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Data Management / Curation Working Group, Meeting Agenda and Notes, September 24, 2018
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Data Management/Curation Working Group Agenda/Notes
Smith, Plato
Yuan, Linfang
Norton, Hannah
Deumens, Erik
Ridgewell, Natalie
Hawley, Haven
Durant, Flecther
Gonzalez, Sara
Kiszla, Sara
Gitzendanner, Matt
VanKleeck, David
Neu, Ed
Taylor, Lauire
Leonard, Michelle
Maxwell, Dan
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Data management
Data curation


Meeting notes for the UF Data Management / Curation Working Group.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 2 Dat a Management an d Curation Working Group (DMCWG )1 Monday, September 24, 2018, 11:0 0 a m 12:00 pm, M arston Science Library, room L136 Attended : P lato S m ith, Matt Gitzendanner, H annah Norton, David Van Kl eeck, Fl etcher Durant C hristy Shorey, and Dan Maxwell Agenda and Notes 1. Report NIH NIEHS SRP P42 proposal Data Management and Analysis Core ( 12/19) i. Explain ed new NIH DMAC requirement ii. Showe d planned UFL S uperfund Center and UF DMAC illustration 1. Discussed proposed suite of tools that will comprise initial plan 2. Suggested Bi tbucket for version control as recommend s uite of tools with Confluence and JIRA as part of initial tools iii. Di scussed cur r ently NIH NI EHS Superfund Rese arch Program (S RP) ORAU Travel Grant: ORNL DAAC and UTK Libraries/LIS (8/29 8/30) i. Shared a Data Provider Questions ask ed of people submitting data to the ORNL DAAC. This becomes the foundation for metadata, QA and documentation efforts. ii. Shared a paper describing ORNL DAAC data ingest system: attached as SAuS_VannanEtAl_2016.pdf iii. Shared a paper describing ORNL DAAC data citation p ractices: attached as CookEtAl_data citation_2016.pdf iv. Sh a red a book chapter describing ORNL DAAC best practices: Preserve_Ch6_Protecting_Data_for_Long term_Use.pdf v. Sha red a report from March 2018 about the data usage metrics for ORNL DAAC vi. Shared i nformation on how to set up a subcontract with our ORNL D AAC sta ff. This topic will require more in depth discussion, but could be a real possibility for future collaboration. OR NL DAAC There was a brief PowerPoint P resentation o n the N IH DMAC requirement and current working contr ibuting to the development of UFDMAC for NI H P42 SRP 1 DMCWG resources: and Data Resources Members: Plato Smith (Chair), Erik Deumens, Matt Gitzendanner Ed Neu, David Van Kleeck Hannah Norton Sara Kiszka Peggy McBride, Fletcher Durant, Val Minson, Laurie N. Taylor; Matthew Collins, Fletcher Durant, Christy Shorey, Audrey Dickinso n, Haven Hawley, Sara Gonzalez, Alethea Geiger, Dan Maxw ell, Joe Wu Alicia Turner, Adrian Gritz. Previous meetin g notes ( 8/27/18 ): http ://


Page 2 of 2 Th ere was a brief r e port ba ck on the ORAU Travel Grant, out comes, and plans for future research collab o ration betwe en UF ORAU, ORNL DAAC, and UTK 2. Training (fall 2018/spring 2019) Data Management (general and discipline specific by funder) i. FAIR Data Principles and Reproducibility 1. Discu ssed Reproduc ibility template developed by UF College of Business Gra duate student enhanced by U F College of Engineering doc toral student, and currently in f inal edits with UF genomic s scientist 2. Briefly intr oduced and trained genomics scientists on depos iting data in Zenodo (a devel oping 91 GB test use case) ii. USDANIFA funded projects: FACETS (9/20) and SmartPath (11/14) 1. Discussed recent FACETS annual me eting attendance wher eby some scientists immed iate data needs includ e but not limited to describing, normal izing, organizing sharing, and preserving da t a across resea rch projects and collaborative institutions 2. Briefly discussed how the DMCWG will assist in the development of tra ining for FACETS and SmartPath c olalborators/ researchers iii. CAP5108 : Research Methods for Human centered Computing 1. Briefl y discu ssed spring 2018 invited data management lecture that led to spring 2019 invitation on data management which wil l include some ARCS/ DMCWG members for a more r obust data management invited lecture presentation ( e .g. DOI, IR, copyright) 3. Grants, Misc., & Other *NSF CRII ( pending review ) i. B riefly explained h ow the NSF CRII will extend and further the research collaborations resulting from the ORAU Travel Grant ii. Briefl y discussed CNI Project Brief p roposal 4. A ction items (ongoing ) ORCID API i. Briefly discussed int ernal plan and nee d for automation of ORCID integration in myUFL b efore broader articulation and integration. ii. Brief ly discussed need for HSCL and Li bWest to work with Libraries IT to work wi th UF Ide ntity Manager f or ORCID an d myUFL integration O utreach and Training i. The proposed training course will be s hared with UFII for dissemination. ii. The gradu ate school is inter ested in ORC ID requirement fo r ETD s. iii. The Unive rsity Press may be inter ested in levera ging ORCID for authors.