Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Notes on Trainings for Meeting, April 14, 2014


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Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Notes on Trainings for Meeting, April 14, 2014
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Data Management / Curation Task Force Materials
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Meeting agenda
Taylor, Laurie N.
Norton, Hannah
Garcia-Milian. Rolando
Bennett, Denise
Minson, Val
Aufmuth, Joe
Schwieder, Dave
Landor, Blake
Deumens, Erik
Ferl, Robert
Botero, Cecilia
Sullivan, Mark V.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Data management
Data curation


Meeting agenda for the UF Data Management / Curation Task Force.

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University of Florida
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Data Management/Curation Task Force Training for Library Faculty/Staff : Notes for Discussion One possibility is to have trainings grouped within several training units to give people a framework to discuss what is wanted in concrete terms (how many classes o ver what time period, what types of classes, etc.) to help ground the discussion and For instance, if the training is done in u nits, would it be usefu l to allow participants to earn a certificate/badge/etc. for completing each unit. Example Units with W orkshops and Notes on Existing Resources Unit 1: Reference, support, and basic tools: 1. Primer, 2. Data reference workshop 3. DMPTool class 4. Responsible Conduct of Research 5. Copyright and Data 6. Best practices in Research Data Management 7. Data consultations /Data Day Workshop (could also be used to gather information on legacy and dinky databases ) 8. P romoting data services o & 9. Digital Preservation, Unit 2: Data Tools and Resource People at UF 1. Statistical Data Analysis, Dave 2. GIS Intro and Spatial Data, Joe 3. Intro to Research Computing, Matt G. 4. SobekCM Curator Tools (4 training series, available as webinars) o Training One: Introduction to SobekCM's Capabilities o Training Two: Submitting and Editing Resource Files and Metadata o Training Three: SobekCM Quality Control Tool and Serial Hierarchy o Trainin g Four: SobekCM Curator Tools and OutreachZotero, Blake 5. IR@UF, loading data sets and searching for data sets, Christy and Chelsea (and/or Mark?) Unit 3: Digital/Data Projects and Project Management 1. SobekCM Curator Tools (4 training series, available as we binars) [also in Unit 2 ] 2. Planning & Managing Digital Projects ( adapt : ) 3. Project Cha rters for Library Liaison Project Teams ( and )


Unit 4: Addit ional Tools/Skills/Topics of Interest (pick a certain number ?) 1. HathiTrust Research Center (virtual trainer Harriet Green will present on April 24 25) 2. Qualtrics Basic, 3. Presenting Data with Online Exhibits, Lourdes 4. Digitization o Metadata Theory and Specifications o Imaging Specifications o Structural Metadata and Quality Control Tool o Archiving and Preservation Additional Resources W orkshops: SobekCM, Digitization, Digital Preservation, and Other Trainings: DataMgmt: