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UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 1


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 2 www.ub.edu.bz Table of Content Strengthening Relationship 3 Growing Green 4 Discovery Through Research 6 UBs Living Reef Center Improves Energy Source through Collaborative Efforts 7 Having Fun in Programming 8 UB Students to attend International Symposium 9 Saving Lives & Creating Relationships 1 0 Math is Fun 1 0 Belize-Guatemala Relations: Be Informed 1 1 An Evening to Celebrate the Arts 1 2 Kristi Mai Oustanding UB Alumus 1 3 UB Student Wins Regional Video Competition 1 4 1 4 FEA Coordinator Completes Doctorate in Education 1 5 Recognition for Contribution in Education 1 5 Experience in Technology 1 6 Ready for the Business World 1 7 1 8 Students Bringing Marine Debri Awareness 2 0 Partnering to Assist the Sugar Cane Industry 2 1 UB Student: Promising Artist 2 1 A Diagnosis on Belizes Migration 2 2 Mexican Students Doing Internship at UB 2 3 Young Engineers Representing in Mexico 2 4 Tribute to Gabriel Garca Mrquez 2 4 Youths Involved in MDGs 2 5 Save the Hickatees 2 6 2 7 Leadership and Management: 2 8 Bridging the Gap to Success 2 8 La Voz Latina 2 8 Se Habla Espaol 2 9 Future Entrepreneurs 2 9 UB Lecturer Participates in International Literary Festival 3 0 Welcome to the UB Team 3 0 UB Black Jaguars Bring Bronze 3 1 Patricia Pedals to Second Place 3 1 UB Black Jaguars: Bi-Champions! 3 2


2 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 3 T he University of Belize (UB) and BELTRAIDE, through its Small Business Development Centre Belize (SBDC Belize), formally strengthened their long standing partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on April 14, 2014. Through the MoU, UB and SBDC Belize will collaborate to align their vision, strengths, and develop a sustainable support system. Since its inception, UB has served as a catalyst of change by providing relevant, affordable and accessible education training programs tailored to address the growing needs of the country; thus the cooperation with SBDCBelize provides another vehicle for this to happen. As a unit of BELTRAIDE, SBDC Belize provides customized need-based services to micro, small and medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) with the aim of improving their product(s) and service(s) to better meet export expectations. The MoU has received unwavering support from UBs Board of Trustees through Chairman Harry Pilgrim and BELTRAIDEs Board of Directors through CEO Michael Singh. In essence, this new formalized partnership will increase opportunities for entrepreneurship in both the formal and informal sectors. The MoU was signed by Pilgrim and Singh on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at the University of Belize, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) Campus and site of SBDCBelize in Belize City. Important to note is that UB has pledged sustained support for SBDCBelize as it continues to engage small and medium size businesses to contribute to national development. Strengthening Relationship UB Board of Trustees Chairm Harrison Pilgrim closes agreement with BELTRAIDE CEO Michael Singh. photos courtesy of BELTRAIDE


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 4 www.ub.edu.bz Growing Green T his years Earth day was held under the theme Growing Green which derived from the international earth day theme, Greener Cities on April 30, 2014. The day started off with a bike race around the Belmopan Ring Road that was won by Joel Borland for the males and Elizabeth Torres for the females. Hon. Lisel Alamilla, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, who spoke about the importance of recycling and nature. Speaking from experience she explained that at home she is environmental-conscious and has implemented her personal biodegradable system which she emphasized others can also do at home. The ceremony was well attended by UB, high school, and primary school students. There were also displays by students on ways to grow green. Students were able to enjoy Black Orchid. Earth day is an event which is held yearly at the University and is organized by UB students who plan and devise activities and prizes for the university and wider community and students. The green event was held with assistance from Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT). Environmental Awareness Competitions Category Level Winner Runner Up Creative Art Primary School GCPS GCPS High School OLOGRCHS OLOGRCS Essay Growing Green Devon Saldano Eric Sanchez Photo Professional Louise Rodriguez Amateur Devon Saldan Bicycle Race Male Joel Borland Justin Williams Female Elizabeth Torres Ruth Gutierrez GCPSGarden City Primary School OLOGRCHS Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman CathoHigh School Sen. Hon. Lisel Alamilla delivering her address.


4 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 5


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 6 www.ub.edu.bz T he Faculty of Management & Social Sciences (FMSS) held its fourth Annual Research Conference at the Radisson Fort George Hotel on April 10, 2014. One of the main objectives of the research conference was to exhibit the academic accomplishments of students and faculty in the realm of research and professional development. This allows our students to hone their research capabilities and contribute to creating a tradition of research within the institution and society at large. In a welcome message opening the conference, Dr Vincent Palacio, Dean of the faculty, noted that UBs mission requires that we execute relevant research to build the capacity of our stakeholders and contribute to national development. He encouraged all faculty members and students to join in the quest for discovery through scholarly research. The Keynote Address was delivered by of Culture and History. Mr. Encalada is himself an accomplished researcher, having undertaken pioneering research in areas of culture and history. The Research Conference features a blend of faculty and student researchers on a broad diversity of topics, all of which are relevant to Belizes development. Among the faculty presenters were Dr. Bernard Watler on Developing a Recognition Programme to Boost Morale at UB, Dr. Leroy Almendarez on Using the Debate Technique as a Tool to Improve Critical Thinking in Economics, Dr. Philip Castillo on Updating Belizes Progress on Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Melanie Smith on Belizes Migration Diagnostic, and Romaldo Lewis on Statistical Clustering of the MSMEs in Belize and Determination of the Major Constraints that Limit their Creation, Promotion and Growth. Student presenters included Augustin Domingo on Default Risks among Local Credit Unions, Patricia Ruiz on The Effect of Group Work on Academic Performance, and Adelia Roaches on Tour Guides Perspectives on the Stake Bank Project. The conference was well attended by students and faculty. UBs Director of Human Resources, Hertha Gentle, represented the interim provost at the conference. The research conference continues to grow and has proven to be a signature FMSS event. Preliminary planning has already held next year, 2015. Discovery Through Research


6 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 7 UBs Living Reef Center Improves Energy Source through Collaborative Eorts T he University of Belize (UB) along with one of its partner institutions [from Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC)] Madison Area Technical College (MATC) from Madison, Wisconsin, USA is collaborating on a small but expandable solar energy system project to be installed at UBs Living Reef Center (LRC) at Hunting Caye, Toledo District. Joel Shoemaker, Renewable Energy and Electrical Apprenticeship Professor at Madison and his students were on a working trip from Wednesday, 28th May through Saturday, 31st May, 2014 at the Caye where they installed Hawkins from Lakeshore Technical College in Sheboygan, Wisconsin also accompanied the team. and maintenance of the system by MATC through its Study Abroad Program. It also serves as a demonstration of the University of Belizes continued commitment to clean energy, environmental and conservation education and the potential of international and national panels, converters and other requisite electrical parts; UB is facilitating and coordinating materials necessary to install the system. The solar project is part of a renewed effort to upgrade the power supply and facilities at the LRC and the marketability of the LR Center. Current plans involve increased visits to the LRC by international students, researchers and tourists. UB extends many thanks to MATC along with Toledo Campus Administrator, Roy Polonio, and UBs Toledo campus. The UB Living Reef Center (LRC) on Hunting designed to be a Marine Research Center. It was funded by the Earthwatch Institute and handed over to UB on May 17, 2008. The team also toured the solar panel project at Central Campus


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 8 www.ub.edu.bz Having Fun in Programming A s part of their activities for this semester, the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) hosted the second round of programming courses intended to stimulate high school students interest in computing science and computer programming. This semesters course was delivered over a period of six weeks by lecturers David Garcia and Yudel Arbella of the DoIT at the Jaguar building, with the objective of introducing learners to computing science via the Scratch programming environment an interactive graphical programming environment developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Selecting the best environment to provide initial exposure to computer programming depends on ones goals or interest. There are many platforms for this purpose and many different approaches that can be used to introduce programming. Scratch makes it easy to create interactive stories, games, and animations and to share ones creations with others on the web. Using the Scratch environment the students were able to create, modify and work with objects called sprites. The sprites were used in programs to create interactive stories, graphics and games by snapping programming blocks together into stacks called scripts. This high level of abstraction enabled learners to effortlessly write complete programs which allowed them to develop their programming skills, gain a deep understanding of core computing concepts, and enhance their application of computational thinking. The feedback from the students was encouraging. Many of them voiced their desire to come back for more courses and expressed their interest in learning more computer programming. The DoIT considers the outcome of the course to be very positive and plans to make such courses available every semester. The Department believes that courses such as this one are not only a great opportunity to introduce computing science and computer programming at the high school level, but they also give participating students an insight into UBs IT program, helping them to decide if IT is a career path they would like to pursue. We would not be able to do the things we did today without this program After two succesful courses the department plans to do it again.


8 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 9 UB Students to attend International Symposium T wo Belizean delegates of the International Forestry Students' Association Belize at UB (IFSA-UB) students from 50 countries to engage in conversation, workshops and tours, all pertaining to forestry practices and management for the 42nd International Forestry Students Symposium (IFSS). Elizabeth Torres, IFSA-UBs President and Jani Salazar, IFSA-UB secretary, will be representing the University. Elizabeth is a second year Bachelors Degree student majoring in Biology while Jani is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Resource Management. These two IFSA-UB representatives will be hosted by IFSA members at the University of British being there for the course of 15 days. Jani and Elizabeth will get the opportunity to explore British Columbia forest landscape, visit forestry operations, and forest management innovations, participate in youth-professional networking, and participate in workshops and IFSA general Assembly, and receiving forestry education from the host universities. The IFSA members will be presenting their poster or giving oral presentations of their research in their countries and sharing their views with other students. IFSA-UBs vision is to promote and develop sustainable forestry and environmental practices through the enhancement of the current learning platform available to students. Their mission is to givethe students the opportunity to enrich their formal education through practical experience and collaboration with local and international partners. IFSA-UB will strive to support the involvement of youths in forestry and environmental practices with the intention of promoting sustainable forest management. The students are reaching out to the community for assistance to cover travel and other expenses to attend the symposium. Anyone interested in assisting our green ambassadors can email ifsa.bz@gmail. com. Elizabeth Torres is the President of IFSA-UB Jani is also a member of the UB Black Jaguars Volleyball team.


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 10 www.ub.edu.bz Saving Lives & Creating Relationships F ifteen Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students completed a twelve week course which was a joint program offered by the University of Belize and the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) on April 23, 2014. These students had to undergo rigorous training in order to complete this EMT course. This program allowed individuals from all walks of life to enroll. Included were University of Belize students, from this program are individuals who have chosen to make a difference, and they will now have the task of helping persons who are in life or death situations. As EMTs the students were reminded that the task they were being prepared to undertake is no easy one as there is no room for error. Being a paramedic isnt only about saving lives, they were reminded; it is also about creating relationships with people who they may never see for having a paramedic with a pleasant personality makes the experience much easier for patients. A medics job is not only to save lives, the participants were reminded, but also to give hope to the sick or injured. The facilitators of the program this semester were Mr. George Porter and Ms. Eleanor Stephens who did an excellent job of delivering the course. Math is Fun O n Thursday, May 8th, 2014 the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA), Belize City Campus came alive with an abundance of educational exhibitions. Students from Mr. Brian Plummers Math class and Mr. Kevin Tuckers Health and Family Life and Social Studies classes shared their scholastic skills and creativity with visiting primary and secondary school students and teachers through a variety of innovative methods. The enthusiastic students from FEA, Belize City proudly showcased an array of creative games such as snake and ladder, roll the dice and monopoly with a Belizean twist. They also shared PowerPoint presentations and posters on topics that are critical to Math, HFLE and Social Studies, as well as holistic learning and teaching strategies for the 21 century. The fair also allowed both primary and secondary school students and teachers to test their knowledge of the abovementioned subjects in creative, educational and fun ways. The annual event was a tremendous success as both visitors and presenters gained new knowledge that they plan to use in the future.


10 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 11 Belize-Guatemala Relations: Be Informed S hould we go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle the Belize-Guatemala claim? Students will now be able to give you a more informed response as they had an opportunity to listen to a series of presentations by H.E. Alexis (MFA), Senator Lisa Shoman, past Ambassador of Belize and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Ambassador James Murphy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Special Agreement with Guatemala: Processes and Challenges to Date. He explained to the students what the different articles of the agreement mean. On April 23rd, Senator Shoman presented on Legal & Constitutional Issues arising out of the negotiated Special Agreement, particularly the Referendum and going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Senator Shoman emphasized that We cannot just sit and do nothing; that is not an option. She also remarked sovereign nation, pointing out the fact that the ICJs most recent case involving a territorial dispute was The lecture series closed on April 30th, with Ambassador Murphys presentation in which he gave an overview of the dispute. These erudite presenters were hosted by UB lecturer Cesar Ross and the students of theBelize-Guatemala Relations class in the Faculty of Education and Arts History and Anthropology Program. H.E. Alexis Rosado James Murphy Senator Lisa Shoman


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 12 www.ub.edu.bz An Evening to Celebrate the Arts F ollowing its two successful drama presentations earlier this semester, the recently launched Jaguar Salon Series hosted its inaugural Evening of the Arts on April 8. As the name indicates, it was an evening dedicated to showcasing various forms of artistic expression: painting, poetry, and musical talents. At the start of the evening, in the foyer of the Jaguar Auditorium, attendees enjoyed the painting exhibits of well known Belizean artist Carolyn Carr and two UB students, Valerie Penner and Kenroy Makin. Meanwhile, vocalists Alida Sharp delighted the audience with performances of both her own recently composed songs and popular tunes. The artistes included UB students and faculty as well as friends of the University. Along with Alida Sharp, other vocalists and pianists were Claudia Henderson, Julia Penner, Rebekah Penner, Steven Lewis, and Jake Sebens, while the poets were Khaleela Arzu, Margaret Reynolds, Sean Teagar, Jaslyn Yorke, Wilford Felix, Kyraan Gabourel, Courtney Weatherburne, and Amado Chan. The Evening of the Arts is an effort by the Faculty of Education and Arts to provide an opportunity for students who are gifted and trained in the arts to practice their crafts and share their talents with their peers. It is also a means of promoting the arts at UB so as to inspire other students and faculty to pursue their own artistic interests. The Evening of the Arts is planned to be an annual function and is part of the Jaguar Salon series of year-round academic and artistic events hosted at the Jaguar Auditorium at the Belmopan Campus.


12 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 13 Kristi Mai Oustanding UB Alumus U B Alumnus Kristi Mai is the proud recipient of the Lawrence Jesser Toll Jr. Endowed Scholarship from the University of Arkansas (UARK). Ms Mai completed her Bachelors in Mathematics at the University of Belize, graduating summa cum laude and at the top of her program in 2013. Ms. Mai is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Statistics at UARK and, due to her excellent performance, was awarded the scholarship. She is also a teaching assistant at UARK, teaching PreCalculus and Calculus 1 and in the upcoming semester, Survey of Calculus. Ms Mai says that, Thanks to our great professors at the University of Belize, I was well prepared for graduate school. Moreover, our math department does a superb job in equipping us with the necessary tools needed for higher level education. This, in turn, has helped [in] establishing a solid foundation for my career path. She is especially grateful to Dr. Aaron Lewis, Dr. Leopold Perriott, and Mr. Steven Lewis for have inspired me to pursue my aspirations. Assistant Professor, Dr. Aaron Lewis said that Kristi was one of his best students. Mr. Steven Lewis also commended Kristi, saying: She was a very conscientious student who always sought to do her best in all her always strove for excellence in each class. Kristi was a very good communicator, both orally and in written format Kristi was ahead of her peers and had to be given her peers informally as she saw teaching as the highest form of learning. I have also heard good reports about Kristis Math teaching and classroom management skills at Sacred Heart College (a high school in western Belize) prior to her enrolling at the University of Arkansas. Congratulations, Kristi, on successfully completing year one of your Masters degree! Bigger and better things are yet to come! Indeed, congratulations to Kristi on a job well done! cumulative GPA of 4.0.


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 14 www.ub.edu.bz U B Student William Mahler Jr. is the proud winner of a regional video competition held in connection with World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) based in Trinidad and Tobago. William is an Information Technology major at the UB Belmopan Campus where he recorded most of the video. William, who won for his powerful and well organized video titled How Broadband Sustains Me, was elated when contacted cautiously optimistic about the results, especially regarding the Peoples Choice portion of the judging, based on the most likes on Facebook, which he thought would However, he was delighted to learn that he winner of the WTISD competition, adding that he hopes to serve as an inspiration to others. William also expressed his keen interest in Broadband coupled with his love for video graphics and 3D animation which were instrumental in setting him apart in the competition. William won a trip for two to the Caribbean and Trade Exhibition in the Bahamas from August 10-14, 2014. He also received a tablet plus US$1,000. As further evidence of Belizean talent, Andrea Gutierez of St. Andrews Anglican School in San Ignacio won fourth place in the competition. William Mahlers video can be watch?v=1xQc6sLUk4M UB congratulates William on his achievement. UB Student Wins Regional Video Competition QA Ocer Recognized at UNF D the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award in Educational achievements at the College of Education & Human Services 6th Annual Student Awards Congratulations, Dr. Arzu.


14 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 15 estor Chan, Faculty of Education and Arts completed all program requirements for a Doctorate in Education from Abraham S. Fischler School of Education His Dissertation is entitled Developing Primary School Teachers Teaching Skills in a Theory-Practice Program in Mathematics The Faculty of Education and Arts, along with the entire University of Belize, is extremely proud of Mr. Chans accomplishments. FEA Coordinator Completes Doctorate in Education Recognition for Contribution in Education T wo of UBs very own received a much deserved recognition for the impact they have made in education. Dr. Cynthia Thompson, Assistant Provost, and Mr. Andres Chimilio, Engineering lecturer, were recognized at the Teachers Award ceremony organized by the Belize Board of Teacher Education. Dr. Thompson was recognized for Invaluable Contribution to Teacher Education in Belize. While Mr. Chimilio received the Outstanding Teacher Award, Tertiary Level. Congratulations. Dr. Cynthia Thompson (c) with award. Mr. Andres Chimilio with award.


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 16 www.ub.edu.bz Experience in Technology W orking experience is very important in preparation for the real world. In light of this, students pursuing Associates and Bachelors degree in Information Technology (IT) must complete Project and Professional Practice respectively. This semester 26 students got the opportunity to get a real-life experience in the technological world. Students worked at different organizations governmental and private sector. Students commented on how the experience helped them: Internship was because as an IT major the more exposure we have to our line of profession at an early stage, the better prepared we will be when we leave these institutional gates of UB. Yserri Palacio, Project student Internship helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. It gave me the develop and improve my skills and abilities in IT. student. Congratulations to our IT experts.


