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1 The Jewish ^^ y
of South County
lumber 15
Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Highland Beach, Florida Friday, April 12,1985
t Frtdstiochat Price 35 Cents
>st, p.2
rry Update
News, p.5
jry, p.9
Id Jews
>over, p. 10
Yom Hasho'ahApril 18,
Marked At Jewish Campus
A rabbi, a black American, a
white U.S. soldier, an intelligence
agent for the Allies and a sur-
vivor of the concentration camps
and a forced death march all
will tell of what they saw during
and at the end of World War II,
during the Yom Hasho'ah
memorial program next Thur-
sday at 7:30 p.m.
Their stories will be told
through an award winning (Oscar
nominated) documentary film
called "You Are Free," which will
be shown as part of the program
in the auditorium of the Levis
JCC, at the Baer Jewish Campus.
Another highlight of the
program will be dramatic
readings of material from
manuscripts written by
Holocaust victims, in many cases
just before they were killed. The
dramatic presentation will be
done in an unusual form, ac-
companied by visual aids and
"Every one of our community
members who has said or felt
'never again!' should make
certain he or she attends this
memorial program," said Geri
Gellert, director of the CRC
which is co-sponsoring the event
with the JCC and the South
County Rabbinical Association.
"With every passing year the
danger of the Holocaust
memories fading grows, and both
the older generation who wit-
nessed it, and the younger people
who just heard about it, must
make greater efforts to per-
petuate the knowledge and
remembrance of this darkest
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Israel's Lebanon Exit Coming End of May
|M (JTA)
linister was
[Army Radio
[the Israel
is withdrawal
>anon is now
>mpleted by
would be the
tation on the
that such a
is Minister
who heads
ih Shinui fac-
by other
Cabinet session
he hoped the
be completed
within the
ned earlier this
' Shimon Peres.
1 convened last
sterial Defense
ieliberations of
|ministers were
ate on a speedy
Army Radio
lister Yitzhak
that a debate
two weeks,
first Cabinet
the Passover
Other Cabinet sources in-
dicated that by then stage two of
the three-stage pull-out would be
all but completed. Cabinet
Secretary Yossi Beilin seemed to
confirm this when he told
reporters after the session that
the debate two weeks hence
would concern implementation of
the third stage and the related
issue of a security zone along the
international border after the
IDF departs Lebanon.
Rubinstein, who has been
urging that stages two and three
be combined to hasten the with-
drawal, was quoted by the media
as saying he was "partially
satisfied" with the outcome of
the discussion in the Cabinet.
Chief of Staff Gen. Moshe Levy
was present to report on the
situation in Lebanon and the
rogress of the withdrawal.
THE FUTURE situation in
northern Galilee was discussed
by the Mapam Party's Central
Committee, meeting in the border
town of Kiryat Shemona. The
party's Secretary General,
Eliazer Granot, said Mapam
would support any efforts made
by the IDF to ensure the safety
of Galilee after the IDF is out of
But he said expressions such
as "scorched earth" should be
avoided. He was referring to a
recent statement by Rabin that
the IDF would resort to a
"scorched earth" policy in
Lebanon if Israeli towns were
attacked from Lebanese soil after
the IDF pulls back across the
international border.
Representatives of "Parents
Against Silence," an
organization of the parents of
IDF soldiers serving in Lebanon,
met with Premier Peres Friday
morning. They appeal to him for
the speediest possible withdrawal
from Lebanon. Peres reiterated
his promise that all Israeli
soldiers would be out of Lebanon
in 8-10 weeks.
THE PARENTS told him that
almost every night they saw on
television the dismantling of
large concrete blocks and other
defenses in Lebanon which are
loaded on trucks for tran-
sporation back to Israel. "But
the bodies of our sons are also
being brought back," they said.
"We would rather the soldiers
were alive and the concrete
blocks left there."
D'Amato New Helsinki Chief;
Vows Pressing Soviets on Rights
(JTA) ) Sen. Alfonse
D'Amato (R., N.Y.) vowed
that he will "place the issue
of Soviet human rights
violations squarely before
the international Experts
of French Jewry
tarried Since '60's
From the
[now, more than
Bnch Jews who
a non-Jewish
to a survey
the French
> Center and the
ty's Insitute of
study, just
the National
\, also found that
Jews currently
about 200,000
irious estimates,
[average age of
IPAL authors of
>f. Doris Ben-
fciversity, who is
|Bcienti8t at the
:h Center, and
Pergola of the
Jty in Jerusalem.
at the high rate
"is particularly
serious" for the future of the
Jewish community because 60
percent of the Jewish partners in
mixed marriages are women.
The researchers noted that in
French society "it is the father
who is the dominant note in the
family's religious practices and
cultural options." They predicted
that there will be fewer Jewish
males available for marriage in
the years ahead, according to
demographic trends in France,
and that consequently, an ever
larger proportion of Jewish
women will marry non-Jews.
On the basis of current
demographic trends in Western
Europe as a whole, and especially
in the European Jewish com-
munity, the study predicts "at
the best" a stabilization of the
French Jewish community and
probably a drop in its numbers
by the end of the century. The
French Jewish community is the
largest in Western Europe.
Meeting on Human Rights
when we meet in Ottawa in
May," following his being
named chairman of the
Helsinki Commission, a
Congressional group that
monitors Soviet compliance
with human rights accords.
Senate Majority Leader Robert
Dole (R., Kans.) announced last
week that D'Amato was
replacing Rep. Dante Fascell (D.,
Fla.) as chairman of the Com-
DURING HIS meeting with
half a dozen representatives of
human rights organizations in
the United States, D'Amato said,
"There are literally millions of
people who are being brutalized
by a Soviet regime that mocks its
own Constitution."
He told the representatives of
the organizations that his agenda
as chairman included seeking to
increase the level of Jewish
emigration from the USSR. He
noted that the problem of the
refuseniks is a critical one, since
in the past five years the level of
Jewish emigration has fallen
from 51,000 to 896. In addition,
D'Amato noted, the Soviets are
engaged in a deliberate revival of
anti-Semitism aimed at snuffing
out the religious soul of Soviet
D'Amato stated that the
upcoming Ottawa meeting offers
Continued on Page 6-
Senate Committee Approves Move
Requiring AWACS' Certification
WASHINGTON (JTA) The Senate Foreign
Relations Committee has unanimously approved a
requirement that before any AWACS are delivered to
Saudi Arabia, President Reagan certifies to Congress that
the Saudis have contributed to the peace process in the
Middle East.
THE REQUIREMENT was proposed by Sen. Alan
Cranston (D., Calif.) as an amendment to the Foreign Aid
Bill which was adopted by the committee. When the
Senate approved the sale of the AWACS in 1981, Reagan
sent a letter to Majority Leader Howard Baker (R., Tenn.)
saying that before delivery he would certify that the
Saudis had been helpful in the peace process as well as
several technical requirements to protect the security of
the technology in the AWACS.
The first five AWACS are scheduled to be delivered
in January. The Cranston amendment would now make
Reagan's promise a requirement under law if adopted by
the full Senate and the house. Rep. Michael Barnes (D.,
Md .) is introducing a similar amendment in the House.
Wee Praise for Secret Airlift
Two leading American
Jewish organizations have
praised the United States
for its role in the secret
airlift of hundreds of
Ethiopian Jews from the
Sudan to Israel.
But at the same time they
sought to keep a tight lid on any
further public disclosure of
details of the operation beyond
what has already appeared in the
American news media.
Israel continued its silence on
the rescue of Ethiopian Jews, as
it has since Operation Moses was
halted Jan. 6 due to premature
disclosure of its details. The
White House and the State
Department had no official
comment on the latest airlift or
the role played by the U.S.
told reporters at the White House
that he had "no comment" on the
operation. A State Department
spokesman, Brian Carlson, was
quoted as saying, "We have no
comment, and we don't plan to
have anything."
In keeping with the
Administration's policy of
remaining quiet on details of the
mission, White House Chief of
Staff Donald Regan said, "I'm
not going to comment on that
case," when asked about reports
of the airlift during an ap-
pearance Sunday on NBC-TV's
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jewisii r jonaian or south County / Friday^ April 12,1985
Press Digest
(Compiled from Israeli dailies
and the English-language Jewish
Press, by MARTY ERANN,
Director of Communications,
South County Jewish
President Reagan's policies are
a stumbling block to peace in the
Middle East, says former
president Jimmy Carter in a new
book just published, "Blood of
Abraham," according to Israel
Reagan has made em-
barrassing mistakes in the
Mideast, and his policies have
served to enhance the Soviet
influence in the region to its
greatest level since they were
ousted from Egypt by Sadat. His
confrontation policies sending
in Marines instead of negotiating
are to blame for repeated
crises, Carter says in his book.
Carter is said to tell, in his
book, that he learned shortly
after Israel went into Lebanon in
1982 that she planned to move
deep into Lebanese territory. He
tried to warn the Reagan ad-
ministration, but they would not
listen. When he expressed his
concern "to Israeli leaders who
participated in the Camp David
negotiations," back came "a
disturbing reply from Jerusalem:
We have a green light from
Citing a newspaper from
Kuwait, Israel Today reports
that several American banks,
including Bank of America, First
Chicago Bank and Citibank, have
suspended credit to several
Kuwaiti companies pending the
improvement of their financial
standing. The Kuwait Central
Bank, reportedly, reacted by
taking "urgent measures" to help
the companies, as well as
"retaliatory measures" against
the U.S. banks. A veiled warning
apparently was issued by the
Central Bank which asked
companies to keep it informed of
any action by foreign banks who
suspend their credit, so they can
prepare to withdraw any deposits
they have with that bank and
suspend dealings with it.
Remember Farrakhan?
Perhaps he won more out of the
presidential election campaign
last year than did Jesse
Jackson There have been
various items in the Jewish press,
of late (usually small, obscure
ones), reporting on his comings
and goings, especially on
university campuses. One of the
more recent instances is reported
by the National Jewish Post and
Opinion: the city of Houston,
Texas, under the signature of its
mayor and city council members,
welcomed Louis Farrakhan and
presented him with a medallion of
the city. Farrakhan, in spite of
little advance publicity, drew a
crowd of 5,000 blacks who came
to hear him speak The only
city councillor who objected was
Frank Mancuso, who asked that
his name not be included.
Houston's Jewish Herald-
Voice pointed out that the Jewish
community there would not ask
the city to accord a similar
welcome to Rabbi Meir Kahane of
the Jewish Defense League, and
asked why Farrakhan should be
given such honor.
Farrakhan was expected to get
a similar welcome at the
University of Kansas, where the
student senate allocated $3,600,
plus an additional $600 for "extra
security" for the Farrakhan visit,
over objections by the Jewish
students .
Picking up on a report from
The Jewish World of Palm Beach
(by Martin Pomerance, who can
almost be categorized as a
"single-interest lobbyist"), the P.
and O. ran an article quoting
Stuart Eisenstat saying that too
much money is raised by
federations for Israel, and not
enough for local needs. Then, in
the following week, editor Gabriel
Cohen opines that Eisenstat fails
to comprehend that the
federations, once relatively
inefficient and unstable, are
today well-organized and ef-
fective, and by their very nature
will not be able to ignore, for
long, the local needs. Eisenstat
should continue pushing, and the
federations and UJA should
continue pulling, and the tension
will be healthy, says the P. and
Israel has promised the U.S.
that it will not settle Ethiopian
Jews in Judea and Samaria,
reports The Jerusalem Post. The
U.S. gives Israel $15 million
annually through its AID
program, and does not wish this
money, used for refugee reset-
tlement, to be used in the "ad-
ministered territories." The U.S.
request apparently came after
Haim Aron, head of the Jewish
Agency Aliyah Department,
declared that Israel would settle
the Ethiopian Jews where it saw
Meanwhile, there are storms
brewing concerning the
recognition of the Beta Israel
Jewish authenticity by rabbinic
authorities storms which have
thus far been kept under the lid
for obvious reasons. On the one
hand, several authorities have
declared there is no doubt of their
being properly Jewish. On the
other hand, the chief rabbis have
demanded that the Ethiopian
Jews undergo a "token con-
version" just to remove any
doubts. And some, like the
spiritual leader of the Agudah
Israel, reportedly has said an
actual conversion is necessary.
The Ethiopian Jews, by and
large, are upset with these
declarations and refuse to go
through any procedure, insisting
their Judaism must not come into
question at all. One rabbinic
institution, Machon Mair, headed
by Rabbi Dov Begun, has
launched a program of in-
struction for the Kessim, the
Ethiopian religious elders, to
certify them as rabbis, reports
The Jerusalem Post.
The paper's correspondent
from Bonn, Germany, adds that
the Jews still in Ethiopia are
faced with a new danger: under
the Ethiopian government's
program for resettling some one
million of its citizens, the
authorities are likely to disperse
the remaining Jews throughout
the country, ending their com-
munal life and thereby forcing
them to assimilate.
Haaretz reports that the chief
rabbinate and the Jewish Agency
are quietly putting many of the
Ethiopian Jews through the
symbolic conversion process; so
far some 100 such immigrants at
a Beersheba absorption center
have gone through it. They are
doing it clandestinely, so as not
to upset their compatriots who
object to the requirement of
symbolic conversion as insulting.
Production of the Lavi, Israel's
new fighter jet designed for the
90's, is in growing jeopardy as
more and more senior officers,
economic experts and politicians
are raising objections to its
production by Israel itself,
because of too high a cost which
is calculated as part of the
Defense budget, reports
Ha'aretz. The entire project,
which has already cost Israel
$800 million and more for
research and development, is
being studied by the Defense
Ministry with both proponents
and opponents coming out with
strong arguments.
As it is, the production of
wings and tail assemblies has
already been "farmed out," with
the Grumman Co. having the
contract for them. Defense
Minister Yitzhak Rabin recently
made an offer to the Northrop Co.
to join Israel in production of the
Lavi, which is believed a superior
design to the F-20 jets Northrop
will be building.
A 9,000-year-old "smile"
was the way Yediot
Aharonot described an
archeological find in the
Judean desert, which is
likely to revolutionize
existing theories on the
prehistoric age.
The find was made two
years ago, but was kept
under wraps until now,
while the Weizmann
Institute, the British
Museum laboratories and
the University of Pretoria
worked independently of
each other to determine the
artifacts' age which all
three agreed was about
9,000 years.
The find includes a skull
covered with asphalt
sculpted like a net, a stone
mask decorated with
paints, fine fabric pieces
made of dyed cotton,
wooden beads painted red
and green, finely carved
granite tools, four
statuettes made of bone
and painted, and more.
The artifacts went on
display at the Israel
Museum in Jerusalem last
week, with the skull placed
in a sealed glass case, and
the painted items kept in
the dark (a light comes on
for 90 seconds, for viewing
them), so the colors will not
People in Saudi Arabia will
soon be able to enjoy salami and
hot dogs manufactured in Israel's
Zoglobek-Nahariya plant, if a
deal being negotiated with the
Israeli company via a European
intermediary goes through, says
Ma'ariv. The Arabs insist, of
course, that the meat products
which are certified as kosher not
bear identification as being made
in Israel
The Saudis are interested in
the Zoglobek products because,
being kosher, they are certain not
to contain pork or pork
derivatives. Still, they want to be
certain the Arab Kadi of Acco
(Acre) also approves the
products as being "kosher" in
accordance with the Moslem
A Technion professor, Dan
Schechtman, has discovered a
new structure of matter, which
has the scientific community
buzzing, reports Ma'ariv. Until
now matter was believed to take
one of two forms: crystalline,
which has a regular, repetitious
atomic structure, and is com-
monly found in base metals; and
amorphous, which is an irregular
atomic structure (atoms scat-
tered at random), as commonly
found in liquids.
The new matte: form, which
Prof. Schechtman discovered
doing research on rapid
solidification, exists in three
aluminum alloys with which he
worked, and has been given the
name "Schechtmanite." Most of
its properties, physical and
chemical, are still unknown and
being researched.
(The following is a direct
translation of exerpts from an
Israel Radio interview show,
broadcast on March 30, which
was also printed in Yediot
Aharonot. The interview with
young Israeli soldiers was done
by Edna Pe'er.-M.E.)
In one of the entrenchments in
Lebanon I met paratroopers who
just returned from a raid on the
village of Zahariye.
"The operation was very
successful," said the officers.
"This is a Shi'ite village which is
very hostile. We found many
wanted terrorists; killed the
murderer of Mamushi (nickname
for a popular, high ranking officer
killed by terrorists in Lebanon
recently M.E.); and gathered a
gingantic quantity of weapons
and explosives. A classic
At the headquarters they
sorted the weapons confiscated
and arranged everything in a
mini exhibition for th. u
press reporters \
photographers. But I mJ
paratroopers who tSS
raid. They sat. mo^l
field cots in their tent nl
sad, without a tr?'
satisfaction from their'
execution." ^ffl
- What happened? Not,
of pride in the success of tfe
Shimon: None. Everyth
door invest here is for ,
This is an accursed
everyone hates you, and aUth
teft for you to do is to watdT
for everyone. The feeling i,
all the effort you put in U,
So what? It's nothing comT
to the number who are still
And all the weapons ai
plosives we found if8 n
compared to what is still ar
I am truly frustrated, what
can I feel? What can I 3
what a great "fighter" I
About my courage, that I tied
a terrorist, blind-folded him
found a bunch of weapons
his bed? I will feel like a
when I'm in a real war
don't consider what we're
here a war. What |L
paratrooper am I? I remember i
a child in the kibbutz, wt*
paratroopers used to return tna
an operation full of pride a
stories. I really envied then
What stories can I tell? I fed lb
a puppet on a string. I'm noti
peace with myself. This is to
how I wanted to do my service i
the paratroopers."
What happpened in la
Erez: We went in at dan
there were shots, a tew a
plosions, and we searched now
to-house looking for wants
terrorists and weapons. Youp
nto a house after closing it i
Tom all sides, and you sun
Aiming out contents of wt
drobes, lifting rugs, and pot
into everything.
And what's inside?
Erez: mostly women and
What are your instructions?
Erez: To shoot at those wb
run. gather those men found
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Friday, April 12, 1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 3
lidden at the village square, not
, take anything no looting,
nd treat women and children
Zamir: One of our men, a
ise, was killed earlier, and it
durt us. and as we entered the
tillage I thought I would be very
ean. I went into one of the
[louses to "clear it up" and there
vas a woman in it. She lay in bed,
nd held two children with her.
ere was a blanket on the bed,
nd she was in such a panic I
)ught she was going to faint,
ly heart broke. I tried to calm
er down, but I don't speak
Arabic, so I called in one of the
ellows who does and asked him
calm her down. He comes in
ad asks me, "Did you lift the
llanket?" "No," I said, and he
Its the blanket and we find her
usband hiding curled up under
luckily for us without the
[alachnikov in his hands ... So
ou have to go in with force,
lithout guilt feelings and
pthout playing games .
- So what happpened with
Dur decision to be mean?
I Zamir: Nonsense ... I am not
kpable, when I see a woman
hivering with fear. We didn't
bme here to take on the women
Erez: We go into the houses,
pd find crying women and
warning children. You on in
hti imagine that your mother is
[anding there with your
others, and crying. And you
op for a minute, and meanwhile
lie of your buddies uncovers in
he of the corners a pile of
Jeapons, and you know these
eapons are what kills your
uddies, from ambushes. The
ood rushes to your head, and
p violence inside of you rises.
ou struggle against it, and not
Iways successfully. You loosen
your nerves and search
foroughly, no longer caring
out the neatness of things in
ke house. And as you push the
rrorist you catch and disarm
him by force, you relieve the
tension which adds up in you day
by day, minute by minute. They
are lucky they have the IDF to
contend with and not some other
army. If someone is wounded, we
don't have the heart to touch
him. No matter how cruel I'd like
to be, I can't touch a wounded
man or one who has his hands in
the air.
Yaron: Every one of us has
some drop of desire for revenge in
his blood. As we went in, there
was a young terrorist, and I'm
not ashamed to say that I took
out on him what was in my heart.
Like a little revenge for the
buddy we lost and the 12 guys
killed in the "Safari."
Meir: Not everyone is like that.
It also depends on one's per-
sonality. Most of the guys won't
even push the terrorist, but will
only tie him up and blindfold him
Moshe: And I really have to
hold back not to let him have it in
the face before blindfolding him.
I feel that I'm just about to lose
my human image, I want to take
out everything on him and do
terrible things to him and I
have to remember the in-
structions we got.
(The interview goes on to talk
about whether it is only the
orders which prevent the soldiers
from treating their captives
cruelly, and the uselessness of the
cycle of violence as well as the
uselessness soldiers feel in being
in Lebanon.)
MK's Petition
Sixty-one Knesset members
submitted a petition to Premier
Shimon Peres on Tuesday asking
him to intervene to allow a
woman to be an El Al pilot. The
unusual petition dealt with Yael
Nahamias, whom El Al repor-
tedly refuses to accept as a pilot.
Hoopster Aulcie Perry Fingered For Using Drugs
Perry, one of Israel's leading and
most popular basketball stars,
has been charged in a Tel Aviv
Magistrate's Court with
possession and use of dangerous
drugs. Perry is also scheduled to
testify in the case of Yitzhak
Kotlovsky of Bnei Brak who has
been charged with supplying
Perry with seven doses of heroin
on three separate occasions in
Although Kotlovsky is
charged with buying heroine and
supplying it to friends free of
charge, the charges against Perry
mention sums of money paid,
including a doll worth 92 Swiss
francs Perry brought back from
Switzerland while returning from
a basketball match in Zagreb,
Perry has declined to comment
Arab Youth Wounded
Shots fired by Israeli soldiers
wounded an Arab youth during a
stone-throwing incident at the
Kalandiya refugee camp in the
West Bank north of Jerusalem.
He was identified as Maray Salah
Far ha n, 17, a student a the
Kalandiya vocational school.
Bill Passes Reading
bill that would make denial of the
Holocaust a criminal offense
punishable by up to three years
imprisonment, has passed its
first reading in the Knesset and is
expected to become law without
on the changes. Maccabi Tel
Aviv's management also declined
comment but noted that Perry
has not yet made known his plans
for next season.
The 31-year-old Perry, a black
American player, came to Israel
from the United States 10 years
ago, converted to Judaism and
married a local fashion model. He
has been one of the mainstays of
the Israel and twice European
champion Maccabi Tel Aviv
For a limited time, Amtrak has reduced the fare by 25%.
Time: You save 900 miles and 18 hours of hard driving when you take
the Auto Train. It transports you and your car from Sanford, Florida, near Orlando,
to Lorton, Virginia, near Washington.
Effort: It's hardly any effort at all. You can sightsee in the dome car,
socialize with friends around the piano in the lounge car, or watch a movie. You'll
enjoy a complimentary full course buffet dinner in the evening and a continental
breakfast in the morning.
Worry: You won't have a care in the world. You don't have to
search for a decent restaurant or a comfortable motel. Or worry about
your car and belongings.
For more information, call your travel agent or call Amtrak at

rage 4 The Jewish Floridian of South County / Friday, April 12,1985
'Silent no more
Soviet Jewry update
Senator Daniel Patrick
Moynihan (D-NY) and Rep. Jack
Kemp (R-NY) recently sent a
letter to President Reagan signed
by 250 members of Congress. It
calls upon the President to
initiate talks with the Soviet
Union on increased Soviet Jewish
emigration, separate from any
continuing arms control
negotiations. Noting that
"Soviet persecution of Jews has
reached a new high just as a
generation of young Jews insists
on its tradition of living proudly
as Jews," the signatories urged a
"direct attempt to bring this
painful chapter in human history
to a speedy and favorable con-
INNA BRUKHINA arrived in
Israel with her husband and two
children on March 8, ending a six-
year struggle to emigrate. A 38-
year-old musician, Brukhina was
actively involved in the Jewish
religious and cultural movement
since 1980, and has held Israeli
citizenship since 1983. Eight
months pregnant, she did not
speculate as to why she was
given permission, saying only
that "I am happy my baby will
be born in freedom."
Moscow has appealed to British
Prime Minister Margaret
Thatcher, seeking intervention
on behalf of her son, DAN
SHAPIRA, who was arrested
and charged with allegedly
"defaming the Soviet state and
social system." He faces a three-
year prison term if convicted.
According to the mother, the
charges are based upon letters
Dan wrote to Soviet officials, in
which he repeatedly expressed
his desire to repatriate to Israel.
Seeking Thatcher*s help "as both
a head of state and a mother,"
Aleksandra acknowledged that
Soviet officials have often used
appeals addressed to them as a
pretext for later criminal
prosecution for slander. She
expressed concern that a "verdict
has been decided" before the case
is tried.
Doctors at the hospital prison
in Perm determined that IOSIF
BERENSHTEIN has only 10
percent vision remaining in each
eye. Requests by his wife.
FAIN A, that he be released on
medical grounds were flatly
refused by the authorities, who
replied that "there are other blind
prisoners at the camp, and if Iosif
goes blind he will be no ex-
ception." ... In protest of the
prison officials' interference with
correspondence between her
husband and hersell, INNA
BEGUN is on a hunger strike,
pledging to fast until IOSIF's
right to receive letters and
packages has been restored. .
Hospitalized since Feb. 25,
treated for internal bleeding.
Weighing only 93 lbs. Aleksandr
continues the hunger strike that
marked its sixth month on March
13. ... In denying YULI
EDELSHTEIN's appeal on
March 4, the judge reaffirmed the
three-year sentence against him,
basing her decision on what she
called "the severity of Yuli's
crime and his personality."
After completing a 15-day
detention period on charges of
allegedly "resisting the police,"
Leningrad was released from
prison. While there he was twice
placed in isolation for refusing to
work on the Sabbath. ... A press
conference was held in Moscow
on International Women's Dav
NIASHCHY. Attended by
Western press correspondents,
the conference dealt with the
physical and psychological ef-
Community Foundation Sets
Professional Seminar For May
The Legal and Tax Committee
of the South County Jewish
Community Foundation is
sponsoring an accredited seminar
for professionals advising clients
on taxes, estate and charitable
planning. The seminar will be
held on Monday, May 6, at the
Sheraton Hotel of Boca Raton
from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m., followed
by cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.
Albert W. Gortz is chairman of
the Legal and Tax Committee,
"^ The Jewish -^ T
of South County
Ed.lor and Pubiishe. Ed.lo. HrlTcc,^ .
Publl.h.d W.kly, through Mid May B. WMfcly ba.anc. of y.a, ,43 ,^,"
r.,-. ^cona C," PosUg. P.ld .1 Boca Raton. El. USPS 550 250 ISSN 02748134
BOCA RATON OFFICE 336 He, Bl.d NW F,* 334J. Phone TfiH ?nn,
Ma.r.O",-,-Plant 120 NE 6th St M,am, Fia 33101 Phono 373 4605
Potma$tr fl.lurn form 3579 loJ.wiah Flofldlan. PO Bon 01 2973 Miami Fla 33101
Ad.rtltlng Dlr.ctor Staci Phone 5M 1652
52T,pli0-."ir,uPPei" S2U,h c?un|V Jewish Federation Inc Officers President Marianne BobicK
Vice Pres.* ,e Bae. Erie W Deck.nge- Larr, Charme Secretary ArnolOI Rosenm.i
Treasurer Shell..- Jontifl. Executive Director. Rabt-. B shai Hosenlhai
Fiondian does not guarantee Ka- Advprtiri
' \\ESAoca, Area $3 50 Annual ,2 V ."mS sh^south Couni.
^36 Spanish Rer Blvd N W Bo. ^368 2,37 '
y, April 12, 1985
volume 7
Number 15
and Steven R. Kaye and Marvin
Kirsner are co-chairmen of the
seminar. Planned as a practical
hands-on program on how to
present tax and estate planning
concepts to clients, the seminar
qualifies for one hour of CPE and
CLE credit.
Stanley S. Weithorn, partner
of Baer, Marks and Upham, an
authority and noted author in the
field of estate planning, will
discuss 'Practical Aspects of
Charitable Giving in Estate
Planning." He will provide a
general summary of charitable
giving techniques available under
the Internal Revenue Code, with
emphasis on their sophisticated
usage, and will present actual
cases handled by his firm and the
ways in which complex goals
sought by the donor in such cases
were achieved.
Weithorn is author of "Tax
Techniques for Foundations and
Other Tax Exempt
Organizations" (7 volumes),
"Penalty Taxes on Accumulated
Earnings and Personal Holding
Companies" and 30 other texts in
various law journals. He is
Special Professor of Law at
Hofstra University, a lecturer at
the various major tax in-
stitutions throughtout the U.S
and Institute in Federal Taxation
and the University of Miami
Institute on Estate Planning.
Registration is open to at-
torneys, accountants, financial
and estate planners. CLU's and
hank trust officers. For ad-
ditional information and to
register, contact Arthur H. Jaffe.
Foundation director, at 368-:
before May 1 seating is
The Jewish Community
foundation is the end.
program of the South County
''wish Federation, which in-
cludes Boca Raton, Delray Beach
and Highland Beat,.. .
fects on women living in refusal.
Moscow gave birth to a baby girl,
RINA, on Jan. 31. Rina is the
Kvartins' fourth child. Only
88 Jews received exit visas from
the USSR during February.
"Making Gates: The New
Soviet Jewry Crisis," an in-
novative, new study guide
prepared by the Coalition for
Alternatives in Jewish Education
(CAJE), with assists.
NCSJ. i, being "?>
educators throughout"S*
Intended for graffi^'
eight, the guide can ffl
for use by older *
students, and is one in,
crisis curriculurn" J3
CAJb. In addition ton,,
current information
Gates" is geared
motivating students iT
action. It isavailab1-"
Readers Write
(Note: Customarily, we do not
reprint letters written to third
parties, or "open letters." An
exception is being made here
because the following letter
reflects the reaction of many
members of the Jewish com-
munity who attended the musical
"For Israel With Love"
presented recently at the FAU
Auditorium by the Good News
(To be fair, however, it should
be pointed out that several people
also had an adverse reaction:
they felt that despite the efforts
by the church to make the snow's
content "innocuous" and inof-
fensive, it was still highly
religious in nature and, even
more important, the church
tended to mislead in its ad-
vertising, giving people the
impression that the show was
Israeli, and that the Jewish
Federation was involved in
sponsoring it .
(We'd like to hear more from
our readers on this subject, and
on the general controversy about
the relations of the Jewish
community to conservative
Christian groups and recent
statements by Jerry Falwell,
Senator Jesse Helms, and so on.
Please address your letters to
The Jewish Floridian of South
County, 336 N. W. Spanish River
Blvd., Boca Raton, Fl 33431)
March 25,1985
Rev. Jim Croft
Good News Church
Dear Reverend Croft:
As we entered the FAU
Auditorium, my friend mur-
mured, "I tell you, Ed when
Gentiles offer you a show called
'For Israel With Love' better
make sure there's no broken glass
in your seat."
She spoke with bitterness
honed by centuries of Jewish
experiences in the Christian
I grew up in New York's East
Bronx, in a quarter peopled
largely by recent Jewish im-
migrants, refugees from poverty
and from Tsarist pogroms. My
first teacher had her brand new
dass lined up in the hallway. She
stopped a passing colleague and,
with a contemptuous wave at her
flock, said, "Well, here they are,
smelling of gefilte fish."
The after-hours Hebrew School
and Synagogue I attended,
abutted a Polish Orthodox
Church. Our temple's walls were
bescrawled with epithets. The
mildest "Dirty Sheenies" and
"Dirty Kikes." To get into our
sanctuary, we had to run a
gauntlet of thugs. Winters, they
hurled iced snowballs at the kids
they couldn't grab; other
seasons, it was stones.
My cynical friend's husband
knew a childhood in an East
huropean shtetl where the
Mother Church preached a
virulent anti-Semitsm, practiced
by its congregants with zealous
We lived through the in-
conceivable, the Holocaust. But
Oentiles could conceive it. and
some perpetrated it and the
rest were indifferent to it.
So we who came to the Good
News Church production of 'For
Israel With Love' were hardly
pushovers fpr some eyangelical
ploy. We were interested, and

