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UB E-Bulletin || Volume 2 Issue 1 || Page 2 2 Student Registration Exceeds number for January 2012 The University of Belize welcomes the 3,925 students who have registered to mation Technology, Accounting, Man agement, Nursing, Education/teacher training, Social Work, and other pro grams at the University of Belize. The number of students who have reg istered for the 2012-2013 academic year has exceeded the number for the second semester of 2011-2012. Registration of new students for 20112012 Semester 2 is 331 compared to the registration of 203 students for the same period in 2011. The University continues to emphasize its contribution to accessible and af fordable education in Belize.


2 2 UB E-Bulletin || Volume 2 Issue 1 || Page 3 Academic Achievement The Faculty of Educa tion and Arts under the leadership of Dr. Priscilla Brown-Lopez held a Shel workshop in January, at the Jaguar Auditorium. The workshop was presented by Dr. Aileen Hale, Professor Model was introduced to Belizean educators at UB, as a means of improving the Aca demic Achievement of English Language Learners. Approximately 30 lecturers from the three campuses attended the workshop. ABOUT SIOP The SIOP Model (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) is a model supporting the Academic Achievement of English Language Learners. It is a research-based Professional Development Model that has proven particu larly effective with English language learners who are studying content topics, while acquiring English. It was introduced to the Education faculty at UB to determine the value it may offer to Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) training at UB, as well as for professional development of existing teachers (especially those with little TESOL training). If implemented as a Professional Development model for teachers with High School &/or Associates degrees, teacher training program at UB. From Negotiation to the ICJ Discussion for the semester with the title:"From Negoti Speakers in cluded Ambas sador Stuart Leslie, Ambassador James Murphy, and Dr. Herman Byrd. This is the start of a series of pre sentations leading to the National


UB E-Bulletin || Volume 2 Issue 1 || Page 4 4 and guests from Belize at the Vermilion campus of Belize and Ms. Yvonne Palma from the Belize Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, were at Lakeland to begin putting together a frame work for a new three-year $440,000 project training programs that align with the needs and demands of its agriculture industry. During their visit, the Belizean team guests met with representatives from Lake also toured the college farm and met with various local agricultural-based compa nies. Areas of greatest interest were the livestock handling facilities, grain storage and feed mix systems, as well as the crop production system. They also researched the student managed farm concept. agricultural education system so that it is more responsive, applied and demanddriven with industry needs, says Mark Butler, director of international and distance learning. He adds that Lakeland is the lead college and, in addition to ensuring that development and instructor training. Additional partners were also in attendance on developing counseling and support systems for students, helping with industry engagement, as well as a social media component. university is currently rebuilding its agricultural school after a two-year closure from Canadian University: Lakeland leads new agricultural training project in Belize Contd page 5


4 4 UB E-Bulletin || Volume 2 Issue 1 || Page 5 Ultimately, our goal is to have a workforce that has the skills required by employ training to be much more valuable if it is done in a productive, hands-on environ ment. Lakeland also prepares its students to think critically so that they can make the right decisions for managing farming operations. This is the same approach that we want at the University of Belize. Holder adds that once the project is underway Holder. Spatial Training The University of Belize in collaboration capacity among stakeholders to develop/ improve in their geonodes and better un components. The training was held at the January 30, to February 1, 2013. is a national project that is being lead by the Ministry create, develop and sharing spatial data, which is vital for decision-making and the sustainable development Ready to Serve for service to the UB community. There are stationery and memorabilia items available for sale at the Bookstore at low prices. Statio nery: pens, pencils, erasers, folders, sheet drives, acrylic paint and more. Memorabilia: Mugs, handsanitizers, pens, key hold ers, pins, USBs, t-shirts for moms and dads, water bottles, tumblers and more. a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays. Contd from page 4


UB E-Bulletin || Volume 2 Issue 1 || Page 6 6 A Fun Way to Learn Math and Physics held a one-day workshop for tertiary level lecturers high school, and middle school Mathematics while simulations into university, high school, and middle school Physics. The workshops served to provide training in using technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience in Mathematics and Physics. initiative which promoted science at the primary and mary and secondary schools in Belmopan where he science is a fun subject and encouraged them to pur sue the study of science. has been promoting science in the primary and secondary schools of Jamaica for the past 15 years. The Faculty of Science and Technology thanked Dr. Michael Ponnambalam for sharing his wealth of knowledge and ex perience in incorporating tech nology into Mathematics and Physics to enhance the learning experience of students at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The FST would also like to thank Dr. Thippi Thiagarajan for hosting Dr. Ponnambalam during his stay with us.


6 6 UB E-Bulletin || Volume 2 Issue 1 || Page 7 Welcome to UB Family Stanley V. Humes, Coordinator of Recreation and Sports, earned his Associates Degree in Building and Construction Technology from the University in 2004. He is a seasoned footballer and in 2006 departed to Cuba to study Sports and Physical Education, graduating with his Bachelors in 2012. After returning from Cuba, he worked as the Physical Trainer for the an excellent opportunity to foster and enhance a healthy lifestyle of students, faculty and staff the UB community through sports, and to build the reputation of University of athletic program which would national, regional and international events. Abelardo Mai, Assistant Bookstore Manager, graduate became a resident of Belmopan and is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree with a major in Accounting at the Univer Prior to the appointment at the University, he managed a branch of one the telecommunication companies in the coun try. Mr. Dudley Here dia, MBA, as Internal Auditor of the University of Belize. Mr. Here dias appointment will serve to strengthen the management structure within the University and his role will focus upon ensuring that there is a continuous process of evaluation of institutional performance. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Accounting and a Master Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Internal auditing both from Louisiana State University, United States of America. Mr. Heredia served as the Internal Auditor and as Treasurer at the perience spans in excess of 17 years both nationally and regionally. tor (CIA) issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors.