Frame Quest Instructions and Guide


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Frame Quest Instructions and Guide
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Framing the Frame : Exhibition Proposal Presented to the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. Exhibition Seminar, Dr. Glenn Willumson, Spring 2011
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Exhibition Proposal
Boyle, Kathleen
Ferrante, Laura
Soh, Hannah
Willumson, Glenn
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Framing the Frame : Exhibition Proposal Presented to the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. Exhibition Seminar, Dr. Glenn Willumson, Spring 2011

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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! Frame 1: Gilded Frame This is an example of a gilded frame. Gilding is the process of decorating a material with thin flakes of gold. Often, frames are carved from wood and the gold is stuck on using a glue like substance called gesso. What paintings have you seen that use a gilded frame like this? What paintings do not have gilded frames? Use this card to pu t a gilded frame around a vase. How does this make the object look different? Frame 2: Frieze This frame is made up of several friezes which are bands of decoration on the surface of the frame. Friezes are one type of ornamentation (another word for decoration!). Frame makers have a whole vocabulary that they use to describe ornamentation. What are some different types of ornamentation that you have seen on frames in the museum? Have you seen any friezes with leaves, shells, rope, fruit, grape vines, or half moons on t hem? Find your favorite photograph in the museum and try this frame on it. Do you like the photograph's original frame or this frame better?


! Frame 4 : Miter How are frames put together? The sides of some frames are held together by a miter joint In this case, a frame is made up of f our pieces. The ends of each piece are cut at 45 degree angles so that they fit together and form a rectangle. Can you see the miter joint s on this frame? Can you see the miter joints in all frames? How do some frames hide the miter joints? Find a pain ting in the Asian gallery. How is its frame different from this one? Is it gilded? Does it have miter joints? Is it framed at all? Frame 5 : No Frame Some works of art do not have picture frames, but they are still framed in other ways. For example, when a n object is in a glass case, the glass case is like frame. This display focuses attention on the object the same way a picture frame does in a museum. What kinds of artwork do not have picture frames? What kind of frames do they have? Use this card to erase an existing picture frame. How does this change the way this work of art looks?


FRAME QUEST HARN MUSEUM OF ART GAINESVILLE, FLORI D A FRAME QUEST Frame Quest is a fu n activity that allows you to try different picture frames on different works of art. Each card has an empty picture frame, a question, and an instruction. To use Frame Quest, stand back from an object and hold a card out in front of you so that the pic ture frame on the card surrounds what you want to look at. You should be able to see both the frame and the artwork inside it. Frame 1: Gilded Frame Frame 2: Frieze Frame 3: Unornamented Frame Frame 4: Miter Frame 5: No Frame


! FRAME QUEST "Frame Quest coincides with the Framing the Frame exhibition currently on display in the Langley Foyer. Exhibition and outreach materials designed by Museum Studies graduate students Kathleen Boyle, Laura Ferrante, and H annah Soh for an Exhibitions Seminar project. SW 34 th Street and Hull Road Gainesville, Florida 32611 2700 352.392. 9826 S PONSORED BY (local frame company) Frame 3: Unornamented Frame Museums often use unornamented frames. These types of frames make you focus on the artwork because they are not distracting. Which gallery has the most unornamented frames? Which gallery should have more unornamented frames? Find a colorful painting in the Modern gallery. Does this frame make the artwork stand out more or less than the original frame? Use this frame to look at parts of the picture and see what you can find by focusing your attention on details.