vigilant. But. mirabik
there were no shards of,
Only love .
To experience GentUes of i
good and pure will ,.. (^
who anguish over the Ch
cruelty to Jews who t--
Jews'incalculable contributbl
civilization not to mention!
Christianity itself ... who,
determined that "Never Aa
will no longer be solely a J
resolve, but a Christ
responsibility this is to 1
the wonder of revelation.
Reverend Croft, 1
(agnostically speaking)
good folk of Good News l
May you revel in the fulfj
that is the earthly
decency. May your tribe in
BblTOR,T/ie Jewish i
*>ne pi* the greatest JB
feeders Qd visionaries of i
century,"A Ze'ev Jabotintlrl
warned the Jews of Europeai
3t)'s about the clouds ofi
Spnitism and hate that
gtlhering there.
I remember this distim
because as his follower
admirer, I introduced him ati
of those large gatherings. N
here, in the U.S.A. in the |
even though we can oe
optimistic about the future,
should say one more imporua|
Dayyenu Enough.
.Of all the bitter lessonsij
0Jcted on us through the i
ch as by the Crusaders in I
through 13th centuries i
ay ot^br pogroms through d
irs, note was more brutalr
iter in scope than
locausi. There were very I
tividuab who cared
7 iped. Neither the (
religious leaders nor the |
fluential governments tried *|
stem the tide of inhumanity nil
tyranny. Even after the war,c*l
government agencies instt|
of helping to punish the Ny
criminals favored them o*
our own citizens by empM|
them in our institutions, suchi
Radio Free Europe, or help*
those criminals to settle in Sow
America and escape justice
In Israel, thanks to m,
individuals like the poet Un W
Greenberg, Menahem Begin *
other students of Jabotuu^
they managed to overcome!*
forces of hatred, against alloo
It is crystal clear by now ijj
we cannot depend on
hypocritic teachings
righteousness by others. Minn*
Louis Farrakhan peddleshisjr
of justice in the name ot is"
The KKK. Weathermen""
others do so in the name
Christianity. Unfortunate
their numbers are increasing .
times get worse econoi^.
becomes easier for those
mongers to polarize the A^n
people. What is most fnght^ |
are their arsenals oi -^
weapons of destruction, to
up their deranged ideas.
Jews have finally w ^
"enough" to depend on
justice of our neighbors.*
to become fully >
situation in the world, iru ^
Hebrew phrase "II ^
stand up for myself, **
will. cHAfl

