Dianne Holden Memorial Service booklet


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Dianne Holden Memorial Service booklet
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5 p.
College of The Bahamas - School of Nursing
College of The Bahamas
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Dianne Holden--Nurse Educator.   ( lcsh )
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The life of Mrs. Diane J. Holden, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

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College of The Bahamas
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College of The Bahamas
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TheCollegeofTheBahamasSchool ofNursing&AlliedHealthProfessors2p.m.15thMarch,2012LectureHallThelifeofMrs. DianeJ.Holden, Assistant Professor, SchoolofNursing and Allied Health Professions Mrs. Holden joinedTheCollegeofTheBahamas in August, 1995 after serving as a Registered Nurse in the Public Service for 18 years. She rendered an invaluable contribution to the developmentofthe principal academic programme in the SchoolofNursing by serving as Coordinatorofthe Associate Degree Programme in Nursing from 2005 -2006. Diane's dedication and commitmenttoTheCollege was an asset to the institution. Sheissurvived byherhusband Dr. Glen Holden,onedaughter Tafadzwa Holdenandrelatives, friends and co workers.


ModeratorMs.Leall Rolle, Assistant ProlessorTheSchool oFNuISlilg&AlliedHealdl Professors (SNAHP)\PraiseandWorship,Congregational SongWillYour Anchor Hold Opening Prayer Ms. Geanti LightbourneSeniow'Libra17anAssistanceOldTestament Reading Mrs. Coral DeanChilicalSNAHPMusical Selection Ms. Virginia BallanceNUrslilg& Healdl ScienceReflection Dr. Theresa Moxey-AdderleyHeadolDeparlment,SNAHPTribute -Student Nurses AssociationNewTestamentReadingMrs. Lindel Deveaux -StuartAssis&7lltSNAHPCongregational Song Tis So SweetToTrust in]esus Reflection Dr. Shirley CurtisAssist'7lltSNAHPSolo Mrs. Maggie TWlerSNAHPSpeaker:Rev.Dr.GloriaFergusonFOlmer Coordinatoro{dleMldwIfelYClosingPrayerMrs. KarolMackeyAssistantSNAHPCongregational SongHisComing DrawethHigh


"IllSCOMING DRAWETHNIGH"Lift:up your heads,yesaints, we're told redemption drawedI nigh, Ere long His glory we'll beholdaslightning fromonhigh;We'vetoiled and prayed and waited here, but soon His lace we'll see, And whenHecomes He'll dry each tear, andwethe Blide shall be. Chorus: His coming drawedI nigh,We'llmeetHimindIe sky, And go withHimto dIe marriage feast Somewhereonhigh;Oh,what a time 'twill be,IOurloved oneswewillsee, Far up above dIe tribulationbyandby.Farewell,gayworld,oursong shall be, we'll sing itthmthe air, Above the rugged hills and trees His wondrous glory share; Lift up,Lookup, still watch and pray, tho' fading be your eye,orthink His comingbedelayed, it surely drawedI nigh. Around dIe festiveboardthat day we'll raise a mighty shout, Like many watersofthe sea, we'll sing and dance about;Theangels cannot sing the song, they'll stand with folded wings And wonderatd1epraise prolong, we'll crownHimKingofKings. "TISSOSWEETTOOTRUSTINJESUS"Tis so sweet to trust in jesus,justtotakeHimatHisWord;justto rest upon His promise, And to know,"Thussaid1d1eLord!" Chorus:Jesus,Jesus,howI /rustHim!HowI'veprovedHimo'erando'er;Jesus,Jesus, precious Jesus!Ob,for grace to /rustHimmore!Oh,how sweettotrust in jesus,justtotrust His cleansing blood; Andinsimplelaid1toplw1geme'Neath the healing, cleansingHood!Yes, 'tis sweet to trust in jesus,justIi-omsin and self to cease;justfromjesussimply taking Life and rest, and joy and peace.I'mso glad I learned to trustThee,Precious jesus, Savior, Friend; And I knowd1at1110Uart with me,Wiltbe withmetod1eend."WILLYOURANCHORHOLD"Will your anchor hold in the stormsoflife,Whenthe clouds wuold their wingsofstrife?Whenthe strong tides lift, and the cables strain, WiJl your anchor driftorfirm remain?ChorusWehaveallanchor thatkeepsthe souls stedFastandsurewluJethebiUowsroll, Fastened todJeRockwhichCaIUJOtmove,GroundedfilmaIJ(1deep in dIe Savior's love.Itfirmly hold in the straitsoffear,Whenthe breakers have toldd1ereefisnear;Thoughthe tempest rave and dIe wild ,vinds blow,otan angry wave shallourbark o'erl1ow.It,viIIsurely hold intJ1eHoodsofdeatJ1,WhendIe waters cold chillourlatest breath;OndIe rising tide it can neverfail,Whileourhopes abide withind1eveil.


NURSEDIANNEJANETHO.LDEN,55ofWestwardVillas, willbeheldonSaturday,Marchth, 10: 00 a.m.atBethelBaptistChurch,Meeting.St.PastorTimothyStewart,assistedbyotherministersofthegospelwillofficiate.IntermentwillfollowinLakeviewMemorialGardens,J .F.K: Drive. Cherished memories will forever lingerintheheartsofherHusband:GlenHolden;Daughter:TafadzwaHolden;Mother-in-law: Marjorie. Holden; Sisters: Betty von Hamm, Carolyn Hepple, Raquel Swann; .Brothers:Kevin Knowles,GlenKnowles; Sisters-in-law:CarolHaipin,HeatherHolden,AnnieHolden,AngeliqueKnowles; Brothers-in-law: Craig Holden,MarkHolden, Thomas Halpin Sr., James.Hepple,EnzoSwann;Aunt:DorcasFrierson;Uncle:BenjaminBrown; Nieces: Tamika Cartwright,BrittanyHepple,Glenique Knowles; Sasha Knowles,Ann-CatherinePattie, MarieVanderWerp,ElizabethMessenger,AmyHolden;Nephews:CameronHepple;NicholasvonHamm,JuwanSwann,EthanSwann,GlenKnowles Jr.,TavaneKnowles,Ka'shonKnowles,ThomasHalpinJr.,JohnHalpin,BenjaminHolden,Maxwell Holden.Otherfamilymembers: Ruby Brown, Brandon Cartwright,Cartwright,MateoCartwright, l-IeatherHalpin,KateGingery, Thomas Halpin III,theKnowles family,theGrayfamilyandotherfriendsandfamilytoonumeroustomentiqn. She will alsoberemerriberedbythefacultyandstudentsofTheofTheBahamas,.notaQlytheSchoolofNursing &'Allied Health. Friends may pay their last respectsatBethel Brothers Morticians, Nassau St.onFriday from 1.0:00a.m.to6:00p.m. and-on Saturdayatthechurch from 9:00a.m. until service time.