Haiti sun ( October 15, 1950 )

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: October 15, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00015023/00001

Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: October 15, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00005

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,. ,. .=: =.CiE--- "=-~--r-; ,- ... .. .~- -
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Sk:. -, .-
. -. ..,.. .. -. . '* .. . ..f. ...l. P O t.A . ,

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t .4. b- .. --.a. . .4, O. i. ,.-' .
c=Mg. e .

F d ,the b psh' .acroi s r
t h 3t parael o e toe g'p n or ifysw
R .a. / b i sea opened T husdga',
KDre oiiadt it : n4t ui ezmi*
.se two; ii: dSH, fo uir "jf "di

.t Utchin (3), .120 by.ass ; .. ... -
Ri .s went bak. into the4 i F. .
-coastal -city i3.t tr i t, litt, ,e ous M is.b .n, b.,

. ,, . ._..: .-

r4t nrIr.a WWIz- 7r.2rxuc-ra- =7 uPZJ&'
M~ust piia the'. grave of at U.S..a d
'. ieir t rces to com ierkilled in a bion. the'4
.Jeie i,6eirces' -to co
:' the 'totalitarian. hrat 'p. t. .,t of the d
d' freedom dication ofa nes UN. e met
|" And. as -chief e at ioh, Krea.
:natio=r . .-.. . . ..

cle S

he sa Ok w
load &' WIN
S ..As KN .

a t o .r -4 gT.o.d
snew wyld As the iew hope

of the Universe.because the
.. To .. a0.tain &thesstrength&

of 'atj Ah jfr riJasjill re- H
uire co- operation,- and per-n
has o sarie, on the.

hBut te yeaio quest t CWIW Igoo
meanir4.. U1 f-._ t', :'

Snew w6rh d is the lp ca. hope-
of the Uneirsel thcause thed
'' n w world has com f f age.
'Go waintai-n Zei strength
of ral tiHenAericasn coutrie
quire co." rationi,,and per-
haps'- sacrifice, 'on the.
pa.n hif coef scin, he said:
But bd .:left I question
that S ." blt help car.

S lI am nijndful of the needs
1 f, Latin American countries
.in his connection), he said
i..:bof the coming, controls. ((In
Sdeciijdfo as:to waat we can
Scleair d-port, we will un-
i doubtly be influenced by
i. oniinued on page' 2

, . .' ..*, ,' .
.......... .......
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PAGE2 2- __

SContinued from page 1
a consideration of what we
can get in return.
aI do not, and I am, sure
the countries south of the
border do not, underestimate
the value of what we can
give to them and what they
can give to us.
- Under the present cir-
cumstances, it would be well
if each country would view
this problem from the stand
nint o f how much it cah g i-




cited States mobilization in- CAN'T REMEBER
creases, to keep these object-
ves dn mind in relations Theodore rent- Lyon, 27
in with Latin American na- year old former mental pa-

tions: tient o Dr. Lewis Thorne,
S To promote a constantly was arrested in Springfield,
.: expanding volume of trade lMass, i, the slaying of.the
in the Americas. Yale psychiatrist. Thorne
S To keep trade balanced and was shot as he answered the
ound. door in-his New Haven,Conn
T o promote sound private home. Trent- Lyon told poli-
investment in Latin America ce he didn't remember ,a'
S To encourage a maximum thing about it.
exchange among all the Ame ___---
rican republics of scientific
an d technical information. FUTILITY
,$ n cIn'the years ahead we in After long debate, the coun-
~ he United States shall rely cil at Woodham Farres, En-
--heavily upon the resources gland, agreed on the names
Sof 'Latin 'America, ,Sawyer of two new streets on a hous-
t-declared. eWe need many ing site. A, housing official
: materials with which the was sent to, put up the name,
S'otU-tli ndihalf of this emisphe plates, .but both streets had,
J re :has .been richly endowed. vanished. The country agri-
: ' iide is sound only when culture committee had had
k'.-.built upon the firm founda- them plowed..
ti. tion of mutual -.advantage. .
.:-. hen we receive something
of value from our trading Timeslike these, with alk
S.partners,. we want to send I f government controls,
. them' in return something bring bak f6rid memories
i of equal :value,. f, Leon Henderson -and e
S Haiti .wa represented' at bicycle''-or, if not of .
..e. or, if no oenf Le
.the ConferenCe of the blonde on the .handle
? By FIr. .Roger BOUCARD barrs.


Continued from page 1 i The l1nited. States Air
.. xxx Force opened its first airfield
its mission is to chase the in North Korea at. Wonsan
Communists up to the Man- eighty miles north of the
churian border. 38th. Parallel along the east
South Korean-Defense Mi- coast. This took place two,
sister Shin Sun MIo told as- hours before the town itself
sembled officers of the Re- .was officially announced cse-
p: public of (Korea Capital Divi-i cure.
Si sion'#-qd 3d Division that OAKLAIN D, Calif. -- The
the South Korean forces Repuiblic of Indonesia will
Should not stoptil they had train pilots in California,the
liberated all af Korea to its Taloa Academy of Aerokaau-
mnorthern border at the Tu- tics announced today. The A-
n and Yalu Rivers. academy, a division of Transo
TE Oct. 12. The cean Lines, said it has been
.hah of Iran, Mohammed awarded a contract to train
:'.(ea Pahlevi, set Dec.,27 the an initial group'of sixty In-
4rtiday of the Prophet Moe- donesian cadets at Minter
.haiumed, -for his marriage to Field, near Bakersfield.
Sainzteen year- old Soraya Is
tiand. i. The two became for --
I may engaged yesterday. Facfs that .are not frankly
B.,Both civil .and religious cere faced ha,. a habit o? stab-
.'onines will be celebrated, bing us in the back.
SWONSAN, North Konea, Sir Harold Bowden

:, I
... t. t '

IWNDSOR, Ont. When a
customs official Friday told .'
Mrs. Liliamn' Sumlin her slip
was showing, she became -em
But when he 'stared at it
and then removed 62 pack- I
ages of sew.ed-in contraband
cigarets, she was more than
Mrs. Sumlin, who had been
returni-g from a trip -to De
troit, Mich., was fined 106
SAIGON, Indochina. Four
grenades were hurled by- ter
rorists here Friday night in
attacks that coincided with
the fifth- anniversary of the
uprising against the French
by the Communist-led Viet-
Two of the grenades ex-
ploted in a gambling house,
woundin 11 of the custom-
LONDON.-- A clerk .who
might have won 4.744.000

on a $. 2.80 dog race bet was
ordered to stand* trial Satur-
day on a charge of trying to
obtain' money 'under false
Ronald age 25, pleaded
not guiltyto the charge that
he sent a falsely- timed let-
ter to one of Britain's big-'
gest bookmakers, listing se-
lections for an eight-race par
lay on a $.2.80 bet; He
was released on 280 -dols.
MOSCOV. The -Litera-
ry Gazette, last wiesneday pu
blished a series of photo-
graphs which it said depict- ,
ed AAmerican death' camps
in South Koreai.
The .cGazette, military com
mentator, reporting on the
fighting fronts, laid the
North Korean army is conti-
nuing .a stout defense of its
homelan'd against numerical-
ly superior forces. He said
the United States 1st. Cava-
lary Division had been
thrown back in the Kaesong
area where American and
South Korean dead littered
the battlefield. '
NAIROBIB, Kenya, Africa.
Volcanic eruptioali' ac-
comnpanied by severe -'erth
shocks that threaten to cau-
se wild elephant stampedes
were reported Saturday. in
-the remote Chyulu Hills
in the heart of Kenya jungle
The porcupine has some K
30 thousand quills. .. ti
ASMARA, Eritrea. A spe- ti
cial police force of 1.200 men tf
is being trained to mop up h
armed bands of native ma-
rauders this fall as soon' as o'
the mA nsoon rains end. t
IAPPLETON, Wis. City Treas
urer Ray Feu.rstein deposit-
ed .four hundred dollars in
the city's general fund Sat.ur w
day and said he woulat be p(
happy to get any more such th
contributions. ,Thb 'Yoney n

-The Dove" by Pablo .icasso is
S'the Partisans of. Peace.

used as a sy

Cantata for Peaces was co naposed by' Louis Dur
-- -

i LOS A 1.0..

It is not known whether the Communist aggression'in -g
orea will indefinitely postpone plans for the presenta'-,*
on of peace prizesby.the Communist- dominated Par :"
sans of Peace organization this winter. In any case, Car- ..
oonist- Fodor has' a few candidates for the awards which -..
e is glad to submit. to the judges.
The faceless cAtdidaites-' represent Foder's conception
f the regimentaton of the arts under totalitarian reg- ,

'^ ':7
as sent in by an unknown A bachelor's life is a plen
ersqn who stated simply did breakfast; a tolerably ..,
mat it was conscience mo- flat dinner; and a most mis- -."
eys. erable supper. .

I, -




b '"o

*.3 ''

*, 3W
': 4"'.

reymbol '
'I\ \
?. .i

- -

0 11

SUNDAY 15 th. OCT.

