Haiti sun ( November 26, 1950 )

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: November 26, 1950
Publication Date: November 26, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: November 26, 1950
Publication Date: November 26, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00011

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NOV. 26TH. .


TOKIO The United
Nation Forces, that moved
forward Friday nioning in
a general assault in an effort
to end the wai- before Xmas
were reported Saturday
night to be meeting heavy
resistance, from the North
Korean forces, who the re-
port states h a ve put a new
model Tank in the fight.bhe
Tank is reported to be a Jo-
seph Stalin type of 51 tons
and much larger than the
American "General .Patton,
-The new assault came' af-
ter three weeks ofcautious'
Allied advances in the
west,. in which improved
positions were secured for
j.. rpse attack after forcing

: round oatios,, w intce hdr
North Koreanis' and Chiinese
Communists broke off their
surprise attack after forcing
United Nations withdrawals
up to fifty miles, has been'
a ,massive compression and
envelopment" of the commu f,
nist armies, General Mac-
- Arthur said. This is cnow
S approaching its decisive ef-
fort,, he added.
The United Nations jump
-off, made' with seven divi-
i .T . -



. g ,t tot ,".r '. d ie f t qezin dre- Ap wi.teir"to ...ie n. e :x:"r-kh i h ..
,.W1. ete-n toh anomdes?,They,
.n wh -ists r overtge, th area near th ,Chongchon River;, and are
'ie;,i.g n lat .th. UN forces Wive retaken' control. .
(s~.e. 0e t oW ) *.:.V -
Two rb'agda ed turkeys1.
struggle for life. on the blan
k of the Kings River, near
Fresno, Calif., witdi-two deal
d gobblers at theii f et. Mo
;.re than 25.000 turkeys, desi
tined', for Thanksgivint din
ner tables, were drowned i -
n the floods that followed
torrential rains in Californi -
a s Central Valley.

sons United States and "A. .
South. Korean- was long
a sixty-mile line running .- .
from near Pakchon on the
right to Tekchon on the ex- .
treme left 'flank.
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(See gbove)
ILY Mrs Marion Sull- A
ivan has been arrai-
gned in OtTawa, Canada, on BAILEY IN HAITI
charges of beating her hus- Miss Charity Bailey, Tea-: Dalcroze) award for dis-
band, Francis- J. Sullivan cher of music at the famous tinguished work in the field .
to death in a hotel Little Red School House in of music. She is giving a se-
room brawl. Sullivan. a go- New-York City has retur- ries of programs on Station '5;
government legal adviser, was ned to Haiti after an absen- MBC here .in Port-au-Prin-
ound with head ounds, ce of two years. Miss Bailey ce, guitar recitals of Hai-
inficted by a bottle. His wi- is a graduate of the Rhode tian and' Louisiana Creole
fe, who had telephoned iAo'
ife, owh had telephoned h Island College of Education songs. The first of the se-
his obituary notice,. had a student of the Julliard ries was given last Tuesday
half of a broken bottle in School of Music, New- and the next will be on
her suitcase. York, and a holder of 'the next Tuesday (November

,', a -....
"f = = ,:-'' '. '.g .i u ': . .. ,.. .. . ... ,, .., ,......?. . . :. " ; . . " ... '' "" . ..


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No. 11 '



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td:in good condition, may- bole. A STUDYBAKER in cestors In general, therefo- rely extend the same emo-
be a' present owner of an or e) Two-story 'house, brick xcellen' shape 'I year old re. ethics, or goodod or 'tional regard evenias far as:
" ,a1- d,, behaaou.rri re disso-ir t
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i selim order to purchase a du Centre. Large courtyard travel, interested' padres iated from superatural ular importance .to hu-
new. delux Model for Xmas, and lots of living area. contact Haiti Sun immedia- threats, punishments, praise,man life and the rights
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a"beaut it has two dia-'"
'monds set in Tiffany, its a a) Wad h na city would like, to rent: a and ethics tend to be connec- r tral grp s concerned.
:..fr a) W alled house near G pinoite tribal group is concerned.
ychance.for young man to ins t B GOOD piano the said pia- ted only in a remote way. imitive people usually
S tall an engagement ring for r nist maybe contacted throu- The second conclusion is' lack a wider conception of
tall a engagement rin for des Dalles, priced between t i u- m e lack a wider concnpm o
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Som, large yard. ntac Rodor Trading Cor has not sold is that the ow- and sin, is less significant my ar bo ry
nfurnised, Maybe able t o ion 150 Grand Ruener cord'nt decide on a than in European society. another s
talk the price don. on home building, se price but no the price has This is not to suggest tha (continued next week)
onomme u'n' sebeen fixed its a bargain. primitive people fail to ex
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:cd f perience guilt and sin as we-
i' ,understand the terms. The-
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OI I I .'. As ;"
I.: ; ',,,,,.,.,;,,! ,': :. ...: ::; : : o : .:, : : ~ . : ,:. ,. .. ...

/ ..


The way people behave We have come to realise, This worship of the spirits 'se, the Wrongdoers only ho: s*d by the state'and otra-
Sin primitive society is very nowadays, that primitive is organized in different pe lies in the hands of the cised by his neighbours
often explained by one of people have exactly the sa- ways by various cults, each particular cult whose nrues But the person who commit
two popular theories. The me kind of biological make- of which is led by hereditary he has broken. His first step a religious or ritual offen- '
first is the ideal of primitive up as civilised men and wo- and senior officials. Thus, is to seek the advice of a ce in primitive society
Communism. It is thought men. The term a primitive: the ancestral cylt lays down soothsayer. The soothsayer Imust .reckon on conse-
that among primitive -peo- does not refer to thier men- rules regarding the conduct questions him very closely quences of a dire and super-
ples. there is no such thing ta or, physical supcture. of behaviour within the fa-, concerning his recent beha- natural kind; not only for
as individual ownership of All that the term %primiti- mily. It teaches thai family viour and tries to get the himslIf but for his imme-
property.- that everything ve" does mean is that the quarrels and disobedience patient- as we might call diate family and kinsmen.
is shared, including, natu- peoples. concerned do not are displeasing to the ances- Himj- to admit to some This kind of expectation
rally enough, women. The pbssess such elaborate ma- tors.' 'which could be interpreted that sins. as we should.
other idea goes to the oppos- chines and iools and that The secret societies-so-, great or small misdemeanor call them, will be visited on
ite extreme. It pictures pri- their methods of economic called because their mem- as a concrete:offense. Then other people as well as on. "
mitive man as the noble production are relatively bers are obliged to take an the soothsayer tells him that the sinner himself, is ob- -
S savage, by nature a happy unspecialised. Actually, their oath of-secrecy-actally im- he has transgressed against viously an additional sanc-'
well-behaved child; full of family and kinship organi- personate the *spirits by a 'aricular cult or secret tibn in itself. It .means'
generous impulses, and ins- station is often much more wearing special masks catved society aind advises his client that people have a direct in-
tinctively obeying the tradi complex than ours.. For out of wood and. raffia ldo- to' make fujll confession to terest in seeing that other..
tonal rules of his society. example, Australian, abor- thing. 'By thus embodying them. ' people. behave themselves'- '2
There is no need to go gines, whose technical equi- supernatural power, they con PURIFICA' Of course, sanctions are not "
deeply in to the origins of pdent is about as primitive trol most of the other comp- PRIFICATION wholly negative iR this; es-
these myths. They arose out as any people's, have a marr- artment of community -life. peROM SINS. .any more than they 'are.;
of the mistaken observa- image system that only a mat- Like 'the medieval church, tIf he kruble has ien i ivised commute It
S doris of nineteenth-century. hematiciain, can4sentangle. they lay dbwn various rules traced n i te the people is not only te fear of un-
travellers and missionaries. Like us all primitive peoples of conduct, prescribe certain involved will include not ple nt' consequences fo- -
Let me give you an examp le. hold religious .beliefs, ob- forms of .behaviour, and: are only lthe man and the wo- owiuig wrong, behaviour. '
In many primitive societies. serve rules of order and mo- the pole agency' capable of man, but their immediate t the factthat most people :
it is customary for the mdi- reality, have methods of rearemitting certain sins. Th relatives. All ,of them must find it areeable, to hare ai ..
vidual to address everyone ring and training' children, interesting thing is tht be ritlly purified.. They euationfor.correct. ;
senior to him as father" practise art, nmtsic and poe- '.hei- fumtion, ip ttl res- are taken into the sacred viour that prompts the i '
or "mother-. It seemed try, and have forms of re- peqt, is largely specialised. enclosure of the socity,and.- onform '' '
quite clear to arrlier visitors creation. In, fdct, the only Thus, the Poro-the men's moss andthread are wound But we should careful .
that he must do this simply general distinction of kind society--determines a you-ound their .toes, so that philos6phise
ehot. t4?b iosOtiset
because he did not know rather than degree is that the's eligbility or anarri ey re tied .t other m a u about this.. On e
who hs eal father or mot-they do not possess written and p i r .' iini for' adulot.usha. I"en an 'I rte pples
her ws; the idea of orec s sea qs fma L he
sexual [.y. Ad .e g em.For.'this reason, also someT8alsi:i ttitude mind."
notion that property, espec- and because of the invidious harvest. g of e are placedupon the se a ve y een -
Sially and, did ,not mean implications of e tiem fisih season. In. former oupturhed palms o f their fimess ii human conduct
Ifi-- i .it human: conaucl .,: .ki;.
anythin."to.prm ve ehand. A bowl Is brohi.. .nk it w '
Sanythingto .prmtie- p. primtiv e, mbpy r anthro- days it, ixed rates .of pay,,and . .. ghI think it woul be' t ".
pie wos extremely conve- pologists speak .. of them settld questions of politicaland t t pecks the rice and mistakee .to ssume, th
nient to sompe of the earlier simply as non-lithe sign is eatst that they thathy also think of stin-
i coloniser. Havig ,taken ples, in contrast 'to lite-. bl wirs. and arbitrated are free of tiier sns. They.dairds of caduct -and hebi a-
pssesson qf the.- territory, rate-, or "civilised peoples e in civil disputes. I tkewise brea thehin and run interns of absolutes.
they were now able to justi- the Snde the womendow o the river to -bathe. th la d
n a y a the Sande the women s" t'b Trub.n' the lay' dd6 ".n
A few years ag,. the. S Thy ar no "' Y...
Sfy themselves. And the idea e e r ago rather society--determines a girl's They are now spiitually as a ce & ki dof conduct as
Sierra Leone Protectorate .. a cwl kd -of conduct; Mt
of primitive communism ~c h te orat eligibility for marriage and well as physically well a- ideal but-it is more wth .
Stserved te M arxists; ve ad he po- Itrains her to be a wife and'gai. the purpose l prescribing
well as a basis for, their the tu y o enquiring into this a mother. I lt is easy to see that pr- P attern:to .. fl lowe
eory of social history. question of primitive values miive peoples, like us, ha- tano noting an etal
fo. myself. The people A third society- the Hu- xe their own; standards and en o denoting an eth' ical.
n view of these popular there: are thi Mende. mui-regulates sexual beha- conventions. Like us, they t. in isel a t he limplnof co
notions, it is- not surprising They numbers about 750. viour. It has rules of sexual are just as prone to err duct indicated i befitting o
S that people have got avery 000-about half the size conduct and hygiene ; sanc- against them. What is even such a role or toisuth and .
S confused about what pri- of the population of Nor- tions relationships between more sigrNificant- is that.such a purpose. The 's
mitive ma regards as then Iland. Quite a num- certain people and forbids their sense of what e, a p e -
mitive man regards as eactnon as flnon tu that a
,< gbod and c. bad I ber, of the iMende are Mos- others, among then, incest. should call usin- or "guilt Ialine of conduct shoulat be.
Most Europeaas, would say Ilems, and some Mende, now- It is incest for a man to ha- is just as keen as that of ci- f ollowd, cause to o
that primitive people have days are Christians. But ve intercourse with any re- vilised people., ois a god ecaue to n itself:
S very little appreciation of most o f them keep to the lative onhis father's side How is it that they t is a godd th in i tse
verynigtodp wrong". How is it that they can Abstracd concepts like dir- 2
S right,, nd ,wrong,. and traditional ideas. They be- nearer than second cousin. manage their affairs with tue, honesty, and ,so on are
that what'ideas they do have Lieve in a god who created It is also incest for a man to such little informality ? The implicit in their way of thin-
are entirely misguided. One the earth and everything in have relations with his bro- explanation is that it does king h behaving. They a-
can well understand. this it. But this god has retired their's wife, and even not require policemen and re rarely explicit as in more
point of view. After all.. pri- far into the sky and it is difl f o r a man n t o statutory l tocemen and re rary explicit as in morel
point statutory laws to create sanc sophiktimated and inaellec-
mitive societies have no cod- icult for human beings to sit on his sister's or his,mo- ons for right and proper tualised cultures. In other.'
ified laws; very often there make contact wi'h him. their's bed comes within this ehaviour. Villagnlife, even sword, in 'primitive society
are no official correspon-, .uch nearer to hand are category. It is also a serious I in our society, bers rson is virtuous inasmch -
MD be in our own society, bears a person is virtuous inasmuch
ding to our judges, magis- '"-tain spritua beings. sexual offence for a man to thii out. The fear of being as he fulfils the duties and
trates, or police. In many These are the spirits of an- have relations with any wo- talked about can be a stron- obligations. expected of a
cases, courts or any formal cestors, the spirits of certain man who suckled him as a cr deterrent than the law. _father or of a husband, and
kind of tribunal are un- secret societies, and a num- child or with any woman iety awe not because his behaviour
heard of. And yet, law and her of genii. The spirits who is -nursing a- Blrese sancrtieons derives reflects some absacti
order are maintained and a wozkshpped' /and propi child Since these rules are i, o nl from fea r of public of virtue. In much the same
strict code of morality ad- tiated because they person- ,supernaturally sanctioned, nal ad rid :ule; but sense, a person m who falls
hered to. So it is natural alise super-natural power the penalty for breaking them a r nu e; but sense, a person who falls
... b elc .r- mote from an u .chall- short of the approved stan- 'i^
0 enough to believe that pri- and because they are a is automatic. It may take ble belief in the po of bea ur is jud
mitive people have an un- means of communicating the frm of sudden sickness be ..lisuernaturale po gd o bey abstract prins -
mitieor su n i weri of 'the supernaturall. ged not by abstract princr-;
reasoning, automatic, even with the ultimate source of or physical injury. Or one's law- i weaker ou so- ples, but by the fact that he
instinctive conformity. that power, which is God. child may fall ill. In any ca city expects to be penali- (Continued on Page 12)

.t .'i ,ar..nwt. .n' .'a ^ t :;2t. *** ^.J *.*^ -< ,^ ^ ':^ ^ .J J- <'"4'> 4 *.*^ *."S.:'.,, -: .. .. .. . .,.. -.. ... .z.... .. -......:,
', . : .. .' .. .- ,' ,'"'- . . . ; .. .., ,. ...:. .,.,,:: ; : ,... . ....:.;.- .... .. :? : ; .. ,, i: ,'L #
; "". -. .:... "'; -','- : + -'; .%t' + .. . .f .

IPage, 4 __HAITI SUN,, SUNDAY NOV. 26th.

Sand his wife,, this past week. Ine score here, leaves soon
.The proprietor of Jamai- Ifor his Chilistmas vacation.
1ca's finest hotel, the luxu-1Vic will spend the holiday
rious ,Tower Islp, and the'at his.home in Akron, Ohio. -
"Myrtle Bank,, arrived in Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Les-
:. This city Wednesday. Mr. A- cot were hosts at a party
-., braham Issa visited friends Thursday night at their ho-

day.* Hospital Chapel
1^:!" ..,^^ S \ .0 here" and then left Thurs- me in Petionville. iCatholic
-The charming Miss Jeani- Sunday Mass at 8:30 a. m.
o 6 fne Durand, owner of the fa- sermon in English.
a.. mous beauty salon ,Jani- Sare-Coeur. Sunday
non- celebrated her birth- Masses at 4-6-8:30 a. m.
Pat Weideman, of Hotel On last Monday the Hai- day Thursday. A party was Cathedral Sunday Masses
Aux Orchidees, flew up to tian Ambassador to the Ar- A new addition to .the given ar her studio which is at 4-5:30-8:30 a. m.
New-York last week on gentine Republic, M. Jac-, Franck Roy family as gree- the gathering place of Port- St Gerard (near Oloffson)
matters of business. ques Leger, returned from ted by "Action Sociale, last au-Princes young elite (fe 'Sunday Masses 5:30-7-8:30
The Beachcomber inter- Buenos Aires. He will be Sunday. The parents, who male). The celebration was St Jean Bosco Sunday
.J viewed, on their departure, joined by his family on Dec. have named-their son Leslie, reported to have been a Mass at. 9 a. m.
S Mr. and Mrs. Kamm and 2d, at Ibo Lele. It is rumo- are Mr. Franck Roy, former grand success ,ending early Chapel on the Exposition
Mrs. and IMrs. J. Burns, all red in political circles here administrator 'of the journal in the morning at the Vodou grounds, Mass at 9:a. m.
of Newark, New Jersey, who that he will soon top his and Mrs. Roy, the former Club.
S. have bedn staying at El Ran long and distinguished ca- Mairy Leys. Godparents of the. *Episcopal-
cho this 'week. Besides recie- refr in the' Foreign Service child lre Dr. Edouard Roy Robert Fanfant, one ti- Holy Trinity Cathedral
S ving the usual glowing des- by accepting a government iand 'Monique Leys. me best full back of, the Sunday Mass at 4 a. m. in
captions of a visit to Haiti, appointment here.- Hairan soccer Iteam arri- French
c, ** Mr and Mrs, Samuel Ro- ved fom Canada this week 7:30 English
they had many nice things to t t te ker are receiving congratu- end. Robert attended -La- 9 a. m. French
,sy about their conducted After a weeks stay at the .". ...
stur of the city and country- hotel Sans Souci ;Dr. and nations upon the birth of a val University for four Daily Mass 6 a. m. French
side. Heraux Tours did the Mrs Kaufman of Los An- daughter, whom they have yedrs ran fwas, a, (warded Epiphany Chapel
1h iors. They T ade pas i es, Caltf., l Thursday named Hugette. the degree of Bachelor of Sunday Masses at 6 a. m..
Slar mention of their guide, to onthiu theit world crui-1 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Von Agricultural Science. It is a. m. in .rench
:. elix, who ady taken t se. They were both enchan- Hartz; of Esso Standard Oil our sincere wish, that this
i. tinlly good care of :hem te by lheir visit here. Dr. announce the.brith of a son, )oungspecalt enter ihe Other religious bodies
S and. i terpreted Haiti to Kaufman -has interests in .i Richmond, Virgina. Gwide field of. Agtioclture, wi hing to ptiblish
th.. em.. the hotel business, in CaU- Mr..and Mrs. Gerard La-chat awaits the modern notices of services
That intrepid yachtsman, forna, and continually corn b anhe announce the birth teaching that Laval Um- kindly contact the
Ati.. aeh, has be pares the hotel .acilidtes heS of 'adaugther, Yves Marie. versit is reputed to provi- AHaiti Sun P. O. Box 118
co:.:cnfined to his 'ed for most meets with, on his travels * de. '
of -the past wek. W ar are 'le told your repoer that The Beach Conpber ex-, .' .
.:.confideit that.hwill; s-on he helieges the tourist. inus tends .congratlations and
yj ble i acthe lisr w6ep i sIspsent bos% wisiaet ti
'+ ; p a ". "', +-" .... + Josep-. "- i" ". A i
g/ai... .ty discovering ture, i handled ,prop ea ipo hi eent ee- l I *
:. ~~ewe i the bay area. -tHe pointed out ,at iere letion to the presidency, of ..
:iMri. Gustave De La Val is nether sufficient ac;omo jthei "aitian Red Cross. I l
E. .ee, ihe former Renee De. dations nor facilities at pre- The wedding of Miss .Gi- St s \
:'...:nis:t-raaddaughter of AEdre sent to handle any such tou- sdl Di asse to Mr. Dais .
I"- osevelt, atd the -wife of rist -season as the more fully A-ndee will take place De- ,
;:pol.ar Gistav (Tarzan-of- develop ped resorts experience cember the ninth, at Sacre- "'.
SteDtept,'. arrived from Mi- He ended the shlrt inter- Coe.ur, De Turgeau.
,." minNovedilmber 1 c9th. .Last view .with his best wishes **,
lee.snei's the mGustavs,' tra- for the success of the tourist I noted the departure of
Jg d terecl ;itently eiuro- industry and of; your jour- Mrs. Sheelagh O'Mally W *ed
e. or0 T d ing he in
dpeadic 2in the States. They nal, which he says can be of nesday for New-Yoik, ani
Shiv.e now settled :here for great value in helping create it is reported that. she -.
: the winter, at their new ho-and sustain 'tourism. tends to return with mother
:me in La Boul, and Gustav and son next week.
,:i .-ai.'.ds to resume his. spear- IMr and Mrs B. Korens-- *.
.ag operations. "ehe is tle Second Secretaryl The charming and pretty
: ommaider .Bill VrBoo at the American Embassy- .M Betty Laflin was honou
man and his wife Bobble re- entertained at a cocktail par red with a shower (a party)
I turned t Thorland Tues- ty last week. last Tuesday at the home of
1 .day, after spending 'a month We note the departure of Mrs. W.'Stowe. Her hostes-
abroad. During their trip Mr. and Mrs Dechamps for ses were Mrs.Strowe. Mrs.Do
[". the Vroomans visited the, New Orleans last week. Mr. lan, Mrs. Hubp, and Mrs.
Sbig East Coast cities of the Mr. Deschamps is the ow- Schroeder. The occasion
tnes and the Vrgin Is- nr of the tationry store was Miss Laflin imminent
lands. on Grand.Rue. departure for the States and
Mrs. Guy Barreyre is re- Marriage. Best wishes
S We record the marriage ported to be recovering ni- g_. B w -
of Marie-Jose Laforest, cely from an appendectomy. The aNueiro Dominica-
daughter of Edgar Laforest, Our Cap-Haitien corres- na, steamed into port last
? 1o .Roland Rouzier, son of pondent reports the marria- Sunday with'a number of
Paul Rouzier, at the Cathe-'ge of Miss Concetta Cian- tourists and Mrs. Gustav De
dral on SDturday the 16th. ciulli, daughter of Mr. and La Vallee on the passenger S
The Tabou Club was ex- Mrs. Mario Cianciulli, to list. Among the Sunday vi-
ceptionally lively last Thurs John Laroche. son of Mr. suitors to the vessel were Mrs
day night. The large gathe- and Mrs Raymond Laroche, and Mrs. Paul Roy, ,Mr. and
-c ring of merrymakers 'inclu- on, the 16th of December, Mrs. Joseph 'Salgado,Shibley i lr eith ir m...olth
ded the recently returned' at the Cathedral. r Talamas, Mary Boswell, s~ ma tien tsa thing.
SNadals. who arrived here; * Misses Roy and Duvivier, s me-sa lmesalfoa. eso S -Dominicu
from Paris last week. Mrs.' We note the arrival of and His Excellency the Do-BR SSERE DE LA
.NaP 1 was gowned in accor-, the distinguished business minican Ambassador.ASSERIE DE
dance with .the latest Paris man of thie city and Naw- Vic Lampson, the popu-S A
n T . o be. York, Mr. Elias Noustas, lar manager of the Firesto- I A.
cqtoal.lvl.ls"hrsJh :aoh.sn fM.siost:tevselwr r


1* '
'... . . . . .*,.. S. ..: '.._O.- .-'.*"..-. "*,*.'.'.. ,.-. -....... -. ....

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newspaper, and opo 'he
best of our knowledge
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9 value.
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with haytian

.Owp.ite KLM Airways
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ft 1

.. A


Art'and Curio Shop
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d t- s'v c
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Buy Direct from 0
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racques Kreisler in GOLDEN
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SHP~ "Rue du Quai (In front 'of Custqr House) No.3 1'EL "
" u.. ". . +i
._ ,r . .. ._. . -.. s, ;,~ ..
'/" '" i -TL ....... _. .



