Data Management / Curation Working Group, Meeting Agenda and Notes, March 26, 2018

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Data Management / Curation Working Group, Meeting Agenda and Notes, March 26, 2018
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Data Management/Curation Working Group Agenda/Notes
Smith, Plato
Yuan, Linfang
Norton, Hannah
Deumens, Erik
Ridgewell, Natalie
Hawley, Haven
Durant, Flecther
Gonzalez, Sara
Kiszla, Sara
Gitzendanner, Matt
VanKleeck, David
Neu, Ed
Taylor, Lauire
Leonard, Michelle
Maxwell, Dan
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Data management
Data curation


Meeting notes for the UF Data Management / Curation Working Group.

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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 2 Dat a Management an d Curation Working Group (DMCWG )1 Mon day March 26, 2018, 11:0 0 am 12:00 pm, Marston Science Library, room 136 Attended: Plato Smith, Matt Gitzendanner, Peggy McBride, Sara Kiszka, Natalie Ridgewell, and Dan Maxwell Agenda 1. Guest speaker Dr. Sarah Rowlinson Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator J. Crayton Pruitt Family UF Department of Biomedical Engineering, will discuss her use of electronic lab notebook (LabArchives) in her BME 3323L Cellular Engineering Laboratory for fall 2017 and currently for spring 2018. Provided context for use of LabArchives from previous use in graduate school Demonstrated use of LabArchives in her class from 8 students (pilot) to two full sections with 32 students (65 students) Discussed the challenges for scalability of growth of class and students needs Explained the use of LabArchives to manage equipment results, export results, grade assignments, embed grading rubric, good integration with Canvas, teach transferable labs skills to students (from class lab to real w orld experiences after graduation), use of LabArchives apps for engineering education research, and promote use of this technology within the UF College of Engineering Discussed the fee structure of about $15 per student and need to create infrastructure t o facilitate integration of new technology for teaching Offered to provide additional in depth demonstration of use of LabArchives to Marston Science Library (MSL) faculty at one of the MSL meetings 2. Event 1st Annual Data Symposium feedback, next steps and partnerships The program, speakers bios, handouts distributed to attendees, and the presentations are available online in a collection developed in zenodo data symposium/?page=1&size=20 Overall, the symposium was a success with positive feedback from the speakers, faculty, librarians, students, staff, and GreyNet and LabArchives representatives 62 registered, about 32 atten ded, and about 20 attended the evening reception Officially introduced ARCS to the UF community with favorable reviews. 1 DMCWG resources: and Data Resources Members: Plato Smith (Chair), Erik Deum ens, Matt Gitzendanner David Van Klee ck Hannah Norton, Sara Kiszka Peggy McBride, Fletcher Durant, Val Minson, Laurie N. Taylor; Invited: Matthew Collins, Fletcher Durant, Christy Shorey, Audrey Dickinso n, Haven Hawley, Sara Gonzalez, Alethea Geiger, Dan Maxw ell, Joe Wu, Natalie Ridgewell, Alicia Turner, Adrian Gritz. Previous mee tin g notes ( 2/26 /18 ):


Page 2 of 2 UF Innovation Square representatives were pleased with the turnout despite the severe weather storm and is safe to say developed a new and future collaborator 3. Initiativ e ORCiD develop goals /plans for 2018 Attended the ORCiD 3/22/18 Town Hall online meeting ( 2018 Project Roadmap ) ORCiD announced public API was phased out on March 1, 2018 and the member API will be phased out on August 1, 2018. i. Identify UF ORCiD team members currently includes representatives from the Libraries, Libraries IT, HSC, and CTSI 1. A me ssage was sent to ORCID on 3/28/18 requesting a meeting that will include stakeholders listed in 3.i. (April 2018 meeting) 2. Adjustments to UF contacts for ORCiD interactions were made 3. This meeting will articulate a clear integration plan with deadline. ii. Disc uss immediate next steps (consulted with Chair of Libraries IT) 1. Work with UFIT in developing a link between ORCiD and MyUFL (Peoplesoft) for linking ORCiDs back to UF Identity profile (currently a manual cut/past process) similar work was done at Carnegi e Mellon (See: ) 2. Work with UFIT to allow interoperable integration of the ORCiD field in our i dentity system for population in secondary systems on campus. This will allow systems such as UFDC ( ) to include the ORCiD ID in a persons institutional repository account. iii. A PI v2.0 upgrade deadline Aug. 2018 1. Member API phased on August 1, 2018. 2. UF ORCiD team will develop an API up grade plan. 3. UF ORiCD team will develop an integration plan. 4. UF ORCiD team will facilitate upgra de to API 2.0 before 8/1/18. 4. Developments E ducation, outreach, and training 3/29/18 meeting with AVP of UF Office of Research (academic chairs training ) i. This is an initial meeting to discuss data management training to senior faculty of academic units. 4/12/18 invited guest lecture for CAP 5108 on data management (Dr. Jain) i. A UF CISE faculty member has invited a DMCWG member to speak to her class about the benefits, impor tance, and significance of data. management and making research data accessible and reproducible. Develop a UF Grants & Related Sources Guide (See: MSU Example ) ( in proce ss) i. A request to create this resource for U F researchers is in process with a summer 2018 target completion date.