' *' SU


---- I .. I 1 ..

This coming wedn
i-tfl be e the oth anr
ay 'of the'birth of 1
grtat'S'$bcial Worker, v
pblitican, Antenor I
A program which wi
broadcast, is being a
ed by Andre Theart
Gedeon, Luc Griinard,
thony Riviere and Luc
phet. "The -mai, :featu
this program will be ti
veiling' of a bust of A'
Fiinin. This .statue
stand in the .small
next to the Univers
Mr. Louis Dejoie wh
recently reelected to t
nate left on a two, we
siness trip to the State



Ster the wond
S / will the fraA
haunt 'his every d
Of coarse it wil
Cashiiere Bouqi
Bouqhet eirtly. i
S. Bouqtiet geady-da
.ng i 'with the r
I. daoraj1iingb6'tiqt
S* wedding of tweh'
far more cdstly t
S'. find in any soap.
We forever sweet
G 'hifEfie Bouque
o- ","::ir alluring Wi
isaf'quet fbileti6 s

; { t 10

},;:'"'-i .-r r

Port-au -Prince will offer Dinorah Lopz MIolina ar- nitation conference in Cii'xtd
.\f on October 17 th at 11.00 a. rived from U.S. last week Trujillo. Dr. Bellerive who
m. a cocktail party at the and is staying at the Hotel 's the assist:ft general Di-
Embassy. Roosevelt. rector of Sattithtion, return-
Lucia Tasse who arrived Mr. John Burjis gave a ed to find his house at da&
from the U.S at the begin- luncheon to a large circle of, mentins had burnt to trk
;- inng of the week is staying friends, last -sunday at his ground, in 'his kbseftce al o
C 0at the El RAncho. harre in Pe'tionville found that in his abseed-
SI'HaLmm is back in town. Mr. Edward Mitchel ma- t'is brother had been eleWt-'
M r. Albdallah Daccarett mage of the Texaco Comrpa- ed deputy.
who was on a business trip ay arrived back in town last Father Daniel Wiebe OMI
to the U.S returned to Port week. arrived from Canada thrs-
lesday1 The personnel of ad- au- Prince sunday. Fernande Dorsinville ret- day and has joined the Fa- ,
ivers- mintration of PlaWtations Staying at the El Rancho U:ied frort New York last thier n Cayes. 14
Haiti's 'Dauphin at Fort Liberte are Mr. and Mrs Charles sunday. ; Mr. James Culpepper -
vriter, will sodn offer, it is report-' IHumbert and Mr and Mrs 1Vrs. IulIsten wife of Mr ried 'from the States in
Firmin ed, a grand binqiet in hon- Lowell Lee from New York Hurlston manager of Stan- tharday, and is Staylig at
ll be 6r of His Excellency the Pre Mr. blevasseur, arrived dard Fruit returned to Hai- the -Oloffson.
rrang- sident 'f the Reptublic,Mons from Cuba wednesday. ti last sundia. Moise Chalom left 'on "P
Max Paul Magloire. Senor Ricardo Cappeletti Senor Ricardo Peraitra ar business trip to -Kinigtoa
An- arrived from Uruguay .and rived from El Salvador last thrsddy..
c Pro- Marie Therese Lednce and is staying at the Hotel Roo- week. Mr. Bell LoblWr arriv t
ure of Jules Gorhail were married, sevelt. M iMrs. Gordon wife of Mr. from the U!S thurSday and
he un- saturday 6.30 p.m. at St- Mr. Felix Buteau return- Gordon manager of the Ro- is spending several days at
ntenor Pierre% Church in Petion- ed to Haiti thursday. yal Bank of Canada return-the. Aux Orchidees.
will villa. M. Clartice Moody is ed from Canada last sunday Williar Shakspeate who
square back in town after a short was vacationing here am
ity of In. or',dr to commemorate business trip abroad. Andre Vlillejolit arrived staying at the Splsndid rit-
S thh lhnnidversary of 'the Ar- Mr. Joseph Adams who is from the States mopday, urned to the States thurs- *
0o was gentiian revolution upon the Haitian Consuf in Nas-' Mr. Burt Shrewsbury ret- day. '
he se- which-~ ate 'en. Peron todk sau returned, to Port lasturned from a business trip Fi~trin M1chitid, Who w :
ek bu- the 'eins of-pwider, the Char week. to the U.S last monday. *I in -the U.S on a Goverrmnitt
es. g6 d'Affaires of Argentina in Joe Anson son of the Wel-I Mr. Leslie Sprtngett arrive scholarship returned to Poft -
Iknoin City merchant Paul ed monday from the States au-'Prince last vwe. k.,
SAnson is to wed charming to spend -a few days in, Eval Mdran h'ft 't~Wi 8n
tfo- ^s Miss Paulette Hogart this town" as the guest of. Mr. thursday .and. is .-stayiMg-. *, t
-congI-Dece iner. 'Carie. ,I Aux Orchidees.
VrT M. Max Bissaipthe gener Dr. and Mrs Athemas 'Claire 'Hill Who .1jlt? '"
IERE BO UQ UETT al Director of the Govenii- Bellerive arivrP .-back fiT shdrt vacation at the iiAte' "
ment Libraries left thursday PVrt monday after attend- Roosevelt returned to. the '
S. to attend a conference-in ing the Inter-American a'sal Stdaes thursday. '
The MVinister of Uruguay -e
.S :~anor Tri-a\ eso left thurs- res ll [
'day to take up residence -in
tiHvana. '
j Wiliam R.. Cabreraof leSt t Oe 10o e R rU "
1ltaii owner of -the Chase. 1] &-
Trading Compiny whq was, -7
Tiere several days ori busi- I
ness f4tuitned to Miami
C 1Mvr. keridall and Mr. Me .
Queen of eFrench Canada
Tours, Inc). Who pold them-
selves. a Carribean tout left
friday for .Porto Rico, after
spending a weekhere.
On driving at Bowen '.
Field. guests of the Chatelet
des FIeurs have a glorious
erful evening is ovei, surprise awaiting them. 'A
grant memory ofLyou lias well arranged arid pack
[ream? ed in celophane. Mr. Lee,
b e beautiful corsage of Glamne
, if you bathe with' the genial host, has always :
uet Soap. Cashmere
iref"ssyour'skinleav- an eye open, when it comes
ra anre i#en love. This to making the guests stay
iertcbinesfromasecret in Haiti a pleasant one, and- -.
ty-otie rare perfumes, assisting the tourist indust -y ..
han you'd-expect to Dorothy de St-Felix mead
arrived ,i tow,6 last week :
t and is staying' at The Sans-/
and dainty wirith Souci.
t Soap.s.e. for- VMr. Roger Jarman return
ih "Cahnride d~e, ed to port thurday .from a .'.
sl"/ii I / short business trip to Miami

;.o~4 r,' 8:
e~r it, t"rA;. h" Wb Vis, ''," k C UKO IQ

*o osoakink up the local S. A.

........................... .... olo ,.
..' .. . .:.. ,.',.,:, ..--',., -.';. .. .. .. ... .. .,,._. ,.. ,.-.' ......-,-....." ;,. """ "": " ... .. ,. --- .".: .. ....' ,... . ... .. :': 2, ., .... .." ,2K . ....,, -

!:T' r




Strange mysteries often MOTHER THOUGHT Without Shandi's knowled-
come from India. But few IT clAK.E BELIEVE, ge it was decided that she
can compare with one in should one day meet the man
which 10 thousand promin- Her mother naturally imag- sh, claimed as husband. A
ent people staged a meeting ed she was playing a game visit from the merchant was
in Delhi to decide whether a of make-believe. Then Shan- arranged, but the secrecy of
9 year-old girl had ever been ti began to describe the the plan mysteriously came
born before. street where her husband to naught. No sooner had the
After much discussion, they lived and the general appear- visitor from IVMuttra knocked
appointed a committee of lo- ance of MVuttra itself, and de at the door than Shanti, then
cad leaders to inquire into handed to be taken home) a little girl of 9, called out.
the case of alleged reincarna- Ha.f jokingly, the parents Ah, my husband has come
tion. mentioned the matter to so- back to me!, and embraced
Little Santi Devi of Delhi me relatives who knew Mut- him tearfully.
-now a woman of 22 -was tra. Much to their amaze- Three stalwart lads accom
no more than a child in looks ment, the ,picture of the panied the merchant and out
and years.Yet her astonishing town given by Shanti prov- of them Shanti easly recog-
claims of having lied .a ed to be correct. There was nized her own son, claiming
aplrevious life stirred the a street corresponding to the that he had .been her own
whole of India. lane she mentioned, and in boyD.
When Shanti was 3 years it lived a cloth merchant
old she began to prattle to with the same name as Shun TEST IMVADE AS
Sher parents about a husband ti Devi's so-called husband. SHE GOES (HOME
wlho lived in the neighboring The relatives of the husband
town of Muttna and made a themselves began to make in By this time, research ex-
good living as a cloth mer- quiries. perts investigated the case
,chant. A young cousin of his was and put the little girl
At an age when normal sent to Delhi to make invest through a searching cross-ex-
kiddies are playing with gations, and no sooner was amination. Every question
dolls and prattling of fairies, Shanti confronted with him was answered by Shanti an'
Ihis little girl was forever than she called him by his accuracy that left little room
talking about the man shell correct name and knew at for doubt. .[
'had previously married. once he was a cousin. Her maiden name, she said'

had been Anned and her mar
ried name Lugdi. She had
b2en born- for first life -
in 1902 and had died on Oc-
tober 24, 1925, at Agra, after
giving birth to her son in
that year.
Sure enough, the mer-
chant's name was Lugdi, his
wife had .been born in 1902
and had died in 1925 as Shan
ti described. Heir maiden na-

law ana mother- in- Law a-
mong the crowd at the sta-
tion, but hailed. them with a.
colloquial pbjrase unknown
in Delhi yet customary in
Muttra. The girl was then pla
ced in a carriage, the driver
of which was told to go only-
where indicated by the girl.
And with never a mo-
ment's hesitation she correct-
ly indicated the route.

me had been Anned. The merchant lived in one
When the committee ap- of several houses in a row.
pointed by Delhi citizens Without pausing Shanti step,.
learned this much, they de- ped up to her cownp doors,-
cided that the real test would tep. An old man came to
be for Shanti. to go to' Mut- greet her.
tra and find her own way Here is my home said
to her home, for it had been nti, and here is my fa-
clearly proven that she had thi i and h i
never left Delhi.

For hiuser r ner nusbandai
was by now positive that
Shanti was none other than
his old wife reincarnated. Mo
re convincing than anything
else was her intimate know-
ledge of their married life.
Shanti also had the voice,
character and mannerisms of
Mts. 'Lugdi, although her ap
pearences conveyed no res-
Nevertheless, on arrival at
Muttra station Shanti not o-;
ly recognized her brother in

cAllah!) said
thinking of the
ashe talks just

the old men,
former wife,,
like her..

Child marriage is permit-
ted in India and so Lugdi
took IShanti into his house-
hold as his wife. Today I
by no means regrets hi.
strange second marriage to a
reincarnated bride who har
blossomed 'into a beautiful



e*' Manon Lescaut, produc- capes, killing a "man in so sent to America, and he goes Grieux and Synnelet' fight
: 'ed by, Clouzot, and starring doing, and then assists Ma- with her on the same ship, and the latter is wounded
SCecile Aub'ry and Michel Au non to escape. Dazzled by which lands them in Loui- The lovers tryto -make their]
clair, currently showing at the offers of the son of her siana. They are supposed by way to the English settleni
the cMonparnasse is a film former lover, she leaves Des the Governor to be man and ents, but Manon dies, and
based on the book written, Grieux again. He finds his wife, and are treated as such
Sby I'Abb~ Prevost. This mas way to her, and is about to Des Grieux is about to mar- Des Grieux buries her ir
ter piece was first published decamp with her and the ri- ry M]anon,and tells the Go- the woods -and lies down or
in Amsterdam in 1753, when ches which her last lover vernor the truth of their re her grave to die.-He is found
: its author was in exile.When has showered upon her, lations; but Synnelet, the Go accused of her murder, but
but 17 years old, the Cheva- ed. By his father's influence vernoras nephew, fall in love acquitted and returns tc
lier Des Grieux, who is stu- when they are again arrest- with Manon, and the Gov- France to find his father
dying for holy orders, meets he is released, but Manon is ernor forbids the banns. Des dead.
Manop. Lescaut at an inn.
SShe tells, him she is being ------
carried to a convert against
her .li They elope, but Des -- '--
Grieux's happiness is of short
duration.A rich neigh bor inf

about, and his father takes
him home. Convinced of Ma .
Snon's Complicity in this, he "i .'"
resumes his studies. At -the
end of 18 .months, Manon,

courtesan. At. s fime, a
wealthy prince offers to mar
:ry her; but pulling Desy
GGrieux into the room, and
Sgivging tthe:,princL a mirror,
.' she. : t .- isg is the I
Sive. ook in the glass, ,and
'te me if you think it likely
that shall give him up for
Soon after,' they are both
impnrlsonned: Des Grieux es-
V .

, This fini won first paize
. at the last international
r. - showing Sundays W4_nesday
l and Frilay nights at tne



Back In Kansas, where Joyce
Holden was born, they never saW
her like this down on. the farm-
but in Hollywood they havel She's
a former commercial model whose
beauty and talent as a comedienne
aon her a contrAct with Universal.
International Studio and a featured
role in "The Milkman," starring
Jimmy Durante and Donald O'Con-
ME. 4L

'*- I


:I #= -

1 --. -

:---- :.^

PRIZE RECPE 1o, ., il
TPRIZE 'RECIE 5 ,p.m some si.ops close ke
OF THE WEEK ..wee the hours of 12 aq |

BY MRS RENATO Sat. is noon dosing, Ab "
a number of shops especial-
One of the aicest past. .y Souvenir shops stay opwe
ces in this climate is sit- The shops in this section .through the day.
Spring under the ;trees or out have been checked by this Banks open at rj.. at
on the porch a tall, tink- newspaper, and to the best close at I p.m. $ &0a.iung9
ling glass in yqur hand, a of our knowledge their noon.
tray of snacks nearby.' Fin- merchandise is of good -
ger food is what you want quality 'and good value..' Post Offfice of we at 8,.t
for such occasions... tasty .P and close at 5:30 p.m.
combinations to pop in
your mouth between sips,
to spread on crackers or
dip up with potato chips.
MENS- shoes
OLIVE DUNK AT LADIES- 'Underwear, cotton and strapless dresses .
1/4 cup chopped ripe LA BELLE CREOLE NURSES- White shoes and stockings
olives Haiti's leading department store. I CHILDRENS- Shoes
1/4 cup finely chopped ______
celery AT
1'4 cup liver sausage FRENCH PERFUMES A
1(4 cup mayonnaise 1 PAURA S
dash Tabasco sauce ,A
Cut the olives from the G T'
pits and chop. quite fine. GIFT
Clean and chop .the celery. Opposite KLM Airways
Mash the liver sausage aad. Rue des Miracles
combine it with the olives,
celery, mayonnaise and Ta- a
basco sauce. Mix well and
serve on crisp crackers or
melba toast. This makes a-
bout 1 cups.
1 avocado I
1 teaspoon lemon juice Art nd ,Cu q Shop '
1 package (3 oz.) .cream !
cheese Rpe. pQuagi Tel: 3145
2 tablespoons.light cream HAi IAtN :HAN CAR VED MAHIOGANY ,
dash ,Tabasco sauce -
Choose a .ripe avocado ,
for ,this spread. Peel it, ... ...
mash well and sprinkle
with lemon juice. Soften E MAHO ANY ( L ..
the cheese with the cream I A y E l AIU A AI CHANEL .
and blend well with the a-
vocado. Add a dash of Ta-
basco. Serve 'in a small '
bowl set in the center of a HURRY I
platter of potato chips and .~ ~ Time. a
let everyone dip up his ave Time and E pense y
own. Celery or carrot stic~k. B* D r
make fine dippers,,. too. ,uy rect k u
-Makes about 1 cup.
S .--..... o .a- .y .


6 bananas ..R.. DAND
1 teaspoon vanilla. J-----" -.-. _--" i "
nut "eg 4
Rue du Peuple... '
Mqontains of foamy froth
mtk. shake ,that's easy to mahogany, isa Shoe '& Bags )
whip up yourself. Pick out ahgan, Si' Sio& Bg
ripe bananas and mash Silver & French Perfumes '
them wth .a fork in a big ,
bowl. When soft, beat
them with,.a rotary beater MADAME EWALD FOR SALE AT
Add cold.,milk and vanilla .
. and beat.,until drink is very Rue du Magasin de 1'Etat
fjpby. -Pour into mugs, jA E C I L
Sdust,.with nutmeg.-Serves 6C -- -' -,-"- ._ .-0 w T

.PAGE 6 -l- -IT-I SU-

SUNDAY 15 th. OCT.


Every grown man thinks all the time in all lives ito me must come in joy and
that if he had another chan-' where there is any brain po- sorrow as' part of my life. .
ce and his age was twenty- ,wer cooperating with physic- I would learn that joys
one he would set the world' al strength. cannot be compelled to ap-
afire in the way of achiev- If I were twenty-one I pear and sorrows cannot for-
ement. Ife thinks he would would form friendships of joys and the fortitude to en-
omit every mistake which the right kind intending that everr -be avoided.
he feels he has made and I would be useful, to my
make everything count. It is friends and that I would ex- I would ,try to have the
perfectly right for every pect them to be useful to me common sense to enjoy my
man to feel this way but it is Thus I would have a cooper- dure my sorrows. -
perfectly right for him to ative organization for ourl I would not be moving .
know that if he were start- mutual welfare. every 'month of the year. /
ing over again he would du- I should not ask my friends I would not be in a hurry
plicate his former mistake to endorse my note and sel- to leave the place where I '
and make more colossal er.. dom would I ask any one of was born. It is the thought
rors. A man who has succeed them to loan me money. For, of the young people that he
ed reasonably well might tunes that endure are the must break away and go in-
: well succeed better. Those .fortunes whicL start with td new fields. Many have a-
S who, have failed would un- one's own strength ,and will adopted this plan. I would not
: oubtedly fail again. to achieve. object to staying at home.
If I were twenty- one I would try to make my I would not object to my BRASSERIE DE
I would devote more time to fortune grow and I would habitation having a name.
sport and when 'I worked I enjoy a considerable part of I would think it were a
would work harder than I it as .I went along, delight to remember the old .
hve ever been able to work 'I would realize that specu- trees and the grass.
I would not search the lations seldom make perman I would fight the good fight
world over for 'a location. ent fortunes. I would never repudiate a
I would not aspire to. sud- I have often read of,yoing debt.
den wealth nor would I men and young women in- I would never lie to any-
S maukHny standards all on a heriting fortunes from their body.
financial Ibasic. kindred. I never have heard I'd know something about
At the age of twenty-one of such fortunes doing per- the sky. I would know.all
Sa man never expects to die. manent service to those who that science could tell about
SHe, attends funerals as. an came in possession of them 'the beginning of everything.
0.'.looker on without deep con- I would not sit down to live I would read good books.
cern. He feels sorry for the off a fortune. I would not object to be-
-' person in the coffin' but' the I would not 'be -asbitions long to Aocial clubs 'but I
thought never. enters his to build a home half as big would remember that my
'head that .sometime other a a tqiwnship. I wodld not home was the place for my
: people will be standing, ar- do this if I had the money. I hopes and fears.
found his grave. Ifi, were would not put this in my I would pray' night and'
twenty-one .1 wojdm d 'start plan. A. wellknown society morning and cultivate every'
.' with the firm belief: that it frequently, been singing dur- living thing which could.
'- i( to be ari eternal life. after. ig the las few years about bear leaves and flowers and
/ death. I would cqriy this,,,be- aspiring to a cottage by the when the end came, thus sur
lief with me in.,all. my ambi- side of the. ...road.to be a rounded and following these
'", tons and undertakings. friend to Ian. .;Poets" would hopes and aspirations with
not say this was. ood poetry the sunlight painting its pic-
S I would :t.indzrstand that 'but 'believe e doctrines ture through 'the trees and
someone has said that op- are good. over',, the gables, I would BROTHERLY LOVE Bon
: (portunity knocks but once ...I.vould leaa~t as early as bess.'God and die ows a princely kiss on his y
S that opportunity is knocking I would that Watever came' By The (Beachcomberz Elizabeth Alice Louise of Ed
Princess Elizabeth and Philip
-- 4., the youngest members of B
c ess Anne was boon. Alg. 1
THE STORY OF- be two in Nqvembbr. .- -

: , Princess Elizaketh'N. *first
l h t a d i -n daughter was born a... royal
Tell me, old one ie fin- at his time are dead. Slaves, and he was bor in Guiniea princess because the baby's
*' ally said and held his breth, don't get very old in this just like you and I.' They grandpa, King George VI,|
ch. as nothing ever been; country, my child. You can sold him into slavery, when saw to it before the birth of
done?> look at many heads before he was still a child but he her brother, Charles. -
The order man turned ar-I you find one as white as mi- was so big and strong that Chal'es would,have been
found and looked.at him care-! neIl.He closed his eyes.But I the master pf t.ie Lenormard born simply Charles lount-
fully, me'asiied himl! notic-' remember him well only plantation paid a good price batten had the King not a-
ed the strong head sitting saw him once a'id got the for him and put him to work mended a ruling by his fa-
proudly on wide shoulders, skin flogged off my back for in the fields and in the mill. other, King George V, that
.. the shirrofile outlined -.. running into the woods to 1He was a quiet boy who ga- royalty at birth could go on-
: gain st.he glow .of the. fire. listen to him yes, I rem- ve no trouble, just a simple ly to children of the sove-
S-g. has been. done. ember him weHl Negr6 like all the others and gn or the children of his
Sfor-manyiyears, he said af- 'Tell me about him, old, nobody could have told that sons.
,ter a long while, crnothing one,.* Mayambo bekged, eag- somruday he'd be a great The present King added
big, nothing important.) He er as a small boy listening +o man.> He took out a crude his daughters to the list
S sighed. &But once, long ago, the stories of the village eld- pipe and stuffed it-with so- when Elizabeth was still car
ni there was a man a leader est. me dry leaves., Maybe trying her first child.
of our people. He is forgot .Fjattered, the old man smil that's the way it is about Thus Charles and, now,his
Stein now the Whites' don't ed and moved closer to the great men you just can't tiny sister, were bonn royal
want to remember him, and fire. called Macanda tell look like all the &- Incidentally, birth of Eli-
S most of the blacks who lived

_. ' .. ,., ". . .,.' :. '


--- -- _ I

me rance e naries oesL-
oung sister, Princess A tne
inburg. The children of
, Duke of Edinbtirg are
Irijain's royal family. 'Prirf-
5, and Prince Charles-wiB


'into .effect this new order of
*succession to the British
1. Princess Elizabeth,24
the heiress- presumptive.
2. Prince Charles.
3. The new princess.
4. Princess Margaret, 19.
the King's second daughter.
5. -9 The Duke of Glouces-
ter, 48, 'brother of King
George VI. .
S6. Prince William, Glou
center's first- born.

Princess Elizabeth, by the
way, is called the presumrptive) rather than
the aheiress- apparent be-
cause if 'King Goerge and
Queen Elizabeth should have
a son he-Would automatical-:
ly become heir-apparent.





-. :.:i


.. .?.

,,., .!


.' ,.



* ,

:' .'




S. . '

I .


ALL THE BEST IN where to look? Jamaica, Hai-
THE CARIBBEAN ti with its mountain- top ci-
tadel of Henri Christophe,the
One of the most tempting Dominican Republic with its
vacation cruises for Ameri- shine of Columbus, Puerto
cans now is that to the Ca- Rico, the Virgin Islands. the
ribbean. Here, says Sydney Lesser Antilles, the 'French
Claik after his most recent Antilles, Trinidad and 'Toba- NOVELIST AND POET
visit, everything, is at hard go, Venezuela, Curacao and
to reward the visitor, whe- Aruba, Colomdbia and, lightly In the wipter of 1949 cri
their he goes by airplane or beacuse of his previous who- tics anll film-goers in 'the
in more IEisurely manner by le booj on it, Cuba all are United States applauded ari
ship.' here, with their history,their American motion 'piczurec
sights to see, their pleasures that told the Story of Wil-
Famous for his practical t6 enjoy. With Ehdpaper lie Stack,-'a fictional char-
suggestions to travelers,, the Maps and Illustrations. acter whose lust for polit-
author tells what Rooking fa ical power ledc to his sell-
cilties to use, gives warning corruption and his eventual
about customs irregularities Travel writer by prafes- downfall.
(for example ithe customs sion, ISydney Clark records The motion picture uAll
catch in visiting P U E R- yith 'unusual freshness not the .Cing's Men, was based
T O RICOd the wrong' odly, facts about money, on the Pulitzer-Prize win-
way), advises what clothes -transportation.hotels etc,',bit 'ning novel of the same na--
to take, discusees ship and traditions '.aild backgroundss me written by Robert Penn
airline facilities,. makes sug- that make cities real and peo Warren. It captured .more
gestions about food 'drink pie come alive. His volumes awards in the' United tSta-i
and health, luggage, airmail,' aire tapestries of .history, per tes than any other .motion
tips and service cdhages. sonal experience and present picture' produced i-d i1949.
S. ': day "'descrtptidns, invaluable It was named the .outstand-
.Do you kn6w' thidre are for their coinprehensiveness. ing English speaking;, 'rno-
'.no mosquitoes during the delightful as literary expe- tion picture of the year by
winter months and that the riences. And he is first in the New York Film Critics
Caribbean is studded with the post-war field; his books and was awarded Hollyw'od
luxury hotels if you know are up-to-the minute. 's highest honor th'd Acad.
__ __L_____ emy of Motion Picture; Arts
and -Sciences Award.:-Its star
-LYNN ROWAN EX-HIB- A NEW BRAILLEB SYSTEM performer, 'Brodericki;CraWf-
ITS OILS AND WATER COVERS 800 LANGUAGES ord,-,fvho played the role of
COLOURS IN Willie Starck, won the Acad-
NEW-YORK en'my":Award fof the best ma-
Lynn Rowan. in his show -- le acting in 1949.
at. the B6dley 'gallery exhi- In addition to the Pulitzer
bits oils and water colors for fiction in 1947, Mr. War-
made 'iq New Orleans, Key new Biaille system, suit- men's novel won the SAwaruth-
West and Haiti. There is abLe for adaptation to 800 r th most distinguished
an on for ("the most distinguished.
an emphasis on the move- languages, has been approv- beok pf 1946r written by a
meant of life, somewhat ed bv 'a committee for blin -.
y a- -omite0o Soblr arnrona LL1

strained as
tion, in his
deftness of
- suggest m
skill than
dr expressic
color is peri
'dium is it
S surness of
, .' various scene
tably 'his

Southern author on ahSouha-
to characteria- language experts in Britain. er subject.
painting, and The Brftish Empire Society Robert Penn Warren is al-
manner which -for the Blind and the School o ecognied as a powerful
re essehtial-lenStdisatL so recognized qs a powerftfl
lore essential 'ff'African Studies at Lon- poet, a richly endowed short
depth of feeling don University have played story writer, an editor, a cri-
on. That water an important part.'in 'this tic, and a teacher. He ,was
haps his best me work. !Myr. John Wilson, one of the founders of the
idicated by the Chairman of the Society con Southern Review, a magazi-
his rendering of siders the' system 'may be ne thet fr many years. was
ic' effects -.no the.. long-sought answer to devoted chiefly to the dis-
excellent "City the problem presented by cov.EV of new literary talent
the contrasting African lan- in the American South.
C.B guagies;

"W whatever 'task you under-
take, 6d it., with all ybur
- 'heart and oul.: Always be
courteous, nvder 'be discou-
raged. Bew'aiae of him whole
promises something for no-
thing. Do-not blame anybody
for your mistakes and failu-
res. Do not look for approval
except the consciousness of
doing your best.
Bernhrd Baruch

," .- 1- : -
:., ., : U' '.: .~ ;:,. '

He who allows his day to
pass without praticing gene-
rosity and enjoying life's
pleasures in like a' blacks-
mith's bellows-- he breathes
-but does not live.
'Sanskrit Proverb
We are just in the kinder-
gartenof uncovering things
and there is no-down 'cutve'
in science.
Charles F. Kettering-

fs thSe

S. . -. .'

'-4* S t- -
.. -..r ' .... ., -: "
' .'I, ,- . "" "94 .'- :.-




THE OPENING OF painting, ceramics, Post-
THE "FOYER cards of painting,portfolies,
DES ARTS PLASTIQUES'decorated objects, and carv-
*ii E-- I -t ._i4.^'. led Vodou drums, The works
"But evecy man to his MTallebrapche, Exume, Den
own taste. Did not Dr. Ku- nery, Eustache, Racine,Pois-
nasirokius that great man, son Dorcely, Cedor, Laza'-
at his leisure hours, take re, Franqois, Jeanty, and
the greatest delight imagin- Duperrier. The response
able in co/bgtin of asses' was evident, 15 paintings
tails, and pluckig the dead a number of ceramic and
hairs out with his teeth decorated objects were sold
though he had tweezers al- before the doors closed at
ways in his pocket?... De 4 p.m. opening ddy. .
gustibus non.est disputan-
dm": Despite the smallness of
--Laurence Sterne the gallery, it was a rather
As- far as many per- wonderful show. Every -'
sons. are concerned, biting inch of available space was
asses' tails, as a' leisure utilized, the pictures were ,:
cupation, is not much more well hung, in fact the room
taste .for 'modern art, espe- was extremely well set upr..
ciallt if it is primitive art. The ,Foyer des Arts Plhas
N vertheless one of- the fiques,, incidentlyly their
first slick shows opezied in gallery is located 'on tihe
town last week, and was Rue du Centre) an es:
well received by the public that., it will cI d en ce
On opening day, visitors shIrtly class id. ,DRAW- '
slowly. circled the 'sAiall ING, PAINTING, CHIL-
dying a selection of, 40: APPRECIATION. :' i-


ring hi, 25 -ye-rs' in the thter. His work includes .e
operas, ,,-:ello.,. Der, Rosenkavalier, and cc Tristan -
You, Pygmalion 0f Mice And Men, many mu
T. eatre, of B "


DEnglisd Oenslager, American stage designer, w;ho
has created setting for more than 150 productions.du
ring his 25 years in the theater. His work includes the
operas, aOyellou, uDer. Rosenkavalier,a. and < Tristan
und Isolden, sch plays as You can't Take It ith
You, ", Pygmalion" "Of Mice And Men,n many mu
sicals and ballets. He is also pb'kessor of scenic design
at Yale University's b Draa School, and is the author
of two books, RAT Scenery Then .and Nolw,y and

.. . -1 -. -

EITR: Bernard DTiederih

A .* -
.RUE PAVEE TEL: 2242. P.O Box 118.i
qe.:l esaeAeia tg einr h : :

I .

ii :,


SUN.IAy ?, Lh. OCT.



I________ ._________~ ~



-tThursday Night
is Italian Ravioli
Night '
Saturday n:i;gt
dance to
Best Haitian


--~'-- ----- ---------- ~~s


Dishing Up
is or specialty

Champ de Mars.. RESTAURANT
--------------------------__ -_ -- {____----
AT COOL ENSCOEnjoy an Exceptional
5.000 Ft. above Sea-.Levei
The best- DINNER
Cuisine Rooms TONIGHT
and Wine Cellar U TO I

-_ ,--__ __. AlUX ORCHtDEES

and his drums



Saturday Nite
Port- au- Prince




(Exposition Grounds)

Cold Drink
and Sandwich
(American Stile Grocery)
Rue ,Pavee 2- blocks
From the Grand Rue




TEL: 2242






Continued from page 6

theirs in the beginning). He
lit the leaves with burning
twig and inhaled deeply.?
Well noW, about Macandal
here is what happened. One
day he was working in the
mill, at the machine that
presses the juice from ]he
cane, and suddenly he let
out a terrible scream. The
other blacks came running,
but it was too late. The ma-
chine had gripped his hand
just like a nad dog and had
crushed it everything was
full of blood and the people
stood with their mouths op-
en, not knowing what to do
get Macandal free. Well, he
didn't let tnem wait long!
Before you could wink an
eye, he takes his machete
and... ptf.. cuts his hand
clean from. his arm in one
The old one paused drama-
tically and pulled at his pi-

is true that once- you are hid
den far in the mountains it
'is difficult for the whites to
find you, but it's not impos-
sible. And if they do tort-
ure and death. And what a
bout our own people they
are not perfect they ar..
the same' here as they were
in Guinea. A coin of gold,
desire for revenge,. maybe
the promise of freedom, and
they'll betray you. WYho can
blame them anyway slav-
ery doesn't make us better
than we are.D He sighed.
c(But the maroons were bra-
ve enough and they lived as
well as they could. They
hunted the wild boar and
shot Guinea fowl, and some-
times they'd come down to
attack a plantation, rob 't,
and take the .slaves along
with them.
dal? Mayambo urged him
cWell, up in those moun-
tains VMacandal began 'o

-So they .put him in the change more and more. As a
house for the sick, and he youngster he had been so
stays there for a long time, quiet, never saying much,
Sand when he comes out again staying away from the girls
his wound is healed and he But now he was different, 11-
.is well. But a man with only ke a man who has gone
one' hand isn't good for much hungry for toq long. He
can't work in the fields or would drink tafia all night
in the mill. So they put him -dance sin and never
in the pasture to guard the get enough of women.. There
cattle.Watching the beasts is used to be so many girls ar-
an easy task, too easy task, ound him- that it was sur-
too easy nothing to do all prising he could find time
day, just sit and think. Al- for anything else, and in spi-
ways the dark m o u n- te of that he always wanted
.tains before you, and the one more. In the end it was
days are endless. What a- really a jealous husband
Sbout those few lucky slaves who...
who had escaped and lived The old fellow looked up
in the forest, marooned but and grinned.
free?, The old man lapsed But now I'm putting the
into silence until Mayambo end of the story before the
stirred impatiently. >The ma- beginning. First let me tell
roons, yes!, He went on slow you how Macandal almost
'ly. ,And Macandal.. well.. freed our people,, because
one day he too was gone so that's what you really want
me time went by, and when to hear about. He licked
he was heard of again he' his shrunken liRps. c was the chieftain of all the just like that, Macandal ma-
slaves who had fled into the de up his mind that he was
forest. Soon every black on going tb capture Le Cap -
i, this island loved and admir- that's the large tqwn you pro
i, ed him -- he was strong bably saw this morning).
he was cleverand he had Mayambo nodded. Le Cap

'the gift of giving courage
even to the weakest, so that
everyone who saw him felt
brave andpowerful too.From
all the 'plantations Negroes
used to come to hear him
speak and then go back to
their masters and laugh whi-
-le they were being punished
for its.
The old one relit his dead
pipe and leaned closer to Ma
Now, my boy, don't think
~ thdt: the life of a maroon is
,.-soceasy.If it were we would
I- have escaped long ago. It

t. .