16 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 17 Ready for the Business World I n keeping with the University of Belizes mission to provide students with both in-class theory and experience in the workforce, the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) Bachelors degree programs in Accounting and Management include an Internship component through which students get the opportunity to practice what they learn in the classroom. One of the interns, Christopher August, who did experience: Internship helped me to gain much needed practical experience in the real business world. It felt good to practice what I have learnt at the University of Belize. It also helped me improve my social and communication skills. Shahira Quiroz who did her internship at Atlantic Bank said: The past nine weeks have provided me with a great experience. It has also made me understand how a commercial bank functions Academic skills acquired over my course [of study] at the University of Belize proved to be very useful in my endeavors. As the internship progressed into the nine weeks I further developed my skill set and added value to Atlantic Banks dynamic and diligent team. I draw comfort in knowing that at the end of my internship I transitioned into the workforce with ease. Well done, students!


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 18 www.ub.edu.bz The University of Belize (UB) may not be known for break-through researches, but that does not mean that UB is not actively engaged in the research world. UB does encourage and support faculty and students to conduct research, and this year the University took an additional step to ensure that researchers have a chance to entitled Highlighting Students and Faculty Achievements in Research was organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities. The primary aim of the symposium was to publicize the different researches and discoveries made by students, alumni, and faculty. Guest speaker, Dr. Pamela Kellar from the States also shared a research she carried out on plants. She encouraged students to asking questions, making observations and drawing conclusions. Marley Ack, UB alumnus, presented her research on High Light Stress Tolerance in a Range of Plant Species wherein she explained that although light is very important for photosynthesis, excess light can severely damage plants. Keron Morrison, who is also an alumnus, presented a research on Huperzine, an extract from plants in the Hperzia species which improves memory. In his research titled Modulating the Aqueous Solubility and Dissolution Rate of Huperzine A through Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals, Morrison focused on ways to increase the solubility of huperzine which is usually poorly soluble in water. Associate FST Professor, Dr. Thippi Thiagarajan presented a paper titled Students Hard Work + Lecturers Advice = Success. Dr. Thiagarajan highlighted the fact that student involvement, along with assistance from advisors can lead to successful research projects. Kenrick Gordon, a current UB student, conducted a research to show that Belize can reduce its dependency on fossil fuel by recycling waste oil produced by restaurants into bio-fuel. Gordons study is entitled Conversion of Waste Cooking Oil into BioDiesel for use in Combustible Engines in Belize. A group of UB students and avid presented on Extraction and Separation of Ethanolic Fractions from Medicinal Plants Shown to Have Tumor Suppressor Activity: Building a Library. Veronica Manzanero, UB Master of Science in Biodiversity and Sustainable Development candidate, studied Diversity of Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus and the Expression of its Bacterial Genes in Different Citrus Varieties in Belize. how much do we really know about them? Dr. Abel Carrias, UB Associate Professor, shed some light through his research Application of Bacteriophages for Biological (ESC) which revealed that ESC is a primary aquaculture farms in the Southern United Highlighting and Encouraging Scientic Research


18 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 19 The symposium, which FST plans to make an annual event, also afforded other students an opportunity to share their research through posters.


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 20 www.ub.edu.bz T he University of Belize research facility, named The Living Reef Center, at Hunting Caye in the Sapodilla Range is located in the southernmost part of the Belize Barrier Reef in the Gulf of Honduras. The Living Reef Center is equipped with a kitchen, dining room, lab, classroom, student dormitory and staff dormitory, electric room and verandahs with a view of the Caribbean Sea. Words are not enough to describe the feeling of breathing fresh air that one experiences while standing on the beach on this island. It is all worth visiting, until one sees the marine debris. Yes, garbage! Strategically located in this part of the Gulf, marine debris is washed onto the island by the tons. Sandals, boots, tires, syringes, bottles, toothbrushes, polystyne cups, cans, oil drums, aerosol ceramics, cloth, wood are only a few of the on the beach. Marine debris poses a threat to people, as pathogen-contaminated debris from medical waste and sewage as well as pieces of broken glass or metal are dangerous. Marine debris is also aesthetically unpleasing, obviously, but it also attracts rodents and kills marine life that becomes entangled with it or eats it. Marine turtles, preferred meal. These turtles die either by starvation due to digestive track blockage or through the effects of gut ulceration or perforation from sharp objects. Discarded traps, and derelict trawl netting and kill coral colonies. In response to this pressing concern, Management class, headed by Dr. Arlenie Rogers, carried out a cleanup campaign during May 6-8, 2014 wherein they collected 516 pounds of garbage! They also completed a video assignment on marine debris which they hope will bring awareness to the Belizean community and decision makers. The video is both entertaining and Students Bringing Marine Debri Awareness


20 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 21 S tudents from the University of Belizes Walk to take part in a pilot mapping project organized by the Sugar Industry Research & Development Institute (SIRDI) in collaboration with professors and students from Georgia State University on May 13. During the days activities, students from both academic institutions teamed up with sugarcane farmers and collected data pertaining to parcel owners, sugarcane yields per parcel, years planted and harvested, and the variety of sugarcane planted on each parcel. Teams also groundtruthed boundaries provided by satellite imagery and made on site corrections to parcel boundaries. For the University of Belize students, this project helped to provide practical experience in Geographic data collection. This initiative was a great parcel database and working towards providing an accurate map to sugarcane The University of Belize looks forward to continued collaboration on this and other projects with SIRDI and Georgia State University. Partnering to Assist the Sugar Cane Industry UB Student: Promising Artist V alerie Penner is an emerging artist with a lot of talent and creativity. She has been painting since the age of 15. On May 30, she had an opportunity to display her art works at the Mexican Institute which hosted an art exhibition for four emerging artists. Valerie is currently pursuing her Associates Degree in English.


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 22 www.ub.edu.bz B elize is an emigrant sending country and, at the same time, one of the three main immigrant receiving countries in Central America. The countrys geographical location enhances the arrival and entry of immigrants from neighbouring countries by sea, land or air. Belize is a favourable country of destination for immigrants from developing as well as an attractive destination for pensioners and tourists from developed countries. At the same time, many Belizeans are among those migrating to the USA. Furthermore, due to its proximity to Mexico (one of the worlds most transited countries) persons from various parts of the world use Belize as a transit point on their way northwards to the United States and Canada. UB lecturer Mrs. Melanie Smith titled her research Diagnostic on Belizean Migration Trends and Migration Management Regulation The document is an action-oriented diagnostic and explores contemporary Belizean migration trends and national consideration aspects such as: demographic tendencies, Central American immigration, workers from and to Caribbean countries. It also analyses how migration has impacted the Belizean society. It discusses the impact on human and economic development. Furthermore, it considers other economic indicators such as the Gross Domestic Product, impact of remittances and the relationship between migration, the labour market and employment. It discusses migration from a social development perspective, primarily highlighting its impact on poverty levels, education, health services and the environment. The report suggests actions to be taken to reduce the challenges and maximize the be used to assist the government in the development of a migration management strategy aimed to develop guidelines for an eventual comprehensive national migration policy. The elaboration of this document is supported by the International Organization for Migration which is committed to building and strengthening the capacities of migration authorities and policy-makers and to strengthen border security as a response to the current migration phenomenon in Belize. It also supports pertinent and practical solutions for its regulation and regularization through comprehensive and coherent migration policies. Belize will continue to be a migrant sending and migrant receiving country and as a result A Diagnosis on Belizes Migration


22 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 23 Mexican Students Doing Internship at UB I Belize hosted a visit for international business students and faculty from Universidad Technologica de Camargo (UTCam), Chihuahua, Universidad Tecmilenio, and Universidad Technologica de la Tarahumara (UTT). As a result of this visit, an Agreement for Academic Cooperation was signed by UB and UTCam. The University of Belize is pleased that this agreement has already become operationalized with the visit and placement of four UTCam students to do their internships in Belizean institutions. Karen Julieta Barrona and Jose Luis Flores were placed at BELTRAIDE, in marketing and public relations respectively, Ramon Adame is at Ministry of Trade and will be assisting with be assisting with the design of a monitoring and evaluation system for procurement at UB. This internship will be for three months and the students will be supervised by Mr. Romaldo Lewis, Lecturer in the Faculty of Management and Social Science. A reciprocal visit and internship with UTCam, Chihuahua, Mexico is scheduled for UB students during the Fall (August-December) semester, 2014. Several students have already applied. The University of Belize is of the view that these types of collaborations and programs that provides international experience for its students and that also bring international students to its campus increases and stimulate intercultural awareness and create well rounded students with a global world view. Rebeca is working at UB consider that the immigrant stock in Belize is mature and well integrated. This means that the best move towards managing Belizean migration in Belize must be done from a holistic position, ensuring a rights-based, migrant-centric approach adopting the six pillars set These include: a. Liberalizing and simplifying regular channels that allow people with low skills to seek work abroad; b. Ensuring basic rights for migrants; c. Reducing transaction costs associated with migration; d. Improving outcomes for migrants and destination part of national development strategies. L-R Jose Flores, Karen Barrona, Ramn Adame, and Rebeca Hildago


