Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Agenda, April 14, 2014


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Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Agenda, April 14, 2014
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Data Management / Curation Task Force Materials
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Meeting agenda
Taylor, Laurie N.
Norton, Hannah
Garcia-Milian. Rolando
Bennett, Denise
Minson, Val
Aufmuth, Joe
Schwieder, Dave
Landor, Blake
Deumens, Erik
Ferl, Robert
Botero, Cecilia
Sullivan, Mark V.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Data management
Data curation


Meeting agenda for the UF Data Management / Curation Task Force.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Data Management/Curation Task Force 1 Monday, April 1 4 2014, Library West 419 Members : Laurie N. Taylor (co chair), Hannah Norton (co chair) Rolando Garcia Milian, Denise Bennett, Val Minson, Joe Aufmuth, David Schwieder, Blake Landor, Mark Sullivan, Sara Russell Gonzalez, Erik Deumens Robert Ferl and Cecilia Botero Invited: Matt Gitzendanner Chelsea Dinsmore, Suchi Yellapantula and Peggy McBride Draft Agenda Note taker Focus of meeting o Data training program for librarians : need for cohesive/ comprehensive plan (should include Dave s guide, RC trainings, and more ; connection with DHLG program ) o Updating/using data gathering materials in meetings with library faculty, and then with teaching/research faculty: Info gathe ring on dinky/legacy databases: AA00014835/ Version for humanities (framed as research related databases and small digital scholarship projects): Draft IR and data documentation: AA00009752/00001/pdf Others needed, changes needed, or scheduling meetings Updates and more : o DHLG updates (DH certificate) o Lab idea s ( Digital Humanities/Scholarship; Visualization/GIS Lab plans; MakerSpace ) o Collaboration with Research Computing for outreach o 4/24 25: THATCamp Ga inesville; register, propose: o More f rom report (page 5 7, ) o Open discussion; topics added by the group Action Items for next meeting : o Data training program o I n f o r mation Gathering materials o Other Possible topics for next meetings: DDN plans for promotion and outreach Elegance of Data event DHLG trainings/events; Zotero workshops (bibliographic data/ databases ; data mining) DMPTool: o DMP Tool updates with new versions o H ands on training ; creating a plan o DMP Tool for Librarians (and other Data Liaisons/Supporters to be identified) 1 Data & DMCTF resources: Meetings for 2014 are the 2 nd and 4 th Monday each month. Meeting s rotate locations: HSC Library C2 41, Library West 429, Marston Science Library L107.


Workshop s for outreach for HiPerGator and Research Computing Possible Primer on Data Management workshop (could be co taught with teaching faculty in field; exp anded primer within lab style courses as with research and methods courses, etc.) Dates and Deliverables 2014 Spring: Planning next steps for data gathering, implementing annual survey based on prior, with possible questions to add related to DDN, IR@UF, and other services that exist and could be added/altered; questions to add could include: o How would you like authenticated users to be able to interact with the data on line, if you were to make it available? [Download only; Search on site, no download; Run statistical analysis across my data; etc.] o What type of data visualizations would you like authentica ted users to have access to regarding my data on line? [A, B, C, D, etc., write in] o If you (or other authenticated users) could add individual records through a form on the online system, would you transfer the data to the system and rely on it for workin g access and long term preservation? 2014 DMCTF Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday each month, 11am 12pm Date Location Notes 14 Apr Library West 419 28 Apr HSC Library C2 41 12 May Library West 419 26 May No meeting Memorial Day 9 Jun HSC Library C2 41 (Laurie out for ACURIL) 23 Jun Library West 419 14 Jul Library West 419 28 Jul HSC Library C2 41 XSEDE in Atlanta 11 Aug Library West 419 25 Aug Library West 419 8 Sep HSC Library C2 41 22 Sep Library West 419 13 Oct Library West 419 27 Oct HSC Library C2 41 10 Nov Library West 419 DLF Forum 24 Nov Library West 419 8 Dec HSC Library C2 41 22 Dec Library West 419