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Data Management / Curation Working Group, Meeting Agenda and Notes, February 26, 2018
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Data Management/Curation Working Group Agenda/Notes
Smith, Plato
Yuan, Linfang
Norton, Hannah
Deumens, Erik
Ridgewell, Natalie
Hawley, Haven
Durant, Flecther
Gonzalez, Sara
Kiszla, Sara
Gitzendanner, Matt
VanKleeck, David
Neu, Ed
Taylor, Lauire
Leonard, Michelle
Maxwell, Dan
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Data management
Data curation


Meeting notes for the UF Data Management / Curation Working Group.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Dat a Management an d Curation Working Group (DMCWG )1 Mon day, February 26, 2018, 11:0 0 a m 12:00 pm, Marston Science Library, room 136 Attended : Plato Smith (Chair), Erik Deumens, Matt Gitzendanner, Laurie Taylor, Hannah Norton, Audrey Dickinson, Chelsea Dinsmore, David Van Kleeck, Robert Phillips, Christy Shorey, Daniel Maxwell, Ryan Rushing, Natalie Ridgewell Invited guests : Chris Barnes (UF CTSI) Kevin Hanson, Michael Buchholz, Tyisha Hathorn (UF Graduate School) Jodi Slapcinsky Stac y Wallace Agenda 1. ORCiD develop goals for 2018 Training i. New development online learning module ( draft, v2 ) review/comment ii. Past developments iii. Future developments (1) develop an ORCiD core task force group, (2) develop a clear message and timescale, (3) identify incentives embedded in message, (4) articulate methods of contributions/participation, (5) prepare executive message for Faculty Senate IT Committee, and (6) deliver message to senior stakeholders (e.g. Associate Deans/Chairs) API development i. UF is an institutional member via GWLA/ASERL consortium agreement ii. UF has Premium Member API features (See: ORCiD API ) iii. UF Libraries IT will work with other units IT depts. for API work Use cases i. Members and invited guests discussed various ORCiD challenges from profile creation, publication data ingestion, aggregation, dissemination, and cross platform integration. ii. There was discussion of learning from previous Vivo experiences to leverage effective and proper ORCiD introduction, adoption, and implementation. iii. There is a need to incentivize ORCiD contribution and participation. iv. There is a need to synchronize ORCiD registrations with myUFL DB. v. There is an opportunity to develop the first use case with HSC NIH funded trainee pu blications Currently, HSC increased training grants from nine to 1 DMCWG resources: and Data Resources http://www.ufli Members: Plato Smith (Chair), Erik Deumens, Matt Gitzendanner David Van Kleeck Hannah Norton Sara Kiszka, Peggy McBride, Fletcher Durant, Val Minson, Laurie N. Taylor; Invited: Matthew Collins, Fletcher Durant, Christy Shorey, Audrey Dickinso n, Haven Hawley, Sara Gonzalez, Alethea Geiger, Dan Maxw ell, Joe Wu, Alicia Turner, Adrian Gritz. Previous meetin g notes ( 1/22/18 ):


nineteen. UF can learn from Vanderbilt how to effectively increase and track NIH trainee grants (doctoral/postdoctoral). vi. The HSC training grant DB is a potential 1st ORCiD use case project. vii. Discussed message delivery to Faculty Senate Committee for fall 2018. 2. Data Symposium March 19, 2018 (See: Program ) Invited speakers from multiple communities of practic e disciplines Modeled after Caltech data symposium and University of Alberta data week Positioned before Data Carpentry Workshops and the UFII annual symposium 3. E lectronic Lab Notebook (ELN) 2/20/18 LabArchives campus visit and next steps Requested list of UF labs currently using LabArchives i. Currently, there are five UF labs with anot her lab considering this ELN. ii. There are 90 active free trial LabArchives accounts on campus. iii. LabArchives is sole source ELN for Int ernet2 (letter upon request). Requested detailed information on 34 months pilot test option i. The Director of UF Research Computing was provided pilot test details. Requested list of users that opted for pilot test and then purchased (e.g. MIT) i. DMCWG will contact LabArchives for a list of successful pilot use cases. 4. Version control/GitHub assessment Qualtrics survey Survey Preview ( 2nd draft ) pending further input from key collaborator i. Working with UF College of Business and UFIT Training and Education ii. Developing a version control assessment survey (reduced Qs to 23) iii. Proposing cost reduction, ROI articulation, and effort centralization 5. G rants, Misc., &Other Develop a UF Grants & Related Sources Guide (See: MSU Example ) i. Develop a grants guide resource starting with engineering funded research ii. A prototype should be available for review at next DMCWG meeting. UF/IFAS AGFood/Resources Economics USDANIFA DMP training i. Develop funded template specific data management training ii. The Chair of UF/IFAS AG Food/Resources Economics interested in DMP training for faculty/researchers within his department. iii. A DMP specific template training module is in develo pment. Representatives from CTSI interested in attending the data symposium and joining the DMCWG to better align and support DM efforts across campus. CTSI DM training materials/resources will be shared with the DMCWG. NSF CRII proposal declined on 2/8/2018 i. This proposal may be repurposed for another funding agency. ii. The reviews were good. iii. NSF CRII was not the ideal program for the proposal. iv. The program director will provide potential funding alternatives.