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 24 www.ub.edu.bz Young Engineers Representing in Mexico U B Engineering Department students from the Structures II and the Mechanical Engineering Science (MECH2502) classes took part in the Annual Macaroni Structural Competition at the Instituto Tecnologico de Chetumal in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico on April 9 and 10. The competition challenged student teams to design criteria such as time, size, weight and type of materials (macaroni, spaghetti and hot glue). The model and aesthetics. The University of Belize Engineering Department was represented in the competition by two teams who competed among a total of 38 teams that took part. Teams represented were from within the Instituto Tecnologico de Chetumal and other nearby Universities within Mexico, particularly from Cancun and the state of Merida. At the conclusion of the competition, the UB Engineering Department teams Mechanical Engineering Science and Structures II, were ranked Tribute to Gabriel Garca Mrquez Gabriel Garca Mrquez, the illustrious Latin American novelist, passed away on April 17, 2014 at the age of 87. Born in Colombia in 1927, Garcia Marquez was the author of many books that have been translated from Spanish to numerous Literature. 1 In recognition of his contribution to world literature, the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA), in partnership with the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, organized a special tribute to Gabo, as he was affectionately known. During the tribute, excerpts from his masterpieces including Love in the Time of Cholera were read. Thank you for your contribution to the world, Gabo. 1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabriel_Garca_Mrquez Mechanical Engineering Science team. Structures II team.


24 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 25 Youths Involved in MDGs T he University of Belize, in partnership with Development Programme conference for youth leaders on April 25, on the Belmopan Campus. The aim of the conference was to ensure continued engagement of members of the Belize Youth Social Participants included are representatives of student government associations as well as a broad cross section youths throughout Belize. The main event was a presentation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Belize Scorecard Report by Dr. Philip Castillo. The students enthusiastically participated in discussions during and after the presentation of each goal. Following Dr Castillos Mrs. Melanie Smith-Santiago, UB Lecturer and Mr. Joe Hendrikx of the Knowledge Collective. communication with members, and the mission and vision. A temporary organizational structure was decided upon and volunteers for key roles were assigned as follows: Yanira Garcia, manager; Felix Mai and Janelle Cowo, public relations; Victor Cayetano, Kayla Boehmer, Mykal Welch and Hydeia Golanche, events coordinators; Kyle Miller, Kayla Boehmer and Janelle Cowo, research coordinators, and Kirk Miller, Jaime Chan, Miguel Riobo, and Joivanni Rudon, fund raising committee. support demands for greater social accountability, to encourage youth participation as critical actors for change, to promote evidence-based decision-making and policy development, and ensure youth access to justice. Students from the UB Association of Student Governments also form part


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 26 www.ub.edu.bz D id you know that you cannot have more than three hickatees in your possession at any given time? Do you even know what a hickatee is? Well that is precisely what Save the Hickatee on May 23, 2014 which is also recognized as World Turtle Day. Hickatees are Central American fresh water turtles. According to Hickatee.com, dressed in full armour, the hickatee may attain a weight of nearly 50 lbs. The female is somewhat smaller, with a shorter tail and a grey head unadorned by the golden emblem and matching spotty insignia of the male. The carapace, brown or olive drab, is only slightly curved; the ventral shell is cream-coloured. Unfortunately, although illegal, they are hunted for food and jewelry. create awareness about hickatees. Their audience? Our future leaders. The class was divided into groups, and each went to a primary school; i.e. Kuxlin Ha, St. Martins Government School, Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. School, St. Anns Anglican Primary School, El Shaddai S.D.A. Primary School, and Garden City Primary School. The children learned about hickatees and their conservation and now, as a result of the variety show, have an increase awareness of the hickatee. On the big day the primary and high school students were all ready; there were students Guadalupe took second, and Garden City placed third. Save the Hickatees


26 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 27 B Resources Management Program at the University of Many times we needed to hit the in the forest, at the cayes or in some building in Punta Gorda, wherever the night caught us. We ate eggs and and eggs for breakfast and supper after long hours in the sun. Wed discuss the soil pit we dug, deep sea to measure them, hiking the mountain at Cockscomb to do tree surveys, or even tracking radio collars. Some of the most rewarding experiences were meeting developers from coastal areas, understanding the process of forest management and where our timber is going, making always amazed by our country and the abundance of natural resources it has to offer. Most rewarding though, is being able to make the connections between what is taught in are used and perceived by others. happening to the resources in our country. This involves knowing what the resources of our country are comprised of, especially looking past the four walls of a classroom and thinking critically about situations and how best they can be managed. and leisure time at our disposal. This is a big misconception. From the onset, we faced challenges. Each new semester, after overcoming the previous, we look at the current challenges wishing they were as easy as the prior. Summer is exchanged for classes on both learn and apply practical skills. We create awareness through Earth Day, Earth Hour, La Ruta Maya, or simply being active in the Environmental Club or the International Forestry Student Association (IFSA), which requires extra dedication and hard work. Being environmentally literate and knowing the best way to sustainably manage the environment and the people who use it, while promoting a green Belize, is what a large part of what and Dr. Leandra Ricketts, Mr. Joaquin Magaa and Mr. Anthony Mai (EIA class) for making Being an NRM Student by Devon Soldano


