Haiti sun ( October 1, 1950 )

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flonorable'Ctarle, W.
O,. Unit's States Sene
o ..-Com.nern,. will ,ar.

at' Secretaivy .e rkwill
ipdnd.ohe night in the city,
as guFsL of American A.mbas'
sador William E. DeCturcy.
IA,'Mr. Sawyer will be accompa
riied by Mr Albert J. Pow- C
.er, Chief of the Caribbeaea
'.Section -of the Office of In-

i... 44

lt iernational Trade; Mr. Mason
Barr,, Chief of the Carib-
bean Branch of the Division
: of Territories and Island Pos
sessions of the Department
of the Interior; Mir. Delbert
i ,l Little, Assistant Chief of
j th- United States Weather
SBureau; M,r Donald W. No-
Top. Deputy Administrator
of the Civil Aeronautics Ad-
Sministration; and Command-
er Karl B. Jeffers, 'Assistant
t.' to the Director of the United
.. Stats Coast, and Geodetic
^. Survey.
4, ;; r. Sawv.r, as Secretary
;-.' of Commerce, has jurisdie-
.,tion over nine United States
"*t'C., bureaus: Patents, Census Fo
reign and Domestic Conmmer
ce, Coast and Geodetic Sur-
v y,, Weather, Civil Aeronau.
tics, Public Roads, Standards
and Inland Waterways. Law-
yer and businessman of Cin
cinnati, Ohio, Charles Saw-
ver has .been active in public
1- life since he was 24. He gra,
duated from Oberlin CollVe-
'e. Oberlin. Ohio. To pay his
way through the University
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pan, Flag waving -'- Cb drei'- wavying flags 'o ".N .'roops.. r
,*, ..".
...4 Mi~ g ^ ^~ ~ ^ f~ .-a&'.* _. :,, .-.i i, '
^^ "*s ^ .... S---=-

TRfUBi EIN BELGIUMd -- Strikers 'continue to prot-
est against King Leopold thr w, chairs and bottles
torni, ht theair during a cla sh with mounted Brussels po-

eir in the city's Place Rog

r la5t week.

Mrs. William '0 Tyso
(center) kisses her husband

'r, -.1


s 4 4,u
lobe' 8. General Eleci ong'
will be held here in Haiti
tq1choosp by direct popular'
vote'the President of th: .*
SRefublic, 3' Diputies,. 21
Senators and 17 Constit-
ents. The latter to write a
*new Constitutioa. Voting
started this morning at six
and will 4onuinve 11t six "
this evening.'Ar each voter,
casts his. ballot today, his,
little finger will be dipped J
into colored ink, to prev-,;''
ent double voting,-The, poP ..J

day. that all firearm '"ou,*. .,
ers. must turn Hi their t'pea .:' C.
pens at" police '.Headquart-
ers before ElectionnDdy fo'r

The i'remendous popular ,'
acclaim that has greeted
the candidacy of Colonel .
Paid Mfagloire assures his
election beyond any' sha-
dow of doubt. Colonel Ma-e, .
gloire is supported. by eve.'
ry class tin Haitian life.

Candidate Feneii Al-
phonse, who was complete-
13 unknown, s e v e ra
months agd, is" claiming- ,
considerable support from
members of professional
groups, farmers and trades .
men. Political alightlb J.
arts" report that his Libe- ,
ral Denaocratic Party is .
well organized throughout
the country.

A tour of this city this
morning did not reveal a
n single incident, people we-
ad re going about vote casting

as their dauthier, Mrs. Mel-1 in a conscientious and ord-
lisa Carter, looks on in Los erly manner.
.:c!.-. after they learned
iLha an act of kindAess 30 Last night many groups
year ago had brought them. in Petionville and Port-au
ai fortune. They gave an old Prince held meetings wkitb ..z'
tran a ride to the beach in a view to supporting C6o1-
n^ 0. A will. written on nel Magloire. It !s premix-,., R'
wrapping paper by the old Ied that the electoral GopI '-'j'
man, an eccentric millionai-l tw.s will go along s .
re, left the Tysons fl 100. ly. And by'- 12 midnig
S 000 and Mrs Carter !23.000 results should be knsnu',

(center) kisses her,,. '. Iei

'" H n, *. * *, .*, '_.. l<'.:) .alA B i ii .*.^ W^f "-

, GERANT -R. ..L ,

-- N o.' 4

ConH ,0

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S Near East and throughout of human being this tron- JA d be no indis, I .
Sk the world. Although the bled world needs at this ee taote be no n ngdscrt-, guish between iyrants and
words have been used befo particular time. He ce LATIN ERICA OFFr- ate rengeo He said those impressed into servi
re, they apply with special up from pover ) EDl OF PINt -4 FUND e ,ep old 'oa lten- ce by the i.vaders.
accuracy to this distingui- work, won his "4 as A .
shed a randchild of Ameri- cher, field inea 1or dW aGif 1. a
can Negro slaves: he is a public official, ted tes ed
c. credit to his race, the hu-', mands the rirt of Am s
; man raceS. who have come a con Af r that A pr isred to p
Th-E NEW YORK TLMES with him or who know up $. 12.000.000 for co-ope
SAID: even a little about his ac-ra4'e technical ass stance .r, -f
S American Negroes have complishn cents. programs in the Western s
a right to be proud that one, Hemisphere.
of their race, Dr. Ralph uW'hen this much has ward G. Afiller jr., As -
sistant Secretary of State,
-. ,. anid Capes W iamnithk, admi-
,tra'tor for ~the .Point 4
I projrin, made 'the an-
nouncement ko a meeting of
the inter-American Econo- '
mic and Social Council at
the Pan American Union.
I The council is an intergo- o
ernment organization of the
American republics.
Mr. Waynick noted that NEW' BADGE FOR MURPHY.- Acting Mayor Vin-
.was about one cent Impellieri (left) of New York pins a police
third of the total "money. badge on the newly-apointted commissioner of poli-
Congress appropriated for ce. Thomas F..urphy. Murphy's uthie looks on. The
technical assistance ypro- 'nez comnihssionner, as an a distant U.5S. attorney, suc-
grams, called Point 4 from cessfudly prosecuted the Alger Hiss case.
President Truman's listing.
it in an address to Con- I DONESIA JOINS 'and a greater number of Mo
gress. UNITED NATIONS AS 60th slems than any other nation.
be ai there I MEIBER The Netherlands and Great
e photo, taken i New York City (June 24, 1949) oads anid airfields, Mr.i1 I Bnitain., among thl nation's
'lp Bune ceter), Acting United Na- ayick said assistance rpbl of ndonesia speaking, not only welcom-
mr R Palp eente, ewa sid ithe former Dutch East In- ed Indonesia, but also deplor
,Palestine, receiving Volume I. of would be gi..en
i Yeoarbook* and Israeli Annual,, present- such agencies a' the Civil lnws and e now the world's ed the fact that ny other
..ed by Miss Sophie A. Udin (right), Director and Li- Acronautics Administration bee the sixtieth member vainlre o year
ibrada of the Zkionist Arch lives and Library of the Ke- the Public Roads Adminis-lof the Unith Nastions thurs- novn, to again admission t
Hiaysod' (Palestine' Foun action Fund), and AMr. A- traction, the Census Bureau day and the firs n u now, to again admission to
'. bam Krumein, chairmann of theFinance Commit- and others. y st new U.N. the U.N. In all, there are
ee of the Ki i d member since the admission fourteen frtistrated applic-
Vrnea.ys. of Israel in the spring of ants lined up outside the U.
u aoe,. s been 'awadedbe'sad we sill have to which studied economic pro 1949. i n. door. Five are Russian sa
the Nobel.prie. All 4-me. return to the fact of race. blems of the Philippines is ADMISSION APPLAUDED tellites which have never re
Vi"css have a jig.h to be Rdalph Bunche-is a' great in- expected to give President In the Assembly a parade ceived the necessary seven
proud ')ob. Biut the import- dividual but the recogni- Truman detailedd recommend of countries hailed the ad- votes in the Security Coun-
S pojkit is Atot that Dr. tion that has come to him rations for a new program mission of the new country cil and nine are countries
, B liBche. is a "Negroes or speak eloquently to the co- of American aid to the is- -an island chain which has which have been knocked.
J at hbe is .an 'American.:lored peoples of the world., fnd, suun. Official sources a population of 72,000.000 out by Russian vetoes.
e imaportd nt point is that 'This is democracy speak- said today the proposals
'A. iurd, given for ser- ing and saying to all huma- were nearly ready to go to
J"Os in 'b'rinjng peace to nity that it values men the White House.
.Israel and the Arab states, for their personal worth ,
*&as. richly earned by charac and not for the extraneous
ter, cburarge and intelligen circumstances of their bre- GUATEXALA ,
ve. Ralph Bunche is the sort ed or origin. ELCTIONS DECREED

executive decree calling for
Presidential elections on
TOURIST VISAS Nov. 10. 11 and 12 was ap-
Pr novd by Congress today.
The action of the Chilean '-e travel ditisioti of the The winner of the election
-=d Botivian governments Van American Union, the 'ill be 'inaugurated March 1KC,
-. In eliminating visa require- wivernments of Colpmbia 15, 1951, when President J.
, nme'its for. United States iour- taid Paraguay are in the pro Jose Arevalo's six-year term
iss wpgbraised last week by ess of modifying their en- expires.
,Dr. AlNini ieras, secretary} ry requirements in order to
gen., 'of the Pan Ameri- tract greater numbers of
.canIJk; who pointed out: ourist. 'Uruguay eliminated Loster
,..1t hs 'tourists are per-: he visa requirement some
eel to enter with a tour- time ago. Ecuador, Mexico Super Fresh
di ,i.'a diig card'- nota- and practically all the Carib-I
blyMzaico and Cuba- tour bean and Central American I Specialties
.I AAI.s IN KORA----Commandcr of the British forces
Aih become a major eco publics now admi tourists Grand Rue .n Korea, Brigadier B. A. Coid (on the right speaking .
noic esoace. in a. tourist or landing card ith Maj. Gen. Hobart Gay on the left) Officier corn-
A abrding to a survey by which ig.easily obtainable. I Next to Pharmacie manding the first cavalry Division.
Is. i







Sunday evening, the Rev.
Father Louis Beranger, died By commission of the
at the Hospital of St. Fran- Junta Government the fol-
gois de Sales. His funeral lowing appointments have
awas held ttaesday morning been made to the National
Father Louis Beranger was Office of Tourism:
born on October 24, 1894, in Mr. Jean Brierre, Direc-
the diocese of Nantes, on the tor General.
Marne, canton of Machecoul M. Jules Noisy, as Com-
He studied philosophy and emissary.
theology at the Apostolical Mme Roland Najac, as
School of Poitiers, and at Commissary.
the Grand Seminary of St. M. Edouard Benjamin, as
James. Ordained on July 16, Chief of the Service of Sup
1916, he reached Haiti on plies, Dispatch of Corres-
March 4 the- following year pondence and Files.
at the age of 23 years. On M. Lucius Franck, as Em
July 8 th of the same year ployee Service of Supplies.
be was appointed deputy M. Eric F. Etienne, as Di-
deacon St., Ann's Church of rector of the Bureau of
Port- au- dPrince. The Dea- Tourism of Cap-Haitien.
J:- coUship was conferred on M. Leopold Sanchez, as
him at the Sacred Heart Secretary of the Bureau of
Church Turgeau on July f5 Tourism of Cap- Haitien.
th. and on the 29 th. of the M. Alain Mercier, as Of-
same month he received thelficial Guide attached tp the
priesthood at the Cathedral Bureau of Tourism of Cap-
of Port- au -Prince. Appoint- Haiien.
ed Priest at the Cathedral M. Didier Jarbath, as A-
on August 4 th. he remain- gent in charge of the Bu-
ed in that ,position until A- reau of Tourism of Jacmel
pril 12, 1925, at which date M. Gerard de Catalogue.
he was appointed Adminis- as Director of the .Haitian
trator of Saut d'Eau Church Bureau of Tourist Informa-
On January 21st he became tioo in New York.
Cure at Grand Bois and re- Mile Madeleine Cassa
mained there up to April 5 gool as Secretary and Ty-
th On october 29th. he was pist of the Haitian Bureau
appointed Pastor of Bellefon- of Tourist Information

taine. Father iBranger who Mme. Felix Ba
_poke the Creole language rector of Hotel
fluently won the. friend ship Belladere.
and respect of his parishion- M. Charles de (
ers. After 20 years the peo- as Director Adm
pie of Belle fontaine speak of the Theatre de
of uim as ,.Reverend Father ,Massillon Coicou'
Berangir, our father*. On M. Joseph Feq
November 12. 1932 he was Manager of the TI
appointed Cur6 of Ganthier, Verduke.
the position which he occu- M. Roger Cole,
pied until his retirement on crical Operator at
April 22 nd. His latter days acre de Verdure.
were spent in Pletionville at M. Musset Pean.
the Nunnery of the Sisters Guide attached to
of Wisdom. ,reau of Tourism of
On this occasion we 'beg tiea
i r cnni-nop an .e letin

he A.rcnoishop and the Cler
gy of the Archidiocese to re-
ceive our sincere condolean-


yard, Li-
Club of

uiere as
theatre de

as Elec-
the The-

the Bu-

M. Guy Laraque. as Chief
of Service of General Corres
pondance at the National Of
fice of Tourism.
Mile Caridad Appollo, as
Secretary Typist.
Mile Paulette Guichard as
Secretary Typist.
M. Felix Racster, as Chief

On Friday 6 th. the Direc of Setrice Information of
tor of ,Le Matin,, Mr.Franck Staistis and Reeptionist.
C. Magloire accompanied by M. Ernest Adam, as Elec-
his.wife left for New York trial Helper at the Theatre
to attend the 6 th Interame- de Verdure lp assillon Coi-
rican P r e s s Conference
which will be held at the coum.
Waldorf Astoria from Octob- .1V. Ernmanue Cauvin as
er 9 to 15 th. Controler at the Theatre de
During the absence of the Verdure. ;
Director of .Le Matins, its M. Anthony Rameau, as
'. Management is entrusted to Controler at the Theatre de
Messrs. Serge Corvington Verdure.
and F. Morisseau Leroy. October 7, 1950.
L .- .''''. .

TO NTATItflN I nrN urF


Dr. Francis Mitchel, from
Liberia arrived in Port- au-
Prince with the object of es-
tablishing a blood bank.
Dr. Mitchel was born in
Galveston, Texas, of British
parents from Trinidad who
emigrated to the U.S. He left
the U.S in 1931'for Liberia
where in less than 2 years
he became a naturalized citi-
zen. He left Liberia to

live Director occupied by En
gineer Gresset Herard Has
been done away with.
We conrlpliment Mr. Luc

A WOMAN IS HEARD .practice medicine in various
'countries, notably in Sierra
Leone and Venezuela, from
The treating of HIaittan wo the latter country he has co-
mrn like slaves and children me to this city with tlh ob-
is coming to an end said Ma- ject aforementioned.
dame Madeleine Sylvain Bou When we think oa the
chereau, at a mass meeting number of women tha- die
on the champ de Mars,in ho in confinement and the num
nour of Colonel Paul Magloa- ber'of mortal accidents re-
re, tuesday evening septemnb gistered just because no hos
er 20 th. pital, no private or .public
, continued Madame Bouche- the rescue of those whose ca-
reau, in vwhLich more than se claims an immediate need
half of the Haitian people of blood plasma, we are not
will Nolonger be put aside at a loss to wish full success
when decisions about the fa- to the initiative of Dr Mit-.
te of the nation are being ma chel.
The Haitian woman ased An outfit costing nearly
S atin .. $ 15.000 will soon be instal-
or emancipate t be led. A part of this has alrea-
se se has, political ambi- .. h ..... ,.
ons but 'eause, .ht dy arrived here. Mitchelwhj
t. .o .. or has studied in the great me-
to vote is for ber the only .ical centers abroad, is con- .
.. .. e "e -- sical centers abroad, as con-
way to obtain a better legal sid..red one of the finest pe
status and the social applica- oialists in medical matters.
tion of social refers neces
sary for the development of
Raising her ciy for justi- TION OF POST OFFICES'
ce, and equality, Madame TO ISSUE COMM.EMO-
Bouchereau, demanded that RATIVE POSTAGE
action be taken for the revi- STAMPS OF THE UNIVER-
sion of the civil and penal SAL POSTAL UNION
code in order to establish e-
quality of rights between The General Administra-
man and woman, tion of Post Offices advise.
<,We want to citizens,said that Commemorative Stamps
Madame Bouchereau in or- of the 75 'th. Anniversary
der to obtain social reforms, of the Universal Postal U-
We want to 'help our country union will -be placed on sale
in its ifighit fight against ig- at the Post Office, Grand-
norance poverty and sickn- Rue, starting wednesday oc-
.ess. We ask for bettg .orga. tober 4 th The Post Qffike
nization of educationw,-?antta seal will appear on these
tion. labour, and soctisecu- stamps the "first day.
rity. We askfor schools for Port- au- Prince, September
all the Haitian young and 310, 1950.
old in the towns and the vil-i
lages. Hospitals, nurseries '
night-shelters orphanages, ju REFORM STARTED.AT
venile courts, homes for the THE TELEGRAPIf AND
mentally and physically' de- TELEPHONE OFFICE
fective. A Reform was started last
Madame Madeleine Syl- Friday at the Telephone and
vain Bouchereau concluded Telegraph office, in an effocit
heir peech by declaring that ,to clear the .ground for oper-
Colonel Mragloire's program national modernization, reor-
upheld many of these social ganizat4on, expansion, 'and to
reforms and that because of provide telephones that work
his liberalplatforrm for justi- In the mopping up opera-
oc and eility, the women tions more than 25 esinecu-.
of Haiti are in full support ress, 'have been discharged
of his election. rThe nrsition of Admi, N

toria Hotel from october -t
to 15.

A youngg wonian came-c V
se to being electrocuted jastN(',
week while Walking doTxv.
the i Enelus o
steppe on .l
was6',nMi ground.
The il was taken to '
Gerierals case f.njJSe grave "
was .e. ht.the lAt" -
trcien.e '6 4 K "Copingmne -'
d'Eclisaiage 'Eletriqud .in '
the live wire undtteided On
the roa i e ce)

The '.S.S Sea. cat, ar-
rived .in thfe bay at' 8 a.m.
Saturday -from Guaptanamo
Bay Cuba.
The sub with a 'comple-
ment of 70 men, 7 officers
is under the command of
CDR Charles F. Leigh.
uSea Capt is to leave today
at 5 p.m. destination unk-

rouchne, secretary of State SHIP ON
for Public works who is di- HARBOUR REEF
rectly responsible for this A.P.C Class U.S Ves
and other reforms of services' lass o
that are under hip supervi- sel were aground in Port-au
on. under hi upervi- day morning in Port-au- ..
Prince harbour.
_' It -was qot icess'Pry to "
abandon ship, although an
An operator protests theattempt failed .to take 'her -
unfairness of calling -him aoff at 4 p.m. yesterday. A
war profiteer, as three is nosecond. attempt will be tri,
time, he says, when he is noted at high tide today. The
after a fast buck. going will be rough as this



An appropriation of 145.
500 gourdes has 'been award
ed the Finance Department
to be used for the winding
up of certain debts contract-
ed for the Exposition.
The well known American
Journalist, James Tuck, ar-
rived in Port-au- Prince
thursday october 5th. He is
here to cover the elections
which are to take place on
Sunday the 8 th. Mr. Tuck
well known as a friend of
Haiti will report on the
events of the elections for
cNews Weeks and will take
same pictures for
the iNational Broadcasting

Mr. Max Chauvet,, Dirne-
tor of aLe Nouvellistes leff
on Tuesday 3rd. for New
York to attend the 6th Inter .
american Press Conference
to be held at the Waldorf Ast





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.rn the acenrries with an waes full of messages and penises. Use p.m. to settc pro Be cutidous of energy, ac- TUE. Arrogance, disre-
hdic lavishnes of tintd iusics wll be lost to us. blrms, arrange terms. Even- tions. Neighborhood af- gard, demands, make for
contortibns. GOUM OI OUP. ing fine for home sociabiLity. fairs 'are enjoyable in p.m. I tense or dangerous situa-
.'.The obsessing .coudiaille ENVOI A LA'CREOLE WED. Situation break WED. Sudden news, in- tons. Go carefully. Contact-
fviolt all musical. harmo- Fair Creole of the 'West sooner than expected. Try terruprions, breakdowns or higherups, clarify, in p.m.
4 jtjed ijp in the ctowd Indies your penetrating eyes not to let personal or do-1 minor accidents get you off WED. -. Daytime can si-
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It iis-ie Haytian festival. your or others edginess, ma granted. Wisdom can pre-1 blowours. Mediation, get-
.. SUMMIER SUNSET ON ke it easy to nurse or re- vent accidents. together, improve even-
A8NTI, MARC THE, ARTIBONITE hash grievances. Find diver- SAT. Emotional uphea- ing. '
e i 'ess. The ibces die a- sn ashow, obby. treat vals or difficulties with SAT. K ep up efforts to
e of the a ity illness. The deepnessFor those children may have. distur- erase animosirt and get eve
t~er~lge of the C'ity way. From the deepness, of born October 2 -Novem bed sleep. esmo
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1Sant- e thing.". dnce. The purple ae edgy condition, to medt ly. Write, visit.
a RaTheriw 'tay 66mni hIn silence.---- The pupe ______

i aI"op. The tropical sunJ
I'"its .ihntnsidness. pours to
naWu-tn its white ac-.
'..a'station is. jam-
Ww jWih well- to-edo bour-
Jsti ate'guesses but still
4; bi.more hohork
,.yi)q:'was lovely
*rithla6es of all the
t*i he. ASd when, as
ture, ;a piece of
'oew ut of the win-
'a coath, a snall out-
i'antly dressed up
y.was there to citch. it.
Wsea also was beautifully
irtid,-, vrth laces of all
t. blue.. Ddmniziting
h6 se6anery, unconcerned,the
yarhanging mountain Dia-
inud stood...
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M:.8iA. N wFOR YOU

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SAve. du Travail Tel:53d0

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ttjted mouiitains present a
'religious, aspect. So it be
when desires are subdued
ad apprehensions vanish.
All t~hri' d and inalte rable se
renit. ,The .aii tires, e rect
and, ite,- are thoueiat in
their. ibfetness.
.,Deare y are the fire. trees
adorned "wth their.' flying

. 'black fisherman with .a
ba'&gr G'und 'of tGe.. intense
adark dtie dr the tipluedt- sea
btris to mind a 'Vidoo Tehp-
tune *ith a ieeret t6o confide
t.q his -Kingdom. And bey-
brfll, the white sallq are as
fitany question marks dotting
the,purpll ciepi4scule of the
dnicomongnight. .
We require the darkness
of the. night to worship the .'
itgmt. Thae Gcucjess make "arl Sandburg. noted IVhtl-
of the ground a starlit night. d States poer, and birt4
Rtbm afqr comes the' slow r of-Abrahbm Lincoln (U.
and e\,erlasting music of the President from 1861 16O
sea in its feverish flirt with 8653). Sandburg's Ia.te s t
nature. And the sea sings on ook, aLincoln Collector,n a
it. slow enchanting music. omplation of letters, doeu-.
nent's, and somice material
SQUAB elating to Lincoln and his
U period, was published Febru
SUPER FRESH ry 1950.
,tnGm d': -* INA d0 M b(Uf J.Ur

1r .e N-ex/ Io
Pbharnmae Telemaque

aE urg wU_ orn a
ary 8, 1878 in Galesburg, in

I 1




FROM $160.,



ING: 2242

he midwestern State of II- the publication of *Cbica-
linois. As a young man be go." His poetic works inclu-
followed a varied career in- 'e "Corn Huskers, aSmoke
luding newspaper and edi- nd Steel," aSlabs of the
orial writing. He first won unburnt West," and uThe
fame as a Poet in 1914 with people Yes.=

-. 4" "4.


Grand Rue, Naet to I
Pharnnacie Telemaque '


3 Tablespoons butter
pound bottom round
3 Tablespooips flour salt
and pepper
2 Cupj milk
2 beef bolon :cubest
. dash worsestershime spuce.
Melt the fn#ter in a fry-
ing pan and saute the
ground meat in it until se-
parated and brown. Stir in
flour, salt and pepper. Add
the pilk and dissolved beef
bouillon cubes slowly let
boil I minute and then sea
son with worcestershire sau
ce and additional salt and
pepper if necessary. A half
teaspoon of minced onion
may be santeed with the
beef if desired.



September JO th.
10 O'clock. aWhat apla-
ce to find one's divinity in.
11 O'clock- Some people
iill believe anything. if it
is iuhispered to them.
(the sign)
12 O'clock: all angels
uere dressed in white and
I O'clock: When she is
in a very smart gown, she
looks like an "Edition de
luxenof a bad french novel
(Dorian Gray)
Later: It was nice seeing
you again, even for such a
long time.
Still Later: It was a
sell party. I'm sick as a
Early: Don't measure
your importance by your
morning shadow.
(Albanian proverb) I

The Radio: We keep the
radio going all the time to
distract our empty heads.
(Ann Bridge)

Centre d'Art: If there is
so meaning in it, said the
king, that saves a world of
trouble you know. as we
sedn't try to find any.
(Alice in wonderland)



MTENS *- Shoes
NURSES White Shoes
LADIES Underwear
Co'ton Strapless Dresses.


Opposite K LM Airways
Rue des Miracles

Visitors Weicoi



Rue du Peuple


Art and Curio Shop
Rue du Quai -'Tel: 3145

Mahogany, Sisa' Shoes & Bags
Silver & French Perfumes


Rue du Magasin de I'Etat



, This new PirestonU
8 cu. t. refrigerator
has five separate stor-
age zones to keep all
types of foods at peak
flavor. There's a big
locker for trosea
foods and loe esbes;

Hours are from
-4 ps*. seme #/A
'tweep the hearsJ
2 pem.
Sat. is noon
a number of sh
--- ouvesir shot
through 'he day
Banks open a
close at I'p.m. S
-Post Offfice o
.m and close at

1 .5


Ipea fo uam. ata ttEA$U'ED NAME IN PERFUME..e
M k a m e1 as hess '..140 "'-"- sho w
ihle e i s TO,' -

. ...---.' . .. ..

,. _;, .. ,. .,. ..,.,.... :. .... .. :. ,_ .s iX0 : "


Haiti's leading department store.


8 a..m. till
s cose be-
of 12 and

closing, bit
ops especial- .,
PS sty open

f .,W8 .
5.*90 M.. .:

l i :


Wt6E ~


KOREA HAS STRUGGLED grown on every flat space re seized or expropriated.
FOR MNITY AND .where irrigation is possible. Korean patriots penned
SINDEPENDENCE FOR Tha.chbd farm houses and their own declaradon of In-
50 YEARS green terraces snuggle in e- dependence in 1919. This tou
-very narrow valley between ching and beautifully writ-
the endless lines of folded ten document was presented
A great many people in hills. Soybeans,hemp, wheat, to the Japanese with peace-
the World were very vague barley, and vegetables are flu intent, 'but the signers
ablut Mhe location of Korea cultivated in dry fields. were executed.
until the recent outbreak oa Throughout its modern his A provisional government
fighting in that li.fle coun- tory the ancient nation uf in exile was formed. For ma-
try that juts from Manchuria. Korea has been engaged in ny years this powerless gov-
and 'the Soveit Union, a tragic struggle for freedom, eminent, under Dr. Syng-
It 'is a rugged -land of 30. uni.y, and' independence. man Rhee, campaigned for
000.000 people with moun- Japan annexed the cowiu- indepdence. In 1948 the Rhee
tain ranges comparable in try in 1910 and proceeded to government at Seoul was re-'
height to Mountains .of Ceploit i.te resources .bfoughb cognized by -the United Na-'
H ai t i covering virtually ly until the end .of World tions, though the northern
all .he country. Granite hills War fl. But for years prior half of the country was un-
up to 6.300 feet fold the ter- to the annexation, Korea der Russian domination.
rain of lhe United States had been a pawn in the big
sponsored Republic' of (Jo- power politics of Japan. Chi- STRANGE ICUSTOMS
rea the southern three-A f.i, and Rus4ia.
seveft t fe 'pettinsiilar Peaice-seeling Korea ush- The Koreans have a num-
, land. .i'ey form a twisting ered in ils modern era by con ber of customs which people
networg qf valleys which in clutilng an open door- trea- of oiher country find amus-
:vadei~have always'followed. ,ty th "Japan in 1876. But ing.
So.completely do the rug- Nipponese promises of inde- For instance, by long est-
ged 1 ,s crease the country pepdence- were soon forgot- abolished custom, the Korean
S that il and highway rodtqu ten. The Sino-Japanese war bridegroom stays with his
twist 'fantastically in, conhee- of "1894-95 left Japan the do- bride three days in his father
ting cities and towns. minant foreign power in Ko- -in-law's house before retur-
G Che, transportation, a-te- rea. This hold was consolid- ning with her to his own pa-
Sry o' South Korea, for- ins- ated by victory in th6 Russo- rents' house. Official man-
ance,' ii the double-tracked, Japanese war a decade later, hood begins for the Korean
'Stahndar-gauge railroad, un and the Koreans had no free l'only after marriage. Even if
S,, g n '"diagond@ly from H-peju government of their own un- he is 70, a bachelor's opin-
In"'the rtkl"%est op the- tiol- .il the elections held in 1948 io has little influence.
atit;38 tharat ondary nder United ations.auspi-' "White is the traditional
-through o, .Tae on, ard ces* color of mourning in Korea,
Taegz to the sdutiteastern Sitn4e it is, worn for three
-*.port .of 'PLTsn.' omt Ifeei FOUNDED IN 1122 B. C. years for close relatives, Ko-
to Psani, bywi, r'aEtofieci,, ies rean families are in mourn-
named is just about ,290, air Old Korea's origins are ing while much of the times.
milesi'and 400 miles 1y'rail. obscured by time, but her -potential barmer to an in-
S : p people claim a history of mo vader's progress is the po
^ _...,-C re than 42 centuries. Korean pulton o. South Korea. It
. gend celebrates a founder s ,now 20. million, three-
S A ..e tine in: te past na TanGun of suerhu fourths of them on farms.
Satu~i'.forces tU~ed the[ man igin ,ole le-edDespite the mountains that
.'. ,ouehwai polini.Og P'-nsu-. tMb 'is still venerated. Mo- ule out cultivation of most
a-. dOald- the"west, or Ye- re credibe are the historic of the area, that is more
,ow .sea ide, and up on th references to a Chinese no- than twice the population o
t,'he coast of the Sea of ble .who migrated Korea North Korea, and five times
a pan. As a result of this that of Hayi.
-ra, although averin 1122 B. C., and founded a ayti.
il- yia, although it avel' dynasty there that ruled the
'i4es-15 miles' in idth, has o "any century.
,- a o.untry for many century.
Sot d5 s inlvided 'abs th of what we now At the last moment there
t ~aut.. dI. ow as Korea had attained is always a reason not exist-
e cdlt. a degree of unity and enjoy-)'ng before: namely, the Im-
i ifhe west .coast has a pars.- ed an old culture at the timeipossibility fo further vacilla-
ly jubmerged shortt line mar the Romaq Empire flourish-, tion.
k~d by countless fjordlike ed. In the 14th century the George ELIOT
l qyaB.'-fiNlanda. Yellow Sea relatively' small penrinsular
-', tiPes i]uc.uaiing 25 feet and cquitry ;became kndwn as ost forms ofcon
nb". n)re, have created -broad ti- the, kingdom' of tChosen-, a. unost forms of contempt
d -lats. name often given Korea to are unwis!; but one of them
las fhis da.y. t eems to us .peculiarly ridi-
j east coat on the ot- culous contempt for the
er b.and, hs t re, aer completing its age one lives in.
-a atre aty of 1876 with the Japa Henry JAMES
.Lfpns.an a straight, srese. made, similar ,
""ineu .5 h tid-Mp sin__oun _Den ___ ____op_-"
Z.., e s o r n door,, agreements with a
sand beahds washed by I numb er of other powers, in- LOBSTER
l uding the United States
gl ar w a.ecs. ,o "
cler ea but none sen-ed to protect
South Korea is tIe agri- tu none served protect --
the" IXrta from aggression and
cit;ural part of the peninso-'explol.ation.
a as-.divided arbitrarily aL Japan, after winning its Sper. Fresh
t he 38th. parallel ip 1945 .s a 'war with Russia, made Ko- pecialties
RUsso-Americar military .exl rea a protec.orate for a ti- Grand Rue
e, o s inof me until the annexation, xi to Pharnace
Rce is when Korean properties we- Telemaque Tel: 2662




S.Et tt el 1 ~abt nw b e. qnuAl y ft inise a
I' neras u low a U* ktelow zero, w two storage
g' ; atuntmps. alnite wth svA tashes or .berglab
S l t. motor...rnoa.n Zdfgrat t. V-mich T_ iUth
h 4 SMlt I*t_


._ AND



Sole distributor of the
New York Herald Tribune
(Deliver daily to your door)

- ,,~ar, w, an,' s a V, a

leMt lY) ",9

.... .." [ i. =...-.;...'