J .......n
Friday, April 12,1986 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 5
Federation / UJA Campaign '85 Update
Millpond Social Set
At Jacksons' Home
eft to right): Joseph S. Schenk, Federation President Marianne
rick, Ed Dorfman (President, Anshei Shalom), Benjamin Beck,
\verly Beck, Phil Allen, Rabbi Jordan Shepard.
Residents of Millpond are
cordially invited to attend a
coffee-and-dessert reception at
the home of Julie and Jack
Jackson on Tuesday evening,
April 23, at 7:30 p.m.
The Jacksons are tendering the
reception on behalf of the 1985
Federation-UJA Campaign.
There will be no minimum gift,
and guests will have the op-
portunity to pledge their gift at
the reception.
Guest speaker for the evening
will be Danny Tadmore, an
Israeli singer, comedian and
entertainer, who is also out-
standing as a serious speaker.
Danny is a former officer in the
Israeli armored corps, who holds
a master's degree in music and
philosophy. He has performed as
a singer-comedian all over the
world, receiving excellent
reviews, and has spoken to
audiences on behalf of Israel with
just as enthusiastic a reaction.
Please RSVP to Marcia Needle
at the Federation. 368-2737 by
Friday, April 19.
Danny Tadmore
Family Mission 'Coffees'
To Inform Prospects
to right): Joseph S. Schenk, Federation President Marianne
ck, Abraham Stiefeld, Anshei Emuna President Eugene
\tman. Ernest Levy, Rabbi Louis L. Sacks, Aaron Winkler.
Two Delray Shuls
Hold Joint Breakfast
i joint breakfast sponsored by
egation Anshei Emuna and
regation Anshei Shalom of
ray drew_ more.^fha^ 3.00'.
pcipahts'' recently"' at the
Clubhouse in Oriole
tie breakfast, held on behalf
le Federation-UJA campaign,
>red Abraham Stiefeld of
ihei Emuna, and Beverly and
sjamin Beck of Anshei
Shalom. Guest speaker was
Federation president Marianne
Phil Allen, of Anshei Shalom,
and Aaron Winkler, of Anshei
Emuna, who co-chaired the
event, said they were pleasantly
surprised with the turnout, and
the response of the participants
who raised more than $3000 in
new money for the campaign.
Prospective participants in the
1985 Family Mission to Israel
scheduled for this summer met
for the first coffee-meeting
recently at the home of Linda and
Steve Melcer.
The Family Mission will take
place from July 4 through July
14, as part of the National UJA
Mission to Israel. It affords
families a rare opportunity,
among other things, to celebrate
a child's becoming Bar or Bat
Mitzvah in Israel. Indeed, the
Melcers, who have already taken
part in one mission, are planning
to do just that and other
families are considering doing the
same thing.
At the Melcers' home,
Marianne Bobick, president of
the South County Jewish
Federation, and her husband Ed.
Family Mission chairman, gave
an overview of the advantages in
going on a mission, as well as
personal impressions and
anecdotes. Steve Melcer showed
an excellent slide presentation of
pictures taken on the mission in
which he took part, and Toni and
Arnold Berliner, who par-
ticipated in last summer's family
mission, gave an exciting account
of their experiences.
- ^
The next coffee meeting for
prospective participants will be
held in early May. For more
information on date and place, or
on the mission itself, please
phone 368-2737 and speak with
Marcia Needle or Geri Gellert.
- "
Pines of Delray North Shows Great Response
Umost 200 people attended
Federation-UJA breakfast in
Pines of Delray North
ently, sponsored by the B'nai
8th North Pines Lodge in
ciation with the Pines
r of ORT and the Fun
th Yiddish Club.
lose Rifkin, who was named
tstanding Speaker for the
Federation's speakers' bureau
last year, gave the participants
an inspiring update on Israel, and
her listeners responded with gifts
totalling $11,000 for the regular
campaign and Project Renewal.
There was a sizeable number of
first-time gifts.
Entertainment for the event at
the Pines North clubhouse was
provided by singer Alex Redhill,
courtesy of Flagler Federal
Savings and Loan.
Chairing the breakfast were
Lillian and Bert Stern, with
associate chairpersons Lillian
and Benno Wetzstein, Anne and
Martin Fleishman, and Lillian
and Charles Ostrow.

: July 21-31,1985
Pre-Mission To Paris Available
Stay In Five-Star Hotels
In Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat
Visit Israeli Industry and Meet Its Leaders
Unearth History First-hand
On An Archaeological Dig
Call Geri Gellert at
UJA Florida Region Plans
Young Leadership Retreat
rhe Young Men's and
Men's Leadership Cabinets of
UJA, in cooperation with
indl of Jewish Federations
the Florida Association of
vish Federations, have set the
p* for the 1985 UJA-Florida
gional Young Leadership
treat. The program, called Dor
Wash "A New Generation,"
PI take place Friday, May 3-
fciday May 5 at Grenelefe
sort in Haines City, Florida.
I Co-chairing the retreat
ogram are Linda Hoffman, of
e Young Women's Leadership
pbinet, Robert C. Maland of the
f>ung Leadership Cabinet and
*' Pearlman of the Council of
pwish Federations Leadership
^velopment Committee.
Lwlhe program will feature aa
tolar-in-residence Dr. Irving
/*' Greenberg, Director of the
rational Jewish Resource
enter; and as special guest Sen.
homas Harkin fgram will include workshops
the American-Israeli Political
Scene; Campaign; Leadership
Roles; and Community
Development. There will also be a
Middle East Update. The retreat
will also include special
programming for children, as well
as a unique Shabbat experience.
Linda Hoffman is a member of
the Young Women's Leadership
Cabinet and serves on the
Greater Miami Jewish
Federation Women's Division
Campaign Steering Committee
and Executive Board. She also
serves as the South Dade Area
Co-Chair for Campaign; is a past
PTA president of Brandeis
Academy; member of the Central
Agency for Jewish Education
Board; and on the South Dade
Advisory Board of the Greater
Miami Jewish Federation.
Robert C. Maland, a graduate
of the University of Florida's
College of Law, is a partner in the
law firm of Rosenberg, Reisman
and Glass of Miami. He is a
principal of Genesis Development
Group, Inc., an Israel trade
development company. He is a
member of the UJA Men's Young
Leadership Cabinet; a board
member of the Florida South
East Holocaust Memorial Center
and a member of the board of the
Greater Miami Jewish
Federation Cable Television.
Mel Pearlman is senior partner
of the law firm of Pearlman and
Kutner of Orlando. He received
his law degree from the
University of Florida and a
Master's in Physics from FIT.
Mr. Pearlman is a founder of the
Community-Wide Holocaust
Education and Resource Center
and was its first vice president.
He is past president of the
Orlando Jewish Federation and
sits on the Council of Jewish
Federations National Leadership
Development Committee. In 1982
he was the recipient of the
Council of Jewish Federations
Young Leadership award.
For information on the Young
Leadership Development Retreat
program contact Robert Fishman
at 368-2737.
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and We'll Give Your Grandchild a
Winter Weekend Absolutely FREE!
When you join the Pines Junior Citizen's Club, tor only a
$50 deposit which is credited towards your stay, your
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Call Ml hat (800) 431-3124
Or Set *our TrivH Aaant
OfffpoHn from July 1 thruSmpt. 2
Oiarot t Mat Honors*

-*- ** A I
ie oewisn t londian of South County / Friday, April 12,1985
Israel Bonds
Century Village Israel
Bond Drive Tops Goal
A capacity crowd heard noted
author and journalist Robert St.
John express his pride and
concern for Israel. His comments
seemed more poignant, since St.
John is not Jewish.
His commitment began 37
years ago in Bucharest where he
watched the slaughter of Jews
and realized he was born to a
group of people who did horrible
things to another group. At that
time he dedicated himself to the
Jewish people. He has been to
Israel 32 times, researching
books and on speaking
"Each trip is a spiritual and
intellectual refueling," said St.
John. "We have prayed for 2,000
years, 'next year in Jerusalem'
. now that we have it we must
keep it. As a friend I warn you. If
you let anything happen to the
Jewish State, then God help the
Jews of the Diaspora I would
not want to live in a world in
which Israel did not exist."
Margit Rubnitz, chair of the
breakfast, spoke of her arrival
\ J
Margit Rubnitz (center) with Century Village Israel Bond committee
(left to right) Robert Rugoff, Alvin Greenfield, Charles Seibel, Dr.
Hyman Henkin, guest speaker Robert St. John, and Isadore Levine.
from Czechoslovakia and of the
strong commitment she has made
to Israel. Thanks were given to
her dedicated committee: Dr.
John Lowe, Alvin Greenfield,
Isadore Levine, Rose Yesgar.
Nettie Henkin, Lillian and Leon
Kronheim, Pearl Levine, Barney
Rubnitz, Robert Rugoff, Selma
Schmelkin, Charles Seibel.
Leonard Sheinfeld, Marion Sragg
and Elsie Wagner.
Dr. Hyman Henkin received
the City of Peace Award from the
State of Israel for his leadership
and commitment to the Jewish
community. Sharing in this
honor were his wife, Nettie, sons
and grandchildren.
Hamlet Surpasses All Expectations
A warm and dedicated crowd
gathered at the new home of
Betty and Al Feldman to
celebrate the victorious Israel
Bond campaign of 1986. The
magnificent home, overlooking a
lake and the golf course, was
filled with an atmosphere of love
and commitment as 70 people
cheered the results of the hard-
working committee.
Phil Rosenblum. chairman,
announced a total of $530,000 in
bonds sold this year at the
Hamlet. The committee's success
was due to the excellent
leadership of Rosenblum and
Sam Fox, whose many years of
dedication to Israel Bonds give
him an understanding of how to
appraoch the project.
At the celebration Phil and
Sam exchanged quips and poems,
adding to the joyous atmosphere
created by Mickey Freeman, a
New York comedian who en-
tertained the crowd. "It gives me
a sense of pride to preside over
these festivities today," said
Rosenblum. "The chairmanship
was a job I took reluctantly but
because of the excellent results
and the friendships that resulted,
it was a task I came to enjoy
Left to right, Bess and Phil Rosenblum, Mickey Freeman, and Ruth
and Sam Fox at Hamlet Israel Bond event.
"Kudos to all those committee
members who worked so hard
and may the Hamlet's fine
tradition be an inspiration to the
rest of South County," said Fox.
Pressing Soviets On Rights
Continued from Page 1
an unprecedented opportunity to
review Soviet actions. "This is
the first conference the Soviet
Union has ever agreed to where
the sole and specific agenda is
human rights." he said.
"Morality dictates that we speak
out on behalf of the millions who
are forbidden to do so or we will
Nationwide is on your side
Boca Plaza
3200 N. Federal Highway
Suite 107
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Off: 392-8187
Res: 487-7987
Age 55 or over
If you drive under 8,000 miles
If more than one vehicle
You may qualify for one or ALL discounts!
We give quotes by phone!

make our attendance a mockery.
"AND IF the Soviets seek to
ignore the facts in Ottawa then
we will confront them in Helsinki
in August. And if they look away
again we will raise the issue in
October during our meeting in
Budapest. We will relentlessly
pursue the issue of their gross
violation of human rights until
they begin to abide by the
Helsinki accords they agreed to
ten years ago."
D'Amato met with Habib
Mayer, chairman of the Afghan
Community of America;
Roxalana Potter of the Captive
Nations Committee; Zee Sy
Schnur and Seymour Katz of the
Coalition to Save Soviet Jews;
Eric Chenoweth of the Com-
mitf/>p in Support of Solidarity
West Bank Jew
Fatally Wounded
52-year-old Israeli, identified as
Zalman Nabulnik of Hadasha
was fatally wounded in the West
Bank town of El Bireh last
bunday while waiting for a bus.
A Damascus-based terrorist
group, the Marxist Democratic
Front for the Liberation of
Palestine, claimed responsibility
for the shooting. According to
Israel Radio. Nabulnik was shot
in the head and died rnroute to a
The Prime Minister's Pin and Plaque are presented to A
Porter (left) and Leonard Weisenberg (middle) by Abner Levine
president, Prime Ministerss Club. A formal presentation will be
made to all "Prime Ministers" on April 21 at a dinner at the
Weisenberg home, in celebration of Israel's Independence Day

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Friday, April 12,1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 7
Israel Colleges ...
L And Local Friends
TAU Offers 2 Programs
To Mid-Year High School Grads
Tel Aviv University's Mid-
High School Graduate
has been expanded to
students who are com-
ing high school in mid-year
\ options for study in Israel.
| option provides an on-
hpus ulpan and spring
jester program; the other
Ibines university study with
lutz living. Both programs
[outlined below. Please note
[specific office to contact for
}ils about each option.
ption A: On-Campus Ulpan
| Spring Semester Program
jtudents may attend the
jrseas Student Program as
1-Year High School Graduate
ficipants. Students leave for
1 in Mid-January, attend an
i on the Tel Aviv University
Ipus and then participate in
j semester studies with other
[semester program students.
rsework consists of five
oductory-level courses taught
English, or four introductory-
courses taught in English,
Hebrew language in-
let ion.
or further information and
lication materials, please
act the Office of Academic
jirs, American Friends of Tel
University, 342 Madison
>nue, New York, NY 10017,
687-5651. The Office of
Jemic Affairs will process all
ilications for Program Option
Applications will be accepted
)f July 1.
ption B: University Study-
tbutz Living Program
tudents !*ay participate ""in
| Tel Aviv University Kibbutz
gram as mid-year high school
Juates. This program com-
a kibbutz experience with
lies at the university. The
lents work and live on the
butz from late January until
j-June; they attend ulpan
fees given on the kibbutz
ber the supervision of the Tel
University Hebrew
^artment), while coming to the
Aviv University campus
twice a week to take two in-
troductory-level courses.
They also participate in some
of the Overseas Student Program
trips planned during the spring
For further information and
application materials, please
contact Aliya Cheskis Cotel,
Kibbutz Aliyah Desk, 27 West
20th Street, New York, NY
10011, (212) 255-1338. The
Kibbutz Aliyah Desk will process
all applications for Program
Option B.
American Friends of Tel Aviv
University at Century Village
will hold a breakfast meeting on
Tuesday morning, April 16, at
9:30 a.m.
The guest speaker will be Craig
Donoff, on the subject of estate
planning. The meeting will be
held on the second floor of the
Administration Building.
Admission is a donation of $4.50,
and reservations are required
call Sol Moskowitz, 483-2076.
There will be a musical program
of Israeli songs, for the en-
tertainment portion of the
The Boca-Del ray Chapter of
American Friends of Hebrew
University will hold its 1985
Academic Conference at Temple
Beth El in Boca Raton on
Monday, April 22, at 8 p.m.
The conference, a popular
taanuaJ event;* is open to the
public at no charge.
The feaf red speakers this year
will be Dr. Chaim Eyal, professor
at the Department of Journalism,
Ohio State University, who will
speak on "Mass media and
journalistic reporting, and its
effect on Israel"; and Dr. Ari
Avidan, Israeli Consul, who will
speak on "Current events in the
Middle East."
No reservations are necessary,
and there will be no solicitations.
Levine, Schwartz,
Gold & Cohen pa
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Criminal Commercial Personal Injury
/ills, Probate & Estate Planning Marital Real Estate
Title Insurance Litigation & Appeals
The Hamlet Del Aire
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Super Priced Homes & Condos Available
in these Golf Course Communities.
Gimelstob Realty, Inc.
Licensed Real Estate Brokers
Corner Powerline and Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, Florida
Jewish Community Day School
An agency of the South County Jewish Federation
Rosen thai Feels Ball Will Surpass Goals
The Scholarship Ball, first to
be held on behalf of the Jewish
Community Day School's
Scholarship Fund, has been
getting a most enthuiastic
reception, reports Arnold
Rosenthal, board chairman of the
Day School. The community has
been responding to the needs of
families who desire to provide a
Jewish education for their
children and cannot afford it.
The Ball, to be held on Sunday,
April 14, at Boca Pointe,
promises to be a gala affair. "We
hope to make this an annual
tradition," said Rosenthal. "Our
student body is ever increasing in
size, and consequently the need
for scholarships is growing, too.
Educating our children is a vital
function of the Jewish com-
munity, and the overwhelming
support for the Scholarship Fund
furthers this goal."
The target of the scholarship
drive culminating with the ball is
100 scholarships (of $500 each).
At this time, two weeks before
the Ball, some 80 percent of this
goal has been achieved,
Rosenthal reported.
The Scholarship Ball is chaired
by Edward Bobick, with Mickey
Taines chairing multiple
scholarships. Honorary chairmen
for the gala event are Anne and
Henry Brenner.
Beit Yeladim, South County
Jewish Community Day School's
pre-school (ages 3-4), participated
in a "senses day" as part of their
calendar of special activities. The
children learned about the five
senses in conjunction with
Arnold Rosenthal
To reinforce the concepts,
learning centers were set up to
demonstrate each of the senses.
Bill Hance, an instructor, led a
small group of children through
each sensory experience center,
assisting them in various ac-
tivities. For example, the
children tasted foods that were
salty, sweet, sour, etc.
As a culminating activity, the
children popped corn using all
five senses in a single experience.
Going through the "sense ex-
perience" centers .
In preparation for the day, the
children created collages that
were used as display signs in each
Geri Mercadante, an in-
structor, coordinated the day's
On Wednesday March 13, the
Aleph Duo dazzled an audience of
more than 500 at Temple Emeth
in Delray Beach.
Cantor Avraham Albrecht,
tall, blond, and of Polish descent,
and Cantor Avshalom Zfira, a
little shorter, dark, curly-haired,
and of Yemenite ancestry, both
hail from Israel and serve as
cantors in Long Island
The tenor and baritone team
complemented each other as they
blended in sweet harmony. Their
repertoire of songs can definitely
be described as "Jewish Music
from A to Z" which is also the
title of their newest album.
Highlighted during the
evening were Yiddish favorites
like Rozinkes mit Mandlen and
Momelle, Israeli folk songs,
Hassidic nigunim, liturgical and
a "Fiddler" medley. Also a clever
parody on Rossini's "Barber of
Seville" number, Figaro, entitled
Shvigaro (mother-in-law in
After the concert a wine and
cheese reception was held for
patrons, catered by Sarah's
Kosher Restaurant, where the
patrons had the opportunity to
meet and talk with the cantors.
All monies raised through
ticket sales and advertisements
in the program will benefit the
Day School.
Join the Summer fun
at cool, cool Stevensville!
Come join the Dinnerstein and Friehiing families
for everything that makes the Stevensville the
finest resort in the Catskiteat super discount
ratesl You'll feel like royalty in luxurious air-
conditioned acconimodattons. You'H enjoy three
sumptuous meals daily (dietary laws observed,
and careful attention given to special diets). And
you'll love the dancing, music, cocktail parties,
and top-name performers who'll entertain you all
summer much, much more, for much,
much less when you stay and play at Stevensville.
& staff" ** WWR588K)WAL
** *~ 3858
Or Your Local Trvl amtm
Stmmrtto CMMtry ChfcV Swm UM. it. tfTK MM r% ft* 7K -MM
________________Y HMH. TN Mmf i FrtMttm fi*m

Page 8 The Jewish Floridian of South County / Friday, April 12,1985
yy happenings yy
David Sheriff, Health and
Physical Education director,
teaches tennis for youth and
adults this spring. (Call the
Center for details)
For information on all the JCC
programs call the center at 395-
The JCC Health and
Recreation Department is of-
fering swim and tennis in-
struction this spring for children
and adults.
In addition, there are
children's Karate classes, Adult
Aerobics and Aquacize Classes
and Prime Timers' Belly Dancing
instruction. Also, Co-ed
Volleyball for adults continues at
the Center every Monday night
at 7 p.m.
These programs and many
more are available at the JCC.
Call 396-5546 for more in-
formation, or stop by the Center
at 336 NW Spanish River Blvd.
On Wednesday, April 17, at
7:30 p.m., the Adolph and Rose
Jewish Community Center will
hold their monthly Health
Lecture Series titled "Genetic
Disorders in the American
Jewish Population," presented
by Dr. Richard Warren of the
Jackson Mailman Clinic in
There will be no charge to
members, and a minimal cost of
$2 for non-members. Refresh-
ments will be served. For adults,
all ages.
The Levis JCC will hold a
Multi-Media first aid course,
taught by the American Red
Cross, beginning Monday April
15 and running for three weeks.
You must register in advance.
An Indoor-Outdoor Golf
Seminar will be taught by golf
professional Jeri Reid.
Jeri Reid has been teaching her
mental-approach-to-golf seminars
all over the country. In Florida,
she can be seen in her own
syndicated TV series of golf
instruction. She has already
expanded her clinics and
seminars into New York, Ohio,
New Hampshire, Virginia, and
Jeri's many golf programs are
designed to be educational,
memorable and fun. Owing to
flexible formats, she can tailor a
clinic to any desired audience,
whether beginners, middle or low
handicappers, ladies only, men
only, junior golfers or any
In the Seminar you will learn
how to relax and reduce your
stress level, build self-confidence,
maintain proper concentration as
well as learn strategies and
proper club selection. The
An Agency
seminar is on Tuesday, April 16
at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $3 for
members and $5 for non-
members. You must register in
The Mid-Eastern dance class
will again be taught by Betty
Betty, a resident of Delray
Beach, is a professional Mid-
Eastern dancer who was first
attracted to this ancient genre
and its music while living in
Athens, Greece in 1964. She has a
background in ballet, modern
dance, and jazz and has studied,
taught and performed this an-
cient art form since 1976. She is a
member of the Palm Beach
Council of Arts, host and sponsor
of ethnic dance workshops and
shows and instructs classes in
Mid-Eastern dance throughout
the community.
Mid-Eastern dance is for those
who love dancing and dreaming.
An exciting, fun approach to
dance-exercise guaranteed to
make you feel more glamorous
and full of life. There will be
special classes for children,
adults and senior adults. Betty
will also be teaching tonetics at
the Center. Classes begin the
week of April 15.
For Singles 21-60 ... Happy
Hour at the Holiday Inn, Camino
Real on East Atlantic Ave. and
A1A in Delray Beach. Monday
evening, April 15 from 5-8 p.m.
Hors d'oeuvres and Cash Bar
(Please tip waitress) Cost:
Members: Free Non-Members
For Singles 21-60 .
Automotive Maintenance
Presentation on Tuesday, April
16 7:30 p.m. Consumer
Awareness Tips Win Free Oil
Change, Tire Gauges, Tee Shirts
and More!! Presented by Norton
Tire Co. Refreshments will be
served. RSVPamust.
The Levis JCC will hold a
Beginners' Painting Class on
Wednesdays, April 24-May 29,
from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Cost for
members is $20; non-members
$30. Cost does not include
supplies. The deadline for
registration is April 14.
The Levis Jewish Community
Center will hold a "Chinese
Cooking Demonstration,"
Tuesday, April 23, from 2 to 4
p.m. Cos> for Members is $3,
Non-Members $6. Deadline for
registration is April 17.
The Levis JCC will be offering
a Mom and Child Aerobics class.
It will be held on Thursdays from
of the South County Jewish Federstlon
ceramics class to children. It will
be given at three different times,
to accommodate children of
Does 3 Days on the West
Coast Sound Appealing???
The Prime Timers Committee
of the Levis JCC will sponsor a
three-day, two-night trip to
Florida's beautiful West Coast.
Trip includes Roundtrip
Motorcoach Transportation from
the JCC, Super Deluxe Hotel
accommodations for two nights,
two full course Breakfasts and
two full course Dinners. You will
tour points of interest and beauty
from Tampa to Captiva Island.
Date: Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday, July 31, Aug. 1 and
2. Cost: $150 per person.
Reserve your space today!
Registration Deadline: June 7
. For more information call
396-5546. (Contact Person: Bobbi
3:45-4:30 p.m., beginning April
18. Exercises will be done to
music children love. Mom can
register one or more children
from the ages of 1' -i to 5 years.
The cost is $30 for the family for
members, and $45 for non-
On Thursday. April 18, at 9:30-
10:30 a.m., a new program begins
for 3- and 4-year-olds. Gym and
Swim is a program that combines
physical activity and swim in-
struction. The class will be
taught by Suzanne Kaufman and
will run for eight weeks. You
must register in advance.
The Levis JCC will offer a
Drama Class as part of the after-
school program. The class will be
held on Tuesdays, from April 16-
June 4, 3:45-5 p.m. This program
is being offered to boys and girls
ages 7-11. The cost to Members is
$15: non-members $25.
The Levis JCC will be holding
a computer class for children ages
9-12 years. Classes will run on
Wednesdays from April 17-June
5, from 3:45-4:45 p.m. The cost to
members is $30; non-members
$45. Registration deadline is
Monday, April 15.
The Levis JCC will offer a
different ages. All classes will
begin Monday, April 15. Ages 3-4
will meet from 3-3:45 p.m.; Ages
5-8 will meet from 3:45-4:45 p.m.;
and ages 5-12 will meet from
4:45-5:45 p.m. cost to members is
$45; non-members $60. Price
includes all materials.
The Levis JCC will be holding
a Co-ed Game Room Tournament
for teens 14-17 years old. Choose
among 14 video games, then
challenge your friends. The date
is Thursday, April 25, from 7:30-
9 p.m. The cost is $1 for non-
members. No charge to members.
Registration deadline is Monday,
April 15.
The Levis JCC will hold a class
entitled "55 Alive-Mature
Driving." a unique program for
older drivers. AARP-sponsored
insurance is subject to a 10
percent discount on premium,
upon completion of the course.
The class meets Monday and
Wednesday, April 22 and 24,
from 9:30 a.m.-l p.m. Cost is $7.
Registration deadline is April 15.
A coffee-and-bagel breakfast
will be served to all Prime Timers
on Wednesday, April 24 <
a.m This breakfast is spons
by the Prime Timers comm*
and is open to all membml
non-members freeofchar^
This is a great opportune,
meet the JCC staff and
committee, become acquai
with Bobbi Goldman, the
Senior Adults program
and meet new friends.
1-Day Cruise
The Prime Timers will sp
a one-day cruise on Wedne,
May 15. Enjoy a fun-filled,
with meals and enter
friends and relaxation,
Florida's largest lake.
ticipants will leave from the i
at 7 a.m. by charter bus. Thee
is $30 per person.
The last in the film *
"Lies My Father Told Me,"*,
be shown on Sunday, April 14,1
3 p.m. and at 7 p.m. (1975,i|
English, starring Yossi Yadi
and Len Berman). Admission
For information on all thtJtfl
programs call the center o(|
Most groups filling up
Register Today!
Camp Maccabee
.. ...,u ,' I, .
Now offering a Vfe-day Program for 3-year-olds.
Camp Hours for TODDLER program have
been extended from 9:30 a.m.-l:00 p.m.
(Registration is closed for Toddlers. Sorry,
we're full in this group!)
For more Information Call David JtJO-0040
The South County Jewish Community
Will Once Again Gather To Celebrate
Bring Your Family and Friends
Join Us For A Spectacular Day I
SUNDAY, APRIL 21,11:00-3:00 p.m.

Friday, April 12,1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 9
When the Jewish community
Jebrates Israel's 37th birthday,
jApril 21, it will also implicitly
lognize its own role in building
j supporting the Jewish state.
various Jewish
.animations will take part in
fting up booths and will be
Lulnd through their presence
I the festivities and one of the
Ihlights will be a performance
[Karen Weiss of Boca Raton,
|)o will sing in tribute to
nerican Jewish composers,
selections from Gershwin,
jg Berlin.Leonard Bernstein,
Jgers and Hammerstein and
Karen, a local resident since
More 'Stars' for Israel
Community Fest, April 21
1981, is a graduate of American
University in Washington, D.C.,
in music and vocal performance.
She has sung with the
Washington, Civic Opera
Company and with the Palm
Beach Opera Company, and has
performed at the Royal Palm
Dinner Theater, the Florida
Repertory Theater, the Kennedy
, Center, various music festivals
and at Federation functions and
various concerts. Karen is
married to Boca Raton attorney
Howard Weiss.
Accompanying Karen will be
Eve Shalley, recently graduated
from Barnard College at
Columbia University, who is an
B'nai Mitzvah
\rian Kalt
Saturday, April 13, Brian
Bt, son of Ursula and Dr.
Ihard Kalt, will be called to the
pah of Temple Beth El as a Bar
vah. As part of an ongoing
nple project, he will be
'inning" with Leonid
ovetsky of the Ukraine,
Brian is a student at the Gulf
earn School and attends the
nple Beth El Religious School.
nily members sharing in the
cha are brother, Stefan; and
Wrly Lauren Rogoff-Klassman
[ARRIED. Beverly Lauren
". daughter of Dr. Ben and
na Rogoff of Boca Raton, to
fard Klassman of Cleveland,
son of Edward and Bette
psman of North Miami Beach.
wedding took place on
My. March 31, 1985, at
{Pie Beth El of Boca Raton.
I"' Marc Dratch officiated.
[reception was held at Temple
' following the ceremony.
j|e bride attended Palmetto
School, and was graduated
the University of Miami
1 ;| degree in communications.
Kroom attended Miami
High School, and was
Puated from Ohio State
fersity with a degree in
r}tss administration. The
will live in Cleveland,
grandparents, Leona and J.H.
Kalt of Boca Raton, and Lena
Chamberlain of Liverpool,
England. Dr. and Mrs. Kalt will
host a kiddush in Brian's honor
following Shabbat morning
accomplished pianist. Eve has
played with a band in New York,
and performed at college night
clubs. She has written, directed
and performed in original
productions at Barnard's Musical
Ensemble Theater, has composed
original popular music, and has
served as music director for
Camp Maccabee. Eve is intersted
in pursuing a career in music
Other stars billed
entertainment portion
program include Rita
Shore, Israeli singer
Sassi and folk-dance
Ricky Fried.
The Israel Independence Day
festivities, co-sponsored by the
Community Relations Council
and its constituent organizations
and the Levis JCC. will begin at
11 a.m. with a flag ceremony, and
will continue to 3 p.m. at the Baer
Jewish Campus on Spanish River
Blvd. in Boca. Parking will be
provided at the nearby FAU
campus, with comfortable buses
constantly bringing the par-
ticipants back and forth.
for the
of the
and Ira
Karen Weiss
Eve Shallev
Wanted!! A Piano!!
Help the JCC Choral Group
Get Started.
If You Have A PIANO
To Donate: Please Call

where shopping is a pleasure 7 days a week
Publix Bakeries open at 8:00 A.M.
AveJaMa at Pubix Stores wtth
Fiash Danish Bafcenes Onty.
Available at Publix Storaa with
Freah Danish Bakeries Only.
Available at Pubttx Storaa with
Frash Danish Bakeries Only.
jb or
Raisin Bagels

Available at All Pubfx Stores
and Danish Bakeries.
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Danish Bakeries Only.
Banana Peanut Butter
Streusel Coffee Cake
Topped with luscious meringue
Lemon Meringue Pie....
Coconut Donuts...........
Ripple Cake
Prices Effective
April 11th thru 17th, 1985.
Rights Reserved
Lt*here lh '

luaj, rvpili 14, 100
In The Synagogues
And Temples ...
Two Scrolls of the Torah
Two Scrolls of the Torah will
be formally dedicated at the
Sabbath Eve Service of Temple
Sinai, 2746 W. Atlantic Ave.,
Delray, Friday, April 12, 8:15
p.m. The hand-inscribed Scrolls
have been given to the Temple by
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Weisenberg
and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Shaw.
Both couples will be guests of
honor at a reception after
devotions. The service will be
geared to the holiday of
Passover. The holiday will also be
observed at the worship service
Saturday, April 13, 10 a.m.
Yizkor will be recited at both
services. The public is welcome to
Anahei Shalom Siaterhood
Oriole Jewish Center will hold
their next meeting Monday,
April 15, 9:30 a.m. in the
American Savings Bank, W.
Atlantic Ave., Delray. Their
guest speaker will be Dr. Andre
Fladell to discuss "Senior
Citizens' Invni
Community Affat^1
ments will be served.
Beth Shalom SUu.k
Century *J**
their next monthly mk i
marathon under the 15^ Call Ruth for hKSJ
A Rabbi Comments
Blacks Join Jews For Passover Fete
The following is brought to our readers by the South County
Rabbinical Association. If there are topics you would like our
Rabbis to discuss, please submit them to The Floridian.
Delray Beach
In my last article, I used the word "non-trivia" and presented
20 items for identification. In this column, I use a more positive
word "Signifies."
If there is one holiday in the Jewish calendar which would be
considered a family holiday, this honor goes to Pesach. It was
the first holiday the Israelites observed and through which they
became a free people.
Let us take a Biblical trip through our Holy Scriptures and
see what else happened during this holiday events that are
recorded in the text or derived through Midrashic in-
terpretation. The following is presented, thanks mainly to two
poems one by Rabbi Yanni of the 7th century and the se' >nd
by Rabbi Elazar ha-Kallir of the 8th century.
The following occurred on the First Night of Pesach:
1. In the War of the Kings, when Abram (that was his name
at that time) heard that Lot was taken captive, he divided his
men into groups, attacked the enemy by NIGHT and defeated
'em and also rescued his nephew Lot (Genesis
2. When Abimelech, King of Grar, wanted to take Sarah as
his wife, God appeared to him one NIGHT in a dream and said
to him, "You are going to die, because you have taken this
woman she is another man's wife." (Genesis 20:2,3).
3. After Jacob left his father-in-law's house and Laban
pursued him for seven days until he caught up with him, God
appeared to Laban, the Aramean, in a dream at NIGHT and
warned him not to harm Jacob. (Genesis 31:22-241.
4. Jacob wrestled with an angel (in the form of man) at
NIGHT until daybreak. (Genesis 32:25).
5. The tenth plague started at midNIGHT. (Exodus 12:29).
6. Sisera, the commander of the army of Jabin, King of
Canaan, was swept away by the stars of the NIGHT. (Judges
7. Sennacherib, King of Assyria, was defeated when his army
was stricken at NIGHT in his war against King Hezekiah. (II
Kings 19:35).
8. The dream of Nebuchadnezzar and its interpretation were
revealed to Daniel at NIGHT. (Daniel 2:19).
9. King Darius the Mede passed the NIGHT fasting and was
glad to find Daniel alive in the lion's den. (Daniel 6:19-21).
10. Belshazzar saw the handwriting on the wall which Daniel
interpreted. Belshazzar was killed that NIGHT. (Daniel 5:25-
11. Ahasuerus could not sleep that NIGHT and ordered that
the official records be read to him. According to our Sages that
was the "beginning of the redemption." (Esther 6:1).
The following occurred during Pesach:
1. Three angels (in the form of man) appeared before
Abraham. One announced the birth of Isaac. (Genesis 18:2,10).
2. The other two angels continued on to the home of Lot and
he served them Matzoth (Genesis 19:1-3). The angel who was
sent to heal Abraham from his circumcision (Genesis 18:1,2),
also saved Lot and his family (Genesis 19:1.17).
3. Theth ngel destroyed Sodom and Gemorrah (Genesis
4. Joshua and his army captured Jericho. (Joshua 6:20).
5. Midian was delivered to Gideon. (Judges 7:14).
6. Queen Esther imposed a three-day fast. (Esther 4:16,17).
According to Midrash, fast days were 13th, 14th, and 15th day
of Nisan. According to Rashi. fast days were 14th, 15th, 16th of
7. Esther appeared before King Ahasuerus, saved her people,
and Haman was hanged. (Esther 5:12, 7:3-10).
100% Of TMi ACTVAL
0200.00 $2740 00 $1792.00 $1408.00
$1400.00 $40.00 $872.00 $728.00
$100.00 $50.00 $40.00 $50.00
wt wax my ur to iat% of aacmcAara apfhovcd amount
392-2702 (out of area, call collect) on white to
ken brahms agency 1s3 e palmetto pk. bo., boca raton, fl 33432
The conclusion of Passover will
be observed in a special
celebration by blacks and Jews at
Congregation B'nai Israel on
Friday evening, April 12.
Members of the Ebenezer
Missionary Baptist Church, Boca
Raton's oldest and largest black
congregation, will be joining in
worship with Congregation B'nai
Israel, in a service beginning at 8
This service at the conclusion
of Passover is being undertaken
by two South Florida
congregations that have been
pioneers in the effort to improve
black-Jewish relations. Since last
summer, the congregations have
achieved a number of historic
firsts together: the first address
by a rabbi to a black
congregation in the region: the
first address by a black minister
to a Jewish congregation: and
the first joint worship service
between blacks and Jews.
According to Rabbi Richard D.
Agler, spiritual leader of
Congregation B'nai Israel, "Both
of our peoples have known the
bitterness of oppression, of
slavery, and injustice. Passover
marks the deliverance from
slavery in days gone by, and it
also points to society's redem-
ption in the future. It is the
perfect occasion for the two
communities to come together
and re-commit ourselves to the
creation of a society rooted in
freedom and justice.''
Reverend Anthony Holiiaay,
pastor of the Ebenezer
Missionary Baptist Church,
Anshei Emuna
Breakfast To
Benefit Yeshiva U,
Congregation Anshei Emuna
of Delray Beach will launch a
fund-raising effort on behalf of
Yeshiva University with a break-
fast on Sunday. May 5, according
to congregation president
Eugene Lichtman.
Members of the breakfast
planning committee, working
with Chaim H. Friend. Southeast
regional director, Yeshiva
University, are Eugene Licht-
man, Earle Frimere, Aaron
Silverman, Harry Cope and
Edward Karp.
Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks is the
spiritual leader of Congregation
Anshei Emuna, the only
Orthodox synagogue in Delray
Yeshiva University, the oldest
and largest university under
Jewish auspices in the U.S.. will
be celebrating its 100th birthday
in 1986. Some 600 Yeshiva
graduates are currently living
and working in Florida, serving
the community in various
capacities, including the rab-
binate, education, community
and social services and medicine.
The University maintains a
Southeast Region Office in
Miami Beach.
Rev. Anthony Holliday of the Ebenezer Church and Rabbi Rk
Agler of Congregation B'nai Israel. ,
added, "I look forward with
joyous anticipation to this next
meeting between the two
congregations. It is important for
us to continue what we've
The Men's Choir and the
Gospel Chorus from the church
will present a number of selec-
tions during the course of the
service, including the time-
honored spiritual, "Go Down
Moses," the singing of whidi1
express better than words I
link between the two peoples
In addition to the priji
marking the onset of the it
Sabbath and the condusicnl
the Passover holiday,
congregations will partake ij
special "oneg" consisting
Passover foods, prepared,
cording to Jewish ritual
without leaven IHametz).
Religious Director]
1401 N.W. 4th Ave., Boca Raton, Florida 33432. Conservauvtl
Phone 392-8566, Rabbi Theodore Feldman, Hazzan Donald
Roberts. Sabbath Services: Friday at 8:15 p.m., Saturday at |
9:30 a.m. Family Shabbat Service 2nd Friday of each month. (
Mailing Address: 22130 Belmar No. 1101, Boca Raton, Florida I
33433. Orthodox services held at Verde Elementary School
Cafeteria, 6590 Verde Trail, Boca, Saturday morning 9:30 a.m.
Fqr information regarding Friday, Sundown services Mind*
Maariv, call Rabbi Mark Dratch. Phone: 368-9047.
16189 Carter Road 1 block south of Linton Blvd., Delray |
Beach. Florida 33445. Orthodox. Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks.
Daily Torah Seminar preceding services at 7:45 a.m. and 5 pm
Sabbath and Festival Services 8:45 a.m. Sabbath Torah class5
p.m. Phone 499-9229.
Services at Center for Group Counseling, 22445 Boca Rio Road,
Boca Raton, Florida 33433. Reform. Rabbi Richard Agler.
Sabbath Services Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 10:15 a.m.
Mailing address: 950 Glades Road. Suite 1C, Boca Raton, Fl
33432. Phone 392-9982.
7099 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, Florida 33446. Con-
servative. Phone 496-0466 and 495-1300. Rabbi Jordan H.
Shepard, Cantor Abraham Perlmutter. Sabbath Service*
Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 8:30 a.m. Daily services 8:30 aJ>.
and 5 p.m.
333 S.W. Fourth Avenue, Boca Raton. Florida 33432. Reform
Phone: 391-8900. Rabbi Merle E. Singer. Assistant WJ
Gregory S. Marx. Cantor Martin Rosen. Shabbat Eve Services
at 8 p.m. Family Shabbat Service at 8 p.m. 2nd Friday of eacn
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 340015. Boca Raton. FL 3343i
Conservative. Located in Century Village, Boca. Daily ServJ"
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.. Sunaa
8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Rabbi Donald David Crain. Phone: w
5557. Joseph M. Pollack, Cantor.
5780 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, Florida 33445. Com*
vative. Phone: 498-3536. Rabbi Elliot J. Winograd. Naftaly*
Linkovsky, Cantor. Sabbath Serivces: Friday at 8 *
Saturday at 8:45 a.m. Daily Minyans at 8:45 a.m. and5pm
2475 West Atlantic Ave. (Between Congress Ave. and Bar*'
Road). Delray Beach, Florida 33445. Reform. Sabbatn fv,
services, Friday at 8:15 p.m. Sat., 10 a.m. Rabbi Samuel ou
President Samuel Rothstein, phone 276-6161.

Friday, April 12,1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 11
Local Club &
Organization News
JTE: the following was
[bmitted by Grace Herskowitz,
the past seven years a staff
\mber of the National Office of
{oneer Women and field
gamer for Broward and Palm
_ch Counties. Mrs. Herskowitz
i organized 16 clubs in the two
Unties over the seven years.
oneer Women-Na'amat is the
est Jewish Women's Zionist
ganization in the world,
inning the oceans with
pters in 13 different countries,
gliding Israel.
Iiis November we start our
th year of existence and will
arate our anniversary at our
Mention in Israel.
rhrough the years we have
i responsible for more than 60
nt of all of Israel's social
ices. This includes 525 day-
centers, caring for 21,000
Idren; 40 community centers;
(vocational high schools; three
>-in agricultural-mechanical
ols; and three Day-Night
aes which house orphans,
van ted children and mentally
Curbed children.
ye are very proud of our adult
beat ion programs and have
instituted an Agency for
lily Violence.
fhe various installations
Iported by Pioneer Women-
lamat number 1,500 and are
in Israel by our sister
lizations Na'amat, which is
[Hebrew acronym for Working
lien and Volunteers. We are
only Jewish women's
lamzation with a sister
Inization in Israel.
|ogether, Pioneer Women and
amat have served a growing
changing population,
Inning with the early Labor
aist settlers from Eastern
ope, continuing with refugees
European Fascism, Jewish
Migrants from Arab countries,
(persecuted Soviet Jews and
the Ethiopian Jews. We now
800 Ethiopian children
Hied in our day care centers.
ff and volunteers are
Riding essential counseling
resettlement services at 30
Wiat branches. We have
idy transmitted a special
It of $200,000 for these
i the U.S. our work is focused
fund-raising and self-
tation. The major source of
Is is by donor contributions
our 800,000 members and
families and friends. In the
and security of our homes
in Florida, which includes
club members in Broward, Palm
Beach and Dade counties,
Pioneer Women can be content
that their efforts have helped
children of illiterate parents
attend the many universities of
Israel because they care; many Wl11 take P"108 at Temple Emeth,
would-be delinquents are on the 5780 W- Atlantic Ave., Delray.
will hold their next meeting
Wednesday, April 17, 12 noon.
Ray Farbman will introduce a
film "Eight years a Day." Jewish
National Fund is the theme and
highlight for April. The meeting
right paths; and Pioneer Women-
Na'amat nurseries gave mothers
an opportunity to join the work
For all these past 60 years,
Pioneer Women-Na'amat have
heeded the call of fellow Jews in
need and in so doing have
changed their world as well as
ours. Purpose and challenge
enrich our lives. We have had the
concept, the ideology and the
tools to do a most important job
in Israel. Those who join us now
will be eligible to participate in a
drawing for a free trip to Israel in
November, when we meet for our
All are welcome.
Hadassah Boca Maariv
Chapter will hold their next
meeting, Wednesday, April 17,
12:30 p.m. in the Administration
Bldg., Century Village, Boca.
Program Chairperson Rose
Sehun will present a program,
and President Selma Schmelkin
will announce charter members
who were omitted from pictures.
Refreshments will be served.
Hadassah Ben Gurion Chapter
will hold their next meeting
convention and 60th anniversary T, April 18.!2:30 p.m. at
celebration. Please contact our
Palm Beach Council office at 433-
0644 or 498-1275.
Women's American ORT
Delray Chapter will hold their
next meeting Tuesday, April 16,
12:30 p.m., at Temple Emeth,
5780 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray. A
fashion show will be presented by
May's Dress Shoppe. Guests
invited and refreshments will be
Women's American ORT All
Points Chapter will hold their
next meeting, Tuesday, April 16,
12:30 p.m. at the American
Savings Bank, W. Atlantic Ave.,
Delray. Featured will be guest
speaker Rose Rifkin, whose topic
will be Israel. Israel will be
celebrating its 37th Anniversary.
Women's American ORT Boca
Century Village Chapter will take
a bus trip to Epcot and Disney
World, three days, two nights,
April 29-May 1. The cost is $149
per person. Two breakfasts and
two dinners are included. For
information call Tillie 483-0779.
Women's American ORT Boca
Glades Chapter will hold their
next meeting Monday, April 15,
12:30 p.m. at the Recreation
Center of the Pines of Boca
Barwood, 23380 Barwood Lane
South. Andre Flandell will speak
on "Food and Nutrition."
Refreshments will be served. For
further information call Lida
Fox, 482-6878. For directions call
Hadassah Menachem Begin
njTith and Comfort Sensitivity and Consideration
^"ipassion in your time of need We understand.
A Famfy Protection Plan Chap*
We honor all pre-need programs.
w w. Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach. FL 33445
Temple Emeth, 5780 W. Atlantic
Ave., Delray. Presentation of a
skit by Blanche Herzlich, "My
Mother, Golda Meir." Refresh-
ments will be served.
Hadassah Shira Delray
Chapter will hold their next
meeting, Wednesday, April 17,
12:30 p.m. at the Adult
Recreation Center, 801 NE 1st
Ave., Delray. Mrs. Rosaline
Keitelman will present the
program "An Image Demon-
stration and Seminar," which
includes color, make-up analysis
and wardrobe. Refreshments will
be served. For further
formation, call 499-1105.
B'nai B'rith Naomi Chapter
will hold their next meeting
Monday, April 15, 12:30 p.m. at
Temple Emeth, 5780 W. Atlantic
Ave., Delray. Refreshments will
be served and installation of
officers will take place.
B'nai B'rith Women Integrity
Council will hold installation of
officers at a luncheon Sunday,
April 14, 12 noon at the Frontier
Restaurant, Boynton Beach.
Installing officer will be Ms. Roz
National Council Jewish
Women, Boca-Delray section will
be starting a community service
project, "Women Helping
Women." The focus of this
project is to help women cope
with having breast cancer. Dr.
Sheila Furr, a clinical
psychologist, will lead the six-
week support and exercise
program from April 16-May 21 at
10 a.m.-12 noon. National Council
volunteers will assist with the
administrative aspects of the
program. For information,
contact Dr. Furr, 499-5900.
National Council Jewish
Women, South Point Section will
hold their next meeting Friday,
April 19 at 9:30 a.m. at Boca
Teeca Meeting Room, 5800 NW
2nd Ave., Boca. Their guest
speaker will be Nancy Tobin,
Hillel Extension Director for
Broward, Palm Beach area to
speak on "Is There a Future for
the Jewish Community and
Youth." Guests are welcome.
Brandeis Women Trails
Chapter will celebrate their first
anniversary and the installation
of officers and Board Members at
a luncheon, Friday, April 19, 12
noon at Patio Delray, 714 E.
Atlantic Ave., Delray. Guests are
welcome. Donation, $11. For
reservations, please call Rhoda
Brickman 499-5551.
Brandeis Women Boca
Chapter will hold their annual
luncheon and installation
Wednesday, April 24, 11:30 a.m.
at the New Palm Beach Airport
Hilton. Featured will be the Palm
Beach Quartet, directed by
Sylvia Brainen. For information
and reservations call 276-7694 or
278-1480. The contribution is $25.
The Delray-Boynton District
of the Zionist Organization of
America has been renamed The
Irving Seid Zionist District of
Delrav-Boynton to honor the
memory of the late Founder and
President of this district.
Mr. Seid was an active life-long
member of ZOA and his
dedication provided help to Israel
by sending American youths to
Israel for leadership training
under the Masada program.
A fund has been established,
"The Irving Seid Memorial
Youth Fund of the Delray-
Boynton Beach District of the
ZOA." Members and friends
desiring to contribute may send
their gifts to the ZOA District
Treasurer, Samuel H. Podos,
4520-B NW 3rd Court, Delray
Beach, Fl. 33445, or call Mr.
Podos for further information at
499-0676. Please make checks
payable to Irving Seid Memorial
Youth Fund of ZOA.
The Jewish Floridian of
South County, in a con-
tinuing effort to increase its
community-service base as
a weekly publication, will
add several features to its
pages in future issues.
Among these will be
wedding announcements
and birth announcements,
which will be carried free of
charge. We will also en-
deavor to publish an
obituary page.
In all cases, readers'
cooperation is requested, in
providing us with the
information by sending it
to 336 NW Spanish River
Blvd., or by dropping it off
at the Federation offices at
the above address.
SUMMER Job Opportunity
Male/Female heading
food operation. Prestige
Camps Adirondacks, 10
weeks superb living. Box
783, Mamaroneck, New
York 10543._____________
A strong plan for a difficult time.
Unfortunately, tunerals are inevitable t
However, it makes sense to plan lor them like any other major
decision like making out a will or taking out a lile insurance policy
In fact, pre-planning your funeral might even make more sense
than planning many other things, because when you plan your
funeral, you're relieving your loved ones lrom making decisions
at a very difficult time
That's why Gutterman-Warheit Memorial Chapel has something
called the Sentinel Plan It's a program where you pre-arrange
and pre-pay in installments for your funeral You pre-arrange to
save your family from difficult decision making, you prepay to
freeze your price
We know it's difficult, but please come in to talk with us We're
Gutter man-War he it
We've been serving
the Jewish commu-
nity for nearly one
hundred years and we
HiNtMAi IHHK TIMS MV( "'Mii.,ln.
Boca/Delray 997-9900
7240 North Federal Highway, Boca/Delray, Florida 33431
Broward 742-4933 Boynton Lake Worth W.P. Beach 683-4141
The People Who Understand

-1-..V- vi-mau luiiuonrca cxiucn county / fnday, April 12,1985
Yom Hasho'ah April 18
Continued from Page 1
episode in the world's history."
(Note: the following are
exerpts from a letter written
several years ago by the daughter
of Boca Raton residents
Holocaust survivors who took
part in the Warsaw Ghetto
uprising and were members of a
resistance organization. Ida and
Henry Warren have kindly
permitted us to reprint the letter)
Dear Mommy and Daddy,
... In the past couple of days
I 've become very absorbed in the
readings I've been doing on the
Holocaust to the point where I
read far more than was necessary
for my paper, but I couldn't put
the literature down. I thought I
knew what went on and what
happened to the Jews from 1939-
45 but I realize now, this is
something I will never know.
When I think that the two of
you were no older than I am and
yet you were facing death or
worse yet the Nazis, who
wanted to destroy you; who
made you their personal enemy
without ever having known you,
this to me is incomprehensible.
The very fact that you are both
alive today is proof to me than
the amazing amount of courage
each of you has. For I'm sure if
you were any less of the people
you are, I certainly would not be
alive today to write this.
I want to tell you that I'm
sorry I'm sorry that you had
to go through what you did and
suffer so undeservedly. I'm sorry
that life is so easy for me because
it's not fair that your generation
had to be the one chosen for this
fate, and mine is the one which
has it so easy because of all that
you fought for and won. I sup-
pose I feel a sense of guilt. I wish
I had it in my power to give you
back some of what was taken
from you.
To me it is a miracle that
people can be as strong as you
both are. To go through tragedies
and see the worst of what this
world has to offer before you've
even seen some of the best. And
yet you both started all over
again when you were given the
chance, confident that the future
would be better I'm marveling
at your optimism. Maybe I'm
beginning to really understand
what each one of you is and where
you're coming from what
makes you the way you are
today. And through this un-
derstanding I can only say that I
love you both even more if
that's possible.
I'm proud to be your daughter
I won't let people forget what
happened to you and so many
like you 40 years ago. The least
my generation can do is have the
respect to remember so that
those 6 million Jews did not die in
vain, and the Jewish Fighting
Organization (ZOB) fought for a
cause that was worth fighting for
human dignity.
I don't think I'veever^
before because if I did [3
meant it the way I'm goi8"*
it now, but rmvmTS
be a Jew! m very PrtJodJ
All my love and thought,,
Community Calendj
U.S. Jews
"Meet the Press."
"I think in cases where we
make humanitarian efforts to
rescue various types of people, I
think instead of reporters and
senior Administration officials
discussing it in public, it's best
left to the historians," Regan
"You can blow these things
very easily," Regan continued.
"And I would suggest that in the
future we may be trying to rescue
either ethnic or religious groups
who are trapped for one reason or
another. And I don't think it
serves any good purpose to
discuss it."
Kenneth Bialkin, chairman of
the Conference of Presidents of
Major American Jewish
Organizations, in a statement,
said, "As an American I am filled
with pride. As a Jew I am filled
with gratitude by the unselfish
and humanitarian action of our
government and of the personal
involvement of Vice President
George Bush and President
HE ADDED that "what they
did here shows that the United
States is willing when it has the
opportunity to do so to help those
people who want to help
themselves in seeking freedom."
Continued from Page 1
The National Jewish Com-
munity Relations Advisory
Council, in a statement, said,
"We are profoundly moved by
the report of the three-day
operation completing the
evacuation of virtually all of the
Ethiopian Jews left in the refugee
camps after the airlift was halted
in January, and we welcome the
actions of the United States
government. It is very much in
the spirit of the special
relationship of the United States
and Israel."
According to media reports of
the airlift, the operation involved
the United States Air Force, the
CIA and the State Department.
The evacuation, the reports said,
brings to Israel virtually all
Ethiopian Jewish refugees who
were stranded in Sudan after the
airlift carried out by Israel from
November to January was
halted. Some 8,000 Jews were
reportedly brought to Israel
during that operation.
which carried the first reports of
the three-day evacuation, said
that it was worked out by Bush
in a meeting Mar. 6 with
Sudanese President Gaafer al-
Nimeiry. The Times reported
that Nimeirv told Bush he had no
objection to the removal of
On the occasion of his
850th Birthday
In Spain, Egypt. Israel and
SEFARAD (Two weeks) ....................$1,215 plus air fan
SEFARAD AND ISRAEL (Two weeks) ..........SI.315 plus air fare
SEFARAD AND MOROCCO (18 Dayi)..........SI 429 plus air fare
SEFARAD. ISRAEL AND EGYPT (18 Days) ......SM19 plus air fare
Dr. Moshe Laiar, (University of Southern California) May 13 & July 22
Dr. Zioni Zevit, (University of Judaism)........May 6, June 10 & July I
Dr. Norman Roth, (University of Wisconsin).........May 20 & June 10
Contact your Travel Agent or call (TOLL-FREE):
I (800) 421 -4105 Continental U.S.A. except California
Sefarad Tours International
6399 Wilshire Boulevard. Suite 110
Los Angeles. California <>0048
Telephone: (213)658-6226
Land Operator: Politur. Madrid
50 West 57th Street, Suite 1200
New York, N.Y. 10019
Telephone: (212) 582-8552
refugees from Sudan as long as it
was done quickly and quietly,
and according to other reports,
that it was not conducted with
Israeli planes.
The White House is widely
reported to have given its ap-
proval for the operation. While
there are no precise figures of
how many Ethiopian Jews were
flown out on the propeller-driven
C-130 transport aircraft, it is
reported that about 900
Ethiopian Jews lived as refugees
in Sudan for about a year.
They were believed to have
been in the Gedaref area, about
200 miles southeast of Khartoum.
The Times correspondent
reported that the area in the
Tawawa refugee camp where the
Jews had been housed was
April 12
National Council Jewish Women Boca-Delray Branch r^j
meeting, 9:30 a.m. Boanl
April 14
Temple Sinai Brotherhood meeting, 9:30 a.m.; Temple BethH
Brotherhood Breakfast meeting, 10 a.m.
April 15
Women's League for Israel meeting, 10 a.m.; Temple Emtth'
Singles Board meeting, 9:30 a.m.; Anshei Shalom Oriole JewS
Center Sisterhood meeting, 9:30 a.m.; Women's American OR?
Sandalfoot meeting, 1 p.m.; B'nai B'rith Women Naomi
meeting, 12:30 n..m.; Women's American ORT Boca Glad*
meeting, 12:30 p.m. ^
April 16
Women's American ORT Boca-Delray evening Board meeting 8
p.m.; B'nai B'rith Delray Lodge No. 2965 meeting, 7:30n^i
B'nai B'rith Boca Teeca Lodge Board meeting, 9:30a!m.'i
Temple Beth El Solos Board meeting, 7:30 p.m.; Women'!'
American ORT All Points meeting, 12:30 p.m.; Womenj
American ORT Delray meeting, 12:30 p.m.
April 17
Hadassah Shira meeting, 12 noon; Women's American ORT
Region Board meeting, 10 a.m.; Hadassah Boca Maariv
meeting, 12:30 p.m.; Hadassah Menachem Begin meeting, 12
April 18
Yom HaShoah Program at Jewish Community Center, 7:30
p.m.; Hadassah Ben Gurion meeting, 1 p.m.; Pioneer Woma
Kinneret Board meeting, 12 noon; Temple Beth El Sisterhood
meeting, 12:30 p.m.; Temple Beth El Single Parents meeting,
7:30 p.m.; Temple Beth El Brotherhood Board meeting, 8pa.;
Women's American ORT Delpoint Board meeting, 12 noon;
Temple Emeth Brotherhood Board meeting, 12 noon
April 19
National Council Jewish Women Boca-Delray Branch meeting,
9:30 a.m.
When only the finest sweets will do, choose
Barton's to celebrate the Passover holiday.
From our selection:
Passover Miniature Nuts, 8 oz., $6
Passover Seder mints, 8 oz., $8
Fruit flavored slices, 12 oz., $5
Kosher for passover and attractively boxed.
Candy, all Jordan Marsh stores except
jMlaml International Mall, Broward Mall,
Pompano, Boca Raton
to 'culler i.dge -dodeiond .m,am. ,nie.nai,on
onoi moll 063-d si-eel .hoMywood .b'owa-d ma" -me ganena -pompono -D*
we,l palm beoch .o.lonao .al.omoo.e 4p,.ng5 .me.-m ,slond .m.lbou-n*

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