UF Proposal Template for New Digital Collections & Projects ( 2011 )


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UF Proposal Template for New Digital Collections & Projects ( 2011 )
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Project Proposal Template
Taylor, Laurie N.
Russell, Judith C.
Covey, William C.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Project proposal form / template for use in proposing and scoping new digital collections and projects, developed with and for the George A. Smathers Libraries. Revised version in August 2011, with multiple prior iterations.

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University of Florida
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http://ufdc.ufl.edu/ AA00014532/ Page 1 of 2 Proposal Template for New Digital Collections & Projects Subject Specialist/PI and Digital Services Project Name : Project Name Source of funds: Departmental endowments, donor, grant, etc. Quantity / Scope of the project: Size and scope of what is bei ng proposed for digitization. Type of material: photos, books, audio, video, etc Type of content: color pages, black and white, audio interviews, music Media Format: reel to reel, from microfilm, from slides, etc. Size: in inches for page size to determine if large format equipment is needed; and/or length in minutes for audio/video Uniqueness Condition: brittleness, preservation needs Copyright status Metadata available (catalog record, spreadsheet, none, etc.). Is there a title, author, and date for eac h item? If not, is there a finding guide with this information? Copyright status: Public domain, permissions on file, etc. See the Smathers Libraries Copyright Policies: http:/ /guides.uflib.ufl.edu/content.php?pid=230212&sid=1904488 For support, see Christine Fruin and Laurie Taylor. Project Objective: 250 500 words covering the theme/subject area and purpose. Audience Scholars; students; global public; educators; galleries; libraries; archives; museums; specific departments, colleges, and particular researchers at UF and in the state of Florida, in the region, worldwide? Date needed by & reason: Class, exhibit, donor request, no deadline Holding Institution: UF Materials digital acquisition/archiving Departmental priority: Priority within Department Journals/Serials: Included in the exchange program? Connection to Existing Collections: How does this collection enhance existing library collections, departments or r esearch at UF? Possible partners: What other libraries or groups may be digitizing it or in partnering (local museums, public libraries, publishers, community groups)? Is any of the material already digitized and online from potential partners? Workloa d impact Will Special Collections need to create a finding aid?


http://ufdc.ufl.edu/ AA00014532/ Page 2 of 2 for your and other departments: Will Cataloging need to catalog materials? If so, how much will be original cataloging? Will the materials need Conservation work? What will the impact be for your department? How will users interact with the collection? In answering this, please explain any special needs for this project that are not supported by the current UF Digital Collections System. Please also explain any desires related to additional functionality. How would the project being proposed benefit from being mapped, in motion, data mined, etc? Resource commitment; initial and ongoing: Digital collection management requires collection creation, ongoing curation, and patron and partner as sistance. Digital Services Processing resources required: If internal, staff impact and OPS costs. Estimated processing timeline. If external, staff impact, OPS costs, vended costs, and shipping. Estimated processing timeline. Digital storage costs: storage). Other requirements and impacts: Other requirements in terms of digital collection functionality (programming and web support), development scheduling c hanges, production scheduling changes, etc. New non MARC collections Estimated requirements developed in collaboration with Cataloging for all records to be included in record feed to MANGO. Project Team Members Name the project team members who will be involved in the work for the project, project communication, monthly project team meetings, etc. Post Project Debriefing Concerns Define the key concerns that should be covered in a post project debriefing (fiscal, production rates, etc.)