Ayot Saint Lawrence,
England, 2-5-12-1947.
THE SUN LIBRARY Dear Mr. Holzmann :
ewest ol. oPlease understand that the
SA"OTHER G S case put to me by Fanny '
By Pearl S. BUCK the ,public relations coun- was not whether your ,
ouhed Gods opeH i on a selp sketched with kindly poems will live, a question
a lofty peak in the Htimala- irony, ai4 more especially of which no mortal can decide,
yas, where a young- Ameri the. inner life and outward but whether you can life by
Sedan has just gone to the top icts of Kit, learning what it them if you make their pro
alone, in a brilliant dash. It is to be the wife of a man duction your breadwinning
where 'he meets Kit Tallant, who is publicly Hero. Num- profession.
shifts briefly to Peking hber One. My answer is No. Like
the 'daughter of an old and WTen his fame and the la- william Morris, the greatest
and honored family. Married mily prestige are at a point English poet of the last ced
quickly, they sail horne to of waning, a new expedition tury, yoti nmust keep a" shop
an America gone wild with to the Himalayas is organi- so that the shop may keep
acciaimn for Bert Holm, its zed and publicized you, qnd Morris inherited
newest dol. From then on under his leadership, and private means.
longit ction tells her vhuividy nd. am giving you my best We are pleased to be abi this mural she has used- bu.iy
the journey through Indiaprosaic. business advice, o present do our readers,blues, to bring out thie erie
Sj cdand Tibet d u lt hiand ny kindliest. I am not this,black and uie copy of )qaities of the ,g.e o.
.. and Tibet, and always, in and .e "ide. a no
contrast of the beauty and pontificating about your this iMuraln by Mary Co- dance. The original of 'tis
danr f the adventure, are chances of being remembe- les. As endeavored to ex- reroduction, on loau roF
Singer o e adventue, ae red when Homer is for- plain ip ur last issue, Miss, the Majestic hotel it is now;
the recurring. nors of Kit's
secret doubts and notionss gotten, nor indulging my Coles usew a limited palette on exhibit with otler sam-
Many pas.sages of the book quitem 'imaginary reputa- of colours expressive .of the ples of her Art, at the Cen-.
are in veins new in t s tion (Invented by j urnalists essences of her subjecs." In. tie da'art.
ting of s ea auhor have no time to read
:g or th ersatle aut... what Iw rte) forgrat tou .."
for the greater part, it i what I write) for.graitous
Sfre-S evidence r f her er offensfreness and -urti-ng CHEER UP
undeandin of. the other people' s feelings,.
Sganerystan of w, thee t.t's .u i Pi 4t* . h Y 4t -b.... .Oprmise -is the best body, of co*.se, o' t to:
bgse ge le er of women's feaure wkinp yiog fo 8 o H
Sketched and darved by Pearl c*mtan g verse to yuri hearts medicine here is for most many of us without rai
Buck, -men wo are at content in our spare time of our troubles and ils, in- zing it, get ipto the habit
PEARL S. BUCK li and the s ame t- one all your ife: if only 'as an dividaly aal oli V'el. of taking our daily p
the story is of an Amrican and universal unique unremune ve hbby. : A sAile is an andore forblems too seriously. We
hero and of the 'methods of Obtainable at ,e b They mnay last qs lqng as La gloom -and a hearty. laugh" 'irdund burdened .o. .
--- -- ...... Shop A A martin's. Hie, too, was ...awill chase away pain qui-, with cares, ,most of whidi
S .COMEDIAN specialist in melancholy. cker than pills. 'are imaginary; we scowl
Comedian Bob Hope has CONDUCTOR Davies, li~e Morris,. had i and -isnarl at ourfamily
filed a $ 2.010.000 damage Josef Krips, conduct o private- means : ` $ 2. a. The trouble is, for some If
su t against Life magazine the' Viennamstte opera or month if I recollect right. mysterious reason, most of and fellow workers...
and radi columnist John et ae o o-When I sent him $ 5. he re- us are afraid to smile and --B 'nton Harbor, Mich.,
Crosby, charging they libe duct the Lodon Symphon joiced and said it would -
ledThim, by asserting he stole Orchestra for one year. keep him for 8 months. He
ao m dn a avo red. ____en 's___ .okes.en y ou m ay tel th e tale, .nor-fear *:;
comedina Fred Allen's jokes. Last-July Mr. Krips and was by profession a tramp,
Mr Hope alleged that the his wife were held.for 3 days a beggar with an amputated
Nov. 6 issue of .Life,,, un- on Ellis Island by United Sta- foot to shew, and a peddler, LA
der the title aSeven Deadly tes immigration authorities. sleeping in doss houses lii
Sins of the Air,, implied he Canceling a date to conduct police stations or in the o- THREE GATES
was guilty of plagiarism, a the Chicago Symphony pen. How long would $ 2. a If you are tr atd to even1
practice which, he. said the Orchestra, he fle& back to month last you? I a e s e
entertainment industry re- London. Write to please other peo- A tale someone toyou has told
About another, make i't pass, ,
igards as unethical.. He told reporters he was ple as well as to express ee you apeak, thr gates of gold
Defending his reputation advised that he would be yourself. For that you must .
Sas a top comedians who prosaic business advice, tellthem stories. Try your Thee narow gades :Firs cls it true ?
Scan stand on his own gags. deported from America hand at something like Then als t needful ?9 In your dind
Mr. Hope charged that 5.000 unless he left voluntarily. John Gilpin on the Ancient Give truthfull answer. And the next -
000 copies'of the magazine He' blamed rumors about his Mariner. I !art and narrowest ;Is it kind ?,
exposed him to ridicule. political views and declared G. Bernard Shaw.
contempt and hatred, and that in fact he was "neither Ad i to reachour at ast
cue hu to reachjyour ib1e at 'i ast
caused him to be shunned Left nor Right., It passes through these gateways three,
and avoided.. Then you may tell the tale, -nor fear -
olumbus knew all the A MEXICAN What the result of speech'.may be.
tiColubus knew all Ahe ME CANI Beth DAY
time that America was IN PARIS ItV Beth DAY
there. We had always s- Rufino Tamayo, distin-RTESY
opposed that making the guished Merxican bornCOURTSY '
Seas ones look hard origi- modern artist, arrived in Pa ded
e e arob -ris for the opening of his How sweet and gracous, even in common speech,
auedevle es one-man exhibitat the Gal- IJ that line sehse which men, call Courtesy !
vaudeville. lerie Des Beaux Arts. Non- Wholesome as air and genial as the light,
a lb- conformist Tamayo, 51, is Welcome in every clime as breath of flowers,
bed tourism he. aidustrk' the first Mexican to be ho- u o arr It transm;utes aliens into tru~i1ng friends,
citbor sokes thks." nored with a one-man -- .aw And gives its owner passport routd the globe.
s.ho9 smokestacks. show in Paris. James T. FIELDS -

"."== .." .."' ;,".:",.< :., ... .",..... .. .. .,:,m ., :". ." ...".A? = .' .. .' .: ',= *.." ,.,.. :. = -.'/- =...' ,.,. : :!r