777- - 1, - ` r7-! z - , : , ? ; ;, : : . "; 1 i -: 7 1, 1,' :1 :- , : , , _1 !_ I i I !, ..' ',,:,





INTERI'IEIr WITH you prefer to paint most?
A LIBRARYA. I like to paint farm

MUSEUM OF COLONIAL tines. I paint them mostly
SFURNITURE Gabriel Leveque lives from memory.
SIMON BOLIVAR about?... This book is the sto in Croix des Bouquets, a lit
By ry of what they sing, and museum of colonial fur- tie village about 30 milts Q. When you are
Gerhard ,MASUR what their singing means to irure and household amr- from Port-au -Prince. Despi painting, do you want to
The Book is a thought- them. It is the story of Hai- les has been opened in te his 26 ears of age, he ih be realistic? L
Jul study of the life and ti, which is the child aof Da- e ad, Curacao. A f still supported by par- A. I always try to re-
character of the South Ae hoey in Africa. ve-minute taxi ride from enAt but hopes I day to have present the elemeia of my
rican Liberator, and the The words of approxima- the center of town, the mu his own studio in Port-au- painting as they are in
best ever published on Bo- tely one hundred eighty-five seum s gayly colored roof Prince. The establishment iry. That is why I want
livar. Dr. Masur, inter.- Eoi songs are here set down o luseoni a growing collection of this studi has. become now to paint directly from
.res Bolirar's life as a tra- in the original Creole and of an ideal to Leeque since Naturey from
gedy in terms of his dualh- translated into English. Melo or ir historical inter it represefis a new indePen Q. Are }ou always sa-
S t and illustrate it by well. die for one hundred twenty acmo the obGrace Lineha dent life for him. usfied wth our paintings?
Chosen' and significant pas- six of theuis are included. Fi- among the objects tha r
Sages front the Liberators ve introductory chapters dis- )r. Chris Engels, the foun- Although distance bre,- A. Some paintings I
on writngs. Dr. Masur, a css the background of so- der the museum has ga- er him from coming to like very much after-I fin-
refugee from Hitler who cal traditions in Haiti: ra- hered ogeher are beds the big city often, from ti- ish them: others I do over
Settled n Columbia spent cil1 and cultural origins, ith Pgilded edges and cur- me to time he makes the again adding more detail
Three or more years digging what Vodoun and the deities ln aud bls chande-tp breghng 3 or 4 pictu- until they look complete to
-materials or the book,sohe signify to the Haitian. rel- iers, and bells hich once res that be has painted me. Sometime they canpt
could be able to resent Bo ius rituals, ork patterns r used to summon sla hs lonesome village. Al- be cmpleed because of cer
lcoiva e as ble t- present a o h ot secular aspects oof es to work on the plana-' ways these painting repre- tain colors don't h a v 6
livar as he was, an author- the culture tions. In the garden, repre- sent agricultural scenes or ve at the time. Then I leave'
ae nt H yo h Haitian music derives out senmative plants can be seen folk stories that he u-a. told them until I buy those co-
s ook can he fond of all the elements of e ile the unusual birds of when a boy. ors because the colors I
at the Haitian American eeryday ,tie the people as soon as instruction ot Q. Do you know any- put niust exactly corres-
Institute Library. -labor, rumor, religion, and the iary is completed. hing about Vodou? pond with those in Nature.
I Bolovar old -ill di- the dance. The author belierpv- tha Q c i A re y winter
Sraso es that the lonms are a cnm tell you that Q. Are you interested s
sappoed, grieved, caluB- pte storehouse of old cus- never in my life have I as- in reading books on Art?
aed and badly paid. e- tos d beliefs. There is a sister a Vodou ceremony. I A. I do like to read
leave me I have never look perpernatural. There is a: anm sure that >ou wouldn't books on Art and look at
ed upon uprisings with fri- 1rile s ur heal of srica and J- t believe ae. My. parents re the pictures in them. I like
ends eyes, and during thee Afrcan deities in the r Catholics and there not Raphael and Delacroix but
last d o havose even gle n called Vodoun, and n / interested in Vodou. I like Raphael better. One
gained ofst those Spawho undertook g All n he Haitians sin- Q. What about some of his paintings that I like
an theSonigacoes Al tie 3nd the music instruments of your paintings that repre very much is "Transfigura-
sm e I co s he thev use. This book is a dia sent gods of the forest or of non", a painting finished
sa c nc de co son; have no th the water- are they Vodou a fte hpa

me to desperation. I am of d to a more or less rapid THE HAITIAN that I heard or read about A. th es they do- and
the opinion that everything graphtn roug the p AMERJCAN INSTITUTE in school. I would like so se. The feeall havet I de hft-
is lost foreeer... Ift t were hr gne ra tio ano LCORATES m intodo ub el choe this career d sin
only a case of making a sa- er generation ruch music LCORATES jects but before I do s. ely chose this care, so they li-
crie, even were it ap- sort recorded here The Haitia American have to stud so that I ke wha I am doing.
piness, or my life, or my TA NOTE a THpeld stilte ha* redecorated its donu misinterpret the relig- E
honor, beleive me, I should ON THE AUTHOR library ad ous significance. lean CHENET
not hesitate. But I am con- th Couanderis the au- The intri ich subject do Copyright 1950)
vinced that such a sacrifice o eteroal plays. arti- has hei repainted, and
would be useless, for the ces on aiti and the Doa- ,e- pictures hung. A study
change a world i byo a world is bo ond a nan Republic, poetry and corner has ben arranged a
poor man's power, and sin one r avieing for the one end eo the room using
ce I am incapable of eBa- NI ork Sun and the Sa- no overhead lighting, but St O so
bling the happiness of my rurday Review of Literamu- rather hoet lighs held in
counter. I refuse to rule it. re. A novel with a West In baskets and Bamboo lamps.
Moreover, the tyrants of d a background was permanent picture racks ha
my country have expelled Published in the spring of ,e been built into the tops
and outlawed me: thus I 1940. He has made six of the bookshelves. These B o o k s
have no country to which I trips to Haiti. and his obser contain biweekly exhibits AND
could render sacrifices". vanons in FL-AITI SING- of pictural records o Ame
HATI SINGING uNGare cholarly pre- rican life. They are lighted MAGAZINES
Byudiced and truly revealing by celabash shaded lights. MAGAZINES
By oof the way of life of the These lighted also flood the
Harold Courlander people who inhabit the Has booksheves in this area of
sings and danos. Babies of the room. EN ISH
three years dance Vodoun TL he music room has been ENGLISH
and Petro with their elders. LOster completely revised to prov- Sole distributor of the
On Saturday night, some- Super Fresh de more space. New York Herald Tribuee
where, there will be a dance Specialties Indirect calabash lamps (Deliver daily to your door)
Other e will be drummers and Grand Rue ilminate the records. Ban- A le
people singing. Next to Pharme ie boo lamps on the opposite e.
...And what do they sing Telemaque Continued o. Page 12 A. L A. L T "l

,w~ ~. ~

| PAGE 5


" I

;., .Champ de MAars

.t11 does not hurt the eyes aGadd pa boule gdn

0of -
A unique collection of re-
ics are to be found, at the

WARM WELCOME Port au Prince on t h c
SOO Champ de Mars.
COOL SPOT. Visiting Hours: Monday
through Saturday 9 A.M -
SHIGGINS 42 noon

'B : BAR
and hi drums,. HOTELROOSEVELT
I., -
5.000 Ft. above Sea- Level
"^/' *- '. The-best-
S' Cuisine Rooms
and Wine Cellar


So .E y an Exce tioal ,

.' AT

l: oewoille
I -' o..---------------

aA Mexican song that has
become very popular in
| tou 'a
Cancion Blues.
Luis Arcaraz
SViajera que vas por ciolo
y por mar
Sdejando en los corazones
l iatir de passion,vibrar de ca;
:y luego mil decepciones.
A mi me toco quererte tam
besarte y despuis perderte.
Dios quiera que al fin te can
ses de and.ar.- ,
y entonces q ieras quedarte
No sd. que serfq sin verte, ,
no sd, -qie vend-ra deipudAe
No s9 si podrd olvidarte,
no sJ si me mordir...... .
Mi luna y mi- sol iran Iras de
1i I k .
unidos con mis canciones
decidndote ven, regresa otra
as as corazezoe
nO"Tompas mas corazones.







Bountifid, Complete,
Served today -
Abundant variety with
Plenty of palace appeal.
(Your Favorite drink ma-
de by Experienced Mixolo-

Dishing Up
Is our specialty





-Enjoy all Club Facilities
ami d pleasant Surroundings
Open for Membership
A;PPly: Astoise Dupoux Mgr. TEL: 7133 A motorist touring in the west coast State of
in the United. Staes stops his car in a tunnel cu
,', a esquoia tree in a State park

. .. .

dt through




(Exposition Grounds)

Cold Drink
and Sandwkbh
(American Style Grocery)
Rue Pavee 2 blocks
From the Grand Rue




TEL: 2242
... ,* i **'--^ **'Ks .:


SUNDAY OCT. 8 th. -


By MIary WILLARD that they are willing to ac- ,!er. app-p butter, and pectin. p nk cloud, and in the fall,
---non-- eept the slogan almost lite- ercn is ueed to solidify wv.hLn the ripe fruit is gathe-
October is apple- picking rattly For generations Am.'ri- frdtt jel!ic-. Apple butter and red and stored in cellars or
time in many parts of the can children have carried ap- eider are usually made from -tacked in bright pyramidsl
United States. The red, rus-1 pes to school in their lunch -ppl.- that are too, small or on shop counters.The fenjy2-
e.f, or golden fruit, with, pails. It is an o;d c'istom am disicrt:d' to sell as eating an- .re usually sponsored by ci-
its. faintly pungent odor, is onm children to shine an ap- p'er 'ACler ferrr.ente- apple .ic groups in communities
*.aW characteristic of the pie and place it on the teach- LAce retains its sweet. sligh wh.re apples are an import-
nao ,ah as the brilliant folia- her's d-sk as a present. This v angry ta.stl for sveral ant source of income. Para-
go and crisp, sunny days custom hai given rise to the wv eks befor-- it turns E ou id., pageants, and the .elec-
that mark the autumn sea- expresion, .Polishing the ap Aftr that it can be used a; iion of a pretty young wo-
son in most of the country. iple used to mean toadying ..ri.iar. man to be ,Apple Queen,)
im the largest apple-produ- to any person in a position A.?ples are a pleasant cx- are customary events.
cing States, where a commer to 'rant a favor. cuse for festivals in many National Appl.? Week will
cial grower may have as ma- A fourth of the .merican' p:t- of the country, both ;n be observed this year from
nmy as 300 acres 1120 hecta-' apple crop go:s int,_ such' the spring. when the apple october 28 to November 4.
resi of orchards, farmers proc.Ess.d by product :i ci-: blosonrls r semble a de!iate It is. promoted by the apple
send out a call for .pickers idistry to dramatize the
from neighboring States. Mi- I health value of the fruit, em-
grant workers who follow the "i .)hai ze Its imnpr-tance in the-
harve st establish thm selves: 'I tion's econoniy, and to sti-
ia tenhpory. stte ments to dol 9 .nulate interest in the var.
the-selectrve, careful job ofi .ous apple festivals. The ap--
coUebtr, mg the perishable fruit ',)e's ample vrncamin and mi-1
SSdiulf comfnunties whose far lieral content almost justifies
mers have art unexpectedly nhe saying. ,An apple a day,
large ield sometime short- ',eps thedoctor awayi. The
et- thea'school day to allow ol- :-uit proendes starch, sugars
der children to helped with the ran. phosphorus and pectin,
crop College students and ci- and vitaminsA, B, C, and G.
ty work-rs often spend a T apple has played a pro
week end in the country pie- min-nt role in world folklo-
'king apples to earn extra mo- re. 'In Greek mythology, the
ney and enjoy the pleasant Apple of Discord, awarded
autumn, stibatiher S o o n by Paris, son ot King Priarn
trucks loaded high with bask jof Tyrov, to Aphrodite, preca-I
ets of apples tlwnder down pitted' thi.: Trojan war wherni
the highways on the way to Aphrodite showed her grati-
promote-d the sale of their t ude by helping Paris steal
glass jugs of cider, the beautiful' GYeeW Helen fro th
tawny-colored drink that is S .' her- husbandIGazel, mytholo-
made from the juice of appeal .y I1- tells tlV k0 o .ta .
Apples are one of the most .A favorite poemi American children: bAgini- -When labta, who lost the race to
valuable items in America's the frost on the pumpkin and the fodder's in t*'R stibdk vhich she hid 9llen d'
fruit crop, and the principal It describes the countryside throughout mast' of- the -rur' them dropptif t4l&red -goln .
-source of income for farmers al areas of the United States T'o tt6 Parjbi' wAio' must apples anrsshe paused to pick
in many sections. The entire r ather the corn ram, brown' r ner' .df alk.s standing in 'he 1S .ndar ,
fruit crop is valued at Tor 8. shocks and' carry in. the pumpkins in the, h~drit' of 9w ,lh. T'e]l
Speroent Nation's total agri- o. October,-' it is season of long buit pltsaint workiig was04br ", sHsl 't an apple
cultural production. days Here a horse-dragmn wvagori is loaded with earA of' front' his' sit', head, The
Apple growers have lorigi ripened corn. The two farrerS wor'lking alongside the wa Scandinai!atn goddess .Iduna
promoted the sale of theirlgon, rip the ears of corn from the stalks and toss ihem wastin charge of aplles with
product with the Enghlish pro into the wagorL In the background frostnipped freles the ridiculous property of
verb. -An apple a day keepsI shed their ;red and gold leaves Autumn is a time of conferrIng ilamo.ali-t.ty LpoiTi
the doctor awayp. Many A- mello', satisfaction to the farmer. He sees his crops thoA who ate theoa. Bitisl'H
mericans like apples so much laid by and views the harv :st of his year's work. folklbre still tfreservess the'

:.actum that apple trees
should besaluted on I3hlst-
tias Eve. -I

In Amq'rica, one of the Na-
'tion's favorite folk heroes is

associated with the fruit, Ac
cr-rdng to legend, all the ap-
pIe trees in the American
Midtest were planted b-f
John Chaprani a gaunt prea-
cher who was supposed to
have sown them in the early
nineteenth century. He hai
come down in history as
Johnny Appleseed. A 150-
mile stretch of highway in
the State of Ohio is planted,
with flowering crab apple
trees a- a memorial to John-
ny Ap'pleseed. '.
In addition to the October,
a3.ple festivals, the appl'i also"'
figures prominently in .t.he
celebration of Halloween on.
the last day of October. At
Halloween parties bibdbbing
for appl-s- :s a traditional
game Children-kneel atpudd
a large tub of wafer in
wluch apples are floating..,
11"ith hands clased. behiind,
their baclks, they try to prof ,
up an apple with their teetdle,
and hold it there until thpy ..
get up. Prizes are waitiz',
for those who can manage
the feat. In still another Hal-
lowevn game, aplfes are hung
on strihrs from the' c'1iHt -
The contest is to see who'
aan eat one 'of the twirling%
apples with his harids tied be
hiriid hit bbck,,. The- apple if
also a fbrtun s- telft device
at Halloween parties. If d
boy or girl can peel an apple .
so that the. skin is all in one'
piece, he will throw the peel-
in.g ov`erhii left shbulder and
decipher a letter frt' tbe
aliphabot in the pattle', tl
peeling assurfes' d: *_.F,(
The letter, ade
led, will be.tl,.it .ii4K'P
af the person lie wil' rry.


LONDON. Sept. The ur gions which form Asia's vi- Pakistan and Ceylon) will riodj 1951-1957: Financial. aid te probTlem of techr id d&!
gent needs of some 567.006'. tal -rtce bowl. mrst. to approve a six-year and, available. rewsoarb waillsiaMe. At a prelfainS*
000 Asians are' being discus- Among the countries con- plan of development for the thu. be concentrated on da24. ati-ngi last .May, a' dbtni%
sed at the British Com ,onn- cerned in the squtbeast Asia entire region. velo@ment plans of' wptto,- a oi- x& dia.h .di
wealth conference on aid,. to conferences are India, Pakis- nal urgencyy,. *Ol a.? 0 do
southeast Asia, currently tak tan. Ceylon, Malaya, Singa-j The problem has betn put I ly'
ing place in London. These pore, North Borneo, Sarawak in these w.rds by. Mr. gal- -fe chief ns, c t' a- ed a
people form more than one- Brun.i, Viet Nam, Cambodia colm llaoD.iald. British rea are fo' i' f
quarter of the world's popu- and Laos. Becaus- economic Commissionr- Gtneral for and'plot w s
nation. resources are still largely un South East. Asia: aA huge. i ientlp anl 1 it
Stretching for more than derdeveloped, Living stand- far- aching and at the sa. welw l and"itt4a-
4.000 miles from east' to ards are low in many of the- me tint realistic program is ri ad.quat '
w-st and 2.000 miles froai se countries. required... starting, as soon facilities. .Wftt tIfs_ t j
north to south, the. area of as possible and. lasting as techfiacal e.iPi. '
south and southeast- Asia is After preliminary discus- 'ong a. possible,, j for leta pl.imang te ,
of the greatest impornance- sons, the Commonwealth I This program which iasbas instatlatia ant care of ma- gethet wAth. aAnMhripsr* h
and politically- tor the free Consultative Committee icon ed on salf-help and mutual chinery. by tbt. Unteed Itw e ._
world. In addition to rich mi sisnng of representatives aid. will b kep strictly with the United S.ta Suc
eral deposits at also includ- Erom Britain, Canada, Aus- Ln the limits of what s pracj Tno- London M st AT as h
es the food- -producing ne.,tralfa. New Zealand, India, tical.CAuring ..:..six year.pe- will, therefore, diso- ie wnolewofld. i.''iu.

................ ...... '--i'. : ''"... '- _. -'.a. ..
















Ir .-. .:. P. ... .r. -j- ,. ., '. __ ._ - _ _- _ _ ~ -
-WWI W!"P.


