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Office of State Programs, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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-v.10, no. 7 (Dec. 1984)
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State ion


SVol. 10, No. 6 July 27. 1984

On May 31, 1984, the California Senate amended Assembly Bill No. 284 in
order to incorporate the Western Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact.
California legislative action is not yet complete. Arizona, the only other
eligible State named in the Compact, has already enacted legislation making
it a member.
The Illinois legislature has sent to the Governor for signature a bill to
ratify and approve the Central Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive
Waste Compact. Eligibility is limited to Illinois and Kentucky. However,
the Compact Commission can enter into an agreement to accept waste
generated outside the region or send to out-of-region facilities waste
generated within the region subject to approval by the legislature of the
host State. The legislation prohibits shallow land burial as defined in
the compact. It seeks to promote "the use of above-ground facilities and
other disposal technologies providing greater and safer confinement" but
would allow engineered structures extending below the earth's surface. The
Act also repeals Illinois' membership in the Midwest Compact. Illinois is
the largest generator in those States initially eligible to join the
Midwest Compact (about 45%).
Pennsylvania has decided not to join the Northeast Compact. Instead, it is
attempting to form a compact with contiguous States and Washington, D.C.
Pennsylvania has not yet disclosed the wording on any compact it hopes to

G. Wayne Kerr, Direc
Office of State Pror ams
Prepared by:
James McQuade, OSP
(301) 492-9880


Emergency Planning

Arizona, H-2256
Louisiana, S-703*


New York, A-11472, S-9588
New York, S-9102
Pennsylvania, H-2328

High-Level Waste

Texas, HCR-24
Texas, SCR-20

Low-Level Waste Compacts

California, A-284
Illinois, H-3060
Massachusetts, S-1309
New Jersey, A-2217

Radioactive Waste
Disposal and Management

Massachusetts, S-1261
Michigan, H-5589
Pennsylvnaia, H-2300
Pennsylvania, S-1477
Texas, S-9


North Carolina, H-1682


Mississippi, HCR-64
New York, A-5955
New York, A-10872
New York, A-11157, S-9713
New York, S-9608

Power Plant Siting and Construction

Illinois, H-3159
Illinois, H-3160
New York, S-11821
Pennsylvania, H-2191

Public Utilities

New York, A-11820
New York, A-11822
New York, S-10025

Radiation Control

Delaware, S-164
Florida, S-241
Florida, S-242
Louisiana, S-690
Louisiana, S-703*
Massachusetts, H-5957
Missouri, H-1524
New Jersey, A-1911
New Jersey, A-2001, S-1714
Tennessee, S-1782
Vermont, H-597
Vermont, S-110

* Bill appears in more than one category


Enacted Legislation


Assessment For the Nuclear Emergency Management Fund, H-2256. Assesses
$286, 667, for use by the nuclear emergency management fund, against each
consortium constructing a commercial nuclear generating station in the
State. (Enacted: 4/12/84)


Authority on Radiation Protection-Membership, S-164. Increases the size of
the Authority from 7 to 8 members. Requires that 1 member be from the
Dental Society of Delaware. (Enacted: 6/30/84)


Florida Radiation Protection Act, S-241. Expands the authority of the
Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services to regulate the
"possession" of radioactive material. Clarifies that radioactive material
includes that which is naturally occurring. Authorizes the Department to
supervise decontamination activities in an emergency. Changes various
portions of the Florida Radiation Protection Act on financing and money
matters. Specifies that the owner, licensee, or other responsible party
bear the costs of decontamination, transportation, burial, disposal, or
other disposition of sources of ionizing radiation. Prohibits any
municipality or county from regulating the possession, use or
transportation of sources of radiation. Establishes a radiation monitoring
system at each weigh station operated by the Department of Transportation.
(Enacted: 6/14/84)

Regulation of Radiologic Technologists, S-242. Enacts the Radiologic
Technologists Certification Act which provides for the regulation of
radiologic technologists. (Enacted: 6/19/84)


Radiation Control, S-690. Changes the name of the Office of Air Quality to
the Office of Air Quality and Nuclear Energy. Provides that the chief of
the Nuclear Energy Division serve as technical secretary to the
Environmental Control Commission in all matters dealing with nuclear energy
and radiation. Describes the powers and duties of the Office. (Enacted:

North Carolina

Property Tax Exemption for Special Nuclear Materials, H-1682. Clarifies
the scope of the property tax exemption for special nuclear materials.
(Enacted: 7/2/84)



Operation of Medical Radiation Machines, S-1782. Includes, as grounds for
a finding of unprofessional conduct, a licensee of a professional board
permitting an employee to operate or supervise the operation of radiation
equipment without a proper certificate. (Enacted: 5/23/84)


High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal Site, HCR-24. Commends the Nuclear Waste
Programs Office for its careful and objective deliberation and for its
vigilance on behalf of the State in the matter of proposed high-level
nuclear waste disposal in Deaf Smith and Swisher counties. (Enacted:

Appropriation to the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority,
S-9. Reappropriates for the next fiscal year the unexpended and
unencumbered balance for the year ending August 31, 1984 or $743,000,
whichever amount is less. (Enacted: 7/12/84)


Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel, H-597. Creates, describes the
membership, and defines the duties of the panel. (Enacted: 4/24/84)

Radiological Technologists, S-110. Reenacts authority for the renamed
Board of Radiological Technology. (Enacted: 5/14/84)

Introduced Legislation


Western Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact, A-284. Would enact the
Compact into law and enter the State as a party. (Arizona is the only
current Compact member.) Authorizes the State Department of Health
Services to adopt fees for the issuing and renewal of a license to receive
radioactive material for land disposal. (Introduced: 1/17/84; Last
Amendment: 6/15/84)


Central Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact, H-3060.
Creates, enacts, ratifies and approves the Central Midwest Compact.
Eligible parties are the State of Illinois and the Commonwealth of
Kentucky. Repeals Illinois' previous enactment of the Midwest Compact.
(Introduced: 4/16/84; Last Amendment: 6/25/84; To Governor for Signature)

Costs Caused by NRC Action, H-3159. Prohibits rates or other charges by a
public utility that include, reflect or are based upon costs incurred as
the result of an action by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission suspending or
refusing to issue an operating permit for a nuclear generating facility due
to the failure of the facility to comply with safety or quality assurance
standards. (Introduced: 4/19/84)


Illinois, cont'd.

Costs Caused by NRC Action, H-3160. Prohibits rates or other charges by a
public utility that include, reflect or are based upon any costs incurred
as a fine or penalty assessed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a
safety or quality assurance violation. (Introduced: 4/19/84)


Louisiana Nuclear Energy and Radiation Control Law, S-703. Amends law to
expand the definition of byproduct material to include the tailings or
wastes produced by the extraction or concentration of uranium or thorium
from any ore processed primarily for its source material content.
Amendment requires persons constructing or operating a nuclear powered
electricity generating facility to pay an annual fee to cover the costs of
State emergency preparedness. (Introduced: 4/30/84)


Board for Registration of Radiologic Technologists, H-5957. Establishes a
board for the registration of radiologic technologists. Describes duties
and members. (Introduced: 6/4/84)

Storage of Radioactive Material, S-1261. Prohibits establishment of
facilities for deposit, storage, reprocessing, or disposal of spent nuclear
fuel elements or high level radioactive waste material unless the General
Court finds that it promotes the general good of the State. (Introduced:

Northeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact,
S-1309. Enables the Commonwealth to participate in the Compact.
(Introduced: 1/4/84)


Referendum on Nuclear Waste Disposal Facilities, H-5589. Asks the voters
whether a nuclear waste disposal facility should be located in the State.
(Introduced: 5/31/84)


Licensure and Regulation of Ionizing Radiation, H-1524. Creates the
Advisory Board of Ionizing Radiation Technology for the licensure and
regulation of ionizing radiation in the areas of radiography, radiation
therapy, technology, and nuclear medicine technology. (Introduced:

New Jersey

X-Ray Installations Inspection Program, A-1911. Appropriates $200,000 to
the Department of Environmental Protection for use by the Bureau of
Radiation Protection in its X-ray installations inspection program.
(Introduced: 5/14/84)

New Jersey, cont'd.

Podiatric X-Ray Technologists, A-2001, S-1714. Provides for the licensure
of podiatric X-ray technologists. (Introduced: 5/7/84)

Northeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact Act,
A-2217. Repeals the Compact. (Introduced: 6/18/84)

New York

Transportation of Radioactive Materials, A-5955. Requires carriers
transporting radioactive materials into, through or within the State to
have a permit from the Department of Transportation. Sets fees and
guidelines for obtaining permits. Requests prenotification from
appropriate Federal agencies seventy-two hours prior to transportation of
radioactive materials. (Introduced: 3/15/83)

Transportation of Nuclear Materials, A-10872. Directs the Commissioner of
Transportation in cooperation and consultation with the Division of State
Police to develop rules and regulations for the escort of all carriers of
nuclear materials by the Division of State Police. (Introduced: 3/30/84)

Radioactive Jewelry, A-11472, S-9588. Confers jurisdiction on the court of
claims to hear, audit and determine the claims of persons exposed to
radioactive jewelry due to the negligence of the Roswell Park Memorial
Institute. Allows suit of the State within six months of the act taking
effect. (Introduced: 5/10/84)

Transportation of Radioactive Waste, A-11577, S-9713. Amends the
transportation law in relation to the transportation of radioactive
materials on approved routes developed by the State Department of
Transportation in consultation with the Disaster Preparedness Commission.
(Introduced: 5/24/84)

Nuclear Power Plant Costs, A-11820. Requires phasing costs associated with
nuclear power plant projects into revenue requirements over a period of not
less than ten years for those plants owned by a single utility corporation.
(Introduced: 6/19/84)

Construction Costs of Nuclear Power Plants, A-11821. Limits the amount of
nuclear power plant expenditures eligible for inclusion in the rate base of
a utility to the difference between one hundred eleven percent of target
construction cost and the amount of imprudent expenditure incurred.
Requires phasing prudent costs, relating to nuclear power plant projects
owned by two or more utility corporations, into the revenue requirement
over not less than five years. (Introduced: 6/19/84)

Nuclear Power Plant Costs, A-11822. Prohibits recovery of costs related to
nuclear power plants if the plant is unlicensed or fails to commence
commercial operation. (Introduced: 6/19/84)


New York, cont'd.

Nuclear Energy, S-9102. Defines nuclear energy as all forms of energy
released in the course of nuclear fission or nuclear fusion or other
nuclear transformation. Amends the duties of the Atomic Energy Council to
include advising and assisting the governor and the legislature in
developing and implementing State policies and programs for the regulation
and control of nuclear energy activities. (Introduced: 5/1/84)

Transportation of Nuclear Materials, S-9608. Requires that the
transportation commissioner adopt necessary rules and regulations to
provide for escort by the state police of all carriers of nuclear materials
within the State. (Introduced: 5/10/84)

Long Island Lighting Company Rate Increases, S-10025. Limits overall rate
increases of the lighting company due to the large construction costs of
the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station. (Introduced: 6/21/84)


Conversion of Nuclear Power Facilities, H-2191. Requires conversion of
nuclear power generating facilities to coal-fired generating facilities if
anticipated construction, completion or restart costs would total
$500,000,000 or more. Requires conversion if a cleanup or repairs would
require two or more years. (Introduced: 5/22/84)

Storage and Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Waste, H-2300. Prohibits any
municipality from permitting any additional storage, disposal of,
processing or any incidental relating to low-level radioactive waste
material for a period of two years. (Introduced: 6/14/84)

Referendum Relating to Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Intervention, H-2328.
Asks voter opinion on reducing spending for nuclear weapons and foreign
military intervention. (Introduced: 6/18/84)

Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste, S-1477. Amends the Solid Waste
Management Act to prohibit the storage, disposal, processing, treatment or
incineration of radioactive low-level waste material for a period of two
years. (Introduced: 6/29/84)



Transportation of Radioactive Waste, HCR-64. Memorializes the President of
the United States to direct the U. S. Department of Transportation to:
strictly enforce legislation relating to the transportation of radioactive
waste; establish responsibility among shippers and carriers for safe
packaging and labeling of such waste; employ more inspectors; and provide
training for employees of State and local governmental agencies.
Memorializes Congress to adopt legislation to restrict the transportation
of radioactive waste in and among the States to rail and railways.
(Introduced: 3/6/84)



Siting of a High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository, SCR-20. Directs the Texas
Water Commission to deny any permit for a shaft drilled or mined for
purposes connected with high-level nuclear waste exploratory studies or
disposal until such time that all safety and public interest issues are
resolved. Directs State agencies to fully enforce laws and regulations
protecting the environment and property rights. Delegates to the
lieutenant governor and the speaker of the house the authority to
disapprove a repository site and issue such disapproval to the Federal
government. (Introduced: 6/25/84)

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