he thought, I must remem-
ber that.
(Just Mlacandal and his
handful of men were going
to do it,) the other continued
and Macandal was no fool
- he knew that if you want'
to sup with the devil you
have to use a long spoon. He
could never beat all the whi-1
tes in a battle, that was
clear, but there is a weapon
swifter and stronger' than
any other the- avenger
whose feet are noiseless,
whose body throws no sha-i

cWhich weapon it that?. opened the girl's husband we call Ku-Kuye --crawling
Mayambo asked and held his had followed them and when 'out of the grey shesand
breath. he saw what was goiLg on, .flying away. And there were
cPoison, my son, poison!) he became so' furious that he many people who believed
The old one spoke the word ran to the overseer and 'old that it was Macandal who
gleefully, rolling it in his him that Macandal, the en- had .changed himself into
toothless mouth tasting its emy of the planters, was the tiny insect, and who
power. cMacandal sent a right on, the plantation and would take the form of a hu
packet of the deadly, white in easy reach and so Ma- man being in some future
powder to every slave of Le 'c4ndal's freedom came to an years when it would be time
Cap, and together with it th" end in the arms of a woman to strike again. He brushed
name qf a certain day on Not, a bad way to end, if one gnarled hand across his
which they must put the poi you ask me, but after all he face as if he were wiping a-
son into all the food prepar- was no ordinary man.. he. way cobwebs. cAll this han-
ed for their masters. And af- cYou mean they killed him opened a long time ago and
ter that had been done he right then and there?n Ma- there has never again been
would come from the moun- yambo interrupted. a man like Miacaudal. Some
tains with his,band and kill cNot so fast, my son, not of them try now and
the few planters that were so fast! You can't get rid of then a .planter or overseer is.
still alive and take over the a man like Macandal just li- poisoned cattle too or
city. It was a good plan and ke that it wbuld have a few slaves kill themselves
everyone prepared for it and been too easy the plant- just to spite their master.But
kept it secret. And them one ers would have felt cheated. it's not enough.. not enough!
day a silly black girl warned No, they only bound him The years go by and we are-
her white lover to leave the and took him to the over- still slaves we will always.
city. When he became cur- seer's house where the white be slaves.>
ious and asked questions,she one himself was going to Suddenly the old one got.
grew frightened and didn't ,watch over him until the of- up and shuffled away wi--
want to say any more; but ficials arrived from Le Cap. thout saying another word.
the white one had her fleg- Can't you just imagine it. Mayambo looked about
ged until she told the whole boy, the two men sitting sleepily The fire was low
truth. So the plan was dis- there silently -i one with a and everyone had diso-
covered and the colonists gun in his hand, watching peared. He was too'tired to-
were careful not to eat any- closely the other in get up and find his way to
thing some .black hadn't tast- chains, his eyes half closed the shack, too t i r e d,
ed before a-d that was maybe, but watching too, li- more tired than he had ever
the and of Macandal's beauti ke aitrapped beast.The-hbou been .in his .entire life. Bet-
ful dream. go by slowly -- the over- ter to' sleep right here, next
The old man rubbed his seer gets.tired tired -his to the warm ashes. He relax-
bony hands and shifted his head sinks on his chest ed like an animal, letting his
position in front of the fire. suddenly there is a crash,and aching muscles go limp, his
cAfter that failure, the the white one wakes up just 'long slender body stretched
chieftain was unhappy for a in time to see the prisoner along the earth.
long time,) -he continued, disappearing through the I wish M'acandal were still;
abut he has long ago learned window and running to- alive, he thought. He could.
to be patient. Again he be- wards the woods>. He sighed teach me many things... he
gan to wait for the right mo his breath wheezing painful- could..
ment because he was sure ly. 'But Madandal's luck had Through heavy eyes he
that one day he would suc- run out... the gods were a- looked for the moon which.
ceed, and until then he against him. He was caught a hung in' the sky.pale and cool
might as well enjoy life. He gain, quickly, and this time She is fair as a moonbeam..
began to laugh again and the whites sent him to pri- and the moon was strange
dink and iun after the wo- son right away. No use think sometimes good... sometimes
men. Then one day he heard ing about what they did to evil., like a woman.
the drums in the valley cal- him until finally they decid- Crickets and lizards singing
ling the slaves of a planta- ed to burn at the stake Mayamlbo was asleep.
tion to a dance and because on the market place.l wasn't -Extract from the xBlack
he felt strong and happy he there w h e n it happen- Dawnn
couldn't resist that sound. ed, but I've heard the story By 'Mia STEINER
He wanted to go down the o many times, I sometimes Nothing so much con -
re, drink the burning runm think I saw it all with my ces me of the boundlessness
dance, find himself some own eyes. There was Macan- of the human mind as its o-
new girl to love. What dan- dal, chained to a wooden portions in dreaming.
ger was there after all? No- log, the yellow fire eating a- William B. Clulow
ne of the whites knew' hirm baay at his flesh the whi- --
by sight and surely hii' own 'tes were cheering the mulat- YOU A HIR
people would never betray toes grinning, and the blacks UU MAY
him; so down to the jvaley trying to pretend thet were JEEP
he \Went!He danced the chi- some place else. Suddenly
ca emptied one cup of thcre is a scream and Macan STATI WAGON
tafia after the other a dal tears himself loose and i Nll Wl
girl smiled at him and he for a momerit he.stands free NEW AUTOMOBIR E
took her by the hand and led like one of those idolsima- nUUYULL,
her into the 'dark groves., de cf red clay--- then he By the DAY, WEEK, or
The old slave giggled. So falls slowly back into the fla MONTH with or without a
far everything was nice e- mres. Well, some of the driver.
enough; but what dd you blacks -who had loved him Contact:
think happened now?, a lot, they stayed there un- DENIS BELLANDE
1MVayambo smiled "arid shrg til the fire 'had burnt itself TEL: 3209 OFFICE
ged his shoulders. out and they swore that they .5539 RES.
SWell, this is whdt han- saw a golden fly the one P.O. Box 304.

.- Me
.- 3.-1.:,

... .
I I '-'

- *

PAGi 9




iAGE 10

Thpre .3 a special great- meant safeguard from Tyran-
PNRSTITUN OF INTER- COMMERCE IN CAVES WILL BE IN ness in our recent elections l y and only through strug- .
NRTITUTE NOF INTER- Co OPERATION SOON aside from the victories of .gle will the, petSe reliinllisho
AMERICAN AFFAIRS CHARLES SAWYER RAT N S N the individuals elected. Opi- this sacred trust and honour.
VISITS According to a report re
ARPIVED IN PORT- AU- PRINCE iceived from the merican ins may differ on these Thsne t radn a fee
T UEORT- AU- PRINCE th mewho will take office
I Embassy here in Haiti thmen who will take office ng is for this newspaper
On monday afternoon the sugar,Factory under construe next month, but there can gr ti this world
Mr Kenneth RI Iversonf Hondrable' Charles Sawyer .n in Aux Cayes is near- be no disagreement on the ea hr.In this world
Intr American Affairs is in accompanied by Mr. Albert i.ng conletion. It is further fact that this one election, the s e see Haiti as
President of theisi h k esea
Int- au -merican-Affa'r i n c e in J. .Powers, Vr. Mason Barr reported that a group of 400 the one magnificent .sunday ew shinnihg -celestial body
o ti it t c e Mr. Delbert I. Lite, Mr workmen are employed in of free and total voting, has light g the y to freedom
cotinection with the coopera- Donald V. Norop and Com the.. construction of the prin opened a bright new era for
tie .program in agwicultre mander Karl B. Jeffers, ar- cipal buildings and buildings the people of Haiti. For the w ae outsiders in
ute is carryingon w in collar rived at Bowen Field a- of the insidences. The' pro- first timein the history of h o re taing te
nation with te Haiti ca board a special DC-3 Mr. motors of this Factory hope our complex -little island the ti berty of basking t n the new
ration with the Haitian Sawyer and Jis party were that the sugar mill, with amen df Haiti have by theirHai-
returning to Washington imet.at the airport by the production capacity of -18.. ow deisje and vote selected ti
r eturnn to WashAmi n S American Ambassador Earl 000 tons, will be in operation their own president. History t a .,
frm on the-Pan Amrican Sa- eCoucy, nistr of Corn during next season. hataught us that a Gov. One man with courage ma-
nitary' Conference recently DeCouarcy, ivnist om QfCren next-season. once given t8 the people kes a majority.
hdeld in Ciudqd Trujillo, and merce Mlarcel Formbrun, and,' INs'PEAMI II N qPRESS through the vote, is Govern-I Andrew Jackson.
plins to devote a week to the Chief of .Protocole and 'a (CONFERENCE AT ---
thei Hitian Progra NFERENCE A
t number of other officials. I WALDORF ASTORIA, to the Institute will find an .L also announces that the
'r. Iverson assumed the an interview wth the NEW YOK exhibition .of photographs Librkry opened on Septemb-
presidency o.he Institute i Hiti Sun MN. Sawyer -On October 9th. the 6 th. which reflect the most re- er 1st, and that they have
MpIiy of -this year, succeeding said hat his visit although Inferamerican 'Pess Confe- cent doings of Parisian life all .the -recent magazines on
Ii. -Dillon Myer, who visit- official was strictly inform- rene was inaugurated in the (Hall of Youti, Hall of Do- topics of French intellec-
ed Haiti last January to par al. Je expressed his best presence of 250 delegates of mestic Arts, coicours de tual activities.
tici:e in the inauguration of wishes for the success of our the Americas. The principal the"Villard Irrigation Project young news paper, but made \ topic was 'the writing of a tion of the metro of Paris); were -it is -iitti the cbnple-
Mo. Iverson has.a long re- no other statement as to nis ne Constitutioi for the thelatest creation in fashion tion of the buildingg, On the
r -.. niverson frh.oa, l-n-g re-
cod of service with the U-visi here. Am. Abassador Prestes attending the cdife- and furniture. A 'glance at Exposition grounds which
De Courcy gave a dinner
nid States Gvernmet 'a-De y e dinner rence are Frahck C.Magloire the 'theatrical -and movie when opened
gericies, having bden with party on MVonday night at his 'Miarcel SalnaV~e -and Max season as well as notes on will feature large auditorium
the Solicitor's Office of the residence in honor o Mr. Chauet, Directrs ofLe -a some celebrated -useums spacious library, Well quip-
Ut De oartmert of Agric l- Charles Sawypr, The Secre- tins cHaiti-Joarnal and tur before trsfering to commerce and his Nouvellistem. The session close of the Marini). hall and exhibition slace.
u party left for non ami on i ta
the Institte in 1942, where left or am oed with a banquet at which --. .
heseed -as Assisan G Tuesda afternoon. Assistant Setfetary of State
S ral. counsel un-til 1947. In Edward Miller delivered a
that .year, he Was named De -T~E POST 'OFFICE TO BE speech. On Tuesday the' De- L
putyr.Administratbt -of the re TRANSFERE *- To THlE' legates attending thfe 'Cdnfe-
habilitatibn program in Gree EXPOSITION'GROUNDS 'rknee visited CoTi iunb a ^Uni- "
S ce, where he remained three r'ersity ati5 bh w edred~i y S A a ...
years, returning to the Unit- The Ofice of the postal they -viited the Urit'ed Na-' ON TrESE
.ed States 'in May 1950. administratib-h of Port- a- tions' Medquartrs. R e i cen r -t I
Prince wiilli soon be .transfer- THE IEN INSTITUTE
vU.. SPE-CIALIST ed to the new' building wi- IESIMES ACTIViTIES
IN HAITI thin the dity Dumgrsais Es- TheFrench Institute o.n, ROTiRY TYP
Time on the Exposition resuming its activities this SrO Cr
Mr. G. Dun, a specialist grounds. week announced that visitors .
of the Bureau 'of Statistics r-- -, ABSORBERS
of the Uinited Nations is .A. A ,,,. Tri. s l ru
now in Haiti with a view For Fod in. ..ercur
of hel fong the Haitian Goo l J w" T i
vernment in org niing a s ysi SH K-T e
temiatic statistics services. i H
The Direetor General of d' r to e
Internal Revenue, by circu!- -.
ar better, has just' ordered 0CARBURETOR
a deduction of 3 1/2 per CARBURIE'T k
S cent up4le the salary of the
Preposes of Internal Reve- 'i n ,n nirn .vrtp m TrCW u~t, FUEL PUTMPS
n ue with the object of fav- Port- au- Pritce resident attends U.S. Machinery
oring them for the itetire- school -. Seward 'W. Jahnke third frbm left sales rete-
.ment pension: tentative, Haytian Tractor and E4uipement Co. Port-au
Prince, dines wit4 J. Q. McDonald, second from left, ma CABLE SETS
HOUSE Of p T'I ES nagei Export Sals department, Caterpillar Tractor Co., . ...
TO MOVl E TO Peoria, Illinois, U.S.A. Jahnke attended Un ,Export Deal- to.
PALAIS I i Saes ad Servic school held recently at the Cater- Q I L F I T E R

The House of Deputies pillar plantt with dealer 'representatives from 26 countries
that was wrecked by a iob With Jahnke and McDonald at Peoria's Pere 'Marquette FOR CARS
during the violent manifes- hotel are Bengt l.'Sunrdin, right, sale's representative, *AND
tations that took place last Brander and' "Cia, S.A Buenos Aiirs, ArgentjriA, and Ed- TRUICKS
May is being reiaiied and win 'Sorenswoi left, sales re-presentative, Theo. FI. Davies
S-meanwhile the Asaembly Co., fLtd:, idnolulii, HaWvaii Atte~ndWice at tjie school FITER ARTRIDGES
will meet at Th 'Piirs d'Hai, was sponi sord b- the Port- au: Prince conTpart named ot E sinATRb:
ti on the Exposition gt8hn'ds abovbr. ,"

SUNDAY .15 ,th. OCT.


Tulane 9 Notre Dame 13
Vanderbilt 20 Miss 14
Army 27 Michigan 6
Colgate 35 Holy Cross 28
Pen 42 Dartmouth 26
Tenn 40 Chattanooga 0
Miami Upset Purdue 20-14
Ohio State 26 Indianna 14
Wiscousin 14 Iowa 0
In the game of the day
'* underdog Oklahoma trail-
ling in the final quarter 13
;, -7 pulled 7 more points out
of the fire.

The game mat was to ta-
ke place Saturday after-
noon at 4 p.m. at 'Sabinah'
.park in Kingston is to be
player to day.
Haiti's representative team
includes A. Joseph, F.Mevs
P. Bonaventure, A Mathu-
rin, C. Joesph, A. Nan, P.
Thevenin, G. Claude, Y.
Dorceans, L. Edmond, F.
King, J. Lherisson, L. Sa-
vain, A. Tassy, R. Pierre
E. Leger. Y. Martin, L.
Sainte, A. Alexandre and
officials Antoine Champa-
gne, arcel Prezeau, Felix
Baker, Fritz Berrouet and
Lt. Anotine Coicou, flew to
SJamaica -Friday. They will
play a return match Mon-
day afternoon at four at

"Sabinah, park. This gan
will be broadcast on 4
megacycles. The Reps wi
return to Port- au- Print
Correction, we have ju
received a late report thn
.Haiti did play Jamaica SE
turray and the Score wi
Jamaica 2-Haiti 1.

Tuesday October 17 wi
be the 144 th. anniversary
the death of, Jean- JacquE
Dessalines, Father of the Ir
depqn.dance of Haiti. At th
occasion a solemn mass wi
take place at 8.30 a.m. in th
Cathedral and grand manife
stations will be held during
the day in remembrance c
this National Hero.

SAccording to all pobabil
ties Col. Paul E. Magloir
President. Elect of the Repu
blic will take oath af'offic
withiii two months at th
latest. In political circles
is believed"that the solemn c
remony ,of entry, into office
of the new President will ti
ke place in December.

U .

' :


- - "










-By Paul NAJAC will give up by saying one a well known folk story. So-
The purpose of the di'vinor is to make fun, so, drink it). ute a deformation of the
when a conte is shot the tel-' And as you haven't yet words of a sentence for ins-
ler tries to carry them out, drunk the last one, let's try tance: rata passa craza dives-
.5 by little expressions and gestI ome more: sistas is a deformation of
ill ures to assail the proposed Cric iCrac rat passe craz6 dix verres
answers of the audience. --Galatai bon Dieu -plein et six tasses which means
Of course he has to solve viande sthe rat passed and broke
sthe puzzle, but he has to (the larder of the God 10 glasses and six cups.
t wait until the audience gives Lord is full of meat. Sbmetimes, they .are a
a- up. The audience will try Las Cric Crac kind of original comparison
Long as, it can when they -Papa Dambalah fait prie which does not lead at all to
feel tired of guessing they re li tate en bas the right answer. For intan-
-*- --- | (father Dambalah makes ce this one: walking down
his prayer, up side down. the street, I met an old lady
F RANGOON, Burma Cric Crac and a young girl, I saluted
Dr. Gordon S. Seagrave, A- -Embarquez les blanco, them: the old lady answer-
merican who became .fam- debarquez les mulatts, ed, and the young girl did'nt.
ous as the "Burma Sur- main pinga neg envahi ou. cThis one is a comparison
gbon, went on trial fbr (Put in the whites, take to the congo peas... the old
f his life Friday before a spe out the mulatoes and, lady represents the dry con-
es cial Burmese tribunal, watch, and don't let to ma go peas, which make noise
s The state brought three .ny negroes in it). I when eaten and the young
specific charges against Dr. How to guess a aconte di- girl ihe soft green peas. or
i Seagrave. It accused him of vinori is one of the most dif this one..., which compares
e committing high treason by ficult things, because a conte the moon to a aBarrel of i-
s helping reel Capt.. Naw .is sometimes just a general me which wtll whitewash aLt
'g Seog to wage war against expression, and other times the-world. '*
the State; of assisting, abet- personal image of an act. A 'Of course if you are not a
ting and comforting the en- classical puzzle has a general well, trained cdivinor*, I
-emy, and of failing to rep- means of solution, and even mean a good guessdrd, you
ort to recognized author- with a difficult one, there is will always be forced to
cities his knowledge of re- a mechanical process; while drink it However' watch
L billion against the govern- a aconte divinor is quite diE carefully for there are some
E ment. He facesathe death search is to, find out the conte divinoro which are
Sentence if convicted of the ferent because, the aim of t'he not too good to drink a:' Dlo
i first county nd banishment given puzzle,-the thing sug- poul mouri senti (The water
', on the others.. gbsted by the image. They of a dead chicken, smells.),
"- Assistant Attorney Gen- are sometimes 'a question Then watch carefully for
e eral Chan Un Aung told summing uip the subject.of tIh. next time...
Le the tribunal that Dr. Sea-
it grave, though an American .o -. .. \
Scitizen, owes temporary al- LAS NIONES i NDAS UF S AGU ffDEL.NTE
e legiance to the state while
residing here, and thus can u Oft
be tried for: treason. '11

A Missionary was captured I ,
by--aborgines and condemn-
ed to death. Td decide' the '
manner of executibion it v/as IT
the tribal custom that a ,vic "
tim must make an affirmati- 'i'
ve statement. If the high pri ..
est considered the statement
true the victim was shot.with
a poisoned arrow. If the sta- '
tement was considered false, '"
the victim died by fire. But j, ,
thEl missionary thinking fast,
made a short statement o so .
perplexing..that it was impose : :
sible to carry: out the execu-
tion. What did the missiona-
ry say?
s.m gof ,eaa A e.a uoinoaxa '
tav Onf',"qo.44 snq n
9Moao3 pyqon UatauolVis ..... '. .'.."
oarOjao p7*0? Prom suo5y V
eqI '.paj.inq .,n 9aq ft Ing '.' ..
paujinq aq of aavq p7no.m ti aid QI B'5PsFfAT-e'C_6
uw!eS. a ql os pu 'aslj
I.walpis eq at u*P plnoin .UN MARCHS OQ'-A : cartonn which appeared re-
vqt Inng *3u2 ooqs q 90174 cently in the DallasMorning News, a leading U.S. dai
gq ov o arql n ppnba 0uosln a ly newspaper published in' Dallas, Texas. The Com-
-xe 'as"s s n sarwues't s qt munist'soldier (at right) shouts "You're out ofstep %to
paPP1p ..s q.!q the stalwart United 'Nations soldier carrying a banner
aqs II '",d q f.p Ifn labeled .,Action on Korea.. In his hand the Commun-
S: a'os r9os e.qi, ist holds ap i
I ss ;it holds a paper labeled Ma ik'i veto-..

g . '


PAG 11



,' '

... .(-.




*" .

-.. .; '
'. '.l


i l'

r; 'r


SUNDAt ,-I th Q2. OT

9. -4
Classified advertisemepiss
are accepted for things
XcqIqtdd or Uiowastid; arti-
cl/s. for sdel.l ptisonl' serci-
cs; misce eous items,
SSkN a1 jib. wanted;hoiuses
jfor rent; tuaorngi; travteljg
apauonyeais for sale.
'i4 ac adWertS e-
f C

SPiao Studio
Upright, one price $.300
f rtigetstir: gpod' condi-
doh $. 80'
Electric Stove with oven

Parents lIterested' it Pri-
1ive S, gftsH sp"akipy
I s'hidt-fdo 4 ad 5 yefrs
\ olds.
4pply Haid i ~s ..
'. " "'. . :

';w: 2 -r insertson,: Ma. TUITION )
i.tni'l' o!f 5 words. 'tessoik of Fre# andi Spa
t L ^stnish tao sglF' spdaM'ug
J 4f tZ *Veersons Con sationalo Mt-
SMp good c. ondition -od; A :-b. PVfrssor
-.* gd S. Charles E. SA CIG/O, Edi
. 4 W.T. Smn to. _aik . ,. ..-
S ._' e for 4te"t1, BiY' o- w ' a. ,w _th,. Tj at
Bt 2 Be r6oms i eitifu' 3 bdrooms. ad swioirig-
VIV; O of s thIaey dnd large po -
S;. o, .....Btf -, .. fMaxir u ,Te li $ 100

Ally c uitiS st a tib i _o
S B os. fo jeepan
9'*4r-3; 1 st7 tib. wa.oh "
oswm." "' '*d . *" 'A :4_i efil"', I

Sfln4i-ar arouqd Ietwio- :Ini draiesm o S; special' 'ocea
A..4 SH . .Contoct ti Sun,
g'd A-" ... "'# S", " i Sun,.e

., k
'- J .U N. . .O. '. *f.' ." IN,0 .. ,
tf-ft V .ft..tf.t. ft ClT;
.. i '. : ,-," ....

'. .' .. ft ft. f D. -

-* f- t ..' f't f .' .. . ,

-X !" i _f
ft i tf '" .... .
.. f *
i. .

1 f .
S. .
. . - -. ., "
.1 ft f t ' ,2 ", / ft
'" '. , -'f'"t 1 '

LI . ; . t

f- t' , ft

"; ,,' ,,
-' '
i , .. .:

Room for rent
Frdiiia Roodi,
Private Bath
Iti- Pitid6iville
Phone 7204
HUIDSON 1946, 8 cylnm
PGrod cod Monr
Phone: 2242 .
3 Bedrdomsr
Hot. water: et; '. -
TeL- 718~ altd' 7225.
--J ___ .* /**.

Fov OQO0 ,d: d arai''
Excellent, bu'si l :es

*.o. .

8 a00' Hc st SUf 4
ei.j leaving. for." -' '
rd'cfe i eak iponth -
&r on.I tay' o tetl ,

- safy9lStpit? Jpf
Smalbrmd l.
u. f a I ---

TTi. Connieircial Sdctetak
of' the .e ay of taii6-
in Iait .I rs tile hoSir: :,
infornign '1illitia* ttits los;
and& ahy: other t*avelie
going to txi'rarii, tlt ie will
be happy to supply them
with all details and informa
tiiO. available in. order to fa
c4kte tiheit 4d make their
stay. agreeable;

Ifi fGetATbN bTE ,


'1aviig o MbntreaT, Halifax St,
Jl hvii, is due Bre 1oefd b,
.er 22; 1950, nd will proceed.,
-tob Santiago de, Cluba Is .tak-
ing on freiglkt: '
L. BTeetzkt*4n Aggrltiol i
. Cio.
..The 1W.V glan. ctnasgned to Agto
tneer, arri nhn oct.- 11 ei~
i ist for. -Balahona I w i

.Th t e. tiLoaed sa cargo of 1-000
hits pe sns r holdi g .tos suga.
'JEif~nruts-dci~ s~krfimukre- r18
nSew the the berius., Dutch '
of the month-, ending octob-ne aru va. morning. oct..1
er30 th., from New- Yorkvia Ci
S f cao and. Inagua, with mi
..ons of me .adise aa'.s4i
.' :i 'i*'s b ." and; ," *' ] a e .A 'm-n'--M.
4%~i$ AenCant passengers: dCarlQo Reiet
S6 M~ and'Mime ,ean Augusin
t' ^ *Luigui. .
L The 1M. V. cAskild,ESouth
:. .r Rarbl6 iAm.erican Line, left' evening:
i";id rs4t r ot 11 fo;'- Puerto Plata.
n, .,bn, tf eit f ; . -J ] ia t6ti
.., '; -satlantic. Lijie, ;-I'
enng a .,LrfO Par
ft '&L klic6e';'ia S64m
ac i Sup may b code Cuba c
taced by rWig O,2i. e, W:. :. A
SWritin P. 0. Box 118 4le- 4.I. .!._,
ftcU&lling at a : i
fi. i
...." saled'.torthe_ III
ft~ ~ ft ft f f tft ffftttfttt

ft ft ft ft ft J r ft*;.
.. .*. .. .. .: *..!
*-t *I I i iI II Il I I II I* I. : 'i
f t ,f ."- "
: f- t -* ,

,," . ... -, ,- '. * ,* - .; "..
ft ft:;. ft~^ Ji'^ ** *^ i -

S.. ,* '
ft. ftI "-

;. \' ,._L. ,, ' ;iv!
i dlli~ I ...

,< 19 6 .
it P* I
I f959 ft ft ft .. ~
UitI? .... ft'

: ~-~a



UNTIE,' 10r30- PiM.

- .

i -
I . ,,
* ..' %
*,- # "- ,* ..
.' ,; ,: ^

ft ft ,it .
-- . ..~ ,' ... .
ft. ft f. ft. ft /.v ft f,
s5?.~.tt f :: .t ft'ft ft f,
ft ft ,i -: f ., f
t!i' ' " .. ; , .' ' ' "
ri:. . ''> ". .." ,"* "" .:: "- ..." "" : ;." '. :" i'. ,
i. .,-, L -.q : '' "; :'":" "' :''"'" ' "'' : -" ",','".,, ,'' :."' '.. .. " J_ ':.:;7 '.3
N~I,:. . -, ._ t .. :' i. ... :_4 :... -. f I --:. ; d r 2-E _. ", ) ,.",; _* .,..,.._ev._g .,, .

. .V . .t ft ftft
. . ,



.... f : t