-, ,Nd a"e Miss Horelne is the
Charles Schwart: accoun- papasant who was suppos- daughter, of the late Edoiu-
tant for Harris Kerr Forres- ed to have settled here af- ard Horelle.
ter, of New York is return- ter the French Revolution, M1adam, .lene&ts Narcis-
iJg to Hayti this wdek twenty years proir to his se of ':Hajilaxion Neretten
MAir. Schwartz will stay at moving to theU.S. Pcton: il/c gnve birth to
hbe Thorland International Admiral Haight and fa- quadirip'e:s. 3 boys and
Club. mily returned to the'Harv- one girl. The average]
SMrs Jessie Boucard, ;he est fields, last Monday. weight at. birth was 31-2 lbs -
former Jessie Dejoik cele- Next wednesday night, Mother and children' are
brated her birthday Alan- the Bingo gane dt aThor- reported to be in good Ma
day, with a party at her fa- 'andi will be in the hands: 14ealth.
Iher's home in Pacot. ( of Albert anud Emily Man- Sad nuws jor Saturday H
Among, the many guests gones, in 'the absence of Mr night Choucoune go'ers H
present utere Mr and Mrs. and Mrs Vrooman at the Hyti's No.- 'I Orchastra
George Legqr, .Marie There Union School Building Leader El SAIEFI has quit
sa, and Kiki 'fllard, Mr. F)jnd. Cock tail party, the public eye. ,
,and Mrs-Lyniol Paquin, far (The first .price stands at He says he has nd iaten-
q. qu Mariin'.Marie Therese $..50.) ..iop of returning -either.
S-Bocard and Nicole Re- Os'ald Desrosiers and Dashing Young Mene-
",vist. ,' lieille Olidier uere mar- lick Doisyon of.:4Aux Ca yesi,
Roesmary Fog ns.' Secre- rned Saturday morning at nouw residing in Port-au-
S ary to the assistn'" ales' the Cathedral. Prince, is to 'ired the char-
Promotion rimaager of P.{.. The Brid4e and Bride mine .Miss Jset# Chemily.
in New- Yerk City retur*- room are both from A4.i, The mnarriae will tak / / /
S.,' edL th te. Ul.S, after .speryd- Caves. place this coining year.. L o
i" i. a wee' at the Thorland Ghhiaibte Horelle. and 7iartha Chandler uwho
Inlerkational Club. '' .4 Leon, were married, spent a short racatide CASH
*.'-ltXi' ineresting, to, note ',ttisdai morning at 10 Neu York. Ciri last- month,
Ai that one of Miss ',Foarton' AM, at the 6acte-Coeur has .resume 'h~ ..}diede- at
-' ancestors wa A.44iral Map cM I Crcb Turgeau.. Ecle' des Gardes 5(4Aades..
S. '. Director .of the National
AI-" '4 ericultural School, M-.- k
R tresi...Add 16 10ei'Cti t '
,P ri.n" his stay im'the U.S.r .
S e To The Prrur stour d at 'e. Uni-.

s I Mr Loais Laws, NSe5Adry
*-'General of..the- Carribgan''
tourist. -,ommission. 'lef t
re da64sdtfrer a five day
.stay a"~a HoteISa Souc : Mr
,L awwas here don td the .vi-
tanion of Colonel Levelt.'
I Tlie Carbbean ConrsIsfiono,
includes France, Grear'.Bri- -
ri.h, the U.S.A Hollald the -,
'Dominican Republic Cuba.
;and Haydi. The.Commission "
Sis planning an extensive Pu Aferhe wo.
[blicitv campaign .. through- will the fr,
sout xhiV worltF this coming ..e h[unt his every
Saturrday. a part)v was .4 e C
J held at.the, Palace-o Harti Cah B ergenl B
to celebrate Colonel Aintoi- ." ,a: wqrh thei
xe.Levelt birthday anniver- ., tahzingbouq
sary.'The /dte was given by v weddigg of twes
.:Pbe Commandant and Dfi;, far more costly
cers of the Natio'nal Palate. fi. an any soap.
1r. .Marcel Antoine.' Has' Be forever sweet
lian Consul in Santiago Cu- I Cashmere Bouqu
ha, arrived this week,' to ever alluring w
send a short vacation 'it. Bouquet toalltri
his family here in Po"t -au. -
Prin;ce. .
Mr J. Thdophile Riqhard
,WH laytian -Am/rdssador to the
m AVs. aw Dominican Republic uill .
be here for several weekly /
hearred S'rday mo'rs- -
MI". ine ere'A Mjss Raymonde -
Brasserid do Is ronne S. A. Rasitr- and Guy Pierre-



ke it a-habit to caU...
Dry Cleaning




4 .AM





Paul E. NAJAC the Anglo-Saxon may gesti- usual answer frorn th1 listear.
S .. If, by any chance, a pleas- cualte .for emphasis, the Hai- ers is aCrac.
HAKfI V.ESUS I Messrs Victor Sada, and ure trip led you to one of tian uses gestures as an es- The puzzle tale is a king
J.AIMAJE., I Fran.d Wilson are expected the many thousand thatched: sential part of his narrative, of story which reflects admni
to accompany the team. -roof .kays:> that dot ouri Everyone in these groups rably the intelligent perspi- T
Friday evening the Foo;- The following players Haitian country- side, you young and old, tell tales (as cac,ay of the Haitian anc
bpll Bederation held a met 'will repre-ient Haiti if iheir would see how Haitian pea- they say .tare coritet mean- his high sense of humor.
iqg to select the players,! medical cx4ainarion prov- sants, for the most part, ing 'shoot tales, So the tel- Th,'y are sometimes, draw
'apd officials that Nwill goes esatisfacro: A. Jowsph, spend their evenings with ling begins and everybody in from humorous pieceA of
IQ Kingsron, friday october F. Mevs, P. Bonaventure, heir fanmiles. Nearby the lit his turn will shoot tales. Haitian folklore and oth -'
' 19 tb. 1950. ,A." Mathurin, C. Joseph, A. tie house. in the large yard The stories are divided in- times the fruit of very mnut
The names oE The' offic- P.au, P. Thevenin, G. Clau or sometimes on the porch to two categories:ai The puz- tc observation. -'
tis are as follows: Ani- de. V. Docceans. L. Ed- of the house, all the family zle, called in Creole .conte Stop and listen to this:
ne Champagne, Mecalr Pre- mound, F. .ing, J.. Lherisson and many friends who live diviror.o and b 'The tirnging Narrator Cric .
zqau, Felix Baker, Fritz Ber 1. Savain, A. Tasys, R. in the vicinity would bel tale called ,conte change. Audnce Crac .
rpwe, and Lt. Antoine Co Ierre. E. Leger, Y. Martin seated in a large circle tel-' n conte divinor the narrat-1 Narrator. Rond con boqle
cpp. L. aatre, A. Aleza4dre. ling stories. There you would o always starts with a spe- et longue con grand chp I
. .. .I s e, if your spirit were not cioJ formula which varies ac- znin.
paralyzed with fear of the si cording to the section. In around as a ball and. lqn
lent night in our tropical fo- some piapis, in the North as a rod
rests (because story- time for example they say: Answer: a.ball of threa .
must be at night in Haiti)- Narrator. Cric Ai other, one: .
whoever tells tales before Audience Crac Nprrator CrIq .
sundown wil draw death on Norrator Tim Tim Audennoe Crac
his mother as they say in Audienc.e Bois zaboca Narrator DIo cape ist= !
sCreolei: Ouap voye man- (avocadp. tree) ding water
manou alle.v literally trans- Narrator Comrnen li A.&nsr. sugar cane..
lated; sYou are going to pot6 tHow many pears on and this one:
send your mother awayi.) the tree Ti coq chan nan it '
you would see a man mak- h-n the auiene will sayodee uonta itte o
ing gest we. in, the middlewill say deim montagne little cook-
of th. circle. He would be a chosen numrniber, like 3 for sings between two mam,,
describing an experience or eixrani? T1 n~n'rator will tainsi.
imig an animal e has then haxe to tell three puz-' Please figure this one out
to use visual expressions zles beginning each of them yourselves, dear readers.'4
_to uste visual expressions by the usual vCrice whose more to follow next week.
w"th his hands because he
Vin1 c. is a real Haitian and while

SURPRISE. Manager 1Eddie Swyor t'.q o ttf .eS .Coq inad w page 6 SH PREY T "THE DESERT HAWK"
ladelphia Phile surp ri'sed .. eegIots and. fEas. when ilanaise, saute in
he named Jim Konstanty tri ht to pitch th. ,sb,, i.anase sqauh n'
mre of the world series. Konstanty, the Phit's ace relleferi over ic, on that a filet of
didn't start a garte all seasae anoveri, aond an olive on

... =. Chat is very nice*, said
the waiters, and went out to
order- it.
OILED said the Dentist when' he

heard the order .and he turn
UADR ENTS ed to 4e. Chef a4. orie4:
SUMMER GARMENTS What did I tefl. ypu? Now
what are we gp i g to doI
The CHDf said nothing, he
WILL HINDER put op, a clean apron and
walked into the dining, oomrn
YOUR o the La e of the Lady. The
Y U ,re hp bowed, bent down to
her apd said: sMadame has
POPULARITY ordered an Elephant cutlets. 4
'xYes,o said the Countess-
let of anchovy and an oh-

MOVE FELLOW THIS Ivih spaghirt etc ?
Mlladame is all alone?.
1 Yes, yesa t
l sLa.dame expects no one
else?. P:

Make it a habit to call .. And Madame wants on-
Regularly ly one. eutlet2.
For ,:Yes,, said the Lady, .but
HAITIAN AMERICAN why .all these question?.
DRY CLEANERS Becausei, said the Chef
Careful 'because, Madame, I am ve-
Dr) Cleaning ry sorry, 'bu. for one Outlet
Service. we cannot cut up our Ele- Yvonne De Carlo, WIo wds last seen in sttlkn. sS r r A
service. wcnt u r In "Song of ShokAz*Ie," r1stinis to the hrm The D
phant. awk," nw ec n iaT acUon-romance starring lA wKt-.
By Ludwig BEMELM1ANS su 12 .i esalternational productieom.

* 5t



Classified Church Service
Classified advertisements HOSPITAL CHAPEL
are accepted for things Mass a 8.30 a.m sermon by
wanted or unwanted; arti- Father Smith in English
,Wes for sale; personal servi- -
Wes; miscellaneous items, SACRE-COETUR
such as jobs wanted;houses Masses are at 4,6,8,10 a.m.
for rent; tutoring; traveling
companions; ideas for sale. CATHEDRAL
not accepted, advertise-
ments of political nature. Masses are at 4, 5.30, 7,
Rate: 25c per insertion, ma 8.30 a.m
ximum of 5 words. ST GERAD

Wanted (Near the Oloffsou Hotel)
jeep in good condition Masses are at 5.30, 7.8.30

I'. lwim gooa lyres.
Apply uHaiti SunI.

House for Rent in Bizo-
S- tone 2 Bed rooms Beautiful
view of the bay and large
Apply iHaiti Sun".

Wanted: 1913 American
,." 5 cent Piece -Liberty head

Mass is at 9 a.m
Mass 4.00 a.m French
Mass '.30 a.m. English
Mass 9.00 a. m French
Daily Mass 6.00 a.m French

- -------- I
Furnished 'House or aparr-'
ment in or around Petion-.
wille 2 Bed rooms.
Apply "Haiti Sun".

Excellent office
Just off' Grand Rue


Piano Studio

Upright, one price $.300
Refigitaire good condi-
tion $., 80
Electric Stove with oven
s:' 90o.

Parents Interested in Pri-
a e English speaking
school -for 4 and 5 years
S Apply mHaiti Sun*.


S. Lessons of French and Spa
Smsh to 1Eglish speaking
.. ersoms Conversational Met-
& fad. Ablvy to Professor
S* awles B. Stepheb CIO Edi
geb.traf l.

1o returns witn lis partner, nun
Abbott, to star in "Abbott 'andl
'ostello in the Foreign Legion" for
Universal -.International. A pro- '
onged illness kept little Lou away
ror the cameras.

The Society of the aKriendst COMMUNIQUE LEGA- I Continued from page 9
of the Argentine Nations IS TION OF COLOMBIA i
A.N.Ai founded ion Decemb- I er Agnes. who is eighty-ni-
er 27, 1947, in its session of The Legation of Colombia ie, and Sister Genevieve,
SEpteniber 20 th instant pro in this Gapital has issued to eight-one.and the other nuns
needed to the renewal of its the Press the following Comi at ihe convent,gave the letter
Managing Commitee as fol- muniqut: The Government o the Carmelite priest in re-
low: of the Republic of Colombia ogniion of-his labors to ho
PrEsidente. r:-eLected MO- has just issued Decree No. nor theLirtle Flower and in
here Jh Compas 2996 s2.ed by" all the Minis gratitude for the food that
Vice-President re-elected ters, by which it is provided has been sent to the convent
Clovis N. Bonhomme that in the event of president by Americans devoted to the
Secretary Treasurer re- tial vacancy. temporary of de St. Therese.
elected. Ren6 Jacgues finite, and awaiting the dlec
Deputy Secretary: Viergl- tion of the Chief of the Go-1 The autographed letter --
gina Desgazons vernement by the' Chain- 2 tender note addressed to a
Deputy-Treasurer: bers. the presidential powers tun" who was a friend ot St.
W\\ilmia Cesar will be exercised by the rherese's at the convent -
Filer and Librarian: Membe7; of the Cabinet, in was written on July 16;
Dorleans Thomas accordance with art. 125 of 189', two months before the
Advisors: Nestor Amisial the Colombian Constitution ,aint died. It was composed
Pierre Armand. Lucien Bour and ranking order as provi- Jr pencil because she was
get, Faine Scharon, Manass6 ded for by law. In defect of I oo weak to use a pen and
Compas, Huberman Normil- Ministers, the Deparrement one of the last letters she
Charles. Nelly Perignan,Vil Governors will exercise the wrote. ,.
vert Merosier, Merie- Ceile Executive Power, ranking Letter to scTwinn
A Compas privilege being accorded the The letter read:
For the Comrnitee: Gosernor of Department July 16. 1897 *
the closer to the Capital of
VIERGINA DESGAZONS the Republic. The Decree Dear Sister Mlartha of Je-
has 10 considerations in I us:
D-puty-Secretary. which is analyzed the ran- I suddenly realize that I
ge of the Constitutional Re- have not wished you a hap-
form of 1945 in connection py-birhday. Ah! be assured
with the designation of of- "t is an oversight which
ficials in charge of the Ex- wounds my heart. I was in
SMART KID ecutive Power as aforemen- such great joy over your,
.Here boy,,- said the man tioned, 'These considera- birthday that I wanted to gi-
to the boy who was helping ions establish that the post ve you the prayer on humi-
him drive a bunch of cattle, of official chosen as (Chief liry, it is not yet finished re,
hold this bull aof the Provisional Govern- hoping, but you will have
you?' nwent is now vacant in accor It soon.
.'No,,. answered the boy. dance with the said consti- Your little twin. who
.1 don't mind bein' a direct- turional reform and the in- wouldn't be able to slee if
or in this company, but I'm erpretation given by the. he had not sent ydu this lit.
darned J I want to be a Congress of i99.By virtu e note.
stockholderr. of which it is established Therese of the Child Je
L A hat in case of presidential us.
A BELLE LOIS ,acancy. temporary of defi- bha were "twins by profess
-- nite, the2nd part of the son,"n because they made
S first paragraph of art. 1251 St. Therese and Sister Mar
{ of the Colombian Constitu-their vows entering the Car-
S ion must be applied. melite order on the same day
Port-au-Prince. September in 1890. The prayer for hb.
'- '- 1950. .ilitv mentioned in the let-
er was finally completed
and published in the large e-
dhion of eThe Story of a
' DUCK Soul., the autobiography of
SUPER FRES-H, St. Therese, which I-as trans
S, SPECIALTIES laed into almost every
known language.
( CGrand ik',e Ne'x, tc Reprinted from the N. Y.
Pharmarie Telemaque Herald Tribune.

A new portrait of LoIs Andrews, divorced wife of George Jesl
whoe beauty i winning her place among Hollywoods feature
tional as a belle of the Arabian hares .


Subscription Blank --
Phlase enter my subscription to Haiti Suns, effecti-

ve Sunday next.

NAME ............ ........ ..... .. ... ... ......

ADDRESS ............... ........ ...... ............

I Haiti Sun P.O. Box 118

-. -.-.-.:--1

-No. ...... Buffalos. Re- EPIPHANY CHAPEL
ward Mass 6.00 a.m French
APPLY HAITI SUN Mass 8.00 a.m French

Would sell or swap for a
car in perfect condition a _
'beautiful property located
at 'Mussean or the neuw roal LO H .!1 |.
from A4ir Port to Petionvil- LOOK WHO'S HERE!
:le. r
The land measures I acre ', "l
is leveled and has a tri.' lj .
mignificernt view over the
whole Cul de Sac plain and a.1
the bay,,The new water It-U l
ne from Freres -parses at
6 200ft. from .the property li '





P t '.

-- I w.

* '

* A

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: October 1, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00015023/00001

Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: October 1, 1950


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00003

Full Text

0 V: ...., .. '



VOL. 1 ""i

V' i

IUD: DIG N UP 38 thODl.D.l.
I -, E.iTOR: ,,-,I


PARALELThe award of the Nobel'
L T KY :Pece Prize 'to Dr. Raph
SSBuche has evoked wbides
orces slammed artillery read laudatory cw"'ment'
Er, -ore'.' --4
"qt fugitiveUS Reds g i nyUrealud t ,nn
into dig- F~wr rbg the a-
gng in on -thq 38 th. Paral- eoi'oraals describing
i 141 boundary of Comamsmtnun t qsr. ,noc for hributes
North Kora Saturay, but ; Bnche for h i work
'-they were under .rderf o 0 rNR E forh.
the Allied command to halt Zther'eit'-lN.
the chase at the abtparallel .Thjhe editor Charte
S'gro "Eto their readers .that Dr."
heter. te victo unhe is a credit not ly .
Whether 0~t theVo.ou. '~ -NBL al e) mpha.- ~ ..;:

vic sR s fellow-Negroes in A-
'Alid forces,.havinkr sma -veia 'b tt 41r A
"but oo--- A '"''

:. hed the Red invasion of e a t worl o A t .i
outl Korea, will eventual 41- a com end. : .P.
'go after the Red army "Qp cte. nt .pn this ,
eirsJ in o N o 3 o8 th.. PKore.ar.- point was made 'by 1 the"
ftovers in' Not Is.D New ,Y 6k Post which' oh
as aqre Unted'Na-servded that <

*iaoedrs ooncmsiut
q uest ion'do e shelsered the jqu
4led by the United lna lee..
so s cun cd mi e -om m aor. '9reJs
~ki blz .teibi: t':t*"knjdt"r ?.ns "rabThe p edi race.... a p a ta ': '"'"

c: sen a8 the pa rtlel Vg l'"t:"r P "!4"

of ".any ord e D ivis io nr casy o t ,
o' w thed regroar op, ng. q"t.
u -She8th parallel thoreus
a.lIy asrthrie thng line.Pe

Thee .8tkerian who a '0 M
'if any orders thatmaiyf fa- "he
i~4c me t of the 'ena s!-ure
?Z rw theregteying.e ros0

er Thve 3tarsale, rigio
een Aoreican anend Rt us
,os'e" eorde .'Krefu''s

s omn men t ion sonature.
I.. ;of al y norers ftoar the
Se _

Red ied so .o "n 25lbrd ,_.' .osim o '

e'the h rognize d b oite e, '

had other ovietsng ipnt ore
R ed regim eh,;A m t a", tepublic &l~~ e : :: :. .... 7--"- "

oi ot of tethe
't arlel w as a ral e1 %-. '

l-ye Athog unrecogized b
S theuatiNt Korean troops r.."

erouping souiet sptnooe O
(or;aellel ona rar. dha a 'ee;"s' eH.
aic.Arthnd semphaszed '1 4
ttorea but Ke t he NwYrYAke a

:tae apdaessue the pe- ,
& .? iuned ta eodey.,ei~b

(congtinuedon page 2a)ide
.."'-.. co m'!
..h' So, ub, K~yordean t bait fa or- ,...
-!gowpn t s rgouthg, of the Pa
:.4" hel as regpardled, asgi a:!_

san ocupatio norest P
,,. J..l.M


Continued fr


om page 1

* Near East and throughout of .human being this trou- . .
the world. Although. ,the bled world needs at.' this *
words have been. used befo particular time. e c, L ATIN OFFE
re, they apply wish. special up from pov -ED .O -IN: I FUND
accuracy to this distingni- work, won his as .
shed grandchild of Ameri- cher, field inv tor W .G.A-'
can Negro, slaves: he is a public official d 'Une .' sed
:'.credit to his. race, the huw mands the 'of Amn, g
r man racer. who have come cont that it pr red to
TI NEW' ORK TIMES with him 'or who know1 up $. 12.000.000 for co-ope
"' SAID:,* : even a little' about his ac- rad4ve technical .ass stance
American N-egroes. have complishments. programs in the .Western,
a r gA'to b6 proud that one Hemisphere .
of their rce, Dr. Ralph ,When this much has Edward: G. Miller jr., As
S'. .. -stant Secretary of State,-
S". p .. '- "'=., )r -r !r: t ,t .4
.P." ""


,'., '., 4-*
.. ', ,

.--. Fni. e o e . o
'the DWser-Aiiie~id 'stc _t-

ey.. Pan A Mberican r aion .
"he o i il is an ittrgo- O
Sr uient orgatmiation oif the

S-, A .rc n ca r. "ick NE G IaTyor
S 0. 600 w"as abou t one r.n 'ite ( left) 'of ew kpins P.i-
n. t., the t mBneay badage. on the rnewly-apdintted commissioner of -l
f -....:.-..theor ce, Tbomas F.Murfiby. amfurphy'i wife 'looks. 6n. Tt
r:. e t e a tess S aproprat ed mi s orn e-, .-- . o a..n t . .. ".' o,'s .,g.
"ica assistance e new commtssonner, -s, an assistant U.S. at ie
..;.-, ."al Piuon s .. :2 acessfuley : irosecuted the A tger 'fiss case.
SPiidentt Tru, 'man's listing .
.n an address .to1, X on- I ONESI' JOINS> and a .greater nub, of. ,
.. ag . . te w eUNITED NATIONS AsS 60th slems Than ny o her nat
i. " Ddcating ME E therewO IEBA The Netherlands. and r
;'. R p, C be aid for sh'. projects as Bt aong te nat
e photo, taken New YorkCity (June 24, 1949) roads and airfields. r The rpblic Indonesia speaking, nt only
S 'Dr.al.- Bunche centerr), Acti:g United Na- Waynick said assistance .-he 'former Dutch East 1n- ed' idonesia, but alp
'4 t..e Mq"or f r Palestine, reei ing .votlume V of would be. gi-.en tirbugh diEs and now the, wo-ld's ed the.fact that ay y '
ed ed by Miss Sophie A. Udin (right), director and i- Aeronautics. Administration became the sittieth mem iber vaiAly, s '.e i .r foirr e
b- ritan of the' Zionist Arch tes and Libriry .of the Re- the Pubin Roads AdnmitS- of the United' Nations tthus- naw, 'o iai'i adTissione
en, Haysod' (Ple.stine' FbOunldation Fund), and Mr. A traction, the'.'Census Bureau day, apd the first new U.N. tle U.N. In all;,:,l'ee e
br. ham:. Kri iiiein, chaitmn of; the- Fm ance Commit-. and others. member sie the adrxissio fourfeen frustrated appli.
ee. o the Kere HaysUnited States mission of Israel in:the spring of ants lined ip outside th
S e, s ba aid e n'aid wespill hl ae t. which- studied economic pro n. 'door. Five are Rus
the Nobel prize.' All Anmel.- rern to the fact o race.. bems of the Philippines is ADMISSIONn AgteaDD teitee which 'h e ne
icants bae a right o 'e Ralph Bunihe is .a'great in- expected to give ,"President n tes aeibly parade ceived the ec'ssWrty .s
proud o. Bi the im dial but al the reogni Truman etaled recommend of countries ha t he ad- e in the ty '
Siisba. N oes i :.pub4l:o notw m tota new mission of the new in a ountaiy pil and nine. are countries
B tnche is eof the wor ld. mecan aid to ures a population. of 72,'000.000 out by Russiaic vetoes.
iha hd i n 'A srican. .lb o.r peoples othe r k i "old. ld.n'acia .n t sources. I u
The i.ortldnt ~point is that Thii 'is democracy speak- said today the proposals __ _
Sir ad, 1n6 r ser- ing and. saying to all humna- were nearly ready to go to .
vic s ~~~g.ce o ty .at it values man the' White House.
Israel and the Arab 'setes, for .their personal worth .
""as riciy earned by charac and, not for the extraneous
e bnrage and in.eigen cirinstances of their bre- I GUATEMALA .
"e. ath *use s h sort .pd or, origin)). EICTIONS DECREED
.."- .. 'o"_.- ._._.... ._.. .executive decree calling for
'Presidential elections pon
T, T VISAS Nov. 10, 11 and 12 was a~p-
Sprnved by Congress today.
The action of the Chilean travel difisioin of the The winner of the election
Sand Boivian' governments an American Union, the will be 'inaugurated MIrch
-a. .i an
Sin elm iaeing visa require- g wernments o-f Colombia 15, 1951, when President J.
-men ts fo United States four- iad Paraguay are in the pro Jose Arevalo's six-year term
'- ists wqs: praised last webk by. ess of modifying their en- expires. -
' Dr. Alt$*io. leras, secretary ry requirements in.,order to '
gene 'of the Pan Ameri-' attract greater numbers of Lobster
can Us'ilnh, who pointed out ourist. !Uruguay eliminated I
that Whete tourists are,-per- 1 he visa requirement some
emitted to enter with a tour- time ago. Ecuador, Mexico Super Fresh
ist'-otlaiding card'- nota- and practically all the Carib- Se...
blyidexico and Cuba- tour bean and Central American AAES SpecialtiesN KOREA-Comrnandr of the British forces
iss-a become a major eco spublics now admit tourists i:n Korea, Brigadier B. A. Coid (on the right) spe'akin&g-.
nomic resource. in a tourist or landing card Gwith Maj. Gen. Hobart Gay ion the left.) Officier cormn-
According to a survey by which i -easily obtainable. Next to Pharmacie manding the first cavalry Division.

SUNDAY OCT. 1st. -

(Continued.from page' 1)

d be no indiscri- guish between, tyrant
Yenge. He said those impressed into ser
?F wbuld distin- *ce by the invaders..
.. .. : .. ., .


In acordance with art.20 STATION T iernel Leon, Leon Joseph, IN, U, . a ,
of- the Statutes, -the active .' workers at the Rhuml Bar- Agricuhuralist -Faine Jn. apart
members of the Chamber A..gtoup of businessmen bancourt establishment here Baptiste." brother of the rican,
of- Commerce% are requested have in .-iewi the nstalia- in' Poft-au-Prince pull a rum young industrialist Sylvestre. *this c
to theet in General Assem- tion, in 'he capital -of'the my stunt. While in the m- Jn-Baptiste is the benef'icia- ing.
Sbly on Friday'October 13th Southwest ot'a broadcasting ploy of oJohn Gardere they y of free tuition from the
1950 at* 5:15 p.m.. Order of -station oqtwo wave legths stole, seals and labels of 3 Department of Agricultureh
the day .4V-'PM ad 4VEC.tC: and 5 star Rhum, anrd sold of the U.S for a period of
.:- ) Report of the 'Presi- believed that the onact them.to Phacius MViord :wivhd one year. He is .to complete 'Re
^ ," .dent I' : will"f .be .signed soon .and the in turn bought bottles of'I his s udies on cattl raising caffeE
;. 2) Report of the Secreta- equipment supplied by the star ,Rhum and changed the on which he already has st' count
Sry Treasurer -.. Western Electric Co. of seals arnd label to the, stolen died for 3 years. crop
I '. 3and5starr
3) Election of the Manag- New York. 3nd 5 star. ... .. .
: ing Commitee for fiscal -- Aftefr receiving ,numerous and
y' -eajr 1950-1951. .. NEIGHBOUR .GETS c CQomplaints, John 'Gardere .... and
.T 1500 dol rned- the case over to tlid UNION SCHOOL the .p
To't-au-Piince, September, adar ouiis Coquellot,. Police. ,. BUILDING. COMMITEE '
9 27,' 150. reported 'to police reoeri- The police -set up a nim- TO OFFER CQCKTAIL .4. 0 ce,
:." Louis DJI_ E tly, the theft of $. 1 .00 front. medi te investigation, and on PARTY WEDNESDAY ,
S.g E .er er"'ho -:in .St-Josei- P-P th, morning of the 18 sept. NE1 T.- Si, "
S PA ., -... . . .- . at 4 AM. following a lead lie is'
S. President - ',"e Police .immediately they raided Ph4imcius Mli-- The Building .Coiitee of 6hem
.""t r "-' 'L. "A' ,ainvestatio'. and lbrd store at the. market Sa-, the Union -.School..ill in A
"o'uis DECATREL,' se Ut 'a ,....i.gd/ ,, a
Secretary- 'Treasurer on inspecting the fiome f 'lomon.He was caught wi ,
k,,ri; T s L^ ,o ou ,he gpods, 300- dozen labels .-
B thatt ib was .a house divided and seals and more than 500
..- N in tw9 by a jYartitiomrn, ,"an.t
A t.ha l h The star mixers ane -awit-i
Director of the Natfol o Felix Eugerte. On ives- ing trial,
Office of T.mrn L.",
.Og of tigating Felix Eugene's acti- . &
'vities, It "wds-d found that he
Wednesday evening. sep vites, s- fnd that h. ,, ., Q J 5 A '1
did 26 th.the Cunsel of Secr- not earn money -endugh. NO W THEY'RE HERE ALL -TW
Stories of Statp net, and'pass to pay for a, DA. Ev y D1-
I. ... .- .' needed in his .making of ce.. 7 Ei
a 'new law creating^r Natlo- nested ce For
nai Office of Tourism. a- amnics. He--declared. that he. George. ,Timoncls, Fldes-
'' .Ia rtht. had purchased same, on ere- te- Louis, -Raymond Andrle 7. l
.. ". .i -. "dit.. But it was fiouLndthat he, nd raftak.Pintio- of Leog
Ae- t former underSeta had ad ashA" seah of ,'d k Pint "
of,' Statei:. for Touris" Je had h seach of e, trade quite a habit 'of
-Brierre is t head this hew his .u atcs.- eyeAled ,$.500 spending their nigihts- in Port -v r -. P
1Brierre is 16 hed this new.
concealedin-a "trunk. au-Prince. .. '-.. .
department. ..lvo days later Eu.gee's. Police-. headquarters re- "'
....' mother 'went to th.. Police .ports that George Timoncles;-, '
THE ONLY PANISH station, and'handd te .Poli- Floreste Louis, and Raymond
LANGUAGE b NE;WSPA ce $. -700. The moneyy she Andre were arrested after,
'. -ER PL'JCLISHED in HA .." said was given, her.by hpr' Frarik Pint;ro, who wgs ap-
'?TI'TAIIES "THE FIELD. ssn to purchase a'house. .:i prehended' at-the ..Port-au-
.We offer.o congradila On' being ar.estgd ,Fl.ix rince. market selling ;gfolen.
St2iis to, Madame ,Lematre, .Eugene confess t6l to.the re property, confessed as, o-his
-on-her irst ,ft4rion of uFA.m. oyitigg o .partof tje. palti- accomplices.,' After- an inves-'
Alba.'."-El A ba>- is- a wekly tion and. stealing his ?.neigh-. tigation, the Police made the !
paishlanguage espa7 bb s $ .5. QHe is how a- arrests, and upon arres uing
pai. fSg trail. -. ..': -. George Timopcleh +ho had

i" .,' -" ,: .' '" a 5 '' '": jn his possession a ton pistol, ,
.'. ,fth--- Ia-tir drl-a. 'found 10 trunk's of.:.; -e -
'THE SYNDICATE" RANJI MANIFESTATION- articles Vlued at $ .. 500 -
l'1ofeHolders and.Touqs4. -IN,-HjNO F '()' -The Paili .-hgve -discovered
A g:4 ts, Hayti, COLONEL MAGLOIRE of that these goods had been' ;.
t | "01 Aowers ,O n.,'Sat4-rday.., September I

to set up aen~a e or a,. .. ,. . gli a .. .. -a
Sation,,s s unifted' n.festat a of sympathy' ons. -r
|,co.t.se.of.^ ib.c oia- te,tas bhalf pf the peophatle's "ndi .e'-la r
"en to tcobat te .a.yI date. to the" Presidencjy, ": f OTEd STAPRANT '" '
probe dems ,ron f ti. h ue 6Republic, Cot Pat- aul BL | Ve.., Re-op ened''--., -.. R

e"ficers" .u, to H. -, .1 e er ., The, otel B-.,B.le".,-., .. S "MOOTHER PE
i new" dic ^eli tie oranized a graid mta `3h o.e Z lt' S : P

nd Tourist a ents of H.ay- er addressed thea .adience ler liface, t, opened ts R EG 75
t d ctee Htli -Dancing,,and ,esky doors at'2 n#ooiaul yesteidoy -y 75c y'
.. .. aro c k e t s w e o fe s yth e e v e on gi e o r ..u .i ... . .

^ .resident *Yve. Desf9uches highlights. e- rain s' , r.esurant -. -- '. u' -
i: .ce-President: '. -- ." as ot' for e.k."- e ent -' '" "
Pi-rre Xvet *. --cusine. IN SETS OF 4 or MOI
ISec. Treasur r: Andr6 -Even if great tohtO hSco- --.-s" .
Roe t ne from the hert ns be s H e h
rg1 t e nows ote r s'Al
d' to tk pla- ebae.to the,'ead. ., n. ts "

to i . . ,1 . 4 . h t at a, . ... .." ... .' t' 4 -
O f ct-" "o ,u ppt on'...the ro,-' d belihd the T C,.tel '.B-fi ',. .7-
'ofHay ':fac- -lit opened. s.

take pla-1 hrough "he -bead.', IS

ate a campaign to raise -.-
s for lihe con s;.rudtion of ".'
v school, at a cocktail ..
* to beheld at'the Aie "-
Ambassadors residence, .
omind ividnesday evien- ''


pgrts. received from the
e-producing areas'of. the 'i
try arknoutnce that '\the >
.i]I be a .good one tliias
Ahady in the townis.'-
villages -of'the Southern'.,
Artibonite '.Povunoes. .
rice of this'cominodity'
rates. between 30 and
nts gold; .'.:-. "a i

has many tools, Ibut a
buee handle which fitS

ef r.Wendell HSU es :
. :. .: ,, : ..:
74 0 7790" '..! ,:.' .*k.

