UF Technology Fee Proposal : Pilot for Campus Interactive Information Portals and Digital Signage


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UF Technology Fee Proposal : Pilot for Campus Interactive Information Portals and Digital Signage
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Grant proposal
Bruxvoort, Diane
Sullivan, Mark V. ( Author, Primary )
Santamaria-Wheeler, Lourdes ( Author, Secondary )
Hood, Barbara ( Author, Secondary )
Taylor, Laurie N. ( Author, Secondary )
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Tech fee


UF Technology Fee Proposal submitted in spring 2013: Pilot for Campus Interactive Information Portals and Digital Signage to create interactive information signage with portal information for wayfinding and to embed information in the physical landscape where, when, and how students need access to that information.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Technology Fee Concept Paper Proposal Template Title : Pilot for Campus Interactive Information Portals and Digital Signage Proposer : Diane Bruxvoort, Senior Associate Dean Scholarly Resources & Research Services Sponsoring Organization : George A. Smathers Libraries, U niversity of Florida Purpose : UF provides abundant online resources for students, including everything from basic directory information, general wayfinding information, rich information resources like those available from the George A Smathers Libraries and much more. While this rich information is available, it can be difficult for students to navigate quickly and can even cause hardships and significant impacts when students need embedded, immediate information and are on campus en route to activities and events. The Smathers Libraries have traditionally been key information access and orientation points within their physical walls and through online services like AskA Librarian email and chat reference services. This proposal seeks to build on that information expertise and to embed information resources where students need them for help where and when it is needed. This proposal will provide interactive library (and campus) information portals for students throughout the libraries. Large touch screen monitors will be placed around the libraries in strategic locations, providing easy access to many library and campus resources The resources will be selected initially by the library but the inte rface and resources included will undergo user testing by student focus groups to ensure these new information portals best support students where and when they need it in the libraries. When student s are not using the guides, these large monitors will re vert to digital signage, providing information about upcoming library and university events and ensuring information is pushed to students. This will enhance wayfinding for students, providing information and directions to events (and access to a campus ma p) as well as embedding learning in student daily activities, showing and teaching them about the information resources on campus, places and people to find out more information, and again assisting students at the point and time of need with relevant info rmation This proposal request s funding for flat, touch sensitive screens and software development salary to support: An interactive campus map, allowing students to find buildings throughout campus, as well as see basic information about buildings and view historic ima ges of the buildings from the University Archives This will allow students to find building s in a variety of ways ( UF bu ilding code specific offices and people, etc.) D ata will be pulled from the main campus map database to display this information. Interactive library map displays will provide information about where different materials can be found around the library, by collection or room number. In addition, the interactive library map will allow students to find an open computer within their own library, reducing the need to walk through the libraries searching for an open desk. A staff directory will allow students to locate a libr arian or resource based on the particular need. This functionality currently sits under the library staff directory. This directory could also be expanded to include the entire university directory. In cases of campus emergencies, emergency information can be displayed on these larg e screens throughout the libraries, by polling the campus emergency system.


The displays will also provide additional information about current d igital and physical exhibits throughout the library. This information can allow the students to virtually manipulate objects on display or find more information about the exhibit and related topics. When not in use, the displays will rotate through announcemen t posters, including the ability to read additional information about the event and to use the campus map for directions to events. In addition, these portals will provide b asic library help pages to assist with commonly asked questions within the library thus allowing the libraries to serve more patrons simultaneously. These information portals would be placed throughout the libraries, including the following locations: 4 in Library West 3 in Library East 1 in Newell Hall 1 in the Architecture and Fine Arts Library 1 in the Education Library 1 in the Health Science Center Library 3 in Marston Science Library In addition, this project will cover development costs for the Open S ource software which will run the information portals. The software will leverage existing resources throughout the libraries and university to provide students with immediate help where they need it most. The Smathers Libraries have extensive experience creating and maintaining Open Source software. The costs for this project will develop the software, with ongoing support then provided by the Smathers Libraries. There will be minimum continuing maintenance cost s and this will reduce the cost for placing additional portals throughout campus at additional locations to be determi ned after the pilot. Impact/Benefit : Due to the nature and wide footprint of the George A. Smathers Libraries, this project will serve all colleges throughout the university. T his is designed as a scalable pilot project. Depending on the level of project success, additional informational portals could be placed throughout campus in other locations, such as welcome centers or dormitories, providing students with information at their f ingertips throughout our campus. Impact and benefit will continua lly be monitored through student focus groups and surveys. The libraries will, working through the Student Ambassadors for the Libraries, convene focus groups to analyze impact and to garner student suggestions for additional content to be included in the portals. Also, use of the portals will be closely monitored so they can be relocated as necessary to increase impact. Student focus groups and usability studies will also ensure that the information included and the interface presentation best supports s tudent need. In addition, the portal will be available via the Internet, allowing all students to partake in the collected 14 information porta ls funded in the pilot While maintenance should be minimal on th e system, the George A. Smather s Libraries commits to providing ongoing support and maintenance of the software for the informational portals installed for this project and for hardware during the life of the hardware


Technology Fee Concept Paper Proposal Template Preliminary Budget Title : Pilot Campus Interactive Information Portals and Digital Signage Diane Bruxvoort PRELIMINARY BUDGET Description Cost Qty Total 1 2 Months of programming for creation of open source software $66 132 1 $ 66 132 Samsung 40 ing LCD TV 400TS 3 1080p Touch Screen TV $2 399 14 $33 586 Optiplex 790 Ultra Small Form Factor PC $1 079 14 $15 106 Installation / Custom Cabinets $1 500 14 $21 000 TOTAL COST OF PROJECT $13 5 824


Technology Fee Concept Paper Proposal Template Sponsor Signature Form Title : Pilot for Campus Interactive Information Portals and Digital Signage Proposer : Diane Bruxvoort, Senior Associate Dean Scholarly Resources & Research Services Note: By signing this form the sponsor is making a commitment to support the project if selected for submission of a full proposal. This may include providing startup or recurring resources but at t his time no specific commitments are made Signature of sponsor: c ollege d ean, or u nit d irector or VP for s tudent a ffairs. __________________________________________ ____________________________ Name and Title Date Judith C. Russell, Dean of University Libraries Note: By signing this form the core UFIT unit is making a commitment to manage the project if selected for submission of a full proposal. This may include providing startup or recurring resources, but at t his time no specific commitments are made. Signature of managing unit administrator: __________________________________________ ____________________________ Name and Title Date