World hog and pork prospects


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World hog and pork prospects
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United States -- Bureau of Agricultural Economics. -- Division of Statistical and Historical Research
Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Division of Statistical and Historical Research
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- HP-83 (Oct. 1936).
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Description based on: HP-8 (July 9, 1930).

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A 36 4-3:
UTITTED Tr:' LF..."'.:"17? C. F ..y: 'L .'.E Z.
Purer.u of ricu.iltu rL 1 Ecolnor.icn .
L..t. bi ,'ton 0 I


'ChLD Hit"' .J:D FC.- ': IjC;3 ;C:.S

: -

"Slcu:'htor supplies cf ho.--. i! the TTi.ited Str ts dlirin:. tile

ronrinder of thef present nr.rk'uting yL'.r ending ocpt..rbor .30, 19,

will rrobrbly be sri ler t'.r. ir th.' corrcsronIin" p.-ricd of 190C,"

accordin.- to "The C:icultur. 1 Outlook for 19IT", issued Fcbru cry 2

by the 'lited Stftes Dup: rtr.nt of ..griculturc.. "..ith r -'cL.krr rc-

rT-.rd for hoe products, ho;uvcr, prices of hc;s for th-., period w;i.l

probably : vur-gor lovwr thL.i for the s...:. period of 1;. t y--: r. The

hog industry during th u i rrhotin y.- r ,-;ich oocins Octob..r 1, 19i1,

is expected to be in c r;orc fPvor;.tl po-ition thrn in thu current

yoer, since iiLicEtions pcirt tc sli,,ht!y .sllr sup-lies, lo-;cr

feed costs nd so:nt ir.prcvc7 cnt i:. Loth fo:eign :r.d do!.cstic dc- ::d

during th:.t period.

"Continued he. vy supplies of Lurcpo.r.n hoJs Enu pork products

rnd a. reduced forcing der:.nd for --rcric n products during r.cst of the

hoC r.rrketinr year which ends Septc-'br ZO, 1931, Fre ir prospect.

United St tes exports of pork rnd 1 rd for th t period :re expected

to fll blo:- the Ic.o 199-30 Experts froi. this country

during the throe n-onths, Oc'ucbor to DJc.c-.bor, 1950, .::cre hc.out 45

per cent sT-:llr trrn thrcse of the correspol.di'.; r.ciihs of 1929.

Europoen supplies during the ye r ending Sept'.:mbur 30, 1932, prcbr-

bly will be srFller thrn in the current ycLr, rnd ts teds t; to improve

IT-15 2 -

the position of .'ji rican hoe production in Eurcpor.n r:arkcts during

the litter nprt of thrt yc;-r.

"Outst'nrLding points in th,' E-.ircpcrn ho- nid pork situation are:

(1) Unusu~lly I-rgc nr.:.b-rs cf h,.gs in nest Eurcnpcn producing ccun-

trics in Octc.bcr, 1930, n~ot, bly GuLrr:..ny; () l-priced food sup-

ply 1: rgcr than r th:t f y; or, ;:hiich, dospitu lLwur huc values,

r- k:os p.crk prl'ductic.n prcfitt.ble in c..untries except Genrmany;

(3) :. dcu;ln;rd tendency in thu prices cf hcgs, curceL perk i n. 1 rd,

tnd (4) nc indication cf signrificnT incroc s in buying pc-.iur in

the l' dingc rfrkotE. .fcr ..:cricr.n pc.rk products during 1931."

United St.tes

Ccntr-.ry to usu.l dcvelopr',nts Lt this tiru (f yc-mr, hcg prices in
the United States durin-" J:-.u. ry ccntiz.ued t, decline. A- soscn(.l up-
swing in prices usu-lly gets ur.dr ;iiy sLr:cti.-e in Dec-r.bor, but delayed
r:.rketings end E continued vcE1 f reigEi ; nd dcrcstic. der nd resulted in
prices continuing dc inwv.rd thrcughcut .T.r.uLry, rT.:ix.k rwc lc, level fcr the
sw" scn during the l st .week cf thc :tnth w;hc.n price at Chicr( Fveraged
i7.47. The avcri.;-e fcr th- rT:nth et Chicrge wr s '7.65 s cer:p red with $7.92
in Decer'bor cnd :';.7B3 in J._au..ry, 193C.

Slaughter sup!lics iicrc: scd durinr- J.r-ucry nd re'flucted the dul'.yed
nrrkut which h has cccurreC' this vi;-:tcr. Inspected sleughtor frrn
Octc bcr tc. Decuerbr.r *:~-s about 9 per cent sr.eller t ::.r t-hrt ci c. ye: r
c.rlier, but durii.r-' Jnuc.ry, supplies werc c ;sider.'.bly larger than
cf Jr-i.u ry, 1930. i_:: unusually l".rge prcpcrti n cf hcrvy '.cgs in the
r'rrket supply resulted in a ccrtinuod wide spread in tht prices (f hoevy
end light weight hcgs. Prices .f light weight hEgs re-..ined sto dy during
the r'.nth, but the decline in hu.vy h'. r prices l:wcrcd th- geCneri.1 .t.vcrrgo.

The nur:bor if hcEs :n f:.rn:s in th U:.ite.d St. tes JFnu.ry 1, 1931,wr.s
52,323,000 hc.d es criparei; with 53,238,000 he:.d (n JFnu:ry 1, 1930. Al-
thturh h,. nu,.sbcrs icro 1.7 per cent s:.:. ller then L year cu rlier in the
United Stetes s E. .,hcle, they i.eru slightly !arger in the Crrn Eclt Stctos,
vhich furrish r.(st cf the ri,.rkuLt sup-ply f h, -s. InGic-ti( ns rc th:.t
rarkct supplies will continue lI.rLe f\r scvur 1 .,oJks c.nd ;:ic'irhts will
pr: bcaly a.b ve the i.ver:goc (f recent yu~rs. Ccrn prices, ,.s .ell B.s
h&g v 'iccs, decline. "urint: Jinu: ry r.. the c;rn-h.r r;tio ecC.tinue.
fkv..r:.ble f.r fccding. It ippow.r.:, t1hcref'Lrc, that cnly r-cer te sor enrl
price 'r iv :cc, if ;ny, c: n be cxpectca dCurirn th; next t; r'cnths.

HT-i 3 -

In cor ,cn in.. on 'ri. sr i. s rl o ri..:. ii .r of th> '. rl:<.t-
ing yc., r, "T'?!u ,.-Hricultural Outli,.L"' ys:

"In the r, iPL T.I ntT .s, Jr .u: j' tc ,UL .rt,! L.r 1901, urirn ..,ich.
pItrii i...t cf t.L. he. c cn fi -r.s J:' u; ry 1 i '.t c i itn the
ccrr.orci 1 supply :,ill 'U rhted, sl. u. .t-r :-ill prbt ., ly be
sli,--htl" .:t.l1er ':h r. in the a; rc ru f 19:l .C, D.c:- .Ls in
supplieS frrF .ut'sifc, the Cc.:' l F.I l t > itcs will lorC tl.:r. c'ffs't
tli 11 incri-,.sco in tL.' t :r~ In .iticn, it is net unlikcl:r
th.:t r1: -r th: n usual purc .r:t- f brcc<. sc,;s i,. f'11 irs
nr.c. cn -fri.. .:ill be c.rri.: Tvwr i..n finirshcd -ut (;n no;: corn
next f 11, Lspuci lly in r ': *..! c rn prcgu titnI in21030 was
sh 1rt. In vic.: rf this c-i'r'cte frr. J nu ry, tc
Su'ptE.r br, .ni .:ith inspuctu' shl uhltuLr fXr the three 1 riths,
Octcbcr tc Dccc:.b'r, l0.:.?, nearly l,:00,300 ht,:' sr:tller thvn
durii'f- thie Ccrr-!rri i:.t.' r n, ric. cf 3..- 9, tctrl ii.spcct6C
sluiu-hter f is c:..]Lcto:. t. be frcr 1,5CO,O."0 t 2,0000000 h- I sr. llor then
for th. r rkltir.,:: ycr 12,r-30."

Fresh n.rk prices declic'. sharply Curir.n JE.nuary. .', prices
cf r-;st f th.- hifhcr Triic,'" cuts fcr thu r.:nth '..urc'- : to '.3 1(,;cr th..n
in Dccenber, .'hil( the bchu per cuts *.cclinro. frc:. .1.00 to ;1.50. Fresh
hrrn prices shc(:: T'(' rc strcnL:th t'1Tn the either hi,'h.r -rico'. cuts, .vcrrg-
ing .brut 80 higher r:t Chic. cr th-.n Curin: the pr'cu'..inr hCnth. They
.cclinircd ...1.5 ..t LjC- Y:rlk, but wore still eoll cbovc thuir n rrj 1 rolrticn-
ship tc thcr frcsh pcnr!: rriccs. Prices cf lcr1 r .nr :11 cuts of cured perk
Ist '..cclin Cl urin. th.. rxnth. ThI doclinu in 1 r prices brought the
J-.nurry :vorr for rEfin-'. lr.rd at ChicL e: dc'm to (-9.62, the Iclest
r. nthly .vcr:. r-e ir.cin in' 1915 :n rd .ell t'lloe the pro--;;: r .vcr:.-c. L.rd
substitute n'iccs -.lsc :.cclinc. o i... th'uy still r!'r, in belc lIrrd prices.

E::pcrts ( f pc rk Ir 'lucts .uriu., DeceT:ber c.g'in ruflctt.. str(ngur
c,'r.pctiticn in Eur(.npu!n :rrk!:ts. F(r thu thruc nrcnths, Oct(bur tc Deco;-ber,
1930, t( t1 c-..,. rts ..f p ri: pr c.ucts i.are cb, ut 45 per cent s;r.llcr then
.iurinr the cc rrL pl n.'.nt. yprid of 10.. ccn experts in D-c::bor :ucre
about 30 r.ur cL.nt 1: rgr th: n in NIkvbur, but less than h.lf thc.s cCf .f
y- r ccrlier. T. '.irngs by Ui.itcd Kinu 1r, the prieip:~l foreign .utlet
/irc; 45 per co:;t sr:.llor thrn in zl:cubcr, 1929, end the rver.ent tc Cube
vwi-s It rr cent s:-. llcr. BC: cn uxIrts t( Grr.;y w;er negligible.
Freigrn trr,.: in 'r.r-s :nl shoul urs, t ....S f.r in thr. Trrketir.. yer, h; s
heilr up y 'uch b.ttLr th- r that cf b. ctn .r 1r r, since thL.y ;re less
cffcct:' by the incre's '-- ,. rk pr. .ucti n in n:'r!:h "n r!r irny. The
tr trl expYrt rt.'ve: int cf h' 's n< sht ul-crs during Dccur'ber ;;w:s 42 rcr
cnr.t ~:.:1 i" t n in Nc, but er rlir. During thu first thrLe , cf thus t..c cuts Cecr. od 19 per count frcr th. .-.~ if thu c
r.-nths ir. ic9, s c: r.: rucl ;;ith c ruducticn cf 64 -or cent in bt..ccn exports
rnr' 45 pe.r count in lrri ex-( rts. C.; exI( rts in Dcur:ber t.r seasonal
increase, but it was ruch lcs3 t'-.n ni' r-1. t'u-ntities t]:,.n Es ccr.parc,2
with r vc r (6 liur ri'.uccr:. 30 3 cr cent in Tr.itcd Yin.-'.cr.:, 62 rcr
cent in Ccr-..ny, 50 ptr cent in Cub- rn.' 38 rcr cent in I!etherl'nds.

- 4 -

Relatively small storage holdings of pork and lard in the United
States continued to be a favor-ble f actor in the hog situation up to
January 1. Stocks of pork on that date, arountir i to 523,317,000 pounds
were about 16 per cent smaller t'an those a ytar earlier, and 5 per cent
smaller than the 5-year January 1 average. In spite of the weak demand
and low price for lard, store.t-e stocks of lard on January 1 were the
sna.llest for that 'dte since 1927 anc 30 per cent srT-ller than on January
1, 1930. The decrease in storage holdings of pork and lard from January
1, 1930 to January 1, 1931, was equivalent to about 800,000 hogs.


Canadian her marketing as represented by the number grEded at stock
yards and packing plants, during the -irst three weeks of 1931 continued
to be below the corresponding period a year.earlier. The number graded
during this period of 1931 was 146,000 as against 170,000 a year earlier.
The weekly L.verago price at Toronto for select bacons during the week
ending January 22 "was .10.74 As compared with C10.86 durinC the correspond-
ing week of 1930.

Inspected slaughter of hogs in Canada during .930 was 18 per cent
smaller than in 192 9.nd 24 per cent belo,'. the ve-rage for 1927? ,nd 1928..
Cold storage holdings of pork at the end of January amounted to 17,582,000,
a decrease of 37 per cent compared with 1929. Hog numoers in Canada,
estimated at 4,000,000 head, are now at the lo',est point since 1922.

CanLdian exports of live hogs to the United States declined from
195,000 in 192" to 21,000 in 1928, 2,000 in 1929, and less th!n 200 in
1930. The sa-m. tind:,ncy is shown in bacon. TotL 1 ce.ports of becon and
pork hu:vc declined sharply during the past four years. Or the other hand,
imports of bt con and pork from thu United States ircrer.sed consider-
ably. Bacon :.nd hrm imports from the Uniteid jtctes have increased front
2,000,000 pounds in 1927 to about 10,000,000 in 1930, while pork imports
increased from 9,000,000 pounds to 14,000,000 pounds in 1929. Imports.
of pork for '1930 Lro estir,-csud to be slightly belc'; thi 1929 totEls. An
increase in Canadian airport duties has apparently been responsible for
reduced imports of pork from the United St:.tos during recent months.

During the yeor 1930 only 2,341,000 hours wery grrdod at all stock
yards nd packing pl nts, s decrease of 14 per cent compared with 1929
end 17 per cent below 1927 rnd 1928. Of the Fbove nurb.r, 638,000 fell
in the "br.con" gredc, 776,000 in the butcher grr.dc, and 3ol,000 in the
"select brcon" packing plants gr'dcd 739,000 or 32 per
cent of the tot 1 compr.rud with 926,000 or 34 per cent of the totr.l in


PF- -15 l''t .,1 I't.i

"In rc t TBriti' n, t; l :; din'- for.i.-n i, i.Lt for
Anmericrn norl: prnc.ducts, \olu:e.-o of cured portl: hty.v, boon
rect-ivd front Df.riLnrk in rle'unt r'ouths," the "Outloci-:" st tcs.
"The upw' rd turn in P nish '1:oduction got way ,; rlier th: n production in oth r contii..ntrl cci.:it rie .-.p*l' the
Tritish mnrkot. TeL' truiid of i;riii'h exports du'rin-L ru~. r.t
rmonrts indic: to th t thu pe'-l of production in t'.t country v.s
roe ch.ud in lt; 1i'.0. The export rov zmn :t froe uLrnmn rk is
ex:pctcd to continue uniusuc.lly hlr.vy during' thu runz ir.dur of the
present mn r'i:uti:.r :.-.'* i.lthcou-h probably shc.-'.:ih a dowfn-; rd
tLndency. Thus fc.r tf l fill in feed prices has been rruit
enough to -_-p pork production on profitable b:.sis in rnnc: ri:.
In lilthorl rnds, Pol:nai, n-rd other continental r.-ountries supplying
thu British m: rkut, poi:k production for the next fc-i months mr.y
be expectedd to be hOe:vior then i -c- r 'oe, but the feed situation
in thoCe ccurtries is somiwhe.t less fi vor: ble th'.rn in EDurnr rk.
Cr,.. t .riti~n is o...plctu d to t ko .l .but s much I: eri.c'n lrd
this yur r :.8 l.r.t, since conti :!r.t: l'pi'ouction conditions
SppLr to hacvy little or no effect on Friti&h 1-ports of the
Ar.uricrn product ."

The down. rd trend in British m: rkut prices of cured per]: orought
ths Jvnu ry :ver. e of Danish Wiltshiru sices c.t Livricol to $14.82 per
100 pounds. Th t figure w .s nearly '.8.50 bulo-; the .verr l.e for Jr.nucry,
1930, :r. r.C s cne of the lowest of the pcLt-w.;.r period. Tha 190W-1913
c.vergeo fcr J, nu'ry st ids at '~14.10. Thu current Liverpool c.Vtr g, fcr
kArricrn .rroon bellies Elso ;ms unusua.lly lo.; .t l.'16.13, rg.inst pro-
wrs tvurtFg of .':1,40. .Aoric:n short cut rrL-.n h-B. s vwre lovwr in
Jrnu:ry, :ver -ing 20.6 Eg .inst I' :.l11 z ye:.r t.rlior. ThL pre-war
rver -. fcr th't item w~rs .'13.70. m"h. tterdency toward lirhter cured pork
stocks it Liverpcol r.ncticer.ble '-uri:.- r.cst cf 1930 vws r:vcrsod in
Dcccrber, with thu FeCbru ry 1 figure at 3,670,000 p-uruds. Th t figure
is belc. the c st-w-r ,.vworrgo fcr the dCto incicrtcd, but is r1rgcr thc.n
thr t (f lr..t -A .r.

Tct 1 b ccn imrpcrts into Or, t Britif.n for Deccnbor rcr.ched the
record inrnthly figure of 112,267,000 p:un7s. Receipts frrn Denrrrki were
still ct record l'-vcls, but receipts fi'im other ccntinentl 1 countries :Isc
.:;orc ccr.sicder'-blry 1' rger then in recent months ord e y- r cg. Receipts
frcm Nii rth ..nmrica cnc tinued srlllcr th: n usurl. F(r the first 3 n, nths
cf th,_ current season, Octc b.;-DecCr:bor, 1930, tot:.l b: .c(n imports into
rrect Briti n * 6.1 per cc.nt 1: :\ r than for the ccrrosp inning period
cf 1. st seo- r. A siril:.r ccmpr-.ris~.n shc' :s imports frcmn ltenr rk to be 42.6
per cent i* rgrr tht.n 1: .t y-cr. Thecipts frcn the Nutherl. nr show a
slightly Ir.rg]r tctl this season th n l.t, ,'hl: the ~yCgr r to frcm -11
c(ntirnentr 1 countries (th-r thtn L';.-.'.rl is 31.2 per cent :.:'gur th'n
1. st yov r. iF.ceipts from thl Irish F're_ -t +t re r:: turiLll: r,- ller
th, n r1at ye r, i t.d ir;pcrts frcrn the Unitcl St tes tru re-ro th.n t0 ptr
cent s:, Illr. Hr- imports frcri the Unite. St.teFs ..rt only snli'htly
srllcr th: r. ii. the -cnths c


In Livorpccl, thje vcrsiR vi n i: ir. L)cu;Tiber on -r.r:ricr.n lord 7aL.s
,.11.5 pur 100 pcuncs, rn unu;:u. fly lo. -pric. ft r pcst-'.m.r vy rs and 85
cents bilcu the pro-ic.r ..vrEcgo. L rd imports h- v% nc int inEc their
fairly rogul, r volunt in'ruc..nt r:cnths. The Decc. bcor fi-ur. cf 27,270,000
p unes \:cs slightly lc;icr th. n th t f N..-vconb r, but :*: s r little l-.rger
thE, inpcrts cf L yc-ar u: Thea tot 1 for tlhu 3 m( nths pNricc -w s
6.8 per cent 1:. rgur th: r in 1929. Stocks cf rfincd 1; ri t Liverpool
h. vce run r.r::rk. bly lcw in recent r.inths, the Fubru: ry 1 fi-ure b:ing
only 92',000 pcunds .g inst 3,185,000 pcur s- yoc r o;rlie.r. The regul: r
ir:pcrts nC .bncrm: lly lo': st cks suggest cither incrc..seC. ccnsurption cr
gre..tcr re-exports, or bcth.

Dnomstic British r- rkct supplies cf hcEs irn: in belc-- yocr's
levels, but SCTOn incroso- in Irish hog r; rkutings is uvi'cr.t. The Jan-
urry supplies cf fresh !British n i Irish perk t Lcrd.n control nmrkets
rct ch.ed 7,13c,000 o c.un..s, bcing sr 1llur thi-n in the prc.cocing ncnth, but
1: rgcr thtn ycr.r c'gc. The ; ccuiul ted 4 ncnths' t-trl beginning Oct-
cbur 1, 1930,' ret.ched. 31,3.06,000 pounds, ,. sli-lit i-v'nc. cvcr
ccrrspor'ing figures i:f .r y.rr 'pc. Frosh :n:' frozen pcrk receipts from
cthor scurccs cdring J'nur:ry .'ere srcnewh t belc-.; these rf both the pre-
cocinr. ncnth :nd z yo r -gc. Thu Irish b;.ccn jurors utilized 89,535 hogs
in Decu:-ber, 1930, & sene',':h t 1,rgor firurc th: n that (f Dccr ber, 1929.

Donnark and NLthurl:nris

Incrriplct c.anish b, ccn expert figures for Docccnbor indicEte the.t
the slowin, up cf thrt movuemnt in :viencc since OctLbor w-s continued
into December. Ttct..el o.ports for these three ncnths, hc.v.ev.r, t.ppe r
frci the fi-ures nc;: :v.ilr.ble tr be cb'ut 35 per cent l"rgur than in the
srmnc peric.' f se'scn. BR:corn prcducticn in the NothorlrnCms, as
reflecto. by inpcrts fro th t country into Gre:-t Britin, is still on an
upuard tron In bcth Hcvmnbcr adri Deccrbur, 1930, the Fathorln.nds sent
r. re t( (Crc t Briti:.n th n in th. rc:nths cf 1929.
Tctcl British irmprts frno th-.t source fo.r the three months, Cct~.ber-
Decc:ber, 1930, ,;ero 10 per cunt l..rgcr th:.n r. yG.r ag Reports
indic, to thr t in IDrnu;.'rk :n. JNthcrl nds h< g prices h:.vo been fall-
ing ,-t sTne;whact raire rL.pi.-. r: tc th n fie-i. prices, with .n unf,.vcrrble
rlcrticnship dcvelcping f'estcr in tl, NIuthErl T.Cs thin in DE3mnrk.

OG-r6: ny

"The cnr.tirnnt 1 ip rhklt f. r iriaeric n hog pro-.,ucts is
influenced 1: rgcly by c;n.'itions in nrl:rrny, .;.hro hcg narkotings
Curing 1930-31 zxpuct-c tc be, rv.tcrir lly hc viur chon in 1929-
30," ,ecc.rdintg to the "Outlcck". "MLarkutings 'urir.g October and
Ilcvenbor :wero : lightly 1 rfcr th n yc r Lurliir. The Gc.rr.n hcg
col.sus cs u.f ;Lcu.r:bcr 1 in...ic; to th. 1. r-cst n'x.bur cf hcgs on
rectrc f(.r th t i. tu. Thu cistributi(n by ;,-o clz.sscs indicates
thr.t mcrL.kutings in th. t country '.rc lihl:ly t,. c.. rtiinu i t high
levels int the cirly prt the. 19;:"-3 so: .t rn. Although tr.trl
nr rketings fr. .n DEc.r.nbor 1, 1"O, t. Fcbru:.ry 1L, 1931, rre
cxpuctce t. excouc. cnly sli-htly ths ( t 1: st irntcr, th(se frcrm
Il,,rch 1 thr. uh A.ugrst, 1, 1931, r y b.e a r-uch s 0 per cent larger
th-n in the cc rrcspr'inin:g poric~ f 1930. TM. rktings fron Scptor.bor
tc Nr vcribcr in 1931 tc a.vcr.,age :al r.!(tvc the lr rgo


r:-.rk r-Ir: f t -.. :.. i :. cf 1 ... t y;...', Th... itu ti: n in
OC i.rr. n, .:ill :' u-c't '. t ui:l' v, r. ,l: -,. n tb' c` t!i .. nt 1 c : r.d I1 r
ir.ric. n 1: ri. Lcr.. nc fi'. t t sir.. .ity in ; r: n; *1 is
c' vCrscly 1f'cctu!. by Lh. i-r, i,.* c tr. .titi' n 1f th .r f t:.;."

The ,crli.n prici e hci s',: h. s iuri. J' rn,, r.y ;.v'. r. id ( r: tc .~1 .OS
per 100 p, ur.'s, bce, t- i -trcultur:.1 Aitt. cho t cre it Purl-in. Th- t
avcr~.-rc is th l--;..'cst f, r .'ny n. .t!l .;ir.i.e i.pril, 1"sL : r. ;i. a ci il.r ,.7 cI.nt:
Sab vC th,. pr-w.r : v...r- .u f r JrL, iu y, The bjc-rt: .r, 1530, rv1r 'c was 26
per cent bcl .;i th t f Jcccu:.'.r, IrCL. Tr the b;r.L 1' 0 r. nth.pricus if
Sfou~cin, p(tt.t...s5 t Brc .1. i ,Jcri. 355.1 pcr cent bcl. .; r ., rlicr, ,.hilu
Sfeed bt rlcy t Luipzic .:; J ... pr. cent hi. hir t,.n in 1J.:. T. p. t to
situLticn i,. n r ir.n rt: Pt ; ct. r in rt ;-'r. h.' thu uLf v rbl, effect f
hir-hor ftc(' r-' in pricc.; Goerm: ny ;:here h, -- r- isi,.- is i incid trel t( th-. ,-.. .r l f: rr r.. r'-r. In
waostcrn (Gcrra ny, h *":ove.r, ..'herr. ,.-,s b- i. t ft r f&tt-rin.,, the effect
(f hir-hcr b. rlcy prices r-.: ct'rr hr- pron.ucticn i re".

Rcccipts t. h, 's ;.t 14 C:rr.i. n Tr rrk-.ts lurir- J nu' ry .pp ir te h -ve
been .b ut ; h: -vy : in 1:cchr.b-r, .,;hn th,., :7.e ~' c.n i'ormbly 1 r;ur th n
p yc'.r c rlicr. F r th n 3 n nth.-, Oct, ber-Dcc!:r.bLr, 1'70, such receipts
rorche,- r tt' 1 4.r- ror cer.t 1 r.-ur th.n in lHc'. LE L uh.-htcr ;t 36
centers in orc h 1 th.: c n.r-nth (.f 1'350 w,. 1: rG'r th n in 1':', ri~ultin
in t t t 1 f r the. perir' i 14.5 p-r cenrt iP r;:r th n in t',O prccei. in. 'rL r.
In spite cf the incrc.:.~-c, .-.stic p. rk Pr-.cucticrt be.ccn ir;-cprts into,
Germrny, princin ply frmn the !Tltherl: n~- wero 1i re, r th: n in UT.vurnber
Snc Dtcccnbcr, 1:.'0, th n y.r -:.rlicr.

L, r... Ticc. .t :, r.bur- :.'c. chc the cxtrlr.L1y 17. v'r: f'L ( f'10.68
per 100 p, un-.s in J: nu ry. Th'. t fiurI u:..s l1..32 unCer the JG ru- ry, 1'30,
'.vorC- je rLn. ; -1.u' bul. .. t-.h pru-sI.rr vr 1or th t ra (nth. rts .f
th t pr-..uct, ..hich c.r.c princip:11y fr..n the TTnite'. St-.tos, h;.Vu run
rm.tcri lly r,. 12.ur this s- L,. n th.rn 1 ..t, .s (.tr.ectic pr~.uctit.n h-s in- F' ry fi.-uros in.ic-.tu th. t fc'r tu 3 r nrtht, Octc.b.'r-
D-cmnber, 1' 0O, t%.:: 1 1; ir:p' rts iintc C.o: ny ::uru -b ut -- rPt'. cint
smrller th n in th. ca rrCsr r.'in; p(ric&. ,f '2C.

- f


- 8 -

OGS AI'D PORL F.C'CTT: Inr.ices of for icn .-upplies -nd du-m.nd

: : Dec.
: Unit : 19.C-1O : 1924-5 : :
: :tol l0-lI:tol 1 -2 : 1927
: : v r. : ..Vt' ,. : :

Production -
Fct pigs, c',r-
t. in rm rkets..: 1000's:
domestic fresh: 1000
pork, London..:pounds:
Imports -
B3Lcon :
Dcnnm; rk........: "
Irish F. StLte : "
United St: tos..: "
C. n.L d ......... : "
Oth rs........: "
Tot l.. ... : :
HI n, tot: 1......: "
L-rd, totrl.....: "
DE! fTARI: :
Exc rts : :
BR con. ..........: .
Slcurhtur :
H- 's, inspcctLd:1000'o:
GE"fAU, : : :
Production -
IHc. receipts :
14 cities.....: "
Hce: sluu hter
36 centers....: "
Impcrts : 1000
Baccen, tt: 1 .... :pr.unds:
L rd, tot' 1 .....: "
Slu;chter :
Hosc., inspected 1000s:
Experts -
L ccn : 1000
United Kin'dc(m: pounds:
C-orrr ny. .. .: "
Cubr.......... : "
Tct." 1........: "
HITIms, shoulders:
United "
Tct 1. ........: "
Lcrd -
United Kinj(del : "
Gormf-ny........ "
Cubr...........: "
Notht.rl nds....: "
T"t 1 .... "




e,0 :50
.;4, 336
L0,-- 7 :

5 0 :



3 ,53C,

45,16 :

S2:. 7:

8,57 :
2, 375 :
LIZ o: :

182 : 1i5:

~,C97 : 28,176:

13 ,760 : 152,501:
17,921 : 18,766:
23,451 : 12,640:
21,557 : 11,858:
o38, 1 : 40,055:
224, 88I : L45,810:
28,045 : 21,455
57,4c5 : 60,76.:

123,103 : 148,533:

738 : 710:

012 : 1,O0f:

'1,010 : 1,331:

5,32 2,877:
51,1 7 : ;7,162:

11,5C8 : 11,52b:

14,070 : 5,26,0:
2,o8 : 1,713:
5,505 : 1,70:
33, 6 : 23,0bc9:
: :
30, 4- : 19,523:
37,.75 : 24,I11:
:9 :

bl,5b 3 : F3,.30:
,3,2 1 : 38,175:
20,237 : 0,49-3:
10,313 : 7,232:
17',048 : 162, 46:

.nd ittn










o,7b6 :
570 :
21,282 :

15,826 :
0,902 :

57, 70 :
54,013 :
13,084 :
.13.93 :

5,552 :
42,340 :
232,873. :
25,577 :

145,294 :

662 :


1,095 :

4,510 :

13,43' :

11, 30 :
2,014 :
-,137 :
31,178 :

20,83 :
?o,193 :

o5,026 :
67,275 :
19,802 :
13,635 :
234,008 :












1`28 : 1!20 : 1030

: :

219 : : 189

30,07 : 23,058 : 24,167

144,346 : 149,501 : 215,633
22,222 : 16,231 : 9,566
8,309 : 13,24 : 6,440






- 9 -

HOGS I.I;T P-0I. 1 '.-C I T.': r i;n r.a con.r tic v.rt c prIr ,.:c p r 1 0
rp ur.3 f rA the rntr.. ti.dic tod, :n'. :ti :!.; t the n-r of w- ch nm nth

: Lc' :L ':, .


Prices -
Hc ', Chi e: ( ,
b: i p: cn rs'
Sr.d shiprers'
u( tt tic na .......
Ccrn, ChicrLC ,
Nic. 3 yuv llr......
Aocge, hcr.vy,
Berlin, live
w 'i.: ht...........
Pot t' cs, Erosl:u
foedin ..........
Brrlcy, Lcipzig ....
L rd -
Ch icr ..........
Liverprl .......
Hi bur, ..........
Cured pcrk -
Livrprccl -
Anrcrir n sh, rt
cut screen hrms.
incric.i n Vron
bollioc .......
DCnish -'iltshiru

C-n: i n ,;re.-n
siA C ........

Stocks -
Liv rpc c -
Hris b- c, n nd
wh uldurs ....
L rd, rlfinua..
UTnituc ct: tcs -
Irr cssi '. p' rk/
L- rd in crld
strr Co .......

E/ F ur-yc r vue r-'c
d/ Dry -L It cured ..r.
L f cure i fr: zzen.

: l t':-11 : I ::-1 : L-.C. I.'v. : L.-C,
S v.. r : v, r' __. : 1 i V : 1' : ,1C.0
: L 11 r:- : L1 1.]. : Do i. rr: D ll :L Dcil rs
:76 : : :

: : : :

: 7.00 : .76 : .34: b.55 : 7. '

..: 1.16 1,57: 1.27 1.23

S 11.u3 : 15.7L : 16.u: 13.21 : 12.48

S .35 :/ .54 : .37: .24
1.70 L:/ 1 l..2: 1.18 : 2.MG

S 0.71 : 14.00 : 11.4: 12.31 10.70
: 12.10 : 15.. 11.72: 12.:6 11.25
: 1.2 : 14.54 : 12.42: 13.32 : 12.2

14.30 .16 2: 2.00: 21.70 : 21.21
: : : : .
:21.27 : 18.88: b/ : 1C.6

: 1.10 : L3.07 : 23.63: 17.54 : 15.05

S 15.3 : */ 20.7 c/ 2._0: __b/ _: _b/
: 1,000 : 1,000 1,000 : 1,000 : 1,000
: p-.unit : p. r.du : u s : p uLnds : p. u s


: 1,063

:52, 317

: : 6 ,.... : 2, 018 : 31 ,": 51,C6

*nly. b/ < q uotti n. c/ Onc wock n y.
in pr cess (f curo; picklei, cured, r.f: in pr(ocss



: : 3,7L~b
: :
: 5EB5 U "



:640,756 :411,70-W


I llllllllllllllllllll 11111111 li lllll ll llll
3 1262 08865 0626

4 :,.


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