Focus Group Outline on Data Management / Curation (29 Jan. 2013)


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Focus Group Outline on Data Management / Curation (29 Jan. 2013)
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Norton, Hannah
Schwieder, David
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Outline for focus group discussion on 29 Jan. 2013 on data management / curation with Agricultural and Biological Engineering graduate seminar. This activity is part of the ongoing work on the Data Management / Curation Task Force that began in 2012 with the Libraries, Research Computing, and Office of Research.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Focus Group Outline on Data Management /Curation (29 Jan. 2013) Brief Intro duction (Hannah): There has been increasing attention both inside and outside the university in data management and curation. Our group is a collaboration interested in finding out more about how people are dealing with their research data across campus with the goal of finding areas where you need support and where one or more of our units can provide help. In order to do in terms of organization, storage, and sharing of researc h data. We envision this as being a pretty informal conversation, but will be audio recording it to be sure we really capture what it is you have to say the information i n it in a way that would identify you individually. Questions (switch off between Dave and Hannah) 1) First, for our purposes, like to get a sense of what research each of you do here to do. Potential follow up questions: Wha t research question are you trying to answer? What process/methods do you use to answer it? 2) Are there any issues that have come up in your work related to your research data? Potential follow up questions: C an you think of any examples? Have you had any issues related to storing or backing up your data? Have you had any issues related to organizing your files or documenting your data? Do you have a data management plan in your lab? How do you share data with oth 3) What would make data management easier for you? Potential follow up questions: W hat could we do ? Are there ways we could assist with your work? Is there more you would want to learn about data management? Scenario 4) To finish up, is there anything else you can tell us about the processes involved in dealing with your research data? Is there anything else we need to know about the workflows involved in your research to better unders tand how the data fits in? Potential follow up questions: [To get a s ense of their culture surrounding data exchange]: Have you been asked to provide or share your data with others outside of your immediate collaborators? Do you request data from others? How common ly ? Does your data need to be preserved? For how long? Does all of it need to be kept? Conclusion (Dave?) too directive