Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Agenda, Sept. 4, 2013


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Data Management / Curation Task Force, Meeting Agenda, Sept. 4, 2013
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Data Management / Curation Task Force Materials
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Meeting agenda
Taylor, Laurie N.
Norton, Hannah
Garcia-Milian. Rolando
Bennett, Denise
Minson, Val
Aufmuth, Joe
Schwieder, Dave
Landor, Blake
Deumens, Erik
Ferl, Robert
Botero, Cecilia
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL


Draft meeting agenda for the Data Management / Curation Task Force ( DMCTF ).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Data Management/Curation Task Force Wed. Sept. 4 2013, 1 2pm ; Marston Science Library L107 Members : Hannah Norton, Laurie Taylor Rolando Garcia Milian, Denise Bennett, Val Minson, Joe Aufmuth, David Schwieder, Blake Landor, Erik Deumens Robert Ferl and Cecilia Botero Agenda Updates and Discussion selected topics : Website renovation ORCID grant submitted; proposal online: /AA00016466/00001/pdf Discussion of how to support Research Computing in terms of training, etc. for needs related to long term data support for databases storage and maintenance for data accompanying research (recent example with Nature publication and 70+ databases to be supported for 5 years) CKAN and DataConservancy evaluating these (and others TBD) for use in determining other UF needs that could be met with IR and other existing systems, and determining needs best met with additional tools Next meeting, Sept. 19, possibly cancel with several people out U pcoming events Oct. 3, 10am 5pm, Smathers Library 1A: o Registration: o Continue planning; potential topics: Introductory panel (members of the task force) talking about overall context, DMPTool, finding data, metadata, storage, the IR, etc. Introduction to HPC (Matt Gitzendanner) Breakouts on particular elements related to data analysis (individuals listed in parentheses are ideas about who could be involved or volunteers from the Task Force): SPSS (Dave Schweider), SAS (Lou Ann Cooper), GIS (Joe Aufmuth), Goog le Refine (Val Minson), using Excel for research data (Pandora Cowart), copyright/permissions/data sharing (Christine Fruin), data visualization (Joseph Murphy, Chad Juehring, grad students at Digital Worlds) o Perspective from/profile of a researcher (Erik Deumens or Rob Ferl) Oct 15 10 11:30am, Smathers Library 1A: o 20 30 minutes during the User Services Meeting: Librarians presenting within the libraries at the Subject Specialist meeting on activities to date and e xpected future activities possible discussion points/recommendations may include: F or all LibGuides to include links to relevant repositories F or possible updates to position descriptions Brainstorming and discussion on fall data management workshops for other topics/areas Ongoing Activities /Upcoming Survey IRB approval now in place ( ) ORCID system integration grant proposal in preparation SURA Dataverse Network : o Checking with DSR on awarded grant data feed/export ; NFREC Meetings Next meeting : September 19 HSC Library C2 41 Meeting s : alt. Wed ; HSC Library C2 41 Library West 42 9 Marston Science Library L107


Resources DMC TF site: Related wiki: Email list: datamg mt Timeline Upcoming Ongoing Holding formal focus group discussions Supporting different informational and outreach activities and events W orkshops (types for different groups: researchers, and data service provider s ); known needs: o DMP Tool for Librarians (and other Data Liaisons/Supporters to be identified) o DMP Tool and creating a plan o Possible workshop: Primer on Data Management, 2 hour version, expanded primer within 2 day workshop, co taught with teachin g faculty in field; expanded primer within lab style courses as with research and methods courses, etc. Planning training and other supports, based on information gathered during Focus Groups and other activities Drafting proposed plans for future activiti es, to be submitted in Quarterly Report s and for proposed presentation within the libraries on activities to date and expected future activities. Updating as central website: gmt Developing a template for creating IR records of datasets for discovery. September : Send survey to faculty and grads Planning training for delivery in fall Planning other supports based on info from Focus Groups & other activities October: Quarterly report due for July September Oct. 3: Data event, 1A Oct. 1 5 10 11:30am, Smathers Library 1A: Librarians p resenting within the libraries at the Subject Specialist meeting on activities to date and expected future activities Fall 2013: Implementing training program Draft proposed recommendations as whitepapers for review/approval/implementation to include: level role in support of data management and curation; proposing a corresponding framework and resources for library support of the data life cycle; recommending the role of the institutional repository and research computing in storing, finding, and accessing working and final data, and linking publications to supporting data; and, recommending a framework for liaisons and subjec t specialists to incorporate data instruction and consultation into their workflows. Quarterly presentations o r other means of information distribution within the libraries on current and expected activities 2014 January: Quarterly report due for October December