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Florida and Puerto Rico Digital Newspaper Project : National Digital Newspaper Program ( NDNP ) Grant Proposal
Reakes, Patrick
Vargas-Betancourt, Margarita
de Farber, Bess
Torres Alamo, Myra
Taylor, Laurie N.
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Grant proposal


NDNP Grant Proposal. Proposal Summary: The University of Florida (UF) in partnership with the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) requests $343,850 (with $106,984 in combined contributed cost share from both institutions) to select, digitize, and make available to the Library of Congress 100,000 newspaper pages through the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP). Approximately half of the pages will come from historic Florida papers (1836‐1922) and the remaining half from newspapers published in Puerto Rico (1836‐1922). The project builds on previous NEH/NDNP newspaper digitization grant awards received by the George A. Smathers Libraries at UF and NEH funding for microfilming Puerto Rico newspapers received by UPR‐Rio Piedras Campus (UPR‐RP). The long history (since 1930) of the connection between the Latin American Collection at Smathers Libraries and the Caribbean makes possible the cooperation between UF and the UPR‐RP in this project. Previous successful cooperative work performed by UF and UPR with government documents projects, the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and most recently the digitization of the newspaper El Mundo (issues from 1928, 1938, and 1939) provides a sound foundation for this proposed expanded project. Although Puerto Rico newspapers are preserved on master microfilm, it should be noted that the vast majority of historical newspaper microfilming in Florida was performed by UF beginning in the 1940s. UF has the largest and most complete set of newspaper microfilm in the state. Newspapers chosen for digitization will be selected by Advisory Board members, consisting of librarians, history scholars, and journalists from both Puerto Rico and Florida. The selection process will focus on historical significance, broad geographic coverage, importance as “paper of record,” and archival imperative due to limited availability in microfilm or other formats. The digitization and OCR textconversion will be executed to Library of Congress specification via contract with a qualified outside vendor. Resulting digital files will be made available via NDNP based at the Library of Congress as well as the Florida Digital Newspaper Library (FDNL), the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and the Caribbean Digital Newspaper Project (CDNL), all hosted by the University of Florida as part of the University of Florida Libraries Digital Collections (UFDC), as well as in the Biblioteca Digital Puertorriqueña, hosted by UPR. Overall coordination of the selection, shipping, metadata creation, development of supporting bibliographic information, quality control, usability testing, and other work necessary to meet the requirements of the project will be accomplished through a collaboration between personnel at UF and UPR. The intent of the project team is to apply for additional funding in the future to create a digital newspaper archive that encompasses the majority of historical Florida papers and many of the papers published in Puerto Rico. The existing digital newspaper collections for both Florida and Puerto Rico have experienced very high patron usage to date and, in the case of the Puerto Rico newspapers, there are outstanding digitization opportunities available because of the accessibility of master microfilm. Dissemination of the project will be provided through digital hosting of newspaper collections by both institutions’ digital libraries serving a worldwide audience. Project team and Advisory Board members representing both institutions will promote the project and resulting digital content through their classes, libraries, institutions, 35 dLOC national and international partners, scholarly networks (including UF’s Title VI supported Center for Latin American Studies and UPR’s 11 campuses), and publications. UF plans to leverage its successful Google optimization techniques and promotional methods to drive users to these new collections (combined users of FDNP and CDNP/dLOC in 2012 totaled close to 19 million). Beyond vended digital conversion from microfilm, NEH requested funds will be used for microfilm duplication, project coordination including quality control, shipping, supplies, and travel to Washington DC and Florida for training and planning.
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