Organization, work, and publications of irrigation investigations


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Organization, work, and publications of irrigation investigations
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United States -- Office of Experiment Stations
United States Dept. of Agriculture, Office of Experiment Stations
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Washington, D.C.
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"Issued October 1, 1909."

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Mef iu absenee of, the Chief.

f WO'k in 0"gob
work'i1i ImporW VAlley and

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-I 6rkin Viah.
4f p 0' Wer 'n#Wgz$ions.
of work w 061,orado and Wiro-

of work, in Texas.
c4arge of work in humid sections.
r work lb Idaho.

sokl. iu ChArp, of w'orl in Nebraska.
Oollep,'m charge of work in New
in" charge of. work in Nevada
awiy7in dharge of rieeirrigation
StAdieti of dti# of water in Wyoming.
3104 -V"XRUS.
TKX w0vor..
-4tthe'Offico of ExperiwerLt Stations
ofthO act making. appropriation for
tor the year ending June 30, 1910.
ibe Socretary of Agriculture to kayeo-
,,,and TerTfioria as affectit ily"
x&'ft'*e*k',6v Ino
4*nv at ho and abroad,
w4bode -VQzwKoa of irrigation
f of power And spph-
it kAMUOU of reports and bul-
of 14"r im Otty,
va thouistA

Farmers' Bulletin No. 158.-How to Build Small Irrigation: I'
By C. T. Johnston and J. D. Stannard, Assistants in |i
Investigations, Office of Experiment Stations. Pp. 28, figs, 9.
This is a reprint of an article in the Yearbook of the Department 6f l
ture for 1900, entitled Practical Irrigation," giving methods for laying 61
building small irrigation ditches, using only such implements as are tlo
most farms or can easily be made by the farmer.
Farmers' Bulletin No. 263.-Practical Information for Begini
Irrigation. By S. Fortier. Pp. 40, figs. 25.
This gives suggestions as to the selection of an irrigated farm, the a'
ment of a water right, the preparation of land for irrigation, the construe
farm ditches, and the application of water to crops.

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wate meaows totl aea irigaleestiate
foraallplatsuseof irigtio inNewJer
quatiie o wte. ror wllifrirrgain

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NO 8--WtrRghso h isuigie n tjTiu
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'Watr Las ofColoadoby ohn Fild, tateEniieer
ot Nbr~g~i- b J Wlsn Sat Egnei.iPii80 mps3

VanZll junau .avca, yearn, U J AU/Vl5V .14 I mflA.Cj j.O .urnawy U U 1Y- q
Related to the Irrigation Problems of the Boise Valley, Idaho, by :3
Ross. .
* Bulletin No. 87.-Irrigation in New Jersey. By Edward B. Voo.t
M. A., Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations
Professor of Agriculture, Rutgers College. Pp. 40, figs. 5. P

Results of experiments conducted for the purpose of determining i
irrigation during short periods of drought in regions where the rainfall is
sufficient for the maximum growth of crops will sufficiently increase theyl
pay for the works necessary to obtain the supply of water.

* Bulletin No. 90.-Irrigation in Hawaii. By Walter Maxwell
Director and Chief Chemist, Hawaiian Experiment Station.
p]s. 6, figs. 3. Price 10 cents.
Discusses the climatic, soil, and other conditions as affecting irr
Hawaii, and gives the results of irrigation experiments, especially V


cane, carried on by the author for a number ot years.
* Bulletin No. 92.-The Reservoir System of the Cache la Poudre mi
ley. By E. S. Nettleton. Pp. 48, pls. 14. Price 15 cents., i
A description of the reservoir system of the Cache la Poudre Valley, 4hdj
ing the benefits to be derived from the construction of reservoirs for the stora
of water for irrigation.

