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ARL Position Description Bank ( ARL PD Bank ) Handout
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Keith, Brian W.
Smith, Bonnie J.
Taylor, Laurie N.
Sullivan, Mark V.
Hood, Barbara
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Handout or trifold or brochure for the ARL Position Description ( ARL PD Bank ) Demonstration at ALA Midwinter Conference 2013.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Acknowledgements The development of the ARL PD Bank has been made possible by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida, and institutions that participated in assessing user needs and system specifications, and conducted beta-testing: College of Charleston Northwestern University Ohio State University Purdue University Queens University Rice University Syracuse University University at Buffalo, SUNY University of Alabama University of Alberta University of Colorado University of Florida University of Guelph University of Houston University of Massachusetts Amherst University of South Florida University of Utah Washington State University For More Information For answers to these questions and more, go to or email What is the ARL PD Bank? What types of data are permissible? What kinds of documents are held in the ARL PD Bank? Who has access to the ARL PD Bank? What are the requirements to use the ARL PD Bank? Does the ARL PD Bank provide training for new partners? How do I search the ARL PD Bank? How do I submit PDs to the ARL PD Bank? How can I save or share position descriptions from the ARL PD Bank? What are some of the additional, optional features to support HR management acativities at my institution? How can I contribute to ongoing development of the ARL PD Bank? Also, when using the ARL PD Bank, clicking on the Association of Research Libraries POSITION DESCRIPTIONS Position Description Bank (ARL PD Bank) also available as mouse hover-overs for many items, and a full printable guide is also available online. For assistance or any questions, please contact: ARL PD Bank Team: or 352-273-2595. buttons will bring up context specific help. Help is


Association of Research Libraries Position Description Bank (ARL PD Bank) The Association of Research Libraries Position Description Bank (ARL PD Bank) is a collection of position descriptions (PDs) from major academic and research libraries. The ARL PD Bank fosters the sharing of information through a browseable and searchable database that provides access to a collection (or bank) of PDs from libraries throughout Canada and the United States. The ARL PD Bank supports the management of PDs for individual institutions, providing an effective organizational method and system that supports findability as well as archiving for long-term digital preservation. The ARL PD Bank is accessible online: Background The ARL PD Bank was developed based on specifications determined by library personnel officers through focus groups and other feedback channels. The ARL PD Bank provides a useful source for current PDs and will depict the evolution of positions, and library functions and services as reflected over time in the PDs. The Opportunity Perhaps the most common collaboration between personnel officers from different academic and research libraries is the sharing of PDs. Additionally, library HR managers spend a considerable amount of effort managing (archiving, locating, and retrieving) and distributing position descriptions. These documents serve as important elements of effective HR management, but are only useful if maintained, organized and accessible. The ARL PD Bank supports all of these activities: the sharing of information on the evolving work of libraries and how duties are assigned, and a range of important HR management responsibilities. The ARL PD Bank allows registered users to search the records and submitted documents (e.g., position descriptions, vacancy announcements, etc.). Basic and complex search options are available. Additionally, each institution can choose to search and browse only their contributed positions. Searching is facilitated by a limited number of required data fields (referred to as Standard Data) that can be seen by other Bank users: 1 Working title 2. FTE (Full Time Equivalent) 3. Position status 4. Position type 5. Appointment type 6. Library type 7. Functional areas In addition to the primary PD Bank functions, institutions may elect to use optional system features to enhance their human resources management activities. These include tracking institutionally determined data for positions (Institution-Only Data), such as a position number or department name, AND employee data, such as the incumbents name or work contact information. Archiving allows institutions to use these features to track employee histories and the evolution of positions. Features of the ARL PD Bank Ability to upload other, institution-level files Archiving and providing access to previous versions of documents for a position Tracking of submission and modification dates, and user information Document forwarding Ability to export data to MS Excel for reporting and anlysis Documents The ARL PD Bank will accept documents falling into two broad categories: Public (Position Description and/or Position Vacancy Announcement) Private (Institution-Only, if the institution elects to use) Adding a new position includes adding Standard Data, Institution-Only Data (if the institution opts to use), and Attaching Documents. Standard Data The required Standard Data is viewable to other ARL PD Bank users for use in searching the ARL PD Bank. Institution-Only Data Institution-Only Data is only collected if the institution opts to use this system feature, in which case the submitted data will not be viewable to other ARL PD Bank users or usable by users outside of your institution in searching the ARL PD Bank. The Institution-Only Data is customizable by each institution based on their needs. Permissible Use Individual privacy is of paramount importance Though the ARL PD Bank is secure, access is restricted, data and documents are encrypted and only very limited data is available to those outside of the individual institutions, submitted data and documents must not include restricted information, such as Social Security Number or the comparable, drivers license number, alien registration number, passport number, or bank account, credit or debit card information. Further, PDs must not include other personal identifiers, such as employee names, home contact information, and complete birth dates. The ARL PD Bank is hosted by the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida, with all data and system security complying to the UF IT Data Security Standard. Please see the User Guide section on Permissible Use and Appropriate Data for more information or contact us: