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w*j The Jewish FlomdiaN
of South County
Volume 11 Number 18
Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Highland Beach, Florida Friday, September 8, 1989
Price: 35 Cents
double blow to her hopes of
leaving prison, Anne Hender-
son Pollard, wife of convicted
spy Jonathan Pollard has been
denied early release on parole,
and although she is officially
eligible for furloughs, was told
she will not be released for the
High Holy Days.
According to Pollard's sis-
ter-in-law, Carol Pollard, these
recent developments have
been highly demoralizing for
Anne Pollard, who is in
extremely poor health.
Anne Pollard is currently an
inmate at the Danbury Federal
Prison Camp. She has been
imprisoned since March 4,
1987, after being convicted of
possession of classified docu-
ments in connection with her
*l WA St I A
it r> Wv
* ^H B ^H
Israeli parliament members demonstrate in front of the Carmel-
ite monastery to demand its removal from the grounds of the
Continued on Page 2 Auschwitz death camp. (APIWide World Photo)
Israeli Mercenaries
Raise Questions
activities of Israeli mercenar-
ies in Colombia currently
under police investigation
have triggered a debate over
the morality of such undertak-
ings and concern for Israel's
international image.
So far there is no proof that
Israel Defense Force reserve
Lt. Col. Yair Klein and his
associates in the Hod Hahanit
security consulting firm were
providing military training or
equipment to "hit squads" of
the Colombian drug cartel.
Klein emphatically denies
that he or his associates had
any dealings with the drug
syndicate that is now waging a
terrorist war against the
Colombian government.
But some news media
reports Tuesday claimed the
Israeli authorities were aware
of Klein's activities and
warned him to discontinue
them, on the grounds that he
was violating Colombian law.
Klein is only one of an esti-
mated 800 Israeli individuals
and firms engaged in the
murky area of security coun-
seling and training in Latin
Those who justify their
activities say that Israel, like
most other developed coun-
tries, officially provides arms
and training to foreign
regimes, some of them of dubi-
ous character.
Therefore, when Israeli
entrepreneurs, mostly retired
IDF officers, engage in this
sort of business privately, they
do it with the knowledge and
consent of the defense estab-
The Defense Ministry denies
this, pointing to its highly
selective licensing require-
ments for the export of weap-
ons and military know-how.
Some Israelis think the prac-
tice should be abandoned.
They question whether for-
mer IDF officers should be
allowed to utilize the skills
they acquired doing national
service to make money abroad
by means that are at best
unwise and may well besmirch
Israel's name.
Not only Israeli*
The Hebrew daily Ma'ariv
quoted Haim Aharon, the
Israeli ambassador to Colom-
bia from 1981 to 1984, as
saying that "the entire matter
of the export of know-how and
military training in Colombia
is not exclusive to Israelis.
"It should be kept in mind
that numerous Americans and
South Africans are involved in
it," the former envoy said. "If
there was any Israeli involve-
ment, it was undoubtedly very
"We are used to the fact that
the moment Israelis are
involved in any matter, Israel
is placed in the spotlight," he
said. "Even if a connection
exists between Israelis and
military training in Colombia,
this is a far cry from drugs."
The debate is likely to con-
tinue long after the Hod Haha-
nit case is over.
Klein, the principal owner of
the company, and reserve Lt.
Col. Amatzia Shouali, his
director of military and secur-
ity training, were questioned
separately for seven hours
Monday at the police criminal
investigation division head-
quarters in Petach Tikva.
Surrendered passports
Both men surrendered their
passports and were released
on their own recognizance.
Police escorted Klein to his
home in the Jordan Valley on
Monday night and reportedly
confiscated additional docu-
ments for examination.
Other alleged mercenaries
Continued on Page 6
Anger Mounts
Over Cardinal
ish outrage continued to
mount Tuesday over anti-
Semitic remarks by Polish
Cardinal Jozef Glemp concern-
ing Jewish protests against the
convent on the grounds of the
former Auschwitz death camp.
Glemp charged, among other
things, that Jews control the
international news media and
are using it to vilify Poland.
He accused Jewish protes-
tors of attacking the convent
and said demands that it be
removed from the Auschwitz
grounds undermine Polish sov-
Some Jews called for a halt
to U.S. economic aid to
Poland. Others spoke of cur-
tailing Jewish travel to that
country. And one of the pro-
testers accused Glemp of
incitement to a pogrom.
The World Jewish Congress
has urged Polish government
leaders to personally dissoci-
ate themselves from Glemp's
Kalman Sultanik, vice chair-
man of the WJC, met in Wash-
ington Tuesday with the Polish
deputy ambassador, Ryzard
Krystosic, who promised to
convey the message immedi-
ately to President Wojciech
Jaruzelski and newly installed
Prime Minister Tadeusz
Sultanik pointed out that
Mazowiecki was present when
Glemp delivered the offending
sermon during a religious cere-
mony in Polish city of Czesto-
chowa on Aug. 26.
In Los Angeles, meanwhile,
the Simon Wiesenthal Center
stated that since the Polish
government has ultimate
authority over Auschwitz, it
must see to it that the Catholic
Church honors the agreement
it signed more than two years
ago to relocate the convent.
It is asking its 370,000 mem-
bers and others to sign a peti-
tion to that effect which will be
presented to President Jaru-
It also said it was consider-
ing advising Jews not to travel
to Poland.
Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of
the Wiesenthal Center,
denounced Glemp's remarks
as "insulting and unworthy of
a man of the cloth."
He took particular excep-
tion to Glemp's assertion that
Jews have no special claim on
Auschwitz, because most of
them died at the Birkenau
camp, while "mostly Poles and
other peoples perished" at
Auschwitz, a mile or so away.
"This is nothing less than an
attempt to de-Judaize the Hol-
ocaust," Hier declared.
In Oakland, Calif., Michael
Lerner, editor of the progres-
sive journal Tikkun, which
claims to be the largest circula-
tion Jewish magazine in the
United States, called on Presi-
dent Bush and the Congress
Tuesday to withhold American
economic and political support
from Poland and other East-
ern Bloc countries, until they
deal more effectively with
their indigenous anti-
"The rush to legitimize alter-
natives to communist totalitar-
ianism in Eastern Europe, and
our legitimate desire to sup-
port movements that might
foster democracy, has allowed
the United States to overlook a
festering problem of anti-
Semitism that has never been
adequately dealt with in East-
ern Europe," Lerner stated in
telegrams to Bush, Secretary
of State James Baker and a
dozen congressional leaders.
In New York, Glenn Richter,
one of seven Americans who
demonstrated at Auschwitz on
July 14, was furious over
Glemp's assertion that the
demonstrators had "launched
an attack" on the convent and
only by chance did the nuns
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Page 2 The Jewish Floridian of South County/Friday, September 8, 1989
Is This Life All There Is?
(Copyright 1989,
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.)
time ago, I attended a funeral
at which a prominent rabbi
officiated. To probably every-
one present, there was nothing
unusual; the service was tradi-
tional Conservative and the
rabbi's remarks about the
deceased were moving.
Then at the grave site, the
rabbi spoke about Judaism's
attitude toward death.
"Judaism does not believe in a
life after death," the rabbi
said. "Rather, we live on in the
good works we do and in the
memories of those we leave
behind." As this is what most
contemporary Jews believe,
few people at the funeral
would have found reason to
take particular notice of these
But I was furious. The rabbi
had told Jews, at a moment
when they were most impres-
sionable, a profound untruth.
Any Jew who says that
Judaism does not believe in
reality beyond death is offer-
ing his own, not Judaism's
Now there is nothing wrong
with a rabbi or any Jew offer-
ing his own views. Having
some non-traditional views
myself, I certainly can respect
views that differ from the tra-
But simple intellectual hon-
esty demands that whenever a
Jew represents Judaism, he
make it clear where the views
he espouses differ from that of
thousands of years of Jews and
No ambivalence
As regards a hereafter,
Judaism is not at all ambiva-
lent. (See the 11th chapter of
the Talmudic Tractate Sanhed-
rin, and Maimonides' Thirteen
Principles of Faith.) As the
entry under "Afterlife" in the
Encyclopedia Judaica begins:
"Judaism has always main-
tained a belief in an afterlife."
Now, it is certainly true that
Judaism gives us no details
about what happens after
death. And it is equally true
that Judaism wants Jews to
preoccupy themselves with
this world; Judaism has always
had contempt for religions
that focus on death and the
next world.
Our task, in the often quoted
words of the paragraph after
the prayer Aleynu, is "To
repair the world under the rule
of God." This world. One of
the reasons that Judaism pro-
hibits a Kohen, a priest, from
coming into contact with the
dead a prohibition that is, to
the best of my knowledge,
unique among the world's reli-
gions is that this world and
life, not the next world and
death, must be the priest's
sanctifying preoccupation.
But the Jewish affirmation
of this world in no way implies
that this is all there is.
Jews who deny the existence
of any reality beyond this life
are not only denying a basic
teaching of Judaism. They are
also denying what is logically
axiomatic to God's existence.
Since Judaism, and all mono-
theistic religion, is predicated
upon the existence of a God
who is non-physical and
beyond nature, and who is just
and loving, this physical exist-
ence of ours, by sheer logic,
cannot be the only reality. It
defies logic to hold that the
non-physical God would create
Continued from Page 1
husband's case. Jonathan Pol-
lard is serving a life sentence
for spying for Israel.
Anne Pollard's hopes were
raised on Aug. 3, when her
status at the minimum-
security prison was upgraded
to "community custody." This
meant she became officially
eligible for either day-long fur-
loughs or overnight furloughs
that last up to seven days. She
also became eligible for place-
ment in a halfway house.
Prison authorities report-
edly immediately ruled out the
option of a halfway house for
Pollard, because of her medical
condition. She suffers from bil-
iary dyskinesia, a rare
gastrointestinal disease.
Carol Pollard said her sister-
in-law is caught in a paradoxi-
cal situation. "She's fit enough
to stay in prison, but she can't
get out, because she's too
sick," she said.
She and other family mem-
bers have contended for sev-
eral years that Anne Pollard
- has been denied medication for
| her condition and has not
received adequate medical
S Carol Pollard claims that the
| fact that prison authorities
~ have "screwed up on her treat-
a ment," is one reason they do
| not want her sister-in-law
a released, even for short peri-
ods of time.
"She has a lot to say, and it's
better for them if she doesn't
say it," Pollard said.
Last week, Anne Pollard
faced the regional parole
board, which after brief delib-
erations, recommended
against her release.
According to her sister-in-
law, she was asked in the
course of the Aug. 22 parole
hearing whether she was plan-
ning on divorcing Jonathan
Pollard and was also asked
"whether she was indeed Jew-
The final word on the parole
hearing is expected in two
weeks, from Daniel Lopez, the
regional prison commissioner.
Pollard's relatives have begun
a letter-writing campaign to
try to influence Lopez to grant
parole to Anne Pollard.
But according to Cathleen
Pinner, a spokeswoman for the
commissioner, the chances of
Lopez reversing the parole
board's decision are slim. The
commissioner, Pinner said,
"generally agrees with the rec-
ommendation of the panel."
In early August, Ronald
Seri, Pollard's case manager
at the Danbury prison, told the
Jewish Exponent, a Philadel-
phia weekly, that Pollard's
"ultimate release date" on
parole is March 31, 1990, three
years after she began serving
her sentence.
a world whose only reality is
It is equally illogical that a
just and loving God would
create a world wherein the
sum total of the existence of
any of his creations would be
cruel suffering.
To state this case as starkly
as possible, if there is nothing
after this life, then the Nazis
and the Jewish children they
threw alive into Auschwitz fur-
naces have identical fates. If I
believed such a thing, I would
either become an atheist or
hate this God who had created
such a cruelly absurd universe.
In either case, I certainly
would cease leading a Jewish
There are yet other prob-
lems with believing that this
life is the only reality. Those
who hold this position are
likely to be led to one of three
negative conclusions about
One is hedonism. If this
physical life is all I have, then
it is very logical to live a life
pursuing pleasure. If the phys-
ical is the one reality, let me
experience as much physical
joy as I can. As John Silber,
president of Boston Univer-
sity, recently said, the mes-
sage today is, "You only go
around once in life, so get all
the gusto you can."
Another conclusion is radi-
calism. Many of those who
believe that this is all there is
have not opted for hedonism.
Many secular Jews for exam-
ple, heire to thousands of years
of Judaism's preoccupation
with "repairing the world
under the rule of God," have
devoted themselves to repair-
ing this world but without
God. This religious/moral fer-
Pollard's family members
fear for her health in the
Carol Pollard said her sister-
in-law is in bed 80 percent of
the time and weighs 86
pounds. "My arm is bigger
than her leg, she said.
The denial of both parole and
a religious furlough has killed
her sister-in-law s faith, she
said, and the stress of contin-
ued imprisonment is worsen-
ing her physical condition.
"She's going to die, I think,"
said Carol Pollard.
vor without religious beliefs
led many to radicalism.
First, since there is no such
thing as a hereafter, they rea-
soned, it is this world that
must be made into a heaven.
Hence, the attraction of utopi-
anism to so many in the 20th
century who have rejected
Judaism and Christianity.
Second, since this is our one
existence, this world must
become a Utopia now. We can-
not wait.
Judaism rejects both conclu-
sions. In the words of one of its
basic teachings, "It is not up to
you to complete the task, but
neither are you permitted to
desist from it." Both parts are
critical. The Jew is never
allowed to say, "I don't have to
preoccupy myself with fight-
ing for a better world; things
will work out in the next
But neither is he ever to
expect a Utopia in this world.
We cannot perfect the world.
We can only gradually repair
Dennis Prager is co-author
of "The Nine Questions People
Ask About Judaism," and is
the editor of "Ultimate Issues,"
a quarterly publication in Los
Angeles from which the above is
reprinted with permission.
Anger Mounts
Continued from Page 1
inside escape death.
The seven protesters were in
fact set upon and beaten by
Polish workers.
Richter, a member of the
Coalition of Concern and the
Student Struggle for Soviet
Jewry, said, "To deny that our
action, witnessed by a dozen
reputable foreign journalists
and hundreds of Polish citi-
zens, was anything but peace-
ful in intent is incomprehensi-
Richter added, "Cardinal
Glemp is preaching anti-
Semitism when he should be
preaching against hate and for
Jewish-Christian dialogue. His
remarks can lay the ground for
a pogrom."
In New York, Cardinal John
O'Connor came out strongly
against Glemp's comments at
a news conference Tuesday.
He said that he had been
"shocked" by the Polish pri-
mate's remarks.
O'Connor, who is archbishop
of New York, met Tuesday
morning with Henry Siegman,
executive director of the
American Jewish Congress,
shortly after he first read of
Glemp's comments.
Siegman said that O'Connor
appeared "visibly stunned" by
the strong words of his fellow
"One gets the impression
that Cardinal Glemp is so dis-
tressed at the Jewish commun-
ity, in particular, representa-
tives of the Jewish community
in New York, that one almost
gets the impression that the
blame is now being transferred
to the Jewish
community," O'Connor said at
the news conference.
The archbishop was more
vocal than he has been to date
in favor of the convent being
moved. He said that he wished
that the Polish hierarchy
"would get on with the formal
commitment that was signed
in Geneva."
Holiday Greetings
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at 833-9622
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Spetu* ; .nciudc C 0 W
Miami Beach. *-?_ pooHWa

Friday, September 8, 1989/The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 3
Religious Differences
The continuing controversy over the Aus-
chwitz convent is just a further indication of
an erosion of good faith between the Vatican
and the Jewish community.
