Haiti sun ( November 12, 1950 )

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: November 12, 1950
Publication Date: November 12, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: November 12, 1950
Publication Date: November 12, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00009

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BaNiA#b buDMIeacH

E. A. MAaWtVsLth



, .JNOAY NOV. 12 T14

, .No.9

A three-day Presidential i
election regarded as crucial
for determination of the fu
ture course of the -Guatema
lan government began Nov.
10. The nation was peace-
ful but tense after a bitter
seven month campaign by
ten candidates.
The platforms range from
extreme Rightist to Ltist
and Communism is anlong
the issues.
The outgoing President,
Juan Jose Arevrao i nota
in i sed publ. y t
the an did sk 1. .a



During the 6p'ning sisio-
6f the 'Constittiifery on tIur
day, November 4th. 125 wb .
men of all classes from dft6e
rent towns of the 2R6pulb16
. ~ ~." -., I "
paraded 'through .he provmn-
ce city of Gon4ves. They we
.... re the IAies of th c Lipd
Feinihiine d'Acti6o SoEi
...ho h libativdM -n ALty
of Fndepeienteie fro'i .t
furthceest corner o' tih .
ptiblic by cfohnettebilt..
A.- que. oh fodt, -abd In Dynrf_..;.

are s to sppo6 heefr
t voteThe l leparide-rs WW :f
fe k lrehi iadie Wi

"". iStMate, trd ed t e'
by the' go ve rTmenti p --,.
the Revolutionary Action Chinese coi munists ha
(P.At) --- is regarded ge- entered theKorean War
nerally as the goverment we entered the Korean War
nerially as .the government h b n iS
candidate. He- also is con The fact has beed unoffi-
sidered the favorite to wiaft cially known, since Chinese
seReds, like thee two'" speci-
on the% strength of an Ar- 'Imens, had been captied by
benz rally here last. monthU fess
which drew an estimated'UN forces. These men are'
100000 dpersones. being held as prisoners-of
LAK10000 persons. war in a camp in Hamburg

Six nations including the North Korea.
United States, introduced a XTRA!
resolution in the .Security THESE pA RADIG_ WO-:

th.h..i.t . .. ......
drW its ut fl. 9 ., .
..- -.44,OAV SG.T., The Prbsidenr elect Colonpel Paul Magloir, answer-
ing a spechsdelivered by the Mayor of 6onaives Mr.
.... Richard St. Pierre at the opening sessions of the Cons-
4.'tituency on Saturday November 4th at Gonaives.

" "

F T,-.J .2

The picture above and at the right show the Ladies
of the ,Ligue Feminine d'A action Sociale", marching
through the streets of Go naives. and displaying pla-I
cards with slogans in Fren ch and Creole demandingI
their right to vote, during the recent opening of the

K; .

S.......- .-I

.. 1-. .L'S, ..,., a5w 'm9
.Maw r) oge tim.. NL* ..*
welfare office in ',etSi ,*,
'and 'resident of the Lg ..e
Therese Pierre-Louis; It- dra.
matist wife o6 R"ssinx PieM .i
Louis, Deputy of Bainet, r i
Sylvain ..ad novelist Caelnt
Val '. As'he ,gyy-dressed;:
paraders'. marched z- through -'
the wide, -dusty streets they l"
sang lustily their song cCe_ ,'
'pod'n gain iLiri Tete ma.
re :bobed side by side wrifi, 't
Smqern fashion creations. .
I -eryhere :ofild be '
posters and placar-d it
French and cieole,oiee s i
and 'old ones used by 'fil
minist crusaders, .f"i'h -
prts' of tBe. wori'"a t ..
first halt of this eid-ui-.....
old slogazi that the Anrd ~
cans thrust under the andM "
of the British bdk 'in T.'.75 '
.TWo taxation without rtp i
sentaticis mAde an appeal
ance, alongside alf we can't
vote we won't work. *'l804
... was it for men only.
This Fete was distinguish-
ed from any other in the at
nals of. Fetes in Haiti for its
many too many women.
After Mr. Bellegirde, Prb. .
sident pf the Constituency,
had made his opening speech
he was surrounded by the is :

onied on Page g.
1 .A




I *~



,' ::;




.: ,.;'





r *PAGE. . -' ... , .
" PAGE 2



REDS SAY YANKS conception of how wine is
DROP SPUDS made under the old me-
TO FEED BUGS thods, the job of squeezing
out the grapes does not fall
Belgrade. A new sto4 to the pretty peasant maids.
has been circulating in Yu- Instead it usually goes to a
goslavia as an aftermath to young man with strong leg,
Russian reports -in the fa- muscles. For it's hard work.
ce of a poor crop that -
the United States has been HIDDEN FORTUNE
dropping potato bugs over FOUND UNDER
Eastern Europe to destroy RUINED PAGODA
the harvest. Bangkok
aNown, so the satire Workers dismantling a
goes "the Americans are ruined pagoda found an
dropping potatoes to feed urn containing diamonds,,
the bugs-. emeralds, rubies pearls and
ROAD ARD HO three gold necklaces worth
Waingi Signof a fortune. The pearls were
Washingon. Sign- described as being as ig
the Times: Americans have und s e's little in- g
bought four times as many ger. STRETCH.
new automobiles as homes The ewel's, lived to ha tor of the Ohio Women'
since the end of the. war.. en pced there Seato Robert A. Taft!a
Scent ingshere removed his home bailiwick,to waiit
client kang', .Te hoSwere removed
f/ MUSIC IS TO EUROPE to the Gvernment Fine The Ohio Senator, his ca
^ AS BASEBALL IS TO U.S Arts,, Dejartment. out his toughest fight for
M pusic' is do Europe what "
baseball is to America. said
1. Arthur Brown, conduc-
tor of the Tulsa (Okla) Phil,
1 harmonic, as he arrived
o6m Europe. Mr. Brown
noted that u hen he was in
SVienna, Salzbrtrg and-Paris
.he saw lines of people form-
i ig. in front of 'auditoriums
Sas early as 7 a.m.
r t. All. these people a -e in-
I terested .in the fine arts, and
will attend perforngan4ps at
great personal: sacrifices,1r
r brownn says. eBarbers. and
Sdcab 'rivers wouldn't ... dis-
I cp batting averages as in
this. country, but they were
k .ied authorize on arias, legatos
Sanod cthe arabesques and fi-
..lne poi ts of the ballers d 4j-CHioN'uGCHON FiONT. Fighting
wUCKS iin" ', "K
IN... -s -Re we in E ort west yre as growing Chinese
MAY FAE Red for.es.-pushe&e Allies backcht capture the former
TO AROON westt. 'as nch or town of Pakchon (1). Oier reports
S TO AR said hinese, reinforcements (tank symbols) were pour-
The gleaming red of the ing:into insn- (2) and Huichon (3) as Reds prepared
Sfire engine may soon be a a new ttck on the Chongchol. River line (jagged
', thing- edof h in symbol), lIst natural barrier before ithe North Kio
Columbia. A softer maroa reai! ciital of Pyongyang..
'may take its place.
The reason for the chan-PROTECTION GANGS' LAST FIGHT
Sgeis.hat there are so many HIT SINGAPORE U.S. Eighth Army Head-

Sthe fire wagons. Fire chiefs Singapore school boys was boxing champion died a he
Striped to get a provincial revealed recently. r's death in Korea shot
Slaw passed prohibiting the The usual procedure: A while his body shielded two
Sold color for vehicles other small boy is knocl-ed about wounded comrades.
i. than fire engines. No action by a bigger bully for one or Th4 details of how ham-
was taken, however, two days. Then a schoolboy listed Corp. Levi Jackson,
e cup of water equals of the protection gang ap Jr., 24- year- od Negro
ha, approaches the small boy -and fought his last round, still
half pound. offers to protect him at a champion and undefeated,
YUGOSLAVS STILL price $1 or 50 cents a were contained Saturdayin
S STOMP THE GRAPE month. an announcement of the
Deep down in the vine- GYPSIE HAS posthumous award of the
yhrdsY of-: the Adriatic sea- THE ANSWER Distinguished Service Cross.
coast, the -men and women Called a Commie, Gypsie Corporal -Jackson, a Phi-
Sliold no truck with the mo Rose Lee. ladelphian w;h6 captured 16
d# r methods of makings Answered, "Oh, fiddle-de successive boxing champion
t .ine. They still stamp out dee! ships without defeat, was
ti e grape with all the grace That which you think killed near Haman, South-
I and rhythm of Yugoslavia's Is so shorkinggly pink, east Korea, August 13. He
National dance, the kola. Ain't my politics, daddy. was serving as a medical
F.. Contrary to the, romantic It's me. aid man.

3 Washington Nov. 7 For-
mer under secretary of sta-
te Sumner Welles' has been
awarded Mexico's order, of
the Aztec Eagle in recogni-
tion of his role in.the dev-
elopment and application
of the good neighbor pol*
cy." .
At ceremonies held Mon-
.day night .at the Mexican
Embassy here, Rafael de La
Colina, :Mexican Ambassgd-
or to the U.S commend-
ed Welles for his eminent
participation in the initial
.development and later ap-
plicatiop of the noble good
-Mrs. LA lesr an, 'direc- neighbor policy, his cons-
Brig~ae pins a .fldW-r on tant attitude of absolute res
s he-returned to Citi'cinnatti, pect for the independence
out the election Day count. land dignity of the Ameri-
'paign ended, is sweating can Nations and his cordial
r re-election; feeling for the people of




' ": *

- : ,', ..

NEW TREE FOR. BRANCH. Branch Rickey (cen
ter), who resigned as top executive of the Brooklyn
Dodgers, joins 'in a triple handshake in Pittsburg, af-
ter accepting a post with the Pirates as executive vi-
ce' president and general manager. 'With Rickey are
(left) Thomas P. Johnson, Pirates' secretary and treas-
urer, and (tight) John.W. Galbteath, the president of
the Bucs.
~- ..

Thomas E, Dewe4 sits down in a New York radio stu-
dio at 6 A.M to begin an 18 hour pre-election mara-
thon. The Republican candidate for re-election made
at least one speech every hour on either radio or te-
levision in a last minute appeal 'for votes.





-lily 7~I4
I ,.. A

SNOV. 12TH..


j* T"S. VETMENT By Agcdtal ii l laytian Tractor & Equp- ient of the Junta Govern- should not be here,.h t .
'IiiVEfu 'INSPECTORS solve with the thflier nmihb-,nent.Co. S.A. plans for the meat, Brigadier General His speech was warmy rem
SP T AU-is PCfE etence the improvement of this Com- I rLn& Lavaud. the Presi- ceived by the .mpressivega-
S srs. Bbifiard Pdlias- d it e i a i- Py which, represents tile lte, anad Junta member thering. The secretary of In
I Mk f sria BetBart S. 'Bark ferid Ae aterpillar Tractor Co., the (6n16nl Antone Levelt, and terior anti National Defen-
SSON-hn 'Deer & Co, Rome members of the Cabinet. ce. Mr. Luc 'u6e, a
ev'iie fll ivC bFs of ILSON- *MAY Plow.Co. for road and agri delivered 'a 'sj'eeI, deear-
-S -Govfiittn aFi-iight Jean C. emy who assault culinal tractors and equip- Representatives of all the ing that true democracy

books of T g erave jd te rial Barber- Green Co. for there, tohear the-President cial justice i its in
borie of t~fA Qceiltual Pro M o seden orilre i asph lting. of the Assembly deliver they, Spoke o the great -
"tAiac2. They, will '16Pve Mtrial e*n nor' ere h. first .speech.. He advocates a ere.e existmg bevCT
Wi~.n '-eiht days. ". l ...v M ... ASSE..O OBEN FG .liberal anq democratic Cons the elite and the mass, d'.
S T.Th. C O" EANByAS 6 OR SESSION OF THE tuition spoke of the rela- ('erence which must "fa
..CONTIUE NCY "6a.N AaMO I CONSTITUENL T tions existing between biter ely and progressively dn
lr L sIV"RED ASSEMBLY r. nationall law and national se tharuo a tionalo.
WILL PRESENT ArO 'SPEECY The sMetnn dpennmg of the lgistation, insisted upon of education .'.
ITS PORT Ovei the 'Vdice of Ame-. -dtittuent Assembly took. tre right of vote to women Secretary .of State iode
NEXT WEEK ricaon Noveiber the 8th lae at the 'Bishop's Palace tand expressed his liole advocated the cause of syh
reofK ted rti M.Vi e t new Amalkssador to Ve- l .Goiaives, the City of confidence in the President dicates, and that of Ine Wb.
fovs K thim Vc Beau- euela Normain Amour 'be thdpendence, on Satur-. Elect, -Colonel Paul E,. 1 Ma- .Men'then requested the na
-imcn, fhimde Beau- gave a speed in "rpanioh. dlay Noveaiber the 4th, in gloire. <-Had I no coifiden- splidation. of social conitt
oir, Georges L6on and Fre lifr. Norman Ai-mour occup he presence of the Presi- ce, said Mr. elegatde, I of the Revolution of T9.6.
deric Magiiy the Committee ied the position of U.S. Am _____
Tdiarg&E'with the writing of lnassador to Haiti in the
ite netv'Constitution will eeas 1932 to 1935. r l ra T f t r ,
Present their' report hiext .PE- -U S J o '
week, Thuesday 'at the lat- MRGEU .RETURNS
est. Mr. .Marceau Louis, Direc - .
. tor of sthe rE aeignemerit Ur -
OITUARY hain, -arrived back -in Haiti -
The death :pof. Mr. Victor after -atten adig a 'CPofferen- 4 ,,. 7 .j' c
Sada .occurred ,suddqnely ear. ee fin 'IMonteideo ('Uru- \ \ '
ly jWednesday mnorpaig. guay >. Mr. 4Miarceau Louis /Ltn ANDV KDI -U
SMr 'ictor, Sda whop was took with him N to Montevi- i
,Dirscej p.of the iinewly form- ddo pa-Etings-seleted,by the .e e
-%ed Bureau of 8Pvors a 'par'-wi nita tf 4National'wE- m n sRel M 6 -c
.one-fhe most .e me. -tf. tpi.al ... -
insport in Haiti during she that were ethibited -in MonM. o Rvl
ast 15.years. The funeral tevideo and other cities of "
of Mr. Sada took place -Wed otdith America, were the / -.4
.nesdaiy afternoon. After-the 9vo3ks of the follUoig ". '"-
burial service at the .Sacre *'its .
Coeur the body .was moved iMaut'ce 'Borio -'- -
.to the cemetery where sever- 'Prefete Ddifaut P Up" YA i lr \
al grave side speeches were Rita Doucet
given by dose friends of Xavier Aipiama, /r en-
the deceased. Our condolen Pierre 1M9onosiet 1 rf]c W-i '
tor Sada and family, relati- 1Robert "Wilson iH S?
y ves and friends. 'Gesner Abellard s f a. .
OF Geo. Remponeau , '
aLE MATIN AND MRS. .Wilson Rigaud 'l OClow CG
FRANCK C. MAGLOIRE Casstera Bazile 4-aii |l* W
November 8th t 11;00 Hector Hyppolite II
A.M the Director of Le Antonio Joseph -
Matins and Mrs.. Franck C. .FFernand xPiero n -------
Magloire -arrived by plane. VICE- PRESIDENT -----
M. .Magloire represented OF -----
'Le Matin-at the VI L.A. HAYTIAN TRACTORS M A E ,41 MSoL
Press conference held in AND --
.New York.-and took.part in EQUIPEMENT COMlPANY
-the A-,S TA Conference IN PORT- AU- PRINCE f o 98 '
held at Washington. Mr. L. Henry Read Jr., 9l5 L: --' / '
a lVice President and treasur- s pe 'ch- 'w'e Up TO li
NEXT -AGRICULTURAL er of -the Haytian Tractor ou P ay& .A
CO FER ENCE and Equipment Co. S.A ar-
IN'MONTEVIDEO rived in this city last*week.
SDuring the moith -of De Mr. Read who is at the sa- T6. nch J
ceniber "an Agicultural Con me time Gen. Manager of -..-
ferene willbe heldinMon- the West JIdia Chemical n b m inatl n Posit i..
tevidea -(rugutay). Experns Ltd. of Inagua, ,Bahamas, .3up 'ggpj
inagriculture of the chief and Vice- President of the
Latin- American coinmries ed -by a- delegation of specia-
.will takerpartin -this Cen- West India Sales Ltd of C
ference. :he Haitin ro lw York is -here to study -
einment will be- represent-, together with Maurice Bon- -.O -. L .
.lists who'will endiavor to "efil,phe Director of the .. .

.' Z

*1 ^

iV. :a-,
fl t &ktI^ t . ^ U/ ~.- ...*.a^i e i.:,;., ,.. ,. - .:*.*.L- .^ .J.. ^ ,;,*. -*,,,,.. ^ ;* ...


* v.i

* I



I, .

' '!

( *'i



.... . . .. .. -.. .,





that the Ecuadorian diplo-
mat explained that the pro-

leader Dr. Jdan Marinello
"the orders. as a result of the



I -.

p, ,'

ISSUE OF BONDS-' CUBA 4, is estimated that about
By resolution of the Mili-- 1.100.000 ,bagst-of coffee
tary Junta Government and A special session of an eml- wi' be cdiin ed in export
the Ministerio 4e Haciendo ergency. court has ordered ig prts or shipped for con
the bill for the second issue the release of the two hun- sunmtion elsewhere in Bra-
of bonds of the C.A ,Obras dred Cuban Communists who zil' during 'the 1950-51 mar
de la Avenida Bolivarn for i "h'been arrested by the Cu kering year.' It is generally
the amount, of 30.000.000 bar Police Tuesday right. believed, however, that the
liolivars, intended fqr the Among those who had been official estimate is. too. low
reimbursement of real esta- held by the Cuban lw offi- A crop of 14.215.000 bags,
-te acquired for the realiza- crs were a group of Mexi- on-that basis, would supply
ti f these works can delegates to the 'Pro-Pea about 13.100.000 bags for
S.. Cong. s, held iin -Havana; vort. According to prev-
, ING INDUSTRY In the group of arrested Me, ailing opinion, in the trade
Dr. Antonio Parra Velas- xican Communist leaders we there' crop for shipment to
co, Ambassador of Ecuador, re V. Lombardo Toleda- ports is likely to reach or
declared that his country. no and his wife, General He exceed 15.000.000 bags,
might.Ie i good' market for riberl Jara, Dr. Carlos No-with an exportable surplus
a large mining industry of 'ble Ismael and Basilio Ramo- -of about 14.000.000 bags.
Venezuela. He explained na. The Cuban Coammunist' Exports of coffee during

the first half of 1950, accor oil over that consumed by
ding to preliminary statis- the Diesel units now in use
'tics, were the smallest in se Installation of his new
'veral years, totaling only 5. plant will do much to alle-
607.100 bags, as compared viate the present shortage
with 8.103.344 bags in the of power in the city of Ma-
first half of 1949. nagua. The power company
has been unable to service
-- or accept new customers for
AY IN' ,the past several months.The
AERICAN plant's operation will also
TOURIST enable the company to ret-
HIGHTOURIGHTS SN AT ain the present equipment
TRAVEL CONVENION It is estimated the new
nalnt will be in onnerationp

jects of the mining industry has also been released .with
"VNEZUELA ^of Venezuela have develop- ,the others as a result of the
ed great interest in Ectador order from the .special equrt.
VENEZUELA BUYS A .spokesman for the court
BRITISH-OWNED INSTALLATION told asseribled newsmen af-
RAILWAYS HERE OF ARTIFICIAL LAKE ter hearing that the Havana
Rolling stock and other From the State of Anzoa- Police had arrested these
property of two British tegui it is reported that the Communist on the charge of
owned railway companies Ministry of Agricultura and holding an unauthorized mee
will be taken over by the Cria will remit to the Muni ting. During the course of the
Venezuelan government as cipality of Chaparro an arti hearing it had been shown
an initial step in govern- ficial lake with a- capacity that a professor at the Hamva
ment plans for_extensive im of 80 million liters of water na University, Elias Entialgo
Sgrovement of the railway In such a region water is had received the necessary
system. not available in sumner, permission to receive.the, del
SUnder a special agreement but, according to techni- gates to the Congress at the
..the British companies, the clans the cattle in this sec- Auditorium Theatre.
La Guayra and Caracas R^ tion' may g'ia water hencefor -- ...- -
way Company, Ltd. Have a- ward -without difficulty ARGENTINA
..greed to break 99-year right evening the dry season. The Argentina's. Oct. receipts
, of way leases granted in said lake will also provide of newsprint totaled -7.671
. 1873 in return for the go- drinking water to the town metric.zons less than June
vernment, purchase of rol of El Chaparro by means of imports. Other than.407 me
ling stock and property a core plant for the ac- tric tons of Canadian orig-
rights of way. count of the Executive of in, the July tonnage was
- The government has isu- the State. supplied by the Scandina-
ed a decree for payment of ian countries.
15.898.050 Bolivars to The supply situation con-
the companies. EL SALVADOR. , inues precarious. Some of
The La Guayra and Cara- Specialists in housing and ihe leading Buenos Aires
cas Company operates a nar city planning, child welfare, .ailies run on a day to day
Srow. gauge freight line from social security, and agricultu basis, and a few newspa-
the seaport to Caracas.while re are :-repesentivk various pers in the interior report-
the Bolivar Railway Com- couzitrieat'the Second Regloely have had to suspend
pany operates short lines jo nal Seminar on -Social Af- blication because of lack of
various sections ,of the couh fafirs, which: opened this week newsprint.
try. Both reportedly ',hae .in San Sal;ydor., .. .
beet operating at a lbss:si'st` Natioins arti.pig in the,' BRAZIL'
ce the advent of truck twelve day seminar, w.hiih COFFEE INDUSTRY
freight lines and the .ubse. is s sIMsred .y -theC ftgai-', .
quent improvement of na=i zation of American States, a- The rise in coffee prices
dohal highways. -. re El Salvador, Cost;a" Riac ,ih 1949 accounted in part
Cuba, Dominican ,R.pu6lic, for. the general improve-
MACHINERY FOR Guatemala, Haiti, H6iiduras mrnt noted in the Brazilian
SUGAR ESTATES, Mexico, Nicaragua, -.nd the economy. Coffee exports in
A 'contract for $5.000.000 Unted States. t- . 1 1950 in valye .probably will
for the, purchyse of machine Unde4 the theme. ry and equipi ient for sugar ni..ty .Organizationi, expert s The 1950' coffee crop,
estates in Cuimanhca, Stati fromrihese countries will' dis which suffered. from the the
of Supre and in the area of cuss cooperativdi,,, housing effects o f. last y e a r's
Motatan- Valera State of a'nd city 'planning,' social wprk drought, was-iofficially esti-
Trujillo, is to be, signed by and workers, and education. mated'a 14."15.000 bags of
the Directors dtE:the.':Corpo0 Oigapizrs.- of the sen~iar.h g.60 kilograms available for
racion Venezolana de. Fo- veS explained that the 'delega .shipment of port. The offi-I
mento. and the representati- ts ilr aim at solvitig these cial estimate of the 1949 I
ves of the Geo. L. Sqjiiir community probldinmsthrough tcrp 'was' 14.414.000 bags,
Mg. Co. of te'U.S. This ma cooperative effort on the part id actual shipments from
chinery will be .ready for of the governmentss and their the interior in 1949-50 am-
shipment from New York citizens. I ounied to about 16.000.000
within 18 months? 1,b -.

The travel society annouA I-V.T. '
St. g o i the'UN'.
ted hat.a group of leading Santa Cruz made this sta
U.S. Travel Agents willement: I am
leave by air next week for associated with this step It
a 27-day tour of South. Ame reco ize- the importance
rica. They will try to learn c ioan
ori yth to ito learn of Yugoslavia's position in
more about tourist advant- international situation
ages in Latin America by vinow and the need for all
siring Peru, Chile, Argenti- now and the need for all
na, Uruguay and Brazil. counties to join together
The agents expect to talk to hep Y aia. man-
with presidents of several of ta its independence.
these oucietrps COLOMBIA
Income taxpayers in Co-
The travel convention, lombia will be permitted al
which opened Wednesday lowances for contributions
last week, drew delegates and donations under the
not only from North, Cen- provisions of decree No. 2.
tral and South America but 556 of July 28, 1950 states
also from Europe. a dispatch from Bogota.
Haiti was represented by Decree No. 2566, prom-
Pierre Chauvet, Franck Ma- ulgated in the Diaro Offi-
gloire and Georges Hereaux cial of August 18, provides
N, that paxpayets will be per-
NICARAGUA mitted, beginning with the
1950 tax year, to deduct
Acquisition, by the Mana from their gross income the
gua Light & Power Co., of amount of charitable con-
a new power- plant for the tributions 'or donations to
city df Managua, was an- foundations, corporations,
bounced on Oct 12. The or societies, the purpose of
plant, which was purchased which is exclusively public
froIm a United States firm, or social assistance, the pro
:6iissts obf a motor of 4300 tection of the aged. or of
b. hp. (brake horsepower children, religious, welfare,
directly coupled to a genera scientific.or educational..
:tr of 3.000 kilowatt capa- Such deductions are limited
ity. It will burn Bunke C to 10 percent of net income
fiel, .which. should result 'as commauted without the
n a substantial saving in rm. ... __ _-- 1



- a"'

'.AumuLuec on rage 11i



Washington. Colorful ex- i less than a year, during
hibit 'highlighting ,tourist which time th present
attractions in Latin America transmission and distribu-
were shown here as part of .on system will be overhaul
the 20th annual convention led.
of the Ahmerican Society of
Travel Agencies. CHILE
Striking displays were set Chile and Yugoslavia
up six American Republics have signed an agreement
SCuba, Dominican Repu- to .resume diplomatic and
blic, Colombia, Guatemala, commercial relations, it was
Haiti and Mexico. Trans- announced today.
portation companies, serving Relations had been "bro-
the western hemisphere ken since 1949 when Presi-
showed posters, photo- dent Gqnzalez Videla sever-
graphs and materials from ed diplomatic links '.with
the Latin American nations. Russia and its satellites.
"The exhibit features sce- The resumption of rela-
iuk views and examples of tons developed as 'a result
handicraft in inahoghny, of Tico's split with the Co
Represeniatites 'of Haiti minform and his turn in
announced 'that their gov- the direction of the west.
e&nment will open' an infor The agreement yas sign-
miatidn bureau at Rockfeller ed yesterday by Hernan San
Plaza in 'New tork City, ta Cruz, Chile's Ipermanent'
with lie aimn of making Hai representative at the United.
ti a kreat fourist center. Nations, and Ales -'Bebler,
Yuos n lavia's delete "



.. '

I '





Sent in by Mrs Lafontant
Banana cake is easy to
make too. Follow the same
principles of mixing as in
the chocolate cake. Practi-
ce makes perfect.
Cream 6 tablespoons but-
ter or margarine and add
1 V2 cups sugar, gradually-
beating until fluffy. Add 3
unbeaten eggs, 1 at a time,
beating hard and well after
each addition. Mash 2 large
ripe bananas until smooth
unripe bananas won't
mash very well. If it's easier
put them through a sieve.
This should make a scant
cup. Sift 2 cups cake
flour with 2 teaspoons
baking powder, V teaspoon
baking soda and V teas-
poon salt. Add dry ingre-
dients and bananas altern-
ately to creamed mixture,be
ginning and ending with
dry ingredients.Beat smooth
'Lastly, add 14 cup milk and
mix well. Divide into 9
inch layer cake pans, that
have been greased and lined
with wax paper and greas-
ed again. Bake in a modera
tely hot oven, 375o F.,
about 25-30 minutes, or un-
til done. Cool 5 minutes be-
fore removing from pan.
Turn out on racks to cool.
Frost as desired.
Mens Shbes and Pants
Ladies Shoes, Underwear
Cotton, Silk and
Strapless dresses
Nurses White shoes and
Infants Shoes
Children Shoes
Hand Painted
with haytian

Opposite KLM Airways
Rue des Miracles


TEL. 3145



The shops in this s
have beep checked 1
J newspaper, and t
best of our know
- their merchandise
'9 f good quality and

Haiti's leading de apartment store.


Art and Curio Shop
. Rue du Quai-- Tel: 3145.
__ *_______

WMaintenant chez
Le seul Magasin
a Prix Unique d'Haiti

Notre nouveau system
permet a tout le monde de
se faire- rservez chez la
'et de le payer a une date
. Venez maintenant choisir
ce que vous desirez et pa-
yez un accompte votre
achat sera pret a etre empor
t6 d6s que le paiement total
aura 6te effectu6e. ,


... ~~1


SHours are from 8 a..m.
5 p.m some shops close i
tu'een the hours of 12 a
2 p.m..


Sat. is noon closing, but
a number of shops especial-'
cly Souvenir shops stay opes
section j through the day.
by this
o the Banks open at -..-. adi
lvedge close at 1 p.m. Sa.. -:sing'
is of noon.
good Post Office opens at 8.a.
.m and close at 5:30 p.m.

7 Save Time and Expense
B' Buy Direct from


Rue du Peuple

* -.4


`M7.50 1


I 'I

SFrom the fabled Far East, comes
S thrilling new men's jewelry design.
Our Kreisler tie bars and cuff links
have unique parallel linking inspired
'by the natural design-grace of barn.
,boo with a light glint that harmonizes
./ .with all your clothing. Excitingly gift,
;/ packaged for presentation K
\ They're Wrlatmates to the Bamboo Watchband7.
'JNationally Advertised in Saturday Evening Pol




*. 5. 5.






There are subdivisions in you, why don't you marry ce caresse mape caresse li
the main divisions I made him! (I am only caressing her)
for the singing tales; for So, Suzanne agreed with 'and the mother said: Daugh
example the. categories tel- her mother, she liked, she ter, Daughter,
ling about the animals is loved ,and at last, married caresse, I'ap caresse ou (he
subdivided i n t o several him. is only caressing you)
groups according to the But, the young and hand daughter, daughter,
form of the story or to its some man was only an ad- le moins pale ou mett cou
purpose. The first one I told der which had changed to :te moins (If I tell you,
you last week may be con- a human in order to marry you may beleive me)
sidered as one of the types, her and eat her afterwards. and she went back to her
in which the story tries to ex The day, after the wed- work again, but Suzanne
plain a natural phenomenon ding, while they were tal- sung again, with a weaker
they are easily pointed out king in the saloon, he said voice... .
': by their sentence conclusion to.bis wife: I maman! maman
as: And from that time toad ,Cheri, let's go- outside, main coulev... etc
has never lived again in the it's fresher under the tonuel and the snake answered .,.
rivers... jla., Madame, Madame
The choise for to-day, be -No, darling it's too- i .
longsto the group where dark outside, let's stay depi -m'piti ce conca moilRs
p- an animal takes human here, with maman. ... ,ye... etc
form to marry a girl or a Oh, No, daughter,said and the same refrain went
man. The following is ab- the mother, you should o- on... and the voice of Su-
out a snake... (adder) bey your husband... zanne went down, down
Scric... crac.. and Suzanne said. again ... and down, and the snake
Oc -Maman I fear, it's too spoke with difficulty and no
Once upon a time, there dark thing more came to the mo
was a young and beautiful --Go, daug if I say so ther...She looked and list-
girl called Suzanne. She liv- sayuso
irl le d with her moh Sher in a you may go,and she, pushed; ened, nothing... '1 should
ed ih her mother her graciously on Jthe should' go out and look, she said
tj Ie village. The ambition of de She jumped outside with a
.- her mother was to matry ers... light, and under the ton-
he t id a Then they went outside light, and under the ton-
Sher to a prince, and as at into the blue dark of the nelle right in front of her
hat time sons of kings we-nto the bluedark of ...the snake he was about
re but few, years passed night... and, while the mo-
re. ut ew, years pass their was preparing the sup, to finish his swallowing ...
and Suzanne became red pi she cried and fell dead.
W'of re-using all the young per, she heard her vice All he neighbors came,
imen of the .village;and. She (here the teller .sigs), bu snake the lipped silen-
0.worried too about getting -iMaman! Maman! Ily into the woods...
S'a 'prince... Her mother rea- (mother, mother I
-. lized that she was -wrong Main coulev ap vale moins I STRENGTH OF EGGS
and decided to find her a (the.snake (my husband) is Accorditng to tests made
good husband.. eating me) ^t at Cornell university (on
At that time, a young and Then she heard the voice 13998 eggs laid by a flock
.i. handsome little -man came, of her son-in law... qf white Leghorn pullets)
i elegant in his walking and Maman .Maman! the average pressure requir-
A 'with his head. slightly bend Depi m'pi ce conca moins ed to break an egg was 9.8
to the left. The another lik- ye (since a boy, I .havebee pounds, with the highest
ed .him .Oh what a handso- like that) 18.7 pdonds. Pressure was
^ me boy, (ce bon diu qui applied from end to end. It
voy. li) .U.d sent him to. Manan! Maman! J was found that the pressure.
required for breaking was
about three to four pounds
less. when applied between
CLLUOT E She sides of the egg.
*, *. rH Accordiiig to an official
F Eof 'the South African native
DID affairs department, the Shan
I AllI 1 gaan natives of the Trains-
AIRaal and Rhodesia would
AND SWEET AS-AIR have starved without such
dietary items as, ants, lo-
custs, caterpillards, and beat
les. Fried ants, 'Ie reports,
An up- to-date cleaning taste something like crisp,
Plant that offers fast sweet- an- sharp bacon, and
and reliable work is are high in vitamin content
In the copper- base alloyi
S":' / ranging from 10 o/o nickel
silver to Constantan (55o/o
9I DI copper- 45 o/o nickel), an
DARYAN A NRC AN important and relatively
DRY CLEANERS new member is the 70-30
E' cuppo- nickel alloy which
XT TO PAN AMERICAN AI AYS OFFICE as become the standard ma
__XT _TO _P___AME__ AN A Oterial for marine condenser
,1, .mg-,.





Sole distributor of the
New York Herald Tribune
(Deliver daily to your door)


Rue Roux -
Tel. 3.495

II~ .. ________________________ I

I' j




FROM $160




. .-- Z .. .-I.. M- P. W -0-1 M.- MR P i imm am mmmm-mm



f o k 4 ; . v m .



This week the Centre
,d'Art inaugurated a new '
!class. The class which is un
Mder the able direction of DEFINITIONS OF PRIMITIVE ART BY
SMrs. Robel Paris is a cour- SOME HAITIAN ARTISTS
THE SUN LIBRARY ose in unusual painting tech
Sniques and serigaphy. Seri- Primitive Art, is a non-maitured art; an art in
graphyHIGHWAY is illo; primitive lost hamlets is the latest and li- which one finds naivete and unskillfulness of the ar-
HIGHWAY Ijillo; primitive lost hamlets eliest of the arts. Serigraphs tist.
ACROSS THE in jungle and -savannah; are original hand- signed
WEST INDIES ISpanish towns, English works of art in the same "Primitive Artm is the expression of the first men it
W g towns, Indian and Negro graphic arts field as etch- contact with Nature. From the very beginning up to to
The exciting and inform- settlements too. Once his wings or woodcuts. This new day, Art in a process of evolution.
ative record of 12.000 settlements too. nce his
ative r igh car was parked on top of medium has opened up anl Science is the basic support for everything and Prid
d s ream bed through an earthquake again was entirely new development mitive Art. being cut off from this support can be 'o
and stream- bed autyhrough ost nearly two weeks on sin the fine arts. They are fined as the unscientific way to express a thought.
the tropical beauty of thea sailing yes. pictures printed in color on
West Indies. With, 48 pho-sel, without radio, on a pas paper by the artist in 'his "Primitive Art, is the unskilled transportation of a
togfaphs and map. sage between islands. .But own studio. In etching, a form which has impressed the artist.
By Herbert C. LANKS it, and its driver, came copper plate is used: in Pimitive Art is the. starting point in artistic express
In this magnificently il- through to complete a re- wood engraving, a wood sion. Every, artist must pass through this stage. .
lustrated and informative markable journey with fly- block. In lithography,'\a sto Primitive A is the art of those who p
ncol *Primitive Artn is the art of those who purposely
volume, Herbert C. Lanks pgg colors. ne, and so, it making seri- ..
-volume, Herbert C. Lnks ig colors. and so, making ser paint a subject in an income prehensible way. The ahrtst
continues his chronicle of Of his adventures and mi- graphs, a screen made of usually the only one who can explain the me g
motor travel off the the nor mishaps, of things and specially woven silk (bol- is usually the only one who can explain the mean ,t .
'* r Tna\TPrimitive Art,, is the first expression Of an artist.
*, main highways of the Wes- places seen and people met, ting cloth) is used. It is a It tends towards realism. -
-tern Hemisphere. 'Now he Mr. Lanks .writes with easy medium which offers an un .
I -writes of the colorful sea- informality and a 'great limited range of textural ef- "Primitive Art, is the art which deals with the. s-
k girt islands that stretch in wealth of solid fact. High- fects. pernatural' which is expressed by form and color.' es-
a great arc east and south way Across the West Indies Under no circumstances pite the lack or technical means, it is a very tutiv-
from Florida to the, South is a fine book to read for' are serigraphs to bd confus- ated art. *
' American shore. eer enjoyment. It isa de- ed with silk screen process ,PriAitive Art' is the individual expression of a
Mr. Lanks' route took Ilight to see, because of the reproductions of paintings. people's culture. Its development runs parallel with
him. by land and by water author's many superb pho 'The artist when creating this culture. It followJs no rules but it is-still art.
the length of Cuba, Haiti, tographs. And, for annehis prints usually employs "Primitive Art' is determined by Time and is condi-
Santo Domingo, Puerto Ri- planning a visit to the West his sketch only as a start- toned by the economical, social and religious evolu-
co, and. on through the les- Indies, by motor or other-on ci
S-s islands to Trinidad, in wise it a perfect mine of ng do on of a society. Primitive Art is then the sythesis
-the shadow of the maineinter ng.ndp n- print, once begun, is devel- of those different ways of living in '-a given societyy 'at
-the sdow of the main, oped to iake full a"vadtag time.
land. 12.000 miles over formation,,gathered at first of the medium, and beco en tme, -
o land hls car rolledon every hand and ,set forth-fully and es an original, creativee : c"- -( Jea CHENET
sort of highway from the fi clearly. work -of ar-t. Since its.inqep: 1 ,,C right 1950
ne asphalt roads of Trini- Obtainable it tion,:;serlgraph ,exhibition's T'" '-
dad to.the dry stream- beds have been held in almost:
-of Haiti. He saw modern A LA CQRAVELLE all the leading museums,
cities like Havana and Tru Price 5 dollars uqiversities, and galleries
throughout the United Sta

God's world of beauty POETS
Is all for me! Your passion carried fire
d throughout the Isle: The first colonists who
The sky and the hills Tall palms facing the sun settled in New'Zealand hop
And the cobalt sea. flamed ed to see the birth of a mo-
O Darkling fields of. cane dest Utopia in the Pacific.
I stand and gaze flamed Some people still think of
And my heart fills up And slaves runihing under it as a paradise on earth.
SWith thanks and joy the burning sun But, says Allen Curnow, in
In/,ta loving cup. They too became tongues 6f his talk on poets of the
l O flame, South Pacific "an Irish poet
SAnd I drink full deep' Calling on high the free-whom I met in a London
ot all I see dom they sought. pub got nearer the mark,:
C.. .. alrl' I1 .... &_ .. . -; -.. Ia I I .. I

. And my head fairly
Reels with ecstasy!
Zuleika Bradford Haight
."---*- -4

UO New Zealand,, he said, i nls breaKfront, cabinet,table and accessories, were
But a solitary bullet of c Tis an isolated country designed by students at the School for American Crafts
silvery cast This accident of geogra- men, part of Alfred University in the State of New-
Withered the splendor of phy,this tariff-barrier of dis York. The School, first in the United States to 'confer
your Kingdom rance and isolation, has a degree for work in the hand arts, is one of the
And now your fortress, the created opportunities for means by which the products of American craftsmen
battered ruins Ipoets just as it has de- have been raised to a high degree of professional a
,That once rivalled nations, nied them to musicians and achievement.
'A, dangling bait for tourists to artists -for the obvious'
to behold reason that books are porta-
And held in awe foreverble. If we are to have any fiers past and' present. new picture of New Zea-
Was your hope to carry your picture at all of the New' In "Poets of the South land, "which did not corn-
memory over? Zealand mind, local, charac-, Pacific", Allen Curnow dis- mend itself at once to New
0 ter, and imagination any cusses the work of R.A.K. Zealanders',and Denis Glov
From aThoughts from a idea of what it is like to be Mason, a poet who "looked er, "a young New .Zealand .
Haitian Hilltop," a New Zealander we in his heart and wrote'. A. publisher who has created
must look for it chiefly in R.D. Fairburn, who painted poets as well as poems of
by Linda Thomas the work of poets and versi in his verses an entirely his own., A



-L* m-w f
'-'~~~~~'3, . ." ,Si~e ."
-- *A ".i.: ",- --. _.. ..f ,. ,:.: .^^ ^ ..^-... ,^'w . -, .....f *- w .: ^ ^ : . :.* .... *..5-'""":*: '.".i)ffl.^ ^.







S Thursday night J
we serve delicious
Italian. Ravioli. I
SSaturday night
we provide one Is
S of Haitis' best ,
S Orchestras for your'
dai. ing pleasure.


&STEAKn 7e
. TO DAY F 1
CHAMP E t ow

COKalmar J F ,.t Ejoy an Exeptional gro
's C uis ",we% p Ro m puz. pt

5.000 Ft. above Sea- 1 tDINN
SThe best-. LUNCH
'" Cuisine Rooms U
d Gil T seCellar AFTERNOON

S Saturday WhA OleLa E AU
Evening. COOL SPOT
Potage o Windsor Petionville
S Broiled filet of fish HIGGINS
Grilled T-bone steak M 0-N T E
and his drums OF THE
Mer~y. garden salad tRUE HAYTIAN MUSn.C
Freadch.fried potatoes RUE DU QUAI A E R
String beans ..- .. __
Assorted Ice cream ROULETTE,
or When Mr. Alexander Gun ONE A
lemon meringue pie was dismissed from the cus-ONE A
American or Haitian Coffee toms of Edinburgh, the cusen- bAND
Hotel try made against his name
in the books was: cA Gun r
EL~K N discharged for making a fal "CASIN NA
....C se report,).





Dishing Up


Sour specialty


after rescuing a fellow
nsman from his burning
.e, a Port- au- Prince,
er declared modestly:
Lyone would have done
same thing. He was 'a
y good customers.






DICE ((21


(Exposition Grounds)

Cold Drink
and Sandwich
(American Style Grocery)
Rue Payee 2 blocks
From the Grand Rue





TEL: 2242




5- .-.. -




be named Marie Marguerj- Pannual visit to Haiti, to ma
te. Mrs. Vorbe who is the ke a special analysis for the
former Marguerite Roy is local bottler's of Coca- Cola
mother pf four sons and the BRASSERIE DE LA
now a girl. ,COURONNE, S. A. He will
be in Port- au-Prince for

Saturday morning Nov-
ember 4th. a daughter was
born to Mr. and Mrs Edou-
ard Esper. Mrs. Esper, the
former Ginette Buteau, says
they have named their
daughter Yamile, which is1

the next few days.



Recuperating at his home ber 4th. in Gonaives we truly a beautiful name. vi,
after an appendix operation saw many members of Port Published in other journ- is
is Mr. Anqonio Talamas. Mr ar-Prince society. Mr. and als of the city this week 0'
Talamas who is the Ford Mrs. F Bogart and Leslie was news of the. departure saj
car dealer in Port- au- Priti and Serge Bogart were this December of the Laflin on
ce was operated on last there, also Marie Therese clan. It is reported' that Mr. mn
"Wednesday at Hospital Asi- Boucard and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Laflin? Chief of SCI-
le Francais. Robert. Deschamps and a PA, will leave in December Cr
After a three- days stay host of others. for Washington, sad .diews. Ro
at Hotel El Rancho Thella Mr. Athanase Auguste thi
Caputo and Ruth Scott re- and Mme Vve Fils- Aimd It is also reported that. sev- lan
turned to the States.The girl Jeanty have the pleasure in eral foreigners will form Ch
said they had a wonderful announcing the marriage of part of' the delegation that we
time here and showered ma their daugther and son Yo will assist in the ceremonies thd
ny thanks on their perfect lande and Pierre on Wed- of the oath-taking of the Pt ag
hosts, Lionel, Gerard and nesday Dem. 6th at 6:30 Elect on December the 6th. thi
Ti Pouce who showed them a.m. at the Cathedral ,La These foreigners will .be of- tw
the sights of the city Kens-. Sainte Trinite't. ficials from friendly nations
coffand. Furcy. At the home of Mr & A solemn requiem mass lid
On the first and second Mrs. Frantz Siegel Last Mon held on Saturday 11th. at Str
,of November, those two day evening a gathering of 6:30 at the Chapel of the
days holiday o u r good the younger sect of Port-au Institute St-Louis de Gonza- ne
friend Heky emke and his Prince society celebrated gue was o'fferec by Bishop W
wife accompanied by Otto the charming Gerda Siegel's Bellec, Vicar General of the
Madsen and wife, Fred Mad Birthday. We saw in dr- Archdiocese, for the rest
sen and wife, and Mr. and cling the buffet supper, Mrs of the souls of the deceased .
Mrs. Marcel Jeanty, vacation Gladys Evans, Yolande E- of last year; aihong whom I
ned at Madsen's residence heard, Liliane and Marie- were Bishop Pichon, Rev.
in Gonaives. Therese Duvivier, Marie-An Father Richard, Brother
The well known local Ar ne Voight, Denise Rouzier Marie-Leod, Leopold" DoaM
'chitect and Engineer Mar- Diniel Sendral, Carl Heine nique and several other tea
cel Villard returned Thurs- Wulf and David Bigio. The chers and comrades.
day from a business trip to party was a happy success After attending the ball
Miami. and lasted 'way into the Saturday night in Gonaives [
A hunting we- will- go... night. the Junta Government ret-
November the 7th a hunt-' turned to Port- au- Prmince
ig and sp shing par y. Mr. Albert 'Mesa, presi- by sea. They embarked at
underthe presidency of dent of the Alhamba Ma- the city of Independence at
Id Villard assisted by Ti chinery Corporation of New 1:00 'A.M. and arrived in
Georges lAger made head- York City. arrived in P'ort-the Capital at 8:00 A.M.
quarters ataDeluges on the au- Prince on Wednesday, Sunday November the 5th.
road to St. Marc. Among' en route Les, Cayes where On Friday evening Nov-
the party members were he is directing the construc- ember the 3rd a splendid re
Mme Georges Leger, Jr.Mr tion of the new Sugar Mill. ception was given by the
and M s D Mr Mr. Mesa is no stranger to Public Affairs Officer of the
and -Mrs. Roger Denis, Mr.
nd M RHaiti, having spent some ti American Enubassy and Mrs.
and Mrs. Louis Royneau Denise me here before World War John Campbell at their ho-

tie Therese Villard, Mr. t II while building the Sugar me in Bourdon. The recep-
to Keilh and Jack Martin. Mill at Cap Haitien.. En- tion thoroughly enjoyed by
Youne and' dashing Lou- gineer Mesa, who is also a all who attended is still tal
lou Deioie has tired of. the sportsman pilot and executi ked of as uone. the best par-
old terra firm (anyone wis ve officer df the 1st. Group ties ... D. Ambassador and
hing to buy a Dvnaflow of the New York City Air Mrs. De Courcy. Capt. Da-
Coue. anoolv Haiti Sun) un Patrol with the rank of Cap viris of the aircraft carrier
der the 'direction of Vete- tain, boasts of being the Franklin D. Roosevelt, Col.
ran Flying Instructor Cant. most successful student of Folansbee.. Dr. Assad, Ma-
a~me 0. Plinton Tr." Lou- his first flying instructor, dame Albert Silvera, Moris-
10nn ; learning the art of Jim Plinton, who taught seau Leroy, Mr. John Buins
Aernau him to fly in 1946 before Mr. and Mrs. Eric Neff,and
The. dveth o M'. Marius leaving for Haiti. Mr. Doolittle, Mr. Borges
t on- ncrnrrerl in New One of the social high- Mr. Von Hartz, Mrs. Fergu
"Vnr llo -Mondavy. Mr Rer- lights of last week was a re son, Mr. Southerland, Gla-
".p "na the fnr.f-r f the ception at the home of the dys Froen, Miss Lee, Mr.
.^-t f;-n, of M. erne in Secretary of the Venezue- Hall, Bob Kenyon were a-
'T-,;t; Pr- body i to be lan Embassy, Sr. Enrique miong the many who attend
'krn.-ht hack tn Taiti for Leonarocha, and Sra. Leona ed this interesting social
n,,4 i. We ofrf-r our condo rocha in honor of members event.
lnra& En ho th f rne family, of the Diplomatic Corps in B
rrv n frinr4 Port-au- Prince. Mr. J. Winchester, che-
A,. A, Randd, ball1 hld at Mr. and Mrs. Jean Vorbe mist for the Coca-Cola Ex-
,he reple du Commerce announce that their daugh- port Corporation,with head-
last Saturday night Novem- ter born Friday 3 rd is to quarters in Miami, is on his

Clarette Julien returned
om Miami last Sunday.
Mr L. Dessources arrived
ck from the U.S. Sunday.
Back from a twelve day
sit to the Virgin Islands
Mr. Arthur O'Neil. Mr.
Neil had good. things to
y about-.Port- au. Prince.
his return from St. Tho-
Captain Davis of the Air
aft Carrier Franklin D.
iosevelt. gave the city aI
rill last :week, when he
ided his helicopter on the
lamp de Mars. Those who
ere lucky enough to board
e Carrier, last weekend al
ree that the aJetsu stole
e show. She carries the
vo latest type of -Jets..
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb El-
't, arrived back from the
rates last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ber-
and son Gilbert arrived
wednesday from the States

Albert Silveia, owner of
the El Rancho Hotel, retur.
ned to Port- au- Prince
Wednesday, after attend.
ind the recem conference
(held by the ASTA in Was-
hington. wit
Olga Samson returned
from Miami Florida last
Tuesday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Van Nest
who arrived in town last
Monday are spending.their
vacation here, at thi Hotel
Ibo Lele.
Mr. Salomon Baboun ret-
urned Sunday fron a busin-
ess trip to Miami..
Sylvib Cator, recently el.
ected deputy, is back in
town after a ,visit to the
United States. .
Tennis enthusiasts .will'
welcome the 'news of the
return to Haiti of ,popular
Mrs. Gussie Higgins. Mrs.
Higgins who is a proficient
tennis played arrived back
from a pleasant sejour in
New York City last :Sun
day and. is staying with hus
band Tom it the Orchid6es

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to -gin at Itgos, the ca same shrewd, self- confident Thorne was setting out on a
pital of Nigeria the name individualists as taxi-drivers journey, Emannuel came to
S Mfalfentally, comes from the do anywhere. And yet -and the 'bungalow early in the
Pifttuguese word 'for lagoons here is West Africa for you morning -.to ask permission
S The'town, arreads-out for mi- in a flash in a local paper to read to him religious say-
1t cdto Itg the labyrinth I read this little announce- ings about the perils df 'tra-
Sof flat among the lagobuons. Be ment: Last night the ibadan Vel.
y&M o s.tie-,ttu'nfg ti-eets of taxi4dAvera association met f"was .touched by this de-
gfItft6tdref& nd warehouses; aim sa& ifiid 'ddtiks, ,goats, uieari, said Thfordzed.>ai imp-
the shadowy. -mal6lr btredft and. dogs to, Ogun, God 61 rebLion. e-f .a. iman dedicated
form a vast, dingy maze, full Iron, ihd pray4e to Thim to to Wfpfritdal things 'and auhte
Iof nis 6ail mutiic, tdlk and prevent 'caidentsw. rt*.. But[ l.'soon -fridud itdn
Wbrk ieja play, fdll of the An -English 'friend, reading nuelhad .,his less -hlizstee :si-
smell "of ipicy cooking frin the nbtice, said to me: And de. Soon after we started, he
tens at thousands of little, these are the people who asked "if he. might collect so-
plastered houses. want -self- Government. I mie' food his wives were
A 11A ay 'lng, thousands of c0uld not help answering biriniging him Pdlygamy,
people go .maiketilng along that the Greeks, too, had a by the, -way, is :still 'general
the' crowded quays; people god of iron. Qgun is still a in many parts of kWest.
S in .briht- coloured cotton, powerful! influence in Yort Africa, and it is not
mostly 'ine. Thby buy their ba land. Aid that is natural at 'all uncommon for a -man
fish 'atd chickenis and vege- enough among people with a to have two wives, as Eman
tabtis' `aid spices, and 'at high tradition in the metal nuel -had.
. t 4ues i looking and queer- crafts, people who, centuries t other companion was
smelliirg stalls, crammed ago, -produced the superb. copnooas
O- E one I shall call 1. Thomas,
Switch curious herbs and roots bronze sculptures that today A an official and, in
: like mriadrakes, and hung are an inspiration to md'ern ate a dreamer. aColonel
I with feathers and dried rep- exponents of the art in Eu- Thorne,, he said, s the fin
tilej and animal skins, they rope. beloved y
I bty-heir traditional medici- A VISIT-.TO E e ore i es ev-
.;" and the charm they be- F lln e f erything to go according to
S lieO will wbk theirwl or. I saw some pes f a
Guard them-from evil magic. this ancient wok. when I tch For self, I don't li-
. o o. went on to Ife, and.-there, too .'. o .o rdn'
ee re n oii *i o .l m ra ke thine t? -go according to
'h here te thousands ofed t sawa a nicate plan, I incs prefer. a hitch
,uated tizens who w&ad the .god of iron, and to a le- a h re e
raed ream of bothe wing gend dsciple of his call here, a hitch there. I thing.
mooee otn it's e better, more African.
wthn'tl k. likeb, that than .Lad, a blacksmith of prodi A few .days -later, I was
"'... or ,,o ut. you fid gious pbwer. y guide, an A
. y it o ybufind on the plateau, up .towards
Swit ean offci L -, told me rather
t .eesere the- centre of Nigeria. The
..ca: the ,acceptance regretfully hat young people .
S, ot.eropean iJdeas and t oto ndscape there. The wide,
.s thr i e on cults Whih nes thc e respect tey shhous .
P urvil,' clId twent to see .thel. Oni 6! green downs are patterned
o h -a _. h 4pie r power Ife, a paramount c .ie o with gulfs and. mounds
thbin.Awe ever .dream.,I -saw .
ve mrk. ddegre e great power, /thie spiital and mile long sureakr
Head b ri the spolai of there earth torn up y the
imn;.Y.-diba.land. ,'e :o nt un .. drag- lines. From a purely
t......, .. nte ids-t .eaa ofoha not- lintroublein 6a o. e
a. o u-d:" teritory. _He lool aesthetic point of view, this
St myorubas are an m d erty. -e hsel has a -certain dramatic beau
nt ; oo f the lNegro wtoralld-ke one of those old ty.
daf kinn ed with very e' bronze come to life- The
p'i ss, e feares, oval faces Oni is .well known .m Bri- (JHANIGING UFE OF
ai lithe, supple limbs. Yoru tam as well as in West A- THE thLATEAU
s te- este rica as one of- those! ..
h 'is is na ah -T'I -s. iWo- may be able to help .the i The mines have changed
.Prbvzwev,1,nd I -'left Lgos .. j -a
f o b chieftown of the .wt countries understand the life of tihe plateau, too.
aIs d cs adntobadan, bhn low theby C n 'ti av ue h
pern. v. "n. a" n the J. ch other. It, is .,men like They have brought a number

go' i" ern P aovinces and.;e the ',..Pv -arid, '-thie .i
at eron on eart h. who tl m e 1attre u l, sloufg of workers from other parts
h u, understand& rli.the o two'.!was of Nigeria. Where ihey have
1 lt tihs .in the midst eof thought, believing botl.oin taken farnving or grazing
ro g try of .pungent-: .theCor nTalth andin e,'*laid belongn'g to, the local
sn"m*iiHijg,`. forest, and duty le.tjrjy of'theirown "people, tribes, guarantees have been
fahtmis' E ously hoed. It is. ,ho aie'hbes"lt'hbpe of'Xin given that. this will be rest-
: built on. any hills, id from derstandtig.. .. .. ored with compensation when
thsihie.t of then I look- :I trav'ell'ed back Jo. 7,'gos mining in each area is finish
ed:t over the tow-nt 'was. _wth two .yery. iemI'sting, ed.
S-mous:the narrow streets characters. One'was the .dri-' Sometimes the villagers
: of$dw houses spread over ver Emqnriuel,. plu., o- have been settled on new
I.. th ills as far as I could see. lite man and an excellent hands; a few have grown rich
ft .aiatown.,itselfnf.triffic driver.. 'His sJervices had.On land rights. The more in.
was dense and noisy. Ibadan been lent to me by Colonel telligent chiefs have used the
is properous, and among the Thorne, Information Officer' money to give their people
lorries' were many fine priv- oft the Western Provinces,' amenities. But many of the
ate cars and even more taxis who told me Bmnannuel was people of the plateau still li-
I: The taxi-drivers, when youintensely religious. So much! ve a faily vipnimitive life, in
'" talk to them, seem much the so that, once, when Colonelisolated- villages, sometimes