.. . .. :,
'A-* a
otor King BatterieT

4- 4-,).

_.,__, ----- '.,.' '.,'




L '., .")": '.'. ,

'i /.: .. ; ,.:1
: .,:,.':.2. ;;, ', i. i /!


. .,;


.' ,- ---:

P- MORAAH. MORPEAU. aoo. ."b .''
S. "' ou were about to leave
'oimes ,-tileedes de. ve your. flower. -bed. The riders 0- i-BI For tho S M et necessary do irki ome demands.
t uNh' et Be flammesn,. of the setting sun. purple sban. Septe er 23- OCt6.br visions ith de.er. ,natio. SAGITTARIUS .-
*clods have already formed or libra rs 'a bt te' d w .ngness. to adjut. thoseboan Noveiber
i.t ons. is .e a^al Ha t he t, .,.. .o .r' ms ..he '<, *.e" ." oss.. er.otions bor De mb6r..'22 ;o r ee1,
eCari4 tr groups. The shadows of .n Kep .aruly.. motions br December 22: 0r-
S-. ._ SUN... a ag, keep- i i en, tiundot trol Ia- rising..
the .night, an iMmense pur- 6
-; O P ing -.p With -an in -s e '
i-UDO OUP;, PON PON ple-,flower 'amidst the tropi- cw o ...d t a purey t, ..r' : ', S. sitri ,::S
i ON, *....r..... ep-P.H ,f vibrtrie t t .. r POe4asr n e so t you.w ahf^-x d r no: ""ll : W.- a
N ijt is. Haiias feosti- t41 ussences. The staceat o. a r. or a urSely E' - .Ex.ei.i for i ul-e an-s,*i. .a
v with s itshaiunch .Conor- < .cigar.le and the'. tan splurge' an flatte your apoqki 'dVp ig '.-up' s- 6ut casual entert i
ftiohs-. ..its- dripess t' the tam poi V oo drums. The. etbook. Blety e excess, SS -lo.spr., igotiert contactsi or 'netis' i'*vide f .,
Ithrat, the violeite of its tro Squashes ndet the trees, in ON. -Exert ,youse to ft s put a or a ran9 within bojndsj th6ug
'al' atiiosphere,, its synco- between the grass' sta b charm,' per suadt 'Ksell isp dK-e'p t bid pf ps MON. -. k A 'c d be"t id
-a'ted ,apilar .music. .GOU- panni atingey" s a green .tapstry Ipoin .,'t ,or d. ay : s. I ,k e. ton h "eth ik. ce- gives. ypou ri ei-,&.
Itgattist efor a won-isormseh.npi I -!M' a .& t for
UcOP: OPON rU. arpet in. that torrid. space for .,I, nV I. You ;i ,dt ..gett.iktie N.g
T .sti a;ostros ephmeal eterAnally vibrating at that. -e: 'l'. '.,"-Ws t ou want b orce o'.
Skfigs -:d lel.- Pi in- purple .hor-.' Numberless wireless p oerap os e. tiergency eXt, matterr how 'hibardar u ush. 'Gglect.] ""i
daWorr. the"'-bteia4es with l ofa. an A`penss Use B c naicg ^frY i'.r.t e
rwt'i i fhaulleofh a it t an -ne sagbs nd penses.,U se:.p. tsettli pro, "e i negy., a!- E.,, -- Arrogance d(s r
l tal'es f u .e L.- essat g' s', a n 'i"-d.-..t. peo..
o"""phid."c lavish.ss: oif tintid'pl"ies"i lost .is. -bims, arrange. terms. Erv iti -,.'Neighiborhood. '- .a. a V9
'contortins.: GOiJ. I OUP. .l -- big fne for hdme. sc.ia. ility. fairs -re -.enjoyable pa. mp I. Yt rd ..r ,s
i- e obsessin ,: oudiillei ENVOI A ':LA-CREOLE WED.. S -Stuatioh br ak. W 'Sd n n:es,' i& non". Go' '.l -
ioatqs .il miduical- harm-i .FAir Creole of the -Wgst so, er thann, expected. Try on ra o o rhigherups, ar1 I' p .
ji d the fowd In .ie, your .deonettg eyes n6t' to ,let pLet iao or don terminoi d brcksd get n ybsi ooff .Erb. -- ifi p. 'a .i
:i:, brown;' light complet- ifradite astho s nof a. ,u. S com tio'ns intereJ to" bd 'start. Afternoon is. phon off enter p,, t
men .adm::ih dg.6sse.s moonlight .~ it. 6dr.: tatu2 fere 'with adr.asement, pro murky, bit eVenig .aitop 'fuinds. Waik behh ihe S" e
ie. :: ey"an ot;r.h ,. .. .e.'.
vareat. ed' es, vie a re stately, :as that of Im fi en anewperfal c an nesfo coo atrio, fan-
vto i .' en up.' new^*erso^ha new /noop' in,.'CA,
st noiher in -deli tree on o.ur isls .. ,Fine for, S hqpp in;gc Run ag ifgt or special vo%;
dudi bu hcla- f. f ord bl, the p iiso.. o4 ing deals, i job THUlt. gh may turn up..q t,1
h oa O wiea, e l uteu l abI ,o 1 household affairs in b teis it; dfiendsare h elp! T gU.''-, Good i r..
.ayta I s'"f' A s difig in. u pp-e g. ful etertai ini g, f l of tei
St1o T ashi pi se- [brella 'p ot dtig th: ic -'can' rest i. damage 'stub ne'. q :- to(c- k *niY' hr. ,rt
Lbp ealk i t b : ... :- .

f Slwb tit o f ehuof an attractive born 'Argumeit; hu fl ful e, when' 1d,' when.
h sould of the n. L. 'ccu ute ores or too d L I,s spa s' I

S,. the -,ati a t . I y 'others d,-ss, ma "td 'W i n can' re- 1 eo ue
h--J.... .T..'MR..TH ,lON T .. .sy' b. .. .. ru c.' F vr- t .o'- k. 'ier s improve even-d 1 n,

to a .T run t ara te oin a's y wpreIn aAiib'.A r :if *'' -

E oe ", .as iP 'tea- he la s o thesr mar ia n' s ,d .t e _:. ST .' .
,, a ue" .'. t sofll .T t i t .. ef o t 0 1t

', pt.e nao o uo- I m 'd '. e f a n'sas e h t .. , .. . ..,
S.PSial Hass j oely Siles The tv.cu di m a 'eth 'fr t ovs C 1o o
.,w i there .., o. i. o tre.o w th i 'r. o..o.-nd/ .. '.. '. ..

-ree. Arid s r
O -ntueen ; pce o f t he ": "sh""a e a " .os.d. e
bMi .ie. .. n.the i a iy on s h i* h db:2.. o oumb o, o -, u g.,: fai o,'
sea. 'the erayw l- u.eohee red ,the tj a oungof tse e murple or SBcorpi. j ori s '" 7 '< """. "' ":" *'t""" to'"J"y'"' F"

i t 'opa T 'h 'ia s n t "o ui' s a ' . .' .. "' .' '*. ,'

e.-i d s to...s ..eessp t o S._ringos ao e t. So i 'b e 't .to u .. .. -" ' .. ." " .... .
.t. .as thr. t watntha ite ac- w th.a nig e-,t to or i.e te redev
e Sr al sa..t ad.,i, s Tin iTE " ak . S .,, -
m "ed wi& h w.. e t o baril o gound a ai i tes ab e s ar e A U.
h way ro C O M E T- iL E IO ,4 -

gei.'V. at u es si' F re omre the d keepnres, of be.etO 2b r 2 .
H Af.t nt- "li g t. e < U mak $le S, lniu g u. '
Wr ts he a --..' their.u am ng- 22 or-4Scorpio.-rising. ,,o .

",, .. '. di'. w e ad' Iet - s oiPt"" FMOR2

ntur bnde ntu i shea sings on ook, Lincol Collector ,
agents, and souce material n ed ,to me :

dresses House Hold StoiAB elating to Lincoln and" his e m western State of II- the publication / of *Ch
riod was published Feru non As y man be go. His present works

a o Coveatings SUPER FRESH ry 1950. t.. follow d, a varied career la- 'e Corn Hus ers, Smke..
*CAIL: DENISE MADIOU SPECIALTIES lauding newspaper and edi- nd Steel, a labs of

... du.raval. ; (G" r nd e N e to Sand'urg was .... Janu oril wrhitm He firs won -" burnt Weft,= .and
harmae Teleque ary 8, 1878 in Galesburg, fame as a Poet in 1914 with eole Yes.. '

aid ... .... Vanis
y qs-The. stat on s a -. m.. :' .
h-.em d 'w denr unc do bour t u rina te-Pi ramble se Al'.:'" .
Azoe s. saate'oods.. s bat s Oill' PLE T .E T .T Alm trees S' -,' *

th& nirgh e 'r" ees 1 I T M .

'- .'-with .. ..' of 1 th' mk arl n noted. .., U,1A1LU.L "
he': d i r i- ,"'
ture, .ha ,poece aof starin ih. d 'Sta t

.- ''-" .a t l giground oof este winter 16 M
Blous Ofa a' 0ech, a s tsmea ;i t hhe wpit h 5Snt"g seaI[t s"t
'Table nat..., n.. .th brins a s'ido n ,"N '..i."oi-.Co. 'ec or.

Skirt smantlay :drssed it 0lo c g ca n
b- wress there Ho. -icetsha it.sourn mat-eeca' m S
-.' 'also was SaauQiinloy'ln and'"his ..i. A m b H o w"
CovetingS ES1 lin -pp ad e- .l S labs of "sk-n

17he Aven.ry, unconcerT v d,the Phe, ar T q a 8 7l gi m as.a Poet i19 wt 'so .," Yes."... '.""
rno 'u- -" R
'*." 'P.. .'. '...TI-N".


Grand Rue, Next to
Pharnacie Telemaque
Substitute I cup siup
-from one pine apple and 1/2
cup hot water for milk in
fluffy yellow cake. OCt 'bak-
ing powder to 2 teaspoons
and add 1/2 teaspoon sodG
Put layer together and frost
with pine apple seven.-
Minute Frosting: Add 1/2
clip drained,;., crushed pine-
apple to I idcipe Seven Mi-
nute Frosting.
2 cups ground rolled oats
grindid in food chopper) *
3 Teaspoons baking powg -
d er .
1/2 Teaspoon salt
i 1/4 Sup sugar
:1 1/2 Tablespoons inelted
.._: shortening
'1/4 Cup molasses
1/4 Cup Milk'
Mix day ingredients; then
add shor.efilng, molasses and
'.'milk. Mix well. Four the
Board with ground rolled
'" oats, Roll mixture out in a
thin sheet and cut in 'harrow
K obloiAgs. Bake on a butteredd
cookie sheet 12 to 15 minu-
-tes in a moderate oven(250o
'T._) This makes 18 fingers. 1
i-; x 3 inches.



: MATS. ,:









S' Grand Rue
Tel: 2634

,. . ..-. "...,. .
".- i." .'t: .." ,*: ? - -


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Art and Curio Shop
Rue du Quai Tel: 3145


MENS 7,- Shoes.
NURSES .White Shoes
..----Stock in'gs.
LADIES,- Underwear *
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Hours are from 8 a..m. fill
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a number, of. shops especial-
ly Souvenir shops stay ope ,
IT OF SOUVENIRS through ,'he day.
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m a *" 5 M . -
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the combined know-how of manybeay
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as yours ca he,
S. ollo this f o
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,:I "I '- ="

KOREA HAS STRfGGLED grown on ,every flat space re seized or er '.gpriated.
'. OR TNITY AND ,where irrigation is possible.' Korean patriots penned
I DEPENDENCE FOR Thachbd farm houses and' their own declaradon of in-
50 YEARS green terraces snuggle in e- dependence in 1919. This tou
S, very narrow valley between ching and beautifully writ-
S".a popl" n the endless lines of" folded ten document was ,presented,
i l-Agreat Sany people in ills. oybeans,hemp, whedt, to the Japanese with peace-
the World -were very vague' barley, and vegetable's are M intent-, but the signers
S aGiu the. location of -ea cultivated. in dry fields. were .executed.
!uniti n het.-re.ent o.utreak .0 Throughout its modern his .-A provisional ,government
S fighting in that lile; coun- tory the ancient nation of in exile was formed. For ma-
try that juts from Manchuria XKorea has, been engaged di'n nry yelrs this powerless gov-
t nd'the Soveit Uion, a tragic struggle for freedom,. Frnmient; -trider Dr. Syng-
It 'is a 'rugged land of 30. iniy, and" independence. man .Rhee, .campaigned for
000.000 people with moun- Japan annexed the coum- indepdence. In 1948 the Rhee
Stain ranges comparable in try in 1910 and proceeded to government e4 Seqpi a ;-'
height t o .Mountains., _of elxipoit its resouiroes. oi.igh1 cognized "By b .
;Hait i covering virtually ly, until the end .of world tions, though the northern
all .he country. Granite hills War IL But for years prior half .of -the country .was un-
up to 6.300 feet'fold the ter- to the annexation,. Korea iler Russian domination. ,
-,radns.of -he united States had been a. pawn in the big T
sponsored Republic' of .'o- power politics of -Japan,' Chi- STRANGE JCUSTOMS
: rea --. the -southern three- ,apd Russia '
A I' severi l p ftif n'lar Peaice-seelcig K ea ush- The Koreans have a 'num-.
land. ey frm a tistting red'its modernera by con Iber, of customs, which people
network -of valleys .whicli in hliudig 'an, trea- of o.her country find .amus-
S-vader6 have.al ays olqwe..,. 1876. But n- .g.
So.onplel'do %he, rug- Nipponese -prmim s of inde- For instance, by long est-
; ged I's create -the country pepnd hce were-soon forgot- ablished custom, the.,-Korean
..,that ail i:d highway rodt "t:~i he bino-apanes war bridegroom ,stays with his
,wist f' tasticall .-i eqnhec- df'8-.6495 left Japan the do- bride three days in his father
ting ities-and towns. nant ifreign po er in Xo- -in-law's' house ,before retur-
Chi transport on. -. rea., This hold was. coisolid- ning withher to his own,pa-
y *oSouith-Korea, fo~ins- ated by victory ini thd Russo- rents' house. Official man-
fa' nce;.. is the doule-tra'ked, Japanese war a '"eade-later hood begins for the Korean
-ti r .'a -gauge railroad. 'un ,and the'reans hadnly after marriage. Even if
A, g, -overnmen.t of their ow.un- _.,...
itgdagoialydrm Haeju government of their owriun- he is 70, a bchelor's opin-
.irthe otest o' the-idol- i] the electionbheld in 1948 ion has litfld influence.
-. ,-.ated'a8th; ai dry n 'i "ted .afin. 'auspi- L < th.rod.fi $06," q, aodn; o"aiid cev : color of mourning in Korea,
Taeg to e : *\ A Sirn4e it is, worn for three
~-IPort .f 'P~n o H~' e FOUNDED IN 1122 B. C. ears for. close relatives, Ko-
to Pusa.. ..,'y- ci.i rean families, are .in mou.rn-'
Snamed is jis biout 0 air Old Korea's origins are ing white mch af the tme>.
miles; and.400 miles by l,\.. obscured by time, but her -Potential barrier 'to an in-
.I people claim a history of mo vader's progress is the po,
SRIE Mi'N OP., tha 42 centuries. Korean pulation of South Korea. It-
S, ,- le-gend celebrates a founder is ,now 20 million, three-
S6etme n the past Tan Gun, f superhu- fourths of them on farms..
i rfktues .,'or'es tilted the ian origin, ,hole alleged Despite the mountains that.
but u ,wa dpofn'ig pen.ns.- 'toni ..is qtil- venerated. Io- ile- out cultivation of most.
S, a doii .-0n the west, ,or Y .- re"s .' of, the' area, that is more
: ow sea slde, and u, on th references to a Chinese no- than iwice the population of
S iast, the coast of the Sea of blq who hriigrated to Korea North Korea, and five.times.
Japan. As a result of this 22 B. t, and founded a chat of Hayti.
tilt mrea, although,, aver- dyity there that ruled the
Sges15 m n th ontry for.many century..
g.,. .. raimage divided ..ab-
t 5 iles inland bi the c vmAh -.c-f what we. now iAt the last momrnent there
opt 45 hmiles inland ir66 the
. Inow as Korea had attained is always a reason not exist.
I at degree of. unify and enjoy-j'ng before: namely, the Im-
The West coast has a part- ed ad .old culture at the time I possibility fo further vacilla-
ly submerged ,'ihort line mar the 'Romaq Emnpire .flourish- tion. ,
S.kd by countless.,. -*jofrlike ed. In the 14th century the George ELIOT
". b ; s -an tiislands. Yellow Sed ielatively- small peninsuLar ,
tiese, 1ucwuating 25 feet, and cquitry .became .knostwn asf o.m co,, t
n:' re, hqve created-broad ti- the- kingdom; of d~l 'mud .-flats. .. name .often given Korea to ar unwse; but e of them
S.this day. seems to us pecularly ridi-
T" east cot o the o.t- .. I cu!ous contempt for the
r, hands a stn ,, Korea, after completing its'age one lives in.
.,. er nand, as. almost no wit ._.- ...the ., ....
h ..and, has s is. treatyof 1876 with the Japal Hsenry JAMES
ese, ", mri'de. similar hd e-lini. IV ountains slope _______________
,,* nd- 't ste doose 'agreements withn a
; into the .sea or from -iarrow oo,- ge s
nuinbr nf other powers, in LOS
sad washed B' eluding the United LOBSTER
clear waters. S.. -
S- .but none served to protect e-
South- Korea is .the agri- Korea from aggression and
.', cultural part of the peninsu-' exploitation. uper. resh
'. la as divided arbitrarily at1 Japan, after winning its Sper iltires
;. the 38th parallel i 1945 s a war with Russia, made Ko- Grand Res
.... Russo-American military .,ex rea a protectorate for a ti- Nx t '.
S..pedient- for the disarming, of me until the annexation, I
-,apaiiese troops. Rice is when Korean properties we- Telemaque Tel: 2662