Outside my office win- tion Project in the Marbial hold with bright green '
dow in Portland Place rain Valley. At this I told him bunches of bananas. We take
is falling out of a grey sky. of my idea for full length you to a great sugar estate '
S I have to look at my forearm feature programmes on Ja- at Moneymusk, to the fields
burned a deep brown, to maica and Trinidad for and to the roaring mill
remind myself that for the which I needed a commenta, where it is trushee into mo- mZ
past two months I hardly tor. We put the idea for- lasses. And you can hear the -t.
saw a cloud and that sky ward to the BBC who gave voices of Jamaica's leading
S and sea were .always blue. their blessing, and so poli#cal figures, Bustamen- ( ....
S For I have been lucky. With thanks the co-operation of te, spell-binding orator, and "
Wynford Vaughan Thomas Unesco and the BBC we the sober uiet-voiced I "-
I'.have been spending Jul were able to spend two Manley, leader of the
S and August in the West In. month visiting Jamaica, People's National Party and
dies. taiti, and Trinidad. We rc- most serious challenger toR ASIE DE COURONNE
Some listeners may re- turned to London with a Bustamente's Party. /A SERE ELA C U
S rue mber a .short, sequence full bag of recordings, from In Trinidad we found
S abut the -British West Is-which I ha-e compiled the ourselves in the thick 'of the A.
S dies which was introduced programmes which are being toughest election campaign
into the BBC Christmnas Day broadcast under the title ever fought in that per-
round-the-world programme uCaribbean Journey Vau- plexing, .turbulent island,
last year. I gathered the ma- ghdni Thomas is the narra- the richest in the British
trial for that broadcast last tor. West Indies. Recenly Trini-
November during a light- The Hfiitian programme dad was granted a new RESH
ninng tour which started .in deals entirely with theUnesco constitution which takes its "
Bermuda and ended in Bri- scheme and will b' dealt people a big step nearer to '
I ish'Guianai 1I was ndt my with separately.' complete self-government I S
firsj t tsjsit to the Caribbean Here I will simply introduce 'and all thoughtful Trinida- .
,but fhe first time I had been the two .Comtnzonwealdh pro dians are anxiously wat- AN. T
able to see Jamaica and Tri- grammes, aPortrait of. Jamai- ching to see what kind of A A"A
idad. During those tantalis- caa and n Portrait of Trini- Legisative council illl be "
ingly brief days I saw 'dad. elected, f.r upon.it.w4il, re ..
enough so W)hbt y ,appe-. In. each program' we new rspbosibiiie. '* e I: .
tie tfe..foror. In the short, invite you to accompany us attended several election An up- to-date cleaning .'
Stime -available I could re- on 'our journey. to mt the meets, which the eehe Plant that offers fast .
cord only ihe material' people we met. For instdn- whole, we found were con- and reliable. ork is
needed for 'my Christmas ce, in Jamaica we tryo to ducted in mnch the same de- AT YOUR SERVICE -
S.. 'broadcast, but, I show you as many aspects mocratic spirit as at home,
-'. thought, if I could come as possible of- that lovely' with plenty of noisy .debate
back, with, my own. recor- mountainous island. Its ro- and good-natured heckling.
dng- gear and 'a sensitive matic history, for instance, At one of these meetings we
c. -ommentato I who would bright with such famous na- made recordings, but as HAITIAN AM RIAN
r'' espond.-o the West Indian mes as., Sir Henry Morgan there are over 150 candi- 'H IA AMEIOI
Scenee, what a prograumme the buccaneer (and later Go- dates for eighteen seats, and DRY CLEANERS
S one' could compile vernor), ,Nelson, aqd Rod- almost as many parties as
S Thd opportunity came ney. there are seats, it was not NEXT TO PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS OFFICE
i more swiftly .than I expec- You can walk with us on practicable to record them --- -
ed. O;' a cold december -Nelson's QuarterdeckD at all.
Lt ::: d I was chatting with historic Fort, Charles, while We visited the largest oil
7:y:,infPrd Vaughan Thomas Dr. Roberts, one of jamai- refinery and the most pro-
. a bar not a hundred miles can's leading historians, ma- ductive oilfields in Trinidad '
from Liverpool Street Sta- ks the old walls re-tell and made reGordings which .
S.ion,'where Wynfprd had their story. You can meet tr y to bring h'o-
just given a, commentary on the. kindly, humorous Jamai- m e t o t he .listener
the departure of emigrants can people, who speak one the magnitude of this great
Sto Atstralia, also for' our of the most attractive. dia enterprise which is the main 0 0,
i Christmas. broadcast. Vau- lects in the British Common- source of Trinidad's wealth.
ban Thomas, ss .listeners wealth, in ,which Vaughan We also hope to include the .. AD
.1-*. know,.is an. indefatigable Thomas was delighted to views of representatives of
globe-trotter, besides having find. something of the'lilt of the Eas n Indian community AI A 7IN
Sone of the most atractive his own native Welsh. which comprises over thirty- lAt AlI 1 E
where the last cane is being I You can hear Ranee Wil- five per cent, of Trinidad's IN
Scut under the scorching' sun, liams, authority on Jamai- population.
Microphone 'personalities in can folk-lore and. music, Finally,-in both Jamaica ENGLISH
British 'radio, and rare singing some of the char- and Trinidad we were pri-
gift for communicating to ming mentorss, and telling vileged to be present at Sole distributor of the
.. -the listener his own rich dialect Stories in which frag 'religious ceremonies which New York Herald Tribune
appreciation of life's varied ments of Ashanti folk-legend few Europeans have seen, (Deliver daily to your door)
Scene, are mingled with British and which, to our knowledge A A VRue RoTux.
We began talking about myth and fairv-)ale. Or you have never before been re- A LA ARAVELL Te. 34R
i.. the West Indies, which, to can stand with us on the corded and -broadcast by the ___ _ __
Smy surprise, he had never deck of a banana boat an- BBC. These are Jamaica's .
seent. 'But I shall, next years chrored at suanset off Ora Ca- DPocomrinka and Trini. tian ritual, ceremonial acus- [which the spirit-invoking
,. be said. Unesco have asked bessa, and hear the strong dad's Shango3. Both these toms which were brought drums of Dahomey still beat
e to visit Haiti to describe rhythmic chorus of the religious groups have pre- over from West Africa by in the yards of Kingston and
their Fundamental Educa- loaders as they stack the served, mingled with Chris- their slave ancestors, and ht Port-of-Spain.

..I...^ .. . . .... . "i:" . '.'t" ".. "..-'.

a HAITI SUNn SUNI~AY NOy. 26 fli.

Page 8



r. Thiirsday nig t Dishing Up
We RA-veiou SOteER

-.. . HCdU DR inkS
taisi ....OO .saviosi. GfLF
n" g,. DsNu specialty


a- ( 7SUS S B UGrun)


"Ir puatire phOt He OW ERICOgr p. EAN CTA A -
I'".__-.-..;... !.-. 0y Hl -- 'A TER. :E--E

TURE AT .:::R:"iO t RO '

most DINE
MOS'PR T A MER IC A S Enjoy an Exceptional
EL RANCHO I .. Petionjvi:le





Continued from page 1)
n the left the line had COCA-COLA CONVENTION IN JAMAICA
been held by the South Ko-
rean First Division, the Bri- Kingston, Jamaita LlIDA THOMAS
tish Commonwealth Twen- November 20, 1950 cHAITI SUNn REPORTER
ty-seventh Brigade and the
yUnited Sttes aTwenty-fr th Today Holiday called labor of mantr individual
Infantry and the Firt Caval- CONSTITUtION DAY throughout the world '- ,f
ry Divisions and on the right celebrating the right of u- working constantly to d gire
by three South Korean divi universal suffrage in Jamai- the public a mqre delicious
*ions--the Sixth, Seventh ca thirt;-five Coca Cola and refreshing soft drink..
and Eighth. representatives assembled The treatment of water .
in the modern, air-cooled the world over stands as a
Recent studies of uranium meeting room of J. S. Webs- shining example of the ac-'
have upset'earlier concepts rer & Sons, local bottlers, complishments of the"'Tech-
of the age of this planet. to commence the annual nical Service Depa gnt of
As now revised, it may be Caribbean Coca-Cola School The Coca-Cola Cobmpany
Times later than yoq Clinic and Convention. Dr. C. A. Shillinglaw. tril-
hik. Bottlers from all over the ladjt chemi.s and ViAcPre-
HOAX OF THE Caribbean area weke pre- sident of The Coca-Cola Ei .. :
WEEK sent and were supplemen- port Corporation of New-
There was panic in the ted by Coco-Cola Export York attending the school
streets of N. Y" B ~ corporation representatives clinic, discussed water -trea-
when a voice suddenly from New-York agnd Miami, ting improvements, and Mr
. boomed out": cEnemy plaes SYMO~ L OF THAEI TSGIVING e turkey, a large, and three employees of the Irwin McKoy, Art D"irecebr
ie aroach ing. be plrep Inative ort American forw 1 ad been. partially domesti- Vendo Company, manubfac- for the same company pre-
red for af atomic attack cated by Indians at thi time Colonmbus discovered Amer, turers of Coco-Cola Ven- sented some Interesing ad-
Traffic jammd terrified a in 1492. Roasted turkey, stuffed with bread dressing, ding Machines from Kansas vertisiag displays dri,
~rowds ran fr hed Thet i^ for "many yearshas been the additionall main course for City, Missouri.t the meeting.
-crwds rah n for shelter. Then * -dri1
w ainv s' ted found Thngiving Day dinners in t -United States. Approx- Before the initial meeting The mncre~se .of sa: 4.
.hat iboaxstier Sctanly Gior iately 150.o00 Aonerkean farmers gror the birds prin- ame to a start, the follo. Coca-Cola in the C,
S-tht boaxsger Stanley 0. ito a sr t
don, 23 ad cilly ft ale for Thasgiing, Christ s, and New wing boulders were in trodu area .fromn l928 to C.
honte-made -public didressY ced: bas been 14.400 e-
stm. Upshot: M trate URUGUAY Mr. Carl Webster, owner, Afoe grwt atedi
dnanl Beshel found G J. WEBSTER and SON, is oig in Georgia lm at1
dt guilty dsorderly tdeo,- All rods al Oes and acu of 500 Beezy Castle, Kingston, Ja- oy 1 caseskwe sol th

