Data Management / Curation Working Group, Meeting Agenda and Notes, April 23, 2018

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Data Management / Curation Working Group, Meeting Agenda and Notes, April 23, 2018
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Data Management/Curation Working Group Agenda/Notes
Smith, Plato
Yuan, Linfang
Norton, Hannah
Deumens, Erik
Ridgewell, Natalie
Hawley, Haven
Durant, Flecther
Gonzalez, Sara
Kiszla, Sara
Gitzendanner, Matt
VanKleeck, David
Neu, Ed
Taylor, Lauire
Leonard, Michelle
Maxwell, Dan
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Data management
Data curation


Meeting notes for the UF Data Management / Curation Working Group.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 3 Dat a Management an d Curation Working Group (DMCWG )1 Mon day, April 23, 2018 11:0 0 a m 12:00 pm, Marston Science Library, room 136 Agenda Attended : Plato Smith, Erik Duemens, Ryan Rushing Matt Gitzendanner, Ed Neu, Chris Barnes Kevin Hanson, Hannah Norton, David Van Kleeck, Laurie Taylor, Peggy McBride, Sara Kiszka, Fletcher Durant, Christy Shorey, Dan Maxwell 1. Data Policy development Libraries i. There are ongoing d iscussions for the need to develop an internal data policy clearly articulating the costs, no costs, and capacities for the support and/or resource brokering of long term archiving, preser vation, and retention policies for data, digital assets and research collections Departments i. There is growing development on the discussions for the research data policy at the academic/department/unit level and need to share best practices, experiences, and resources across units and with the Libraries University wide i. There is the potential for the four following groups to contribute to the development of a university wide research data policy: a. Research Computing Advisory Committee (chair, Paul Avery) b. Data Management and Curation Working Group (chair, Plato Smith) c. UFHealthIT Research subcommittee (co chairs Lauren McIntyre and Bill Hogan) d. The new IT Committee of the Faculty Senate (chair not finalized) 2. Training (fall 2018) Training modules (updates) i. ORCiD module, Zenodo module, DMPTool module, Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) OSF module, DMPLE (Data Management Plan Learning Environment), and Interactive data publication guide flowchart Guest lecture for CAP5108 and FSU USF 1st Symposium on LIS i. 1 DMCWG resources: and Data Resources Members: Plato Smith (Chair), Erik Deumens, Matt Gitzendanner David Van Kleeck Hannah Norton Sara Kiszka, Peggy McBride, Fletcher Durant, Val Minson, Laurie N. Taylor; Invited: Matthew Collins, Fletcher Durant, Christy Shorey, Audrey Dickinso n, Haven Hawley, Sara Gonzalez, Alethea Geiger, Dan Maxw ell, Joe Wu Alicia Turner, Adrian Gritz. Previous meetin g notes ( 3 /26/18 ):


Page 2 of 3 a. Resulted in request to duplicate gest lecture next year for CAP5108: Research Methods for Humancentered Computing b. R esulted in request to consult for search committee for a data management positon at USF General i. There is a need for a general template for data management, simulation, and transfer a. Update Example Text for A Data Management Plan (DMP) %20data%20management%20plan Discipline specific (e.g. CISE, Medicine, Materials Science) i. UF C ISE CAP5108: Research Methods for Humancentered Computing ii. UF Medicine DMP NIH U01 proposal in response to PAR 18550 iii. UF Materials Science DMP US Department of Energy Office of Science a. Energy Frontier Research Centers _0001810.pdf b. Statement on Digital Data Management opportunities/digitaldata management/ c. US Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information ( OTSI ) Data Services & Developer Tools 3. Initiativ e ORCiD develop goals /plans for 2018 Identify UF ORCiD team members i. Project Lead Hannah Norton ii. Project Coordinator Plato Smith iii. Libraries IT Todd Digby and Robert Phillips iv. Libraries faculty and staff David Van Kleeck and Christy Shorey v. HSCL liaison /representative Mary Edwards vi. HSC developer Audrey Dickinson vii. CTSI developers Ed Neu Chris Barnes, Kevin Hanson viii. UF/IFAS EDIS Coordinator Diana Hagen Discuss immediate next steps i. The 20180410 U Florida & ORCiD i ntegration presentation was sent to the ORCiD team listed above. ii. The ORCiD organi zation structure, and planning is agenda for 5/28/18. A PI v2.0 upgrade deadline Aug. 2018


Page 3 of 3 i. Form to request sandbox credentials: client application sandbox ii. About institutional Sign in: sign in iii. Best practices for research organizations: practices r esearch organizations iv. Trademark and branding guidelines: and id display guidelines 4. Grants, Misc., & Other Data Transfer Agreement MOU (e.g. UF, FWS, USGS) ( developing) i. There was discussion on the development of data transfer agreement as policy, MOU amendments, and current use case scenario with UF/IFAS PI in coordination with UF General Counsel, USGS Florida Cooperative Research Unit, Unit Leader, UF/IFAS WEC Research Professor ii. Need example of data transfer cooperative agreements/MOUs a. CTSI will share their experiences via a use case example UFIC Global Fellows travel to University of Edinburgh (July 2018) ( in process ) i. Will explore PERICLES and big data management training in the UK ii. Inquire about big data management and support frameworks for working with de identified data, obfuscated data, simulated data, and fake date for outreach education and data skills traini ng NSF CRII, IMLS, Sloan (August 2018) ( ideation) i. Work with CTSI to strengthen NSF CRII IMLS, and/or Sloan proposal s ii. Informally connected CTSI with University of Liverpool via email this afternoon for future research collaboration and/or grant proposal