Data Curation Exploration


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Data Curation Exploration
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Presentation slides
Deumens, Erik
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Set of slides to introduce the Data Management/Curation Task Force ( DMCTF ) work to focus groups in order to support the process to gather information about existing practices and needs.

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PAGE 1 Data Curation Exploration Data Management/ Curation Task Force Feb 2013

PAGE 2 All activities involve more data Must be processed and moved more rapidly and More accurately Requirement to move From artisanal methods To industrial, information ages methods Need to remain open to innovation Leads to requirement on anything we build To be flexible and adaptable Project Context

PAGE 3 To find a storage device for data is not the end of the story To make data useful, one needs to D escribe data Which points to the need for A utomatic processes (preferred) E asy to use tools (if nothing better exists) C ollect and build indexes for data collections Provide search, analysis, and composition tools Data Management and Curation

PAGE 4 At UF, these two organizations have a partnership T o build a supportive infrastructure For data management and curation This infrastructure includes Training and support Advanced consulting Computer systems (storage, compute, networks) Software frameworks and software packages Libraries and Research Computing

PAGE 5 To specify what infrastructure we need to build We plan to explore the activities Of people who generate and work with data Then we organize, streamline these processes And develop training and support As well as advanced consulting services Project Goals

PAGE 6 Training and support for data management and curation best practices Requirements for Software tools to assist in these activities Hardware to efficiently run that software stack Project Outcomes