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*w:i PUW Uwe of thi Northwest ToMtories jDf
WRh discussions bY J. S. D Deputy
OIL Worb, Canada, and Fred Bond, State
tof-'WYO Snd J. M. W-Awn., Agent and Fapert, irrjgs,
01*' Offift 'Of FJMerilnent Stationis. Pp. go, froutis.
Priee 10 oente.
11ti 9WOO 14*6 of the Northwest Territories of Canada and Wyo.
a," rWO14tions, forms, and methods of Procedure adopted in ibe
'Of them laws,, and a disbussion of the principles ubderlying the
AUXNAALWO followed in their enforcement.
.-ROPOA of Irrigation InVestigations in California,,
1te0tiOn Of RIWOM Mead, Expert in Charge.. PP. 411
fV. 16. Price paper, 90 cents; cloth, $1.25.
dftls with LIVestigations carried on during the summer of 1900
With the CaMornia Water and Forest A-ssOciation. In additioii
Of the Sgriculturid situation the State, it presents a comprehen-
*6 of the water laws and customs under which irrigation is practiced
'iia as typified by the' conditions in Honey Lake Basin, and on Yuba,
Oroek Sal'i ae River, San Joaquin River, Kings River, Los Angeles
&w iaa;t7o River. Separates of the different articles of this report
'printed, as follows:
No. 448.-The AgricnItural Situation jn:-.,California, by 191wood Mead.
-ThelMgation'Probleras of 11&n6y Lak, -Basin California, by
'$mytbe. *Dtw,, No. 450.----Features a d Rigbtsjof Yuba River,,
,by Marsden Manson. *Doe. No. 451. -Irrigation Investigations on
M. Wi *Doe. No. 452. -Report on Irrigation Problems
-Ats b` J Ilson
by 0. D. Marx. *Doe. No. 453. -Irrigation from the San
;bY Fr"k Soul& *Doc. No. 45C-Water Appropriation from
by 0. E.,Grunsky. Doe. No. 455.-A Studv of Water Rights on
a&,t.'ffiver Californmi, by Edward M. Boggs. 4 Doe. No. 456. -Prob-
ftoftge oo Torrential Streams of California as: Typified by Sweet-
S1an Jadmto Rivera, by Jam es D. Schuyler.
No. 104.-Rport of Irrigation Invei3tigations for 1900, under
savarvioioa of, Elwood Mead, Expert in Charge of Irrigation
ga;fiow. Pp. 334, pla. 25, figs. 29. Price 50 cents.
the secand year of investigations relating especially to the
1"Ort tC Mreporta of the flold agents containalso a large amount of
on laws and cuotoms, agricultural methods, crop returns, and other
related to irrigation. A progress report on the quantities of oil$ carried
of mutbem rivers is also contained in this volume. The report has
m mparates, as f0flows:
Vvi 1. Be of' the Work, by Elwood Mead. Discussion of Investigations,
b'y 0. T. Jobaston.
'k, 2., )r n from Pews River and its Tributaries, New Mexico, by
V. 1K. Reed. Irtigation in the Salt River Valley, Arizona, by W. H. Code.
Du of Water qAder the Gage Canal, Riverside, Cal., 19DD b W. Irving.
Pot Irriopifion Invendgations in N6vada, by J. M. Wilson. "Watve Admin-
in ]Utah, by R. 0. Gemmell. Irrigation under Canals from Logan
L. Swendwn. Irrigation under the Great Eastern
Nebr. 1900 9 b 0. V. P. Stout. Use of Water in
at Wyo-,byC.7.JohnAon. Duty of Water in Idaho,
by W. RON.
PaA 4. Uoe of W*6" in- Irrigafion in the Yakima Valle 1, Washmogton, b 0. L.
WsHer. Irrigation Investigadoxis in Montana, lat b Sammuel Foruer.
Progress Report on Sflt Meawmrementm Texas, by J. C.: iagle.
AWletin No. 105. -Irrigation in the Uniteg States. Testimony of
191woodff Mead, Irrigation, Expert in Charge, beforv the United States
Co a, June 11 and 129.1901. Pp. 47S ple. 12, fig. 1.
15 ftDtV6
n& mad bdore the Industrial Comtnission desk ebiedy with
0muto abdw of irrigation, touching on &ate control, National aid toul
&&a. .,.,A the 4i"?OWof the Public gwing Ian&. The neowky and poombility

Bailetin N.18etiainPato
Pacific 0oast.. BY' E., 1, Wiakson, 4 I

i iqad
Practice,' tUiv~ersity of Cal fi"otsi

Agricultural Experiment Stti on. Ppf(14
This bulletin give theresnitaota specialinvestgtop
and methods of irrigation as practiced among, ha:lt grow
* Bulletin No. 113.-Irrigation of Riceufil te Uwited']
Bond and George H. Keeney, Agents, tnd EXPAdiA"
tigations, under the direction of Elwood,1 Meand,4
Irrigation Investigations. Pp., 77, ple. 28, figs'.- 10.b"
In this bulletin Mr. Bond describes the rice industry "ofh
and gives measu 'rements of the quautiftes of water useA inide
laws relating to irrigation .of the two States deafV with are as
Keeney's report covers Nqorth Carolina, South Caroliua, an_
almost wholly descriptive.
Bulletin No. 118.-Ilrrigation from Big Thompson Rivwer"
Field, Assistant State Engineer of Colorado. Pp. 75, iA
Price 10 cents.
This is a study of the water laws of Colorado as illustrated by
B3ig Thompson River. Mr. Field discusses more particularly the" w
*Bulletin No. 1 19.--Report of Irrigation Investigations hor
the, direction of- Elwood Mead,-Chief of Irrigation Inyo
Pp. 401, ple. 64, figs. 12. Prfc 50, cent.
This is the third of the annual reports of the Irrigation Investiat
Office. It deals. chiefly with the duty of water, but contains allo
four statione in the humid States, where irrigation is not a necessity, buti
Of increasing the returns from farm lands; a report on the underge
supply of the San Bernardi no Valley, California, and the second prog,
on silt measurements. This report has been reprinted in four -parts Ila'
of separates, as follows:
Part 1. Summary of Results, by R. P. Teele. Irrigation in Now
W. M. Reed. Irrigation Investigations in Salt River Valley,
W. H. Code. Irrigation at the Arizona Experiment Station Fariaf
Part 2. Subterranean Water Supply of the San Bernardino Valley.
by E. W. Hilgard. Duty of Water under Gage Canal, Riversiide,,
W. Irving. Use of Water in Irrigation in Washington, by 0. L. W'
Part 3. The Distribution of Water from Canals in Idaho, by D., 4
Investigations in Montana, 1901, by Samuel Fortier. Irrigation 1
River Valley, Utah, by Arthur P. Stover. Irrigation in Grand and A
Valleys, Colorado, by Arthur P. Stover.
Part 4. Irrigation under the Great Eastern Canal, Loup River, Xeb
0. V. P. Stout. Irrigation at the Missouri State Experiment S
H. J. Waters. Irrigation Experiments in Wisconsin, 1901, by F.
Irrigation in New Jersey, 1901, by E. B. Voorhees. Second Progrbim
on Silt Measurements, Texas, by J. C. Nagle.I
Bulletin No. 124.-Report of Irrigation Investigations in Utah,
the direction of Elwood Mead, Chief of Irrig'ation Investh
Office of Experiment Stations. Including General Discussilo
g ation in Utah, and Irrigation from Jordan River, by R P
Irrigation in Utah Lake 'Drainage System, by A. P. Stover;
Spanish Fork River Irrigation System, by A. F. Doremus; Irrig-
in the Weber Valley, by Jay D. Stannard; Agriculture under
tion in the Basin of Virgin River, and Court Adjudications of
Rights on Sevier River, by Frank Adams- and Approprniati"
Water from Logan River, by George L. Swendsen-. Pp. B3O, pblai
figs.2. Pice 1.10
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* Separate No. 2. Irrigation in Santa Clara Valley, California, by S4 :I
Mechanical Tests of Pumping Plants Used for Irrigation, by J, N.
Separate No. 3. The Distribution and Use of Water in Modesto and.
Irrigation Districts, California, by Frank Adams. Relation of Imi
Yield, Size, Quality, and Commercial Suitability of Fruits, by E. 3J. WI
Irrigation Conditions in Imperial Valley, California, by J. E. Roadqn!
* Separate No. 4. Irrigation in Klamath County, Oreg., by F. L. Kent i
gation Investigations in the Yakima Valley, Washington, by O. L. I
Irrigation Conditions in Raft River Water District, Idaho, 1904, by" .
Bartlett. .. .
Separate No. 5. Irrigation Investigations at New Mexico Experiment St4
Mesilla Park, 1904, by J. J. Vernon. Irrigation Investigations in W
Texas, by Harvey Culbertson. Pumping Plants in Texas, by C.. TE.
Separate No. 6. Irrigation in Southern Texas, by Aug. J. Bowie, jr.
* Separate No. 7. Rice Irrigation in Louisiana and Texas in 1903 and i
by W. B. Gregory. Rice Irrigation on the Prairie Land of Arkansna
C. E. Tait.

... .... .. ....... .


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No 121-ri~toni Mnan. ySa~elFrte, sise
A .S ov ra d J -S a e Pp 0 F gs & P i e 5 c n s
bulei i tereul-ofa'tdyoftpialActo'sofMotna md
r uro f eemnigtesau n psiiiiso irgto nta

This bulletin is one of a series on irrigation in the several arid
listed for the purpose of supplying to intending settlers information a
tunities for settlement, and the conditions to be met. A '
Bulletin No. 210.-Irrigation in South Dakota.. By S'.H.H
Engineer. Pp. 60, pl. 1. Price 10 cents. .,..
This bulletin is one of a series on irrigation in the severJl ari t
lished for the purpose of supplying to intending settlers information
tunities for settlement, and the conditions to be met. :..i
Bulletin No. 211.-Irrigation in Kansas. By D. H. BA ii
pie. 2. Price 10 cents.
This bulletin is one of a series on irrigation in the several arid S4l
listed for the purpose of supplying to intending settlers information
tunities for settlement, and the conditions to be met.
Bulletin No. 214.-Irrigation in the State of Washington..
Waller. Pp. 64, pl. 1. Price 10 cents. .. i.';"
This bulletin is one of a series on irrigation in the several arid Sti
lished for the purpose of supplying to intending settlers information alosn a
tunities for settlement, and the conditions to be met.

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Clarko P 1. *11 s2
SeparateZ. No. 4
S .o f .. ..Et.. ...... ..

By Samuel Forier, Chief of
424. figs. .6. (-..... ......
By Samuel Fortier. ." Pp. ,
P Moment No. -T. fr

of Officof f Experienten Stattis.o
1 9 0 5 .. r'."i: .:.......

irrigation E pertr .. i I .. i. :i i:

Annual Report of Office ofr $4utrbooo
Document No. 565.-Deview. 4 IWr
By CElwood Mead, Chief of I ar.

meant Stations. Pp. iv. 36-88S5, ple. 6.
Separate of Office of Experi

Document No. 670.-.Review.of Iritgalitna ..
Elwood Mead, Chief of Irrigation

ment Stations. Pp. iv, 469-102, p16 w ik
of xporti of mE pe of Eperiment Si
...'... .. ..

SeparaDocument No. 994.-ReThe of Irrigatio i ad
Bya1904. Elwood Mead '. Cie. i Pp., iv,,
Annu24 Report of Office of Experi; enft Bt4.toEVi
Document No. 1135.-e iLse of Irigti
By SRmel FoPtieee. Pp. iv, 369-6, g..
bulletin 8 of Office of Experiment Sttio
Document No. 122.-Review of rTen Yea' :..

tions. By R. P. Teele. Pp. ii, p85-406.4
1904. ByEloos e adIChief.1Pp..: iv. H4..4

Rof t f Oic ffe f ep E i Experiment S 4aoi'n. A1 j.
*. .:' ".i....

*Document No. 735.-Irrigation and raia
gationerofiment Sttif Eons.By R. P. Teele
Irrigation Vxpt in ch1 iA :

Report ion.f Ofce of Experment Stai "..s i.......
.. .. .....

Document No. 72 .--Irrigatioh ad in I*i.. p
Byy wdElwood MCead, C .of xx x

Sent Stations. Pp. iv, Too.; PpA:
Report of Office of Experim'ent Stati s

Document No. n1.--eReviewd f foer:4iutbOiw ;i

Report of Office of Experimenn tati.s a 0"
Document No. E Re0 of l* W'"" atii'$n

SBy R P Teele. .. .:
Document No. 723.--Irrigation and D -ainaie nI- 1...
'of Experiment Stations. By'R.,P. Toe.~e .... .'
A general account intended prim'ari~y for,. rlbu
chase Exposition. ,' ..... ... .. ,, :

... ... o ......

I... ... .. ..... .
..,..., M" ,,A.:i::!

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