'Fil0 E S lIST N EI

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food m be, quickly frozen in a
amNtuIR lovw s l 1" below zero, and two storage
i InCbaUS. l.mslatod w.t. ive inches of -tergle,
p, .motor... Fteon begeraat. 9-Inch wdth,
Sh% d a9-tothw se




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OCT. E-s :


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PICTURES OF THE w'kso the' following art-
IONTEVIDEO /(Uruguay.) Maurped B&no
TES LIBRARY Perfte uaui.
Mr.%Matrceau Louis, Direc- Rita Doucet
hi lb 'in of seignementUrbain,, Xavier Siama
-,6OD RADN FO 4 can find, through ese sup. nfngg left- Jast week .fo' Mn ireMnse
BLAXAION pleand learsentnces thetute in appraising them. But. ievo (Uruguay), had withLc uge
babieidea of iodet tho- hs, geni us is his- presentation h osp eea atsaIoetWln
The Time is fast apprdach retica4.physivz =and their ort ffcsan eszalte.H members of the, Cen'tre. d'Art' enrAefr
g heM o 're" gotn -to gins. A remajdcable. little wiesihacoiraonf Rao-al1? D~uxo
at a g boo:~p a two at ibook '.hi1 mets the cal oai '1 Weeft4A~es Go eioxa
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ent ah- brd4 d heof riet'n iitein s.etii T sa th Vr. u he n s is I Ae'r'cities'o'f Suth Castera at ite
feace.eett is,,the, world's foremost poli- eia Hec-tor, Hyppolite.
since we k f et'ticarl reporter, is not to des h 0gtayi f ai-1AtnoJs
tr place to, gef ose. osk crb i ucinqie ac- pdc tion chose the 'P Tean ie

elected hiseofunheionreqtite't 'Fesnandestinge,
Hilo ayoidnt ovei.-
i s ith n st Y r e ort y ,o 4 -eg 'ihe rep orter,

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allet~~ca b inn g ehe aste ..aes .....t a enga.aro
& frini for ealrdyou when W" Rr gln ith Eth po
ih st ont recn cya; engtt fi
The Aspal enl ise ah emr cers oh I a an_
ence~n~e ck aale asafll cetw r ysd unfiba ttabler
ARb A Tria At y.. onptoantl dd oer It' dheal he isavrcdn if f
hose~~~~~ qwlte i aetooith mn plvng, i big r C.
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reaon ,beg yce safe. byth
-groing nteristo the $1E I MRC INAEIA
esBallet ntin, Ame arinh -weak Jonb er ONkA
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ballet ibnothe conerne St -f:ae; Ping a ,ato
ih the v h 'Onl choreor- Arph J ng e, a I Iti

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SGE1ntES ya ense, ot' in het citye ofi f RT S UPIS nlveydymvmns1'cneidwt
havBeR~lSEN seen -s the emeto oferh oepr"o ms wypr fteilts~e-old o h
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NELU4jd4, U in bf '146 able

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'Anlecan public Iin uallethl TO GO
seesr bal etntian termivt --ofOP 2000,r F~jjn -,Nt
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e wit a rsnatin ofue- hameroue :tati
o a unecel ed Gaiy the' " 'aAh bl 'z Gu therk book stb _Yi1xcletCusn
ok I rt it a arite by P sant-o. -a weekly,
'a ae -m re c crn>4.450
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*iote, desir wh ol choid ane o rmuaa of, h7i owa:c.iel- C fr able ro s Envelope
phing ec.smAckigoodrferhen mys- Meon Newhe' author Dance Thetr Apes, 1'prt ae
iolor staudef sof those and essentialre notet and stte penidvewLetehe
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asainytonerestand inhe Bookl ofir-'althes oh and ketf boe.
-alno tr hi' < overies and he rTvolution- oi -raanhkdMriGnt ridGre
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...1: does not hurt the eyes uGadd pa bould gdb

HT MUSEUM 'A Mexican soig, tha has
"H f f become very popular in
.. KALMAR'S,.CAFE ,"Cciop a-.Blues.
t. Champ de Mars, A unique, colcti.n of re- .. ,Luis Arcaraz
s ' .S areto le:tfound, at the jq. -. -a' ',r c 7
NATIONAL> MUSEUM of .era qu oas p' r colo
WARM WELCOME Port au Prince *on t h e 4ejando enlos corazones .
.; ,. 1 Mars:. ; 'Mond, atir.de passion,vibrar de c
Ho.' .- O ... O. .,Visftmg Hours: Monaay _. -
HGG.. . ..troukh Saturday, A.M luego- minl decepciones.
IN;" toco "q"ererte tam.

PA,, r B AR COCKTAIL HOUR ... besarte y despuds perderte.
EAT S R RO ': T Dios quira que l fin te can
SIand Mds. HOTELROOSE LT e, an -
S...' No s'qiue ser% sia verte,
no sdSie vada, depudk
S' .COOL KENSCOFF' No s pordT lidarte,
5'.'. 00. t. above n Sea- i. no sd vi me. o -;,.. :4
C':.' Roons I ti ,
.".in Cellar .idos con m is conciones
,UA' IUT, DIIFLEU decidndote ven,'eregres otra
I.".- .- HA .T D ES LEUR vez, .. .
'P, i.*. "' .. , ., o'.rom p, as as corazonei.
-E jo ay Ex e ' .. .
-.- .". '".* "',D INNER , "


AT '
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-Enjoy all Club Facilities
amid pleasant Surroundings
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Apply: Antoine Dupoux Mgr. TEL: 7133 A motorist touring in the we
Sin the United- Staes stops his
.:.... -..--- a esquoia tree in a State parn



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o- to0fl Complete, GENUIN GERiANS
*. LUNCHEON .. 2t" ' : : '.* .^M
Served today -, BEER, FRANKFURTER
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Plenty of palate appeal.
(Your Fatvorite drink a CUISINE.
doe by Experienced Mixolo-' i -'

L ELE : .
,, --' OF
DishingUp: I

1tour speciaty
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est coast State of California
s car in a tunnel 'cut through

(Exposition GroutLs:.
i., i ,

SCold rn ..

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and h e c e I e s

"1 This book, edited by were doomed to ailure.. He but has presented a' careful- rein the human mind and he ce e ti a order
Paul Arthur Schlipp and showed that there neverr ly prepared intellectual au- matter are ,b r i d, g'e d in the structure of through
containing evaluations by could be sucli .a;thing as ab- robiographyn by the famous' through' mathematics, the d itself thought which com-
Ss26 leading, scientists of Al- solute motion, but ehat eve- thiiker himself. .. i cision as to what' consitu- pretends both the atom- and'
Sbert Einstein's ,philosophy rything moved relative to so' The .essays thisbook con-! -es true substance is as un-- the cosmos.
ad his theory of relativity, me oiler system. .He show- tains relate-to many subjects. satisfactorily answered by END
Iis called by reviewer 'Her- ed that the earth war, i ie ., In fact, when. Albert.,Einstein Einstein as it is 6y any other This review appeared in the
"bert .BI Nichols ua mon- mdn adrift on a great body ,w:s asked' to comment on natural philosopher May 13, 1950, issue ofY HE
M aenial piece of work0, of wa. in a smakil boat in .-herr 'he wsote: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MO
a fog whidh prevented. his ,Aft?.r some vain efforts I, Spiritual reality is not con NITOR, one of the outstan-
SAlbeit Emnstein, -the: famous seeing shore -../eesr stars: discovered that the mentali8 Iidered, thr6qgli the expres- ding. weibspapers ii the Unit-
|#; American scientists revered All he can tell about i.is ma ty 'which underlies a few o. ion angnmWaterial, can -be ted States. The writer is na-
,the world over as one .of motion is related tb the mo-- of the essdys differs so-radi- foundPte would like to dis- tural t'ierce correspondent
tihee greatest genu "e. tis rvement of other boats, lights caly from my .-wn, that I,. pense;with.orld of matter, of THE. CHRISTIAN .S-
-eetury. More. ecay, a .and ships whith pass ,within a in. pab.le.of saying 'any- by. viewing its 'concepts as CIENCEiMONITOR.
1I, among men of letters and .a his vision ., hmng, useful .about them; I. "free creations of the hitumanh .
turat scientists, he is known Butt "Albert Einstein,Phi- first attempted to discuss thb .imindA, atributthig thieir-mea'.
as the man whose thinking losopher Scientists, edited essays *.indivitially. Howe- ning,' their ,jusiGfication", to RIGI' AL LE ER BY
olJverturned conventioidl .no by Panul Arthur Schlipp is ver,' I abandoned this proer dthe totality of, sense impres- ST. TERSE IS SENT '
io..oif physics, d stiy, 'primarily- concerned dure because nothing eve&n siqps; to wbich, he says, they "u,
nd celestial mechanics t' iit such readily, observed approximately homogeneous are coordinated 'and intuitive. Engew :s Gts
produce a new relativity a- phenomena as: the motion$ resulted..-.. lytcoinected. :,. '*. *" gew. rI Q.uest;
.ong established theories of of stars and planets and-their .The great iathematiciai's 'A proposition is correct, rh issi
ispace -. and "time, .energy's "...ct... an.. ..va 'Church to SI' Missive
ce and ime, energy's sociated forces. The book own .contribution is aneva- he says, wif, ithina logal '

ggEcri ativnty is merely.a history, -be -an; namel, calls it something .ke tentaccordingi i ibecerttin S bletterywS t-;

cription for the vohimes and value. is sense testimony?"n I th tn fo it cn- ixdit possibility oon' ow to on n Cadio as
ivtisian nater a new in- . -. '.- E .. stein'-.. or-. ,om ,e ". r f : a i ". 'm -- .
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aI f.bss 'apcsi.Tt w' Bwor..,rls 'ist hs Trt o.es" ....g4 t"

.His brief w ritin. c.se_ . t.,s," 's, .owo, ,'
b y P r.ic e L.ui. B re. =.ta f,-e th. d f.n er" s.h o fl : d 'u -'. .
I"g physicist wio wro .- a < .. ;- . ta orgat.,, es -. ...ed erIn1 P 7et eeuir i '

n userae. s S urvey ' rs he disagrees; with most all Rosan'Caolis in this '
'cnriteimpen-can wok fd ary theoretithl. y- trounl 'When theh letter' sisy'

s 'mathe ati ila n' w o sk forsa s-, '. Ir 4hownaSunday afternoon ate -
''' '" f ed ; "hC lis Ce noite "e'

t h .kits cwahi. iA' the odrka of p a oSt: e i se .
Scannovt believe he sayC bur' ht 55 hi Demaresi Ave- *
de i ght suddenly cs. a -rm bt.hat God plays te ..,. t ethe 'first im
1trref 'but powetul ilyuini ca-o ih g
o-e w = sse-ma,2 missive r in" aSt. There.ses
-- ..' sa' aii Se .e p ': ,'; ,;

Th, en ft iiveazinf all i rse of o'der, tde harmol bs; dis layed in' the world
Th'eay pranx 'sao e w'o e ann eer 'iof' St.m Tbe-ed sei" of.

kIt: ohc h A he i I .o fke fCgideip e natal I ea efoo ...an r .. T.. ...

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Spu . researchers o ai en.may menas uc n er .thbe little '.
dt th beginning 'of the twen I u *'.ett-IJ.A' the hem of real substance, r w. s ha 'clo st*ired nun' f
tieh entry. Readyit be Aaert initein datls J. fer Oppeh.iaer, dprecr Ein stei n explored the fini- h e sles siitee n

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the desire" men o find the in terms of space. .fr.,Opp"Aeim,.fa r for "ha froti its mi.ts- to the .rnpsm -olsrs anti owdudrch aittho "
'.earth's absolute motion ork on oic engy, took-o as head of hes- bed is tieni .Ce 'a9 .es e.i. rit ted- '-to, atad .
e spaoe. T'huguh we live t te'j ,Octobe. 1947.. 't e-h..estar ..e i....

S'i a a ti onay .'"'. stands .in ''ticular tnaj Ski .t .istrs .Dvt
rers kno st hato theo arths re-'ial aswers to these' que- rrehdnsibilty' pf the world tereladionshi'p wiet Gdd. 'as A single letter#t.ai relo'
motios arew .aart:vs aon to'from t.eir examination Rn. r at.he valu-e which:he d xeeg bSP isngoa W bblie; d from thg ., dl.ection .and
n rv es b'2.con'r'bu-.els-n ctanhe placed 'upod sn e. ,pratsG i eanet e e
,r",th taned. 's.."-on a ors, T.hey ay be disatppoi e festinbiny. Ithrpoai,.hk).who rveo.. i ,t heR.er. .l b er
His' move around t G.. .. ..".' of- ih e iStte eroo ,

r ,i byh-,e lctual ae efIki., ore .o Ft : herD who

."a y hi- i d tefhe roost ardent devotee. m.t, a'h Eo cogtiionc '"h sees" aG: 'apnpcipe elitee Mo.iS..,. at ","kle-
S'.-4 .... ", ..d.oanot-bArtbur'Schlnpp whjeh'ab 'so of 'uath' -5tical cqn"strdction oo res s
.'. is. v hso ao etp- aw neec fmel- t.-'ae p..ele.. ".."...,God who .. .. 1: ey-i', .

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ew ......it assembled thei. observations' rws gtya n ie" gt 'to an' anh.h6'sbns. been 'worship- 'nin a singleater" br note ,
ich to. d otoid.d .jt, '.. hew by ,ssple men as a lo- imposed 4i"h the s -int s

n-ne, a alle m tio are Nobel Prize winners). synthd lno.gbt whe titmrse 1of 'the atom: or' (continued on pagel2) .
S o '
'-."3 "h f " "t " ,. i ,' , . .. a.' en .he I_;te
.-,ii.: etmat icuan'in vr r feaeor- ., Iin ,gen .ma. 'smeo'v de [,- a hT ,",,"'':

,, .u, .,,. p. m .i-u . ...iof-71-p'!'y 2 7 2 -. : ... .. ., . . .. ., . :,- . .i:
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i.":]L". _. rtosthe'myl dliipoii'- se 'es ..' -- ... .['t~r, m~t,.,',,whore~~h ) lai-funer pf,. heS1.m. .--::'ve
;': '-" V I '] ' .- , .' ', ': -! ., ', . ,. ,; % , .; .. '., ,, 9 ,' ,

,.* ., v,..,.. -- ,on '" .. a j. ",: "0Jq -b" 1947%, ..' ,-"t-L "= 4 "J - "r"-'"' ". 'i','=- ''' :.. : ". ,"'. 4: .': 2.. -" ,"-


M iss '" ,
S- 'Charles Schartz, accou'- pdpasat wl is.suppos daughtof t .Ed.. Y E OU
tant'for Harris Kerr Forres- ed to have settle here "f- ard Hore.e. 'i,
S. eof' New ork is retr. ter the French Rvolution, Madam ens r- O SUMMER ARMITY
Sing to Haytif this. .wek twenty years ,proir td his se of 44Ha'iati'onl;eretae .
..Mr. Schwartz will stay %t .moving to theoh.S. P'tionvillc gave birth to

, Cl -b.' '. mily returned t theHarv one. girl. T 'e average.
Mrs le oucard, he et fields, last Monday. weight atirthwa3 lbs <. ,. '
e -, cbininy. .-.

former Jessie. Dei cele .. ednesdy gh, er and ld ae -
brated her birthday Mn- the Bingo-gnet Tor- repoed in goo ake it a"habit to cal..
day, with a party at hera- 'atnda will- in the hands' th.. egul arly
bher's home in Pacot. -of Albert and, mily. 'Man-'.. Sad newa& ar- Satuuday Fo.
rant g.or Harris Kerr Fortes- ed to have settle here o -.}ard Hhocllme.:' o' .HAIT AN AMERICAN
esent re a Mrsandat te Iy"i's o ". .tr., DR ICLEANERS
teorge Leg frork is ret r- ter the Frenchool Buing Leader. hAE has Rqitir -, i CarefulT ., .'...