', -
i:.o',... .., s.e, "m.e

Elmom ii:!, 1 mwmm

VAMf _1__)_

.... I

h.&led round by living walls fine workers. I must say
of cactus, which stretch, ,r- that is. not the universal opi-
haps, a mile and stand htgh- -nion among white employers
er than a man. but it is the view of a man
Quite .apatt -from the *mines ofgrseat experience.
the plateau :has -its problems .3lhere is no doubt -that,
of.-poor,' exhausted, -and ero Wth intellgenf_ :guidaiep, -a
ddd land,.iand.dthe;adfinistra re&t k moi ny West African
sion.,is cam53hig out, bg reset hbrtmnunities a re-showigg real
ltmein schenkds, pasticulta- progress. The lassic.xam-
ly. t Saendabi,indertthe -.pla p4ie is -Udi, the. last.! ist"jst I
teaL rescarpmer(t, w-here anew visited. The Udi people-were.
villages have -been 'hacked -*auadn'irable communiir, in
out ,of 'wild .country. .telngnt and. iard-,working
.From the plateau, .1 travel- farmers mostly. *.pt,they-had
1led by train for twenty four few roads, _few public -sgrvi-
hours on end to Enugu, the ces, zand the 'vast majority
chiet -town of the Eastern were illiterate.
Provinces. Here the whole .T'o cure -that state-.of af-
country changed again: ey- fairs 'by pouring-out Govern,
erythirig rwa green, lush merit m -oney wlas simply be-
growth in the valleys and yond the power of the public
heath on the hills, as though purse. For example, Udi' is
it hadbeen a-bit of Cornwall onb.y one tiny district: the
In' tat part of the Eastern Ibo race, ,to which the Uvdi
Provinces live large -numbers folk ..belong, has a lest three'
of there boe people, a stalwart; millions of illiterates. To,
big- headed race, quick wit- teach all thbse, -and- to do.
ted, and -ambitiqus and rest- everything else, that rjhadi t
less- perhaps. of all West -A be done there was. dly on
Tfricana the epeople Who .most Way--- voluntary help.
try's -pTeset .meRqbd'of.great oThis Wasu-put up'to the.vil
easilyfit 'in with:the.'coun- lage councils. any of-.them:.
chanhge.o .. . related wel;Ipircked.-outdi
I Went tob the -MIne, the Emn district -,beeduse; its --eIord is
ugu coal" 'mine, where 'last a .finr 'ohe. The-vI Igers ve-
year there -were riots ..and mi lunteted. -They. were rsoplek
ners weri kilipd 'when the sed with the 'first work -.the
police opened fir e. did, 'building roads, that they
I went through 'the mine begas r -to tUld uiahrkets
watched 'the men- at work, schdlst mateornity clinics
and talked to some-of o some-ofthem. atn ra grooms. The
They seemed remarkable like vernmedht' helped wifh lsujg-
other hard- working men of gstios,' .with l materi-al, with.
any other race, solid, .a little technie sperVion: the .Ud
slow at limes, but shrewd folk, put waP wht maiey they
and humorous. could and their labour.
"hIn .another V-illage I Visit d

And yetsome of .these sa- threading room; and 'th'ere-
me ymen, during the stain l Iound 'pcOple sthidying
strike, had hemmed inmiine ewsPAPe6, paEng helts, and
officials in a cul- de- sac and simple-English books. I -comn
advanced on thehnm -menac- p.mened the ldcal headiian
ingly until the police had to on the-smartiess atO-building
and akesAd him hbow 6d iti
fire. And I learned a Enugu and a yad himel h o 6id
how they had been brought Was: Only a ye wing "it beid
to that pitch. The agitators "It was no good havingit be
had brought ju-ju dancer fore then, '"nbbdy could read
who whirled and stamped And hen at the village of
whcn whirled a end stped Ogwofia, where there is a
in .ront of the crowd of mi- weaonfa whea there is a
ners, and finally succeed in reading room, a maternity
rousing them "to a frenzy. clinic, a community shop,and.
quite a number of good
But the mind of these sim rads, -the 'villagers display
ple African workers can be a pardonable pride. ,The local
made to react to quite other bard has made up three songs
things. In Calabar, that strain celebrating their achieve-
ge, old port among the man ments. And they have desi-
groves, I met an Englishman gned a village flag, half dark
with a limitless faith in the 'blue, half white, with an ar-
oapacity and virtue of the A row going froth one-skide to
frican -worker, when you the 'other. cWhat does that
treat hia m with"considetation mean? l "asked, and the
and judgment. 'They've bnly headman answered: at
to be' treated i#it, he sai, means we'go from dariknes
cand 'they'rea-fine.-eope and to lights.

I i llll .-. '',: 1 A


r .



The fourth game of the
'football season was played
last Sunday. 3.500 persons
watched Army draw with
Victory at Parc Leconte lasi
Sunday afternoon Novemb
er .5th. The game proved t<
be a very thrilling one, an<
football fans anticipate so
me really hard matches ii
the future, for they predic
-these two teams will b
hard to beat by the present
leaders of the contest Ra
cing and Excelsior .
The leaders Racing an(
Excelsior will'-play today a
3:45 p.m. at Parc Lecont
The contest points at pr
. sent are:
Racing 2.



Excelsior 2
Army 1
Victory 1
"Bacardo 0-
Violette 0

For. those persons
are interested in sport,
are not familiar with,
type of football played
re in Haiti, a word of
vice... attend several
these Sunday afternoon
ches and in no time
you familiarize you
'with this not too comp
ted and enjoyable game
game lasts 70 minutes,
is two halves of 35min
each. Seating and ref
ments are available.
game starts at 3:45
Sunday. -

- 3 ~ ,~IAIJJ .,, 4'.

On Saturday a'on during the fall months, spec
-tators fill college stadiums throughout the United Sta-
tes to see their favorite teams play football. Points are
scored when one team moves the ball or throwing it
to a teammate. Pbints also can be made by kicking
-the football between the uprights andover the cross-
Sbar of the goalpost of the opposing team. The play
ing field is 300 feet long and 160 feet wide.

Continued from page 4 free from all customs du-
deduction. It is required ties and charges other than
-that the entity receiving' the the gross sales tax, provid-
donation be operating in ed they weigh no less than
SColombia, that it use the do 20 ounces (net) per dozen
nation within the country, has been authorized by the
' and that it distribute no pro Government of Cuba, until
: fits to stockholders. December 15, 1950. Simul-
S________. tneoutly, a decree was is-
sued authorizing duty- free
FRESH EGGS entry of hatching eggs for a
IMPORTED TO CUBA period of 2 years. All such
[eggs must be stamped pa-
U.S Department of Com- ra incubarn and must show
merce reports that importa- the name and address of the
. -ton into Cuba of fres eggs farm where produced.

Continued from page 4

Mr. Jan A. Bata, Brazi- TO P
lian Industrialist arrived in
this City Monday from Mia- The Council of the
mi Florida. After spending zation of American S
several days with the Bata asking member nat
Company Officials here, he- pay cas sopn as po
returned to Rio Janeiro. Mr their del3ts to the Pan
Jan Bata left Friday, he can Organizations.
is. the brother of the foun- At its meeting held
der of the Bata Shoe Conm- day Nov. 4 th. th
pany who have factory in Councilppoved a rth the
most countries in the world isoufinance committee
who Madame Jplia El Saieh, Ibjectand ecidedt
and returned to the city Iast Sunsubject and decided
the day, Madame El Saieh who member nations to pi
he- is the owner of the Vve past- due quotas.
ad- Joseph El Saieh store in The United States
of town, was at Doctors Hospi ti are the only Amer
mat tal, in New York receiving publics which are up
will medical attention. in their quota paym
Itself Mr. Georges Francis ret- the Pan American U
?lica- turned' to Port- au- Prince the maintenance of t
!.The last Monday. ral secretariat of the
that Staying at the Ibo Lele the report showed.
nutes fhis week was Mr. Kilian countries 'except Hi
resh- Hennessy VII of Conac,
The France, Mr. Hennessy is th groundsd, next week.
p.m. 17th generation of the foun- Ir. Lon Souther
der of that famous aBran- Southerland Tours:
Idy,, who were incidently off for Ciudad Tru


SI '

originally from Cork Ire-
land, they moved to Conac
in France, many many
years ago.
Quote -
Slow down and take it
easy... life is still Tough
(J.O. Plinton)
Gentlemen prepare your
lines, tackles, and bait, Dr.
Lin is- back to carry on the
making of convenient ponds
full of- "fish". Report the 1o1
cation ..o ft h e hunting

auto, Friday morning
Soatherland crossed t]
der', to contact othe
rist Agents, and to m
Southerland, who ha
up in Wasi4angton ai
the ASTA, convention
Tuesday, Thursda
Saturday. Movies an
sidpl program will 1
ented at, 7:00 A.M.
American Pavilion
Exposition, beginning
week. '







1951 MODEL





PHONE 3134



0 ..1 ,
-- ~~'7 ..*, :.,.,'
". '-" ." ** "" 1
.........., .,...,,.... ..-..._., .-.... ....,....=,.... ....... .,,.... . . .

L ~~!:*

- .. . . .




