Amendment no. 2 to the Official hay standards


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Amendment no. 2 to the Official hay standards
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'Az i -r-r




to the grade requirements r i .,af
Grades for extra green
grade of any of the classes :In",.-
has 60 per cent or more green a ve
the words "Extra Green" indC.i0d ei4 I D
a part of the grade designattfour ,d, N" a
1 Extra Green Timothy,, U :. U
Green Clover Light Timothy~ iln. n e
foreign material)," U.. 8 ".
tra Green. Clover (Heat hs .:;
No. 1 Extra Green)." :.1 4 1".
Grades for coarse hay.--Hay~Tir of::i
the classes,- Clover and Clover Tigt:: i.....
Mixed in Group I, in ::wlicl- the ld 4te
stemmy and more than 40. per .if,. f thi
clover stalks .have diameters eq pai te anp
greater than the diameter of Ito. .l i:$ l wirq
(.(approximately thirteen. osrmn dredts of 0
inch) by steel wire gage standard, hAMl'l h
the word "Coarse" included in -4''l a :eid
part of the grade design tion, as: ":: No, S
Coarse Clover," "U. S. Sam e ,gsr. oar'
Clover (Musty)."


(GROUP. -d
That the following changes be ma& ifi
specifications for Group ;I
DefnitiQn for hay.--lr an t b
vested, unthreshed herbake of those ha
i 'ng recognized feed value, which 1'e-
S quirements of the various clAsesa -.p '

4 .1 j'
... ...... ..:........ .... .... ..


oet *ene- and woody, and which does
%lot-th 35per eent of foreign
4886-*Unde~rcrd "shall be added
O~fte* dranents for Swmple grade.
ft wieth ley hay.r-Hay of any
00 ll dWE~f in Group II, In which leaft-
4 Ov dfac htor (Alfalfa, Alfalfa Light
Whbr6% Alfthita idght Timothy Mixed, Al-
(00 KIVed, Alfalfa LUght Johnson
MAlfthlfa idght Grain M! ed) and
thO leafiness Of the alfalfa is 50 per
al~e, ith Inost of the leaves clinging,
hub wots Extra Leafy "" included
wdadde a pttothe grade designation, as:
4,8,0 Koo 1 Vxrtr Letoy Alfalfa," is U. P. No.
I111 lt t AlfWl Light Gltass Mix%-d (Ac-
htWtagematerlal), "P U, 8, Sample grade
R$'Thty Alfalfa (Uudercured--)therwise
d. No.1 Oxta LeaLfy)."2
Br len Y hw.--Hany of the grades Z,
$ga ~gft&gad of the classes in Group 1I,
_0ALa i0: g grding factor (Alfalfa,
14&ht Grass Mixedc Alfalfa Light Tim-
) Alfalfa Clever Mixed, Alfalfa Light
Mtzdand Alfalfa. Light Grain Mixed),
aththe leakees of the alfalfa is 40
ofmore, shall have the word "d Leaf y"
ItB880aode a -part of the grade desig-
eat s: 0 U. 8. No. 2: Leafy Alfalfa,," "1 U. 8.
LON 91trA: lreen Alfalfa (Account
as shal-"'"U. S.' No. 3 L1eafy Green
Aefa foreign material),,"9 "_U. S.
ad4liekfy A]lfslf (Hot)."'
)lldwt qWS trgen hay.-Itay of any
8 f 4r tthe classes in Group 11, which
rmvo OWA $4 EOV' mofe green color, shall have
_WkP%10 P~thav Gree" Included in and made
rtof the grade designation, as: "1 U. S. Noi.
1tt ; tk-;Althf,"ft U. S. No. 3 Extra
#IMS AI _th t foreign material.)."
X*" bay.--Hay of the grades 2.

Extra Leafy Alfalfa (Accetot e
rial)," "U. S. Sample, grade G.een% A
count injurious foreign material. i .
S. No. 2 Green)." ..:i
Grades for coarse hay.--Hay :iOf i::::
any of the classes in Group. II, e. i ;
alfalfa stalks are hard and. romnd, ior
than 30 per cent of the alfalfa. :"tI : l di-
ameters equal to and greater than W eii
of No. 11 steel wire approximately1 lpe
hundredths of an inch) by -. eeifiifage
standards, shall have the .word "%Ca iini.
clouded in and made a part of .the.: i. ig-.
nation, as: "Ui. S. No. 2 Coarse Alfa lI ...
Sample grade Coarse Alfalfa (Badl r b


(GROUP HI) :. ..f .

That the following chan es i t i
specifications for Group II ::.:; i
Definition -for hay.--Hd ahall,. jibl..h-
vested herbage of those -kinds," ~
nized feed value, which meets- th "it
of the various classes in .G'.
not coarse and woody, and ,ih'aii4 4n-
tain more than 35 per cent 0r. o ial.
Color requirements.-The pdr.evll H :c!or
for..the No. 1 grade in all... eA .:.:. 0o
per cent or more. ..: :. '
Sample grade.-"-Underme ed
to the grade .requirements o*.
Grades for extra green i y
,garde of any of the cla III,

.. .... i! :i iii. : "
g ..:i: : .... ... .... ....
.. ......
.. '. .:" !* : : i ,":................
.: ",:i;: .. ...d: :.: !: i:: : ... .. .....
.... : ~~~ ~.. ....... :.,....::. :.,~:::! ~ i" .
:. :..., ..: ii. : i- a :: .: .. ....... ... .
...: .
." ..:..:. ... .. .... :.. .E :E:E .:E ...:E .... .. ... .
.... .:.. :< .: i!!.,. i :,:: i i ,::i .... ... .... .



S185 pe& -wt: or more green:., eolor,
hafethe words '4 Extra Green "I Included
oade a part of the grade designation,
AI. I R6. I Extra. Green Upland Prairie,,"
XmNo- 8 Extra, Green Wheat Grass (Ats-
fa eatehay.--Hay of any grade
of I the* classes In Group III,, in which
thn)Dper cent of the grass stalks have
equal to and greater than the diam-
it e11 Atel wire approximatelyy twelve
Ita reths of an inch) by steel wire gage
9 hall have the word' Coarse ": in-
in and made a part of the grade desig-
,as: "U.. B. No. 2 Coarse Upland
"'U.N S. Sample grade Coarse Midland
X40boe '(B4Ldly weathered)."
hti"'t the following changes be made in the
agg$$atinsfor Group IV :
IMfor hay.;-Haty shall be the bar-
vW~sao4-Rwthmehed herbage of those kinds hav-
Ing ,ecogpized feed. value, which meets the: r'e*
Aggeagntsof the various classes in Group IV,,
WhtehIs tot coaMg and woody, and which does
not contain more than 35 per cent of foreign
Chbie uirements.-The per cent green color
X& I, grade in all classes Ahall be, 40
cftt or more.
l'gradc--"4 Undercured 11 shall be *dded
%(1 gkde requirements for Sample Grstde.
Ieafor extra green hay.7-Hay of .any
6ft aany* of the classes in Group IV,, whieh
55 "vi5 ew" *nt or more green color, shall have
a "Rrtra Green 't included in and
a of the grade: designat ifon, aI :
it & 1 Mtra. Green Johnson," "Ul. 8
:4w, at#.~tkGreen J6ohnson Light Graos Mtzed
BA~attfordog material)"

-Grades 'for coarse hay.-11Ha. of i d i
of any of the classes in 0Grou1ip Tf ;K .-:3
more than 30 per cent of the ::Joi gss-
stalks have (a) diameter r e' l 't& r..i
than the diameter of No. 9. steel. wi.fe ....... xi-
mately fifteen one-hurdredths of ak"s ', by
steel wire gage standards, (b) seedd :
heads, or (c) any combination t 4(.:i .i (b), ,:
shall have the word Coard. ..idti.* ad
made a part of the ::gtade- i A U.
S. No. 2 Coarse Johnson," $,:Wit :a .i
Oaarse Johnson (Badly .staie9 ). ; :
.. .i ': ,. i '4
GRASS .HAY ". il :
.. |
(GROUP' :V) I^,
That the following changes be ii:ie ;:
specifications for Group V: .:...ji4:.," .
*.Definition for hay.-Hay shall. :i
vested, unthreshed herbage of thos 1
"g r~oognibed teed value, i Ie-
quirements of Group V, whih: ... o.. .
atad- woody, and which .does .o~ .o. mres
than 35 per cent of foreign ...t .
Defiatim .for the group: GO r y
group Grass Hay shall incl de' g .on
ttwM : ether t singly or -in .S I~i*e
than 60 per cent of grasses, s.:
.. .. .. i .

.!.. .:."' .. ""^ "e ".
~~~~my W" ..i.. ". ;


of greass.--Grassesshalltbethose
and wild grasses other than time-
greas upland and midland prairie
or grain sorghum cut for hay,
or qa grass.
MM Mt &--The per cent green color
agijde shall lie 50 per cent or more.
gadr--"Undercured 11 shall be added
requirements for Sample grade.
extra green hay.-Grass bay of
,which has 65 per cent or more green
-1have the words Extra Green "1 in-
'in and made a part of the' grade desig-
as: "U. S.. No. 1 Extra Green Grass
GoleadoSouth Park," "U. S. No. 3 Extra
Griea H~ay, Redtop and Bluegrass (Ae-
fore%%n material) ."
the following changes be made In the
.osfor Group VI:
Owfor hay.--Hay shall be the har-
heked herbage of those kinds hav-
fedvalue, which meets the re-
of Group VI,, which is not coarse
xl and which does not contain more. pt~t *ee~t of foreign material.
t,046V n testimony whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and
eAused the official- seal of the
Department of Agriculture to
be afflxzd, in the City Of'
Washington,, this 23rd day of
August, 1929.

Acting Hewretary.

1.. .

I.-. p. i 3 1262 I0
.::*- : : '
;; *. '* ; ..
(.:04 k. .014.

*' AI^ /a wW ^' 't w ? 8 -d 4s4

," i" :. .. .
*.. "' P .;- '.11:}. .".^ti

.;. .. ,. ,
A: t..:. 'k ,:*'. ..r, 4 /. .;*'

.. ... r *< .J.A.....
.. .., .. .,.. : .. ,. .,;..}. ... ... ,. .

A.. .. .. ..
-:-";:. ', : ". ." ]:";,- ni i
i. .... *.. .: "..

,. .. ., ... .r.

..: ~ ~ ;.. ;' : ,.i|.'

. ':: ..- ,
4 .r ,f ..
S. .' ..:.- ', :... .

P 1 1 1 jV

.' 4i* '- -

..4 *...^ ^ .S.:..

44 L.'._'" T a'.".: : :
.< .. .'. ,
!. ;. : ::.:.:
.i ;.: E
.... ..

.. ,
. ; ; .. ... : ,

1 <".*
A ,

... .. ...
T, .'14, w3 ",.:, .. .
*', 1'. .. *' -" _'. :i :

E`, .. o :. .: .: .. :. .


1930 l104

0r *.

:"". ; ..::-:
{ .. :5 '. i:

:,i.. **.E:" "!


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