". ad" K.k i. rd, Mr' F d, "ok i party' the pu lic eye. .' . '. , Dry Cleaming .
Sand Mrsto Lyatiol Ptqin, far (twthe firs ,price st andhis .'He of ,yshhas n inten-ee 1 ., Servie" "

S q Se chwartz f'-le Therese m., o'g thei.S, ofn .'rel ning'e birth. to. '
o ard and. Nicole ..Re-' O d esosies and washing "Youg Me, .- ' ..
S vist. Thor.an, Intdl national A'nil ier Hiht.e mar- alickd ett .3 bi.k *n' . e of. A r
b s ry yre- re Sat'r da t hen. at i ot, residri. N bg,' aveort-ae ' '

ary to the -assij Cr a P, ,; c ." , "' a Pocha
fomPromotion r aJieDge r ef Pcl,' The wednesday ight, 1 Motierad'. .. .. '' c i, d-r e:r

rated hNeu birthday Mre a-r the nroo gt-r e o t Thor.. eporhed ..' e in .godil '" Ma'ke a. hai t' "a '".
present were A.S, apd Mrs. and Mrs 'Vroo: an at'. the Hati's No" Orchaa-

S sa,: an d' Kiki Ih ', MTI rlan; ,' Ghia ie .6'orelly,: d ',' arti,. Ch' ey e r. .'
In atoll Le, er Service
: Airis --eres -ing ojfloe '(The morning 'et. 10New Yoir asmthr O
an Mid one.of Miss a,Ffrto sands at theI acSY -Coe. has nres' ha i ten- ,

an'cest s wa" 'ir. a \ '-irch 'ea 'Ei ote 'e e "r(Sa^ -. ''S f ," " ' .'
,.r que, Mar4&,X qrie-Therese $.,0i .,' tio~' of. returning> ether I ." '"
oucard' and Nicole Re-,C, Orwdlck' esrosiers 'and- -Dashing 'You)ig 'Men ''.' ..,
ist. mat- , _,, . o yon ,"
: -.. Aoes m r. *, , '. ill 'Ql ier ',ee mar-'*lick D u Jn ofdux .ayes," .',^ .'. . -. '. .
oesmary. -F A. S d Sat ay. morn r esidin .n. Porta- a -
ary to thet. th Cathbdal. '. .Pncb, sM'toit d t& char-.
Promotion masageri. Pa.- The Bridee Camt. .. "d .
i, N'ew a .m rk City retu room are'both fr m '4 '.T te ta i t '.-
L5 9:-t .*e'Playe It ;coinsng Sou Mr O
this hge 24 A
*.. n obation; .Club. .. L w ar sio o .m a shar 90df A oi 7.
.'.... .-t I is"ietgt-?er-aa 'Y i C*8 't"r'.nt'SHM.[RE. .B'O'
of Fornin 'vbten I ods t aoe
t o iiss a V I .. ?' ",` I -, e. .- . at
alcestrs was 4, a? l h I, "col'Ee hdes '&aade ,rAides. -
.... ,.. .a..,,. h rch ,r.a.. ... ,Diredtor ,4.0 Nhfional .

A en v. 7e
i s Clan i. an ,ekn rwd 'nsiv :. ..e. the 'o--e l 'ven...:.s..ver
Z ts r 7 t;'r ', Wiopa i Oa c tus iA nil if 4 Ft e.wi

Gelee.R1 ,of. tbei Cala, o a" So
Mre ... G at ..'. fiveda
to e e r T.el 'Coti... ... ,

:awy .w ashe r f e r6son ribJ-vwo
(Te Co arbbean' t &and ionf 't o
eon of th C Isiae ... !:: .neny'.s

,. Af.. T he :toAiee ,wndefu
is Planning an 'bxfehsive P4 sq7,).
.... eI e nig is bver,
.dbliciv cdrvalpaign wjt,.brougl1- L wil the' fragrant memory of you,
A a- rt Of course it will,;if you bathe with
,' ..awal "o .here '1aeP- o il-
rdy.nere Bou. Sop C.she.
hatjhPalace ofHayi u et sses
owrist, e. ogfentmym your eihrfmsee. a et

MarriTed1 h ing withdC asmer froa-.
:N faP,-e mo"" ""- '
-aIN T o p ie' kiird' (ou'd .Soupec to'',
ofaWS.;a s the -on t e. ,; i any ', N '
Sfr',l~' cuia~erwa4..JA swiia aend dainBi w"t_
waan ..ess .U.S.A, Hojd4,jheehere for 'ever a4rwee with-

an rMe ;A b iss a m'od s
' r" ....' o re i ili o a h w

WIA J. / .L 1SL. I

. . '

", i ;



"". JESSE ABRAMSON SA The I.B.C. took movies oJ I
Louis reiterated he wasn't the fight at a cost of $ '10 I'
Sorry be decided on this co The Charles of Wednes- 000. But the picture goes ., ;"
'meback. But the record day night would have beat- to teascan The BC TI
.ki doesn't show that he made eh Louis any time in his and R.K. Q. agreed that ENJOY PAA
:the money he needed to, post-war career. 'This Char- erewas' eugh picto-
:- pay Uncle Satm. With 3q les would have been an. al.vdlue to #nake distribiu-,
Sper cent of the net gate and' armfill of trouble even for ion.. profitable. The videos .
.- TV money, Louis earned Louis at .his best. This was oweer, w see the fight
". ga. The kinescope 'er- -
$(;. 102.840.Not counting the a strong, capable fighter, in The kinescope fer-
:, taxes off this, he's suppos- bold and fearless, fully e- si6n w, 'presented fr-
,'.,ed to owe more than dou- quipped in all departments dy and Saturday in
ble this figure to the gover- except weight. He is a sla- twenty-five cities that were'
outside the coaxial circuit;.
places like Minneapolis. Los ". .. ,
amij s. r. CIRCLE TRIPS '
a A .geles, San JFracisco :i-
Mzy fandsnks were sadden-
ed that Louis had to go the FROM I '
way of all heavyweight '
4. .flesh (except Gene Tunney)
But .Lorus was a professio'-
f el ghztr who wentAl M. A
ibe p'rofeio al wtiy. X-rays o ,.' I a
reIveeda e 'did" not break] TO
his left hand. It was only
bri sed like his head.
Now he will -resume at
a ': 15.000 a nu al- : salary. O.n
,.WI'TH EIR EYES. SI.T. .- -15 b s plu" a4 "isclosed pere ..
: rouds, Joe ouis (.left) andEzzad ,Ch bot have age f -the profits, .his ob -
h adlyb.aoised' faces and left'eyes tatare practially as director o the Intern '
shutL But aharles has.a bi sle'e the 'won ,or titiional Boxing lub's fisti '

.a ld. But deied wo C res .i ian it to rie*
as heavyweigif not"aaponbychain-i the d oils.ine Jhebe
Ezzard Charlesgaium s' bpe cho.
.ment. His accountant, shng 'puncher or 2 ion tho,had to sohr '.
get tchy e. f.tstinngo 's 'hin FO-p',.
S )Te Jones, discloed that peieods but' not thi. pOwer.s i
Sthe-government is alilling. hitter dor tru e' fis on. ie -. ' .,

0'^^ Ia. d n h e 'T lfGGeue SP BR T
N is' agents wX1 achieve the to atE-T L iy e Born
z:, make the offer, ased o a 's a Los g chsaio n, aslames Hati V.B60 AY T
S ednesdy's .purse, in Chi- Those o had prevos cutlA ~M DE'n Budge.
vs. ago Monday. t ly derided l/Jare$as .'a cauoi stb-g ihibe .i
', "tos "if nor a chiese cham- !Stadiums'!labor, pe i"fessip-
Charlese getting'20 per pion the offing o pr, Othbet
cent, earned 58,766, his big him their respect. .Other.bal ens tournament
gest touch yet., fighibrs thinking. of ibha4- FOO ...
Klrging bis will respect 7Football eys oi .
him more, too; 'he's the real Tass andC 'ob 'Pierr e,
".Ioss of 'the heavy weights Iback. ThUrsday East ih'Hay-
and wilt be for some time tian football,-plba ers Antoine EF k'ETIVE THRU
-to come. .' Tassy and Roe .Pierre hrrii-
him wi, Jey aS
ed lri the -cy rR 30 TII

zard?He is.a fighting cham ing games Aaii.i.V. Jam60. 'Iy.,
cpion uw must fight often *- SPEAR'PISHING" C
to mare the .none"? T-here's .. .StbP OVERS PERMITTED "
no, million-dollar Louis sty- On the beautiful rees.o .
le gate'in the offing $ par- the bay of Port-au-Princ-. EN ROUTE
ficularly im this TV era. "o" n" :'"n-"l' o
Charles, will fight any onie. nor 3 o1n .
The International Boxing HORACE .
Club family which has
been rooting so hard for
Louis to knock Charles for "' ,IS

;on in Chicago next ..Graihdld .Rue Nexr to SSENGERi L
SMarch. Pharm cie Telemaqu -Rue Darits Destouche-

HAll] SUN SUNDAY 0CC. 1st.

Classified Church Service of
Classified advertisements HOSPITAT L CHAPEL er
&re- accepted 'for things Mass "8.30 a.m sermon by SE
wanted or, unwanted; arti- Father Smith in Eitiliih ce
cles for. sale; personal servi- -. -------M
Wes; miscellaneous items, SACR_-COEUR loN
such as jobs wanted;houses Masses :are at 4,6,8,10, a.m.
for rent;, tutoring; traveling --
companions; ideas for sale. CATHEDRAL
not accepted, advertise-
ments of political "ture. Masses are at 4,;5.30, 7,
Rate: 25c per insertion, Pm1 8.30' a.m
.ximum of 5 words. RARD _
Wanted (Near, the Oloffson Hotel).
Jeep in good condition 'Masses are at 5.30, 7,8.30
with good tyres. / -
Apply ,Haiti Suni ST. JEAN BOSCO
Mass is at 9 'a.m
House for Rent. in 'Bizo- HOLY TRINITY. P
tone 2 Bed rooms Beautiful CATHEDRAL .
view of the bay and, large (EPISCOPAL) C
garden. Mass 4.00 -a.m French qC
Apply Haiti Sun. Mass 7.30 a.m.. English' vt
W" AreicnMass '9.00 a, mi French A
Wanted: 1913 American Daily Mass 6.00 a.m French Fc
5 cent Piece -Liberty head . --
-No. ......Buffalos.' Re- EPIPHANY CHAPEL ,,
ward Mass 6.00 a.m French
APPLY HAITI SUN Mass 8.00 a,m French
'- ''-.'*j r ,
Would sell or swap for a .
car in perfect condition a
beautiful- property locatte "
at ,Musseau or the new roal't WHO'S HEsEl'1 I
S from Air Port to' Petionvil- LOOK W O'S E
..'le. I to
4.. The land measures 1 acre i
is leveled, and:-has a ,trl :
himagnificent view over the. ..
whole Cut' de Sac plain and i"' ^ ",
the bay. .The new water li-
ne from Freres 'passes at
200jt. from' the property 1i ,.
e. -, s

A FurnishedPHouse or apatr-
ment, in.or around Petion-
ville 2 Bed rooms.
SAply (cHaiti Sun" .

Excellent office
SJust off Grand Rue ... ,
Just o Grand Rue After an 0osenee of a year and
Small -rental.- a half from the screen, Lou Cos- -
tello returns with his partner, Bypd
"Abbott, to star in "Abbott ,andl
,,, j.FOR SALE ;Costello in the Foreign Legion" for i,,

Piano Studio
Upright, one price $.300
SRefigiraire good condi-
tion $.. 80 *
Electric Stove with oven
S $.'90.

Parents Interested in Pri-
.. aote English speakingg
school-for 4 and 5 years
olds. '
Apply aHaiti Sun".


Lessons of French and Spa
wish to ',English speaking
* persons Conversational Met-
hod. Abolv to Professor
SCarles E. Stephen C/O Edi
. for BHaiti Sun".

Anew Portrait of Lois Andrews, divorced wife of George Jessel,
whose beauty as winningsher aeplace among Hollywoods featured
lovelies. Her latestffilm is diThe Desert Hawk,"-starring Yvonne
Do Carlo and Richard Green. Lois appears for Universal Interna-
tional as. a belleof the Arabian harem pes.

, \m


Plliase enter my subscription

ve Sunday next.


Blank -
to aHaiti Sun, effecti-

NAME .............................................. .......

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Haiti Sun P.O. Box 118

Phe Society of the Rriends COMMUNIQUE LEGA- Continued from page :9
the, Argentine Nation) (S "TION OF COLOMBIA *. .
.N.A) founded\ on Decemb- er, Agnes, who is eighty 4
,27, 1947, in its session of The Legation of C61ombia. e, and- Sister Geneviev
epternber 20. th instant pro in,this eiapital has issued to' tght-on'gand tih'other nu
eded to the renewal of. its the Press..the following Corn at -,he coniveht,gave fheleft
managing Comnmitee as fol- munique: The Government o the Carmelite.priest in
w:: of the Republic of Colombia, ognition of -his labors toh,
President: re-elected iVeo- has just issued : Decree No. -nor thetLittle Flower anid in
liere Jh. Comps 2996 sipaed by all the Minis gratitude fpr the food that
Vice-President re-eleCted-- ters, by'lvhichit is provided has been sent to the conveie
Clovis N. Bonhocmne that in the event 6f president by Americans devoted to thgl
secretary Treasurer .re- tial vacancy, temporary, of de St. Therese.
elected: Ren6 Jacques finite, and awaiting the lec
Deputy Secretary: .Viergi- tin of the Chief of the Gdi The autographedletter --
gina Desgazons vernement by '. the' Cham- a tender note addressed to' ~
Deputy-Treasurer: bers, the presidential powers nun who waas a friend, ot Sti-
Wilmina Qesar will be exercised; by the [ herese's at the convent
Filer and Lbranan:. Membe7;;.of the Cabinet, in 0ws written on July -, g
Dorleans Thomas : accordance with art. 125 of 1897, two months before.thei
Advi ors: Nestor Amisial the Colombian Constitution int died. It was composed
ierre Arman.d, Lucien Bor and ranking drder as provi- 5a pencil because she wvast
:t, Faine Scharoh, Manasse ded for by law. In defect of I oo weak to use a pen -and
ompas, Huberman ..Normil- Ministers, the Departement one of the last letters .-sheh
harles, Nelly Perpignan,Vil Gov,ernors will exercise the wrote.
nrt M6ro6sier,.'lvanrxe- Cecile Executive. Power, ranking Letterto .'Twin"g
. Compas ,. privilege being accorded the The letter read: .
or the Commitee: Governor of Departmnenti July 16, 1897 ..,
the closer to the Capital-,of .'
V'IERGINA DE'SGAZONS the Republic. The Decree Dear. Siter .Martha of Je-i
' fhas 10 considerations in us: .. :.- '
Deputy-Secretary. .w. chis anayzsed the rain- 1 suddenly realize that,
ge of the Constitutional Re- have not wished' yoi a
form of' 1945, in connection Py-birthday. Ah! be assufd
.-. ,. with the designation of of "it -is an oversight. which
ficials in charge of the Ex- wounds. my heart. I wIasn
SIVMART KID ecutive P r as aforemensuch great joy over you
< the boy whq was helping ns eslish fatthe post ve'you the prayer on humn:
m driv. a.bunch qf cattle, of official chose as Chef Uty;.it isnotiyet finished:..
d this buo. ohoficnalns as: ` Chief -- i b y w 'ha"
old this bullha minute, will, of th Provisional Govern- coyig, but you will ha
-u?.? '. ',-,"m~ent is..now .vacant in accor it soon.
don't mind bein' a direct- t nal; reform and the in- wouldn't b .able to sl51.ep4O
Sin this company, but I'm erpetaton give by th he had not sent you this it
earned, if I want to be'.a Congress of -1949.By virtue- le note. ;
t9ckh~older;( _- of. which it is established Therese of the C[ildJ
L A E 'hat'in case Qf presidential us2, ,
LaA cancyBELLE tcpo of defi-ha were, twins by proT
nite, the2nd part of the son," because 'they- made
first paragraph of .art 125 St. Therese ad Sister Ma
of the Colombian Constit-their ybws entering the Car4
tion must be applied. elite order on the same da
Port-au-Prince, Septenberia r 1890. Th e prayer ,for, hi;
r- 1 u50 .r." ility nientioned. in the let-
er was. finally. complete;A
'I '. and published in the large, &-
Sdion 'of "The Story of-na'
D' "BUCK Soul," the autobiography oe
S.UPER" FRESH" St. Therese, which fi:as trans'.
SPECIALTIES l ated i n t o almost 'every
known language .1 ,
S(Grand if N'.'x/ to Reprinted from the N.' Y
Pharmacie Telemaque Herald Tribune. "
.. ''.'." ,,


SUNDAY OCT.. 1st. ,.: