Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings affecting agricultural colleges and experiment stations (revised to Mar. 1...


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Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings affecting agricultural colleges and experiment stations (revised to Mar. 15, 1911)
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Usda Office of Experiment Stations Circular
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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Office of Experiment Stations
United States Dept. of Agriculture, Office of Experiment Stations
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Washington, D.C.
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Agricultural colleges -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
Agricultural experiment stations -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
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!j A'



Q; tq- f E 1
"*0f OO

dod, That in ndo "weM
A.:..d be allowed to locate th
r Trritory of the United:
S Mrip upon any of .the u
".Ai private entry at one -
7re.ittedfvrt er, That not m.re,
h assgnes: in any one of the *
I.k ion shall be made before one y a..
..~further enate.d, That all the
tix.es from date.of selection of s
Sineurred in the management
Received therefrom, shall be pa"
%4 the treasury of said StateO s ,0&
of th* %S... shall be applied without.'
the f mentioned. I:"
S.. ft :I rter enacted, That a ..
sale of t `1 rd by .the States to which the lands
from the saI rp hs i efreinbefore provided for, sha.:ll
of the.Unite. slflb.:.StaUtes, or some other safe O
than five pdr .*ptr value of said stocks; and.t.
invested shall .:: :rpetual .fund, the capital of w'i'i
forever undimin t.f (: tSitr aA.s may be provided in.sel
act), and the inte*i ~t ut b bi iW :. be inviolably appproprated,
which may take and. e.i if his: act to the endow
and maintenance of at leasf there the leading object at
out excluding other sel ti. t -0Sct zies, and includti
tics, to teach such bran he i ate: to a.gricult, a,
mechanic arts, in such manner ,sthe, :i:sltr e of:the States may .s
prescribe, in order to promote the, iii: a education, of dn
trial classes in the several pursuit:,s at, i .. .. ,, ,. ,
SEC. 4 (as amended Mar. 3, 1883).. Ti .!i 1 oe;ed fromt
lands aforesaid by the States to whiei&lix"t a 4 tlne a :
sales of land scrip hereinbefore provided Ifor', .shall: I ls 4
United States or of the States, or some other sfe ai: t h- wI,4M1
invested by the States having no State stocks-in any: otih
legislatures of such States shall have assented thereto, and .e
fands shall yield not less than five per centum upon tQe..amont ai
that the principal thereof shall forever remain unimpaired: Prop ~
,oneys so invested or loaned shall constitute a perpetual fiun,
whth. shall remain forever undiminished (except so far as. may .bei
section five of this act), and the interest of which shall be lipit
priated, by each State which may take and claim the benefit of thisH
endowment, support, -and maintenance of at least one college where
object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical; t
including military: tactics, to teach auch branches of learning as are.
agriculture and the imechanc aits in suCh manner as the legislation~
States may respectively .preserbe,,J order to promote the liberal and l.
education of the industrial claftsi A Bveral pursuits and profess
SE5. 5. And be it further enst t ht~ia t at of lad. and land dCript H
authorized shall be made on the fol::: pVltini, to wbh~Ick, wei
the provisions hereinbefore contained, tb;pr.iOu asett of the ieve ~lr
shaa hbe signified by legislative: acts:. .. ... -
'.Mrgt. any portion of the fund investeE s 6u.. by *0 to
tion, an~-iartLen .of the interest therieon. sla b. 4SA.t.ea o

.. ...... : "
te A U. *.. ". ": f" .;':". ^:^^^" '"
*. ." : "'H ,i.i

A'",,.;! ::" .... :: : ". i .,: ... : ,
70 .. .X..:.] .

W W!" I t w a i o 4 4

th pre Saestemuu .
thttettet utamU& h
*aergrigteprge fmhcl
Jop deH ins "a e,4 t 'hi cs n
Mdata gn [ottlIea
U f*1csal etasitdb
m a e e noq. u n e h
*Ig s ,d yt wS aeayo h neir
ft m t a h c ay .b m aie l
WH ,an 10 f=raggtl W: Wbo
WM r* W mme: f IN:pom
(I eelm rAfre on is h
Aa g-v~dt hbnf fti c-
49|n~dtlebuft'fWI~ ne.I bt
-- yTfz, MWr iti tO yao:funte:W
A1i N ole ooio. htJldIIPl~ud:i13W l

W.uti atr heAr d ofljau|y

!%tIat dofkm A nr ev t e m

two, and also in which an educational instltqtion oif iiei4 &
established, or may be hereafter etablibhell, aM t a11 n ueil.
from tts own revenue, for the education a of oorea Mliet0 1
fCr. 111] -i-

... .. .. .
.. ... :
:* _.* .. ..
: .:pHi:
:,:+,I .+
.... J! Ii

WtbWWPPjWf O*t 01

to tt" Of '00

'"AW404,W* tMVAx* aft paid *MWdlaori
$Gr "kwled *U&Mts Ab" bo eat1ded to tbf
*to act *ad nibjwt to, Its pm"Aom4 mwb an It wouldba". POM
*4*tma hundred and OxW-tw%, and
shall be talkou as a complianPAwith
tor WWte and colored studkts.
the sum bwift appropriate to the Stat" and TVrritorl" for
# -Po4-,#u*fqrt,_qC vollesee *Un:. be anumAy pald on or
Abkly4m dgy at July of eneb year, by the Swetary, of the Treaw
the warmat of the Secrebtry of the Interimt "t 9f '. the- Txlkasury of
W*toN to tbw Otate or Territorial treasurer, or to such officer as
oot W tbOjo",,V,.j%* Zwo or "Awkory to recotm the swqe
W*414ft Utbtfts- of the -cMege or Oe, looUtution for
_Wd BOOS: to-, Me.. bmasuftm Of the
C01jews or 9tbw, IM"twong ant1twd- tP.4*00ve.1ho.10014 _"'Vaeb
aball, be twbod- to mort to the Secretary of Agriculture and to
0C tbo J, 4iil* before the.*vt'.dsy of September. of each

41 madq:subjmt:ta the lWsjktiva
Territories to t1be puqqmx. o said: gfants;
4-1 to installments of _the::jpqrq latign, heieln:. made
4w,40*w. AWebefore the ft4journment of the regular segs, ion
9 the pasmge of this act shal be.mmde upon the
vow4#,du.Ay certified to the secretary of the Wreaourlv,
That if vWpatUm ot ae moneys received by. W designated officer of
wTorritary for thw further and more complete eadoW;neqt' 'Support,
f4t*c;e# Pr 0 institutlonB for, colored studeat4as M. vided
*baq by, anyaction or cwtingency, be, diininished or loot or be in P_
by the State or Territpry o:Nhia It belongwo. aud until
4pprpPrIatioa xWl 1w appo"npd or p".to mcii
!11!111PIJF T
Aor o;y;,!mdu po I a of said mone" shall, be 4 jW,:directly,, or
xm" *W pt4*eW whatever, to the purchaa erection.. preservation,
of *W bui!o or An annual report by the president of
"M Couggso'Awl I"-- made to the Secretary of Agricultur%, as well as
at t6ft x*Or,, regarding the conditionand progress of each
MRUan in rela tton to its receipts and expendt.
JAW;Jbraryt the Aqmber of #x students and protessom andaloo as toanx
a" a made under the directiou of any experlwen
to wid 'with their cost and results and ageb othe;
"d otathMes I as pxy be regarded as'nsertal, que. qj
ft" to an lotber qpjleges::111:.,:.Oida

bk on .e tbeAFd daT of Jqly !A qai*, year, jta the pa4ina
7- p4edor I seeektain and caft tq the Sac.
a *0 T* a *&0 Wooand Terdtory, wbitlwlt to mUtled
gook or ot Izodtutions
M*r* Ot the AMV! tim 16r colle
'0001re! stado#4 Wx *d, and the amount"which is
4ofted, reipwdv*r, to rwdva It the somftry of the bitaW shod wft


[Nelson amendment.] .
That there shall be, and hereby is, annually ap~ipropria
money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, -to be t~~id
provided, to each State and Territory for the more complete tc
maintenance of agricultural colleges now established, or which n
be established, in accordance with the act of Congress approv.~e4'
eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and the act of Congress approved :
tieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, the sum of- five thousand dollars
tion to the sums named in the said act, for the fiscal year ending Ji:t"]
nineteen hundred and eight, and an annual increase of the amoLunt'ii
appropriation thereafter for four years by an additional sum of ive'0
dollars over the preceding year, and the annual sum to be paid t ii.
each State and Territory shall be fifty thousand dollars, to be applied$
the purposes of the agricultural colleges as defined and limited in f1:
Congress approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, hiai:dl
of Congress approved August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and nineD. b .
That the sum hereby appropriated to the States an4 Territorl..
further endowment and support of the colleges shall be paid by, ;to,
manner prescribed by the act of Congress approved August ittietb
hundred and ninety, entitled "An act to apply a portion of the p.
public lands to the more complete endowment and support of the'
the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts established under
pions of an act of Congress approved July second, eighteen hun redo i
two," and the expenditure of the said money shall be governed in all
by the provisions of the said act of Congiess approved July secon.d,8
hundred and sixty-two, and the said act of Congress approved Augustt
eighteen hundred and ninety:- Provided, That said colleges may uste a
of this money for providing courses for the special preparation o
for teaching the elements of agriculture and the mechanic arts.
Approved, March 4, 1907.
[Clr. 111]

.. S: ::::!

11I01 *AS
----ie fAeveeItve fth-U 4aO "
M|is on wlv udrdsdIwt-
ofIeUttdSae; saed4 yaat
||ihnde.indehyfr e adb
=114aoeioatied oos
I Io hapieto~fay-"avemt
rsy wih .:t
coeeo nieeUfe
AO*UOt t aeie 0lsqm n ufe
"* vr4fteA m..,r ay o c sspr
i,; v
II WAmerfOer odealdsa o
i XO4 amnteNay n ,mxmmo
0"43.'N 1tbndtruhitte nie tts is,
if WV nPIb ogh ftQta*aerurdtpmd
S ...
`ju4rte roiin o brc
'hMreanIll~-wodott nafo heistbA
ledn/Ietsalb hepaw 1 0tudno

W-r.adtemcai aticuigmltr
itI ~tfs 6'6&t~u
IIdje smy:b ro
IIl~citryo viltuhote oIse
90 tdtt 6,prfIbdby"Iioto

b ,kt h oe mnadwihcnb
tii f h
IA" smyapertmerqie
'b h tdnsO m olg ruiest
of je oj n h, ertr: bl rllr odi

:n nln:::.K.

o nasia act, a aeparumenL to u.D e nowan asim.a ;anuiAM IWMa ;era;
periment station ": Provided, That in any State or Territory to fliS
colleges have been or may be so established the appropriations erht
to such State or Territory shall be equally divided between suh ie
the legislature of such State or Territory shall otherwise dtri6cL
[Cir. 111]

.... .. ..:..
.. .. ..;... i.. .i
," ......*. ."" "J *,. ". ]", ". .."::':i:i !::'^.,..


of 4d *019ft "key 614 ovettiV Nod, nth Ae iewd"

tu VOIN of-lix" Ve
ty ot -*wVhwt*- or, trwe t& &4w'1hMft6n;
7, V &WgRod t*luft ve affeeft ancrq*
ial vt ow
WIMP;, WO, of gm~ &M tonge plantA
E _!11Ib0ft,4CMdf90rentk1u& of food for don"fit wo &I&-*
'0*460ftLgiie Involved to -the production of biatt*r dbd
00*r ioY4" expertudents bearing dirft*W on, t1w to-
gtate4 as may In each ease be deemed adviseW
-A*md -to tbi"i*V*g coudItions 4nd needs tf the respective States

t 14,erdw. toswum as ftr- jis, p=ctksble,-un1(orm1ty:of. methods
it shQ be the duty of- the UnRA&Rtates
Enow Recretexyl of Agricuature to fuxulsh' forms, as far ad prao-
W Ubulttloik_ of isWts of Invea-Ugation or experiments; lo Indt-
#*4* Ww su6 ikt4s of Inquiry..'ald hinisliall seem nwit Invort"t
furAM, owh advice, and 4&lstanee a& will best promotd the
*CWt4et tt ishall be the duty of Oa6 of a aid statiow annually'. Oft
im,*Wt da$ 4')Februairy, to make to the g6vernor o f the Stabw or Ter-
It, Is, "tod a M 0,nd detalled report: of Its operations, 1neldd-
-f- of recelpts and expenillturc44 a copy of which report shall be
atwid sttlooi to the 'said Comodm4oner [now Recretai7j of Agri-
to the ReaMtxvy of the Twanry of the United States.
-bul)etini be rePo*0 ot progrew shall tie 06blished at. said stations
ftft lu th;ftmmthik ono copy of wbieb -shall W,.wnt to each newsl*pw
$Woo or Tenittwies In *U*h they are. rexpe6ftvily- located, and to :such
In ftrming as way request the same and as, far as
_tJk* *wwft. Rueh bulletins tKr reports and-the annual
44 mA4-o"~)MbaU bg trVwmittedin The malls of. the United States
40t- CbaVft, ftr peOA&#,u*44W *Mich regulations as the Postmaster General

TMt ftr joke Ptnow of paying the neeewary expenwo of conducting
d tt
4146bu ag the re" as here
40mrow--w- coo tha, mumqf, Xew tbouomd dollars per-jannum... Is 4ereP7
to lock Job". tp, be Apx4ally, VrovIded -for by Clowess in the ak
j4Xw4Xftt$9w how yojrtv Myj, wid to, each Territory entitled under the Me-
ot, sedsw ddA o'oo, OC4 out Of any n4meyjuthe Treasury proceed-
the m0wot p*Uc la#j* W repaid In equal quarterly. payments op
fty-ot Jsn, 10ws, Aj^'July, WW October in ftch year,. to the treasurer
vemlug bmrds said, Colleg" to T*
&W Qf October,, eig
out of.the first amuma
1 Wd MwAwjwCdw0d, by, OW, Aatlcu an amount 9,ot one-ftfh M"
lo I tkw AM-4-ka-, larwment or reWr ot** buPdIng or bulldnv
F1 11 VAN of AFW* amd tbaaftfter an amot*
Cqafto of swft annual appropi*t1qn pay bt So
04 ex C i Pw
It mbaU &VVw to the of the Tre"Mx
&ad expenditum of om of saM statloft tMt a
0 0 jullwal stpPropruttion remains SM-1 MOW
ahaV be de"eW.ft no the wMt &==I approvdatift to SUA* Ott***

said grants: Proidg44 .lapt i n i; etltah, Inpr tillIWUQt of :
herein made as sihall iboqo.e dg t4.:. l; tPte before the ab4j
regular session 'of- Itt IflJei&a4ti -meiPg, nifter thej pa0pgeg
.halll be made upon: ae sgrai t..a the gpWefiAa r _threQf& q ly
feretary of the Trear .y, .. : .
:SxE. 10. Nothing in this ct aab 11 b i q egied 1 .1d.si1
States to continue any: "ays .tst .t0 4. TOO. S ot. or a tbp
institntione, mentioned a thi- ot, but C'engre s y .:.at .... p pm
pend, or repeal apy or all the provisto6n of tiisbagt.: .. ,
Approved, March 2, 1887. .. '. ;..,

ACT OF 1888 A"' WlNPZ (~IND41 .. ...,.;.e
AN ACT To amend an act entitled "An act to estalAthifh ~giltIHtl.MI t~*ii
with the colleges established in. the sevetati ~rtaes under : T B: pirb t
approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and ,tb he (4a..:
thereto." .
Be it enacted by the Senate and Hos olRepresentatfves tf4R59
of America in Congress assembled, That the g-ant:to m ioneyiftMe
act of Congress entitled "An adt to establish uagriotiltral epe et
in connection with the colleges establishedIn tltfe several Jtasm~tfi
visions of an act approved Jily second, eighteen 4'haredialiPMti.iti
acts supplementary thereto," are subject aas therein iapv*iwe.ea.wtt :.t
assent of the States br Teriitories to 'be :ffeeted- thlliby 8utt ..*
installments of the appropriations as may' e be nor or:eiaai:msi l
due, when the legislature may -not be in "estiott;, toegovrnor oaf-.
Territory may make the assent therein prbvidtd, anad 'Upon ~~W 'Wdl
thereof to the Secretary of the'Treabury' he shll-l Sale *theesaiSe to1 i
the manner provided in 'the act of which this 4tameniatory, ~-ntl .t 'lefl
dlon oi the next regular sessionn of the legislaturee of such a tatet o rTr
Approved, June 7, 1888. & : : ,- ,' :

**( ir .. .... ... i..
.. L : ; .... ..,. : ji



: : [ : : ; : : ..... .... ."..: :" .... .

.m.&..::...:. .:.: :. ..::. .. "....-.. ..
.:i~l:'::ii~ii~i. lii..:M!!:i. !".::. ..... ............ ." ...:::I i:i:i. :udl": i::l : i.:".!
..:"::..:. :: :.

.... ... ... :... .. .

1906 (ADAMS ACT).
The act of Congress approved March ,sxtemeth, nineteen 'hbne~k i
entitled "An act to provide for an increased. annual -appropriatton'ion tf
tural experiment stations. and regulating the expenditure thae eof,!..,
construed to appropriate for each station the sum of five thousandl-;,0LS
the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and biix the SW ...
thousand dollars for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nluetqen.
seven, the sum of nine thousand dollars for the fiscal year ending Jne Ii
nineteen hundred and eight, the sum of eleven thousand dollar ,toar, .
year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and nine, the sum of
thousand dollars for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen bua i
ten, and the sum of fifteen thousand dollars for the fiseea year enOg..
thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eleven. The sum of five ..thousanj.
appropriated for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and six shall be: paI
before June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six, and the amounts a t
for the subsequent years shall be paid as provided in the said aot-ta, i--
and Territory for the more complete endowment and maintenapqe mg
tural experiment stations now established or which may hereafter be eqt b:
in accordance with the act of Congress.approved. March second. eightMq
dred and eighty-seven. .
Approved, June 30, 1906. ,::
[Extract from act making appropriations for the United State.s DPeatmi
Agriculture for the fiscal year ending June 30,63.1] .. I :.
To carry into effect the provisions of an act approved-Marreht'8I ~:
"An act to establish agricultural experiment stations in connett'iaS ii
[Cir. 111]

*: ..i.::
S": ":.." '" : 'I: .::"l .i
'!", "' .." ..::': "

a.f 1r


tam. ofM tna Ili1qI sapetr
aboeas6bernwhteth iediioae
*'"o p aerprtteent oges

ofAmutr oetbihadmiti
Jt Iagi i
'Asn aa;Pro C% nteIi
to t e P e a a ci,fl srt f'a

ft#'a4$O9, ot-RO
Itr iuhrzdt PUscvodcsa
Uaa tt 01 n hlln f um n ha)m-0atoe
?ttt&Witnine fsi W4if

Ao4' a~m, opowrl~gog. f AbeUniteiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit o
AgiiiiirP -fm eren'gJ
i w r e 'W .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiup o niii
................................................ .. .......
teaiiiiiiiieiiiiiiiiiiiiia -rgwiioao in for ig c ui

Site. 515. One cipy 6f each of-Oe' e.tantaTn 'pot te ei brla
to the. Secretary of the Interior and -i'Si y f kAgfeulteltuflt
leges as are or may hereafter. be .q4ltabihed taO;he et of a et
the mechanic arts in the several: s.tt.at ..pwi.le| ijue e Ir
the act of July 2, 1862, entitled "An act donattig pinbe lands to .:
States aid Territoies whidhi may trodffe colg16 for tfti Sno
and the mechanic arts,"'. ahd ti e acts &,ia ttfs&I~tn i '...... *
transmitted by mail fre, .by earth, to all. th other ea legenms
dowed tnder th6 p ovision&s of thiS act (of July 2, 182), mad i~:iMi
the Secretary of the Intedrier an8 the Secret~tay of AgrAf ltt t r .
2. Postmasters at office -where colleges ar MtKabIieMimundtei'
of the at of July 2, 1822, Will reeetive frt th oeet t-~nce thrd't~ r
ferred to addressed, one co each., to s6it u otfot college es .ald t toft-
of the Interior and the secretary of AgitetiRtre, and A'fiS to l tb.ii.
label or official envelope of the frost office, AnK f M Wait A the samt f i iWf.
SEC. 516. Bulletins or reports of progress, one copy to each newS~prti
State or Territory in whieh the coUleges.hereafter referred to ,a
to such individuals actually engaged in farming -a. p.a may rjeq#t
the annual reports required by law to be published by the.,agI~ tlcadtlt '
ment stations established under the pirvisins of the ac t aic 2,'
titled "An act to establish agricultural experisnnt statiow0. i-a
the colleges established in the various States and Terr iteorSB. iApIui.p
sions of an act approved July 2, 1862, and the acts suigppletyp
the benefit of agriculture and the. mecbaitc- arts (of e. 4h-
transmitted in the mails of the United State' fse of charged~ rz t i
such regulations as the Postmaster General wvy from tim.too otlm::pgri
SEC. 517. Agricultural experiment- stations whith claim the ~prilIa)
emitting free through the mails, unid& the2 p.rbvt0ii of the pSee.~a
bulletins, reports of progress, or annual rortfli, rnust. maikel si
Postmaster General, stating the date of the estabHhltit- iS
proper name or designation, its olidal organizationn; a'ifl~i..
[i[Cr. 1111] : :;

.... ii

v .v ::..j .N .
p. ." :
''.1 t .., ..::.s". ". ::liN E:

..... .. ....
"..a.'"., ."..

........ JS .+.
;J. im:o : .. ........... W .:4 .: ...... .
~t ii++:::,t,: t Iit ', '+,; +:,:.. :::: .. : ii.. +'.++itiii t.it:; t ir+. :ii r
.... ... : ;ii..iiii,' ii..iii+
M;.iiiiii* a Aii:.;

Cards upon which are printed bulletin issued by agrtoittal >,
tions established under the provisions of the act of Mc0..is2I-SA~'
openly ln the mails, free of postage, provided the:;addresI nidit i
bears the indicia prescribed in paragraph:8,: seeUtion s Postar i:.w~~e
nations, for. envelopes used by the experiment ti.tk;Is referred tei:
copies of their bulletins, and reports.:.
Reports of the State boards of agricutture or other State bo..d2i
sioners, or officers, even though they coiltain .tation 1'abu~eUnsasMi"
not be sent free through the mails under the. frank of the treetoilWl
The catalogue of the college of which the station is a depurtaett
sent free through the mails kinder the frank of the .dreet "of :.t.
whether said catalogue s ..published separately :or I. bound tog
station publication.... *


From copies of letters addressed to the Secretaity of the
and others by the First Comptroller of the Treasi, t
construction of the act of Congress of March, 9'2, 1887t b
mentary thereto, the following digest has beenee, :prMee I
tions are those of the act, the dates those of the deish
comptroller: : ..
S UioN a-A4 l 80 1888, .... :
The annual financial statement of the station, with VU ')g ..
sent to the Treasury Department, but a copy s.Tply of the ; p
to the governor Is to be sent to the Secretary of the Treasuryr. ,
[Cir. 1111]

....... .. ..

N d

,:L., ,...:.. ..

i mm
Ofte of'P et"tl
Ou*,4 ambt
00*0 to ot es~rd totak a bnd -f O
~*We th rvso o adat
'W Ow ek o ~trt h ertr
gotfiftmSmojw sn oteBceaya
io*mo"~t* at i b h fee rsain

0 ObnOso m a Y-dj1odt.,11htl

stf"ette otetnfis.fsWaop is:0f

ipketepyett emdbl ,adnk otat
t t fi
&hl encssr ocry ntewr
dIti;n to fsl"a pitospl:I urel
$,Aiii frm'h rauyuls nee.frte m~o

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"Lii$ a::

.L 10 faW LA 11AUA L.UC e JU TUA V.L LiC A lAjea.., UJ.L tU uLJ UL .. lJ Ht, MmUaa .L..,w
provisions of said act of Mathf;', ~T to 'dip : e~. i f the aiouat:<
by Congress for said station to either one or all :of the p .c! l
stations which may have been established in said State b 1
provisions of the act. of July 2, 1862, or tihe provisions 6t 0i- I
of the act of March 2, 1887. : ..
The whole responsibility rests upon the .tite legislature a .
appropriated by Congress shall be distriblited among these varno.i.
of the State, provided there.i one or more agricultural ,pllegesl
agricultural station is connected or oie or more agricultural stziu

In connection with examinations of the work and e nsxp a
the agricultural experiment stations established in at&
the act of Congress of March 2,1887 arid further endow
of Congress of March 16, 1906, under authority givento tb
of Agriculture by Congress, questions have arisen whi4i havai
to make it advisable to.formulate the views. of this dpa
certain matters affecting the management of the stations
acts. The rulings which have been made from time, tof' ai
which seemed to require special attention are as followw :
This department holds that the expenditure of funds appropriated ,.
ance with the provisions of the act of Congress of March-2, 1881, for ta
tenance of permanent substations is contrary to the spirit and latent fi
act. The act provides for an experiment station in each State and Te t
which, except in cases specified in the act, is to be a depMabr et att ~E
established under the act of Congress of July 2, 1862,. .he objetfi s o.tt.
tions, as defined in the first-mentioned act, are eidently ot seea h a Cr i..
to necessitate the services of. scientific and expert workerse; M4: i tE: i
of investigation named in the act are general, rather, tiba ;ll ta*i:
scientific equipment and work. It Is obviously the l aten at t,*
[Cir. 111]

.. ....."."."::,

V 00e ag*Watr Oft te -60erkl Ottate -and Tbrritories.
Vbi*ls to annually appropriated by Congres under Odle ,alet
C4Ree tQ mar otaitted pAumber of juvestiga-

4kw,*tAtiwnla the difterent Oftathas feveloed It has been
VhthMath tan exMaUd, the lines of Work Of: theAudividual
,work tW1 few lInes: has been: found more effectve. and
II$allte~iett teats hanaml-lainvstigations In numerous lines.
AOMWWhe *O-tVAtR of the investigations, the amount of money pro.
11eme 1E ONOAXhAtaon; *nd the fact that the act expressly provides
adatiqgi1W mttont u neetion wfth each college, it becomes very clear
11ge mvh- a, axtrt necessary to'. effectually. maintain permanent
,totba tob n~ rm the; ftnds granted by Congress to the
(MS. ~ f A'a*B"*l frtxeimnt AtationsL The maneace of permanent
"1%14 M I v p~tes, the, erwtlon of buildings and &h making of other
.As 0u *0%istof 0mbn"whc can be expended frpr
b-0igx*nae"Wetv aner Vthn ieto0f Congress aforesaid are, so small that It
thefdbial Id(IWended to Meet the. needs of more than one station In

legalatalw-of0 :bSae rTrtr as givn ts assent to the pro.
IM@Ati r~egresOf Mach Uw187 and -has designated the institu-
--bon*etaivter*e 1he benefits: of said: act, 1t would seem to have ex-
Asdtat .t te' att.The, responsibility for the maintenance of
SA har4li ab ailtutle w r M*MaiaCt,&dvolves' upon the governing board of the
tS@Wtialaste 11I thec. legilafture of the State or Territory sees
twovtl Pima ]4W_ th ei0uishmnt. and maintenance of other experiment
-AMh* a to, utL .tbeous, moder the c.,outrol of :.the same governing board, well
-j iox*1q n a~iiihter

*Webthbto~gk i a~y wy diinih te rsponsibility of the board
1; I1116alow, the ionWW;9rantedbyCowgress in accordance with the Provisions

to islen g.A~ogeee aimaiting the number of stations to be established
agge Stte sdererriqryaiuerlthe: aforesaid act has been clearly shown by
gE~espttens st& ,t# tats ad.Territories which have attempted the
-lL-igategaistere wbka-taitk-Wis wit tefunds granted under said act. The expense
Admiistaa'S abaatitkswhaA,Kas a rule, materially weakened the central
*"&lAbW-1s Are*Oatig owvatnied on at the substations have been superficial
$4eisosiryliIt -ie sie th"W at 7In many: States and Territories more than
-* gdealtural experiment station. might do. useful work, and in some States
)than 6ne ofttion has already been successfully maintained; but In all these
Mtat* b"le given tunds from Its own treasury to supplement those given
gagrge.it 1 also :grnted: that experiment stations established under
of Cogress and, b-ving no other funds than those provided by that act
gkggest-stpto carry on investigations in different localities in their respec-
gy~tAte nd Territories, but it Is. held that this should be done in. such a way
ggg eogg#Wt, thorogh supervisor of. such investigations b.V the expert
at te tatonand that arrangements for such. experimental inquires
pttub vt aso permanent a character as to prevent the..station from
jrr som place to place as: circumastanes. Dmy require nor Involve O
t funds in sack amounts. and ,in soe& :.ay# as will wag
49.00e Obtai aso 8 wUP&N....
1spsactkaleshlet cooperation of individuals ijad com'm: nlth 0iesvwpgjl
Opmewa *VOavest Stn abouambe sought *A(% It secmary tha4 1
Cir. ni1l
J tJip

sion that it was expected that the institution of which the attaieft.
ment would supply the land heeded fr expefWi attal pu1rp1 eB ait Ot.11
for the purchase or rental of lands wouila ot .be ~imae gains it the
vided by Congress for the experiment station.. This cn~~lelon irW
by consideration of a wise and economic policy i the m magitaawt
tural experiment stations, especially as relating to..ea.ses wl1-.:16
desirable for the station to have land for experimental purpo .,s f |
localities. The investigations carried on by the station t~ .I st& eaii
the direct benefit of agriculture It the localities wherei thei. wat I
seems only reasonable that persons or comm tmties Whoseintsr W- I
advanced by the station work should Etl4tribatt. the use of the 'un
land which will be required for itperinental purpose. ExpEitor*iW
that in most cases the stations have had .o difflclty in securing aseik,,
they needed without expense, and it. is believed that thts imay be~raQn
case without injuriously affecting the interests of the stations.
This department holds that expenses incurred In conducting jte g ed
farms, whether the farms are connected With institutions .stabltshMI41W
act of Congress of July 2, 1862, or not, are not a proper charge againstatiB
appropriated by Congress for agricultural experiment statidins itn c
with the act of Congress of March 2, 1887, unless such operati soAf!itsVAE
stitute a part of agricultural investigations or experiments xl-anied HimM
ducted in accordance with the terms of the act aforesaid; ~sietW.i lt~
latlons prescribed by the governing board of the station. Th .i!.io
ordinary farm operations by an experiment station doe ds j; not f ati
mental work. Operations of this character by an expertmenjt itEt fti-0
confined to such as are a necessary ptirt of experietal finMdlt -1i
[Cir. 111] .. .
.. .. ......
". ": .: ::;!!


14tf| eP i
It"o -06 tab b-1* I O
1"'f b W M *V e
!!i6o ht c lil imt h xe
4L aeWthsl aIoIIb ncsar x

01Fq 4MPOU! 9 XMXQM wA
4.10",- 0 Ap ?M WT.O____M
!wy e~ie rmte aso a'pou~

NnWnpl MUM

t *sxm ie'- b:am wc~u
WA w**wV"*I I tmkte tds miWUd:te t
00AN W0udnt we!te u~ p~rae oU
,W00 x-l~WVthto- ~ndwre
"rMt atth yw I wk: he wr -Va-
i11 11 HH ft bm wsuh f u et"W f

Stress or Mfarcn 2, 1858, atna :iaa.t aUge ior.eraw;. can. aowrr s
against funds appropriate U M that ai: t.t .;. :


This department holds that no portion of the -titws appro
in accordance with the atep t,. Ma: .1887., can le g i
directly or indirectly, for paying the .salaries or wages of pro
or other persons whose duties are confinee to teacin..
other work in connection with t. e e.utse o.f inst.attk.e iva 1 .i
with which the stations are ineited .or in any other edattla~:~t
nor should any other exepen&se ..:me9nted .with the wod k .o ait:
struction in school or college eaurnmsabe paid from aid f od. a ::E .
persons are employed in both te experiment station ad rd t 4r*h
ments of the college with, whihthe station is .oaeetma.edia.i
.division of salaries or wages should be .mde and In case of 4a:
tures for the joint benefit of the experiment station and the otb: e,
of the college the aforesaid funds should be ehelged with only a .t.
such expenditures.

... ".T .. 9 : .i i:':'

[Extract from circular letter of the Director of the O..ice of r
tons of Feb. 25, 1909.] .
":. ":?:"" ""::..-* .. ..:fw
Expenses for extension work should not be charged aahi~ntI t,"Al
and only such printing should be done with. that fuda s awi: |
.: is ;ed ?
the experimental work of the stations established under th 'i S tch


[Extract from circular letter of the Secretaty of Agr.letiErf ur Mt.Vi
Under the terms of the act it will be necessary .ht a ar
the Adams fund shall be kept at each station, wbloh should aI op
to the inspection of the Director of the OfSie pt 'Eperiwp%;.
accredited rpresentatve, .* .;. ..
[Cir. 1111

i.. ~ i I

1 .;...;

i:.;; i
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inttt e-itmeu, x ta
feiaee A*pors ne hsa

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i~#ktULpoiinfr rnigo:rr
beIagdt telud. ...*

6* hd h ecrtI fArcl
| h n ul fn n i tt m n
AAnsAs frsav iudb h

ofromuiaton. uh ams el
t] taionryforoficean reor


S 3 1262 08927 8708

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