Some of Pope John Paul's recent statements
indicate that Vatican-Jewish relations, never
close, are growing further apart. In homilies
on Aug. 2, 9 and 16, the pope questioned the
fidelity of Jews in biblical times to divine law
and spoke of a "betrayal" of their covenant
with God.
Adding to the general climate of distrust is
the decision of Polish Cardinal Franciszek
Macharski to block removal of the Carmelite
convent from Auschwitz.
Jews that have been demonstrating there
have been subjected to anti-Semitic slurs and
disrespect. One pair of "Mengele Twins,"
so-named because of the the barbaric "experi-
ments" performed on them by death-camp
doctor Josef Mengele, was the victim of an
anti-Semetic tirade by a parking-lot attendant
at Auschwitz.
Auschwitz is the symbol of evil incarnate.
Notwithstanding their good intentions, Car-
melite nuns have no place on the grounds of
Auschwitz. Christians did nothing to save the
Jews at Auschwitz, so they surely have no
right to stay there now.
The fallout from the latest "hostage crisis"
in the Middle East has settled. The pro-Iranian
Hezzbollah has not resorted to any more
killings of hostages indeed it now appears
that Col. Bernard Higgins had been executed
long before Israel kidnapped the terrorist
What's most important is that Americans
remain strong in their support of Israel
despite U.S. government attempts at "even-
handedness." Secretary of State James Baker
is the prime spokesman for this myopic notion,
which equates Palestinian and Arab interests
with Israel's security needs.
Fortunately, grass-roots opinion around the
country has been generally fair. There
remains a certain admiration for Israel's bold
policies especially compared to America's
approach to terrorism that preclude any
surge of anti-Israel sentiment.
^ The Jewish m. y
Editor and Publisher
of South County
& Fred Shochet
Advertising Director
Executive Editor
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Friday, September 8,1989
Volume 11
8 ELUL 5749
Number 18
Israel Needs Our Help
To the Editor:
I write you from my home in
Israel. I think that it is vital
that I share with your readers
a most serious matter that
should concern every Jew in
the United States, and for that
matter every Jew the world
I am certain that very soon
children are going to ask their
elders: "What have you done
to help Israel during the days
of the intifada in Israel when
the Arab hordes surrounding
the Jewish homeland were
plotting to annihilate Israel
and its Jews off the face of the
Is this not similar to the
question many of us have
asked our elders in a previous
time: "How come the Jews of
America and other places did
not do more to save the Jews
of Europe from the hands of
the Nazi murderers?" We have
heard most of the inadequate
answers, and to our disgrace
we hear similar answers today
with regard to helping Israel.
Rep. Leland Was A Mensch
(Copyright 1989,
Jewish TeUgraphic Agency, Inc.)
NEW YORK Rep. Mickey
Leland was called a "martyr
for the hungry and starving."
That is an appropriate
description for the congress-
man from Houston, who tragi-
cally lost his life recently in an
airplane crash in Ethiopia.
Some 15 people died with
him, among them Ivan Tillem,
a young Jewish leader from
New York. The fact that
Leland and Tillem travelled
together on that mission of
mercy says a great deal about
their shared commitments to
relieving the terrible suffering
and hunger of tens of thou-
sands of destitute African ref-
Leland was a person often
criticized by some right-wing
politicians. But he also won the
admiration and loyalty of
many Jewish leaders who
knew that he never traveled to
Ethiopia without paying spe-
cial attention to the plight of
black Ethiopian Jews.
Committed to improving
black-Jewish relations in
America, Rep. Leland took the
lead in organizing an exchange
program of black and Jewish
students who together visited
Israel and African countries in
order to understand each
other's cultures better.
In 1955, this compassionate
congressman mobilized a citi-
zens' campaign to win public
support for increased food aid
and medicines for starving and
ill Africans.
He asked me to help win
Jewish support for that
humanitarian effort, and I did
so without hesitation. A small
group of Jewish leaders joined
me at his dramatic press con-
ference at the Capitol. What
brought us together spontan-
eously was the knowledge that
Mickey Leland was a mensch
for all good black and Jewish
causes, and for his commit-
ment to the common welfare
and better understanding
between all peoples.
Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum
is international relations con-
sultant to the American Jewish
Committee, and is immediate
past chairman of the Interna-
tional Jewish Committee for
Interreligious Consultations.
LcttBtS mm m_ from our readers:
Reform Judaism Keeps Us Ignorant
In response to Alexander M.
Schindler's article "Reform
Judaism: Wisdom To
Change," I felt compelled to
It is difficult to fathom his
vapid statements supporting
the strength of the Reform
movement as Reform lacks
any specific ideology beyond
the demands of the congreg-
ants. The sad thing is that we
are never really given a choice
being reared in a Christian
society, of what being Jewish
and Jewish values are. Our
children try desperately not to
Our Israeli friends contin-
ually ask us: "Why have the
Jews of America forsaken us?
Why don't they at least come
to give us encouragement and
moral strength?" With broken
hearts they ask that history
will not deal kindly with the
Jews of America who dig up all
kinds of excuses for not visit-
ing Israel at this crucial time.
I plead with your readers: go
to your favorite travel agent
today and arrange to your spe-
cial life-saving mission to
Rabbi Rubin R. Dobin
offend their Christian neigh-
bors by showing any overt
signs of being Jewish. They
don't affix mezuzahs to their
doorports, and have a definite
lack of clarity on the laws of
keeping kosher.
I question whether Reform
Judaism is a dynamic faith
with its willingness to so read-
ily change and make altera-
tions, to the point of absolving
G-d from the prayer books. So
what is left but a body of
professionals truly secularized
and well-versed in intellectual
What historic tradition
Schindler is referring to th-
observance of the Sabbath ana
other holidays are wiped
out. On Yom Kippur if one
chooses to fast he/she may,
one is allowed to marry any
sex, and any denomination
that one chooses. Then Schin-
dler has the audacity to criti-
cize Orthodox Judaism for
ethical corruption. So we
throw out all the discipline,
beauty, and love that Judaism
holds, and we teach our chil-
dren about the Jewish tales
from the Bible as not to offend
the intellectual view on evolu-
Alexander Schindler, you
are cheating your community
by keeping us ignorant and in
the dark. Why are so many of
our children going into cults?
Because our own educators/
rabbis are failing to teach us
about our religion.
Orthodoxy has always been
free to challenge, and compel
thought, and affirm the power
of Jewish ethics. And yes, in
Orthodoxy one can find new
energy, new drive, and healthy
competition and a renewed
vitality, walk into any Yeshiva,
and this has been going on for
millennium. Schindler's state-
ment that women do not have
full participation in religious
life in Orthodoxy is 100%
wrong. Women are given tre-
mendous respect and responsi-
bility in rearing the future
generation, and performing
numerous mitzvahs. There are
certain mitzvahs that women
are absolved from due to time
limitations, and the much
higher spiritual soul that
women possess over men.
There are many women schol-
ars in Orthodoxy, and there
are brilliant distinctions made
in the Torah for the diverse
needs for both men and
women, but women are the
forerunners of religious life.
It's a shame that so little real
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Page 4 The Jewish Floridian of South County/Friday, September 8, 1989
On Saturday, Sept. 9,
Micah Corey Fonoroff, son of
Diana and Andrew Fonoroff,
will be called to the Torah of
Temple Beth El of Boca
As an ongoing Temple pro-
On Saturday, Sept. 2,
Kevin Andrew Homer, son of
Cindy and Dr. Paul Homer,
will be called to the Torah of
Temple Beth El of Boca
Raton. As an ongoing Temple
project he will be "twinning"
with Danil Feigin of the
Soviet Union.
Kevin is an 8th grade stu-
dent at Boca Raton Middle
School and attends the Tem-
ple Beth El Religious School.
Family members sharing in
the simcha are his brother,
Franklin; and grandparents,
Sondra and Dr. Melvin
Homer of Boca Raton, Helen
Jane and Burnley Friedman
of Virginia Beach, Va.; and
great-grandparents, Henry
Homer of Miami Beach, Belle
Fine of Bal Harbour and Mrs.
ject he will be "twinning"
with Mikhail Chertok of the
Soviet Union.
Micah is a 7th grade stu-
dent at Boca Raton Middle
School and attends the Tem-
ple Beth El Religious School.
Family members sharing in
the simcha are his brother,
Alex; grandparents, Natalie
and Edwin Gewirz of Silver
Spring, Md. and great-
grandmother, Beatrice Gold-
stein of New York. Mr. and
Mrs. Fonoroff will host a
kiddush in Micah's honor fol-
lowing Shabbat Afternoon
Harry Friedman of Virginia
Beach, Vr.
Dr. and Mrs. Homer will be
hosting a kiddush in Kevin's
honor following Shabbat
Afternoon Service.
On Saturday, Aug. 26,
Matthew Weisbaum, son of
Gail and Geoffrey Weisbaum,
was called to the Torah of
Temple Beth El of Boca
Raton as a Bar Mitzvah.
Matthew is an 8th grade
student at University School
of Nova University and
attends the Temple Beth El
Religious School.
Family members sharing in
the simcha are his brother,
Jason; and grandparents,
Elinor and George Weisbaum
and Bess and Jerry Ashman,
both of Miami. Mr. and Mrs.
Weisbaum hosted a kiddush
in Matthew's honor following
Shabbat morning service.
On Saturday morning,
Sept. 16, Jaime Borkon,
daughter of Abby and Robert
Borkon, will be called to the
Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at
Congregation B'nai Israel in
Boca Raton. Jaime will lead
the Congregation in prayer
and study of the Torah por-
tion, Ki Tavo.
Jaime attends Logger's
Run Middle School in Boca.
She enjoys being an active
participant in all that she
does whether sports or danc-
ing. Jaime is also member of
Congregation B'nai Israel's
Junior Youth Group where
she serves as Vice President.
Sharing this special day
with Jaime and her parents
will be her brother, Craig,
and grandparents Lillian and
Milton Wolk of Deerfield
Beach and Gertrude and
Richard Borkon of Ft. Laud-
On Saturday morning,
Sept. 9, Jill Sikora, daughter
of Helaine Sikora and Robert
Sikora, will be called to the
Torah as a Bat Mitzvah, at
Congregation B'nai Israel in
Boca Raton. Jill will lead the
Congregation in prayer and
study of the Torah portion,
Ki Tetze.
Jill attends Logger's Run
Middle School in Boca and is
a young lady of many varied
interests. Jill actively partici-
pates in several sports and
track. She also finds time to
be involved with dance and
the drama club.
Sharing this special day
with Jill and her parents will
be her sister, Caren; her
brother, Randall, and grand-
parents Dorothy and Julius
Zimmerman of Delray Beach
and Gladys Sikora of New
York and Boca Raton.
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with your eyes closed.
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this year, take a holiday ftB ^rom driving. Aboard Amtrak's Auto Train.
Seats are limited. Fares subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply.

Friday, September 8, 1989/The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 5
Left, EliAshkenaz, of Coral Springs Lodge No. tlS, Sergio Vichera, mother Maria, daughter
Karina, son Antonio, Phil Newman and Harry Wilson, of Knights of Pythias Atlantic Lodge
No. 217 at the free-to-the-puhlic Grand Lodge of Florida Ident-A-Child Fingerprint
Program, at the Coral Square Mall, Coral Springs.
Knights Of Pythias:
Grand Lodge Of Florida
Ident-A-Child Program
Florida's House of Repre-
sentative Jack N. Tobin of the
88th district was present at
the Grand Lodge of Florida
Knights of Pythias pilot pro-
gram of fingerprinting chil-
dren (Iden-A-Child) at Coral
Square Mall celebrating Kid-
dees Week.
Tobin, pythian member of
Margate Lodge 208, watched
long lines of children accom-
panied by parents waiting to
be fingerprinted for three days
at the Mall, informed Lester
Migdol, Publicity Chairman.
The Grand Lodge of Florida
Knights of Pythias will hold
another Fingerprinting Pro-
tram at Aventura Mall on
ept. 22, 23, 24.
Males 18 years of age and
older are invited to join the
Grand Lodge of Florida,
Knights of Pythias. For infor-
mation, call at 1-800-329-0111.
We're celebrati
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Page 6 The Jewish Floridian of South County/Friday, September 8, 1989
Continued from Page 1
and middlemen are being cal-
led for questioning.
Two summoned Tuesday are
both IDF reserve lieutenant
colonels. Avraham Zadka was
a military instructor in Colom-
bia, and Yitzhak Shoshani is
described as a go-between for
Hod Hahanit and its Colom-
bian clients.
The Hebrew daily Ha'aretz
reported that Shoshani told
the police that Israel Aircraft
Industries, a defense establish-
ment firm, is the biggest sup-
plier of planes, gunboats and
military equipment to Colom-
Warning: from embassy
While the police interroga-
tions are closed to the public,
Klein and his associates have
been most eager to give their
version of events to the news
The story was, in fact, a
media creation when NBC
News broadcast a videotape on
Aug. 22 showing uniformed
men identified as a drug cartel
"hit squad" being trained by a
Hebrew-speaking officer.
Israel Television promptly
identified the officer as Klein,
who readily admitted that his
company had a contract to
provide security training in
Colombia, which he said,
ended about 18- months ago.
He said his clients were far-
mers and ranchers who needed
protection from guerrillas and
cattle rustlers the Colombian
authorities could not control.
Klein said he made the
broadcast videotape to adver-
tise the services his company
offers, which would have been
"idiotic" if he were training
drug hit men.
As further proof that his
clients were not the drug car-
tel, Klein said he was paid
$40,000 for his services, a neg-
ligible amount to receive from
drug traffickers.
Shoshani, the middleman
quoted by Ha'aretz, put the
sum at $76,000.
But Israel Radio reported
Tuesday that Klein received
$800,000 for smuggling large
quantities of arms and military
materiel into Colombia.
Orders from Jerusalem
Israel Radio correspondent
Ronnie Daniel said the secur-
ity officer at the Israel
Embassy in Bogota had
instructions from Jerusalem to
order Klein to cease his activi-
ties immediately and withdraw
his training team from the
Continued from Page 3
accurate information is
exchanged due to our own
Intermarriage is no longer
taboo. A reform rabbi will
gladly take the check and
marry the couple. There are no
boundaries or restrictions, and
sadly enough no strength.
I think Schindler's ever-
evolving perception of
Judaism is an evolvement to
absolute nothingness. Schin-
dler, as a rabbi and a leader of
the Reform movement, should
assume more of an exemplary
role for the Jewish community,
and help to explain the limit-
less dimensions of the Torah.
Cindy Blaustein
North Miami
Daniel attributed his infor-
mation to "highly reliable
The report, quoting those
sources also claimed that Klein
and Shouali were active in
Colombia as recently as four
months ago and fled the coun-
try only after being targeted
by kidnappers.
It said that Klein was cau-
tioned that his activities proba-
bly contravened Colombian
law, because the militias he
trained might turn against the
Colombian government, possi-
bly endangering his own men.
But Klein ignored the warn-
ing, Israel Radio said.
Meanwhile, Eitan Coren, an
Israeli in Bogota, told Israel
Radio on Tuesday that Jews in
Colombia have reason to fear
reprisals from leftist guerrillas
who have been the victims of
militias trained, supplied and
advised by Israeli mercenaries.
Left, Grand Chancellor Stuart Greenblatt, Henry Dreyfuss,
newly installed Chancellor Commander of Knights of Pythias
George Gershwin Lodge No. 196, Surf side, and Sir Steve
Vickness, Deputy Supreme Chancellor, who presents Dreyfuss
with the gavel of authority.
Herb Weinstein, the 8th
Pythian District Deputy Grand
Chancellor, officially installed
the new officers of the Surf-
side Chapter before members
of Knights of Pythias George
Gershwin Lodge 196, Pythian
dignataries from three coun-
ties in South Florida, including
deputy supreme chancellor Sir
Steve Vickness, grand chan-
cellor Stuart Greenblatt and
members of the Gershwin
Ladies Auxiliary.
George Gershwin Lodge 196
is having its annual Thanksgiv-
ing/Knight of the Year Dinner-
Dance on Monday, Nov. 20, at
the Community Center, 9301
Collins Ave., Surfside, start-
ing at 6 p.m. There will be
kosher meal, music, dancing
and the naming of the Lodge
Knight of the Year 1989. For
reservations call Charles or
Hannah 935-3016 or Louis or
Tessie at 932-0843.
George Gershwin Lodge 1%
meets on the first and third
Monday evening of each month
at 7:30 p.m. at the Community
Center, Collins Ave., Surfside.
Men over 18 are welcome to
join the Surfside Fraternity.
For information, call 935-3016
or 499-7021.
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tives. Our goal is to provide you
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Friday, September 8, 1989/The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 7
^*+*^+mm,m m.m.
^*,m* m*t***t*^m
Synagogue News
Rabbi Dr. Lester Hering of
Temple Emeth, 5780 W.
Atlantic Ave., Del ray Beach,
will preach the following ser-
Oneg Shabbat service, Fri-
day, Sept. 8, at 8 p.m.,
"Meshuganer! Meshuganer!"
An Oneg will follow the ser-
Saturday morning service,
Sept. 9, "0 Lord, Guard My
Tongue From Evil." A kid-
dush will follow the services.
Oneg Shabbat service, Fri-
day, Sept. 15, at 8 p.m.,
"Rabbi Make It Short!"
Saturday morning service,
Sept. 16, "Renewing God's
Covenant." A kiddush will fol-
Brotherhood Activities
Temple Emeth Brother-
hood of Delray Beach will
hold the following events:
Sept. 12 General Brother-
hood meeting, at 1 p.m.
Oct. 29 Temple and Broth-
erhood brunch for Kibbutz
Hanaton, at 11:30 a.m.
For more information, call
Mike Mortman at 499-7375,
Bernard Samson 499-0620 or
Julie Daroe 499-2318.
Singles Club
The first meeting of the
season of the Singles Club of
Temple Emeth will take
place on Monday, Sept. 11, at
12 noon.
Judy Brookshire of Mary
Kay Cosmetics will present a
program on "Basic Skin
Care." Prizes and refresh-
ments will be offer.
For information, call Lilly
Metsch 499-6495 or Shirley
Ettinger 499-9235.
Temple Anshei Shalom,
7099 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray
Beach, announces the weekly
sermons to be given by Rabbi
Israel Jacobs as follows:
Sept. 8 "Choose the Right
Enemy"; Sept. 15 "Making
Blessings Last"; and Sept. 22 -
"Its Not So Hard".
Services start at 8 p.m. Can-
tor Louis Hershman and his
symphonic choir will chant the
liturgy. Oneg Shabbat will fol-
On Sunday, Sept. 10, from 2
to 4 p.m. the Temple will hold
an open house for prospective
members. Refreshments will
be served.
The daily Temple services
are at 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. and
Friday at 8 p.m.
Sisterhood Activities
The Sisterhood of Temple
Anshei Shalom will hold the
first meeting of the fall on
Sept. 18 at 9:30 a.m. at the
Temple. Refreshments will be
On November 15, from 8:30
a.m. to 2 p.m., a "bake sale"
and "arts and crafts" will be
offer by the Sisterhood, at the
Oriole Plaza on West Atlantic
Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks will
preach the sermon on the
theme "Arise and Shine" at
the Sabbath morning service
on Saturday, Sept. 16, 8:30
a.m., at Anshei Emuna, 16189
Carter Rd., Delray Beach.
Kiddush will follow.
Daily classes in the "Judaic
Code of Religious Law"
(Schulchan Orach) led by Rabbi
Sacks begin at 7:30 a.m. pro-
ceeding the Daily Minyan ser-
vices and at 6:30 p.m. in con-
junction with the Daily Twil-
ight Minyan services.
A D'var Torah in Yiddish is
presented by Rabbi Sacks in
conjunction with the Seu'dat
Shli'sheet celebrated each Sab-
bath between the Twilight ser-
For further information call
The Boca Raton Synagogue
informed that has seats availa-
ble for the high holidays on
Sunday, Sept. 10; Thursdays
Sept. 17 and Sept. 24, 9-11
a.m., Sept. 21 and 28, 9-11
p.m., and Tuesdays Sept. 19
and 26, 7-9 p.m.
Children services for ages 7
and up as well as baby sitting
is available. For more informa-
tion, call 394-5732.
Hebrew School
Registration has begun for
Hebrew school at the Boca
Raton Synagogue.
Beginning with kindergar-
ten through eigth grade,
classes will be divided accord-
ing to age, ability and subjects.
Each child from the third
grade and up will be tutored in
reading, writing and Judaic
studies. An added feature will
be chorus.
Registration is open to mem-
bers and non-members. For
information call at 394-5732.
Sisterhood Activities
The B'nai Israel Sisterhood
will hold a gala benefit shopp-
ing preview at Macy's, Boyn-
ton Beach store, on Thursday,
Sept. 21, and Friday, Sept. 22,
from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Pro-
ceeds will benefit School for
Living Judaism.
Ticket holders will receive
entertainment and refresh-
ments, 20% and 10% savings
certificates valid on preview
days, a gift and drawing for
special prizes and advance pre-
view of Macy's newest store.
For more information call
Mary Beskin at 487-1269 or
Synagogue office at 483-9982.
Boca Raton Synagogue Appoints
Cantor And Choral Director
The Reverend Alan Bright,
formerly of the Wembley Syn-
agogue of London, has
accepted an appointment as
Cantor of the Boca Raton Syn-
Reverend Bright was
trained for four years with the
Italian opera singer, Benve-
nito Finelli, and received his
cantorial training from Jews
College, London.
Stephen Glass, a choral dir-
ector from London, has also
joined the Boca Raton Syna-
gogue community as choral
director for the High Holidays.
Glass auditioned several syn-
agogue members to create a
choir. He also begun a youth
chorus as part of the syna-
gogue's Shabbat afternoon
children's program.
Sept. 8 7:15 p.m.
Sept. 15 7:08 p.m.
Sept. 22 7:00 p.m.
Ruth, 89, of Lake Worth, services held at
Abraham Allen, 67, of Boca Raton, ser-
vices held, Levitt-Weinstein.
Reva, H., 54, of Boca Raton. Wife of Jack
Kopkin, mother of Bruce, Carol and
Robert Kopkin, grandmother of 2, sister
of Helen Baizman, Sylvia Meltxer and
Elizabeth Halperin. Services held at Gut-
terman-Warheit Memorial Chapel.
Charles, 84, of Delray Beach, services
held at Levitt-Weinstein.
Dorothy, 65, of Lake Worth, services
held at Levitt-Weinstein.
Bertha. 89, of Boca Raton, services held
at Lakeside Memorial Park, Levitt-
Synopsis Of The Weekly Torah Portion
. "When thou goest forth to battle and seeat among the
captives a woman of goodly form. and wouldest take her to thee
to wife"
(Deut. tl. 10-11).
KI TETZE "When thou goest forth to battle against thine
enemies, and the Lord thy God delivereth them into thy hands,
and thou carriest them away captive, and seest among the
captives a woman of goodly form, and thou .. wouldest take her
to thee to wife; then thou shalt bring her home to thy house. ..
And it shall be, if thou have no delight in her, then thou shalt let
her go whither she will; but thou shalt not sell her at all for
money" (Deuteronomy 21.10-U). "If a man have a stubborn and
rebellious son ... all the men of his city shall stone him with
stones, that he die" (Deuteronomy 21.18-21). The body of a hanged
man "shall not remain all night upon the tree, but thou shalt
surely bury him the same day; for he that is hanged is a reproach
unto God; that thou defile not thy land" (Deuteronomy 21.28).
"Thou shalt not see thy brother's ox or his sheep driven away, and
hide thyself from them; thou shalt surely bring them back unto
thy brother" (Deuteronomy tt.l). "Thou shalt not take the dam
with the young; thou shalt in any wise let the dam go, but the
young thou mayest take unto thyself (Deuteronomy tt.6-7).
"When thou buildest a new house, then thou shalt make a
parapet for thy roof, that thou bring not blood upon thy house, if
any man fall from thence" (Deuteronomy 22.8) "Thou shalt not
plough with an ox and an ass together. Thou shalt not wear a
mingled stuff, wool and linen together" (Deuteronomy 22.10-11).
The man who "lays wanton charges" against his wife shall be
chastised by the elders of the city. "A bastard shall not enter into
the assembly of the Lord" (Deuteronomy 23.3). "If brethren dwell
together, and one of them die, and have no child, the wife of the
dead shall not be married abroad unto one not of his kin; her
husband's brother shall go in unto her, and take her to him to
wife, and perform the duty of a husband's brother unto her. And
it shall be, that the first-bom that she beareth shall succeed in the
name of his brother that is dead" (Deuteronomy 25.5-6). "An
Ammonite or a Moabite shall not enter into the assembly of the
Lord;. because they met you not with bread and with water in
the way, when ye came forth out of Egypt; and because they hired
against thee Balaam the son of Beor from Pethor of Aram-na
haraim, to curse thee. Thou shalt not seek their peace nor
their prosperity all thy days forever. Thou shalt not abhor an
Edomite, tor he is thy brother; thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian,
because thou wast a stranger in his land. The children of the third
generation that are born unto them may enter into the assembly
of the Lord" (Deuteronomy 23.U-9). Finally, the portion ends with
a reminder of eternal enmity against a dread foe: "Remember
what Amalek did unto thee by the way as ye came forth out of
Egypt" (Deuteronomy 25.17).
(The recounting of the Weekly Portion of the Law is extracted and
based upon "The Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage," edited by
P. Wollman-Tsamir, published by Shengold The volume is available
at 75 Maiden Lane, New York, N.Y. 10038.)
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West Palm Beach
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Levitt Weinstein
Serving Dude, Broxoard and Bdm Beach Cowttm.

Page 8 The Jewish Floridian of South County/Friday, September 8, 1989
By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal
Injury, Premature Birth. And Low Birth Weight.
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