James Werren, Debra Al- chief cleared the floor and deeply tanned. Each time.he
who witnessed, racing beat'dollars. eciee a prize of den sent for a group of men who lowered that grab 'full of
Victory, cheered an d barra- I In the chse that no listMonday December 4th came in carrying samples of concrete into the dark water
cked so enthusistially that has all five answers correct at 6:00 and 8:15 the native products a it could have meant death
they 'could be heard in Pa- the prize will be doubled' Le Pys du Dauphin Vert weaver with his cloths, far- to.. the two men working
cot. The score, ,Racing 2 for the subsequent game. To Lane Turner, Van Heflin, mers with ginger they poun- below. But there was:fio dan-
Victory 1. Racing is still the' win that, the winner will Donna Reed... ded in. mortars made of ger. .'
leader in the series with a have to.answer ten questions Tuesday December 5 th gourds, wood. carvers, .and Eachdiverl s usual- had a 'S
total -of 5 points Todays ga- correctly. In the case that at 6:00 and 8:15 so on. signal rppe'iThese ropes 'pa.
ite to be played at 3.45 will there are still no winners. Les Enchainis And then he took me t sed up..to two"Afritans who'
be between Violette and un- the original prize will be tri-_ Ingrid Bergman. and Gary another part o f the village, waited, poised' and eager,
defeated Aimy. pled, and so on. Grant and here I had a curious on the prow of a barge As
- THE FOOTBALL QUIZ The quiz will begin at 3!Wednesday December 6th shock. I learned that a dis- :each received a signal by
The Football Federation o'clock sharp and the name at 6:00 and 8:15 play had been specially sta ns of pe, he 'ade
has organized.a quiz or of the winner announced at ,Deaa M .ie 'Eiquete ged for me by the rbunduP, a hand-sign to a third Afri-
DrnDeanna Durbn the womenbh' a" hdi ta irA
test on football rules. The .half-time, Deanna Durbia the women's secret society. can perched up on a apaifor i
aimn of this test is to correct .As, an example, soupposie the Two grand free shows of All their real ceremonies within sight f the Yorks
and increase the spectators' announcer poses the folio-e fred by the Management of are, of .course, strcty bin- hirema the-high crane. t
knowledge of he rules *of wing question : Paramount on the occasion ned to men African- or -.s .botto .
play.' "How many players are of the oath taking of Presi ropean but the head f e a to. the i ag.ins.
The test will be organized the "on a football team-?, dent Paul.E. Magloire. of the society, that village the eAf, d-ireo ns ased '
in -the following manner : Then he gives 'the follo- Free Entrance a formidable looking lady in enae c- massive "-.
each Sunday afternoon, five, wing replies : vilet patterned slks,. load ofelconcrete to be low
'questions will be read aloud .- .... Thursday Deceqnber 7th permitted her devil dancers lod precisely into the ?o e
over the loudspeaking sys- a) 20 .. at 6:00 ani 8:15 to come out of the compound i -pecie ntevero se"n g
tem. Several replies, inclu-. b) 10 McCoy aux Poings d'Or to perform. men work together better or
given by the announcer. d) 9 Friday 'December 9th to see the building of the imutu l re spo.side te iaAf
The winner must answer all at 6:00 and 8:15 new deep-water -.quay. It mh i res Ate.a. .
questions correctly. Answer (c) is correct. The. Le Monstre Rouge has been a very difficult en- -thoe k. i ely-
: .. -participants in th--- contest 2and Plrt: a, nd cow-boy kiteerngj0,b t ;quay, be-=; th t Ws'
-An official of the Federa- merely bring along pencil film a cause of,thed shftmgbotom bel. ,,,that p sd tie
tion. stationed*i the center-and paper and write. : Ist Sunday December 10th s, iof sltwashed by .s te ,stgrea had
of the field, wf reciee the question (c). The method of at 3:30 . . ,des. They hav to use dvers on oain, the a
replies of the contestants answering the' other ques-' Le Mostre Rouge ogei the ho..rete foun da- com,.x ot .
and will register them in tins is the same. 2nd part : a cow-boy film drons set in place, and these new, Afca.' '

The whooping crane is .. Albert. Lea, Min '-- Back
S* saved from extinction. In Scotsman (on eighth green, from \'4 tour of Eu-
Rio, too, a moat of water to his daughter) : Mary, I rope .b'bicyde and byfoot, .
7" nine feet,d ep will separate isn't this yourbirthday P Roland. Nelson and oh .'
_. "'- the angry mob and the um- Rasmussen report th
pire in-a great new stadium. Mary : Ye*, father. hiking is as good Averthere,
.Scotchman : Well, then, if not better, than 0O this"
,,_. 'I'll give you this hole. side of the AtlarIntic.

'.._,____ ,_.______.-____

-,. .. T...




-- . '- h I -- ^^

Color and rivalry associate-I with college football ma- ..
ke the game one of the most popular spectacles in Uni- ___
ted" States sports. There are.76 college stadiums in the ___-_----
United States that seat more than 20.000 persons ; se- IS OFFERING -YOU A TINI
ven seat more than 70.000. The game is played in ahal- CHRISTMAS S1
ves of 30. minutes each, Drring the 15-minute period
between halves, college bards perform on the field. BARGAI
Here, before a capacity crowd of 78.000, the 120-piece BARGAI
'band of Ohio State Utnive?ity spell "Ohio, while they
play a college song. .. BUY NOW-BUY FOR YOL







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I Saturday evening saw the
inauguration of'the.city's ne-I Last Saturday night in
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BURGH Pedstrians in PBURSH -Pedestrians in Pittsburgh have to walk ino/ D L ET 1
1---. single fil,. as they follow a narrow path cleared in the 28-inchj blanket of snow BO A ST, A
S-which covers the city. Hundreds of Pittsburgh's workers turned out to man shovels
4 ad help clear the streets, as many of the city's industries, offices and stores GRAND :RUE
a- H,._E- ._._ _...
... !. '. .I

."' 11
..-., ,
. *^. .

- - .-
*.. .a,

" ' "
' ." .'. .' >.-,',..';.", "^. -y.' .^'. *' ,: .-*.1 :* .; :- '' "", ;/ ;, '" ...:,_ .. ..





. "' f D AMO'ND TG feterip. This new Cafeteria was fun for the whble fai-
CIMie fl advertisements DIAMOND RING sel- that is located in a new two ly at lest for those who a -
de e.diieped for things ling at a very reasonable pri- story building adjoining ented the Union School
ed or unwanted; art:- g ce, it is a genuine bargain. soulangerie St. Marc was Bazaar held at the American.
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i. ... dlf 5 iords. HOUSES FOR SALE The following articles teria the most modern in School. which the good citi-
S THE-BUY OF ..YOUR for sale are in good condi- Haiti. The building has an zens of this town hope one
. LIFE -- a.large 1, C. A. Vic- a) Masonry story house- A- tion, and persons interested elevator that serves the two day will be a landmark on
tory- 'set 6 -"ibes, excell- venue Christophe property in making a purchase, 'upper floors-arid the catering 'the Exposition grounds. The
e itt r eiion, fi6 e receiver 120X250. should contact the "Haiti. s entrusted to most char-I
SVolume will ach ur neier, 12 rooms, all comforts Suni at the office of "Le ming young ladies.. This Bazaar was truly the'fiih fes
eiur b) Masonry house Bois Matinn". modern Cefeteria that will rival of the year, dbor prizes'
A B-ETTER BUY 1940 Verna 8 rooms Sith Corona sterling, por- open a 7 a. m. and close at were presented, ,among the
v" ., c-able pewri Singer. Serve.snaks
) dodge in.A I condition, had c). Masonry house at. Bour t. p" e ger p. . and Serve snacks many amusements werefish,
recent erha t a Powel don- 12 rooms, all co electric portable sewing ma- sandwich's Sodas Ice-cream onds for children, an ex-
overhail comforts che .. Waring blender with rtablielle foodandrnkbar,
Garagee. has radio too, last 2 garagesproperty 100x25 ne. blnde and eals in comfortable ellen food and rink bar,
price 70 c Masonry house at Pe- two bowls. Automatic toas- ourrundings a t a very aff-les, handmade dolls we
S' : tionville.- 3 rooms -hall, te th trsoceanic porta- sonable price is re on sale, there was a whi-
S HAVE a YO"U 'JIiE bath. reoo, kitchen, pentryble io co vate i 6V a shining example of, the.pro e elephant table, a cake and
SPA-. S -a perso cit re- der comfort AC co cles 250 watts Webs gressive spirit of proprietor candy booth, and games of
i di:-a s wishtes to. .e) Small -house at Bolosse tr ;-o 3 sped record Claude Etienne. chance. '
,,. sTlfre officee ut ex eses, 5 'rooms, gal, -- Moderate change o -s
S..ha f ,sk.etc, -price change
.-.DlAF/ ~, -11 CNVE, f) Properties, various di-. T .IS CAR 1949 Hud- -
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se l ,g at finme prie; contact -long Kenscoff road .. a been up for sale for so-
l .frIhti Sfun,.. -.g) Properties of various di e o.. h, ron it
S"'. LMA fU. HOUSE -- I mensions on road of Boutil- e wkso. the-- only reason
t~-.e.ty, ;aned ,. ..person Jhers, from $ 400 eh could'nt decide t on ha a t N N
wisMing tOqay, 40 or.unider' h) Two .(2) carreaux of er.'.ow the price has NEW. MODERN
h' e need no e ome land on Aro.d of St.M p fixed b '. 'bargain a .CAFETERIA
"e. : ft.... hedz":- ''Price$. 3o "o lDeen t ied its'a aCga ....AE RA
let1r fuoished :... Price.$2:30., .. .., - EALS, SNACK AT REASO NABLE PRICES ,
S . -.', i) Brick story building at conr 'EVERY DRINK
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.sunep :,'. ., ioo-depth9O ..lN, I "
I T.' T0, 7,:7 . " = -'M''"" ''.-,N .. --... "'-- '"'

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