DIG' d Suinae, All l - A of5
ctbmu for lavig 'can- in iUrqluay wil run down- per cent in pricess on all es- maiaca.aMr Alexa Mye
se fear by casting hil and fee milk will be senls. gr, J. WE TER Cad SON e Tendo Mtaifa mt
with aniplifile, gave piped' into every -home if He wants all roads to Breezy Castle, Kingston, g-B ring Comupany is conteml -
hiMs 3f days. (Dwominago Tortorelii is ele.- downhill in order to save maa. r. W. P. Bethel, tag the posibity qi
(Cotiueda from age 11 ) ted president. .golifie and wants a milkC 'SUNSHINE BOTTLING lig up o-a cp Sete Cq4 1
gin Lap Y9umoi de Is -VIA is one o the can- i line to improve theICo. LTD. of Nassau, Baha- tOp pla Coa-
ittat laitiano hierican, didates-eunning for tAe. na-rh tt a" Iti S r D. ciz H. -ding it4hies .sob ,
the Int' ehais riigeratd tion's predcy n he NManaging iret, BRAOSA- gins, the ai.bben,
anothtk program on Sunday vember '246 le ionsq &pIdi. rgi tR2 aidE go 40 DO BO GOLRO ,s. plan re' tIe bcgenb cP b
entided Varietes Poiulai es. Ini a r ech po- ch tothe Cor-
The 1946 .~8~ ~ran S~d~C~~ ~f bottlin ofCo pcandutsing a -
his ogram i provided mised.joe r -everyone at In.onductin ano a
trout the courts of the high saari' Sod retire- gpt :we votes- his oWn' Mr. Jon C Tlninettsrind la Convention in H19i1
BC. Part one of the pro. 'ment on fail pension 'a othhe whiefe's. sJohnny Johnson .taTtoe a 2It5w-a differ, bu
gram is devoted to the tai wnge of o i- stag ere to tow Bii Guin Jbse first meeting of the .sr
U .
ti Stn. Part 2 is conducted He -fhtrle eliminadon finish last thip year. HaiuioL. TELA 34AILROAD Col& owo endo tion that QgaQ :
by the Institute, and uSpmish loai- Cola is e stunie
des nates about the.IstiA- 1 Nine pr ent of all Con- ras, Camilo Nliberent, Co- ddt in the totli
.te along with, selectbi of UnitdS States has an es-[necut fiqr tax moey is ca-Cdil Bottling Plant, 1Ma- d the most refshig
popular American -Music. timated dog population of tsed for the state program nagus, Nitcaragua J. F. Pan The Convention will end
The prograni is broadcast 20 million. to rehabilitate alcoholics. I ting, CIA. EMB. HONDU- Wednesda, November 29
from 12 to on Sundays. RENA, S. A. San Pedro Su- when it will adjourn titttf
tla, Honduras, C. A. Arturo next year.
TANCIA. S. A.n, San Salva- PLANNED
.... .dor, El Salvador, C. A. Ken- London Leading Allfr
;: -"neth N. Spencer, Sales Ma- can powers will meet soon
Snager, Barbados Botaling to lay down plans for ird-
Co. Brid.getown, Barbados. ling Africa with strategic
Mr. S. Salaomons, BOR- road rail routes with Amer- I
NEO SUMATRA TRA- ican backing.
DING CO. Suriname, Dutch
0 1t1. I Guiana Pat Reynolds, Mana THIS & THAT
ger, Canning and Co. Port-
au- Spain, Trinidad Doug In Britain last week Ja-
Hatton, Sales'Manager, Can mes Turner, who loves
ning and Co., Port-au-Spainghosts, offered for sale what
Trinidad. Fred Peynado, Ma was reputedly the most
nager, STANDARD BRE- haunted house in the land.
VERAGES, Ciudad Trujillo, He had lived there four
Santo Domingo. Dan Allen years and hadn't -seen
Vice President, BRASSE- ghost, he said.
:RIE DE LA COURONNE, S In Chicagb, a builder sued
A. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. the F. W. Woolworth C6m-
The bottling of Coca-Co- pany for selling a astutte-
la bdgan in 1886, at which rings tape measure that
rime 25 gallons of syrup threw him off the beam. He
were sold, and it has pro- said the thing was sold as
COLD HORIZON Marines of the Regiment of the Ist -Marine Division grossed steadily since its ori- a 25-footer, but .repeatd
huddle in the bitter cold on a high ridge in Korea. Their outpost overlooks the gin in Atlanta, Georgia the the twelfth foot making it
Chosin Reservoir and the to wn of Sugong-ni. product of the never-ending total of 26 feet. ': qI

.. . . . . . . . . . . .. V ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 'is V V':lj: ;-~. ~.r,E

f Page 10


CUBAN MINISTER FORET-DE-PINS .GOVENMENT ding ten days in Haiti as police, acting upder the- or-
;.. KRECIEVED ROAD MONOPOLY part of a trip though the ders of Capt. Fritz Brirre
The new minister of Cu- This paper offers a war- ON LOTTERIES Carribbean. He 'is obtain- of the traffic Departement
ba i Haiti, His Excellency ning to prospective visitors S. P. P., the govern- ing first-hand impressions of eld a surprise check on the
Mr. Francisco Bearce, pre- to the Foret-des-Pins. Recent ment information bureau, the area which will be of camionertes that ply back
sented his credentials to the rains have rendered the sec has given notice that a law great value to his organiza- and forth between the city
S Junta Goverment last Tues- tion of the road between (of December 26, 1940 ) tion in considering aid to and Carrefour. An unstated
day. The customary ceremo- Fond Parisien and Fonds strictly limits lotteries, of all'the peoples of this ,ir'land number were found to have
gf nials were observed. Verrettes nearly impassable. kinds and varieties to the sea,. Dr. Benio is one of defective horns, brakes,orlig-
. On wednesday morning Repairs will be undertaken exploitation of the govern- Spains' foremost jurists. hts and were ordered off the
the President elect, Colonel by planters and others who ment. All violators of the I road pending- repairs.War-
Paul E. 1fagloire, paid a vi- depend upon this road for above article may expect a SAN DOMINGOCIP nigs w e r e also
: sit to the new Cuban Em- their businesses. severe punishment, in accor TO PARTCIPATE Iissued to those dri-
bassy residence on the Ave- SAINT CECILE dance with the law. AT INAUGURATIO vers carrying more than the
L -When President-elect Ma approved number of pas-
nue of Chili. HONORED RETURN gloire takes the oath of offi- sengers, with promise of pe-
TOURIST OFFICE BY SCHOOL OF THE NIEUW ce, on December 6th, the ce- nalties for future violations.
MOVES The- patron saint of mu- AMSTERDAM remonies will be officially --
S .Th Bureau of Tourism sic, Saint Cecile, was hono- Old residents of Port-au- attended by an important de- CARIBBEAN TOURISM
.,has transferred its main red by the Scola of Pupils. Prince will welcome the legation from the Domican CONFERENCE
il,' office from the Palais de of the Ecole Normale d'Ins- news that the luxury finer Republic. An official relea- The departments of tou-
.' Tourism to the building for titutrices on weddresday, Nov Nieuw Amsterdam is once se names the following men rism of the various nations
S merrly occupied by the now122. The program consisted again on the Caribbean run. : the Secretary of State for and territoriesof ,the Carib-
defunct Comimissariat) of of music.by the school and She used to be quite a fami- Foreign Relaions, Senor bean are meeting in San
the Exposition. a sermon by ,Rev. Father liar sight he e, having bee' Virgille Diaz-Ordonnez, the Juan, Puerto Rico, f6r a ge-
S-- Charles, Director of the oh the winter cruise. route Ambassador to Haiti, Dr. neral review and discussion
S VISITING ITALLAN Petite Manicantine de St- from her launching until Jose Enrique Aybar,,and Se- of problems connected with
S JOURNALIST Joseph,. The festival was the outbreak of the war. nors Ortega Frier, Anselmo this growing industry. The
We are pleased to note bioadcasted, by Station 4W She had a long and honora Paulino Alvarez, Manuel de conference is to be held from
,, thivisit -.,toHai'ti of Dr. Er-RWovtm5er307m. to 30 as
t visit to Haiti of Dr. E- R at 5,: 30 p; m. ble record as troopship, with la Moya Alonso, Dr. RafaeF November 27 th to 30th.
nesto-Bnvrio, here !to collect service in many theaters ,of O. Roca, Lt. CoL Cobian We are pleased to note that
ififormatin -and hmpression NEW. OPERATING
S iformatida and impression NV OPERATING operations and several very Parra, and Capt. Antonrio Al Haiti will be represented,
o.,f the i country. 'The well TABLE Narrow escapes. She has up- bizu. by our able Director of the
kwn 9Grnalist is on a: The St Franicis de Sales dergone a, complete recon- Depertment of 'Tourism, Mr
J.upket through the'. Latin Hoppiial has just aEqutred .version, and is now even CAMIONETTE Jean Brierre, who is now tou-
SAmerican. countries, -and a. nw" operating table of the ;more luxurious than in pre-. INSPECTION ring Jamaica and Puerto i-
p ns 't allot one month of latest design. Its installation 'war'days. On Wednesday last the co, gathering information.
: '.: joiney to Haimti' is soon to be: followed. by.. :Her \schedule, a&coidig
k -'CON UjTIOZ that of a new X-Ray.mjachi- to information give ierr E T N
NEARLY-, ., '. n______ agents. Maison Mattijit- -I r
.- r..EN : NEW COMMITTEE. cludes visits to Port-au-Prin I
S:The. _drafting of tle new FOR RACING CLUB Ice on December 24th, Janua-
4.a titu'tion of the Govern-' tn: Thursday, November ry, 29th, February 19th, "
i is s ued 6th teamsters and active March 19th. This augurs ve-
~-1,'oit o Haiti is scheduled wil fourth omin tou
tobe fished an. d released members of the Haitian Ra- ry well for the coming tou-
today. The constituent ass- cing Club gathered at the ho rist season...1 $
embly has been engaged in me of Mr. Antoine Champa- e ng fo -the 150 arti- gneto elect the new comm- do the job -quickly and eco- '.
S:.cles .comprising this Consti- ittee of the Society. The nomicaty. .
t: tionri.of .1950 since No- new officers are; president, -- -
"- 'mbeb 5th. in the City of Lt. Andre Farraux i secre- COMMUNIQUE ubber-Cov .
"i-Independence,'Goihaives.tstary, M. Gerard Farreau : OF THEBRIISHTENSION C
Release will' be attended treasurer, M. Pierre Biamby LEGATION ENSON .
'i tli "an' appropriate celebra i: advisers, Messrs. Jean M6- The British Mnister des-
te:" Inos and Andre Beauplan. ires to thark all those who
':"- _____ "contributed to the Poppy .
i" MEMORIAL. CONFERENCE Fund on' Armistice Day.
SERVICE '- A SUCCESS The total amount collected
A solem mass was held i The actors of the Natio as.$ 242.99 as compared 4 7R.
Sin memory. of former biF- ference on Agriculture will lzth $ 222.20 in 19.
hops, priests, and'other cler-, meet in Montevideo, Uru-1 _I
',: gy of the Mission of Haiti guay, from December 1st to '
in the Cathedral of Port-au- 10 th.' Haiti will be repre-1 ITALIAN MISSION f
Prince ,o Saturday, ,Nov. sented by M. Oelix Pierre- TO INAUGURATION g.OU
18 Rc Father Le Guen, Cu- Louis, an agricultural spe- Other journals in this city
*. \ rate of'the Cathedral, offi-'cialist from Damiens, and report that. Italy contem-
. ci ated assisted by Fathers, for many years an official in plates sending a special mis- F--
: Le Flodh and Halaby. .,the .otanical Section of the sion to participate in the 6 Ft
SLA.SAMARITAINE- -Deparment of Agriculture. inauguration of President-e- 'Rayon Covered
uLASAMA ISUCESS -' ect Magloire. The delega-
ASUCESS NDR JOSEPH PERRIER I on will include the Italian PLIAN E .CORI
STheactors ofthe Nati- APPOINTED TO LAW Ambassador, Count Luigi
A'nal ie o DmtI ISCHOOL Vidau, 'Minister to Haiti 2.9 Valuei
Art have given some brill-i dau, Minister I
iant interpretations of one The Junta Government Count Barbarich, and two ([CU
S of Edmond Rostand's mas- has selected Dr. Joseph other diplomats whose na-
.- terpieces, uLa Samaritaine". Perrier to occupy, the mes have not as yet been an-
at the Theatre de Verdure. Chair of Legal Medecine at nounced. Portable
Miss Denise Petrus has the the Law School. Dr. Perrier ARRIVAL OF DR. 'TRO uBLE
ir. tide role, and Mr. Lucien was installed last Monday BENITO OF 4NESCO
Lemoine plays the part of by the Dean of the Court, The Counselor for Unesco -
.Jesus. Maitre Joseph Titus. I for Latin America is spen-

S i' *






. '*-"'- ,"., SUNDAY NOV. 26 TIF.



~i~. '' ;' ...!


: 1Page 11 ( ( HAITI SUN SUNDAY NOV. 26th.

S Wednesday of last week INSTITUTE
the/ Salvation Army, repre- of the boys of the band, comr
Scented by officers from Swit- plete with ozoot, pants, ca-
I. .zerland gave a program at vorted through the audien-
Sthe Institute to a full audi- ce in some of the hottest
:.'torium. The program inclu- jitterbugging that hap been
i ded movies about the Salva- seen in these or ay other FOOTBALL WteS The test will be organized correctly. In the case d that
S.tion Army's .work in Swit- parts for a long ci~M. Last &Saday's game was in the following manner i there are still no winners
t. zerland. Also included was Sunday, the Studets Acti rea .riler, despite the each Sunday afternoon, five the original prize will be tri-
': Fthe singing of some Swis vities Club met i the Aadi- fact that neither team sco- questions will be read aloud pled, and so on.
Solksongs. torium of the. Institute to red. Over seven thousand o'ver the loudspeaking sys- The quiz will begin at 3
SThursday of last week Mr plan activities for the co- spectators watched Violette tern. Several replies, inclu- o'clock sharp and the name
ic .Neff, director of theming year. Things on the and Bacardi battle to a sco- ding the correct one. will be of the .winner announced at
:In l tute, began a series of agenda for the club include reless tie. The gatekeepers, given by the announcer, half-time.
Lectures to be given regularly dances, choir singing, round 300 dlarsThe winner must answer As an example, suppose the
i .n the provinces, when he table discussions, radio pro- report that $ 300 dollars The winner must answer 'As an example, suppose the
in the provinces, when he table discussions, radio prowas taken in. all questions correctly. announcer poses the folio-
talid on Education-in the grains and others.
Stalked on Edcation a in thegraions and others. Today's game, at 3:45, An official of the Federa- wing question :
ined States to agatheng onday and Wednesday will be between Racing and tion, stationed in the center ,.How many players are
i onaives of this week, Mr J Victory. Racing is at pre-of the field, will recieve the there on a football team ?,
"]riday night last week Cami0bell of the American
is a galy t asion-t wthe Embassy lecture at the Ins- sent the leader in the series, replies of the contestants Then he gives the folio-
S s a galaccaon at the E tu a crd h ve with a total of 7 points. Vic- and will register them in wing repies :
Inisitkute auditorium when EriDean's Jamacmat Orches- sixty on the formation and tory, so far, has only one the order of reception. a) 20
t ErickDeans Jamacan Orches- sixty on the formation and p The contestant who sub- b) 10
Stra,. rocked. and roed d de- explanation of the Constitu- point. The contestant who sub- b) 10
i ligI 550 guests of the:Ins- tion of the United States of FOOTBALL QUIZ mits first c' 11
S'timre ith sweet swing, hot America. These features Beginning on Sunday, No will recieve a prize of five d) 9
S:jas beguine, aid calypso were a part of the series Ci- vember 26, The Football Fe dollars. Answer (c) is correct. The
Ctlpso wsa s the cry that viliation Americaine which deration has organized a In the case that no list participants in the contest
; wn up again and ain as a give every Mond. Wed. quiz or test on football ru- has all five answers correct merely bring along pencl
wth y e ct o i le with& lr ft r.i at six o'clock at the les. The aim of this test is to the prize will be doubled and paper and write: 1st
after l`iof ta fine jwai iasin. correct and increase the spec for the subsequent game. To question (i). The method of
i' xt the iglight lia, edition to ieWednes- tats' knowledge of the ru w that, the winger wll answering the other ques-
ib-S'f s was Wim h (C brak kto Page2) Ih of play. hae t swe ten qufesti iionsisthe same.