PAGE 11,



Organi money to other Inter Amerl-
tates is can Organizations, it reveal-
ions to ed. A
i Ameri Jn the amounts owed to '
the Pan American Union 10
nations -Brazil, Chile, 'El "
Satur- Salvador, Honduras, Meico' ,
OAS Nicaragua, Panama, Peru Do
'port of minican Republic and Vene-
on the zuela are 'behind in their
to ask quotas only for the' current
ay their 1950-1951 financial year. 14
These payments were d "
and Hal. July 1st.
can Re- ". 1
p-todate Luis Quitanilla, chairman
nent to- of the GAS Council, noted
nion for that certain other nations' .
he gene owe debt .from as far back
OAS. as 1943 countries which owe
All. the for previous years as well as
aiti owe the current one are Argenti- ,
na. Bolivia, Colombia, Costa t
Rica, Cuba, Ecuedor, ,Guiat.,
land, of mala, Paraguay and Ur i :
*, took guay. .
ijilEo by '
ig, Mr. Quintanilla urged OAS count" C;
he aBor cil representatives ,.to encour
r Tou- age their governments to pay
ieet Mrs their quotas and said .he.
s been would ask his own govern-
ttending ment, Albxico, to'pay what it .
n. owLes.
*y and -
id a mu The finance committee ha.
be pres- not reported on .the Argenti-
at the ne request af last month for.
at the a revision in the financing-,
g next system of the Pan American
Union. .



.PL '


PAGE 12 -
-^tfdisifidS adverDitdieduj
are accepted for thing
wanted or. unwanted; arAi
dos for sale; personal servi
eM; w, iseillaniebus items
Ms0 2s jobs wanted;house
for rent; tutoring; traveling
companions; ideas for sale
A 't accepted, advertise
tMgs iyf pdlifkdl nature
JMe: '25c per inefrtio, OM
AMiM of 3 wdrds.
i dakble price.
ifiaat affaiii Suin"
Kodak 35 mm
range finder
and flsla.s
latest model
excellent condition
see Dan Allen
Brasserie de ]a Couronne.
, 'i Roo4n for rent
.. Furnished Room
., Private Bath
In Petionville
Phone 7204
Leirons of French and Spa
i.h to English speaking
i" sons Conversational Met-
S B'd. Apply to Professor
C les E. Stephen C/O Edi
sor aHaiti Suna.
e .. .. --.
.. Orders wanted
A dreiaker -
.', Special -
dt" Jiss for special occa
'(,. sins.
wr. Contact Haiti Sun).
Wanted: 1913 American
5 cent Piece -Liberty head
-No. ......Buffals. Re-
S ward
A well furnished
house with 2 bedrooms
wonderful view in
Apply aHaiti Suns
A smd 4l Unfurnished
hotises with garden:
in P "rville. Wish
to Zays 1V5 to -50..
Perh atIent residence
S Co-ac aiti Sun*.
SA-smail house in
for $40
Apply ,Haiti Suni
Person wishes to share
office, has own equipment



I..-,!J.. A ..
. kI."s ,_n't..::,:
^ '. ."i r'"' ,
"'k. f,;,.: :, ,., ....^ ^ ^ ^ /. .:. ";.' .." ...' .;" ..;


.--. . '1

"''.I. Wednesday at 1:00 PAM., bat with United Nations P OF WE
Ss Conctat 'Haiti Sun. the voice of the Haitian Ame .troops precipitate World Nov.12 br 19
's USED AUTOS FOR SALE rican Institute heard over War III. p Wy ovem
I- Dodge 4 door 4VRW will present a pro- There the matter was 'left At 3:30 P.M
i- Sedan. gram ofiHot Jazz, classics, at the end of a three- Ebar1 Le Fantome 'Ecarlate
s, Mgtor in good including records of Benny session, with a .tacit agree- 2nd part
's condition Goodman, Red Nichols Louis ment to give representatives A ow oy and 8:15 P.M
g General Appearance 0. K Armstrong, Duke Ellington, of the Peking .government, t aitre de P.rairie
r. Last Price cash 350 dollars, and Jellyy Roal Morton among who have been invited to Le maitre de la Praiarie
- C6dhtkt Haiti Sun,. others., defend themselves on charg- Spencer trdy, 'tharine
S 1948 Chev. 5 passenger t The coup, 1948 Chev.in xce5 passell n ger te is heard every week at' week or so to get here. The ker.
cdion, doe 17.000 this game hour and includes delegation is assenibliing in Mofdty ov. q3
mies. Ring.. 7188, 7225 a variety of things musically Prague, but has not yit ap- e Fat&00 e a. M.
,mie. 788from Bach 0to .Bix to Bix plied for American visas, -. _.
1949 HFudson '8 cylinders Biederbecke, 'along with, which ate 'awaiting them. 2Adw .part .
good condition book reviews, rotQid table The dldidy '6n 'the teAblh-' A tlow boy ,
Speditt 'iorcr. CEYl 2242 diaousasibna, Fdlldare, Ftitoa tit h wias 'k*etal& as 'fiiih-' _1Thebty N ov. 14
1949 Buick co5rertable and 'histeWri h pdta6tt h Itl p dn s 'Wt 60 M d 815
in A. 'condition.- A move entitled the Ui -- tCda, Echador, Ndr'way, TeV te.itr Liiotia
Contact Haiti Sun" versif of C.if4ria, F ince, Great 'Britain and' Ic Vn .& ro .
Co.t.., .Ha. S-- so d e .. r wed ay Now. 15
shoe Eridat evening at the thie Utiitd States -'ks their ay w. 1
19i40 'Dbbge has been Institute. mait interest was to get its c :uu P-n.
well looked after. Wednesday evelling of next cdntntus on 'the record. McCoy aux points dor
last price $800 week at 8 O'Clock, the Sal- Mickey Rooney
Contact "Haiti Sun" ovation Army is offering a Continued fromPag 1 Thursday Nov. 16
--prbgram ,About -. r. dies who bestowed kisses, At 6:00 and 8:15 P.M
SJeep well cared Th program about Switzerl nli and somesaid, at that time: La dame de Shanghai
for, selling at movieplus gng o we had possessed strong RitHayworth and Orson
$ 1.200. Contact Haiti Sun s-gin o flok- r we.should have car- IWelles
Sa WANTEDn'dbis cin d Yodllingl i The p i ried .him shoulder,high. Sunday Nov. 19.
USED AUTOS WANTED cis cordially invited toats the day's activities At 3:30 P.M
tSmall car in good ---_________ to a close the Presidenit Elect Le fantome ecarlate
condition. HAITIAN LOTTERY -iPaul- E. Magloire, in compa- 2nd part
Call 2242. 1 NOV. 9, 1950 ny of the Junta Members, Vieux Sacramento
C -l----- 15797. G. 100.000.oo congratulated the .feminist Friday Nov. 17.
PERSONAL 1030 20.000oo leaders o6 their ,Triumnph,, At 6:00 and-8:15 P.M
S-23998 14.000.oo which has 'made the political Le maitre de la prairie
Person wishes to sell 7536 3.000.oo grape vine buzz with the Spencer Tracy, Katharine
diamond- ring. It has two 8483 3.000.oo word that the wo6nien will Hepbprne and Robert Wal-
diamonds ii gold Tiffany 20235 .. 3.000oo be granted the right to vote, ker.
setLing. ABOUR DEPT. HAS but not perhaps the.-rijht to1 Saturday Nov. 19
setting. LABOURHaiti Su E HAS be potica andidates.-- It is -At 6:00 and 8:15 P.M
ggins is looking for -thiring the absence of Mr. also ted hat 'f14rei- Deux Nigauds dans ui mt
Higgins is looki for Fouchad, Inpector General nists will be satisfied .ith noir hate
a house. -- of the Depatment of Labou this much, as it is. the first Buld Abott and Lou Costel
Upstairs unfurnished at the Inter American Con- great step and they are extre I lo.
office for rent ference being held in El dal democratic election, au csI SfIPPING '
dool -not .too many stairs .. vador, Ml. Emile Legros of se w g ogeher for Tuesd arrived in Port-
$15. a 'month, opposite KLM. Fort Liberte, it has been an seswtogeher for aPi Fransmoro-
Contact aHaiti Sun* nonced will fll his position me Bouchereau t the of heHamburg Ameri-
ne Bouchereau at the sin of he-Hamburg Amen-
TO KNOW ALL IS TO FORGIVE ALL end of the day a id I'm. ve- ca-Lm*ei with a. cargo of
(DEDICATED TO JACQUES LARGE) ry happy, we've.,al worked de or numerous
Don't look-or the flaws as you go very hard for tlis ddy,.. tne dnants if- this city. ,
Don't lookr the faws as you go otesofthe Ro-
ihrough life; -- LAST TALK HELDhe Ro-
And even when you find them, WITH HOLY VIRGIN yal Dtch Line left Nork viam-
It is wise and kind to be somewhat A weathered backwoods ber 4 for New York via
blind housewife held what she St-Marc. i
And look for the virtue behind them, called her last public aud.- M.V. Vinny, n veb
For the cloudiest night has a hint ience with the Virgin Mar om Mobile, New Orber
of light last mbnth. 5 from Mobile, New Or-
Somewhere in its shadows hiding, Then she collapsed befo-. leans, Houston via 'Kingston
It is better by far to hunt for a star re her farmyard shrine. with 500 tons of merchan-
Than the spots on the sun abiding. Before Mary Anna Van dise, of,the Alcoa Line.
U1 we knew you and you knew us,- Hoof confronted a crowd USS aFranklinD elano
If both ot us could clearly see, estimated at' 50 thousand Roosevelt', USS Opi an
And with an inner sight divine a Roman Catholic priest S u Fle e m ached
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