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The Jewish Floridian of South Broward
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Jewish Floridian
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Vol. 13, no. 23 (Nov. 11, 1983)-
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Issue for July 7, 1989 called no. 11 but constitutes no. 13.
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Numbering in masthead and publisher's statement conflict: Aug. 4, 1989 called no. 14 in masthead and no. 15 in publisher's statement.
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The Apr. 20, 1990 issue of The Jewish Floridian of South County is bound in and filmed with v. 20 of The Jewish Floridian of South Broward.
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Title from caption.

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Volume 19 Number 23
Hollywood, Florida Friday, November 24, 1989
Price 35 Cents
'Eroticism' of Holocaust Concerns Wiesel

Jewish Floridian Staff Writer
So much has Elie Wiesel
I written about other great Jew-
ish leaders, overall experi-
ences the Holocaust that
I he questions whether the fire
I of his own soul has been bared.
Wiesel has written 32 books,
land being a person who has
I many projects occupying his
time, Wiesel is working on at
least three other books.
One is a volume of lectures
I on the Talmud he has given at
the 92nd Street "Y" for the
last 23 years. Another book is
about great Talmudic masters
from Shammai to HilleJ and
Rav. Ashi to Ravina.
Wiesel, born in Sighet,
Transylvania was raised in a
Hasidic home until he lost his
parents and a sister in the
Holocaust, which is also when
he stopped playing his violin.
The third book, which he is
working out in his mind at the
moment, is to be his memoirs.
Sixty-one years old is not a
young age, Wiesel notes. Since
1945 he has been keeping a
diary, sometimes writing 10
words, sometimes three pages.
The book would be ready in
about two years and would
first come out in French. It
will probably have the word
"celebration' in the title. Most
of his books published in
French have the word "cele-
bration," such as a "Biblical
Celebration," a "Talmudic
"The idea is to celebrate
Judaism, to show that in
Judaism, despite everything,
we celebrate," Wiesel says.
As for his memoirs, Wiesel
says he never speaks about a
book until the book is written -
"I have to carry it with me."
But other than "Night" -
his first book and one of his
favorites which was autobio-
graphical, Wiesel terms his
other works simply "fiction
and non-fiction."
"I believe what makes Jews
Jewish is testimony. We are all
And so the memoirs will
contain "all the things I
haven't said yet. I have not
really spoken about myself. I
have spoken about everyone
"I have to comment on my
books. My work is not a com-
mentary on my life. My life is a
commentary on my works."
Wiesel's eyes, powerful for
their warmth and depth and
conveyance of his soul, search
his interviewer's eyes as he
asks, 'How long have you been
a journalist? Where do you
live? Where are your parents
While his books are taking
shape in his mind, Wiesel con-
tinues to teach two classes a
week in the humanities (philos-
ophy and literature) at Boston
University. He is also an advi-
sor to PhD. students.
He travels to Paris fre-
quently, at least once every
two months. His sister Hilda
lives in Nice.
Woman Who Hid
Anne Frank Honored
The West German govern-
ment has presented its high-
est civilian award for a fore-
igner to Miep Gies, the Dutch
woman who hid the family of
Anne Frank from the Nazis
during World War II.
Gies received the Order of
Merit First Class from the
West German ambassador,
Otto von der Gabelentz, at
the Federal Republic's
embassy in The Hague.
She was cited for her help
to the Frank family from July
1942 to August 1944, and
THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS. West German ambassa-
dor in the Netherlands Otto van det Kabletz awards the
highest medal in W. Germany for ordinary citizens to
Dutch Ms. Miep Gies at the W. German embassy in The
Hague. Ms. Gies helped Anne Frank hide from the Nazis
during World War II. (APIWide World Photo)
also for her lectures to youth
groups and schools in West
Germany in recent years.
Gies, who speaks fluent
German, was born in Vienna
and came to Holland at age
Accepting the award, she
said she shared it with thou-
sands of others who had
tried, successfully or not, to
help Jews survive during the
Nazi occupation of Holland.
