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UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 2 Table of Contents UB signs Academic Cooperation Agreement with Mexican University 3 Diabetes: Protect the Future! 4 Blue Lighting 4 Women Writers Standing Among Giants 5 Dugudati 5 Successful Entrepreneurs 6 Students as Business Leaders 6 Fighting Corruption 7 Med-Lab Students Provide Medical Services in Libertad 8 Lecturer Presents Research Findings on Sea Cucumber at Conference in United States 9 Empowering Educatio n for Children in Todays Society 1 0 UB Pharmacy Students and U.S. Team Collaborate on Medical/Health Outreach 1 1 Faculty Representative Elected 1 2 UB Counselor Elected on BSCA Committee 1 2 Embracing Cultural Diversity 1 3 Showcasing Knowledge & Talent 1 4 Ni zi zu shn me? Lets Learn Mandarin! 1 4 Israel and the Middle East 1 5 Ambassador of Argentina on Falkland Islands/Malvinas Case 1 5 Prominent Jamaican Author Delivers Lecture at UB 1 6 Welcome to UB Dr. Ethel Arzu-Hernandez 1 7 Students Demonstrate Skills & Competencies on the Job Site 1 8 Being an Entrepreneur 1 8 A Night of Poetry 1 9 UB Black Jaguars Male and Female Teams Retain ATLIB Volleyball Championship. 2 0


2 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 3 The Agreement will facilitate joint participation in developing innova tion projects and international institu tional cooperation projects. The part nerts will oganize academic encounters, courses, conferences, symposiums, student exchanges, and scholar ships for students from both institutions. Signing the Academic Cooperation Agreement was the President of the University of Belize Dr Cary Fraser and Rector of Universidad Tecnologica de Camargo Prof. Fidel Alonso Gonzlez Gonzlez. President Fraser said, The Agreement between the two universities will contribute to the development of both institu tions and improvement of the quality of life of Belizeans and Mexicans. The visit of the Rector and his 22 member delegation from the Universities of UTCam, Tecnologica de la Tarahumara and TecMilenio was aimed at fostering trade and education cooperation and was coordinated by the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, H.E. Mario Ve lazquez Suarez. During the encounter, the visiting students of international trade and University of Belize students negotiated a draft Partial Scope Agreement between Belize and Mexico. istry of Trade, Belize and from the Embassy of Mexico, Belize. The Belizean and Mexican ment. In related events, the Mexican students also displayed products from Chihuahua at the Institute of Mexico, Belize City and at UB Central Campus, Belmopan. UB students also pre sented products and services that Belize offers. UB signs Academic Cooperation Agreement with Mexican University Mexican students displayed products from Chihuahua, Mexico UB students presented on Belizean products


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 4 Students of the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work in collaboration with the Belize Diabetes Association, Belmopan Branch hosted a confer ence under the theme Diabetes: Protect the Future! in cel ebration of World Diabetes Day on November 14. Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and the goal of the conference was to educate persons with diabetes and the general public on how to change and manage lifestyle prac tices so that their health would be improved. Topics aimed at providing a holistic approach to diabetes were presented to the audience. These included Lifestyle Changes through Diet, Anodyne Therapy and The Diabetic, Under standing Diabetes, Through the lens at Diabetes, and Glyce mic Index: What Diabetics Need to Know. There was a special presenation on Diabetic Foot Infections by Dr. Shamir Cawich, Assistant Professor, University of West Indies, among others. Guest Speaker at the conference was Lifestyle Counselor and Health Educator, Mr. Corne Diabetes: Protect the Future! Blue Lighting Guest Speaker


4 5 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 4 Students and lecturers participating in the ninth Annual Women in Literature Conference shared some of the works, including short stories and poems that they have penned. One notable presenter was UB lecturer and writer Ms. Ivory Kelly who delighted the audience by completing her short story, This Thing We Call Love, which she started at a previous Women in Literature conference and had left the audience in suspense. Also present was well known Belizean author and UB Presi dent Emeritus Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis who shared two of the poems published in her most recent books Moments in Time Volumes 1 and 2. The conference was spearheaded by Lecturer of the Women in Literature Class, Mr Amado Chan. Women Writers Standing Among Giants Dugudati Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis Ms. Ivory Kelly


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 6 Students of the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences showcased their business ideas and marketing skills at the annual Marketing Expo held at the Universitys West Lan divar Campus, Belize City. Congratulations to students for a job well done. The winners of this years Marketing Expo are: Most Attractive booth: First Place Jungle Adventures; second place Fantasy Cupcakes; third place Memorable Baby Charms. Most Creative Product: Memorable Baby Charms At the Central Campus Marketing Expo students also exhibited their creativity and market ing skills on November 14, 2013. Students were dressed in their sales uniform. Their booths were attractively decorated, and they had a variety of products on display. Successful Entrepreneurs Students as Business Leaders


6 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 7 The United Nations Develop ment Programme along with the help of Belizeans youths participated in Anti-Corrup tion day on December 9, 2013. The purpose of Anti-Corrup tion Day was to engage the youth of Belize in discussions and activities about ethical behavior corruption and Belize students joined the cause and together with other young leaders in the country formed The Belize Youth Social Audit Network (BYSAN). UB students along with other tertiary level students formed teams to post approximately 200 anti-corruption posters in public and private spaces with high visibility. They also appeared on different talk shows to sensitize the Be Kudos to UB student government members: Anita Ack, Yanira Garcia, Kenny Williams, Felix Mai, Victor Cayetano, Jamira Serrano, who participated in this initiative. Fighting Corruption www.anticorruptionday.orgBecause the company deliberately used substandard pipes to make a pro t. This water was wasted Photo: Joost Butenop Corruption. A crime against the most basic need. Kenny Williams posting an anti-corruption poster


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 8 The Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work (FNAHSW), in collaboration with Corozal Community Hospital and the Libertad Village Council, provided health education information and services to residents of Libertad and sur rounding communities in the Corozal District. Faculty members and students of the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work ofthe na tional university, along with several Health Care Providers from the Corozal District, shared their skills and knowledge with residents of Libertad and the surrounding communities on November 22. The event was held under the theme of BE AWARE! SHOW WE CARE...THROUGH HEALTH CARE, aimed at promoting meaningful partnerships within the communities and focused on disease prevention through changing behavior and life styles. Objectives of the health fair: 1. To increase health awareness by providing health information. 2. To support and empower people to make changes in the way they eat and live. 3. To promote meaningful partnerships and recognize the expertise and role of health professionals in promoting health to communities. 4. To enable health organizations and community service agencies to meet with one anoth er and to establish linkages to inform and promote current and future health care needs. The population embraced the various services and information provided. These included: information on cancer, sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives, hypertension, and diabetes, blood pressure checks, Pap smears and breast examinations; blood tests glu cose, cholesterol, triglycerides; urinalysis and parasitology. The other services offered were dispensing of basic health medications, social services and education; vector control; consultation by a medical practitioner; HIV rapid testing; and much more The event was spearheaded by UBs Interim Chair of Nursing Mrs. Lily Mahung and facili tated by Dr. Nelson Marin as well as public health nurses Vioney Sheppard and Donaldine Med-Lab Students Provide Medical Services in Libertad


8 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 9 UB Environmental Research Institute research fellow Dr. Arlenie Rogers presented the second part of her sea cucumber research at the 66th Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Initiative Conference in Corpus Christi, Texas held on November 4-8, 2013. The focus of Dr. Rogerss paper is on the density, abundance and distribu tion of sea cucumbers in Belize. In collaboration with the Belize Fisheries Department, the Belize Audubon Society and the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment, the ERI staff and student volunteers were able to collect neces sary data in June 2012. With guidance from the ERI Science Director, Dr. Leandra Cho-Ricketts, data analysis and report was completed this year and presented at the GCFI. The conference, hosted by the Harte Research Institute, is comprised of special sessions, governmental organizations and government Departments meet to exchange information and learn from the workshops and sessions. Dr. Rogerss paper was well received and gathered interest from other institutions and Government representatives from countries published in the Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute conference Lecturer Presents Research Findings on Sea Cucumber at Conference in United States Lizama, Rural Health Nurse Margaret Terry, and Village Chairman Mr. Odder Bautista. The health fair highlighted the University of Belizes quest to foster collaboration between the University and local communities and its goals of bringing relevant, affordable and accessible education, training and service opportunities to students and the wider com munity.


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 10 Empowering Education for Children in Todays Society Students of the Faculty of Education and Arts held community outreach sympo siums that were aimed at raising aware ness of ways to better educate our chil dren. Contrary to other years, this time the event was taken out to the community and held at four different locations; i.e. United Evergreen Primary School, Garden City Primary School, Our Lady of Guadal upe R.C. Primary School, and George Price Centre for Peace and Development. The Symposium, which served to highlight high incidence and low incidence excep tionalities found in Belizean classrooms, also provided strategies for teaching children with exceptionalities. The symposium was held under the theme Empowering Education for Chil dren in Todays Society. Kudos to the creative students and lec turer Dr. Thomasine Baker.


10 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 11 The medical/health outreach has been a collaboration between UB Pharmacy department and Body and Soul Minis tries of Roaring Creek since November 2012. The present participation of our stu dents makes this our fourth involve ment, since we participated twice last year. Body and Soul Ministries has a clinic and a stocked pharmacy that al lows students to learn and participate in patient care. The students have a thorough experience in that they follow and counseling the patient. This years three day health outreach was carried out in the communities of Roaring Creek, Cotton Tree, and Armenia. Student volunteers executed various activities ranging from drug packaging, dispensing, patient counselling, and patient clerking in conjunction with the doctors. They also assisted with translating information to Spanish speaking patients. 1. Giving back to the community as volunteer service 2. Learning to work with foreign medical teams 3. Learning to work in different settings Through these means, students become better care givers, decision makers, communica tors, leaders, managers, teachers and life-long learners. UB Pharmacy Students and U.S. Team Collaborate on Medical/ Health Outreach


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 12 The Belize School Counsellor Association held its second Annual General Meeting at the University of Belize, Faculty of Manage ment and Social Sciences in Belize City in November. Dr. Candy Armstong of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth presented a talk entitled School Counsellors Partnering with the Ministry of Education: the Way Forward. UB President Emeritus Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis enlightened all present in a presentation titled School Counsellor Self-Care: Preventing Professional Burnout. Elections were held for the positions of President Elect, Secre tary, and Treasurer. UB Counselor Rene Wentz was elected President Elect. Licia Castillo moved into the position of Immediate Past President, while Elizabeth Goff, School Counsellor at Wesley Col lege High School and 2012 President Elect, moved were Secretary Delcia Chan, School Counselor for Catholic Primary Schools, and Treasurer So langel Sanchez, School Counsellor for Corozal Community College. UB Counselor Elected on BSCA Committee Faculty Representative Elected In accordance with the UB Act, full time faculty members of the University of Belize elected their representative to the Board of Trustees. Ms. Juliane Pasos received the most votes, a total of 29. Ms. Juliane Pasos is a Chemistry Lecturer in the Science Depart ment within the Faculty of Science and Technology. She has a Masters degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University and has been at the University of Belize for eleven years. At UB she has been a lecturer primarily but also served as Chair of the Science Department (August 2008-July 2011), Acting Dean ( August 2010Dec 2010) and Acting Chair ( August 2012 December 2013). Congratulations to Ms. Juliane Pasos. Ms. Juliane Pasos Ms. Renee Wentz BSCA Executive


12 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 13 Belize is internationally rec ognized for its richness of diverse cultures and multiethninicites across the land scape of the country, and history students of the Uni versity of Belize, in recogni tion of this diversity, dressed ing the countrys vibrant multi-culturualism as they hosted a Cultural Day on November 20. Booths were decorated with cultural displays/information materials, traditional instru ments, and bountiful samples of delicious foods prepared by Belizeans of the various cultural groups. Kudos to the history students for their creativity. Embracing Cultural Diversity


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 14 The Regional Language Centre held its annual variety show where students showcased the knowledge they have acquired while learning to speak and write in English. The stu dents performances included songs, dances, and drama in English. Students attending the Regional Language Centre are from different countries including Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Republic of China (Taiwan), Republic of China, Iran, Uruguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Showcasing Knowledge & Talent Mandarin is poised to be a growing language in Belize, and it is in this con text that the Regional Language Cen tre in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of ROC (Taiwan) is providing free mandarin classes to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Belize. Learners are introduced to the basics of the language, and theyve had an opportunity to learn about the Taiwanese food and culture on a trip to Ladyville. N zi zu shn me? Lets Learn Mandarin! Ambassador Wu (center) with mandarin students and teacher Bing Chen (far right)


14 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 15 Ambassador of the State of Israel to Belize, His Excellency Shmulik Bass, delivered a presenta tion to UB students on November 13, 2013. The presentation entitled Israel and the Middle East focused on the history of Israel and its relations with its Middle Eastern counterparts. Ambassador Bass has a M.A. in Political Sci ence (Diplomacy) from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. in Middle East Studies and Political Sci ence, also from Tel Aviv University. He has held numerous positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, and has also repre sented Israel in several countries. Israel and the Middle East Ambassador of Argentina on Falkland Islands/Malvinas Case The Question of the Malvinas Islands lec ture was delivered at the University of Belize by Ambassador of Argentina to Belize, Mara Fernanda Cas. Students got the opportunity to learn about the Argentine position in sover eignty dispute sustained between the Argen tine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland over the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas. Ambassador Cas has worked with the Ar gentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than 25 years. She has colloborated in the different departments in the Ministry such as Foreign Service Institute; Malvinas and South Atlantic Department; Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations, New York, USA; Dlegate to the 41st, 43rd-50th UN General As semblies; and Assistant to the Argentine Del egation to the UN Security Council.


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 16 The Faculty of Education and Arts of the Univer sity of Belize hosted guest speaker Ms. Rachel Manley, author of three books on the life, times, cestors, the Manleys of Jamaica. Rachel Manley, who is a university lecturer of Creative Writing, presented a well received lecture to UBs English and History lecturers and students on November 18 at the Universitys Jaguar Auditorium in Belmo pan. Rachel Manley is the granddaughter and daugh ter of three of Jamaicas national leaders who have been noted as forever changing Jamaicas intellectual, social and cultural land scape. Her grandmother, Edna Manley, also has a legacy in Jamaicas art, sculpture and Minister who served between 1972 and 1980, and then again between 1987 and 1992. Rachel She is an award-winning author and poet best known for what has been described as her The three books in her trilogy are: Drumblair: Memories of Ja maican Childhood which tells the story about the house that nurtured the Manleys; it has also been billed as a deeper narra tive about a larger house, the West Indies Federation. The sec ond book is entitled Slipstream: A Daughter Remembers In this book, Rachel Manley offers a personal account of her relation ship with her father both as a child and as a woman. Completing the trilogy is the book en titled Horses in Her Hair: A Granddaughters Story This is billed as Rachel Manleys ode to her grandmother, Edna Manley. As Rachel Manley writes Looking for the meaning in Edna the weave of life than in the embroidery. Prominent Jamaican Author Delivers Lecture at UB Ms. Rachel Manley


16 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 17 Dr. Ethel Arzu-Hernandez is UBs new Quality Assurance in Educational leadership with a concentration in School Leadership at the University of North Florida. In August the University of North Florida. Dr. Arzu-Hernandez holds a Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Reading (K-12) from the University of North Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Primary Education from the Univer sity of Belize. During her doctoral studies, she organized a book for Belize project. This project included the dona tion of approximately 300 picture books, chapter books, phonics, and reading comprehension teachers resource books to San Jose Government School in the Orange Walk District. Also during her doctoral studies, she presented a scholarly paper entitled, Order from Confusion: Examin ing Rules for the Number of Factors in Factor Analysis at the 2012 Annual Eastern Educational Research Association Conference (EERA), Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. In collaboration with her dissertation chair Dr. Warren Hodge, she will present her doctoral research entitled, The Leadership Roles of Secondary School Department Heads in Belize at the April 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. years. She has worked as a primary school teacher and has facilitated workshops on the New Primary School Comprehensive Curriculum and Teaching Reading across Content Areas. She has also worked as a secondary school vice principal and as acting principal/ acting dean of Escuela Secundaria Tcnica Mxico and Centro Escolar Mexico. Dr. Ethel Arzu-Hernandez


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 18 Students from the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) demonstrated their skills and capabilities in the workforce during their ing and Management. The business majors also had the opportunity to interface with potential employers. Organizations that partnered with the Uni versity of Belize included the United Nations Development Programme, the Caribbean Com munity Climate Change Centre, the Immigration Department, Development Finance Corporation, BELTRAIDE, International Regional Organisa tion for Plant and Animal Health (OIRSA), Belize Agricultural Health Authority, Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology, the Belize Police Department, and the ministries of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Works, Foreign Af fairs, Finance and Economic Development, and the Public Service. Students Demonstrate Skills & Competencies on the Job Site The University of Belize in collaboration with the United States and the Youth Business Trust held an Entrepreneurship Symposium on November 21, 2013. Students had the opportunity to listen to testimonials about the experiences Belizean entrepreneurs have had. Being an Entrepreneur


18 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 19 A Night of Poetry with artistic spirit. Youths from Belize City, Belmopan, San Igna cio, Corozal and Dangriga converged for a spectacular night of poetry. The night started off with a special artistic video presentation that featured performances from our very own Belizean Poets Erwin X and Angela Gegg, the American poetry group Brave New Voices, Caribbean poets Derek Walcott, Christian Campbell and MutaBaruka and African American po ets Jill Scott and Eryka Badu. Coming to the live presentations, they were dynamic; people from different walks of life sharing their compelling stories through poetry. These great poets in clude Kathya Casteneda, Olivette Ramos, Dr. Virginia Hampton, Giselle Leacock, Rebeka Penner, Valerie Penner, Eric Sanchez, Micah Goodin and Courtney Weatherburne. The artistic spirit was contagious because members of the audience came to the stage to share their poems after the presentations. It was a fantastic show. The organizer and coordinator of the event, Courtney Weath need to keep the artistic spirit alive in Belize and develop a deep appreciation for the power of poetry. I want to thank all the participants, those who came out to support and my com mittee for making this event a grand success. The Poetry Night was organized by UB student Courtney Weath erburne in collaboration with UB Central Campus Student Gov ernment. Courtney Weatherburne Written by Courtney Weatherburne & photos courtesy of Open Learning TV Dr. Virginia Hampton


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 6 20 UB Black Jaguars Male and Female Volleyball Teams are the ATLIB Volleyball Champions for the eight consecutive year after defeating Ecumenical Junior College (EJC) on November 29 at Wesley Junior College, Belize City. and defeated EJC 25 to 22. Zaire Garbutt was named Most Valuable Player. The Males triumphed against Belize Adventist Junior College (BAJC) scoring 25-16 and edged out EJC 25 to 23. Yserri Palacio was named MVP. The Recreation and Sports Department thanks all those who supported the athletes and congratulates the UB Black Jaguars Volleyball team. UB Black Jaguars Male and Female Teams Retain ATLIB Volleyball Championship.