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Data Management / Curation Working Group, Meeting Agenda and Notes, July, 23, 2018
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Data Management/Curation Working Group Agenda/Notes
Smith, Plato
Yuan, Linfang
Norton, Hannah
Deumens, Erik
Ridgewell, Natalie
Hawley, Haven
Durant, Flecther
Gonzalez, Sara
Kiszla, Sara
Gitzendanner, Matt
VanKleeck, David
Neu, Ed
Taylor, Lauire
Leonard, Michelle
Maxwell, Dan
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Data management
Data curation


Meeting notes for the UF Data Management / Curation Working Group.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 3 Dat a Management an d Curation Working Group (DMCWG )1 Mon day, July 23, 2018, 11:0 0 a m 12:00 pm, Marston Science Library, room 136 Attended : Plato Smith, Christopher Barnes, Kevin Hanson, Ed Neu, Haven Hawley, Hannah Norton, David Van Kleeck, Christy Shorey, Audrey Dickinson Agenda and Notes 1. Initiativ e ORCiD develop goals/plans for 2018 API v2.0 upgrade deadline Aug. 2018 develop a sprint i. Briefly discussed plan to (1) identify ORCiD API plan/goals, (2) coordinate with Hannah Norton, and (3) present early outcomes/progress at next DMCWG meeting on 8/27/18. ii. Identify a client application for Sandbox Member API testing iii. Need to consult and work with Libraries IT after AP I goals are established 2. Training (fall 2018/spring 2019) Templates i. General 1. Discussed idea and plan to develop UF templates for: a. Code storage not data storage in GitHub (note: performance issue with large data files) b. Data storage and sharing in UF Dropbox (note: improve awareness and information literacy of UFIT support tools) c. Develop a pyramid infographic of tools, features, and uses with links to introduction, examples/use cases, and FAQ (See: UNSW Data Governance Policy Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities, Appendix 2, p.8 in pyramid infographic see example ) ii. Discipline specific 1. Discussed increased need by PI of funded projects for (1) DB design and support (2 ) timely project reporting/funding compliance), and (3) integrating UF templates training with 1 DMCWG resources: and Data Resources http://www.ufli Members: Plato Smith (Chair), Erik Deumens, Matt Gitzendanner David Van Kleeck Hannah Norton Sara Kiszka, Peggy McBride, Fletcher Durant, Val Minson, Laurie N. Taylor; Invited: Matthew Collins, Fletcher Durant, Christy Shorey, Audrey Dickinso n, Haven Hawley, Sara Gonzalez, Alethea Geiger, Dan Maxw ell, Joe Wu Alicia Turner, Adrian Gritz. Previous meetin g notes ( 4/23/18 ):


Page 2 of 3 existing HIPAA, FERPA, and Office of Research training to increase breadth, reach, and impact of UF resources for researchers Tools i. Aggregate, list, and share UFIT supported resources in alignment with DMP components and processes ii. Clearly articulate and distinguish tool features, limitations, and usage 3. Grants, Misc., & Other ORAU awarded (See example ) i. The OR AU Travel Award is to visit ORNL DAAC and UTK LIS in efforts to develop new research collaboration with all three organizations *NSF CRII ( in development ) i. The proposal will investigate use and impact data of ORNL DAAC Resources and tools (e.g. Python, R, netCDF, THREDDS ) across ORAU 1. Some of these tools were recently discussed and explored at the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) 2018 summer meeting at the University of Arizona last week which was great ( schedule ) Data Transfer Agreements/MOUs i. Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit 1. Survey USGS, Department of Interior 2. University The University of Florida Board of Trustees 3. Commission Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 4. Institute Wildlife Management Institute 5. Service US Fish and Wildlife Service ii. Statewide Ecosystem Assessment of Coastal and Aquatic Resources ( SEACAR ) 1. Briefly discussed the development or a data transfer agreement as an amendment for the Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit that served as a model for a data transfer agreement for SEACAR. Both documents are in review and under consideration. T hese two use cases can serve as models f or future cooperative agreements, amendments, or projects in need of explicitly articulating, develo ping, and impl ementing data policy and governance in alignment with roles/responsibilities. Funded projects i. Floridan Aquifer Collaborative Engagement for Sustainability ( FACETS ) ii. SmartPath Grower directed converge nce of nanotechnology and smart decision analytics for irrigation water quality management related to pathogens


Page 3 of 3 1. Briefly discussed how both of these USDA NIFA grant funded projects from UF/IFAS communities of practice are in current collaboration with the U F George A. Smathers Libraries ARCS to provide DMP support services. The first project is an example of a subcontract use case influenced from the DMP support provided to the second project. Bot h awarded projects are over $4.5mil each. GitHub survey i. Briefl y discussed GitHub survey developed/administered by UF College of Business web developer to develop use case for wider adoption. ii. GitHub performs most needed functions as a code repository for small datasets, code, and software. GitHub is ideal for c ode/sof tware not data. Discussed the need to manage data in repo sitory or archive not GitHub. iii. Briefly discussed the need for developing best practices and recommendations on the use and limitations GitHub for code and data with linkages to data in UFIT approved data stores/ repositories 4. Policy /Standards Development RCAC policy/standard documents (e.g. Information Security Risk Assessment, Risk Management Policy, and System Security Plans Standard) as model i. Briefly discuss the work Erik and Paul (UF Research Computing Advisory Committee) have done in developing RCAC documents. The processes used for the development of these documents by RCAC will be adopted by the DMCWG to develop a Research Data Policy using the Ohio State University Research Data Policy as a reference model (See example ) ii. The DMCWG will work in collaboration with RCAC to develop a research data policy reflective of UF internal information, UF current policies/standards, and needs of UF researchers, students, and staff. 5. Action items ORCiD API progress due next meeting UF DMP template (based on DCC) due next meeting List of fall 2018 and spring 2019 DMP training workshops due next meeting