St. Croix ( Estate Concordia )


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St. Croix ( Estate Concordia )
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions : drawings and reports, 1990 - 2012
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
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Corning, NY
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Es lale Co n co rdia. 51. C r oix. USVI [lltr otlljc ti o/. In March 1995, C aribbean V olunteer Expcdllion s measured and pho t ographed thc rums at Estatc Concordia f o r the 51. C r oix Landmarks SocIety D1rec t o r Barbam Hagcn Sm11h and George Tyson pra\ 1 d c d CVE wuh background i nf o nnation about !he e state. Volunteers from CVE included AwlC Hersh, Coming, NY: Carl Bcrwangcr, ofOu3wa C anada ; Janc and Mike F rederick ofBeaufon SC, William Bakker o f 51. C roi. .. also spenl many hours 10 the field helping y,i t h thIS p rOJect. Gf!ne r al Descriptioll o/tlle Site The site is across the Centerline Road from Estate Whim. in t h e wcs tern end of St CrOIx. The site consists o f II larg e factory building. y,indmill, ruins of a t lens 1 6 slave dwellings, a walled yard with an arched building, sevcml auxlhar)' bwldings. a more recent cistern on t h e hill t o the cast and a cemetery The site was very overgrO\\1l with l o w thorny vegetation; measunng was difficult The site had apparentl y been bulldozed in the past and therc were large piles of tree srumps, brnnches, and debri s piled u p in so m e areas-in some cases again s t !he ruins. a road runs through the site, leading to a fann t o the n onh Build illg A : F a c t ory This is a very large T shaped building-about 194 feel by 100 feet. The building was often changed, and we see evidence of openings which have been closed in; additi ons, and adaptati o n s of the building renect the advances in s u g ar tcchnology Walls were s t one-about two feet thick, with some briek al openings, or in some walls. Some o f the remaining walls are 2 0 feet high. Most of the windows arc splayed: w1th wood lintels, or with elliptical arched openings There i s no longer a roof o r floors. some t imbers still remain. The building is on a hill, and has two l evels The nonhem section of the building was appar ently a t w o story S l orage area ; and had a cistern wi!h an arched opening from inside the building at the wcst end. These walls are generally inlact, though lhe east section of the n o nh wall has fallen inward. South of this area are twO cis terns and more recent brick arches. At the south


' end o f the buil din g are fOlWdations which we r e used f o r s leam equip ment Part of a chimney remains. Building B: W i ndmill Ther e is a windmill abo u t 24 feet to the south o f the factory building. Thi s area was very ov ergrown. All openings bad been closed in, s ince it was a p parently conv e rted t o a c i stern I t app ears t o be abou t 25 feet high; with a dirune t e r of a bo u t 27 feet. Building C: Auxlflary Buildings To the sou th of t he road, are sev eral s tructures. One s tructure lliId most of thre e wall s in t act it appears t o be rectangular a bout 3 0 f eet by 22 feet. This may hav e been a r es idence. Extending t o the sout h about 60 feet are ston e foundations and a slab. Buildin g D : Wall e d Y ard andiJuildin g Abo u t 145 feet t o the north o f the factory building is a large waited area about 180 f eet long. The walls range from three to s i x or more feet high, with a roooded top and piers w ith pyramidal tops at i n t ervals and a t corners and gate posts S o m e of the metal har dw are remains on the gat e posts. Built into the south wall was a small building about 6 feet x 8 f e et. Inside the wall ed area i s an unu s ual s tructure o f abou t 23 feet by 29 feet, w ith thic k wall s, and an arc hed r oo f construction The detail s of !he fops o f the walls and the piers have been crafted with care Building E: Sbn'e Dwellings Th e r e are r emains of at l e ast 16 d wellings ; the area wa s v ery overgrown; and there w er e pile s of d e bris whi ch might have cov ered other walls These dwellings were l aid ou t i n rows to the east o fthe factory building. W e find 1 3 small buildings abou t 15 fee l by 25 feet. built of stone and p last ered The wall heighl is abo u t 1 t o 8 f eet high. Some oftbese have m asonry gab l e ends. I n some the COlTIlgated meta l roof s are still in place. Some buildings have evid e nce of a dividing partition across the cen ter Th e windows an d d oor openings are differen t in each building. G enerally doors face w est; there may be one, two three or four doors per building Window s are often on all sides. The doors and windows are splayed with an arch, and wood lintel. Some b uildings were lived in fairl y receDll y; masonry b l oc k electrical boxes are u sed Sinc e the sit e s l opes from east t o west, so m e oftbese h o u ses ha ve eleva t ed floors and steps to grade on the west side. One l arger structure 5 1


feet b y 1 9 feet is o n t h e south end T o !he n orth are tw o v ery long units; o ne i s 125 feet b y \6; door s are about 1 0 f e e l o n cent e r, and face west. The buildin g had bee n divided with partiti o n s east -we st. Part o f the corru gated melal roofing r e mains Another building parallels this building, 20 feet to the e a s t ; it has apparentl y be e n partially demolished and only part of i ts w alls are iruac t Building F : CisIern A m ore recent c i stern sit s on the hill 1 0 the ea s t o flbe sla v e dwellings. Thi s is 26 teet by 3 3 feet with three foot wide wall s which are taper ed o u t at the bottom Area G: Cemetery To the north of the s i t e is a ceme tery area; t he area was v ery ove r gro wn and had apparentl y been bulldozed in the past. We could only find O D e s mall t o m b, with no insc ription with-a s l oped gable top. Th ere w ere other mounds in the area wh.ic h may have been b urial pla ces


I llf:Jn.DlNG I I I 1-J.I U i 1{lJ 1 -i 1=::::::, t::=::t I .:;1 I I i *==rr I o! o 1AMAKlHP o LiYrf'DJL IM.bIIl!O o i I I I I I ---(!) o o 0 o 0 o \ I j ODe uSVI ESTATE CONCORDIA. aT ....... c ................... ..,. ........... for u" VOIunteerEJI,. Mona p -eel." cae"" n NY uao, ,. '-Box CornIng, .', Marchi.


----_ .. __ .. -t---r;::================ I .. HLC.H E-----------------------.-----.... -( I 1_7(>'-0" l' ------t----------... -------.--.-..... .$'._l:l Ie; 11 .J o o I ....... t ,,/0 ... ESTATE CONCORDIA, ST CROIX, USVI Prepared for the St Croix Landmarks Society Prepared by Caribbean Volunteer Expedltione Box 388, Coming, NY 14830, USA Date: March UN ToP I i -\ ... If> I I _J_._


\:,;\ :::::::::::J) __ __ o -o o FLOOR PLAN 1 inch:l: 16 feet --, '". ... ----, BUILDING A FACTORY BUILDING ESTATE CONCORDIA, ST CROIX, USVI Prepared for the st. Croix Landmarks Society Prepared by Caribbean Volunteer expeditions Box 388, Coming, NY 14830, USA Date: March 1995


U 1 } O. I \ .. .::]2Po\Z-, --0 r-f2VQl(, -I-, -f--I-t7t2af&. : f-\ I \ I j .. ....................... .. .. _. $-0+.',.,.142... ....... -_. .----" ,----. .. \.,j2-" .... __ .. =r'1"fJL.A1-\/B-

,SECTION B 1 inch = 16 feet o o 00 SECTIONC 1 inch = .16 feet SECTION A 1 inch = 16 feet o f o -;r c A .' FACTORY BUILDING UTATE CONCORDIA, ST CROIX, USVI .' Prepared for the at. CroIxLandrnarka SocIety ... .,.red by cartbbean VOlunteer ExpedItIons Box 388, Coming, NY 14830, USA .,..: March 1995


.. -.--S. fJ H H 71;;j Z -n '" -L.-;::-= 27';"" t I Q -q I: 'I \. ESTATE CONCORDIA, 8T CROIX, USVI u Prepared for ..... CmIx LandIMrb Society Prepared by CtaMI .. YoIut .110 .... lox. ClrnIng,,, ...... USA ( ',; Dr H M !il. 1 I i r lL \ >J'f II 1\, I -1" i


Estate Concordia, CVE 1995


Estate Concordia, CVE 1995


Estate Concordia, CVE 1995