How Can We Rehumanize the University, Here and Now?


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How Can We Rehumanize the University, Here and Now?
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Harry Brighouse Ph.D. Department of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Public universities are under increasing financial pressure and political scrutiny. There is a sense that they are disconnected from the needs of the public and from the needs of students. Additional funding would improve their capacity to respond to these needs, but more is needed than just money. Many instructional practices need to change, as does the way that faculty and students relate to each other. Prof. Brighouse will outline some institutional reforms that would work to rehumanize the university. His lecture will also outline some changed practices that could be implemented by individual departments or faculty even in the absence of institutional reform.
Harry Brighouse is Professor of Philosophy and Affiliate Professor of Educational Policy Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research interests range from theoretical issues about the foundations of justice to the evaluation of policies proposed for reducing the achievement gap in K-12 education. His book about the values that should guide educational practice, On Education (Routledge, 2006), is widely used in teacher preparation courses. He is also the author of Justice (Polity, 2004) and School Choice and Social Justice (Oxford University Press, 2000); main author of Educational Equality (Continuum, 2010); co-editor of Measuring Justice: Capabilities and Primary Goods (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism (Cambridge University Press, 2005); and author of four pamphlets and over fifty chapters and articles. He is currently completing a book about the value of the family with Adam Swift (Oxford) entitled Family Values (Princeton University Press, forthcoming).

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