St. Lucia ( Morne Fortune )


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St. Lucia ( Morne Fortune )
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions : drawings and reports, 1990 - 2012
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Mixed Material
Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
Hersh, Anne
Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
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Corning, NY
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
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SUGGESTED SITES FOR STUDY HISTORIC BUILDINGS The Powder Magazine This building is located on 0.22 acres of land in one of the more historically rich areas of the island. It is probably the oldest existing building on the island, dating from the mid eighteenth century. It was constructed for the purpose of storing powder -to supply the troops located on the military site, consisting of five redoubts, batteries, living quarters, and offices. It still has remnants of the clay tile roofing used in that period. The building was declared an historic site in March 1970. Photographs of this building are shown below. Figure 1 Front view of the Powder Magazine


Figure 2 Side view of The Powder Magazine Figure 3 View of Powder Magazine Surroundings


. The Guard Cells and Remains of Stables This group of ruins now located on 0.03 acres of land, consisted of three cells where military prisoners were kept, a room for the soldiers who guarded the prisoners, and a stable where horses were kept. The rings used to anchor the horses in the stables can still be seen attached to the walls. These ruins are perhaps some of the oldest e xisting in the area and serve as one of the few examples of clay tile roofing of the period. Photographs of these ruins are shown below Figure 4 Front view of Guard Cells


Figure 5 Oblique view of Guard Cells Figure 6 Remains of Guard Room and Stables


Figure 7 Side view of Stables Figure 8 View of the surroundings of Guard Cells and Stables


The Morne Military Cemeteries The French cemetary dates from about 1782 and at present very little is left of the original site. The English cemetery also dates from about 1782 and is relatively intact. At least five former governors of the island are buried there. These cemeteries are located on a parcel of land 2.09 acres in size although they have been significantly reduced due to sale of land and encroachment. Figure 9 Some of the main tombs in the British Cemetary


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