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Vols for 1979- issued by: Office of Personnel Management.
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Description based on: 410-19 (Aug. 22, 1977); title from caption.
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Latest issue consutled: 292-23 (No. 3, 1983); title from caption.

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lbialonnel Manual System

*a Ei Changes to the Standard Physical Requirements'
; iagraphs for. General Schedule Qualification Standards

Hiads of Departments and Independent Establishments:

Published in advance
of incorporation in FPM
Ch. 339

Washington, D. C. 20415
September 24, 1979

I I::I:::. Te purpose of this letter is to announce and implement several changes in the
I a lidieal qualification standards policy of the Office of personnell Management (OPM).

2,,,. Effeetvie immediately, the 16 standard physical requirements paragraphs in
Seti:. V, V lrt P I of Or1 Handbook X-118, Qualification Standards for Positions
i"' ii:.:under thel GeeraLsSchedule, are abolished and replaced by the following medical
qia ieit a on statement.

"Applicants must be physically and mentally- able
to efficiently perform the essential functions
of the position without hazard to themselves or
others. Depending on the essential duties of a
Specific position, usable vision, color vision,
:. hearing, or speech may be required. However, in
.. ..... t eases, a specific physical condition or impair
meant will. not automatically disqualify an: ap plica
:: for appointment. The loss or impairment of a spe.
c ti ,: function may be compensated for by the sati
f ctory. use. of a prosthesis or mechanical aid.
: Re sonable accommodation may also be considered in
,i: determIning an applicant's ability to perform the
dut es of a position. Reasonable accommodation may
.inc, i lude, but. is not limited'to.: the use of assistive
devices, job modification or restructuring, provision of
'readers and interpreters, or adjusted work schedules "

his ..bae :; sl alSo applies to all General Schedule qualification standards covering
S oco0 ptis in which the positions typically involve sedentary, light, or moderate
a:ti ei. Attachment 1 lists the individual Handbook X-118 standards in which the
a ::a,; :B: P sraph is .to be substituted for the existing statement -of physical
reaquidem ts.

3 h.. i : '':: qualiHefiationm:'tandards for occupations in which the positions typically
i ln ii ~ 7irdsl or hazardous duties contain more specific and detailed physical
: iqitet tsi Those more detailed requirements remain in effect, provided that (1)
the specif .-position to be filled involves the arduous or hazardous duties to which
the u4ic 4al requirements relate, and (2) an otherwise disqualifying condition is not
adequately.compensated for by prosthesis., mechanical aid, or reasonable
accamnodation. To reflect the need for these additional considerations, the
qualfication standards: 1sted in Attachment 2 are to be amended to include the
fo.lwmting pararagph.

:bquv n Compensation, Medical Division, 63-22111 or Code 101, ext 22111

C.i. 9 Qualifications Requirements

l .. .h : .. PM

OPM FORM 652 1/79

6. The above changes will be reflected in Section V, Part II of the Handbook X-11S .
as a general amendment to General Schedule qualification standards. Similar change Il
in the Handbook X-118C, Job Qualification System for Trades and Labor Occupations,
are being developed.

7. These changes result from a recent OPM review of existing medical requirements
in General Schedule qualification standards which indicated a great commonality of
essential requirements for occupations in which positions typically involve
sedentary, light, and moderate duty. The changes reaffirm the Federal medical
employment policy of requiring job applicants and employees to possess only the
minimum physical and mental abilities necessary for safe and efficient performance
of the duties of a particular position. The effect of these changes will be
enhancement of employment opportunities for handicapped persons by:

- delegating more authority to Federal employing agencies to determine
the medical eligibility of an individual applicant for a position,
based on the actual tasks of that specific position and on the
demonstrated abilities of that particular applicant;

- encouraging the use of reasonable accommodation, job restructuring,
and worksite modification; and

FPM Ltr. 339-15 (3)

- emphasizing the need to interpret and appropriately m.dify occupa-
tional medical standards to reflect the minimum requirements of the
specific position to be filled.

Jule M. Sugarman
Deputy Director


Attachment 1 to FFM Ltr. 339-15


The following paragraph is to be substituted for the existing statement of physical
requirements in the individual OPM Handbook X-118 qualification standards listed

"Applicants must be physically and mentally able
to efficiently perform the essential functions
of the position without hazard to themselves or
others. Depending on the essential duties of a
specific position, usable vision, color vision,
hearing, or speech may be required. However, in
most cases, a specific physical condition or impair-
ment will not automatically disqualify an applicant
for appointment. The loss or impairment of a spe-
cific function may be compensated for by the satis-
factory use of a prosthesis or mechanical aid.
Reasonable accommodation may also be.considered in
determining an applicant's ability to perform the
duties of a position. Reasonable accommodation may
include, but is not limited to: the use of assistive
devices, job modification or restructuring, provision of
readers and interpreters, or adjusted work schedules."

GS-000 Federal Service Entrance Examination
GS-018 Safety Management Series
GS-019 Safety Technician Series
GS-020 Community Planning Series
GS-023 Outdoor Recreation Planning Series
GS-028 Environmental Protection Specialist Series
GS-030 Sports Specialist Series
GS-050 Funeral Director Series
GS-062 Clothing Design Series
GS-072 Fingerprint Identification Series
CS-080 Security Administration Series
CS-099 General Student Trainee Series
GS-101 Social Science Series
GS-110 Economist Series
GS-130 Foreign Affairs Series
GS-131 International Relations Series
GS-132 Intelligence Series
CS-142 Manpower Development Specialist Series
GS-150 Geography Series
GS-160 Equal Opportunity Series
GS-170 History Series
GS-180 Psychology Series
GS-181 Psychology Aid and Technician Series
CS-184 Sociology Series
GS-185 Social Work Series
GS-186 Social Service Aid and Assistant Series
GS-187 Social Services Series

GS-357 Coding Series
GS-359 Electric Accounting Machine Operation Series
GS-362 Electric Accounting Machine Project Planning Series
GS-382 Telephone Operating Series
GS-391 Communication Management Series
GS-392 General Communication Series
GS-393 Communication Specialist Series
GS-401 General Biological Science Series
GS-403 Microbiology Series
GS-404 Biological Technician Series
GS-405 Pharmacology Series
GS-408 Ecology Series
GS-410 Zoology Series
GS-413 Physiology Series
GS-414 Entomology Series
GS-430 Botany Series
GS-431 Mycology Series
GS-434 Plant Pathology Series
GS-435 Plant Physiology Series

Attabhment 1 to FPM Ltr. 339-15 (3)

GS-437 Horticulture Series
GS-440 Genetics Series
GS-454 Range Conservation Series
S0-457 Soil Conservation Series
GS-458 Soil Conservation Technician Series
GS-460 Forestry Series
GS-470 Soil Science Series
GS-471 Agronomy Series
GS-475 Agricultural Management Series
GS-482 Fishery Biology Series
GS-486 Wildlife Biology Series
CS-487 Husbandry Series
GS-493 Home Economics Series
GS-499 Biological Science Student Trainee Series
GS-500 Accounting and Budget Group
GS-504 Budget and Accounting Series
GS-505 Financial Management Series
GS-510 Accounting Series
GS-525 Accounting Technician Series
GS-560 Budget Administration Series
GS-570 Financial Institution Examining Series
GS-599 Accounting Student Trainee Series
GS-601 General Health Science Series
GS-602 Medical Officer Series
CS-603 Physician's Assistant Series
GS-605 Nurse Anesthetist Series
GS-610 Nurse Series
GS-615 Public Health Nurse Series
GS-621 Nurse Assistant Series
GS-622 Medical Aid (Sterile Supplies) Series
GS-625 Autopsy Assistant Series
GS-630 Dietitian Series
GS-631 Occupational Therapist Series
GS-633 Physical Therapist Series
GS-635 Corrective Therapist Series
GS-636 Rehabilitation Therapist Series
GS-637 Manual Arts Therapist Series
GS-639 Educational Therapist Series
GS-642 Nuclear Medicine Technician Series
GS-644 Medical Technologist Series
GS-645 Medical Technician Series
GS-646 Pathology Technician Series
GS-647 Diagnostic Radiologic Technician/Technologist
GS-648 Therapeutic Radiologic Technician/Technologist
GS-649 Medical Machine Technician Series
GS-660 Pharmacist Series
GS-661 Pharmacy Technician Series
GS-662 Optometrist Series

GS-664 Restoration Technician Series
GS-665 Speech Pathology and Andiology Series
CS-667 Orthotist and Prosthetist Series
GS-668 Podiatrist Series
G5-669 Medical Record Librarian Series
GS-670 Hospital Administration Series
GS-673 Hospital Housekeeping Management Series
CS-675 Medical Record Technician Series
CS-679 Medical Clerk Series
GS-680 Dental Office Series
GS-681 Dental Assistant Series
GS-682 Dental Hygiene Series
GS-683 Dental Laboratory Aid and Technician Series
GS-688 Sanitarian Series
CS-690 Industrial Hygiene Series
GS-698 Environmental Health Technician Series
GS-699 Health Aid and Technician Series
GS-701 Veterinary Medical Science Series
GS-800 All Professional Engineering Series
GS-802 Engineering Technician Series
CS-807 Landscape Architecture Series
GS-808 Architecture Series
CS-809 Conscruction Control Series
GS-817 Surveying Technician Series
GS-818 Engineering Drafting Series
GS-828 Construction Analyst Series
GS-856 Electronics Technician Series
5G-895 Industrial Engineering Technician Series
GS-899 Engineering Student Trainee Series
GS-930 Hearing and Appeals Series
GS-950 Paralegal Specialist Series
CS-962 Contact Representative Series
GS-963 Legal Instruments Examining Series
GS-986 Legal Clerk and Technician Series
CS-998 Claims Clerical Series
CS-1001 Fine and Applied Arts Series
GS-1010 Exhibits Specialist Series
GS-1015 MNseum Curator Series
GS-1016 Museum Technician and Specialist Series
CS-1020 Illustrating Series
GS-1021 Office Drafting Series
GS-1045 Translator Series
GS-1051 Husic Specialist Series
GS-1054 Theater Specialist Series
GS-1056 Art Specialist Series
S6-1060 Photography Series
CS-1071 Audio-Visual Production Series
GS-1081 Public Information Series
GS-1082 Writing and Editing Series

