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The Apr. 20, 1990 issue of The Jewish Floridian of South County is bound in and filmed with v. 20 of The Jewish Floridian of South Broward.

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"Jewish Floridian
Of South County
Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach
Volume 6 Number 10
Boca Raton, Florida Friday, March 9,1984
I Frud SHochtl
Price 35 Cents
Brenners Dedicate Holocaust
Memorial to Beth El March 16
At Shabbat evening services
on Friday, March 16, Rabbi
Merle E. Singer and the members
of Temple Beth El of Boca Raton
will dedicate the sculpture, The
Last Kaddish. The sculpture, by
noted Israeli artist Aharon
Bezalel, is a gift to the Temple
from Anne and Henry Brenner of
the Hamlet, Delray Beach and
Sands Point, N.Y. It is dedicated
in loving memory of their
parents, Bella and Samuel Gar-
nitsky and Rebecca and Isidore
Brenner and in loving memory of
our six million fellow Jews who
were murdered in the Holocaust.
"We feel deeply the sadness of
human life being so cheap and
being so easily butchered and for
no reason except that they were
born Jews. The horror of the
Holocaust has been excruciat-
ingly painful to Anne and me,"
said Mr. Brenner. "It is impor-
tant for this horror not to be for-
gotten by anybody because it can
happen to anybody, depending
on who's in power," Brenner
During a congregational trip to
Israel last summer, Rabbi Singer
and approximately 70 members
of the Temple held a special dedi-
cation on a hill overlooking Jeru-
salem at Yad Vashem. The sculp-
ture was assembled there and re-
mained on view before being dis-
mantled and shipped to Boca
Raton last fall.
The sculpture is a stark
reminder of a horror some would
like to forget. Ten faceless bronze
figures. Old men. Women with
children in their arms. Young
"TheLast Kaddish"
people. The ten figures represent
all who perished at the hands of
the Nazi oppressors. Set apart
from the assembled group is a
cantor leading these people in the
recitation of the Kaddish, the
prayer extolling God's greatness
said at the close of each section of
the worship service and at the
graves of our departed.
According to Rabbi Singer, "It
is a powerful sculpture. There is
no mistaking what it represents.
It is life surviving death."
In Italy
Concordat Affects Jewish Community
[new concordat just agreed
to by the Italian State and
the Roman Catholic Church
will have wide implications
for the Italian Jewish com-
munity, including control
of its ancient cultural and
I historical heritage in Rome.
The Concordat, signed by
temier Bettino Craxi, leader of
the Socialist Party, and Cardinal
Agostino Casaroli, the Vatican
Secretary of State, establishes a
clear demarcation between the
temporal and religious powers of
the Church and advances reli-
gious pluralism in Italy. It is by
and large a revision and updating
of the 1929 Concordat signed
between the Church and Mus-
solini regime which formalized
Roman Catholicism as the State
Under the new Concordat, this
is no longer the case. Catholic
religious instruction is no longer
compulsory in Italian public
THE REVISED relationship
between Church and State will
effect the so-called "mini-concor-
dats" between the state and non-
Catholic faiths which are also up
for revision. Italian Protestants
mostly Waldensian and
Methodist signed revised
agreements with the government
this week. The Union of Italian
New ORT Chapter Forming
The South Palm Beach County
IX?.on of Women's American
KJRT will hold a tea on Thursday,
IMarch 16 at 1 p.m. at the Boca
*eca Recreation Center Audl-
onum, Boca Teeca, Boca Raton.
Natalie Barman, Vke-Preei-
Ijent of Expansm for the Region
[announces that a new chapter
[will be formed at that time. ORT
l1Mmher8 working on this
ittea include: Pauline
Berkowitz, Region Ke-enroUment
Chairman, Roz Schneider, Region
Education Chairman, Elayne
Fisher, Region Membership
Chairman, Marilyn Selevan,
Region Membership Co-Chair-
man, Peppy Donshik, Region
Capital Funds Chairman, Violet
FWdstein, North Pines Chapter
member, Betty Jackal, District
VI Re-enrollment Chairman. For
further information call 272-4474
or 736-1635.
Jewish Communities is lagging
No date has been set for a
definitive revision, mainly
because an existing draft still
contains several points of contro-
versy within the Jewish commu-
nity itself. But the Concordat
between the Catholic Church and
the State contains several articles
which will doubtlessly serve as
guidelines for Jewish requests for
Roman Catholicism is no
longer "the sole religion of the
Italian State" nor are other reli-
gions merely "permitted." In
principle, all religions now have
equal rights. Primary and secon-
dary public school classes in "the
Catholic religion" are no longer
"compulsory," with students of
other faiths or ideologies being
allowed "exemption" from
religious instruction.
Catholic religion" is still guaran-
teed by the government, but as
an elective subject. By the same
token, a revised agreement with
the Jewish community could
provide governmental guarantees
for the teaching of "the Jewish
religion" in public schools, at the
request of students and parents.
Students of theology remain
deferred from military service, as
are university students generally.
The clergy may perform civil
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Jewish Leaders Criticize
Jackson for His Slurs
The tense relations between
the American Jewish
community and the Rev.
Jesse Jackson have been
further strained in the last
few days by an alleged slur
by the Democratic Presi-
dential hopeful to Jews as
Hymie" and to New York
s Hymietown," as well as
o his call on Jewish leaders
lo repudiate the tactics of
some Jewish groups that he
said had tried to disrupt his
election campaign.
Jackson's remarks about
"Hymie" or "Hymietown" were
reported by The Washington
Post last week. But in a meeting
later with editors and reporters at
the Post, Jackson said he had
"no recollection" of making these
BUT THE Washington Post
said it stood by its story that
Jackson made his remarks in a
conversation with its reporter,
Milton Coleman, in a cafeteria at
the Washington National Airport
on Jan. 25 during a discussion of
foreign affairs. "At least one
senior member of Jackson's staff
has since acknowledged to a
reporter hearing Jackson occa-
sionally use the term 'Hymie', "
the Post reported.
Nathan Perlmutter, the
national director of the Anti-
Defamation League of B'nai
B'rith, said that the term
'Hymie'' is "a derogatory term,"
and it is hoped that Jackson did
not say it, as he now claims.
"Words are the clothing in which
thoughts come and that (Hymie)
is an ugly thought," Perlmutter
As for Jackson's call on Jewish
leaders to repudiate disruptive
tactics by some Jewish groups,
Perlmutter said: "Jackson is
once again swinging at imaginary
Jewish enemies." He noted that
an advertisement by "Jews
Against Jackson" in various
newspapers, sponsored by the
Jewish Defense League, "was
deplored by a broad spectrum of
Jewish organizations." Jackson
"is either distorting the truth or
doesn't know what he is talking
about," Perlmutter said.
RABBI Alexander Schindler.
president of the Union of Amer-
ican Hebrew Congregations, said
in a statement issued here:
"Jackson's charge that Jewish
leadership has been reluctant to
condemn extremism by the JDL
is manifestly unfair. The UAHC,
along with responsible Jewish
leadership, has rebuked the JDL,
now as in the past, for tactics
which do violence to the demo-
cratic process and thus harm all
Americans, including Blacks and
Continuing, Schindler said: "If
we have been timid, it is rather in
our failure forcefully to repudiate
Jesse Jackson's Inimical views,
lest we fan the flames of a Black-
Jewish confrontation on the
American scene. We desire no
such group conflict. We react
rather to an individual candidate
who happens to be Black but
whose expressed words and deeds
are injurious and offensive to
Howard Friedman, president
of the American Jewish Com-
mittee, said: "We have repeat-
edly over the past several years
condemned in unequivocal and
unconditional terms those un-
democratic tactics that have been
used by some to interfere with
the political campaigns of various
people including Jesse Jackson."
Reagan Says Israeli Settlements
Not 'Helpful' to Peace Process
(JTA) President Reagan
has reiterated his position
that Israel's settlement
policy on the West Bank is
not "helpful" to the peace
process, since a peace
agreement will require
Israel giving up some of the
territory it now holds.
"Obviously, the peace process,
when negotiations come between
the Arab states and Israel, is
going to have to involve territ-
orial changes in return for secure
peaceful borders," Reagan said in
response to a question at a
nationally-televised press confer-
ence from the East Room of the
White House.
HE STRESSED that "from
the very beginning" his
Administration made it clear that
the settlement policy was not
"helpful" to the overall peace
process, although it never called
it illegal as did the Carter
Administration. He repeated that
any forthcoming negotiations
must be based on the Camp
David "process" and United
Nations Security Council Resol-
utions 242 and 338.
On Lebanon, Reagan for the
first time said one reason the
U.S. Marines had gone into
Lebanon was because "we
wanted to prevent a war between
Syria and Israel." He said there
had been five wars between Israel
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ruuay, reoruary Z4, law
i he Jewish rlondtan of South Vourtty

In Italy
Church-State Concordat
Affects Jewish Community
Continued from Page 1
service in place of military service
or be exempt: or clergy may
serve as chaplains with the armed
It follows that the same rights
and privileges (some already
granted) will be valid for Jewish
schools, rabbinical seminarians
and the Jewish "clergy" when
the final revison is drafted.
Of special interest to the
Jewish community is the Concor-
dat's provision that the cultural
and historical patrimony of the
Church will be protected and
guarded by special joint State-
Church commissions. The Jewish
historical and archaeological
patrimony in Italy is large and
rich. It is in a sad state of decay
at present for lack of funds. But
the moment may be at hand for
Italian Jewry to request State
help, based on the Catholic prece-
special aspect of this issue. The
new Concordat states that the
Vatican accepts full respon-
sibility for the administration of
the Christian catacombs, in-
cluding permission to excavate,
while at the same time it gives up
all claims to "other" catacombs,
meaning the Jewish catacombs.
The Jewish community wants
jurisdiction over them. The Villa
Torlonia and Villa Randonini are
two of the most important in
Rome. Only the latter is
presently open to visitors. Since
no arrangements have been made
for its custody, the entrance to
the Villa Torlonia, an ancient
staircase, has been buried for
several years -'Ho protect the
catacombs from vandalism.' .
Henryk Geller. a Jewish
scholar and historian who is an
expert on the catacombs, was
contacted by the Jewish Tele-
graphic Agency. He has been in-
volved with the catacomb issue
for years and is a founder of the
World Jewish Congress' Heritage
Committee, set up to solve this
and similar problems.
HE TOLD the JTA. The
study of the Jewish catacombs
evidently touches on problems of
ancient Jewish-Christian
relations and could shed new
light on the self-understanding
and historical knowledge of both
Precious and numerous items
from archaeological excavations
brought to light in the late 19th
and early 20th centuries were
once on view in the Lateran
Museum of the Vatican, which no
longer exists.
Only a few pieces are present!}
on display in the Capitoline and
Vatican museums. Why are the
others not on exhibition? Geller
asks. The Jewish catacombs and
the treasures still buried in them
will return to Jewish jurisdiction
if Italian Jewry so decides. But
financial means must be found
for their upkeep and this would
require a definite agreement with
the Italian State.
plicitly raised by the new Concor-
dat relates to the financial basis
for the functioning of Jewish
communities throughout Italy.
The 1929 agreement between
Italian Jewry and Mussolini
provided for self-taxation backed,
in times of extreme duress, by the
Italian State.
The State may also be called
upon for legal enforcement. An
Italian Jewish immigrant from
Libya recently challenged this
law and a decision by the Su-
preme Court is pending.
Arens Says IDF Will Not
Leave Southern Lebanon
(JTA) Israel Defense
Minister Moshe Arens has
made it clear that the
Israeli army would not
leave southern Lebanon
until there was a govern-
ment in Beirut that could
ensure the security of
Israel's northern border.
As long as there is not a
Lebanese government that can
provide a credible commitment
that it will prevent terrorist
action against Israel from
southern Lebanon. Israel has no
choice but to keep its army
deployed in southern Lebanon."
Arens said in an interview on
f ABC-TV's "This Week with
m David Brinkley ."
Z "We have to protect the lives
and the safety of the citizens in
the northern part of Israel." the
Defense Muster stressed.
Palestine Liberation Organ-
ization terrorists have been
infiltrating back into Lebanon,
tc some of them fighting alongside
.^ the Druze in the Shouf moun-
tains. He said there have been
x some rockets fired at Israel, but
they have been "few and far
between" and have not caused
sny injuries.
Arens said the presence of the
Israeli army in south Lebanon
f has prevented the type of shelling
jj that existed before Israel went
x into Lebanon in June. 1962. He
added that Israel has warned the
Druze to prevent the PLO from
moving south.
Arens said that the withdrawal
of the U.S. Marines will not help
the government of President
Am in Gemayel. adding that the
past few weeks has shown that
maybe nothing could help
Gemayel. "so maybe it doesn't
really make a difference.'
BUT HE warned that Syria
and the Soviet Union believe the
West Britain, France and
Italy, as well as the United
States do not have the
"staying power" and are not
willing to make the commitment
to see the Lebanese situation
through. He said if this is true, it
will be "only a question of time
until (Syrian President) Hafez
Assad and the Russians behind
him will win."
Arens said that if Syria does
gain control in Lebanon and
places s Syrian "stooge" in
Beirut it will then turn south
either against Israel or Jordan.
"I hope they know, I hope they
realize that Israel has the staying
power. We are in the area to stay
. We have the perseverance
we have the stamina, we have
strength to beat anyone who tries
to attack us," Arens warned.
Immigration Up
TEL AVIV ,jta> -
Immigration during 1983 rose
24.3 percent over 1982, from
13.260 to 16.478. though new-
comers from Eastern Europe
dropped by 25.6 percent, from
3.275 in 1982 to only 1,767. Leon
Dulzin. Jewish Agency executive
chairman and head of the
Agency's immigration depart-
ment, announced last week.
President Reagan meets with Simon
Wiesenthal, world-renowned Holocaust
survivor, who has devoted his life to the
pursuit of Nazi war criminals. The President
is shown discussing the worh of the Simon
Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles and
pointing out the moral imperative for the
civilized world to remember the atrocities
committed during the Holocaust
Shamir Assures Arabs Of Israel They are 'Equal'
Premier Yitzhak Shamir
has received a delegation of
Israeli Arab leaders. "He
assured them that Israel's
600,000 Arabs are equal cit-
izens of the state but ac-
knowledged that they have
special problems and pro-
mised to do his best to find
The meeting was the first of its
kind ever held by the leader of a
Likud government. The 27-
member delegation included 15
mayors of Arab towns, religious,
educational and social leaders.
Three were members of the
Democratic Front which is af-
filiated with the Rakah (Com-
munist) Party.
the issue of Arab-Jewish co-
existence and complained of feel-
ing neglected and of unequal
treatment by the government in
the area of social services, parti-
cularly child care allowances,
education and business incen-
tives. "There is no incentive for
industry to set up in our towns.
That is what I told the Prime
Minister," said Mayor Samir
Darwish of Baka el-Garbia. a
spokesman for the group.
The unequal treatment stems
in part from Israel's practice of
providing extra assistance and
incentives for veterans of mili-
tary service. Israel's Arab
population, with few exceptions,
is not permitted to serve in the
armed forces. Shamir's visitors
proposed alternative forms of na-
tional service for Israeli Arabs on
a voluntary basis.
Darwish expressed satisfaction
.hat Shamir "is going to do
something about our problems."
He contrasted the Prune Min-
ister's attitude with that of his
predecessor. former Premier
Menachem Begin, who, he said.
never visited an Arab village or
held a dialogue with local Arab
leaders during his six years in of-
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the finest blocks in New York
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Jean Meizinger. Homage a Letter.
Christie s paintings, watercolors, drawings and sculpture
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J 4
Syr, I
'! i
' ..
f '!

Begin Rejects Proposal
He Sign Declaration
JERUSALEM (JTA) Former Premier
[ Menachem Begin Sunday rejected a proposal that he add
his signature to Israel's Declaration of Independence. The
I proposal was raised by Deputy Housing Minister Moshe
I Katzav in a letter to Premier Yitzhak Shamir.
KATZAV SAID that Begin was denied the privilege
lof signing the Declaration in 1948 because the Labor
establishment was opposed to the Irgun, which Begin had
led during the pre-State days. Reacting to the proposal,
Begin told Maariv: "One cannot add a signature
retrospectively. Those who signed, signed. Those who
[didn't sign, didn't sign."
Begin said the proposal surprised him. He said that
I had Katzav consulted'him in advance, he would have
asked him not to raise it.
The Upcoming Visit Of The
First Lady Of Costa Rica Part H
The South County Jewish
community ia buzzing with
excitement in preparation for the
arrival of Mrs. Doris Yankelewitz
de Monge, Firat Lady of Costa
Rica, to South County. Mrs.
Monge ia to be the recipient of
the South County Jewish
Federation Humanitarian award
in appreciation of her dedication
to Israel and worldwide Jewry.
Mrs. Monge ia a graduate of
Heredia Costa Rica (University
of Costa Rica) with a degree in
graphic arts, emphasis on oil
painting. She has participated in
various oil painting exhibitions
and has initiated several handi-
craft expositions.
On the political scene, Mrs.
Monge organizes Women's
groups throughout Costa Rica,
encouraging greater female parti-
cipation in civic and political
activities and eagerly works
toward nomination of women for
congressional office. She is a
noted feminist, and has written
many essays regarding the parti-
cipation of women in politics.
Last year Mrs. Monge
presented two ambulances to the
Red Cross of Costa Rica, donated
by the Order of St. John of Jeru-
salem, and at the same time was
busy preparing the dedication of
the Anne Frank Village in San
Involved in other civic and
charitable organizations, Mrs.
Monge invited the Arthritis
Foundation of Florida to Costa
Rica for a fund-raising event. She
donates food to the National
Children's Hospital and helped
the recent earthquake victims.
Mrs. Monge's activities are too
numerous to elaborate on further,
however she has received many
honors and awards for her efforts
on behalf of others. She is
honorary President of the
Commission of Expositions
Between Continents and Seas
and was nominated Lady of
America by the National
Women's Organization of
Mexico. She is Honorary
President of the Inter-America
Commission of Women of the
Organization of American States,
Costa Rica Chapter.
She has been an honored guest,
receiving keys to the cities of
Dorado, Miami, Los Angeles and
San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Among her many talents, Mrs.
Monge is an accomplished pianist
and ballet dancer, and enjoys
reading, gardening, music
swimming and tennis.
Her 17 year old daughter, Lena
is a medical student in Costa
Rica. Lena has been raised as a
Jewish child, and proudly wears a
gold Star of David around her
To learn more about this
fascinating woman, the Commu-
nity Relations Council of the
South County Jewish Federation,
invites the entire community to
attend the celebration in her
Due to a scheduling conflict
Her Excellency has informed the
South County Jewish Federation
that she will be unable to keep
the March 29 date. The Floridian
will apprise you of the resched-
uled date in a future issue.
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i- nuay, reoruary i\, iye4
I he Jewish nonaian of South County