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 28 www.ub.edu.bz Leadership and Management: Bridging the Gap to Success A well attended administrative panel presentation was held in March at the University of Belize, Central Campus. Administrative leaders from primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, along with a leader from the business sector, discussed various aspects of leadership encompassing the theme Leadership and Administration: Bridging the Gap to Success. Among the topics that the participants discussed were their leadership skills, challenges that they encounter in the daily management of their businesses as it pertains to interaction with subordinates, the most effective leadership styles they employ to address situations that may arise, their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, and much more. This leadership panel presentation was organized by the students enrolled in UBs Educational Leadership and Administration course in connection with FEA Week in an effort T he ninth edition of the La Voz Latina (in English, The Latin Voice) was held on May 7, 2014. This annual event serves as an opportunity to showcase Latin American art in the form of singing, poetry, and dance and features presentations by UB faculty and students and also invited guests. This years invited guests included Chamika, Los Halcones Band, and Grupo Cultural from San Jose Palmar. Mr. Inez Sanchez, former CEO of the Ministry of Education and UB lecturer, recited one of his poems penned in Spanish. La Voz Latina is organized by the Latin American Literature class and lecturer Mr. Amado Chan. La Voz Latina Mr. Inez Sanchez Sr.


28 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 29 Se Habla Espaol T he Spanish Department in the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA) organized a Spanish Week featuring movies aimed at enhancing students appreciateion of the Hispanic culture. There was also a poetry competition wherein Karla Pinelo took Courtney Weatherburne followed with La Reina de Orqudeas, and Yanira Avila took third place with Madre solo Hay Una. In related news, a Hispanic Culture Competition was also organized wherein students participated in pairs and were asked different questions relevant to the Hispanic culture. Shane Lucero along with Carina Cal topped the competition. Prizes were donated by the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Future Entrepreneurs S tudents of the Marketing course put their entrepreneurial skills to test on April 30, when they hosted a Marketing Expo at the Central (Belmopan) Campus. The expo culminated a productive semester of activities during which students were guided by lecturer Ms. Gayle Ozaeta on how to properly market their products and services to customers. Customers who attended the Marketing Expo got the opportunity to vote for their favorite group, and Frapaholics won the recognition.


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 30 www.ub.edu.bz UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 4 Welcome to the UB Team UB Lecturer Participates in International Literary Festival O n April 11th, Belizean writer and UB lecturer Ivory Kelly participated in a panel discussion at the Aye Write! Book Festival held annually in Glasgow, Scotland. During the panel discussion titled The Untold Story: By Our Own Tongues, Ms. Kelly and two other writers from Antigua and Scotland spoke about their uses of their mother tongues in their writings. The panel discussion and the trip were jointly sponsored by Commonwealth Writers, which is the cultural arm of the Commonwealth Foundation, and the British Council. Ms. Kelly is the author of Point of Order: Poetry and Prose (Ramos Publishing, 2009) and has also published short stories in the Caribbean, United States, and the United Kingdom. She expresses her gratitude for the support and encouragement that she has received from her UB colleagues as well as from students and the Administration. L-R Gemma Robinson, moderator of the panel discussion; Antiguan writer, Joanne C. Hillhouse; Belizean writer, Ivory Kelly; and Scottish writer, Martin MacIntyre.


30 UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 31 UB Black Jaguars Bring Bronze I n May a contingent of more than University of Belize and the Jewel in the V Juegos Deportivos Universitarios into English, The Sport Games of Central American Universities 5. Brotherhood, Solidarity and Integration was the theme held on April 07 April 12, 2014 in Managua, UB Black Jaguars won the bronze medal for the male 4x100m relay. Team members were Linford Cleland, Jorge Jimenez, Alvin Tillett and Brandon Flowers. The UB Black Jaguars also competed in volleyball, football and basketball. JUDUCA, held every two years, is a genuine gesture of integration and Central American University student fellowship in the name of sports that offers student athletes the opportunity to compete in a singular sporting event that also promotes cultural coexistence. It is an activity organized and supported by the Central American University Higher Council (CSUCA) and the Regional Council Vice Chancellor of Student Congrats, Black Jaguars. Patricia Pedals to Second Place P atricia Chavarria demonstrated her athletic ability by placing second in the female cross country. In March she ran in the UB Relathon, running the best time among the females with a 5:43 mile. Patricia is currently pursuing her Associate Degree in Building and Civil Engineering. Kudos to Patricia.


UB Ebulletin Volume 3 Issue 4 32 www.ub.edu.bz UB Black Jaguars: Bi-Champions! U B Lady Black Jaguars have once again shown their dominance by retaining the ATLIB Football Championship. On Saturday, April 26, 2014 they made their way to San Ignacio The championship match was against Independence Junior College who the Lady Jaguars defeated 2-0, bringing home the trophy once more. Arlene Bennett and Alice Avila were the goal scorers. In related news, our Black Jaguars were not able to defeat Centro Escuela Mexico Junior College and had to settle for third place after defeating Corozal Junior College 3-1, Asrel Sutherland scoring the three goals. Congratulations to our champions. photos courtesy of Tiffany Gongora