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Exhibit Object List
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Mixed Material
Knudson, Ellen
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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The artists and works included in the 2012 ARTBOUND Competition Exhibition and Collection are as follows: 1. Amelia Bird, University of Iowa Letterpress Erasure (THIRD PLACE WINNER) Letterpress printed via pressure printing, blind embossing, reduction linoleum block, photopolymer plates, various rel ief su rfaces, and metal type. Edition of 20 AB2012.001 2. Amelia Bird, University of Iowa Walden Marginalia (HONRABLE MENTION) Case set B odoni and Scotch Roman types. Edition of 50 AB2012.002 3. Elizabeth Boyne, University of Iowa Historic and Memorable Trees of Iowa Letterpress p rinted with handset metal type and photopolymer plates on Zerkall paper. Drumleaf binding with handmade Japanese paper spine 4 x 7. Edition of 20 AB2012.003 4. Emily Chaplain, Memphis College of Art Request Letterpress printing and digital printing on handmade paper 12.5 Edition of 5 AB2012.004


5. Emily Chaplain, Memphis College of Art Dispel Letterpress printing, linocuts, and pu lp painting on handmade paper 5 Edition of 5 AB2012.005 6. Anne Covell University of Iowa Raking Light (HONORABLE MENTION) Accordion printed with linoleum reduction and metal type on waxed handmade Japanes e kozo created by the artist. 5 Edition of 20 AB2012.006 7. Gabrielle Galbreth, Memphis Col lege of Art Reframed Digital printing, letterpress, and screen printing. Double concertina binding structure. 5 Edition of 5 AB2012.007 8. Ariana Hubbard, Arizona State University Bloopy and Muju Discuss Philosophy Letterpress and screen pr i nting, Japanese stab binding 6.5 Edition of 10 AB2012.008 9. Jordan Jackson, Memphis College of Art Embrace Giclee and letterpr ess printing on Oak Tag paper 12 Edition of 5 AB2012.009


10. Karl Conner Johnson, Arizona State University Tempe Accordion structure, letterpress pri nted from photopolymer plates 7.25 Edition of 18 AB2012.010 11. Karl Conner Johnson, Arizona State University Origami book digital printing 8.25 Edition of 25 AB2012.0 11 12. Kimberly Maher, University of Iowa Tres Veses Accordion structure, letterpress printed from linoleum blocks on handmade abaca paper, slip case cover is walnut dyed with ink resist. 6 ( extended ) Edition of 20 AB2012.012 13. Lee Marchalonis, University of Iowa Yes, but Linoleum, woodcut, handset metal types (10 and 12pt. Palatino) on Rives Heavyweight. Binding is a modified Conservation papercase (long stitch). Cover is Lightweight UICB Flax handmade paper. Edition of 50 AB2012.013 14. Allison Milham, University of Alabama Uluhaimalama (SECOND PLACE WINNER) ph otopolymer plates and laser engraved wood blocks on cotton abaca handmade paper, chipboard, and Fr ench papers. 12 x 12 Edition of 50 AB2012.014


15. Joshua Orr, Memphis College of Art Deluge Giclee print, screen and letterpress printing Japanese Kozo paper. Clamshell enclo sure. 5.5 Edition of 5 AB2012.015 16. Joshua Orr, Memphis College of Art DIScontentment Screen printing, letterpress, pulp painting on handmade paper (cotton & flax) 4.75 Edition of 5 AB2012.016 17. Livia Ortiz, Memphis College of Art Ephemeral Constructions Letterpress, pulp paint, watermark and digital impression on handmade paper. 5.5 Edition of 5 AB2012.017 18. Livia Ortiz, Memphis Colle ge of Art Illusions Letterpress, pulp paint an d watermark on handmade paper 7.5 Edition of 5 AB2012.018 19. Christopher Saclolo, Columbia College Chicago The Transmutation of Mouse Heidelberg Off set print, One sheet pamphlet 4.75 Edition of 400 AB2012.019


20. Christopher Saclolo, Columbia College Chicago Mahal Kita Mickey Lin oleum prints, Pamphlet stitch 6 Edition of 1 AB2012.020 21. Suzanne Sawyer, University of Alabama But Move Not Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates on a split edition of handmade flax paper and machine made paper. 6 x 4 Edition of 31 AB2012.021 22. Suzanne Sawyer, University of Alabama The High Road Letterpress printed from linoleum reduction blocks and photopolymer plates on handmade denim paper. 5 x 5.5 Edition of 27 AB2012.022 23. Suzanne Sawyer, University of Alabama SPEAK Letterpress printed from linoleum blocks and photopolymer pla tes on Arches text. Backgroun d imagery is digitally printed. Full cloth flat back cas e binding with clamshell box. 2.5 x 3 ook) Edition of 40 AB2012.023 24. Elizabeth Sheehan, Memphis College of Art Coruscation Two book set hou sed in a clamshell box. Book 1: Modified accordion with inkjet printing, screenprinting, and pop ups. Book 2: blizzard book structure, screenprinting and blind em bellishment on handmade paper 4.25 Edition of 5 AB2012.024


25. Elizabeth Sheehan, Memphis College of Art Mending Portfolio bound book with inkjet printing, pressure printing, and handset type on paper handmade by th e artist from cotton linter. 4 Edition of 5 AB2012.025 26. Sonja Greentree Rossow, Uni versity of Alabama Holding down the Fort Letterpress printed from photopolym er plates onto handmade paper. 8 Edition of 50 AB2012.026 27. Stephanie Wolff, Dartmouth College A World of Blue (FIRST PLACE WINNER) Letterpress printed with metal type and polymer plates on Rives Heavyweight paper and bound into a St. Armand paper cover. Drop sided box indigo book cloth over bo ar ds, acrylic ink painted map 17 x 17 x Edition of 20 (5 with box) AB2012.027