Major Contribution
Moynihan, Eagleburger Tilt Over Status of Jerusalem
(JTA) Sen. Daniel
Moynihan (D., N.Y.)
declared that moving the
U.S. Embassy in Israel
from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
would be a major contri-
bution to the Middle East
peace process. But
Lawrence Eagleburger,
Undersecretary of State for
Political Affairs, said such
a move would undermine
America's ability to play an
effective role in that
"There will be no peace in the
Middle East as long as there
remains any doubt in the minds
of the enemies of Israel as to the
commitment of the United States
to the permanence of the State of
Israel," Moynihan told the
Senate foreign Relations Com-
"There is nothing we can do
more to bring peace to Israel and
the Middle East than put our
Embassy in its capital and say
our Embassy is there to stay, and
the State of Israel is there to
stay, and nothing will change
of the bill he introduced to move
the Embassy and the Ambas-
sador's residence to Jerusalem.
He said the bill now has 28 co-
sponsors in the Senate. A similar
bill was introduced in the House
by Reps. Tom Lantos (D., Calif.)
and Benjamin Oilman (R, N.Y.).
Sen Arlen Specter (R., Pa.),
who joined Moynihan in testi-
fying before the committee, also
stressed that the U.S. "gives
comfort" to the Arabs in their
refusal to recognize Israel by
failing to relocate the Embassy in
Jerusalem. Eagleburger noted
the special close relationship that
has existed between Israel and
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Out of Town. Upon Request
Friday, March 9, 1984
Volume 6
5 2 ADAR 5744
Number 10
the U.S. since 1948 and said,
"There cannot be any doubt
about our commitment to
Eagleburger said the U.S.
considers West Jerusalem as an
area administered by Israel and
East Jerusalem as occupied
territory. He reiterated the VS.
position that the status of
Jerusalem must be determined
by negotiations, although he
stressed that the Administration
believes the city should remain
"A change in the U.S. position
on the status of Jerusalem would
serve only to undermine our
ability to play an effective role in
the Middle East peace process,"
Eagleburger said. "Indeed,
moving our embassy to Jeru-
salem would be widely perceived
as an effort by the U.S. to
preempt negotiations altogether
by pre-judging a crucial issue,"
he said.
EAGLEBURGER noted that
while the U.S. position may be
"frustrating" to the Israelis, it
has not been a "major irritant" in
dealing with them and has not
prevented agreement on a wide
variety of issues.
Sen. Joseph Biden (D., Del.)
said he believes the Embassy
move is the "wrong fight" to
make at this time. But he sug-
gested to Eagleburger that the
Administration go ahead and do
it on its own. "If the Arabs can
sustain and swallow our policy in
Lebanon, they can take just
about anything," Biden said.
Secretary of State George
Shultz, in a letter read by Sen.
Charles Percy (R., 111.) the com-
mittee chairman, said the
proposed legislation would in-
terfere with the President's
Constitutional right to conduct
foreign policy. Specter replied
that Congress has more Consti-
tutional justification for this
measure than Presidents have
had for going into Korea and
Vietnam, not to mention more
recent engagements.
PERCY NOTED that this was
the first time a Congressional
committee has ever considered
this issue. This was also pointed
out yesterday to representatives
of the Jewish media by Thomas
Dine, executive director of the
American-Israel Public Affairs
Committee (AIPAC).
He said this now created a
"precedent" and no matter what
happens to the current bill, the
issue will continue to be brought
up in each session of Congress.
Dine rejected the view that this is
not the time to raise the issue.
"Should we wait another 35
__________ft^y. March 9, loft
years?" he asked, "if not ^
At the hearing, the Rev. Job,
Walker, Episcopal Bishop of
Washington; Father Milton.
Efthimou, of the OrthotbA
Church; Father J. Bryan Hebirl.
of the U.S. Catholic Conference^
and David Sadd, executivj
director of the Association 0|
Arab Americans, spoke against
the proposed move.
community in support of the bill
was Kenneth Bialkin, chairman
of the Anti- Defamation League of
B'nai B'rith, who charged that
the U.S. has been giving in to
"fear" of Arab reaction. "It
time to end several generations oT
U.S. surrender to intimidation
and threats from our so-called i
friends in Arab lands," he said.
Richard Hellman, of the 1
International Christian Embassy
in Jerusalem, said that Israel's
protection of the rights of 1
Christians and Moslems in Jeru-
salem and the "holy sites of all,
faiths has been exemplary." Also'
speaking in favor of the move
were Dr. Calvin Thomas of the
Moral Majority and Sister Rose
Thering, a Seton Hall University
professor. ______________
Israeli Settlements
Continued from Page 1
and Syria. Actually there had
been three: the 1948 War of
Independence, the 1967 Six-Day
War and the 1973 Yom Kippur
War. The 1956 Sinai campaign
and the war of attrition in the
1970's were between Israel and
Up to his last conference,
Reagan had stressed that the
Marines were in Lebanon as a
"stabilizing force" to allow the
government of Lebanon to regain
sovereignty over its country as
the Israeli and Syrian armies
HE REPEATED this and said
"progress' was being made, and
this is why terrorists began
hitting at the Marines and the
other members of the multi-
national force. He charged that
the terrorist attacks were made
"on the part of those who don't
want a peaceful settlement."
Reagan said that because tri
MNF had become a target oi"
terrorists they had been "re-
deployed" to the ships off shore.
But he stressed that the U.S.
ships would remain there and
that his special envoy, Donald
Rumsfeld, would continue his
diplomatic effort in Lebanon,
Syria and Israel.
"Super Sunday" marks the highlight of the 1984
United Jewish Appeal Campaign. It is your chance to
make fund-raising history.
Join thousands of volunteers in Federations across
Florida in an all-out telephone drive-to reach more
people and raise more money in a single day than ever
Give us two hours of your time on Super Sunday.
To call your friends and neighbors. To ask them to
join you in helping our fellow Jews at home, in Israel
and around the world-through our community cam-
The calls you make may determine the quality of
Jewish life in this decade. Mu-my u.
Reserve your "Super Sunday" telephone now.
Share The Vision
Give To Life

Sooth County Jewish Federation
2200 N. Federal Highway
Suite 206
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Phono Sue at 368-2001
Share The Vision
Answer The Call

Friday. March 9,1*
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Pa* 5
Temple Beth El and UAHC Southeast
Region Co-Sponsors
Educator-In-Residence Program
For Educators and Lay Leaders
.landing left to right are: Joe S. Schenk,
IMarianne Bobick, President, South County
{Jewish Federation; Joe Oreenberg, Leisureville
Chairman; Gladys Weinshank, General Cam-
paign Chairman; Ben Bussin, Family Division
Kick-Off Breakfast Held At Leisureville
A fine crowd waa on hand
Sunday, Feb. 19, to enjoy a
breakfast sponsored by the South
County Jewish Federation. The
breakfast, a first in Leisureville s
campaign history, officially
begins the 1984 UJA-Federatkm
Campaign. It was held at the
Boca Raton Country Club, 7601
I Country Club- Blvd.
Joe Greenberg, 1984
_*isureville Chairman, originated
[the idea for the Breakfast, and
[presided over the meeting. Guest
I speakers included Marianne
Bobick, President of the South
County Jewish Federation,
Gladys Weinshank, General
Campaign Chairman, and
Benjamin Bussin, Family Divi-
sion Chairman.
Mrs. Bobick, speaking first,
touched on local community
needs, including the Jewish
Family and Children's Service,
the Kosher Connection, a hot
Kosher Lunch program held five
days per week for seniors at
Congregation Anshei Emuna, the
Jewish Day School, the new
Jewish Campus and others.
Gladys Weinshank reviewed
for those in attendance the
Jewish Family Service
Expands Programming
Jewish Family and Children's
ervice of South County is con-
' ling to expand its Family Life
pducation Program. An interest
Family Life Education (FLE)
a natural development of the
gency's role in the strength-
ling of family Life.
FLE opens Jewish Family
/ice to the general population
by providing programs which are
appropriate for all families and
individuals, not only for those at
fisk. For the participants, FLE
programs can lead to increased
.understanding of normal stress,
>wth of self-esteem, devel-
opment of communication skills,
iproved ability to cope with
ablem situations, development
problem solving skills, and
maximization of family and indi-
vidual potential.
Dena Feldman, MSW, coor-
dinator of JFLE at Jewish
Family Service is pleased with
fie success of the many
roKrams offered during 1983-84.
They included STEP, a parenting
rae; Stress Management;
Pt You Don't Look Jewish"
. Dilemma of the Convert; and
fthnotherapy, the latter offered
P conjunction with B'nai Torah
Fongregation's Adult Education
lenes. These groups were all led
ly professionals from the agency.
In addition, workshops were
resented to the Hillel organ-
ftion at FAU the South County
Vat ?"$* ^"P8'the Career
t 8 D,,vi8ion of South
EL i8*"1 Federation,
TTS uPer80n'8 S^v^ of
Beach County, The Delray
S3' Aand, Temple Emeth of
ey s Adult Education Series.
I JFLE programs planned for
future include "I Can't
Tke ~ te the Whle Thing"
kmil? Psychology of Weight
Nrol, Career Workshop for
fcn .m Transition, Couples
hmunjcation, The S&le-
InT Experience, and Aging -
New Approach.
1 ,h PFeldn? that
1 Family Service wul be
pleased to work with organ-
izations to plan FLE programs to
meet the needs of then- members.
For further information, contact
her at 395-3640.
overseas "picture" which in-
cluded Israel and 34 nations
around the world where fellow
Jews live in distress. She dis-
cussed her trip to Poland and
Auschwitz and the impressions
these places made upon her.
Ben Bussin followed Mrs.
Weinshank with a brief descrip-
tion of the Family Division philo-
sophy and talked generally about
the reasons for its creation and
goals now, and for the future.
Chairman Greenberg closed
the breakfast meeting with a
reminder to the group that "this
is just the beginning of our
campaign and many volunteers
are needed now to see this
campaign mature to fruition. We
must educate our friends and
neighbors to the needs of our
fellow Jews here and abroad, and
build upon this education in order
that future Leisureville Cam-
paigns meet with much success."
the bMh of laraal
aIhtnqsotiny made Mao Ng.
It's Tetteys tiny little tea leaves. They've been making it big tn
Jewish homes lor years. Tetley knows that just as tiny lamb
chops and tiny peas are the most flavorful, the same is true for
tea leaves. That's why tor rich, refreshing tea, Tetley bags
are packed with tiny little tea leaves. Because tiny is tastier!
K Certified Koaher
TETLEY. TEA n./ n <<<:
Rabbi Howard I. Bogot,
Director of Curriculum Devel-
opment for the Union of
American Hebrew Congregations
will chair the Educator-In
Residence free series to be held at
Temple Beth El, 333 SW 4th
Avenue, Boca Raton, Fl 33432 on
March 8,10 and 11.
The UAHC is the coordinating
agency for over 782 Reform
Synagogues serving liberal Jews
throughout the United States
and Canada.
This program will focus on the
new curriculum, its imple-
mentation and evaluation in
creative and professional ways.
The schedule is as follows:
Thursday, March 8, 7:30 p.m.-
9:30 p.m., "UAHC Demon-
stration School for Lay Loaders."
This is an opportunity for Temple
Board Members and Officers and
Nursery School. and Religious
School Committees to learn
about the new curriculum and see
a brief glimpse of reform educa-
tion. Saturday, March 10, 9:30
a.m. Noon, "Problem
Questions On Your Mind," Rabbi
Bogot will address questions and
concerns of reform teachers and
educators through discussion,
demonstration and inquiry.
Sunday, March 11, 8:46-10:45
a.m. and-or 11 a.m.-l p.m.,
"Recipes for Jewish Parenting,"
Rabbi Bogot will conduct two
identical sessions on Jewish
Parenting with an infusion of
innovative ideas for Jewish home
This series will be brought to
various Congregational staff
members and educators through
the efforts of Robin Eisenberg,
Director of Education of Temple
Beth El. For reservations, call
Temple Beth El School Office at
Who do you miss
who's 50 miles away?
Isn't that someone special who seems too close to call and
too far to visit, really worth a surprise chat now and then? Well,
remember with Southern Bell, 50 miles is only a short long
distance call away.
In Florida, a 15-minute call this weekend within 50 miles,
dialed direct without the operator, costs no more than $1.72
till 5 p.m. Sunday.
At that rate, you can visit long and warm. And often.
Make a short long distance call today*
Southern Bel
D^SUtn(l+)crtr^ppty.Trcfrg*r guest, oalng card, ooMct cast, cast chargad to anottwr number, or to Hms and chargsc
For drect dW ratos to Alaska and Hawefl, check your operator. RstsssubkKt to change.

- -
i nuay, reoruary xa, iy4
Page 6
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, March 9,1984
Anne and Henry Brenner
Brenners to be Honored
Sam Fox, Chairman of the
Hamlet Israel Bond Committee,
takes pleasure in announcing
that Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brenner
have been selected to be honored
on March 25 at a Cocktail Recep-
tion. "Anne and Henry are most
deserving of this honor as they
epitomize the dedication and
involvement in community
leadership which have kept us
alive and viable," said Fox.
The Brenners divide their time
between The Hamlet and
Manhasset. NY.
Anne is a warm and loving
woman who has served in many
leadership capacities. She was
President of her Port Wash-
ington Hadassah Chapter and is
a life member, Co-Chairman of
the UJA in Port Washington,
and a member of ORT. At the
Hamlet, Anne has also served as
Co-Chairman of the Federation
In her spare time, Anne is a
sculptor, using several different
media including wood, stone, and
plexiglass. "1 sculpt for my own
amazement," said Anne.
Mr. Brenner currently serves
on the board of Temple Beth El in
Boca Raton, and was President of
the Community Synagogue in
Sands Point, NY. He received an
award from Israel Bonds in
Sands Point. He was also
President of the Radio and Tele-
vision Research Council and the
founding father of advertising
research. He is still actively
involved in the market research
In New York, Henry served on
the Campaign Cabinet of
Federation-UJA and was also
Chairman of the Marketing Com-
mittee. He is best known as the
Father of Mobilization, the
predecessor of Super Sunday.
Henry used to race sailboats in
his spare time, but now plays golf
and tells jokes.
Henry and Anne have two
children, Isabelle and Stephen, in
New York, and are the proud
grandparents of two.
The Free Sons of Israel
Holocaust Memorial
The Free Sons of Israel has
ordered all of its lodges through-
out the nation, Delray Beach
Lodge No.224 being one of them,
to become actively involved in
raising $85 million to build a
museum in Washington, DC.
This museum will be dedicated to
the memory of the six million
Jews who were slaughtered by
the Nazi hordes. This shrine will
for all times put to rest the lie,
now being published in widely
circulated books, now being
preached in sermons from pulpits
and now being heard on radio and
television programs, that the
Holocaust had never occurred.
This museum will be what the
Yad Vashem is to Israel, an ever-
lasting symbol of indisputable
proof that will prevent the bigots
from ever erasing from their
memories their guilt of a wrong
they committed to a race of
people because of their religion.
If you wish to have a hand in
seeing this structure built, make
your checks payable to the Free
Sons Holocaust Memorial, Sam
Dravich, Brittany C 105, Delray
Beach, Fla. 33446; Izzy Siegel,
Saxony D 157, Delray Beach,
Fla. 33446.
The Palm Baacft. Florida araa la tha
sMa choaan foe tffia oofwaraton of a
major HotMay Inn into a Fuay
Supocvtaad Koonar Rattramaot Hofaf.
Thai innovottva concept la uniqua m
Patm Batch County. It la being
Introduced W tha Javriah temHy-owned
and oparatad HoHday Inn Laaoafda In
WM Palm Beech. FlorkJa.
Ooora M open in tha fa* of 1M4.
after a major ranovaMon of tha hotel
haa boon completed. It wM become the
homo for hundreda of active poreonc
Intaraatad In thla flrat-claaa.
County, and la Juat
away from tha otleaa of tha Jtawah
radarsHon, me Jaartah Community
Cantar. and aw Jantah Fam*y and
ChUdran'a Servtcee ofhea
Tha Hotel la a andam Mah naa
building, with lakafront rooms
faatwrtng a panoramic vte* of Palm
Biach and tha IntraoooateJ Wi
Modoram prleaa wM mduda a
hwurtouahotal room, aa w m a dairy.
Koahar braahfaat and dinner, with
Chaplain and Kaahrut auparwaton
provided by RabW David a. Shapiro.
momoar of tha Board of tha Rabbinical
Aaaoclatton of Palm Baach County.
Complata hotel aervlcaa and
OratuWaa ami be included m tha
modarata-prlca structure. Alao
provided mm bo tha aarvtoaa of a fu-
time activity dtraotor. a nutrition
consultant concierge, and Hotol van
Tha Hotat la located In tha hub of tha
Great Jewieh Community of Palm
carpeting, air-condrttonlng and
heat, and color TV.
Throe synagoguea era located
wRhtn one ma* of the hotel For Mm
convenience of Ma i
wUl alao contain a Shut, where
and High Hofy Oaya
haM on a continuing
For further information without
cost or obligation, please call per-
son-to-person, collect to: Mrs.
Ginsburg at (305) 655-6800. Or.
write to: Mrs. Ginsburg, c/o
Holiday Inn Lakeside, 100 Datura
Street, West Palm Beach, FL
33401. Our FREE booklet will be
sent to you immediately without
cost or obligation.
Ziskinder Appointed Chairman Of Pheasant Walk
Dr. Larry S. Charme, Men's
Division Chairman of the 1984
South County Jewish Federation-
UJA Campaign, is pleased to
announce the appointment of
Barry Ziskinder as Chairman of
Pheasant Walk.
The most exciting part of this
appointment is that this is a new
area which has never activated a
campaign before. Due to the large
number of Jewish families in
Pheasant Walk and the interest
shown thus far, this community
should have a moat successful
first year campaign.
Ziskinder is married to
Margaret and has a son, Mitchell,
who attends the South County
Jewish Community Day School.
He is from Toronto, Canada and
moved to Boca about six months
Prior to coming to Florida,
Ziskinder was involved in adver-
tising. Now he is in the electric
bed business in Fort Lauderdale
and West Palm Beach.
Barry Ziskinder
Working with the Federation is
Ziskinder's first experience with
Jewish volunteer work. "I was so
impressed with the Boca Jewish.
Community and the Day School,
here that I became very excited
and interested in volunteering
my time and energy," he said. "1
hope the other Pheasant Walk
residents will follow suit and
become active," he continued.
According to Ziskinder, one
important fact to remember U
that Pheasant Walk is a rela-
tively new community. There is ay
sizable number of Jewish families
living here now which comes a
shock to many. I would like to see
Pheasant Walk become a real
In March, all residents of
Pheasant Walk will be invited to
attend a coffee on behalf of the
Men's Division of the Federation.
This will be a time to meet neigh-
bors and hear more about tat
Federation. "I'd like to see all of
you there, so please consider
attending when I ask you to join
in my efforts," Ziskinder said.
Rosenne Guest of Honor At National Prayer Breakfast
WASHINGTON Israel's Ambassador to the
United States Meir Rosenne was
guest of honor of the Third
National Prayer Breakfast in
Honor of Israel here. He was pre-
sented with a proclamation on
behalf of the "five million-plus
Bible-believing Christians" in
America, affirming the strong
boi ds between the U.S. and
The event, at the Shoreham
Hotel, was sponsored by the
Religious Roundtable, headed by
E. E. McAteer of Memphis,
Tenn. The 4,000 persons at-
Novick, board chairman of Jacob
Goodman Institute for Middle
East Research and Information,
declared here the Institute's
inaugural to be "the beginning of
a special national educational
effort to provide acurate informa-
tion and understanding of
Zionism as the historic
movement of the Jewish people
for self-determination."
"The Institute," said Novick,
"will also be an important
resource for students, academi-
cians and organizations who need
pertinent data on Zionism, anti-
Zionism and related subjects."
tending included many delegates
to the annual convention of the
National Religious Broadcasters,
members of Congress, White
House officials, rabbis and
Christian clergymen and
representatives of major Jewish
organizations with headquarters
in Washington.
The sponsoring group, which
has honored Israel at two pre-
vious Prayer Breakfasts, claims
to be the largest assembly of
Christian leaders in the U.S.
ADDRESSING the gathering
in a hall decorated with blue and
white bunting, Israel's national
colors, and Stars of David,
Rosenne declared: "If we stand
together, it is not because there
are strategic interests that are
common to the U.S. and Israel. It
is because we fight for the same
He paid tribute to American
soldiers who fell in Europe during
World War II "who fought
exactly the same fight as the
Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. If
the world is free today, it's
thanks to America and those who
didn't give up. Whoever thinks
you can break our spirit or divide |
America and Israel di
understand anything in moderi
The proclamation presented to I
Rosenne reaffirmed America's
commitment to Israel's security
and urged both the Executive
branch and Congress to pursue
strategic cooperation with Israel
in the interests of peace. It also |
deplored anti-Semitism as incom-
patible with the Christian Gospel |
and urged Middle Easter
nations to renounce terrori
and to embrace the legitimacy ol |
/. R. WEINRAUB & Co., Inc.
Insurance Agents
& Consultants
Insurance Exchange ot the America's
245 Southeast First Street, Suite 319
Miami, Florida 33131 (305)381-9877
N.J. (201)666-4900N.Y. (212)564-3070
Telex 642184
Tucker Running For City Council
Dori Tucker is running
for City Council in Boca
Raton. A Member of Tem-
ple Beth El, Dori has the
highest qualifications. She
has served three (3) years
on the Planning and
Zoning Board, two (2)
years as Chairman of the
Subcommittee to rewrite
the handicapped code, on
the Redevelopment Area
Review Committee since
its inception, and two (2)
years on the Palm Beach
County Land Use Ad-
visory Board.
Dori is President of
Albert Homes of Boca
Raton, Inc., a land
development and affor
dable home building com-
pany. Dori is independent,
has no conflicts of interest,
and is the most promising
representative running.
"I've been working in
City Hall for three (3)
years. I know the soft
spots that need beefing up
- the tough questions to
ask. Through me, people
will have the best access
to our government. I
believe the people have a
right to know what's hap
pening. We are the gover-
"Our unique quality of
life needs constant vigilan-
ce. I'll be your watchdog*
Contact Campaign Fund
for Dori Tucker headquar-
ters at the Atrium Plaza,
1515 North Federal High
way, Suite 300, Boca
Raton, Florida 33432, (305)
392-3646, with con-
tributions for money >
and/or time.
A vote for Dori Tucker is a vote for Boca Raton
Lhui Sokotowaki. Trass. Pd Pol Adv
MARCH 13th PUNCH #174

Friday, March?* 1984
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 7
American Flag in Meah Shearim
Much of the collecting in the
street in the Meah Shearim
quarter of Jeruaalem one will
come across a building which
bears the following large sign:
"Kollel America the Oldest
American Jewish Charity in
Israel." The sign is decorated by
two painted pennants colorfully
depicting the American red,
white and blue. There is an
unusual story behind this sign.
European Jews immigrating to
Jerusalem in the previous cen-
tury organized communal land-
smanchaften, each known as a
Kollel. They served as actual
communities, with their own
institutions and social agencies.
Funds were provided by the Jews
back in the original home town.
Eighty years ago there were
about thirty of these Kollelim.
Among the largest were Kollel
Poland, Kollel Galicia and Kollel
In carrying on its religious and
charitable activities, each Kollel
also looked for civic protection to
the Consul of their respective
countries. Under the system of
capitulations then prevalent in
the Turkish Empire, each of the
major powers provided
protection for their own
It was in the 1880's that large
scale immigration of Jews began
from Eastern Europe to America.
Many of the new Americans
failed to integrate in the New
World and soon moved on to
Palestine. The elderly especially
felt lost in the tumult and bustle
of New York. The Orthodox
feared for their Yiddishkeit in an
alien atmosphere. And some
simply wanted to be buried in the
holy soil when the time came. We
have seen no statistics but it is
oh vid us that the number of such
"Americans" coming to Jeru-
salem was quite large.
They at once found it
necessary to organize their own
community, which they called
Kollel America, and they had the
good fortune of being taken
under his wing by the
distinguished community leader
and scholar, Rabbi Yehoshua
Leib Disk in. He was recognized
as one of the leading personalities
in the Ashkenazi community. To
this day an orphanage which he
founded bears his name.
According to one story we
heard, the American Consul was
delighted that he was at last
getting a "constituency" of his
own. He was also grateful that
the needy arrivals from America
were being taken care of, and
thus not falling as a burden on
the consulate. In reaction, he is
said to have arranged for Rabbi
Diskin to receive U.S. citizen-
ship, if this were indeed then
Once organized, Kollel
America began raising funds in
the United States, and this
* nghu down Ufmn il the WI*th
ot all the other communities who
had come to look to the "rich
Jews of America aa a great
source of income for themselves.
ineir fear was that Kollel
America would monopolize
Ko'lel America is still alive and
functioning. Whila to many it
seems an anachroniam, it ton-
"nues to receive contributions
A trom the U.S. and continues to
Provide charitable help to
American immigranta or their
tocendanta, all of them
^"odox. Thoae who come from
ttner countries have other
*JJfces of help, we were told by
iZion Rabinowitz, who today
"fens the office.
The connection with the
present American Consuls is
slender indeed. On the Fourth of
July the Kollel sends him flowers,
and he invites a representative to
come to the consulate's Fourth of
July party.
We looked over some of the
requests for help. There were
appeals to help marry off a
daughter, to support a yeshiva
student, to meet bills after an
illness, etc. The Kollel also makes
available through free
Although located on Meah
Shearim Street, they prefer to use
as their address the adjoining
Chesed L'Avraham Street
because of the negative connota-
tions which many attach to Meah
Shearim. Yet along those cited as
endorsing the Kollel is the Eda
Haredit, Jerusalem's extremist
ultra-orthodox community.
An innovation which old Rabbi
Diskin never thought of is the
Kollel's "Hot Line to Jeru-
salem." In cases of serious
illness, surgery, crisis or on any
occasion when "a prayer would
help," application can be made to
the New York office of the Kollel.
A cable is sent to Jerusalem and
the appropriate prayer is at once
said at the Western Wall. We saw
a large sheaf of such cables.
U.S. is done through the little
boxes, pushkes, which feature the
name of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness.
A bit of advice is given to donors:
"When something is misplaced
one should immediately donate
money to the pushke and intone
Lord of Meir, answer me.' The
misplaced item will then be
found. This has been tested and
proven. (Midrash Talpioth)."
The American flag was raised
in Meah Shearim in 1897. It still
waves there in 1984, on Chesed
L'Avraham street.
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Page 8
The Jewish Floridian of South County
inuav, reoruary Z4, iw>4
Friday, March 9,19*4
5om^ County /eiris/r Federation Dinner Dance Held At Breakers
Almost 400 people attended the annual South County
Jewish Federation Dinner Dance recently held at the
Breakers Hotel.
The black tie affair was both a huge social and financial
success. Those present pledged almost $800,000 to the
1984 drive, an increase of 48 percent over their gifts of the
previous year.
A special presentation was made for the Project
Renewal Campaign, which twins the local Federation with
a distressed neighborhood in Kfar Saba, Israel. The at-
tendees at the dance pledged an additional $355,000 for
that cause.
The event was co-chaired by Howard Guggenheim and
David Kend. Shep Kaufman was the associate chairman.
"This was by far the most successful dinner dance that we
have ever held. The joy of the evening was enhanced by
the knowledge of everyone present that we were helping
fellow Jews throughout the world as well as experiencing a
night of dining and dancing pleasure," said Dr. Larry
Charme, Men's Division Chairman.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johnson, Mr.
and Mrs David Rukin. Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs. left to right standing: Mr and Mrs. Jerome Pankin, Mr
Irving Kalmanoff, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown. Mr. and and Mrs. Martin LeventhaL Left to right seated. Mr and
Mrs. Sidney Wolf. Mrs- Garv Bernstein, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Rosenthal.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Ginsburg,
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kamms. Mr. Mrs Beverly Qrost, Dr. Sweet. Left to right seated: Mr
and Mrs. Larry Gottsegen Left to right seated Mr. and and Mrs Barry Rozmaili Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Rap-
Mrs. George Colin, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Kruh. Mr. and Paport, Mr. and Mrs. Al Bogus
Mrs. Alvin Cohen.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Satsky, Mrs.
Joan Gottsegen, Mr. and Mrs. Hy Glantz. Left to right
seated: Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Gershman, Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Scholsohn, Mr. and Mrs. Shep Kaufman.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sax, Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Endelson. Left to right seated: Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Yusem, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Baker, Mr. and
Mrs. Eric Deckinger.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Laurie, Mr.
and Mrs Fred Lichtman. Left to right seated: Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Gorelick. Mr. and Mrs. Effrem Arenstein, Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Weisenberg.
Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Jules Salit, Mr.
and Mrs. Sherman Levi, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Cofman.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Braver, Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel Elovitch, Mr. Jules Salit.
Left to right standing. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Eichler, Dr
Israel Bruk^ Left to right seated. Dr and Mrs. David
^chuman, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melcer, Mrs. Rivella
LefJ 'V "f?^ Dr onlMrM. Stuart Sc hid man. Mr.
andMrs. Arnold Kagan, Mr. and Mrs. Andew Whitehill.
Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mills, Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Saul Bradburd. Left to
right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Eichoff, Dr. and Mrs.
Eugene Shapiro.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Irving Miness, Mr.
and Mrs. David Herman. Left to right seated: Mr. and
Mrs. Lawrence Koch, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kornheiser,
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Sands.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Saul Newman, Mr.
and Mrs. David SaUberg, Emil Boer and Guest. Left to
right seated: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Woolman, Mr and
Mrs. Joseph Katz.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Freed. Left to right seated Mr. and
Mrs. Herb Leifman, Mr. andMrs. Irwin Fields.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hewitt, Mr
and Mrs. Sonfred Brenner. Left to right seated: Mr. and
Mrs. Sidney Jarkow, Mr. and Mrs. Manny Grumet, Mr.
and Mrs. Sidney Altman.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Eli Levinson. Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Samrick. Left to right seated: Judge and
Mrs. Rendelman, Mr. and Mr*. Max Halper, Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan Hof
Left to right seated: Dr. and Mrs. Karl Enselberg, Dr.
and Mrs. Daniel Man. Left to right standing: Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Weiss, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Halperin.
Left to right seated: Harry Reiner, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan
Schneider, Mr and Mrs. Dick Fishman. Left to rig Mr mHmIS^^JLP011? Lipson, Joan Gottsegen,
"* Mrs Hurry Reiner, Mr. and Mrs Alfred Left to righ?seated: M!,:^?.14" P.*.^ .Rand.
Morris Lipson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

Friday, March 9,1964
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Pag 9
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Godofsky, Mr.
and Mrs. Milt Davis. Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs.
Abner Levine, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Squires, Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Carol
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rubenstein,
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Friedman. Left to right seated:
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brenner, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Al Levis, Mr. and
Mrs. Sid Zuckerman. Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Warheit, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hildebrand.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Byrnes, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Bobick, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Howard
Guggenheim. Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs. David
Kend, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Siemens, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Aaron, Mr.
and Mrs. Alex Messing. Left to right seated: Mr. and
Mrs. Mort EUish, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Simon, Rabbi and
Mrs. Bruce Warshal.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Weinshank,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bussin. Left to right seated: Mr. and
Mrs. Jerome Gleekel, Rabbi and Mrs. Louis Sacks.

Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Cole Schuster, Mr.
and Mrs. Seymour Sard. Left to right seated: Mr. and
Mrs. Saul Weinberger, Mr. and Mrs. Efrem Young.
Left to right standinn Mr and Mrs Aaron Denenberg.
Mrs Joan Gottsegen. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sarasohn. Left to
right seated Mr and Mrs Rudolph Robinson. Dr. and
Mrs. Larry Charme. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller.
Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Borsuk, Mr. and
Mrs. Julian Sankin, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Karn. Left to
right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Schreibman, Mr.
and Mrs. Alvin Schreibman.
I AdLtrM^t 7VedM:- andMrs Henry <**. Sarah
Am 1 ^
m 1 t *
Left to right standing: Donald Strock, Victor Jacobson,
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Strocker, Mr. and Mrs. Irving
Klimberg. Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs. Rita
Strochak, Edna Jacobson, Mr. andMrs. Howard Pitt man.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. George Weintraub,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Finkel, Milton Fried. Left to right
seated: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Reich, Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Soeisman, Mrs. Milton Fried.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fin, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Cohen. Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Friedman, Mr. and Mrs. William Doniger, Mr. and
Mrs. Lester Cutler.
rJ r# Seated Mrs- Leo Allen> Mt ^dMrs. Harold
K \* ?d Mrs MUton P*rt*on. Uft to right stan-
JlK: Mr-andwMn- Leo Allen, Mr. andMrs. Bernard Sher,
1r. and Mrs. Howard Plant.
fc? [4 ngh! '""ding: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stark, Mr.
KJr J$/irman Albin Uf' "> ***' *'* Mr. and
iSi o .Rabint Mr and Mn Bm Iwtein, Mr. and
IMrs. Stanley.Taffe.
Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs. Saul Litvack, Mr.
Stanley Horber, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Henschel. Left to right
seated: Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lebbin, Mrs. Stanley Horber,
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stein.
Left to right seated: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kottler, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Mufson. Left to right standing: Mr. and Mrs.
Cory Fohrman, Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Himber, Mr. and
Mrs. Al Qortz.
^Present but not pictured. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Lidsky,
|*r. and Mrs. Bernard Bloom, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Epstein, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosenbaum, Mr. and Mrs.
zdwin Sonabend.
\P*sent but not pictured. Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Jontiff, | J
**'rm Ham-T^'v aiUr *** Mn D"aW 'Uft t0 **' *****Mr *Mrs. Herman Halpin^Mr.
"ts, Rabbi andMrs. TedFeldman. M Ben Rosenthal, Mr. andMrs. Reuben Axelrod.
Gladys Weinshank, General Campaign Chairman
presenting a painting won by Cecil and Fay HensckeL

i nutty, reoruary Z4, 1H64
Page 10
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, March 9,1984
Anshei Emuna To Host
JWV Commander
Joseph Zoldan. National Com-
mander of the Jewish War
Veterans of the United States of
America, will be the guest of the
Department of Florida of the
Jewish War Veterans during the
weekend of March 16 through 18.
Friday night, March 16,
Commander Zoldan will be
honored at services to be held 8
p.m. at the Sunrise Jewish Center
in Sunrise, sponsored by Post
730. Saturday morning, March
17, Commander Zoldan will be
honored at services sponsored by
Post 266 at Congregation Anshei
Emuna, Delray Beach. Services
will begin at 9 a.m. That evening,
the national commander will be
the guest of Post 682 at their
installation dinner to be held in
North Miami Beach. Sunday
morning, the Department of
Florida will honor National Com-
mander Zoldan at a breakfast to
be held at the Sheraton Bal
Harbour, Miami Been (Bar
Harbour). Many Floridian poli-
tical and judicial dignitaries will
join in saluting commander
Zoldan. Visitations to the Miami
Veterans Hospital and local
veterans' clinics are also included
in the Commander's schedule.
Commander Zoldan testified
before Congress regarding the
veterans' legislative program. He
has been active in proposing
reforms to provide assistance to
all veterans with special em-
phasis on aid to the disabled
veteran. He has recently returned
from a visit to the Middle East
and NATO Headquarters in
Hamlet Luncheon left to right: Sylvia
Fried, co-chairman Hamlet; Gladys Weinshank
general campaign chairman South County Jewish
Federation; Dora Roth, speaker; Rita Bagus, co-
chairman Hamlet; Anne Brenner, co-chairman
Hamlet; Lillian Green, co-chairman Hamlet;
Margaret Kottler, Women's Division, campaign
Hamlet Luncheon Held At St. Andrews Country Club m
The luxurious St. Andrews
Country Club was the setting for
the Hamlet area luncheon held on
behalf of the South County
Jewish Federation, Women s
Division 1984 UJA-Federation
Campaign. The Hamlet division
raised $46,575 for the 1984 Cam-
paign. This was 21 percent in-
crease over last year.
Joseph Zoldan
Commander Zoldan is a
veteran of the Korean War and
has been a member of the Jewish
War Veterans for the past 25
years, holding many local, State
and National positions before his
election as National Commander.
He participates in the activities
of the American Legion, the
Canton (Ohio) Veterans Council,
B'nai B'rith, and is a 32nd degree
Mason and Shriner.
What every
Floridian should
know about the
The Following Have Joined The
For Super Sunday '84
To volunteer, please call
South County Jewish Federation
2200 N. Federal Hwy.
Suite 206
Boca Raton, FL. 33432
368-2001 (Sue)
Barbara Allen. Temple Beth El
Raquel Aronow, Temple Beth El
Sylvia August. Temple Emeth
Ruth Axelson. High Point West II
Gertrude Barnett. Kings Point
Alan Bergman, Federation
Hedda Block. Temple Beth El
Dorothy Brand, Federation
Rlvella Bruk. Cabinet
Doris Cantor, BocaLago
Dorothy Chasen. High Point
Henry Chasen, High Point
Harold Cohen. Director of JCC
Blossom Cooper, Temple Sinai
Andrea Cox. Federation
Esther Davis, Orioles
William Davis. Orioles
Baron Desnlck. Orioles
NInaDesnick. Orioles
Mark Drucker. Federation
Sam Eckstein. Temple Sinai
Sonla Eckstein, Temple Slnal
Helene Eichler, Federation
Bobble Falk, Federation
Isabel Fink. Hadassah
Seymour Ghen. Federation
Lillian Glueckman, B'nai Torah
Sarah Gold. Hadassah
Jeanne Gordon. ORT
Sonia Gottehrer. Kings Point
Harvey Grossman. Federation
Joyce Helsel, Federation
Nat Herman, Cabinet
Virginia Hoehmann, Federation
Florence Hoffman, Federation
Marie Jackson, Federation
Dr. Dalla Kalai. Federation
Ben Karpen, Cabinet
BenKideckel. JWV
Susan Kooperman, Federation
Ruth Krawetz. Cabinet
Lillian Kronheim, American Mlzrachi Women
Ray Lapldus. Temple Emeth
Sol Lapidus, Temple Emeth
Pearl Levlne. Hadassah
Abe Linn. Temple Slnal
Harriett Linn, Temple Sinai
Gertrude Lobe, JWVA
Dr. John M. Lowe. ZOA
Sylvia Lowe, ZOA
Ida Lowenbreun, Temple Emeth
Murray Lowenbraun, Temple Emeth
Sybil Mackson, Federation
Gloria Massry, Cabinet
Mike Mortman. Cabinet
Marcla Needle. Federation
Albert Omansky, Federation
Esther Omansky, Federation
Harry Patinkln. Temple Emeth
Mollie Patinkln. Temple Emeth
Penny Prals. Federation
Geri Rosenberg, Federation
Kthel Rothman. High Point West II
Naomi Sacks. Temple Beth El
Shirley Schulman, American Mizrachl
Cynthia Shaffer. Federation
An.ta Shalley. Federation
Beatrice Skolnick. Federation
I .<' Skolnick. Federation
Gene Soble. Federation
Joan Soble. Federation
Lenore Steinberg, Federation
Rabbi Bruce S. Warshal. Federation
Gladys Weinshank, Federation
Mayer Weinshank. Federation

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f, March 9.1984
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 11
National Kiwhrulh
9 Day.. April 18-24.1M4
All individual suili<*
i Smkir MTVioMimclucIimI
by ninowiuxl (IMM
S\ ii,iKi muc mi pi i-ii 11 si's
mnals daily
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Especially For ton
1H:| M.kIimhi Avrimc Suite 7 Hi
(hit uf town. < nil i olli'i I or
"iiliu.t triivel.iKent
Boca Lago Luncheon
Draws Over 200 Women
A very successful luncheon
was held at the elegant Bridge
Hotel. The Boca Lago Women's
Division 1984 UJA-Kederation
Campaign raised over $41,000.
This was a 100 percent increase ____
over last year. Dora Roth was the
Keynote Speaker.
Tel Aviv Univ. Holds
Fine Arts Benefit
During March
A preview reception to kick off
the Fine Arts Benefit for Tel
Aviv University was held on
Wednesday, Feb. 29, at the
Patricia Judith Art Gallery in
Boca Raton. Benefit Chairmen,
Adolph Levis and Stuart
Schulman reported that the
reception was well-attended.
The Patricia Judith Art Gal-
lery and the Boca Raton Chapter
of the American Friends of Tel
Aviv University co-sponsored the
event. The Fine Arts Benefit will
continue during the entire month
of March and the Patricia Judith
Gallery will be donating a per-
centage of the sale price for each
work of art purchased by friends
of Tel Aviv University during
that time. The work of Israeli-
born modernist Teo Tobiasse will
be among those artists featured
during March.
Also during the month of
March, the American Friends of
Tel Aviv University will be
holding a Purim Celebration and
Dinner on March 17.
For more information about
the Fine Arts Benefit and the
other activities of the American
Friends of Tel Aviv University,
please call Lauren Azoulai,
Executive Director at 392-9186.
Pictured from left to right are: Marianne Bobick,
President South County Jewish Federation;
Margaret Kottler, Chairman Women's Division
South County Jewish Federation; Doris Cantor,
Chairman, Boca Lago; Dora Roth, Speaker;
Gladys Weinshank, General Campaign Chair-
man, South County Jewish Federation.
Passover 1984
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Page 12
The Jewish Floridian of South County
i imay, r eoruary Z4, iyei
Fridsr. March 0,1884
Arensteinand Weisenberg Co-ChairDelAire BondDrive
Howard Pittman, Chairman of
the Del Aire Israel Bond Com-
mittee is pleased to announce the
appointment of co-chairmen
Effrem Arenstein and Leonard
Weisenberg to help on the drive.
"These two capable men have
been hard workers in this
community, and will contribute
greatly to our campaign," said
Mr. Arenstein, presently
retired and living in Del Aire, was
formerly president of the Lido
Toy Corporation, and subse-
quently became president of
Levin Brothers Corporation, a
large exporter of plastic resins.
While actively involved in
business in the north, Arenstein
was honored by the Toy Industry
as well as the Jewish Center, Kew
Gardens Hills, NY., for his ef-
forts on behalf of Israel Bonds.
He founded the Max and
Minnie Arenstein Memorial
Forest in Jerusalem, B'nai Zion.
He and his wife, Martha, have
two daughters and one grand-
Leonard Weisenberg was born
in Cleveland and comes to Delray
via Pittsburgh where he was in
the automobile business. He and
his wife, Eleanor, have four
children and six grandchildren.
Weisenberg and Arenstein
for design," says Eleanor.
Mr. Weisenberg was a
They are pemanent South Florida champion wrestler in Cleveland,
Weisenberg is and worked in the steel mills in
Pittsburgh. He was a bomber
pilot in the Air Force during
World War II.
residents. weisenberg is
currently in the construction
business, having found this voca-
tion from an avocation which he
dearly loved. He is currently on
the Del Aire Architectural Com-
mittee and "has an excellent eye
Chamber Music Society
Performs At Beth El
The Chamber of Music Society
of Lincoln Center will perform for
the "Distinguished Artists
Series" on Tuesday, March 13, at
8:15 p.m.
Theodore Anna, guest violin-
ist; Gervase De Peyer, clarinet;
Ida Kavafian, guest violinist;
Lee Luvisi, piano; Leslie Parnas,
piano; Walter Trampler, viola;
will be the group for this concert
under the artistic direction of
Charles Wadsworth. Their an-
nual performances in the great
concert hall of the Kennedy
Center have been complete sell-
outs for years with a standing
waiting list. The New York Times
calls this quarter "the musical
success story of the generation."
Their cross country tours
nationally have been cheered
with the same acclaim as that in
New York and Washington.
For tickets and information,
please call the Concert office of
Temple Beth El of Boca Raton at
Both Lenny and Eleanor are
Prime Ministers and have been
actively involved in Israel affairs.
Now that he has more free time,
his involvement is even greater.
Mr. Pittman looks forward to
the tremendous contribution
those two men will make. The
drive will culminate on March 25
at a cocktail party at the home of
Elsie and Bob Gordon honoring
Abby and Mildred Levine.
Senator Paula Hawkins will be
the guest speaker.
A Rabbi
The following is brought to
Floridian readers by the South
County Rabbinical Association.
If there are topics you would lihe
our Rabbis to discuss, please
submit them to the Floridian.
Rabbi Sam Silver
Once a minor holiday, Purim (March 18), merriest of Jewish
creased importance with the emerg
al) and with con-
festivals, has taken on increased importance with the emergence
of modern Hamans (Hitler, Khomeini et
temporary struggles against them.
We often ask about something, "What's in it for me?" Let me
suggest what the observance of Purim can do for us:
Purim can remind you that, like Mordecai, you should not
worship any human being.
Purim can prompt you to refrain from playing Haman in your
home, your office, your organization.
Purim can help you measure yourself against Esther. She was
ready to die for her ideals: are you ready to live for them?
Purim can help you recall that being Jewish means to be
occasionally joyful as well as to be solemn.
Purim can shake you loose from selfishness, for if you take
this gift-giving holiday seriously you will become a donor of
purse and person for the furtherance of good causes.
Purim can send you to your Bible, to discover (or rediscover)
what intriguing literature it contains. The Purim story has
everything: plot, subplot, character development, reminders of
Jewish Loyalty to the countries Jews have lived in, etc.
Purim can put you on guard against bigotry.
Purim can make you understand the Jewish concept of
beauty; the Talmud says that the chief factor in Esther's charm
(which enabled her to be the winner in history's first beauty
contest) was her simplicity.
Purim can remind you that concealment of Jewish identity
doesn't absolve you from the destiny of the Jewish people.
Rabbi Samuel M. Silver
..A Warm Tradition.