Attachment 1 to FPM Ltr. 339-15 (5)

GS-1083 Technical Writing and Editing Series
GS-1084 Visual Information Series
GS-1087 Editorial Assistant Series
GS-1102 Contract and Procurement Series
GS-1103 Industrial Property Management Series
GS-1104 Property Disposal Series
GS-1105 Purchasing Series
GS-1106 Procurement Clerical and Assistant Series
GS-1107 Property Disposal Clerical and Technician Series
GS-1130 Public Utilities Specialist Series
GS-1135 Transportation Industry Analysis Series
GS-1140 Trade Specialist Series
GS-1144 Commissary Store Management Series
GS-1147 Agricultural Market Reporting Series
GS-1150 Industrial Specialist Series
GS-1152 Production Control Series
GS-1160 Financial Analysis Series
GS-1163 Insurance Examining Series
GS-1165 Loan Specialist Series
GS-1170 Realty Series
GS-1171 Appraising and Assessing Series
GS-1173 Housing Management Series
GS-1221 Patent Adviser Series
GS-1301 General Physical Science Series
CS-1306 Health Physics Series
GS-1311 Physical Science Technician Series
GS-1313 Geophysics Series
GS-1315 Hydrology Series
GS-1316 Hydrologic Technician Series
CS-1320 Chemistry Series
GS-1321 Metallurgy Series
GS-1330 Astronomy and Space Science Series
OS-1340 Meteorology
CS-1341 Meteorological Technician Series
GS-1350 Geology Series
CS-1360 Oceanography Series
GS-1361 Navigational Information Series
GS-1370 Cartography Series
GS-1371 Cartographic Technician Series
GS-1372 Geodesy Series
GS-1373 Land Surveying Series
GS-1374 Geodetic Technician Series
GS-1380 Forest Products Technology Series
GS-1382 Food Technology Series
GS-1384 Textile Technology Series
GS-1386 Photographic Technology Series
GS-1397 Document Analysis Series
GS-1399 Physical Science Student Trainee Series
CS-1410 Librarian
GS-1411 Library Technician Series

GS-1960 Quality Inspection Series
GS-1980 Agriculture Commodity Grading Series
GS-2001 Supply Group
GS-2003 Supply Group
GS-2005 Supply Clerical and Technician Series
GS-2010 Supply Group
GS-2030 Supply Group
GS-2032 Packaging Series
GS-2050 Supply Group
GS-2091 Sales Store Clerical Series
GS-2102 Transportation Clerk and Assistant Series
GS-2130 Traffic Management Series
GS-2131 Freight Rate Series
GS-2132 Travel Series
GS-2133 Passenger Rate Series
CS-2144 Cargo Scheduling Series
GS-2150 Transportation Operations Series
GS-2151 Dispatching Series
GS-2161 Marine Cargo Series

Attachment 2 to FPM Ltr. 339-15


The OPM Handbook X-118 qualification standards listed below are to be amended to
include the following paragraph.

"The physical requirements of this standard are
based on the arduous or hazardous nature of the
duties typically performed by most of the positions
covered by the standard. However, since individual
positions may not include all such duties, a physi-
cal condition or impairment may be disqualifying
for appointment only if there is a direct relation-
ship between the condition and the nature of the
duties of the specific position to be filled. In
some instances,' a physical impairment will not
disqualify an applicant for appointment if the con-
dition is compensated for by a satisfactory prosthesis,
mechanical aid, or by reasonable accommodation.
Reasonable accommodation may include, but is not
limited to: the use of assistive devices, job modi-
fication or restructuring, provision of readers and
interpreters, or adjusted work schedules."

GS-007 Correctional Officer Series
GS-026 Park Technician Series
GS-081 Fire Protection and Prevention Series
GS-083 Police Series
GS-085 Guard Series
GS-455 Range Technician Series
GS-462 Forestry Technician Series
GS-462 Forestry Technician Series (Smoke jumper)
GS-1811 Criminal Investigating Series
GS-2152 Air Traffic Control Series
GS-2181 Aircraft Operation Series


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