In the United States, Gies
received the Courage to Care
Award from the Anti-
Defamation League of B'nai
B'rith in 1987 for being a
"Righteous Gentile," and has
been the subject of a book,
"Anne Frank Remembered,"
and film, "The Secret Annex:
the Hiding of Anne Frank."
She said when she received
the ADL award that she had
agreed to come forward from
obscurity so that the wartime
story would not be forgotten.
"We were just doing what
people should do," she said
many times of herself, her
husband and the others who
helped hide the Franks and
With the money he received
from the Nobel Peace Prize in
1988, Wiesel had arranged a
conference in Paris, where 79
Nobel Prize winners from
throughout the world gathered
to discuss the topic, "Con-
fronting the 21st Century:
Threats and Promises."
He is currently preparing a
conference to be called "The
Anatomy of Religious Ethnic
Hatred how do we dissolve
it?" It would take place in
three sections, one in Oslo, one
in Moscow and one in Israel.
"By definition, we will take
the best in the field" to be
there, Wiesel says.
"I believe hatred is the
threat facing our society...We
Jews suffer so frequently from
Hatred, racism, bigotry,
anti-Semitism are growing,
Wiesel says. The Anti-
Defamation League reports
that 60 Hate Groups exist in
Continued on Page 2
Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel
met with staff writer Ellen
Ann Stein for a personal
interview. Go for the soul,
he encouraged her with the
wisdom of a former jour-
Leave the questions about
the Middle East peace
plan, the possibility of a
German reunification, etc.
to other reporters.
Jewish Groups Rally
For Women's Lives9
Marching behind a banner
reading "Jewish Tradition:
Women's Lives Are Also
Sacred," Jewish women and
men made their way along the
banks of the Potomac River on
a sunny Sunday morning to
join thousands of Americans
rallying for reproductive
The group, which included
two and even three genera-
tions of Jewish families, were
walking to the rally at the
Lincoln Memorial from an
American Jewish Congress
briefing that drew a crowd of
more than 300.
Those who took part in the
"Mobilize for Women's Lives"
rally under Jewish auspices
sounded a common theme:
that they came to Washington
because reproductive rights
are among the civil liberties
that Jews in America have
traditionally fought to protect.
"We know too well that
when one group's rights are
taken away whether they
are poor women, women of
color, rural or city women,
women in Washington, D.C.,
Pennsylvania or Illinois
others can have the same thing
happen to them," Lenore Feld-
man, president of the National
Council of Jewish Women, said
as she addressed the crowd at
the Lincoln Memorial, esti-
mated at 150,000.
"If we remember nothing
else, we do remember as Jews
that human rights must be
respected and protected,"
Feldman said.
During her turn at the
microphone, Rabbi Lynn
Landsberg, associate director
of the Reform movement's
Religious Action Center,
Continued on Page 2

Page 2 The Jewish Floridian of South Broward-HollywoodFriday, November 24, 1989
Rush to Judgment
The Jewish people and the State of Israel
will not stand alone in seeking a stay in the
rush to judgment regarding the reunifica-
tion of Germany.
Even as the euphoria over the opening of
the Berlin Wall continues, nations such as
Russia, Poland, Belgium and others which
suffered grievous losses at the hands of
German militarism in two world wars, are
making their positions known.
Certainly few can deny the plus for
freedom which the dramatic relaxation in
travel curbs for East Germany created.
History literally unfolds by the hour.
We as Jews cannot forget the horrors of
Nazism, nor the fact that the Communist
government of East Germany has yet to
pay reparations or restitution for the vic-
tims oi the Holocaust, a step which West
Germany undertook decades ago.
These are indeed exciting days, but there
are more meaningful ones ahead.
Yom Hatorah
In France
instructional and part country
fair, a daylong Yom Hatorah
drew nearly 50,000 Jews from
all over France to a Paris
suburb last week, much to the
delight of Chief Rabbi Joseph
Sitruk, who organized the
event to bring French Jews
back to the faith.
People came from as far
away as Lille and Marseille, to
visit stands promoting Jewish
foods and displays of religious
ritual objects, periodicals,
books and even furniture.
Sitruk explained that Yom
Hatorah was intended to
demonstrate that "Jews have
a place in a multicultural
society such as France is today
and should be better
acquainted with their heri-
declared, "I am pro-God, pro-
family and pro-choice.
"Religious doctrine does not
speak with a single voice nor
declare a single stand on the
abortion issue," she said.
"Fundamentalists have
duped this nation into thinking
that the religious voice is the
voice against freedom of
choice, and that it is the god-
less who are in favor of repro-
ductive rights," she charged.
Feldman and Landsberg
were among the long list of
speakers at the rally. Fourteen
Jewish organizations formally
lined up under the pro-choice
banner, by endorsing the Nov.
12 mobilization. In addition to
the Washington rally, there
were demonstrations at the
capitals of every state in the
Singles Events
Independent Singles of Tem-
ple Solel will hold a Lecture at
the temple, 5100 Sheridan
Street on Wednesday, Decem-
ber 6th, at 7:45 p.m. Ages
35-59, and they will also hold a
Buffet Breakfast at Arro-
whead Country Club, Ft.
Lauderdale on Sun., Dec. 3rd.,
at 9:45 a.m. with entertain-
ment. For information call
Catholic Bishops Err
Recommendation by the National Confer-
ence of Catholic Bishops for "a Palestinian
homeland with territory and sovereignty"
detracts from the usually sensitive position
of the American Catholic hierarchy.
Declaration of the Bishops says progress
on the Palestinian issue cannot be made
while the Arab states continue their policy
of war against and rejection of Israel.
WJC Successes Cited
The World Jewish Congress has scored
several notable successes on the diplomatic
front in recent weeks. The African nations
of Senegal and the Ivory Coast cancelled
planned state visits by Austrian President
Kurt Waldheim following WJC documenta-
tion of his Nazi past.
It has helped obtain new assurances from
Syria on the estimated 3,800 Jews still
living in that country.
The WJC warrants a special salute.
Continued from Page 1
America alone...
"They went down after the
Holocaust, maybe unde-
rground. Now it s surfaced
"If I had to pin it down I'd
say mainly since the 1982
Lebanese War and we are
going farther and farther
away from the Holocaust.
"I travel a lot and less and
less people are taken by the
subject. They know, but it's
superficial. The cheapening
trivialization, and commercial-
ization and the introduction of showing naked as docudra-
mas...they take extras and pay
them to undress...cheaply dra-
"It's losing it's authenticity
and I believe whatever is
superficial cannot last. Still
there are more courses offered
today than ever before. More
books, more documentaries
and I applaud that, but..."
Editor and Publisher
of South Broward
Frr4 Shorhrl
Published Bi Weekly
Executive Editor
Main Oltice Plant 120 N.I 6th It., Miami. Fla 33132 Phone 1-373-4605
Mtmtxr JTA. S*i Art.. WNS. NBA. AJPA. and FPA.
Friday, November 24,1989
Volume 19
26 CHESHVAN 5750
Number 23

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tives. Our goal is to provide you
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Friday, November 24, 1989/The Jewish Floridian of South Broward-Hollywood Page 3
Gaucher's Disease
Passes House
Congressman Lawrence J.
Smith (D-FL) announced that
the House of Representatives
has passed his resolution H.J.
Res. 224, Gaucher's Disease
Awareness Week.
The resolution is designed to
bring attention to a vicious
disease for which there is no
known cure. Gaucher's disease
is one of seven genetic disor-
ders known primarily to affect
Jewish populations. One out of
every 600 Jewish children is
born with this debilitating dis-
ease, and one out of every
40,000 non-Jewish children is
also stricken with it.
After the passage of the bill,
Congressman Smith said, "I
would like to thank the House,
especially the 218 Members
who cosponsored this resolu-
tion, for supporting my efforts
to increase awareness of this
disease. Gaucher's Disease is
cruel and deadly, and we must
promote any and all efforts to
find a cure for it."
Tamara Chapter will hold its
paid up membership luncheon
on Thurs., Dec. 16th, 11:30
a.m. in the Social Hall of Gala-
had III, 3901 South Ocean
Drive, Hollywood. The special
program will be installation of
officers by Geraldine Brody,
Florida council presidium
member, and a book review
entitled "The Bamboo Cradle"
will be narrated by rabbi
Edward Davis of the Young
Israel of Hollywood and Ft.
Fashion Show
Luncheon Dec. 5
The Aventura Turnberrv
Jewish Center Sisterhood will
hold a Gala Luncheon and
Fashion Show celebrating its
Thirteenth Anniversary. The
"Bath Mitzvah" event will be
held at the Hollywood Hilton
Hotel Plaza, Room 400, Ocean
Drive Hollywood, 12 noon, on
Tuesday, December 5th. For
information, call 932-6923.
If you know of a Soviet Jewish Cemetery
in need of repair, we can help
arrange official cooperation.
These photos shou the gradual detirioration oflhe great
leteisji cemetery in Rodin. The top phola is that of the
yracesde of Rabbi Israel Meir Kayan, the famed author
of Chqfet; t'haim. as it appeared 50 i/ears ago. The
center photo depicts the same scene some JO yearn ago.
The adjoining synagogue of the precious photo is inn
spicousli/ absent The tmttom photo icas taken just iceeks
agios rolunteersattrmptedln identify the Rabbi sgracc
If you know of a specific Jewish cemetery in the Soviet
Union in need of repair and maintenance and have the
ability to sponsor the project financially, but do not
know where to turn for arranging the necessary official
permits, contact the Joint Committee for the
Preservation of Jewish Heritage in the Soviet Union.
The Joint Committee for the Preservation of Jewish
Heritage in the Soviet Union Ls a group of concerned
individuals and organizations, which has arranged official
Soviet permission for improving cemeteries reported to be
in a state of neglect and disrepair.
After verifying each case, the committee aided interested
sponsoring groups by arranging for the x>peration of the
Soviet authorities in the upgrading and maintenance of
neglected Jewish cemeteries. Among the burial sites
being repaired with the cooperation of government
officials are those of some of eastern Europe's most
famous rabbis, including that of the Chafetz Chaim.
The Joint Committee for the Preservation of Jewish
Heritage in the Soviet Union Is a non-profit organization
and provides its services at no charge.
Joint Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage
in the Soviet Union 1373 Coney Lsland Avenue/Bnx>klyn,
New York 11219/(718) 258-5860
Joint Committee Jbr the
Preservation of Jewish Heritage
in the Soviet Union
1373 Coney Island Ave./Brooklyn, NY 11230/(718) 258-5850
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Page 4 The Jewish Floridian of South Broward-HollywoodFriday, November 24, 1989
Hebrew U. To Hold Reception
The American Friends of the
Hebrew University will hold
its first Regional Founder's
Reception on Tuesday,
November 28, at the Eden Roc
Hotel, Miami Beach.
Reception Co-chairpersons
and Founders, Evelyn Stieber
Bernstein, Merwin K. Gros-
berg, Irving N. Rifkin, and
Saul Singer, M.D., anticipate
that approximately 100 bene-
factors of the Hebrew Univer-
sity will attend the Cocktail
Reception and Dinner, from
Boca Raton, Hollywood, Hal-
landale, Fort Lauderdale and
Dr. Howard Adelson, distin-
guished Professor of Medieval
History of the City University
of New York, will be the guest
speaker. Dr. Adelson is a
Governor of the Hebrew Uni-
versity; Chairman of the Aca-
demic Council; Chairman of
the Committee on Study Pro-
grams of the American
Friends and he is the recipient
of an Honorary Fellowship
from the Hebrew University.
Professor Adelson will report
on recent happenings at the
Hebrew University.
Business Note
Enid Cohn has been named
Assistant Vice President
Planning Manager of Hollyw-
ood Federal's Profit Planning
and Analysis Department. Ms.
Cohn formerly served Citicorp
Savings as Senior Financial/
MIS (Management Informa-
tion Systems) Analyst.
GETS A KISS Tel Aviv -
Corporal Sigalit Benjamin
gets a kiss from actress
Goldie Hawn after she pre-
sented her with flowers
here during a party.
Hawn, who wears an
Israeli paratroopers beret,
played the role of a para-
trooper in the U.S. army
in the film, "Private Ben-
jamin." (AP/Wide World
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Holocaust Survivor
Donates Ambulance
Friday, November 24, 1989/The Jewish Floridian of South Broward-Hollywood Page 5
Victims of the Holocaust will
be memorialized by an ambul-
ance being donated to Israel by
Rose Eisenspies, a member of
the Habonim Cultural Club,
Survivors of the Holocaust,
Mrs. Eisenspies' gift is being
"Presented to the People of
Israel in Memory of My Late
Husband Emanuel Blatt and
the Six Million Who Perished
During the Holocaust, Among
Whom Rests the Eisenspies
The dedication of the Magen
David Adorn (MDA) ambulance
will be held at 4 p.m. on
Thurs., Dec. 14th, at Beth
Torah Congregation, North
Miami Beach; with South Flor-
ida dignitaries, and members
and friends of the Habonim
Cultural Club attending. After
the dedication ceremony, a
reception will be held, followed
by dinner and entertainment.
Rabbi Max Lipschitz, Beth
Torah spiritual leader, will
deliver the keynote address,
with remarks by Israel Consul-
General Dr. Mosha Liba,
Miami Beach Commissioner
Abe Resnick, Rositta Kenigs-
berg, Executive Director of
FIU's Holocaust Documenta-
tion and Education
Center; Dr. Leon Weissberg,
Director of the Office of Jew-
ish Education, South Broward
Jewish Federation, himself a
second generation survivor;
and Robert L. Schwartz,
Director, ARMDI Southeast
Chairing the event is Carl
Rosenkopf. Co-Chairman is
Alex Gronsky, President of the
Habonim Cultural Club.
Mrs. Eisenspies, who was
born in Warsaw, is the only
one of a family of eight (includ-
ing a husband and two chil-
dren) who survived the Holo-
caust. After being interned in
several concentration camps,
including Auschwitz, she
arrived in the United States in
1946, and shortly thereafter
married Max Eisenspies. The
couple lived in New York for
twenty years, then moved to
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Page 6 The Jewish Floridian of South Broward-HolIywoodFriday, November 24, 1989
Services will be held at Tem-
ple Beth Shalom, Friday,
November 24, 5 p.m., in Jack
Shapiro Chapel; Saturday,
November 25, 9 a.m., in main
Sanctuary, conducted by Dr.
Morton Malavsky, rabbi,
assisted by Cantor Irving
Gold. During the Saturday
morning service, the Bar Mitz-
vah will be held of Gabriel
(Gaby) Saragovia, son of Mar-
tha and Efraim Saragovia.
Gaby attends University
School of Nova, 7th grade and
Synagogue News
Hey class at Beth Shalom
Hebrew School.
Attending the celebration
will be grandparents Hannah
Pragier of Haifa, Israel and
Elisa and Isidoro Saragovia of
Bal Harbour. Pulpit flowers
and kiddush reception follow-
ing service will be sponsored
by Gaby's parents, in his
Also, during the Saturday
morning service, the naming
will be held of Ariella Janine
Garmizo, infant daughter of
Gus and Mia Garmizo. The
grandparents are Sophia and
Manuel Garmizo and great
grandfathers are Laiba Gar-
mizo and Naum Rozen.
The ufruf will be held during
the Saturday morning services
of Barton R. Budman, who will
wed Sharon A. Silverman,
daughter of Judy and Warren
Food for Thought will be
held in the reception area of
Temple building on Monday,
November 27, 6:15 p.m. Sup-
per will be served followed by
a surprise guest speaker.
The series, BOOK TALK.
will be held on Wednesday,
7:30 p.m., in the reception area
of Temple building, chaired by
Jae Ruder man. Discussed will
be books by Jewish authors or
Jewish subject matter, on
hand in the Meyerhoff Library
for adults, located in the school
building of Beth Shalom.
Sisterhood's annual Chanu-
kah Gift Boutique will be held
Thursday, November 30, in the
ballroom, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and
4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Continued on Page 7
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BOX. BOX 100's: Less than 0.5 mg. "tar; less than
0.05 mg. nicotine. SOFT PACK FILTER, MENTHOL. 1 mg.
"tar; 0.1 mg. nicotine, av. per cigarette. SOFT PACK 100s,
FILTER: 2 mg. "tar: 0.2mg. nicotine, SOFT PACK 100's.
MENTHOL 3 mg. "tar" 0.3 mg. nicotine, av. per
cigarette by FTC method.

Synagogue News
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On Saturday, November 25,
the Shabbat Service will begin
at 9 a.m. in the Sanctuary with
Rabbi Margolis and Cantor
Alexandrovich officiating.
On Tuesday, November 28,
at 6:30 p.m., the First "Tues-
days for Dinner" Series of the
Institute of Adult Jewish Stu-
dies will take place. The guest
speaker will be Dr. Bernard
Schechterman who will
address the group on "Mideast
Update." For information call
On Friday, December 1, the
Shabbat Service at Temple
Sinai will begin at 6 p.m., in
the Louis Zinn Chapel with
abbi Richard Margolis and
Cantor Alexandrovich officiat-
ing. There will be no 8 p.m.
service on Dec. 1.
On Saturday, Dec. 2, the
Shabbat service will begin at 9
a.m. in the sanctuary.
The Paul B. Anton Religious
School will hold their monthly
Shabbaton beginning Friday,
December 1 and concluding
with a Havdalah Service on
Saturday, December 2. The
students will participate in
their own Worship Services, as
well as study sessions, creative
workshops and recreational
On Friday, December 8, an
Early Shabbat Service will
begin at 6 p.m. in the Sanc-
tuary with Rabbi Margolis and
Cantor Alexandrovich officiat-
ing, followed by the annual
Congregation Hanukkah Din-
ner at 7 p.m. in the Haber
Karp Hall. There will be no 8
p.m. Service on December 8.
On Saturday, December 9,
the Sabbath Service will begin
at 9 a.m. in the Sanctuary with
Rabbi Margolis and Cantor
Alexandrovich officiating.
Friday, November 24, 1989/The Jewish Floridian of South Broward-Hollywood Page 7
On Sunday, December 10, at
1 p.m. in the Lipman Youth
Wing, the Leisure Institute of
Temple Sinai will present Hal-
landale City Commissioner Art
Cannon, who will review Sam
Levinson's book "In One Era
and Out the Other."
will hold sabbath services; Fri-
days, 8 p.m., Saturdays, 8:45
a.m. Daily services at 8:30 a.m.
and 5:30 p.m. in the Chapel.
At the Friday evening ser-
vices of the Hallandale Jewish
Center on Dec. 8, at 8 p.m., the
Temple's 1990 Officers and
Board of Directors will be
installed by the Temple's
Rabbi, Dr. Carl Klein.
The Hallandale Jewish
Men's Club is sponsoring its
annual "get-together" at the
Crown Hotel in Miami Beach,
Dec. 10-14, a 5-day, 4-night
holiday. Call 454-9100 for
On Tues., Dec. 12, at 12
noon, the Hallandale Jewish
Center Sisterhood will hold its
monthly meeting. Members'
spouses and friends are wel-
come at 1 p.m. for the enter-
tainment featuring the "Kol
Golan Duo" Israel and
Edna Rosen.
On Sunday, Nov. 26, at 6:30
p.m., the Hallandale Jewish
Center will hold a Thanksgiv-
ing Dinner-Dance in its audito-
rium (416 N.E. 8 Ave., Hallan-
dale), honoring HJC Presi-
dents of Men's Club and Sis-
terhood, Irving Jonas and
Rose Azerrad.
Friday evening services on
November 24th will begin at 8
p.m. with Rabbi Kapnek offici-
ating and Hazzan Lindenbaum
and Cantor Wichelewski
chanting the Liturgy. Special
guests at services will be
Women's American ORT local
chapter representatives in
honor of ORT Shabbat.
Saturday services on
Bat Mitzvah
Suzanne Ilene Riskin,
daughter of Geri and Dr.
Wayne Riskin, was called to
the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on
Saturday, November 18, at
Temple Beth Shalom. The hon-
oree chanted the portion of the
haftorah, pronounced the can-
dlelight prayer and offered
special prayers.
She attends Pine Crest
School, 8th grade, and is in
Beth Shalom's pre-
Confirmation class. Weekend
pulpit flowers and oneg shab-
bat following the Bat Mitzvah
service were sponsored by
Suzanne's parents, in her
honor. Grandparents attend-
ing were Martha Cohen of Hol-
lywood, and Ben Riskin of
North Miami Beach.
November 25th will begin at
8:45 a.m. with the Bar Mitzvah
of Jay Schantz.
The P.T.O. will have a Chan-
ukah Boutique on Tuesday,
November 28th at the Temple
from 2 to 10 p.m.
The Executive Board will
meet on Wednesday, Novem-
ber 29th at 7:30 p.m. Minyan
meets daily at 8:30 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.
I a*
of Florida
We serve all Halachic needs.
Religious Divorces, "GET"
Halachic Conversions, Arbitra-
tions, (Deene Torah). Our
Orthodox Halachic Rulings are
universally recognized. Serving
Israel, U.S. and Latin America.
Attorney's Cooperation Wel-
Rav Shmuel T. Stern
Av Beth Din
Vice President
Agudas Horabonim
U.S. & Canada
For Appointment
Pleaae Call
Some people have never tasted water
that's fresh and pure as a spring. Water
without sodium, pollutants, or carbonalion
Water with nothing added, nothing taken
away. Some people have never tasted
clean, clear Mountain Valley Water from a
natural spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
If you're one of those people, try
Mountain Valley Water. You'll be tasting
water for the very first time.
Purely for drinking.
llWater >
\ UtOI -*
I 02.(1 pt. ipn.
This holiday, drive to the Northeast
with your eyes closed.
To arrive rested and relaxed, take Amtrak's Auto Train. While your
car rides in the back, you ride in comfort. You can sightsee in our
Car. Meet new friends over cocktails. Even watch a complimen-
tary movie. I | Auto Train leaves each afternoon from Sanford, just outside
Orlando, and drops you off the next morning near Washington, D.C. Two adults and
a car travel roundtrip for almost 40% off the regular fare* You can also save on private sleeping accommodations.
Included is a delicious full-course buffet dinner and a tasty continental CP| breakfast. Kosher
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this year, take a holiday U from driving. Aboard Amtrak's Auto Train.
Seats are limited. Fares subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply.

Page 8 The Jewish Floridian of South Broward-HollywoodFriday, November 24, 1989
Ask him how
his grades
were last term.
Call Israel.
See if your brother really
spends his free time in the li-
brary. With AT&T International
Long Distance Service, it costs
less than you'd think to stay-
close. So go ahead. Reach out
and touch someone.
Economy Discount Standard
5pm -12am 12am-8am 8am-5pm
$ .89 $U1 $1.48
Average cost per minute vanes depending on the length of the call
First minute costs more; additional minutes cost less AH prices are
lor caHs dialed direct trom anywhere m the continental U S during
the hours listed Add 3% federal excise tar. and applicable state
surcharges Call 'or information or if you d HKe to receive an AT&T
international rates Brochure t MO 74-4O00.
I 1988 AT4T
The right choice.


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