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ay, March 9, 1984
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 13
Bar Mitzvah
In Saturday, March 10,
tin Andrew Wahl, son of
terri and Sandy Meade and
nathan Wahl will be called to
Torah of Temple Beth El of
. Raton aa a bar mitzvah.
Jartin is a student at Boca
a ton Middle School and attends
Temple Beth El Religious
Family members sharing in the
limcha are brother, Jason; sister,
auri; grandparents Mr. and
Irs. Nick Tollner of West
lempstead, NY.; Ida Wahl of
elray Beach and Mr. and Mrs.
Krassen of Margate. Also
present will be Mr. and Mrs. Lou
jsenbaum of East Windsor,
|J., Lisa Tollner of West
iHempstead, NY., Doris Klein of
Carmel, NY., Judith Dorf and
family of Rivervale, NJ. and
' sister Maria Delray of Lynbrook,
NY. Martin's hobbies include
oboe, piano, dungeons and
dragons, academic games, read-
ing and stamp collecting. He is
on the honor roll at school, and
has received music awards in the
symphonic band. Martin's
parents will host a kiddush in his
honor following shabbat morning
Martin Wahl
David Tarnofsky, son of Joan
and Fred Tarnofsky, is a 7th
grade student at Boca Raton
Middle School.
His interest is "Dungeons and
Dragons" a sophisticated role-
playing game as well as music
and law enforcement.
Sometimes you can even find
David helping out in his mother's
silk flower and tree shop, in Boca
"Becoming a Bar Mitzvah is
important because I am
becoming an adult, and this
ceremony helps me realize that it
is time to really be responsible for
my decisions."
David will be called to the
Torah on Saturday afternoon, at
B'nai Torah Congregation,
March 10 on the occasion of his
Bar Mitzvah celebration.
Population Up
Israel's population grew to 4.1
million in 1983, according to
figures released last week by the
Central Bureau of Statistics. The
Jewish population grew by 1.7
percent last year compared to 1.6
percent in 1982, while the Arab
population decreased to 2.8
percent from 3.0 percent.
Pictured here, following a planning meeting for
the March 17 Purim Celebration and Dinner of
the American Friends of Tel Aviv University are:
Dinner Co-Chairman, Adolph Levis, and his wife
Rose, Sarah Schulman and her husband Stuart,
Dinner Co-Chairman. Back, left to right: Com-
mittee members, Capt. Robert and Jenna Byrnes,
and Marianne and Edward Bobick. Reservations
for the Dinner can be made by calling 392-9186.
ISRAEL MAY 3-18,1984 $1849 mcir
Five Star Hotels E,AI
Breakfast and Dinner Daily
Escorted by Barbara Friedman
2401 N. Federal Hwy.
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
Boca 391-8545
Broward 421-8671
IheSam** Connection

Temple Beth El
Proudly Presents
The Honorable
Howard M. Metzenbaum
U.S. Senator from Ohio
TOPIC: 'The Perspective on 1984
and the Presidential Election"
Senator Metzenbaum, a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a
U.S. Senator since 1976, has been recognized and praised
for his committment to fight for the principles and causes
of the individual citizen.
The Senator serves on the Energy, Judiciary, Budget,
and Labor and Human Resources Committees. He has
received the reputation of being the "watch dog of the
Single tickets$7.50
Tickets will be sold at door
Sunday, March 11,1984 8:00 P.M.
333 S.W. 4th Avenue, Boca Raton
Passover at the Versailles
1984, 9 days, April 16April 24
Miami Beach, Florida
Starting as low as
a up to $699
Glatt Kosher
National Kashruth e 914-352-4448
3 freshly cooked Glatt Kosher meals daily
2 Seder services conducted by renowned
Synagogue on premises
Enjoy your Passover holiday vacation in a
traditional atmosphere with comfortable,
pleasurable surroundings.
Call us today for more information
Satellite Tours
Out of town, call collect
Miami Beach
MC presents
at the newest, most exciting and diversified
resort hotel in Southern Rorida.
Glatt Kosher
National Kashruth 914-352-4448
3 Freshly Cooked Glatt Kosher MeoteDaily
2 Seder Services corvjucled by Renowr^ Cantor
Synagogue on demises
Enjoy your Passover hoHday vacation in a traditional atmosphere
KO-TOURS iwiw TELEX #220087 eOPtNHJR
For NflhSF inhumation and ratw. without obhgatton.
212-726-4800 Out-of-town, cad coaact or contact your local traval

-- -./
niuay, reoruary Z4, iwvj
mui 9, ijui1
Organizations In The News
Women's American ORT Del-
ray Chapter will hold their next
meeting on Tuesday, March 13 at
12 noon at Temple Emeth, 5780
W. Atlantic Ave., Defray. An
interesting program will be pre-
sented. Guests are invited and
refreshments wul be served. They
will also sponsor an ORT Day
Membership Tea at the American
Savings Bank, W. Atlantic Ave.,
Defray on Thursday, March 16 at
7 p.m. An ORT movie will be
shown. Guests are welcome. Re-
freshments will be served. Also
make your reservations for
dinner and Las Vegas Review at
the Copa Cabano in Miami,
Sunday, March 18 by calling
chairperson Mary Kaplan, 499-
Women's American ORT All
Points will see the Wonderful
World of Music at the Marco
Polo on Saturday, March 24.
Dinner and bus trip are included
in the price. Call Bea at 499-7086
for further information.
Women's American ORT Boca
Glades Chapter will hold theii
next meeting on Monday, March
19 at 12:30 p.m. at the Boca
9m the Vision
Greens Clubhouse. Musicologist
Shirley Moskowitz will be the
featured speaker on the subject of
"The Influence of History on
Jewish Music." Refreshments
will be served. For further infor-
mation, call Rita Sadowsky, 499-
Women's American ORT Boca
Century Chapter will hold their
next meeting on Wednesday,
March 14 at 1 p.m. at which time
all prospective members will be
guests at a luncheon provided by
current members. The meeting
will be held in the Administration
Building, Century Village West,
Boca. Entertainment will be
provided by the Pomano Race-
track, featuring films, games and
Anshei Emuna Sisterhood will
have a Purim party on Sunday,
March 18 at 12:30 p.m. with a
luncheon and special entertain-
ment along with the choosing of
Queen Esther. Tickets are $5.50
each. For your tickets, please call
Chairperson Rose Whitebook
499-5608, co-chairperson Helen
Lasky 499-0575 and Ann Feld
"The Religious Quest A
Push or a Pull Which?" will be
the theme of the sermonic
message to be delivered by Rabbi
Dr. Louis Sacks at the Sabbath
morning service on Saturday,
March 10, commencing at 8:45
a.m. "The Sabbath Dialogue with
the Rabbi" and afternoon service,
preceding the Seudat Shlichit,
begin at 6:30 p.m.
An installation of the Jewish
War Veterans Post 266 and also
the Jewish War Veterans Ladies
Auxiliary of Post 266 will take
place on Sunday, March 26 at 9
a.m. at Anshei Emuna, 16189
'Dedicated to Serving our Jewish Community
OELRAY (305) 4994000 WEST PALM (305) 732-3000
. '
Temple Sinai
Of Palm Beach County
Delray Beach
Member U A H C (Reform)
Invites you to attend our
Sabbath Eve Services
Held Each Friday Evening, 8:15 p.m., at
Cason United Methodist Church
Corner of Swinton Ave. and N.E. 4th St. (Lake Ida Rd.)
Rabbi Samuel Silver, officiating
For Membership Information Call:
Ned Chodash Samuel Rothstein Sid Bernstein
272-2827 President 732 5807
Registration for Religious School
Professional Staff
Special KULANU Young Family Group
rXjrrA-jfon 73/3599 BeverlyKamin 967-4444
Temple INFORMATION CALL 2/6 6161
New Temple Building Early 1984 Occupancy
Site 2475 W.Atlantic Ave. Delray
Carter Road, Delray.
Hadaaaah Ben Gurion will hold
the 'Chai* Hadaaaah Medical
Organization luncheon at
L'Hexagon, Boca on Thursday,
March 22. $18 includes lunch and
donation. Call 499-1672 or 499-
2317 for tickets.
American Mizrachi Women
Beersheeva Chapter will hold
their next meeting on Wednes-
day, March 14 at 12 noon at the
American Savings Bank, Delray
Beach. Their guest speaker will
be Blanche Herzlich. Refresh-
ments will be served. All are
welcome to attend.
"Traditional Jewish Funeral
Procedures" will be outlined and
discussed by Mr. Joe Rubin,
owner and director of Beth Israel-
Rubin Memorial Chapel, on
Thursday, March IB at 8:46 p.m.
at B'nai Torah Congregation,
1401 NW 4th Ave., Boca. Open
seminar fee is $3. For further
information, please call the syna-
gogue off ice 392-8566.
B'nai Torah will host a Purim
celebration for children and
parents at the synagogue,
1401NW 4th Ave., Boca on
Sunday, March 18 at 10:30 a.m.
Following the reading of the
Megillah, the Book of Esther,
- the Men's Club will sponsor a
magician's show. Refreshments
will be served. For further infor-
mation, please call the synagogue
office 392-8666.
B'nai Torah will hold a concert
at Florida Atlantic University
Auditorium on Sunday, March 18
at 7:30 p.m. featuring Nadja
Salerno-Sonnenberg, winner of
the 1981 Naumberg Violin
Competition and soloist with
many symphony orchestras.
Tickets are priced at $7.60,
$12.50 and $15. For further infor-
mation, please call the synagogue
office at 392-8666.
Brandeis Women of Boca will
hold a booksale on March 16, 16,
and 17 at the Delray Mall near
Marshall's. If you have any
books, paperbacks and sheet
music to donate for this annual
sale, please call Mildred Fein-
baum 482-1088 or Joan Sanger
482-8512 for pick-up. Also, a
Puccini and Pasta Luncheon to
benefit the Library Trust will be
held on Monday, March 19 at
11:30 a.m. at Paoletti's, 815 N.
Federal Hwy., Delray. Please call
Edith Harrison, 276-4918 or
Frances Bornstein, 392-5550 for
B'nai B'rith Naomi will
sponsor an Oneg Shabbat on
Friday, March 9, at 8 p.m. in
Temple Emeth, 5780 W. Atlantic
Ave., Delray. Also their next
meeting will be held on Monday,
March 9 at 12:30 p.m. at Temple
South Palm Beach Coun-
ty's only Jewish funeral
home, is expanding its
pre-need counseling staff
due to tremendous
growth and sucess.
If you are active in the
Jewish community, have
a neat appearance, are
energetic and outgoing,
and have a desire to help
people, we can offer you
professional training,
liberal commissions, and
unlimited leads.
Call Phil Wishna.-Director
of Pre-Need Sales at
499-8000 for an interview
Emeth. Awards of the Brother-
hood Essays and Posters of the
Carver Middle School students.
B'nai B'rith Wllftj"
Lodge No. 3144 Delray will hold a
Brotherhood Program on Thurs-
day, March 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the
Palm Greens Clubhouse. Jerry
Jernow, Anti-Defamation League
Chairman, has arranged the
program which will include the
awarding of plaques to winners of
the essay and poster contest
about "Brotherhood" held in the
Atlantic High School. Members
of the inter-faith clergy and
American Legion, along with
Palm Greens Lodge is sponsoring
this program. Guests are cor-
dially invited to attend.
Community Calendar
March 9
Jewish Community Center Camping weekend Singles 21-39
Temple Sinai Men's Club Brotherhood Sabbath, 8:15 p.m.
B'nai B'rith Naomi Oneg'Shabbat, 8 p.m.
March 11
B'nai B'rith Integrity Council, 9:30 a.m. meeting Temple Beth
El Brotherhood breakfast meeting, 10 a.m. Temple Beth El
Cultural Series, 8 p.m.
March 12
Temple Emeth-Singles meeting, 12 noon
Pioneer Women-Beersheba, 12 noon meeting Pioneer
Women-Zipporah, 10 a.m. Board meeting Temple Beth El
Distinguished Artist Series, 8:15 p.m. Women's American ORT
Delray, 12 noon meeting
a.m. B'nai Torah
American Mizrachi
March 14
Hadassah Aviva Board meeting, 10
Sisterhood Board meeting, 7:30 p.m.
Women-Beersheba, 12 noon meeting
March 15
Pioneer Women-Kinneret, 12:30 p.m. meeting Women's
American ORT Oriole, 1 p.m. Board meeting Temple Beth El
Sisterhood, 12:30 p.m. meeting Community Relations Council
meeting at Federation Office, 12 noon Hadassah Ben Gurion
meeting, 12:30 p.m. Jewish Community Center Singles (21-39
and 35-55) Anevenign with Rosella, 7:30 p.m.
March 16
National Council Jewish Women Boca Delray Chapter, 10 a.m.
March 17
American Friends of Tel Aviv University Purim Party and Victory
Supper, 9 p.m.
Religious Directory
1401 N.W. 4th Ave., Boca Raton, Fla. 33432. Conservative.
Phone 392-8566, Rabbi Theodore Feldman, Hazzan Donald
Roberts. Sabbath Services: Friday at 8:15 p.m., Saturday at
9:30 a.m. Family Shabbat Service 2nd Friday of each month.
Minyan on Monday and Thursday mornings at 8:15 a.m.
Evening services Monday through Thursday 5:15 p.m.
16189 Carter Road 1 block south of Linton Blvd., Delray
Beach, Florida 33445. Orthodox. Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks.
Daily Torah Seminar preceding services at 7:45 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Sabbath and Festival Services 8:45 a.m. Sabbath Torah class
5 p.m. Phone 499-9229.
Conservative Services at Carteret Savings and Loan Asso-
ciation Office, West Atlantic, corner Carter Road, Delray Beach.
Fridays, 8 p.m. and Oneg Shabbat, Saturdays, 9 a.m. and
Kiddush. Edward Dorfman, President 499-6687. Temple
Office 14600 Cumberland Drive, Delray Beach, Fla. 33446.
Phone 495-0466.
333 S.W. Fourth Avenue, Boca Raton, Fla. 33432. Reform.
Phone: 391-8900. Rabbi Merle E. Singer, Assistant Rabbi
Richard Agler, Cantor Martin Rosen. Shabbat Eve Services at
8 p.m. Family Shabbath Service at 8 p.m. 2nd Friday of each
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 340015, Boca Raton, Fla. 33434.
Conservative. Located in Century Village, Boca. Daily Services
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m., Sunday
8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Reuben Saltzman, President, Joseph M.
Pollack, Cantor. Phone 483-5557.
5780 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, Fla. 33446. Con-
servative. Phone: 498-3536. Bernard A. Silver, Rabbi; Naftaly
A. Linkovsky, Cantor. Sabbath Services: Friday at 8 p.m.,
Saturday at 8:45 a.m., Daily Minyans at8:46 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Cason United Methodist Church, 342 N. Swinton Ave. (corner
Lake Ida Rd.), Delray Beach, Fla. Reform. Mailing Address.
P.O. Box 1901, Delray Beach, Fla. 33444. Friday at 8:15 p.m.
Rabbi Samuel Silver, President Samuel Rothstein, Phone 276-
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 273866, Boca Raton, Fla. 33427.
Orthodox services held at South County Jewish Community
Day School, 414 N.W. 35th St., Boca Raton, every Friday, five
minutes after candlelighting, Saturday morning 9 a.m. Minch-
Maanv. President, Dr. Israel Bruk, Phone: 483-8616.


iouth uounty
A,,8o-:. ..oBo>.on Beach-Co-a. Sp^O*,,..*,For, L.uderd.le'.lupiter' VVoMh, M.rg.te'NoMh Boca Aatbn'P.lm B.y'P.lm,P..m Beach G.rd.ns'Pa.
m Sprmgs'Piantation'/>-
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P) *J 'u J rnuay, reoruary Z4, ium
ey. March 9,15
For almost 20 years in the Senate and
as Vice-President Fritz Mondale has
been a vocal and staunch supporter
of the State of Israel.
As President he would move the
U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel's
eternal capital.
As President he has pledged to
sharpen America's competitive edge
so that all of our children may share
in a better tomorrow. He will reduce
the budget deficit by more than half
during his first term. He will launch
an ambitious program to reinvest in
education, science, and training.
As President he will once again
make the White House a beacon of
compassion for all who seek a fair so-
ciety. Most of his life Walter Mondale
has fought for healthy neighbor-
hoods and family, for civil rights and
equal rights.
As President he will take charge of
our foreign policy using America's
great strength to build hope for a se-
cure future, not to destroy it.
And as President he will bring to
the Presidency the sound under-
standing of the
Middle East that has been absent
during this administration. He be-
lieves and his actions demonstrate
that a strong U.S.-Israel relationship
is indispensable. He says, 'America
must never waver from its historic
commitment to Israel. It is the only
stable democracy in a volatile region,
and its borders must always remain
We support Walter Mondale. Won't you please join us
Representative Dante Fascell
Representative Bill Lehman
Representative Claude Pepper
representative Larry Smith
Anne Ackerman
Judy and Michael Adler
Cookie and George Berman
Harriett "Buddie'' and Stan Brenner
Leslie and Marwin Cassel
David Fleeman
Sandra and Charles Friedman
State Rep. Mike Friedman
State Sen. Jack Gordon
Rosalie and Henry Grossman
Commissioner Nikki Grossman
Gertrude and Melvin Kartzmer
Elsie Leviton
Marcy and Don Lefton
Shelley and Martin Lipnack
State Rep. Fred Lippman
Janet and Marvin Rosen
Harry Rosenkrantz
Toni Siskin
Evelyn and Otto Stieber
Linda and Joel Wilentz
Street Address
Home Telephone
Work Telephone
For more information, contact: Bill Fleming. Mondale tor President Headquarters
1822A North University Drive. Plantation. Fto. 33317 Phone: 473-6040
Paid tor by The Mondale for President Committee

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