... . .

,:. ..
S, ;, --.. -

:i; :U ...'r:". -.
,-.'. -
., / .... *
'.-..: ;- . . .^
4; .

^ <' : .."
S ..:, !, ,, ,
, .. ,, -, "
.. ._ .-, -

;: "" l { J ,. ' "



'ss Ann Longwdod, of
.Scarsdale, N. Y.
This unsolicited testimony
al was offered us by the char
ming Miss Longwood (see
above). She states I am su-
re I owe much of my plea-
sant memories of my Hai-
tian visit to the unfailing
courtesy and efficient direc-
tion of the Haitian Travel







CALL 2242, 3232, OR 7189






-'.-. i ', W* -.... '.". '. .'. . . ", '

j!A **. t-L* 4 .;
.. .
". :- .. .. ..... 1. -. ..




i i


. . i __ _




ODreei to his resi- work of the conference ad meant of that countrycie
CIGALPA, Hondu- I nation, effective Dec. 1 the the commission as of great -Treason,> continues grave sent technical
ras N 17 uan Maxi- President wrote -: al accept importance. iseporto have been Zuela in viewof
mo, G fryPsident it only because df 'your if- ohr Wesn o transferred from his prison bid for this to4ttact.
sitnc n cell to ariate clinic.
of Congress, died today. Mr ien because I can C cell ao n -PERU
-Galvel, a cousin of Presi- niot, in -good8 conscience, ask oly accomplishing ',a a gre a VENERUL
dent Juan Manuel Galvez of 1you long r io 0 defek your deal in the -Caribbean, 'but systemLt -e inst alle d a t
-~ndtas, collapsed whl elereMabbatical,> Heon uth whiless w ell lev .estarn ued, s't" re- bringing' the various de MILK POW DER neirport, of Lima Pe nlt
b d .asuree legates together are deve- PLANT .
bul ig and died shortly gard your retirem ent as on- lopin be gre te undestat -The Ve e ul n D iri,;-o as
-afterwvard in a hospital. IV temporary, for I am ta- ingiangd interternest amnaldur will Venvertl Dthree mil- stalled in the west c
MEIOCTNv king you fully at your word the people there.v omtwl net he i- MEX CO CI YNo. 17 t 4~ lio bolivai g extraga insta

Virgina Fabregas, eighty, a thtyuwl eaalbe'TeWs ninCne ao Taa rpsa-to Pan' American-Grace A.2
leading lady of the Spanish for future public service. I rence meets every other plant in Santa Barbara, k s.
American stage for years, wttotk thsopr year and is composed of IState of Zulia. Ia, An systmilar instroan-
die toay.Sh ha ben il.tunity to express mny high two delegates from each of IMPORTATION Inigssekhsbe
-,died tod ay S h h ad b een ill us in B uenos Aire

forsevn mnth, sncesheappreciaion of all that you the 14 noin-self governing Q FSIE IFCuenBeosAes i
-fell and bloke her hip. here. haed o orcu- territories with an opportu.- INSTRUMENTStor27
SAll Miexican theatres"'and e-> nto 'st rvd h A stud :by. th of th ni mafis innoAem
filin studio were closed in Relations betwe'en'ite ,U- territories with anoipPortu- ceDepartmenti me of the Lm insi- qi7
mourning for dihe l'Mexicant united States and Argentina niity to discuss matters of td Stataes America revePa- i~nrcnGae0
-acres wo ega hr; arerhave grown more, cordial colnimoft interest and to led that Venezuela' ranks wihi ~ligMil
fifty-5even years ag f n-recent years, and Mr. maske,- reconnedations to "third among the agoa r a gr eeme nt -wit sy t he -Pei f
M9exico City. She was bo'~ Giiffflis 'is one of ihos~e cre- the cerlinshsioar .'on suhkt o h sxrican ex- vageentwhte
iti ~ ~ ~ d 'wipc -eio .ws ath having brought matters. potof scientific instru- vnGvrmni
trAaduated as a.' teacher .in mhs nnoveet bot owin to th e copra0ncrpc
189 ad auhti ascoo Oiffs-~suneitea afe Th.e Caribbean Commis- etsfplihed that 'the Lima 0on.
n is -c m p s d f o rfZ

for deaf muttes. White, tea- thlit affliough 'Argedtina send cmpsdo f ur ai combined with ldIngsse
-chng Pffri Dazwie Aalt~didet ua W-,commnissioners from each of e;ctoCoie fEthe. first in south A
-,h'fea gd Pore r i Divb a z woi flg e mIgr ~ rs d e e eio the fout countries have ter; The nicc~ Sys hd s--A
bE4 lard t 1,& w gi id' imte-lo de Atedth thihe Uni- ritories: France, the Nether- typ ou"Limpa Will use E
-in a te- tr o si

resed in tner isho heSi i h ted States offers, President fais hU ie igo H RON kOUTE qu~engy. rad&o S.gal b,
riated 'iither g d b i n her.f Sh e, o nd e tee s and the Unisted ,Stae. TH Ih aci he woill be .picked u ,yee -%
1a86g2he Ae freA ofti ftd-Sae eMg Twice Yearly, a nfrvers.,abroad theA
as ein19i ndre ili tiah gea e. u tiogeo mrvgte 16 aino'@- hs be- phaih a, pro e

clu~~~e th Wof tn nmtir an k' dlk i o hidne
Athe e-m e Co msso sig al will ienCo oa t o
of Spain 'this

-guage~~~~~ha picure io .olwo si-theheA a.Ab
'he 11 andt inu 197'8 rand woul sahe entered the meet cohri~f %

-anul nsalmetof$ ."Swde, hn s mbss- ase ofte theprovng the 1pthwihceap
-was00 oa~n 1904 An re-0.0 dr toh 'nalagd, ethe Egyptc-- tochdris eomed
alrpra e frod eie1 di f.
pla 0 4P

ColnMexca Amasa-,CO ERECETO EGN iigwl- beCharles1 con I-Hcn
dor;~te inde 1905- ch 92ck sto rOVMBER opn7 h Dahebnton Netherlands Mir
day ~ ~ ~ r to .4ar M. GB ti oilr i Nv-Te nse tof theic tnd Co
Assist fety i tle

Mexice.io.soerti farea h41ad$.8d i aiba ae.wl4kn
oth00 ner L ti.Ae co 1 sixdety the year oeef:tleU
e md e TINAted, -ar;mber 2sto De T nes atid rneepnreseotee
< .mria post he hs, thd erficoeee i las auilary i ie n~d Nethlads States howit osrss bdwah
-tme i Gnfcl ,fudeying* a-tito ar vInf itnhe win'. 194e -,es ofWiiddAdNoaTt d nmorodu
AmbssdortoPolndand th94t The C naaomextin ca aac,.Braoth n anse.TR
--Arentna n 1-94,.:-Inadd


-ton shesmaden Truanis 'Ia n'-r'gintua ee vadTlns BiihH
hgae wpsctures ind Holwoohd tsonpent ofo -the Amercnei ofdrs n iiih- uaa
rest. ~~'Re Con-selfGoeri ng aesta theU. Posessie;
In 199andte oth s-o the C1rbb3n Perto cohcaudthe Virgi..n ..
denthe aid <

cr~ ~ ~ ~~h goenmn siiead'rh at servicetonf In~st Toui-enal 22r

eceid Depaseiaen to s

it agreedtousay for pro ort ad ftiutionshlhf Crrditalf MndsAE

ia b citi zens r o feE a G dAe lA

Cjan Meia d T n s t jil lt 'Rer
handedds Bdtil o* -e

ate ahi ante of th~~Pkhe Viygin-
Assit will' Mcso 1sr

(if t6 i
M exico-so farah 1 4 ,1l61E! th e,, inun th4me,'of thbe

de st Indies~t considerste Teraoie yAes bed gopresn

-agree ment. ton

ce frl m N veor 27 tA> a thar : j 7 f ,4 A.-
te Frc D
adrt. rotif,'a h rad triore f u
b ass o m mi sio SE C NTRA
i,*l~:i~~: ~illiary' ipnd how it does resist bad weath:l: i;- i,-
pot eha ~ el f r -f~ 'ico f re c i n u a nd N th ran sEN ML N